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Life With Tim



"Ah! The film production business," I start to explain the conversation I had with Master Jake and Master Miguel. "Master Jake wants to begin looking for production facilities. We might end up with a loft-like warehouse building or something similar. Until we find the right physical facilities, we will probably start using the playroom Master Jake and Master Miguel have in their basement. They want me to be in the first production with the two of them. They want to talk to you and Master Ed about some issues, such as using a hood to protect my identity. I told Master Jake and Master Miguel that you and Master Ed will make that decision."

"What do you want to do, sweetie," Tim asked.

"I would rather do it without the hood," I said. "I think facial expressions would add a lot of naturalness to the film. Besides, I think Master Sam and Master Greg would really enjoy any embarrassing moments I might experience if I did it without the hood!"

"I will speak with Ed," Tim said. "But, if you are not worried about people recognizing you, then I am all for you doing it without a hood or facial covering!"

"Thank you, Tim!" I say to my future husband. "Master Jake and Master Miguel want to have the film done as quickly as possible. They want to have a booth at the Halsted Street Fair in Chicago in August and the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco in September. It would be a good introduction to the market we are trying to capture. And, the three stars would be manning the booth."

"It's interesting you say that, Steven," Tim begins to explain. "The details haven't been worked out yet, but our Masters Ed and David want to plan a trip to the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco in September. Maybe we could include Master Jake, Master Miguel, Master Sam, and Master Greg. We might even ask slave boy Harrison to join us. You and I will already be married, and we could leave SF for our honeymoon."

"Sounds like a plan to me," I said to Tim. "Why don't we eat dinner? Are you going to make love to me tonight or fuck the shit out of me?"

"Both," Tim answered. He had lust in his eyes.

Chapter 16:


It was hard going back to work after two solid weeks off. When I arrived at my office, I immediately gathered key staff members to bring me up to date with the last two weeks happenings. And, I had a meeting with Leon and Julia, the other co-founder of the company, at 10 am. I brought my letter of resignation neatly enclosed in a file folder to the meeting with Leon and Julia.

"Good morning, Steven!" Julia greeted me as I was ushered into her office by her assistant.

"And, good morning to you, too, Julia! Since I didn't get any panic phone calls, I assume everything went well the last couple of weeks!" I said to Julia.

"It appears that way," Julia answered. "However, it is only 10 am on Monday. Anything can happen before the day is over. Leon will be here shortly."

Leon walked into the office just as Julia finished her sentence, "Good morning, Julia, Steven!"

We exchanged greetings. Leon took charge of the meeting, "So, Steven, what is it you wanted to talk to us about?"

I took a deep breath and began my semi-rehearsed message, "Let me start by saying I have enjoyed working here for the last 10 years. I have enjoyed the challenges, the people, and our successes. However, I have decided that I am ready for a change, and I have accepted another job developing IT solutions for a film production company. Here is my letter of resignation. I have offered to give you a thirty day notice."

Julia and Leon looked at one another. Finally, Julia spoke up, "To say that I am shocked at your news is an understatement. However, in another way, I am not surprised. You are a very competent, creative, and dynamic manager and engineer. Is there anything we can do to change your mind?"

"I doubt it," I said to Julia and Leon. "I don't really need the money. And, more importantly, I want to do something a little different."

"Leon, do you have something you would like to add?" Julia asked Leon.

"I agree with Julia," Leon began. "This is unexpected. However, I totally understand that people of your caliber need to find new challenges that will stimulate in new and exciting ways. Normally, we would ask you to leave immediately. However, you have been with us almost since day one. So, I don't think that will be necessary, do you Julia?"

"It would be precedent setting if we did not. Perhaps I should speak with Corina in HR," Julia said to Leon. "You and Steven keep discussing your plans, Leon. I will speak with Corina. I'll be right back."

Leon asked, "Do you know of someone on your staff that could replace you?"

"Well, I have given it some thought," I explain. "I think Alex McGregor could do the job quite well. There are a few others, but I think he would be perfect. He gets along with everyone on the staff. He has good management skills. He's not the kind of person who would be driven by the power aspect of the job."

Julia walked back into your office, "Your considered safe, Steven. But, Corina looked up your records. When we are finished here, you need to speak with her about your current financial situation."

"What about my current financial situation?" I asked.

"Maybe you don't remember this, but, when you signed on to the company over 10 years ago, you agreed to a deferred compensation in lieu of a higher salary if you stayed with us for at least 10 years. Your hiring anniversary was last September. So, I think we owe you a lot of money," Julia announced.

"How much is a lot of money?" I asked.

"It is a complicated formula. However, Corina is on her way to the CFO's office to get clarification of the approximate amount," Julia explained. "But, it will be several million, I can assure you! You also have at least four weeks of vacation pay accrued plus several personal days. Again, Corina will have that information for you when you see her after our meeting."

"How do you want to handle Steven's replacement, Leon?" Julia asked.

"Steven suggested Alex McGregor, but I think the board of directors will insist on an executive search effort," Leon suggested. "We could make Alex acting Chief Product Officer after Steven leaves us permanently if we don't have a replacement by then."

"I have a couple of questions for you, Steven," Julia began. "One, is the company you will be working for a competitor?"

"No," I answered. "It is a film production company start up. They want to support the operation with an extremely complex technology back end."

"Two, will we still be invited to your wedding when you and Tim get married this fall?" Julia asked with a smile.

"Of course!" I assured her. "We've spent the last 10 years working together. We will still be friends, I hope!"

"Okay, Leon," Julia switched gears. "Why don't you and I continue our meeting for a few moments? Steven, you need to see Corina. And, could you please not tell any of your staff that you are leaving until we have had an opportunity to inform the board of directors?"

"I will not tell a sole until you give me the word," I assured her.

"Why don't we go to lunch today, Steven?" Leon suggested. "I think I need to talk strategies with you!"

"Sure. I'll be in my office when you are ready!" I said to Leon.


I returned to the condo about 5:30 on Monday evening after turning in my resignation. Tim had called to say he would be home at 6:30. Master Ed had a late meeting and would not be joining us tonight. I immediately took of my work clothes and headed to the kitchen to start preparing dinner.

Tim arrived promptly at 6:30. "Steven! I need my kiss!"

"I'm in the kitchen," I loudly informed Tim.

Tim entered the kitchen and immediately pulled me in for a kiss. "I needed that! Now, let me get out of these clothes and we can discuss the happenings of the day!"

When Tim returned, he, again, was wearing only his chrome cock ring. I couldn't resist kissing him again... several times! "So, Tim, tell me about your day! Then, I'll explain mine."

"It was a typical day in the publishing business," Tim began to explain. "We were told today that we will be picking up a new line of computer assisted training modules from a competitor of ours. It will be a challenge to merge the new online courses with the current product offerings. The corporate brass have asked me to lead the charge of forming sales strategies and all of that shit! So, I will be traveling to NYC once a month and San Francisco once every two months when things finally kick in. I think I may be in over my head, but I accepted the offer they made me. Harrison will be stepping in as the Chicago area sales manager for several months."

"That's terrific, Tim!" I eagerly say to my lover. "You will do fine. I take it this comes with more money!"

"Why do you think I accepted the position?" Tim answered with a huge grin. "Not only will I be getting about $100 thousand in additional salary, but I will also get significant bonuses based on the first five years of successful sales—even if I leave the company."

"You are a very brilliant business person, Tim!" I confided. "You should get your law degree and go into negotiations!"

"Not a chance, big guy!" Tim told me. "I thought this might be a terrific way to make some good money so I can start writing my novel."

"How much do you think this bonus will be?" I asked Tim.

"If we meet sales projections, it could easily be one or two million a year," Tim said proudly.


"I am impressed!" I told Tim as I gave him a congratulatory kiss.

"Now, I need to know how your day went!" Tim changed the subject to my day.

"Well, Julia and Leon were surprised by my announcement, needless to say," I told him. "But, after the initial shock wore off, they were both in planning mode!"

"Who will be your successor?" Tim asked.

"I have suggested Alex McGregor," I told Tim. "But, Julia and Leon thought the board would want to do a national search for my successor as CPO."

"I guess that is understandable," Tim responded.

"I also talked to Corina about my financial situation," I told Tim.

"Financial situation?" Tim asked.

"It seems that when I went to work there over 10 years ago, I agreed to a lower compensation in exchange for a significant bonus if I stayed beyond 10 years. So, sometime this week they will transfer about $10 million to our joint investment account," I paused to gauge Tim's reaction.

"Let me get this straight!" Tim began. "You are going to get $10 fucking million for staying with the company 10 years! Holy fuck! And, why did you put it in our joint investment account and not with your broker account?"

"I thought if it were liquid, we would not need to worry about finances," I explained to my lover. "I think you and I should keep this under wraps for a while. I don't want our good fortune to get in the way of our other relationships!"

"You are probably right about that!" Tim agreed. "What the fuck are we going to do with $10 million?"

"Well, for one, I think we should have two really, really big parties!" I began to explain to Tim. "One should be a housewarming party. The other should be our wedding reception. What are your thoughts?"

"I'm game!" Tim announced. "How about a summer house?"

"Like in Provincetown?" I suggested.

"It had crossed my mind," Tim agreed. He was smiling broadly.

"Now, why don't I make us another drink? Then, I will put dinner in the oven. Then, we will eat. Then, will you please take me to bed?" I outlined my plan for the evening.

"Shit yes!" Tim agreed.

"Good!" I said to my lover. "I have been so looking forward to sharing this evening with you...! Oh! I forgot! Leon and I went out to lunch today. We talked mostly about what we needed to do during my transition out of the company. But, he did bring up Master Sam, Master Greg, Master Jake, and you. He was curious as to the dynamics."

"And, how much did you tell Leon?" Tim asked.

"At first, I just gave him a brief overview. I didn't mention what a Master/slave relationship involved. I didn't mention the BDSM component. I just mentioned that you and I were deeply in love. But, he kept asking questions." I began to explain my conversation with Leon to Tim. "He kept asking more about the four Masters. I explained that it was actually five. He wanted to know why my body was shaved. He wanted to know why I had the cock ring/butt plug device on when we were in a public gym. He wanted to know if I got into pain. He wanted to know what kind of kink might be involved. So, I spilled some details about my relationship with you, Master Ed, Master Jake, Master Miguel, Master Sam, and Master Greg."

"And?" Tim framed a very simple question.

"He said that he was curious," I told a smiling Tim. "He said he thought Master Sam, Master Greg, and Master Jake were, in his words, awesome looking men! He thought the gym experience with Master Sam and Master Greg was highly erotic. He was equally turned on when I explained that I regularly took Master Jake's fist up to his elbow. He said we needed to change the subject so that his erection could subside before we got up from the table."

"So, do you think Leon is just curious about your situation, or do you think he might be interested in exploring a relationship like you and your Masters have?" Tim asked.

"I'm not certain, but, if I were a betting person, I'd say that he might be interested," I answered Tim's question. "I'm not certain he would step over the line since he is married, though."

We continued to talk about our good fortune. After I had cleaned up the kitchen, Tim grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom. Tim gently lowered us onto the bed. We were facing one another. Tim began to kiss me.

"Steven," Tim began. "Before I fuck you..., I want to put... my fist in your ass... Is that okay... with you?"

"More than okay!" I told my lover. "You can stick... your dick or your fist... up my ass... anytime you... want. And..., I think you know... you don't need... to ask!"

Tim grabbed the Crisco from the night stand and globed copious amounts on and in my ass. I raised my legs and Tim began to work his fist into me.

"Ahhh!" I moaned as his fist passed my sphincter muscle.

As Tim worked his fist further inside me, I kept looking into the eyes of my future husband. With every thrust, his fist and arm went deeper and deeper.

"This is the first time I've gotten this far," Tim said.

I looked down to see his arm had disappeared into my asshole up to his elbow. "You'll need to practice more," I whisper.

Tim kept working his arm back and forth until he was ready to move on with the night's activities. "This has made me so horny, Steven, I am probably going to cum in your ass very quickly!"

"Then, you'll need to do it all over again tomorrow morning!" I suggested as Tim pulled his fist out of me.

Tim moved his body so his rock hard cock was aligned with my asshole. He put my legs on his shoulders. When he bent down to kiss me, I felt his cock sliding into me in one slow, forceful push.

"Ah! Yes!" I almost screamed.

Tim stopped kissing me as began thrusting his dick in and out of me. At first, he was slow and gentle. All of a sudden, he started pounding my ass with swift, powerful strokes. The bed was shaking from Tim's workout. He did last a good 15 minutes before his sweat drenched body began to tense and I felt the first rope of my lover's cum coat the inside of my ass. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh!" Tim collapsed on top of me. He stay inside me until he regained his composure.

"God! I love your ass!" Tim exclaimed. Soon he began moving me so we could roll over on our sides. Tim did not take his still hard dick out of my ass. "I want to sleep with me inside you, lover boy! If you feel something happening in the middle of the night, it will be me practicing with your ass!"

We were asleep in no time.


Tim and I were excited. We took possession of the house on Friday. Ten days later, the movers were delivering our personal belongings to our new home. Most of the furniture in the condo stayed. We hadn't decided what to do with it yet!

As the movers brought the stuff into the house, Tim and I were supervising three other guys who unpacked our belongings and put them in the appropriate places. Finally around 7 pm, we settled at the kitchen island. I opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

"Here's to our new home, Tim!" I said. We both clinked our glasses.

"And, here's to a long and enjoyable life together!" Tim added. We clinked glasses again. "I think we need to have a plan. I want us to have sex in every room of the house. Where do you want to begin?"

I raised my eyebrows and leered at my lover. "Kitchen?"

"Now or after we eat?" Tim asked as he leered back at me.

"Both!" I hiss as I moved in front of Tim and began to play with his nipples and kiss him.

Tim put his arms around my neck and pulled me close to him. Our tongues were playing swordfighter.

I pulled myself off of Tim's mouth and kneeled down in front of my lover's rock hard dick. I licked his balls and the head of his dick before I swallowed all of Tim's beautiful cock.

"Ahhh! Shit! Steven, you make me feel so good!" Tim hissed.

I kept working Tim's cock. I paused a few times to suck in his now hairless balls... my face was rubbing against his hairless crotch. Tim began to moan in pleasure. I reached up and began to play with my lover's nipples. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" He moaned as he unloaded into my mouth. Tim leaned back against the island to stabilize himself until he recovered from his orgasm.

I stood facing Tim. He pulled me in for a long, passionate kiss. Finally, he moved his lips away from mine, "That, Steven, was the best blow job I think I have ever had!"

"I'm glad you liked it," I whispered to Tim. "Because I plan to give you a blow job in every room of this house before you fuck me in every room of this house. If we play our cards right, we will be finished with this project tomorrow night!"

"Steven, I think that your idea is a good one, but it may not be doable. I could be dead. We do have a 12 room house, if you include the three season room in the back!" Tim announced.

"Maybe you're right," I acquiesce. "I want you around for a long, long time. Besides, I can just see it now, the coroner lists the cause of death as sex. Let's take our time. We have the rest of our lives together after all!"

"We have a couple of other things we need to talk about," Tim begins. "The caterers are all set for the housewarming on Sunday, right?"

"Yup!" I confirm. "They will be here at 10 am on Sunday morning. Most of the stuff will be cooked. All they need to do is heat things up."

"We need to pick up my parents, sister, and her husband up at the airport around 5 pm on Friday," Tim further explained our schedule from his point of view. "I guess I will do this alone, because we need all available seats in my car. Your parents, brother, and his wife are arriving on Saturday afternoon at what time?"

"Between 1 and 2 in the afternoon," I said to Tim. "Knowing them, they will be here more like 1 than 2."

"We are putting my parents in the second floor guest room and yours in the first floor guest room," Tim continued. "My sister and husband get the room next to my parents. And, your brother and his wife will have the third bedroom. The bathroom sharing, I hope, will not be a problem."

"If there is a fight, we will banish one set of siblings to the condo," I assured Tim.

"Good plan!" Tim agreed. "I will take my family to the airport on Monday before I fly off to NYC for my first two weeks as Strategic Marketing Director. Are you certain you will be okay here without me?"

"Tim, I will be fine!" I reassured my lover. "You and David will have a great time together. And, I am certain you will accomplish great things with your team at headquarters."

"Let's hope!" Tim said. "We have eight family members between us. Six Masters. Six people from my office. Ten from your office. Plus another 16 friends. So, we will have a total of 46 guests here. Plus the two of us and god only knows how many from the caterer. Do you think we overextended ourselves?"

"Tim," I began attempting to calm Tim down. He was looking a little nervous. "It will be fine. We have a big house."

"Okay! Now that you have convinced me everything will be perfect, can I have another drink to calm my nerves?" Tim asked sweetly.

I fixed us both drinks and put dinner in the oven to heat. We continued our discussion over dinner.


When it was time for Tim to leave for the airport on Friday afternoon, Tim and I had managed to have sex in every room of the house except the two main guest rooms. We decided to leave them in a pristine state until our first guests had departed.

Tim returned to the house about 6:30 with his family in tow. "Steven! We're here!" Tim announced when he and the group entered the house.

I came out of the house to greet the Caden family. "Rita, George, it is so good to see you again! Welcome to our home. Gwen, Ian, welcome. Please make yourself comfortable. Let me take your coats."

The accolades for the house began with Rita as we escorted the group into the living room, "Tim, Steven, this place is spectacular!"

"Thank you, Mom," Tim said. "Why don't we relax in here with a drink before we give you a tour of the place?"

After I had taken drink orders, I walked over to the alcove in the living room where the bar is located and fixed our guests and Tim and I our drinks.

When I returned with our guests' orders, Ian piped up, "You have a bar in the living room? How practical!"

Gwen announced her feelings, "Well! I hope that doesn't mean you drink to excess!"

"Gwen," Tim glared at his sister. "It was here when we bought the house!"

"We didn't do any major renovations, I added. Just a few cosmetic things like paint, floors, and a few other things," I explained in order to cut her off before she started another rant.

"Where did you find all of this exquisite furniture?" Rita asked.

"Our decorator found most of it," Tim explained. "We tromped through the Merchandise Mart several times before we actually made some of the major decisions. A lot of this came from a gallery at the Mart that specializes in contemporary pieces from designers in the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s. A few pieces upstairs were from the 1950s."

"You mean these are originals?" Gwen asked in surprise.

"Of course," I said. "Some are museum quality, but most are just run of the mill designer pieces that looked great."

"Tell me which ones are museum quality and I won't touch them," Ian suggested.

"Those are mostly in the dining room," Tim softly said to Ian. Tim was smiling when he looked in my direction. "Now, I see most of us are finished with our drinks. So, why don't Steven and I show you around and then take you up to your rooms so you can get settled before dinner."

As we showed the group around the downstairs part of the house, Rita and George were praising each room. Gwen and Ian were somewhat silent.

We left Tim's family in their assigned rooms while Tim and I went downstairs to put dinner in the oven. I had the caterer prepare a light supper for tonight and breakfast for tomorrow morning. The caterer would be back here on Saturday to serve both families a formal dinner.

"Do I detect a little tone from Gwen and Ian?" I asked Tim.

"I think Gwen has discovered that her lavish lifestyle might now be considered somewhat plebian by our standards," Tim answered with a smile. "By the way, did we ever get the invoice for the work and the furniture?"

"He dropped it off yesterday while you were running errands," I told him. "I put it in the desk in our room. I didn't want prying eyes to see it."

"I hate to ask, but how much?" Tim asked.

"Maybe we should talk about this after the party on Sunday," I said to Tim.

"Steven! How much?" Tim insisted on knowing.

"It came to 752 and some change," I admitted to Tim.

"Holy shit!" Tim whispered. "So, we spent $752,000 decorating this place? I'm glad I have a rich boyfriend!"

"What's mine is also yours, Timmy!" I said to him as I kissed him on the forehead.

Once our guests had returned to the living room, we started another round of cocktails while we waited for dinner to heat.

"So, Steven," Ian began. "What kind of work are you involved with?"

"Well, up until the first of April, I was the Chief Product Officer for eSquare Communications," I began my explanation. "I managed the product development effort for the company."

"Now, there is a growth company if I've ever seen one!" Ian effused. "How long have you worked there?"

"Over 10 years," I told him. "I was the tenth employee when I started. Now, there are about 3,000 people in the Chicago office and another 1,000 scattered about the world."

Ian said in a somewhat loud voice. "I assume you report to the VP of product development."

"No," I said to Ian. "The VP of product development, Alex McGregor, reports to me."

"Oh!" Ian said in response. "I understand the people who started the company are worth millions now!"

I looked at Tim and smiled, "I'm certain they are worth that and more, Ian. And, Leon and Julia, the two who started the company, will be at our housewarming party on Sunday. Alex will be here as well. Leon and Julia have been very generous to their employees, especially those of us who helped start the company and participated in the IPO several years ago."

"So, that is how you and Tim were able to afford the mortgage on this house!" Ian said so that everyone in the room could hear him. If looks could kill, Tim would have been guilty of murder!

"Not exactly, Ian," I said I a very calm and quiet voice. "Tim and I have both done rather well for ourselves professionally. We only took out a mortgage because we needed a tax deduction. We were going to pay cash, but our tax accountant suggested a mortgage."

The buzzer in the kitchen sounded announcing dinner was ready to be served. "Saved by the bell, Ian," I said as I went to the kitchen to set up dinner on the buffet in the dining room.

Tim followed me into the kitchen, "Steven! I want to cut his fucking balls off! He is such a prick! He probably has a tiny one, too!"

"I take it you are talking about Ian?" I asked.

"Who else?" Tim answered with a smile that meant he was planning something!

"Don't do anything rash, Tim!" I caution my lover. "We don't want blood stains on the floor for the housewarming party! We should gather everyone in the dining room before Ian has a chance to open his mouth again!"

"I am glad your family is easier to get along with," Tim said to me. "My parents are fine most of the time, but my sister and her asshole husband get on my nerves quickly.


The day after the party, my parents, brother, and sister-in-law left at 9 am. Tim drove his family to the airport at 12 pm for their trip back east. He was back at our place by 1:30. Tim and David had a flight to NYC at 5 pm so I offered to drive them. I pulled up to the departure and Tim and David gathered their stuff from the trunk.

"I'm going to miss you, Steven!" Tim said as he pulled me in for a hug. "Do I get a kiss?"

"Absolutely," I said as I added a little tongue to the sendoff. "I'll miss you, too, Timmy! But, have a good time with David. I'll look forward to catching up with you when I get back from Fort Lauderdale and you get back from New York."

"Make Sam and Greg happy, Steven!" Tim said to me with a smile. "I want a full report from you as well as Sam and Greg!"

I headed back into the city to spend some time with Master Ed tonight. I arrived at Master Ed's house around 6:30. I entered through the back door and quickly shed all of my clothes and knelt in the utility room to await Master Ed.

He arrived around 6:45 still dressed in his suit. "Boy! Pull down my pants! I have something for you!"

I unbuckled Master Ed's belt and slipped his slacks down. He wasn't wearing any underwear, which is unusual for Master Ed when he is working. He took his dick and shoved it into my mouth. "I've been saving my piss for you all afternoon!"

Master Ed unleashed a torrent of yellow liquid down my throat. I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed. Finally, his stream of piss subsided. He pulled his dick out of my mouth and shook it in my face to make certain everything was done.

"Now, boy!" Master Ed began. "Stand up and undress me."

I stood and took Master Ed's suit jacket off him and put it neatly on the chair next to the door. I also pulled off his shoes and socks before I slipped is pants off and laid them neatly beside his coat. I awaited further instructions.

Master Ed grabbed me by my hairless balls and pulled me forward to the kitchen island. "Down, boy!"

I assumed the position on my knees awaiting further orders. Master Ed pulled my collar out of the drawer in the kitchen and installed it on my neck. "There! What do you say to your Master, boy?"

"Thank you, SIR!" I said to Master Ed as he put the leash into the hook on the collar. He pulled me up so that I was standing.

"Sit, boy!" Master Ed commanded as he pointed to the stool next to the kitchen island. "I will get us both a beer so we can have a short discussion."

I sat on the stool as Master Ed had instructed while he pulled out two beers from the fridge. He handed me an open Corona. "So, boy! You and Tim throw a terrific party! I enjoyed myself thoroughly! The mix of people turned the afternoon into an extremely stimulating one. I spent some time with your former boss, Leon. He seems like a very nice person. He certainly said some very positive things about you and the last 10 years you spent at his company."

"Thank you, SIR!" I said to Master Ed. "I am glad you enjoyed yourself. Everyone seemed to mingle quite well. Even Tim's nutcase sister!"

"She is a little strange!" Master Ed added with a smile. "Nothing like Tim and his parents! I enjoyed meeting your family as well."

"Thank you, SIR!" I said to Master Ed. "They enjoyed meeting you and the rest of our friends as well! And, I must say that Master Jake and Master Miguel clean up very nicely!"

"Now, the reason I wanted to speak with you," Master Ed began. "I was talking to your Masters Sam and Greg for some time yesterday. I think they have some very interesting ideas. I know you and I never went too much for the humiliation and degradation aspect of our relationship, but, after I spoke with them, I think I want to explore that with you. So, when you get back from Florida, you will see some definite changes in the way I react to you in public!"

"Yes, SIR!" I say to Master Ed. "I want to make you happy, Master!"

"Good boy!" Master Ed said to me. "I have an early morning tomorrow, so I need to get started."

Master Ed pulled out a ball gag and slipped it on me. He tugged on the leash and I followed him. We went downstairs to his playroom. Master Ed secured me to the St. Andrews Cross. First my wrists. Then my ankles. He pulled a chain that tightened the restrains so that I couldn't move.

Master Ed moved toward his play toys. I noticed him remove a Cat O'Nine Tails from the wall. When he was behind me again, he rubbed the long, leather strips against my back and ass. "It has been a long time since I have been able to use this on you, boy!" Master Ed hissed. "You know what I am like when I haven't been able to abuse my boy!"

"Yes, SIR!" I proclaim in a voice muffled by the ball gag.

"I turn into a mean bastard," Master Ed explained. "You know that, don't you, boy!"

"Yes, SIR!" I answered Master Ed into the ball gag.

There was silence as Master Ed stepped away from my body that was restrained to the cross. Then, it started. The first blow landed squarely on my back. The force knocked me forward. I screamed into the ball gag! After a short pause, Master Ed unleashed a flurry of whacks of the Cat O'Nine Tails. The lashes moved in succession from near my shoulders and down my back until he reach my exposed ass cheeks. He kept swatting the whip in rapid fire succession on all parts of my ass. All the while, I was screaming into the ball gag. Finally, Master Ed stopped the whipping and stood next to my exposed back side. I felt the touch of his leather gloved hands caress the spots where the whip had struck.

Master Ed reached around from my backside and found my nipples. At first, he gently tweaked my nipples. The leather felt good. The tweaking grew to pulling and pinching and kneading my nipples.

Master Ed released my nipples from his gloved hands and moved away from my body. He removed the ball gag from my mouth. I watched him move to the wall where he kept his massive collection of whips. He selected a flogger from the wall and again moved behind me.

"This is my favorite flogger, boy!" Master Ed said gleefully. "You know what this means, don't you, boy?"

"Yes, SIR!" I said to Master Ed. "You want to hear me scream, SIR!"

"That's right, boy!" Master Ed hissed at me. "And, you will definitely be screaming!"

Master Ed didn't waste any time. He immediately began delivering hard, fast blows on my back. I began screaming every time the flogger landed on my already sore back, "Ahhh!"

Master Ed's pace quickened. He began to move the target of the flogger from my shoulders down to the middle of my back. He kept moving the focus of the hits lower and lower. He delivered several blows to the right cheek of my ass, then the left cheek. Finally, he moved down my left leg. Up my left leg. More blows to my ass. And, down my right leg. Up my right leg. More blows to my ass. I screamed with each sting of the flogger. Tears of pain were running down my face. Master Ed did not show any potential of ending my torture. He had covered the back of my body at least five times. Suddenly, Master Ed stopped to survey his handy work.

"What do you say to your Master, boy?" Master Ed hissed.

"SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I screamed back at Master Ed.

"Good boy!" Master Ed told me as he began to release me from the restraints on the St. Andrews Cross. When I was finally free of the restraints, Master Ed decided he was done with me for the evening. He removed his collar from my neck. "I was going to fuck you, but I have decided to save my cum for another boy toy I am going to be using tomorrow night. Aiden will stay with me for a few nights while Terrance is away on business. So, I want you to get in your car and drive to Jake and Miguel's home. They are expecting you. Here is the garage door opener. Use your usual spot. Go in through the back door. Await orders from Jake and Miguel. I will call them when you are on your way... Oh! And, one other item. You will not be wearing any clothes on your drive tonight. Go now, boy!"

"Yes Master!" I said as I hurried upstairs. Master Ed followed me. I grabbed my keys and wallet and dashed out the door to my car. On the drive to Jake and Miguel's, I drove cautiously so I would not get stopped by the police. Once I was parked, I entered Jake and Miguel's house through the back door and dropped to my knees to await orders from Jake and Miguel.

Jake and Miguel appeared shortly after I arrived. Jake was carrying my collar and Miguel my leash. Without speaking, they fasted the collar and leash around my neck. Miguel led me into the kitchen and motioned for me to sit on the middle stool around the island.

Jake was the first to speak, "So, boy! How was your drive here?"

"It was fine, SIR!" I answered as Jake handed me a beer.

"We are going to take you upstairs and fuck you in a few moments," Jake said after he had taken a couple of swigs of his beer. "It looks like your Master Ed did a grand job on your body, boy! I assume you are still sore."

"Yes, SIR!" I said to Jake.

"Good! We won't need to do anything tonight but fuck you, then," Jake continued. "Master Miguel, you, and I are going to the gym tomorrow morning at 10 am. We will meet your Masters Sam and Greg there. We have a very long and strenuous workout planned for you tomorrow. You might wish you were still restrained with your Master Ed whipping you!"

Jake paused for a few moments and Miguel took over, "You will return here after the gym. Tomorrow night we have something really special planned for you. Your Masters Sam and Greg will be joining us for the festivities tomorrow night. I will drive the three of you to the airport on Wednesday afternoon for your trip to Florida. So, now your Master Jake and I are going to take you upstairs so we can pound your ass. We have been looking forward to using you all day long, so we are two very, very horny men!"

Miguel grabbed my leash and led me upstairs. Jake followed. Miguel pushed me on my bag onto the bed. He moved between my legs and placed them on his shoulders. Miguel did not bother with lube. He shoved his massive ten inch uncut cock into my ass with one swift push.

"Aaaaaahhhhh!" I screamed.

"Shut the fuck up, boy!" Miguel yelled at me. "I don't want to fucking hear you scream again, do I make myself perfectly clear ass wipe!"

"Yes, SIR!" I answer as Miguel began his brutal assault on my asshole.

Miguel almost immediately started to sweat for the intense workout his body was getting as he rammed his cock in and out of me. His sweat was dripping on my body. While Miguel was busy pounding my ass, Jake found his way to my nipples and attached a pair of very strong tit clamps to my nipples. He tightened them securely. I didn't dare make a sound even though the pain was excruciating.

"Greg was right..., Jake!" Miguel hissed as he kept pumping my ass. "When you tightened... the clamps..., the boy's ass... contracts! Do it again..., Jake...! Do it again!"

Jake reached in and gave the clamps another tightening turn. I couldn't help it. I screamed in pain, "Aaaaaahhhh!"

"Oh God! Yes!" Miguel hissed as he began unloading in my ass. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"

Miguel lowered his body to rest upon mine. His crushing weight actually felt good. Once he regained control he pulled his still hard cock out of my ass, "He's all yours, Jake. Fuck the shit out of him, Jake! Make him feel your big dick in his ass, Jake! Make him scream, Jake! I want the bastard to scream!"

Jake didn't waste time mounting me. His huge 13 inch dick slide into my ass in mere seconds! "Aaaaahhhhh!" I screamed.

Jake was also a man on a mission. He put all of his muscled body into fucking me. The bed was shaking as the massive muscle stud rode my ass. Every time Master Jake shoved his cock into me I moaned loudly. He was dripping sweat.

Suddenly Master Jake screamed to Master Miguel, "Tighten the clamps, Miguel! Tighten them! Tighten them as much as you can!"

Master Miguel followed his lover's command and twisted the clamp's so they were piercing though the skin of my nipples. "Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!" I screamed at the severity of the pain.

Jake almost immediately began to shoot his load in my ass. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" Jake immediately lowered himself on top of me. Tears of pain were falling down my face. Jake finally rolled off me and pulled his cock out of my ass.

"I'm going to miss this boy's ass next week," Jake said to his lover. "We'll need to get as much use out of it as we can before we hand him over to his other Masters."

"It's good that we have him all to ourselves until tomorrow evening!" Miguel said to Jake. "Do you want his ass again tonight, or do you want to get some sleep?"

"I think we need to get some rest!" Jake answered Miguel. "Tomorrow promises to be a long and interesting day!"

"In the middle, boy!" Miguel barked at me as he removed the tit clamps.

"Yes, SIR!" I said as I moved between Master Jake and Master Miguel.


The next day at the gym turned out to be a truly gruesome workout. Master Jake and Master Miguel had me lifting massive weights. All of my muscles ached. But, I actually thought my arms and pecs were more developed than before the workout. My back side was still stinging from the lashings Master Ed had delivered. And, my asshole was stretched to the max from all of the fucking and fisting Master Jake and Master Miguel did after our time at the gym.

It was nearing 7 pm when Master Sam and Master Greg were to arrive. I had Master Jake and Master Miguel's collar and my leash. Master Jake handcuffed my hands behind my back before he gave me my orders, "On your knees, boy! We all have been saving our piss for you. So, when everyone is here, we will take you downstairs and piss on you. You are not to say a word until you are asked a question by one of your four Masters. Do you understand, boy?"

"Yes, SIR!" I answered Master Jake as I knelt on the floor to await the others. "I understand completely, SIR!"

"Good boy!" Master Jake said to me as the doorbell rang.

Master Miguel answered the door, "Welcome guys! It's good to see you again!"

Master Sam and Master Greg entered the house followed by another man. `Holy shit!' I thought to myself. `It's Ian! What's he doing here?'

"We were happy you wanted to include us in your festivities tonight," Master Sam said.

"I think it will be very exciting!" Master Greg added.

"And, I am grateful you included me, as well," Ian announced to the group. "Ever since Steven explained his interactions with the men in his life, I have been extremely curious about your exploits."

"We are exceptionally happy that you could join us," Master Jake said to Ian. "I think you will like what you see. You aren't required to participate in any activity, but if you choose to do so, simply let one of us know."

"Thank you," Ian added with a huge grin spreading over his face.

Master Miguel pulled on my leash to lead me to the playroom. When we were in the playroom, Master Miguel led me toward the bathtub. We stopped at the bathtub that was in the corner of the playroom. "Get in, boy!"

With Master Jake and Master Miguel's help I positioned myself on my back. The steel of the handcuffs cut in to my already sore back.

"Do you want to piss on the boy?" Master Sam asked Ian. The four Masters were already fishing out their dicks from the tight jeans they had on.

"I think I would like that! Thank you!" Ian said to my Masters as he, too, began to free his cock from his jeans. Obviously, none of the five men who stood over me had worn underwear.

"Why don't you join Miguel and me as we piss on the boy's face," Master Jake said to my former boss.

Almost simultaneously all five men began to piss on my body.

"Open your mouth, boy!" Master Miguel ordered.

I opened my mouth and began to swallow piss from Master Miguel, Master Jake, and my former boss, Ian.

After all five men had finished pissing on me, Master Jake made a pronouncement. "Why don't the five of us have a beer so we can recharge for later in the evening? The boy loves piss, don't you, boy?"

"Yes, SIR!" I answer Master Jake as I remained in a pool of piss.

As Master Jake handed each man a Corona, Master Greg sat beside Ian. "What kind of activities would you like to participate in this evening, Ian?"

"My wife encouraged me to be engaged tonight, but she ask that I not fuck the boy," Ian explained. "Is that okay with you guys?"

"So, your lovely wife knows you are here tonight?" Master Sam asked Ian.

"Yes, we have no secretes from one another," Ian began to explain. "Ever since Steven and I had our conversation at lunch the several days ago, she and I have been discussing Steven's desire to be subservient to other men. She was very encouraging with regard to my being here tonight. Of course, I promised to tell her about all of our activities."

"Have you ever had sex with another man, Ian?" Master Miguel asked.

"Never!" Ian explained. "It never crossed my radar until I discovered Steven's proclivities."

"We are all certain you will enjoy yourself tonight!" Master Jake exclaimed with a huge smile spreading across his face. "I see you are somewhat aroused even as we speak!"

"Yes!" Ian admitted. "This is very erotic for me. I never thought I would get this excited about men playing with other men! But, the power factor has me intrigued!"

"Boy!" Master Miguel said to me as he moved to the head of the bathtub. "You need to stand up and let the air dry your body so we can move to the next event of the evening!"

Master Miguel helped me to my feet and left me to stand in the bathtub so my body would dry. He returned to his seat at the bar.

"The boy's five Masters have different styles of dealing with the boy," Jake began to explain to Ian. "Ed, Miguel, and I are very much interested in physically abusing the boy. Ed added most of the whip marks to the boy's body before he handed the boy over to us. Miguel and I are into whipping and torture, but we are more into using the boy's ass. Sam and Greg have added a very large component of public humiliation, domination, and abuse to the scenario with the boy. Overall, I think it is a very good mix."

"And, the boy is okay with all of this," Ian asked.

"He has no choice!" Master Sam added. "His future husband gave us the use of the boy's body in exchange for a promotion at work. Before we came into the mix, Ed, Jake, and Miguel agreed to share the boy's body. I assume you know that Tim and Ed are lovers."

Master Jake walked over to the bathtub and helped me out of it, "I think Miguel and I would like to have the boy on the saw horse. After we are finished with him there, Sam, you and Greg can take possession of the boy!"


To be continued...


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