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Life With Tim


Chapter 13: Tim and Master Ed Return


I had left Jake and Miguel's home to pick up Tim and Master Ed up at the airport on Monday evening around 6 pm. After Tim and I dropped off Master Ed at his car, we were settled naked at our kitchen island with drinks in our hands.


"How was your time in New York, Tim?" I asked.


"Terrific!" Tim explained. "I had a really good couple of days with the people at our headquarters. And, the weekend was fabulous. We saw a show, ate at some really wonderful places, and did a little sightseeing. I had forgotten how much fun New York can be! How was your time with Miguel and Jake?"


"Inspiring, to say the least," I began to explain. "Jake and Miguel are terrific hosts!"


"I can see from the marks on your body and the butt plug in your ass that you were a hit," Tim added with a smirk on his face. "What was the highlight for you?"


"Jake and Miguel's cock!" I said to Tim. "I couldn't get enough of their cocks! When the three of us were alone, one of their dicks—or sometimes one of their fists—was usually in me. Thank you for allowing me to spend time with them! I had forgotten how addicted I am to these two hunks!"


"You are welcome, sweetie. Ed and I are pleased that you had such a good time," Tim began again. "I didn't know you were addicted, but at least we won't need to find a rehab program. We will just send you to their house periodically!"


"I didn't know how you would react to the news!" I admitted to Tim.


"I'm okay with it, Steven!" Tim explained. "Ed had mentioned to me while we were in New York how much you enjoyed being in their company... How were Terrance, Aiden, David, Brad, and James?"


"Remarkable. However, exactly how much input did you have in selecting the participants and activities on Friday night?" I asked.


"The design of the evening was mostly Ed's. I had a little input. Jake and Miguel executed our plans. I suspect from that look on your face they did a really, really good job." Tim explained


"I can safely say that I will definitely remember the experience fondly," I added as I explained the festivities in detail.


"I have a couple of questions. First, why didn't I know that the Brad who sold me a car was the bull whip guy you told me about several months ago?" Tim finally asked.


"I didn't want to scare you," I answered with a smile.


"Fair enough," Tim agreed. "And, is James' dick really as big as Jake's?"


"Definitely," I told Tim. "His might even be a little larger around than Jake's. James also has a penchant for torture. I think, over all, you would like him. Maybe not as a potential sexual partner, but definitely as a really, really nice man!"


"Ed said that I would probably like all of them," Tim explained.


"I'm certain," I answered. "You will see them all at Hellfire events."


"What about our upstairs tenants?" Tim asked.


"They are an interesting couple," I began. "Terrance and Aiden are both stunningly good looking men—especially when they are naked. Terrance has at least nine inches of uncut meat. Aiden is a little smaller and cut. As we surmised, Terrance is the top and Aiden is the bottom."


"One last question about Terrance and Aiden," Tim began. "Did Terrance fuck you?"


"Yes, he did," I explained. "Twice to be exact. He also fisted me."


"So, your ass was well used on Friday night?" Tim asked.


"Yes," I answered. "Why?"


"I want to know if I will need lube when I fuck your brains out tonight," Tim disclosed.


"I don't think you will need lube," I responded. "So, what part did you play in arranging for your coworkers to use my ass and body?"


"Did you mind?" Tim asked.


"No, I didn't mind," I answered. "The three of them are really nice men. And, I must admit, their bodies are almost perfect! I was just curious as to why you wanted me to be with them is all!"


"I wanted to satisfy my curiosity without actually involving myself," Tim slowly answered. "How were they?"


"Your boss, Sam, has a nice 9 inch uncut dick, and he definitely knows how to use it. He also managed to get his fist in my ass--twice. He and Greg must work out constantly." I answered. "His partner, Greg, has a magnificent, almost hairless, body. His 8 inch dick was in my ass twice and my mouth once. He did not opt to put his fist in me. Instead, he and Jake took turns paddling my ass. Harrison also has a superbly developed body and is about 7 inches cut, but he only had his dick in me once. He was more interested in getting Miguel and Jake's dick in HIS ass! Does that answer your questions?"


"Partially," Tim admitted. "I am certain I will have other questions as time goes on."


"Now tell me more about you and Master Ed," I moved on with the questions.


"Well, I promised Ed that I would wait until dinner tomorrow night before I go into too much detail," Tim began. "But, I can safely say that Ed and I really hit it off. Not only is he terrific in bed, but he is a lot of fun to travel with. We made love a lot! On Sunday, we went out for brunch and then landed back in bed until this morning. My ass is still just a little sore. Probably nothing like yours, but I can tell I had a lot of his dick in me."


"Did Master Ed reciprocated?" I asked with a smile.


"Of course," Tim said as he tweaked my still sore nipple. "But, it was mostly his dick in my ass or my mouth. God, I love his fucking dick! Speaking of dick, I want to put mine in your ass. I've missed your sloppy ass while we were gone!"


Tim stood, tweaked my nipples a little more and then led me into the bedroom. "Steven! I want you on your back with your legs up in the air. Do I need lube?"


"Just pop the butt plug out and shove your dick in," I answer. "No need for lube. I think after the festivities at Jake and Miguel's you will never need to use lube when you fuck me. I think my ass is permanently stretched."


"We can save money that way!" Tim said as he positioned himself between my legs. Once he pulled the butt plug out, he immediately shoved his cock all of the way in me. "Nope! No need for lube in this ass. You do have an incredible sloppy ass! I think I might deposit a few loads in here tonight."


Tim leaned down to kiss me. He began pumping my ass with his rock hard cock as he began the kissing session. "I've missed... your lips... on mine..., too, Steven! And..., I am... so... fucking turned on... by the... marks... on your body! I want Ed... to teach me... how to... properly... whip you!"


"I'm certain... it wouldn't take... you too long... to get the... hang... of it!" I hissed. "If you are... half as good... at whipping... as you are... at... fucking and... kissing..., then..., I will... be in... heaven!"


"You know what..., Steven...!" Tim hissed back. "I'm going to... stop talking... and start... fucking... your sloppy... overused ass!"


Tim raised his body on his arms and stopped kissing me. He began a major assault on my ass. He was a man with a motive tonight. Tim ramped up his pace until he was pounding my ass. He pulled his entire cock out and then slammed it back in. His sweat dripped from his muscular body onto my hairless one. Each stab of his dick caused me to moan in pleasure.


I could tell Tim was almost ready to shoot into my ass after about 30 minutes of pleasuring himself. I found his nipples and began to massage them. "Ah... Shit, Steven! Yea! Play with my nips, boy!" Tim screamed in pleasure.


It wasn't long before I felt him unload in my ass, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" Tim screamed as his body convulsed in unison with the ropes of cum shooting from his cock.


Tim was still breathing heavily when he lowered himself on top of my body. My dick was staining against the plastic of the chastity device. Finally, Tim was able to speak, "God Steven! That was so good! I think I only shot three loads the entire time we were in New York. So, I think you should get used to me fucking you a lot! I think the three of us will make a great team!"


Tim started to kiss me again. He left his still hard dick in me as he began passionately making out with me. After several minutes of passionate kissing, I realized Tim had started to slowly work his dick in and out of my ass.


"I can't get enough of your dick in me, Tim!" I hissed.


"Good," Tim hissed back. "I may call in sick or late tomorrow. I need my dick inside you!"


Tim raised himself on his arms again and began to power fuck my ass. His powerful thrusts in and out of my ass made the bed shake. Shortly, he was sweating profusely as he picked up the momentum of fucking my ass. He suddenly paused with his cock balls deep inside me and hissed at me, "I have major plans for your ass, boyfriend. I am going to use it. Ed is going to use it. Miguel is going to use it. Jake is going to use it. James is going to use it. Terrance is going to use it. David is going to use it. And, I promise you that I will give your ass to any man with a big dick. Your cum dump ass will be well used for the rest of your life, fuck face! And, I can't wait to see Brad whip the shit out of you! I may need to take lessons!"


Tim resumed his brutal assault on my ass. Finally, his body tensed again and he moaned in pleasure as he shot rope after rope of cum into my ass. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" Tim collapsed on top of my body with his dick still inside me.


When Tim finally caught his breath, he whispered to me, "God! I love you, Steven! Did you mind what I said about people using your ass?"


"Not in the least, lover," I whispered back. "I will do anything you want me to, Tim. I love you more than you know. I am yours forever!"


"I'm glad to hear that," Tim whispered. "I don't know if you noticed in all of the excitement, but I have been in your ass for almost two fucking hours. I think we need to get some sleep. I am going to pull my dick out of your ass. You are going to roll over on your side, and I am going to shove my dick back in your ass. Then, we can get some sleep."


Tim pulled out of me, and I rolled over on my side. Tim pulled me against his body as he pushed his dick inside me. We were both fast asleep in a few moments.




I had taken the rest of the week off from work because I knew my body would not be ready for a suit. And, my ass wasn't tightening up at all, especially after Tim used my ass last night and this morning. He was one horny man... and I love him for it. Morning sex with Tim was a great way to start my Tuesday.


On Tuesday morning after Tim left for work, I hit the grocery store—with the butt plug still in my ass—to get supplies for dinner with Tim and Master Ed. Tim arrived home from work around 6 pm laden with vodka, beer, and wine.


I was standing naked in the kitchen when Tim arrived. Once he had set his purchases on the counter, he moved in for a kiss. "I have been looking forward to kissing you all fucking day. I think it was all of that sex we had last night and this morning!"


"I know," I agreed. "It was hell not being around you today. My cock has been straining against this plastic shit for most of the day."


"Why don't I go change into something more comfortable?" Tim suggested. "Once I return, we can have our first drink!"


Tim dressed in a tight, body hugging white t-shirt, and extremely distressed skinny jeans which made his crotch look huge. I wanted to tweak his nipples through his shirt when he entered the kitchen, but I thought I might start something that we wouldn't have time to finish!


As I handed Tim his vodka on the rocks, I kissed him. "You are going to make me a very horny guy, Tim."


"Good!" Tim decided. "I think Ed and I both want to have a turn at your ass tonight. You might even get a little more if you play your cards right."


Tim began to tweak my still sore nipples, but the landline rang and interrupted him. Tim grabbed the phone and clicked it on speaker phone. "This is Tim!"


"Tim! Your friend Ed is here to see you!" Gavin explained.


"Good! Send him up, please!" Tim said into the phone and then ended the call.


Tim answered the door as I knelt in the entry hallway with my hands behind my back and my eyes looking at the floor.


"It's good to see you, Ed," Tim said enthusiastically as he dove in to kiss Master Ed. "I missed you... and Steven... both today... It was hard... for me to... concentrate!"


"We will do something... about that... later tonight, Tim," Master Ed suggested. He had already changed from his work clothes to a pair of jeans and a tight fitting sports shirt that showed his chest and muscled arms.


"So, boy!" Master Ed said to me. "Stand up. I want to kiss you. Then, we will talk. Then, we will eat. Then, the three of us will have mind blowing sex. How does that sound?"


"Excellent, SIR!" I answered as I stood. Master Ed pulled me in for a long and passionate kiss.


"Why don't we all get a drink and sit in the living room?" Tim suggested.


Master Ed grabbed me by the balls and pulled me toward the kitchen where I set about making drinks.


Master Ed explained his actions to both Tim and me, "I talked with Jake. He told me a little about your stay with Miguel and him. It seems he did a lot of leading you around by your balls, right boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I answer, "That would be correct."


We headed into the living room after I had made us all a drink. Tim and Master Ed took a seat on the sofa and I assume the position at the end of the coffee table nearest Master Ed.


"Okay, Steven," Tim begins to explain our situation. "I told you that I wanted Ed to be here when we discussed our time in New York... Ed and I have had a few conversations about our lives. And, we thought we should lay out our thoughts and get your reaction to some options. And, we want your opinion on our plans. We won't proceed with any of the plans until we all agree on the strategies. First of all, there will be essentially three relationships going on here. You and me as husbands. Ed and you as Master and slave. Ed and me as lovers. We have worked out a tentative schedule. So that you and I, you and Ed, and Ed and I will have some alone time, we have decided that you will visit Miguel and Jake one weekend a month. You will be with Ed and me during the other weekends when you are not otherwise engaged. So, in a way there are more like four relationships at play here. Jake and Miguel will make their own decisions that will affect the three of you."


Tim paused and sipped his vodka before he continued, "Ed will be moving in with us. He may elect to occupy the garden apartment or he may choose the downstairs guest room. We have yet to sort out those details. But, he will definitely be selling his house."


Master Ed took over the discussion, "The three of us will spend Monday nights together. Tim and I will be alone on Tuesday nights. You will visit Miguel and Jake starting on Tuesday morning until Wednesday evening. You and Tim will have Wednesday nights together alone. You will be with me on Thursday evenings. Tim will decide if he wants to spend his free time on Thursdays with Ricardo or someone else."


Tim again took a big swig of his vodka and explained his feelings further, "I have promised Ed that the only men I will put my dick into on a regular basis will be you and him. I want to become a bottom. So, that is why I am uncertain about Ricardo. He likes it both ways, as you know. I may even spend time with you, Miguel, and Jake when you are in their service. I eventually want to be able to take Jake's big cock in my ass. Ed fisted me a few times while we were in New York, and, frankly, I love it! I loved when Ed made passionate love to me, but I also liked it when he ravaged my ass. I think, between the two of us, boy, Ed will be one busy man!"


Master Ed interrupted, "Your future husband's ass is one of the sweetest asses I have ever had. I like your sloppy ass, boy, but his is the best! And, I intend to use it whenever I want."


Tim kissed Master Ed on the lips, "Thanks, lover boy! I'm glad you like it so much! Now, here is the best part. You and I will be getting married in September. It will be a simple wedding. We will have a few friends and our immediate families. After we are married, you and I will go somewhere for a couple of weeks for our honeymoon. After our honeymoon, we think you should begin working with Jake and Miguel on their film project if you haven't already started. So, you need to plan on when to turn in your resignation."


"I should give them a month's notice," I explained. "I will let the two of you decide when I should resign. We don't want to have a cash-flow problem, especially with the house, the wedding, and the honeymoon."


"Which brings me to another point, Steven," Tim began. "Sam is being promoted to an area sales manager for the company. The company—at Sam's request—has asked me to take over Sam's job as the Chicago area sales manager. Sam told me officially this morning when I arrived at work."


"Tim! I am so happy for you!" I almost shouted as I stood up to give him a congratulatory kiss. "You must be so excited!"


"I am excited," Tim further explained. "Not only will I not be pounding the streets as much to make money, I will be getting monthly bonuses based on the success of the other account managers. I should easily double my earnings!"


"So," Master Ed continued explaining their decisions. "You, Tim, and I need to have a discussion about finances so we can decide when you should resign your job. But, we definitely want you to work with Jake and Miguel with the company they are starting.


"I have a question," I began. "Did my involvement with Sam, Greg, and Harrison have anything to do with your promotion, Tim?"


"Well...," Tim began. He seemed just a little uneasy answering my question. "Sort of... Well..., actually a lot. Sam told me about his promotion when I asked for time to see the people in New York. And, when I explained that Ed and I were to be together to get to know one another, I had to explain our entire relationship: you and me, me and Ed, Ed and you... It was then that Sam announced that he and Greg were in the market for a part-time slave boy. And, I offered to let them try you out last weekend while you were gone. Hence the meeting at the gym and play session later that evening... Sam and Greg thought, after their time with you, you would be the perfect boy to serve their needs... on a part-time basis, of course... That's when Sam told me I had the job if he and Greg could use you from time-to-time... I thought that since Ed and I had talked about you quitting your job that we could use the extra income. So, I agreed... Do you understand, Steven?"


"So, to summarize," I slowly began. "You gave Sam and Greg my body for their use in order to get your promotion?"


"I think that would be an accurate summary," Tim hesitantly answered. "How do you feel about that?"


I paused for a few moments to collect my thoughts, "You have told me several times, Tim, after our weekend with Jake and Miguel that you would control who gets my body and ass. So, I am very pleased to serve Sam and Greg from time-to-time. I am also honored to think that Sam and Greg's use of my body will get your work compensation doubled. But, I only have one other question... What do you mean by `from time-to-time'?"


"We haven't ironed out that detail just yet," Tim explained. "However, Sam did mention that he and Greg are going to Fort Lauderdale at the end of April and would like to take you with them. I told Sam that, since we will have just moved to the new house, we might need to have a rain check on that visit. You, Ed, and I need to discuss that trip."


I stood from my kneeling position at the end of the coffee table and moved to where Tim was sitting, "May I have a hug and a kiss?"


Tim stood in front of me, "Of course, you can have a hug and a kiss, sweetie!" Tim pulled me in for a passionate kissing session. When he released me, he asked, "I want the truth. How does all of this make you feel?"


I smiled at him, "It makes me feel that I love you more and more each day I am with you. We have no secrets. We can tell each other anything. You are my heart, my soul, my best friend, and the most magnificent lover any man could ever ask for. I will do anything for you... and I mean anything! How does this make you feel?"


"Ditto," Tim answered as he added another few kisses. When we pulled ourselves apart, Tim suggested, "I think we could all use another drink. What do you thing?"


"Good idea!" I answered. "I will get them."


"No! Sit!" Tim exclaimed. "I will get them."


Tim had our drinks refreshed in no time and was again sitting next to Master Ed on the sofa. I was in the position at Master Ed's feet.


"And," Tim took up the explanation again after he sipped his vodka. "I want us to start having kids as soon as we can. I want one to be yours and one to be mine. And, I believe Ed also might want to father a child. We will find a surrogate who will agree to be the mother of our kids. First, it will be you. Then, probably a year or two later, it will be me. Ed has yet to decide if he wants a baby or not."


Master Ed again takes the lead in the discussion, "You will, of course, remain in the chastity device for most of your life. Of course, there is the possibility of castration. But, we probably won't go that far. Tim and I have also decided that we want you to be mostly hairless. I know a dermatologist who specializes in removing men's body hair using laser treatments." Master Ed paused to take a sip of his beer, "We have plans to give you a number of body piercings. We can begin those prior to your wedding. The first ones will be in your nipples, ear lobes, and scrotum. We think eight to ten rings in your scrotum will be adequate. And, Tim and I want your body fairly well covered with tattoos. We will work on the tattoo plans and undertake that project once you are hairless."


Tim interrupted Master Ed, "Oh! And, I forgot one other detail that I believe will make you very happy, Steven. We have made arrangements with David, Brad, and James to use your body whenever they want—provided we don't have other plans for you."


Both Master Ed and Tim paused to sip their drinks. Tim picked up the discussion again, "So, Steven, what do you think of our plans?"


"It seems that the two of you made some major decisions about our lives," I answer Tim's question.


"And, how do you FEEL about our plans?" Tim asked.


I begin to tell Master Ed and Tim my thoughts, "First of all, I am extremely happy the two of you want to become lovers. It is almost too good to be true. Two of the men I care the most about want to be with each other and with me! I am indeed fortunate. I am excited that you and I will be married this fall, Tim. You know you are my world, and I want everyone to know that."


Tim crosses the room and kisses me on the lips, "Thank you, Steven! You are my world, too!"


"And," I continue, "I will try to be the best slave you can have, SIR! I will make it my mission to make the two of you very, very happy. And, as for Jake and Miguel, I have to admit that I am overjoyed to be able to serve them. After my time with them while you were in New York, I realized that I needed these two powerful men in my life. Their big cocks give me life. I don't know what I would do if you told me that I couldn't be with them anymore. And, of course, I will willingly serve Sam and Greg at your discretion."


"We thought that might be the case," Tim continued. "What about David, Brad, and James?"


"As a slave to Master Ed," I begin, "I will perform for anyone he gives my body to. Secondly, Tim—and I know I am repeating myself here—you told me that you will give my ass and body to whomever you want! I will only serve men that you, Tim, and Master Ed want me to serve. So, I will eagerly comply with your requests to serve David, Brad, and James—also at your discretion."


"That is good, boy," Master Ed began. "We also plan on regularly attend Hellfire events. And, Brad has requested that you be his demonstration boy next month for his session on using the bull whip. Do you think you can handle that, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I answer Master Ed's question. "I will be honored to be his demonstration target, SIR! When Master Brad was using the bull whip on me at Jake and Miguel's I was extremely aroused even though my dick did not show it. I think I also crave the pain a whip or paddle!"


"For the evening of the demonstration, we might remove the chastity device from your dick while you are being whipped," Master Ed decided. "We have also decided that we are going to the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. We might have an entourage. I know you used to enjoy our time there in the past."


"So, Steven," Tim concluded. "Is there anything else you want to add?"


I paused before I explained a wish of mine. First, I turned to Tim, "Tim, I don't know how you will react to this, but I am about to tell you something that has been on my mind for the last week." I paused again. At least Tim was smiling. Then, I turned to Master Ed, "Master, since you have decided that you want me as your slave, I want you to brand me as your property, SIR!"


Tim looked a little worried and asked, "Brand? As in hot metal against skin?"


"Yes, Tim," I tell him. "That's exactly what it means. Master?"


"I would be honored to place my mark on your body," Master Ed said quietly. He turned his attention to Tim. "But, I want you, Tim, to be on board for this."


"Just explain the process to me," Tim pleaded.


As Master Ed began his explanation, he took Tim's hand in his, "The ceremony—and it is a public ceremony—is one that in the Master/slave relationship world is a lot like a marriage. The first step is for the boy and me to pledge our commitments to one another. Him giving himself totally to me. Me vowing to protect and take care of the boy at all costs. The commitment between us is both emotional and physical. Do you understand so far, Tim?"


"I am good with all of this so far, but please tell me more about the physical side of ceremony and the branding," Tim demanded.


"After we pledge our commitment, the boy is physically strapped to a device much like the sawhorse in Miguel and Jake's playroom," Master Ed began his explanation of the ceremony. "The boy is naked and firmly secured so that he cannot move. All of the men who are invited to attend the ceremony generally fuck the boy's ass and cum in him. Then, the branding iron is heated to the appropriate temperature, and the Master places it over the boy's ass and holds the branding iron in place for a minute. Naturally, the boy will scream in agony because it truly does hurt. From what I have been told, it is excruciating pain. Once the branding iron is removed, an icepack is placed on the boy's ass. The boy remains in secured for several hours so as not to disturb the brand. Finally, all of the guests piss on the new brand. The piss acts as a disinfectant. Do you have any questions so far, Tim?"


"Yes," Tim asks me. "Why do you want this, Steven?"


"Just like I want to be married to you to show a commitment to each other," I begin my explanation, "I want to be branded to show Master Ed and the rest of the world that I am also committed to be his slave for the rest of our lives."


"How long will it take for your ass to heal?" Tim asked.


"I only know of one guy who was branded," I began my explanation. "Tommy said it took four weeks to be fully healed. He couldn't wear pants for almost two weeks. And, he applied topical antiseptic to the brand for several weeks following the ceremony."


"I only have one more question," Tim began. "You are sure about this, right?"


"I am completely certain I want to do this to show my commitment to Master Ed, Tim. Just as certain that I want to show my commitment to you, Tim, by marrying you!" I answer my lover.


Tim smiled at me and kissed me before he added, "Then, yes. I am okay with this. And, I want to be the first guy in line to fuck you and to piss on you!"


"When do you want this to happen, Master?" I asked Master Ed.


"After you get back from your honeymoon. If that is okay with you, boy!" Master Ed suggests.


"Yes, Sir!" I answer.


"Okay," Tim announces. "I need another drink. I also know I am hungry. So, we should eat dinner fairly soon, too. And, all of this talk has made me very, very horny! And, I have taken tomorrow off to be with Steven and you, if you will be available!"


"I thought you might suggest that, so I am, indeed, free to be with the both of you," Master Ed answered. "What would you like to do to celebrate our commitment to each other?"


Tim outlined his plan, "Have mad, passionate sex. Maybe go out for lunch. Have mad, passionate sex. Start cocktails early. Eat dinner. Talk about our lives together. And, finally, have mad, passionate sex. How does that sound to the two of you?"


"Perfect, lover boy," Master Ed agreed. "Boy?"


"I'm in!" I answered. "Now, let me get dinner out of the warming oven. I think we could all use a little sustenance!"


Tim and Master Ed followed me into the kitchen. We decided to eat at the kitchen island. Once we were about to begin eating, I pulled out a bottle of champagne and poured three glasses. "I would like to propose a toast," I began. "Here's to the two men who I dearly love, trust, and yearn to live the rest of my life with. I know our relationship might not be traditional, but I, for one, know it will be good for the three of us. To the two men of my life! Cheers!"


We clinked glasses. Tim moved from his seat and hugged me tightly before he added to the toast, "Thank you, Steven! Who would know that last May I would meet the love of my life? For that, I am very lucky. And, I am grateful for Steven allowing me to get to know and understand you, Ed—another kind, generous, and loving individual. I think the three of us will be perfect together! Cheers!"


We clinked our glasses again in response to Tim's toast. It was finally Master Ed's turn, "I thought I had lost the person I most cared about in the world a few years ago. I was stupid, overbearing, and short sighted. I am blessed to have an opportunity to rekindle that relationship with the boy! And, Tim, I too am grateful that the boy brought us together to form what I think will become an excellent life for all three of us. I understand there may be a time when there are children involved that we will need to make changes—probably significant changes—in our relationship. However, as long as the two of you remain, in some fashion, in my life, I will be the happiest man in the world. I think the bond the three of us are beginning to form will last for our entire lifetimes. So, here are to the two loves of my life, Steven and Tim! Cheers!"


We all clinked our glasses again. "Now," Master Ed continued. "How about a group hug?"


We all three gathered and joined in our first group hug of our budding relationship. I felt elated. I could feel the love among the three of us radiating toward the others.


I decided to add something, "I think the three of us have just realized we have just formed a family of three!"


"Okay," Tim decided to change the subject. "Steven is naked. I happen to like the look, but I also like seeing you naked, Ed. So, why don't we all take off these pesky clothes and enjoy the sights of our lover's bodies."


"Excellent idea, Tim," Master Ed agreed as he pulled away from the hug and began to shuck his clothes. Tim was doing the same. Master Ed continued, "I think we should make some ground rules so we can live freely with each other. I think, when we are home and alone, we should all three be naked. What do you think, Tim?"


"I like the idea, Ed," Tim answered. "You and I, however, will probably have constantly hard dicks, though."


"I would be more than happy to take care of any hard dicks the two of you have," I said softly. "You know I love your dicks!"


"I think we should eat before we get so horny we go straight to bed," Tim suggested.


We sat down to eat our food. While we ate, we continued our previous discussions. Master Ed took the lead, "I think, boy, you will need to wear your collar at all times while you are in our presence. Even if it is just Tim and you, I think you should have it on. You can take it off when you go to work or some other compromising situation. Tim and I will talk about your time when you are with Jake and Miguel or Sam and Greg. I think they will probably want to put their own collars on you. Are you okay with that, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I answer. "I am more than okay with it! Except, I want to wear your collar all of the time unless I am in the service of other men, such as Jake and Miguel or Sam and Greg. I especially want to wear your collar to work. It will remind me of you just like Tim's ring reminds me of him."


"We will also need to give keys to Steven's chastity device to all of the men Steven will be serving," Tim suggested. "We don't want to deprive them of an opportunity to torture the boy's cock."


"You are beginning to sound like a true Master, Tim," Master Ed softly said.


"Thanks, sweetie, but I think I will leave that up to you," Tim answered. "Although, the boy and I have had some fun together, especially with the paddle! So, who knows?"


"All of this talk is making me a horny guy," Master Ed explained as we finished eating. "How about another drink and then we go for a little play time in the bedroom?"


"I'll fix us another drink," I decided. "Then, you guys can relax in the living room while I clean up the kitchen."


After I handed Tim his drink, he leaned in to kiss me, "You are so nice to me! I guess that's why I love you so much!"


"Thank you, SIR!" I answer. "And, I love you more than you will ever know!"


I quickly cleaned up the kitchen and loaded the dishwasher, grabbed my drink, and joined Master Ed and Tim in the living room. I knelt at the end of the coffee table near Master Ed's feet.


"So, boy," Master Ed began. "Tim and I are interested in what you would like for us to do while we are playing tonight. Normally, I wouldn't give my slave an option, but this night is special. I want it to be memorable for all of us. So, tell us what would make you happy, boy!"


"Ahm...," I started. "I would actually, Tim, like to watch Master Ed fist you. You can fist me or fuck me first. It would be your option."


"Then, I think my option would be to fist you first, boy. After that, I will gladly give my ass to Ed to put his fist into it," Tim slowly explained. "What do you think, Ed?"


"I think that is a marvelous idea, men," Master Ed decided. "Except, I would like to propose another option. I fist the boy, then you can fist the boy, Tim. After that, I will fist you. You might even get my dick up your ass, lover boy!"


"I am going to be extremely flexible," Tim answered. "I am horny as shit and I want to get this show on the road!


"Good," Master Ed agreed. "My cock is getting hard, but first I need to piss. Boy, take your Master's prize!"


I moved between Master Ed's legs and took his semi-hard cock in his mouth and waited for his stream to begin. It started as a trickle and then built to large volumes of piss going down my throat. Once he was finished, Master Ed shook his dick in my face to rid himself of the last drop of his piss.


I looked over at Tim. He nodded his head yes. I moved between his legs and put my mouth over his cock. Soon, Tim was delivering a steady stream of liquid into my mouth. I swallowed every drop.


Master Ed stood up and helped Tim from the sofa. Then, Master Ed, gave me my orders, "Stand, boy!"


"Yes, SIR!" I answered.


Master Ed grabbed Tim's hand and my balls and led us into the bedroom.



To be continued...


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