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Life With Tim



Henderson was up next. He was stroking his 10 inch uncut dick with his right hand as he reached for the lube.


"Frankly, Henderson," Master Sam explained. "I don't think you will need to use lube unless you really want to."


Henderson smiled sadistically at me and aligned his dick over my well used asshole. He leaned in closer to my face as he prepared to mount me. Once he was close, he spit in my face as he grinned broadly. "I won't last as long as Grady, but you will know I fucked the shit out of you, fuckface!"


Without further warning, Henderson's huge dick was almost immediately shoved all of the way into my ass.


"Ahhhhhhhh!" I screamed.


Henderson began his bombardment of my ass. He pulled his cock completely out of me before he plunged it back in. Henderson was completely wrapped up in his pillage of my ass. His eyes were closed and he was smiling in ecstasy. I moaned loudly each time Henderson shoved his big dick back into my ass.


I felt someone caressing my nipples as Henderson continued to fuck me. Master Sam and Master Greg were on either side of me. Each one place an extremely strong tit clamp on my nipples and tightened them. "Ahhhh!" I screamed in pain as my ass convulsed around Henderson's cock.


"Ah! Shit that felt good!" Henderson screamed. "Tighten them!"


Master Sam and Master Greg tightened the tit clamps simultaneously. "Ahhhh!" I screamed again.


"Once more! Please once more!" Henderson begged.


Master Sam and Master Greg obliged. "Ahhhhh!" I screamed. I felt my ass contract around Henderson's cock.


"Shit! I'm cumming! I'm fucking cumming in your ass dickwad!" Henderson screamed as he began to unload in my ass. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Henderson lowered his sweat coated body on top of mine so he could catch his breath. Once his breathing started to return to normal, Henderson hissed at the group, "That, men, was one of the best fucks I've ever had! I've never felt a boy's ass contract like that from the pressure of tit clamps!"


Master Sam and Master Greg took their turns on my ass. Cum was running out of my ass in a steady stream when Master Greg finally pulled out of me.


"I don't know about you, men," Master Sam said quietly to the group. "But, I am tired and need some rest. Would the two of you like to join us in our bedroom? We can all have another go at the boy's ass tomorrow morning!"


Henderson and Grady agreed and quietly followed Master Sam and Master Greg out of the playroom. They left me in the sling with the tit clamps still tightly cutting into my nipples. Somehow, I must have fallen asleep, too!


Chapter 18: Sunday Brunch


I woke up on Saturday morning with a hard dick brushing against my ass. I knew instinctively it was Master Sam's nine inch uncut cock. My dick was straining against the chastity device that Master Sam and Master Greg had reinstalled yesterday evening.


When I felt his dick at my asshole, I pushed back so I could impale myself on Master Sam's dick. I heard Master Sam gasp as his dick slid into me. "You like my dick in your ass, don't you, boy?" Master Sam whispered into my ear.


"Yes, SIR!" I whispered back. "I love your dick in me. It feels so good. It feels so right, SIR!"


"I'm glad you like it so much, boy!" Master Sam whispered as he rolled me onto my stomach. "What do you say, boy?"


"Thank you, SIR!" I hissed at Master Sam. "Fuck me, SIR! Please fuck me! Fuck me hard, SIR!"


"I think the boy is beginning to enjoy our morning routine," Master Greg sleepily says as Master Sam beings to thrust his cock in and out of my ass. "Aren't you, boy!"


"Yes, SIR!" I almost scream at my two Masters. "I want your dicks in me! I need to feel your big dicks fucking my ass, SIRS!"


Master Sam increased the speed and force of each thrust as me begins to pummel my ass. Master Sam slides his hands under my chest. His right hand grabs my left nipple and his left hand grabs my right nipple. He pinches each one. Softly at first. But, as Master Sam picks up the pace of fucking my ass with his big dick, he also begins to pinch each nipple harder and harder.


I moan in ecstasy as Master Sam pleasures himself in my ass. I feel Master Sam's sweat drip from his muscular body as he puts his entire body into motion as he fucks me. My dick strained painfully against the plastic of the chastity device. As the bed begins to shake to the rhythm of Master Sam's use of my ass, his breathing begins to be labored from the intense workout he is getting.


As Master Sam's body begins to tense, he screams at me, "I'm going to cum in your fucking ass, boy! Tell me you want it boy!"


"I want your cum in my ass, Master!" I scream back. "Fill me up with your cum, SIR! Please, SIR!"


"Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" Master Sam screams as he unloads massive amounts of cum into my eager ass. Master Sam collapses on top of me after his last load coats the inside of my ass. Master Sam rests on top of me with his still hard cock in my ass until his body has recovered from the attack on my asshole.


"We may have to rethink giving the boy back to Tim when we return from Florida, Greg!" Master Sam whispers to his lover.


"We can dream, Sam, but I am fairly certain Tim will want the boy's ass after we return him," Master Greg whispers back. "Now, on to more important matters."


Master Greg moves so that his hard cock is positioned at my mouth. Master Greg grabs me by the hair and shoves my head down onto his dick. His hard cock slips down my throat. As I begin to gasp for air, Master Greg begins to face fuck me. Master Sam restarted his effort to slide his still hard cock in and out of my ass.


Both Master Sam and Master Greg worked themselves into a frenzy. I have no idea how long my two Masters worked on my body, but my dick strained at the walls of the chastity device as each one pleasured themselves—one using my mouth and the other using my ass.


The sweat was pouring off Master Sam's muscular body onto my back. Master Greg was also furiously pumping his dick in and out of my mouth. Finally, Master Greg hissed at his lover, "Sam, I'm ready to cum!"


"I am too," Master Sam exclaimed. Suddenly, both of my Masters began filling me up with voluminous amounts of cum. Master Sam's cum coated my ass and Master Greg's cum slid down my throat. They were both moaning loudly as they dumped their loads into me!


Master Sam collapsed on top of me while he recovered from his orgasm, and Master Greg slumped onto the headboard of the bed.


"God! That was good," Master Sam finally announced. "I think I'm addicted to the boy's ass!"


"So, boy," Master Greg said. "Why don't you make a pot of coffee and we will be in shortly?"


"Yes, SIR!" I said as my Masters untangled their bodies from me. Once I was freed, I hurried to the kitchen to make the coffee. I assumed the position beside the kitchen island on my knees with my hands behind my back and my eyes focused on the floor.


"Pour us some coffee, boy!" Master Sam orders when they entered the kitchen. "Then, get yourself one and sit on the stool between us."


I complied and took my seat beside my Masters.


"So, boy," Master Greg begins. "We have a very special day planned for you. You're personal trainer will pick you up this morning for a very strenuous workout. He will be responsible for your nourishment before and after your time at the gym."


"Tell us how your training at the gym makes you feel, boy," Master Sam suggested.


"SIR pushes me to extremes that I never thought possible, SIRS!" I explain. "My body certainly feels more pumped. And, before I serviced SIR yesterday, he put me in front of a three-way mirror and explained posing movements that body builders use to make their muscles bulge. My body even now is showing the positive effects of my workouts with SIR! What is your opinion, SIRS?"


"We both feel your body is improving and your workouts with your personal trainer are in keeping with the results that Tim, your Master Jake, and your Master Miguel have in mind," Master Greg responded.


"How does servicing your personal trainer after your workouts make you feel, boy?" Master Sam asks. "We want you to be honest with us. Tell us exactly how you feel while you are servicing him."


I thought for a few moments before I answered, "It makes me feel closer to the two of you, Masters. It makes me feel closer to Master Jake and Master Miguel. It makes me feel closer to Master Ed. It makes me feel closer to Tim. I am born to serve powerful men. I am grateful that the men in my life—the men who are most important to me—allow me to give my body to other powerful men. Every time SIR sticks his huge dick in me I feel as though I am living my dream of using my body, especially my ass, to please men and, at the same time, please myself. I no longer feel the need to ejaculate in order to be fulfilled as long as I regularly have a dick in my ass. I hope that makes sense, SIRS!"


"That, boy, is exactly the answer we were hoping for," Master Sam assures me. "I will relay your thoughts to the other men in your life."


"In keeping with the desires of the two of us, your other Masters, and your future husband, we also have another event planned for you," Master Greg explains in further detail. "After you are finished servicing your personal trainer, he will take you to a personal groomer. We have arranged to have your entire body waxed to further enhance the look we are trying to achieve. He will also shave the hair on your head as well as your eyebrows. We want you to look your best for our guests tomorrow."


"Naturally, you will also be required to service your personal groomer," Master Sam adds. "So, you will have a lot of cum in your well used ass when we take you to the leather store to be fitted for your attire for our trip to the bar this evening."


"Your trainer will be here shortly, boy," Master Greg announced. "Get dressed in a white t-shirt, jeans, and flip flops. We have already packed your gym back. Bring it back to the kitchen once you are finished dressing!"


"Yes, SIR!" I answer as I hurry to my closet in the utility room to get dressed. When I return to the kitchen, SIR is chatting with Master Sam and Master Greg.


I catch the end of the conversation between the three men, "Beginning today, the boy will need to be on a 6,000 calorie diet on gym days in order to achieve the desired results of his workout. I suggest that before you take the boy to the leather store you feed him something from this list. I hope that won't be a problem. Also, I have included several suggestions for his evening meal and evening snack."


Master Sam took the list and quickly reviewed it, "The food requirements will not be a problem."


"Come here, boy!" Master Greg orders.


I assume the position in front of Master Greg. He attaches the leash to my collar and hands it to SIR!


"He is all yours," Master Greg announces.


SIR drives us to a health food restaurant near the gym. When we enter the restaurant full of muscle men either going to the gym or coming from the gym, SIR explains, "This is a very special place that caters to men who are serious about making their bodies the best they can be. So, as of today, I will control the food that goes into your body. I have given your Masters Sam and Greg a list of food you will eat when I am not around you. If you fail to eat the exact quantities and types of food on your diet, all of the hard work you do at the gym will not produce acceptable results. You will fail to make your Masters happy! So, don't disappoint them."


A hunky, muscle boy waiter stops by our table to take our order. He is wearing a tight t-shirt that outlines his extremely muscular upper body and a pair of tight, revealing gym shorts. He is obviously going commando because his dick is perfectly outlined. "What may I get the two of you today?"


"I have already eaten, Bernard" SIR begins. "Please bring the boy four slices of wheat toast, covered with peanut butter and topped with bananas. Also, bring him a large protein shake!"


"Yes, sir!" The waiter acknowledges the order. "Right away, sir!"


I ate my toast and drank my protein shake as SIR flirted with the Bernard the waiter. Once I was finished, SIR took my leash and led me across the street to our gym and into the locker room.


"Strip, boy!" SIR ordered. "Hang your clothes in the locker and wait until I tell you to put on your gym clothes!"


"Yes, SIR!" I answered as I quickly undressed. I put my gym attire next to SIR on the bench.


SIR was slowly getting dressed, "Boy! Walk around the locker room several times and make certain people see you are wearing your chastity device."


"Yes, SIR!" I answered. I took my time walking between the rows of lockers. Men were looking at my plastic covered cock. Most smiled. One guy groped my ass. I just kept walking.


On the fourth trip through the locker room, SIR gave me my next orders. "Get dressed, boy! We have a lot of work to do today!"


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I started to put my gym clothes on. Once I was finished dressing, SIR picked up my leash and led me to the weight room.


The workout was again even more rigorous than the past two. By the time I finished, I was almost crying from the strenuousness of lifting such massive weights.


"Good job, boy!" SIR said as he led me by the leash to the locker room. "Strip, boy!"


I quickly removed my sweaty gym clothes and stood awaiting my next orders.


"We will not take time for us to properly humiliate you today, boy!" SIR explained. "I want you to service me before I take you to your grooming appointment. And, we need to feed you your after workout meal. So, get dressed.


I quickly pulled on my jeans and t-shirt before I slipped on my flip flops. SIR led me by the leash to his awaiting car. We moved that day at a whirl wind pace. First, the restaurant. Then, SIR's house so I could service him. Finally, SIR stopped his car in front of my personal groomer's studio.


"Tomorrow will be your day off from the gym," SIR explained. "However, Monday will be an even more strenuous day that today. Even after only a few days, I can see progress. I am certain your Masters Sam and Greg will be exceedingly pleased with the results of today's workout. I will be at the brunch they are having tomorrow. Good bye, boy!"


"Good bye, SIR!" I say to him. "And, thank you for all you have done to help transform my body. I am looking forward to next week's workouts, SIR!"


My personal groomer's studio was attached to his house. I walked down the path that was marked and rang the bell. A stunningly handsome muscle man opened the door. He was clad in tight grey gym shorts and nothing else.


"So, you must be the boy Steven," the handsome man greeted me as he motioned for me to enter his studio. "My name is Dennis. I am going to work on your body today. I am certain you will like the results of today. And, I am positive your Masters Sam and Greg will also be pleased."


"Please take off your clothes and lay on your back on the waxing bench," Dennis instructed. As I was getting undressed, Dennis continued his explanation. "I assume your Masters told you that as part of my fee I get to use your body. I will fuck you before we begin the session. And, I will fuck you again after we have completed the session. How many loads of cum do you have in your ass?"


"Four, SIR!" I answered. "Two from Master Sam this morning, and two from my personal trainer."


"Good!" Dennis said excitedly. "Then, I won't need any lube. Is that correct, boy?"


"Yes, SIR! That is correct," I answer Dennis's question. "I have enough cum in me for you to properly fuck me without lube."


Dennis drops his gym shorts and began to massage his already hardening dick. Dennis was exceedingly good looking. He had sort, close cropped blond hair on his head. The rest of his body was completely hairless and his skin shimmered in the light of the studio. Once his nine inch cut cock was completely hard, he, too, climbed on the waxing bench and positioned himself between my legs as he prepared to mount me.


Dennis wasted no time once he was in position. He shoved his rock hard cock into me in one swift forceful stroke. I was fascinated by the flexing of his muscles as he put his entire body into the task of fucking me.


After a few minutes of fast paced fucking, Dennis paused, "I haven't cum in two days. So, I am certain this will be quick. But, when I fuck you at the end of your session, I will, I am certain, last longer."


Dennis immediately resumed his assault on my ass. His sweat was running off his well-muscled chest and onto my body and then onto the waxing bench. "I'm going to cum, fuck face," Dennis screamed after about 20 minutes of nonstop fucking. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Dennis stayed in his position with his still hard dick lodged deeply in my ass. "That was good, boy! That was really good! I am looking forward to fucking you again after we finish with this part of your transformation."


"Thank you, SIR!" I said to Dennis. "My Masters gave you my ass, so I want to make you happy, SIR!"


"Good boy!" Dennis acknowledged as he pulled his dick from my ass and hopped onto the floor of the studio. He offered his hand to steady me as he pulled me off the waxing bench. "The first thing we will do is to shave your head and eyebrows."


Dennis led me to a barber chair and picked up a pair of clippers. I watched in the mirror as Dennis expediently removed my hair down to a stubble with every backward stroke of the clippers. Once my eyebrows were clipped off. He grabbed a mug of warm shaving cream and began to spread it over my head. With his fusion shaver in hand, he reduced the stubble to skin. I was bald for the first time in my life.


"I hope your Masters decide to keep your head shaved, boy!" Dennis enthused. "I personally like the look on you."


Once Dennis cleaned up the massive amount of hair on the floor surrounding the chair, he led me to the waxing bench.


"We will do your back first, boy," Dennis explained. "Then, we will turn you over and I will do the front of your body. Once I get to your crotch, cock, and balls, I will remove the chastity device with the key your Masters gave me earlier. When I pull the wax off along with your body hair, you will feel some pain. It will be more painful on the front of your body than the back. When I get to your crotch, cock, and balls, I guarantee you will be screaming as I pull the last remaining hair off your body."


He worked on my body nonstop for the next two hours. And, I was indeed screaming when he ripped the hairs off my cock and balls.


"Now, boy! Let me show you the results." Dennis helped me off the bench and led me toward a three way mirror so I could see his handiwork first hand. My dick hardened to fully erect as I looked at my new body. "Notice the way your body sparkles, boy. The wax mixture contained an intensive moisturizing system to hydrate the skin. I am going to give you some of this same moisturizer for your Masters to use on your body when they want you to look extra good. The results of the waxing lasts longer than regular shaving because I have pulled some of the hair out down to the follicles. After a few regular sessions, a waxing treatment should last at least two weeks before the hair grows back to a noticeable level. You will be seeing a colleague of mine when you return to Chicago. I will see you again next Saturday for your last session with me until your Masters bring you back to Florida. Now, we will get you back on the waxing table face down so I can properly fuck you. This time it will not be as quick as the first one."


"Yes, SIR!" I said to Dennis as we moved back to the waxing bench. "Thank you, SIR!"


Before he helped me onto the waxing bench, Dennis placed the chastity device on my semi hard dick. Once he was finished, he placed me face down on the waxing bench.


Dennis was true to his word. He worked his dick in and out of my ass for more than an hour before he deposited his second load of cum in my ass.


"Stay there, boy!" Dennis ordered as he pulled out of me. He picked up a large butt plug. "Your Masters wanted me to plug you so you don't lose any cum out of your ass."


"Ahhh!" I screamed as he quickly shoved the butt plug into my ass.


"I will call your Masters to come and get you! They want you standing in the position when they walk in the door." Dennis instructed. I took my place in front of the door leading to the outside.


The doorbell rang a few moments later. A still naked Dennis opened the door. Master Sam and Master Greg were smiling broadly as they entered the studio and examined my body!


"Great work, Dennis!" Master Sam said to my groomer as he ran his hand along my hairless chest. Master Greg was examining my hairless ass at the same time. Their touch made my dick again strain against the plastic of the chastity device.


"Did you enjoy the boy servicing you, Dennis?" Master Greg asked.


"Absolutely!" Dennis enthused. "His ass is perfect for fucking!"


"Get dressed, boy!" Master Sam ordered.


As I was getting dressed, Master Sam and Master Greg said goodbye to Dennis. Master Greg grabbed my leash and both men led me to the car.


Once we were in the car, Master Greg handed me a protein shake. "We got this for your afternoon snack. Drink it while we are on our way to the leather store."


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I began to drink the shake.


We arrived at the leather store about 10 minutes later. I had consumed the shake. Master Greg opened the back door of the car, took my leash, and led me into the store. It was teaming with men looking at all sorts of leather clothing, whips, paddles, and other toys.


We were greeted by a large older man in full leather. "Good afternoon, boys!" Edward was about 5' 8" and was about 60. He had developed a slight beer belly, but other than that he appeared to be fairly fit. A tuft of grey hair poked out of his leather shirt. He also had a nice bulge in the front of his leather pants.


"Good afternoon, Edgar," Master Sam said to the man as they both embraced. "This is the boy that we want to outfit for tonight. He had a very serious workout today and his body was waxed. So, we are eager to find the right thing for him to wear tonight when we go to the bar."


"Well, when you suggested leather shorts, I pulled a few things that I thought might fit the boy from your description of him," Edgar explained as he grabbed three pairs of leather shorts. He also grabbed my crotch. "Is the boy going to be wearing the chastity device tonight?"


"Yes!" Master Greg answered. "Unless we decide otherwise.


Edgar continued his explanation of his selections. "The first is a simple leather brief with laces up the side. However, I don't think he will fit into these with the chastity device on. The next one is a leather version of football shorts with a lace up front. I think these will accommodate the chastity device. The last pair might be more to your liking. They are basically skin tight chaps but are cut like cutoffs with a removable front pouch and a removable ass covering."


"I am leaning toward the chaps," Master Sam suggested.


"I agree," Master Greg agreed. "But I would like to see him in all three. We should try on the football shorts. Then, we can see what he looks like in the chaps version. Finally, we can take off the chastity device and see how he looks in the briefs."


"Strip, boy!" Master Sam ordered. As he ordered me to strip, most of the other customers decided to see what was happening.


Edward help me with putting on the football shorts and laced them up in the front. "Very nice!" Edward said after he had them in place.


"But, we would need to take them off if we decided to let someone else use his ass in the bar," Master Sam suggested.


"That could be a big time waster," Master Greg agreed.


Edward undid the football shorts and I was soon again standing naked in the store. There must have been at least 15 men watching. Edward began to put the chaps on me. And, they were skin tight. Almost like they were custom made for my body. Next, he snapped on a leather pouch that bulged with the chastity device. I think if I had not had the plastic encircling my dick, I would have been rock hard."


"This is the way they should be worn," Edward suggested. "But, if you don't want to get arrested for an exposed ass, you can snap on the back flap like this."


"Definitely these," Master Sam enthused.


"Perfect," Master Greg agreed. "I still want to see the boy in the briefs."


Edward removed the back flap, the leather pouch, and, finally the chaps themselves. I was again naked except for my dick straining against the plastic of the chastity device.


"Let's get this off the boy," Master Sam suggested as he reached into his pocket and found the key to the chastity device. Once it was off, my dick hardened to full mast almost immediately.


"I guess he likes the attention," Edward said with a smile as he helped me into the briefs. Edward pulled the leather laces on each side of the briefs as tight as could be. Now, my dick was straining against the leather of the briefs.


"I want those, too!" Master Sam decided.


"I think he should wear them home," Master Greg suggested.


As Master Sam paid Edward for the merchandise, I was left standing in the middle of the store with my collar and a pair of leather briefs.


Master Greg was approached by a guy who was probably in his late 30's, "You have a very fine specimen of a boy! Where did you find him?"


"We actually share custody of the boy with three other masters,"Master Greg explained. "We are all from Chicago. His future husband allowed us to have the boy this week while we are at our house in Wilton Manors. You can touch him if you like!"


"Thank you," the stranger told Master Greg as he reached over and started to play with my nipples. "Nice tits. They seem to have been played with a fair amount."


"All of the boy's Masters like to play with the boy's tits," Master Greg added. "Sam and I are especially interested in putting tit clamps on the boy while we fuck him. The boy's ass tightens every time we tighten the tit clamps."


"Hot!" the stranger added. "Will you be at the bar tonight?"


"Yes, as a matter of fact," Master Greg tells the stranger. "Will we see you there?"


"Definitely!" the stranger answered as Master Greg put my leash on my collar again and prepared to lead me out to the car.




Master Sam and Master Greg each fucked me on Sunday morning.


"So, boy," Master Greg whispered as he lay on top of me with his dick still inside my ass, "Go make coffee. We will be out shortly.


"Yes, SIR!" I responded as Master Greg popped his dick out of my ass. Once my feet hit the floor, I quickly went to the kitchen to make coffee. I assumed the position next to the kitchen island as I awaited my Masters arrival in the kitchen.


"Your body is looking really good, boy!" Master Greg announces. "Your work at the gym and the body waxing make you stand out even more than you did. Your trainer is doing terrific work with your workouts."


"Thank you, SIRS!" I reply. "I am pleased that I can make you happy."


"You were a hit after the bar last night, too!" Master Sam suggested. "Everyone was so turned on when you took Henderson and Grady's dicks at the same time! Do you think you'd like to do it again?"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied. "I would be pleased to let both of them fuck me again at the same time."


"Good," Master Sam continued. "How did it feel, boy? Was it like you were getting fisted?"


"It was so much better than getting fisted, SIR!" I answered. "Grady's dick was massaging my prostate as Henderson's dick filled my asshole to the point I thought I would explode. I am willing to do it again. Would you please try to fuck me at the same time? I will do anything you want me to do if you are willing to do that for me."


"Maybe we can try it tonight," Master Sam suggested. "We've invited a few of our playmates to stay on after the brunch is over. Henderson and Grady have already accepted our invitation. We don't know who else will stay on."


"Now, about today," Master Greg changed the subject. "We want you to clean your body before our guests arrive. So, perhaps you should go outside and take your shower. Don't forget to clean your ass, too, boy! You also need to shave your facial hair. We both like the stubble, but we want you to be hairless for our guests today."


"Yes, SIR!" I answered Master Greg.


"When you are finished, please come to our bedroom so we can further prepare you," Master Sam ordered.


"Yes, SIRS!" I responded as I turned and made my way to the outside shower and sink to shave. I was finished in about 30 minutes and I went to find Master Sam and Master Greg. They were finishing getting dressed. They both had on slim fit shorts and extremely tight polo shirts that drew attention to their muscular body.


"We want you to take this blue pill, boy!" Master Sam said. "We want everyone to see your big uncut dick in all of its glory! If someone wants to touch any part of your body, you must allow them to touch or fondle you. If we hear that you have disobeyed us, we will punish you for the rest of next week. Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, SIRS!" I answered. "I understand completely, SIRS!"


"Good," Master Greg said as he led me out of the bedroom and onto the patio. He offered Master Sam and me a beer. "Let's enjoy! The caterers will take care of everything!"


People started to arrive around 12 noon as instructed. The caterers were serving drinks and appetizers while Master Sam and Master Greg circulated. I followed behind them with my hands behind my back. My leash was attached to Master Sam's belt loop. My dick was hard as a rock and standing straight up!


The groping started almost immediately after the first guests arrived. Master Sam and Master Greg introduced me to one of the first couples to arrive, "Martha! Derick! This is our boy we were telling you about!"


"Hello, boy!" Martha began as she fondled my balls and caressed my hard cock. "He has a very nice body! You must have him work out a lot! And, how did you get his body so smooth?"


"We had his body waxed and his head shaved yesterday," Master Greg announced.


"What did the boy do for a living before you acquired him?" Derick asked.


"He was involved in a very successful telecommunications company until recently," Master Sam answered Derick's question.


"How delightful!" Derick remarked. "Not only does he look good, he must be very intelligent, too!"


Master Sam and Master Greg moved to greet another couple, "Linda! Susan! We are so happy you could join us. This is the boy!"


"Nice looking boy, guys!" Linda exclaimed. "I'll bet you are having fun playing with him!"


"Yes we are having a LOT of fun with him!" Master Greg agreed with Linda's comment. "We have him working out at the gym six days a week with a personal trainer. Yesterday, we had the boy's body waxed and his head shaved. We are very pleased with the results."


"Does the boy use this much?" Susan asked as she tugged at the foreskin of my hard dick.


"Nope!" Sam answered Susan. "He is in a chastity device most of the time he is with us. We actually share the boy with three other Masters in Chicago. We have him this week while we are here in Florida. His future husband worked for me. He actually gave the boy to us to use from time to time in return for a promotion."


"I can't believe how smooth his body is," Linda continued as she rubbed my ass and then my chest. "It seems to shine, too!"


Of course there were the gay friends of Master Sam and Master Greg. Edward was there with his boy Enrique. Dennis the personal groomer was there with his boy Colin. SIR was there with a friend Marvin. Henderson and Grady were there. Jason and Trevor from the bar last night were also there.


About an hour after the first guests arrived, I saw another couple arrive through the corner of my eyes. We made our way to the new arrivals. `Holy shit!' I thought to myself. The new arrivals were Leon and his wife Amanda.


"Leon! Amanda!" Master Sam effused. "We are so happy you could join us! How was your trip down?"


"Excellent," Leon explained. "I commandeered the company jet."


"Amanda," Master Greg addressed Leon's wife. "You know the boy, I am certain!"


"Of course," Amanda replied. "I've never seen him naked before, but I like what I see! Leon told me all about the time he spent with you."


"I am amazed at the boy's body," Leon added. "He looks so much more muscular. His skin seems to shine!"


"He has been working with a personal trainer while we are here," Master Greg announced. "And, we had his body waxed and his head shaved yesterday."


"Maybe we should invite Tim and the boy over to our house for dinner sometime, Leon," Amanda suggested as she rubbed on hand over my chest and cupped my balls in the other. "I think we would enjoy ourselves immensely!"


`I am not going to have sex with this woman!' I thought to myself. `I will endure the wrath of all of my Masters with pleasure before I let this woman touch me again!'



To be continued...


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