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Life With Tim



Miguel collapsed on top of me and caught his breath. He was finally able to manage to speak, "I don't know which I like best, making love to you or fucking your brains out. I will need to do both several times and then decide. I don't think Tim will mind now that he has managed to take Jake's big cock. You two will probably be fighting about who gets the big black cock in his ass!"


"Yes, SIR!" I whisper. "I am pleased you want my ass, SIR! It is yours for the taking, SIR!"


Miguel lifted his body off mine and pulled his spent cock—still hard—out of my ass.


Jake was now between my legs. "I think you will need this for the trip back to my house, boy!" He lined up the huge butt plug Master Ed had bought for me and shoved it into me in one swift stroke.


Master Ed was now towering over me at the side of the bed, "Get your ass out of the bed, boy, and put on some clothes. Be quick about it, too! Miguel, Tim, and I need to spend some time together while you are with Jake. I frankly don't want to see you back here until Wednesday evening."


"Yes, SIR!" I answered as I pulled myself out of bed and quickly dressed in jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers. Master Ed removed my collar, and Jake installed his around my neck. The next thing I knew it, I was being led by Jake's leash to his car.


Chapter 15: Life With Tim Moves Forward


When Master Jake and I arrived at Jake and Miguel's home on Sunday morning, I immediately stripped and presented myself to Master Jake.


"Good boy!" Master Jake said to me as he led me to the kitchen island. He grabbed two Coronas from the fridge. He handed one to me and gave me my first order, "Sit, boy! I want to tell you about what will be happening to you over the next few days. And, I used the phrase `to you' because many things will happen before I return you back to your home on Wednesday evening. You will have absolutely no control over anything!"


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I took my seat next to Master Jake.


"It is 2 am, and we will get some sleep before we begin the next phase of our time together. As I am explaining our agenda, I want you to undress me, boy!" Master Jake began to explain. "Miguel will be with your future husband and Master Ed until today around noon. He is then going to visit Terrance and Aiden. I don't think you will see him until Monday evening when he finishes work."


Master Jake paused and took a swig of his beer, "You future husband and Master Ed have invited your real estate agent, David, to join them on Sunday afternoon. Tim and your Master Ed have decided that your future husband will begin developing a slave relationship with his Master David. You didn't know that, did you, boy?"


"No, SIR!" I answered Master Jake.


"Does that surprise or bother you, boy?" Master Jake asked.


"Surprise, yes," I begin the answer Master Jake's question. "Bother me, no, SIR! Tim is his own man. He will choose his involvement with other men as he sees fit. I am assuming that Tim will continue to be a lover to Master Ed and not a slave."


"Yes, boy!" Master Jake agreed.


"Later on today," Master Jake continued his explanation. "Your Masters Sam and Greg will be joining us. I will take my collar off you and they will put theirs on you. After we share some joint activities, they will take you to their home until Monday evening. They will return you to our possession after they are finished using your body. Do you understand so far, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I answer Master Jake. "I understand completely, SIR!"


"When you are with Master Miguel and me on Monday evening, we will briefly discuss the timeline of our film production business. Then, he and I will enjoy your body until we return you to Tim on Wednesday evening." Master Jake finished his very detailed explanation of the upcoming events. "Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I answer Master Jake's question. "I understand, SIR!"


"One last item," Master Jake continued. "You will alternate your weekend service between Master Miguel and me and your Master Sam and Master Greg until you and Tim are married. So, you will spend at least one weekend with Master Miguel and me each month, and at least one weekend with Master Sam and Master Greg. That will give Tim and your Master Ed the freedom to explore their relationship as well as Tim and his Master David to properly enjoy their blossoming relationship. We have all decided that you will spend your regular Wednesday evenings together with Tim and your regular Thursday evening with your Master Ed. Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I answered Master Jake. "I understand, Master!"


"Good!" Master Jake decided. "Now, we will go downstairs and get a little rest before your other two Masters arrive this afternoon."


Jake stood and pulled me off the stool by the balls. He proceeded to lead me downstairs to the king bed that was outfitted with leather sheets. "Sit on the side of the bed, boy! I have something for you!"


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I heeded Master Jake's order.


Master Jake held his semi-hard cock in his hand and pointed it to my mouth, "I need to piss, boy!"


"Yes, SIR!" I answered Master Jake and opened my mouth.


Master Jake put his cock half way into my mouth and released a massive stream of yellow liquidI swallowed and swallowed and swallowed until his stream ended in a trickle. Master Jake took his cock out of my mouth and shook it in my face to remove any remaining piss.


"Thank you, Master," I said to Master Jake.


"You're welcome, boy," Master Jake said before giving me my next orders. "Roll on your side. I am going to shove my dick into your ass, and then we will sleep."


I rolled onto my side and Master Jake popped the extra large butt plug out of my ass. He immediately replaced it with this now rock hard dick. He shoved it into me in one quick and powerful thrust.


"Ahhh...!" I screamed. Finally, I managed to give Master Jake my thanks, "Thank you, Master!"


"You're welcome, boy," Master Jake said. "Now, we will get a little rest before I fuck you from here to kingdom come!"


Master Jake pulled me close to him and we were soon sound asleep.




I awakened as I felt Master Jake moving his big, hard cock in and out of me. After a few stabs at my ass, Master Jake gave me my next orders, "Turn on your stomach, boy!"


"Yes, Master!" I acknowledged his order as I turned onto my stomach.


Master Jake forced my legs under me and pulled me onto my knees so that he had optimum access to my ass. "Hang on to the headboard, boy! You are going to get fucked royally this morning!"


"Yes, Master!" I announced as I grabbed onto the bed and held on for the assault that I knew was coming.


Master Jake wasted no time as he began to rapidly and powerfully shove his big hard cock into my ass and just as quickly removed it. When he shoved his cock into me, I felt his big, hairy balls slap against my shaved balls. Each time Master Jake bottomed out in my ass, I moaned loudly, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


I felt Master Jake's sweat dripping from his body onto mine. My ass was wet and clammy from his dripping sweat. I felt his sweat drip onto my back with each thrust into my ass. His massive dick was stretching my sphincter muscle with each powerful jab. Finally, after several minutes of Master Jake ravaging my ass with his huge 13 inch, uncut, black cock, I felt his huge arms encircle my body and pulled me tightly into his as he began spewing his cum inside my ass. "Ahhh... ahhh... Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" Master Jake screamed. When he finished unloading inside me he crushed my body under his as he relaxed on top of me until he regained his composure.


"I love your ass, boy!" Master Jake finally said. "Every time I use your body, I feel your ass getting sloppier and sloppier. Tim and your Master Ed want me to keep it that way, boy! Do you know what that means, boy?"


"That you will be fucking my ass often, Master!" I answered Master Jake's question.


"Not only will I be fucking you, I will be fisting you, I will be stuffing your ass full of butt plugs and dildos, I will search for men with especially big dicks so they can use your ass!" Master Jake explained. "You are going to be very, very busy until you and Master David's slave are married. Do you understand, boy? Do you understand how sloppy your ass will be, boy?"


"Yes, Master!" I answer Master Jake. "I will do anything for you, Master! I hope you know that, Master!"


"Yes, I know that, boy!" Master Jake says to me. "But, if I ever think that you are not grateful that I am giving your ass to every big dicked man I can find, I will punish you severely! Do you understand, boy? You have not experienced my wrath when I am really angry! I will stop at nothing to punish you for any transgression that I perceive. Do you understand boy?"


"Yes, Master! I understand, Master!" I yell to Master Jake.


"Good boy!" Master Jake whispers to me. "We have another hour before your Master Sam and Master Greg arrive, boy! I think we need to clean you up a bit. You smell like a pig! Do you know why you smell like a pig?"


"I am a pig, Master! I am a dirty pig!" I hiss back at Master Jake.


"Before we put you into the shower, you are going to lick my body clean! Start with my arm pits and work your way down to my feet. Pay particular attention to my dick and my dirty asshole." Master Jake screamed his order to me.


"Yes, Master!" I scream back at Master Jake.


I start with Master Jake's sweaty, smelly armpits and begin to work my way down his body. When I finished licking Master Jake's cock and balls clean, he turned away from me and bent over so I could begin to clean his asshole. I stick my tongue into Master Jake's shit smelling asshole and begin to work my tongue in and out of him.


"Ahhh... that feels good, boy!" Master Jake tells me. "What does my asshole taste like pig?"


"Shit, Master!" I scream at Master Jake as I take my mouth off his asshole. "It tastes like shit, Master!"


"An, what do you say to your Master for sharing his smelly asshole with you, boy?" Master Jake asks.


"Thank you, Master!" I yell my response to Master Jake. "Thank you for letting me clean your dirty asshole, SIR!"


When I finally completed licking his feet clean, Master Jake led me to the shower to start cleaning my body, "Bend over, boy!"


"Yes, Master!" I say as I followed Master Jake's orders.


Master Jake shoved the douche hose into my ass to begin irrigating me. He kept up his work until he was satisfied that I was clean for my next set of Masters.


After Master Jake had thoroughly cleaned my entire body, he threw a towel in my direction. "When you are dry, boy, come upstairs to await our next guests."


"Yes, Master!" I answered Master Jake as he disappeared upstairs. After I finished drying myself, I went upstairs to find Master Jake.


Master Jake was sitting at the kitchen island.


"Go into the hallway and assume the position near the front door, boy!" Master Jake ordered.


"Yes, Master," I said before I left Master Jake to get into my assigned position. I was kneeling with my hands behind my back. I was looking downward at the floor. My dick was fully erect!


After several minutes, the doorbell rand and Master Jake answered it. "Good afternoon, gentlemen! Let me take your coats. And, then, you can take possession of the boy!"


"You are most gracious to share the boy with us," Master Sam announced to Master Jake after the coats were stored away in the closet.


"It's my pleasure," Master Jake told Master Sam and Master Greg. "I understand from Tim and Ed that the four of us will be using the boy on a fairly regular basis. And, I understand you will be taking the boy to Florida with you!"


"We are really excited about having the boy around to use!" Master Greg announce. "We have been looking for a boy for some time, but, until Tim gave us his future husband to use, we had been disappointed in the slaves that are available. I am certain we will enjoy our joint ownership of this slave boy!"


"Let me take my collar off the boy and you can take possession of him," Master Jake suggested. He disconnected his collar and placed it on a table in the entry way hall.


Master Sam and Master Greg approached me. Master Sam carried a leather collar. It had metal studs encircling the collar. Master Greg carried the lock and leash.


Master Sam placed the collar around my neck and pulled it tight. Master Greg secured the collar with the lock. He also connected the leash to the collar.


Master Sam was the first to speak, "I know you have served Master Ed for some time before Tim met you. And, you have been in Master Jake and Master Miguel's possession from time to time. I think, once you get used to Master Greg and me, you will understand that our way of doing things may be a bit different than that of Master Ed, Master Jake, and Master Miguel. But, Tim has given you to us, so I think you will need get used to our way of doing things quickly or we may need to severely punish you. Do you understand, boy?"


Yes, Master!" I answered Master Sam's question. "I will work hard to make certain I please you, Master. And, I will gratefully accept any punishment you and Master Greg want to bestow upon me, Master!"


"Excellent answer, boy!" Master Greg announced. "While we are visiting with Master Jake, Master Sam and I want to use your slave boy ass. We are both very, very horny. And, we suspect that your Master Jake will enjoy using your ass some more this afternoon! Isn't that right Jake?"


"Yes, indeed," Master Jake answered. "I promised Tim and Ed that I would keep the boy's ass as sloppy as possible."


"We are going to enjoy keeping your promise to Tim and Ed, aren't we Greg," Master Sam conceded.


"You two can take the boy downstairs and decide where you want him," Master Jake said to Master Sam and Master Greg. "I need to make a few phone calls. I will be down shortly."


As Master Jake disappeared into the kitchen, Master Sam began to install a ball parachute on me. Once he had it installed, he attached another leash to the ring of the ball parachute.


"Shall we get started, Greg?" Master Sam asked.


"Absolutely," Master Greg answered.


Master Sam tugged on the leash connected to the ball parachute as Master Greg tugged on the one connected to the collar. They both led me downstairs. Master Sam was carrying a leather bag as we descended into the downstairs playroom.


Master Greg paused and surveyed the room. "I think the saw horse will make an excellent starting point for our use of the boy's ass."


Master Sam dropped the ball parachute leash as Master Greg led me to the saw horse and pushed me down on it. Both Master Sam and Master Greg secured me to the saw horse. My wrists were secured to the bottom under my shoulders and my ankles were secured at the back of the saw horse. They raised the back so my ass was perfectly exposed.


"As promised, Greg, you can start," Master Sam said to Master Greg.


"Thank you," Master Greg said to his lover. "I know we are really, really going to enjoy this!"


Greg reached into the black leather bag and pulled something out of it. He move in front of me so I could see the black leather paddle. "This, boy, will get your ass nice and warm on the outside," Master Greg explained. "Then, we'll get your ass really warm on the inside with our dicks and our fists. After that, we will decide where to go from there. What do you say to your two new Masters, boy?"


"Sirs! Thank you, Masters, for agreeing to use my body, SIRS!" I hissed.


Master Greg moved behind me and gently began to stroke my hairless, naked ass cheeks with his leather clad hands. He stopped momentarily. I heard a swish and then the pain of the leather paddle smashing against my ass! "Awwwwww!" I screamed in pain.


"What do you say to your Master Greg?" Master Sam asked.


"SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I screamed.


I felt Master Greg slowly circling my backside. Finally, I hear another swish and again I felt the pain of the leather paddle landing on a different spot on my ass. "Awwwwww!" I screamed again.


"Count them, boy!" Master Greg ordered. "Start from one!"


The paddle again hit my ass in a different spot. "Awwwww! One, SIR! Thank you, SIR!"


Master Greg kept delivering blows in a deliberate manner in order to give me time to respond to each blow.


"Awwwww! Twenty... nine..., SIR...! Thank you..., SIR!" I screamed back.


Again another blow landed against my ass, "Awwwww! Thirty..., SIR...! Thank you..., SIR!" I screamed once again.


I felt Master Greg's leather clad hand again caress my now burning ass cheeks. "I think his ass is warm enough on the outside. What do you say we get started with the inside?" Master Greg suggested. "You can go first, Sam. I want to see the boy take your big nine inch dick up his ass!"


Master Sam moved between my legs. He rubbed his rock hard, nine inch uncut dick against my asshole. He didn't bother with lube. He pushed his cock into my ass in one swift, forceful stroke. I felt his huge balls bang against mine.


"Take it boy! Take it like the fucking slave boy pig you really are!" Master Sam screamed. He was almost immediately hammering my ass with all of his might.


Master Greg move in front of me as Master Sam continued to fuck me. "Open your mouth, boy! I'm going to shove my hard dick into your mouth and down your throat so you don't make too many sounds!"


Master Greg grabbed me by the hair and shoved my head all of the way down his cock. I felt his dick head enter my throat. He immediately began to pound my ass almost as hard has Master Sam was pounding my ass.


I have no idea how long they had been using me, but suddenly Master Sam and Master Greg began to simultaneously shoot their loads into me. I felt Master Sam's load coat the walls of my ass. Master Greg's cum coated the inside of my mouth and throat.


We heard applause from the bottom of the stairs. Master Jake gave his endorsement of Master Sam and Master Greg's performance, "Good job, men! Good job!"


"Thanks, Jake," Master Sam said to Master Jake. "Do you want a turn at the boy's ass, Jake?"


"Shit yes!" Master Jake answered as he took Master Sam's place near my ass.




Once Master Jake was finished with my ass, Master Sam and Master Greg used me again before they prepared to take me to their house.


Master Jake shoved the extra-large butt plug up my ass while Master Sam brought their car around to the garage in the back. Master Sam attached handcuffs to my wrists and secured them behind me while Master Greg attached the leash to my collar and prepared to lead me out to the car.


"Have a good time, gentlemen!" Master Jake said to Master Sam and Master Greg. "We will expect to see the boy back here around 5 pm tomorrow if that is okay with you."


"That will be perfect, Jake!" Master Sam assured Master Jake. "It will give us a good opportunity to see how the boy performs with just the two of us. We have thought about taking the boy to the gym tomorrow morning around 10 am if you would like to join us."


"I think I would enjoy that," Master Jake answered. "Besides, Miguel and I promised to supervise the boy's workouts to obtain more muscle mass before Ed and Tim begin the tattoo program."


"We will phone you before we leave the house so you don't wait for us," Master Greg suggested as he tugged on the leash indicating that I was to follow Master Greg to the car.


Master Sam opened the back passenger side door and Master Greg shoved me into the back seat. Fortunately, the car was warm. Master Sam drove the short distance to their house and parked in the lower level garage in the back of their house. Master Sam again opened the passenger door and Master Greg grabbed the leash and tugged on it. I immediately exited the car.


Once we were inside Master Sam and Master Greg's house, Master Sam began to explain the evening's events. "Boy! We will put you into some long-term bondage for the evening and see how you react. You will be in some compromising positions, but your body will be available for us to use. We anticipate you will eagerly accept our interactions with your body. You will definitely be sore tomorrow morning when we take you to the gym. Men who are at the gym will definitely notice that your body has been worked over."


Master Greg decided to shed some more insight into their domination style, "Your Master Sam and I are definitely into domination and humiliation in addition to torture. So, you can expect to be subjected to many public displays of domination and humiliation. Your future husband was well aware of our proclivities when he gave us your body to use. And, we will not hesitate to publicly punish you if we feel you are not living up to our inclinations. So, boy, you need to follow our orders completely and without hesitation. Do I make myself clear, boy?"


"Yes, Master," I respond to Master Greg's explanation. "I understand completely, Master! I will eagerly respond to your orders quickly and completely. And, of course, I expect to be punished if I don't live up to your expectations, Masters!"


"Before we go downstairs to the playroom, we thought the three of us could enjoy a beer together before we begin our session," Master Sam suggested. "We may be sadistic bastards, but we want you to be as comfortable as possible. So, would you like a beer, boy?"


"Yes, Master!" I answer Master Sam. "Thank you, SIR!"


Master Greg tugged at the leash to indicate where I was to sit while Master Sam retrieved three Coronas from the fridge. He handed one to me and one to Master Greg.


"So, boy," Master Greg began. "Tell us how you feel about Tim giving us your body to use as we please in exchange for his promotion."


"Master, SIR!" I began to explain my feelings. "At first, I was somewhat taken aback. However, I realized that I promised Tim that he would decide whom I would serve, Masters. I finally decided that I would do anything that would make Tim and Master Ed happy. And, I believe they are happy that I will have an opportunity to serve the two of you, Masters!"


"That makes sense, boy!" Master Sam said in response to my explanation. "We were also curious as to your reaction that Tim wanted to serve Master David instead of your Master Ed."


"That is an easier question to answer, Masters," I again started to explain my feelings. "Tim and Master Ed are definitely lovers. I don't think either one of them would be comfortable if Tim were to serve Master Ed as his slave. As I told Master Jake, Tim is his own man. I respect his decision to follow his heart in terms of making himself happy. I love him dearly, and that will never change. However, if I can make him happier by giving him the latitude to make his own decisions about the men he interacts with, then I believe I have done what is right in our relationship."


"One last item before we begin to put you through your paces. How will you feel when Tim witnesses Sam and I publicly humiliating you?" Master Greg asked.


"When I am in your presence, I am in your service. It is not up to me to question your authority. Tim has eagerly given me to you, Masters, to use as you see fit. I am very certain that he will be pleased to witness your humiliation of me or my punishment if I do not make you happy, SIRS!" I answered.


"I think we will get along fine, boy," Master Greg suggested. "However, if you decide after spending time with Sam and me that you are not able to serve us, we will release you from our service on Monday evening. If, on the other hand, you agree to continue to serve us, you will serve us until we voluntarily release you from our service or Tim requests that we release you from our service. Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I answer Master Greg's question. "I understand completely, SIR!"


"Good!" Master Sam decided I had answered their questions correctly. "I think we should head downstairs to our playroom to give you your first real taste of what is involved in serving us."


Master Greg picked up the leash and tugged on it indicating I was to follow him downstairs. When we were in the middle of Master Sam and Master Greg's well-equipped play room, we stopped.


"As we mentioned, we are heavily interested in bondage, torture, humiliation, and domination. This is our long-term bondage setup. You will never see one like it. Greg and I designed this based on our experiences and interests. By the time we release you from your long-term bondage, you will be totally changed. Your mind will work differently when it comes to interacting with us. You will feel humiliated and abused. You will feel totally subservient. You will feel totally passive and meek. You will feel your inferiority. You will remember your time here for the rest of your life. You will never forget how alone and useless you are. You will never forget that we are superior to you. How does this make you feel so far, boy?" Master Sam asked.


"I am eager to be transformed, Masters!" I explain. "I am a subservient man. Anything you do to make me feel useless and more subservient, I will forever be in your debt, Masters!"


"Good! Greg, please hook up the mid-section restraints while I begin with the boy's ankles and wrists," Master Sam suggested to Master Greg.


Once my mid-section was secured in a large leather belt with various eyelets for restraint and my ankles and wrists were restrained, Master Sam attached a chain to the belt around my mid-section. They also connected chains on the restraints attached to my wrists and ankles. Master Sam pushed a couple of buttons on a control panel and I was lifted by a pulley system until I was suspended four feet above the floor.


"Do your restraints hurt, boy?" Master Greg asked.


"Yes, SIR!" I answered.


"Good!" Master Greg responded. "That is exactly what we thought you would say, boy! We want you to hurt! But, we are not quite finished."


Master Sam began kneading my nipples with both of his hands. He kept pulling and twisting and pinching my nipples for several minutes. Master Sam dug his fingernails into each one on several occasions. "Are your nipples sore, now, boy?" Master Sam finally asked.


"Yes, SIR!" I replied to Master Sam's question.


"Good!" Master Sam responded. "I think they are ready, Greg."


Master Greg moved beside Master Sam, "See these, boy?" Master Greg showed me what looked like massive nipple clamps.


"Yes, SIR!" I answered Master Greg.


"These are very powerful nipple clamps," Master Greg began his explanation. "The surface that we will tighten onto your nipples is rough and sharp. When we tighten these, you will feel intense pain as the almost pin like surface digs into your nipples. We suspect that you will scream in pain, but we don't care. We had this room built with significant sound proofing. No one but us will hear you when you scream. And, we will tighten these until we are happy with the sound of your screams. Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, Masters!" I answer. "I understand, Masters!"


Master Greg took one end of the chain and Master Sam took the other. The chain was attached to the two nipple clamps that Master Greg had just described. They simultaneously put one on each nipple. At first the pain was not sever, but Master Sam and Master Greg began to tighten each clamp. Soon, I was screaming in agony.


"Ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh...!" I screamed each time they adjusted the tightness of the clamp.


Master Sam and Master Greg stepped back from my suspended body. Master Sam ordered, "Tell us in detail how your feel right now. We want you to describe the pain. We want you to describe how hanging here in the suspension rig makes you feel. We want you to tell us if you want us to continue. If you say you want to continue, you will endure much more pain. If you say you want to continue, we will not stop until we are satisfied that you have suffered enough. But, if you say you don't want to continue, we will stop. We will release you from the suspension. However, we will put you in the isolation box until it is time to deliver you to your Master Jake. So, boy, start talking. Tell us about the pain you feel in your nipples!"


"My nipples... hurt so much..., Masters!" I begin to whimper. "Feel... on fire...! Needles... on my... nipples...! Piercing... into... my... nipples...!"


"Good boy!" Master Greg responds. "That's what we want. We want you to feel pain. We want you to suffer. We want you to feel like you are being used, because you are being used. We are using your body to give us pleasure. Now, boy, tell us how it feels to be in the suspension rig."


"Feels like... I am... trapped...!" I whimper in response to Master Greg's instructions. "Feels like... I will... never... see the... light of... day... again...!"


"Do you want us to continue, boy?" Master Sam asked me.


"Yes..., SIR!" I hiss. "Please... continue...!"


"Why?" Master Sam asks.


"Tim... gave you... my body... to use...! I can't... disappoint... him!" I whisper.


"Boy!" Master Greg says to me. He is holding a leather object with several sharp nail-like studs on it for me to see. "Do you know what this is, boy?"


"No..., SIR!" I hiss.


"It is a cock and ball harness. This," Master Greg points to a thin leather part of the device, "will encircle your cock—much like a cock ring. This," Master Greg points to another longer piece of leather, "will wrap around your cock. And, this," Master Greg points to two more thin leather strips, "will fasten around each of your balls. You dick is soft now, so you won't feel much pain. However, once we have the device installed, we will give you a nice blue pill. And, we will begin playing with your dick to stimulate it. When you are fully erect, the spikes will begin to press into your skin and you will feel significant amounts of pain. If you pass out from the pain, we will leave you here for the rest of tonight. We will retrieve you sometime tomorrow morning. If you don't pass out from the pain, we will reward you with more pain! You want that, don't you, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I answer with panic in my voice.


"Good!" Master Greg says.


Master Sam was already at work installing the device on my cock and balls. I didn't feel much pain because my dick was limp. The pain in my nipples didn't allow me to get aroused. However, that didn't last long.


As Master Sam finished the installation, Master Greg put a blue pill in my mouth. He also guided a straw to my lips so I could wash the pill down.


"What did the liquid taste like boy?" Master Greg asked.


"Piss, SIR!" I answered when I finished swallowing.


"That's right, boy," Master Greg explained. "It is a combination of my piss, your Master Sam's piss, your Master Jake's piss, your Master Miguel's piss, your Master Ed's piss, you future husband Tim's piss, and Tim's Master David's piss. We have a huge supply of the mixture for you to enjoy during your stay with us."


"Now," Master Sam spoke, "we are going to leave you alone for a few minutes. We will be upstairs. However, we will not be able to hear you if you scream or call out our names."


Both men turned and walked out the door of the playroom. They closed the door behind them. I was alone. My nipples were still in significant pain. I was suspended, naked, hairless, and helpless. And, I was all alone.


I must have fallen asleep because I was startled awake when I felt two sets of hands caressing my naked body. It was Master Greg and Master Sam. My dick started to get hard as my two captors lightly touched my skin. I started to feel the pain of the spikes that surrounded my cock and balls.


"I think the pill must be kicking in," Master Sam whispered to Master Greg.


Master Greg began to massage the tip of my foreskin covered dick. I felt the stabbing pain of the spikes as my dick began to grow in size.


"I think the tit clamps could be tightened," Master Greg suggested. Both me moved to my chest. Each held a tit clamp. They began to simultaneously tighten the clamps.


"Ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh...!" I screamed. With the last adjustment to the tightness of the clamps, my dick strained against the spike-laden device on my cock and balls. Tears were streaming down my face.


"I think we are ready for the next phase, Greg," Master Sam suggested to his partner as he retrieved two large leather restraints from the table beside me. He handed one to Master Greg.


Each man took one of the restraints and attached the restraint on my thigh near my knee. Once the restraints were in place, they connected a chain to each one. Master Greg moved to the control box and pushed two buttons. My legs were pulled almost over my shoulders.


"Do you want to go first, Greg?" Master Sam asked his lover.


"My pleasure," Master Greg answered. He moved between my legs and grabbed a bottle of lube from a nearby table. He applied generous amounts of lube to his cock. "I am going to fuck you now, boy! I probably will not last long because I am really turned on seeing your naked, helpless, pain-ridden body suspended in our playroom. Once I cum in your ass, your Master Sam will fuck you. And, then, we have other plans for your slave boy ass."


Master Greg shoved his hard cock all of the way into my ass and began to pump furiously. My body swayed in the restraints in response to his powerful thrusts in and out of my ass. My dick seemed to grow harder every time Master Sam's rock hard cock bottomed out in my ass.


Several minutes later, Master Greg screamed, "I'm going to cum fuck face. I'm going to cum in your fucking slave boy ass! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


I felt Master Greg's cum coat the inside of my ass. My cock and balls were straining against the spike lined device surrounding my cock and balls. My nipples were excruciatingly painful. Master Greg popped his still hard dick out of my ass. "He's all yours, Sam."


Master Sam replaced Master Greg between my legs. Master Sam aligned his rock hard uncut cock with my asshole. He didn't bother to put lube on his dick. He shoved his dick inside me with one quick stab.


"Ahhhhhh!" I screamed as he bottomed out in my ass.


Just like his lover Greg, Master Sam furiously pumped his dick in and out of my ass. Master Sam's body was covered in sweat as he worked his cock in and out of me. He paused for a moment.


"Tighten the tit clamps, Greg! I want to hear the boy scream at the top of his lungs as I unload in him!" Master Sam instructed his partner.


Master Greg moved over my chest and with both hands tightened the tit clamps.


"Ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh...!" I screamed.


Master Sam also started screaming as he began to seed my ass with his Master cum, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Master Sam leaned in to my face and spit on me. As he leaned in, his body added pressure to the spike cock and ball device. The spikes bit into my cock and balls even more. "So, boy! What do you say to your Masters?"


I could barely speak because I was in such tormenting pain, but I managed to get out a few words that each man could hear. "Thank you Masters for giving me your Master seed! I am forever grateful!"


"Good boy!" Master Sam hissed as he pulled his cock from my ass.


Master Greg appeared at my face. He was holding a metal object. "Do you know what this is, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I managed to whisper. "A rope hook. It goes in my ass. You tie it on me... so it won't... come out!"


"That's right boy," Master Greg hissed. "After we get this in you, your Master Sam and I are going upstairs to our bedroom and get some sleep."


Master Sam shoved the rope hook into my ass. Master Greg secured it to my other restraints. They quietly left me suspended above the floor with extremely painful tit clamps attached to my nipples, a spike-laden device around my cock and balls, and the rope hook securely in my ass. When I moved slightly, the rope hook massaged the inside of my ass. My dick grew harder with each movement. I somehow drifted off to sleep.


I awoke when I felt two sets of hands on my body. I opened my eyes to see Master Sam and Master Greg standing over me. Master Sam was the first to speak, "So, boy, in about three hours we will be heading to the gym. I hope you got some rest because you will need a lot of energy at the gym. Your limp dick seems to be growing, boy! I can't wait to see you whimper in pain as your dick swells and presses the spikes further into the skin of your dick!"


"I have something for you to drink, boy!" Mater Greg said as he guided a straw to my lips. "Suck, boy!"


I sucked up several mouthfuls of piss. When I stopped drinking it, Master Greg continued, "After we both fuck your ass again, we will remove the tit clamps, take off the cock and ball restraint, and take you out of the suspension rig. Then, we will get you ready to accompany us to the gym. We have your gym clothes in a gym bag. And, we have the sneakers, jeans, shirt, and jacket you wore when Jake brought you to his house on Sunday morning. We will so enjoy going to the gym with you this morning! Your workout will be strenuous, but the best part will be watching you when you change your clothes in front of a locker room full of men. Do you want to go first, Sam?"


"I'll let you go first, Greg!" Master Sam decided. "I want to shove my dick into him without any lube."


"I'll definitely get him ready for you, lover boy!" Master Greg said with a smile covering his face. Master Greg loosened a few ropes and popped the rope hook out of my ass. He immediately slathered his cock with lube and shoved it into my ass. The suspension rig was rocking in unison with Master Greg's powerful thrusts in and out of my ass.


After about twenty minutes, Master Sam began playing with my nipples that were still painfully clamped with the tit clamps. Master Sam decided to make a sudden adjustment and tightened both. I screamed in pain, "Ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh...!"


Master Greg began to scream at his lover, "Tighten them again, Sam. The boy's ass contracts when you do that! It will put me over the top!"


Master Sam spit in my face and reached for the tit clamps and tightened them yet again! "Ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh...!" I screamed. The pain was now so intense I thought I might pass out.


"Ahhh... Fuck yes...!" Master Greg yelled. "I'm going to fucking cum...! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


The feeling of Master Greg's cum coating the inside of my ass was extremely intense. And, I finally realized that my dick was now hard and straining against the spike-lined cock and ball restraint.


After he had sufficiently recovered, Master Greg pulled his still hard cock out of my ass. He moved aside so Master Sam could take his place. As promised, Master Sam line up his unlubed, uncut, nine inch cock with my ass and shoved it all the way in.


"Ahhhhhhhh!" I screamed.


Master Sam immediately began pulling his big cock all of the way out of my ass and shoving it right back in. Every time his dick passed my prostate, my dick responded by getting harder. The pain of the cock and ball restraint was unspeakable, but my dick just kept getting harder and harder.


"Tell me how much you like my fucking big dick in your slave boy ass, fuck face!" Master Sam screamed at me.


"I love your dick inside me, Master! Your dick completes me. I am nothing without your dick and Master Greg's dick in me, SIR!" I scream.


"Greg," Master Sam again screamed. "Tighten the clamps. I'm almost ready to cum!"


Master Greg reached down to the tit clamps and tightened them. I screamed again "Ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh...!"


"Shit, boy! I'm going to breed you boy!" Master Sam screamed as he began unloading inside me. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Master Sam popped his dick out of my ass and turned to his lover, Master Greg, "God! I love you so much, Greg."


As they started kissing, Master Greg said between kisses. "And..., I love... you too... Sam!"


Once they finished kissing both Masters turned their attention to me. "Okay, boy." Master Sam began to explain. "First, we are going to take off the tit clamps. If you think they hurt when we tightened them, this will be even more painful."


Master Sam grabbed one tit clamp and Master Greg grabbed the other. They simultaneously suddenly released the clamps from my sore nipples


"Ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhh...!" I screamed in unmerciful pain.


"Now the cock and ball restraint," Master Greg suggested as they moved to my cock. First my balls were released. I didn't scream when my hairless balls were free. But, as Master Greg pulled open the part of the restraint that was covering my dick, I again screamed, "Ahhhh! Fuck! Shit!" Finally, Master Greg released the entire device. My cock was finally free on the painful spikes.


Master Sam pressed some buttons on the control panel and my legs were lowered to the floor. When I was finally unhooked, Master Sam took one side of me and Master Greg took the other and led me to a seat at the playroom bar.


After I had recovered enough to climb the stairs, Master Sam and Master Greg led me to the kitchen. They had bagels and fruit waiting. Once we had finished eating, Master Sam explained how I would be attired. "You will be dressed simply in the sneakers, jeans, shirt, and coat you wore when Jake took you home with him. Naturally, we will leave your collar on. However, we are going to put this on you. Do you know what it is, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I said to Master Sam! "It is a combination rope hook and cock ring."


"That's right, boy," Master Sam continued. "I will put it on now."


Master Sam put the metal cock ring portion around my sore cock and balls and then shoved the butt plug into my ass. "Here are your clothes. Put them on. We will leave as soon as you are dressed. And, boy! You need to address Greg, Jake, and me as Master Greg, Master Jake, and Master Sam. And, if you run into anyone you know I want you to introduce us. Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I understand.


Master Sam and Master Greg watched me as I slipped on my clothes. The tight t-shirt rubbed against my extremely sore nipples. We headed out the door and walked to the gym. My gym bag was slung over my shoulder. I tried to keep the strap from rubbing on my nipples.


Master Jake was waiting for us in the lobby. "Good morning, men! Good morning, boy!"


"Good morning, Master!" I answered after Master Sam and Master Greg added their greetings. We proceeded to the locker room.


After we found our lockers, Master Sam gave me more orders. "When you take off your clothes, we want you to remain naked for several minutes so other men will notice your collar, sore nipples, bloodied dick, and this device. I will tell you when you can get dressed. Now, boy, strip!"


I took off my clothes and hung them in the locker. I opened my gym back and found a tight fitting tank top, somewhat revealing gym shorts, socks, and my workout shoes. I laid them on the bench while I waited for Master Sam's order for me to get dressed.


I heard a voice I recognized, "Steven!"


I looked up and saw a colleague of mine from work. He was headed to the shower with a towel thrown over his shoulder. "Leon! What are you doing here this time of the day?"


"I took the day off," Leon said. "I promised my wife that we would celebrate our 5th anniversary today. Unfortunately, she had an emergency and had to go into work this morning. So, I decided to go to the gym. How's Tim?"


"He's fine, Leon," I answered. "By the way, guys, this is a colleague of mine, Leon Blumberg. Leon, this is my Master Jake, my Master Sam, and my Master Greg."


"I see!" Leon responded. "It is nice to meet you guys. I am assuming this is a slave collar, right, Steven?"


"Yes, it is. Master Sam and Master Greg have possession of me today," I explained to a confused looking Leon.


"Where does Tim fit into the picture?" Leon asked.


"We are getting married in September," I answered. I was noticeably blushing. And, I felt my cock growing.


"I'll see you back at the office on Monday, right?" Leon asked.


"I'll be back on Monday, yes!" I told Leon. "I'll see you then."


Master Sam, Master Greg, and Master Jake were smiling broadly.


"So, boy!" Master Sam began. "You handled that very well, boy! I'll bet you will be the talk of the office tomorrow."


"Perhaps," I agreed.


"Now, get dressed, boy!" Master Greg announced. "We need to do our workout!"


I slipped on the somewhat skimpy gym shorts, and I pulled the extremely tight tank top over my sore nipples. When I finished adding the socks and shoes, we hit the weight room with a vengeance. Master Jake did indeed have a strenuous workout plan in mind for me. He did allow me to start slowly and work up to a very vigorous routine. After we spent two hours in the weight room, the four of us headed to the locker room.


"Boy!" Master Greg said. "Get naked and stand there while the rest of us get a shower. Put your street clothes on the bench. And stand by your locker until we are finished. You won't be showering today!"


"Yes, SIR!" I answered Master Greg.


As I was waiting for my Masters to return from the shower, I noticed the salesman I see at Brooks Brothers coming my way. He was stark naked and carrying a towel! "Hello, Steven! Did you have a good workout?"


"Yes, I did, Carl," I answered.


"I saw you with three very handsome and very buff men earlier," Carl told me. "Are they helping you with your workout routine?"


"Yes, they are," I answered. "I am starting a workout routine that will add bulk in the form of muscle to my body. So, I might be needing new clothes in a few months!"


Carl and I talked more until my Masters returned from the shower. I decided to go for broke again, "Carl, I'd like you to meet my Master Sam, my Master Greg, and my Master Jake. Masters, this is Carl. I know Carl from Brooks Brothers."


"I am pleased to meet you guys!" Carl said as he held out his hand to shake my Masters hands.


Once the greetings were out of the way, Carl decided to move the conversation forward, "I saw you working out with Steven earlier today. And, Steven told me he wanted to add bulk to his body. I think he looks terrific just the way he is, but I will be eagerly awaiting the transformation."


"Yes," Master Jake added. "It will be good to see more bulk before his body is inked."


"Always a pleasant sight to see an extremely muscular man with ink on his body," Carl explained. "My boy Kevin is undergoing the inking process right now. He had all of his body hair permanently removed last year while he bulked up. This year, it is the ink."


"Do you and your boy ever play with other Masters and slaves?" Master Sam asked.


"I like to show my boy off to others either in our home or in a public setting that allows nakedness, but we only have sex with one another," Carl further described his relationship with his boy. "I will occasionally let someone whip him or torture him, but I am the only one who has access to his ass. And, he only sucks on my cock—no one else's. I am sorry to run, but I have an appointment in an hour. I can hardly show up naked and smelling like a gym freak! Hope to see you and Tim soon, Steven!"


We all said good bye to Carl as he headed to the shower.




Master Miguel and Master Jake delivered me to the front of the condo around 5 pm on Wednesday. As I walked in the front door, Gavin greeted me. "Good afternoon, Steven. If those are the same two studs that visited here on Saturday night, you must have had one hell of a weekend!"


"Hello, Gavin!" I answered. "And, yes, they are the same studs that were here on Saturday. It was certainly and exciting time, if nothing else!"


When I entered the condo, I began shedding close shortly after I had closed the door. I went directly to the kitchen island where I found a note from Tim, "Steven, I will be home around 6:30. I will bring stuff from Whole Foods for dinner. I will also go to the liquor store. I can't wait to see you. And, I want you fucking naked when I walk in the door. Love, Tim."


I gathered up all of my clothes and went to the bedroom. I deposited my dirty clothes in the hamper and hit the shower to rinse away the smell of almost four days of sex and two days of working out at the gym. My nipples were still sore as shit, but I think that will make Tim a very excited boy!


I was catching up on e-mails while I waited for time to come home. One was from Leon, "Steven, It was good to see you at the gym. You are looking incredibly buff. Perhaps it is the company you are keeping. The guys with you also had nice gym bodies. And, congratulations on your upcoming marriage to Tim! I hope you will both be very, very happy. I ran into Tim on Tuesday at Whole Foods. I think what the two of you are creating could be very exciting for both of you! Leon."


I responded, "Leon, Thanks for your note. It was good to see you as well, and I appreciate your compliments! Let's plan on lunch sometime after Monday. We can talk about things. Steven."


As I finished, Tim came bounding in. He had bags from Whole Food as well as the liquor store. "Steven!" Tim yelled as he put his bags on the floor. "Get your butt over here and kiss me!"


I hugged Tim closely as I planted several kisses on Tim's lips. "God! I missed you! You need to get naked, Tim. We have a lot of ground to cover tonight! I'll take care of the groceries and liquor. I want to see you out of those pesky clothes!"


Tim dashed to the bedroom, "I won't be long! I am parched! I need a drink!"


When Tim came from the bedroom, he was sporting his chrome cock ring. I hugged him again and handed him his vodka on the rocks!


We clinked our glasses and took our first sips before we settled on stools at the kitchen island. "How was your day at work?"


"It was incredible!" Tim answered. "I had lunch with Sam today. We talked about a lot of things, but mostly about you, Steven. It seems you were a big hit with Sam and Greg! Sam was thanking me profusely for introducing you to them."


"Do I hear another promotion in your voice?" I asked Tim.


"I wouldn't count on that, big guy!" Tim enthused. "He didn't give me all of the details because he thought you might want to fill me in on the activities of Sunday afternoon and Monday!"


"So, tell me about your adventures after Master Jake took me to his place," I suggested to Tim.


"I guess I do have some explaining to do," Tim began. "First of all, I want to say that Saturday night after dinner was incredible. And, I was so happy that you were beside me when I took Jake's big, black dick in my ass! I hope it didn't freak you out too much!"


I leaned over and kissed Tim, "It didn't freak me out. And, I was glad to be there for you. Master Jake is an amazing guy, don't you think?"


"That he is," Tim answered. "My ass was just a little sore on Sunday when I woke up, but I will certainly never forget taking all of his big dick. It was absolutely amazing!"


"I want to hear all about the rest of your weekend!" I said to Tim. I gave him another kiss.


"The weekend was awesome, inspiring, enlightening, and fulfilling," Tim answered. "Oh shit! I need to do something. Just a second."


I looked confused as Tim almost ran into our bedroom. When he returned, I understood. He was carrying my collar from Master Ed.


"Ed asked me to put this on you," Tim said. "He didn't want you to be without it too long." Tim slipped on my collar and locked it around my neck.


"Thank you, Tim," I said as I gave him another peck on the lips. "I sort of missed having a collar on me ever since Master Jake and Master Miguel dropped me off in front of the condo. Back to your weekend. I want to know absolutely everything!"


"None of us got much sleep on Sunday after you and Jake left," Tim admitted. "Ed and Miguel took turns at my ass. They each shot a couple of loads in me. I think we finally fell asleep around 4 am. Miguel left his dick in my ass. When Master David arrived 11 am on Sunday, Miguel was fucking the holy crap out of me! That sort of set the stage for the rest of the day. When Miguel left around 1 in the afternoon, Ed, Master David, and I had a discussion about me being his slave on a temporary basis. I agreed to all of Master David's terms and conditions. That's when he put his collar around my neck. I will wear it whenever I am in Master David's presence."


"And, what were some of the terms and conditions you and Master David agreed upon?" I asked.


"I thought you might ask that question," Tim began. "The temporary basis will last until you and I are married—unless Master David finds that I am not a suitable slave for him. Also, I am not allowed to fuck anyone except you. And, if David is present, I am not allowed to even fuck you."


"How did Master Ed react to you not fucking him?" I asked.


"He suggested it," Tim explained. "If Master David wants to continue being my Master after you and I are married, the three of us have agreed to revisit the part about me fucking Ed. The only people who can use my ass without Master David's permission is Ed, Miguel, and Jake."


"I wouldn't think that would be a hardship for you!" I told Tim with a smile.


"Ed and Master David didn't want to put up too many barriers for my relationship with Master David," Tim told me. "When I am in Master David's presence and we are not out in public, I am to be naked."


"That seems reasonable," I say to Tim. "What about your body hair? Most slaves are shaved!"


"We've decided to take that one step at a time," Tim told me. "Master David wants my crotch and cock and balls shaved to start with. He will probably do that this weekend, and he wants you there to watch. Are you okay with watching Master David shave my crotch?"


"Absolutely!" I answer Tim's question. "Why not shave your chest and arm pits, too?"


"Well, sweetie," Tim added with a smile. "That's why we decided to take the shaving process one step at a time. Master David didn't want to overwhelm me, yet he wants me to show others that I am indeed taking the leap to being his slave. Master David will decide when he wants more of my body shaved."


"I take it you are excited by all of the arrangements," I said to Tim. His dick was sticking straight up.


"I am excited," Tim admits. "Master David took me home with him on Sunday evening. Ed took Harrison home with him. I left for work on Tuesday morning from Master David's place. I took Monday off."


"So, most of your sales force at your company was off work on Monday, huh?" I said to Tim.


"Just three of us. Sam, Harrison, and me," Tim said with a big smile. "I wonder what the corporate mucky mucks would do if they found out three of their sales staff in Chicago were into major S&M stuff?"


"They might put out a new line of educational publications!" I told Tim.


"I'll recommend that to our creative director," Tim added.


"How was your time with Master David on Sunday evening and Monday?" I asked.


"Interesting you asked," Tim began his explanation of his activities with Master David. "Master David is more of an ass guy than a BDSM guy. However, Master David did manage to whip me, paddle my ass, torture my nipples, and put hordes of clothespins on my body. Mostly, though, he fucked me and fisted me. He loves to fist as I am certain you know from firsthand experience. And, I love his big dick in my ass. I like it when Ed makes love to me, but Master David rode my ass like there was no tomorrow. Sunday evening he was the ultimate BDSM guy, but all day Monday and all night Monday we was in my ass most of the time."


"I think Master David is a perfect Master for you, Tim," I tell my future husband. "I hope it works out for both of you. I think being his slave will make you one very happy man!"


"I think so, too!" Tim agrees. "Tell me more about your weekend!"


"Like yours, it was amazing!" I say to Tim. "I know I have said this before, but I can't get enough of Master Jake's cock. If, for some reason, your Master David decides you can't fuck me anymore, please make Master Jake responsible for using my ass."


"I promise, sweetie," Tim agreed.


"If there is only one man who is allowed to fuck me, please make it Jake!" I pleaded with my future husband.


"Your wish is my command!" Tim said with a smile.


"Master Sam and Master Greg are, to put it mildly, sadistic bastards," I said to Tim. He had a worried look on his face, so I continued my explanation. "My nipples are still fairly sore from the tit clamps they used on me and my dick is still a little tender from the cock and ball restraint. To put it another way, I loved being with them. I am, after all, a masochist." I continued the description of my time with Master Sam and Master Greg.


"I assume you knew when you gave them my body that Master Sam and Master Greg are not only into physical abuse and torture, but also mental abuse and torture. They get just as turned on when they are humiliating me in public as they do when they inflict torture on me," I began my explanation of my gym experience with Master Sam, Master Greg, and Master Jake. "I ran into Leon from my office at the gym. I was naked. I had on a metal cock ring that was attached to a butt plug. My nipples were noticeably raw. My dick was almost bloody from the cock and ball restraint. I introduced Leon to my Master Jake, Master Sam, and Master Greg. He was a little perplexed to say the least. I received an e-mail from him earlier. He wants me to have lunch with him when I get back to work."


"Leon is whom again? I know I met him, but I can't remember what he does," Tim interjected.


"He is one of the co-founders of the company I work with," I told Tim.


"Ah! That Leon," Tim remembered who Leon was. "Do you think you might be leaving the company sooner than a month?"


"Who knows?" I reassure Tim. "He can't fire me because there is no morals clause in my contract! However, I would certainly entertain a buyout offer or early retirement if he decides he wants me out of the company."


"I didn't know I had such a devious future husband!" Tim said with a smile. "Did Miguel and Jake talk to you about their film production business?"


"Ah! The film production business," I start to explain the conversation I had with Master Jake and Master Miguel. "Master Jake wants to begin looking for production facilities. We might end up with a loft-like warehouse building or something similar. Until we find the right physical facilities, we will probably start using the playroom Master Jake and Master Miguel have in their basement. They want me to be in the first production with the two of them. They want to talk to you and Master Ed about some issues, such as using a hood to protect my identity. I told Master Jake and Master Miguel that you and Master Ed will make that decision."


"What do you want to do, sweetie," Tim asked.


"I would rather do it without the hood," I said. "I think facial expressions would add a lot of naturalness to the film. Besides, I think Master Sam and Master Greg would really enjoy any embarrassing moments I might experience if I did it without the hood!"


"I will speak with Ed," Tim said. "But, if you are not worried about people recognizing you, then I am all for you doing it without a hood or facial covering!"


"Thank you, Tim!" I say to my future husband. "Master Jake and Master Miguel want to have the film done as quickly as possible. They want to have a booth at the Halsted Street Fair in Chicago in August and the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco in September. It would be a good introduction to the market we are trying to capture. And, the three stars would be manning the booth."


"It's interesting you say that, Steven," Tim begins to explain. "The details haven't been worked out yet, but our Masters Ed and David want to plan a trip to the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco in September. Maybe we could include Master Jake, Master Miguel, Master Sam, and Master Greg. We might even ask slave boy Harrison to join us. You and I will already be married, and we could leave SF for our honeymoon."


"Sounds like a plan to me," I said to Tim. "Why don't we eat dinner? Are you going to make love to me tonight for fuck the shit out of me?"


"Both," Tim answered. He had lust in his eyes.



To be continued...


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