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Life With Tim




Tim positioned his ass over my rock hard 8" uncut dick and began to lower himself on me.


"Fuck, Tim!" I hissed at my lover. "Your ass feels so fucking nice around my dick!"


When Tim finally had my dick balls deep in him, he started to pump his dick with his hand as he started to ride my dick.


"Let me do that," I whispered as I took over stroking Tim's hard dick with one hand and continued tweaking with the other hand.


Tim picked up the pace of riding my dick until he was bouncing up and down on my hard cock. He pulled his ass almost all of the way off me and then slammed himself back down to the base of my cock. He continued for several minutes.


"If you... keep that... up..., I am going... to cum... in your... ass!" I hissed.


He just looked me in the eyes and rode my cock faster until I was spewing cum into his ass.


"Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" I screamed.


Finally, it was Tim's turn. "Cum all over me, lover boy! I want your cum all over my body, baby!"


I continued massaging Tim's hard cock until I felt Tim's ass contract around my still hard dick!


"Shit, Steven! Shit! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" Tim screamed as his cum landed on my abs, my chest, and one volley even landed on my chin.


Tim, still impaled on my dick, lean down to kiss me and lick some of his cum off my chin. Once he came up for air, he whispered to me, "Why does sex get better every time we do something together!"


"Because you love me as much as I love you," I whispered back. "Do you want to try again or do you want to sleep?"


"Both," Tim announced as he began to turn his body on my still hard cock. "I'm not letting your dick out of my ass until you fuck me a couple of more times. But, I'm willing to rest for a little while before you make love to me again!"


Tim pulled me on my side. My dick never left his ass as I snuggled up to him and put my arms around my lover's chest. "You know you make me so happy, Tim! I love you more and more every day, if that is humanly possible!"


"Ditto, lover boy!" Tim whispered back. "Let's take a short nap. Then, I am going to make you work for sleep tonight!"


We drifted off to sleep.


Chapter 21: Provincetown Phase Two


Tim and I both dressed in skintight jeans and a polo shirt. The jeans and shirt showed our muscled bodies well. Of course, we were going commando, and it was obvious. When we arrived downstairs at the guest house for breakfast, Dennis and Harrold were holding court with two very young, cute Hispanic dudes.


"Good morning, men!" Tim said to the group. He turned to the new comers, "I'm Tim Caden. This is my partner Steven Caldwell."


"I'm Tan Alameda. This is my husband Jeromy Batista," Tan explained. "We're from Manhattan. Where are you from?" Tan was the taller of the two. He was about 5' 10" tall with close cropped black hair and stunning brown eyes. I could tell he had a well-developed body because his chest and biceps stretched his polo shirt at the seams. Jeromy was shorter, probably 5' 6", but his body was as well developed at Tan's.


"Chicago," Tim announced. "We are in the process of buying a place in Provincetown for the summers."


"Terrific!" Jeromy enthused. "We would like to spend more time here, but we both have weird work schedules. So, it's a little difficult for us to make time to come here."


"Your name sounds familiar, Tim," Tan said to the group. "Have you always lived in Chicago?"


"No!" Tim answered. "That's a recent thing. Steven and I met almost exactly one year ago in Provincetown. I moved from Boston to Chicago in September."


"What is it you do?" Tan continued.


"I'm in educational publishing," Tim told the group. "I've recently been involved with merging a firm with online content into our educational offerings."


"Education Services Publishing?" Tan asked.


"Yes," Tim answered. "Why?"


"I work for them in NYC," Tan said. "I'm an editor in the STEM group."


"I was in the New York office a month or so ago," Tim told Tan. "Interesting group of people!"


"You know, I think I met you at headquarters when you were there... I was trying to get into the digital media project," Tan told the group. "So far, I guess the group has just a few key players."


Tim pulled out his business card. "Send me your information. We will be looking for talent to get this project off the ground."


Tan looked at Tim's business card, "You mean you are the vice president for the digital media business?"


"That's what they tell me," Tim said. "So far, I've just been trying to get a grasp of the scope of things. It is exciting, for certain."


"So, Steven," Jeromy said. "What is it you do for a living?"


Before I could explain my situation, Harrold blurted out, "He's in the porn business."


I gave Harold a stare that could melt steel before I answered the question. "Until the beginning of April, I was Chief Product Officer for eSquare Communications. Now, I am working with a company doing online on demand video distribution. You?"


"I would like to say I am a singer and a dancer," Jeromy explains with a smile. "But, more truthfully, I am a waiter and bartender. I am still waiting to be discovered!"


"I am told persistence is the key in the entertainment business," I told Jeromy.


"He's persistent and he is good as singing and dancing!" Tan told the group. "So, look for his name in lights soon!"


"Do you know Leon and Julia who are the founders of eSquare, Mr. Caldwell?" Dennis asked.


"Yes, of course," I answered. "I know Leon and Julia very well. Why?"


"Well, I hope I am not overstepping my boundaries here, but I wanted to be considered for a higher level management job with eSquare," Dennis began. "So far, my current supervisor has not been very helpful. I think she is afraid I will get promoted and she won't."


"I don't have any official connection with the company anymore, Dennis, but I would be delighted to contact them for you," I told Dennis. "Why don't you send me your resume and other information? I will look over your details and, perhaps, make a suggestion to you about how to get noticed. Also, have you considered applying for the Leadership Development Program. The program helps current employees move forward in the company? Sometimes it requires college courses—other times not. I helped start the program about five years ago. I could pass your information along to the person who heads the program. Her name is Helen Manga."


"I would really appreciate that, sir," Dennis told me. "Can I send it to the e-mail address on your card?"


"Yes, by all means!" I told a very happy Dennis. "I will also pass your information along to Leon."


"I hate to break up this networking opportunity, Steven, but we have a few things we need to accomplish this morning," Tim interrupted. "It's been great getting to know all of you."


We left the table and headed back to our room. Once we were inside, Tim made his announcement, "I think Harrold is a pompous ass and Dennis should get the fuck out of that relationship before his mind is covered in the shit that Harrold spews."


"Why don't you tell me how you really feel, Tim?" I asked.


"I would give you the cost of doing a movie if you could strap Harrold to a pole and have Brad whip the shit out of him," Tim continued. "Now, sweetie. What would you like to do in our spare time?"


"Why don't we take a walk along Commercial Street?" I suggested. "Maybe we can find Dennis a new boyfriend before he leaves."


"Are you really going to talk to Leon about Dennis?" Tim asked.


"I need to see his resume, but, unless he bought his degree from a diploma mill, he seems to be management material," I explained to Tim. "I haven't spent a lot of time talking with Dennis about his professional life, but I am a pretty accurate judge of potential, especially when it comes to eSquare. Of course, something I didn't tell Dennis is you need to work from the Chicago headquarters to qualify!"


"You evil devil, you! Maybe I should apply to the Leadership Development Program," Tim suggested with a smile.


"Sweetie," I explained. "You don't qualify for two reasons. One, you are about to become the husband of a former executive team member. Two, you do not have an undergrad degree with a technology bent."


"And, you think Dennis does?" Tim asked.


"More than likely," I told him. "Anyone who works in customer service at eSquare has some technical competence and usually a degree with a math, science, or engineering track."


"So," Tim again responded. Again, he was smiling. "I am doomed to spend the rest of my life helping to spend all of the money you have accumulated over the last ten years."


"Do you mind?" I asked him.


"Nope!" Tim told me. "As long as you are involved in the spending, I will be right beside you! Now, we need to go boyfriend shopping."




For our evening with our bartender friend and his husband, we decided to switch out the polo for extremely tight tank tops. Tim's shirt showed off his muscular pecs and arms very nicely. I selected a pair of highly distressed, almost worn through, pair of skintight jeans. I also added a tank top. Mine had seen better days and you could almost see through the well-worn material.


"You know, boyfriend," Tim said. "We will need to buy you some new shirts if you keep up your work at the gym."


"Do you think I should change?" I asked.


"Absolutely fucking not!" Tim exclaimed. "I was NOT complaining."


We found our way to our bartender friend's cottage. Clark opened the door, "Hello, guys. You are looking really good today!" Carl's 6 foot muscular frame was clad in a slinky pair of gym shorts and nothing else. It was obvious he was going commando, too!


"You, too, Clark!" Tim announced. "Thanks for having us over tonight."


Clark's husband also arrived at the door to greet us. He was dressed similarly to Clark. He was about the same height as Clark, but the dude had muscles and tattoos everywhere. His hairless body glistened. Tattoos covered his right arm from the wrist to the shoulder. He also sported a colorful flame tattoo on his chest. He had large nipple rings along with several piercings in each ear.


"Mark," Clark began the introductions. "This is Steven," Clark said pointing to me. "And, this is Tim," Clark said.


We exchanged handshakes with Mark. It was like a vice grip pressing on your hand. "It's nice to meet you. Clark was telling me about meeting you last night. And, you are every bit as impressive as he said you were!"


"Thank you, Mark," Tim reacted. "I can safely say that you both look pretty amazing."


"One thing I forgot the mention when we were at the bar," Clark began. "Mark and I are usually naked when we are at home. Our neighbors are nonexistent at this time of year, but they don't care even when they are here. So, you can join us or not. Your choice."


Clark and Mark quickly shed their gym shorts. Without questioning, Tim and I took off our clothes and left them in a pile by the door.


"You two could almost be twins," Clark said to me and Mark. "Right down to the uncut dick, hairless, muscled body, and weight and height. You, Steven, just need a few tattoos and piercings."


"What can we get you to drink?" Mark asked. "Clark said you were drinking Coronas at the bar. We have a fridge full as well as about anything else you can think of."


"Coronas will be perfect," Tim suggested as he eyed Mark's Prince Albert piercing.


Once we had our beers in hand, Clark offered to give us a tour of the cottage. "This won't take long, but why don't we give you a quick tour. As you can see, we knocked down most of the interior walls in the downstairs. Mark just finished the kitchen last month. He's really the handy one."


"It's beautiful!" I told them. "Very charming!"


We were led upstairs to the two bedrooms and two bathrooms. "When we bought the place, there were four bedrooms up here. So, we opened things up a tad."


We were then led downstairs to the back deck. "This is where we spend most of the summer," Mark explained. "We fell in love with the lot the cottage was on just as much as the cottage itself."


The back yard was huge with a fairly large three story building at the back of the property.


"What's in the building back there?" I asked.


"Mark's workspace," Carl said with a smile. "We can show you that a little later."


"Clark said you are in the process of closing on a house in town," Mark explained. "So, you will be spending a lot of the summer here?"


"That is our plan," Tim added. "Steven works from home, and I convinced the people I work for that I can do the work from here. Besides, I will need to make a few trips to NYC to our headquarters this summer. The commute is a lot faster and shorter than from Chicago."


"Clark also told me, Steven, that you are in the film business," Mark continued.


"I am involved with a startup film business," I explained. "Some friends of mine are the creative people. I am the technical end of the business. We will be producing and selling online on demand videos to a selected gay market."


"Selected gay market?" Mark ask.


"Bondage, discipline, sadomasochist themed films," I told him. "What do you do?"


"It's a long story, and, I usually don't give out a lot of information when I first meet people, but I like you two," Mark began. "I am actually an S&M bottom boy for hire. Business is terrific here in the summer. So, I get a little down time in the winter. We head to Key West or Fort Lauderdale during January and February—sometimes even March."


"Sounds exciting," Tim said as he tried to adjust his hard cock. "As you can see, the topic interests me and Steven. And, if I am not being too personal, where did you get your tattoos? Steven and I want him inked after we get his hair permanently removed."


"I hope I don't sound like I am at a networking meeting, but there is an extremely well-known dermatologist that moves his practice from Manhattan to Provincetown for the summer," Mark added. "He did all of my hair removal. There is another dude here who is considered one of the best tattoo artists in the country here. He also did all of my piercings. I just had the ones put in my scrotum a couple of months ago. So, if you'd like a referral, I would be very happy to introduce you to the two of them. They usually move here around Memorial Day weekend. Are you two interested in BDSM?"


I smiled at Tim before I begin, "Actually, yes. I am a bottom boy. Tim is usually a top boy. The exception is that I have started to top Tim from time to time. With everyone else, I am a confirmed bottom. And, yes, BDSM and Master/slave relationships interest us immensely."


"Steven is pledged as a slave to his two business partners," Tim explained. "You will meet them this summer, I am certain. I am not a total top. I do like to bottom every once in a while. What about you, Clark?"


"Mark and I probably have a relationship very much like yours and Steven's," Clark explained. "We go both ways with each other. The sex between us is highly charged, but usually extremely vanilla. We like it like that. On the other hand, I like the top role, especially if it is a Master/slave relationship. I, like you, Tim, switch from for the right man! I think we all need another beer. I'll be right back. Then, we can show you Mark's workspace."


Clark came back from the kitchen with four Coronas. As we were walking to Mark's workspace Mark explained a few things. "Clark and I met four years ago. I had moved here without a job from Manhattan. Clark was already working at the bar. I was doing tricks from the bar. That's when Clark and I became aware of one another. Things just grew from there. What about you two?"


"We met in Provincetown at the A-House almost one year ago," Tim explained. "Finally, last September I got a job transfer to Chicago. And, to make a long story short, we are getting married at the end of July!"


Mark unlocked the door to his workspace and we went in.


"Holy shit!" Tim exclaimed. "This is terrific!"


"This is only the first floor," Mark told us. "It is a little generic. Group showers. Toilets. Bathtub. Lounge. The second floor is a little more interesting"


Mark led us to the second floor and switched on the lights.


"This is stupendous!" I exclaimed. "Is that a gallery up there?"


"Yes," Mark said. "Some people like to get watched. Some people like to watch. I like to accommodate everyone as best I can."


"This would make a terrific film studio!" I told the group.


"We could probably work something out," Mark suggested. "I'm getting a little old to be manhandled every night of the week. I like it, but I need a break occasionally."


We retired to the deck. Mark threw on the steaks, and Clark finished some things inside the house. Once dinner was on the table, we continued our conversation.


"I don't know what your day is like tomorrow, but, if you are interested in trying out the workspace in a little bit, we would enjoy the company," Mark suggested.


"We need to get some rest tonight, I think," I countered. "I hope we can possibly join you some other time."


"Of course," Mark announced. "You will be here all summer! We have plenty of time to get together."


We continued to talk until it was time for Tim and me to head back to the guest house. As we were pulling on our jeans, I began to thank our hosts. "We had a really terrific time tonight! Thank you for inviting us."


"Yea!" Tim continued. "Dinner was wonderful, and we enjoyed getting to know you."


Tim and I decided not to put on the shirts. "Ah," I said as I had an idea. "If the two of you are not busy tomorrow night and all goes well with the closing, would you like to see our place? I think we could manage a few drinks and something simple for dinner."


"Sure," Clark said. "We are both eager to see how the other people in Provincetown live!"


"Why don't I call you around 3 tomorrow afternoon," I suggested. "We should be wrapping things up by then, I am sure."


"We'll look forward to your call," Mark agreed.


As we were walking back to our guest house, Tim and I continued to talk about our evening with Clark and Mark. "They were really nice guys," Tim said. "And, good fucking looking, too!"


"They were, indeed, good looking," I agreed with Tim. "What did you think of their offer of a play date?"


"Very generous of them," Tim said. "However, tonight would not have been a good night. I think tomorrow could be a long day. I hope I can sleep tonight. I am so excited about closing on the house!"


"Me, too!" I told him. "I am so excited, as a matter of fact, I might even offer to ride my sexy boyfriend's dick tonight. What do you think?"


"If you think you're man enough!" Tim told me.




The next morning we were again greeted by Dennis and Harrold.


"You didn't leave last night?" Tim asked.


"No," Harrold told us. "We always wait until Monday morning to head back to Boston. Traffic is a bitch on Sunday evening, even before the season officially begins. How are you getting back to Boston for your flight home?"


"We have a charter arranged for Wednesday evening," I told him. "And, Dennis, I did get your information. I will make certain that Leon and Helen look at it. If you don't hear from them by the end of the week, please let me know and I will light a fire under them. I may not be working there anymore, but I do think I have a little influence left."


"Thank you!" Dennis gushed. "I really appreciate your help. Do you think I could actually get into the program?"


"You've worked at eSquare for four years," I began. "You've worked yourself up to customer service manager of a key group. And, you have a degree in applied science. I think you should definitely qualify. It all depends on the number of people who apply to be in the program. Just understand it is a lot of work. You will probably need to get into an MBA program somewhere."


"Does an MBA really pay for itself these days?" Harrold asked.


"If the company is paying for it, I would suggested that it would pay for itself," I told him.


"Do you have an MBA?" Dennis asked me.


"Yes," I told him. "From Northwestern."


"And, eSquare paid for it?" Dennis asked.


"Every dime of it," I told him. "I was working for them for a year when Leon asked me to go back to school. I gladly accepted. I used some of my work for some of the coursework credit."


"We need to run, sweetie," Tim said. "George will be here in a few minutes."


"Congratulations on the house," Dennis said.


"Thanks. And, good luck on getting into the program," Tim told Dennis.


"Keep in touch, okay?" Dennis added as we scurried out of the room to meet George.


We were outside for only a few moments before George pulled up in front of the guest house. "So, boys! Let's go close on a house!"


We piled into George's car and headed to his office. A few moments after we were seated, my phone began to ping. It was a text from Carlotta. `The money should be in the escrow account. Let me know if you need more information.'


I showed the text to Tim. Then, I told George the good news. "George, the money should be in the escrow account. I just received a text from Carlotta."


"Let me check," George said as he tapped a few keys on his computer. "It's there! Will modern wonders never cease! The seller's attorney should be here in about 15 minutes to start the almost endless task of signing papers. The seller's attorney received them this morning. You are about to be the proud owners of a home in Provincetown!"


Once the seller's attorney arrived, we were introduced to her. "Gentlemen, I would like you to meet Susan Armando, the seller's attorney. Susan, this is Steven Caldwell and Timothy Caden. Let's get this show on the road!"


Once we had the papers signed, Susan announced, "Congratulations, gentlemen! You are now the owners of 9 Round Creek Road! Here are the keys, which are really only a formality since you can't really get into the house with the keys without setting off the security system. The security people will meet you at the house to add you to the list as well as show you how to add or remove guests from the security list. Here is the name of the pool maintenance people as well as the landscape company that takes care of the grounds. You are free to keep them on or find others to do the work."


"Thank you for making this happen, Ms. Armando," I told her.


"It was my pleasure, Mr. Caldwell," she replied. "I hope you enjoy your new home."


Once Ms. Armando had left, George explained what needed to be done. "I can take you by the guest house so you can retrieve your things. Then, we need to go see the security people to get the security system set up. I can take you up to the house. I assume you want to stay there tonight."


"We do want to stay there tonight, but won't we need a rental car?" I asked.


"Only if you want one," George explained. "The car that was in the garage is yours. It came with the house. It's a little old, but it will get you around for a day or two. I started it yesterday just to make certain it functioned."


"Okay, then let's get going!" Tim decided. "We need to find out what exactly is in the kitchen."


"It comes with the basics," George told us. "Pots, pans, dinnerware, silverware, coffee pot, and a few other things. I have the former owners' housekeeper at the house already making certain everything is up to snuff, including fresh linens in the master suite. We can have the cable and internet turned on by this afternoon. I've already called the cable company."


"You think of everything, George!" I told him.


"I'm sure I have missed something, but I think you will be able to survive the evening in your new home," George told us as we piled into George's car.


When we arrived at the house, we spotted a truck belonging to the local security company. George went to greet the two guys standing beside the truck. "Marcus! Arnold! Meet the new owners of 9 Round Creek Road. This is Steven Caldwell and his partner Timothy Caden. These two jokers are your security experts, Marcus and Arnold."


"Congratulations Mr. Caldwell, Mr. Caden!" Marcus told us as he offered his hand to shake. Arnold did the same.


"Thank you, gentlemen!" Tim said. "Can you teach a non-technology oriented person how to run this security system so I don't get arrested by the police in my own home?"


"It's a piece of cake, Mr. Caden," Arnold told Tim. "We will make certain you can live here without fear of police reprisal!"


Arnold added our finger prints with unlimited access to everything in the house. He also added a shortcut to our phones that launched the security system's website so we could remotely control the house and access to it.


After Marcus explained how to add and remove people from the security list, he offered this explanation, "There are various security levels. One is full access to everything. You can also put restrictions on where people can go in the house. For example, the game room downstairs is a separate level as is the studio apartment on the lower level. You can elect to give your guests access to these areas or not. Or, you can allow guests access only to the studio apartment and not the rest of the house. Your choice! All you need to do is check the allowed access areas when you add a guest to the security list."


"I think even I can do this!" Tim said. "If I get mad at Steven, can I lock him out of the master bedroom?"


"Unfortunately, you will need to resolve those conflicts between you without using the house as a defense. You both have full access to all parts of the house. That can't be changed," Marcus said with a smile.


"We should put one of these in our house in Chicago," I said thinking out loud. "Is that possible?"


"We can install a security system like this in any existing structure," Marcus explained. "However, control of individual outlets and the heating and cooling system is a little more problematic."


"And, you can reach us 24 hours a day, seven days a week at this phone number," Arnold continued. "One of us will be on call at all times. Enjoy your new home!"


"Thank you," Tim and I said in unison.


"Now," George suggested. "Let's go inside and meet the housekeeper. As I said, he is willing to continue working for you if you want. That, of course, would be your choice."


Tim tried his luck at opening the front door. He was successful. When we entered the house, we heard a woman announce, "Good afternoon, Mr. Caden!"


"Who was that?" Tim asked.


"The security system announces arrivals unless you turn off that feature," George explained.


About that time a very handsome man in in his early 40's walked into the entry hall, "Good afternoon gentlemen! I'm Harvey, the housekeeper for the previous owners."


"Harvey, I would like to introduce you to the new owners of the house," George began the introductions. "This is Steven Caldwell and this is Timothy Caden. Gentlemen, this is Harvey Gibbons."


"It's nice to meet you, Harvey," I told him.


"It is my pleasure, Mr. Caldwell, Mr. Caden!" Harvey replied with a firm handshake to each of us.


"Please, Harvey, us our first names," Tim told him. "Steven and Tim will do just fine."


"Thank you!" Harvey said. "I have taken care of opening the house for you. I have put new linen in the master suite and I have tidied up the rest of the main floor. If you want, I can come back another day and get the rest of the house ready for you."


"Unfortunately, we need to go back to Chicago on Wednesday," I said. "So, the rest of the house can wait until we return... probably for Memorial Day weekend."


"Very well," Harvey told us. "At George's request, I have stocked the liquor cabinet with almost everything imaginable, including Corona's in the fridge in the serving area. Also, if you want, I can run to the grocery store for any food you might like for this visit."


"I will leave the three of you alone to discuss whatever it is that you might want to discuss," George announced. "I need to change the listing from pending to sold!"


"Thank you for everything, George! You have made our dream of owning this house come true!" I told George. "We owe you a celebratory dinner when we come back on a more permanent basis."


"It has been a pleasure working with you!" George told us as he shook our hands and left.


"Now, Harvey," I began. "Why don't we go somewhere comfortable so we can talk for a moment?"


"It is delightful outside by the pool," Harvey suggested.


"Perfect Harvey!" Tim told him.


Harvey led us out to the seating area of the pool. Once we were seated, I continued. "Harvey, Tim and I are interested in having full-time help with the house when we are living here. Would you be interested in continuing employment here?"


"Of course, Mr. Caldwell... er, Steven," Harvey effused. "I would need to give two of my other clients notice. I work for them about 6 hours a week each when they are in residence here."


"We won't be back here until Thursday before Memorial Day weekend," I told him. "We are planning on being here for the rest of the summer. Of course, we will be taking a few business trips, but we will mainly be here. We will be flexible about your work here for the first few weeks if that is necessary."


"I think my other clients can find someone else to help them with very little trouble," Harvey said. "I will recommend another guy who I know who does the same work around town."


"That would be excellent, Harvey," I continued. "We are also planning to spend some time here during the off season. As a matter of fact, Tim is already planning to have our families here over the Christmas holidays. What would it take to have you on a year-round, permanent basis?"


"Ahm...!" Harvey began. "I haven't really thought that far ahead! I charged the former owners $100 per day a couple of days every week during the time they were in residence."


"Do you cook, Harvey?" I asked.


"Yes," Harvey said. "It is one of my passions! I've always wanted to open a catering business, but there is way, way too much competition in town!"


"Terrific! If we were to offer you full-time employment, would you consider $750 a week plus health insurance?" I asked. "During the time we are not at the house, you would probably only need to be here a couple of hours a day two or three times a week."


Harvey's eyes suddenly were extremely wide, "I... of course!"


"Good!" I added. "I think I need to tell you a little about us, Harvey. We don't want you to be too surprised. Tim and I are going to be married in July. We are going to have the ceremony in Chicago. Tim and I are extremely committed to one another. He is the light of my life. And, I think I can speak for him and say I am the light of his. We are, however, a little different than some other committed couples."


I continued, "Tim and I have both been very successful in our professional lives. Tim is a rising start in educational publishing. Until last April, I was Chief Product Officer of eSquare Communications. I am currently involved in a startup with two other people. We intend to produce and deliver online videos to gay men over the Internet. The content of these movies are based on a BDSM lifestyle. Does that bother you, Harvey?"


"No! Not at all!" Harvey said with a glimmer of excitement in his voice. "I am interested in that lifestyle myself!"


"Excellent, Harvey! Excellent!" I continued. "I am also involved in a secondary relationship with the two business partners. I am committed to them as their slave." I paused to get Harvey's reaction.


"If you are looking for me to be alarmed or otherwise upset, you are not going to get that reaction from me," Harvey told us. "I will tell you a little about me after you are finished, sir!"


"My Masters, Master Jake and Master Miguel, will visit us frequently we think," I continued. "I will always be naked in their presence unless they give me permission to be clothed. I am also undergoing a transformation at the suggestion of Tim and both of my Masters. I am working to put as much muscle on my body as I can. I will also be having all of the hair on my body removed. Tim, Master Jake, and Master Miguel are planning significant tattoos for my body. That, we hope, will take place over the summer. So, Harvey, are you still interested?"


"Yes!" Harvey gleefully said. "I am more interested than I was five minutes ago!"


"Terrific, Harvey!" Tim announced. "Now, you said you wanted to tell us something about yourself."


"I am excited about your revelations because I am actively involved in the BDSM community both in Provincetown and across the country," Harvey confessed. "I, too, am currently committed to a Master. Unfortunately for me, he lives in New York and only visits occasionally. We see one another more frequently in the off season months. And, I welcome the opportunity to work for you both!"


"Now, since we are all being honest, how do you prefer to dress when you are at work, Harvey?" I asked. "I only asked that because most of the time, Tim and I will be naked."


"I prefer to be naked," Harvey begins. "However, I am older than the two of you, so you might not want to see my naked body running around here."


"Why don't we do this, Harvey?" Tim began. "Steven and I will take off our clothes. Then, if you want, you can also. The choice will be yours!"


"Sure!" Harvey said.


Tim and I stood up and began to take off our clothes. We were going commando, so it didn't take long.


"You are two truly beautiful men," Harvey whispered.


"Thank you, Harvey," Tim replied.


Harvey stood and also began taking off his clothes. When his shirt first came off, it was obvious that Harvey still worked on his body at the gym. His smooth chest was pure muscle, and his biceps bulged. He kicked off his shoes and dropped his slacks. His ucut dick fell nicely over his shaved low hanging balls.


"You're pretty nice to look at yourself," Tim said quietly. "I told Steven when we bought this house that I'd like to have a naked muscled hunk taking care of the house for us. And, I got what I wanted!"


"So did I!" Harvey said. "So did I!"




Harvey had gone to the grocery store to pick up some supplies for dinner tonight with Clark and Mark as well as food that would last until we left on Wednesday afternoon.


The doorbell range promptly at 6 pm announcing the arrival of Clark and Mark. Tim and I went to answer the door. We were both naked except I had on a slave harness, and Tim was clad in a half leather harness.


"Good afternoon, gentlemen!" Tim said as we opened the door. "Welcome to our home!"


"This is fucking amazing!" Mark gushed. "I don't think I have been in a house in this neighborhood before!"


"We will show you around after we get you something to drink," I told the guys. "In the meantime, please feel free to make yourself comfortable."


Clark and Mark quickly kicked off their flip flops, pulled off their tank tops, and dropped their gym shorts. The four of us were standing naked in all of our glory.


"What would you like to drink?" I ask as I led the way to the liquor cabinet in the living room.


"Do you have a beer?" Mark asked.


"Will Corona do?" I asked.


"Absolutely," Mark replied.


"Same for me, please," Clark added.


I pulled out the two Coronas and handed them to Clark and Mark. Tim and I were already sipping our vodka on the rocks before the guys arrived.


"This floor and the outside living area beside the pool is what sold us on the house," Tim explained.


"It is absolutely amazing!" Clark repeated Mark's earlier comments.


"Thank you," I said. "When we looked at the house on the Internet, we thought we were in love with it. But, we knew we were in love with it the first time we saw it."


"Why don't we go outside by the pool?" Tim suggested. "We can show you the upstairs later."


Once we were settled in the seating area next to the pool, we continued our conversation.


Mark was the first to speak, "If I am being too personal, please tell me to fuck off, but I usually find that men who buy homes in this neighborhood are a lot older because of the cost of owning one of these places. What is your secret? You don't seem old enough to have accumulated a lot of disposable wealth."


"I'm going to let Steven answer your question," Tim said with a smile.


"It's a long story, but I will try to condense this so you get an idea," I begin my explanation. "We were in the right place at the right time. I was one of eSquare Communication's first employees over ten years ago. The stock I took as part of my initial compensation was almost worthless ten years ago. It is now worth a great deal of money. Also along the way, I started a software company about four years ago, and I sold it last year. And, Tim is a rising start in the educational publishing field."


"I've never known anyone to really have been in the right place at the right time and make the kind of money that would support your current lifestyle," Mark added. "You should write a book, give workshops, and give advice to people."


"I wish it were than simple," I said to the guys. "But, I can't tell you how you manage to get yourself in the right place at the right time. It is sheer luck!"


"How are you going to manage this place by yourselves," Clark asked. "It is huge!"


"We will have help," Tim answered. "The guy who worked for the former owners has agreed to work for us full time. Do you know Harvey Gibbons?"


"Everyone knows Harvey!" Clark said with a smile. "How much do you know about him?"


"He summarized his experience both professionally as well as in the BDSM community," Tim replied.


"Ahm," Clark began. "Harvey is a real find! He is brutally honest, one of the most loyal friends you can ever find, and one of the best slave boys—other than Mark, of course—in Provincetown. He sometimes entertains me when I am not working and Mark is with a client. And, the dude can cook!"


"We've offered him a year round, full time position," Tim continued. "And, we are happy to say, he has accepted our offer."


"What's going to be one of the first movies for your new company?" Mark asked.


"Well, it will star the three principals in the company," I explained. "My Master Jake and Miguel will be in the film with me. All I know is they are planning a lot of fisting and ass play. They won't give me the details because they want my reaction to be natural and not rehearsed. But, I've never been with these two without being fisted, pissed on, dominated, and humiliated!"


"I definitely want to meet these guys! Were you serious about using my workspace for making a movie?" Mark asked.


"Yes," I told him. "Has anything been filmed there before?"


"Only one guy hired a camera man to film him and me for his personal use," Mark told us. "Other than that, no!"


"Mark," Clark said quietly. "I think you must be very, very interested in the possibility from the looks of things!"


Mark was hard as a rock! "I've always wanted to be a film star!" Mark added.


"Clark," Tim said with a smile on his face. "I think we have a couple of very horny bottoms on our hands."


I, too, was hard as a rock.


"We have a few options here, Clark," Tim continued. "And, since you and I are the top men in the group, we get to choose. Do you want to have dinner now? Or, do you want to take these two muscled slave boys upstairs now and try to figure out how to turn on this incredible shower we have?"


"I could use a little exercise to workup an appetite!" Clark hissed.


Tim turned to Mark and me, "Boys! Get your asses upstairs pronto!"


"Yes, SIR!" I responded.


"We are on our way, SIR!" Mark echoed my response.


"Do you want to work on your slave boy or mind?" Tim asked Clark.


"I think I would like mine," Clark responded with sneer. "We can switch later. I tend to get horny after I fuck and then eat dinner. Then, the more I fuck, the more I want."


"I hope you don't have any plans for tomorrow," Tim hissed.


"I wouldn't mind sticking my fist into your slave boy at some point," Clark hissed back.


"You can have him for as long as you want and whatever you want," Tim answered with a lusty voice. "It will give me a chance to study your slave boy's tattoos while I fuck him."



"Steven!" Tim barked. "Get this show going! Be creative because Clark and I are horny fuckers right now!"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied as I stepped in to adjust the shower. I found the rain forest control as well as the control that adjusted the side jets. The shower was perfect for four... or, maybe, eight! Tim and I both lost the harnesses. "It's ready, SIR!"


"Hands against the shower wall boy," Tim ordered. "Stick that hairless fuck boy ass out so I can get at it!"


"Yes, SIR!" I diligently answered as I took the position as instructed by Tim.


"See what Tim's slave boy is doing?" Clark hissed as Mark.


"Yes, SIR!" Mark answered.


"I want your fucking ass in the exact same position, dickhead," Clark ordered. "And, I want it there NOW!"


Mark duplicated my stance exactly as both Tim and Clark prepared to mount us. I noticed Clark's nine inch cut cock ready to slam into Mark's ass.


Tim whispered in my ear, "I have been making love to you for the last several days. But, this is not a lovemaking session. This is a getting Tim's rocks off without regard to you! Do you understand, boy!"


"Yes, SIR!" I answered. "I understand, SIR!"


Tim and Clark entered us at almost the same time.


"Ahhh...!" I screamed.


"Give it to me, SIR!" Mark yelled.


"I'm not going to last long, Tim!" Clark screamed as he pumped Mark's ass fast and furiously. "Doing this with you makes me horny and ready to cum!"


"Same, here!" Tim yelled back as he rammed his cock in and out of my ass faster and more forcefully with each stroke.


I felt Tim's body tense as he began to unload his Master cum into my ass. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Clark followed Tim within seconds, "Shit, bitch! I'm cuming in your worthless ass. Shit...! Ahhh...! Shit...! Fuck...! Shit...! Ahhh...!"


Tim held onto my body to stabilize himself as he recovered from the quick fuck. As Tim was pulling out of my ass, he turned to Clark, "Did you bring your boy's collar?"


"Yea!" Clark enthused. "It's in my back pack!"


"Good!" Tim added. "I think both slave boys need to be collared for the rest of the night!"


"Great idea!" Clark agreed.


I turned off the shower and grabbed two towels. I threw one to Mark. We both began to dry our Masters wet muscled bodies. Tim's almost hairless chest glistened. Clark's trimmed hair on his chest sopped up water droplets as Mark began to dry his Master.


"Boy!" Tim began after I finished drying him. "Get your collar and bring it downstairs with you!"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied as I left the three to retrieve my collar.


When I rejoined Tim, Clark, and Mark, we moved back downstairs to the seating area by the pool. Tim and Clark took seats opposite each other while Mark and I knelt in front of our Masters.


"Boy," Tim began. "Until I take this collar off, you will cease to be my boyfriend and my lover. Until I take this collar off, you will be my slave. You will be my worthless, piece of shit slave boy. Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I responded as Tim slipped my collar around my neck and locked it into place.


Clark, in tandem with Tim, installed Mark's collar.


"Now, boy!" Tim ordered. "Get your ass moving and get Clark and me another Corona."


"Yes, SIR!" I replied as I hurried to the kitchen to retrieve two more Coronas.


After Master Tim and Master Clark had their beers in hand, Tim gave me another order, "Boy, go get dinner ready. Set three places at the kitchen island. Your place setting will be on the floor next to Clark. Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied as I made my way back into the kitchen to prepare dinner.


As I was getting dinner ready, Master Tim and Master Clark were enjoying their time with Mark.


"May I kiss your boy?" Tim asked Clark.


"Of course," Clark agreed. "Boy! Master Tim wants to kiss you. Make him feel good, boy. Work your magic."


"Yes, SIR!" Mark replied as he moved in front of Master Tim.


Master Tim stood up and pulled Mark toward him and forced his tongue into Mark's waiting mouth. Master Tim and Mark were sharing an extremely sensual and passionate kiss. Mark's arms wrapped around Master Tim's body as Master Tim followed suit. Both sets of hands were caressing the backs of their partners while their tongues continued to explore each other's mouths.


Finally, Tim pulled away from the kiss, "Boy," Master Tim said to Mark. "I need to piss. Do you want it, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" Mark answered. "I want to drink your piss, SIR!"


Mark kneeled in front of Master Tim's semi-hard cock and took it into this mouth while he waited for Master Tim's stream to start. Master Tim's body began to relax and Mark's throat began to take in all of the liquid from Master Tim's cock. When Master Tim was finished, he pulled out his hardening cock and slapped Mark's face with it.


"What do you say to Master Tim, now, boy?" Clark hissed.


"Thank you, SIR!" Mark replied. "Thank you for giving me your piss, SIR! I am eager to serve you further, SIR!"


"You will get your chance later, boy!" Tim quietly addressed Mark. "But, I believe Master Clark needs to piss, too! Right, Clark?"


""Yea!" Clark whispered and then raised his voice. "Boy, get your good for nothing ass over here and drink every drop of piss from my dick. Don't waste any of it, boy! Before tonight is over, I think you are going be drinking a lot of left over beer from your two Masters. Right, Tim?"


"Yup!" Tim added. "Boy," Tim yelled in my direction, "bring Master Clark and me another beer! Now!"


"Yes, SIR!" I responded as I hurried to the fridge and took out two more Corona's. I handed the open beer to Master Tim and Master Clark.


"Is dinner almost ready, boy?" Master Tim asked.


"Yes, SIR!" I answered. "Another five minutes, SIR!"


"Good!" Master Tim told me. "Master Clark and I are hungry!"


As I finished getting dinner ready, Master Tim and Master Clark were talking.


"Would you mind if I whipped your boy before I fist him?" Master Clark asked.


"You can do whatever you like to him, Clark!" Master Tim announced loudly enough for me to hear. "He's yours until you are tired of him or you need to leave tomorrow. Is your boy clean? He is a prostitute after all!"


"Yes!" Master Clark replied. "We both are HIV negative. My boy will never be with a client without using a condom. He gets tested every week. Besides, he isn't working much until the season gets started. He has been servicing me, and your realtor George for most of the winter months. Harvey and George, by the way, are also HIV negative."


"George is into Master/slave relationships?" Master Tim asked with some surprise in his voice.


"Absolutely!" Master Clark explained. "Underneath that starched dress shirt and chinos is an extremely muscular and incredibly hung stud of a man. His favorite activity is torture. He is very, very good at it, too! Isn't he, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" Mark responded. "The best torture Master I have ever had the pleasure of serving!"


When dinner was finished, I took my place at Master Tim's feet, put my hands behind my back, looked directly at Master's bare feet, and announced, "Dinner is ready, SIR!"


"Good boy!" Master Tim said. "Boy, you will be Master Clark's slave for the duration of his stay with us. Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I answered as I moved in front of Master Clark and assumed my position while I awaited orders from my new Master.


Master Clark fished out an extra-large butt plug from his back pack. "Stand up, turn around, and bend over, boy!" Master Clark ordered.


I did as told. "Ahhhhhhhh!" I screamed as Master Clark shoved the pre-lubed butt plug into my ass with one fast stroke.


"Stand up, boy," Master Clark ordered.


When I was standing, Master Clark hooked a leash onto my collar and led me into the kitchen.


Master Tim took his place at the kitchen island, "Boy!" Master Tim barked at Mark. "Sit here!" Master Tim pointed to the bar stool between him and Master Mark. I took my place at Master Clark's feet after I served each man the seafood casserole and accompaniments.


"So, Tim," Master Clark began. "How do you see the summer here in Provincetown playing out?"


"Well, we haven't made firm plans yet, but I suspect Steven's Masters Jake and Miguel will be here with us over Memorial Day Weekend," Master Tim began. "I think you will enjoy meeting them both. They will probably be here for a couple of weeks, at least, while Jake, Miguel, and the boy decide how to move the business forward. I will be working from here for at least the month of June. I will, I am sure, take over the office because I will have several online meetings with my team. My family will be here for a weekend after Miguel and Jake go back to Chicago. My former boss, Sam, and his husband, Greg, will be here for about 10 days. Just for the record, when the boy is in the presence of Sam and Greg, they are his Masters. I know, it sounds complicated, but it is really fairly simple. It came about with Sam and Greg because I wanted a promotion. So, I gave them Steven from time to time. They took him to Florida for almost two weeks."


"You sound like someone I really, really want to get to know better!" Clark told Tim. "What do you do when Steven is with his other Masters?"


"I usually find someone else to keep me company," Master Tim told Master Clark. "I tried a stint as a slave to a friend of ours, but we both decided I wasn't slave material. I sometimes bottom for Steven's Master Miguel when his Master Jake is putting the boy through his paces."


"So, you go both ways?" Master Clark asked with enthusiasm.


"Yup!" Master Tim said. "I am more of a vanilla bottom. I love big dicks in my ass, and I have begun to enjoy being fisted. But, that's about the only thing I'm good for as a bottom."


"You and I need to talk privately when we take a break from using the boys!" Master Clark suggested.


"I was hoping you would say that!" Master Tim answered. "Now, are we ready to go upstairs?"


"More than ready," Master Clark said as he looked down at his rock hard uncut nine inch cock.


Master Tim led his boy up the stairs, and Master Clark followed with me on my leash.


"On your back, boy!" Master Clark ordered. "If I know Harvey well enough, I think you might find two sets of restraints at the head of the bed. One for your boy and one for my boy!"


Master Clark put his hand between the headboard and mattress and pulled our four restraints, and then found an identical set on the opposite side of the bed.


"We need to give Harvey a raise," Master Tim said as he looked at the restraints. "On your back, boy!"


Mark lowered himself on the bed and Master Tim began to connect his wrists to the shorter restraints. Then he connected the longer ones to raise Mark's legs over his shoulders and spread wide apart. Mark's ass was perfectly positioned to allow Master Tim easy access.


Master Clark pushed me onto the bed so I, too, was laying on my back.


"I have looked forward to this since the first time I saw you two in the bar," Master Clark hissed as he put my wrists in the restraints above my head. "Your ass will be so well used by the time I leave here, it may take several days for it to recover. Do you have any comments before I begin?"


"Use me, SIR!" I almost screamed. "Make me feel your power, SIR!"


"Oh! You will feel it, boy!" Master Clark hissed back as he raised my legs over my shoulders and restrained them so he would have unimpeded access to my ass. Once I was tightly restrained, he pulled the butt plug out of my ass and threw it on the floor next to the bed. "Watch Master Tim take his new boy's ass!"


I turned to watch Master Tim line up his rock hard cock with his boy's asshole. Before he shoved his dick into the boy, he moved down and kissed Mark passionately.


"Ahhh!" Mark screamed as Master Tim shoved is dick into his new boy's ass.


Master Tim quickly picked up the pace so he was ramming his dick in and out of his boy's ass. He pulled all of the way out before he forced it back into his boy's waiting hole.


"Now, it is my turn, fuck face!" Master Clark hissed as he, too, began pummeling my ass. He and Master Tim were working almost in unison and they both pleasured themselves.


After about 30 minutes of nonstop fucking, sweat was dripping from both Master's bodies. They were both breathing deeply as they worked themselves up for the big moment.


"Are you close, Tim?" Master Clark screamed.


"Yes!" Master Tim screamed back. "Together?"


"Yes!" Master Clark answered. "Now, Tim! Now! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Master Tim began unloading at the exact moment that Master Clark let loose his ropes and ropes of cum!


Master Clark collapsed on top of me, and Master Tim rested his body on top of Mark. They both stayed motionless except their labored breathing. When they finally had caught their breath, Master Clark was the first to speak, "I hope, Tim, this will be a regular thing with us. I love the boy's ass."


"This boy is pretty good, too!" Master Tim said to Clark. "I think we should talk about regular play dates throughout the summer!"


"Maybe we could even add George and Harvey to the mix," Master Clark suggested. "And, I am looking forward to meeting Jake and Miguel! Do any of his Masters beat and torture the boy?"


"Not on a day-to-day basis," Master Tim answered. "Sam and Greg are big into domination and humiliation when they have the boy under their control. I need to find someone who could whip him on a regular basis. I like to see his face when someone is whacking the boy with a whip!"


"I know just the person, Tim!" Master Clark suggested. "He lives in Manhattan, but spends the summer in Provincetown. He's a beautiful tall, muscular Middle Eastern man. He is very, very sadistic. When he starts whipping someone, he WILL NOT STOP!"


"God!" Tim effused. "We are going to have so much fun this summer!"


Master Clark again rummaged through his back pack and pulled out a long stiff switch covered with tiny leather straps. "This is one of my favorites to use on a boy's ass before I fist him," Master Clark explained. "Your ass will be red hot before I finish with it. What do you say, boy?"


"SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I almost scream. "Whip me, SIR! Make me feel it, SIR! Make me feel you power, SIR!"


"Good boy!" Master Clark replied before he started working my ass with the switch.


Master Clark said to Tim. "Do you have an old, dirty sock, Tim?"


Tim raised his body off his boy and pulled out a sock he had worn the night we went to the bar. "This is as good as I can do at the moment."


"It will do nicely! Thanks, Tim!" Master Clark said as he took the sock from Tim and shoved it into my mouth. Once Master Clark had stuffed my mouth with the dirty sock, he positioned himself at the side of my ass before he unleashed a torrent of swift whacks with the switch. Every time it made contact with my skin I screamed into the dirty sock. Master Clark continued to redden each cheek of my ass before he turned his attention to the crack of my ass and my asshole.


"This is going to hurt, fuck face," Master Clark finally announced before he began to work on my asshole. He pulled out the dirty sock out of my mouth. "I want to hear your fucking screams!"


I screamed in pain every time the switch hit my asshole. After thirty strokes of hard whacks, Master Clark paused to observe his work.


"I think the boy is ready for a fist up his ass," Master Clark said to Master Tim.


Master Tim raised his body off his boy, "You do good work, Clark!"


Master Clark rustled in his back pack and pulled out a can of Crisco and some latex gloves. Tim threw a towel to Master Clark who put it under my ass. Master Clark said to me, "We don't want to spoil the linens, now do we!"


Master Tim explained to his boy, "Watch the boy's eyes as his Master puts his fist up the boy's ass."


When Master Clark had sufficient lube on his hand and arm, he aligned it with my asshole. Master Clark began his ascent into my ass. He paused only slightly when his fist entered my sphincter muscle. I moaned in pleasure as Master Clark continued his push further into my ass.


"See, boy," Master Tim said to his boy. "The boy is in heaven right now. He's been known to take a room full of fists—one fist at a time until the entire room has enjoyed his ass. I love to fuck his sloppy ass after he's been fisted several time."


"This summer, we should organize a group to fist him," Master Clark suggested.


"We should do it while Jake and Miguel are here," Master Tim told Master Clark. "Jake and Miguel are both 6' 5" of pure muscle."


"I can't wait!" Master Clark said as he continued to work his fist in and out of my ass.


"I'm going to fuck you again, boy!" Master Tim said to his boy. "While I am fucking you, I want to see your muscles strain against the restraints so I can see how your tattoos look. I'm getting ideas for the other boy's tattoos, and it is making me a very, very horny guy!"


Tim began to slowly fuck his boy. The boy was showing Tim his muscles. Every inch of the boy's body was straining against the restraints so Tim got the best show possible.


"Clark!" Tim hissed. "Pound the boy's ass, please! I want to see him struggle against the power of your arm. Make him feel it, Clark! Make him really feel it! I'm about ready to cum and I want to see him ravaged by your arm, Clark!"


Clark did exactly as Tim and requested and began pushing his arm in and out of me in fast, forceful strokes. All of the way out. Then, all of the way in. All of the way out. All of the way in.


I was moaning in ecstasy as I hear Master Tim building up to unload in his boy's ass, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" Tim screamed.


All of a sudden, I was moaning as Master Clark pushed me over the edge and I began cumming. Ropes and ropes of cum landed on my chest, abs, and, one, even on my face.


"I guess you liked that, huh, boy," Master Clark said to me.


I nodded yes as I tried to regain my composure.


"Now, boy!" Master Clark hissed. "I am going to take my fist out of your ass. Then, I am going to fuck you like the horny bastard I am right now."


Master Clark pulled his fist out of my ass in one slow and gentle stroke. I felt empty as he positioned his rock hard cock on my asshole. He was in me balls deep before I knew he was entering me.


"Nice ass, boy!" Master Clark hissed. "Nice, sloppy, well used boy pussy! Take my dick like the cum slut you really are, boy!"


Master Clark built up momentum and was hammering my ass with all of his might. He put all of his muscled body into fucking me. He was taking my ass by force. Finally, after several minutes, he exploded inside me. As I felt his cum coat my asshole, he began to scream, "Shit...! Fuck...! Shit...! Fuck...! Fuck...! Ahhh...! Fuck...!"


Master Clark dropped his sweat coated body on top of me while he regained his composure. By this time, Master Tim was again pumping his boy's ass with his hard cock. He didn't last long this time. He was spewing cum inside his boy's ass in a matter of 15 minutes!


Both Masters remained on top of Mark and me while they recovered. Finally, Master Tim spoke up, "I think I need to rest for a few minutes. Then, we can go at it again. Is that okay with you, Clark?"


"I think that is a great idea," Master Clark agreed. "Should we keep the boys restrained, or release them?"


"Probably release them," Master Tim suggested. "The next time I fuck the boy, I want him on his stomach. Then, I want him to ride my dick like the cum pig he is!"



To be continued...


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