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Life With Tim


Chapter 10: The Two Wise Men


I met Tim at the BMW dealership at 6 pm on Wednesday. I led the way to Brad's office and made the introductions.


"Tim, this is Bradford Zimmer. Brad, this is my future husband, Timothy Caden," I said.


Brad and Tim exchanged handshakes and pleasantries before Brad put on his salesman hat. Brad began, "So, Tim, what exactly are you looking for today?"


"You tell me," Tim began. "I'm not a car expert. To me, they are basically a means to get from point A to point B. However, I do like Steven's car a lot."


"What are you driving now?" Brad asked.


"A three year old Ford Mustang," Tim answered. "It has about 80,000 miles on it."


"That's a lot of driving in three years, so I think a lease is out," Brad explains. "How much do you want to spend for payments each month?"


"He is paying cash," I interjected.


"Okay... So, you want a 328i. What options do you want, Tim?" Brad asked.


"Same as mine," I add.


"Color," Brad asked.


"How about red? Tim asked. "I've never had a red car."


Brad busied himself with his computer. He finally announced, "Perfect! Interior: black leather; saddle leather; gray leather?"


"Saddle," Tim decided.


"Do you want to go for a drive now?" Brand asked.


"Sure," Tim answered.


"I'll bring it around," Brad suggested.


When Brad was out of the office, Tim said, "I don't even know how much this fucking thing will cost!"


"Cost is not an issue," I explained. "Mine was about $53,000 last year. So, I assume this year's version is about the same. So, the total with tax, license, and fees should be around $60,000."


"So, in the course of 30 minutes, I have decided to spend 60 grand on a fucking car. Am I doing the right thing?" Tim asked. He looked worried.


"Tim, it's okay," I tried to calm him. "We have the money. Everything will be fine. Besides, you need a car."


"I could buy another Mustang for about 30 grand less!" Tim pouted.


"Drive this one," I suggested. "You will notice the difference. And, the difference is well worth it!"


"Okay," Tim acquiesced. "I'll drive it!"


Brad returned to the office with the keys to the red 328i, "So, Tim, are you ready to give this car a test drive?"


"Yup," Tim said rather unconvincingly.


"I'll have your Mustang appraised for its trade-in value while we are gone if you can give me your keys," Brad suggested. Tim turned over the keys and we all proceeded to the red 328i.


Tim hopped into the driver's side. I sat in the back so Brad could explain the car's features to Tim as he drove. During the test drive, Tim was mostly silent.


When we finally returned, Tim was sold, "I hate to admit this, Steven, but you are right. There is a significant difference between my Mustang and this thing! What happens next?"


"We'll go back to my office and start the paperwork," Brad explained. "While we are getting everything sorted out with that, I'll have your new car cleaned up and ready for you to take home."


"How long will this all take?" Tim questioned.


"Another hour max," Brad reassured him. "Do you have the title to your Mustang with you?"


"Yup," Tim answered. "It's in my briefcase in your office."


When we were back in Brad's office, Tim began signing the reams of paperwork. He turned over the title. Brad was generous with the trade in allowance for Tim's Mustang. It was $12,000.


Brad finally asked, "And, how will you be paying for this, Tim?"


Tim looked at me, "Steven?"


"Here is a check, Tim," I told him as I handed him the blank check from our now joint checking account.


"So, I am going to write out a check for $47, 983.42 or $59,985.42 less $12,000?" Tim looked at me with fear in his eyes.


"Yup," I answered.


"Okay, here goes," Tim decided. He wrote out the check. He didn't sign it.


"I think you need to sign it, Tim," I said to him with a smile.


He signed the check and handed it to Brad.


"Terrific," Brad announced. "Your new BMW is sitting beside your old Mustang. We can help transfer your belongings to the new car, I will show you a few of the features, and then you will be good to go!"


A few minutes later we were driving out of the dealership to the condo on LaSalle. Elapsed time was 2 hours and 10 minutes.


When we walked into the building from the garage, I suggested Tim tell the doorman that he had a different car in his parking space.


"Gavin," Tim began to explain, "I just bought a new car. The plates are the same. What else do you need to know?"


"Make, model, and color," Gavin answered. "What kind of car did you get, Tim?"


"It is a 2015 BMW 328i. It's red. You can't miss it!" Tim said as Gavin took down the information.


"Nice ride, Tim!" Gavin announced. "It will be safe, don't worry!"


When we were inside, we both headed to the kitchen without changing clothes. "I need a drink, Steven! And, I need it fast or I am going to get hysterical!"


I fixed us both our usual vodka on the rocks and put Tim's in front of him, "Here's to your new car, Tim!"


We clinked glasses and Tim took a big chug of the vodka before Tim announce his reservations, "In the course of the last 7 days, you and I spent $1.2 million for a house and I just spent $50 grand for a car!"


"Isn't it fun!" I said as I smiled at Tim.


"You are an evil boyfriend, Steven," Tim answered. Tim's phone began to ring. "It's my sister from Connecticut."

Tim answered the phone and turned it to speaker phone, "Hello, Sis. How's it going?"


"Great! I finally had time to look at the real estate listing you sent to me," she said. "It looks like a beautiful house, but how can you afford such an expensive home?"


"We both make good money, Sis," Tim answered. "Besides, it is our decision to buy this place. The mortgage has been approved. We should close in less than two months."


"Well, I hope you both know what you are doing," she added. "I just hope I don't get a phone call someday saying you need a loan to cover the mortgage payment."


I decided to stop this shit right now, "Gwen, you can stop worrying. We have the money. We could have paid cash, but we decided not to do so."


"Where did you get that kind of money, Tim?" she asked.


"Trust me," Tim began. "It is sitting in the bank except for the $60 grand I just spent for a new car tonight!"


"You spent $60 grand for a car!" she almost screamed. "What in God's name has gotten into you? What kind of car is worth $60 grand?"


"Well, a fire engine red 2015 BMW 328i to be exact," Tim announced.


"How much are the payments for that?" she was again almost screaming.


"Payments are zero," Tim explained with a huge grin on his face. "I paid cash for it."


"Oh my God!" she added. "Mom and dad are going to flip! Have you told them about the house?"


"Not yet," Tim answered. "I thought I should wait until the weekend when I have more time. I'll probably wait until we meet with our decorator on Saturday morning."


"Decorator! How can you afford a decorator after you just bought a $1.25 million house? Besides, why do two people need a five bedroom, six bathroom house," she asked.


"We wanted to be prepared for the time we decide to have kids," Tim explained.


"I would never buy a $1.25 million dollar house," she continued. "What makes you think you need a house that costs that much?"


I thought I should deflect the situation—or maybe inflate it, "We need the tax deduction. Besides, our personal banker thought it was a good deal." She was pissing me off at this point.


"Oh! You must have done well, Steven," she said in a sarcastic tone.


"Actually, Tim and I are both doing really, really well financially, Gwen," I threw my final barb.


"Okay, I will not over react to all of this," Gwen decided. "You two must know what you can and cannot afford!"


"That's good news," Tim answered.


"So, when are you coming out to visit us?" Gwen asked.


"We haven't discussed a visit yet," Tim answered. "We have a lot on our plate for the next few months. Besides, I have some traveling for business in the next few weeks."


"I see," Gwen sighed. "Mom and dad will be disappointed that you won't be visiting!"


"Okay, Sis," Tim explained. "I have to run. Dinner is ready. Have a great weekend!"


"You, too, Tim," Gwen uttered as both she and Tim ended the call.


"What a fucking bitch!" Tim said after the call was over. "I love her dearly, but she can be so annoying and overbearing at times!"


"Don't let her get to you, Tim," I said as I planted a kiss on Tim's neck. "We need to change out of these clothes and get dinner going."


I took Tim by the hand and led him into the bedroom. We took turns undressing each other. We were both in our underwear.


"I should fuck you right here and right now," Tim began. "But, I'm going to save your ass until we are properly in bed tonight. Let's have another drink, stud!"


Tim and I were back at the kitchen island with another drink. As I started getting dinner ready, I decided to ask about plans for the upcoming weekend. "What do you want to do this weekend, Tim?"


"We meet with the decorator at 10 on Saturday morning, right?" Tim asked.


"Yup," I answered.


"After that, I think I want to just take things easy with my sexy boyfriend," Tim continued. "I will be away for the few days starting next Wednesday... Am I doing the right thing...? I'm concerned about leaving you alone."


"Tim," I began, "I will be fine. You and Master Ed need to figure out what you two want out of your relationship."


"Are you okay being with Miguel and Jake for all of that time?" Tim asked.


"Why do you ask that, Tim?" I asked in response to his question.


"I just don't want you to get hurt," Tim quietly answered.


"Tim," I began my explanation and I hugged him from behind, "I will not get hurt by Miguel or Jake. I know they both can be intimidating and rough at times. But, they will not—I repeat, will not—harm me in any way! They are both very caring individuals in some respects. That is what makes them such interesting men. They both know how far they can go with another person. Even though Jake says he does not stop when he gets going, he always has the other person in his head and, usually, in his heart."


"If you say so," Tim continued. "I am excited about seeing people at our headquarters. I haven't been there in at least a year. It's always good to show your face around the big guys! One last question, and then we can move on to a different subject. Are we going to talk on the phone while I'm gone?"


"Your choice, Tim," I answered.


"Well," Tim went forward with his thoughts, "I think it might be best if we don't plan on making contact. I'll call you when we get settled at the hotel. But, after that, I'm leaning toward not talking with you. I need to concentrate on getting to know Ed better, and you need to concentrate on making Miguel and Jake happy men. What do you think?"


"That may be wise," I answered. "I would never forgive myself if I called you and interrupted an intimate moment!"


"I think it might be more troublesome if I called you while Jake had his fist up your ass," Tim responded as he leaned over to kiss me.


As we ate, we discussed some of the features on Tim's new car. Finally, we made our way to the bedroom after cleaning the kitchen.


I tugged at Tim's underwear and let them fall to the ground. He did the same to mine.


"So, stud," Tim whispered, "I am going to make love to you tonight. On your back so I can see your face and kiss you!"


"Yes, SIR!" I answered as I lowered myself onto my back. I pulled Tim with me. "God! You are so fucking sexy!"


As Tim was nibbling on my ear lobes, he added, "You, my dear man, are the epitome of sexy! And, I really like your smooth body! Your muscles show up so much better! And, you know I am marrying you for your muscles!"


"I'm marrying you because you have a perfect dick for my ass," I whispered. "Now, please fuck me, Tim! I want you in me so badly! I've been thinking about getting your dick in my ass ever since I saw you get out of your car at the dealership!"


Tim grabbed the lube, put my legs on his chest, rubbed his cock with generous amounts of lube, aligned his rock hard cock with my asshole, and began his ascent into my ass.


"Ahhh...! Yes!" I almost screamed. "Make love to me."


Tim's hard cock was moving slowly and gently in and out of my ass. He was showering me with kisses all the while.


"God! You feel good, Steven," Tim hissed. "Let's do this all weekend. Stay in bed and make love. No showers. Just food, vodka, and body ravaging!"


"Deal," I hissed back.


"I am not going to be able to hold off much longer," Tim finally hissed after several minutes of gently and tenderly making love to me.


"Then, I guess you will need to fill my ass and recharge for another round," I hissed back. I decided to help my lover along and found his nipples and began playing with them.


"Ahhh... Shit, Steven...!" Tim almost screamed. "I'm going to breed your fucking ass, lover boy."


I felt my lover explode inside my ass. His ropes and ropes of his man cum began to coat my insides.


"Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" Tim moaned announcing each rope of his cum spewing into my ass.


Tim lowered himself on top of me and continued kissing me. "I tried to make this last for an hour, but it's only been 45 minutes. I'm sorry."


"Never be sorry about making love to me, Tim," I whispered. "We will just work on stamina over the weekend!"


"Maybe if we practice more," Tim answered before he began kissing me again.


Finally, Tim rolled off me and pulled me in tight to his body. I put my head on his chest, and we were asleep in minutes.




I took Tim and Master Ed to the airport on Wednesday afternoon. Before Tim and Master Ed retreated to into the airport terminal, Tim pulled me in for a hug. "You know, Steven, I am going to miss you."


"And, I am going to miss you, too, Tim," I whispered back. "But, don't think about me while you are gone. Just enjoy your time with Master Ed. I love you."


Tim kissed me and added, "I love you, too! More than I ever thought was possible to love another person. Have fun with Miguel and Jake." He kissed me and then followed Master Ed into the terminal.


Tim had shaved my body on Tuesday night, including my cock and balls. The chastity device came off for a few moments. I was, however, not allowed to cum.


I arrived at Miguel and Jake's house 45 minutes after I dropped Tim and Master Ed off at the airport for their 6 pm flight. Miguel and Jake had several discussions with Tim prior to my arrival at their house. I followed Tim's orders and packed my chaps, vest, harness, leather jacket, boots, black jock strap, two pairs of jeans, and two white t-shirts along with a few pairs of sox.


I was told to park in the third space in the garage in back of their house. The door was open, so I drove into the garage. I was also told to strip naked and leave my clothes and my phone in my car. I grabbed my bag, and, as instructed, entered Miguel and Jake's house through the back door. I was to assume the position and await my hosts.


Miguel and Jake appeared several minutes after I had arrived. And, as instructed, I was kneeling with my legs spread, my hands behind my back, and I was looking at the floor.


"Hello, boy," Jake announced. Miguel and Jake were clad in extremely tight jeans, equally tight tank tops, and black leather boots.


"Hello, SIRS!' I answered.


"It looks as though you are happy to be here, boy!" Jake said. "Your dick looks good straining against the chastity device."


"Thank you, SIRS!" I answered. "I am happy to be at your service, SIRS!"


"It looks as though Tim did a very thorough job of shaving the boy's body again," Miguel said to Jake. "I think we should make him shave every evening that he will be here. We can't have a hairy bottom boy, now can we?"


"I think that will be a good idea," Jake continued. "However, we may need to revise our plans if you or I get carried away with the whips."


"Stand up, boy," Miguel instructed.


As I stood, Jake grabbed my balls tightly. I winced in pain as he squeezed. "Before we begin the festivities, we thought we should have a beer and talk," Jake suggested. He led me into the kitchen by my balls. I followed silently and in pain.


Jake released my balls and announced, "Sit, boy! I will get us all a beer."


I sat on the stool at the kitchen island. Jake had pointed to the one he wanted me to sit in. I sat.


Jake handed me the beer. He sat on one side of me, and Miguel sat on the other side. Jake began to speak, "How does it make you feel that your lover is on a trip out of town with your Master?"


"It was my idea for them to spend time alone so they would get to know each other better without a lot of distractions, SIRS!" I answered.


"Do you think that Tim and your Master will become lovers, boy?" Miguel asked.


"It is my hope that they do form a long and lasting bond between the two of them, SIRS! It will be up to them to decide what to call their relationship, SIRS!" I answer.


"It doesn't make you jealous, boy?" Miguel asked.


"No, SIRS!" I answered. "Tim and I love each other very much and are determined to make a good life for ourselves—complete with kids at some point, SIRS! And, I am grateful to Tim that he is giving me the opportunity to serve Master Ed once again! So, we all three feel that Tim and Master Ed will grow to love each other just as Tim and I love each other. Naturally, Master Ed loves me in a much different way—as his slave boy, SIRS!"


"How do you feel about Tim and your Master placing you in our custody while they are away, boy?" Jake asked.


"I am honored to serve you, SIRS! I am grateful for the opportunity to be in your custody," I answered.


"We are pleased to hear that from you, boy," Miguel began. "We have had several discussions about your time in our service with Tim. He is very protective of you, you know? We think the two of you—and even the three of you—are very lucky to have found one another. We have promised Tim that we will take good care of you in his absence. He was adamant that we take every precaution to prevent any permanent damage to your body. And, of course, we agreed. That is not to say you will not undergo formidable torture. You will be screaming in pain from time to time. But, you will recover, and we hope you will enjoy the overall experience. Are the terms satisfactory to you, boy?"


"Yes, SIRS!" I answer. "Extremely satisfactory, SIRS!"


"Good," Jake continued. "Let me explain what may be happening during your time with us. We want to be perfectly up front with you, boy! If you are uncomfortable with any of our plans, we expect you to voice your concerns now. We will alter our plans if you object. However, once this preliminary session is concluded, we will implement our plans without fail. Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, SIRS!" I answer. "I have rarely been able to object to actions of the men I will be serving."


"Miguel will be at work all day tomorrow, and will work on Friday morning. So, you will be alone with me during the time he is at work," Jake resumed his explanation of my time with Miguel and Jake. "And, when you are alone with me, you know I will get carried away. However, always remember our promise to Tim. And, I don't plan on taking a shower until we go out one evening. It will be your responsibility to keep my body clean with your tongue. Are you okay with this so far, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I answer. "I understand completely, and I will accept your punishment if that is what you deem fit for the occasion, SIRS!"


Miguel took up the explanation, "We will begin our session slowly tonight. We want to ease into your service to us during the next few days. We plan on going out to a bar one night to show you off. And, we may have a few people over during the time of your service. We will play all of this by ear. We want to enjoy ourselves, and we want you to enjoy yourself, boy! Your lover, Tim, and your Master, Ed, are both aware of our plans for you. Do you have any questions so far, boy?"


"No, SIRS!" I answer. "I am looking forward to being in your service, SIRS!"


"Good," Jake took over. "I think we should have another beer and, then, move downstairs."


Miguel retrieved beers for the three of us and sat down beside me again. "Your dick is telling us that you are excited to be here, boy! How has your forced chastity worked out for you?"


"I am doing well with it, SIRS!" I answer. "I am determined to make Tim and Master Ed proud of me. I am enjoying the opportunity to make them happy! It is my place, after all, as a subservient person, to make all of the men in my life happy."


"I need to piss," Jake announced. "So, let's go downstairs. You know your place, right boy?"


"Yes, SIRS!" I answer. "I know my place and will receive your piss with eagerness."


Jake again grabbed my balls and led me downstairs to the bathtub. "Get in on your back, boy!"


"Yes, SIR!" I answer. I climbed into the bathtub and lay on my back.


Jake and Miguel stood on either side of the bathtub and began to release their golden showers. Jake started pissing on my face and head. Miguel started at my crotch. They both moved in opposite directions until Jake was finishing his release on my crotch and Miguel was finishing his release on my head. Both men shook their dicks to make certain that all of their piss was expelled.


"Thank you, SIRS!" I said. "Thank you for pissing on me, SIRS!"


"Stay there for a moment, boy, while Miguel and I attend to a few things," Jake ordered.


When Jake and Miguel returned, Jake was carrying a metal collar. Miguel was carrying a chain link leash.


"From now until you retrieve your lover and Master from the airport on Monday evening, you will be ours as symbolized by this collar," Jake explained. He put the collar around my neck and snapped in closed. He attached a lock to secure the collar. "You are now ours for the duration of your stay here, boy. Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I added. "Thank you, SIRS! I eagerly accept being in your service, SIRS! My body is yours to use as you see fit, SIRS!"


Miguel attached the chain leash to my collar and pulled me toward the leather clad king bed. "On your back, boy!"


"Yes, SIR!" I answer and await my next order.


Miguel lowered himself and spread my legs. He lifted them to rest on his chest.


Jake lay beside me and watched as Miguel lubed up his cock and my ass. Miguel quietly explained his next moves, "We are both going to make love to you tonight, boy! It won't happen again until you are ready to leave our service. So, enjoy this while it lasts."


"Yes, SIRS! Thank you, SIRS!" I answer as Miguel lines up his hard 10 inch uncut cock with my ass.


Miguel began his descent into my eagerly waiting asshole. He slowly pushed his cock into me. One stroke. No pauses. I felt his trimmed crotch hair caress my balls. Miguel paused for a moment before he began slowly and gently working his cock in and out of my ass. Miguel leaned down to kiss me—softly and tenderly—as he continued working my ass with his cock.


"You have one very nice ass, boy!" Miguel whispered into my ear. "I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am!"


"Yes, SIR!" I whisper. "I love having you on top of me. I love watching your muscles. I love your beautiful cock in my ass. I could do this all night, SIR!"


"It won't be all night," Miguel whispered back. "But, I am going to certainly take my time, boy!"


He started kissing me again while he continued to work his cock in and out of my ass. I touched Miguel's tattooed, muscled biceps so I could feel the expansion and contraction of his massive arms.


"Do you like those muscles, boy?" Miguel asked with a smile.


"Yes, SIR!" I answered. "They are beautiful!"


"Thank you, boy!" Miguel whispered back as he leaned in again to kiss me. He broke his kissing to announce, "I'm afraid I'm not going to last much longer, boy! Your ass feels so, so good around my dick! Yours reminds me of your lover's beautiful ass."


Miguel stopped whispering as his body began to tense. He started screaming as he began to unload in me, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... fuck... shit... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Miguel didn't stop working his dick in my ass until he lowered his muscled body onto mine. He kissed me a few more times. "You know, Jake. We may need to rethink not making love to the boy until he is ready to leave us. I enjoyed this just about as much as I enjoy making love to you!"


"We can be flexible on that front, Miguel," Jake answered as he leaned in and put his arm around Miguel. Jake turned his attention to me, "I hope your lover and your Master need alone time fairly regularly and frequently, boy! And, if Tim ever wants to get rid of you, we'd be willing to assume responsibility for your well being!"


"Thank you, SIRS!" I answer. "But, I don't think that Tim is going to throw me away anytime soon, SIRS!"


"I think we should take a break," Jake continued. "You've been under Miguel for about 1 hour and 20 minutes, boy! I think you need to move around. How about a beer?"


Miguel lifted his body from atop mine and stood. Jake took the leash that was attached to the collar and pulled. He also extended his hand to help me get up before he led me to the downstairs bar. Miguel retrieved three beers from the downstairs fridge.


"So, boy," Jake began as he sat beside me. Miguel occupied the seat on the other side of me at the downstairs bar. "If I remember correctly, you are a computer person. Is that correct?"


"Yes, SIR!" I answer.


"I thought so," Jake continued. "Miguel and I have something we would like to discuss with you at some point during your stay with us. We were thinking about starting a business and would require someone with technology skills."


"I would be interested in hearing about it, SIRS!" I answer.


"We can talk in more detail later," Jake continued. "But, have you heard of Bound Gods?"


"Yes, SIR!" I answer. "I believe it is a BDSM website that streams bondage videos to members."


"That is correct, boy," Jake responds. "Miguel and I want to do a similar thing. However, we want to do it with local Chicago talent in real life S&M situations instead of playing a role. So, we need technology. Would you be interested? We would pay very, very well!"


"I will consider it, SIR!" I answer. "Naturally, before I change jobs, Tim and I need to discuss the situation."


"We fully understand that, boy," Jake continues. "But, we would be grateful if you could help. Even as a consultant."


"I will speak with Tim when he returns from his trip with Master Ed, SIRS!" I answer.


"Now, boy," Jake adds as he caresses my nipples, "I think it is my turn to make love to you!"


Jake finds the leash and leads me over the playroom bed. I lay on my back and Jake takes his place between my legs. Miguel is on his side beside me. While Jake is lathering his 13 inch uncut cock with lube, Miguel leans over and kisses me.


Jake lifts my legs over his powerful shoulders and aligns his cock with my asshole. Before he slides into my asshole, he leans down to gently kiss me and lingers at my lips for a few moments. Without me realizing he was entering me, Jake pushed his cock into me until his trimmed pubic hairs caressed my balls.


"Ah! Shit, yes, SIR!" I moan. "Your big dick feels so good in me."


"I'm glad you like it, boy!" Jake responds. "You will have a lot of this dick in you during your stay with us."


"Do you want poppers, boy?" Miguel asks.


"No, SIR!" I answer. "I want to do this naturally. I almost came last night when Tim was making love to me. I was just thinking about your cocks in me, SIRS!"


Jake started moving his cock in and out of my ass is slow, deliberate, and gentle motions. He had never used my ass so lovingly before. He usually took my ass with the force and power typical of the big man he is.


"The boy does have a really nice ass, Miguel," Jake whispers to his lover. He continues to slowly massage my ass with his giant, rock hard cock. Jake starts to kiss me again. I grabbed him around his huge neck and held on.


"You make me feel so good, SIR!" I say between kisses.


Jake stops kissing me for a moment, but continues his gentle thrusts in and out of my ass. He nibbles on my ear lobes for a few moments. Then, he resumes kissing me. My dick was straining unmercifully against the plastic of the chastity device.


"I think you are going to make me cum, SIR!" I hiss.


"Do you want me to stop, boy?" Jake replies.


"No, SIR!" I answer. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh..."


"Now, that was good, boy," Jake responds. "Shall we try for another?"


"Yes, SIR!" I answer. "Please SIR!"


Jake pulls Miguel close to us and kisses his lover.


Miguel turns his attention to me, "You can tell when Jake is the happiest. He has this glow in his eyes. He has it now, boy!"


Jake continues his mind blowing love making session with me. He is taking great care to give my prostate the workout of its life. I feel myself getting close to coming again.


"You are going to make me cum again, SIR!" I announce.


"That is my mission, boy!" Jake responds. "I will be right behind you, boy! Blow that slave seed, boy! Make your Master happy!"


It doesn't take many more gentle strokes of Jakes massive cock until I am again shooting into the chastity device. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahh!"


"Shit boy, I'm cuming too!" Jake yells as he fills my ass with copious amounts of his man juice. "Shiiiiiit! Fuuuuuck! Shiiiiit! Shiiiiit! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... Shit!"


As I feel the last rope of cum filling my ass, Jake lowers his body onto mine and finds my lips. He kisses me for several more minutes before he rolls off me and next to his lover Miguel.


"I don't know about you, Miguel," Jake begins, "but I am just more than a little tired from all of this love making! What would you think about getting some sleep?"


"Good idea," Miguel agrees. "You almost beat my record. You've been in the boy's ass over an hour!"


Miguel helps both Jake and I off the bed and tugs on the leash. They both lead me upstairs to their bedroom. Jake is in the middle. I am on Jake's right and Miguel on Jake's left. Jake puts his strong arms around the two of us and pulls us tightly into his body.


"By the way, boy," Jake explains. "Your lover called and left a message that he and your Master arrived at their hotel. They were going off to find a place to eat."


"Thank you for relaying the message, SIR!" I say to Jake.


We fell asleep almost immediately.




I awaken to movement behind me. I am still curled up on Jake's massive chest. Miguel whispers into my ear, "Since I will be gone all day, I'd like another turn at your ass, boy!"


I feel his hard 10 inch cock brush my asshole. "On your stomach, boy!"


"Yes, SIR!" I sleepily whisper as I untangle myself from Jake's massive body and turn on my stomach.


Miguel had apparently already lubed his cock because when he spread my legs and took his position over my asshole, he shoved his rock hard 10 inch cock into me.


"Ahh!" I gasp as I felt him slide all of the way inside me.


Miguel paused momentarily and announced, "This will not be a love making session, boy! I need to get off before I go to work this morning. Otherwise, I will be hard and horny all day long."


"Yes, SIR!" I answer. "I want to make you happy, SIR!"


Miguel began to pound my ass with rapid, forceful strokes in and out of me. He was at full throttle within a few strokes.


Jake turned over to watch the action, "It's nice to have a boy in bed in the morning, isn't it Miguel?"


"Damn right, baby," Miguel managed to say as he continued to ravage my ass. "Maybe..., we should... get us... one of these!"


Miguel had lifted his body onto his muscular arms as he was hammering away at my ass.


Jake found Miguel's nipples and started to tweak them, "I think this might help, don't you think, baby?"


"Yes!" Miguel hissed. "Fuck yes!"


Miguel increased the speed and force of this thrusts in and out of my ass as Jake played with this lover's nipples. His balls were banging against mine. He put his entire body into slamming his cock into my ass. He was pulling completely out of me before driving back in. He was breathing heavily. Finally, Miguel almost screamed, "I'm fucking cuming, ass wipe! I'm going to breed your fucking slave boy pussy ass! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


I felt Miguel's massive ropes of cum coat the inside of my ass. Miguel collapsed on top of me while his breathing returned to normal. When he was able to finally speak, Miguel told Jake, "I need to have the boy's ass ready for me to fuck when I get home from work, baby. I will probably be hard all day thinking about this slave boy ass I'm going to get tonight!"


"Maybe you could come home for lunch today," Jake suggested. "I can have his ass ready for you!"


"I'll call you later this morning about that," Miguel whispered as he kissed his lover. "It might just workout! Thanks for the suggestion!"


Miguel lifted his body and his semi-hard cock popped out of my ass. He pulled himself out of bed and moved toward the bathroom to get ready for work. His muscular ass moved seductively as he disappeared into the bathroom.


Jake rolled me over so that I was laying on my back. He climbed on top of me and added a kiss before he spoke, "I hope you are ready for today, boy! I have a full day planned. And, you are going to get a hard workout in the process of our time together. But, before we begin, I think we should go downstairs to the kitchen and grab some coffee before we plunge into things!"


Jake grabs the chain leash and leads me toward the stairway. Once we are near the stairway, Jakes grabs my balls in his other hand, squeezes them tightly, and tugs at them.


"Ahh...!" I scream.


"Does that hurt, boy?" Jake quietly asks.


"Yes, SIR!" I answer.


"Good!" Jake continues. "There will be more pain the rest of the day. You will be doing a fair amount of screaming, I am certain!"


"Yes, SIR!" I reply. "Thank you, SIR!"


Miguel bounds downstairs dressed for work, "I have time for a little coffee and then I'm off. I'll call you around 11 this morning if I will have time to come home at lunchtime and fuck the boy's brains out!"


"I'll have my phone with me," Jake said to Miguel. "Have a great day at work!"


"I'll try," Miguel said with a smile as he was going out the door. "But, I suspect you and the boy will have a terrific day!"


Once Miguel had left, Jake explained our next move. "I have to piss. You have a choice, boy. Do you want my piss down your throat, in your ass, or over your body?"


"Down my throat, SIR!" I answer excitedly.


Jake pushed me to my knees and forced my head onto his giant cock. I waited until Jake's stream of warm piss started flowing. I was swallowing feverishly to avoid spilling any. His stream finally trickled to a stop. Jake pulled his cock out of my mouth and shook it in my face to get rid of any remnants of his piss. Once he was satisfied he had given me all of his piss, he pulled his semi hard dick backward and then slammed it into my face.


"Do you like the way your Master Jake's piss tastes, ass wipe?" Jake asked.


"Yes, SIR!" I answer. "I like the taste very much, SIR! Thank you, SIR, for allowing me to drink your piss."


"I am certain your will be able to have more of your Master Jake's piss as the day goes on, boy!" Jake hisses.


"Thank you, SIR!" I answer.


"Now, I need you to lick my body clean, boy," Jake orders. "Start with my feet and work your way up my legs to my ass. Pay special attention to my ass. Then, I want you to continue up my back to my arm pits. Then, down my chest until you finally reach my cock and balls. Get under the foreskin and make sure my balls are clean. So, get to it, boy!"


Jake sits on one of the kitchen stools so I can have access to his huge feet. I work my way up his massive legs until I reach his asshole. I plunge my tongue deeply inside the crack of Jake's ass so I can massage the opening with my tongue. I drive my tongue into him as deeply as I possibly can. After I thought his ass was thoroughly clean I head north so I can take care of his smelly pits before diving to his rock hard uncut cock.


"Good boy, fuck face," Jake compliments me on my body cleaning. "Now, I have one more thing I want from you before we head downstairs to be more serious."


Jake grabs my head by my hair and shoves my mouth onto his raging hard cock. He forces me down until I feel the tip of his cock hitting the back of my mouth. He adds more pressure forcing his cock down my throat and begins to fuck my face.


"Don't worry, boy," Jake assures me. "This won't take long because I was about ready to pop before I started feeding your face."


And, in only a few short moments, Jake was screaming as he unloaded his come down my throat. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


He held his cock down my throat for a few more moments before releasing me. I was finally able to breathe again.


"Good job, cock sucker," Jake compliments my cock sucking ability. "Not everyone can take Master Jake's cock down his throat."


"Thank you, SIR!" I answer in a raspy voice.


Now that we have the morning's preliminary activities out of the way," Jake explained. "We can head downstairs. I have a busy day planned for you, boy!"


Jake grabbed my balls and led me downstairs.



To be continued...


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