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Life With Tim




"Speaking of parties," I leered at Tim. "What would you think if I took you into the bedroom and fondled your body?"


"Promise that I get to fondle yours, too!" Tim whispered.


"Yup!" I said. "I grabbed Tim's hand and led him into the bedroom. I grabbed Tim's hard dick and pulled him onto the bed on top of me.


"Before I put my dick inside you, I am going to do a little nibbling," Tim whispered into my ear as he slid down to my chest. He started flicking his tongue on one nipple while he gently worked the other one with his free hand.


"Ahhh! Shit! Tim!" I hissed. "You are putting me over the top and we just got started!"


"You like this, huh?" Tim hissed back.


"You know it!" I answered.


Tim alternated between my nipples. Right in his mouth and left with his hand. Left with his mouth and right with his hand. Tim slid further down and licked my abs on his way. When he reached my dick, he took it in his mouth and slowly swallowed the whole thing.


"Ahhh! God, Tim!" I hissed. "If you keep this up, you are going to have a load in your mouth."


Tim took a break from swallowing my cock as he whispered to me, "I wouldn't mind, you know! Of course, it would be your turn to do the swallowing after that."


"Then, get ready, baby!" I almost shouted as Tim worked furiously on my dick. "Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!" I screamed as Tim swallowed every shot of my cum.


Once I had recovered, I held Tim's head down on my still hard dick and rolled us over so I was on top. I pulled my dick out of Tim's mouth and slid down so I could stick my tongue where my dick had been. We kissed for several minutes before I started down Tim's muscular body for my prize. I stopped at his nipples to tease them before I headed further down. I licked Tim's shave balls one at a time until I couldn't stand it anymore. I took both balls into my mouth as I began to massage Tim's rock hard dick with one hand. The other took care of Tim's nipples.


I decided to push the action along a little further as I removed my hand from Tim's cock. I licked the head of his dick before I forced his cock down my throat. Tim, like me, didn't last long. His body was beginning to tense as he started to moan until I felt the first bursts of cum hit the back of my throat.


"Ahhh! Shit, Steven! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!"


Chapter 20: Visit to Provincetown


Tim and I arrived at the airport on Friday with time to spare. Once we were through security, we headed to the American Airlines First Class lounge.


"So, tell me about how this works if we decide to buy the place," Tim said once we were seated in the lounge.


"We've already made an offer," I begin to explain. "And, the sellers have accept our offer pending our visit Provincetown, we will stay in Provincetown until Carlotta wires the money to the escrow account on Monday. By Tuesday, we will officially own the place. All of the inspections and related stuff have been done—or at least will be done by the time we get to Provincetown tonight."


"Isn't that fast?" Tim asked.


"Yup," I answered. "But, with almost $180 thousand in commissions, the real estate agent is very, very motivated."


"How do we furnish it so we can use it this summer?" Tim asked.


"The agent told me the owners are willing to sell the furnishings for another $25 thousand," I explained to Tim. "He said the owners have all the receipts and they probably spent four times that amount. You saw the photos. Do you think you would like the furnishings?"


"Sure," Tim answered with a huge grin on his face. "After all, it's only a beach house!"


"You are incorrigible, Timothy!" I told him.


We continued talking about the place and Provincetown during our flight to Boston. Once we were on the ground, we transferred to a charter flight to Provincetown airport. George Matera, the real estate agent met us when we landed in Provincetown.


"Good afternoon, gentlemen!" George greeted us. "I'm George Matera."


"It's a pleasure to meet you, George," I told him. "I'm Steven Caldwell and this is my partner Timothy Caden."


"My chariot is right over there," he said pointing to a black sedan. "I will get you checked into the Brass Key guest house. Would you want to join me for dinner tonight?"


"Tim?" I asked.


"Sure!" Tim enthused. "That would be terrific!"


"I can even take you out to the place before dinner if you'd like," George said. "You could see how it looks all of the lights on."


We checked into the guest house, changed clothes, and headed to a coffee shop a few blocks away from the guest house.


"It's almost a year ago we met here," I reminded Tim.


"I know," Tim told me. "I can't believe it's been that long. Sometimes, I feel like we've been together forever!"


"I can't imagine life without you," I said. "I know I would not be as happy as I am now."


"I can't wait to spend a summer here with you," Tim finally said. "How are we going to work having two houses? Will we need a car here?"


"Probably," I told him. "Maybe we can get something from Brad at the BMW dealership and drive it out from Chicago on our first trip here. We need bikes here, too!"


"Can we ride bikes to the beach?" Tim asked.


"Tim," I explained. "It's just a little over a mile to Herring Cove Beach. We could walk to the freaking beach. And, it's around 1.5 miles to City Hall."


"We will need a gym membership if we are going to keep our bodies in shape!" Tim suggested as he leered at me. "Especially yours!"


"Before you get carried away, we should go back to the guest house to meet George," I said.


"Okay!" Tim said. "But, I assure you, after dinner, I am going to get your naked, hairless, muscled body into bed with me. We are going to make passionate love to each other."


"Do you want to cancel dinner with George?" I asked with a smile.


"Yes," Tim answered. "But, that would be rude!"


We arrived back at the guest house just as George arrived. "Let's take a look at the house. I turned on the lights so you can see how it looks in the evening."


George didn't need to do much selling. When he pulled into the driveway, the house was steeped in outdoor and indoor lighting.


"Holy shit!" Tim whispered when he first saw the house. "This is impressive, George!"


"It is that, Tim," George told us. "Wait until you see the inside and the outdoor living area!"


Tim and I didn't say much else as George led us through the open living area, which included a mammoth living room area, dining area, and open kitchen. Then, we wandered outside to the outdoor dining and seating area that overlooked the pool drenched in light.


When we returned to the house, George took us through the four bedrooms and bathrooms before he announced that we needed to head for diner. "There is a lot more to see, but we will be late for our diner reservations. What do you think so far?"


"Let's talk at diner," I suggested as we left the house and settled ourselves in George's car. "I could see us spending a lot of time here in the summer."


"And, I want to spend Christmas here," Tim told us. "That will be non-negotiable!"


I turned to Tim, "So, that means you like the house?"


"I want to see it in the morning, but, yes, I like the house," Tim told me. "What about the furniture that is in the house?"


"The sellers are very willing to sell all of the furniture as a separate contract," George explained.


"We will probably change some of the furniture at some point," I added. "But, we could live with everything that is there."


We continued our conversation at diner. "So, George," I began. "The sellers have agreed to the $2.5 million offer?"


"Yes," George said. "They have signed the offer pending the two of you seeing the house. Do you want to change the offer?"


I looked at Tim. He was almost lighting the room with his smile. "I don't think we need to change the offer," I said. Tim nodded his agreement.


We continued talking about various things until dinner was finished. When George pulled up to the guest house, he asked. "What time should I pick you up tomorrow morning?"


I looked at Tim. "Well?"


"I think 10 am would do nicely!" Tim suggested.


"I'll see you at 10," George confirmed.


We piled out of the car and made our way to our guest room. Once we were securely locked in our room, Tim began to undress me.


"So, boyfriend," Tim announced. "It's time I get you naked!"


"What about you?" I whispered to Tim.


"In time," Tim whispered back.




My phone announced our wakeup call at 8 am. We showered—together of course—and dressed. We headed downstairs to the smell of breakfast!


"Gentlemen!" our host Sandy announced. "Grab a seat. Today's featured breakfast is a cheddar and spinach omelet with bacon and home fries. You can start with juice and fruit on the buffet."


"Sounds terrific!" I answer.


"I am starving," Tim added.


As we were getting the fruit and orange juice, two other guys sat at the table across from us. One was around 30 with blondish brown hair and nicely muscled body. The other looked older. He had jet black hair and was not as muscular as his partner. They were both around 5' 8" tall.


Good morning!" I greeted them. "I'm Steven. This is my partner Tim."


"Good morning to you," the younger one responded. "I'm Dennis and this is my partner Harold. What brings you to Provincetown this time of year?"


"We are looking at a house," Tim answered. "Besides, we met in P'town about this time last year."


"I'm sure the house is in the thick of things," Harold said as he surveyed Tim and me.


"It's actually a little off the beaten path," I explained. "It's on Creek Hill Road."


Sandy was returning from the kitchen with our breakfast, "We went to an open house on Creek Hill Road. The house was a magnificent contemporary place. It was, unfortunately, not in our price range. Of course, nothing in that neighborhood is in our price range. The house we saw is one of the most expensive single family homes in Provincetown. Just recently entirely refurbished."


"We looked at the house we are thinking of buying last night before we went to dinner," Tim added. "Our real estate agent is taking us back this morning."


"Do you think you will close in time to enjoy it this summer?" Harold asked.


"We hope to close on it before we leave here on Tuesday or Wednesday," I replied.



"Oh!" Harrold answered. You could tell he didn't believe me.


"Where are you two from?" Dennis asked.


"We live in Chicago," Tim answered. "I used to live in Boston until I met Steven. I transferred my job in educational publishing from Boston to Chicago last September. The rest is history. You?"


"Boston... South End...," Harold answered. "Why would you ever want to leave Boston?"


"He's sitting next to me," Tim said with a smile as he looked at me.


"What do you do professionally, Steven?" Dennis asked.


"Until last April, I was Chief Product Officer for eSquare Communications," I told the group.


Dennis almost chocked on the juice he was drinking. "I work for eSquare as a customer service manager in Boston. Are you Steven Caldwell?"


"Yes," I told Denis. "Why?"


"There was a big article on you in the employee newsletter announcing your exit from the company," Dennis said. "Of course, everyone at eSquare knows who you are. You helped start eSquare, didn't you?"


"I was one of the first employees of the company, yes," I answered. "I had a wonderful 10 years there. Now, I'm moving in a different direction."


"Well, now that your man is not working in Chicago, why aren't you moving back to Boston, Tim?" Harrold said pompously.


"We just bought a house in Chicago," Tim announced. "In Lakeview. We love it there."


"How on earth can you expect someone to give you a mortgage on a second home if you just bought a house a few months ago?" Harold asked.


"Harold," Dennis began, "Mr. Caldwell was one of the first employees of eSquare. I don't think a mortgage is an issue, right Mr. Caldwell?"


"It's taken care of," I quietly answered Dennis. Then, I turned my attention to Tim. "I think we need to get going. George will be here soon."


"Nice talking to you guys!" Tim added. "We hope you have a terrific day!"


"Maybe we will run into you later," Dennis said excitedly.


Once we were outside the guest house waiting on George to arrive, Tim leaned into my ear and whispered, "I think Harold is a pompous ass! But, Dennis is cute as fuck!"


"I would agree with you," I said as I smiled broadly. "I wonder which one is on top?"


Tim didn't have time to answer because George pulled up in front of the guest house and we piled into the car. "Good morning, guys!" George greeted us.


"Good morning, George," Tim answered. "It's nice to see your smiling face this morning."


"Are you ready to get a final look at the house?" George asked.


"Can't wait!" Tim said. "I want to invite Dennis and Harold to the housewarming!"


"Dennis and Harold?" George asked. He looked a little confused.


"Two of the guests at the guest house," Tim continued. "Dennis was cuter than shit. Harold was a pompous ass! Does that give you some idea of the morning so far?"


"Yup," George answered. "I can see the conversation now!"


"So, George," I enter the conversation. "I understand from Sandy, one of the owners of the guest house, that the house we are looking at is one of the most expensive single family home in Provincetown. Is that true?"


"Not exactly," George corrected me. "It IS the most expensive single family home in Provincetown. Is that a problem?"


"Nope," I told him. "At least we won't need to keep up with the competition. We will be the competition!"


"Here we are!" George announced as we pulled into the driveway. "Where do you want to start?"


"Same tour as last night so we can compare," Tim suggested. "We can look at the rest afterward."


We toured the house for about two hours before George led us into the `equipment room.'


"This house is run by a computer," George told us. "You can program almost every light, every socket, every alarm point. And, you can access the program from a smart phone, tablet, or remote computer. Let's say you get back to Chicago and you couldn't remember if you unplugged the coffee pot. You touch the kitchen button and you can see if the coffee pot is on. You can monitor the temperature remotely. You can set the temperature remotely. You can monitor the fridge. Every door is unlocked through a finger print scanner. You can look at every security camera connected to the security system. Everything!"


"What if we have some technology deficient owner who doesn't understand any of this shit?" Tim asked.


"You can change the temperature on the thermostat in every room without changing the computer," George explained. "It reverts to computer control at the next set point. Or, you can take control from the computer system and do everything manually. Your choice."


"Are there storm shutters in case of a hurricane?" I asked.


"Nope," George explained. "This house is built to exceed the strictest building code standards for hurricanes, including the windows. If you know a hurricane is coming your way, you want to be in this house."


"In other words we could have a hurricane party!" Tim announced.


"And, of course, the backup generator turns on in case of a power failure," George continued. "It can run for ten days straight without refueling."


"So, that is why this place is on the market for $2.9 million," I added.


"Partly," George answered. "But, mostly because of the beauty of the house, the grounds, and the views."


"Steven, I want this house!" Tim said. "Do your magic and make it happen! I'm in!"


I pulled out my phone can called Carlotta at the bank. I put it on speaker phone. "Carlotta! This is Steven Caldwell."


"Hello, Steven," Carlotta said. "What's the verdict on the house?"


"We want to make it happen," I told her. "We already have a $100 thousand deposit on the house, so we need to wire $2.4 million to the escrow account. And, we will need another $25 thousand transaction to cover the furnishings."


"I have the paper work made out already," Carlotta said. "I thought that might be your decision. The wire transfer department of the fed opens on Monday at 8 am central time. It should be in the escrow account within a couple of hours after we push the button if not sooner."


"Excellent news, Carlotta," I told her. "Tim and I are extremely grateful for your help in making this transaction happen. We will even offer to take you out to dinner sometime after we get back to Chicago!"


"Deal," Carlotta said. "Enjoy the house!"


When I ended the call, Tim was looking at me intently. He was grinning from ear to ear. "You know, Steven, you are habit forming. When I bought my car, I went into shock over buying a $60 thousand car. Then, when we bought the house, I went into shock over buying a $1 million house. Now, I am about to go into shock over buying a $2.5 million vacation home. On the water no less!"


"Please don't go into shock, Tim," I told him. "We need to celebrate tonight!




When we returned to the guest house from dinner, Tim made a suggestion. "Tonight, I would like to show off my incredibly handsome boyfriend. What do you think?"


"I, too, would like to show off my incredibly handsome, muscular, intelligent, witty boyfriend," I told him.


"I'm glad we decided to pack some clothes suitable for going to the A-House," Tim told me. "I know you have that tight, tight pair of distressed jeans and your black leather vest. I'm getting horny just thinking about you in those clothes."


"I'm only sorry we haven't had time to start the tattoos," I said as I leered at Tim.


"We have the rest of our lives to show those off," Tim said as he began undressing. "I brought two cock rings. One for you and one for me. Of course, neither one of us will need underwear tonight."


"You think of everything," I told him as I pulled off my slacks and hung them in the closet. We were both naked in record time.


"Stay right there," Tim ordered as he picked up one of the cock rings. "I am doing the honors tonight."


He slipped my cock ring onto my hardening dick. "Just stand there. You are amazing, Steven! I think I am the luckiest person in the world to have you as a boyfriend. You are beautiful!"


"You are not so bad yourself, lover boy!" I said as I slipped Tim's cock ring onto his cock. "Now, I suggested we both get dressed before we attack each other."


"I think you are right," Tim answered as he pulled on his tight jeans.


Once we were dressed, we slipped out the door of our guest house and made our way to the A-House. As we entered, Tim commented on our good fortune, "Just think! We met almost a year ago in this very space. Let me buy you a beer, sweetie."


We found an open space at the bar. Tim ordered two Coronas and left a generous tip for the bar tender.


"Oh! Shit!" Tim whispered over the music. "It's Dennis and his annoying boyfriend. And, they are coming this way!"


"Don't panic, Tim," I told him as I put my arm around his shoulders. "We will dance after a few words with our housemates."


"Well! Hello, boys!" Dennis greeted us. "You two are looking incredible tonight!"


"Thank you, Dennis," Tim answered. "You look pretty good yourself."


Dennis was wearing a tight pair of faded jeans and a tank top that showed off his chest and arms. Harrold, on the other hand, looked pretty stiff in a baggy pair of jeans and a `comfortable' t-shirt.


"How did the house hunt go today?" Harold asked.


"We should close on Monday," I told Harold and Dennis.


"We took a drive up to where you said the house is located this afternoon," Harold began. "One house on the market on that street is listed at $2.9 million. Is the one you are buying near there?"


"That is the house we are buying," Tim said proudly as we both watched Harold's jaw drop. "As Steven said, this is a chance of a lifetime to get a house that is slightly off the beaten path but yet close enough to enjoy the hustle and bustle of Provincetown. Before you leave tomorrow, please give us your contact information and we will invite you to our housewarming party."


"That would be terrific," Dennis enthused. "We are down here a lot during the summer. We especially like bear week!"


"Then, I am CERTAIN you would enjoy meeting our friends Jake and Miguel," Tim said rather pointedly. "Now, Steven, would you do the honor of dancing with me?"


"Of course!" I said. "Please excuse us, gentlemen!"


We slipped onto the dance floor, and we managed to do a little suggestive dancing. I noticed Dennis watching us intently. Harrold was not happy!


Once we were sufficiently sweaty, Tim and I found a place at the bar so we could get another beer. I ordered. "Two Coronas please!" When the bartender brought us our drinks, I left him another generous tip. The guy was drop dead gorgeous. He's a 6'2" muscular Hispanic dude with the most gorgeous brown eyes and shaved head. His tattooed arms made me jealous.


"Thanks, guys! I appreciate it," the bartender said. "What's your names?"


"I'm Tim and this is my boyfriend Steven," Tim said to the bartender.


"I'm Clark," the bartender said as he held out his hand. "Are you just here for the weekend?"


"We just bought a house today," I told him. "We will spend most of the summer here."


"Wonderful!" Clark responded. "My husband and I bought a small cottage in the East End last fall. It is small, but we are enjoying fixing it up."


"We aren't handy," Tim said. "So, that was not an option for us."


"Where is your house?" the bartender asked.


"Round Creek Road," I told him.


"Nice area," Clark responded. "We wanted to our own stamp on the cottage. My boyfriend, Mark, and I love working on the house."


"We didn't want to spend all of our time here working on a house," I told Clark. "This has been a very hectic year for us, and we wanted to relax and enjoy the summer."


"I can understand that," Clark said. "We started this winter, so we didn't have much else to do but work on the house! It keeps us from drinking ourselves under the table."


I pulled out my business card and handed it to Clark. "If you send me your contact information, we can invite you and your boyfriend to our housewarming party."


"I'll do that," Clark said. "What's this film production company do?"


"Porn," I said as I smiled at Clark. "I'm the technology person behind the scenes."


"I think you both should be in front of the camera," Clark added.


"Thanks for the compliment," Tim responded. "Steven is in the porn business. I am in educational publishing. So, I don't think I will be in film until I quit my job."


"I think that is a good reason," Clark said. "How long are you going to be in town?"


"Until Tuesday, probably," I told him. "We hope to close on Monday. We would stay here if we could, but we have a few things to do back in Chicago before we can start enjoying Provincetown."


"Maybe you guys would want to come over to our house on Sunday late afternoon," Clark suggested. "We just finished our back deck. We could have a barbeque."


"Tim?" I asked.


"I'm game!" Tim decided.


Clark wrote down his address and phone number and handed it to me, "How does 5 pm sound?"


"Perfect!" Tim agreed as we moved closer to the dance floor.


Dennis joined us near the dance floor. "The bartender is cute!" Dennis admitted.


"He is that," Tim said. "Steven is trying to get him to do a porn film!"


"A porn film?" Dennis asked.


"I am the technology person for an on demand film business," I told an open mouthed Dennis. "We do S&M porn."


"Oh!" Dennis gasped.


I handed him my business card. "Give me a call if you want to make some extra money!"


"Any way, Steven, we need to have one more dance before we go back to the guest house," Tim suggested. "See you tomorrow morning, Dennis!"


Once we were properly ensconced in our room, Tim and I were both naked and in bed in record time.


"It helps when we don't have much on, don't you think?" Tim asked. "No pesky underwear to deal with. God! I love your body!"


"Yup!" I told my boyfriend as I pulled him into bed on top of me. "What's your agenda for the night?"


"Until you asked that question, I had no agenda," Tim answered. "But, I think quickly—at least that was on my performance evaluation at work."


He grabbed the lube from the night stand and covered my hard cock with lube. Tim leaned down and began kissing me. I tweaked his nipples.


"Shit!" Tim hissed. "You know that makes me incredibly horny."


"Yup," I answered as I continued tweaking.


Tim positioned his ass over my rock hard 8" uncut dick and began to lower himself on me.


"Fuck, Tim!" I hissed at my lover. "Your ass feels so fucking nice around my dick!"


When Tim finally had my dick balls deep in him, he started to pump his dick with his hand as he started to ride my dick.


"Let me do that," I whispered as I took over stroking Tim's hard dick with one hand and continued tweaking with the other hand.


Tim picked up the pace of riding my dick until he was bouncing up and down on my hard cock. He pulled his ass almost all of the way off me and then slammed himself back down to the base of my cock. He continued for several minutes.


"If you... keep that... up..., I am going... to cum... in your... ass!" I hissed.


He just looked me in the eyes and rode my cock faster until I was spewing cum into his ass.


"Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" I screamed.


Finally, it was Tim's turn. "Cum all over me, lover boy! I want your cum all over my body, baby!"


I continued massaging Tim's hard cock until I felt Tim's ass contract around my still hard dick!


"Shit, Steven! Shit! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" Tim screamed as his cum landed on my abs, my chest, and one volley even landed on my chin.


Tim, still impaled on my dick, lean down to kiss me and lick some of his cum off my chin. Once he came up for air, he whispered to me, "Why does sex get better every time we do something together!"


"Because you love me as much as I love you," I whispered back. "Do you want to try again or do you want to sleep?"


"Both," Tim announced as he began to turn his body on my still hard cock. "I'm not letting your dick out of my ass until you fuck me a couple of more times. But, I'm willing to rest for a little while before you make love to me again!"


Tim pulled me on my side. My dick never left his ass as I snuggled up to him and put my arms around my lover's chest. "You know you make me so happy, Tim! I love you more and more every day, if that is humanly possible!"


"Ditto, lover boy!" Tim whispered back. "Let's take a short nap. Then, I am going to make you work for sleep tonight!"


We drifted off to sleep.



To be continued...


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