GAY MALE; 'LIFE WITH JOEY: Reunion #4: Barn Sex' {}
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Date: 8/2/2001

WARNING: This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to individuals, living or dead, is purely coincidencidental. Do not read this story if you are offended by man-to-man sex, abusive/offensive language. Do not read if you are underage or it is prohibited according to the laws governing the geographical location wherein you dwell. There is sex between males, this episode will focus on major domination. There are degrading language and situations. There is bondage. There is unsafe sex practiced, and it is not adviced to attempt this in real life. Stories are fun because there are no real ramifications . . . Life isn't as forgiving. All participants are consenting adults, even if they are fictitious. Not all of these factors will be present at all times, and I will warn you when they do exist. (As they say, "Forewarned is forearmed"—[four-armed] don't you wish!—ahem . . . I'm only testing if anybody reads these things.) Enjoy!

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REUNION #4: Barn Sex

WHAT WENT ON BEFORE . . . Following the blazing sex, Moses moved around in front of Finch and said, "That was fucking awsome! I can't wait until we do this again!"

I was stunned when Finch looked directly at me and replied, "Moses, it happened this once. That's it. I've got other plans . . . Permanently."

Moses got a hurt expression on his face then sneered, "Oh, yeah? Well, what if I just leave you two in here for a few days, and then we'll see what we see!"

Finch looked him dead in the eye and said, "You could, but it still won't happen."

I didn't know how Finch could be so calm. I was strung out from everything that had happened in the last six hours. It began when some old high school classmates decided they would "have their way with me" for nearly four hours. Then, Finch stayed behind and had me beg him to fuck me, which I did; however, while that was going on, Officer Moses Riggs showed up and decided he wanted to have his way with Finch. Riggs brought us to this barn and more sex ensued, but he wants more from Finch. Which brings us up to this moment. I was tired—physcially and emotionally spent—I needed sleep. Now, Moses was threatening to leave us tied up naked in a barn, God-knows-where, and Finch is as cool as ever.

"FUCK YOU THEN!" I was struck by the emotion poured behind Moses' words. I was certain there was something much deeper going on here than I was privy to; something that had happened long before I returned that only now had broiled into a stormfront.

Moses turned, stalked to where he had dropped his clothes and was bending over to get them when we heard the unmistakable sound of a gun being cocked. All heads swung immediately in the direction of the sound. In the shadows cast by the Coleman lantern, I couldn't make out much: a tall man with a pistol pointed in our direction.

"Don't move a muscle," growled the shadow. I suppressed a shudder. This was getting way too much for me.

Moses froze where he was; his hand, however, continued to waver a bit toward his discarded holster.

"Reach for it, and I'll blow you a new asshole, fucker!"

Moses became immoble. "I'm a cop!" he said, trying to alleviate the situation.

"I know who the fuck you are. I said don't move!" came the gruff reply.

"You don't want to fuck with me, buddy! Only bad shit will happen if you do," Moses went on, a little less sure.

"Shut the fuck up and assume the position! FACE IN THE DIRT, MUTHERFUCKER!"

There was no disputing the authority in the voice. Moses slowly dropped to his knees then prostrated himself.

"That's right, shithead. Fucking kiss the dirt. GET YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HEAD, NOW!"

Moses' hands shot to his head. I must have gasped as the shadow-form moved forward into the light. He glanced at me and I shut up immediately. He strode forward in what seemed like three steps, holstered his pistol, and pulled out his handcuffs. He roughly grabbed Moses' hands and cuffed them behind him. Amazingly, in a motion resembling a curl, with one hand the huge man lifted Riggs to his feet.

Riggs swung his head to get a look at his captor and immediately regretted his decision as he was clubbed with a fist to the side of the head.

"Don't fucking eye-ball me!" It was said in a low tone, but with unmistakable power and intent.

To his captor's amusement, Moses quickly looked down at his feet.

"Yeah, that's what I thought. I always knew you were a pussy!" The huge man grabbed the subdued officer's bubble-ass and squeezed it.

Even in the harsh light and shadow of the room, I could see Moses turning red from head to toe. I couldn't tell if it was from anger or humiliation. The large man wrapped one leather gloved hand around Rigg's throat. He ran his other hand up and down Riggs' cleft as he leaned in closer to the slightly smaller man's ear and snarled loudly enough that Finch and I could hear it too, "You act real tough behind your badge . . . swaggering . . . cocky . . . swinging your dick around . . . thinking you're a badass . . . playing at being butch . . . bringing perps to your little dungeon to get your jollies . . . fucking guys' asses. . . knowing they won't tell because it'd be too embarassing . . . Yeah, I saw you fucking Finch . . . I saw you shove your big dick into his ass . . . I saw you trying to be tough . . . but all the while you were wanting this!" Without warning the large man shoved two fingers into Riggs' ass.

"ARGH! . . . UHHHnnnn! . . . ahhhhh! . . . ." Moses grunted in pain then subsided in to something more agreeable. The large fingers began a rolling, pushing and pulling motion inside.

"Isn't this what you've wanted . . . Pussy?"

Finch and I looked on as this scene unfolded before us. I watched for a moment then turned my attention to Finch. He was getting hard again. He must have felt my staring because our eyes met the next moment. He gave me his grin and then turned back to see what was going on.


That got my attention again. My head swung toward the shouting.

"Yes!" came the quiet reply.


"Sir, yes, sir!"


"Sir, yes, sir! I've wanted to . . . ." Riggs' voice trailed off.

The hand around his throat moved to his jaw and forced his head backwards, chin pointed toward the ceiling.

"You've wanted what?" the steely voice sneered. I could see the mustache moving against Moses' ear. I imagined the feel of the hot breath and the prickly hair on my own ear. Like Finch, I was getting turned on. And, as I surveyed the sight, Moses was so hot that his nine inch cock was slapping his abdomen in his excitement.

"Sir! . . . ," Moses began but stopped again.

"COME ON, PUSSY! TELL ME WHAT IT IS YOU'VE BEEN WANTING! IS IT THIS?" The big man finished his question by pulling his fingers out of Moses' ass and then prodded against him with his full crotch.

Moses Riggs responded by moaning, then remembered who he was dealing with, "Ohhhhhh! . . . SIR! YES, SIR! I'VE BEEN WANTING COCK IN MY ASS, SIR!"

"Now you sound like you've got a pair!" the larger man crooned into Riggs' ear. "Keep this up and you might earn what you've been craving."

"Ohhhhh, Sir! Yes, Sir!" Moses gurgled as the large, probing fingers were re-inserted in his ass.

I found myself musing over the fact that there always was a bigger fish in the sea, even in our small pond. Ray and the rest are big, Finch and Moses are bigger, and now . . . . Yeah, I recognized this guy. He had been at our reunion. Like all the others, I hadn't seen him in ten years. My parents had, out of a misguided notion that I cared to know, continued to fill me in on some of these people, however, and Cole was one of them. Small towns are like that. He had joined the ROTC in college and then served a tour in Germany as a lieutenant. Since then, Cole returned home, joined the sherrif's department, and now here he is with his fingers up Moses' ass, barking out orders and having them taken. Cole was the other male red head in our class. I had never been in any classes with Cole in school, which is odd considering our names begin with the same last letter. So, I've never seen him in the showers at school, not even during our eight grade year when he was in football and we were both in track. Cole is a powerful 6' 3" and it seems he has worked himself up to a mass of muscles. He isn't Mr. Universe or anything grotesque, but he has packed his frame with 100% lean, mean, All-American beef. And, by the bulge up front, I imagine he is packing a massive sausage there too. He looked great in his tight-fitting brown and tan uniform. His shiny black boots were massive, at least a size 14.

I was drawn out of my revery once again by Cole talking to Moses.

"You ought to know better than to leave your cruiser parked out in the open where I could see it. I came here to check that there wasn't anything shady going down, and here I find you . . . fucking Finch's ass . . . " he was suddenly interrupted by Moses.

"He wanted me to . . . ." Big mistake on his part, Moses shut his mouth after he was boxed upside the head again. It wasn't a cold-cock or anything, just a reminder of to whom he was speaking.

"Don't ever get in my jurisdiction again, Pussy! You want to bring some ass out here, that's your business, but don't do it when you're in your cruiser. I didn't call this in right away, and it's a good thing I didn't. Do you know what the fuck they'd do if they knew you were out here . . . What you do out here . . . ?" Cole let his voice trail off. "You're really going to have to earn my good graces to keep this one quiet."

"Sir! Yes, sir! I'll do whatever it takes, sir!"

Moses is pretty good at this, I thought.

"Yeah, that's a good boy. Now, what can you do that will help pursuade me to be quiet?"

"Sir! Let me ride your cock, sir!" Moses snapped out.

"Huh, ride my cock? Boy, do you know what you're asking for?" Cole chuckled.

"Sir! Please, let me ride your cock! I'll show you why you should be quiet, sir!" came Moses' reply.

"Well, since you're sure," Cole grinned, "Pussy-boy. GET ON YOUR KNEES!"

Moses dropped without hesitation. He stared directly into the crotch ahead of him. Cole stepped back saying, "Oh, no, pussy-boy, you don't get at my dick that quickly. You're going to earn it I said."

Moses was visibly disappointed. He seemed to like Cole controlling him. His dick bobbed and jumped with excited frustration. Cole walked over to a cot by one of the walls and grabbed a blanket. He returned and spread the blanket on the floor between them and then began to undress three feet in front of Moses. He dropped his hat, revealing his close-cropped red hair. Closely following his hat, Cole slowly opened his belt buckle and let the heavy utility belt swing slowly toward the floor. Next he unfastened the belt to his pants and the button beneath.

He turned his face to me and smirked sideways over his shoulder, "Am I doing this right?"

Moses got a confused expression on his face and momentarily glanced my way, but quickly went back to "standing at attention" as it were.

Cole continued removing his clothes. He unclipped his tie and unbuttoned his shirt, revealing a white undershirt. Cole pulled the undershirt out of his pants and, with one of those sexy crossed-hand manuvers, extended his arms above his shoulders, and pulled the shirt over his head, exposing his hairy chest. I was amazed to see exactly how hairy it is. Red heads don't tend to have hairy bodies, but it seems that Cole is an exception. Even from my sideview, I could see how thick his chest hair is. As the shirt hit the dusty floorboard, I was drawn to his back muscles. I find muscles fascinating, how they knot and flex. It was also nice to note that he doesn't have any hair on his back. I find that an instant turn-off.

Cole moved in to a position directly in front of his slave and stood there above Moses, bare chested . . . virile. He allowed Moses to look at him, and Moses was careful not to make any eye contact. It was clear that Moses was looking forward to the rest of the unveiling. Cole placed one booted foot between Moses' legs. Without saying a word, Moses knew he was to close his legs and hold the boot in place while Cole removed his foot. Each foot was removed in succession, hastily followed by a sock which were tossed away. The boots resounded with loud thuds where they were dropped next to Moses' thighs. Cole leered down at the top of Riggs' flat top and sneered, "GET MY ZIPPER DOWN, BOY!"

Moses shot forward like he was fired from a cannon. He mouthed and grunted contentedly at the small golden zipper. I watched in awe as the large bulge in Cole's pants grew massive. I had thought he was hard already, but it seemed I was mistaken. As Riggs rooted around in Cole's crotch, Cole's cock began to respond by filling out his already obscenely full crotch. His dedication paying off, Moses gave one final grunt that was followed by the sound of the zipper making its way down to its terminus.

Cole pushed Riggs away from his crotch.

"Enough, pussy-boy. Just sit there and look at what you're gonna get," Cole opened the flaps of his fly and uncovered a worn jockstrap which was stretched to capacity by the looks of it.

His pants needed coaxing to allow gravity to do its job. Even so, I found myself holding my breath in anticipation for the unveiling. The room seemed to pause, held suspened in expectancy. Three mouths dropped in silent homage to the sight revealed to us. The firm, round, perfectly bulbous mounds of his ass were covered in red fur and framed by the yellowing straps of his jock. Beyond that, however, was the mammoth swell of flesh that distended the confines of the jock-pouch. The ungodly thing about it was that it was still growing! I had never seen a dick so large except in pornos or cast in latex.

Cole grunted with pleasure at our responses, seized Moses by the back of the neck and taunted, "Are you ready to live the fantasy, pussy-boy?"

Moses responded enthusiastically, "SIR! YES, SIR!"

Cole moved his feet and stepped back into his boots, summoning a sigh of approval from Moses. The county deputy applied only a little pressure to Moses' neck. Just before Moses' mouth made contact, Cole jerked his crotch away together with pushing Moses aside. The ungratified whimper was audible at my distance, as was Cole's derisive snort.

"Keep dreaming, pussy! You'll get it when I tell you and not before!"

"Sir, yes, sir!" came Riggs' lackluster reply.

"You don't seem too enthusiastic, cowpoke."

"Sir! yes, sir! I mean . . . SIR! NO, SIR! . . . I MEAN, SIR . . . " Moses stammered.

Cole scoffed and looked down at the frustrated city-cop on his knees between Cole's booted feet begging to suck his monster-filled supporter.

"You don't sound so sure right now. Maybe I'll just go and let you think about this for a while."

"SIR! NO, SIR! I'M SURE, SIR! LET ME DO YOU, SIR!" came Moses'

Cole let go of Moses' head and let him come at his jock-covered cock.

"Go real slow for me . . . show me how much you want my big-ol'-dick!"

Moses stopped short of contact. He moved his face inches from his goal and sniffed around like an animal scenting another animal. This got a grunt of approval from Cole. Moses continued until his nose was beneath Cole's sack, then he burried it and inhaled deeply.

Then the commands began in earnest, "Awww, yeah! Sniff my balls . . . Get your mouth all wet and slobbery workin' up an appetite for what you're gonna get . . . . C'm-on, Moze, detail my jock! . . . get it all sloshy with your spit, man."

Moses began working his tongue slowly around the nadir of the jock pouch, paying close attention to the bulbous knob protruding there. I was perplexed at how Cole could stand the restraining pressure of his jockstrap. It looked as if it would rip at any moment as the cock inside continued to expand. Moses seemed to realize this too and started a using his chin and mouth in a sluggish bobbing/kneading motion in an attempt to free the monster cock-knob. The movement caused a sensuous growl to escape Cole's lips. Evidently the ribbed texture of the pouch was grazing across the head of his dick as it was forced toward the side of the pouch and producing a great sensation. Moses' own growling came in quick succession.

I had to marvel at his restraint. He never attempted to move quickly at all, obeying his instructions to "go real slow" and "show . . . how much" he wanted Cole's "big-ol'-dick". His reserve paid off, however, when he managed to get his teeth on the gaping side of the jock pouch and free the demon-dick within.

"Don't even think about sucking that cock!" Cole ordered.

Moses stopped, open-mouthed just above the sticky purple head. He had crouched lower to adjust for the effects of gravity on the pendulous eleven and a half inch cock snaking toward him. I gasped in homage to the biggest dick I have ever seen. It is a beautiful monster—a purple golf ball sized head which takes on the appearance of a bullet when compared to the girth of the shaft. The shaft itself is straight and fat and gives new meaning to the slang term "chubby". It is at least 3 " in diameter for most of the length of the shaft, but flares out to nearly 5" at the base. It has wicked looking veins meandering its surface. Due to its weight, gravity forces it to droop toward the floor. However, the angry blood coursing through it with every heartbeat compels it to jump, resisting the earthbound forces. Three sets of eyes followed the length of the COCK to where it ended in a patch of dark red hair at its base. The barn was silent except for four heaving chests expelling air.

"Just your tongue, pussy-boy; just your tongue . . . ." came Cole's horny whisper.

Moses Riggs let his tongue slide forward to make contact with his smoldering goal. I glanced down at my own hard cock and then over at Finch. We were both dripping copious amounts of pre-cum and our dicks were dancing wildly in the harsh yellow light of the camping lantern. Our breathing was coming in excited rasping tugs and our chests heaved with seeming exertion.

"Ummmmm . . . you're good with your tongue, Mose . . . ." Cole voiced his endorsement of Riggs' tongue-job. "Lick up and down the shaft . . . Ohhhh, yeah! . . . that's it! . . . real slow for your master."

Moses kept at Cole's bone for minutes, licking in torturous languor where he was directed. Finally, Cole gave the okay for Moses to attempt to take the head into his mouth. With reckless abandon, Moses over-estimated his ability to handle the timber he was sawing on and caused himself to gag by going too deep on the first plunge. Cole pushed Moses' mouth off and spit out, "I FUCKING TOLD YOU! . . . GO SLOW!"

Moses looked anxiously up at his master and pleaded, "SIR! I'M SORRY, SIR! I COULDN'T HELP IT, SIR! PLEASE, GIVE ME ONE MORE CHANCE, SIR!"

Cole gave a curt nod, but warned, "One more chance."

Moses quickly adjusted his jaws and attempted another, slower, dive. This time he got his mouth around the golf ball sized head and held it in the cavern of his mouth. Evidently his tongue was doing double-time, however, as Cole gave a satisfied sigh. Moses showed he was a real cock-hound. He worked his way down until he could take in a good nine inches on Cole's enormous penis on a lunge. Cole was impressed by Rigg's finesse and let him slide up and down as much as he wanted.

Cole began a series of verbal encouragements for Moses' oral endeavors, "Yeehhh, boy! . . . Go to town! . . . Get as much of that cock as you want, son . . . You gettin' what you want? . . . Huhhhnnn? . . . You gettin' Daddy's meat? . . . Is that what you need, son? . . . You need Daddy's meat?"

Moses moved only slightly faster as he heard Cole talking to him. It made me wonder about his fantasies. Did Moses really want his dad's dick? I know I had fantasized about Coach Riggs almost as much as I had about my classmates. I guess then that it made sense that Moses would harbor some sexual fantasies about his hot jock-dad.

They let the cock-play and the verbal banter continue a few more minutes. I watched in fascination as Moses' drool ran down the engorged fuck-stick to Cole's large, hairy balls then dripped to the blanket beneath them. The dark red hair gleamed like a dew encrusted spider's web. Again, pangs of envy shot through me as I watched Moses servicing this stud. As the superb blowjob continued, Cole bent over and began to massage his fingers into Riggs' tight asshole. The grunts, moans, groans, sighs and sobs magnified as each man's nerves and senses were stimulated.

"You play a mean meat-whistle, boy! . . . You ready for the big prize, boy? . . . Are you?"

Moses almost reluctantly removed his mouth to answer, "Sir! Yes, sir! I'm ready, sir!"

Cole smiled, removed his fingers, playfully slapped his dick-slut's rounded mounds, and then stepped away to remove his jock. He wadded it up and threw it at me. I was glad he was on the basketball team at this point because he managed to hook it on my head. I bit ahold of it to keep it in my mouth. The mixture of Moses' saliva and Cole's sweat and other juices were acrid to my tongue but welcome as I sucked in the smell and taste. This caused Cole to grin and wink at me. Cole returned his attention to Moses Riggs.


Moses went to task and was sucking Cole's gargantuan nuts in their low-hanging sack. They were each about the same size as the head of his cock—the size of golf balls (for real). There was no way he could get them both in his mouth at the same time, but he made due with taking one and then the other to bathe and suckle.

Once the deputy was happy with Moses' job, he pushed his head away and lay back on the blanket. Moses kneeled beside his reclining master watching the massive tower of flesh as it lazily flopped around, finally settling on its owner's thigh.

"Alright, Moze, time to get it. I want you to straddle me and lower yourself, . . . but only when I tell you!" Cole ordered.

Moses struggled to get up to a standing position. Having been kneeling for a long time, and with his hands locked behind his back didn't make it an easy task. But, being in good physical shape and an excellent athlete, Moses made it look effortless as he gained his feet and stood astride the man whose commands he followed.

"That's it, Moze . . . . Are ya hot for it? . . . Are you craving my horsedick? . . . Tell Daddy "


Cole moved his hand down to grasp his throbber and aimed it perpendicular to his body so Moses could line his hungry hole up with it. I didn't know how Moses thought he could take it, but he was definately eager to try.

"ALRIGHT, BOY . . . . SIT!"

Moses began to bend his knees.

". . . SLOWLY . . . I WANT TO SEE YOU SQUIRM FOR IT! . . . "

Cole would let Moses lower himself then make him stand. The frustration was mounting as Moses watched Cole's arm stroke up and down, but couldn't see his prize. Cole kept this up for about five minutes and the effect had Moses ragged with lust. Cole finally let Moses down to within an inch of his cock head then made him hold there for a couple of minutes until his thighs began to quiver from the strain. After an agonizing minute of this torture, Cole bucked upward and his cock-head made contact with Moses' hole. This got a heated response out of Moses.


Cole pulled back and rammed upward again, never breaking the ring of Moses' tight hole.

"Are you EVER going to leave your jurisdiction again?"


"How do I know you're not lying to me, pussy?






"Alright, boy, but only go as far as I tell you! YOU GOT IT?"




"Good boy . . . SIT!"

"UHHHH! . . . OHHHHH! . . . AWWWW! . . . GNUHHHH!" Moses slid down two inches on the 11 " horsedick. The strain of taking such a large dick was expressed as both heaven and hell on Moses' face.

"STOP!" Cole pushed him up until only the head of his cock remained, "You're going to keep your pussy town-cop ass within city limits?"

Moses whimpered for more cock.

"AWWWWW! . . . SIR! YES, SIR!" Again, Moses slid down on Cole's super-cock, this time taking four inches.

Cole clasped Moses' thighs with his vise-like grip and repelled him entirely off of his dick."STOP!"

"UHHHHNNNN! SIR! I NEED IT BADLY, SIR! PLEASE! . . . ." The rest of his plea went unspoken as his eyes met Cole's, then quickly moved away before his error registered with his master.

Cole ignored the breech in slave etiquette, "PROVE IT!"

Moses groaned in horney approbation. It was a simple order and one with which Moses was eager to comply. He began a slow decent on the pulsing meat pole, stretching his aching asshole to the limit. Nonetheless, in moments Moses' moans of aggravation turned to howls of pleasure as the huge knob spread his hole again for its enterance and began the long, slow journey into Moses' nether regions. It took him a few minutes to sink all the way down, but he managed to work himself until he was sitting in Cole's lap.

Cole began talking hoarse, lusty words that made all of us groan in horny response. "Shit, Moze, all these years you let everybody think you were a pussy-hound, but you're nothing but a prick-crazed faggot! Well, you're gonna get all the fuckin' cock you want and more from now on . . . ." Cole held Moses down against his pubes, then slapped his ass with his gloved hands. "Yeah! Ohhhh, fuck! . . . Your hole is so tight and hot! . . . Get ready to ride my cock, Moze!"

Moses wiggled himself into a better position to ride this meat-bronco. His wiggling brought out grunts of vigorous approval from Cole beneath him.

"OHHH! SIR! You're stretching me out, SIR! . . . I can feel you pressing out from behind my stomach! . . . OHHHHHH, DAMN! . . . Your dick is so fucking hot, SIR! . . . You're burning my insides!" Moses was bouncing up and down now in heated movements.

Cole let out with a stream of his own lecherous cries, "AWWW! FUCK YEAH! . . . OHHHH, YEAH! . . . RIDE MY DICK WITH YOUR TIGHT ASS! . . . OHHHH, SON, YEAH! . . . RIDE . . . UGHNNN! . . . RIDE ME! . . . AHHH! YOU'RE . . . UMMMMM! . . . SO . . . GAWDAMN!. . . FUCKING . . . GRAHHHH! . . . TIGHT! . . . HUHHHNNNNN!

Moses, encouraged by the sounds of pleasure coming from his new master, increased his speed.


Moses' eyes shot open and went as round as sausers when he heard the command!


Moses Riggs forced himself off of the giant dick. He was clearly not happy about it, but he had to do as his master commanded. The golf ball-head came out with a plop echoed by Moses' disgruntled snort. Moses dismounted and quickly kneeled.

Cole stood then said, "ON YOUR BACK!"

Moses scrambled to lie down fast enough. In his zeal to comply, however, he forgot his cuffs and crushed his arms uncomfortably beneath himself. Not waiting for him to adjust his position, Cole grabbed Moses' knees and pulled them up to his waist. This brought Moses up into a tripod position on his head, neck and shoulders with his cuffed hands jutting out impotently.


That was all the warning Moses got before he was impaled again on Cole's manhood. This time, Cole was in the driver's seat and was intending to pump for all he was worth! He pushed his way in until all eleven and one half inches were burried deeply inside Moses before he wrenched his legs by the ankels and placed them on his shoulders. Cole gripped Moses' ankles tightly and began a sort of hopping motion as he started to pound the tight ass. Both men grew sweaty with their straining and their skin shimmered with each thrust. Their moaning and grunts of passion were coming in quick continuance of one another as they were worked closer to orgasm.

Moses begged for Cole to stroke his hard dick, but Cole refused saying, "If you wanna cum, you gotta do it on your own! Every bitch of mine cums while I fuck them, and WITHOUT EVER BEING TOUCHED!"

Although torturous, Moses knew his master had spoken. There would be no early release for him. Luckily, Cole knows how to fuck, in fact, he gave new definition to the term "long-dicking". On each inward and outward stroke, Cole's cock would prod Moses's prostate. Aside from making his cock leak profuse amounts of pre-cum that dripped down to splash his upper chest, neck, and face, it started little ripples of pleasure that began to cascade and roil and mount within his body. The redoubling effect as the tension and pleasure mounted and magnified was well on its way to making Moses reach his climax.

It didn't take very long for Moses' cries of ecstasy to reach rapturous volumes. He was crying out his pleasure when the first stream of cum shot him in the face, the tail end of it trailing into his open mouth. The subsequent shots left their sticky tracks down his heaving chest and onto his face and neck and into his flat top. The spasming of his orgasm set off contractions in his ass which was enough to start Cole's orgasm.


Cole pulled out and let his huge cock jerk and spasm without touching it as it continued to blast volley after volley of cum onto the helpless Moses below him. His jism shot down on Moses' ass, balls, and dick, and then dripped down to his face and mixed with the cum already there.

Cole's spams ended and he shakingly released Moses from his grip. Cole dropped to his knees and then spread himself across his spent partner's body as their heaving chests slowly gained control and resumed normal breathing. Cole remained on top of Moses for a few more minutes, enjoying the feel of the hard flesh beneath him then got to his feet and pulled Moses up with him. Wordlessly he marched Moses over to where Finch was restrained. He turned Moses around, unlocked his cuffs and pushed him against Finch's body. Moses didn't say a word as his arms were pulled backward and locked again behind Finch's back. He could feel Finch's yet to be satisfied dick, hot between them, slicking up his lowerback and round ass cheeks.

Cole turned. His boots made a heavy thud as he walked across the barn to where I was tied. Moses and Finch were silently watching Cole's ass as he moved.

"I'll be needing this back," Cole said to me as he reached up and took his sopping jock from my mouth. "Joey."

Moses' eyes shot to my face and recognition slowly dawned there.

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