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Life With Tim



Master Clark pulled his fist out of my ass in one slow and gentle stroke. I felt empty as he positioned his rock hard cock on my asshole. He was in me balls deep before I knew he was entering me.


"Nice ass, boy!" Master Clark hissed. "Nice, sloppy, well used boy pussy! Take my dick like the cum slut you really are, boy!"


Master Clark built up momentum and was hammering my ass with all of his might. He put all of his muscled body into fucking me. He was taking my ass by force. Finally, after several minutes, he exploded inside me. As I felt his cum coat my asshole, he began to scream, "Shit...! Fuck...! Shit...! Fuck...! Fuck...! Ahhh...! Fuck...!"


Master Clark dropped his sweat coated body on top of me while he regained his composure. By this time, Master Tim was again pumping his boy's ass with his hard cock. He didn't last long this time. He was spewing cum inside his boy's ass in a matter of 15 minutes!


Both Masters remained on top of Mark and me while they recovered. Finally, Master Tim spoke up, "I think I need to rest for a few minutes. Then, we can go at it again. Is that okay with you, Clark?"


"I think that is a great idea," Master Clark agreed. "Should we keep the boys restrained, or release them?"


"Probably release them," Master Tim suggested. "The next time I fuck the boy, I want him on his stomach. Then, I want him to ride my dick like the cum pig he is!"


Chapter 22: Back to Chicago


As we boarded the charter to Boston on Wednesday afternoon, Tim was somewhat silent.


"Is something wrong, Tim?" I asked.


"Nope," Tim said as he turned and smiled at me. "I hope you didn't mind Clark and I swapping you and Mark for our playtime."


"I enjoyed myself," I told him. "But, the sex you and I had last night, I will never trade for another romp with any other man!"


Tim leaned over to kiss me, "I agree, sweet man! I agree! But, it is fun from time to time!"


"I think it will be even more fun when we add Master Jake and Master Miguel to the Master Clark and Master Tim team as well as a boy called Mark!" I told Tim with a smile.


"It has its possibilities," Tim agreed. "Now, what will the rest of your week be like?"


"I will be meeting with Jake and Miguel about the business," I began. "They want to rent a studio. I am more in favor of buying a building somewhere that we could turn into lofts. We could rent out the space we don't need to other businesses, especially gay businesses."


"I am assuming they don't have the money to buy a building," Tim suggested.


"I think that is probably true," I told Tim.


"I have one question to ask before we continue the talk about being a real estate mogul," Tim began. "What have you done with the venture capital fund you were going to set up?"


"It is in place and is incorporated," I told Tim. "However, that is as far as it has been taken at the moment. Why?"


"I was just curious," Tim said. "I think that could be incorporated into your building buying plans. Use part of it as the venture capital offices as well as space for an incubator setup."


"You are a genius, Timothy!" I exclaimed. "But, I need someone to run the VC business. Any suggestions?"


"No, but we could be on the lookout for someone," Tim said with a smile. "I have an ulterior motive."


"What might that be?" I asked.


"To have you all to myself!" Tim told me.


"Hmm," I said in return. "We will need to find someone with both business experience as well as be technically savvy."


"Can you raid eSquare?" Tim asked.


"I could, but I wouldn't feel good about it," I told him. "I think we need to cast a wider net. Do you know anyone at your workplace that could make something like this work?"


"Hmm," Tim said as he was obviously thinking about potential targets. "There is this really, really cute dude in information technology who has been helping us with the digital media end of the business. Dean has his MBA from Northwestern. He's been a real asset in moving our digital media projects into the mainstream part of the company. He seems to understand the relationship between the concept and implementation."


"Is he gay?" I asked.


"I never asked him, but I am pretty certain he is," Tim said.


"Maybe you should ask him to accompany you for a coffee after work," I suggested. "Perhaps, I could accidentally run into you and join the two of you. And, if I like him and I make him an offer, you couldn't be accused of raiding your company."


"You are devious, Mr. Caldwell," Tim exclaimed. "But, I like that about you. What would the main qualifications of someone be?"


"Creativity and vision," I said. "Creativity to see that the idea is original. Vision to see where the idea might lead. We can hire the accountants and business consultants practically off the street to move the ideas from conception into practice. But, the key is finding the right concepts to push forward."


"I think that would definitely be Dean," Tim said. "I'll arrange the coffee after work and let you know when and where. Not this week, but next week for certain. Is that okay with you?"


"Yup!" I told him. "More than okay."


We landed in Boston about the time we decided on our strategy. Our transfer to a commercial flight was flawless.


Once we were in the air again, Tim continued. "When do you think you will make your first movie?"


"We will be discussing that tomorrow," I told Tim. "I am leaning toward using Mark's workspace this summer. We would need to find a camera crew."


"Getting back to our time with Clark and Mark," Tim changed the subject. "I want to know honestly how you felt when Clark and I took the roles we did with you and Mark?"


"I was a little taken aback at first," I admitted. "However, as you and Clark were making things up on the fly, I became more than just a little excited."


"Would you want to do it again?" Tim asked.


"If it is with you, Tim, yes," I told him. "I like to see you take control. I like to see you as a powerful figure. I like seeing you get creative. I like seeing you take chances. I like seeing you naked."


"Would you want something on a fairly regular basis with Clark and Mark?" Tim asked.


"If you are comfortable with the situation, we should take things step by step," I admitted to Tim. "There is, however, something about Clark that pushed me over the edge."


"I know what you mean," Tim admitted. "I was thinking while he was pounding your ass. I might just want to be a bottom boy for Clark sometime. Would that bother you if something were to happen?"


"It would not bother me, Tim," I replied. "I know you won't always want to be with Master Jake and Master Miguel and me. So, I think you need to develop some of your own interests. If you think Clark may be one of those interest, then, go for it."


"What about George and Harvey?" Tim asked.


"I would like that," I said. "Who knows? Maybe you and Harvey will make a connection! However, no matter what, I want time for just the two of us."


"Like last night?" Tim added.


"Yea," I replied. "Especially like last night. When you made love to me, I was over the top happy. When I made love to you, I was over the top happy. I've told you before. I would give up any physical contact with other guys if it meant you and I would not have time for ourselves. You mean more to me than anything or anyone else in the world!"


"So, let me summarize," Tim said with a smile. "You, of course, will continue to be in a relationship with Jake and Miguel. You and I would both like to see where the potential leads between us and Mark and Clark. You would like to play with George at least once. I might see how a fling with Clark would work out. And, maybe Harvey and I will connect. What about Sam and Greg?"


"I liked being with them in Florida," I replied. "However, they would not be a priority with me. My first priority will always be to you. Second, probably Master Jake and Master Miguel. Sam and Greg, on the other hand, would probably be my lowest priority."


"Just to let you know," Tim said. "I agree with you! The first time we were with Jake and Miguel, I knew they were both very special men. And, of course, I like having Miguel's big dick in me!"




Thursday morning was back to the gym for Master Jake and me. When Master Jake, Master Miguel, and I met for our business meeting in the afternoon, the muscles in my entire body were sore. But, I could see the difference in my body after every workout. I was hyped.


The three of us were sitting naked at Master Jake and Master Miguel's kitchen island. "So," Master Jake summarized our afternoon planning meeting. "The boy likes the idea of using Mark's workspace in Provincetown to film our first production. Miguel will use his connections to find a freelance film crew for our work there. I will check with William about editing the film."


"I think that is an accurately summary, Jake," Master Miguel agreed. "What about the studio in Chicago?"


"If the boy wants to take on the financial responsibility of purchasing a warehouse like loft and rent part of the space to us, I am all for it," Master Jake said. "Miguel?"


"It makes perfect sense to me," Master Miguel agreed.


"I will talk with David, our real estate agent, about potential properties on the North Side," I offered. "Of course, if you, SIRS, make contact with someone who might be a potential candidate to lead the VC venture, please send him to me! I need to get someone on board as quickly as possible. I don't want this opportunity just sitting around and slipping through the cracks."


"Now, on a more serious note," Master Jake began. "Miguel and I are looking forward to some energetic play time with you this weekend, boy. Would you like Tim to join us, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied. "I would like that very much. But, it is not my decision. Only you and Tim can decide who uses my body."


"Would you want him to be a participant as a Master or as a spectator?" Master Miguel asked.


"If you think I can satisfy all three of you, Masters, I would like him to also be a Master," I said. "It would be your and Tim's decision whether or not he wants to bottom for either of you, but I want him to be part of the ownership team when we play together. Does that scenario fit with your desires?"


"Absolutely," Master Jake answered. "We will speak with Tim tonight to determine the sequence of events for this weekend. I am certain Tim will have some of his own ideas."


"You also mentioned Miguel and me joining you in Provincetown over Memorial Day Weekend," Master Jake began another thread of the conversation. "How long would you want us to stay with you?"


"A couple of weeks?" I half asked half replied. "More if you would like. You could meet Mark and Clark. You could see Mark's workspace. You could get to know some of the players in the community. And, you could meet the doctor and the tattoo artists that Mark recommended for the transformation of my body."


"Would you be our boy the entire time we are there?" Master Jake asked.


"I think you and Tim should make that decision," I answered.


"We were also thinking that during the filming of our first movie production, we would want some ink on your body," Master Miguel said. "It will probably need to be temporary."


"And, we will bring the next point up with Tim when we talk with him tonight. We think you need to get started on the piercings," Master Jake interjected. "I hope we can at least do the scrotum piercings as well as the nipple piercings. We would also like to film the process just in case we want to use it in future movies."


"You know, Jake," Master Miguel interrupted. "Why don't we skip the ink? We could use the footage of the boy getting pierced as a forced form of body transformation to fit with our desire to capture an unwilling man to use as our slave. If we play our cards right, this could be a multipart series!"


"Excellent idea, Miguel!" Master Jake reacted excitedly. "Naturally, we would not allow pain killers or numbing agents to be used. We would want to make it as painful as possible!"


"I think, because of the scope of our discussions with Tim, we should meet in person rather than on the phone," Master Miguel suggested. "Do you know his schedule, boy?"


"Not exactly, but I could asked him," I said as a picked my phone up from the coffee table. I dialed Tim's number and put it on speaker phone. He picked it up on the first ring.


"Hello, stud!" Tim said. "What's up?"


"Master Jake and Master Miguel are with me," I announced. "They have some things they want to discuss with you in person. When will you be home tonight?"


"My usual time," Tim announced. "Around 6 pm. Why?"


"Here is my suggestion," I continue. "Master Jake and Master Miguel could have dinner with us. While I am getting dinner ready, you, Master Jake, and Master Miguel could have a private discussion."


"Sure!" Tim said happily. "What kind of discussion?"


"We want to talk with you about this weekend," Master Jake began. "But, we also want to discuss some other issues, including our visit with you in Provincetown, getting the boy's body pierced on film, and a few other things."


"You are getting me excited now!" Tim answered. "I can't leave my desk for a few minutes after this call!"


"So, that is a yes, then," I said to Tim.


"Absolutely!" Tim told us.


"Then, we will see you at 6 tonight," I confirmed our meeting.


"Steven," Tim said in almost a whisper. "Be naked. And, I will need a blow job as soon as I walk through that door!"


"Got it!" I added.


"Should we come later?" Master Miguel asked.


"Nope!" Tim said. "An audience will give the boy practice for his time in front of the camera."


"See you then," Master Jake agreed.


Once we were finished with the phone call, Master Jake began fondling his hardening dick. "We have two hours before we are to meet Tim! I think you need to practice, boy!"


"Yes, SIR!" I readily agree as I positioned myself between Master Jake's tree trunk legs so I could get at his hard dick.




I was in the back entry hall waiting for Tim to arrive. I was naked, on my knees, hands behind my back, and looking down at the floor. My dick was hard knowing I was going to taste Tim's cum.


Tim came through the door and dropped his briefcase. He also flung his suit jacket over a chair. He moved so his crotch was in my face. "Get to work, boy!"


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I started to undress Tim. I had his shoes and socks off in record time. I stood and undid his tie and tossed it on top of his suit jacket. Next was his shirt. I couldn't help myself, so I licked Tim's nipples. First the right and then the left. I had his pants and underwear off with one quick pull. He stepped out of his pants and pushed my head down to his crotch.


"The boy is fast when he wants you, Tim," Master Jake announced from across the room.


"We've taught him all of the right moves!" Tim agreed.


I opened my mouth and Tim shoved his hard 8 inch cock into my mouth and down my throat with one swift push. I felt his trimmed pubic hairs caress my lips.


"Suck it, boy!" Tim hissed. "Make daddy happy!"


I began to work Tim's cock with my mouth. Master Jake and Master Miguel stood on either side of Tim. They each picked out a nipple and began fondling them.


"Oh shit, guys!" Tim squealed in delight.


I didn't waste time as I massaged Tim's dick with my mouth. I forced it down my throat several times. I started to play with Tim's hairless balls as I sucked my lover's cock.


It didn't take Tim long before he was ready to unload in my mouth, "I'm cumming guys! I'm fucking cumming!"


I felt ropes of Tim's cum coat my mouth and throat as Tim began to moan with each shot, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Once Tim's cock had stopped spewing cum and his body finished convulsing, I was able to savor the taste that I wanted all day long!


I didn't take my mouth off Tim's cock until he pulled me off and up so he could hold and kiss me. "Steven," Tim whispered. "From now on..., that will be... the welcome I expect... when I get home... from work! Do you... understand me?"


"Yes, SIR!" I told him through our kisses. "It will be... my pleasure..., SIR!"


When we were finished kissing, Tim grabbed my hard cock and led me into the kitchen. "Boys, I think we need a drink!"


I quickly fixed Tim and me a vodka on the rocks before I handed Master Jake and Master Miguel their beers. I lifted my glass to toast, "Here's to the three most important men in my life!"


"Cheers!" Master Jake said. "I think we should use that scene of the boy sucking your dick, Tim, as part of an upcoming movie production! You two are fucking hot together!"


Master Jake and Master Miguel's dicks were both standing at attention.


"Do you need help with those?" Tim asked pointing to the hard cocks of my Masters.


"We can wait," Master Miguel told Tim. "The boy practiced on us after we finished our telephone conversation with you this afternoon!"


"So, men, let's go into the living room to talk while the boy gets dinner ready," Tim suggested.


The three guys disappeared to talk about the weekend, Provincetown, and my body transformation while I busied myself with food preparation.


I was putting the finishing touches on dinner when my phone rang. It was Leon, my old boss, "Good evening, Leon!"


"Good evening, Steven!" Leon replied. "I was just looking over your e-mail you sent about Dennis Bernstein. This guy sounds like a real go getter! I looked up his personnel file, and I am extremely impressed. I am curious as to why he hadn't applied to the leadership program before?"


"I don't know all of the details, but I think his supervisor might have been holding him back," I told Leon.


"Hmm!" Leon paused for a moment. "I will have Helen Manga do a Skype interview with him. I am eager to get someone of his caliber into the program. Jessica Goldfarb told me a few months ago, she wants to call it quits as Chief Customer Retention Officer in a couple of years. I need someone to fill her shoes. I think Dennis could be the perfect person if we get him into the leadership program now."


"Judging from the little time I spent with him, I would say he would be terrific at that job," I told Leon.


"I assume he is gay," Leon said. I could tell he was smiling.


"Leon!" I protested. "I DO know straight people! But, if you are thinking you need to add another gay person to fulfill your affirmative action quota, he has that qualification!"


"Thank you, Steven!" Leon was ending the conversation. "Please say hello to Tim for me!"


"I will, Leon!" I said as the phone shut off!


As I was pulling the dinner out of the oven, Tim, Master Jake, and Master Miguel returned to the kitchen.


"You know, Steven," Tim began as he jiggled the ice in his empty glass. "I wish we could serve vodka on the rocks at work meetings. Things go so much more smoothly!"


"Leave it to you to think of those details," I said to my boyfriend. "Masters? Can I get you another beer as well?"


"Sure," Master Jake said as he and Master Miguel put their empty bottles in the recycling bin.


I handed everyone their beverage of choice and added, "Dinner is ready! Shall we make our way into the dining room?"


Once we were all seated, Tim led the conversation, "We had a very productive meeting, Steven. The four of us are going to have a quiet dinner among friends here on Friday night. Of course, just to set the stage for the rest of the weekend, every one of us will be naked. And, boyfriend, you and I are going to spend Saturday picking out tuxes."


"Then, on Saturday night, we have decided to go out to the bar," Master Jake further outlined our weekend plans. "We will decided what you will be wearing when you come over to our house Saturday evening for dinner before we head out."


"On Sunday, Jake and I will host a brunch for some friends," Master Miguel continued. "Of course, you will be the main course for anyone who wants to use you. After that, you and Tim are on your own."


"We have also devised a plan for the weeks that we will be in Provincetown visiting you," Jake continued. "However, we will surprise you with those details."


"We will be adding a few piercings to your body before you start with the permanent hair removal," Tim explained. "We will do about 10 rings in your scrotum, a Pierce Albert, nipple rings, and ear rings at the very minimum. We will talk with the guy doing the hair removal and the tattooist as soon as we can about how we will proceed with the entire project. I for one am really, really excited. I hope you are, too!"


"Absolutely!" I told Tim and my Masters. "I am eager to continue the whole body transformation process. I've dreamed about this for a long time. And, now, my three Masters are making it happen!"


"Tomorrow, I am calling Mark's dermatologist and the tattoo artist to see how we can schedule this," Tim explained. "The tattoo guy is apparently also the piercing guy! Now, I just want to say dinner is spectacular, and we need another cocktail!"


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I stood to refresh our drinks. I was hard as a rock.


"I guess you are excited!" Master Jake commented.


"I think that is an understatement, SIR!" I replied.


"If you are really, really obedient tonight," Tim began. "The three of us are going to make you a very, very happy boy!"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied. "I will do my best to please you, SIRS!"




Friday evening with Tim, Master Jake, and Master Miguel finished a long week of activities with some good conversation, good food, good drinks, and some terrific man sex. Master Jake and Master Miguel took turns fucking Tim and me. They came inside Tim's and my ass twice. So, we had four loads of cum in us as we slept. On Saturday morning, I rode Master Jake's cock, and Tim rode Master Miguel's before we parted company.


We arrived at Master Jake's and Master Miguel's home for dinner before we walked to the Cell Block for an evening on the town. Master Jake and Master Miguel dressed in full leather. Both had on skintight, custom fitted leather pants that left nothing to the imagination. Master Jake wore only a vest and the pants. Master Miguel skipped the vest and put on a leather harness. Tim dressed similar to Master Miguel. I had bought Tim a pair of custom leather pants as a birthday present. Naturally, he selected a chrome cock ring to enhance the look of the pants. My Masters had selected a pair of tight leather briefs that laced up each side of my hips. The low slung briefs also showed the crack of my ass. They let me wear a pair of black leather lace up boots and my collar. Master Jake had the leash attached to my collar clipped to a belt loop in the leather pants.


Master Jake led us to the bar, "Four Corona's please, Charlie."


Once we had our beers, we took positions in the leather only backroom. "Good crowd tonight," Master Miguel commented.


"Tim," Master Jake began. "If you meet someone tonight you'd like to invite to our brunch, please do so. We have plenty of food. We have about 15 other guys who will be joining us. Of course, we hope all of the top men will enjoy the boy's body at least once during the festivities."


"I will keep that in mind!" Tim told Master Jake. "This is a very interesting crowd here tonight, I must say!"


Through the corner of my eye, I saw James making his way over to where we were standing. He had on a pair of skin tight jeans under a pair of tight fitting chaps, "Good evening, gentlemen, boy! How are you this evening?"


"Terrific, James," Master Jake said as he received a hug from James. "Have you met Tim?"


"No," James said as he held out his hand for Tim to shake. "I was hoping I would meet you one day soon!"


"Likewise, James." Tim said as he finished shaking hands with James. "Steven mentioned that you two were old friends!"


"Yes," James said to Tim. "We have known each other intimately for a long time, haven't we, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I answered James's question.


"What do you do professionally, Tim?" James asked.


"I work in educational publishing," Tim answered. "I work in the digital media operation our company purchased a few months ago. My team is moving the digital product into the company's mainstream operation."


"Sounds exciting!" James said. "You've only been in Chicago since September, correct?"


"Yes," Tim answered. "I moved here to be with Steven at the end of September!"


"How do you like it so far?" James asked Tim.


I could tell James wanted to ask other questions, but was keeping the discussion on a basic level.


"Well, Steven is here," Tim said proudly as he looked at me. "That makes it pretty perfect. And, we just bought a house in Provincetown, so we will be spending the summer there."


"Excellent!" James continued. "Steven is a really, really nice boy! I assume you know how we met?"


"In a city park in the bushes, I think," Tim said with a smile. "Would you like to go to the other bar and dance?"


"Sure," James said.


"I'll be back when I'm all sweaty!" Tim told the rest of us.


"Do you think there will be a connection?" Master Miguel asked Jake after Tim and James left us to dance.


"I don't know," Master Jake answered. "What do you think, boy?"


"SIR! All I can say is that Tim was really interested in James's anatomical parts, SIR!" I answered Master Jake with a smile.


"Tim's ass was very receptive to my dick," Master Jake again smiled. "So, maybe James will get lucky!"


"SIR!" I said to both Masters. "I think Tim deserves an opportunity to be alone with James. I would like to see that happen. Maybe even tonight!"


"That's very thoughtful of you, boy!" Master Miguel responded. "I'm certain we can have a private word with James! But, are you sure Tim can handle James?"


"He was able to handle Master Jake, SIR!" I told Master Miguel.


"James is about 1 inch longer and somewhat thicker than I am," Master Jake told me. "And, don't forget James likes it really, really rough."


"I've already told Tim about James's physical attributes and the intensity of his lovemaking," I told both Masters. "And, I think Tim can handle the situation if he decides to go forward with James. On the other hand, James should be aware that if he hurts Tim in any way, I will hunt him down and make his life miserable!"


"You know what, boy!" Master Jake said with a smile. "I think you might be successful judging from your professional and personal accomplishments! We will warn James."


A sweaty Tim and James reconnected with my Masters and me. James had lost his shirt, and the hair on his chest was matted down by the sweat.


"I'm glad I didn't wear much tonight!" Tim said. "The testosterone level on the dance floor was amazing!"


"The boy and I will get us all drinks," Master Jake announced. "Five Coronas coming up!"


Master Jake led me to the bar where he ordered five Coronas from Charlie the bartender.


While we were waiting for our drinks, Master Jake turned to me, "Why is it that you are so willing to get Tim and James together, boy?"


"Tim and I talked about James a couple of days ago," I told Master Jake. "When I found out we were coming to the bar tonight, I sort of made a phone call to James to let him know we would be here."


"Oh!" Master Jake said. He stroked his chin while he thought about the situation. "So, this is something you are doing FOR Tim!"


"Yup!" I said with a smile. "I want them to get to know one another unburdened by other activity going on around them."


"Does Tim know about your conversation with James?" Master Jake asked.


"No! But, I told Tim that I wanted him to enjoy himself tonight and not to worry about me," I told Master Jake. "I told him that my Masters Jake and Miguel would take care of me tonight if he found someone he was interested in pursuing. You know we love one another very, very much!"


"It is obvious you two are madly in love with one another," Master Jake said with a smile as he and retrieved the five Coronas from Charlie.


When we returned to the spot where we had left Tim, James, and Master Miguel, Tim and James were lip locked. Tim was rubbing James's already hardening dick. James was also fondling Tim's dick through the leather pants. They stopped when Master Jake and I put the Coronas down next to them.


Tim and I smiled at each other as we both took swigs of our beers. It wasn't long before Tim was ready to dance again, "Can I borrow the boy for a few moments, Jake," Tim asked. "I want to dance with him and get him all sweaty for you!"


Master Jake unhooked the leash from his belt loop and handed it to Tim. Tim led me onto the dance floor in the next room. As we were dancing, Tim leaned over and said into my ear, "I hope you don't mind, Steven, but I would like to experience James's dick in my ass!"


"You know I don't mind," I said into his ear. "You will enjoy one another I am certain. Besides, I think Master Jake and Master Miguel are looking forward to some quality time with me!"


"You set this up, didn't you?" Tim said to me.


"Yes," I told him. "I told James we would be here tonight and that you were looking forward to meeting him!"


Tim kissed me and then we were dancing wildly. After several songs, an extremely sweaty Tim led me by the hand back to the group. Sweat was also pouring off my body.


Tim handed me back to Master Jake who reattached the leash to his belt loop and my collar. "You both look good with sweat dripping from your bodies," Master Jake complimented Tim and me.


"You do look good enough to eat!" James suggested.


Tim leaned in to kiss James again. They were both rubbing crotches. When they paused for fresh air, James walked to where I was standing and whispered into my ear, "Your future husband is as hot as you said he would be. Are you certain you are okay with this?"


"Yes," I whisper back. "Make him happy! By the way, tweak his nipples and you will get your way with him in seconds. Don't hurt him, though."


"I won't hurt him, I promise!" James whispered as he stood beside Tim again.


We talked for a few minutes later before Tim announced his intentions, "James and I are going to call it a night! We will see the three of you tomorrow at brunch!"


"Good bye, men," Master Jake said. He was followed by Master Miguel.


I just said, "Have a good time!"


After a James and Tim had left, Master Miguel suggested we go home as well. "I think we could enjoy ourselves more if we were at home!"


"I think that is a great idea, Miguel," Master Jake said to us. "Is that okay with you, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I responded.


"Good!" Master Miguel added. "We have a little surprise for you at home."


Master Jake led me out of the bar and towards their house. Once we were inside, I was given my orders by Master Miguel, "Strip boy!"


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I quickly untied my leather briefs and let them drop to the floor. I bent down to undo the boots. Once my boots and socks were off, Master Jake grabbed my balls and pulled me down the stairs to the play room. Master Miguel followed.


"We have a special evening planned for you tonight, boy!" Master Jake began to explain.


"Get into the bathtub on your back, boy," Master Miguel ordered. "We have a lot of beer to get rid of. And, we know you will want it all over your already smelly, sweaty body."


"Yes, SIR!" I responded. "Anything you want, SIR!"


Master Jake led me to the bathtub and helped me inside. Once I was on my back, both Master Jake and Master Miguel fished out their dicks. They quickly unleashed a steady stream of a night's worth of piss. Master Miguel and Master Jake took turns pissing on my face and chest. They also managed to piss on my crotch.


"Do you think the boy has had enough?" Master Jake asked.


"For now," Master Miguel responded. "We can always add some after a few more beers."


"Come here, boy!" Master Jake directed me. He was sitting beside the bar in the playroom. He grabbed a hood which was resting on top of the bar. "I think this will generate some more excitement for all of us!"


Master Jake placed ear plugs in my ears before he pulled the hood down over my head. It covered all of my head except my eyes, nose, and mouth. He snapped a ball gag onto the hood. I couldn't hear, and I couldn't talk. Next, Master Jake snapped a blindfold over my eyes. Now, I couldn't see.


Master Miguel and Master Jake took both of my hands and led me to a table. They lowered me on the table so I was facing up. They began to add restraints to my wrists, ankles, and waist. When I was secured, I felt leather gloved hands caressing my chest. The hands caressed my nipples several times before I felt a pair of tit clamps being fasted onto each nipple. Once they were in place, I felt the tension of the tit clamps tighten. It kept getting tighter and tighter. I screamed into the ball gag as the pain intensified. Suddenly, the hands were not on my body anymore and the tit clamps remained at the same tension.


I felt someone begin to play with my limp dick. A cold gel was wiped on the head of my cock and in the piss slit after my foreskin was retracted. A cold, cold metal tube was placed at the opening of my piss slit. It began to work its way down the urethrae. I recognized it as a sound. Once it had been worked all of the way into my bladder, it was removed. That sound was replaced with another larger one. The person handling the sounds worked up to five larger ones until it stretch my urethrae and piss slit to the max.


The final sound was removed. The leather clad hands were back. This time they were kneading my skin and pulling and almost pinching it. Then, I felt what must have been a wooden clothes pin clamp down on the skin of my scrotum. More were quickly added to my ball sack. More were put on the shaft of my now hard cock. The final clothes pin was added to my stretched foreskin.


I laid there motionless. The pain from the clothes pins enveloped my ball sack and dick. I felt the tit clamps tighten. I was left alone to suffer. I don't know how long I lay there. I had no sense of time. I just felt the pain on my tits, dick, and ball sack.


Finally, the leather clad hands returned to caress my chest and abs. The hands worked their way to my clothes pin covered ball sack. I screamed into the ball gag as the clothes pins were removed one by one. The pain was intense. The person removing the pins worked quickly. When the last of the clothes pins were removed, the tit clamps were yanked off. I screamed again into the ball gag.


I felt the ball gag loosen. Then, the blindfold was removed. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I finally saw four men clad only in leather chaps hovering around me. Two big dicked Hispanic men and two black men. Master Jake was working on another man in one of the slings. Master Miguel had another in the sling beside Master Jake. No one said a word as the hood was pulled off my head. Two of the leather men began to loosen the restraints that held me on the bondage table. Finally, I was freed.


One of the men—a huge muscled Hispanic guy—lifted me from the bondage table and carried me to the sawhorse that was attached to the floor. Two others—all huge, all muscled—strapped me into position on the sawhorse.


From out of nowhere, Master Jake stood in front of me. "Boy! These men are some of our friends from the Hellfire Club in Indianapolis. We were with them last weekend, and we invited them here to use your body for a few hours this morning. Make certain you please them, or I will need to punish you!"


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I replied.


The Hispanic guy who carried me to the sawhorse moved beside my head on the sawhorse. He whacked my face with his rock hard uncut 10 inch dick. "I want you to lick my dick clean, boy! Make sure you get under my foreskin. I haven't washed it in days."


While I was licking the man's dick clean, I felt a condom clad dick rub against my asshole.


The man whose dick I was cleaning explained how I would be used this morning, "We are going to take turns fucking your ass, boy. Tyron has the smallest dick, so he goes first. Even though he is smaller than the rest, you will know you have been fucked when he finishes with your ass! Then, I will get your ass. My name is Sol, by the way. Of course, you need to address me as Master if you are allowed to speak. Kent and Jose will be the last two. Kent has 11 inches of black cock. Jose has 13 inches of Hispanic uncut meat. Jake told us you like big dicks up your ass and that you like it rough. So, that is exactly what we will be giving you.


Tyron didn't waste time or lube. He spit on his hand and covered his condom sheathed dick with his spit before he rammed his cock into my ass. True to the Sol's word, Tyron worked my ass with the force and speed of a horny mad man. I lost all track of time. Finally, I heard Tyron scream at the top of his lungs, "I'm going to fucking cum, ass wipe! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Tyron didn't wait to recover from shooting his cum. He quickly pulled out and the Sol took his place and immediately shoved his dick inside me. As he was ravaging my ass with his big dick, I could feel myself getting close to cuming. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" I screamed as I shot rope after rope of cum. When I came, I must have pushed the Hispanic dude over the top because he also began to scream, "Fuck...! Shit...! Fuck...! Ahhh... ahhh...! Fuck...! Shit...!"


Just like Tyron, Sol quickly removed his cock from my ass. Kent stepped up to the plate and shoved his unlubed dick inside me. He quickly built his fucking into a frenetic pace. As I adjusted to Kent's 11 inch cock, I moaned with every stab with his dick. He grabbed me by the shoulders so he could put more of his body into fucking me. His 11 inch cock popped out of my ass with every stroke. Kent pushed it back into me with the force of a maniac. Again, I lost all track of time. I was covered in Kent's sweat. His wet, sweaty body plowed onto me when he pulled out of me. Finally, Kent shuddered and screamed as he, too, came in my ass! "Shit...! Shit...! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


It took Kent a little longer that the first two to regain his composure before he pulled his still hard dick out of me. Jose took Kent's place in seconds. The four men moved like clockwork to keep my hole filled with Hispanic and black cocks. I screamed as I felt Jose's massive 13 inch cock push all of the way inside my ass. He, too, immediately began to pound my ass. All 13 inches of dick popped out of my ass before he shoved it back in. I screamed every time he entered me. I almost fainted from the pain of Jose's giant dick popping in and out of my well used ass! He took longer than the other three. Before long, he, too, was screaming as he unloaded his cum. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" After he finished cuming in me, he rested his huge body on top of mine. His sweat mixed with the sweat from the other three men.


Before Jose pulled out of me, Master Jake positioned himself at my head so he could speak to me. "Good job, boy! I am very proud of you! You took a lot of dick in two hours this morning. While we show our guests out, Miguel and I will let you rest here on the sawhorse. We will be back to get you shortly. Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I say. "I understand, SIR!"




Master Jake and Master Miguel allowed me to sleep until 10 am on Sunday. They were downstairs supervising the caterers who arrived at 8 am. Master Jake came upstairs to wake me, "Boy! Get your lazy ass out of bed. You have a body to shave before our guests arrive. Besides, I am going to fuck you after your body is shaved and before you take a shower."


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I replied as I moved out of bed into the bathroom to begin shaving my body.


"I will be back in about an hour," Master Jake said. "I will shave your back and ass for you!"


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I said as I began the arduous task of removing the hair from my body. I had completed everything except my ass and back when Master Jake returned an hour later.


"Okay, boy," Master Jake ordered. "Bend over so I can make your ass the hairless piece of muscle that it should be."


Once he had finished, he barked his next order, "Get on the bed face down with you hairless ass up in the air. I am going to finish where the four studs left off this morning!"


I took the position Master Jake had ordered and spread my ass cheeks so Jake could use my ass, "What do you say, boy?"


"Fuck me, SIR! Fuck me hard, SIR!" I pleaded with Master Jake. "I want to feel you big, black, uncut cock in my ass, SIR!"


Jake didn't use any lube as he forced his dick into my ass until I felt his pubic hairs brush my ass. Then, he started using me with the full force of Master Jake's muscled body. Every time he slammed his big dick into my ass, his huge low hanging balls slapped against my hairless ones. After a good hour of high intensity fucking, his body tensed before he began to unload in my ass. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


I felt every volley of Master Jakes cum smash the walls of my ass. He relaxed his sweaty muscled body on top of me until he was able to breathe more normally. He rolled off me and gave me his next order, "It is now 12 noon. Our guests will be here in about an hour. So, take your time and shower. Don't forget to clean out your ass, too! When you are finished come downstairs. Of course, you will be naked like all of the other boys who will be here today."


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I replied as I moved off the bed and into the bathroom. I was downstairs awaiting my next orders from my Masters in about 30 minutes.


It was Miguel who issued my orders, "While you will be naked for our brunch, you will be with Tim. If he decides he wants someone to enjoy your body, it will be his call and his alone. Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I responded to Miguel's order.


The first guests to arrive were Terrance and Aiden. Aiden quickly slipped off of his clothes and stood naked awaiting Terrance's orders.


"At ease, boy!" Terrance said. "I want you to enjoy yourself today."


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" Aiden answered.


The waiters took everyone's drink order as they came in the door. I had a Corona already.


"So, Steven," Terrance turned his attention to me. "You are looking spectacular these days! You days at the gym have definitely paid off!"


"Thank you, SIR!" I said to Terrance. "I never thought I would see this much difference in such a short time. Master Jake is in charge of my workouts and calorie intake. I owe it all to him."


"And, your hairless body makes every muscle stand out," Terrance again commented. "Don't you think so, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" Aiden answered. "You were always a very good looking man, but now your body is absolutely spectacular."


"Thank you, Aiden!" I told him. "I appreciate the comments. It makes all of the effort worthwhile."


Sam, Greg, and Harrison were the next to arrive. I was surprised to see Harrison begin to strip. When he was naked, Greg grabbed Harrison and pulled him toward him. Greg installed a collar around Harrison's neck. He then attached a leash to Harrison's collar and handed the leash to Sam.


"You look a little surprised, boy," Sam said to me.


"I didn't expect Harrison to be with you as your slave today," I told him.


"Greg and I have been trying him out since we returned from Florida," Sam explained. "Harrison is turning into a really obedient slave, aren't you Harrison?"


"Yes, SIR!" Harrison responded. "I am trying to make my Masters happy so they will keep me as their slave."


"And, he's doing a great job so far," Greg explained. "We have another month to go before we make a final decision. If we do decide to keep him, we will insist he undergo a transformation similar to yours."


"Tim can give you the name of the doctor to do the hair removal and a tattoo artist to do the tattoos and piercings if you are interested. They are both in Provincetown during the summer," I told them.


"Congratulations on the house in Provincetown, boy," Sam said to me. "It sounds amazing! We can't wait to see it."


"We are excited," I told the five men. "We have already hired a guy who will take care of the house and do some cooking for us while we are there in the summer. We've also met a very, very nice couple. They gave us the names of the doctor and tattoo artist. Mark, the slave boy, had his body done over the winter."


Tyron, Sol, Kent, and Jose from last night arrived. Each man had a boy. Those four boys quickly stripped and joined the group in the living room. Tyron's boy was a skinny white boy with an unimpressive dick. His name was Paul. Sol's boy was a shorter version of Sol—a muscular Hispanic guy named Pedro. Kent's boy was a gorgeous black hunk, Sean, who was about two inches shorter than Kent's 6' frame. Jose's boy, name Simon, was a hairy Middle Eastern looking man with nicely defined muscles—but, he was not a muscle stud.


"So, boys," Sol said to the group of boys who just arrived. "This hunk is Steven. We had the distinct pleasure of playing with his ass last night while we had you tied up at the hotel room."


After our introductions to the boys, Tim and James arrived. Tim looked spectacular in his skin tight jeans that showed his package nicely. He also had on a skin tight tank top. James was equally handsome. His jeans were not only skin tight, but also extremely distressed in the crotch area. James had a tight, white almost transparent t-shirt. The shirt looked painted on his body. Neither stripped.


Tim stood beside me and pulled me in for a kiss and whispered into my ear, "God! I missed you!"


"I missed you, too!" I whispered back. I greeted James, "Hello, James!"


"Hello, Steven," James replied and smiled at me. "And, thanks!"


"Your welcome!" I said to him with a smile.


I introduced Tim and James to last night's new friends, "Guys, this is my partner Tim and a friend James. The four with clothes on are Tyron, Sol, Kent, and Jose. The four without clothes are their boys, Paul, Pedro, Sean, and Simon."


"I am sorry you couldn't be with us last night, Tim?" Sol asked.


"I had other commitments," Tim said with a smile. "I take it you had a good time with Steven?"


"You are a very lucky man, Tim," Tyron added. "Your boy's ass it terrific! Not too tight and not too loose!"


"I'm glad you liked it," Tim told the group. "James, Jake, and Miguel are partly responsible for his perfect ass!"


"Okay, men!" Master Jake said in a very loud voice to get everyone's attention. "Brunch is ready to be consumed. After you finished eating, you are welcome to use our playroom downstairs."


Tim, James, and I moved to a fairly quiet corner. I asked the first question, "So, did the two of you have a good time last night?"


"You are a very lucky guy, Steven," James said. "Tim is a wonderful man. I'm glad we could spend some time getting to know each other."


"Did you know that James teaches at Northwestern?" Tim asked.


"Yes," I told Tim. "Physics, isn't it?"


"Yup!" James replied. "I finally received tenure. So, it looks like I will be around town for a while."


"Good!" I said to James. "I am certain you are an excellent teacher. You taught me a few things in the past!"


"I want to hear about your film business, too!" James effused. "And your house here in Chicago is fabulous!"


"Thank you," I told James. "We fell in love with it almost immediately."


"And, the one in Provincetown sounds terrific," James added.


"I told James we would invite him out to stay for a few days," Tim explained. "James and I are plotting... I guess I had best explain that remark... James took it slow and easy with me. When I told him on the second round that I wanted him to be more intense. He refused until you could be with us."


"I even asked Tim to make love to me," James confided. "That usually doesn't happen with me. He is an excellent lover!"


"I know!" I said as I smiled at Tim. "But, I guess I am partial!"


"I have one more question before we get some food, Steven," Tim began.


"Shoot!" I replied.


"What the fuck is Harrison doing standing naked with Sam and Greg?" Tim asked.


"Harrison is in a trial phase of being accepted as their slave," I explained. "I was a little floored myself. Sam and Harrison work together, after all!"


"I would think that would be problematic," James added.


Sam, Greg, and Harrison joined us in our quiet corner. Sam spoke to Tim, "You are looking terrific, Tim!"


"Thank you," Tim said. "Have you met James?"


"Yes," Greg told Tim. "We met him here at Jake and Miguel's house one evening! It's nice to see you again."


"You, too, guys!" James said. "Congratulations on the possible new slave!"


"Thank you," Sam acknowledged. "When I saw you and Tim arrive together, I told Greg and the boy that the two of you looked extremely happy today!"


"Tim has a way of making a person happy!" James responded with a smile. "Is anyone but me hungry?"


As we went through the line to get our food, we continued our discussion. We went back to our quiet corner. It was Tim who had an idea for this evening, "Steven, I was wondering if you would consider asking James to come home with us this afternoon and get to know one another better."


I smiled at Tim, "I take it you have become addicted to James's big dick!"


"Yup!" Tim whispered. "Along with yours, of course!"


"I have an idea, though," I suggested to both Tim and James. "As you know, I have become sort of an exhibitionist. What would you two think of us playing downstairs for a little while? I would like to show off my boyfriend's beautiful body. And, I am certain the group would be very receptive about watching James ravage one of our asses."


"If we are going to do this in public," James began. "I want it to be your ass I ravage, Steven! I know that the two of us can put on quite a show for our public. I don't think I am ready to do that with Tim just yet. Tim and I will need more practice!"


Tim reached for James's hand and put it on his crotch. "I think you can tell that I am more than mildly interested."


"Do you work tomorrow, James?" I asked.


"Not until 1 in the afternoon," James said. "Why?"


"I hope you can spend the night with us tonight," I said to James. "We would like that a lot, wouldn't we, Tim?"


"I am working from home tomorrow," Tim announced. "So, James, you can't disappoint me now, can you?"


"He will pout if you say no," I told James with a smile.


James pulled us both in for a hug and a quick kiss, "We can't have a pouty Tim, now, can we?"


"I don't know about you men, but I am finished with brunch," Tim hissed at us.


When people saw James, Tim, and me go downstairs to the playroom, almost all of the brunch guests quickly followed. James and Tim put me in the sling in the middle of the playroom and strapped my legs into the stirrups. They left my arms free.


Tim and James both stripped each other. First, the shirts were pulled off. Next, the shoes and socks were removed. Finally, in unison, James and Tim began to unbutton and unzip their partner's jeans. James slipped Tim's down and Tim stepped out of them. Tim's cock was sticking straight up. When Tim released James's 14 inch hard uncut dick from his jeans, the brunch guests who had never seen James naked, gasp at the sight.


"You go first, Tim," James suggested. "The boy is your future husband, after all!"


Tim moved between my legs. Before he prepared to mount me, he leaned down and began kissing me. Slow, tender, passionate kisses. When he was finished kissing, he raised up and whispered, "Do you want me to be your lover or rough trade?"


I whispered back, "Rough trade. You can make love to me tonight!"


James handed me a bottle of poppers. I took two very large hits in each nostril before Tim began using my ass. Master Jake was simultaneously administering poppers to Tim.


Tim looked into my eyes. It wasn't his lover look. It was his powerful, lustful Master look. Tim wasted no time in lining up his cock to my ass, and, then, in one forceful push, he was deep inside me. "Shit, boy! Tim screamed. "I love this ass! And, don't you ever forget, fuck face, this is my ass to be used for my pleasure!"


"Fuck me, SIR! Fuck me hard, SIR!" I screamed back at Tim.


Seconds later, he began the pleasurable task of pounding my ass. There was fire in Tim's eyes. He was there to do a job, and he was doing it with a vengeance. Tim immediately began pummeling my ass with long forceful strokes. He was shoving his dick into me up to his balls, and immediately pulling it all of the way out. He grabbed onto the chains that were holding my legs in place and began using the sling and his muscled body to put even more force into his taking of my ass—his ass! Tim continued at a break neck pace for I don't know how long. I had never seen Tim last this long. My ass was being used by this powerful, forceful man!


James stood opposite Tim and helped stabilized the sling with one hand. He used the other hand to massage his already hard massive cock. I alternately looked up at James's massive cock and balls and looked over to watch Tim work my ass. He was on fire!


Tim's sweaty body began to tense as he picked up the already breakneck pace of fucking me. Finally, he started to scream as I felt shot after shot of Tim's cum coat my ass, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...! Fuck!" Tim's sweat covered body collapsed on top of me while he recovered from the high energy fuck he had given me. "God! That was fun, dick head!" Tim hissed at me. "You will get another one just like that from that big dicked stud who is about to put his 14 inch cock up you slave boy ass!"


Tim pulled out of me and moved so James could take his place at my ass, "You know what you are about to get, don't you, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I screamed. "You are going to ravage my ass with your big assed dick. Make me feel it, SIR! Make me feel your power, SIR! I need your big dick in my ass, SIR!"


James didn't say a thing in response. He aligned his already lubed cock with my asshole. And, just like Tim did with his 8 inch dick, James shoved all 14 inches into my ass quickly and forcefully.


"Ahhhhhh!" I screamed as James's massive dick entered my body.


"Yea! Boy!" James screamed as he began to forcibly pulverize my ass with his huge cock. The sling was swinging back and forth as James used the motion of his body and the sling to add force and power to his assault.


James stopped fucking me for a moment. He turned to Tim, "Unhook the boy from the sling. I want him against the wall!"


Tim unhooked my legs from the sling. James pulled me off the sling and carried me to a wall. He turned my body, still impaled on James's big dick, so I was facing the wall. He shoved me down so that I was bent over with my hands stabilizing me on the wall.


James continued his act of forcing his dick in and out of my ass. Every time he shoved his dick into my ass, he almost lifted my entire body off the floor. My limp dick was swinging wildly with each powerful jab into me. He pulled his 14 inch shaft all of the way out before he slammed it back in. I felt James's huge balls slap against mine with every thrust.


James's sweaty body began to lubricate his huge dick with sweat as he worked up to a mind blowing power fuck. I moaned loudly with every thrust into my ass. Finally, I felt James's body begin to tense. He picked up the pace even more before I felt massive amounts of his cum flood my well-used ass. James began to scream in ecstasy, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


James pulled me off the wall hand hugged me tightly to prevent both of us from falling on the floor in a heap.


Finally, James had recovered enough to speak, "Fuck, boy! You have such a terrific ass! I had almost forgotten how worked up you get me!"


"SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I said as loudly as I could muster after the two hour-long fuck fest.


James turned me around so we could both survey the audience we had watching us. Every guy in the playroom had his dick out and was either stroking it himself or had another boy pleasuring him.


Tim finally spoke up, "James, get the boy back in the sling so everyone can cum on him. He needs to be coated with cum!"


James popped his dick out of my ass and led me back to the sling and attached my legs to the restraints. Tim put my wrists in the restraints at the head of the sling. All of the men gathered around my naked, hairless body and began stroking their hard cocks. Sol was the first to explode on my stomach. One by one each man began to deposit cum on my body. My abs were covered with cum. My chest was covered with cum. My dick was covered with cum. My face was covered with cum. My hair was covered with cum. Tim and James were the last two to unload on my body. They came almost exactly as the same time.


"Does the boy need a shower," Master Jake asked me.


"Nope," Tim answered for me. "James and I have plans for his cum covered body tonight, don't we, James?"


"God yes!" James answered. "I have several more loads I want to put inside him, too! The smell of cum makes me hornier."




Tim, James, and I moved our time together to our house. Tim got his wish. James got a little more intense when he fucked Tim. My cum covered body WAS an aphrodisiac for James and Tim. Tim fucked me after his romp with James. James fucked me after Tim was finished with me. And, I beat off while Tim made love to James.


On Monday morning, James, Tim, and I had breakfast at the Melrose Restaurant. "Thank you for including me in your weekend plans, guys," James said. "I really enjoyed myself."


"We did too, right Steven?" Tim agreed.


"Yea!" I told men. "My ass won't forget the two of you anytime soon, but I am glad Tim and I connected with you, James."


"I missed our times together, Steven," James told us as a huge grin spread across his face. "Not only are you a terrific fuck, but I missed the intimate talks we had. And, I'm happy I finally met the love of your life, too. You and Tim make a perfect couple. I can tell you both love each other a great deal!"


"Thanks, James," Tim added. "Steven and I have often said we would give up other men if it meant our relationship would suffer. However, I think Jake, Miguel, Steven, and I connect really well. I hope you will allow us to put you on that list as well, James."


"Thank you, guys," James said. "I've worked my butt off getting tenure. I didn't have time for any kind of serious relationship. Hell, I didn't even have time for friends. I hope all of that can be corrected now. About the only sexual contact I had was with you and Ed... Opps! I'm sorry. I shouldn't have mentioned him."


"Don't worry, James," Tim said. "Ed had some problems. Steven and I only wished he had been upfront about them. We would have offered to help."


"Didn't you have a boyfriend for a while," I asked.


"Yea!" James told us. "It turns out he was a bastard! He helped himself to a boat load of money I had saved for a down payment on a condo. That's why I am still renting."


"How long ago was this?" Tim asked.


"Three years ago," James told us.


"Couldn't you file a police report?" I asked.


"It wouldn't do any good," James said. "He put most of the money up his nose. So, he is now fucking almost homeless."


"That's shitty!" Tim responded. "I'm not certain I would have been so kind."


"He's penniless! So, the only thing that could happen, if I had gone to the police, is put him in jail. I just couldn't do that," James admitted.


"Okay," Tim began. "Your former boyfriend was an ass. But, that doesn't mean you need to be a monk for the rest of your life. So, what is your criteria for a boyfriend?"


"I don't have any," James said with a smile. "Of course, my mother would be delighted if he were a Jewish guy. Not that my family practices any religion. It would just be easier to celebrate some of the traditional Jewish holidays."


"How did you get away with being uncut if your family is Jewish?" I asked.


"My father didn't think body mutilation, as he called it, was a good thing," James admitted. "I guess I was lucky in that respect."


"Stick with us, James," Tim suggested. "Steven and I are very persistent. We will make finding you a boyfriend a priority if you'd like!"


"I won't say no," James said as he smiled again.


"Besides," I added. "I would be happy to have you fuck me whenever you want—provided Tim approves!"




The Tuesday before we were to start our drive to Provincetown the next Saturday, Master Jake and I had finished our workout at the gym. We were sitting naked at the kitchen island in Tim's and my home. My phone rang, "Steven Caldwell!"


"Steven! This is Dennis Bernstein," Dennis excitedly explained his situation, "Steven! I owe you big time. I am getting on an airplane tomorrow to go to an interview with Leon and Jessica Goldfarb."


"Congratulations, Dennis," I said.


Dennis continued, "I have done phone interviews with several people. Now, they want to meet me in person! I arrive tomorrow around 12 noon. I have an interview first with Leon. Then Ms. Goldfarb. Then, on Thursday, I have an entire day of meetings with various people—including the dean of the Northwestern MBA program. I'm flying home Friday morning."


"That is terrific," I told him. "Are you going to have any free time to get together with Tim and me?"


"I am finished on Friday around 4 pm," Dennis told me. "Leon though I might be interested in getting together with you two so he suggested I stay over until Friday morning!"


"Perfect," I said. "I could pick you up at eSquare around 4:30 pm on Thursday. We could drive back to our house. You can have dinner with us. You could even stay the night with us if you want. We have a ton of guestrooms. And, I will get you to the airport in time for your flight on Friday!"


"I would love to stay with you," Dennis said. "I really hate staying at a hotel alone!"


"By the way, how is Harold dealing with this new potential situation?" I asked.


"He is fucking livid that I would even consider moving to Chicago," Dennis explained. "I told him that he could either move with me or we are finished. So, I am almost officially single again. I am not about to pass up this opportunity!"


"Tim will be happy to hear that! We'll see you on Friday evening!" I told Dennis. "Tim will be over the top excited that you will be visiting with us!"



To be continued...


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