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Any resemblance of characters in this story to the living is purely coincidental.

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As you already know, I'm a practicing attorney in our great big city. I travel in a circle of hot friends and love to spank among other S&M proclivities. Recently, I shared some diary entries from my trip with Justin to Australia and some of the disciplinary problems I had with Christopher upon our return. This past weekend, Justin and decided to go with Christopher for a week long camping trip in Yosemite.


I borrowed some camping gear from Tom and then selected some outdoors clothing. But the best part for me of packing for a trip is selecting the displinary instruments to take along. I first had Christopher select three.

Christopher selected the hairbrush I had blistered him with upon our return from Australia, a razor strap and a rattan cane. Justin selected a fraternity paddle, a hickory switch, and a flogger. I also packed some cock rings and dildos as well as four sets of restraints. The final item into the bag were several lengths of strong rope. It was going to be a fun week.

We flew into San Francisco on a Saturday. Knowing some friends, we took a visit to a very secretive party. The toy bag came with us to the party.

Spanking Party

At an unassuming private home in the Castro section of the city, we paid our entrance fee and made our way to a changing area. I had Justin and Christopher strip naked, I then restrained their arms behind their backs. I collar went around both of their necks and on a leash, I led them to the upstairs rooms where the sex party really took place.

The house had 10 rooms spread over 3 upstairs floors. Each room was fairly tiny, a person or group signed up for a room for one hour play period and others could then watch. There was an empty room on the top floor and I set up shop. The room was equipped for dungeon work with hooks in the ceilings for restraints, several saw horses and some other spartan furniture.

I started with my husband. Christopher was placed in a corner, his nose touching the wall, his bare ass with some blisters still visible from a recent discplinary session very visible.

I bent Justin over one of the saw horses length-wise. His torso rested across the beam and his legs and arms dangled over the sides. I restrained his legs and arms to the horse and placed a pillow under his face and abdomen. Two hot young blondes came into the room as I finished the preparations. They looked on as I began to thrash my loving husband with various implements of pain.

First, I used my hand liberally and forcefully to redden up his buttocks and upper legs. Over and over I slapped his firm smooth buttocks. The blondes were developing quite visible hard ons and I encouraged one to stick his cock in Justin's mouth while I continued the punishment. After about a hundred blows with my strong hands, I took at the fraternity paddle. The twinks took the opportunity to switch cocks in Justin's mouth and as the second cock slid into Justin's mouth, I began wailing him with the paddle. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Christopher flinch with each crack of the paddle.

Justin was helpless. Mouth filled with cock, he couldn't beg for mercy. Arms and legs restrained their was no room for his body to move. I was unrelenting with the paddle. I kept striking him with it over and over as the second twink fucked his mouth vigorously with his throbbing cock. After ten or twelve minutes of violent abuse his buttocks were thoroughly crimson and at some places, they were turning slightly ashen. I kept at it until the twink shot a load of cum in Justin's mouth and then I let the twinks switch places while I began to flog Justin's back.

Again, unable to vocalize his pleas for help, quiet gasps penetrated the room as I flogged him. The twinks were certainly enjoying themselves and I was too, my cock was rock hard as I kept thrashing Justin's back over and over with the flogger. Once his entire back was deep crimson, I kept at carefully beating it further leaving deep lines but careful not to break the skin. Only once the other twink shot his load into Justin's mouth did I stop the thrashing.

I quickly shoved some lube onto my throbbing hard cock and rammed into his ass hard. Completely sore and completely restrained Justin could only mule in pain and pleasure softly as I fucked him. My cock was rock hard as it plunged in and out of him over and over. Each thrust brought me closer to total ectsasy.

Then it happened, I orgasmed inside him. His body trembled as my cock unloaded burst after burst of hot cum inside of him. Then I collapsed on his sore back.

I removed the restraints and his cock was hard when he stood up. I pointed to the first twink and pointed to Justin's cock. He was on it. While my husband got sucked off it was time for our twenty-two year old boy to get what he had coming to him.

I guided Christopher from the wall over to the toy bag. I pulled out a fairly large metal butt plug we had purchased at Mr. S during our previous trip to San Francisco. I put a very small amount of lubricant on it and then bent him over in the middle of the room and slid the plug into his ass forcefully.

After the initial sensation of pain passed he cooed slightly in pleasure. I stood him up and removed a leather seven gates of hell that I began to attach to his stiffening cock. As I bound his cock I heard Justin achieve orgasm in the twink's mouth. I had Justin come over and finish attaching the seven gates to Chris.

I took a moment to talk to the twinks and found out that they were twins who lived down the street. I asked if they wanted to play later and they nodded. I asked them if they would mind helping restrain Christopher. They nodded enthusiatically.

The two twinks pinned Chris to the floor. One, Brian, took both hands. The other, Todd, took the legs. Stretched out by the twinks as if on a rack, Chris was not going anywhere.

I started not with my hands, but instead with the cane, hard.

Since we had come back from Australia, Chris had just been incredibly difficult. Everything was a huge fight. He just seemed to be looking for trouble at every turn. In the three weeks since Justin and I had returned from Australia, I had spanked him severely 10 times, or just about every other day.

I knealt above him and used both my arm and my torso to deliver heavy blows of the cane with maximal force. From the first stroke he was in shear agony. Already blistered, his butt was sensitive and I was delivering forceful blows. The twins held him down and I kept thrashing him with the cane.

I let my anger lose and really used this opportunity to thrash him. His pleas drew quite the crowd of onlookers as he received his trashing. I struck him well over a hundred times and his ass had several deep lines where the cane had struck.

I think proceeded to toy with the butt plug, pulling it in and out of his fuckhole repeatedly. The intensity of the sensations overwhelmed him as he writhed helplessly to get free against the strong restraint by the twins. By this time, a crowd of nearly twenty onlookers had gathered and I slid the plug back into his fuckhole.

I took the hickory switch Justin had selected and began to thrash his back. Crying loudly he was hopeless to stop the punishment. By the fifteenth lash of the switch, he peed on himself. I kept going till his back was a deep shade of crimson.

Then I made Brian and Todd suck him off with the butt plug still lodged in place. I held Christopher in my arms while they sucked him and whispered to him about how much I loved him. He sobbed softly till he finally shot a huge load of cum into one of the twin's mouths.

We then left the party the five of us and walked down the street to Brian and Todd's house.


Brian and Todd lived together and liked bottoming together. They shared a house and shared a bedroom. The second room was a dungeon. The toy selection related mostly to bondage with a huge selection of restrains, gags, hoods, ropes, latex, leather, body bags and the like. I took Brian and put his head into a latex hood with air holes only for the nose. After I was certain he was comfortable, I secured it on his neck with a collar.

Todd got the same treatment. But the similarities stopped there. I stripped Todd naked while he was in the hood. Then, I had Justin prepare one of the sleeper body bags. I helped Todd into it slowly without talking to him at all. I slid the spacer between his legs and then zipped the bag closed half way. His hands went into pockets and then the bag zipped the rest of the way to his neck. I then left Todd.

My attentions shifted to Brian. I slid a lubricated set of extra-large anal beads into his fuck hole and then guided him into a small cage in the dungeon. I pulled the hands through the sides of the cage and restrained them to the edges. In this fashion his hands were spread out slightly like wings. I then let the cage door slam loudly and locked it as well.

I turned my attention back to my boys and delivered their bed time spankings. They both protested greatly and they both received severer than normal spankings that aggravated their already reddened buttocks. I then sent them to bed so I could continue working on the twins.

I took Brian out of the cage after an hour and made him lay down a top several sheets of seran wrap that I had laid out perpendicular to him. I then proceeded to piss all over him. Then I took the seran wrap and closed it around him. Trapping my hot urine against his skin in a tight wrap. I left him laying their sweating and feeling my piss against him as I turned back to Todd who had been in the sleep sack for well over an hour at that point.

After checking his extremeties and observing that he wasn't sweating at all, I rolled his twin brother on top of him and let them lay there like that. I watched from above. The piss drenched sweating Brian and the ensconced Todd. They lay there. I knew they were in ectasy, bound and hooded.

After two more hours passed, I removed Todd from the sleep sack and but left him hooded. I removed the saran wrap from Brian's sweat covered body and made him lay on the sloop. I took Todd's hood off and made him lick Brian's body for me. I then finally removed Brian's hood and then the three of us headed to the bedroom to sleep together.

In the morning they thanked me profusely for a wonderful session and begged the three of us to stay a bit longer. I indicated we might return before heading home on the way back from Yosemite, but that I wanted to press ahead with the vacation.


Before we left I asked Christopher and Justin to use the bathroom and make sure they emptied their bladders. Both insisted that they were ready to travel and Chris was particularly petulant mentioning that he "wasn't a little boy."

About 50 miles out from San Francisco on the way to Yosimite, Chris started with, "I have to go to the bathroom." I pulled over after a few more miles on a secluded exit of the freeway. I walked him back into the woods let him piss and then bent him over a rock and administered fifty firm swats on his already blistered butt. During the punishment, I reminded him that if he kept acting like a little boy he was going to get treated like one. Chris didn't know exactly what I meant, but I was thinking some diapers might toilet train him a bit.


We did not quite reach the park, the California Highway Patrol was turning people back on the highway due to massive snow drifts. We talked some more in the car and then I placed a call back to Brian and Todd, they invited us to come back.

The drive back was slow and was occassioned by a stop at a Lucky's for some diapers. The snow did not clear till we reached the Bay Area again. Back in the Castro, we found some parking and went back into to the twin's house.


I took Christopher to the bedroom and stripped him naked then placed the diaper on him. I then took him out in front of everyone else with just the diaper. I had Brian pour a pitcher of water and Todd took out a glass.

"Drink," I said, firmly.

Christopher looked at me and hesitated slightly, but my look let him know not to argue. He started drinking the water. As he finished a glass, Brian refilled it. When the pitcher was empty, I had Justin refill it.

A gallon of water in, Chris was starting to strain uncomfortably.

I took him up to the dungeon and restrained him on his back on a table. Bladder bursting he asked me if he could use the bathroom, I laughed and began wrapping his midsection in some saran wrap.

While he lay there straining to keep his bladder from bursting and from filling a diaper with his own piss, I turned my attention to the hot twins.

I took a double sided dildo and lubed it up. I stuck one end in Brian's hot fuckhole. I then put Todd's hot fuckhole on the other end. With a long strap, I tied them together, back to back with a shared dildo fucking them both. With three long velcro straps they were finally tightly bound. Then I took there hands and restrained them to hooks in the ceiling.

Justin and I watched them struggle together. The dildo keeping them thoroughly fucked as they struggled a bit. I noticed Christopher lose his battle with his bladder and he started crying. I left him there on the table soaked in his one urine.

I put some lube on my cock and fucked my husband on the floor. Brian and Todd struggled slightly, Christopher cried. And the two of us fucked like bunnies. I kept my cock hard by pulling out and spanking Justin intermittently during the fuck session.

I left Brian and Todd hanging. I didn't bother with Chris either. Justin and I went into the bedroom and went to sleep.

In the morning, I release Brian and Todd. They didn't seem particularly worse for the wear and kissed me and sucked my cock to thank me for another hot night. Chris was however very cranky and when I dried him off and put on another diaper he was not pleased. I kissed him and told him that until he acted his age he was going to be wearing diapers regularly. He cried some more and then kissed me softly.

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