LIFE WITH JOEY: The Next Day #8: Cole and Ray, Round 1' {}
(M^M, bondage, domination, fetish) [ 8 | ? ]

Date: 07/09/2002

WARNING: This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to individuals, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Do not read this story if you are offended by man-to-man sex, abusive/offensive language. Do not read if you are underage or it is prohibited according to the laws governing the geographical location wherein you dwell. This episode will focus on bondage, sexual initiation, and verbal abuse. The characters are adults experiencing sexual awakening, and male-male relationships. There are degrading words and both adult and erotic situations. There is unsafe sex practiced, and it is not advised to attempt this in real life. Stories are fun because there are no real ramifications . . . Life isn't as forgiving. Even if they are fictitious, all participants are consenting (although they may begin or seem reluctant). This episode puts me closer to the completion of the series. I expect that there will be three more before it ends. This installment (obviously from the title) deals with the missing Cole and Ray. (I apologize for this taking so long to get out, but aside from a busy life, I wanted to do this one justice.) Enjoy!

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GIVING CREDIT WHERE IT IS DUE: This one is for Phil who has been a constant supporter, and Ironguy2 who gave me the idea (different characters than you suggested and slightly different circumstances, I know, but the idea was yours.) And to BGHE who aided in the development of Cole.


THE NEXT DAY #8: Cole and Ray, Round 1

WHAT WENT ON BEFORE . . . Finch revealed his troubled past to Joey while they spent the day in the barn . . . this is a meanwhile situation . . . .

Ray pulled into the lot at the 4-H building. The sun was nearly up and he heard the church bells chime the hour: 7 o’clock. He was pissed with himself about being so late. He had told Joey he would be back in an hour; that would have been 4:45. It had taken him about thirty minutes to get home, so it was 4:15 a.m. When he got there, Theresa was waiting, and true to form, was pissed with him. They fought for about twenty minutes over the same old shit—he was drunk, he didn’t love her, he could go to hell, that sort of thing. Little did she know she was pushing him more and more toward those feelings. However, also true to form, at the end of it all, they wound up in bed and he fucked her silly to appease her. He fell asleep for about an hour and woke when one of the kids went running through the hall. Ray looked at his alarm clock on the nightstand and saw that it was a little after 6 o’clock.

“Shit!” he mumbled to himself and rushed to the bathroom for a quick shower. He quickly got dressed and gathered some clothes for Joey. He mentally kicked himself a few more times as he drove quickly to the 4-H grounds.

Ray noticed both Joey’s and Finch’s cars were still parked in the lot, but the lights in the building were out. Nervous, he got out of his pick-up; then grabbed the clothes as an after thought. Ray held the clothes in his left hand and against his gut like he would a football back in school. He quickly made his way over to the side door entrance to the men’s room and saw that it was slightly ajar. He opened the door cautiously and called out for Joey. The lights were out and he didn’t see anything from the light that came in from outside. He walked in and reached for the light switch. It didn’t take him long to find Joey’s and Finch’s clothes on the white and black tiled floor. He was both worried and confused by that. Where the fuck could they be and why would Finch’s clothes be there? Ray bolted for the other door out of the restroom that lead into the main hall of the building. Perhaps, he thought, they were out there. It didn’t take him long to discover that they were not there.

Ray made his way back to the restroom and picked up the clothes that were left there—Joey’s torn costume and Finch’s khaki shorts, Doc Martins, and his shirts and underwear still balled up as he had them when Ray last saw him. He rolled all of it up in Joey’s cape and turned out the lights. He had just about made it to the side exit when a figure darkened the door. Ray froze; he couldn’t make out anything aside from the fact that the man was huge.

“Come on out, Ray.” The deep voice seemed familiar, but Ray was too startled to place it.

“Who the fuck are you?”

“It’s Cole, Ray. Come on out.”

“Cole? Fuck! Listen, man! I ain’t breakin’ an’ ent’rin’, Cole! I sw . . . .”

“Save it, Ray! I know you aren’t. Get your ass out here.”

Ray guardedly made his way to the door. He didn’t know how he was going to explain the load of clothes in his hands. It wasn’t like he could say it was his laundry.

Outside, Cole was standing with his arms crossed and feet spread in an imposing stance.

“Look, Cole, I was just . . . .” Ray began but was cut off.

“Save it, Ray, I know what you’re doing, I’ve seen Joey and Finch.”

Ray, misunderstanding and thinking Joey and Finch had been arrested, immediately became defensive; he couldn’t afford any trouble with the law. “Cole, man, I . . . .”

“Ray, just shut up and get over here. You aren’t in any trouble. Joey told me you were bringing him some clothes. Have you been here long?”

Still confused, Ray answered, “Naw, not too long, I just got here, really. Where are Joey and Finch?”

Cole stared into Ray’s face for a moment before he replied. “They’re out at Riggs’ barn. They sent me to find you and make sure you weren’t freaked out.”

Ray was still confused. “What’re they doin’ out ta Riggs’? How’d ya find ‘em? What the fuck’s goin’ on?

Cole walked the remaining distance between the two of them and put his big hand on Ray’s shoulder. “Come on, we’ve got to move their cars and then take them their clothes. I’ll explain once we get their cars over to my place and are on our way to the barn.”

Cole drove Joey’s car while Ray followed in his truck. It took them three trips before all of the vehicles were at Cole’s place. Cole invited Ray in while he took the opportunity to shower and change. As Cole showered, he had Ray sit on the toilet so he could explain thing to him. More than a few times, Cole caught Ray eyeballing him when he was getting into the shower and then afterwards while he was drying off.

“So Riggs took them out there and had a big ol’ orgy?” Ray said, making a poor attempt at avoiding staring at Cole as he dried his back. Cole finished drying off and instead of wrapping the towel around his waist, he put it over his left shoulder and turned to the sink and mirror. He could see that Ray was checking him out. He acted like he didn’t notice and enjoyed the audience. Cole was a bit of an exhibitionist and loved to show his body off at any occasion he could. Knowing Ray’s new inclinations, Cole had a perfect opportunity that just might lead to other prospects. Ever heeding the knock of opportunity, Cole wasn’t about to pass up a chance at getting Ray to mess around. Of course, there was the problem that Ray might not be ready for it and that he probably wasn’t a willing bottom, but Cole wasn’t going to concern himself with those issues at the moment. No, right then, just having Ray checking him out was enough to begin with.

“I wouldn’t call it an orgy, but yeah, they were fucking around.” Cole understated.

“Whew, what a fucking night!” Ray shook his head in wonderment as he adjusted his slightly hard cock in his jeans.

Cole notice the movement but avoided saying anything about it. Instead, he shifted his hips a little as he finished up at the sink and allowed his eyes to catch Ray staring at his muscular ass mounds one more time. He kept his ample dick pressed against the cold porcelain to aid in keeping it flaccid. Ray looked up at the last minute and knew he had been caught. Shy about it, he quickly looked down and away at the door.

Ray got up and rubbed his sweating palms against his thighs. “Well, I guess I’ll wait for you out in the living room while you get dressed.” He quickly moved past Cole and made his way out. Cole just smiled and let him go; he knew he would have Ray sooner than either would expect if he were any judge of human character. He smirked to himself once more, grabbed a white t-shirt, pulled on a pair of jeans, and slipped on his running shoes then made his way out to the living room. Ray was sitting on the couch and looking out the window when Cole came into the room.

Ray did a double take as he noticed that Cole hadn’t bothered to button up his 501’s nor had he bothered to put on any underwear. He tried to cover up his glance, but he knew he had been caught again. Cole just smiled at him and pulled his tee over his head and down his powerfully built chest and abs. He tucked the shirt into his jeans and then slowly buttoned up, standing only a few feet in front of Ray. Ray’s eyes bounded from Cole’s crotch to his eyes then away.

“Heh, heh, uh, yeah…. You eaten?” Cole made no attempt at easing the sexual tension between the two.

“Uh, no . . . no I haven’t.” Ray responded.

“Well, I’ll get something for us. You like eggs and bacon?”

“Yeah… eggs and bacon’ll be great.”

“Good, while I cook the food, you can put those clothes into the wash. It’s out back.”

While Ray took care of Joey’s clothes, Cole cooked up the food and he and Ray ate in relative silence. When they were done, Cole packed up some leftovers in a plastic box and they went out to Ray’s truck. Ray drove out to the barn. When they arrived, they got the clothes and food and went into the barn. It was dark, but their eyes soon adjusted to the gloom. Cole led them to the back where they found Joey and Finch asleep in each other’s arms on the cot. They looked at the two naked men sleeping soundly. Cole tapped Ray on the shoulder with the back of his hand and nodded toward the door. Ray set the clothes and the box of food at the foot of the cot without waking the sleepers, but managed to get a good eye-full as he left. The two men walked out of the barn as quickly and quietly as they could.

Outside, Cole and Ray got back into Ray’s truck. That is when Ray asked Cole, “Do you think it's safe ta leave them there like that?” The concern in his voice was evident.

“Are you kidding? Safe? Who the hell will bother them out here?”

Ray shrugged and said, “Naw, that ain't what I meant. I meant is it safe to leave Joey with Finch.”

Cole glanced sideways at Ray and watched as his adam's apple jumped as he swallowed. “Are you kidding me? Did you notice how those two were lying together? Did you smell the sex and sweat?”

Ray only swallowed again and set his jaw in a tight clinch. Cole could almost hear Ray's teeth grinding. He knew there was something more to this than what little he had been told. He was going to figure this one out.

Cole looked over at the pensive Ray. “Hey, you want to hang out at my place for a few hours? We can come back later and pick them up.”

Ray returned his gaze to Cole, who had his hand in his crotch and was sort of squeezing it; he didn’t say anything, but he nodded then looked back at the road. They rode in silence the rest of the ride. Ray squirmed in his seat the entire time as Cole unashamedly checked him out. It was obvious that he liked what he saw; it was obvious what he wanted; and it was equally obvious what was going to happen when they got back to Cole’s.

Cole simply stared at Ray. He looked at the way the early sun made his straight dark hair shine as it hung in his pale blue eyes. He looked at how his Adam’s apple rose and fell as he tried to drive without showing how nervous and sexually excited he was. Cole looked at Ray’s muscular arms and the rhythmic rise and fall of his chest as his breathing quickened. Cole held back a laugh when he reached over and squeezed and rubbed Ray’s thigh. Ray nearly jumped out of the cab at Cole’s touch; he fought to keep the truck on his side of the road, swerving just a little until he corrected it. Cole knew he was getting to Ray. Ray fought to keep his composure as Cole let his hand rest on Ray’s thigh for the remainder of the ride, every once in a while Cole would trace little circular patterns with his ring and pinky finger on Ray’s inner thigh. The motion caused Ray to squirm even more, but he never asked Cole to remove his hand. Cole refrained from reaching any higher up Ray’s leg into his crotch. He could see the bulge that was there; he could wait. Cole wanted Ray to ask for it. He understood they both knew the score. Cole could be patient.

They soon arrived at Cole’s ranch-style house. It was on the outskirts of town and secluded enough from neighbors. Cole had thought ahead and bought six lots and built in the center of them. He had landscaped the edges of his acreage with poplars and evergreen hedges on the right and left and along the back. The front of the property had a brick and iron fence also with hedges to complete the privacy wall. Cole was proud of his house. He had a swimming pool and hot-tub put in last summer and rounded off his patio with a grill and redwood furniture. His time in the military had taken him overseas and he liked oriental architecture, so he had added elements of that to his backyard. He was especially proud of his stone garden. He had spent hours there; Zen had become an interest of his.

“Come on, we’ll go out back and have some beers.” Cole led Ray into his house and out to the pool. He went right to the bar, grabbed a couple of longnecks, popped the tops, and walked back to the lounge chairs. Ray was already sitting, so Cole handed him his beer, set his down then stripped off his clothes. Ray nearly spit out his beer and was coughing when it had gone down the wrong pipe.

“What’s the matter?” Cole was playing it up.

“Noth . . . *cough* . . . ing . . . *cough* . . . *ahem* . . . nothing,” Ray choked out, openly gaping at Cole’s body.

“Well then, if there’s nothing wrong, why don’t you get out of those clothes and catch some rays, Ray?” Cole chuckled to himself over that one.

Ray couldn’t come up with any good reasons why he shouldn’t, so he shrugged and peeled off his shirt. He was a bit embarrassed about having a hard-on, so he was reluctant to remove his pants.

Cole noticed Ray’s shyness and coaxed him, “Come on, Ray; it’s just us guys here, you can get naked. Enjoy the fucking sun, man.” He reached for the top button on Ray’s 501’s and gave it a tug. The button-fly was well worn and what was intended to open only the top button ended up popping the top four. Ray gave a slight grunt of surprise, but otherwise held any objections. Cole decided to keep pressing his advantage and went to Ray’s feet. He pulled off his shoes. First the left one and the sock, then moved to the right foot. He grabbed the cuffs of the legs and pulled Ray’s jeans down and off in a quick maneuver, inadvertently pulling his boxers halfway down as well. The result had Ray’s beer can cock pulled quickly down and snapping back to slap against his stomach with a loud “thwap”. Ray yowled in surprise, but Cole only smirked. Cole ended by grabbing hold of Ray’s boxers that had wrapped around his knees and jerked them off too, then tossed the jeans and boxers to the side. He smiled down and Ray, who just looked up at him, then sat on his own lounge chair, lay back and closed his eyes. Every so often he would drink from his beer and look over at Ray.

Ray, on the other hand, was not handling this with the same self-confidence. He guzzled his beer and tried to will his cock to go down. He had just about managed it when Cole reached over and tweaked his nipple, asking, “So, do you need another beer?”

The pinch went right to Ray’s dick, which jumped to full bore instantly. He couldn’t speak, so Cole smiled, got up, and said, “I’ll get you one anyway. It looks like you could do with another.”

Ray didn’t take his eyes off of Cole as he walked over to the bar and got two more beers. His eyes nearly jumped out of their sockets when Cole returned with a semi-erection and doing muscle-ups as he walked back. Cole sat on the edge of Ray’s chair and ran the cold beer along Ray’s dick. It made Ray gasp. Cole smiled again and Ray looked away sheepishly as he reached for the bottle. He mumbled a meager “thanks” and Cole returned to his own lounger.

Ray gulped down his second beer and Cole handed him the remainder of his. Ray wasn’t thinking clearly as it was, so it didn’t really matter that it was still early in the morning and he was drinking. Cole kept the supply of beer going and Ray kept on drinking. After his sixth or seventh beer, Ray was getting wasted. Cole wasn’t trying to get Ray drunk to take advantage of him; no, he had other plans entirely. Cole already knew he could have Ray whenever he wanted. This was something else.

“So, Ray, what really happened last night after everyone left the reunion?” Cole was sitting next to Ray again, he gently rubbed his hand up and down Ray’s inner thigh, keeping him both off balance and turned on.

“Wha’d’ya mean?” Ray asked the beers were taking effect, but he was far from plastered.

“Come on, Joey and Finch and you? What the hell happened? Joey told me a little, but I want to know the whole thing. Come on, Ray, tell me what happened.” Cole punctuated his cajoling by wrapping his hand around Ray’s dick and stroking it a little.

“I won’t tell anybody; I just want to know what you guys did . . . . You know, the graphic details.” Cole grinned lewdly, showing his perfect white teeth, one of his many sexy traits.

Ray groaned in response to both being gripped and Cole’s sexiness.

“Come on, Ray. Tell me.” It was obvious that Cole was going to get what he wanted. Buzzed or not, Ray would have told Cole anything he wanted, just as long as he kept working his dick with his strong hand. Now all of this had Cole’s cock working too. Ray stared, mesmerized by the big twelve incher as it began its cobra dance before him. Ray reached out to grab hold of the monster, but Cole caught him by the wrist, “Uh, uh, boy, not until you tell me what I want to know. Tell me what happened, and we can get down to some serious business.” That was all it took to loosen Ray’s mouth.

Ray spilled it all, how Finch came up with the idea to jump Joey, who was there, what they did, how he stood up to Finch, and how bad he felt about what he had done to Joey. He didn’t miss an action. When he was finished, he made another move for Cole’s meat. Cole grabbed hold of his wrist again. He stood up and pulled Ray to his feet and lifted him in his arms. Ray put his hands around Cole’s neck and closed his eyes. Cole put his mouth to Ray's. At first he met resistance but his insistent tongue forced its way through Ray’s lips and began a deep cavity search, fighting around Ray’s tongue. Suddenly Ray stiffened and pushed off from Cole.

“What?” Cole’s brown eyes looked into Ray’s blue ones.

“Nothin’ man, I . . . I’m just not sure I want to do this.”

“What do you mean you don’t want to do this? Fuck, Ray, you did this with Joey. You did this with Todd. You did this with Dave. You knew what was going to go down when we got back here. What the fuck is your problem? You can’t tell me you don’t want this. Your damn dick is as red and hard as a fucking brick and you’re going to try to tell me that you don’t want to fuck around?” Cole hadn’t lost his temper, but he wasn’t taking any of Ray’s shit either. “You aren’t a cock-tease are you, Ray? You a fag-cock-teaser? You like to get guys all worked up and then leave them hard and no way to get off but their hands? Is that what you do, Ray?”

Ray responded, “I ain’t no cock-tease!”

Before he could continue, Cole pressed his advantage, “Oh, so you get men all hot and then you go through with it. I’m glad to hear it, Ray. That’s fucking honorable, man. It’s good to know you aren’t going to leave me high and dry here.”

Ray shook his head, still a little muddled, “No, that ain’t what I meant. I mean I don’t get guys all hot. I don’t do that shit.”

Cole hefted Ray a little in his arms to readjust the weight and to allow Ray to fully appreciate the situation before saying, “Oh no? What the fuck do you call what we’ve been doing and what we’re doing now, Ray?”

Ray looked trapped. He didn’t respond verbally, but pushed away from Cole’s massive chest and attempted to get out of his arms. All this did was throw Cole a bit off balance so that he had struggled to right them. Once he managed to steady himself, Cole took three steps toward the pool and tossed Ray in. The look on his face when he surfaced was priceless, and Cole was laughing his ass off.

Ray came up sputtering, “Wha’ th’ fuck, Cole?!”

Cole just glared at Ray, his laughter stopped just like that. Ray repressed a shudder and slowly swam to the edge of the pool.

He pulled himself up and was making for his clothes, but Cole wasn’t going to let him get dressed.

“Uh, uh, Ray. No clothes for you until I say so.”

Ray was taken back. “Wha’?”

“You heard me. You aren’t getting dressed until I say so. You fucking knew what was what; now it’s time to get down to business. The way I see it, you have two choices. You can play along and we both have fun, or you fight me, I kick your ass, and then use it anyway I want. So, what’s it going to be, Ray?” The last was a partial bluff on Cole’s part, but Ray had no way of knowing that. To him it seemed that Cole meant every word he said.

Ray shook his head to get the water out of his eyes. His gaze remained glued to Cole’s crotch. Cole stood there lewdly jacking his huge twelve-inch cock to full hardness. Ray gulped at the sight.

Cole continued, “Come on, Ray, this morning in my shower, the whole time in your truck, sitting on the lounges, and while you were telling me about what you guys did to Joey—all of that time you’ve been fucking harder than petrified wood. You and I both know how turned on you are by this . . . . We both know how much you want to try some cock . . . my cock . . . . We both know how much you want to punk for me . . . .” Cole kept up the barrage of comments, not letting Ray stop to think for himself. Cole watched Ray’s head bob in motion with the thrumming of his cock as it throbbed and jerked in time to his heartbeat. “Yeah, Ray, yeah . . . You know you want to lick and suck on my dick. It’s cool, man, no one is ever going to know but us, and I’m not telling . . . . Shit, man, we’ll do anything you want. I’ll even let you fuck yourself on my dick if you want to feel what it’s like. Whatever you want to do, Ray. Whatever you want, man . . . .”

Ray began slowly to slip to the side of the pool. His ogling eyes never left their target—the purple and red twelve-inch cock that danced and jerked as mesmerizingly as a trained cobra. And, until that image came to his mind, Ray would have gladly been on his knees before the giant of muscle and might standing above him. But, he was drawn back to reality slightly before he pushed himself up on the side of the pool. Cole caught the subtle change in Ray’s body language and, at the last moment, shoved Ray back into the pool.


Cole just crossed his arms over his packed chest and said, “You were almost there, Ray. Why the fuck did you change your mind?”

Ray couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Wha’ th’ fuck’re ya talkin’ ‘bout, Cole?”

“You were ready to get it on, then you changed your mind again. What’s up, Ray? You know you want this cock; I’m going to give it to you. What is the problem?”

“I told you, I can’t. I ain’t no fairy, and I don’t get fucked!” Ray replied.

“Not yet, you don’t, but that’s about to change; isn’t it, Ray.” The intent of Cole’s words was unmistakable. No one could have interpreted them as a question. It was a statement of fact that Cole was making. Today would be the day that Ray started getting fucked in the ass. Had he had the time or interest, Cole might have allowed his thoughts to stray to the odd designs of fate. This morning Ray woke up and had never been fucked in the ass. Tonight, when he went to sleep, he would no longer be able to claim that innocence again. However, Cole didn’t allow himself that divergence. Instead, he directed his attention to his swimming pool and the attractive naked man in it who was soon going to be on his back with a huge rod of flesh reaming him out. Just the thought of it made Cole’s dick leak a stream of clear pre-cum, which began its slow-winding track down the burning and pulsing fuck-column to his balls. “Yeah, one way or another, this dick is going to be buried in Ray’s tight ass,” Cole thought.

During Cole’s brief daydream, Ray had managed to get out of the pool and was making his way to his clothes, his semi-hard dick leading the way. When Ray was within a few feet of Cole, it got his attention and he moved to intercede. Ray stopped short of his clothes, water dripping off his body as he glowered at Cole.

Cole just stared at Ray, who scowled back.

“Get the fuck outta m’ way. I’m getting’ dressed ‘n’ leavin’.” Ray tried to shove by Cole, but Cole blocked him.

“The fuck if you are. I’ll play your game. You act all tough, like you don’t want to get speared on my man-pike. I can play along if that’s what you need to keep the illusion that you don’t want to take my cop-cock up your ass. Shit, you play it as hard as you want. It sort of turns me on even more to think you’ll try to fight me off.”

Ray made his move, but Cole was ready for it. The two men grappled one another. Their scuffle landed them both in the pool, but the struggle continued. Cole had the advantage and he used it. He pushed Ray under and held him there. Ray panicked and in that action was defeated. He knew he was licked and stopped fighting Cole’s superior position. Cole let him up for air once Ray stopped thrashing. Like a lifeguard, Cole held Ray in the crux of his elbow and swam him back, not letting Ray have any control. He liked the rush his power over Ray gave him. To be honest, it made his dick that much harder knowing that he was dominating Ray. He stopped in the middle of the pool, treading water.

Cole seethed into Ray’s ear, “What does it feel like being helpless to another man?” He managed to get his other hand into Ray’s crotch and grabbed his thick tube. Ray’s short but fat cock was all steeled up. “It seems as if you’re turned on by being manhandled, huh, Ray.”

Ray couldn’t think; he had his hands on Cole’s forearm and kicked with his feet every so often, but he couldn’t do much about his position. His mind was afire with questions and doubt. Cole turned him on, and he turned Cole on. Hell, they had practically been in foreplay since Cole first darkened that restroom door. This was a new twist. What was Cole asking him? He could feel Cole’s hot cock hard against his back. “I don’ know wha’cha mean, Cole,” came his reply.

“I mean how does it feel being helpless, at the mercy of a man, like Joey was to you and the others?”

Realization finally sunk in and Ray sputtered, “Wha’? ‘Sthis ‘bout Joey, Cole?”

“Yeah, this is about Joey, Ray. But not all of it is about Joey,” came Cole’s cryptic reply.

“Whadda ya mean it ain’t all about Joey?”

“I mean it’s about you and me now, too, isn’t it?”

Finally Ray was beginning to understand the peril he was in. Cole wasn’t playing with him and this had the possibility of getting really ugly really quickly. Cole pulled them over to the edge of the pool. He got out and Ray had just gained his feet when Cole pushed him back in the water. “Uh, uh, you stay in there.”

“What’re ya goin’ ta do Cole? Ya can’ keep me in here forever!” Ray sputtered in defiance once he resurfaced.

“You wanna make a bet? You want outta here, you gotta get past me.” And with that, the gauntlet was thrown. Ray swam for the other side and nearly beat Cole too, but Cole dove in after him and pulled him back before he could climb out. They struggled again, but Ray was no match for Cole in the water. Each time he tried to get away from Cole, it ended the same way. Cole would push him under until he gave up, hold him around the throat with his powerful arm, and then the whole thing would start over again. This lasted for the better part of an hour. Ray was tired, but Cole showed no signs of wearing down. Cole applied a little pressure to Ray’s throat by flexing his arm muscles. A grin spread on Cole’s face, it was cold and cruel; it was the grin of a man in control, a man who enjoyed over-powering other men.

Defeated, Ray tried one last, desperate ploy.

“Alright, Cole. You win. What’ll it take for ya ta let me outta the pool?” Time and the cool water helped to clear his system of the beers.

Cole smirked, “For starters, you can start addressing me as ‘Sir’, you maggot!”

Ray couldn’t believe his ears. When had all of this gone sour? Had he just imagined the earlier events of the morning? However, Ray got the message and replied, “O.k., sir.”

Cole shook his head, “Not convincing enough, buddy.”

Ray’s eyes couldn’t stretch any wider in disbelief. What the fuck did Cole want from him, other than the obvious? Ray wasn’t getting all of it together. He took a couple of breaths to steady himself, and then said again, “Sir, what do you want me to do, sir?”

Seemingly appeased, Cole swam them over to the edge of the pool and they got out. The moment Ray got to his feet, he bolted for the house. Cole caught him just as he entered the living room. He grabbed Ray around the waist and tackled him to the floor. They came down in a resounding thud; Ray had the air knocked out of him as Cole landed on top of him.

“You fucking piece of shit!” Cole growled into Ray’s ear as he grabbed a handful of dark hair and pushed Ray’s head to the carpet. However, here Ray had a bit of leverage. Here, he could use some of his wrestling moves. Quicker than Cole thought possible, Ray had managed a reversal. Now on top and in control, Ray was working on applying a full nelson. Cole was a basketball player, not a wrestler, but he had learned a little about it thanks to gym class. He knew strength and stamina were on his side, but skill could play a major part in the effort as well. Cole also knew that Ray could cut off his air and make him pass out if he weren’t careful. So began round two.

Ray was nearly successful in completing the nelson when Cole used his formidable strength to pull Ray’s right arm away from his neck. Ray fought admirably, but could not repel the superior force of Cole’s muscular arms. In a series of moves and counter moves, the two men raged around the room. Ray tried to break Cole’s superior upper body strength by getting him in a scissors lock around the waist. That had the pitiful effect of allowing Cole to gain an even better position by forcing them over with Ray now on his back and Cole grinning and grunting above him. The two men began to sweat from their exertions. Ray spun out from under Cole and regained his feet. Cole lunged for his calves, but Ray managed to backpedal out of reach. Once again in a neutral stance, the men squared off. Their goals vastly different, Ray only wanted to get away, Cole wanted Ray’s submission—body if not soul. Their eyes never left one another’s as they measured up the situation. Their breathing came in gulps and gasps, but neither was willing to give up. Once again, Cole lunged at Ray, this time getting him around the waist. Ray spun away from Cole so his back was to him and attempted to sit out of the hold. The added pressure of gravity and the dead weight didn’t really have much effect on Cole, but Ray’s sweaty torso gave him the extra help he needed and he slipped out of Cole’s hands. He managed to break away, but was quickly engulfed in Cole’s arms again moments later. Ray reversed direction and ended with his face in Cole’s crotch. Cole smirked and throbbed his hard on. Ray made an effort to avoid contact with the heated flesh-pole, but he hadn’t thought about where he had placed himself. He was simply falling back on his old wrestling days and reacting out of drilled response. Ray let out a derisive snort and attempted to extricate himself from this new predicament. Cole let his grip slide down to the back of Ray’s head and forced him in tight against his crotch. As Ray struggled, he didn’t pay any attention to what Cole was doing. When he managed to pull his face away from Cole’s red pubic bush, Cole had repositioned himself so that Ray was still face-first in his crotch, but now had his legs scissored around Ray’s upper body, trapping Ray’s nose and mouth directly beneath Cole’s balls. Cole continued to apply pressure so Ray got some quality time breathing in his scent. Ray began to sort of whimper and struggle, but couldn’t get out of this hold with any dignity. Cole pressed his advantage.

“You know, I’ll let you up if you lick my balls, Ray,” Cole coaxed. At first Ray only squirmed in response. Still, Cole soon felt the unmistakable texture of Ray’s tongue lathing his nut sack.

“Nurse on my nuts, boy!” Cole rumbled. “Yeah, boy! Lick ’m good.”

Ray had nearly lost all pride as he lapped at Cole’s testicles. Ray didn’t really let himself think. He simply wanted this humiliation to end. He had never really let himself think about things like this when he was wrestling in school. He never thought of it in terms of his submitting. It had been about strength and power, sure, but he had not thought in terms of sexual domination.

Once Cole was satisfied with Ray’s tongue bath, he patted his head. He wanted to be sure Ray understood that he was choosing to release him from this position before he unclenched his formidable thigh muscles. Cole continued to smirk at Ray as he let him get his breath. Cole stood and towered above Ray. His hard dick was leaking pre-cum and jerking with each powerful beat of his heart.

“Alright,” Cole began, “now we can get down to business. Why don’t you show Daddy you’ve learned your lesson and clean up my dick for me?”

Panic suddenly appeared in Ray’s eyes. He hadn’t really submitted; he had only given in to licking Cole’s balls to get out of the situation. Ray still had some fight left in him. Cole was going to have to continue to bust this bronco. Cole made no move to circle or clutch him as Ray got to his feet. Ray continued to look into Cole’s eyes as he edged nearer and then attempted to pass him. He was nearly past him when Cole sidestepped in front of him. Ray looked shocked as Cole grabbed his thighs just below his hairy ass and pulled him toward him. In a second, Ray was flat on his back, his legs splayed around Cole, who was on top of him. Cole attempted to break Ray down and pin him in to submission, but Ray managed to lock his ankles and attempt to scissor Cole again. Cole knew he had to break Ray’s leverage, but he didn’t know how to do it effectively. So, he resorted to a little unfairness and pressed his weight forward and down against Ray’s groin. This didn’t have the immediate effect he was looking for, but once he readjusted, Ray began to feel the pressure and his legs loosened somewhat. Meanwhile, Cole continued his press. Ray gave up on his scissors attempt and tried to arch in a neck bridge. While it did remove the discomfort from his groin, it also had the unexpected consequence of grinding his penis against Cole’s nearly rampant one. This took a bit of the wind out of his sails as he realized that his attempts were merely fanning the flames of Cole’s lust. It also made him go a bit hard at the thought. Still, he didn’t want to become Cole’s fuck-doll-bitch. Invigorated by this thought, Ray managed to turn himself over. He felt a small triumph in that until he felt Cole’s monster dong riding his butt. Cole made a few thrusts and grunted into Ray’s ear to psyche him out. It nearly worked, but Ray knew that Cole couldn’t really penetrate him from that position, Cole would have to pull away to reposition himself, or slide lower on Ray’s back. Either way, Ray would get an opportunity to slip out of this. Sure enough, Ray did get his opportunity, but not the one he had imagined.

Cole was trying to get Ray into a half Nelson. In a surprising feat of skill, Ray managed to force himself up on to his knees and get a reversal. Ray was on top for about thirty seconds before Cole turned the tables again. Ray had expected Cole to try to regain his superior position. However, in an astonishing move, Cole simply spun beneath Ray, dove and thrust his arms up around Ray’s waist and stood up. Ray was still on top, but he was now thrown over Cole’s back with his face hanging toward Cole’s rock-hard ass. He let out a startled yelp as he didn’t stop there, however. Cole simply released his grip and let Ray continue face first to the floor. Without wasting a second, Cole just fell back upon him, crushing the air from Ray’s chest, leaving him struggling to breathe and waiting for Cole to finish him. However, Cole was in need of breath himself after their grappling. He pressed himself down on Ray’s back, his chest heaving mightily as he regained oxygen in his system. Though he knew it would cost him if he didn’t succeed, Ray took as deep a breath as he could manage and shoved with all his might. This pushed Cole off him and he made a lunge for the door again. Cole grabbed Ray’s ankle and tripped him to the floor once more. Instead of crawling over him again, Cole used his considerable strength to pull Ray to him. Ray tried desperately to impede his backward motion by grabbing on to nearby furniture, but to no avail. Cole yanked him backward in one great lug, causing Ray to receive some serious friction. His right knee and elbows were definitely rug-burned as he attempted to save his chest, stomach and dick from such a fate. Cole was now sitting above his prone opponent. He gripped Ray’s waist and pushed down as he reasserted his weight to hold Ray there. Desperate, Ray pushed up and spun again, this time endeavoring to throw a punch at his aggressor. He almost fully connected, but for his reach.

“You fucking dick!” Cole reacted quickly and pulled back and a way, but not before Ray landed a glancing blow against Cole’s chin. Now Cole was really pissed. He growled, “You’ll pay for that one. I’ll take it out of your hide!”

Cole stopped playing “nice” and brought his elbow down into Ray’s back. Ray yelled in pain. With a couple of quick rabbit punches to Ray’s side, Cole put his weight full on his hands and pressed to get up. Ray let out a groan, but lie there. Cole didn’t stop. He pulled Ray up to his feet and then hunched down and wrapped his arms around Ray’s waist. Ray put his hands against Cole’s shoulders and tried to push away. This only helped Cole squeeze Ray’s waist tighter. Cole adjusted his weight and stance and lifted Ray off the floor and pulled him close against him. Ray let out a “woof” as his breath was crushed from him. They looked like that classic statue of Heracles and Antaeus. Cole simply squeezed. He didn’t have to apply pressure long. Like Antaeus, Ray quickly succumbed. All the fight wore out of him; Ray sagged against Cole, defeated. The only sound that followed was their labored breathing as Cole turned slowly and made his way to the patio doors.

Tired but steady, Cole carried an exhausted Ray out to the pool and without warning, unceremoniously tossed him into the deep end. Ray came up sputtering, but he didn’t try to swim to the edge. Ray was a conquered man. Cole glowered at Ray until he looked away in deference.

“That’s more like it, puke! Now, you stay here and tread water. When I get back, you had better be right here. You got me?!”

“Sir, yes, sir!” Ray snapped.

Cole let out a smirk and turned his back on Ray. He walked to the garage door and disappeared for a few minutes. Regaining his breath, Ray remained where he was until Cole returned. Ray didn’t like what he saw when he did.

Cole came back with a set of weights, a bar with a lot of weight on it to be exact. But that wasn’t all; he also had what looked like chains draped around his neck as well. Cole said, “Get the float over here by the side of the pool, maggot!”

Ray quickly complied.

“Now, get your ass on the float and shut up.”

“Sir!” Ray quickly complied with Cole’s command. He lay on the float by the edge of the pool closest to Cole and waited for his next order.

Ray couldn’t figure out what Cole was going to do with the chains and the weights until it was too late.

“Give me your wrists, scum!” Ray held out his arms and presented his wrists to Cole. He watched helplessly as Cole put cuffs on him then add a length of chain, put some weights on the other end of the chain and sunk them like an anchor.

“Hey, fucker, I just realized that this is an extended weekend for the factory. You aren’t due to work until Wednesday, and I am starting my three days off. Isn’t that lucky for you?” Cole smiled directly into Ray’s face as he said it.

“How’s that, sir?” Ray grimaced as Cole reached out and tightened the cuffs.

Cole smiled wider at Ray’s continuing to include the sir like he had been told. Ray trained quickly; that is good. “You know, I work nine days on and then get three days off. Pretty standard cycle for a cop. Just so happens that this time, you luck out and we have the same amount of days free from work. That way, we can devote the whole time to your training and getting used to taking my cock up your tight hole, slave.” Cole slapped Ray’s ass for added effect as he said slave. He moved down to the other end of the float and ordered Ray to spread his legs.

Ray thought to himself, “Damn, he’s got fuckin’ perfect teeth, too. What th’ hell? When’d Cole become Superman?”; however, outwardly he complied with a crisp, “Yes, sir!” and spread his legs wide to please his master.

Cole moved down to Ray’s feet. Cole began to shackle Ray’s ankles. The shackles were cool and uncomfortable and there was a distinct rattle of chain and a pulling at his left ankle. Ray was a bit startled when Cole resurfaced next to Ray on the right. He swiveled his head in time to see Cole placing the chain on the raft and then ducked underwater down to the other foot and the same thing happened on his left.

The chains were crisscrossed beneath the float, and Ray guessed what was coming next. Sure enough, Cole removed the handcuff from Ray’s left wrist and then clamped the same wrist back into a shackle on the end of the longer length of chain, which was connected, to his right ankle. Once the procedure was completed on the other hand, Cole took another length of chain and pulled it under Ray’s stomach. It was wound around him once and either end was allowed to hang off the edge of the float, then all Ray could feel was Cole pulling the float through the water out to the center of the pool. When he reached the center, Cole swam up to the head of the float. “Be right back,” Cole smirked and then swam back to the side of the pool. He got out of the pool and began removing weights from the bar. As he grabbed a couple of the weights, Ray watched in curiosity from the float. He noticed the way the water glistened on Cole’s skin and hair; and, try as he might, he couldn’t help but get excited by what he was seeing. Pulling his attention from Cole’s body, he returned to what Cole was doing. Cole looked back over his shoulder at Ray and scrutinized him as if he were fitting him for a new suit. Then he turned back to the weights and selected two of them from the bar. To Ray it looked like they were either seventy-five or one hundred pounds a piece.

Cole set the weights by the side of the pool. Once that was completed, he slipped back into the pool and grabbed the first of the two weights, then the second. He piled them on his chest and swam out on his back to the float and then dove beneath the surface with them. Ray waited for Cole to resurface and felt his breath, cool against his shoulder, when he saw Cole over near the side of the pool. Cole sloshed out of the water once again and grabbed the last length of chain and a master lock then proceeded to swim back out to the float. He dove again and Ray waited helplessly, wondering what the hell was going on. It seemed an interminably long span to be under water until Cole broke the surface. When he did, he came up behind Ray. There was a faint sound of rustling chain, and Ray turned his head and watched in silence as Cole began piling a length of it on the inflatable raft, all the while smiling directly into Ray’s face once more. Cole got his breath back and then took hold of the loose chain and ducked under one last time. Ray felt a tug at the chains around his wrists, ankles and waist and knew that Cole was anchoring him to the center of the pool. He still hadn’t figured out why, but here he was: spread eagled on the float and chained in the center of the pool. Ray’s thoughts turned from his quandary when Cole splashed to the surface and flashed him that fucking smile momentarily before cutting a sharp line across the pool. Ray could do nothing but watch as Cole once more exited the pool.

Ray had a tough time keeping his eye on Cole as he strained his neck to watch. Cole went about gathering their clothes and then made his way for the house. With a parting glance over his shoulder, Cole ducked into the house and out of sight. To Ray it seemed like hours until he came back out. When he did, he had something in his hand, but Ray couldn’t tell what. A quick dive and mere seconds later, Cole was at the head of the raft with what Ray now recognized as a bottle of sun block. Cole smiled as he opened the top and began squirting some of the ointment into his palm, then said, “Put your head up!”

“Sir! Yes, sir.” Ray snapped his head up and attempted to look at Cole from this awkward position.

Cole rubbed his palms together and then applied the lotion to Ray’s face. His touch was gentle and strong. His fingers worked the ointment into the skin, rubbing it across his forehead, the bridge of his nose, his upper lip, his cheeks and chin. Tingles ran down his spine and goose bumps rose when Cole rubbed the lotion around and behind Ray’s ears. Ray particularly enjoyed it as Cole tugged slightly at his earlobes. Cole rubbed his fingers gently at the points behind Ray’s ears where they meet the jaw.

Ray moaned in response. Cole pulled his fingers across Ray’s jaws to use his index fingers to trace and press Ray’s lips transversely. Then he pulled his fingers away, took the sunscreen, and swam away.

Ray’s startled response came without thinking, “Hey! What about the rest of me?!”

Cole finished pulling himself out of the water before he turned and growled, “What the fuck did you just say?”

Ray realized his error and sputtered, “Sir, I . . . I was wondering if you were going to put lotion on the rest of me.”

Cole was halfway through the door when his answer returned, “Doesn’t fucking look like it, does it? Now, keep your ass quiet until I come back.” And that was the end of any talk.

Ray had fallen asleep and woke abruptly to a splash of cold water across his backside and the rocking of the waves created by something disrupting the water. Suddenly, Cole was there with a bottle of water. He didn’t say anything, just pointed the spout at Ray’s mouth and squeezed. Ray opened his mouth and Cole stuck the spout in. Ray sucked the cold water in greedily; it was a welcomed relief from the heat of the sun. Once the water was gone, Cole pulled the bottle away and wordlessly swam back into the house, stopping only to place the empty in the recycling bin.

All through the heat of the day, Ray lay beneath the sun. Cole would bring him water a couple more times before he finally ducked beneath the water and Ray felt a tugging at the chains binding him. Cole broke the surface and pulled the raft to the edge of the pool, gently spinning in a counter-clockwise motion, further disorienting its occupant.

At the edge of the pool, Cole left Ray and swam back to retrieve the weights and length of chain. When he got back, he began removing the chains from Ray’s ankles, waist, and then he released his wrists. Cole left the chains piled at the side of the pool and then tilted the float so that Ray was dumped into the water, who sputtered and gasped at the sudden chill of the water against his body. Cole was already out of the water by the time Ray reached the edge. Ray eyed Cole before asking, “Sir, may I have permission to get out of the pool, sir?”

Cole gave a curt nod, for which Ray was grateful. He clambered out of the water and walked awkwardly to where Cole stood. Cole snapped, “Wrists!”

Ray thrust his hands forward and presented his wrists, whereby Cole tightened the cuffs on them. He then produced a collar from the table beside the doorway and put it around Ray’s neck. After attaching a chain leash, he led his new conquest into the house. Ray noticed the time was now a little after three o’clock as Cole led him down a set of wooden circular stairs.

Well, that is #8 and the end of “Round 1”. Look for “Round 2” to continue in the Rec. Room. As always, feel free to write, complain or whatever. I’ve changed jobs and am in the middle of a move, therefore the installments are getting little of my attention. I’ve decided only a few more installments and Life With Joey will be finished. Part 9 will finish the session between Ray and Cole. Part 10 will bring the four major players together at Cole’s place. Installments after that will attempt to provide some closure. Thanks for all of the e-mail and encouragement.