GAY MALE; 'LIFE WITH JOEY: High School Reunion #3: The Night Was Nearly Over' {} ( M^MM, bd/reluctant) [ 3 | ? ]

Date: 7/31/2001

WARNING: This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to individuals, living or dead, is purely coincidencidental. Do not read this story if you are offended by man-to-man sex, abusive/offensive language. Do not read if you are underage or it is prohibited according to the laws governing the geographical location wherein you dwell. There is sex between males, it will sometimes get rough, but that will not always be the case as I plan on playing with several genres, not just authoritarian situations. I am still in the early stages of developing these characters, and this is my first attempt at writing for an audience. These factors will not always be present, and I will warn you when such things do exist. Enjoy!

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HIGH SCHOOL REUNION #3: The Night Was Nearly Over

WHAT WENT ON BEFORE . . . the rocking fuck went on, Finch pulled my right leg up to join my left on his shoulders. In this position, I was forced up on my neck and shoulders and upper back, supporting our weight. Finch had managed to get himself up on his feet and was pounding deeply into me. Our breathing was ragged and I was nearly ready to cum all over myself when there was a loud jaring crack from off to my left. Finch and I were both startled as our heads jerked toward the noise. From my vantage point, all I could see was a pair of shiny black shoes and pale blue trousers. Finch didn't stop fucking me until the moment we heard "Freeze!"

We didn't move as the feet moved more into view. I couldn't believe my shitty luck when I saw Officer Classmate himself, Moses Riggs, standing there with his pistol pointed at us. I'm not sure what he was thinking, and the widening smile on his face didn't give me much to go on.

"Well, looky what we got here," Officer Riggs chuckled to himself. "Looks like I caught myself a couple of faggots. What? You got yourself a little crack whore now, Finch? Is he putting out so you'll give him a score?"

I looked from Moses to Finch above me. Finch hadn't moved a muscle and was simply staring at Moses. The look on his face in profile seemed to move from startled through mild disbelief and finally settling on anger. There was little love lost between these two former football buddies. By his talk, it was clear that Moses didn't recognize me. He hadn't attended our reunion. Officer Riggs' smile broke into a toothy grin as he looked at us. Finch's still-hard cock was rammed deeply down my ass, and I was lying there with what I am sure was a stupified look upon my face.

Moses stood there in his blue police uniform. His hat was on, covering his flat top of dark brown hair, but his brown eyes were piercing. There was a glinting moisture on them that made them all the more threatening in the glow of the fluorescent lights. His badge flashed as he walked closer.

"Alright then, you two," Moses started, "Get up slowly and keep your hands where I can see them." He indicated with his drawn pistol where he wanted us to move.

Finch responded first by slowly pulling his cock out of my ass as Moses watched. Once he had his dick free, Finch let my legs drop to the floor. He stepped away from me, holding his hands out from his sweaty body. I turned onto my side to get up, but stopped when Moses said, "Don't fucking move! I didn't tell you to get up yet."

I froze like a statue not knowing what to think, but I was sure that I didn't want to be shot. Images of newspaper headlines flashed in my head: "Nude Local Man Shot Evading Police, Drug Use and Homosexual Activity Suspected". In the mid-west, there are no two worse words used as descriptors.

"Alright, Finch, get your hands up against the wall and spread 'em!" Moses ordered, motioning with his pistol again for effect..

Finch, his penis still erect, walked to the wall and put his palms against it and spread his legs apart. Never taking his eyes off of me, Moses moved over to where he could both keep an eye on me and cuff Finch. When he determined I wasn't a threat, he holstered his pistol and pulled his cuffs out of his belt. He grabbed Finch's right hand, pulled it behind his back and cuffed it then did the same with his left hand. He grabbed Finch by the hair and pushed him against the wall, forcing him even closer with his own body. I could tell that he whispered something into Finch's ear which noticably shook him up, but I couldn't make it out. Once he was done with Finch, he moved over to stand above me.

"Alright, your turn. Don't do anything funny and I won't have to hurt you," he said. His smile never left his face, but his tone was not one of amusement. I began to get up from the floor when all of the sudden, Moses put his shiny black shoe in the middle of my chest and pushed me back to the floor. I started to ask him "What the fuck?", but he cut me off . . . .

"On second thought, you just lie there, sweetums." Moses ended this by puckering his lips and making a kiss noise at me. Then, his shoe still in the middle of my chest, he called over to Finch, "Yo! Coke-head, you like fucking this piece?"

Finch looked at Moses over his shoulder and said, "It's tight. The bitch wanted it. Who am I to turn down a piece of ass? Besides, you getting jealous?"

Moses wasn't pleased to hear that. "Get on your knees and crawl over here!"

"Fuck you, pig!"

"Oh, you'll crawl alright. Just like you used to do for your brother," came Moses' reply.

Now, I was really thrown for a loop. Not only was I just finding out that Moses and Finch had a past, but that it somehow included Finch sexing up his own older brother Tucker. I looked at the unknowable expression on Finch's face. Slowly he dropped to his knees using the wall to steady himself since his hands were cuffed behind his back. Even so, I was amazed to note that his dick was still half hard. Mine had gone soft the moment I heard Moses shout "Freeze!"

Finch made his way over to Moses and me. He stopped just inches away from my side. Moses looked down at me and then over to Finch.

"Lick my shoe!" The order snapped sharply in the ugly green restroom. Finch's back went ridgid. I could tell he didn't like taking Moses' orders.

"Let me do it, Sir!" I said quickly. Moses' head snapped down to look at me. He had almost forgotten I was there, his desire for revenge against Finch was so strong.

Moses smirked at Finch then pushed his shoe further up my chest then held it up by my face. I turned my head to the side and extened my tongue. It glazed over the reflective surface of the leather. As my tongue neared the toe of the shoe for a third swipe, Moses angled it and ordered, "Suck it!"

Again, in silence, Finch watched as I obediently followed orders. I opened my mouth and took the front portion of Moses' shoe in as far as I could.

"Fuck yeah! You take orders real good." Moses paused a moment then noticed Finch's dick was at full mast again. "Ye-heh, same ol' Finch. Look at your cock! It's as hard as my billyclub."

I followed Moses' gaze and saw that Finch was rampant again.

"Looks like you got yourself an admirer," Moses snorted down at me. "Whadda ya think? Should I let you fags go back at it?" Finch didn't move, he just stared angrily up at Moses I didn't answer. Besides having Moses' shoe in my mouth, I was waiting on Finch to call the shots. Moses didn't waste any time waiting for either. He suddenly pulled his shoe out of my mouth and advanced on Finch's kneeling position. He pulled out his billyclub and forced it under Finch's chin. He used his stick to make eye contact with Finch. At the same time, he had placed his sloppy shoe under Finch's balls and nudged them. This elicited a groan of pleasure from Finch.

"Yeah, that's it boy! Groan for me. I know you want to fuck that ass," Moses said. "I'm gonna let you fuck that ass, too . . . Just as soon as you suck my dick."

I could see Finch struggling against his own sexual need. It was almost imperceptible, but Finch nodded. Moses sneered at Finch. It was somewhat eerie seeing Finch going through the very thing that he had put me through earlier this evening— wanting to suck and fuck and do every depraved thing suggested, but not with the guy forcing him to submit, at least not at first.

"You want it that bad, do ya?"

Again Moses prodded Finch's balls. And, again, Finch nodded.

"Heh, I knew it. Well, if you want it so bad, you won't mind working a little to get it." Moses stepped forward and his crotch pressed against Finch's face. "Alright, little man, work my pole through my pants!"

I watched in stunned silence as Finch dropped his jaw open and began to mouth Moses' dick through his uniform. I didn't get Moses at all. Because we were both college track and our names were close in the alphabet, were had a lot of the same classes. And although we weren't friends, we weren't enimies either. At least, not until senior year. He had been a running back and a co-captain on the football team, a forward and co-captain on the basketball team, and shortstop and co-captain of the baseball team our senior year. He had had the best looking girl in our class (I thought so anyway) as his girlfriend. And, while I was only her friend, Rebecca had confided in me that Moses would beat her. I was a lot of mouth back then, so I said something about it to Moses one day when he was being particularly shitty. He didn't take it too well and told me to mind my own business or he would kick the shit out of me. Of course, I told him to go ahead and try it. It was one of the few times I stood up against someone and he backed down. I guess I was lucky because if there had been anyone else around, Moses might have felt the need to kill me to protect his reputation. Seeing him standing over Finch now, I could finally piece that puzzle together. It made since that he would be abusive to Rebecca all those years ago since he was hiding his true sexuality from the world. I guess it sort of bottles up inside and causes some guys to be worse fuckers than they really are. (Sorry for the digression, but somethings just come to me and I need to talk about them when they hit me.)

Anyway, Finch dropped his jaw open and began to mouth and tongue at Moses' dick through his uniform. I had seen Moses naked countless times in gym class over the years. He was just over six feet tall, back then he wasn't as tall, and he had long hair cut sort of in a bowl shape. His bangs would hang into his eyes. I remember being facinated by the hair in his arm pits, it was dark and thick against his pale white skin. He was taught with muscles and had defined abs (even then he had amazing definition), and his dark, nickle sized nipples protruded slightly from his pecs.

Below the waist, he was no slouch either! His thick, tight, dark pubic hair couldn't hide his limp four inch cock. He was circumcized, like most of the rest of us. Watching him move was like watching water on glass. (Damn, sorry for the digression again . . . but some things are too good to keep to yourself.)

So, Finch dropped his jaw open and began to mouth and tongue at Moses' dick through his uniform. Moses began to grunt in satisfaction as Finch warmed to his task. I could see the dark outline of Moses' erection through his spit-stained pants. It seemed that his cock had continued to grow after sophomore year. The tubular outling I could make out was definately approaching nine inches! It didn't look to be either fat or thin, but rather moderate in girth. Finch was going to town now that he had something to work toward.

"Aw, fuck, Finch, . . . yeah! Work that pole. Slick it up real good, buddy!" Moses was liking what he was feeling. "Ohhh, That's it . . . damn!"

Moses was rubbing Finch's red hair around on his head as he chewed in ernest on Moses' pants and, ergo, his cock. He began to loosen his holster and belt.

"O.K., uhnnnn . . . okay, Finch," Officer Riggs breathed out. "Now, undo my zipper with your teeth."

Finch struggled to do as he was told. It took him a few minutes to accomplish, but he managed to get the zipper open. He pushed his tongue and chin in the slowly widening gap and began to work on the cock separated from his mouth by the pouch of Moses' white briefs. Evidently, Finch could really use his tongue. The cop was rolling his head around and pushing and pulling against Finch's head as the pleasure mounted. He seemed to be getting just what he wanted from the red head kneeling between his legs. The radio on his shoulder went off, and all at once, Moses pulled Finch out of his crotch and pushed him so forcefully away that he fell backward and hit his head on the floor.

He responded to the call and then pulled his uniform back into place. He had reported that the B&E was a false alarm and that the 4-H building had checked out clear. Finch and I eyed one another, but neither of us moved as Moses buckled his utility belt around his waist and secured his holster.

"Alright fuckers, we're moving this party! Get on your feet, sweetums, help Finch to my cruiser." (Now normally that statement would draw at least a raised eybrow on my part—and, truth be told, I would have said something particularly scathingly gay and witty—but I'm not stupid.) So, I moved to help Finch get to his feet. We walked fully naked out into the now early morning dark. Had anyone been up at this hour, they would have been treated to an odd site indeed!—two naked, aroused men being lead to a police car in the wide open streets of Small-Town-U.S.A. (Yet again, I was being swept up in some bizarre sexcapade; but did I mind? Definately not! I had determined that I was going to get Finch on my own terms before this was all over. As for his part, Finch didn't seem to be objecting to anything that was going on either.)

I could see the clock tower in the center of town, it read 5:08 a.m. I remembered Ray's comment about it being 3:45 a.m. when he left and that it would take him about an hour to get home and back. He must have had trouble somewhere along the line. I guess it must have been Theresa.

Moses Riggs moved over to his cruiser and opened the back door for us. He told me gruffly to hurry up and get in and then "stuffed" Finch into the back seat by holding his head down and sort of pushing. I don't know if you've ever been in the back of a squad car, but the back seats are form-fitted hard plastic with a place shaped like a guy's back to fit into. The locks and door handles are removed so the criminals cannot open them for themselves. Add to that the cage grill and it is pretty intimidating. After we were locking securely in the back of the cruiser, Moses got in and started it up. Finch and I were exhausted both from the events and the long evening that this was turning out to be. Try as we might, we were asleep before we left the city limits.

We were awakened suddenly when Moses used his baton to beat Finch and me rapidly like he were beating between two drums. He pulled Finch out of the back seat first and pushed him, stumbling, toward a dilapidated barn. Then he told me to get out. He had pulled an extra pair of cuffs out and put them on me, then shoved me with his foot toward the barn behind Finch. Finch and I stood next to one another, naked in the pre-dawn darkness, waiting for Moses. He shut the doors to the cruiser and walked slowly towards us. I could just make out his silhouette swaggering towards us. He spun us away from him and grabbed us by the handcuffs. This forced us both to bend forward against the pain. He kept us this way as he herded us into the deserted old barn.

Riggs pushed us face-first against the side of the barn as he opened one of the doors. We were roughly gripped and Finch stumbled against me. I felt his penis against my leg. He wasn't exactly hard, but he wasn't limp either. Just the touch of his heated flesh made mine go goose-flesh and started me on the bone.

Officer Riggs stopped us and told us not to move. We stood stark still, well, I moved over closer to Finch, who sort of bit me on the shoulder by dragging his teeth across it and then kissed the aggitated area. We were suddenly blinded by a Colman lantern being lit. The harsh light cast long shadows across the dank, old-dirt-and-dust smelling chamber. We took in the sight and noticed that by the looks of this place, it had seen a lot of action. There were ropes and chains hanging all around the walls. Moses came over and grabbed me by my cuffs and pushed me toward one set of supports. There were some chains hanging from the rafters and they had open collars attached to them. He put one around my neck and adjusted it so I wasn't given any range of motion. If I tried to move, I'd choke myself.

Officer Moses Riggs made his way over to Finch. "You ready to finish what we started?"

Finch only nodded.

"Get on your knees and start making me feel good then, Punk."

Finch did as he was told. He worked away at Moses' big dick and managed to work the zipper down much quicker this time. He had his tongue licking all over the near see-through pouch of Moses' white briefs. I was able to see some of the action, but the top of Finch's head blocked out most of it. Moses is looking at me all the while. My excitement is obvious to him. I'm watching two hot guys playing out a hot domination scene in front of me and my cock is twitching around like it's trying to grab someone's attention. Well, it's just my luck that it does. Moses pulls Finch off of his meat, pulls him to his feet by his hair, and pushes him over to me.

"It looks like we've made your little crack-whore excited." Riggs still hadn't recognized me. He undid my collar and guided us by our handcuffs to another corner of the barn. There was a large barrel turned on its side. Moses grinned at me.

"All right, sweety, we're gonna let you get your wish. Finch has you over a barrel with his drugs, so it seems only fitting that he gets to fuck your ass over a real barrel."

Moses had me bend over the barrel. As I started to fall forward, Moses made sure that my hard cock entered through a hole in the side of the wooden barrel. He attached legs to straps on the floor and then undid my hands and moved them to straps on the floor on the other side of the barrel. Once he had me secured, he crawled into the barrel and started pulling by testicles through the hole as well. When he had my entire package inside the barrel, he used some type of cord to tie my 'nads down. I was strussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey. There was no question in my mind that Finch was going to fuck me silly. We had both been teased and manipulated to the point that we were hotter than ovens. Or drive was beyond need at this point. Moses leaned over me and spit a long trail of saliva down my ass crack. Then he grabbed Finch's cock and began to stroke him slowly, rubbing his thumb over the aching, throbing head. Pre-cum was flowing freely and Finch was openly growling with need.

"Come on, Riggs! . . . Let me fuck that ass! . . . I need to plug him up!"

"Calm down, Speed-Racer, you'll get your piece of ass. I just want to see how much you like this . . . how much you need it." My mind was leaping back to a few hours before when I had hear similar words spoken to me. Now Finch was hearing them directed at him and I couldn't help but wonder what he was thinking.

"Fuck, man, you can see how much I need it!" The urgency in Finch's voice only told a small portion of his desire. Moses had no more than to feel the leaking hard-on gripped in his sticky, jerking hand to know Finch's need. Regardless, Finch began throbbing his cock in Moses' hand. The hungry look on Moses' face was almost enough to make Finch blow his wad, but he wanted to do that, I was fairly certain, in my ass. Moses began to pull Finch toward my exposed cleft. He slapped my butt cheek with his left hand as he guided Finch's dick with his right. Soon, Finch was poised at my ass again. Moses moved and pushed him roughly from behind. In one decidedly swift action, Finch lost his balance and skewered me to the hilt.

"Ugggghhhhhh!" We both exhaled our pleasure. It was slightly painful for me taking Finch so quickly, but it passed quickly. Once more he was inside me and I was glad he was there.

The sensation of being fucked on a barrel is an odd one. Once there is sufficient momentum going, it is like being rocked and fucked at the same time. It wouldn't be so bad, but I was getting motion sickness, and as we moved forward and backward, my balls were being pulled by the cord from inside the barrel. It would get loose and then taut as we moved.

Moses moved once more to stand in front of me. He pulled his engorged nine inches out and pointed them toward my mouth. Circumcised with a bright red knob, I was assulted by the smell of his manliness and Finch's saliva. I could see evidence of pearly pre-jism beginning to form in his piss-slit. Without being told, I opened my mouth, extended my tongue, and he began prodding around. He let the motion of our fucking move me on his cock. At this point, I had lost count of how many cocks I had had in my mouth that night. Finch's dick was hitting my prostate and Moses' cock was diving for my stomach. Just as I managed to get all of his cock down my throat, Moses pulled out of me, stepped to the side a bit, and seized Finch by his hair. Finch let out a quick yelp which was quickly silenced by a nine inch meat spike being pushed into his mouth

"Ahhhhhh! Yeah, Finch, this is what I've wanted . . . . " Moses inhaled sharply as Finch's tongue began to froth about. "Yeah! that's it, man . . . . All you had to do was suck me off, man . . . . That's what I've wanted . . . ."

Finch pumped into me with the speed of a jackrabbit for about ten more thrusts. All the while, he was humming his, "Ummm-humm's" and "Ughh's" and other primal grunts. Then he just let go and flooded my insides with his come. He didn't stop his fucking motion even after his limp penis was expelled from me.

It was about this time that my own orgasm took over and I was shouting out my own sex-cries. "Ahhhhh! . . . Huhhhh! . . . Ahhhh! Fuck me! . . . Keep riding me, Finch!"

Moses pulled his cock out of Finch's mouth and pulled him off of me. He left me bound where I was so I could only listen as Finch was lead over to the collar restraints.

Suddenly, Moses was back and undoing my bonds. He wasn't gentle at all as he untied my balls. I winced in pain as he jerked one of the ropes too quickly and tagged my nut.

"Suck it up, sweety! You'll live." was the only sympathy I received from Moses. I was pulled just as roughly over to the wall opposite where Finch was strung. I noticed Moses' cock was stiff and red and angry looking as it pointed up to the roof and rafters. He quickly tied me to the wall. I was spread-eagled and got a good view of Finch across the barn. Even sweaty and dirty and cum streaked as he was, he was sexy as hell. His tight muscles were pronounced and I noticed that his belly-button protruded slightly, but was neither an "in-y" or an "out-y". I don't know why, but that excited me. I watched, facinated by the way his chest rose and fell in jagged breaths, as if his climax had pulled every ounce of oxygen out of his body.

Moses swaggered over to Finch after finishing with me. I was given a great view of his ass. It was still full and rounded and jutted out like he had just pumped it full of air. His shoulders stretched and knotted as he neatly flowed across to Finch. I could tell he was doing this for Finch's benefit. He was teasingly slow in crossing over. He wanted Finch to watch him. He was working at Finch's seduction with his body.

I had to admire his dedication at the same time as being a bit jealous. Moses had said he wanted Finch, and he meant to have him. I watched as Moses pressed his body against Finch's. Finch's arms were freed from their cuffs. Moses lowered his mouth to cover Finch's, and I could hear their enjoyment of one another. Moses pulled Finch's muscular arms away from where they had been stroking his sides then shifted behind Finch, letting his own hands trace over Finch's chest. He gently rubbed over Finch's nipples, causing them to harden into tight points of erotic tension and eliciting a deep groan of appreciation from his throat. Moses slid his hands up to Finch's shoulders and then down his arms to his wrists. Moses forced Finch's arms above his head where he secured them.

I was in awe of the magnificence that is the physicallity of Finch. His pecs were spread and full, his arms were bulging and I could see the damp mass of hair in his arm pits. Following the sharp lines of his torso that dipped into a tight V at his slim waist, and his red-gold pleasure trail made my mouth water almost as much as the large penis and balls he had between his legs. And it is that very same hunk of flesh which was sawing itself higher and higher with each beat of his heart.

I watched as Moses began to nibble and nip at Finch's ears, neck, and shoulders. Finch was clearly enjoying the process as evidenced by his hard dick beating a slow rhythm against his stomach. The erotic show continued before my eyes as Moses brought his deft fingers slowly up and down Finch's exposed sides. They began their journey at the point where his legs meet his lower abdomen and terminated their playful run by circling his nipples and then briefly brushing his arm pits, only to retrace their path back to his neatly trimmed pubic bush. It seemed to me that I was witnessing the birth of a whole new musical instrument and the maestro who could coax the mysterious melodic strains from it with his talented fingers.

I was as excited as they by their performance. Finch had made eye contact with me the moment Moses moved behind him. There seemed to be an electrical current running between us, flowing from his eyes to mine, pouring his super-charged sexual impulses into me. Our lungs breathed the same breath, our hearts pounded the same pattern, our cocks jumped toward one another then slapped back home against our respective stomachs. It was as if we were one throbbing, pulsing, craving nerve, raw and desirous of release. Instantly our union was disrupted when Moses pressed his full nine inches against Finch's anal opening and entered. He was forced up on his toes once Moses was fully inside him. Finch gasped but made no further sound. My eyes became his lifeline. I could tell by his expression that he had not been used in this manner in quite some time. It was his stubborn pride and deep-seated masculinity which kept him silent at the rough intrusion. While Finch was silent, Moses was a mass of panting obscenities.

"Fuck you're tight! . . . Ohhhh! . . .Yeah! You're the best piece of ass I've had in a while! . . . Oh shit! It feels like your ass is milking my cock!"

Despite Finch's inner termoil at being used in this manner, Moses' motions were making his body react. He began to pant with Moses. When Moses pulled out and gasped, Finch inhaled. When Moses drove in and took a sharp inhalation, Finch gasped as his prostrate was massaged. It was like a game of see-saw played on Moses' dick with Finch's ass as the playground. Moses began to pound Finch's dick like he pouned Finch's ass. Their moans began to merge. Moses and Finch were joining physically where Finch and I were joined spiritually. Moses began to long-dick Finch in a particullarly skillful fashion.

After about five minutes of this, Moses just couldn't hold out any longer. He pulled his large dick out of Finch's ass and blasted his shots up between their bodies. I watched as the first volley arched up and hit Finch square on the top of his head. Finch

"Fuuuuck!" Moses began a stream of profanities. "Earn my cum, mutherfucker! . . . Work me over! . . . Yeah, Finch, yeah! Keep fuckin'! . . . Oh, buddy, you're so fuckin' hot!"

Finch's climax wasn't far behind Moses'. He screwed his eyes tightly together; he gritted his teeth in an attempt to stop himself from voicing his orgasm. Just the same, I watched in amazement as Finch's cum shot about five feet out in front of him. The subsequent shots were less powerful until it was Moses' hands that were sloppy with Finch's spent jism.

Following the blazing sex, Moses moved around in front of Finch and said, "That was fucking awsome! I can't wait until we do this again!"

I was stunned when Finch looked directly at me and replied, "Moses, it happened this once. That's it. I've got other plans . . . Permanently."

Moses got a hurt expression on his face then sneered, "Oh, yeah? Well, what if I just leave you two in here for a few days, and then we'll see what we see!"

Finch looked him dead in the eye and said, "You could, but it still won't happen."

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