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Life With Tim


Chapter 14: The Next Journey


Tim and Master Ed quickly restrained my legs over my shoulders to give them easy access to my ass. Master Ed grabbed the Crisco can and lathered a generous amount on his right hand.

"Do you want poppers, boy?" Master Ed asked.

"No, SIR!" I obediently answered. "I want to feel your fist in me without poppers."

"Good boy!" Master Ed added. "I've been thinking about putting my fist in both of your asses all day! And, I won't be gentle with your sloppy ass, boy!"

Master Ed lined his fist up with my asshole and began to force his hand into me.

"Ahhh!" I whimpered as I felt Master Ed's hand push through my sphincter muscle. "Oh God! Yes!"

"I'm glad you like it boy!" Master Ed whispers to me. "I think you need to be fisted at least once a day from now on. What do you think, Tim?"

"I think that is an excellent idea, Ed," Tim replied with lust in his voice. "We need to keep his ass as sloppy as we can."

Master Ed continued to slide his arm into me. He paused when about a third of his arm had disappeared into my ass.

"Tim," Master Ed said as he looked at Tim. "I think I could use some poppers. Would you mind handing them to me?"

"Sure," Tim answered as he grabbed the bottle and took off the top.

Master Ed took several whiffs into each nostril and handed the bottle back to Tim. He quickly began the second phase of the assault on my ass with is muscular arm. Master Ed began to move his fist and arm slightly back before he plunged is fist back into me. With every thrust in, his arm disappear further into my ass.

Tim began to play with my nipples. Gently at first. I was moaning in pleasure. Master Ed's fist was massaging the inside of my ass and Tim's fingers were massaging my well used nipples. My dick was straining against the plastic walls of the chastity device.

Finally, Master Ed paused. "Boy," he quietly announced. "Look where my arm is."

I looked down and realized that Master Ed's arm was shoved into my ass up to his elbow.

"What do you want to say to your future husband, boy?" Master Ed asked.

"Tim, I love you with all my heart," I began to explain. "But, please, I need big dicks and fists in my ass. I need Master Ed to use my ass. I need you to use my ass. I need Miguel to use my ass. I need Jake to use my ass. I need James to use my ass. I need David to use my ass. I need Sam to use my ass. I need Greg to use my ass. Please don't ever turn away a man who wants to use my ass. Please, Tim. Promise me that any man who wants my ass can have it!"

"I promise, Steven," Tim answered. "I want your ass to stay as sloppy as it is right now. I don't ever want your ass to be tight again."

"Thank you, SIR!" I said to Tim as he leaned down to kiss me.

Master Ed began to reverse the process of shoving his fist deep inside me. He began to move slightly in and out. In and out. In and out. With every pull out, he eased his arm slightly out of my ass until I felt his fist pass the barrier of my sphincter muscle. When his arm was completely out of me, I felt useless and empty.

"I don't think we should let the boy lay there without something in his ass," Master Ed began. "I think it is your turn, Tim!"

Tim took Master Ed's place next to my asshole. He grabbed the Crisco and applied copious amounts to his hand and forearm. He started to massage my gaping asshole with his fingers, "Boy, I am so going to enjoy shoving my fist up your ass. I know how it feels now that Ed has fisted me a few times. I know you crave this boy just like I do. I only wish we had another man here who could shove his fist up your ass while Ed shoves his fist up mine... But, that will need to be another time. Now, get ready, boy!"

Tim stopped talking and inserted his hand into my asshole. First, he shoved his fingers into me. Then, it was more of his hand. I felt his hand pass through my sphincter muscle and move its way up my ass.

"Oh God, Tim! I love you for what you are doing to me right now," I almost screamed. "If you never fucked me again but only shoved your fist in me, I would be a very happy man!"

"Good, Steven," Tim answered. "Your ass is habit forming. I will be doing a lot of this from now on!"

Tim continued to work his fist further and further into my ass. I was moaning in pleasure. I felt Tim lean in to kiss me. "Boy," Tim said after he kissed me, "I am up to my elbow in my lover's ass. My dick is hard as a rock. I'm almost ready to fucking cum and I haven't touched my dick. But, I am going to start to take my fist out of your ass. Then, I will replace it with my dick and shoot my cum into your fucking sloppy slave boy ass."

Tim gently began to remove his arm from my ass. When I felt his fist pass through my sphincter muscle and pop out of my ass, I again felt empty and useless.

"Please, Tim," I pleaded. "Put something back into my ass. Your dick. A dildo. A butt plug. Anything!"

Tim responded by lining up his rock hard dick with my well used asshole and shoved it into me with one quick, forceful stroke.


It didn't take Tim long to reach the final momentum of his power fuck of my ass. Tim was sweating heavily. "Get ready for my load, baby! I'm going to cum in your fucking sloppy boy pussy! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Tim collapsed on top of me and tried to catch his breath. Finally, he whispered to me, "That was one good fuck, boy! I wish I could have lasted longer!"


Master Ed pulled a huge butt plug out of his bag, "I bought this today at the toy store. I think the boy needs a bigger butt plug!"


Tim pulled out of my ass and rolled on his side so he could watch Master Ed shove the new toy up my ass.


"Ahhhhhhh!" I screamed as Master Ed pushed the huge plug into me in one swift motion.

Tim and Master Ed removed me from the shackles. I rolled over to the other side of the bed as Tim take my place. Master Ed pushed Tim's legs over and put them loosely into the restraints.

Master Ed grabbed the can of Crisco and apply a generous amount to his right hand and forearm. "Boy, give Tim a hit of poppers and then give me one!" Master Ed ordered.

"Yes, SIR!" I said as I quickly held the bottle under each of Tim's nostrils for him to take several whiffs. I did the same for Master Ed.

"Are you ready, Tim?" Master Ed lovingly whispered to Tim.

"Yes," Tim whispered back. "I've been ready for this all fucking day long!"

Master Ed lined his fingers just outside of Tim's ass. He gently inserted one finger. Then, two fingers. Then, three fingers. Then, all five fingers. Master Ed began to slowly push his hand into Tim's eager ass.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" Tim moaned. From the look on his face, Master Ed's hand had just cleared Tim's sphincter muscle.

"Tell me if you want me to stop for a moment, Tim," Master Ed whispered. "I don't want to hurt you."

"You're definitely not hurting me, lover boy!" Tim announced. "Your fist feels so good inside my ass! Now, I know why you love this so much, Steven."

Master Ed's arm continued to disappear into Tim's eager ass. When his arm was about half way into Tim, Master Ed questioned Tim, "Is this far enough in, sweet man?"

"Yes," Tim answered. "I want to take more, but I don't think tonight is the night."

Master Ed began to pull his fist out of Tim's ass. Slowly, thrust by thrust, Ed's arm and fist came out of Tim's ass.

"Oh! Shit!" Tim screamed as Master Ed's fist popped out of Tim's ass.

Master Ed leaned down and began to passionately kiss Tim. Of course, Tim reciprocated.

"Boy, please release Tim's legs from the restraints," Master Ed ordered.

"Yes, SIR!" I replied as I began to remove Tim's legs from the restraints.

Once Tim's legs were free, he wrapped them around Master Ed's body and pulled his lover tightly to him. Tim whispered, "Make love to me, please!"

"My pleasure, lover boy," Master Ed whispered back. "You know I will never say `no' to an offer to make love to you, don't you?"

"I kinda thought so," Tim whispered back.

Master Ed spread Tim's legs so he could access Tim's hole with his cock hard cock. Master Ed gently began to push his cock into Tim's ass. Tim was moaning in pleasure.

"I don't think I can last long," Master Ed whispered. "Just being near you sets my cock on fire!"

Master Ed slowly and gently pumped his cock in and out of Tim's eager asshole. Finally, I saw Master Ed's body tense and he began to yell, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"

With the last spurt of Master Ed's cum, he collapsed on top of Tim. "I hope you never get tired of my dick in your ass, lover boy, because I am obsessed with making love to you!"

"Any time you want my ass, just take it," Tim answered. "You don't even need to ask!"


It was finally Friday after Master Ed, Tim, and I had our Tuesday evening talk about details of our new life together. My collar was securely fashioned around my neck. And, after a mind blowing day of sex on Wednesday, I had the extra large butt plug Master Ed had bought me in my ass.

I headed to my broker's office to discuss the investments from the stock options I executed during my tenure with the telecommunications company where I currently worked. Richard has managed my account for the stock options for about 10 years now. Tomorrow, Master Ed, Tim, and I were going to discuss our financial future, so I needed to be prepared.

I was ushered into a conference room by Richard's Executive Assistant, Carl. As he led me into the conference room, I couldn't help notice his well-formed, obviously muscled ass. And, even though he had on a dress shirt and tie, I could tell Carl had a terrific body! "Please have a seat, Mr. Caldwell. Can I get you something to drink? Coffee? Water?"

"Water would be perfect, thank you, Carl!" I answered as I caught a glimpse of Carl's bulge in the front of his well-tailored slacks.

Carl selected a bottle of water from the fridge in the conference room and handed it to me. "Here you are, SIR...! Mr. Addison will be with you shortly," Carl said as he left me alone in the conference room.

As I was catching up on reading some business related e-mails on my phone, Robert popped into the conference room armed with several folders of varying colors. "Good morning, Steven!" Robert extended his hand as I stood to greet him.

"You sound chipper this morning, Robert!" I told my broker. "Does it have anything to do with your new assistant, Carl?"

"You noticed, huh!" Robert replied. "Sort of...! Well, actually a lot, really. Carl and I have been boyfriends for about six months now. He moved in with me two months ago and started to work here about one month ago when my other executive assistant, Susan, retired."

"You picked this boyfriend well, Richard! He is extremely handsome," I complimented Richard.

"Yes, he is handsome... but he is also bright, articulate, funny, interested in the world around him, caring, warm, loving, and VERY good in bed!" Richard said with a huge grin on his face. "We should get together with you and Tim sometime soon. I think you will both like him a lot!"

"We'd love to," I answered.

"Now, down to business," Richard turned the conversation to the purpose of our meeting. He took out the green folder.

"The reason for the rainbow colored file folders is what?" I asked.

"So I don't get lost," Richard answered. "This is your 401k investments, you and your company have contributed about $468,000 since you started with the company 10 years ago. Over the years, the investments have added almost another $80,000. So, you have about $548,000 in the 401k. When you retire in another 30 years, you will have a very sizeable retirement income. You and Tim can live extremely comfortably. Any questions so far?"

"Not a question, but more of a statement," I proceed. "I need to make Tim the beneficiary of all these accounts."

"I thought you would say that, so I have all of the paperwork here," Robert explained. "We can sign all of them after we finish reviewing your accounts. So, let's proceed. The account with the stocks from the sale of your software company is humming along nicely, as you know. The value of the investment is still on the order of $2 million with annual dividends of about $400 thousand less taxes. So, you receive a deposit of about $340 thousand each year into your investment account at your bank. I think we should see the value of the stock increase at a rather rapid rate over the next few years by almost 10 to 13 percent each year. The dividend amount is also expected to increase. We don't, however, have an estimate on that at the moment. We should review this again next quarter. Questions?"

"Not right now," I answer.

"Good! Now, here comes the fun part," Robert pulled out the orange folder. "You were indeed fortunate to have joined your current company prior to its IPO. With all of your stock options exercised the value of that investment is $186 million after we re-invested the dividends, hovering around $10.2 million a year, and paid all of the taxes. You have an annual investment income of about $10.5 million. I think we should consider diversifying these investments, but that is your call, Steven."

"That seems to be a lot of money," I begin. "What if Tim and I, at some point, formed a charitable foundation?"

"Depending upon how much you want to put the dividends into the foundation, you will probably reduce your tax bill considerably," Richard explained. "But, I think your tax accountant can give you more advice on that. If you are planning on having kids, there are several tax savings devices to pay for their college education and provide a nice cushion for most of their life. Again, you need to discuss this with your tax accountant."

"He is actually my next stop," I explain. "Then, I have an appointment with my attorney about what I might expect when I leave the company. One week from Monday, I am planning on turning in my letter of resignation."

"Things are moving quickly, I would say," Robert decided. "Let me get Carl in here to witness your signature to change your beneficiary for these accounts."

Robert pushed a button and Carl was soon standing beside Robert. Once the paperwork was done, Robert handed me a summary sheet of our discussions.

"So, Steven, why don't you call me next week and the four of us can make arrangements to get together. I am eager to meet and get to know Tim," Robert suggested. "By the way, do you have any idea when you are getting married?"

"Sometime in September," I answer. "We haven't set an exact date yet. You and Carl should expect an invitation once the details are in place!"

We said our good byes and I drove to my tax accountant's office to meet with Harold. Once that was complete, I at lunch and then went to my appointment with my attorney.

I stopped at Whole Foods, the liquor store, and the leather shop. I bought Tim and Master Ed each a red leather jock strap. They were definitely on my mind a lot today.

When I returned home, I stripped naked and began putting things away. I found gift bags for the jock straps. My dick was straining at the chastity device as I imagined them wearing my purchases. My next duty was to prepare a summary financial statement for the discussion with Tim, Master Ed, and me. I finished my summary around 6:30 just as Tim walked in the door.

"Hello, lover boy!" Tim said as he entered the kitchen. "I brought you something!"

He handed me a huge bouquet of flowers. "Thank you, sweetie. That was very thoughtful of you! I'll put them in water while you get more comfortable."

Tim kissed me before he went to change, "It won't take me long to get comfortable. One of the advantages of our new naked rule is that I don't need to select something sexy to wear while we are together. I'll be right back. I want another kiss when I return, too!"

I put the flowers in water and set them on the kitchen island. Tim bounced into the kitchen in his naked glory. His dick was beginning to get hard. He pulled me tightly to his body. His naked skin felt like heaven to me! "I want my kiss, and I want it now!"

We both share tongue and did a fair amount of body caressing with our hands. I paid special attention to the cheeks of his beautiful ass.

Finally, Tim pulled away, "Now, that is what I call a kiss. But, as you can see, I am horny as shit. But, we will need to take care of that later because Ed will be here shortly."

We sat at the island while we each summarized our day. When it was Tim's turn to speak, he had a huge grin on his face, "I signed the contract that officially marks my promotion today. So, on Monday, I will be the official Chicago area sale manager. I managed to keep the Chicago Public School System as my account until the end of next year. That way, I don't need to share the commission."

"Congratulations, Mr. Chicago Area Sales Manager!" I enthuse. "So, when I call you SIR, it will be with renewed appreciation for the take charge man I am going to marry!"

The land line started ringing. Tim answered the call by turning the phone on speaker, "Hello, this is Tim!"

"Your friend Ed is here," Gavin announced.

"Please send him up!" Tim said. We both moved into the hallway to greet our other man in our lives. I assumed the position near the end of the hallway, and Tim opened the door to greet Master Ed.

"It's good to see you, lover boy!" Tim greeted Master Ed.

"You, too, Tim," Master Ed replied and added a long tender kiss.

When they broke the kiss, Tim made a very useful comment, "I think we need to close the door! We have naked men here, after all!"

Tim closed the door as Master Ed greeted me, "Stand up boy! I want to kiss you, too!"

I stood up and Master Ed took me into his arms and planted a kiss on me. "I've missed the two of you men!"

"We've missed you as well, SIR!" I answered.

Master Ed grabbed Tim's hand and my balls and led us into the kitchen.

"I think it is time for a drink," Tim decided. "I for one am parched!"

I made us drinks as Tim and Master Ed settled around the kitchen island. Master Ed made the toast when I handed everyone their drinks, "Here's to my two favorite men and our relationship!"

We clinked glasses. Tim made his announcement, "I think we need to talk about this financial shit right away so we can put it behind us! I for one am looking forward to enjoying dinner with my men, and, more importantly, hot sex with two of the best looking studs in town! But, Ed, I think you need to be naked!"

Master Ed quickly shed his clothes. He stood at the kitchen island in a chrome cock ring.

"Why don't I take notes," Master Ed suggested as we all took our places around the island. "We can start with what our take home salary was at the end of last year... I took home $121 thousand after taxes. Tim?"

"I think it was around $140 thousand," Tim answered.

"Boy?" Master Ed prompted.

"About $300 thousand," I answered.

"I beg your pardon, Steven," Tim said incredulously.

"Ah... Last year was exactly $293,462.51 according to the end of year tax documents I received in January," I explained.

"Tim, the boy has done very, very well for himself," Master Ed explained. "If I remember correctly, boy, you were making around $200 thousand the last year we were together."

"That sounds about right," I added.

"Let's talk investments," Master Ed suggested. "I have about $400 thousand in stocks, 401k, and a few savings accounts. Tim?"

"Ah... I have about $100 thousand in my 401k. I have this investment account that is probably worth about $50 thousand from the company stock options I have exercised. And, I have a mutual fund thingy that has about $60 thousand in it," Tim answered.

"Boy?" Master Ed prompted.

"I just talked to my broker. It is right around 188," I answer.

"So that would be $188 thousand?" Master Ed repeated.

"Not exactly," I say. "It is around $188 million. Or, almost $186 million from the company stock options and another $2 million for the sale of the software company."

Both Tim and Master Ed looked at me with a stunned expression.

"What?" I said when no words came from their mouths.

"Could you please explain in more detail," Master Ed prompted me again when he could finally speak.

"Well, you could say that I was in the right place at the right time," I began to explain. "As you know I was the 10th employee of the company when I started there about 10 years ago. We now have about 3,000 in the Chicago office with another 1,000 across the country. When the company had its IPO, I had several stock options that I exercised. Plus, there were other stock options issued as year-end compensation which I also exercised. Also, all of the dividends have been reinvested. So, I essentially have about $186 million in company stocks. Does that answer your question?"

"Holy fuck!" Tim said. "Why are you still fucking working?"

"I liked what I was doing. Besides, if I were not working, I would need to draw from the income from dividends," I answered.

"Which leads me to my final question, and then I think we will need to hear from Steven about what he intends to do with this money," Master Ed quietly suggested. "Approximately, how much do these investments make each year?"

"Richard estimated the income as of the end of 2014 at around $10,540,000 after taxes," said as I looked at my income summary. "There is $340 thousand after taxes from stocks that were part of the sale of the software company. That income is deposited into the joint account Tim and I own. The other $10,200,000 is from the company stock options is reinvested every year."

"You must pay a fortune in taxes," Master Ed finally got out of his mouth.

"Yea! I do," I explained. "However, I talked to my tax accountant, and he suggested some options that I would like to talk to you about."

"You know, Steven, you don't really need to talk to us about your options. That is your money after all!" Tim said.

"I do need to talk to both of you about the options," I added. "We are in this together. Tim and I will be married in September, and WE will be paying the taxes. So, according to my tax accountant, I would like us to consider the following: One, set up a nonprofit charitable trust that would be administered by the three of us; two, start a tax-free college fund for our future children; three, create an investment company that could help people, especially people in the gay community, start and develop businesses. All three of those options would decrease the tax burden on the investment income. What do you think about those three options?"

"What amounts would you put into these `options'?" Master Ed asked. He also added the air quote.

"We need to talk about that, but my tax accountant suggested $50 million for the charitable trust, $50 million for the private equity company, and $200 thousand to the college fund," I suggest. "That would leave about $88 million in our personal investment account under Richard's direction. Both the investment firm and the charitable trust stocks could generate about $4 million each year."

"Steven," Tim began. "As far as I am concerned, it is your call. Primarily because, as you know, I don't do well with large amounts of money. I nearly freaked when we bought the house for $1.25 million and a car for $60 thousand! Ed?"

"All I can say is that I am stunned," Master Ed almost whispered. "I knew you did well, boy, but this is, to me, unbelievable."

"As I said, I was at the right place at the right time," I stated. "Nothing earthshattering. Just luck. However, Tim, you and I will jointly own all of this after we are married. As it is, you are the beneficiary in case something happens to me. And, don't forget there is another $300 thousand each year that gets deposited into our joint investment account."

"How much will the $88 million make each year?" Tim finally asked.

"About $8 million," I answer. "We could easily reinvest that money in our personal investment account and not need to touch it, unless there is some very large scale unexpected expense that needs to be covered."

"Why are you willing to share all of this money with me?" Tim asked. "I don't understand!"

"Again, once we are married, it is our money," I answered Tim's question. "We have no choice. So, the way I see it, Tim, if at any time you want to write your novel, we certainly have the money for you to do that without you working."

"How many people know how much money you've made," Master Ed asked.

"Richard, my broker; Donald, my tax accountant; Larry, my attorney, and you two," I answer. "Of course, the IRS knows—much to my chagrin! My parents and brother don't even know. And, I intend to keep it our little secret!"

"I never thought I would be saying this, boy. But, shouldn't you be the Master instead of me?" Master Ed asked.

"Nope!" I explained. "I don't want to be the Master. I want continue to be the subservient slave boy that I am now! I am born to serve powerful men, to use Tim's words."

"Okay," Tim announced. "My take on all of this is that I don't think we need to worry about financial issues thanks to my future husband. So, I think we can end this conversation about finances and have another drink!"

"I agree," I answer. "I am a little overwhelmed at trying to explain my financial situation. I don't ever want either of you to feel that the money is a wedge between us. I hope the three of us will use our combined resources to help those who need help."

"Spoken like the true empathetic person you are," Tim said. "If you fix me a drink, I will kiss you until hell freezes over."

"Deal!" I answered as I grabbed our drinks to refresh them.

When I put the drinks in front of them, Tim gave me my order, "Boy! Get your naked, rich, gay boy body over here!"

He pulled me in for a long and passionate kiss. Master Ed joined us. The three of us freely sharing our tongues and our mouths with each other. My dick was straining against the plastic of the chastity device. And, I felt Tim's and Master Ed's hard cocks brush against my body.

Tim pulled away slightly, "I would suggest we take this to the bedroom, but I, for one, am fucking hungry!"

"Let me get dinner ready," I say to my men. "It is in the warming oven. But, can I do one other thing before we eat?"

"Sure!" Tim answers.

I pulled out the bags and handed one to Tim and one to Master Ed, "I was horny today, so I stopped by the leather store to buy something that might make tonight's activities a little more fun! Open them at the same time, please."

Tim and Master Ed both pulled out the red, leather jock straps at the same time. Tim responded first, "Does this mean you want us to both fist you tonight while we wear these?"

"I can only hope," I responded.

"You don't need to hope," Master Ed said seductively. "Consider it a done deal. And, as you can see from our hard dicks, we are ready anytime you are!"

I served our food and we began to eat at the kitchen island.

Tim decided to bring up a subject we had talked about last Tuesday, "Steven, Sam asked me again today if we had talked about you accompanying him and Greg to Fort Lauderdale the last week of April. I told him I will have a definitive answer on Monday. What do you think?"

"That is up to you," I suggested. "We close on the house Friday, April 3. We could have a cleaning crew in on Monday, April 6. Our decorator thinks he will have the furniture in his possession for most of the place no later than April 10. He can have a team of people working over the weekend to set things up. We could move our personal belongings moved in on Monday, April 13. So, we should be settled before the last week of April. But, the choice is yours, Tim!"

"Then, I think you'd better plan on Florida!" Tim answered.

"I may need to buy some new summer stuff," I suggest.

"I don't think you will need much," Tim explained. "Apparently, they have a very private pool area. Sam said they are naked most of the time while they are home. Of course, you might need to take a few things, but you can talk to the guys as the time gets closer! When do we institute our rotating schedule? Do we wait until we move into the house?"

"Is next week too early," Master Ed asked Tim. "I talked to Jake. They are free on Tuesday and Wednesday."

"Can you get off work on Tuesday and Wednesday, Steven?" Tim asked me.

"Sure," I answered Tim's question. "Not only did I take this week off, but I also took next week off. Besides, when I turn in my resignation, I will have about eight weeks of vacation time and several personal days. So, it will not be an issue."

"Good!" Tim continued. "Ed, why don't you come here on Tuesday evening? Steven can go to your place on Thursday evening. I might ask David if he wants to join me on here on Thursday evening."

"Sounds like a plan," Master Ed agreed. "Jake and Miguel are looking forward to coming here for dinner tomorrow night. We have made tentative plans to go to Cell Block tomorrow night. Naturally, we have been invited to Jake and Miguel's place after the bar. However, that is not set in stone. We can play it by ear."

"Oh! I almost forgot!" Tim announced. "I had a key made for you Ed. It opens the security doors downstairs as well as the condo. And, I had a garage pass made. You can park your car in our extra space whenever you visit."

"Thank you, Tim," Master Ed said as he took the key and garage pass.

After we had eaten and I had cleaned up the kitchen, Master Ed took Tim's hand in his and grabbed my balls and led us into the bedroom. They both slipped on their jock straps. They were a perfect fit.

"I am staring at two of the most handsome men on the planet," I said as my dick strained against the plastic of the chastity device.

"This time, Ed, I want my fist in the boy's ass first!" Tim demanded.


Master Ed, Tim, and I were sitting in the living room sipping on our first cocktail on Saturday night before Jake and Miguel arrived. Master Ed and Tim decided to dress in their leather harnesses, leather vests, new leather jock straps, and leather lace up boots. I had on Master Ed's collar, Tim's engagement ring, and the ever present chastity device. The landline rang and Tim answered the call by putting it on speaker phone, "This is Tim."

"Timothy! This is Gavin downstairs. Two of the most handsome, viral men I have ever seen are here to see you! Their names are Jake and Miguel!"

"Send them up, Gavin," Tim said into the phone. "At least we know what kind of men you like now!"

"Yes, SIR!" Gavin replied. "They are on their way up."

"Thank you, Gavin," Tim said as he ended the call!

Tim greeted Jake and Miguel at our door. They were dressed in full leather. Leather pants, leather harnesses, leather vests, leather jackets, and black lace up boots.

After Tim closed the door, Jake and Miguel pulled him in for a big bear hug! "Tim, you look breathtaking," Jake gushed.

"Thank you," Tim said. "Steven... er... the boy bought Ed and me matching jock straps the other day. We thought we would get your reaction to them!"

Master Ed was next to greet the two giant men, "Good evening, guys! It's good to see you again! And, thank you for taking care of the boy while Tim and I were away in New York."

I was kneeling in the entry way until Jake leaned down and grabbed my balls and pulled me to my feet. "So, boy! You are looking mighty fine tonight! Almost fuckable!"

"I will be willing to assist if that is what you want, SIR!" I answered.

"Boy," Tim ordered. "Why don't you get Jake and Miguel a drink? Ed and I will show them into the living room."

"What would you like to drink, SIRS?" I asked.

Jake looked at Miguel and answered for both of them. "Coronas with lime, boy!"

The four men went into the living room while I got two Coronas with lime for our guests. I returned to the living room and handed Jake and Miguel their beers.

I knelt at Master Ed's feet with Jake and Miguel on one sofa and Master Ed and Tim on the other.

"I understand from Ed that the three of you have made some life-changing decisions during the last week," Jake began.

"We have indeed," Tim answered. "The three of us are very, very excited about our future together. And, of course, you men will play an active role in that future. That's why we thought we should all talk things over so we are all on the same page!"

"Thank you for including us," Miguel said. "We are very excited to talk to you about our involvement, especially where the boy is concerned. And, we both agree that we need to understand the scope of our involvement."

"To give you a little time-line, Tim and the boy are getting married in September, and the boy and I will have a Master/slave commitment ceremony complete with placing my brand on his ass," Master Ed explained.

"That is indeed exciting," Jake interjected. "But, I would like the boy tell you, Tim, what he told us while he was with us last weekend."

"I think I know where this is going," Tim answered. "However, I also understand where you are coming from. So, I would welcome the boy's comments."

"Boy?" Jake commanded even though it was a question.

"I have already told Tim this, SIR!" I began to explain. "But, I know you want to be present when I tell him... Tim, I love you dearly, and, Master, I am totally devoted to you. However, I need to have Jake and Miguel in my life. Their dicks, their bodies, their minds complete me. In some ways, I think I am also in love with them as well as the two of you. Do the two of you understand what I am saying?"

"Absolutely," Master Ed explained. "A slave is a person who is, at the discretion of his Master, builds a bond between other men who will use, abuse, and love his body. I understand that. Do you, Tim?"

"Yup!" Tim answered. "As the three of us have undertaken the journey of our relationship with others, I understand that Jake and Miguel will be part of our threesome and make it into a quintet. Of course, there is the added issue of Sam and Greg. I have to be honest to you, Jake and Miguel. I used Steven's body to get a promotion. I basically gave my boss and his lover the use of the boy's body from time-to-time. Does that bother you?"

"Absolutely not, Tim," Jake began. "His body is yours to use. You might be his future husband and Ed may be his Master, but, Tim, the boy and you are developing a very strong Master/slave relationship. You may not realize it, but I see it happening right before my eyes. Do you understand what I am saying?"

"I feel that, too," Master Ed spoke up. "I can see it in your eyes, Tim. And, you actions many times speak louder than words."

"Well, maybe," Tim partially agreed. "You have a lot of Masters to serve, boy. Do you think you can handle that?"

"Yes, SIR!" I respond to Tim's question. "I will do my best to make all of my Masters happy and satisfied, SIR!"

"Tim and Ed will need to determine the line of command, so to speak," Miguel added. "Obviously, if the boy is in the presence of Tim or Ed, they are his Masters."

"As far as I am concerned, after we have this discussion and after we finish dinner, anytime the boy is in your presence, Jake and Miguel, he will be under your control," Master Ed corrected Miguel. "Do you agree, Tim?"

"Absolutely!" Tim agreed with Master Ed. "Now, boy, I for one could use another drink!"

I quickly stood, gathered the glasses and bottles, and went into the kitchen to refresh our drinks. When I returned, Master Ed was outlining his and Tim's plans for my body.

"I am getting horny just hearing about the transformation of the boy's body," Jake announced when I handed him his Corona. "If I am not being presumptuous, I think you might want to consider bulking up the boy's body with more muscle. I think the boy is an extremely handsome muscle stud, but I think the look you are going for needs a little more muscle. And, you would want him to get to the desired size before you start the tattoo process."

"I couldn't agree with you more, Jake," Tim announced his support of the idea. "But, the boy will need to ask his bosses for time off from work to make that transformation. So, Jake, Miguel, do you think you could spare a couple of hours three days a week to help him reach our goal?"

Jake and Miguel looked at each other and smiled. Jake spoke for the pair, "Does this mean that the boy will work with us on the film project?"

"Definitely," Tim said. "The boy will be turning in his resignation one week from Monday when he goes back to work. He is giving them 30 days-notice."

"I think we might even agree to accompany him to the gym. We could not only be his bosses and Masters, but also his personal trainers. Now, this might be a good time to discuss his position," Miguel added. "Is that okay with you, Ed and Tim?"

"We are eager to hear what you have planned for the boy," Tim said.

"First off, can we afford him?" Jake asked Master Ed and Tim.

"I am certain we can be flexible with you guys. We think this will be an exciting project for the three of you. Why don't we let the boy answer that question?" Master Ed suggested.

"I assume you have a budget figure in mind," I said to Miguel and Jake.

"We tentatively budgeted $100 thousand to $200 thousand," Miguel explained. "It would be a stretch for the $200 thousand in the beginning. Primarily because we need to invest in equipment, real estate, and, obviously, talent. We have about $5 million between us to get this project off the ground."

"How much are you paying yourselves in the beginning?" I asked.

"Nothing for at least the first year," Jake answered.

"You will make your money from the profit the company generates in the future, am I correct?" I asked my second question.

"Yes," Jake again answered.

"I would expect the same arrangement if I can be guaranteed a small equity position in the business," I say to Miguel and Jake. "I could even make a $2.5 million investment in the company if you want. Sort of an equal partner."

Tim spoke up, "Of course, you would need to pay Ed and me any royalties you make off the boy in your films!"

"Does that mean you are willing to let us film the boy in a few productions?" Jake asked.

"Of course," Tim answered with a huge smile on his face. "We could use the extra income for food and clothing! So, use away!"

"It occurs to me that the transformation of the boy's body might be good footage to have in our bag of tricks," Miguel offered. "Heavy lifting, piercing, and tattooing might make for some erotic scenes."

"And, don't forget the branding," Master Ed added.

"Branding!" Jake asked. "Could we film your Master/slave commitment ceremony, Ed?"

"I have no problem with it, Jake," Master Ed explained. "Tim, what do you think?"

"I'm game," Tim answered.

We finally finished dinner around 10 pm. We retired to the living room to discuss the rest of the evening's activities.

"Do we want to skip the bar tonight and just head for the bedroom?" Tim asked.

"I, for one, am eager to make love to the boy again," Jake announced. "So, I could easily be convinced to get naked and stick my dick in the boy's ass."

"I have one request," Tim began. "Can all three of you promise to fuck me tonight?"

"Are you sure, Tim," Jake asked. "We don't want to hurt you!"

"I think you, Jake, should be the last," Tim decided. "But, I want this more than anything else at the moment. I want your dick in me, Jake. I don't want you to stop no matter what I say."

"Then, let's get this show on the road," Master Ed announced. "Do you think we should remove the boy's chastity device?"

"I think that could be arranged," Tim agreed.

Jake helped me onto the bed and positioned me on my back. Master Ed did the same for Tim.

Before our men began to make love to us, Tim turned to me and said quietly, "Steven, I love you and I know you love me. The best way to show each other how much we love each other is to give our bodies to these three powerful men together. A shared experience."

"That's why I love you so much, Tim," I say to my future husband. "We seem to read each other's minds."

Tim leaned over and kissed me.

Master Ed took his position between Tim's legs. Jake took his position between mine. Miguel sat at the foot of the bed facing us. He began to stroke his already hard ten inch, uncut cock.

I watched the giant of a man lube up his huge, rock hard cock. I lost myself in looking at the physical strength and stature of the man before me. Jake indeed painted a formidable presence.

Jake lifted my legs over his shoulders and bent in to kiss me, "I am going to take my time in your ass, boy! I am going to make love to you. I'm not going to fuck you. I'm going to make love to you. Just like your Master and my lover are going to make love to your future husband. Are you ready, boy?"

"Yes, SIR!" I answered Jake. "I am always ready for your big dick in me!"

Jake propped his body up by his arms and began his slow and deliberate descent into my ass. I rested my hands on his muscular chest when I felt his well-trimmed pubic hairs caress my hairless balls. I looked over at Tim and saw the look of erotic satisfaction painted across his face. Master Ed was just beginning to slowly pump in and out of my lover.

"I love you Ed," Tim whispered to Master Ed.

"And, I love you, too, Tim," Master Ed replied as he continued to make love to Tim.

Jake was starting to slowly move his giant cock in and out of my ass. He was kind and gentle. He was smiling calmly at me. "I love you, boy!"

"And, I love you, too, Master!" I whisper back at my massive lover.

I lost track of time as Master Ed made love to Tim and Jake made love to me. Finally, I heard Master Ed say to Tim, "I'm getting close, lover boy! I am getting close to seeding my lover's perfect ass!"

Master Ed paused and kissed Tim several times before he resumed his thrusts in and out of Tim's ass. With each thrust, Master Ed quickened the pace signaling that he was indeed getting close to cuming. Master Ed began to moan, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"

After a few moments, Master Ed lowered his body on top of Tim's. Master Ed's body glistened with sweat as he began to kiss Tim passionately.

Jake continued his thrusts. He occasionally paused to kiss me. After one of the kisses, Jake glanced at the clock. "I've been at this about an hour, boy! Do you want me to cum in you now or wait?"

"Make it last as long as you can, SIR!" I tell Jake. "You feel so good in me!"

I looked over at my future husband. Miguel and Master Ed were changing places. Tim held out his hand to me. I did the same. We held hands while Miguel mounted Tim and began his descent into my lover's ass. Tim let my hand go so he could pull Miguel's head down for a kiss.

"Before I met Steven, I never thought I would like getting fucked as much as I do," Tim said to Miguel. "But, I love dick. Just like Steven loves dick!"

"And, I love your sweet ass, Tim," Miguel whispered to Tim. "I think you have one of the most perfect asses I have had the pleasure of fucking. But, when I make love to you like I am now, it is the most incredible feeling I have ever had!"

"You can have my ass whenever you want," Tim whispered back. "Now, stop talking and start making love to me!"

Miguel smiled and did, indeed, began his slow rhythmic thrusts in and out of Tim's tight ass. Tim was moaning with each inward thrust Miguel made.

"I can't hold off much longer, boy!" Jake whispered to me and kissed me before he resumed his lovemaking thrusts. "Here it comes, boy! I'm going to cum in your sloppy, slave boy ass! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"

Jake lowered himself so he rested on top of my body. "Notice I haven't taken my dick out of your ass yet, boy! I think I will wait until it is my turn to stick this big thing in Tim's ass!"

"Don't hurt him, SIR!" I whispered. I knew Tim couldn't hear us whispering because Miguel had increased the speed of his thrust in and out of Tim's ass. Tim was moaning with every stroke of Miguel's big dick.

"You know, boy," Jake whispered back. "It is going to hurt like hell. I can't do anything about that. I just have a big dick. But, if Tim wants me to start, I will. You know, too, that I won't stop until I am ready! Your Master knows that. Miguel knows that. I only hope Tim understands what he is in for."

After another 20 minutes (somehow I noticed the clock), Miguel began unloading into Tim's eager ass, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"

Once the convulsions of Miguel's body came to a halt, he lowered himself on top of Tim and kissed him with the passion only lovers show one another. Finally, Miguel pulled out of Tim's ass and rolled on his back beside Tim.

"Are you sure you want Jake in you?" Miguel asked.

"Yes," Tim answered.

"You know it is going to hurt like hell," Miguel continued

"Yes," Tim again answered.

"You know Jake won't stop once he starts?" Miguel cautions Tim.

"Yes," Tim answers. "I want to feel Jake's big cock in me. I don't care if it hurts. I want it!"

"Okay, Tim," Miguel said. "I wanted to give you an out in case you've rethought the offer to have Jake's dick in your ass. Okay, Jake. It's your turn with this sweat man's tight ass."

Jake quickly pulled his dick out of my ass and moved between Tim's legs. "I am going to put this in just to the tip. If you want me to stop, I will. But, if you decide to go ahead with this and give me permission, I will not stop until I unload in you! Do you understand?"

"Yes," Tim answered. "Please, give me your dick."

Jake lubed up Tim's ass and his big, hard 13 inch cock. He aligned his dick with Tim's asshole and leaned in to give Tim a kiss. As Jake began to push his dick against Tim's tight hole, Tim began to moan, "Ahhhhhhhhh! Fuck! Ahhhhhh! Shit!"

"Okay, Tim," Jake explained. "The tip of my dick is in your ass. Do you want me to continue?"

"Yes," Tim answered. "God! Yes! I want it, SIR!"

Jake didn't waste time and started to push harder to get his big dick into Tim's ass. Tim began to scream in pain, "Shit! It fucking hurts! Shit! Oh! Shit! Ahhh! Ahhh!" Tim fell silent.

"I'm in, Tim," Jake whispered. "I'm all the way in. How does it feel?"

"It still... hurts...! It hurts... like hell..., but... I want... more...! Just give me... a few... moments... to get... used to you!" Tim whimpered.

Jake began to deliver quick kisses to Tim's waiting lips. Tim was caressing Jake's huge biceps. He began to smile broadly.

Master Ed pushed my legs apart and lifted them over his shoulders. "I am going to fuck you brains out, boy! Then, after Miguel is finished using your cum dump ass, Jake will take you home with him while Miguel, Tim, and I stay here. He has plans for your body, boy!"

"Yes, SIR!" I answer. "Anything you say, SIR!"

"I think I am ready, Jake," Tim whispered.

Jake slowly began to move back and forth moving his dick slightly back from his balls deep position and then back in. After a few moments, Jake's thrusts became longer and more powerful. Tim began to moan in pain each time Jake pushed his dick back into Tim's ass.

Master Ed wasted no time getting his cock balls deep into my ass. He began to pound my ass. He was almost in total sync with Jake's attack on Tim's ass.

Tim's moaning in pain turned into passionate screams for more. "Oh! God! Jake! Give it to me, Jake. Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

Jake picked up the pace to a quicker more powerful workout.

Master Ed kept pace with Jake until Master Ed shouted, "I'm going to fucking cum, boy! Take my load, fuck face! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"

Master Ed rolled off me and tried to catch his breath. Miguel soon took Master Ed's place between my legs. He, too, didn't waste time shoving his cock into me. Miguel immediately began to fuck me hard and fast. He was also keeping pace with Jake.

Through all of this, Tim was still moaning in ecstasy as Jake ravaged his ass. Jake was dripped copious amounts of sweat onto Tim's body. The two of them almost glistened in the dim lighting of the bedroom.

After another forty minutes, Jake slammed his huge cock into Tim well used ass as he unloaded his seed, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"

Miguel was right behind Jake as he pumped rope after rope of cum into my well-used ass, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"

Miguel collapsed on top of me and caught his breath. He was finally able to manage to speak, "I don't know which I like best, making love to you or fucking your brains out. I will need to do both several times and then decide. I don't think Tim will mind now that he has managed to take Jake's big cock. You two will probably be fighting about who gets the big black cock in his ass!"

"Yes, SIR!" I whisper. "I am pleased you want my ass, SIR! It is yours for the taking, SIR!"

Miguel lifted his body off mine and pulled his spent cock—still hard—out of my ass.

Jake was now between my legs. "I think you will need this for the trip back to my house, boy!" He lined up the huge butt plug Master Ed had bought for me and shoved it into me in one swift stroke.

Master Ed was now towering over me at the side of the bed, "Get your ass out of the bed, boy, and put on some clothes. Be quick about it, too! Miguel, Tim, and I need to spend some time together while you are with Jake. I frankly don't want to see you back here until Wednesday evening."

"Yes, SIR!" I answered as I pulled myself out of bed and quickly dressed in jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers. Master Ed removed my collar, and Jake installed his around my neck. The next thing I knew it, I was being led by Jake's leash to his car.


To be continued...


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