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Life With Tim



About an hour after the first guests arrived, I saw another couple arrive through the corner of my eyes. We made our way to the new arrivals. `Holy shit!' I thought to myself. The new arrivals were Leon and his wife Amanda.


"Leon! Amanda!" Master Sam effused. "We are so happy you could join us! How was your trip down?"


"Excellent," Leon explained. "I commandeered the company jet."


"Amanda," Master Greg addressed Leon's wife. "You know the boy, I am certain!"


"Of course," Amanda replied. "I've never seen him naked before, but I like what I see! Leon told me all about the time he spent with you."


"I am amazed at the boy's body," Leon added. "He looks so much more muscular. His skin seems to shine!"


"He has been working with a personal trainer while we are here," Master Greg announced. "And, we had his body waxed and his head shaved yesterday."


"Maybe we should invite Tim and the boy over to our house for dinner sometime, Leon," Amanda suggested as she rubbed on hand over my chest and cupped my balls in the other. "I think we would enjoy ourselves immensely!"


`I am not going to have sex with this woman!' I thought to myself. `I will endure the wrath of all of my Masters with pleasure before I let this woman touch me again!'


Chapter 19: Reunion


The plane with Master Sam, Master Greg, and me landed almost at the same time the plane carrying Tim and David arrived on Sunday afternoon. We met at the baggage claim area.


When Tim saw me, he almost leapt into my arms, "God! I missed you, sweetie!"


"I missed you, too, babe!" I said as I held him tight. "I think we have a lot of catching up to do!"


"Exactly!" Tim said as he finally released me from the hug. "And, Steven! I love your new hair style—or lack thereof!"


Tim had arranged for a limo to drop us all at our respective homes. Tim and I were delivered home first. When we were finally inside the house and the door had closed behind us, Tim grabbed me again and pulled me in for an extremely passionate kiss. We were playing swordfight with our tongues.


Finally, Tim pulled away. "We need to get naked, get a drink, and talk. We can order something to be delivered for dinner. Then, after we have eaten, I am going to make serious love to you, boyfriend!"


We quickly lost our clothes. The entry hall was littered with clothing.


Tim again pulled me in for a kiss. He was caressing my hairless body the whole time. Tim finally came up for air and led me into the kitchen. "You are the most gorgeous man I have ever seen! But, I am parched! Can I talk you into making me a very special vodka on the rocks?"


"Yup," I said as I grabbed Tim's already hard dick. "I can't wait to hear about your time in New York with David!"


As I fixed our vodka on the rocks, Tim began his explanation, "Before I go into the part about David, let me just say that I think I will really enjoy working on this new product line. I met a lot of people that I will be working with both in New York and San Francisco. All of them are extremely nice and excited about the work ahead of us. I was overworked, but I survived. And, since I put in so many extra hours while I was there, I am taking the next two days off to be with my boyfriend. Is that okay with you?"


"More than okay," I said after I handed Tim his drink and kissed him. "I could hibernate with you for the rest of my life if necessary!"


"Thanks, sweetie," Tim said. "We can talk about hibernation in a few moments. But, I must say your body—your hairless, naked, muscular body—looks absolutely fucking amazing. I loved the way your skin felt before, but I am over the top eager for some serious body rubbing.


Tim started to caress my chest, stomach, crotch, cock, and balls. "We need to take that chastity device off you." Tim went to the entry hall and found his keys. He deftly removed the chastity device and began stroking my almost hard dick. "I have plans for us and I don't want to ruin it by making you cum."


"Sounds like you have been thinking about a lot of things!" I said as I put my hand around Tim's hard dick and gave it a few tugs. I gave Tim a kiss and pulled my hand away.


"I understand that you enjoyed working with your personal trainer," Tim told me. "Whatever he made you do, you need to continue doing it. Do you like your hairless look?"


"I do," I responded to Tim. "It's a lot of work, though. I will need to go to the groomer once a week. Dennis said a waxing will eventually last two weeks, but it takes time to work up to that level. And, there is a moisturizer in the wax that gives my body sort of a sheen. I certainly like that. Enough about me! Tell me about David!"


"Okay..." Tim began. "I discovered, while I liked David fucking me and I like sucking his big dick, I don't think I am slave material. It was actually David who suggested that I might be too headstrong to be a true slave. So, just as quickly as the idea entered my head, it left my head."


"You mean you are going to be Master Ed's lover and my husband exclusively?" I asked Tim.


"We can talk about that later," Tim answered. "I had a great time with David. He is a kind, caring individual with a stubborn streak. We had a lot of fun exploring the city. We went to a couple of plays. We had dinner at some really nice and interesting places. And, he is probably the best sex I've ever had as a bottom. His dick feels so right in me."


"So, are you going to be David's lover and Master Ed's lover and my husband exclusively?" I asked with a smile.


"Well, as you know, I never liked the bottom role until you and I started playing around with other men," Tim continued. "I think I like both rolls. I even fucked David a couple of times. And, you know I like fucking you. That will never change, believe me! I know this may sound like I am doing a 180 turn in my thinking, but I decided that I want you to make love to me from time to time... What do you think about that, boyfriend?"


I raised my eyebrow and leered at Tim, "You know, Tim, I will do anything to make you happy. You know that. If you want me to make love to you, I am ready and willing anytime you are. But, I still need to have your dick in me!"


"That will not change, lover boy," Tim reassured me. "Before we talk about the dynamics of the relationship with Ed, you, and me, I want to hear all about your time in Florida!"


"I enjoyed being with Master Sam and Master Greg a lot," I began. "After I spent more time with them, I relaxed a little. I think they relaxed a little. We had a good time. The workouts were intense. The Sunday brunch was intense."


"You were naked, right?" Tim asked with a smile.


"Yup!" I answered. "I was groped and fondled by all of the gay men. I was groped and fondled by all of the women. I was groped and fondled by my former boss, Leon, and his wife."


"How did that make you feel?" Tim asked his next question.


"Well...," I thought before answering Tim's question. "I was okay with it all until Leon and his wife Amanda arrived. I was humiliated when they saw me naked with my dick hard as a rock. But, in a way, it was invigorating. I had a lot of positive comments about my body. But..., we will NEVER accept a dinner invitation to Leon and Amanda's home if we are alone with them! The woman, I think, would like to get us both in bed!"


"Nope! I don't do women. You don't do women. No women!" Tim assured me. "It's not going to happen!"


"I'm glad you are in agreement," I said to my lover. "My dick has been in only one female one time. It is never going to happen again. I think we need to have test tube babies."


"Yea!" Tim agreed with a smile. "I over planned on that one! How does working out with such an extreme regimen make you feel?"


"I think, beyond having a relationship with my future husband, it is one of the most exciting things to come out of this journey! I am now on a 6,000 calorie diet until I reach my desired muscle mass. And, I love the transformation I have seen in just over one week."


"I do, too!" Tim said and added a kiss. "Now, the hard part...!"


"What?" I asked Tim. "Is something wrong?"


"Sort of," Tim slowly acknowledged. "Our banker, Carlotta, called me when she couldn't reach you by phone. This is hard to tell you, Steven, but I have to. Don't get angry until I finish my explanation, okay? And, you know I love you dearly...! The bank caught a check for $50,000 that had a signature that didn't look right. So, we have an issue here with someone."


"Who?" I asked Tim again.


"Ed," Tim whispered. "Did you know he gambled a lot?"


"No!" I said in disbelief. "Who was the check made out to?"


"A casino in Vegas," Tim quietly answered. "Apparently, when Ed went out of town right after we connected with him, he went to Vegas for five days and racked up a $50,000 debt."


"Holy shit!" I whispered. "When did you find out about this?"


"Friday afternoon," Tim said. "I thought about calling Sam and asking to speak with you, but I didn't want to tell you over the phone. I hope you don't mind. I was NOT trying to keep this from you!"


"I know, sweetie," I told my lover. "Where does that leave Ed legally?"


"The bank is considering filing a complaint against him," Tim told me. "This could turn very, very sticky!"


"What do we do at this point?" I asked still in disbelief.


"I talked to our attorney," Tim continued his explanation. "He said we might be able to talk the bank out of pressing charges. But, if we do, we will need to cover the gambling debt or he will be in trouble with them. He suggested a rehab place for gamblers. There are a few in the country. And, it is not cheap! What do you want to do?"


"I am pissed he didn't tell us about this," I told Tim. "I would have offered to help, but, at this point, I don't trust him! Besides, where in the hell did he get a check?"


"I don't know. I tried to call him, but he didn't answer the phone or return my voice mail," Tim told me. "It is your call. I personally don't want anything to do with him. I don't really think he should go to jail, but I don't want him in my life. He hurt you, Steven! He fucking hurt you!"


Tim leaned in and hugged me tightly. As we both tried to figure out how we felt about things. Finally, Tim made a decision. "Steven! Before I go nuts, I think we need another drink."


I fixed us another drink before either of us said anything to one another. Finally, I had to speak up, "We need to talk to the bank tomorrow morning. I hope we can convince them not to press charges, but I suspect they will insist. If he does manage to get through this without being arrested, I would offer to pay his debt. I would be willing to pay for his rehab. But, I do not want to speak to him ever again!


"I thought that might be your reaction," Tim said to me. "If it were me making the decision, I would NOT be as generous. However, I am not making the decision. You are!"


"I am not making the decision, Tim," I whispered to Tim. "We are!"


"That's what I love about you, Steven," Tim told me. "Now, I am fucking starving. And, I don't care about Ed and his stupid mistake. After we eat, I am going to take you to bed and make mad passionate love to my future husband!"


We were still holding on to one another when I remembered the leftover food in the freezer from the housewarming brunch. "We can defrost some of the leftovers from the brunch and heat up dinner!"


"Excellent idea, sweetie," Tim told me.


We continued our discussion throughout dinner. Ed's name was never mentioned again in our discussion.


When we had the kitchen cleaned up, Tim got serious and began to caress my body while he spoke, "Steven..., I am so ready to take you into our bedroom and make love like we've never made love before. But, I've made an executive decision. Tonight I want to make love to you, but I also want you to make love to me! Even if we do it in reverse, I don't care. However, I will not let you go to sleep until we both have shot copious amounts of cum into each other's bodies."


I didn't say anything, but I grabbed Tim's hand and led him up the stairs and into the bedroom. I lowered myself onto the bed, and I pulled Tim down with me.


Tim looked into my eyes and whispered, "God! I love you!"


We began kissing almost immediately. I put my arms around my lover's neck. I wanted him close to me. After several minutes of sword fighting with our tongues, Tim decided he wanted his dick in me. He leaned over to the night stand and grabbed the lube. After he slathered his dick with the lube, he lifted my legs to his shoulders.


Tim lined up his rock hard cock and rubbed it on my hairless ass crack. After he kissed me for several more minutes, Tim began to slowly push his dick into my ass.


When I felt his trimmed pubic hairs rub my hairless balls, I moaned. "Ahhhh! I've missed you!"


"I've missed you, too, Steven!" Tim whispered back. "I'm never going to be away from you for this long ever again!"


I just held on to him even tighter and looked into his eyes. Tim continued to slowly work his dick in and out of my ass. He paused occasionally to kiss me.


"I could do this all night," I finally whispered to my lover.


"I don't think I can manage to do this all night without cumming," Tim whispered back. "But, if we play our cards right, we can just keep dumping loads into one another! As a matter of fact, I am getting really, really close to shooting my first load into your beautiful, hairless ass, boyfriend! Are you ready?"


"I'm always ready," I whispered to Tim.


Tim picked up the pace and his body grew stiffer. His eyes were closed and his mouth open. Sweat started to drip from his body onto mine. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" Tim moaned as I felt his cum coat the inside of my ass. He gently lowered his body onto mine and put his head on my chest while he recovered from his orgasm.


Tim stirred slightly and glanced at the clock. "You know, Steven, we've been in bed for an hour already. I've had my dick in your ass for a lot of that time. Now, it is your turn!"


Tim rolled us over so he was on his back and I was on top of him. Tim's dick was still hard and still inside my ass. I began to ride his dick.


"This is not the way I had planned for the next step in our lovemaking tonight, but if you keep this up, I won't tell you to stop!" Tim hissed at me.


I decided to make us both happy. I began to ride Tim's cock faster. Soon, I was bobbing up and down. The bed was almost shaking. Tim grabbed my cock and started to stroke it with one hand. The other hand found my nipples it wasn't long before I shot my load on Tim's six-pack abs and muscular chest. One rope actually found it's way to Tim's chin.


Tim reacted to the contractions of my ass as his dick exploded into me for the second time. He moaned as each volley further filled my ass, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


He pulled me down to his body and tightly held me until we both recovered. Tim was the first to speak, "You had better have another load in you, boyfriend. I have waited all of this time to have you shoot your load in my ass, and I am not waiting another night!"


Tim popped his dick out of my ass and rolled over on his stomach and spread his legs wide. I grabbed the lube and massaged some onto my still hard cock. I also put some on Tim's asshole and positioned my cock for its decent into my lover's ass.


"Shit Steven!" Tim hissed. "Why did I wait so long to have you fuck me? You feel so, so good inside me!"


"Does this mean I'm not going to be in the chastity device anymore?" I asked.


"Not when you are in bed with me, you're not!" He hissed back at me.


I continued to work my cock in and out of Tim's fabulously tight ass. I reached under Tim's muscular chest and found his nipples his left one in my right hand and his right nipple in my left hand. I began to massage both slowly and gently.


"You're going to make me cum again!" Tim hissed.


"That's the point, boyfriend!" I hissed back.


All of a sudden, I felt Tim's ass start to tighten. Then, he started moaning as his ass muscles convulsed around my cock. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


I shot right after my lover gave up his third load of the night. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


We laid silently connected for several minutes. Tim decided he needed to move, "Steven! Roll us on our sides and keep your dick in my ass. I want to sleep with you in me."


I obliged.




On Monday morning, Tim and I hurried to the bank to talk with Carlotta.


"I thought I would see you two this morning!" Carlotta said to us as she offered her hand to us.


When Tim and I were seated, I began to discuss our situation. "What is the bank planning on doing?"


"Our security team wants to press charges against the person who forged the check," Carlotta began. "However, our vice president of public relations COULD override that decision. It depends on what you think we should do. So, if you don't mind, I would like to have the person in charge of our security and our vice president of public relations sit in on our discussion."


"That's fine with us, right, Tim?" I said to Carlotta.


"Absolutely," Tim agreed.


Carlotta left to collect the two people who would be involved in our discussion. Mr. Owen, head of security, and Ms. Sanchez, public relations, followed Carlotta into her office. After the introductions, Carlotta told me to begin.


I looked at Tim and Tim looked at me before we proceeded. He nodded his head for me to continue. "Tim and I both hope that we can settle this as quietly as possible for everyone concerned. He is—or should I say was—a friend of ours. We think he has some serious mental health issues to work through. So, we feel having him arrested is not in his best interest. We were unaware that he had a gambling problem or we would have offered to help him get through this. But, Tim and I are both willing to pay his j debt and also pay for some serious rehab work if he will agree to it. Of course, that will depend on your decision whether to pursue charges or not."


"I think it is in the bank's best interest for us to pursue charges against this guy," Mr. Owen told us. "If we don't, there could be other repercussions. It could also set a precedent for future activities such as this very illegal one."


"I happen to agree with Mr. Owen," Ms. Sanchez told us.


I looked at Tim again. He had a smile on his face, so I plunged on. "You might also be setting a precedent if you do press charges. For, one, it would not make Tim or I very happy. And, I think we have some very sizeable accounts here in your bank that might need to be moved elsewhere."


"That would be your decision, Mr. Caldwell," Mr. Owen suggested. "But, we can't let threats get in our way of justice. So we lose an account or two. It won't make or break the bank."


"Mr. Owen," Carlotta began. "Are you really aware of the value of the accounts Mr. Caldwell is talking about?"


"No, but it still doesn't change my mind," Mr. Owen insisted.


"How much are we talking here, Carlotta?" Ms. Sanchez asked.


"Between the two of them, we are talking several million dollars," Carlotta explained. "Plus a mortgage for the house they just bought."


"I think we need to have a discussion with our colleagues in the executive office," Ms. Sanchez finally said. "I am not certain our board of directors would be pleased to lose several million dollars in customer deposits. So, gentlemen, would you please give us until the end of the day to make a decision. Expect a call from Carlotta with our decision."


Ms. Sanchez and Mr. Owen retreated from Carlotta's office. Tim and I stood to leave. "I will be in touch with you as soon as I hear something," Carlotta said as she ushered us out of her office and into the lobby. "I suspect that you will get what you want, but I don't guarantee it."


Our next stop was our attorney. Kenneth was a nice guy when he wanted to be, but he turns into a pit bull when he needs to.


Tim and I were ushered into Kenneth's office by his assistant. "Mr. Usher will be with you shortly."


Tim and I waited for a few minutes until Kenneth arrived. "Gentlemen! So, tell me how things are progressing with the bank"


I explained our discussion with the officials at the bank. "I hope we can work things out so we can handle this privately! Our friend has pissed us off, but we both feel we would like to handle this on our own."


"I understand," Kenneth began. "This will not be an inexpensive solution. But, we can arrange to have the debt paid almost immediately after we learn the bank's decision. I have made some inquiries about the rehab. There is an excellent facility in upstate New York. Typically, a patient is in the program for about three months. They also have a safe house operation in case the patient needs to transition into mainstream living. We are talking about $500 thousand. Are you okay we are spending this amount of money for your friend's rehab?"


"Yes," Tim and I responded in unison.


My phone started ringing. It was Carlotta. "Hello, this is Steven."


"Steven, this is Carlotta. I have some good news. The executive committee has decided to let you handle this privately. We will need you to sign some statements releasing the bank from any further claims regarding the matter. Will you be willing to do that?"


"Yes, of course, right, Tim?" I told Carlotta.


"Yes," Tim agreed.


"We will be at your office tomorrow morning with our attorney." I tell her. "Can you have the documents ready by then?"


"Yes," Carlotta confirmed.


We talked for a few more minutes before I ended the call. I turned my attention to Kenneth, "What is our next step?"


"We need to contact your friend," Kenneth began. "If you will give me his contact information, I will handle the communication with him and outline the terms of your actions. I assume that if he rejects your offer, you will let the bank handle the situation."


"Yes," I agreed with Kenneth's statement.


"I will get on this right away," Kenneth confirmed.


My phone began to ring again. I didn't recognize the number, "Steven Caldwell."


"Mr. Caldwell. This is Officer Denton with the Chicago police department," the caller identified himself. "Do you know an individual by the name of Edward Hardic?"


"Yes, Sir," I told the officer.


"Sir, I am sorry to tell you this over the phone, but Mr. Hardic was found dead in his car in front of his house," The officer announced. "It was an apparent suicide. You were listed as his emergency contact."


I handed the phone to Kenneth. I couldn't continue. I began to sob on Tim's shoulder.




After Master Ed's funeral services were over, Tim and I began to put our lives together again.


We were sitting at the kitchen island discussing our options. We were waiting on dinner to be ready, and we had cocktails in hand. Naturally, we were naked. "We need to think about how we want to work our relationship with Jake, Miguel, Sam, and Greg," Tim decided. "Personally, I want to definitely remain friends with all of them, but I am not certain about having a relationship with them on a regular basis. You?"


"Well, I am going to be working with Jake and Miguel," I started my explanation. "So, I think I will be spending time with them. Does that bother you?"


"Nope," Tim answered. "I'm actually looking forward to seeing the film you three create. Do I get to watch the filming?"


"I will speak with my employers and let you know," I told my lover. "I have this feeling that it will be okay for you to watch. You might even get a walk-on part!"


"I won't settle for a walk-on part!" Tim explained. "I need a starring role! On the other hand, maybe one porn star in the family is enough."


"I will ask if it is a closed set," I promised Tim. "Now, how about Sam and Greg?"


"Well, that's sort of easy," Tim began. "I told them they could have you from time-to-time at our convenience. Since they agreed, I think we are in control of that situation unless you'd rather not."


"I think we can deal with it on an as needed basis," I thought out loud.


"I'm not letting them have you for too long," Tim decided. "I may need to accompany them on whatever outing they may decide to have. I'm sure you wouldn't mind!"

"Nope," I agreed with my lover. "I could give up any sexual contact with all other men if you'd like. You are my world. Nothing beyond that matters."


"Thank you, sweetie," Tim tells me. "I appreciate that. However, I know you like being with Jake, Miguel, Sam, and Greg. I thought this thing with David would work and we could both have the best of both worlds. But, I know I am not cut out to be a slave!"


"Would you like being a friend with benefits with David or Ricardo?" I asked my lover.


"There are, indeed, those possibilities, but, after our last foray into that kind of thing, I want to go slowly," Tim admitted.


"Can I change the subject?" I asked as I put our dinner in front of Tim and myself.


"Sure," Tim agreed. "What's up?"


"Well, I know you mentioned casually that you might be interested in finding a vacation home," I decided to move forward. "Maybe even one in Provincetown. Were you serious?"


"Maybe," Tim answered. "Why do you ask?"


"Well, there happens to be one in Provincetown that I thought you and I might be interested in," I explained. "It's in Provincetown, but it is far enough off the beaten path that we wouldn't need to worry about being overwhelmed by the tourists. It has views of the ocean and the bay. It is big enough that we could have visitors when we wanted even when we have kids."


"Why do I smell lots and lots of money here?" Tim asked.


"It's not cheap by any means," I told him. "However, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a really, really nice place in Provincetown.


"Listing price?" Tim stated more than asked. "Tell me the listing price."


"Considering the location, the house, and the land, it is a good deal," I told him. "We are talking about $2.9 million asking price. But, the real estate agent said there were extenuating circumstances. We could probably get it for less."


"Steven," Tim began. "You know I get allergic to big numbers when it comes to money. I also trust your judgement. When do you want to go see it?"


"You mean you don't need to really consider buying a place in Provincetown?" I asked.


"Steven," Tim continued. "I see it in your eyes. You want this place, I can tell. If you want it and you think we can afford it, then I am in."


"Good!" I explained. "I booked us a flight next Friday afternoon. We fly into Boston and pick up a private charter to P'town. The real estate agent will pick us up at the airport and take us to the Brass Key Guest House. He will take us out to see the place on Saturday morning. We will fly back on Sunday afternoon."


"I assume you are taking the checkbook!" Tim announced. "I only have two other questions. Why now? Why this house?"


"I think, after our difficulties with Ed, I thought it would be a nice diversion," I answered Tim's question. "I was going to buy it as a wedding present to you, but I couldn't spend this much money without you being involved in the decision. I want to show you the listing. I think that will answer your last question."


I pulled out my tablet and found the listing, and I began to show Tim the house.


"Holy fuck, Steven!" Tim exclaimed. "This is fucking beautiful! What are the odds that it will still be there when we get there this Saturday?"


"I put a deposit down on it with the stipulation that if you decided we shouldn't buy it for whatever reason, we get the deposit back," I explained. "The sellers are eager to get rid of it. They are having some short term financial difficulties and selling this house is the only easy way out for them. It is probably worth a lot more than the asking price, but we might get it for a little less if we give them an immediate cash offer."


"Steven," Tim began. "What did I ever do to deserve you?"


"You love me, sweetie," I answered him. "You love me. I love you. We're a team."


"How much time do you think we could spend there?" Tim asked.


"Well," I thought out loud. "I'm certain I could convince my employers to allow me to work from home for an extended period of time. I'm certain if you play your cards right, your company would let you work from home as well. We could make a quick trip to NYC once in a while. It's not too far. We could even take the train from Boston."


"And, if they don't let me work from home, what do we do then?" Tim asked.


"Threaten to quit!" I told him.


"You mean I would be a kept man?" Tim asked with feigned horror.


"No more than I am going to be a kept man!" I told him. "What was mine is now ours."


"Hmmm," Tim thought out loud. "I think that I might be in the driver's seat if I play my cards right. What about the film business?"


"Summer studio in Provincetown?" I added. "Maybe a talent scouting expedition."


"We would need a housekeeper if we are to be productive," Tim decided.


"I'm certain that can be arranged," I told my lover. "Some handsome stud who will be naked for his working hours."


"I like the way you think, lover boy!" Tim answered me. "But, he won't be allowed to have sex with my lover!"


"Will he be allowed to have sex with my lover?" I asked.


"Nope!" Tim countered. "I think we will keep one another busy and happy in that respect. What about a dog? I've always wanted a dog!"


"Is the dog just going to be in Provincetown?" I asked.


"Of course not!!" Tim decided. "He would accompany us on our travels to and from Chicago. We might need to get a dog sitter when we go to NYC. Maybe the housekeeper could handle the dog while we are gone."


"What kind of dog?" I asked.


"Something smart," Tim explained. "Something friendly. Something who loves people. Something who loves kids. Something who loves running on the beach. Any suggestions?"


"Border Collie," I told Tim. "They are all of the above. I understand they are one of the smartest breeds around. Do we get a dog before or after we buy the house in Provincetown?"


"After," Tim answers me. "We want him to get used to us and his surroundings before we start packing him up and moving him half way across the country every month or two. Do you think we could spend Christmas in Provincetown?"


"The house is an all-weather one, so I suppose we could," I told Tim. "Who would you want to invite?"


"I don't know," Tim mused. "Maybe my family and yours. Do we have enough room?"


"It has four bedrooms and four bathrooms," I explained. "It has 6,000 square feet with a 45 foot long living/dining room area. It also has a home theater, and a studio apartment with a private entrance."


"So, that means yes," Tim decided. "I love planning a party!"


"Speaking of parties," I leered at Tim. "What would you think if I took you into the bedroom and fondled your body?"


"Promise that I get to fondle yours, too!" Tim whispered.


"Yup!" I said. "I grabbed Tim's hand and led him into the bedroom. I grabbed Tim's hard dick and pulled him onto the bed on top of me.


"Before I put my dick inside you, I am going to do a little nibbling," Tim whispered into my ear as he slid down to my chest. He started flicking his tongue on one nipple while he gently worked the other one with his free hand.


"Ahhh! Shit! Tim!" I hissed. "You are putting me over the top and we just got started!"


"You like this, huh?" Tim hissed back.


"You know it!" I answered.


Tim alternated between my nipples. Right in his mouth and left with his hand. Left with his mouth and right with his hand. Tim slid further down and licked my abs on his way. When he reached my dick, he took it in his mouth and slowly swallowed the whole thing.


"Ahhh! God, Tim!" I hissed. "If you keep this up, you are going to have a load in your mouth."


Tim took a break from swallowing my cock as he whispered to me, "I wouldn't mind, you know! Of course, it would be your turn to do the swallowing after that."


"Then, get ready, baby!" I almost shouted as Tim worked furiously on my dick. "Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!" I screamed as Tim swallowed every shot of my cum.


Once I had recovered, I held Tim's head down on my still hard dick and rolled us over so I was on top. I pulled my dick out of Tim's mouth and slid down so I could stick my tongue where my dick had been. We kissed for several minutes before I started down Tim's muscular body for my prize. I stopped at his nipples to tease them before I headed further down. I licked Tim's shave balls one at a time until I couldn't stand it anymore. I took both balls into my mouth as I began to massage Tim's rock hard dick with one hand. The other took care of Tim's nipples.


I decided to push the action along a little further as I removed my hand from Tim's cock. I licked the head of his dick before I forced his cock down my throat. Tim, like me, didn't last long. His body was beginning to tense as he started to moan until I felt the first bursts of cum hit the back of my throat.


"Ahhh! Shit, Steven! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!"




To be continued...


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