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Life With Tim

Chapter 1: Introduction

This has been a long time coming. Finally, I have found a boyfriend, Tim, who wants to be a permanent part of my life. We met in Provincetown at the A-House one weekend in May. He moved in with me in last September. We live in my two bedroom, two bath condo on LaSalle Drive. The views of the city from the condo are absolutely stupendous.


We've spent the last four months exploring each other's desires, ambitions, and dreams. We've had a lot of really terrific sex along the way, too!


I'm 32 and grew up in a small, rural town in Southern Illinois. I'm 5' 11" tall, and I have a very trim, muscled body. I've been told I am good looking, I have brown hair, and I have green eyes. My body has a nice layer of hair on my chest, legs, arms, and butt. Most of the men I have been with sexually were duly impressed by my 8 inch uncut cock.


After I worked hard to get a computer science degree from the University of Illinois, I landed a job in Chicago at a telecommunications company. A few years after I moved to Chicago, a business partner and I started a software firm. We recently sold it to a major player in the software business for a nice combination of cash and stocks.


About two years ago, I was promoted to Vice President of Software Development. I loved the job, including traveling to various technology hot spots in the US and Europe. But, it was stressful when a product hits a snag and all of my staff starts to panic.


Tim is the same age as me, 32. He grew up in a small town in central Massachusetts. He's exactly my height, 5' 11" and has dark brown hair with the greenest eyes I have ever seen. His chest is muscular and smooth. He has a light dusting of hair on his legs and arms. His butt is smooth and hard as a rock! He packs a nice 7 inch cut cock.


Tim has an undergraduate degree in English from Harvard. His father was also a Harvard grad. Tim had been selling educational products for a major educational publisher. He transferred within the company when he moved to Chicago.


One day late in the afternoon, I received a call from Tim. "Steven! How has your day been so far?"


"Peaceful, so far. So, I'm sure there will be some trauma before I leave the office today. We never have calm days here. How has yours been?" I finally asked.


"Well, it's been a combination of shitty and really, really nice! First, the shitty part: The regional sales manager is badgering me to go to a sales techniques course for two fucking weeks in Kansas City, MO. I don't mind traveling for business, but there are two problems here. First, I don't want to lose two weeks of face time with potential customers. I'm in this business to make money, not to see major tourist destinations like Kansas City, MO!" Tim ranted non-stop. I knew he was up to something.


Tim continued, "Now, here's the really, really nice part of the day! I just dropped off a signed contract at my office. As you know, I've been working on the Chicago Public School System ever since I landed in Chicago. It's a fucking $10 million dollar contract to cover STEM instruction system-wide. That's just the first year!"


"Congratulations, Timmy! I'm very, very proud of you!" I gushed.


"So, here is my proposal, which includes two options. The first option is that I take you out to dinner at a really nice place. The second option is for me to pick up prepared stuff from Whole Foods, we can stay home, eat, drink ourselves to oblivion, get naked, and make mad passionate love all night! What do you think?" Tim finally ended. He was definitely pumped.


"Well, it's your celebration, so I think you should choose!" I explained my opinion.


"Then, it's settled! Option two!" Tim decided.


"Why don't I stop and pick up the food? It's the least I can do!" I suggested.


"Okay! If you insist! I'll buy the booze. By the way, Steven, how much of a commission will I make on this?" Tim asked. "I was trying to figure it out in my head, but I keep getting distracted. But, my commission rate is .5% on a contract of this size. So, I think it's about $5,000. But, you know as well as I do, I can sell this STEM program shit, but I don't know my head from my ass when it comes to math!"


"Well, Tim, I suggest you read up on the math portion of the `Science, Technology, English, and Math' program! If your commission is rate is .5%, your commission is $50,000!" I replied.


"Fuck! 50 grand! I've never made $50 grand in commissions before! Fuck!" he exclaimed.


"So, when will you be home?" I asked.


"Depends on traffic! I'm in Northbrook. I just left our offices there a few minutes ago. It's 4:45 now... Including my booze run, I should be there by 6:30 to 6:45. You?" Tim queried.


"About the same time. It will take a few minutes at Whole Foods. Are you sure you want to do that instead of me making something special?" I asked.


"Yes! I don't want either of us to do anything, but relax and enjoy ourselves!" Tim replied.


"Okay! I'll pick something up. And, I'll see you soon, babe! Bye!" I said.


"Good bye, hot stuff! Oh! If you get home first, I want you naked!" Tim ordered.


"Yes, SIR!" I added as I ended the call.


I grabbed my suit coat, top coat, and headed out the door! I stopped at our receptionist to tell her I was on my way out the door. "Have a good weekend, Jane!" I added as I exited the office.


"You, too, Mr. Caldwell!" Jane responded.


I stopped by Whole Foods on the way home and picked up grilled Salmon steaks, roasted vegetables, and the Risotto that Tim likes so much. I also went next door to the wine shop and picked up a bottle of Tim's favorite champagne.


I arrived home at about 6:15. I had 15 minutes to comply with Tim's order! I got naked put on Tim's favorite cock ring. Then, I went into the kitchen, put the champagne into the fridge to cool, and readied the food for heating.


Tim arrived at 6:45 laden with his liquor store purchases. He dropped his briefcase in the entry hall and headed for the kitchen.


"You look good enough to eat, Steven!" Tim said as he entered the kitchen and saw me standing beside the kitchen island with his favorite cocktail, vodka on the rocks, waiting for him.


"Congratulations, Timmy! Are you almost ready to start the celebration?" I asked as I took the liquor store purchases from him and put them on the island. I pulled him into a big hug and planted a kiss on his lips.


"As soon as I get out of this suit, I'll be ready!" Tim said as I let him go from the hug.


"Do you need any help?" I asked with as lusty a grin as I could muster.


"If I said `yes,' we would delay dinner until about tomorrow morning! So, as much as I would like to have your hands all over my body, I'm going to pass this time. I'll be right back!" Tim said as he disappeared into the bedroom to change.


He returned to the kitchen in record time. He had on his chrome cock ring I gave him for Christmas—and that was it! "I think I could be sufficiently motivated to turn in more 10 million dollar contracts if I were certain to get this kind of attention!"


"Here's to your latest success, Timmy!" I handed Tim his drink and raised mine to toast. We clinked our glasses.


"Thanks, babe! I worked my butt off for three fucking months! Finally, the school board made a decision! And, I'm thinking of a career change if I can make a bundle of money in the next few years." Tim reflected.


"What do you think you'd like to do?" I asked.


"Well! This might be a huge stretch of the imagination, but I would really like to write fiction. I thought if I had enough money in the bank, I would give it two years. If nothing comes of it, I'd look at other options." Tim replied.


"I think that would be terrific, Tim! You'd be great at writing!" I said trying to encourage him.


"First, I have to build up some reserves!" he added reflectively. "Do you ever get bored with your job?"


"From time-to-time, yes! But, I know from my last experience that starting a business is a crap shoot. I spent most of my free time whipping the business into shape. It was a good investment, though." I summarized my situation.


"Speaking of crap shoot, my car is doing funny things. It's, like, sluggish. It used to go like a bat out of hell when I stepped on the accelerator. Now, it just sort of hangs out for a while and then goes like a bat out of hell," Tim finished his scientific description of his car's performance.


"Maybe you need to get a new one," I suggested.


"Yea! It is three years old! But, I like not having a car payment. Besides, I hate to go car shopping," Tim added with some contempt in his voice.


"Do you want me to call Brad at the BMW dealership? He's not like most car salespeople," I added.


"But, I can't afford a Beemer!" Tim responded.


"Tim, you make a decent salary... You get a car allowance from your job... Besides, in the long run, they are not as expensive as you might think," I explained my position. "We can talk about that later. Right now, I just want to enjoy the company of my boyfriend!"


Tim whispered in my ear. "Besides, your boyfriend needs another drink!"




Getting back to how I met Timothy Andrew Caden. I had to be in Hyannis, MA on a Monday in the middle of May for a conference. So, I decided to find out what Provincetown was like in May. I had been there several times in the summer, so I knew my way around. Tim was living in Boston and came to Provincetown with friends for the weekend.


I arrived at the A-House that Saturday evening a little after 10 pm. I had dinner with the owner of the guest house and his new boyfriend. I had on a red and black plaid shirt, tight 501s that showed off my assets well, black lace up boots, and a black leather vest. Tim was similarly attired without the vest, however. He appeared to be the same height as me, 5'11" and had slightly short brown hair. He filled out his jeans—both front and back—really well.


Our eyes met across the bar. Tim smiled at me. I smiled at Tim. Tim confidently walked across the bar to where I was standing. "Hi. I'm Tim. I'm here with some friends for the weekend."


"I'm Steve. I'm from Chicago. I'm going to a conference in Hyannis on Monday. I thought I'd take advantage of company paid travel and see what P'town was like in May," I responded.


"So, you've been to P'town before?" Tim asked.


"Yea," I replied. "Every summer for a few years now, usually with a friend of mine. Are you from Boston?"


"Is it that obvious?" Tim asked as he smiled broadly.


"No. Just a guess," I replied. "So, what do you do? For a living, I mean."


"Sales," Tim replied. "I work in educational publishing. You?"


"I'm a software engineer with a telecommunications company in Chicago," I replied.


"Do you have a boyfriend?" Tim asked.


"Not really," I replied. "You?


"No. What do you mean `not really'?" Tim responded.


"I'm seeing someone, but we aren't really boyfriends. Mostly good friends... with benefits," I replied with a smile.


"Ah!" Tim said seeming to understand my situation. "Want to dance?"


"Sure," I replied.


With that Tim grabbed my hand and led me to the center of the dance floor. "I love this song!" Tim yelled over the music.


"Me, too," I yelled. "One of my favorites."


We continued dancing to a couple of frenzied songs. When we finished, we were both sweating like pigs. Finally when the second song was over, Tim again grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the bar.


"You want a beer?" Tim asked.


"Yea. Corona," I replied. "My treat." Tim looked at me with a confused expression. "What? I'm on an expense account," I added.


Tim smiled and turned to the bartender, "Two Coronas."


The bartender returned with our beers. I paid and left a generous tip. Tim smiled when he saw how much I tipped the bartender. Then, he turned his attention toward me again, "Want to meet my friends?"


"Sure," I replied.


Tim again grabbed my hand and led me over to where I had spotted Tim standing earlier. He walked up to two very good looking guys and began his introductions. "Steven, this is Jimmy and Tony. This is Steven. He's visiting from Chicago. Going to a conference in Hyannis on Monday." Tim informed his friends over the roar of the music.


Jimmy stood about 5' 9" and had red hair with what was obviously a muscled body with a nice bulge in the front and a really great ass. Jimmy also had a red handkerchief in his right pocket. Tony was slightly taller with jet black hair. He, too, was sporting a well-developed body and a red handkerchief but in his left pocket.


"I've never been to Chicago," the red headed Jimmy said. "I heard it was a nice city."


Tony turned to Jimmy and said, "Blanch! You haven't been outside of Massachusetts! Get a grip, girlfriend."


Tim and I turned to each other and we both smiled at Tony's comment. "Think it's time to dance again?" Tim asked me.


"I think so," I said eager to get back on the dance floor.


We danced to three more songs. We were working up quite a sweat. Finally, I grabbed Tim's hand and said, "I think I need to lose this shirt."


I handed off my vest for Tim to hold while we continued to dance. I unbuttoned the shirt and stuck it into the waist of my jeans. I grabbed the vest from Tim and slipped it back on. "That's better," I said to Tim over the music as we continued our dance.


"Yea! It is," Tim replied as he grabbed the lapels of my vest and pulled me toward him. "I love a man with a nice, muscled chest. And, your nips are fucking hot! You must have them worked on a lot!"


"Yea. Nip play is a passion of mine," I said to Tim. "They are hardwired to my dick."


Tim had a lusty grin on his face as he moved his hands from the vest to my nips and squeezed. "I like that in a man," Tim admitted. "What else do you have a passion for?" Tim asked while he still played with my nips. He still had that lusty grin on his face but now he was staring me directly into my eyes. This was the first time I noticed his stunning green eyes. Much like my own but much deeper.


"Hot sex with a hot man," I said into his ear. I nibbled his ear lobe in the process.


"Top or bottom?" Tim asked still holding his eyes directly looking into mine.


"Bottom," I replied. "You?"


"Top. Vanilla or kinky?" Tim asked.


"Both. Just as long as it is hot," I replied.


"How kinky?" Tim again queried.


"Mild to very. You?" I turned the question back to Tim.


"Mostly mild. But I want to experience very kinky. Boston boys are sort of provincial when it comes to kinky," Tim answered. "You experienced in very kinky?"


"Very experienced with very kinky." I replied. "Chicago is not so provincial. Lots of leather men. It is home to the Mr. International Leather contest after all."


"So I've heard," Tim said in his most sexy voice I had heard all night. "Want to go get naked?"


"Yea!" I replied without missing a beat.


"Your place or mine?" he asked.


"It would have to be yours. The owner of my guest house has a `No Unregistered Guest' policy." I said.


"Cool! I have some beer in the fridge in my room and poppers in the freezer," Tim continued.




"I need to tell Jimmy and Tony we're leaving. I'll meet you at the door in a few. Make that very few minutes."


"I'll be there," I answered.


Tim went in search of Tony and Jimmy and I headed toward the door. I saw Tim heading my way in a few short minutes.


He grabbed my hand and said, "Let's bolt. Tony's drunk as a skunk. Jimmy is trying to get him to go back to the guest house. It's good that we are leaving. I don't want to get involved in the ensuing cat fight."


I laughed.


"I told Jimmy that under no circumstances—other than a medical emergency—were they to disturb us." Tim added with the lusty grin returning to his face.


We held hands as we walked the two blocks back to Tim's guest house. We were pretty quiet. I kept looking at the man I was with. `He is one fucking hot guy!' I thought to myself. Shortly, we arrived at Tim's guest house room.


"Here we are," Tim announced as he unlocked the door.


The door was barely closed when he grabbed me and pulled me into a passionate kiss. We continued our lip lock until Tim finally broke loose and said, "Beer now or after we get naked."


"Naked first. Beer second," I lustily replied. I started unbuttoning Tim's shirt and pulled it off revealing his hot smooth, muscular chest. "Woof!"


Tim slipped my vest off and we both began undoing our shoes and socks. Tim started to unbutton his Levis, but I stopped him. "Let me do that," I whispered.


"You're supposed to be the bottom. I'm supposed to be the top. I give the orders," Tim responded.


"Okay," I answered as I stopped unbuttoning his jeans.


Tim began to unbutton my 501s and pull them down to my ankles. I stepped out of them. My rock hard 8 inch uncut cock was standing straight up. It obviously got Tim's attention.


"Fucking nice, man!" Tim responded.


"Thanks," I replied. "Is it my turn yet?"


"Yup," Tim replied as he reached out to grab my dick and begin stroking it.


As Tim was stroking my cock, I unbuttoned his 501s and slid them off. He stopped stroking my dick to pull off his Levis.


"Beer now?" Tim asked.


"Sure," I replied stroking Tim's hard 7 inch cock.


"Okay. Hold that thought," Tim said as he turned to grab the beers out of the fridge.


Tim returned with two Bud Lites. "Not exactly Corona, but it is cold," Tim said as he handed me the beer.


"It's fine. I'll drink anything when I'm with a hot man," I replied.


"Thanks," Tim responded. "So, you think I'm hot?"


"Yup!" I responded as I sat my beer on the table near us and pulled him close and stuck my tongue in his mouth.


We continued our kissing until Tim asked, "Should we move this to the bed or am I being to presumptuous?"


"Bed is fine," I replied.


Tim led me to the edge of the bed. I laid down on my back in the middle of the bed. Tim arranged himself on top of me and we again started kissing passionately.


"Nice kisser," Tim said during a brief pause.


"Thanks. You, too," I replied.


"I like that in a man," Tim whispered.


"I like that in a man, too," I whispered back.


Tim moved so he was sitting on my hard cock. And, when he started playing with my nipples, which is a fucking turn on to me, I muttered, "Oh! Yea!... Oh! Yessss!"


"You like that, huh?" Tim asked in a low, sexy voice.


"Oh! Yea! Love it," I whispered.


Tim continued to play with my nipples and I reached up to his chest and started to play with his.


"Mmmm," I whimpered.


We continued our make out session until we were both very, very hard and very, very horny. Finally, Tim asked me, "Ahm... I never thought to ask, but do you suck cock?"


"Definitely!" I responded.


"Good! Do you get fucked?" he asked.


"Another definitely!" I responded as I rolled Tim over on his back so that I was now on top of him. I began to slowly kiss his body starting with his neck and made my descent to my prize. Tim's hard cock! I licked the head of his dick and heard Tim whimper! I then moved down a little more and began licking his balls. Nice balls.


I sucked on Tim's raging hardon for a while until I felt Tim pull me up to his mouth. He pulled me in for a kiss, then told me in a sex-laden voice, "I want to fuck you!"


"I want you to fuck me, SIR! Please, SIR!" I replied. I added the `SIR! Please, SIR' to see where this might led.


"I like the sound of that!" Tim said to me in his most sexy voice. "Let me get the lube, condoms, and poppers. I'll be right back."


Tim padded off the refrigerator to pull out the poppers. I leered at his sexy, sexy ass! He threw the poppers on the bed beside us and reached over for the lube and condoms.


"How do you want me to fuck you? On your back, or on your stomach?" He asked as he was pulling on the condom.


"On my back, please, SIR! I'd like to see your face as you are fucking me, SIR!" I answered.


"Good! I want to see your face, too. Besides, you can play with my nips while I am pounding your ass, boy!" Tim stated. His grin was almost from ear-to-ear.


`I like where this is going!' I thought to myself.


Tim pulled me into position. He scrunched between my legs and lifted them over his shoulders. He added lube to his cock and my ass. "Slow and gentle? Or, fast and rough?" he asked as he started to kiss me again.


"Fast and rough, please, SIR!" I answered between kisses.


Tim pulled away from our kissing session and concentrated on the task at hand. Tim found the bottle of poppers and gave us both hits. He put his hands on the bed next to my chest and raised his torso. His cock was already aligned with my ass.


"Get ready, boy!" Tim prompted. He began to push his hard, condom covered cock into my ass. He never stopped until I felt his balls hit my ass and his nicely trimmed pubic hair scratched my balls.


"Oh! Shit! Yes, SIR! Fuck me, SIR!" I responded in a gravelly voice.


Tim didn't waste time. He fucked me as his life depended on it! Tim was working up a sweat with the energy he was using. I reached up and began to play with Tim's nipple.


"Fuck, yes, boy! Fuck yes!" Tim almost screamed.


I twisted a little harder and every time I did that, Tim's pace of ravaging my ass picked up. Soon, I was getting the fucking of a lifetime. Tim's energy was incredible. His sweat was dripping from his body onto mine. His breathing was getting labored. Finally, I felt Tim's body tense.


"Shit, boy! I'm fucking cumming, boy!" Tim screamed loud enough for the neighborhood to hear. "Fuck! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh..."


Tim rammed his cock into my ass and collapsed on top of me.


When Tim's breathing had begun to return to normal, Tim whispered, "Damn, boy! You have a very fine ass. That was probably one of the best fucks I've ever had!"


"Thank you, SIR! It was great for me, too, SIR" I whispered back.


Tim stayed on top of my body. His cock was still hard inside my ass. Tim began to kiss me again.


After a few minutes, Tim asked in a low, sexy voice, "I would like to fuck you again, boy, but I think you wore me out! Want to get some rest?"


"Yes, SIR! I'd like that, SIR!" I whispered my response.


Tim pulled his cock out of my ass, removed the condom from his softening cock, and threw it in the trash can beside the bed.


At the end of the weekend, I suggested that we keep in touch. There were several phone calls back and forth to each other. We had vowed not to lose track of each other.


So, as I was planning my annual week-long visit to Provincetown with a friend over the Fourth of July weekend, I suggested to Tim that I could come to Boston for a visit the week before.


I went to Boston to visit at the end of June for a week at his place, and he came with me to P'town over Fourth of July—my friend had to cancel because of work commitments. The two weeks turned out to be mind-blowing. We had sex practically every night for two weeks—usually with a third or a fourth. Out of 14 nights, we were alone having sex for only three. So, yes, there were several threesomes and foursomes.


At the beginning of September, Tim moved in with me on LaSalle Drive in Chicago. We spent our weekends enmeshed in the local leather scene. I introduced him to many of my leather friends. He was an outgoing guy—and new on the block—and was an instant hit.


Until my partner arrived permanently in Chicago, our sex had been pretty vanilla. He loved the look and feel of leather—and the men in leather—but had not experienced much of the BDSM side of things. We experimented a little with some of my friends and people we both met since his arrival.


Things were going to change for the better really, really soon!




I'm sorry I digressed. I made Tim and me a second drink and shoved the meal into the oven to warm.


Tim was sitting on the stool next to me and began to outline his hopes for the weekend, "How would you feel about going out to the Cell Block tomorrow night?"


"Sounds like a plan!" I added. "What brought this on?"


"Seeing my naked boyfriend sitting beside me," Tim answered. "I am imagining you in chaps without jeans, a black or red jock strap, that hot chrome and leather harness of yours, your leather vest, your black leather motorcycle jacket, and black lace up boots."


"Tim, I will literally freeze my ass off in that outfit!" I countered.


"I'll warm it up with my belt before we go outside," Tim continued. "And, I'll give you a booster whipping while we are at the bar!"


"What if I refuse?" I asked.


"I'll pout all weekend!" Tim answered.


"Why is it you always get your way, Tim?" I asked.


"Because you love me and because I am in charge!" Tim answered. "I like being in charge..., and I think you like me being in charge!"


"Especially when we are naked and in bed... or maybe at a bar... Not so much if you worked for me..., but you don't!" I answered.


"Good answer!" Tim replied. "I think I am going to find someone who would be willing to teach me the ropes, as it were!"


"Just ropes?" I asked.


"That should be a good beginning!" Tim answered with a lusty look on his face.


"Not to change the subject, but dinner should be done," I added.


"Good! Your man is hungry!" Tim replied. "And, I want to be fed! And, I want to be fed now...! Somehow, that makes me sound like a dog!"


"Or a pig!" I remarked as I pulled dinner from the oven and dished it onto plate. We had decided to eat at the kitchen island. I also pulled out the bottle of champagne and popped the cork.


"My, my! What have we here?" Tim asked knowing full well that I would not forget the champagne for the celebration.


"A little bubbly to celebrate your big win at work!" I said as I poured the champagne into the flutes. "I am very, very proud of you, Tim!"


We clinked classes as we toasted Tim's success. "Thanks, Steven! I assure you I will share my great wealth with you—after I buy a new car!"


"So, you are seriously thinking about a BMW?" I asked Tim as I set his plate in front of him.


"Maybe!" Tim replied as he eyed dinner. "However, if Brad doesn't make me an offer I can't refuse, I am going to tie him up and use the whips I bought for you on him! Make sure he knows that!"


"I think Brad might like it!" I added with a smile. "I've seen him out and about following a rather tall leather man around. I don't think they are a couple, but I could be wrong!"


We continued our banter as we ate dinner and polished off the champagne. After the remains of dinner was cleared away, Tim decided it was time to move on to something more challenging for the rest of the evening. "Steven, now that I'm thoroughly fed and lubricated by the champagne, I think we should ramp things up for the evening!"


"And, what do you have in mind for the ramp up, SIR?" I asked.


"Well... I was thinking I would like to see you in your chaps with a red jockstrap underneath them, and your leather vest, boy!" Tim instructed. "And, I will give you five minutes to put those on and get in the middle of the bed face down."


"Yes, SIR!" I agreed as I headed toward the bedroom to dress as instructed.


Tim entered the bedroom and threw a bottle of poppers on the bed next to me. "Take a hit, boy!"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied as I grabbed the poppers and snorted a few hits of poppers in each nostril.


I heard Tim shuffling around in our toy drawer. Finally, he was standing beside me rubbing my ass checks with the palm of his hand. He squeezed each on a few times. He removed his hands from my ass and paused momentarily.


I heard the swoosh of the paddle before it struck my ass. I gasp.


"What do you say, boy?" Tim asked loudly and confidently.


"SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I answered.


That was followed by three successive rapid fire hard blows.


"SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I almost shouted. I was happy the building was built with concrete on the floor and ceiling as well as between apartments.


"Good boy!" Tim announced his pleasure at my response. "Do you want more, boy?"


"Yes, SIR! Please, SIR! I want more, SIR!" I responded.


Tim deftly landed six more lashes with the paddle. The blows were distributed to each cheek in succession.


When Tim paused again, I shouted again, "SIR! Thank you, SIR! More, please, SIR!"


Tim complied by again delivering blows to my ass with the paddle. There were ten this time before he paused.


Tim's pause was my queue to again exclaim, "SIR! Thank you, SIR!"


"Your ass is nice and red, boy! Just the way I like it," Tim announced as he felt each cheek of my ass with his hand. "And, it's warm, too! I think it is perfect for fucking. What do you think, boy?"


"SIR! Please, SIR! Fuck me, SIR! Fuck me hard, SIR!" I pleaded.


I heard Tim flip the paddle on the bed next to me. He crawled between my legs and spread them wide apart so he could better access my waiting asshole. He covered my hole with lube and began to apply copious amounts to his cock.


"I'm so fucking glad we got tested. Because I love the feel of your ass on my uncovered cock!" Tim said as he positioned his hard seven inch cock over my hole. He paused for a few seconds before he took the plunge into my ass. With one, swift, hard stroke, he was balls deep inside me.


"SIR! Thank you, SIR! Your dick is perfect for my ass, SIR!" I shouted. "Fuck me hard, SIR! Please fuck me hard!"


Tim then began his plunder of my ass. At first it was slow and deliberate strokes. He paused for a few moments between each thrust. After several minutes, Tim was sweating bullets onto my body. Finally, his pace was so fast and so hard I felt the bed move with each thrust in and out of my ass.


"Fuck...! I'm close, boy...! I'm really, really close!" He announced between thrusts into my ass.


"Breed me, SIR! Breed me with you cum, SIR! I want to feel your cum in my ass, SIR!" I shouted.


Tim's body tensed as I felt his dick begin to spasm and spew his seed inside my ass, "Fuck...! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...! Shit!"


Tim collapsed on top of me as he caught his breath. His still hard cock was lodged balls deep in my ass. Finally after a few moments, Tim announce between breaths, "Fuck, boy...! You have the best... ass... a man could ask for!"


"Thank you, SIR!" I whispered. I love Tim's hard cock in my ass.


"When Tim had finally recovered, he pulled his dick out of my ass, rolled off me, and issued his next order, "Boy! On your back! Pull your cock out of that jock strap! I want to watch you beat off, boy! Understand?"


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I answered as I turned around and pulled my cock and balls out of the jock strap.


Tim began to tweak my nipples as I began to stroke my rock hard cock. He alternated between each nipple. His squeezes grew harder each time. After several minutes of me stroking my cock and Tim squeezing my nipples, my body began to tense and I started to shoot rope after rope of cum. When I was done, I had managed to cover my stomach and chest with a very large load of cum.


Tim rolled on top of me. His stomach against my stomach. He began to kiss me. "You have an option," Tim announced. "We can shower or leave our cum stained bodies like this until we repeat things tomorrow morning!"


"I'm in favor of not moving out of this bed," I whispered.


"Good! It will be a conservation measure. We will use less water. And, I guarantee you that there will be more of the same tomorrow morning! What do you think of that, boy?"


"SIR! Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I answered.


Tim rolled off me and pulled the sheets over us. He pulled me close to him and kissed me goodnight.



To be continued...


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