GAY MALE; 'LIFE WITH JOEY: The Rec. Room #9: Cole and Ray, Round 2' {}
(M^M, bondage, domination, fetish) [ 9 | ? ]

Date: 07/09/2002-12/14/2002

WARNING: This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to individuals, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Do not read this story if you are offended by man-to-man sex, abusive/offensive language. Do not read if you are underage or it is prohibited according to the laws governing the geographical location wherein you dwell. This episode will focus on bondage, sexual initiation, and verbal abuse. The characters are adults experiencing sexual awakening, and male-male relationships. There are degrading words and both adult and erotic situations. There is unsafe sex practiced, and it is not advised to attempt this in real life. Stories are fun because there are no real ramifications . . . Life isn't as forgiving. Even if they are fictitious, all participants are consenting (although they may begin or seem reluctant).


Copyright 2001 by Chet English. Permission is granted to Nifty Archives to post one copy. No part may be copied, reproduced, republished, or reposted without written permission from the author.

GIVING CREDIT WHERE IT IS DUE: This one is for Ric who told me to get back to writing. He reminded me I’ve been sitting on this one since July and haven’t done anything for nearly six months.


THE REC. ROOM #9: Cole and Ray, Round 2

WHAT WENT ON BEFORE . . . Ray thrust his hands forward and presented his wrists, whereby Cole tightened the cuffs on them. He then produced a collar from the table beside the doorway and put it around Ray’s neck. After attaching a chain leash, he led his new conquest into the house. Ray noticed the time was now a little after three o’clock as Cole led him down a set of wooden circular stairs.

The lights flickered on in the basement rec. room. Ray’s eyes continued to adjust as he was pulled passed a large pool table. He stopped walking when Cole turned toward him and dropped the leash saying, "Looks like you got a little too much sun. How would you like for me to take care of that for you, slave?"

Ray kept his eyes downcast as he answered, "Yes, sir, please."

"Alright, I’ll take care of you, boy, once you’ve seen to my needs."

Ray’s eyes got as big as silver dollars as Cole’s words sunk in and he saw Cole’s hard-on sawing to life.


Ray fought his gag reflex. He was glad that he had always been able to control it. Now it came in handy as Cole grabbed the back of his head and began to thrust all eleven and a half inches of his dick into Ray’s throat. Cole wasn’t rough, but he wasn’t gentle either. It was clear that Cole was going to make Ray suck him off and swallow his spew. He used Ray like a fuck doll, pushing in at irregular angles and speeds until Ray could never prepare or anticipate. His jaws felt like they were going to break when he felt the impossibly monstrous cock swell even larger and then begin shooting. As the spunk hit his throat, he swallowed. Ray thought he could handle this until Cole pulled back and shot a volley in his mouth and then continued to pull out and shoot the rest onto Ray’s face and chest.



Ray complied as quickly as he could. He fought back his bile from rising as he rubbed the sticky mess into the skin of his face and chest. He finished, but his degradation had not.


Ray got to work and soon had Cole’s cock cleaned of any residue. When he had finished, Cole pulled him to his feet, grabbed the end of the leash and pulled him into the bathroom. It was a large white tiled room with a large, walk-in shower, a recessed jacuzzi, sink, and stool. Ray was impressed by the size, if nothing else.

Cole removed the collar and leash, grunted and turned to the sink. He pulled out a can of shaving cream and a razor. He applied a liberal amount to his palm and then cupped it into Ray’s crotch. This caused Ray to suck in a quick breath as the tingling of the menthol began to work in. Cole turned and grabbed the can in his left hand and began spraying the cream onto Ray’s nipples. Then the cream was being spread across Ray’s chest and abdomen. The soothing cool of the shaving cream and the gentle bite of the menthol sent contrasting jolts of pleasure and mild irritation through Ray’s sunburnt skin. Ray knew what was coming, but was powerless before the razor and his master’s hand, as they made their first swath across his chest, leaving a red streak of barren, sun-ravaged flesh in its wake. Cole made many passes with the razor, each one deforesting Ray of any hair he had. Occasionally Cole would reach down and stroke Ray’s dick. The menthol didn’t burn so much as send shivers. The added sensation nearly made him shake visibly, especially when Cole dragged his thumb across the slick head of Ray’s dick then quickly followed it with this thumbnail. Ray couldn’t help his body’s need to double over at that sensation. Cole just chuckled as Ray fought for control.

It took about five minutes to denude Ray’s upper torso. Cole left Ray’s pubic hair in tact for the time being, although it was covered in shaving cream.

"Lift your arms above your head!"

"Sir, yes, sir!" Cole smirked as he watched Ray’s hard dick throb with each demeaning word.

More shaving cream was applied and followed with the loss of Ray’s armpit hair. Ray stood stock still while Cole shaved him. He could see his red body in the mirror. Even his armpits had been exposed to the torture of the unforgiving sun. The shaving cream both soothed and titillated his aching skin. As Cole started in on Ray’s legs, he sat on the toilet and slathered the cream on Ray’s meaty thighs. He put his left hand on Ray’s thigh as he pulled the razor over the corded muscles. He didn’t stop shaving other than to rinse the razor out or to stroke Ray’s pulsing dick. When he started in on Ray’s back, he decided to have him kneel on the floor between his knees and lean forward to suck on his dick. While Ray bobbed and licked at Cole’s fuck-stick, Cole shaved the fine hairs on Ray’s back. It was now time to shave Ray’s ass, so Cole had him bend over and grab his ankles. Cole took his time running the razor and his fingers up and down Ray’s cleft. Occasionally, he would push his finger against Ray’s tight pucker and then rub it around it, teasing and threatening. He especially liked it when Ray would suck in his breath in both anticipation and apprehension of being penetrated and his little ass pucker would flex and tense in response to Cole’s fingers. He also noted how Ray’s nuts would draw up close to his body when he ran his fingers over Ray’s perineum and watched as Ray’s dick began leaking a near steady stream of pre-ejaculate.

Cole slapped Ray on the ass and told him to turn around so he could shave his balls. Ray stalled only briefly before calling out a crisp, "Yes, sir."

Cole applied the razor to Ray’s nuts and noticed Ray’s gut suck in with apprehension at being cut.

"You move again like that and you won’t be worrying about me nicking your nuts with this razor, you’ll have a whole lot more to worry about," Cole growled out.

Ray pulled himself up straight and nodded his understanding, "Yes, sir!"

In a few minutes, his scrotum was completely bare and it seemed the room had become suddenly chillier. Ray gulped back his near refutation at having his pubic hair shaved, but checked himself before Cole noticed. He gritted his teeth as he watched mutely and felt his pubes sheared off with each deft stroke of the razor. Cole left a small swath of hair just above the root of Ray’s cock. It was about a finger’s width and sort of horseshoed down to his nut sack. Cole’s last action was to grab a pair of scissors and shear-down the length of Ray’s pubes to about a quarter of an inch long. He flipped the sodden mass of hair into the toilet and then said, "Clean up this mess!"

"Yes, sir!" Ray quickly set about cleaning up the mess his shaving had made.

Finally it was over. The hair on his head and forearms was all that remained on Ray’s body. Cole moved Ray with a nudge over to the shower stall and turned on the water. It was cold and then turned hot quickly. Ray jumped at the quick temperature changes against his sun-damaged skin. Cole slapped his red ass for him, "Stand still!" Ray snapped to and resisted his urge to step out from under the steaming water. "This is just a little bit of payback for that swipe you took at me earlier! Now stand there and take it like a man."

Ray began to gasp at the pain he was feeling. The burning of his skin was surpassing his skill at fighting the pain. Cole finally reached up and turned off the stream of water, pleased with the rinse and punishment. He pulled Ray out of the stall by the elbow. He went back to the medicine cabinet and pulled out an aloe-based salve, picked up collar and leash and turned back to Ray. He stopped short and grabbed a thick towel. Cole liked the way Ray’s skin was red, like a steamed lobster.

Ray stood at attention as Cole patted him dry and re-buckled his collar and leash. Cole grabbed the end of it and led his boy into the rec. room again. They stop next to Cole’s large pool table. Ray could tell it was old by the leather buckets that hung from each pocket. His attention was recalled by a quick slap to his ass. He stared straight ahead from that point. Cole opened the aloe container and squirted some into his hand. He placed the bottle on the edge of the pool table and then rubbed his palms together before applying the soothing lotion to Ray’s tortured shoulders.

"Ummm, oh, sir, that feels great, sir!" Ray said, "Thank you, sir!"

Cole only smiled at him and reapplied some lotion to his hands. He continued to rub the ointment in until he had finished Ray’s front. Ray stifled any reaction as Cole gripped his penis in his slick maw and squeezed. The slickness caused his hand to slide up and down Ray’s hard cock. There was a distinct mixture of pleasure and pain in the action and Cole kept his eyes on Ray’s the entire time he was manipulating him. Ray couldn’t help it as his breathing quickened and he dragged out some heavy mouthfuls of air. Satisfied with Ray’s control, Cole finished putting aloe on Ray’s legs and then returned his attention to that beer-can of a cock. He tried different holds and grips on Ray’s dick. He pulled it down by pinching the head between his thumb and forefinger and then let it swing up and slap against Ray’s shaved gut. Cole enjoyed the slight moans that escaped as Ray fought for control. He kept a steady eye on Ray’s balls as they began their ascent into his abdomen. He paid attention to the amount of love-lube leaking out. Cole loved the way Ray’s chest rose and fell when he made a ring out of his finger and thumb and constricted it before pushing down from head to root, allowing Ray’s big bullet to penetrate that tightness. Careful not to allow Ray to get too excited, he manipulated him this way for some time then, as he recognized the telltale signs of impending ejaculation, he pulled Ray to the brink then brought down a resounding slap to his balls. In an instant, Ray howled and all thoughts of orgasm were dashed.

"STAND UP STRAIGHT!" was all he heard after he had doubled over both from shock and instinct to protect his manhood.

Rays managed to groan, "Sir, yes, sir!" and regained his position at attention.

Cole grabbed Ray’s flagging erection and boned him up again quickly. The speed and friction got him close again and Ray steeled himself against another attack at his tender balls. He was so worried about the coming blow that he didn’t realize Cole hadn’t slowed down yet. Ray forgot himself and broke rank. He looked down at Cole, who had directed his attention exclusively to Ray’s throbbing sex-flesh. Ray remembered himself in time, he hoped, and regained his composure, allowing himself to relax from his fear of having his balls slapped again and began to respond to the ecstatic vibrations jangling up his nerves from his toes to his brain. He was almost to the point of blasting. His breath was ragged and he didn’t recognize the funny little gasping moans that were coming from him. He realized he had never been this worked up before. Suddenly there was a rasping scrape across the head of his dick. His brain didn’t know how to respond as the effect of Cole’s thumbnail caused both of Ray’s heads to begin jerking up and down and his whole body to quake and tremble.

"YEAHRRRRRRGGG!" was all Ray could manage. Amazingly, he had not yet cum. He staggered a bit until he regained his sense of bearing and pulled himself back to attention. His last sight was Cole smirking at him from below.

Cole was pleased at the reaction his little stunt had elicited. He hadn’t known what to expect. He found it amusing to watch Ray’s face as his head jerked first down, his mouth gaping and eyes wide, then backward with his mouth still wide and shouting but his eyes squinted shut. All of this happened while little tremors rocked and jolted his body. The surprise on Ray’s face was priceless; yet, better still, he had not come. Just for good measure, Cole reached up and rapped Ray on the nuts.

Ray opened his eyes again as Cole mysteriously stopped and moved away behind him. He could only guess at what followed as he heard a rustling sound of something being spread across the pool table. He suppressed his urge to turn and satisfy his curiosity. Cole returned to him and without a word spun him toward the pool table. It had been covered with a leather guard (not one of those cheap pleather/vinyl ones, real leather.) Ray didn’t stop until his upper torso was pushed to the surface of the pool table. Cole kicked his feet until they were shoulder width apart. He kept his hand in the center of Ray’s burning back to make certain that he understood he was not to come up. Ray rested his hands on either side above his head—which he had turned to the right toward the bathroom—his elbows and knees slightly bent to allow for some comfort in this position. He didn’t close his eyes at any point either. Cole began to apply more of the soothing aloe to the tender skin on his neck and back. The gentle rocking he felt as Cole pushed his soothing hands up and down Ray’s arms also had the added effect of thrusting Cole’s leaky, hot dick across Ray’s thigh and buttocks. The gentle administrations continued until his back and arms and sides had been completely coated. Cole then took up a new position, squatting beside Ray’s legs. He made gentle, swirling motions with his hands that drew out sighs and huffs from his boy. He smiled to himself as he watched Ray’s dick, still rock solid, jerk in appreciation. Once he had finished with the legs, it was time to work on Ray’s ass.

Cole had anticipated this moment for a while now. He had been neglecting his own dick now for hours. He had controlled himself from eleven to three while Ray was out in the pool learning some discipline. It had been difficult. He had filled the time with getting some necessary mundane chores, but that was quickly dispatched and Cole had filled the time looking at some erotic depictions of bondage scenes he had bought while he was in Asia. Their culture was highly charged with such images and it had been his first exposure to it. He got some of his best ideas about what to do with Ray in these pictures. To that end, he left Ray where he was and brought out some of the toys he had placed in the rec. room earlier. He pulled out some lengths of rope and began tying the ends to Ray’s wrists and then leading the length under the table and tying the other end to Ray’s opposing ankles. Cole made sure the ropes were taught, he pulled the ends of the ropes so that Ray was up on his toes before he tied the ends around his ankles. He stood back and admired his work. He liked Ray trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey. And with that image, it was time to work on the stuffing! He moved around to the other side of the pool table so that Ray could see what he was doing. Cole wanted to give Ray’s dick some time to relax and for his balls to hang low again.

Cole rummaged through the box in front of Ray. He pulled out a tube of lubricant and set it to the side where Ray could get a good look at it. Then he pulled out some short lengths of leather with snaps on the ends. Ray didn’t have a clue about them. Finally, Cole pulled out something that looked like a pool ball in a leather strap just like in that scene from Pulp Fiction. Ray had been somewhat calm before he saw that; then he lost it.

"NO! UHNNNN!" Ray began to struggle against his bonds, "NO FUCKING WAY! NO WAY! YOU AIN’T GETTING’ ME IN THAT!"

Cole didn’t say anything as he slowly circled the table. Ray continued to struggle vainly against his bindings.

"N… nuhnnn… NO! COLE, …nuhnnn… uhnn… NO!" Ray continued to struggle. "Please, Cole, not that. I’ll do anything!"

Ray tensed every muscle in his body when he felt Cole beside him. The heat from their bodies touching caused a shiver of apprehension to course through him. Ray clinched his teeth shut against the gag and turned his face away from Cole in an attempt to prolong the inevitable.

The silence was broken only as Cole fitted the gag into place. "Open!" He said it softly but firmly, and without a doubt, there

was no mistaking or denying him. Ray slowly opened his clenched jaws and felt the offensive ball graze across his teeth, forcing his mouth wide.

"Uhhh-huh-huunnnn…." A low keening, followed by heavy intakes of breath through the nose came from Ray as Cole fastened the buckles behind Ray’s head. Cole gently patted Ray on the ass and said, "It’s all right, Ray. I’m not going to hurt you." The patting slowly became rubbing, petting as Cole intoned words of comfort and ease. "Shhh, boy, be quiet. You’ll be fine. This is just a part of the game. Shhhh, calm down now."

As Cole’s strong hands cupped and kneaded Ray’s sunburnt ass, Ray snuffled a bit but began to calm down. His muscles never eased from their tense state, however.

"Good boy, just relax."

From his vantage point above and behind Ray, Cole reached over and grabbed the lubricant. He made sure Ray’s eyes followed as he squeezed a large dollop onto his fingers. Cole got a sinful pleasure out of watching Ray flinch a bit when the bottle of lube belched out its slick contents. Cole stifled a laugh as Ray attempted to escape his invading fingers by pushing up on this toes and moving away from Cole’s hand. All he had managed to do was to make himself more available for Cole’s fingers to run amuck in Ray’s ass-cleft.

Cole took his time working his fingers up and down Ray’s crevice, taking special care to slowly apply pressure on—but not enter—Ray’s pucker. Cole would spend a few extra moments lingering, circling, and then end his circuit by manipulating Ray’s perineum. His plan was simple: keep up the massage, manipulate Ray’s senses and overload his nervous system with desire so bad it became a need. Cole was beginning his cycle of three days off duty; he knew he had time. He would break Ray’s will.

Ray, on the other hand, was experiencing a battle deep within the limbo between mind and body. He knew he was about to engage in gay sex again, and this troubled him. He was caught up in the fears of his Midwest upbringing that told him what he was doing was wrong. If he gave in, he was a faggot. He wasn’t sure he wanted to be on the receiving end of Cole’s monster dick. However, his body was telling him a different story. Each time Cole’s fingers made contact with his butt hole, he wanted to flex out, to grab those fingers with his pucker and draw them in deeply. If his asshole were another mouth, he would be nipping and sucking at those fingers like there were no tomorrow. He wasn’t exactly cognizant of how his cock would leap and bob every time those fingers began rubbing and pushing on his perineum. He didn’t notice how his body was betraying him by thrusting slightly back when Cole’s fingers gently applied pressure to his butt hole. Ray never turned his head to see Cole smirk when all this happened. Ray was too busy feeling and thinking and fighting his internal battle to notice his throat moaning and making a frustrated fuck-grunt each time he tried to impale himself on Cole’s fingers and failed.

Cole decided to up the torture just a little to test the waters, so to speak. This time when he circled Ray’s butt pucker, he left his fingers there. Each time Ray pushed backward, Cole would move his hand back with him; the pressure stayed the same, no penetration, no ease of frustration, just a building of desire, of animal need This had the added bonus of causing Ray to make those special little lust grunts. Cole knew what he would be hearing soon enough; he was willing to wait to hear it.

Another frustrating ten minutes passed, filled with the same pattern of assault and retreat. Ray would make a thrust to engulf Cole’s fingers; Cole would move with him, negating the move; and Ray would growl, stymied by his own sexual tension. For his part, Cole was simply waiting for the moment when the grunts and moans became incoherent speech. He was waiting for Ray to start shouting against his gag. Cole wanted to hear the muffled sounds of Ray begging to be fucked—fucked hard, fucked mean, fucked and fucked and fucked until he couldn’t make any other sounds because he screamed himself raw around his gag. That was the sign Cole was waiting for. Cole didn’t want Ray to have any doubts that he wanted to be fucked. It had to be Ray’s need to be fucked that was being fulfilled. It had to be clear that Ray was the one who asked for it before it happened.

Five more minutes were all it took.

"Gck! Hoow, huhck whee! Yhawm ii! Huhck whee!"

Cole grinned ear to ear. It wasn’t Shakespearean eloquence, but he didn’t need a translation of the sounds of the desperate to be fucked: ‘Cole, fuck me! Damn it! Fuck me!’ Were sweeter words ever spoken? Cole’s answer: Hell, yes! Sweeter words have been spoken, and he didn’t give a fuck. This wasn’t about sweetness or tenderness; this was about raw need. Hunger and lust were base emotions; man at his simplest. Here was Ray, trussed up and ready to be hammered. Hell, tell the truth, he was begging to be ridden and put away wet.

Cole put his left hand in the middle of Ray’s back to push him back down against the pool table. Ray resisted at first, but finally gave in and went down like he should. After he lie there a moment, he could feel Cole’s finger against his butt hole. Before Cole could react, however, Ray put all his force into one dramatic push backward and was rewarded with his goal. Cole’s finger sunk in passed the second joint. This maneuver cost Ray, he hadn’t been prepared for the full assault, but he knew he had to do it if he were going to avoid any more teasing. He had knocked the wind out of himself, but he was finally sated with his penetration. Rewarded with his prize embedded within, he clamped down hard so Cole couldn’t pull out. He held Cole’s there for several moments until he was sure Cole wasn’t going to deny him anymore.

Cole slowly pulled back when he felt Ray unclench. He pulled back with a twisting motion, sort of corkscrewing his way backward. Then, with equal twisting motion, he pushed back in as quickly as Ray had thrust backward. Again there was a satisfying "woof" when Cole’s finger "hit bottom". Ray gave out a satisfied groan and settled his meaty frame against the table to receive this new pleasure.

Cole worked Ray’s hole for a few more minutes before adding his second finger. Ray grunted and began to rise against this, but Cole put his left hand in the middle of Ray’s back again and that was all it took for the new assault to begin. After several minutes at this level, Cole added his third finger. Ray wasn’t ready for this, but had no real say in the matter. He twitched and bucked, but in the end, he was still being fingered and it got to the point where he was opening up to the battering. This went on for some time until Cole decided it was time to put his cock to use. He stopped his finger work and picked up the lubricant again. This time he smeared a liberal glob on the length of his fuck column and put his massive head at Ray’s back door. Ray could feel the heat radiating from Cole’s dick, but he wasn’t prepared for the burning sensation he felt when it was pressing insistently for entrance. There was still some resistance until the head sort of popped inside. Ray "woofed" again and then cried against his gag as the massive penis "lay new pipe". Even with the preparation he had been subjected to, there was no way to prepare his virgin ass for an intrusion of this magnitude. Cole simply ignored the groans of protest, grabbed Ray’s shoulder with one hand and his hip with the other and then pushed again. He wasn’t going to bother waiting for Ray to grow accustomed, but Ray’s instinctual reaction was to clinch down and try to expel the massive pole. This stopped Cole’s forward momentum, so he bent over Ray and ordered in no uncertain terms, "Relax your ass, Ray, or I’ll tear you up! Act like you’re taking a shit and it will go easier."

Ray complied, but it took all of his will power to fight against his instincts. Each time he pushed out, Cole sank in deeper. Ray knew he was working at cross purposes, but all it took to convince him was the moment Cole’s cock-head rasped across Ray’s prostate. At that point, all resistance flew out of Ray’s mind and body and the two began working as one. Cole and Ray smiled contentedly, although oblivious of each other’s reaction.

It took very little from that moment to build up a rhythm. Soon Cole’s cries of heated fucking were drowning out the gagged grunts of Ray’s own pleasure. Cole could tell that Ray would be shooting soon and wasn’t sure he wanted that to happen just now, but finally decided that he would allow it, but make sure that Ray knew that it was only because his master had made that choice.

"You’re getting close to shooting, aren’t you, boy?" Cole grunted out between plunges.

Ray merely nodded enthusiastically. Cole replied, "Well, I guess I’ll let you, but you had better be really appreciative to me or it will be a cold day before I let you get off again. Do you understand me, pussy-slave?"

Ray winced inwardly at the humiliating term, but his body was making demands against his pride that he couldn’t deny. He quickly nodded fervently, prepared to walk across hot coals and broken glass for the privilege of cumming on the end of his master’s dick.

"Okay, boy, get ready to shoot it then. Make master proud!"

Three more gut wrenching plunges and Ray’s orgasm began. It started at both ends of his body at once. His scalp began to tingle and his toes began to curl as his sexual release began its jangling dance up and down his nervous system, finally ending in massive contractions of power he had never experienced before. He felt his ass begin to clinch and his groin began to expand in an explosion more powerful and exhausting than any he had experienced before in his life. Even his very first orgasms couldn’t prepare him for the nuclear bomb being released inside of him at this moment. His mind shut off and his entire essence was centered in his pulsing dick as it exploded volley after volley onto the edge of the wooden bumper of the pool table.

Cole would have loved to shoot at the same point, making it all the more special, but it wasn’t going to happen. He was always slow to shoot and it took him about ten more minutes to shoot his rocks off than the average fifteen minutes it took other men to reach orgasm. So, even after Ray popped, Cole went on pounding his ass with abandon, building up to his own explosive release. In the mean time, he reached up under Ray and collected some of his spunk and brought it up to Ray’s nose, where he smeared it. If it weren’t for the gag, he would have shoved his palm into Ray’s mouth and forced him to eat his own spunk. Still, as Ray fought to keep his cum from being smeared on his own face, Cole began to reach his own peak. It seemed the more Ray fought him, the hotter it made Cole. As Ray began bucking against this new humiliation, Cole built up to his own orgasm. Warmth began to spread from his taught abdomen as his monster dick began to spasm, Cole’s vision went red and he saw spots exploding in time to his ejaculatory blasts. The ear-shattering roar that tore from his mouth set Ray to shuddering. Cole then collapsed against Ray’s back and ran his right arm under him, pulling them closer. He never bothered pulling out of Ray’s ass as he regained his ability to breathe. Slowly he nipped and bit at Ray’s sunburnt neck and shoulders. This brought minor reactions of complaint from Ray, but the two men were sated and Cole could really care the less about Ray’s objections at this perfect moment for him. As they lie there, Ray became uneasy with the realization that he was still beneath Cole and there was a huge dick still buried all the way up his ass. Ray began clinching and pushing his ass backwards in an attempt to expel the invader. He could still feel Cole’s heat and, amazingly enough; he imagined he could feel Cole’s heartbeat both in his ass and against his back. It was an alien feeling and it made him feel both comforted and frightened at the same time. However, he soon realized his mistake in attempting to push that monster out of him when it began to respond by steeling up again instead of being forced out. Cole simply nuzzled up against Ray’s ear and said, "Hmmm, ready for more, are you? That’s my pussy-boy. Cock hungry and demanding! Hells yeah! I’ll give it to you again."

Cole began his thrusts again, this time going slowly and leisurely. Dragging his dick across Ray’s prostate started the groaning sound again and fueled his pleasure at fucking his old schoolmate. He was working up a steam when he decided to change tactics.

Ray’s disappointment in being left bereft of his master’s cock was apparent by the way he craned his head around to see what had happened that the huge dick was pulled away. Ray caught a glimpse of Cole ducking down to untie one of his restraints….

The process was relatively easy and over quickly. Cole maneuvered Ray so that he was now on his back with his lower back painfully hanging over the edge of the pool table and his face left staring up at the tiffany style light hanging over the length of pool table. Cole stepped between Ray’s legs, then took the time to remove Ray’s gag. Ray worked his jaws to relieve some of the muscle tension that had built up. Cole proceeded to kiss Ray. This time, there was no resistance. Their tongues were exploring and pressing for dominance. Ray was sucking deeply on Cole’s tongue when he felt the heat once again pressing against the cleft between his ass cheeks and that super-heated cockhead butting up against his balls. He pulled his legs up and placed them around Cole’s hips, opening himself up for his master’s entry. Cole would have grinned, but his tongue was still being pulled deeply into Ray’s mouth.

With his hands free, Cole aimed his dick at Ray’s hole and pressed his advantage. This time around there was no resistance to his entrance. Ray’s ass seemed to open wide and suck him in just as Ray’s mouth was working Cole’s tongue. Ray broke their kiss only long enough to breathe and moan out his pleasure as the eleven and a half inch monster made its way deep into his guts.

The pounding continued. Ray was close to shooting again when Cold grabbed his nuts on their ascent into his abdomen. "Not this time, boy! You won’t be shooting until I’m ready to let us both go!"

Ray grunted in protest, but managed to groan out, "Hnnnn, Sir! No, Sir! I won’t shoot until you say so!"

Cole smirked; Ray caught the gleam in his master’s eye. It made his guts knot up in an amazing spasm of lust. Ray was enjoying being mastered as much as Cole was enjoying being master.

Cole kept control of their orgasms again until he knew he was getting close to his own inevitable blast. Then, at the last moment before they reached the point of release, Cole clamped down on Ray’s nuts. Ray cried out in pain, but Cole shot his seed deep inside of his sex slave.

Cole pulled Ray’s cock out away from his body and began to run his thumbnail across the sensitive head. Ray whimpered in protest, but never voiced any other objection to his master’s ministrations. Cole pulled his steaming dick out of Ray’s ass and pushed his legs as far apart as he could, then he climbed up on the table above Ray’s head. He faced Ray’s feet and slowly lowered himself down until his cock pressed against Ray’s lips.


A simple command, no question in what he must do. Ray opened his mouth and felt the cock that had been in his ass moments ago, enter and fill his mouth.


Ray began this humiliation without hesitation. After what he had been through today, he wasn’t about to test his master’s creativity. As it was, Ray was having a difficult time dealing with the fact that not only had he been shaved and fucked twice, now he had a cock pushed deep into his throat and his master’s ass cleft over his nose and eyes.

In this position, all he could manage was listening as Cole rummaged in the box of toys. He was uneasy, but with his master’s body leaning over him and that monster cock buried in his throat, Ray couldn’t make out what exactly was being prepared next. He could feel the sweat dripping down the side of his face as the heat of his master’s thighs and his own nervousness caused it to flow. He didn’t flinch when he heard, "Get your legs up in the air and keep ‘em spread as wide as you can!" Instantly he had his legs up and spread. He could feel his master twisting about, but still wasn’t sure what was next. Suddenly there was a pressure at his asshole and then something pushed passed his slightly looser ass-ring, plugging his well-used ass. Suddenly, in addition to the pressure of the object, he felt an odd sensation as it began to vibrate and send waves of pleasure throughout his body. The object was wedged perfectly against his prostate and Ray was quickly climbing the ladder to orgasm again. However, as his throbbing dick pulsed, he felt his master grab and pull his balls away from his body. There was some pressure and then a snap followed by two others. Ray felt his balls being pulled uncomfortably down and away from one another. This was some form of ball separator and cock ring.

He didn’t know it at the time, but all the pleasure and pain were going to work at odds to keep him painfully from shooting at the same time as forcing his body to build up more and more pressure in his balls. It wasn’t until Cole began pinching and pulling his tits that Ray was pushed over the edge of uber-stimulus. Ray could never stand to have too much tit work done because of their sensitivity. It was a sure-fire way to awaken the beast within him. The effect this new element had was for Ray to redouble his sucking efforts on his master’s cock.

Cole grunted in appreciation of the new verve his ministrations were having on his boy’s sucking. Even though he had cum only ten minutes before, he was well on his way to building up another massive load of scum to shoot into his willing punk.

Cole continued with his pinching and pulling when he decided to try something new. He grabbed a hold of one of Ray’s legs, which were now quivering against the strain of keeping them in the air, and pulled the foot to his mouth. Ray moaned in approval as his master began sucking on his toes. Pulling on his left nipple and sucking the toes on his right foot were having the desired effect of Ray really "going to town" on Cole’s dick.

Ten more minutes of this went by until Cole felt that old fire building up for release again. He thought of warning Ray, then decided on a different tact. He pulled his cock out of Ray’s throat until only the head remained in his mouth. He began to shoot and as his third orgasm took over, he simply ordered, "SWALLOW!" He was pleased as he saw Ray’s throat working overtime to get all that spunk down his gullet.

Once he regained his composure, Cole got up and removed the vibrator from Ray’s ass. He nodded at Ray’s swollen red cock as it throbbed in what appeared to be a rather painful fullness. He untied Ray’s legs and arms and told him to get off the table. Ray moved as quickly as he could, but his muscles were stressed and tired from his "work-out", so it was with some unsteadiness that he gained his feet.


Cole made no pretense of kindness toward Ray with these orders. Ray dropped to his knees and was about to begin licking when Cole ordered him to stop.


"SIR, YES, SIR!" came Ray’s crisp reply.


With his hands locked behind his head, Ray began licking his cold, sticky mess off of the side of the pool table. He was about to get up when he thought better of it; and, after locking his hands behind his back, he proceeded to lick up his cum that had dripped to the floor.

When he was done, he pulled himself up into a kneeling position and put his hands back behind his head, awaiting his master’s approval.

Cole grinned down at his new pussy-boy and, petting his head, said, "Good boy! You’re a real cum-hound aren’t you?"

Ray couldn’t refrain from smiling as he felt a swell of pride at earning his master’s approval.

"Yeah, that’s what I thought. You like being my cum-hound; don’t you."

It was a rhetorical statement. Even so, Ray nodded like his head was going to break off his neck. Cole sneered down at Ray in his submissive pose, nodding about being a cocksucker and he decided to give it to him again. He simply took a couple of steps forward and Ray opened up and sucked him down.

Ten more minutes of Ray sucking and licking and doing his best to please his master passed. Ray frowned when that dick was pulled out of his mouth.


Ray complied in a moment. Cole stared down at his boy. Ray didn’t think and made eye contact.


Ray quickly looked down, but the damage had been done.


Ray shook his head to the negative as he looked at the floor. "Sir, no sir." His reply was a meek whisper.


Ray snapped to at each command. He was expecting to get fucked hard for his mistake. He was far from the truth and realized this only after the first impact of Cole’s open palm fell hard and fast against his exposed ass.

"ARGGGHHHH!" Ray shouted out as it seemed like his ass had exploded. His nearly forgotten sunburn was painful, but nothing was going to soothe his ass after this.


"Hunnnnn! One… Hunnnnn! Two… Hunnnnn! Three…."

The punishment went on forever it seemed, but he was only struck fifteen times. There were tears streaming down his face when Ray was allowed to kneel at his master’s feet. His ass was stinging, painful and raw from his well-deserved punishment.


Ray attempted to get control of himself; he was inwardly berating himself for his shameful display. He was a man, damn it!

He fought against pulling away as Cole lay his hand on his shoulder. Cole soothed his punished boy and pulled him up to stand before him. This time Ray kept his eyes averted.

"There now, boy. You’re alright." Cole reached over for the aloe and smeared it in between his palms before gripping his boy’s ass in his hands and massaging the red flesh.

Ray leaned in against his master’s chest and let him work on his ass. As his master’s ministrations began to soothe the physical pain of his reprimand, Ray noticed how close he was to his master’s nipples. Tentatively, he began to gently lick at his master’s tit. Cole smiled to himself, but made no move to stop Ray. Emboldened, Ray nipped and sucked at his master’s chest. Cole pulls them over to a leather couch against the far wall and sits before pulling Ray down to sit on his lap. Ray is turned inward and reprises his earlier chest work on his master. Cole begins to finger Ray’s ass yet again. This time, however, his fingers begin to make their way back to Ray’s hole. Ray simply opens up and lets his master have access as he continues to worship the massive chest before him. Ray was very conscious of his master’s dick growing and pressing up between them. Without missing a beat, Ray maneuvered himself so that his master could easily penetrate him if it were his wish. Cole decided to take some time before actually fucking Ray again, but let Ray gyrate and rub around. Cole loved the feel of Ray’s hairless body as it slid around on his hairy one. Finally, he was building up to orgasm and wanted to plant himself deeply in Ray’s ass at that point. Without a word, he pushed a little on Ray’s hip and Ray did the rest. He pulled up and adjusted himself above the hot flesh pulsing and leaking between them. Ray slowly moved his hand downward and paused before he touched his master’s dick.

"Good boy! You may touch my dick to put it in your ass."

Ray needed no more encouragement than that. He gripped the monster and once more pushed it "home". Ray grinned to himself as he thought that. His master’s dick was home now. Once he sank down, he began a slow up and down motion. He didn’t want to speed up until his master told him to do so. Cole made only one move after his dick was up Ray’s ass and that was to reposition them so that Cole was stretched out on the couch and Ray was kneeling above him on his knees and riding away at a slow pace.

Cole lay back and let Ray put him through his paces, as it were. He was enjoying the slow fuck and let Ray continue to choose the speed of the ride. Occasionally, Ray would bend down and suck Cole’s tits, but Cole was truly shocked when Ray began to huff his pits and then lick them. At that point, Cole wanted a harder fuck. He spun them over so he was now "in the driver’s seat" and started to seriously plow Ray’s ass with deep and hurried thrusts. Their animal grunts were guttural and impassioned. Cole was so caught up in the pleasure of the moment. he almost forgot to check on Ray’s orgasmic progress. Ray was merely intent on getting Cole off and seemed oblivious when Cole reached down and unsnapped the apparatus restraining his cock and balls. It was as if a dam had burst as his balls almost immediately retracted up into his abdomen. He moaned loudly as Cole grabbed his cock and began stroking it. It was moments later when Ray’s orgasm began.

"OH! SIR! THANK YOU! HNNNN! UHHHNN! UHHHNN! UHHHNN! UHHHNN! UHHHNN! UHHHNN! UHHHNN! UHHHNN! UHHHNN! UHHHNN!" Ray groaned out his pleasure as he shot ten volleys of spunk all over his master and himself.

The moment Ray’s orgasmic contractions began, Cole’s own orgasm began. He echoed each of Ray’s shots, volley for volley. Ray seemed to spasm and then Cole would spasm. Even after his fifth time cumming, Cole was shooting wads that would make a teenager proud. Cole lowered himself down to rest on Ray’s messy chest. They lay there long enough for Cole’s dick to become flaccid and expel from Ray’s well-used ass with a popping sound. The moment Cole’s dick was out of him, Ray spoke, "Sir, may I clean you up?"

Cole lifted his head and looked into Ray’s eyes. Ray instantly lowered his gaze until Cole told him to look him in the eye.

"Yes, boy, why don’t you clean me up?"

Cole traded Ray positions on the couch and let him begin his tongue bath. After Ray had finished, Cole got up and motioned for Ray to follow. They made their way back to the bathroom where Cole turned on the shower and told Ray to get in. Cole stayed under the hot spray as he had Ray bathe him. Once the water began to go cold, Cole moved Ray under the spray and washed him. Ray was grateful for his master’s kindness of not making him stand under the hot water with his sunburn. As it was, the cold water was a blessing against his angry skin.

When they exited the shower, Ray blotted Cole dry and then Cole returned the favor. Again Ray was glad for his master’s kindness when he used a very soft piled towel instead of a rough one to dry him off.

Once again Ray wanted to thank his master. He began licking and sucking at his master’s dick.

"Boy, you are sure a cock-hungry slut, aren’t you?" Cole smiled down at Ray as he wrapped his lips around his dick and began to bob up and down, occasionally twisting his mouth around the meaty pole.

For his part, Ray simply nodded briefly and focused on pleasing Cole. Even though his jaws hurt, he was determined to suck Cole off to orgasm again. It took him nearly forty minutes, but he managed to earn his mouthful of cum. Afterward, Cole led Ray upstairs to the kitchen. He had Ray kneel beside his seat at the table and proceeded to make them lunch. Cole would toss Ray scraps from his plate and let Ray lick his fingers. Cole purposely put too much food on his plate so they would both get enough to replenish them.

Cole had Ray clear the dishes and wash them. When all was done, he led Ray to his bedroom and the two lay down. Cole allowed Ray to lie beside him as the two slept. Cole pulled Ray close against him and they dozed.

An hour and a half had passed when Ray woke. He could feel Cole’s flaccid cock against his ass and back. He reached behind him and began to awaken the monster again. When it started to respond, Ray positioned himself so he could get it up his ass again. He noticed there was some lube on the nightstand next to the bed and he wasted no time getting it and applying it to his ass and his master’s dick. Once more he buried that huge dick up his ass and began to rotate and gyrate as it began to snake itself deep within. He woke Cole up soon after when he began a raucous thrusting. Cole simply pushed him over on his stomach and began to ride him like their lives depended on it. Once again, however, as he neared his orgasm, Cole reached under Ray and clutched his nuts to avert his climax.

Ray groaned his protest, but knew better than to take it any further. His master was in control. Cole flipped Ray over and lifted his legs over his shoulders as he pounded Ray’s ass for a few minutes more before he shot off into his punk.

Cole wanted to play some more mind games and so, after he reached his orgasm, he said, "Whose you’re master, boy?"

"Sir, you, sir!"

He nodded while he flexed his dick. "That’s right, punk."

"What do you like more than anything else in the world, pussy-boy?"

Ray didn’t see the trap coming and simply responded, "Sucking and fucking your cock, Sir!"

"WHAT?!" Cole’s response was not what Ray had expected. A quick look of fear passed over his face.



Ray jumped to comply, but he was visibly shaking as he rushed back to lean across his master’s lap. Cole took the belt from Ray’s hand and then teasingly swatted at his bubble-ass as it jutted up at him. It was still red from the earlier punishment and

Sunburn. Cole pulled the rough woven leather across the abused skin. Ray rasped out a moan of fear. Cole slapped and cupped the left cheek but didn’t use the belt yet.

Ray was shuddering in apprehension of the beating he was about to receive. Suddenly he felt the weight on the bed shift and he steeled himself for a blow from the leather strap. He kept his head down and his eyes squeezed shut as he waited for the jolt to land. He yelped when Cole grabbed his dick and began jacking him off instead. He lay still and allowed his master to pull on his cock. He tried not to move, he tried not to make his master unhappy. He wasn’t ready when the belt hit him across the ass. He nearly jumped out of his skin. He did, however, fall off his master’s lap. When he realized what he had done, he quickly attempted to correct his misdeed by assuming position one for his master. Ray averted his eyes. Cole looked sternly down at his cock-boy.

"Well, at least we’ve seen you can learn something."

Cole stood and walked out of the room. Ray sheepishly followed behind, keeping his gaze at the floor.

Cole continued on until he was downstairs again.

Ray found his master about to recline in the jacuzzi as he entered the bathroom. He kneeled again and awaited his master’s pleasure.

"JACK OFF!" The command was simple and direct. Ray immediately grabbed his cock and began to stroke himself off.

Cole leaned back and enjoyed both the soothing waters and the sight of Ray jacking off his beer can dick for his master’s pleasure. He paid close attention to Ray’s technique. He liked the way Ray pinched his nipple and juggled his balls. It didn’t go unnoticed that he was also rubbing his perineum and sticking a finger up his ass at points. Cole especially liked watching how Ray’s chest and neck got mottled with big red blotches of embarrassment as he attempted to avoid his master’s ever-present stare. Cole watched intently for the signs of orgasm. Ray was bucking against his hand and pulling savagely at his sensitive tit when he heard Cole, "STOP! LET GO OF YOUR COCK, BOY!"

Frustration evident, Ray let go of his cock. Even so, it continued to jerk and bounce.


Ray put his hands behind his head, squared his shoulders and spread his legs apart so he was exposed to his master. Cole continued to enjoy the water as he watched Ray. Soon his cock had lost its tumescence.


Again Ray began to jerk off. Cole joined him this time, pulling on his own cock while he watched. Again, he ordered Ray to stop when it seemed as if he were going to cum. Cole continued his own hand job, observing that Ray’s dick stayed hard and showed no signs of going limp. Cole stopped his self-abuse and waited for Ray’s cock to go down again.


Ray began to stroke again. He watched as Cole began to pull himself off as well. He almost didn’t stop in time, but just managed to do so. Cole continued his own rub-job. He stood up and moved over above Ray.

"PUT YOUR ARM DOWN!" Ray put his right arm down as his master wished.

"I’M GOING TO FUCK YOUR ARMPIT, BOY!" Ray simply nodded and said, "Yes, master."

Cole pushed his cock head into Ray’s underarm and began to thrust. Ray fought the tickling sensation for as long as he could, but in the end, he was laughing uncontrollably at his master’s onslaught. Cole grinned wickedly down at Ray and shot his wad. He continued to thrust into his own hot spunk and Ray’s sweat.


Ray got to business and cleaned his master. He could taste his own salty sourness mixed in with his master’s cum. For some reason he was still hard and aching for release after all that had happened. Cole got the leash he had left here and put it back on Ray’s collar. He led him into the other room, made him sit on a rug at the foot of the couch, and then busied himself with setting up a video camera. Ray instantly became worried when he saw the camera set-up, but it was about his breaking point when he saw Cole drop a couple of dildos and other toys on the rug with Ray.

"Alright, boy, I’m going to stretch out for a nap. You are to remain in this position until I wake up. You can play with your toys if you like, but don’t cum."

With that, Cole stretched out and closed his eyes. "One more thing, boy. Don’t go sucking my dick or trying to sit on it again." Ray’s face burned with embarrassment.

After an hour or so of sitting there watching as Cole slept, Ray was simply too turned on. Cole’s dick was hard and throbbing as he napped. Watching that stiff pole jerk in time to Cole’s heartbeat made Ray’s thoughts turn to his toys. He picked up one of the dildos and decided to try it out. He assumed position two after he managed to work the dildo up his hole and began to slide up and down on it. His cock was rock solid as he pumped up and down on his toy. He was really worked up and he couldn’t stop himself from thrusting as his cock jerked and spasmed. He was about to cum when Cole rolled on his side toward Ray. This was all it took to make him stop in his tracks. The sexual tension was so raw in him that he felt like his pre-cum was piss as it streamed out of him. He put his fingers down and began to smear his hands in his spoo. He brought his hand up to his mouth and began to lick his fingers clean. He didn’t notice that Cole was now awake again and staring at him. When he finished, he looked up and saw that he had been "busted". Cole was grinning ear to ear and Ray just looked back down and felt his face begin to burn as he blushed a deep crimson.

"That’s alright, boy, enjoying your toys?"

Ray nodded and said, "Yes, sir!"

"Good boy. You didn’t cum did you, boy?"

"No, sir."

"Well, I’ve got a bone here you can chew on if you like, boy." Cole stroked his cock, which was leaking a prodigious amount of pre-cum itself.

Ray crawled over to his master’s cock and began licking it.

"Hmmmm, yeah, boy! You’re doing great! Lick that bone, boy!"

Ray licked the pre-cum off of the hot dick as it jerked around on his tongue.

"Okay, boy, time to bury the bone! Get up here and sit on it quick!"

Ray jumped up and expelled his toy before he got up and mounted his master’s dick.

Ray assumed position one after he had lowered his ass down onto his master.

"Slowly, boy. Let’s make this one last for as long as we can."

Ray moved so slowly up and down that Cole was tossing his head from left to right in response to the excruciating ecstasy Ray was creating for him. Ray tried to milk Cole’s cock by clinching and releasing his abdominal muscles. They took their time, neither one paying much attention to the time. Cole noticed Ray’s restraint at cumming before his master. At one point, Ray pulled completely off Cole and began to suck on his cock so he wouldn’t get off before his master did. Finally, Cole motioned for Ray to ride him again. This time, Cole flipped Ray over on his back, pushed his ankles up above his shoulders and proceeded to pound into him.



The noise of their fucking was growing by the minute. Their flesh made sucking and slapping noises and they came together and parted. Ray began shooting as Cole pistoned in and out, then began teasing his hole, just butting his cock head against Ray’s now vacant, yet eager ass.




Cole pushed his cock back in and that was it for them. Suddenly, they couldn’t hold out any longer and they cried out in unison. Ray began shooting his wad all over. His orgasm was so strong that his cum flew up and hit him on the forehead, then over his head and finally winding down to streaks across his chest and stomach. The sight of Ray with is own cum all over his face and torso in addition to the contractions felt in his ass chute caused Cole’s own orgasm to strike. Once they had regained their composure, they made their way to the bathroom and cleaned up.

They had enjoyed the shower and were lounging in the jacuzzi as Ray exclaimed, "Fucking EIGHT TIMES! SIR! You are FUCKING unbelievable! You came about twice an hour!"

"Yeah . . . ."

"Fuck, man . . . I mean, sir, you are seriously over-sexed!"

Cole’s eyes glinted evilly as he said, "Do you really think so?"

"Well, no, sir. I guess not." Ray grinned at his master and was glad that he was such a powerful man.


Cole’s words brought a look of fear to Ray’s face. When he noticed it, he made sure to assure his boy.

"Don’t worry, I wasn’t meaning any punishment for you. I just realized I forgot to pick up Joey and Finch! Fuck! They’ve been out there all day."

"Damn! What are we going to tell them?" Ray’s look of dismay was clearly printed across his face. Cole knew he was worried about what Cole was going to tell them about how they had spent their day, mostly that Cole would tell them that Ray had been sucking and fucking at the end of Cole’s cock all day long.

"Don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of all of it." Cole quickly stepped out of the jacuzzi and began drying off. Ray got out as well and began to dry off.

They were out in the rec. room again when Cole said, "ALRIGHT, BOY, GET YOUR ASS UP ON THE TABLE!

Ray gave Cole one questioning look before he complied. Cole strapped him down again and then began to leave.

"SIR! Where are you going?"

"I told you I am going after Joey and Finch. It’s almost eight o’clock. The sun will be going down soon. I think they’ve been out there long enough, don’t you?"

"Yes, sir. But…." Ray left the rest of his sentence unfinished.

"Don’t worry. I’m not done with you, yet. We’ll keep playing when I get back! I’ve got three days off!"


"I don’t have to do anything, BOY!" The edge in Cole’s voice was unmistakable. "Get this clear in your head, boy. I don’t give a tinker’s damn about Theresa. You’re mine now and that is just the way it is."

Ray fought the urge to scream out his frustration. Cole rubbed his thigh and said, "You’ll be okay until I get back. Don’t worry about Theresa. I’ll handle her. WE aren’t finished by a long shot, boy. I didn’t spend all day reading about being a master and then training you to let you go after we’ve made such headway."

With that, Cole went upstairs and Ray could hear him moving about, assumedly getting dressed. Ray fought back a sob when he heard the door shut and Cole’s car start up and pull out of the drive.


Well, that is #9. As always, feel free to write, complain or whatever. Part 10 will bring the four major players together at Cole’s place. Installments afterward will attempt to provide some closure. I want to end this series with installment #12. Thanks for all of the e-mail and encouragement.