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Chapter 7

The next two days went by so slow. Yes, it was kind of weird with Mr. McKinzy being so open to us boys having sex, but then again he understood and accepted me where others would have probably had me seeing shrinks or even hospitalized. Plus Sammy had taken me on as a friend, no more than a friend, a sex partner. Yeah, this hunk of a blond boy had taken me as his sex partner.

Sammy and I talked on the phone several times during those 2 days, we talked about scouts, school, other kids, and even sex. We made our plans for the coming weekend. What all we would do, when we would get together, how long I would stay at his place. Swimming would be a big part of our weekend, and working out in their basement workout room, something that Sammy had just started doing.

Finally, Saturday came, it was time to spend the night with my very hot buddy, time to learn more sex from him. I was hard almost all day just thinking about it and ended up jacking off 3 times before I picked up my backpack threw my swimsuit, extra underwear, socks, shorts, pajamas and my favorite tee-shirt in it. I got on my bike and made the 2-mile ride to Sammy's house.

The closer I got the faster my heart started beating and the harder my dick got. Although I was naive when it came to sex it didn't prevent my mind imagining what all the next sex things we would do. If any of my other friends knew what I was thinking about they surely would be making fun of me, beating me up and befriending me. But they didn't have any idea and that's the way I planned on keeping it.

I finally arrived at Sammy's house, dropped my bike right in their front yard and immediately my mood changed from being so excited to spending the weekend to being nervous about spending the weekend. As I approached the front door my legs started to feel rubbery, was it the bike ride or was it my nerves? Just as I was ready to knock on the front door I froze. My hands were shaking so bad I didn't think I could even lift them to knock on the door.

What was I doing? Yeah, I liked everything sexual we had done, but what else was there? At 12 years old was I really ready to take this new world on? I couldn't wait to experience more sexual things, but I was scared to death to experience more. I stood on the front porch for what felt like forever. My mind started questioning, knock or get back on my bike and ride home.

I could always ride home and call Sammy telling him that my stomach felt bad and that I couldn't spend the night. But then my mom would question why I wasn't spending the night with him and I would have to lie to her. I even thought about riding over to the town park and staying the night there, but I would be all alone and I would be scared.

Just as I was about ready to turn, get my bike and leave when Sammy opened the door wearing nothing but those tight red speedos he had on the last time I was there. "Ah you're here finally", he said with a big grin on his face that showed off his adorable dimples. "Oh yeah, I was just about ready to knock", I lied. "Come on in, we're going to have all kinds of fun this weekend", Sammy told me with excitement in his voice.

I forced a smile and stepped through the door. Sammy took my backpack and I thought he was just being nice and was going to carry it up to his room. "You won't need these", he jokingly said and throw my backpack behind the door. "But it's got my swimsuit and clean underwear in it", I responded. "Like I said, you won't be needing any of that stuff", Sammy insisted. "Come on let's get to the pool", he continued.

"You mean that we are going swimming naked again", I inquired.

"No, well at least not right now" Sammy replied.

"Well I need my swimsuit out of my backpack", I said in confusion.

"Dad got you a swimsuit like mine", Sammy continued.

Oh wow, Mr. McKinzy got me a sexy hot swimsuit just like Sammy's. This was going to be hot, I could see myself in a tight red speedo just like Sammy was wearing. I bet it would feel great, the silky material rubbing against my dick, the air and water touching my bare skin that would be exposed by the little suit. Then the though hit me, just like Sammy my dick would be on display and he would know that my little 4-inch dick was hard.

Nonchalantly Sammy looked at me and said, "strip down, you can leave your clothes here with your backpack". My confusion was increasing by the second even though I was only thinking about the immediate, not I would need clothes this evening and my pajamas when we went to bed. Sammy looked at me with a big smile on his face and threw a skimpy pair of yellow speedos at me, "here you go".

I caught the yellow speedos, inspecting them inch by inch, feeling the soft stretchy material, thinking how daring it was going to be wearing them and exposing myself so much. My dick jumped and started throbbing. Oh, shit dick, go down, I'm not sure there is room for you in these when you're hard like this.

I turned away from Sammy, kicked my shoes and socks off, then slowly pulled my tee-shirt over my head and threw it on my backpack. It was time to reveal myself, hopefully Sammy wouldn't see my dick in all its glory. I slipped my shorts down and then with hesitation my underwear. Suddenly I felt Sammy grab the elastic waist of my underwear and pull them down to my ankle. "You need help", he laughed.

I kicked out of my underwear, picked up the yellow speedos examining them and trying to figure out how they went on. "Here let me help you", Sammy offered, "sometimes they're difficult when your dick's hard like yours". Well I wasn't too successful in hiding it I guess.

Sammy grabbed my new speedos, flipped them around for a second and handed them back for me to put my legs in. They were tight as I pulled them up my legs, when I got to my hard on I wasn't quite sure how to handle it. Without hesitation Sammy grabbed my dick and worked it inside the tight restrain. I got ahold of the waist and pulled them further up and started to tie the string. "No, no", Sammy said, "you don't wear them above your hips, wear them below your hips, they should just cover where your dick comes out of your body. I adjusted them, turned around to look in the mirror and just about had a dry orgasm. Even I thought I looked hot as hell in the tiny yellow swimsuit.

There was no hiding the fact that I was all hard, anyone could see the entire outline of my dick and I could even see a perfect outline of my dick head. Oh, and the feel of that silky material rubbing the sensitive parts of my dick, at this rate I would live with a hard on the rest of my days.

Sammy slapped my ass hard with his hand and took off toward the pool with me chasing right behind him. When we got to the pool he went right in without missing a step while I hesitated for just a second. My butt still was stinging from his hand and I decided it was time to dunk him and get even. I jumped in trying to come as close to him as possible. When I surfaced right in front of him he wrapped my arms and shoulders in which I figured would be an attempt to dunk me. Instead Sammy kissed me right on the lips and held me tight. It took a second to figure out just what he was doing. By that time I felt his tongue trying to force my lips apart, I was lost, I had no idea why he was trying to put his tongue into my mouth.

I wanted to kiss Sammy, he was the dreams of my jacking off sessions. His blond hair, blue eyes, dark tan. The way his muscles showed on his chest and arms, he was the lover that I didn't deserve, but that had taken a real liking to me.

I relaxed and kissed him back. I opened my mouth and immediately his tongue entered and started exploring the inside of my mouth and dueling with my tongue. I was breathing hard and a moan escaped my lungs. I wrapped my arms around his powerful chest and pulled tighter to him. Our smooth chests were rubbing against each other's and then he pressed his dick right against mine. He was as hard as I was and I shuttered and moaned louder.

After what felt like an eternity Sammy broke the kiss, pulled his head back, looked me in the eyes and then gave me another quick kiss before pushing away. We wrestled and played for a good hour, even played a new game of wrestling to a position where we could kiss the other guy's dick through our tight silk speedos.

We decided that it was time for a break, got out of the pool and laid down of a couple of the pool recliners. "You look so fucking hot in those little yellow speedos", Sammy commented as we laid there. "I look hot, you're so hot in your red speedos that I can hardly keep my hands off you", I responded. I had no idea where I had gotten so bold to tell him that but he was smiling at me and those big dimples just made my dick jump within its confines.

We talked as we relaxed, it was hard for me to keep my eyes off Sammy and the outline in his speedos. We talked about other guys at school that we felt were hot, we even started talking about what we would do to them, that is if we could get them to play our sex games. Our conversation finally rested on 2 guys that we both knew, Tommy, a 7th grader that was 13 years old and Danny an 8th grader who was 14 years old and that had just moved to town before the end of school.

By this time our conversation was pretty open and I didn't feel that I had to hold back on what I was saying. Boldly I told Sammy, "I would suck Tommy if he was into it".

"You would gag and choke on his dick", Sammy said.

"How do you know, I'm a pretty good at sucking dicks", I said without giving it a second thought.

"Because Tommy has a dick that has to be at least 7 inches long"

"Seven inches long, wow, how do you know", I asked Sammy.

"Because I've seen it, he was naked in the shower at school and he was jacking off", Sammy informed me.

"You got to be kidding me. Man if I saw him doing that I would have offered to suck him", I said.

"Well don't you dare tell anyone but I didn't ask, I just got on my knees and started sucking him right there in the shower".

"No you didn't", I challenged Sammy.

"Yes I did and he loved it. He let me suck him and then started thrusting his hips and forcing that big dick all the way to the back of my mouth".

"You're joking me, right"?

"No, I'm not joking you a bit, I sucked him until he shot his cum and shot he did", Sammy told me, "He flooded my mouth and I couldn't swallow it fast enough, he cums a lot".

"Wow, your so luck", was all I could respond as my dick had gotten hard and was pushing up through the top of my new sexy yellow speedos.

"Oh, wow man look at the time, it's time for my workout", Sammy said.

We headed to his basement and entered a room that had several weights, a weight bench, some pullies fastened to the wall, mats on the floor, a pull up bar at the far end and mirrors on all the walls. Sammy stayed in his hot red speedos but grabbed a tee shirt that only had straps that held on his broad shoulders and the sides under his arms was cut all the way down to the bottom hem. He really look hot dressed like that.

"Here you go", he said as he tossed an identical shirt to me, "put it on". I took it, flipped it around until I could determine the front from the back and pulled it over my head. I looked in one of the mirrors and I must admit, even my short height and skinny body looked hot in my yellow speedos that just covered where my dick attached to my body and the muscle shirt that matched Sammy's.

For the next hour Sammy showed me how to do push-up correctly, bench press, squats and several other exercises. My muscles were felt like there was fire in them and Sammy explained that was called burn and was my muscles building. Then he showed me how to be butterflies where you lay flat on your back on the bench, stretch your arms straight out to your sides with weights and then bring the weights straight up until they meet above your face. I started to do them and Sammy strattled the bench. Each time I would let the weights down and stretch my arms straight out to my side Sammy would pinch my nipples between his fingers and thumb. I started to realize what a sexy feeling it was to have my nipples played with.

Then we started to do set-ups. Like Sammy he made a sexy game out of it. We sat on each other's lower legs and when you did your set-up you had to lean all the way forward and kiss the other guys dick through the silky fabric of our speedos. I loved the feeling but loved kissing Sammy's dick more. About the 10 set-up I noticed there was a little wet spot right above the head of his hard dick. I kissed his dick and then sucked some of the dampness up to taste it. It tasted kind of like cum and I asked, "did you cum"? Sammy explained that what if tasted was called pre-cum and would leak out of his dick when he was horny.

Sammy was horny and I was super horny, it went without saying that sometime this weekend we were going to have sex play, I was ready and openly asked him, "you want to play around"? "No that would distract from my workout and I have to do it or dad gets really mad", Sammy replied. Damn I thought I wanted to get the feeling and I was more than ready to get it.

I couldn't take my eyes off Sammy, he was beyond hot, his tight red speedos being pushed out by his hard on, his muscle shirt that did little to hid his stressing chest muscles, his smooth chest that now was covered with a thin layer of sweet and glistened in the low lights. His blond hair and deep blue eyes, his soft red lips that had taught me how to kiss. I was so horny I wanted him and wanted him right now.

"Last thing we have to do is pull-ups", Sammy told me. We moved over to the pull-up bar that was mounted on the wall. There was no mirror behind it but a pad behind it made of black leather that had little buttons that pulled the leather inwards and made little padded squares. Below was a little platform to help Sammy reach the bar since it was mounted well above his head.

Sammy went first and showed me how to do a proper pull-up. Each time he would pull up the muscles in his arms would really become defined and the muscles behind his nipples would really get rock hard and show off. As he did his pull ups he sweat more and his chest was so sexy.

After Sammy finished 15 pull-ups he dropped down from the bar, sweaty and breathing hard he wrapped his powerful arms around me and gave me a hard hug. "Your turn", he said.

I looked at the bar then I climbed up on the little platform and looked at the bar again. There was no way I could reach it, it was still way above my head. "Here, let me give you a hand getting up there", Sammy said. Then he grabbed me around the waist and lifted me like I was a feather. I grabbed ahold of the bar and knew right then and there that I couldn't even manage to get my chin up to the top of the bar. "Come on you can do it", he encouraged me. I shook my head no and he repeated his encouragement.

Sammy then stepped up on the little platform, wrapped his arms around my pelvis with his hands right on my butt. "I'll help you", he said, and with that he started to push me up until my chin was above the bar. Then he released his grasp and made me lower myself. "Another one", he said and pushed me up again. After the 5th pull up I was exhausted just lowering myself. "Ok, that's all I can do", I reported. "One more", Sammy commanded. I shook my head no. "I said one more"! There was Sammy's commanding voice again, the voice that made me feel that he was the boss and that I had to do what he said.

He wrapped his arms around my hips again and this time he squeezed my butt with his hands. Up I went, my chin once again above the bar. I had done it, well with Sammy's help.

Suddenly the pull-up bar, platform and wall started to turn like a record player. But it only went half way around. When it stopped my eyes popped out of my head, the room we were in looked like one of those dungeons that you would see on a Knights of the Round Table movie. Most of the walls looked like they were made of big rocks, the only lights were made to look like old time torches mounted on the walls and cast a yellow/red light all over the place. I could see big rings mounted to the walls and chains hanging from the rings.

I realized that Sammy was no longer holding me up to the pull-up bar so I lowered myself and hung there. My arms felt like they were on fire, but I was so scared and amazed while I just hung there. Finally, my eyes adjusted to the low light the touches were emitting.

As my eyes adjusted my mouth fell open and I started to tremble with fear. On the right wall there was a jail cell with bars. Beside it was a cage that looked like it was for a big dog. There was a big table with one of those wooden winch things that you see in the old movies when they are torching a criminal. There was a cross made in the form of an "X" and another cross that was like the one at church. In the middle of the room was a small hammock that hung from the ceiling by chains. There were tons of ropes hanging from hooks on the wall along with chains. There were leather things that I had no idea what they were for except I could tell some of them were hoods that would be placed over prisoner's heads. Many other things hung from peg boards, some even looked like huge rubber dicks.

At the far end of the room was a chair like the barber had in his shop. Sitting in the chair was Mr. McKinzy. He was all dressed in black leather and a single light showed down on him. "Welcome to my dungeon", he said in a deep commanding voice.

I was scared to death and trembling so bad I couldn't hold still, I felt a warm liquid running down my leg and finally looked down I realized that I was peeing myself. I wanted to scream, I wanted to run, I wanted to cry, I was being kidnapped, I was going to be held like a prisoner in this dungeon for life. My legs felt like they were going to give out on me. I started to cry, really sob when Sammy's strong arms came around me and hugged me strongly. He kissed my cheek and whispered into my ear, "it's going to be okay, everything is going to be alright". "This is exactly what you want, what you really want deep inside of you, this is what dad and I were testing you last Tuesday for".

Sammy grasp me by my shoulders and forced me off the platform. He started to push me toward his dad at the far end of this place of horror. I was crying hard, sobbing and my whole body was trembling. I wanted to run, I wanted to get away, but he keeps pushing me and making me walk toward Mr. McKinzy. It felt like it took a year to cover the distance, I was so close to breaking down.

When we finally got across the room Sammy stopped me about 5 feet from where his dad was sitting. Through my tears I could make out that Mr. McKinzy had a black leather vest on and straps of leather crossed his bare chest. His pants were made of leather but had no material where his crouch was. He had tall black boots on and a black leather cap. The way he was dressed there was no question in my mind that he was in charge and was the one who determined if I ever was let loose and out of this room or horror.

"Kneel", Mr. McKinzy ordered. Sammy immediately came up beside me and went to his knees placing his hands behind his head. I was in shock and his harsh words didn't register in my confused mind. Sammy reached up, grabbed my arm and pulled down hard on it. I went to my knees beside Sammy. "Hands behind you head, knees apart, shoulders back, chest out, bow that head boy", Mr. McKinzy barked. I looked over at Sammy and tried as hard as I could to imitate what he was doing. My hands went behind my head, my elbows back and chest out, my head bowed looking at the floor.

"Get those fucking knees apart boy", the man in leather ordered. I moved my knees apart and then it hit me. I liked the feeling that this was giving me, I felt so much like a victim, so exposed, I felt like I no longer had any control or say about my life.

"Here boy Sammy", the man in leather ordered. Sammy stayed on his knees and crawled up to where his dad was sitting. I couldn't help but look up a little and saw Sammy lay his head between his dad's legs and held still with his hands clasped behind his back.

His dad took a black and red collar and fastened around Sammy's neck. "Hands", his dad ordered and without moving his head Sammy offered his hands to his dad where his dad placed black leather straps around his wrists. "Return", he ordered. "Thank you Master", Sammy responded and then crawled back to the place beside me.

"Here boy", Mr. McKinzy ordered. I hesitated, I didn't know if he was talking to me. I took the chance and looked up at him. "Yes, you cock sucker", he said while pointing at me. I tried as hard as I could to imitate what Sammy had done. I crawled on my knees up to his chair, I placed my head in his lap like Sammy did. Then he picked up a black and yellow collar. I shut my eyes and felt him place it around my neck and snap a lock to keep it in place. I trembled at the feeling and the thought that he was in complete control of me. "Hands boy", and like Sammy I kept my head in his lap and lifted my hands up with my palms pointing up. The feeling of the leather straps being fastened around my wrists brought tears of joy to my eyes. Sammy was so right this is what I wanted, this is what I need, this is exactly how I want to feel.

"Return boy", Mr. McKinzy ordered and I crawled back to my place next to Sammy. Sammy and I waited there for what felt like forever before Mr. McKinzy gave his next order. "Cock sucking boy", he said. I had no doubt in my mind who he was talking to this time. He had seen me sucking a boy's dick in the tent and then he had seen me sucking his son's dick next to the pool. He knew I sucked dicks and I knew I sucked dicks. His next order was a single word, but the word shook me to the bone and made me feel embarrassed as I had ever been. "Strip", was the word that would change my life forever.

I stood up and kept my eyes looking at the floor, even if I had a desire to look at him I couldn't have. I was going to be completely exposed to him. My naked body was going to be there for him to look at. For an adult to see me totally naked. For some reason, my dick was still hard, harder than it had ever been and he was going to see my dick throbbing. "Do It", he forcibly said. I started crying all over again, I was humiliated and embarrassed, but I had absolutely nothing to say about it, I was ordered to. Slowly I strip my muscle shirt off and then with hesitation I pulled my tight yellow budging speedos off. I was standing there completely naked with only a collar around my neck and leather straps on my wrists. I was humiliated, I was embarrassed, I no longer had any control over what I did, what I wanted, what I needed, I was broken.

I was made to stand there, strip naked with my little 4-inch dick standing straight up. I couldn't lift my eyes, I couldn't bear to look at Mr. McKinzy or even Sammy. Tears fell from my eyes in a river and my chest was heaving.

"Now you faggot boy", he almost yelled at Sammy. Sammy immediately stood up, keeping his eyes to the floor he pulled his muscle shirt over his head and without hesitation stripped his tight red speedo off. "Thank you Master", Sammy said as he too stood naked in front of this man who I had known but now didn't know.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see that Sammy's dick was rock hard and was standing straight up. It even had a drop of his pre-cum right in the piss slit. "Cock sucking boy, you forgot to thank me", the man in leather said. Cock sucker boy, that was me, he was talking to me. I stood there for a while trying to process what he had said. I was supposed that thank him for making me strip and for making me stand naked in front of him? I was supposed to thank him for humiliating me, embarrassing me? He expected me to thank him?

He had told me to thank him, it wasn't a question, it wasn't a request, he had told me and told me in no uncertainty. Quietly almost under my breath I relented and said, "Thank you". "Thank you WHAT", he yelled back at me. I was confused, my mind still couldn't comprehend everything that had happened this afternoon. Then I heard Sammy whisper, "Thank you Sir". I swallowed hard tried to find my voice, "Thank you Sir", I barely got out. "What cock sucker, I couldn't hear you", the powerful voice in the barber chair yelled out. "Thank you, Sir,", I was able to get out in a louder voice. "That's more like it cock sucker boy". "And don't ever forget to address me with respect and address me was SIR boy", he responded.

Mr. McKinzy got out of his chair and walked over to me. He walked directly over to where I was standing, and stood only about 6 inches from me. If I thought I was uncomfortable standing there naked this even made me feel more uncomfortable. I started to look up at him, I was trying to put some reasoning why this was happening. "Eyes down cock sucker", he sternly commanded, "You have no right to look at me". I immediately dropped my eyes to the floor.

He slowly walked around me taking almost 2 minutes to complete his circle. I could feel his eyes looking at every inch of my naked body, he was inspecting me for some reason. He was inspecting me like I was a slave that he was considering buying. A slave, is that what I was to him, a human slave? Yes, that must be why he made me strip, why he put the collar around my neck, the reason for the leather straps around my wrists. I was going to be his slave, his sex slave.

As soon as that thought formulated in my mind my entire body started to tremble again and my dick started to pulse and throb. The thought of me giving my body to him for sex and for his pleasure put me in a mind state of total submission. I wanted him to do it to me, I wanted to pleasure the man in leather standing in front of me. I had no more tears and a big smile broke out on my face. My dick felt like it was going to explode right out the tip of itself. He had broken me again.

Sir stepped back and addressed both me and Sammy, "We have about an hour before the others show up. I'm going to lock you both in the cell". He then proceeded to take a lock and lock out 4 arms together with the leather straps we wore. Sammy and I were facing each other, arms out in front of us. The man then put a hand on both of our shoulders, it wasn't an angry hand or a forcible hand, it was a genital hand. He guided us to the jail cell, pushed us inside and then I heard the sound of the metal door slam behind us and the click of the lock being secured.

"Don't you boys be playing with yourselves or with each other, and cock sucker keep your mouth off Sammy boy's dick", he ordered, "remember I'll be watching". With that he walked across to the chin-up bar, the wall rotated and he was gone. Sammy and I were left by ourselves in the dark scary dungeon.

To be continued