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Date: 8/10/2001

WARNING: This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to individuals, living or dead, is purely coincidencidental. Do not read this story if you are offended by man-to-man sex, abusive/offensive language. Do not read if you are underage or it is prohibited according to the laws governing the geographical location wherein you dwell. There is brief sex between males; however, this episode will focus on male-male relationships. There are degrading words and erotic situations. There is unsafe sex practiced, and it is not adviced to attempt this in real life. Stories are fun because there are no real ramifications . . . Life isn't as forgiving. All participants are consenting, even if they are fictitious. This isn't in the same vein as the others episodes, but it follows my plot notes. I did explain that there would be times when I would switch genres and tone. This is one of them. Enjoy!

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REUNION #6: Transition

WHAT WENT ON BEFORE . . . "Joey *, you're too fucking much, man."

"Joey *?" Moses finally spat out my name. "You mean Finch's little crack whore is Joey?"

As one, our heads swung to look in his direction. It was clear that our heated sex had gotten Finch and Moses worked up as well. Finch was pumping away at Moses' ass even as he cast disparaging words at me.

"Fuck you! Moses. I don't do that shit!" It was a lame rejoinder, I know, but I was tired.

Cole looked backward over his shoulder at Moses and said, "SHUT THE FUCK UP, PUSSY! JUST STAND THERE AND TAKE IT UP THE ASS!"

That was all it took for Moses to muzzle himself.

As I lay there in post-orgasmic bliss, my eyes heavy-lidded, I watched Finch finish his fucking of Moses. Moses was getting red splotches from the exersion and excitement of getting his ass fucked. I started thinking that it was odd that he had such a love-hate relationship with Finch, then I stopped myself when I realized that people in glass houses shouldn't throw bricks.

Finch, for lack of any better descriptors, is a fuck machine. If ever there were a person who was the embodiment of sex, it is Finch. Every movement of his well muscled body is grace and power. Every thrust of his hip proves his virility. Even now, in the early Saturday morning hours, having had no sleep in about twenty-four hours, having been sexually active or in a state of arousal for much of the last eight hours, and having both used another and been used as a sex object in that same eight hours, Finch was going strong. He never missed a stroke as he pistoned into Moses Riggs' bubblebutt. His bright red-gold hair lay damp on his forehead. His eyes stabbed into mine as forcefully as he stabbed his cock into Moses' ass. Once again, Finch grinned that damned grin of his and then licked his lips as the pleasure of his sex became more intense. He began to punctuate his jabs with grunts to mark his rhythm. The cadence was erotic and, had I not experienced my own orgasm just moments ago, I would find my penis responding to the sight before me.

While Finch is sex personified, Moses is manly perfection. His body is sculpted iron. From an early age, his father, Coach Riggs, trained him to be the perfect jock. And, while I thanked him for that particular bit of foresight, I had to wonder at what it was that the coach had been striving for. While his son was a virtual feast for the eyes, he didn't have his shit together in the personality side. To pinpoint it further, Moses was one mixed up muther. Evidently, a long-time closet sitter, Moses has been engaging in homosexual activities since he was a teenager (by his own admission—sort of—in episode 3). Yet, his projected lifestyle is that of a macho-pussy-hound. Now, since Finch and I had fallen into his clutches, I've come to discover that he has been using his position as a city police officer to bring male suspects/detainees out to this old barn to coerce them into having sex with him. Since they were too embarassed by the acts they performed (or enjoyed them too much) no one formal charges had been brought against him. Moses had set up a little sex-den out in the country where he could live out his dual life. And, so, I am here, watching as Moses is being fucked by Finch. Having had that pleasure once this evening, I know exactly what Moses is feeling at this point. His eyes are downcast, not daring to look into anyone else's face. (Out of fear of seeing his desires reflected maybe?) His grunts of pleasure are nearly pushed from him every time Finch sheaths his cock to the hilt in Moses' chute. I think it highly erotic to hear their grunts of pleasure expell in unison as they fuck.

It doesn't take long for Finch and Moses to reach their climaxes. It seems that Cole's and my performance inspired their current session. I hadn't noticed or even thought of their existance while Cole and I were occupied, but now, it was evident that we had sparked off this new fuck. The last I had seen, Moses had been cuffed with his hands behind Finch so that he had his back and ass pressed against Finch's chest and crotch. Finch had been strung up so that his hands were above his head. So, I don't know how he managed it, but he had somehow manuvered his cock into position and slid it home in Moses' more than willing hole. Seeing them in this position sparked another intense pang of jealousy. I know I shouldn't be feeling this for Finch, especially after all the shit he had put me through in school, but as I have stated on many occations, I am a headcase. Even so, the spectacle before me was drawing to its own inevitable climax. Finch fucked and Moses returned the thrusts. The were a, please forgive the pun, well-oiled machine. Add the facts they are physically perfect and oh-too-easy-on-the-eyes handsome to behold with their position and state of captivity (which exposed both vulnerablity and masculinity) and I was deep in the throes of lust!

Their primordal thrusts concluded as Moses ejaculated both a stream of semen and an emense cry of sexual release. Quickly followed by Finch's internal release up Moses' ass and his own exclamations of delivery. A state of sexual satiation suffused the silence of the old barn as the four of us slowly decended from our libidinous highs. Breathing and pulse rates returned to normal; blood flow resumed its normal course; bodys began to feel the post-coital lethargy imposed by nature. One of the first laws of physics learned is that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. We had climbed to the pinnacle of pleasure through intimate physical activity, now we had to pay for it by sinking to the depths of propitiated physical inactivity.

Cole lay beside me, gently stroking my body with his strong hands for fifteen minutes. Then, breaking the "golden moment", he announced that he and Moses had to get back to their respective stations. Their shifts were nearing their ends.

Moses merely lifted his head from where he had been leaning back against Finch's shoulder. Finch was looking over at Cole and I on the cot, his face an unreadable mask.

Not moving from my position, I grabbed Cole's hand as it rubbed my stomach and asked, "What are Finch and I going to do about clothes?"

Cole looked over at Moses who had a sudden sheepish look on his face. "You brought them out here naked? What the fuck were you think . . . ." Cole's voice trailed off before he finished the obvious statement. "Where did he pick you two up?" Cole directed his question to me.

"We were still in the 4-H building, . . . uhm . . . ." I trailed off, not knowing how to proceed.

Cole just looked at me and then nodded. "Alright, so your clothes are there?"

"Yeah, . . . ," I began.

"But . . . ?" Cole lead me on when it appeared I was withholding something.

"Well, my clothes were sort of torn up . . . ," again, I trailed off.

"Torn up?" Cole stared intently at me, then, thankfully, offered his own answer. "I guess it would have been with all of us grabbing at the stuff you were throwing."

I let the "all of us" slide and remained slient, hoping that Cole would accept that as agreement with him. It seemed to work.

"Oh," I interjected, "Ray was going home to get me some of his clothes to wear. He was going to meet me back at the building around 4 or so. He's either going to be worried or really pissed."

"Or both," Finch supplied.

Cole looked over at Finch at that point.

"What about you, where are your clothes? You weren't stripping . . . ." Cole left his statement unfinished.

"Finch was buck-naked and fucking Joey's ass is where his clothes are!" Moses supplied. "I caught them fucking on the floor in the john!"

Cole's head swung to look at Moses, then quickly over to me. Not wanting to meet his gaze, I looked at the floor.

Cole's stare never left me as he continued, "You caught them fucking in the restroom?"

"Yeah! Funniest damned thing you ever saw! Finch was standing and had Joey on his . . . ," Moses rambled.

"I don't want to hear it!" Cole cut him off. "I guess it's a stupid question to ask if you called it in."

Moses' mouth hung, suspended and open, "Uhh, . . . ."

Cole just shook his head. "So, What we've got here is a situation. I take it no one here is going to go anywhere with any of this, are you?"

He continued staring at me and then directed his attention to Finch. We each shook our heads to show the negative.

"You fucked up, Moses!" Cole continued. "Damn, if any of this got out, it would mean our badges, our reputations, . . . Fuck! Near-abouts every damned thing we've got would be ruined! Ray isn't stupid. If he got anxious, he might have called this in. We could be fucked!"

I could see where Cole was thinking this out. Ray was a witness, of sorts. Cole didn't know the whole story, yet. I had to spill the story so that things wouldn't escalate.

"Cole," I got his attention, "there's more . . . ." I told him what had happened. I explained the events as best as I could. I assured him that no one was going to talk about any of this. He still didn't look pleased when I had finished.

"So, you were assaulted . . . raped . . . by four men, then had consensual sex with one of the assailants, were caught in the act by an officer of the law, abducted by said officer and brought here, where I found you . . . ." he ended, shaking his head. "Un-fucking-believable!"

I wasn't sure what was going to happen next. Cole put his hand beneath my chin and forced me to face him.

"Are you alright? Are you sure you don't want to press charges?" I was taken-aback by his concern.

"No, how could I? It would drag way too many people down. Besides, I did go along with it after it started. As they say, you can't rape the willing."

Cole looked at me, the concern still there. He got up and began dressing.

"Hey, Cole, untie me so I can get dressed too." Moses said.

Cole turned slightly, keeping his head down as he buttoned his shirt, then turned back, ignoring Moses.

"C'm-on! You gotta let me loose!" Moses began to panic.

Cole just let him lose it. When he finished dressing, he walked over to where Finch and Moses were strung up and without any warning, punched one and then the other in the face. They were clearly dazed and blood sprouted from Finch's split lip. Moses would have a shiner for certain. Neither man dared say anything.

Cole stormed over to me and I thought about drawing up my arms to protect my face, but decided against it. Cole reached me and put out his hand to help me stand. I accepted and was lifted to my feet more than anything of my own doing.

"Joey, I can't tell you what to do, but I think you're making a mistake."

"Thanks for your concern, but think about this logically. If I say anything, it would ruin you AND ME, along with the others, as well as seriously fuck with our families' reputations, and all of that. I'm not going to put everybody through that just because things got out of hand for a while."

"'GOT OUT OF HAND FOR A WHILE'! Joey, you've got a flare for understatement." Cole's surprise still had him in its grip.

"Cole, it started out bad, but got better. Look, I was a willing participant, as you fully know." I let the obvious sink in.

Slowly, Cole's temper began to fade. He realized that what I was saying was true. If anything came out, it wouldn't just ruin the seven men, it would destroy our families as well.

"Cole, I could have put a stop to a lot of what went on tonight. I didn't. You, Moses, Finch, me, we all made decisions here tonight that sort of make us un-easy allies. You can't report Moses without incriminating yourself. Moses definately isn't going to say anything, as it appears he's been doing this for a while. Finch can't say anything because of how this all began. And, I'm not going to say a word about it. There is no way."

Cole continued to look at me, but released my chin from where he had been holding it. He sighed, "You're sure about this then?"

I nodded. I could tell he was struggling with some inner demon, but that is a battle he has to fight.

Cole turned back to Moses and Finch at that point, "We all owe Joey our fucking lives! You assholes had better remember that!" He proceeded to release Moses and then Finch. They remained cowed and Finch moved over toward me. As he did, Cole moved to block him. Not about to pass this mountain of a man, Finch looked around him at me.

"Joey, I'm sorry about all of this . . . . I . . . I . . . . Thanks for . . . ." He couldn't go on, but it was clear that he was working through something as well. Shit was definately changing.

Moses, I noticed, kept his head down and quickly dressed. When he had finished, he turned off the lantern and moved over toward the doors to leave.

"HOLD IT!" Cole's voice was unavoidable, his intent unmistakable. "YOU'VE GOT SOMETHING TO SAY AS WELL!"

Moses stopped as if someone had nailed his shoe to the floor. He turned slowly to look at Cole then over at me.

"Thanks, Joey."

His words came out like those of a child forced to make an apology, but clearly not apologetic. Cole didn't let it slide.


Moses clearly didn't like being talked to in this manner, but he did as he was told.

"Thank you, Joey. I'm sorry that I did anything to hurt you, and you're a great guy for taking it so well; I owe you."

Well, what did I expect? It wasn't exactly something one can really set right with words. Cole looked at me and I half-smiled at him, grateful for his efforts. He nodded at me and then said, "THAT'S BETTER! NOW, YOU HAD BETTER REMEMBER THIS FOR A LONG FUCKING TIME, ASSFUCK!" He readjusted his tone and spoke once more to me, "Joey, you and Finch (he didn't hide his anger when he said Finch) stay here and I'll get some clothes for you and bring them back. There'd be no way to take you to town without risking someone seeing you and asking way too many questions."

"Okay, we'll stay here and wait; I mean, what else can we do?"

He accepted that and with a wave, pushed Moses toward the door, "LET'S GO, FUCKER!"

They left the barn, and I realized that Finch and I were alone again. The silence was harsh in my ears. Finch had not moved from where Cole had stopped him. I stared at him as he stood in the now shadow-filled barn. The little light that there was was streaming through the cracks between some of the planks of wood which formed the sides of the barn. In the grayness broken occationally by golden dust motes, Finch still caused my stomach to tighten. I was standing beside the cot, Finch was ten feet away and still looking at the door where Moses and Cole had made there exit. I guess he felt me staring at him again, or else his own thoughts returned to the notion that we were here alone.

He didn't make a move, he only stared. I wasn't comfortable with his gaze, so I broke contact and looked down.

"Don't . . . ," he began, "don't look away."

I moved my eyes back to his. I couldn't make out his features as clearly, but it seemed that his stare was even more intense.

"I . . . I want to look at you." I had never heard this tone from Finch. He seemed unsure, it was not a tone either of us seemed comfortable with. "I want you to look at me when I look at you. Will you?"

I went goosebumps at his request. This was a definate turning point. Whistles, buzzers, flares, nitroglycerin . . . any one could have gone off and I wouldn't have noticed. That electric jolt was back, leaping between our eyes. It only ceased when Finch broke contact to caress my body with his eyes. I kept my eyes on him, watching him look at me. He made his way from my face, down my neck and shoulders, over my chest and abdomen, lingering at my crotch, then again moving lower down my legs to my feet.

"Turn around for me." It was a husky whisper, filled with emotions I couldn't begin to decipher.

I slowly turned my back to him. I felt totally exposed and vulnerable in that moment. I imagined several scenarios in my mind of what was going on behind me: Finch being turned on; Finch setting me up for some new fall; Finch and Finch and Finch and Finch . . . each idea passing quickly from desire to paranoia and back again. I jumped slightly when I heard the floorboard creak behind me and felt his rough finger tips sliding up my arms. Then he was there against me, breathing heavily in my ear. Running his fingers gently up and down my arms, whispering . . . .

"I meant what I said . . . ."

I waited.

"I meant what I said about being sorry . . . ," again he paused.

Again, I waited in silence.

"And, about having made plans . . . permanantly," he finished.

I must have taken a deep inhalation because he drew stiff against me and then started to push away. I quickly reached behind me and pulled him back.

"Don't . . . ," it was my turn to pause.

He drew me hard against him and his arms encircled me. I turned to face him.

Before I was completely chest to chest, his lips were on mine. He squeezed me so tightly it forced the air from me. I returned the embrace and gripped him as strongly. Our mouths began to slowly open to one another as our kiss grew deeper until it was hopeless and we had to release to catch our breaths.

We stood mutely staring into each other's eyes, still holding the other tightly. Although intensely erotic, we remained flaccid. Finch rotated us and began to sit, pulling medown on the cot with him. We didn't stop at a seated position, however, and continued until we were lying entwined—a mass of arms and legs.

I'm not sure when we fell asleep, nor what caused me to awaken, but when I awoke, Finch and I were still wrapped in one another's arms. He looked angelic in repose (yes, a cliché, but true nonetheless.) I was so caught up in the sight and feel of him that it only slowly dawned on me that he has watching me watch him. I gave a sheepish grin at being caught. He laughed a rich laugh that shook us both. Then, although I knew it would end the moment, I said that I needed to releave myself. He released me, reluctantly, and I moved to get up. Suddenly, he bolted up-right and said he had to go too. So, together, we made our way to the door of the barn. I peeked outside and saw that it was definately later in the day, mid-afternoon or later. I wondered what had happened to Cole and our clothes. I briefly thought that Cole might be in trouble, but discounted that because there would probably have been someone sent to get Finch and me were there any problem. The road was deserted; and, if you have ever been out in the country on a gravel road, you would know that you can hear any cars or trucks coming long before its driver could see you. Emboldened by this knowledge, I grabbed Finch's hand pulled him toward a row of tall bushes so we could piss. He dropped my hand and put his arm around my shoulder instead, so I put mine around his as well. It seemed "right" as we walked this way. It was masculine and easy and full of cameraderie.

However, I must admit to being somewhat taken-aback when Finch suggested, "Let's hold each other's cocks as we piss." Actually, I was a bit more than surprised. It was such a juvenile thing to suggest, but I laughingly agreed to the idea. So, there we were, naked as the day we were born, pissing and holding each other's dicks while doing so.

Finch finished first and I shook him to make certain the last drops fell to the ground.

"You're playing with it," Finch grinned his grin at me.

"What?" I stammered.

"My dick, you shook it more than twice. You're playing with it."

At that point, I finished my own piss and he began shaking my penis. We laughed, but neither of us stopped shaking the other's dick. The inevitable was occuring, our dicks began filling with blood. We continued our handjobs for a few more minutes until we heard the distinct sound of gravel being displaced by an approaching vehicle. We looked at one another and Finch said, "I'll race you!" No sooner had he said it than he let go of my stiff prick, bumped me with his hip to throw me off balance, and began a dash for the barn.

"You shit!" I exclaimed and shot after him. We laughed like a couple of kids as we hit the barn doors together. I ran track as a sprinter/hurdler and field man (high jump, long jump, and pole vault); Finch was a miler and also a field man (long jump and high jump), so it was no problem for me to catch him. We barely got inside before the truck zoomed by, kicking up dust.

We made our way back to the cot, whereupon I noticed that there were two sets of clothes neatly piled on top of a plastic box beside the cot.

"Fuck!" I thought I had only thought it, but, evidently, it got passed the censors.

"What?" Came Finch's question to my explative.

He followed my gaze, but didn't seem to see anything out of the ordinary.

"The clothes are here," I said.


"So, that means that Cole was here . . . ," I continued, lamely.

"So, . . . ?" Finch wasn't seeing my point.

"So, . . . ? So it means that he saw us. You know, . . . together."

Finch stared at me like I had another head growing from my shoulders. "So what." He shrugged and, again, pulled me toward the cot.

Not to be deturred, I continued, "So, he SAW us TOGETHER!" I repeated.

Finch was getting a bit annoyed at this point, "SO WHAT! Cole has already SEEN us naked!" He looked at me steadily, then added as an after-thought, "AND HAVING SEX! Granted, it wasn't with each other, but . . . . Damn, Joey, he made you suck his dick and then he fucked you, among other things!"

I thought I detected an note of bitterness in his voice at that last statement. "Yeah," I said meekly, "but, that was different."

"Different? How different?" I had confused him.

"Well, that was sex. He saw us, you know," I struggled on how best to say it.

"No, . . . Tell me."

"He saw us lying together on the cot . . . ." Finch just looked at me and nodded.

"He saw us all wrapped up together and NAKED ON THE COT!" I managed to say as I freaked out.

"So? So Cole saw us sleeping naked on the cot. So, what!" Finch shrugged again.

"So, he'll . . . ," I stopped myself before I said it, luckily.

Finch's expression said I should go on.

"Never mind," I tried to get out of it gracefully.

"No! Say it. He'll . . . ?"

"I was going to say, 'He'll think we're fags,' but then I realized how lame that is. Thanks for making me say it out loud!" I said rather petulantly.

I could tell that Finch was enjoying my discomforture. His grin widened and he suddenly burst out laughing at me. I couldn't help but join in. He wrapped his arms around me and wrestled me about as we laughed. Finally, he pulled me to the cot and there were no more objections, no more recriminations, no more inhibitions as we began exploring one another in earnest.

Okay, this sort of flew out, so NOW, I'm going to take a brief hiatus from writing. Rest assured there are at least three more installments coming as soon as I can get them out.