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WARNING This contains graphic descriptions of sexual intercourse and sadomasochistic activities between adult males. If this offends you, is not appropriate for viewing in your location, or you are not of legal age, don't read it.

Any resemblance of characters in this story to the living is purely coincidental.

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As you already know, I'm a practicing attorney in our great big city. I travel in a circle of hot friends and love to spank among other S&M proclivities.

Sorry for the long delay since any other Justin series posts, between moving, a forger reposting my stories with minor changes, and other major life changes, I've been somewhat unable to get new stories out. Look for more stories from me and keep encouraging me to write by e-mail.


Life sometimes keeps you so busy, many people have written to ask why I stopped posting diary entries, ah, well life has kept me busy. Some people on the Internet seem to have no life they just "surf." Usually they are logged onto some IRC channel 24/7. I'm not like that though. I've got a busy work life as a full time lawyer and I also have a wonderfull husband, Justin, along with Christopher who in recent months has become more like a second husband or a playmate than the adopted 22 year old I originally took in.

Looking back, at my diary entries I see that my last one was in early September and that concerned some earlier antics involving Christopher's last year or so in College. So the last real diary entry was in late August.

Towards late August I shared how I had played with a gentleman named Rick, August had been an intense month and so after Labor Day weekend, I eased back on my play time and focused on work. In my passion to savor every moment of Rick's torment in chastity, I had left some client tax matters get close to the line in terms of due dates to finish my projects. Mid-september came and went without any time for play other than with my husband and Christopher.

October suddenly fell upon me before I realized it and I got roped into assisting in a huge merger. Bed time spankings were missed for the first time for both Christopher and Justin due to the long late hours and I even excused Justin from nightly chastity because of the hours on a few occassions.


Ah, but November was thrilling. My work took me to Australia and Justin came along as co-counsel. We left Christopher at home and reminded him that Tom was going to check up on him nightly and that when I got back he would be extremely sorry if my instructions had not been followed.

The planed flight to Australia was brutally long and I would swear that the last few minutes of flight were literally on the vapors left in the 747's fuel tank. As the plane landed, Justin placed his hand over mine warmly and then reached over towards me and kissed me. Then he asked, "Do we have to get started on business right away?" I grinned broadly back at him and he kissed me again.


We checked into the hotal in Sydney without a hitch and the suite was quite beautiful. After the bellhop left, I threw Justin onto the bed and we started kissing quite passionately. A few moments later, we were both naked on the bed and I was fucking him like a bronco in the saddle of a wild stallion.

After we both orgasmed, we lay in each other's arms for a bit and just enjoyed the post-coital glow. I broke the moment by slapping his smooth firm buttocks softly and telling him to get dressed. I lay in bed and watched my handsome husband dress in business clothing, I love how hot he always looks in a suit and tie, so perfect.

I got dressed next as he called home and checked in with Tom on Christopher and things back home. Then we went downstairs and caught a taxi over to the law offices of the Australian firm involved in the particular deal. Our local counsel was a handsome and rugged guy who if I had to give you a single image to compare him to, I would say something like a cross between Crocodile Dundee and Kevin Costner. I say that because the rugged outback edge he had was tempered by his impeccable and suave business attire. Mac was his nickname and Justin and I quickly started calling him that.

The three of us went to dinner at a fancy restaurant and chatted late into the night. Mac suggested that we take a drive to visit the site that had been chosen for the factory. Justin quickly agreed but, I had the good sense to ask how long the drive was and Mac just grinned broadly and said, "not far." Well I soon learned that to Mac, not far meant a 200 mile drive.

At the hotel that night, I spanked Justin firmly like I do most every night since he came back to my life. I was not particularly gentle and was using the paddle which Justin found exceedingly embarassing. So in addition to his tan ass cheeks turning blush red, his face similarly changed. Surprisingly, none of the guests on the floor complained of the noise as once happened to us in when we were staying in the Midwestern United States.

In the morning, Mac rang us from the front desk at 5 AM, neither of us was awake and I suggested that he come up while we get dressed. The paddle was still out on the dresser from the previous night and Justin looked at me as if ready to dash towards the dresser and hide it. I pulled him towards me, kissed him deeply, my tongue probing his mouth and then as I pulled back softly said, "no."

Justin stood up and wrapped the sheet around his naked body and went to the front door of the suite to greet Mac. Mac was wearing what I would have called a cowboy get-up, in reality it was just the hat that was awful. Mac seemed to look my husband over more than just casually and then wandered right into the bedroom where I was still resting. "Hey, mate, gotta get moving if we want to get to the site early in the day," he said casually. His eyes locked on the paddle and then turned to Justin, Mac turned back to me a smiled. Justin embarassed went directly into the shower and quickly started the water.


Mac took the hat off and plopped onto the bed. "I figured you two were a couple, you look good together," Mac offered.

"Thanks," I responded and then asked, "you ok with that?"

"Sure," Mac said grinning broadly, "in fact, on our way back tonight, I know quite the little stop." I noticed his eyes dart to the paddle again as he finished the sentence.

"That sounds quite nice, you into it," I said nodding to the paddle.

Mac grinned and walked over to the paddle and picked it up. He held it in his hand, not by the handle, but by the business end and then walked over to me with the handle facing me. "Why don't you find out," he said with a smile. I took the paddle from his hand with my left hand and grabbed his wrist with my right hand. Before he probably knew what had happened, I was out of the bed and standing and he was face down, ass up on the bed. Through his jeans, his firm ass looked quite tempting to spank and I lay the paddle on softly at first testing the waters. After a few strokes I could sense how aroused he was becoming and I pulled him up and removed his pants and underwear. His cock was fairly huge at roughly 6 1/2" and quite thick. It was also rock hard.

"Guess that answers my question," I said.

"Yeah," he responded sheepishly.

I sat down on the wooden chair I had sat in just a few hours earlier to paddle my husband from and beckoned for him to join me. He came over my lap eagerly, his hairy, firm ass cheeks exposed. I could feel his hard cock against my leg and with each blow of the paddle his cock seemed stiffer and he kept cooing softly from the exctasy and agony of the experience. While he was still over my lap, Justin came out of the shower and watched, naked, as Mac got paddled further. I was careful to stop just as I felt Mac was about to orgasm to draw the punishment out longer and longer. And then, being the sometimes cruel man that I can be, I stopped probably two strokes of the paddle before he would have shot what from the size of his balls was obviously going to be a massive load. "Later," I said as I lifted him up and pushed Justin's cold wet towel against his cock to cool him off.

The time outside the city with Mac was unremarkable save for my completion of the earlier spanking. Mac led us to a small farm building off the main road on the way back in to the city. As we came around the back of the building a few other cars were present and Mac hopped out of the car and darted into the barn. Justin and stood outside the barn for a bit stretching and then headed in after Mac.

The inside was surprisingly large and there were about ten or so people inside. Of the ten, five were bare ass naked and I noticed that Mac was stripping down completely. I kissed Justin and asked him if he was up to some public play. Justin turned to me and kissed me deep on the lips and then nodded. I took his clothes off him slowly letting all of the men in the room appreciate my husband's beauty. His body was smooth and well defined. Once naked, I walked him towards the rest of the people in the room and introductions were made.

Mac explained that we were visiting from the States and mentioned that earlier in the morning I had blistered his butt fairly sternly with the promise of more later. On closer inspection, the room was actually mixed genders with three women, two of whom were tops and one who was naked. The room had a number of corporal punishment implements on racks around the walls and there were several restraining areas of various sorts as well.

A young aussie guy who was dressed in tight leather chaps approached me and asked if he could "enjoy" my husband. I smiled and nodded. Justin headed off with the aussie and was quickly over the younger man's lap, ass upturned getting a stern spanking.

Mac appeared to be single, in fact as I learned later in the evening, most of the people in the group were not together but regularly brought friends and acquaintances. Mac approached me again and said he was craving the remainder of what I had dished out in the morning. I smiled and proceeded to tie Mac to a Saint Andrew's cross that was in the room. With his body restrained and his hot buttocks exposed for discipline, I found myself intensely aroused. One of the women approached and mentioned that Mac liked it extremely rough and handed me a tawse.

I took it eagerly and approached Mac from the back. My hands carassed his buttocks softly. He coo'ed slightly and then tensed as if expecting a blow. I pulled his cock down and stroked it likely, Mac was totally rock hard at the prospect of a hard thrashing tied to the cross. I kissed him softly on the back of his neck and then suddenly landed the first blow with the tawse on his buttocks. His body stiffened and tensed against the restraints. A firm mark was visible where the implement had landed and Mac's cock seemed even stiffer. I waited patiently, caressing his back and buttocks with my hand for about a minute before I landed the next blow, Mac yelpped after it struck and I landed three more in quick succession. Mac's response to the tawse was truly remarkable, although the pain was clearly intense he made little sound and seemed to be moving his ass out to meet the blows. I began to hit Mac harder and harder in earnest and with each blow blistering his buttocks violently the pain must have been very intense, nonetheless I brought him to the edge of orgasm 3 times before I finally allowed him to ejaculate.

When I finished beating him, I untied him from the cross and he collapsed into my arms exhausted and kissed me warmly. On the drive back, he let me take the wheel because he was too sore to sit. Justin also had a very sore bottom, but Justin's aussie friend hadn't used anything like a tawse on him, but rather the aussie had spent the evening hand spanking Justin's perfect buttocks. Still in three hours, Justin's ass had been thoroughly spanked and the aussie had worked three loads of cum out of Justin.

Mac dropped us at the hotel and insisted on driving home, I could see the pain as he positioned himself behind the steering wheel at our hotel. Justin and I headed up to our hotel room, and Justin got his regular bed time spanking. His ass was surprisingly red and he made a lot of noise while I spanked him and that encouraged me to be rougher than usual. Nonetheless, we fell asleep in each other's arms shortly after the spanking.


After two weeks away in Australia, we returned home to find overflowing garbage in the trash can and a sinkful of dishes. Someone, Christopher, was going to be sorry. I called Tom and asked if he had checked on Christopher and he said he had called a few times but not come over. I thanked him and then asked Justin to go out and run some errands. I told Justin that when he got back, Chris and I would be in the extra bedroom and Chris would be learning a lesson.

Chris returned when Justin was out with a pizza in hand.

"Put it in the oven," I said.

Chris stared at me blankly, shocked.

"I didn't leave you here to turn this place into a pig sty," I continued.

Chris put the pizza in the oven and headed to his room.

"No," I said sternly.

"Please," he begged.

I grabbed him by his T-shirt and took him to the extra bedroom and shut the door.

I restrained him to the spanking horse immediately and then ripped his T-shirt off him violently. Then I ripped his jean shorts off. Then, I pulled up on his underwear and began to give him a vicious wedgey.

"Please, I'm sorry," he cried.

I used a pair of scissors to cut the underwear most of the way off and then continued the wedgey till the underwear ripped off. Naked now and restrained, his punishment was to begin.

I selected a hairbrush and sat down next to Chris. Chris was sobbing already and telling me how sorry he was. For a twenty-two year old, one would have expected more dignity.

However, with a hairbrush in hand, I proceeded to strip Chris of any remaining dignity blow by blow with the brush. In just a few minutes, I had landed twenty firm strokes that had left red marks that were faint, yet visible. I continued the discipline, bringing the hairbrush down violently again and again. After ten minutes, he was crying loudly, and his buttocks had turned a mild shade of crimson. I kept striking Chris with the hairbrush again and again ignoring his pleas for forgiveness. By the half hour mark, Chris was bucking violently with each smack of the brush. After fourty five minutes, I had Justin bring in some restraints and bind his arms to the legs of the chair as well as his legs. The first blisters were just becoming visible at this point, and Chris was crying like a baby.

The punishment continued for well over an hour with Chris' butt getting progressively sorer and the red marks becoming more and more pronounced. By the time I stopped, his buttocks were slightly ashen to dark crimson and several blisters were visible. I had Justin remove the restraints and then I held Chris sobbing in my hands and forgave him for misbehaving.

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