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Life With Tim

Chapter 12: The Festivities


By the time 9 pm rolled around on Friday evening, Miguel and Jake had shaved my body and put my nipples and dick (less the plastic chastity device) into the vacuum tubes for a couple of hours. After the vacuuming session they put the chastity device back on my engorged cock.


Jake and Miguel were dressed in full leather. They were attired with tight fitting leather pants with a cod piece over their cock and balls. They also slipped on a full leather harness to show off their massive chest and arms.


I was attired in the metal collar Miguel and Jake installed when I first arrived and the chastity device.


James was the first of the group to arrive. Jake greeted him at the door. He pulled me with him by my balls to greet the first guest. "James!" Jake began as he pulled James in for a hug. Once they pulled apart, Jake continued. "You remember the boy, right?"


"Of course, how could I forget such an enthusiastic slave boy?" James answered. James grabbed me by the hair on my head and pulled me into a kiss. "It's been a long time, right boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I answered.


James was dressed in extremely tight jeans and a simple white t-shirt under his leather jacket. His jeans were exceptionally distressed and clearly showed his massive dick. It was obvious that he didn't have any underwear on underneath the jeans.


"I hope you haven't lost your yearning for my dick and the things I am going to do to your body tonight," James continued. "From what Miguel and Jake have told me, this might be a long night for you!"


"Yes, SIR!" I begin to answer. "I am eager to serve all of the men who will be here tonight. I have promised Jake and Miguel that I will not disappoint them."


"And, your future husband and your Master are getting to know one another better this weekend, I understand," James added. "I talked to you Master earlier this week. He told me that your future husband and he were on the path to become lovers. And, that you would be available from time to time to serve some of his friends. That information made me VERY happy and VERY horny!"


"Yes, SIR!" I answered. "I understand I will be available whenever Tim, my future husband, and Master Ed decide they want to be alone."


"Boy," Jake suggests. "Why don't you get James something to drink?"


"Yes, SIR!" I answer Jake and turn my attention to James. "What would you like, SIR?"


"A Corona would be perfect, boy!" James answered. "Once I have a few of them, I will give you a taste."


"Yes, SIR!" I answered as I went to the kitchen to grab a Corona for James.


When I returned with the Corona for James, he, Miguel, and Jake were standing in the living room. I handed the drink to James and assumed the position at Jake's feet.


The doorbell rang as Jake and James were talking. Miguel pulled me to my feet. He grabbed my balls and led me to the door.


"Brad! Welcome to our gathering," Miguel enthused as he pulled Brad into a hug. "I know you remember the boy!" Miguel pulled my balls so that I was standing close to Brad with my back to him.


"Nice work, Miguel!" Brad enthused. "Is this your work or Jake's?"


"Jake's," Miguel answered. "I'm certain you have something very creative planned for the boy tonight!"


"I do, indeed," Brad answered. "Boy, turn around!"


I turned to face Brad. He had shed his jacket to reveal his somewhat muscular, hairy chest adorned with a full leather harness. His tight jeans showed the outline of his hardening dick.


"I have a very special whip with me tonight," Brad enthused. "I have only used it on a nonhuman target so far. You will be the first man to feel the power of my special whip. You will very definitely remember tonight as one of the defining moments in your life, boy! And, I talked with your Master before he left for New York with Tim. He and I have come to an agreement about your body. So, I am really looking forward to the activities tonight."


"Get Brad a drink, boy!" Miguel ordered. "What would you like?"


"A Corona would be perfect," Brad answered. I headed to the kitchen to fetch a Corona for Brad. I approached Brad who was now talking to James and handed him the beer.


I assumed the position at Miguel's feet while we awaited the arrival of the other men. The doorbell rang and Jake motioned to me to join him in greeting our new guests. It was David, Terrance, and Aiden.


"Hello, David, Terrance. Hello, boy," Jake greeted the two men. "Welcome to our gathering!"


"Thank you for having us, Jake," David began. "I didn't wear anything special because I plan on being naked for tonight's festivities. I hope you don't mind!"


"I'm certain all of us will be naked soon enough!" Jake hugged all three guys before he continued, "So, Aiden, do you want to be available for the group to use tonight?"


"Yes, SIR!" Aiden answered. "I would like that very much. Terrance and I have discussed tonight. He is very excited that I might get the opportunity to be of service to your friends. To be frank, I am a little nervous that I might disappoint you."


"I am certain you will do fine, Aiden," Jake began. "You will need to strip before I introduce the two of you to the group. Do you have a leash for your boy, Terrance?"


"Yes, SIR!" Terrance affirmed as he pulled the chain link leash out of his coat pocket. Terrance shed his leather jacket to reveal his tight, white t-shirt and tight jeans. "I put his collar on him when we returned home this morning! I have shaved his body. I have cleaned out his ass. I have stretched his hole. He is ready for use by the group!"


"Strip, boy," Jake ordered. "Put your clothes in the closet here. You will not need them for the rest of your stay! Boy, please show these two into the living when Aiden is naked. Then, get David, Terrance, and Aiden a beer. I think Aiden may need one to calm his nerves. I will escort David to the living room."


"Yes, SIR!" I answered as I waited for Aiden to quickly strip. When Aiden was completely naked except his collar and the leash Terrance placed on it, I ushered both into the living room. Jake introduced the newcomers to the group while I retrieved a Corona for the three newest arrivals.


I assumed the position at Jake's feet and awaited further instructions.


After a few moments, Jake and Miguel made their announcements. Jake was first to speak, "Miguel and I are extremely happy all of you could join us for the evening. We have two boys who will serve us tonight. Of course, all of you know Steven—Ed's former slave. Steven's future husband, Tim, and Steven's Master, Ed, also welcome you here tonight go enjoy the boy while the two of them are in New York City getting to know one another better."


Miguel continued the announcement, "We also have the privilege of having a new comer to the BDSM and Master/slave scene. Aiden, who is Terrance's property, is graciously giving his body to us tonight for our enjoyment. But, I hope you will understand that Aiden is not as experienced as our boy, Steven. So, please keep that in mind as you use him."


"So, are there any questions?" Jake asked.


"Just one," Brad began. "What is the order here? I mean, who goes first?"


"Well," Miguel began. "We were going to make this a free for all. Especially since we have two bottoms here to serve us! However, after speaking with all of tonight's guests, we've decided to put both boys into the slings downstairs. We will each get a turn at both asses before we get into more specialized activities."


David spoke up, "I think that is a brilliant idea! I haven't shot a load in a couple of days in preparation for tonight, so I am ready for some slave boy ass!"


"Terrific!" Jake further explained. "We will also remove Steven's chastity device later during tonight's events in case any of you want to torture his cock and balls without restrictions. Miguel and I have decided to let you use our boy Steven's ass in order of arrival tonight. Terrance has given us permission to go in reverse order for our boy Aiden's tight boy pussy. So, let's get these two pieces of shit into the slings."


Terrance led Aiden down the stairs. Aiden's leash pulled tightly as they descended to the playroom. Jake grabbed my balls and pulled me downstairs behind him. The other men followed.


Terrance and Miguel secured Aiden in one sling. Jake and James secured me. My legs were raised over my shoulders and my wrists were also secured in the sling. Terrance and Miguel left Aiden's hands free.


"Terrance, Jake, and I have decided that Aiden will be allowed the use of poppers during his service here tonight," Miguel announced. "However, we want Steven to experience tonight drug free so that he feels everything happening to him."


By this time, David and James had both shed their clothes. David had a leather cock ring fastened tightly around his rock hard 9 inch cock. James had a chrome cock ring surrounding his massive 13 inch uncut cock.


James took his place at my ass. I had forgotten how magnificent his body was. He stood 6' 6" tall and had a serious workout body. His chest and six pack abs were covered in a remarkably attractive brown coating of hair. His legs and arms were also covered in light fur.


"I've missed that ass of yours, boy!" James began. "I hope you know what you are in for tonight. As you know, I am not a gentle person!"


"Yes, SIR!" I answer. "I remember distinctly, SIR! I have missed your big uncut cock in me as well!"


While we exchanged thoughts, James was busily applying liberal amounts of lube to his huge dick. I felt his dick head brush my asshole before he plunged his whole cock into my ass. I screamed, "Ahhh...! Fuck...! Ahhh...!"


"I take it you liked that, boy?" James quietly asked me.


"Yes, SIR!" I hiss back at him even though the quick insertion of his dick into my ass caused significant pain.


James didn't waste any time as he began thrusting his huge cock in and out of my ass. I moaned in pain each time he shoved his cock all of the way in me. James put all of his muscled body into fucking me. He used the chains of the sling for support. After several minutes of nonstop, rapid fire fucking, the pain began to subside. It was replaced by the pleasure of James's big dick rubbing my prostate with every stroke. My dick was totally limp, however, inside the chastity device. Both of us were sweating bullets.


In the midst of James thrusting in and out of me, we heard David scream, "I'm going to cum in your boy pussy, ass wipe! Take my fucking Master cum, boy! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


After a few more minutes, we heard David say to Terrance, "Terrance, your boy has a perfect ass for my dick! I think I will need this boy's ass more often!"


"You can have it anytime you want," Terrance responded. "Right, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" Aiden quietly whispered. "I love your dick, SIR!"


James continued to pound my ass as we heard Terrance speak, "Now it's my turn, boy!"


I looked over to see Terrance shove his dick into his lover's waiting asshole and begin to pound away at it.


My ass was still being ransacked by James's huge dick. I looked up at James to see Jake begin to play with James's nipples. James picked up the pace of his attack. His nipples were obviously very sensitive. But, James didn't succumb to the nipple play. He continued for several more minutes until we heard Terrance unload into Aiden's ass.


"Fuck...! Ahhh...! Fuck...! Shit...! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" Terrance screamed.


Immediately after Terrance had shot his load, James moaned, "Here it comes, boy! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


I felt every volley of cum coat the inside of my well used ass. James collapsed on top of me and leaned in to kiss me. "I want more of that ass, boy! And, I know I will get it often!"


"Yes, SIR!" I whisper. "Tim and Master Ed own my ass, SIR! I think they are very eager to share it!"


As James eased his sweaty, spent body off mine, I felt some of James's cum escape from my ass.


A now naked Brad took his place. "So, boy! I have been thinking about using you ever since you and Tim bought Tim's car! I know you will enjoy—maybe a better word is remember—the activity that I have planned for you later tonight! But, for now, I am going to seed your sloppy boy pussy with my Master cum."


Brad didn't bother to put lube on his 8 inch hard cock. He lined his dick up with my asshole and shoved it in up to his balls. I felt his pubic hairs tickle my hairless balls. "James really dumped a load in you, didn't he?"


"Yes, SIR!" I answered.


Brad began pumping his cock in and out of my ass. With every inward thrust, I felt James's cum swish inside me. Brad increased his pace until the sling was banging back and forth. Brad was pulling me toward him as he shoved his dick in me.


I heard Miguel unload into Aiden's ass, "Fuck boy! I'm cuming! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Brad was right behind Miguel. He unleashed rope after rope of cum into my ass, "Fuck boy! Fuck...! Fuck...! Ahhh...! Fuck...! Ahhh...!"


Brad lowered himself on top of me so that his face was just over mine. He spit on my face and then announced, "Fuck face! I enjoyed your sloppy ass, but I am going to enjoy whipping your body even more! I think Jake and Miguel have that planned as the last activity of the evening! You will be in severe pain afterwards. I promise you that much!"


David, Terrance, Jake, and Miguel also had a turn on my ass as Jake, Brad, and James ravaged Aiden's ass.


Once the last of the top men finished recovering, Jake made an announcement, "I think, men, we should let these two out of the sling for a little while. They have been confined here for a couple of hours. Then, after they rest, we can resume with the rest of the festivities. Terrance, help your boy out of the sling and put him on the stool by the bar. Miguel, why don't you help me get our boy to the bathtub so we can all relieve ourselves."


Jake and Miguel released me and led me to the bathtub. Jake gave me his instructions, "Boy! Lay on your back!"


"Yes, SIR!" I agreed as I lay on my back in the bathtub.


"Okay, men!" Jake announced. "Our boy is in place in case you need to piss."


First was James and Brad who both unloaded a torrent of piss. James even managed to hit my open mouth with some of his. Next up was David and Terrance. Jake and Miguel were the last. I was covered in man piss.


"Stand up boy, and let your body dry off," Jake ordered.


I stood for a few moments while my body dried from the piss. Jake handed me a beer. "You've earned this, boy! Just relax for a few moments."


"Yes, SIR!" I answered as I took the offered beer. "Thank you, SIR!"


"Boy, why don't you sit beside Aiden?" Miguel offered after he felt my body was dry enough.


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I answered as I made my way to the stool next to Aiden.


We drank our beers and talked about the evening until Jake decided to move things forward, "Okay, men. Let's begin the next session with our two bottom boys! Terrance and I think Aiden will make a good fisting partner for those who want to enjoy his ass a little more. If you want to fuck him again, I'm sure Terrance would be willing to negotiate. Steven on the other hand, will be given to James and Brad. James will be in charge in the beginning. Brad will take over at the end of the session. I think both James and Brad will show us a very fine show. Terrance, please put Aiden back into his sling. James, the other boy is yours for as long as you want him."


Miguel removed my chastity device while Jake was speaking. James stood in front of me and grabbed me by the balls. He led me to the bondage table and pushed me on my back in the middle. Miguel helped James to attach the restraints to my ankles, wrists, and waist.


"I hope you remember how enthusiastic and thorough I am when I get someone on the bondage table," James said quietly to me. He started to attach a ball parachute to my balls. Jake was standing next to him with the pulley chain to attach to the ball parachute. "I've decided to give you something to take your mind off your torture, boy."


Once James had the ball parachute firmly attached, Jake clicked the snap hook onto the chain from the ball parachute. As he pulled another chain, a pulley increased the distance my balls were stretched.


"Ahhhhhhhh!" I screamed in pain that was almost unbearable. Jake added more force to increase the pull on my balls. "Awwwwwwww!"


"That should do it, don't you think, James?" Jake said as he sneered at me.


"I think that will be perfect for now," James agreed. "We might need to add more force as we go along."


Jake handed James some small C clamps. James began attaching them to my nipples. Once he had them on, he turned the handle to tighten the pressure that was squeezing my nipples. I again screamed in pain, "Awwwwwwwwww!"


"Shut up, boy," Jake reprimanded me. "You know better than to scream like that!"


"I think this is a nice beginning, don't you think so Jake?" James asked as he admired his handy work so far.


"A very nice beginning," Jake replied as he too surveyed their work.


"How many do you think we can get attached to the boy?" James asked Jake as he pulled out his bag of wooden clothespins.


"Why don't we just start and make that decision later?" Jake asked James.


"Good idea," James agreed. "Why don't you take his left side and I will take his right side? We can work our way from the boy's arm pits, down his chest, across his stomach, down his thighs, and then circle back until we have several on the boy's ball sack and cock."


Both men worked quickly to install the clothespins in the pattern that James had suggested. I noticed Terrance and Brad were watching closely us as David and Miguel were taking turns fisting Aiden.


"I think we've done it," James said to Jake as both men finished attaching the last clothespin to the foreskin of my limp cock. "Too bad he doesn't have a hard on. We could really cause him some significant pain."


James and Jake simultaneously began to thread a heavy string through holes in each clothespin. Once they were finished, James tugged softly at the string, "The string will work nicely when we want to remove the clothes pins quickly. But, we are not ready just yet, are we?"


"Nope," James agreed. "We've more work to do!"


Jake handed James a long red candle. He turned to our observers and asked Terrance and Brad, "Would you two like to help with this phase?"


They both eagerly accepted and were also handed a red candle. Jake lit all four. He showed Terrance and Brad how they wanted the wax to drip onto my body, essentially covering the base of the clothespins. Once they were finished, James took a white candle, lit it, and began to drip hot wax onto my nipples contained by the C clamps. When both nipples were finally covered, he added a significant amount of hot wax to some of the parts of my body not covered in clothespins.


Jake added more pressure to my stretched balls. I screamed in pain, "Awwwwwwwww! Awwwwwwww! Awwwwwww!"


"I don't really want to have the neighbors here you scream, boy!" Jake reprimanded me. He turned and strode to the bathtub that still contained the piss from the others. He dipped a sock in the bathtub and brought it over to where I was restrained.


"Open wide, boy!" Jake demanded.


I opened my mouth, and Jake shoved the piss soaked sock into my mouth.


"We won't hear as much from now on," Jake said as he sneered at me. "Are we ready to take these off, James?"


"I think now is as good a time as any," James answered. Both men grabbed the beginning of the string on either side of my body and began to quickly pop off the clothes pins one after another. I screamed into the piss soaked sock, but my screams were significantly muffled. I almost passed out when the clothespins on my cock and balls were pulled off me.


"That was amazing," Terrance gushed. "I want to know how to do that!"


"I would be happy to show you sometime," James offered.


"Maybe you could show him tomorrow morning, James," Jake suggested. "Now I think we need to turn this boy over to Brad."


James and Jake unhooked my stretched balls from the overhead device. James removed the parachute from my balls. I actually missed the pain of having my balls stretched out as far as they could go. Brad assisted James and Jake in removing the shackles from the bondage table. James helped me up.


He pulled my sweaty body close to his and kissed me. "Thank you, boy! You are still as amazing as ever!"


"Thank you, SIR!" I answered as James led me by the hand to the bar and sat me on a stool.


As I was sitting, Terrance was leading Aiden to the stool next to me.


"We thought you two could use a rest," Jake said as he handed a beer to both Aiden and me. "When the boy is ready, I suggested we all watch Brad's handy work with the whip. Well, everyone except Steven. He will be on the receiving end of the whipping!"


"By the way, Aiden," Miguel began. "How is your ass?"


"I feel empty," Aiden admitted. "But, I hope you were pleased!"


"We were more than pleased, Aiden," David said. "If Terrance ever wants a break from his boyfriend, I'll be happy to keep his lover company!"


The top men talked among themselves until Jake decided it was time for Brad to use my body.


"Men," Jake said to the group. "I think it is time to proceed. Are you ready, Brad?"


"Absolutely," Brad answered. "I've been ready since I unloaded my cum in the boy's ass!"


Brad grabbed me by the balls and led me to the center of the room. He and Miguel began to restrain my wrists in straps hanging from the ceiling and my ankles in straps attached to the floor. When I was properly restrained, Miguel pulled on another chain to pull by wrists and ankles as far apart as possible.


Brad brought over a coiled whip and showed it to the group, "I have bull whipped several men before with an older version of this whip. I had to be careful not to use too much force so that I did not make permanent marks on the boy's body. This whip has been carefully designed and custom made so that I can add more force to the whipping and still not leave permanent marks. The boy will definitely have red welts over his body after I have finished with him. However, they will go away in after four or five days."


Brad walked in front of me so I could clearly see him. His dick was rock hard and standing at attention. I noticed most of the other guys were sporting erections as well. "So, boy," Brad whispered to me. "Are you ready, boy?"


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I said in a normal voice.


"I don't think the others heard you, boy," Brad yelled at me. "Are you ready, boy?"


I managed to crank up the volume so the others would definitely hear me, "Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!"


"That's better boy," Brad said as he disappeared behind me.


I was look directly at the guys standing in front of me who were ready to witness the whipping I was about to get. Aiden and Terrance looked a little worried. The others looked excited.


When I felt the first blow to my back, I screamed, "Awwwwww!"


Brad didn't deliver another blow to my back immediately. He waited until you could hear a pin drop.


Then, without notice, he started lashing my back with the bull whip. At first, I thought it felt just like the other times when Brad had bull whipped me. But, the intensity picked up as did the force of the blows against my back. I was in such pain every time the whip hit my back, I couldn't scream. My body moved with every blow. Brad kept up the break neck pace of the whipping until I felt his lashes hit lower and lower until the lashes were directly on my ass.


Then, Brad paused. He felt my back and ass. He removed his hand from my body. He started whipping me fiercely with the whip, but this round he was moving around to my side and then my front and then my back where he would lower the position of the lashes. He continued to circle my limp body as he delivered blow after blow until he reached my cock and balls in front. I screamed as he ravaged my cock and balls with the painful blows of the whip. I was so beyond screaming that I nearly passed out.


Brad paused again. He circled my body viewing the results of his handy work. When he got to my front, he leaned in to kiss me before he whispered, "I think my job is done here for tonight!"


"Thank you, SIR!" I whimpered.


Jake and Miguel helped Brad release me from my restraints. Miguel led me to a bar stool and offered me a beer. I drank as I tried to come down from my experience with Brad and his new whip.


"That was awesome, Brad, boy," David complimented us. "Now, what do we do to get our dicks from standing straight out?"


"Aiden, my body is sore as shit from clothespins and whip lashes, but I'll take half if you take the other half," I suggested.


Deal!" Aiden answered. We were both escorted to the slings to relieve our men.




I awakened with a big object massaging my asshole. Miguel was in front of me. He was smiling. I turned my head to notice Jake snuggled up to my back side.


"He's awake, Jake," Miguel whispered. "What do we want to do now?"


"Take it one step at a time," Jake offered. "How do you feel after last night's activities, boy?"


"I think I feel cum running out of my ass, SIR!" I begin. "My back, ass, front, and cock and balls feel red hot from being whipped. My nipples and a few other parts of my body are sore from having all of those clothespins ripped off my body. Other than that, I am just fine, SIR!"


"Do you want to recuperate while we clean up downstairs and fix breakfast?" Miguel asked. There was real compassion in the big man's voice.


"Nope," I answered. "I want your big dicks in my ass again!"


"That, my dear boy, can definitely be arranged!" Jake exclaimed. "Slow and gentle? Or, fast and rough?"


"Fast and rough," I answered. "But, please make it last a while, SIRS!"


Jake was first since his rock hard, 13 inch, uncut black cock was already brushing my asshole. He pulled me into a big bear hug and simultaneously shoved his cock up my ass in one quick motion.


"Ahhh...! Yes..., SIR! Thank you..., SIR!" I whispered. I felt secure with Jake's massive cock balls deep inside me.


Jake rolled me over on my stomach and spread my legs with his massive tree trunk legs. He lifted his body off mine and began to plow my ass with his enormous cock. He picked up speed with every thrust. His body was dripping sweat onto mine—making some of the tender spots from the whip last night burn slightly.


I was moaning in ecstasy while Jake continued to pummel my ass. He was pulling almost totally out of me before he slammed his cock back in. The bed began shaking from Jake's rapid fire thrusts in and out of my ass.


Jake began to breathe more heavily as he put all of his body and all of his muscles into his attack on my ass. I thought Jake was never going to cum. But, all of a sudden, Jake began screaming, "I'm cumming in you, boy! Get ready for my load! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" When I felt the last spurt of his cum coat the inside of my ass, he gently put all of his body weight onto mine while his breathing recovered from his workout. "Boy," Jake finally said, "I am getting really used to your ass! I think Tim could make a lot of money from your sweet ass, boy!"


"Move over Jake," Miguel finally said. "I've been stroking my cock while you fucked the boy. I'm almost there. I want to cum in his sloppy boy pussy ass!"


Jake popped his still hard cock out of my ass. It was replaced by Miguel's 10 inch piece of meat. It wasn't long before Miguel started moaning as he shot massive amounts of cum into my ass. He, too, collapsed on top of me and attempted to bring his breathing to a normal level.


"You're right, Jake," Miguel finally said. "Tim could make a lot of money from his ass. Maybe we could write up a business plan. We could be Tim's first major customers!"


Miguel stayed on top of me with his dick impaled into my ass. The three of us fell asleep again.


I woke up to feel Miguel's still hard dick inside me. Miguel began to move in and out of me. Suddenly, he stopped. "I'm not going to fuck you again right now, boy! I am hungry, and I know Jake is also. Get dressed. Jake and I will take you out to breakfast."


The three of us dressed quickly. Before we left the house, Jake decided I needed something to keep the cum in my ass. "Pull your jeans down, boy, and bend over!"


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I pulled my jeans down.


Jake inserted a large butt plug in my ass with one swift stroke. "There! That should keep everything inside. You will need these also!"


Jake handed me a gym bag. "It has your gym clothes in it as well as your running shoes. Tim brought these by a couple of days before he left. We want to show your marked up body to the men at the gym!"


Once we had eaten a high protein, high energy breakfast at the Melrose Restaurant, we headed to the gym a few blocks away. We found empty lockers and began to change.


Jake gave me my orders, "Get naked, boy! Leave the butt plug in. You only have gym shorts, a tank top, sox, and your running shoes in your bag. So, you will go commando while you do your workout. But, take your time getting dressed in your gym clothes. I want everyone to notice your body, your butt plug, and your chastity device. I will tell you when to get dressed."


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I respond as I stripped and put my street clothes in the locker. I stood naked as I watched Jake and Miguel strip and put on their gym clothes.


A group of naked men who had just finished their showers at the end of our row of lockers were looking on with big smiles on their faces. One naked guy, who was about 5' 11" tall, finally approached Jake and Miguel. "Is this your new boy, guys?"


"He just on loan to us for the long weekend," Miguel answered before he turned to me. "Boy, this is Sam. Sam, this is Steven."


Sam motioned for the other two naked men to join us, "This is my lover Greg and a friend of ours Harrison. Guys, this is Steven. You are Tim's lover aren't you?"


"Yes, SIR!" I answered. I must have had a confused look on my face.


"Harrison and I work with Tim," Sam explained. "We met briefly at the Christmas party for our company."


"Yes, SIR! I remember now," I said to the group.


"Sam is actually Tim's boss," Harrison explained. "I am a sales representative just like Tim."


"Are you two responsible for the marks on the boy's body?" Greg asked.


"Some, but not all," Jake explained. "We had a little gathering at our place last night. The boy was the center of attention. Brad, the bullwhip guy from Hellfire, put the finishing touches on the boy's body last night. It was a very impressive show!"


"Tim certainly left you with some very experienced men," Harrison said to me. "I hope he is enjoying his time with his new lover and your Master in New York, boy. Oh! And, congratulations on your engagement."


"Thank you, SIR!" I answered. I was still somewhat confused with the situation. I also noticed that the three men's cocks were beginning to harden.


"We are going out to the Cell Block tonight to show off the boy's new body markings," Jake explained. "If you want to join us there, we could all go back to our place afterward. We just want to show the boy off to some of our friends at the bar. It will be an early night."


I questioningly looked at Jake. He must have noticed my confusion.


"It's okay, boy," Jake explained. "We own your ass for a few more days!"


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I replied. I also thought to myself, `What is Tim going to say when he finds out Jake and Miguel gave my body, my ass, to his coworkers! Maybe this has gone a bit too far!'


"We would love to join you," Greg said to Jake. "What time will you be at the Cell Block?"


"Probably around 10 pm," Miguel suggested enthusiastically. "That way we can stay for about an hour to show off the boy and then get an early start for playtime!"




We arrived at the Cell Block promptly at 10 pm. We had checked our coats and retrieved Corona's for all three of us. Jake and Miguel were in full leather: leather pants, leather harness, leather vest, and leather boots. Both of their muscular bodies glistened from the low light of the bar.


I was dressed in my tight, very distressed jeans, a leather harness, and leather boots. My chastity device enclosed dick was easily discernable in the crotch of my jeans.


We saw Sam, Harrison, and Greg in the leather only section of the bar when we entered. Jake and Miguel led the way to greet them.


"Good to see you guys," Sam added.


"We're happy you could share this moment with us here at the bar," Jake began. "We might even put the boy on display in the shackles. We haven't decided just yet."


Sam and Greg were dressed much like Jake and Miguel. Sam's blond hair covered his muscular chest. Greg's well developed body was almost hairless. But, both of their cocks were semi-hard.


Harrison was dressed in skin tight jeans and a leather vest without a shirt. His muscular chest and arms were covered with a light dusting of almost black hair. He adjusted himself to release the tension his already hard cock was causing.


Sam led off the conversation, "Tim said that you two were buying a house in Lakeview! Congratulations on that! I believe we are on the next block. Greg and I bought a three flat a couple of years ago and converted it into a single family home. It was a wise decision to buy one that is already renovated. We nearly killed each other during our renovation!"


"We are very excited about buying the house!" I enthused. "David, our real estate agent, showed us the house and we immediately made an offer. It was accepted the same evening we saw it. We are closing in it the middle of April."


"I understand from Tim that the first two floors are one apartment," Harrison added.


"And," Jake took over, "they have two leather boy tenants living on the third floor! They got a lot for their money!" Jake smiled at me.


"Great! An added bonus," Harrison continued. "Do you need to do any renovations?"


"Nope!" I answered. "The kitchen and bathrooms were all redone last year. We will change some of the paint colors, but other than that, we are set to move in—once we find enough furniture for the place."


"Do you have a decorator?" Greg asked.


"Yes, Harry Linch!" I answered.


"Terrific guy!" Greg continued. "I work at the Merchandise Mart. If you are interested in contemporary furnishings, you, Tim, and Harry should stop by our show room. Harry has all of my contact information."


"I will tell Tim when I see him Monday evening," I agree.


Sam decided to move the conversation in a different direction, "So, Jake, Miguel, what do you like to do with the boy?"


Miguel answered with a smile and a pat on my ass, "Our dicks have been in his ass a lot since he arrived at our place on Wednesday evening. Jake added some decorations to the boy's body on Thursday morning during a whipping session. Of course, we've both had our fists in his ass. Last night James, you know James I think, had him on the bondage table for a very nice session. And, we invited the guy with the bull whip to join us. You know the one from Hellfire!"


"Yes," Sam agreed. "I believe his name is Brad, am I correct?"


"That would be correct," Jake answered. "He and the boy gave us a very exciting show last night. When we get together later, how would you like to use the boy?"


"We can be very versatile," Harrison answered for the group. "I think we would all enjoy a turn at his ass, but after that, we will follow your lead for certain."


"That sounds like a plan, boys!" Miguel agreed. "Shall we move the festivities to our home, men?"


"Certainly," Greg replied. "I, for one, am eager to have a piece of the boy's ass!"


We retrieved our coats from the coat check and headed back to Jake and Miguel's house.



To be continued...


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