King's Men

By Erik Maskot

It was the first time I had been in a gay bar. It was crowded, most of them older than me. I didn't really see anyone that appealed to me. As I walked through the smoke filled room, I could feel everybody's eyes on me. It felt like they all knew I was in a gay bar for the first time, that I had never been with a guy before. It probably was just me, but I sensed that they all thought I was an easy prey.

It was my first time. It wasn't like I had imagined it would be like. I wanted to leave, but that meant I had to walk through the same crowd again. I decided to order a beer and found a table in a dark corner of the room. Maybe I could wait till most of the people had left.

There was a door right next to my table, that said "Emergency Exit" and there also was a faded sign that said "bathroom." Nobody seemed to use that door, so obviously this was not the bathroom that the guests of the bar used. I noticed there was a lit up sign across the room that also said "bathroom," so I assumed the one in my corner wasn't being used anymore.

Around midnight the place seemed more crowded than I thought possible. I didn't feel comfortable. The smoke was hurting my eyes, and I wanted to leave. I didn't want to push my way through the crowd, so I thought I should use the emergency exit, as that probably would lead me right into the streets.

There was a dark and narrow passageway on the other side of the door. I started walking, and came to a door that said "Men." After several beers my bladder was about to burst, so I entered.

Luckily the light worked. The room looked old and didn't seem to have been used for a while. The stalls didn't have doors. They seemed to have been pulled off with force. But I had no problems with it. I didn't expect anybody to show up, and besides, there was water in the toilets. As I unbuttoned my fly I looked at the walls. They were full of messages. There were phone numbers, drawings of cocks and asses, the regular stuff you find in public bathrooms.

I noticed there were holes in the walls between the stalls, almost big enough to put my hand through. I didn't know what they were then, but later I would find out they were glory holes.

I emptied my bladder when I heard the door to the bathroom open. I almost panicked, as I didn't expect anybody to come here. My stream of piss missed the toilet, and instead I sprayed the wall and the floor in front of me.

A chuckle behind me, and two strong arms were placed around my waist. I looked down and saw two muscular arms, the blackest I'd ever seen. Through the fabric of my jeans I could feel a giant bulge pressing against my ass. I turned my head and looked into a young smiling face, a perfect set of white teeth in the black guy's face.

He was handsome and seemed to be in good shape, maybe a swimmer or a wrestler. He looked to be about twenty years old.

I smiled back nervously, as he grabbed my eight inch cock, and started jerking on it carefully. With his other hand he opened the top button of my pants, and pulled them down to my knees.

"Nice, firm bubble butt you have here," he said in a low voice as he pulled my pants down. Then he opened his own jeans, and let out a giant cock that had to be at least 14". I couldn't believe it. I had never seen anything that big, not even in porn mags or videos.

As he started rubbing it against my ass, I started protesting. No way he was gonna rip my ass in two with that thing. But to no avail. He was stronger than me. He pulled out something from his pocket, and I realized it was lubrication, and he started lubricating my ass and his cock.

Then he made me bend forward, and he started pushing his cock against my virgin ass. It hurt like hell, I thought my last moment had come. I tried to kill a scream. I clenched my teeth together and I prayed. He whispered in my ear to relax. It seemed to last forever, and I thought I was gonna die. Then suddenly it was inside. I moaned out loudly. He started pushing it in, little by little, he filled my ass with his monster tool.

I was hot. I was sweating. Sweat was running down my forehead. I felt his cock sinking into me, all the way to the bottom. His entire length was inside me. He didn't move. I tried to relax. He slowly started pulling out a bit, then pushing it in again.

It didn't hurt anymore. Actually it felt good when he started fucking me. He knew it did, and rhythmically he fucked me hard. My whole body was trembling as he hit bottom, over and over again. It was almost like I was being beaten up, just that it felt good. His balls were slapping against my flesh. He kept fucking me longer than any fuck I had seen on video. At least I thought so. I don't know how long it lasted, but I was starting to feel sore when he finally came inside me. He pushed his cock in all the way, and when he exploded I thought I was gonna burst. I was pretty sure a whole gallon of cum filled me up.

As he finished coming he put his sweaty body on top of me, and we leaned against the wall. His arms wrapped around me, and his cock still inside me.

He didn't make any signs of pulling out before the bathroom door opened again. Five young guys, both black and white, entered. They were obviously supposed to come in after awhile if their friend hadn't returned to the bar. As he was busy fucking my ass, of course he hadn't returned.

The five studs, also as good looking and well built as the guy behind me, opened their jeans and let their big cocks out. One of them, a white guy with dark blond hair who called himself Owen, put his 12" member in front of my face and wanted me to suck it.

I was given much choice, and I opened my mouth, and my lips surrounded his big head. I thought I was gonna choke when he started pushing it in.

At the same time someone grabbed my waist, and I felt a new cock entering me from behind, and slowly started fucking me. The other three, who had just entered the room, were standing around us, pulling on their stiff cocks, waiting for their turns.

The black guy who had fucked me first left the bathroom, but came back a few minutes later, dragging a young white guy, probably no older than eighteen, who looked like a nerd and a virgin. He was extremely handsome, though. He had a nice, smooth and slender body. He was laughing nervously as the others undressed him, and watching me being fucked in both ends.

He was forced to bend over right next to me, so close tome that our bodies were touching. Our eyes met. Damn, was he cute, I thought. At the same time, in spite of his smile, it was his first time as well. I was staring at his beautiful blue eyes, his soft big lips, while Owen's cock was going in and out of my mouth.

I saw this guy clenching his teeth together as one of the black guys was trying to force his cock inside his ass. A short scream, like a woman, and then a long moan. The cock was inside him. He sounded very feminine, I thought, but that just made me more attracted to him.

Owen was about to cum, and he pulled out before he shot a big load of the sticky stuff in my mouth and all over my face. Then he turned to the cute guy right next to me, and continued shooting cum all over his face. He forced his big cock into his mouth, to make him lick it clean. Then Owen pulled out, and told us to lick each others' faces clean.

The feminine guy smiled at me, and our tongues touched. Owen pushed our faces closer together, and we ended up French kissing each other. We both swallowed Owen's cum.

I felt a cock being pulled out of my ass, and another one entering. Cum was slowly running down the insides of my legs.

A white guy entered my new friend. As we were kissing and licking each others' faces, womanlike sounds were coming out of my new friend's mouth. We didn't mind the action. The other guys finished, got dressed and left, leaving the two of us alone, soaked in cum.

For a moment we held our arms around each other, standing on the slippery and cum filled floor. Our bodies together, cocks touching.

In the end I just said "Wow!" My new friend still smiled, more relaxed now. He introduced himself as Simon, and I told him my name. I was in love, and from his eyes I could see he was too. After staring at each other for a long time, we both finally burst out in laughter. But only till we discovered that our clothes were missing.

What were we gonna do? We couldn't go home. Simon, who was from Manchester, was staying at a hotel in Bayswater. I, a student from Norway, was living in Fulham. Now we were stuck in a bathroom behind a bar in Soho. We just couldn't go back to the bar either, especially not after the way the guys were staring at me went I arrived earlier in the evening. Looking at my watch I realized it was 4 a.m., and the bar would be closed anyway.

That was to our advantage, I thought. Then we maybe could move freely around, and hopefully the guys had left our clothes in the corridor back to the bar.

We decided to try, and walked out of the bathroom. It was still dark in the corridor, couldn't see a thing. We tried to cover every inch of the floor, kicking all over, searching every inch of the dark room, hoping that our clothes would be lying somewhere on the floor, but to no avail.

Carefully I opened the door to the bar. It was dark and quiet. Without a sound I stepped inside, and luckily I didn't see anybody. Simon followed behind me.

Some light from the street lights outside came in through the windows, so we could see a little bit, but we couldn't find our clothes anywhere. We stepped into the kitchen behind the bar, and found out at least we wouldn't starve.

We heated some fish 'n' chips leftovers, from the fridge, in the microwave, and sat down discussing our situation.

All suggestions were jus as bad. Calling a cab to take us home, door to door? No, wouldn't work. My key was in my pants. Simon would have to walk through the hotel lobby. Calling the cops, telling them we've been raped? No, both of us being so young, and not being very comfortable with our nudity, we didn't have the courage. Besides, have we been raped? That would be a lie. We had both enjoyed it.

Then we started thinking that we were stealing food and drinks now. That would make us criminals, wouldn't it? We started cleaning up after ourselves, hoping that nobody would notice. We were getting pretty paranoid at the moment. Simon discovered a wardrobe behind one of the doors in the kitchen, and with new hope we thought we could find something to wear, at least a bar uniform or something. But no, the place seemed to be cleaned out completely.

Daylight started coming in through the windows. We had just a few hours to figure out what to do, before someone would be coming to find us. What were the opening hours? We thought the bar would open at noon.

What we didn't count on was that someone would be early to clean the place from last night. So around 8 a.m. we heard someone unlock the door and enter.

Shit, what were gonna do now? We went into the shower room in the wardrobe, and scared shitless we tried not to make a sound.

But the luck wasn't on our side. The guy was gonna take a shower, and undressed himself. When he opened the door to the shower room, he found us. He was a muscular guy, a body like a body builder. He looked fierce, or at least to us he did.

When the surprise of finding us passed, he started smiling, and with his big fat cock, he stepped forward. He was probably about forty, but looked a lot younger. He had a tan, and was smoothly shaved all over, on his head, his chest, all around his cock.

"Well, well, seems like we have some beautiful ass here," he said and grabbed my arm. He turned me around, and made me bend over. I didn't protest, and neither did Simon. The guy was hot, and we were convinced he'd help us afterwards.

He fucked me hard and fast, and he came inside me. Then he asked Simon to bend over, which he willingly did. The feminine moans of Simon really turned me on, and it also seemed that was for Frank, which was the muscle guy's name, and a loud moan sounded through the room when he came once more, filling Simon's ass.

Frank then turned on the water and cleaned himself. We did the same. Afterwards we told him our story. Frank obviously seemed turned on by our story, but he also started smiling and laughing, and now, when we could see the fun parts of our story, we started laughing too.

Frank showed us the way through the dark corridor, and through the emergency exit, which probably was the door the gang had used to leave the place. There Frank had parked his van, and he drove us to his place. Simon couldn't get into the hotel naked, and I didn't have the key to my apartment.

Before Frank left to get back to work, he told us to feel like we're at home, and use the kitchen to make ourselves some food.

Most of all we were tired, but decided we were getting something to eat. As we were eating, a young stud entered the kitchen. He was beautiful. He had black hair, long and soft, hanging down to his shoulders. He was muscular too, not like Frank, more like a swimmer, and he was just as naked as we were. What impressed us the most was his long, fat cock. It had to be 15" at least.

Don't mind my presence," he said." I heard you coming. I'm Frederic, but everybody calls me King. I'm Frank's son." We sure could see why he was called King, and he did nothing to hide it.

He asked us why we were there, and again we had to tell our story. He thought it was funny too. He decided to eat with us, and fried some eggs. He asked us if we wanted some. We said "Sure!"

It was obvious that King was used to walking around the house naked. Never did he excuse himself for not being dressed, and never did he seem uncomfortable being naked, even if he wasn't any older than Simon and me.

He walked over to the small table in the hallway and picked up the mail. He opened one the envelope, sitting right next to us at the kitchen table, and pulled out the latest issue of Gay Times. He looked quickly through it. Then he put it down and opened another envelope, that had Playguy inside it, and then one with Freshman. He did nothing to hide his interest in gay magazines.

After we'd eaten, King noticed that we were tired, so he showed us into his bedroom, where there was a King size (of course) bed.

On the walls there were lots of posters of nude men, and some photos, probably his friends, as there were cum filled condoms hanging right next to them.

His bookshelf was filled with hundreds of gay mags, video tapes and DVDs. As for music he seemed to prefer Pansy Division. By his computer there was a big stack of CDRs. All gay porn.

On the floor and under the bed there were clothes lying around. No underwear, though. It didn't surprise me that he never wore any. Among the clothes there were a few dildos in various sizes lying around, and one that really caught my attention was one that was bigger than my arm down to my elbow. King didn't excuse his mess. It was like everything was like it was supposed to be.

He told us we could sleep in his bed. He said he had some things to do, so he left the room. Simon and I were so tired, we fell asleep the instant our heads hit the pillows.

But we didn't get to sleep very long. I woke up noticing that my hands were handcuffed to the bed posts, and so were Simon's.

King was sitting right next to us, his hands rubbing my ass cheeks, squeezing them hard. He did the same to Simon. He had turned on his big screen TV, and a gay porn movie was showing. I tried to tell him that he could have us even without the cuffs, but he just smiled.

"I need to piss," I said. He still smiled, but just grabbed a beer glass and held it in front of me. He wanted me to piss in the glass. My bladder was full and I easily filled the glass. Then he did something that shocked me, but it turned me on. He raised the glass up to his mouth, and took a big sip of my piss. He stood up, then put his own cock in the glass, soaked it in the piss, then pulled it out, climbed on top of me, putting his legs on both sides of my arms, going down on his knees, placing his giant sausage in front of my face, and asked me to lick it clean. With my mouth open, he then started pissing small squirts inside it. My mouth filled fast, and I had to swallow his piss to be able to hold it all. I decided it didn't taste too bad.

King moved over to Simon, who in turn opened his mouth, and piss was running down his throat as well. At the same time king was finished the glass with my piss, then made Simon fill it up. I was turned on seeing King drinking Simon's piss. I had never seen anything this perverted, not even on video, but it sure made me hot.

Next King pulled out a drawer on his night table, then took out a box full of cum filled condoms. He took out a picture of a great looking guy. "This is one of my pen pals from Paris," he said. "And this is his cum," he continued, holding up one of the condoms. "I correspond with more than twenty guys from all over the world, and they send me their cum." Then he held it over my face. "Now I want you to taste him,2 and with a pair of scissors he cut the tip off of the condom, and the cum dripped into my open mouth. Satisfied he smiled, seeing that I kept it in my mouth for a long time and had a good taste of it, before I swallowed it.

He took out another picture of a guy from Croatia, then held a condom over Simon's face, and repeated what he had done to me. Simon seemed to like it too, and swallowed the cum.

King repeated the whole thing, now with the cum from a guy from Romania. I did not let a single drop spill. Simon got to taste the cum of a Swedish guy, this continued for a while, with the cum of guys from Spain, Italy, Russia, the USA, Brazil and so on.

Suddenly the doorbell rang, and King left the room for a minute. A couple of moments later he came back, and behind him was a guy I recognized from one of the pictures on the wall. He was introduced as Ahmed, an Arabian looking guy.

Ahmed was a really nice guy. He took his clothes off, and posed in front of us, showing us his muscular body, a dark complexion, of course, and he also had a nice, big cock. King started French kissing Ahmed in front of us. Simon and I both had stiff cocks pointing up in the air. Hardcore gay porn was showing on the TV screen behind them.

The doorbell rang again, and King left the room for a minute. Ahmed came over to the bed, where we were still handcuffed. He bent over and put his pierced tongue out for me to lick it. His ass was lowered over Simon's face for him to rim.

As another two guys came in, I realized that all of King's friends has to be working out. Compared to them Simon and I were weaklings. But then again, we were nerds. That's how I felt anyway, with my sexual inexperience. I thought I'd missed so much already, even though I was only twenty. That was about to change.

The two new guys, Quentin, a black guy, and Kevin, a blond stud, had brought cameras and a camcorder. From the looks of the equipment, they seemed to be professional. They had tripods and started setting it up.

More people were coming into the room, and it started to seem very crowded. Andy, I thought was pretty tall for being a Chinese, but he explained that his dad was British. Stanley's body had tattoos and piercings all over. He was hot. Leo was the most beautiful man I'd ever seen. I was pretty sure he had to be a photo model. They were all muscular, but what surprised me more was their cocks. They all had fat, foot-long sausages hanging down between their legs. Did they have them stretched?

Andy came over to me, lifted my legs and put them over my shoulders, as Quentin started filming. Andy's large cock entered my ass, and it went in surprisingly easy. King had probably lubed us while we were asleep. As Andy started fucking me, Ahmed did the same to Simon. Quentin filmed us close-up, the cocks going in and out of our asses, our facial expressions.

After a while Andy and Ahmed pulled out of us, moved up to our faces, and started masturbating. Kevin and Leo entered us from behind, while Andy and Ahmed forced their cocks inside our mouths, and shot a big load of cum. Then they moved my head over to Simon, and wanted us to French kiss each other, mixing their cum inside our mouths. Quentin was eager to get it all on film, as Andy forced us to swallow.

Then Kevin and Leo pulled out and started pulling on their cocks in front of our faces, while King and Stanley entered our asses. As Leo filled my mouth with cum, I grabbed his ass and held him firm. He was so hot I wanted to have every drop. As he realized that, he grabbed my head and pushed his cock deeper. I almost choked as he was shooting down my throat, and it never seemed to stop. His big slapping balls must've been producing a lot of that thick gooey stuff. As soon as he was empty and pulled out, Stanley's big cock was right in front of my face. As Stanley masturbated, Quentin filmed me licking on the big metal ring that was going through his cockhead. King also pushed his cock in front of my face, and he forced me gaping over both cocks as they came. I couldn't take it all, and I got cum all over my face and inside my nose.

Kevin had taken over the camcorder, and he filmed us as Simon was licking my face clean. Then Quentin fucked my ass. He didn't seem to pull out before he came. Instead he filled my ass, and he filled it up so good cum was running out of my hole. Then he forced Simon to lick my ass clean. Kevin got a close up of the whole thing.

As Simon put his arms around me, I realized we weren't handcuffed anymore, and probably haven't been for a while. Still we were too exhausted to move. We fell asleep together in bed. King and his mates had left the room.

* * * * *

When I woke up in the afternoon Simon was still sleeping. I was thirsty and hungry, so I got up and into the kitchen. I didn't see anybody, just a note on the kitchen table that said that King had gone to work, and that Simon and I should just feel like home.

As I started heating up a stew that I found in the fridge, I heard someone coming up behind me. Thinking it was Simon, I turned around and smiled.

To my surprise it wasn't him, but a young guy in a yellow t-shirt and soccer shorts. He looked a lot like King, so I assumed he was King's younger brother.

"Oh, hello," he said, not acting surprised seeing a naked stranger in the apartment. He continued over to the fridge and he said "I was just looking for a couple of apples. I'm on my way to football practice."

He must have thought I looked at him funny, as he continued "... by the way, my name's Kenneth, but most people just call me Ken." "Hi, I'm Erik," I replied.

"Did King bring you here?" he asked.

"No, actually it was your dad," and Ken looked puzzled, so I had to tell the story all over again. I left out the part of his dad fucking us, and what had happened in their apartment earlier in the day. Ken laughed. I don't know why, maybe it was because his dad had brought us here, and because he knew that King had been home all morning. He probably knew very well what kind of hobbies his brother had.

Still, Ken didn't seem to notice that I was naked in front of him. Never did he lower his eyes to look at my dick. Maybe he was straight?

He turned around and walked into his bedroom. I started eating. In the corner of my eye I looked at his nice, firm soccer ass. A minute later he came out again with something in his hand. I didn't turn towards him, and was surprised when he put a hand over my mouth, so I couldn't scream, then put a bottle of something under my nose and forced me to sniff it. I felt drugged right away. As another guy walked in, also in soccer shorts, he made me sniff one more time, and I felt half unconscious. The other guy put a blanket around me, and they carried me outside and put me in a car.

The next time I remembered was waking up in a shower room, handcuffed to the wall, right underneath one of the shower heads.

Ken and his friend, Steve, entered.

"I'm sorry that I had to do this, mate, but I didn't know if you would follow if I asked you."

"Follow where?" I asked.

"Well, I happened to view the video tape of what was going on in my brother's room earlier today, and I just thought you had the nicest ass!" I felt flattered.

"In a couple of minutes the whole junior football team will be coming in. There should be about 25 of them, and even if most of them are straight, they won't say no to a hot ass before taking a shower."

I don't know if it was the poppers that was still working, but I didn't seem to mind at all. At the same moment I heard the noise of about 25 guys entering the dressing room. That was when I noticed the camcorder put up in the ceiling, recording at that moment. Ken blinked and smiled at me.

The first football players entered the room, naked, dirty and all sweaty. When they saw me cuffed to the wall, one of them walked right over to me, smiled sweetly, said "Nice one you've got this time, Ken," and turned on the water over my head. Then he put some of his shampoo in my hair, and started shampooing my hair, and washing my body. As he was doing this, he entered my ass. Washing up has never felt so good before.

It didn't take long before he came inside me, then pulled out and the next one entered. They all gave me the same treatment, washed me and rubbed me, and fucked me hard. Cum was running from my hole and down the insides of my legs. I was so exhausted and could hardly notice when one guy finished and a new one entered me.

In the end, when the football players had left, Ken and Steve first took down the camera, and then released me. Steve put the blanket over me again, and I was escorted out into the car that was sitting right outside the door. I have no idea how long I was there.

I was taken back home to Ken's place, and led into his room. If I ever have had any thoughts of ken being straight, I couldn't have been more wrong. Ken's room was filled with just as much gay stuff as King's room was. The only difference seemed to be that Ken was into football players, not the body builder type of guys. Over his bed was a big poster of him and Steve, and some other friends of theirs, all naked on a beach that to me looked like the picture could have been taken on Ibiza.

Ken put the video tape recorded just a few moments ago in the VCR and we watched it. Watching it, I noticed that Ken and Steve hadn't fucked me, but they seemed to be ready now, as they both started removing their clothes.

Steve lied down on the bed, his large cock pointing up in the air, and told me to sit down on it. I did and slowly I started riding him. But what happened next worried me. Ken pushed me forward, so I was lying down on Steve, and Ken pressed his big cock against my hole, that Steve already was occupying.

I clenched my teeth together, and somehow Ken got it inside. I didn't even know an ass could hold two cocks, especially not two of this size. I was squeezed between them, like sandwich meat, as they both fucked me. They pumped me for a long time, but eventually they started pushing harder, and pressed the cocks all the way to the bottom. I wanted to scream, but instead it came out as a long soft moan. My ass was full of cum. The three of us fell asleep in that position, both cocks still inside me.

When I woke up, they still had their arms wrapped around me, and both cocks inside me. I tried to get off of them, but in their sleep they squeezed me tighter. However, it didn't take long before Ken woke up. He was ready to fuck me again, and then also Steve woke up. Soon they both came inside me again.

When I finally got up, and into the bathroom, I realized it was already midnight, and I heard King and Frank talking in the kitchen. They had both come home from work.

I walked into the kitchen, and could see they were not ready for bed yet. Simon was lying on the kitchen table, and had Frank's cock in mouth, and King's cock in his ass. It seemed like they were fucking him senseless. Simon was holding on to the edges of the table as hard as he could, but they were fucking him so hard that the whole table was shaking.

A strong arm grabbed a hold of me from behind, and led me into the living room. I couldn't turn around to see who it was, but when he put me down on the sofa, and he jumped on top of me and forced his cock inside my ass, I saw from the reflection from the window that it was Owen.

"I just had to have you one more time," he whispered in my ear, and he started fucking me as hard and senseless as the guys in the kitchen. He didn't seem to want to stop, as he continued pumping me also after he had cum inside me.

"I just love fucking that hot ass," he said, and he came again, and again.

I was surprised to find out that Owen was the third brother, and he took me into his room. There I found my clothes lying in his bed, full of cum. It turned out that he was so obsessed with me, that he couldn't leave me without taking my clothes with him. I could see that he had been biting on the crotch of my pants, and that he had cum all over them. My boxer shorts were soaked in cum.

He went to bed with me, and I fell asleep in his arms. I knew he wasn't gonna let me go, and I didn't want to leave either. I had found the pleasures of gay sex, and who needed more. I had the best looking studs I'd ever seen, coming over to this place every day. I didn't need to continue school or get a job, as Frank and his three sons fed me, and in return they could have my body as much as they wanted.

Simon didn't seem to wanna leave either. I heard him go to bed with Frank, but during the night I heard Ken fucking him.

When they all went to school or work the next day, I fucked Simon for the first time, and then I sucked him dry. No, we definitely didn't need to go anywhere else. Did I mention that I had started working out? And that Owen had put my cock in a stretcher? And clothes? Honestly, I didn't need any...