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Life With Tim

Chapter 11: A Day's Work


After Jake had led me downstairs by the balls, he surveyed the room. With another tug to my balls, we started to move towards the St. Andrews Cross.


"I think you will enjoy this as much as I will, boy," Jake began. "I know you are pretty familiar with this set up Miguel and I have here. And, you've enjoyed your time on this piece of equipment many, many times."


"Yes, SIR!" I answer. "I remember this well, SIR!"


"Good," Jake continued. "Now, let me get you connected properly."


Jake went about his business securing me to the cross. First, it was my wrists and then my ankles. He pulled on a chain that took all of the slack out of the restraints holding my wrists and ankles. I was stretched to the max.


"You won't be moving much, will you boy?" Jake asked.


"No, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I answer.


"But, you know that I have not finished restraining you, don't you, boy?" Jake asked.


"Yes, SIR!" I answer. "You connect my balls to the cross, SIR!"


"That's right, boy," Jake explained. "I have added a new feature to the cross to secure your balls. It's more like a ball stretcher than anything. I think you will like it, but, if you don't, that's too bad."


Jake moved in front of me with the cross between us. He grabbed my balls and pulled them through a round opening in the cross. He also pulled my plastic encased dick through the hole as well. Jake stretched my balls tight with his hand. And, I felt a cold object lay on the top and bottom of the stretched skin. He tightened the bars and then I could hear him turning a knob on the ball stretcher. With every turn, the four bars, two on the bottom and two on the top, stretched the skin of my scrotum.


"Ahhh...!" I screamed in pain.


"Good," Jake responded. "If it hurts, then it is tight enough for now. We will stretch it more as the morning moves forward."


Jake left his post behind the cross and moved to the opposite side of the room. I hear some rustling before he moves back to where I am positioned.


"I think you will do well with the hood, blindfold, and ball gag for the next phase of our time together," Jake eagerly announces as he begins to install the hardware on me.


Jake adds ear plugs to my ears before he first slips on the hood. He tightens the hood with the laces on the side. He places the ball gag into my mouth and attaches it to its respective position on the hood. The final part of the hood is the blindfold that makes certain I am in total darkness.


I hear some muted sounds. I think Jake is telling me something, but I can't hear it to make out what he is saying. And, I can't see. I am suddenly aware that I can feel light air motion as Jakes moves from place to place in the room. I feel his hand on my ass.


I feel a sudden swish of air and a whip lands with great force on my back.


"Ahhh...!" I scream into the ball gag.


I feel Jakes finger trace the marks of the whip on my back. He moves his hand away. A few moments pass and then I feel the swish of air and the whip lands on my ass.


Jake paused again for a few moments. In the still silence and darkness, I was uncertain of Jake's next move. It wasn't long before he unleashed a series of hard, fast, powerful lashes to my back. Jake was wielding the whip in alternate left to right lashes—covering most of my back on each side... sometimes in the middle. Jake guided the whip downward to my ass and the back of each of my legs. He finished with several hard, quick lashes on my ass. I was screaming into the ball gag during the whole process.


Another pause. I waited patiently until I felt Jake again caress my ass with his hand. It started all over. Major lashes against my back. I screamed into the ball gag. Jake didn't stop. He kept up the rapid fire pace of the lashing. When he did stop, I realized I missed the pain of the lashes against my body. My dick was straining against the plastic of the chastity device. `How can I have a hard cock with all of the torture I was enduring,' I thought to myself.


Finally, I felt Jake's finger caress my asshole. I felt cold liquid on his fingers as he pushed in and out of my ass with two of his sizable fingers. `Is he going to fuck me?' I thought. `Or, could it be he was getting ready to fist me?'


I felt a cold object next to the opening of my asshole. It seemed metallic to me, but I could not be certain as I could not hear... I could not see... I only felt. The object was forced inside me. The object quickly strained my asshole wider and wider as Jake shoved object into me. Near the end of the object's journey, my asshole collapsed around a narrower part of the object. `It must be a metallic butt plug,' I thought to myself.


I relaxed into the restraints while I waited for Jakes next assault. My dick also relaxed and pulled away from the plastic of the chastity device.


Slowly, I realized I felt a tingle in my asshole. The tingle built to higher and higher intensity. Jake had apparently connected the metal butt plug to an electroshock device. My asshole was convulsing as the electroshock device delivered random shock cycles to my body. Some were intense, rapid cycles. Others were less intense with a slower pace. My cock was again straining against the plastic of the chastity device.


I felt alone. The electroshock device and the metal butt plug were my only company. But then I thought of Tim's words to me, "You are meant to serve powerful men..." I realized I was making Tim and Master Ed happy by readily giving my body to this massive, powerful man.


I felt the ball stretcher increase pressure on my scrotum, pulling my balls further from my body. "Ahhh," I screamed into the ball gag.


I felt Jake's presence behind me. I felt his hands caress my back as my asshole was convulsing around the metal butt plug. He worked his hands to my chest and began to slowly and softly tweak my nipples. The slow and soft touches turned into hard twists. I felt Jakes finger nails attack my nipples with a vengeance. I also realized my muscles began to tense as the pressure from Jakes strong hands on my nipples and the electroshock spasms built to new highs.


Finally, my cock exploded into the chastity device. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh..." The intensity of the orgasm was tremendous. My body twitched and convulsed against the restraints. For a short while, I lost track of everything happening around me. When I finally came out of my manic euphoria, I realized Jake's hands were no longer on my body. The electroshocks had stopped. I relaxed—or maybe collapsed—against the restraints.


I felt Jake moving behind me. Jake caressed my sore ass cheeks with a cold object. He moved it slowly in a circular motion. It felt good on my hot, tortured ass.


Jake moved the object from my ass. I felt a swish in the air and the stabbing pain as something landed on my ass...! It must be a paddle. I screamed into the ball gag. The paddle felt hard—almost like a flat plastic piece.


The paddling continued. Jake quickly found his pace of smashing the paddle against my ass cheeks. Left. Right. Middle. Left. Right. Middle. Left. Right. Middle. Jake increased the intensity of the strokes with every cycle of left, right, middle I screamed into the ball gag with every deft smash of the paddle against my skin.


Jake abruptly stopped using the paddle on my ass. Again, I relaxed into the restraints. My dick was again straining at the plastic in the chastity device.


I felt Jake's fingers fondling the metal butt plug in my ass. He began to pull it out slightly until my asshole stretched over the largest part of the plug. He quickly shoved it back in. Jake continued pulling the metal butt plug out and then shoving it in again for several minutes. Jake pulled the metal plug out completely after his final, speedy plunge into my ass.


I felt empty. My dick relaxed from straining at the plastic walls of the chastity device.


After several moments of feeling alone, I felt Jake's finger at my asshole opening. Jake was rubbing a cool substance on the outside of my now empty asshole. He pushed his finger inside me and massaged the inside of my asshole. He added a second finger... then a third. As he pulled his fingers out of me, I felt the touch of his rock hard, 13 inch uncut cock on the crack of my ass. I knew it was his dick. I felt so relaxed at the touch of his cock on the outside of the opening of my asshole.


Jake slowly pressed his dick more firmly against my asshole. Finally, he pushed even harder and forced his huge cock inside me with one strong, fast push. "Ahhhhhhhhhh!" I moaned into the ball gag. I love feeling his dick inside me.


`I love Tim and Master Ed's cock in me, but I think I am addicted to this man's huge cock!' I thought to myself. `I wonder how Tim will react to my revelation when I tell him about my feelings for another man's dick?'


I didn't have time to think about Tim's reaction for long. Jake quickly built his motions into fast, forceful thrusts in and out of my ass. He pulled his hard cock almost all of the way out of me and then slammed it back in until I felt his crotch against my skin.


Jake put his hands on my hips to stabilize himself as he continued to ram his cock in and out of my ass. I felt Jake's sweat drip onto my ass as he continued his attack on my asshole. I pulled at the restrains. My cock was again straining against the plastic of the chastity device.


My ass felt on fire as Jake continued his frenzied workout with his huge dick. My body again tensed as I shot another load into the chastity device.


The convulsions of my ass must have sent Jake over the top as I felt him unleash rope after rope of cum into my ass. He leaned into me to stabilize himself as he put his strong, muscled arms around my chest and held me tight. Jake stayed motionless with his still hard cock in my ass for a few moments. I felt his head turn and then he began to pull his dick out of my ass. Again, I felt so empty without Jake's dick inside me.


After a few moments, I felt another flesh like object caressing the crack of my ass. It was soon in line with my well used asshole. I felt a gently push and another cock was sliding quickly inside me. I knew it had to be Miguel. His cock 10 inch cock quickly filled the void of Jake's huge cock.


Miguel quickly picked up the speed of his thrusts in and out of me. He has an amazing cock and when excited, he is extremely energetic. He put his whole muscled body into ravaging my ass.


As Miguel continued his forceful fucking of my ass, I felt Jake touching my stretched balls. He added much more tension to the stretcher, I again screamed into the ball gag. The pain briefly took my attention away from the pillage of my ass.


Miguel encircled his massive, muscled arms around my chest and used me to support his body as he pounded my ass. I felt Miguel's magnificent muscles in his arms move with his body. Suddenly, Miguel's grip on my chest tightened and I felt his cum coat the inside of my asshole. I felt every shot of his cum lap at the walls of my asshole. When Miguel's body finished convulsing, he held me tighter. My body pulled at the restraints as Miguel relaxed his body into mine.


I felt Miguel move away from me slightly after a long pause in all of the activity. He kissed me on my shoulder as he pulled his spent dick out of my ass.


Again, I felt totally empty and alone as I stood silently resting against the restraints. After a short pause, I felt both men move around my body. First, one of them released the ball stretcher device from my aching balls. The blindfold was released. When I opened my eyes, I saw Jake standing in front of me. He was smiling as he continued to remove the ball gag, hood, and ear plugs.


Miguel began the job of unhooking the restrains from my wrists and ankles. When I was finally free, Jake held me and led me to a bar stool in front of the bar in the playroom.


Jake was the first to speak, "You were amazing, boy! I had forgotten how obediently you respond to a Master."


"Thank you, SIR!" I answer. "You both were amazing as well, SIRS!"


"And, I am looking forward to using that sweet ass of yours a lot while you are staying with us, boy," Miguel said. "I see Jake did a pretty good job of marking your back and ass as our property."


"The boy also shot two loads of cum into the chastity device," Jake began to explain to Miguel. "The first time was when I had the metal butt plug in his ass that was connected to the electroshock unit. The second was while I was fucking him right before you came home for lunch."


"So, the boy enjoyed himself, too," Miguel added with a smile.


"How did this morning's play time make you feel, boy?" Jake asked.


"Honored to serve you, SIRS!" I answer. "As Tim has told me several times during the past two weeks, I am destine to serve powerful men. Men like the two of you, SIRS!"


"How much of this weekend's activities will you share with Tim, boy?" Miguel asked.


"Everything, SIRS!" I answer. "He told me that he wants to know everything about my service to the two of you. Everything from the physical activities to my emotional and mental feelings, SIRS! I hope that does not upset either of you, SIRS!"


Miguel looked at Jake and smiled, "No, boy, it does not upset us. We expected that Tim would request an extensive rundown on our activities here. As we said last night, Tim is very protective of you."


"What were the high points of your morning, boy?" Jake asked.


"Having both of your big dicks in my ass, SIRS!" I answer. "I love Tim and the way his dick feels in me. But, I realized this morning that I am addicted to your big dicks."


"That is very good news for the two of us, boy!" Miguel said excitedly. "Tim promised us that if your stay went well, he would see to it that you were available to us on a relatively frequent basis. How does that make YOU feel, boy?"


"I am very pleased and humbled that Tim would allow me to serve you on a regular basis, SIRS!" I answer.


"Now," Miguel begins, "I need to get back to work. So, if you two will excuse me, I think I need to take a shower to wash the smell of sex off me."


Jake and I stayed seated at the playroom bar, "I think we both need a short break before we resume our activities this afternoon. I am considering taking you out for a quick lunch and a beer. Would you like that, boy?"


"I will like anything that will make you happy, SIR!" I answer.


"Good!" Jake said as he stood. "We will not be showering, however, boy. Do you understand what that may mean, especially for you, boy?"

"Yes, SIR!" I answer. "It means that others will know that I have been serving you this morning, SIR, by the way I smell."


Jake grabbed me by the balls and led me upstairs to his and Miguel's bedroom. My bag was sitting beside the door.


"I hope you followed Tim's orders, boy," Jake said. "Otherwise, you will be going out naked. Please put on a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. You may wear your boots and vest."


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I answer as I pulled out the necessary clothing from my bag.


I pulled on my jeans. I had selected an extremely tight pair of distressed jeans with slight rips in the ass. The white t-shirt was also extremely tight. When I pulled on my black lace up boots and black leather jacket, we headed out the door.


As we entered the Melrose Restaurant, I noticed several patrons stare at Jake and me as we were escorted to our table. Once our order was taken by a really cute waiter, Jake began our discussion. "How is your ass and back feeling, boy?"


"My back and ass still sting from the whipping and paddling you gave me, SIR! The pain reminds me of my service to you, SIR!" I answer. "And, my ass feels very well used from you and Miguel fucking me."


"That was my plan, boy," Jake continued. "I am also looking forward to our afternoon activities after we have our beer... Unless you want to skip the beer?"


"I want to be in your service, SIR!" I answer. "I want to please you more than anything else, SIR! Tim insisted that I make every inch of my body available to you and Miguel during my time with you, SIR!"


We were finishing our lunch when Terrance and Aiden noticed us and stopped by our table to say hello.


Terrance was the first to speak, "Hello, Steven, Jake!"


"Good to see you," I greeted them. "Terrance, Aiden, do you remember Jake?"


"Yes, of course," Aiden answered.


"You were the two hot studs at the bar a few weekends ago, right?" Jake asked.


"Thanks for the compliment. And, yes, we met you and Miguel at the bar," Terrance explained.


"Why don't you join us, men," Jake suggested.


"Thank you," Terrance responded. Terrance sat in the booth next to me and Aiden sat next to Jake.


"Where's Tim?" Aiden asked.


"He's in New York on business," I added. "He and Ed, a friend of ours, are staying the weekend. They will be back on Monday."


"And, Miguel and I are keeping Steven company while Tim is gone," Jake offered. "It's the least we could do! We wouldn't want him to be lonely!" Jake was leering at me when he added the last two phrases.


"I am sure you are enjoying your time with Jake and Miguel, Steven," Terrance commented.


"We intend to keep him busy so he doesn't miss Tim too much, right boy?" Jake asked.


"Yes, SIR!" I answered Jake. I noticed Terrance and Aiden's eyes light up with the addition of `boy' and `SIR' to our conversation. "I certainly have not had an opportunity to be lonely so far!"


"As a matter of fact, we are having a few people stop by our house on Friday night," Jake explained. "Would the two of you care to join us?"


I looked at Jake with terror in my eyes.


"It's okay, boy," Jake looked at me and continued. "Tim suggested we invite these two studs if we ran into them."


"Thank you for clarifying that, SIR!" I said with a smile.


"We thought we would begin around 9 pm on Friday evening," Jake offered. "There will be a few others... some of whom you might know. We are planning on showcasing our renovated playroom to a group of leather men. It will be a small but interesting group of guys. Naturally, the boy will also be on display and available for our guests to enjoy."


Terrance looked at Aiden for guidance. Aiden nodded yes.


"We would be honored to join you," Terrance accepted the invitation. "What should we wear?"


"Anything you want," Jake decided. "If you are a bottom, you don't need to wear anything special. Bottoms are usually naked after a few moments in our playroom. If you are a top, you can wear leather or just jeans and a t-shirt. Your choice. Miguel and I will most likely be in full leather—at least to start."


"It sounds like a fun time," Aiden announces. "Thank you for asking us."


"Just so we know how to structure the evening, may I ask you a personal question?" Jake asked Aiden and Terrance.


"Ask away!" Terrance agreed.


"All of the guys on our guest list are HIV negative and have been tested within the last few months," Jake explained to the guys while he looked them in the eyes. "Have you been tested recently?"


"Yes," Aiden replies. "We were tested in January and are negative."


"Do you have a problem playing unprotected with men you know are negative?" Jake asked.


"We prefer it that way," Terrance explained. "We only play with other negative men for that very reason."


"Do you mind if we ask a personal question, Steven?" Aiden asked.


"Go for it," I replied.


"I actually have two questions. The first: You, Steven, are a bottom and Tim is a top?"


"Well, yes and no," I explain. "Tim is a top with me because I am a confirmed bottom. However, since he moved to Chicago from Boston to be with me, he is turning into a more versatile person. He has found a few hot men with big dicks that he bottoms for."


"Good answer, boy," Jake responded.


"My next question is simpler, I think," Aiden continued. "With whom did Tim go to New York?" Aiden ask.


"That is not as simple as it may seem," I decided I should be forthright. "Tim is in New York with my former Master. Master Ed, Tim, and I have decided to have an ongoing relationship with each other. Tim and I are going to be married. He is my best friend, my lover, my confidant, my life. Tim has been instrumental in reuniting me and Master Ed in our quest for a dynamic life. Tim and I have decided I am born to be a subservient person. And, Tim and I want to have a very tender, loving, and sincere relationship. So, it only seemed natural to include Master Ed in our relationship to satisfy my need to serve powerful men. So, Tim and Master Ed are getting to know one another better, and they seem to be forming a very close, loving relationship. I hope I haven't confused you."


"Hot damn!" Aiden answered. "That's the hottest thing I have heard in a long, long time! Don't you think so, Terrance?"


"For certain," Terrance agreed. "Is your Master Ed the hot man who is president of Hellfire?"


"Yes, Master Ed is, indeed president if Hellfire. He and I were in a Master/slave relationship for about five years." I answer.


"How exciting! Aiden and I are looking forward to getting to know our future landlords better! I am assuming that since you, Jake, and Miguel are involved in this situation that you aren't afraid of including other men in your sexual lives. Both Aiden and I think you two are super, super hot!"


"Things are looking up, aren't they, boy?" Jake jumped into the conversation.


"Yes, SIR!" I replied. "Things are looking up!"


"Why don't you fondle the boy's crotch, Terrance," Jake suggested. "I think you will like what you find there."


Terrance reached over and put his hand on my crotch. He grabbed my plastic encased cock before he announced his findings, "I am assuming this is a chastity device on you, Steven."


"Yes," I replied. "Tim put it on me a couple of weeks ago."


"How long will you have this on," Terrance asked as he continued to fondle my cock and balls.


"The length of time will depend on Tim and Master Ed," I explained. "It could be a few more weeks, it could be a few more months, or it could be a few more years, it could be for the rest of my life. Does that bother you, Terrance?"


"Not at all," Terrance responded. "I think it is fucking hot!"


"I have a question about Friday evening," Aiden announced. "Is the session solely to work on Steven's body, or can another bottom present himself to the group?"


"The other three men who are joining us are all tops," Jake explained. "Miguel and I are tops. And, I assume that at least one of you is a top. So, the other, if he is indeed a bottom, would be certainly allowed to be on display for the use of the group. However, if you decide to go that route, you will submit to anyone who wants you. The tops that we have invited are very versatile in their interests and have specialized needs—all of us can be extremely rough. And, anyone who decides to bottom for us must be ready for extreme playtime. Does that answer your question, Aiden?"


"Yes, SIR!" Aiden answered with a smile. Terrance was also smiling as he continued to massage my balls.


"Of the other two guys that we play with, one is a total top," Terrance added. "The other is more versatile, but leans toward being a top when it comes to S&M activities. So, Aiden is used to being used by a group. Aren't you Aiden?"


"Yes, SIR!" Aiden answers. "But, as Terrance knows, I want to explore. I think I am leaning toward being a totally subservient man."


"We have thought of asking a more experienced top to help me become a better top and to teach Aiden to become a more subservient bottom. We understand Ed is an excellent teacher!" Terrance explained.


"Excellent," Jake responded. "Would you two like to come back to my house for a little play session? We have two slings. I intend for the boy to be in one for the rest of the afternoon and into the evening."


"Aiden?" Terrance asked for his lover's thoughts.


"You know me, SIR!" Aiden hissed at his lover. "It doesn't take much selling to get me into a sling!"


"Then, let's be on our way," Jake announced.


We walked quickly back to Jake and Miguel's house. Once we were inside, I promptly stripped and presented myself to Jake, Terrance, and Aiden.


"Fucking hot body, Steven," Terrance exclaimed. "Maybe you should shave your body, Aiden."


"I think I would be self-conscious at the gym," Aiden replied. "Otherwise I would."


"Where do you go to the gym, boy?" Terrance asked.


"Chicago Sports Club on Halsted, SIR!" I answer. "There are a lot of us with shaved bodies."


"Maybe we need to switch gyms," Aiden quietly announced. "Your muscles show up really well without any hair on your body!"


Terrance turned to Aiden, "Strip boy! And, be quick about it!"


"Yes, SIR!" Aiden answered as he shed his clothes.


Aiden's body was stunning. He had short blond hair with a slight dusting of blond hair on his chest, crotch, arms, and legs. He stood about 5' 8" and had an extremely well developed chest, arms, and legs. His uncut cock was beginning to harden from the excitement. It was too early to tell how big it really was when fully hard.


"Boy," Jake began, "Why don't you take our visitors downstairs and get them a beer? You might also fill in our bottom boy with some of my likes and dislikes, too. I need to call Miguel and let him know we have visitors for the evening."


"Yes, SIR!" I answered as I led Aiden and Terrance downstairs to the playroom. I got us all a beer from the fridge behind the bar.


"What did Jake mean by likes and dislikes?" Terrance asked.


I started to explain Jake and Miguel. "Jake and Miguel are really, really nice men. Very generous and terrific fun. They can be tender and loving, but they can also be extremely sadistic and rough. They will never do anything that you don't consent to participate in. However, if you agree to participate in any activity, they will follow through to the activity's completion. Jake, more than Miguel, will not stop and will not hold back. All I am saying is think carefully about what you are asked to participate in before you agree. Am I clear?"


"Yes, you are very clear, Steven," Aiden answered.


"Are the two of them as hung as we have heard?" Terrance asked.


"Yup!" I continued. "Miguel has a beautiful 10 inch uncut cock with low hanging balls. Jake has a magnificent dick that, when fully hard, is a massive 13 inches. He, too, is uncut. I am addicted to both men's dicks."


"So, does Tim and your Master know about your addiction?" Terrance asked.


"Master Ed certainly does," I reply. "Tim is aware of my addiction, but we haven't talked about it formerly."


Jake came down to the play room. He was dressed in a red jock strap and lace up boots. "Am I interrupting anything, men?"


"No, SIR!" Aiden answered. "The boy filled us in about your likes and dislikes, SIR!"


"Good," Jake explained. "Now that we have two naked boys, do you want to get more comfortable, Terrance?"


"I don't have anything underneath the jeans," Terrance admitted.


Jake moved behind the bar and held up a yellow jock strap. "I don't know if you like the color, but it should fit!"


"The color suites my mood today," Terrance suggested with a huge grin.


Terrance stripped off his clothes so he could put on the jock strap. Terrance stood about 6 feet tall. Brown hair covered his muscular chest and six-pack abs. Terrance's arms and legs were extremely well defined also. His hardening circumscribed cock seemed to be fairly massive. Only time would tell. After he slipped on his jockstrap and boots, he stood in front of Aiden. "On your knees, boy! You have some jock strap licking to do!"


Aiden dropped to his knees and eagerly began his assigned task of licking his lover's hardening package.


"Boy," Jake ordered as he grabbed my balls and led me to one of the slings. "We need to get the festivities underway. I want that ass of yours again. This time you will get both my dick and my arm, fuck face!"


"Yes, SIR! Anything you want, SIR!" I responded as Jake pushed me into the sling. Once my legs were properly shackled to expose my ass, Jake began slathering Crisco around my hole.


Terrance led Aiden to the unused sling and secured him. "This is going to be fucking fun, boy! It isn't often that I get to fist you in a sling! So, hang on! Your ass will be well used by the end of the afternoon."


Jake handed Terrance the can of Crisco. Jake had already added copious amounts of Crisco to his right hand. He handed me an open bottle of poppers, "Take several hits of this, boy! You know how I get when I start to shove my fist up your ass!"


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I answered as I inhaled several hits of poppers and handed the bottle back to Jake. "Give it to me, SIR! I need to feel your fist deep inside me, SIR!"


Jake didn't waste time or words. He began his descent into my ass. First a couple of fingers and then he had his fist poised to enter me.


"Ahhh...!" I screamed as his fist passed my sphincter muscles. "Oh! Fuck that feels good, SIR!"


Jake continued to force his fist into me as I moaned in pleasure. He stopped when half of his forearm disappeared into my ass. He began to move his fist and arm slowly in and out of my ass. With every thrust back into my ass, his arm went further. He stopped when he had managed to put three quarters of his forearm into me.


Jake handed me the poppers that were left open on the table next to him. "You will need another hit of these for the rest of my journey inside you, boy!"


I took several long hits of poppers into each nostril before I handed the bottle back to Jake. He snorted several hits as well before he resumed his attack on my ass at a much faster and forceful pace.


"Ahhh...! Fuck...! Yes, SIR! Fuck...!" I screamed in ecstasy.


I looked over at Aiden and Terrance. They were both watching Jake take my ass with his arm. Terrance had his smaller arm almost half way up to his elbow.


Aiden almost whispered to his lover, "That is fucking hot, SIR!"


"Big time, boy!" Terrance agreed. "I would like to see that arm inside you. Do you think you can take it?"


"Not unless you really work my ass for a long, long time," Aiden admitted. "His arm is fucking huge! But, at some point I want it, definitely!"


"Tell Aiden how it feels to have my arm up your ass to my elbow, boy!" Jake demanded of me.


"I live for this, Aiden," I softly explain. "I thank God every time this man puts his arm or his dick inside me. It makes me feel like the scumbag, cock sucking, pit licking, ass rimming, piss and cum dump that I am! You need to really, really want this man's arm up your ass, but, after you experience it, you can hardly live without it!"


"How does that make you feel, boy?" Terrance asks his lover.


"I really do want it, SIR! But, I will need to work up to it, SIR!" Aiden answers as he still looked at Jake and me.


Terrance begins to work his arm in and out of his lover's ass. He used slow and gentle strokes until Aiden spoke up, "Give it to me, SIR! Harder, SIR! Make me feel your arm in me, SIR!"


Terrance picked up the pace of the fisting session. Jake must have been turned on by the two lovers as he, too, built his pace to a faster and harder pace. Near the end, Jake was almost pulling his entire hand out of my ass before shoving it in all the way to his elbow.


Jake stopped his thrusts in and out of my ass for a few moments as he inhaled several hits of poppers. Jake resumed fisting me at a much slower and gentler pace. He finally announced, "Boy! I'm going to pull my arm out of your ass. And, I am going to replace it with my rock hard cock and ram your ass until I dump my load of Master cum inside your slave boy, scumbag ass. This will be the first of many loads that will go into you this afternoon and tonight. You will not get out of this sling until my dick is almost worn down to a nub. Do you understand me, boy?"


"Yes, SIR! I understand you, SIR!" I scream back to Jake. "Use my ass, SIR! Use my sloppy slave boy ass to make you happy, SIR!"


Jake pulled his arm slowly out of my ass. He didn't wait more than a few seconds before he shoved his rock hard cock into me in one quick stab.


"Ahhh...! Yes, SIR! Fuck my ass, SIR! Fuck me hard, SIR!" I screamed as Jake began pummeling my ass.


Jake didn't need my encouragement as he pumped furiously at my asshole with his 13 inch shaft. The sling was moving back and forth in unison with Jake's powerful thrusts. He grabbed my legs to steady himself as he continued ramming his big dick in and out of me. Jake was sweating bullets. I was mesmerized by Jake's huge, muscled chest and arms as he worked his entire body into fucking me.


We heard Terrance screaming as he shot his first load into his lover's ass, "Fuck! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...! Fuck, yes! Fuck!"


Terrance collapsed on top of Aiden without taking his dick out of his lover's ass. They began to passionately kiss as Terrance started slowly to pump his dick again.


I heard Terrance say to Aiden, "That was round one, boy! I've got more in me, so get ready for more of my cum!"


"Yes, SIR! I need you in me, SIR!" Aiden answered with passion as he received more of Terrance's kisses. Soon, Terrance was again standing and pumping furiously in and out of Aiden's ass.


Finally, I felt Jake's body tense before he began to convulse. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


I felt Jake's cum coat my ass as he spewed his Master cum into me. Jake leaned down to my face and spit on it. "So, fuck face! I hope you are ready for more of my cum because you are going to get it!"


"Yes, SIR! I am ready, SIR! I crave your cum and your beautiful cock, SIR!" I almost scream. I didn't want Jake to take his dick out of my ass. I feel like it is meant to be exactly where it is. In my ass!


"Tell me what you are feeling, boy," Jake demands. "I want to know exactly how you feel about having my dick in your ass. I want to know how you feel knowing that your lover Tim will have your Master Ed's dick up his ass shortly! Tell me how you feel ass wipe!"


"Sir!" I begin to explain. "My feelings are hard to explain, SIR! I will try. But, please don't take your dick out of my ass. I don't think I can stand not having you in me, SIR!"


"Don't worry, boy," Jake tells me. "I will not take my big, fat black cock out of your ass for quite some time, ass wipe! Now, tell me how you fucking feel!"


"Yes, SIR!" I scream. "I feel content when your dick is in me, SIR! If I could only have one dick to fuck me, it would be yours, SIR!"


"And, what will Tim say when you tell him that you want my dick in your ass?" Jake asked me.


"He will say that I will have ample opportunity to have your sweet dick in my ass, SIR!" I answer. "He will say you can have my ass any time you want it, SIR! It will give him more time to take other men's dicks in his ass, SIR! He is becoming a cum loving bottom boy for big dicked men, SIR! And, I hope Tim is pleasing Master Ed, and I hope Master Ed is pleasing Tim, SIR!"


"So you want them to become lovers?" Jake asked.


"Yes, SIR!" I answered. "I want them to become lovers so I can have your dick inside me as much as possible, SIR! If Master Ed and Tim become lovers, they will give me to you and Miguel so that I can service you when they want to be alone, SIR!"


"So, you have a plan, boy?" Jake asked.


"Yes, SIR!" I answered. "I love Tim... I love Master Ed... but I need to have your cock in me, SIR! Your cock completes me, SIR!"


"And, how will Tim react to this revelation, boy?" Jake asked.


"Master Ed told me he would make sure Tim understands my need for your cock, SIR!" I almost scream. "He understood I needed your cock in me when I was in his service before, SIR! He understands my addiction to your cock, SIR!"


"I am glad to hear that, boy," Jake decides. "But, I want to hear you tell your lover Tim that you cannot live without my cock in you from time to time, boy! I want to hear you tell Tim that I am the real reason that you want him and Ed to become lovers, boy! I want to hear you tell Tim that my cock is the ultimate source of your happiness, boy! It is my cock that rules your heart, am I not correct, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I scream. "I need your cock in me to survive, SIR! Your cock is my life, SIR!"


"Good boy," Jake answers as he begins to fuck me again. "I am going to own you eventually, boy! You and Tim can have your house, your kids, and your life, but I am going to be sticking my dick in your fucking slave boy ass whenever I fucking want to. Do you understand me, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I answer. "I understand you, SIR!"


"Terrance?" Jake asks. "Do you want to fuck the boy? I have some phone calls to make."


"I would love to fuck the boy's ass, Jake!" Terrance said with excitement in his voice. "What should I do with this shit box?" He was referring to Aiden.


Jake shoved a wheeled cart toward Terrance. "Look in the second drawer from the top. Pick out what you think your shit box can handle and shove it in him. Then, you can have my shit box of a slave boy. I hope, Terrance, you like it rough because that is what the boy needs. You can use your fist, your dick, or anything in that cart to make certain he feels your power."


"I like it rough, Jake," Terrance explains. "My shit box can only take so much roughness, so I need to be careful. But, I suspect your shit box is just the opposite and more experienced with rough. I will make certain he is well used in your absence."


"Good," Jake responds to Terrance. "You can have the boy for about an hour. Then, I will be back. Miguel should be home about the same time I return. He will want the boy's ass."


"Just let me know when I need to give him up, Jake," Terrance explains. "He is your shit box, after all!"


Jake pulls his huge, hard cock out of me and heads upstairs.


Terrance selects a large butt plug and shoves it into Aiden's well used asshole. "Okay, scum bag. I'm going to take care of a real slave boy!"


Terrance moves to the sling I am in. "I knew you were a pig when I first saw you and Tim while you were inspecting the house you bought. It will be my pleasure to shove, first, my hard dick into your ass. Then, I think I will need to put my fist inside you. Jake is a big man. But, I will try to make up for his size with my enthusiasm, fuck face!"


"Yes, SIR!" I say to Terrance. "I am at your service, SIR! I serve all powerful men with enthusiasm, SIR! Please, SIR! Use me, SIR!"


Terrance took his place between my legs as I was in the sling. He looked at his lover and announced his intentions, "Aiden! Watch this as I stick my cock into this scum bag's ass. For the time being, his ass is mine. You will be quiet and observe!"


"Yes, SIR!" Aiden agrees with his lover Terrance. I think I hear enthusiasm in Aiden's voice.


Terrance positions his rock hard cock at my asshole. "So, how do you want me to do this, boy? Fast or slow?"


"Fast, SIR!" I answer Terrance. "Shove it in me and fuck me like you've never fucked before. I want to feel you in me, SIR!"


Terrance apparently understood me because he shoved his cock into me in one swift motion. He didn't stop once he bottomed out in my ass. He began to feverishly pound my ass with his 9 inch cock. He was definitely a man on a mission. He pulled his cock completely out of me before he shoved it in again. He repeated his motions. Terrance put his entire well-muscled body into the attack on my ass.


"Shit...! Aiden..., I know... you are... a bottom..., but you... need to... fuck this... ass!" Terrance screamed to his lover as he continued to pound my ass.


As Terrance pounded my ass, he held onto my hips to keep the sling from swinging out of control. I was moaning in ecstasy as my future tenant fucked me with a vengeance. "You know..., boy! Once you... move into... the house..., Tim will be... sharing... your fucking... slave boy ass... with a lot... of people..., including... me!"


"Ahhh...!" I moan. "Any time... you want... my ass..., you can... have it... SIR! Just ask... Tim for... permission..., SIR!"


Terrance continued to pound my ass until he suddenly stopped. "I am almost ready to cum in your ass, boy! However, I am going to put my fist in you. I am so going to enjoy this ass while I have it."


Terrance pulled his rock hard cock out of me. He sat on the stool next to my ass and began to slather Crisco on his hand. "Boy, I don't think I need to be gentle going in, is that correct?"


"Yes, SIR!" I scream. "Shove it in me, SIR!"


Terrance positioned his fist near my asshole and with one swift motion shoved it into me until he was up to his elbow in my ass.


"Ahhh...! Fuck...! Yes, SIR!" I screamed. "Use my ass, SIR!"


Terrance began to pull his arm in and out of my ass just like he did with his cock. I held my breath every time Terrance shoved his arm into my ass. I was moaning in delight.


I noticed Jake re-enter the room as Terrance was ravaging my asshole with his arm. A naked, hard Miguel was at Jake's side.


"Nice work, Terrance," Miguel quietly said. "You have certainly kept the boy in his place. But, I think I need his ass now. Do you mind?"


Terrance stopped fisting me all of a sudden. His arm was still elbow deep inside me. "Not at all! But, I do need to admit, the boy's ass is addictive! I told Aiden that he needed to use this boy's ass at some point!"


"He can have his turn when I am finished with him," Miguel quietly explained. "I hope you don't need to go home any time soon. I would like to get to know both of you better!"


"We are in no hurry!" Terrance answered. "You and Jake are inspiration to both Aiden and me."


Terrance pulled his arm out of my ass. Miguel took Terrance's place at my asshole. He pointed his rock hard Latin cock over my hole and shoved it all of the way in. "Ahhh...!" I screamed in pleasure as Miguel began his assault on my ass.


"I have been thinking of your fucking slave boy ass all afternoon," Miguel confided. "I am so fucking horny that I think I am going to dump a couple of my loads in your ass."


"Yes, SIR! Please, SIR! Use my ass, SIR! I need to feel the power of your dick, SIR!" I almost screamed.


As Miguel ramped up his thrusts in and out of my ass, Terrance and Jake were talking.


"Jake," Terrance began. "My boy wants your dick up his ass, but he is not certain he is prepared for it."


"Why don't I try," Jake suggested. "If he can't take it, I'll turn him back to you so you can open him up for me. We have all night to work through the details. But, I want your boy's ass."


Jake turned his attention to a somewhat terrified looking Aiden. "Boy! I am going to try to shove my big dick up your slave boy ass. Just relax and let me take it. You will be a better person if you don't struggle. Just give in to my dick."


"Yes, SIR!" Aiden responds. "I will do my best, SIR!"


Miguel pauses his attack on my ass. He leans close to my face and spits on me before he says, "I see the look on Jake's face. He is going to have that boy's ass and he is going to have it now. Get ready for some screaming!"


Miguel resumed fucking me.


I heard Aiden scream at the top of his lungs, "Ahhhhhhhh! Shit! Ahhhhhhhh...! It hurts! Ahhh...shit...!"


Jake screamed back at Aiden, "I'm in fuck face! I have all 13 inches of my big dick in your fucking worthless ass!"


"Pound my ass, SIR!" Aiden screamed. "I want to feel your big dick rip my ass to shreds!"


Jake began his assault on Aiden's ass.


Miguel must have been turned on by all of the screaming because he started to yell, "I'm going to cum in your fucking ass, boy! Get ready for my cum, boy! I'm going to fill your ass with my Puerto Rican cum! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...! Shit!"


Miguel rested his body on top of mine while he caught his breath. "That, boy, was my first load! I have one more to give you and then I will turn you over to Terrance and Jake. After they finish with you, I'm going to shove my arm up your ass. What do you say to that, boy?"


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I answer. "I need all the dick and fist I can get in me tonight, SIR!"


"I want to hear what you are going to tell your future husband about your experience here," Miguel demanded as he spit on my face.


"SIR!" I responded. "I am going to tell Tim that your and Jake's dicks and fists and arms complete me. I am going to tell Tim that I cannot live without your emotional and physical abuse."


"And, what do you think he will say about that, boy?" Miguel asked before he spit on my face again.


"He may disown me," I begin to answer. "He may be mad at me. He may beat the shit out of me. He may love me more for being honest with him. I will find out at a later date, SIR!"


"Jake and I want to be with you when you tell Tim about your feelings for us," Miguel explained. "I hope he beats you. I hope he tortures you. I hope he gives your ass to not only Jake and me, but whomever wants it."


"It is up to Tim, Master Ed, Jake, and you to decide who uses my ass and where my ass is used, SIR!" I whisper to Miguel.


"So, there are four of us who will have the power over who uses your ass, boy? Is that what you are telling me?" Miguel asks.


"I don't know Tim and Master Ed's reaction, SIR!" I whimper. "But, I do know I want to make all four of your happy, SIR! And, I also know I need big dicks in me. Yours. Jake's. James's. Any big dick...! I need."


Miguel hoists his body off mine and calls for Terrance, "Terrance? Would you please give the boy a hit of poppers?"


"Gladly!" Terrance answers as he shoves a bottle of poppers to my nose and closes one of my nostrils. I breathe deeply several times. Terrance repeats with the other nostril. "Can I play with the boy's nipples while you fuck his ass?"


"By all means," Miguel hisses as he begins to fuck my ass again. He used slow and deliberate thrusts in and out of my ass at first. Each time he shoved his 10 inch cock up my ass, he used more powerful and faster strokes.


Terrance was pulling, twisting, and pinching my nipples. Several times I felt his fingernails dig into my nipples.


I was moaning in pleasure as Miguel pumped my ass with his cock hard cock. Terrance was not only tormenting my nipples, but he was acting as a stabilizer for the sling to allow all of Miguel's thrusts to hammer my ass. Miguel used every muscle in his body as he slammed in and out of my ass.


Aiden began to scream, "Shit! It hurts like hell! Shit! Fuck! Shit!"


"I told you... when I started this... that I was going to finish..., ass wipe!" Jake yelled back. "Terrance! Shut your slut up or he will really be screaming!"


Terrance stopped torturing my nipples and moved to Aiden. "Shut the fuck up, boy! You wanted Jake's big fucking dick in your ass! Now you have it. So, get used to it, fuck face! I hope he shoves his arm up your ass after he unloads in you, ass wipe! I want you to feel the power of this man! He owns your ass until he is finished with it!"


Terrance grabbed a cum rag and stuffed it into Aiden's mouth to muffle the screams coming from his lover's mouth.


Jake picked up the pace of his thrusts in and out of Aiden's ass. After several more minutes, we heard Jake scream, "I'm fucking cumming, ass wipe! "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... shit... ahhh... ahhh... fuck... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Simultaneous with Jake unloading in Aiden's ass Miguel began spewing his cum in my ass, "Fuck! I'm cumming boy! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Miguel dropped his body on top of mine to rest while he recuperated. He kissed me gently before he announced, "That was good, boy! Really good! I think we need to rest. It is almost midnight, and we have a party tomorrow night!"




To be continued...


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