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Life With Tim

Chapter 02: Saturday Night

We finally arrived at the Cell Block. Tim, of course, insisted I wear my chaps with a jock and no jeans, a chrome and leather harness and my leather vest without a shirt. Fortunately, Tim allowed me to wear my black leather motorcycle jacket. He loved the look.


Tim, of course, was decked out in chaps with his tightest fitting extremely distressed jeans underneath, a black leather shirt laced up to about midway to show off his muscular chest, and a black leather motorcycle jacket.


"Tim," I began as we went inside where it was warm, "I am so fucking cold I don't think I will ever warm up. If you ever suggested that I wear something like this when it is winter, I will put you on the next plane back to Boston."


"Sorry!" Tim replied. "I promise I won't ask you to do this again until spring has sprung. But, you do look fucking hot! I especially like your ass nicely reddened. The paddle certainly got a workout before we left. I'll buy us a drink."


Tim ordered us two Corona's from his favorite bar tender, Rocky.


I saw Master Ed standing at the bar with his usual commanding appearance. Master Ed was taller than I at about 6'. Although he wasn't a muscle man, he was in pretty good shape.


I nudged Tim and told him, "Master Ed is at the bar over there." I had told Tim about my earlier service to Master Ed.


Tim was intrigued, "So are you going to introduce me to him?"


"Sure," I replied as I took Tim's hand and led him over to where Master Ed was standing.


As Tim and I moved closer and Master Ed saw me approaching and turned to greet us. "Hello," I said, "I'd like you to meet my partner Tim, SIR."


"Glad to meet you, Tim. Nice boy you've got there," Master Ed replied.


"He's not my boy yet. We've only been together for a few months," Tim said as he turned me so Master Ed could get a good look at my back side. "We had some fun this afternoon."


"So I see. Nice work. Good that you're taking it slowly though," Master Ed said as he turned toward me. "What have you been up to these days, boy?"


Master Ed, Tim, and I discussed our lives. Where we've been. Work. Tim's job. Master Ed's brief ownership of another boy.


"It didn't work out," Master Ed said while explaining his relationship dilemma. "He was too much of a pushy bottom. He didn't take orders all that well and always had something to say about the direction I gave him."


"I'm sorry," Tim replied. "I'll bet it's not easy to find a guy to be your slave."


"No. And, I was spoiled by this boy here," Master Ed said nodding to me. "We did have a great time together for five years. Didn't we, boy?"


"It was good. I learned a lot from you, SIR!"


I could tell Tim wanted to keep the conversation going when he asked, "What's it like to have a slave?"


Master Ed was a really terrific teacher when it came to Master/slave relationships and responded to Tim's question. "Well, where should I start? How much do you know about me... and the boy here?"


"He's told me quite a bit about you and him. Not everything, I'm sure." Tim glanced at me and then back at Master Ed.


"I've always been a control freak." Ed continued. "I've always been considered a top even before I was a Master. Not that I haven't been on the receiving end. That's how you get to be a great Master—experience the other side."


"But," Master Ed continued. "I've been looking for a good boy ever since I ask this one to leave. Did he tell you why I wanted him to leave?'


"No." Tim said.


"I wanted him to quit his job and serve me fulltime. He wasn't ready at the time. I understood. So, I let him go. Probably not the best decision I made in my life. Sometimes I think I shouldn't have been so adamant about him being a full-time slave. I think at times, I regret my choice."


"Finding another piece of slave meat like the boy here has been more difficult than I originally thought. I've interviewed several. They turn out to be flakes, gold diggers, or just not up to being a good slave. Many have the wrong attitude."


"I take slave ownership very, very seriously. And, the slave's attitude has a great deal to do with his ability to serve. A slave needs to let his mind flow with his Master's. A good slave can look into its Master's eyes and tell his mood. A good slave can feel the power of its Master. A good slave gives its body, mind, and soul to its Master. Total control."


"At the time, when a Master has a good slave, he can be certain that his slave has the right attitude because the slave has been trained by the Master and a good slave accepts its Master's control. To me, being a Master means I have an object in my possession. I can do with it whatever I feel like. If I want to flog it, I know my slave will accept the flogging and beg for more. If I want to fist it, I know my slave will take as much as I want to give. If I want to piss in or on it, my slave will plead for more. If I want to pimp my slave out, my slave will service any man I give it to. If I want to humiliate my slave in public, I know my slave will take it like a man."


"That, in a nutshell, is what ownership is all about. Total control. How does that make you feel, Tim?"


"Well," Tim uttered. "I never really thought about it like that. Total control. I'm not sure I understand how a man would give up total control of his body to another man. Steven and I have had some fun while I learned the ropes—so to speak. I've had some great teachers here in Chicago. I've just never thought about... about... well... ownership"


"Maybe you'd better tell him about it sometime, boy." Master Ed said looking at me. "I think I'd better go. I may have said too much. I hope not. I'd like to hear some of your ideas, Tim. Maybe we can talk it over after you and the boy here have your discussion. And, if I can be of any help, let me know. I think you're a fine looking couple. And, maybe the boy here has changed his attitude in the past few years. Or, maybe not." Master Ed hugged Tim and said, "Take care of this boy. And, boy," as Master Ed playfully hit my arm with his clenched fist, "think about what you want and go after it."


"Yes, SIR!" I said. "I will, SIR!"


Master Ed turned and headed toward the men's room.


"Wow!" Tim said. "I'm horny as ever now. Want another drink?"


"Sure," I replied.


Tim walked over to the bar and ordered us both Coronas. As he came back with the beers, Tim spotted a hot, hunky Hispanic dude across the bar looking at us. As Tim handed me the beer, he whispered in my ear, "Don't look now, but I think we're being watched."


"By whom?" I asked still facing Tim.


"A hot, Hispanic, muscle stud... the one that is walking our way," Tim still whispering in my ear.


"Hello, men," the muscle stud greeted us with a slight Spanish accent.


"Hello, to you, too!" Tim replied as I turned to see the hot looking dude.


"Hello," I said as I held out my hand.


"I'm Ricardo," the hunk introduced himself.


"I'm Tim and this is my partner, Steven," Tim replied as he also shook Ricardo's hand. "Nice to meet you!" Tim liked to use my full name from time-to-time.


"Same here," Ricardo replied. "I noticed you two with that hot leather guy a little while earlier." Ricardo was dressed in black leather pants, black tight-fitting shirt open to reveal his muscular smooth chest, black leather motorcycle jacket, black leather boots, and black leather cap. He stood at least 6'2" and was very well built with an outstanding bulge showing. Ricardo looked to be in his late twenties or early thirties.


"You mean Master Ed," I responded. "I've known him for a long time."


"Master Ed, huh?" Ricardo asked as he looked at me and arched his eyebrows with a nice smirk on his face. "Were you his slave?"


"Ah... Yes... We were together for about five years," I replied not wanting to give away too much information.


"Nice," Ricardo replied and turned to face Tim. "Are you his Master now, Tim?"


Tim had a sheepish grin on his face as he replied, "No. Nothing like that. At least not yet! I just moved here from Boston to be with Steven last September. We're still trying to figure things out, right, Steven?"


"Yea, babe," I said as I kissed Tim on the cheek.


"How about you, Ricardo?" Tim asked. "Are you involved with someone?"


"Not at the moment," Ricardo answered. "So what brings you two hot men out on a cold January Saturday?"


"We needed to get out of the house," Tim replied. "We've had a lot of luck so far meeting people here at the bar."


"Yea! Same here," Ricardo offered as he turned to check out my ass. "I needed to get out and see what's going on. It looks like you've had some fun with your boyfriend's butt, Tim."


"Yea!" Tim replied as he patted my ass. "I worked on it a little."


"Nice work!" Ricardo said as he too put his hand on my other ass cheek. "I assume you're a bottom, Steven?"


"You assumed correctly," I answered.


Ricardo looked in Tim's direction and continued, "And, Tim, you're a top?"


Tim replied as he continued to rub my ass cheek, "Right again. You?"


"I'm pretty versatile," Ricardo replied as he set his beer down on a table near us and moved his hand and began to rub Tim's crotch. "You seem to be a nicely packaged top, too, Tim."


"He is indeed," I said to Ricardo. "His package is one of my favorite things to play with! You seem to fill those pants out rather nicely as well!"


"Thanks," Ricardo replied and grinned at me. "Steven, would you mind if I kissed your boyfriend?"


"Nope. Not at all. Keep in mind, though, you might not get him to stop." I answered.


Ricardo place both of his hands gently on Tim's neck and pulled him into a long, passionate kiss. Finally, Ricardo broke from the kiss and whispered to Tim, "Fuck! You are some hot kisser, Tim!"


"You too, Ricardo," Tim replied in a hushed tone.


Ricardo turned to me and asked, "How about you Steven?"


"See for yourself," I replied.


With that Ricardo pulled me in for a long and passionate kiss just like the one he and Tim experienced. "Fuck, I could get used to this, boys!"


"I think we could be persuaded to let you get used to us," Tim said seductively. "We don't live too far away, Ricardo. We could take a cab over to our condo. Steven makes and excellent breakfast, too!"


"Lead the way, boys!" Ricardo replied.


The three of us headed toward the exit and hailed a cab. We arrived in front of our condo building in about 20 minutes. Fortunately, our favorite gay boy door man was at his post.


"Good evening, boys!" Gavin said.


"Good evening, Gavin!" Tim said as Gavin let us through the door to the elevator.


"Have fun, boys. Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" Gavin said with a smile as the door closed behind us and the elevator arrived.


We stepped into the elevator and pressed our floor. "I guess he knows all of your business, huh?" Ricardo said referring to Gavin.


"Pretty much," Tim replied. "He's a good guy though. He has seen us at our worst. He especially likes it when Steven here is dressed the way he is."


The elevator stopped at our floor and we went to our condo. Tim had the keys ready and we entered."


"Nice place," Ricardo said as he looked around the living area. "Nice view, too!"


"Thanks," I said. "Can I get you something to drink?"


"Beer would be great, thanks," Ricardo stated.




"Vodka on the rocks, please," Tim replied as he and Ricardo were shedding their jackets.


"Coming right up," I said as I turned to the kitchen, dumped my coat on the island bar stool, and grab a beer and fixed Tim and me vodka on the rocks.


When I returned with the beer and two vodka's Tim and Ricardo were lip locked. "I suggest you two boys in heat take a break so we can make ourselves comfortable and enjoy our drinks."


Ricardo took his beer and Tim retrieved his vodka on the rocks. We proceeded to the sofa to begin our `get to know one another' session.


"So, Steven, you mentioned you were a slave to this Master dude. How long were you his slave?" Ricardo started.


"About five years," I replied.


"And you liked it?" "


"Yes. Very much so," I replied. "That is until Master Ed—Ed is his name—decided he wanted me to quit my job and be his slave full-time. I wasn't ready. So, we parted ways amicably."


"Did you ever have another Master?" Ricardo asked.


"Not a permanent one, but I did see a few guys that shared my interest in Master/slave relationships. Nothing ever became of them." I answered.


"I see!" Ricardo said as he turned his attention to Tim. "What about you? Are you interested in that kind of thing with Steven?"


"We haven't gotten that far in our relationship yet." Tim began to explain. "As a matter of fact, we talked to Master Ed briefly about that. But, we have a lot to discuss and a lot to discover about ourselves. Ever since we met, we've been experimenting with various things. Our only ventures outside of our relationship so far included both of us and a third or fourth person."


"Cool!" Ricardo remarked. "Have any toys to play with?"


"Steven does," Tim replied. "Why don't you get your bag of tricks and see if anything takes Ricardo's eye."


"Sure thing," I said as I headed toward the bedroom closet to retrieve the `bag of tricks.'


When I returned, Tim and Ricardo had removed their shirts and were again sharing a very passionate kiss. I put the bag of toys down in front of the lovers. Ricardo moved his hands and started to flick Tim's nipples. I knew this was going to really get Tim excited. He is definitely a nipple man. Tim moved toward Ricardo and began grinding his crotch on Ricardo's thigh.


"Keep this up, Ricardo, and you won't be leaving here until next year!" Tim said in a low guttural voice.


"Promise?" Ricardo asked.


"Promise!" Tim replied in the Time guttural voice.


Finally, Tim and Ricardo broke their kiss.


"You are one hot fucker, Tim!" Ricardo said.


"Thanks, stud," Tim said to Ricardo and turned toward me. "Steven, you're not getting anything until I'm done with this man!"


"I think I am going to like that, Tim," Ricardo says as he peck's Tim on the lips again. "But first, I think we need to take care of the boy."


"Sure," Tim replies.


"Strip, boy. I want you naked," Ricardo instructed me. "Now, let's see what we have in here."


I begin to strip while Ricardo and Tim look into the bag. Finally, I am completely naked and standing in front of Ricardo and Tim with my hands behind my back and legs spread in the slave `position.'


Ricardo removed several items from the bag, including a large butt plug, a can of Crisco, a pair of handcuffs, some rope, and a ball parachute.


Ricardo shows his finds to Tim and says, "I think these will do nicely. What do you think, Tim?"


"Perfect," Tim replies with a big huge grin on his face.


"Is there a chair in the bedroom we can use to secure the boy while we play?" Ricardo asks Tim.


"No, but we could use one of the dining room chairs. I'll grab one." Tim replied and retrieved a chair and took it into the bedroom.


Ricardo led me into the bedroom and ordered, "Bend over, boy!"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied as I bent over in front of the chair with my ass toward Ricardo and Tim.


Ricardo began to lube the butt plug and my ass with Crisco.


"Get ready, boy! You're going to have this in you for a while, I think!" Ricardo said to me as he pushed the butt plug into my hole until it wouldn't go any further. I gasp a little because I hadn't had anything other than a few cocks in my ass for a while.


"Stand up, turn around, and sit on the chair, boy!" Ricardo ordered.


"Yes, SIR!" I replied as I did as told.


"Hands behind back of the chair, boy!" Ricardo again ordered as he moved behind me.


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I moved my hands behind the chair back.


"Now, we'll try these on, boy!" Ricardo instructed as he handcuffed my wrists together. "Can you hand me that ball parachute over there, Tim?" Ricardo moved to the front and began to pull on my balls.


Tim brought the ball parachute and handed it to Ricardo. Ricardo took the ball parachute and attached it to my balls while he stretched them tightly. Then, he secured the parachute around my balls with the snap.


Ricardo picked up a long piece of rope and moved to the back of the chair. He attached it to the handcuffs and ran the rope underneath the chair seat and up to the parachute. Then, he attached the rope to the ring in the parachute and pulled tightly until my balls were firmly stretched and secured it in a knot.


"That should keep the boy occupied for a while, don't you think, Tim?"


"Yes, I definitely think so," Tim replied as he eyed Ricardo's handy work.


"So, Tim," Ricardo began, "do you think we need a hit or two of the weed?"


"Oh! Yea!" Tim replied.


Ricardo lit up an already rolled joint, took a hit, and passed it onto Tim. After Tim was finished, Ricardo took the joint and stood before me and said, "Take a hit, boy!"


I did as told.


"So, Tim," Ricardo said as he turned his attention to Tim, "not that we will need it, but have you ever taken Viagra?"


"A couple of times," Tim replied. "I usually fuck like a bunny when I do. Can your ass handle it?"


"Definitely," Ricardo answered with a grin. He moved over to his coat and retrieved a bottle and took out three blue pills.


"Do you want to take this with water or beer?" Ricardo asked Tim.


"Beer, I think. I'll get us all one," Tim said as he took off to the kitchen. He returned shortly with three beers.


Tim and Ricardo both swallowed their respective Viagra and took a swig of beer.


"Now for the boy," Ricardo said as he moved to my front. "Open and stick out your tongue, boy."


I obeyed and Ricardo took the blue pill and put in on my tongue. Then, he brought the third beer to my lips and said, "Swallow, boy!"


I complied.


"Now, let the fun begin," Ricardo said to Tim. Both guys moved toward each other and began yet another passionate kiss while they removed each other's remaining clothing.


When Tim finally release Ricardo's swollen 9 inch uncut cock from his leather pants, he said, "Holy shit! I knew you were big but this is huge!"


As Tim uttered the last comment, Ricardo was busy fishing out Tim's more than adequate 8 inch cock. "Not so bad yourself!"


Tim and Ricardo began inching their way to the bed. Finally, Ricardo lay on his back and Tim positioned himself on top. All the while they continued to kiss.


Tim bent down and started licking Ricardo's nipples. First the right, then the left. Ricardo began to moan.


"Kiss me!" Tim ordered.


Ricardo and Tim again began kissing each other. After several minutes, Tim pulled away. He moved slightly to the side of Ricardo so he could get to Ricardo's now very stiff dick.


"We can worry about my cock later. But, right now I want you in me! I need you to fuck me, Tim!" Ricardo pleaded.


"My pleasure, big man!" Tim responded as he reached over to the nightstand to grab some lube and a condom.


"I'm negative, Tim," Ricardo whispered. "Have you two been tested?"


"Yes," Tim answered quietly, "Late last month. We're both negative also."


"Would you mind fucking me without the condom?" Ricardo asked.


Tim looked at me. "When were you tested?" I asked.


"Three weeks ago," Ricardo answered. "I haven't had unprotected sex since—or even before for that matter."


I nodded my consent to Tim. Tim began to grin widely.


Tim generously applied the lube to Ricardo's hole. He aligned his tool over Ricardo's ass. Tim slowly began to push is cock into his lover's ass. He went in slowly until he was all the way in. "Are you okay?"


"More than okay! Fuck me, please!" Ricardo whimpered.


Tim began to fuck Ricardo with slow and deliberate strokes. "Fuck, your ass feels so good!"


"It's been a while since I've been fucked! I love your dick in me!" Ricardo hissed.


Tim picked up the pace as he began to sweat profusely. His sweat was dripping from his body onto Ricardo.


Tim and Ricardo had been fucking for more than 20 minutes. Finally, Tim announced, "I'm close. I'm really close."


"Give it to me, baby! Give it to me!" Ricardo groaned as Tim's body began to get tense.


"Fuck... Fuck... Ahhh... Fuck... Fuck..." Tim screamed. Finally, he collapsed on top of Ricardo. "God! I love your ass!"


"I love your dick. Come here and kiss me, big guy!" Ricardo said as he pulled Tim to his lips.


"Ricardo," Tim said as he pulled off the kiss, "I usually don't get fucked, but I want you in me. I want you to put you big dick in my ass!"


"Gladly, Tim!" Ricardo said as he again dove into kiss Tim.


"But, I want the boy lying beside me. So, we'll have to untie him," Tim added.


Ricardo and Tim both made fast work of unhooking me and taking off the handcuffs and ball stretcher. They left the butt plug in my ass, however. "Get on your back!" Tim ordered!


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I replied.


"The one thing I did when I moved in was that I bought a set of restrains," Tim began to explain. "They are attached to the headboard and foot of the bed. I think we should put Steven...ah... I mean boy in them."


Ricardo smiled. They worked in unison to restrain me.


Finally, Tim took his place on the bed beside me. He, too, was on his back. Ricardo took his place between Tim's legs and raised them to his chest. Ricardo began to apply copious amounts of lube to Tim's ass and his rock hard, uncut 9 inch cock. "Ready, Tim?" Ricardo asked.


"Yes! Don't stop, please. Just shove it in even if I start to scream." Tim instructed.


"Okay!" Ricardo said with a huge smile coming across his face. Ricardo lined up his cock and shoved it into Tim's ass in one slow movement.


"Ahh... Fuck... Don't stop! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Tim screamed.


Ricardo started to fuck Tim's ass. Slowly at first. Then he added speed. Finally, he was ramming in and out of Tim's ass in rapid succession.


"Ahh... Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Shove that big dick in my ass!" Tim screamed again.


Ricardo heeded Tim's plea and continued his assault.


"Ahh... I'm going to cum, big guy! I'm going to fucking cum!" Tim screamed again.


Both Tim's and Ricardo's bodies began to convulse at almost the exact same time. Ricardo finally collapsed on top of Tim. They were both breathing hard and sweating like pigs.


"That was one terrific fuck, Tim!" Ricardo said between his heavy breathing.


"Yes!" Tim replied as he was panting. "I've never... cum without... playing with my cock... before!"


"If you'd like..., we can... do it... again!" Ricardo answered.


Tim turned his face to me. He was still underneath Ricardo's massive body. Between his gasping for breath, he ask, "So, boy... did you... like that?"


"Yes, SIR! I loved it, SIR!" I replied.


"You like seeing your lover get fucked, boy?" Ricardo asked me.


"Yes, SIR! Very much, SIR!" I replied.


"Why?" Tim asked. "What thing turned you on the most?"


"Your face... The look on your face when Ricardo shoved his cock in your ass... The look on your face when he was pounding your ass... The look on your face when you were cumming... It's the same look you always have when you are fucking me... Bliss." I replied.


"You know one another pretty well," Ricardo said to me. He turned his attention to my lover underneath him. "Do you like seeing your lover get fucked by another man?"


"Big time!" Tim answered. "We've had some of our best sex with other men. I think I, too, like looking at his face when he gets plowed. Especially if the guy has a big cock!"


The three of us lay silently for a moment with Ricardo still resting on top of Tim. Finally, Tim said to me, "I think it's time for another beer. Why don't you get us one, boy?"


Tim and Ricardo released me from my restrains.


"Yes, SIR!" I answered. I went into the kitchen to retrieve the beers. The butt plug was still in my ass. When I returned, Ricardo was laying on his back next to Tim. I handed Tim and Ricardo their beers and stood by the side of the bed sipping my beer and awaiting my next orders.


"What do we do with the boy?" Ricardo asked Tim as he took a gulp of his beer.


"I think his ass needs some work," Tim replied as he looked up at me from his position beside Ricardo. "What do you think, boy? Maybe, I'll give your ass to Ricardo to fuck. Would you like that, boy?"


"Yes, SIR! Very much, SIR!" I replied still holding onto my beer and standing in the `position.'


"Are you up for it yet?" Tim asked turning to Ricardo.


"Damn straight! Tonight, I'm feeling like the energizer bunny!" Ricardo enthused as a casually stroked his already hardening cock. "Boy! Get over here between my legs and suck my cock for a while. I have to piss, too!"


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I said as I hurried into position between Ricardo's muscular legs. I was eager to get his huge cock in my mouth and, especially, up my ass! I took Ricardo's big, uncut cock and waited for his stream of piss to begin. I started swallowing once he had started to unload his bladder. I gulped and gulped until he was finish relieving himself. I stuck my tongue underneath his foreskin.


Once his dick reached full mast, Ricardo pushed me off his cock and ordered, "On your back, boy! I want to watch your face as I ravage your ass!"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied and rolled onto my back.


He applied some lube on his raging hard on and pulled the butt plug out of my ass. Tim handed me an open bottle of poppers and I inhaled deeply several times. Ricardo aimed the tip of his cock on my waiting asshole, "I hope you are ready, boy!"


He began his pushing his way into my ass. With just one swift push, his 9 inch cock was completely imbedded in me. I gasp slightly when I felt his crotch against my balls and very, very hard cock.


"Nice ass, Tim!" Ricardo said to Tim. He then turned to me, leaned in, and kissed me, "Get ready, boy. After I'm finished, you'll know you've been fucked."


Tim handed me the bottle of poppers, and I inhaled a few more times.


And, fuck me, he did! Ricardo used all of his muscular body to pump me harder than I think I've ever been fucked. The bed was moving as he thrust in and out of me. A few times he pulled his rock hard cock all of the way out of my ass and immediately shoved it in all the way with one swift push. The sweat was dripping from Ricardo's body. I growled with ecstasy every time he stabbed my ass with his cock.


"Fuck him harder, Ricardo! Fuck him harder!" Tim cheered.


Just about then, I felt Ricardo's muscles tense and he began unloading inside me. I could feel the ropes of cum flooding my ass. He collapsed on top of me, his two hundred pound, muscled body almost stopped me from breathing. But, it was heaven!


Finally, Ricardo announced between his breaths, "Shit... that... was... one good... fuck! Did you like it, boy?"


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR! I want more, SIR! Please, SIR!" I replied.


Ricardo added, "I'd be happy to fuck you again! Let me rest just a bit. Can I have another turn on his ass, Tim?"


"You can fuck him until the sun comes up in the morning as far as I am concerned!" Tim effused. Tim looked at the clock and said, "Of course, that's only a few more hours."


"Do you want to fuck the boy now, Tim?" Ricardo asked.


"No! I want his ass when you are finished. I like fucking the boy when his ass has been well used and stretched!" Tim said with a lusty tone in his voice.


"I'll do my best to make that happen, Tim! I'm going to stay right here in the boy's ass until I catch my breath." Ricardo replied with his weight still resting on top of my body.


Ricardo fucked me two more times with the same energy as the first. And, when he finished the sun, indeed, was making its morning appearance.


Tim was lying next to Ricardo and me as I was getting royally fucked. "I think, boy, your ass might be a bit sore tomorrow?" Tim said with a big grin on his face.


"And, I think my dick might be sore as well," Ricardo said. He was also smiling. "I think I'm all fucked out for now. Do you want your turn on the boy's ass, Tim?"


When his dick finally popped out, I felt very, very empty, but extremely satisfied. Ricardo's dick was still half hard even though he had fucked me three times in relatively fast succession.


Tim took his place between my legs and pulled my legs over his shoulders. "I know I'm going to enjoy fucking your sloppy ass, boy! I hope you are ready because I am one horny mother fucker right now!"


"SIR! Thank you, SIR! Fuck me hard, SIR! I need you to fuck me hard!" I almost yelled as Tim aligned his cock with my well used asshole.


Tim didn't waste any time with preliminaries or foreplay. He was a man on a mission. And, I could tell from his facial expressions that my ass was, indeed, his mission at the moment. He braced himself over me and shoved his rock hard cock into me. I felt Tim's ball at my ass and his trimmed pubic hairs tickle my balls.


Tim began pounding my ass almost immediately. He did not build up to fucking speed. Instead, he began hammering my ass with long, fast thrusts in and out of my ass. I moaned every time he shoved his cock into my ass. After several minutes of ass pounding, Ricardo moved so that he could reach Tim's nipples and began twisting and pulling on them. Tim began to moan as he continued to hammer my ass. Finally, Tim screamed, "Fuck! I'm going to fucking cum! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...! Shit!" He collapsed on top of me as he was trying to catch his breath. His sweat coated both of our bodies.


When Tim was finally able to speak, he announced, "Fuck, boy...! That was one... good fuck! I wish... your ass... was this sloppy... all of the time!"


Ricardo leaned into Tim's ear and whispered something I couldn't hear. A big grin crossed Tim's face as he announced, "We are going to turn you over so you're on your stomach. But, don't let my dick slip out of your ass. Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied. "I understand, SIR"


Somehow with Tim's help I managed to turn myself onto my stomach with Tim's still hard cock in my ass. Tim pulled me down and Ricardo sat on the bed in front of my face with his big hard cock near my mouth. Tim issued another order, "Ricardo needs to piss, boy! And, you are going to swallow every fucking drop! Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied as I moved my mouth closer to Ricardo's cock. "I understand, SIR!"


I took Ricardo's cock in my mouth and waited for his piss to begin flowing. When it did start, there was a hard, steady stream of warm liquid filling my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed until Ricardo's stream completely subsided.


Tim began to stir on top of me. His cock was slowly moving in and out of me in short, gentle strokes. "Boy!" Tim instructed. "I want you to suck on this hot man's cock. I want you to make him happy. Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I answered. "I understand, SIR!" I began to slowly massaged Ricardo's cock with my mouth. After a few minutes, I succeeded in taking his cock all of the way in my mouth as his cock slipped into my throat.


Ricardo was moaning, "Fuck! Yes! Boy! Deep throat my cock, boy!"


Tim continued to slowly fuck my ass as I was sucking on Ricardo's cock until Tim suggested to Ricardo, "Ricardo! Fuck me while I fuck the boy?"


Ricardo agreed and moved from my mouth to over Tim's hole. Ricardo lubed his cock and Tim's ass. Finally, he shoved his big, hard cock into Tim's hole.


"Yes!" Tim screamed. "I fucking love it, man! Fuck me!"


Ricardo began to slowly fuck Tim. Tim continued to fuck me in the same rhythm Ricardo was using. I felt Ricardo's hands move to Tim's chest. And, from Tim's reaction, I knew Ricardo was playing with Tim's very sensitive nipples. After several minutes of ball slapping fucking, Tim began to tense and moan as he shot load after load into my well used ass. Ricardo was also unloading his dick into Tim at the same time.


"As much as I hate to say this, I think I need to head home and let you two love birds get some rest." Ricardo announced as he pulled out of Tim's ass.


Ricardo lifted his huge body off Tim and stood beside the bed and pulled me up. "You might need some help getting your land legs back, boy!" He said as he extended his other hand to my waist to steady me.


"I hate to see you go, big guy!" Tim said softly!


"Yea! I'd like to stay, but I'm sure if I did stay, none of us would get any rest." Ricardo explained.


"Do you want to shower?" Tim asked.


"No. I think I want to leave the stink on my body until I shower for work tomorrow. It will remind me of you two hot men!" Ricardo said as he slapped my ass and grabbed Tim to pull us all into a three-way hug.


Tim and I walked Ricardo to the living room to retrieve his clothing that was discarded last night.


After Ricardo left, Tim pulled me into a hug and a kiss. He then said, "I think we both need a rest!"


He led me into the bedroom and we snuggled together. Soon we were asleep.



To be continued...


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