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Life With Tim



The Tuesday before we were to start our drive to Provincetown the next Saturday, Master Jake and I had finished our workout at the gym. We were sitting naked at the kitchen island in Tim's and my home. My phone rang, "Steven Caldwell!"


"Steven! This is Dennis Bernstein," Dennis excitedly explained his situation, "Steven! I owe you big time. I am getting on an airplane tomorrow to go to an interview with Leon and Jessica Goldfarb."


"Congratulations, Dennis," I said.


Dennis continued, "I have done phone interviews with several people. Now, they want to meet me in person! I arrive tomorrow around 12 noon. I have an interview first with Leon. Then Ms. Goldfarb. Then, on Thursday, I have an entire day of meetings with various people—including the dean of the Northwestern MBA program. I'm flying home Friday morning."


"That is terrific," I told him. "Are you going to have any free time to get together with Tim and me?"


"I am finished on Friday around 4 pm," Dennis told me. "Leon though I might be interested in getting together with you two so he suggested I stay over until Friday morning!"


"Perfect," I said. "I could pick you up at eSquare around 4:30 pm on Thursday. We could drive back to our house. You can have dinner with us. You could even stay the night with us if you want. We have a ton of guestrooms. And, I will get you to the airport in time for your flight on Friday!"


"I would love to stay with you," Dennis said. "I really hate staying at a hotel alone!"


"By the way, how is Harold dealing with this new potential situation?" I asked.


"He is fucking livid that I would even consider moving to Chicago," Dennis explained. "I told him that he could either move with me or we are finished. So, I am almost officially single again. I am not about to pass up this opportunity!"


"Tim will be happy to hear that! We'll see you on Friday evening!" I told Dennis. "Tim will be over the top excited that you will be visiting with us!"


Chapter 23: It's Summer


I pulled up to eSquare in our new Mercedez SUV that we had purchased for our summer home in Provincetown. I thought I might meet some of my colleagues, so I had on my slim fit Tommy Hilfiger slacks and a polo. Tim was right, I will need to go shopping for shirts one day soon. This polo was straining at the seams.


Dennis and Leon were waiting outside the front door. I got out of the car and greeted everyone, "Good afternoon, Leon, Dennis! How did things go with your meetings?"


"Terrific!" Leon said. "I would like to introduce our latest Leadership Development Program fellow, Dennis Bernstein!"


"Congratulations, Dennis!" I said to him and added a man hug. "When do you start?"


"I am starting at Northwestern in September," Dennis happily told me. "I start working in the Chicago office the first part of August."


Leon looked over at the SUV, "I thought you were a diehard BMW man!"


"We wanted a seven passenger SUV for our house in Provincetown," I told Leon. "So, this was the only option."


"And, you are leaving when?" Leon asked.


"Saturday morning!" I told him. "Tim and I are driving out. If you have time, you and your wife could come to visit us this summer!"


"My wife will be in Europe all summer," Leon told us.


"Then, let us know when YOU want to visit," I told Leon. "Tim and I would enjoy having showing you the sights of Provincetown."


"I'll keep that in mind, Steven," Leon said. "Now, I need to get back upstairs before my whole team descends on the exit door!"


I grabbed Dennis's bag and put it in the back of the SUV, "Are you ready?"


"You bet!" Dennis effused. "I am over the top excited! God! I can't believe this is happening!"


Once the two of us were belted in I drove to Lake Shore Drive and headed North. We pulled into our drive way, "This is our humble home, Dennis. Tim will be here in about 30 minutes. Let's get you settled!"


I grabbed Dennis's bag out of the SUV and we went inside. Dennis almost dropped his brief case, "Holy shit! This place is amazing! And, it's on two floors?"


"Yes," I told him. "We loved the place when we first saw it! It is perfect for entertaining, and it's not too intimidating for Tim and me to enjoy it when we are alone here! You have a choice to make. One of the guestroom suites is on the first floor. There is an identical one on the second floor. Which do you want?"


"Second," Dennis quickly decided.


I took Dennis's bag upstairs and gave him a brief tour of the second floor before we got him settled in his room.


We returned downstairs and took seats at the kitchen island to await Tim's arrival. "I hope you don't mind, but we invited a friend to join us for dinner. He's a professor at Northwestern in the physics department. We thought you should know someone else in Chicago."


"That's very thoughtful of you!" Dennis responded.


"Tim and I also thought you might be interested in seeing the one bedroom garden apartment we have downstairs," I explained. "It's empty and we just finished renovating the entire place. It is a really bright place for a garden apartment. And, this is a terrific and lively neighborhood."


Tim came in through the back door and joined us in the kitchen, "Hello, Dennis! It's good to see you again!" Tim said as he hugged Dennis. "How did things go at eSquare?"


"I got the job!" Dennis beamed. "I start the MBA program at Northwestern in September. I start work the first of August."


"Then, this is definitely a celebration!" Tim effused. "I just HAPPENED to stop by the liquor store and pick up a bottle of champagne! I will put in in the fridge to get cool!"


"I think it is cocktail time, too," I said. "What could I get you, Dennis? Tim and I will have our usual vodka on the rocks, but we have almost anything imaginable."


"Vodka on the rocks sounds terrific to me," Dennis decided.


As I fixed our drinks, Tim went to our bedroom to change out of his suit. When he returned, he had on my favorite pair of skin tight jeans and a red polo shirt. He looked terrific as usual.


"So, Dennis," Tim began. "How will things work out with Harold?"


"It will be just me moving to Chicago," Dennis said. He still looked happy as shit. "Harold couldn't bring himself to move to the Midwest. But, I think this will be for the best. I think over the past four years while I have been working at eSquare, I have outgrown our relationship. Harold is pissed, but he will need to get over it!"


"I can't say I am disappointed," Tim said to Dennis. "Harold was not one of my favorite people at the guest house. I'm certain you noticed!"


"He has that effect on a lot of people," Dennis confirmed. "At first, I thought it was the GAY WAY . But, later I saw the light, so to speak. He is just a pompous ass!"


"Those were my words exactly one morning after we had breakfast at the guest house," Tim confided.


The doorbell rang announcing James's arrival. "That must be James," I told the guys as I went to answer the door.


When I opened the door, I saw James standing on the other side. He was dressed to impress. His skin tight, slightly distressed jeans left not a lot to the imagination. He also had on a tight fitting black polo. He was carrying a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine.


I hugged the hunk as I greeted him, "It's good to see you again! And, you look terrific!"


"Thanks, Steven," James said as he handed me the flowers and wine. "I couldn't arrive empty handed."


James followed me into the kitchen where Tim and Dennis were still enjoying cocktails.


Tim stopped his conversation with Dennis and also pulled James in for a hug and a long kiss, "Welcome, James. It's so good to see you!"


"You, too, Tim!" James told Tim.


"James," Tim began the introductions as he held James's hand. "This in our guest of honor Dennis Bernstein. Dennis, this is James Harper."


"Congratulations on the new job, Dennis!" James added as he shook Dennis's hand. "Steven and Tim has told me a little about you, but they left out the part that you are a very handsome man!"


"Thank you!" Dennis said as he turned a little red.


"Steven and Tim must be trying to impress you," James added. "They still have clothes on. Usually by this time, they are naked."


"We didn't want to scare him, James!" Tim explained.


"You wouldn't scare me, Tim," Dennis replied. "Harold would be aghast, but I enjoy being around naked men! Especially if they are as good looking as the three of you!"


"We can get naked later," I said to the group. "Meanwhile, James, what would you like to drink?"


"Scotch on the rocks, if you have it," James replied.


"Coming up!" I said as I pulled out a glass and filled it with ice. As I was pouring the scotch, I explained Dennis's good fortune, "Dennis will be working for eSquare in Chicago starting this August, so we have turned this party into a celebration!"


"Terrific!" James said as he took his drink from me and sat next to Dennis. "So, tell me a little bit about you, Dennis!"


"There isn't a whole lot to tell," Dennis said to James. "I currently live in the South End of Boston with my now FORMER boyfriend. I've worked at eSquare in customer service for about four years. I have a degree in applied science from MIT. And, I am really, really excited about the next phase of my life in Chicago! What about you?"


"I will leave out the lurid details, but I received my undergrad degree from Harvard," James explained. "Then, I moved to Chicago to pursue my Masters and PhD. I and currently teaching physics at Northwestern. I recently reconnected with Steven after a hiatus of a few years. And, I finally got to meet Steven's future husband Tim only a short time ago. Trust me, Dennis, you cannot have two more loyal friends than these two men."


"I sort of had the impression that Steven and Tim were very giving!" Dennis said with a smile. "I know I owe Steven, in particular, a great deal of gratitude for connecting me the appropriate people at eSqaure. Do you have someone special in your life, James?"


"Just these two hunks," James replied motioning to Tim and me. "But, no! I don't have a boyfriend at the moment."


"So, are the three of you in a relationship?" Dennis asked.


"We are just good friends," James told Dennis.


"He's being coy, Dennis," Tim announced. "I practically jumped his bones when I first met him at the bar a couple of weekends ago."


"So, does that mean you have an open relationship?" Dennis asked Tim and me.


"That is a long story that I will let Steven tell you about it, Dennis," Tim replied as I was putting the finishing touches on dinner. "Steven, I think you will have a lot of explaining to do while we eat dinner!"


"This is a casual meal," I began. "So, Tim and I thought it might be more comfortable if we at here at the island instead of the dining room. I hope you don't mind."


"Perfect!" Dennis agreed.


Once I had plates of food in front of everyone, I began my explanation. "Tim and I met a year ago in May at the A-House in Provincetown. Tim moved to Chicago after he transferred here with his job. I have been the happiest man on earth since that happened."


"That makes two of us," Tim interrupted.


"Tim was interested in exploring the leather world here in Chicago," I continued. "Naturally, I agreed that it would be tremendous fun. We met two guys early in our exploration, Jake and Miguel. We connected with them rather quickly. So, even though Tim and I are very much in love with each other and have committed ourselves to be together forever, I have dedicated myself to serving Master Jake and Master Miguel as their slave..."


I paused to gauge Dennis's reaction.


"Okay," Dennis reacted. "If you are thinking I may be freaking out about this revelation, I can definitely assure you that I am not freaking out. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't mind trying that kind of relationship with someone."


"Thank God Harrold is not here!" Tim said with a smile.


"What about the three of you?" Dennis finally asked after a brief pause.


"James and I have known each other for several years," I continued again. "We started out playing together with another man that I was in a relationship with. However, until recently, James and I lost touch with each other. It has been our good fortune to have rekindled that friendship, which now, of course, includes Tim."


"And, James, what is your role in the relationship you are rekindling?" Dennis asked.


"Ahm... It is a little too early to tell at this point," James began. "Steven is a confirmed bottom, with the exception of his relationship with Tim. I am a confirmed top, with the exception of my relationship with Tim at this point. Tim, well, why don't you explain your role?"


"Early on, I thought I was a confirmed top," Tim began to explain. "Then, I met a few men here. I quickly realized that I am addicted to big dicks—just like Steven. So, I go both ways. Now, back to you, James!"


"Steven and I, shall we say, are generally involved with one another in rough fucking sessions," James explained. "Steven likes it rough with me, and I like it rough with Steven. We are also both exhibitionists. Having an audience makes both of us even more horny, right Steven?"


"Yup!" I confirmed. "I'm generally the masochist in a Sadomasochist relationship. So, I go for the extreme... Unless, of course, Tim and I are making love. What about you, Dennis? You said you wouldn't mind trying a Master/slave relationship."


"Yup!" Dennis said eagerly. "I share Tim's addiction to big dicks. That is about Harold's only saving grace in the sex department. I am pretty much a confirmed bottom. And, while I haven't been fisted, whipped, or tortured, I get excited about exploring the possibility."


"I just HAVE to ask this! How big is Harold's dick?" Tim asked.


"About nine inches," Dennis said. "He's pretty thick, too! He seriously needs lessons on how to use it, though. His idea of creative sex was the missionary position with his head facing the foot of the bed instead of the headboard."


"Why does that not surprise me?" Tim almost whispered. "I have one question for each of you. After that, I will shut up and let the evening go where it wants to. First, Dennis, what time is your flight tomorrow?"


"I need to be at the airport at 2 pm, for a 3 pm flight," Dennis answered.


"James, what time do you go to work tomorrow?" Tim asked.


"I don't," James replied. "Every Friday I generally work from home."


"Steven, what are your plans other than getting Dennis to the airport at 2 pm?" Tim asked.


"None," I told the group. "What about you?"


"I took tomorrow off so I could get ready for us to leave on Saturday," Tim replied.


"What might you be suggesting, Tim?" James asked.


"Cleaning up the kitchen, getting naked, some serious body fondling, and going to bed," Tim told James. "And, since we don't need to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow, going to bed does not necessarily mean sleeping immediately."


"Why don't we change your agenda slightly, Tim," I suggested. "Why don't we get naked before we clean up the kitchen? Then, while we are cleaning up the kitchen, we can get the ogling phase out of the way."


"Steven! You are brilliant," Tim said as he stood beside the stool at the island. He immediately pulled his shirt off, flipped off his shoes, and unbuttoned his jeans.


The rest of us did the same. We all pulled our jeans down at the same time.


"Holy shit!" Dennis exclaimed as he got his first look at James's hardening dick. Dennis's nine inch cut cock was already hard and standing at attention.


Tim was first to comment on Dennis's body, "First of all, Dennis, if you and I ever get into the sack together, I will get that dick up my ass even if I have to tie you down and sit on it! Now, come here and kiss me!"


Dennis moved in front of Tim. Tim put his arms around Dennis and gently pulled him into a kiss. Once they were lip locked and passionately engaged in exploring one another's mouth and tongue, James pulled me into a kiss. As James and I were kissing, I began to rub James's hardening cock with one hand.


When Tim and Dennis paused kissing, Tim made an announcement, "Not only does this man have a nice dick, he knows how to fucking kiss! Shit, boy! Where have you been all my life?"


"Do I get a chance to run my own tests on Dennis's kissing ability?" James asked.


"If you promise not to lock him up before I get some more, yes!" Tim said.


James and Tim exchanged places. James pulled Dennis tightly to his body and began kissing him. Tim did the same with me. After a few moments, I whispered to Tim, "Why don't we skip cleaning up the kitchen? I think there are more important things to accomplish tonight!"


"I agree, lover boy!" Tim whispered back.


"Dennis," I said to the group. "You are the new guy in the group. How would you like to see the evening going tonight?"


"I will leave the choice of activities up to you guys," Dennis began. "But, I would love to see James's monster dick pound the shit out of your ass, Steven. I want Tim in me. I want James in me. I want to, since it is on Tim's wish list, fuck him. But, you choose."


"James likes to pound Steven's ass standing up," Tim began. "I think the kitchen island would be the perfect location, don't you, James? And, while we are watching these two studs go at it, I think I'd like to take a turn in your ass, Dennis. What is your HIV status?"


"Negative," Dennis answered. "Yours?"


"We are all negative," I said quietly. "We don't use condoms with each other. You?"


"Shit! I've died and gone to heaven," Dennis quickly answered.


Tim grabbed a bottle of lube from one of the kitchen drawers and two bottles of poppers from the freezer. James took the lube from Tim and began slathering his dick with lube. I took a bottle of poppers from Tim and snorted several hits in each nostril. Dennis took several hits of poppers from a bottle he was sharing with Tim while Tim put copious amounts of lube on his dick.


"Watch this, Dennis," Tim whispered to Dennis as James lined up his cock with my asshole.


James shoved his 14 inch dick up my ass in about five seconds. "AHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed.


"Christ! How did he take that so fast," Dennis shrieked at Tim.


"Practice my man. Practice. Lots and lots of practice!" Tim answered as he was positioning himself to take Dennis's willing ass.


James began his planned fast-paced attack on my ass. He was ramming his monster dick balls deep into my ass. His huge balls slammed against my hairless balls with each inward stroke. My whole body was forced upwards from the floor. He pulled his cock all of the way out of my ass before he delivered each furiously fast and powerful stab inward. I moaned with each inward thrust.


Tim also began to slowly work his cock in and out of Dennis's ass, "This is one of the finest asses I have had! I hope you don't mind, Dennis, but I am going to make this last. James will be pounding Steven's ass for at least the next hour. I hope you like long slow fucks, because that is what I have planned."


"I love long, slow fucks, Tim! I love long, power fucks, too! Just keep it up however you want to fuck me, Tim," Dennis answered.


Tim did manage to fuck Dennis for almost an hour as James terrorized my ass. When James started moaning and shooting cum into my ass. Tim was right behind him, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Once James and Tim had recovered, I made another suggestion before James pulled his dick out of my ass, "Why don't we go upstairs and make ourselves comfortable before we move the rest of the night's activities forward?"


"I think that is a good idea," James said, "But, I really hate to take my dick out of your ass!"


"Why?" I asked. "Do you want to fuck me again?"


"Steven," James continued as he pulled his dick out of my ass. "You know I always want to fuck you again, but I think I am going to enjoy spreading the wealth tonight!"


Tim grabbed Dennis's hand and led him upstairs to our bedroom. Tim laid on his back on one side of the bed and motioned for Dennis to lay on the other side. Dennis took his position as James crawled between Dennis's legs and handed him a bottle of poppers, "Dennis, I am going to be gentle. This will not be the same kind of power fuck that Steven and I just enjoyed. I am going to make love to you. If I hurt you in any way, please, please tell me. Okay?"


"I will let you know if you are hurting me, James," Dennis said. "But, I want this so badly, I think I might cum from the thoughts of having you in me!"


James coated his still hard 14 inch dick with more lube. He leaned in to kiss Dennis before aligning his huge dick with Dennis's hungry ass. Dennis took one last hit of poppers before James started his ascent. James began and paused after a few inches had disappeared into Dennis's ass. "Are you okay, Dennis?" James asked.


"More than okay," Dennis quietly whispered.


While Tim and I were watching James and Dennis, I applied lube to my extremely hard dick, "I hope I don't blow a load too quickly, sweetie," I said to Tim.


"If you do, you will just need to do it again and again and again until I've had enough," Tim cautioned me.


I slowly slid my dick into Tim's ass. I fought the possibility of cumming too quickly in Tim's ass. I slowly massaged Tim's hole with my rock hard dick.


"You make me so happy, Steven," Tim whispered to me.


"Ditto!" I whispered back. We both looked at James and Dennis on the other side of the bed. James had managed to get all of his dick inside Dennis. He paused to share a passionate kiss with his lover. James lifted his body slightly and began to slowly work his dick in and out of Dennis's ass. He didn't pull all of the way out like he did with me. And, he gently pushed back inside with a slow and deliberate motion. He was truly making love to Dennis. Dennis whispered to James, "I have never felt this good in all of my life!"


"I'm glad you like it!" James whispered back as he paused again to share another passionate kiss with Dennis.


I couldn't hold back any longer. The 45 minute lovemaking session with Tim pushed me over the edge. "Fuck, Tim! I'm going to cum! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhhh... ahhhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


"Since James is taking his sweat time with Dennis," Tim said quietly. "I want your ass, lover boy!"


"You can have my ass anytime you want it," I replied as I popped out of Tim and rolled on my back. "No lube, Tim. You don't need it!"


"That's one of the advantages of following James," Tim agreed as he took his place between my legs. He lined his cock up with my ass and mounted me. He, too, was gently massaging my ass in a matter of moments. Tim was in lover mode as he slowly and gently worked his cock in and out of my ass. Every so often, he leaned in to kiss me.


Occasionally, we paused to see James and Dennis's progress. James was showing no sign of getting ready to unload in Dennis's ass. Dennis was staring into James's eyes. They were both smiling.


About 30 minutes later, we heard James announce to Dennis, "I can't hold off much longer!"


"I want you to fill my ass, lover boy!" Dennis pleaded.


James picked up the pace slightly as he brought himself closer. Tim followed suit as he began to move his dick in and out of my ass in a faster, more forceful pace.


Tim and James both shot at almost the same time, and began moaning in unison as they unloaded in their partner's ass.


Tim rested his body on me. James did the same with Dennis.


Tim decided he needed to comment when he recovered, "You do good work, James. Great pacing!"


"Thanks, Tim," James said as he kissed Dennis.




The next morning we all woke up about the same time. James was spooned up to Dennis, Tim was spooned up to me, and Dennis was spooned up to Tim. I felt a hard dick rubbing my naked, hairless ass.


"Good morning men!" Tim said to the group. "I feel one hard dick against my ass. I have a hard dick. Yup, Steven has a hard dick. And, guess what? So does James. That means we have four hard dicks in the same bed."


"Are you always this perky when you wake up, Tim?" Dennis asked.


Tim turned around to face his questioner. I turned with him and held on to my lover. Tim said to the group, "No! I am not always this perky in the morning. But, remember what you said before we were all in this bed?"


"Yes," Dennis said. "I wanted to watch James plow Steven's ass. I wanted you to fuck me. I wanted James to make love to me. And, I wanted to fuck you."


"What haven't we accomplished?" Tim asked.


"I haven't fucked you," Dennis answered.


"Bingo!" Tim added. "Now kiss me while we get into the swing of things."


Tim and Dennis were lip locked in a matter of seconds. James crawled over three bodies and arranged himself behind me.


"Steven," James began. "Turn over so I can stick my tongue down your throat."


I turned around and James pulled me toward him. He grabbed my head and we, too, were kissing passionately.


Dennis whispered to Tim, "Tim, if you keep this up, I am going to cum on your sheets and not in your ass."


Tim didn't say a word, but rolled him and Dennis over so Dennis was on his back and Tim was laying on top of his mate.


"I think this morning, I want some practice riding dick," Tim said as he positioned his ass over Dennis's hard dick.


Tim raised himself up, straddling Dennis's body, and, in one swift motion, pushed until Dennis's cock was balls deep inside Tim's ass.


"Did you and Harrold ever do this?" Tim hissed.


"No," Dennis hissed back. "But, I think I could get really, really used to this!"


Without wasting any more time, Tim began to ride Dennis's dick. Tim grabbed his own rock hard cock and began to massage it.


James rolled the two of us so that I was on top of him. I didn't have time to think, so I positioned my ass over James's hard cock and immediately began to lower myself onto James's dick until I felt his trimmed pubic hairs caress by hairless balls.


"I think I could wake up like this every fucking day," James whispered as I began to ride his dick. James also began to stroke my engorged cock.


Tim and I were both bouncing energetically on our mate's dick. Dennis had taken over stroking Tim's with one hand. He also tweaked Tim's nipples one at a time.


"Shit, boy!" Tim hissed. "You are going to make me cum if you keep that up!"


"That's the plan," Dennis hissed back. "I love being coated in another man's cum!"


"Shit!" Tim almost screamed as he began to unload on Dennis's hard, muscled body. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Once Tim had finished cumming, James decided he wanted things to change a little, "Let's cum all over Dennis."


I pulled off James's hard dick. We both took positions on either side of Dennis and Tim. Tim was still impaled on Dennis's cock. James and I began stroking our dicks until we both, almost at the same time, began to unload.


"Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" I screamed right along with James.


Right after James and I succeeded in coating Dennis's body with cum, he also began to shoot into Tim's waiting ass.


"Fuck! Shit! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...! Fuck! Ahhh...!" Dennis moaned as he filled Tim's ass with his cum.


James and I hugged each other over Dennis's body so we could recover. Tim still had Dennis's spent cock in his ass.


Once we all recovered, Tim decided to announce his vision, "I want the two of you to join Steven and me in Provincetown over Memorial Day weekend. I will not take `no' for an answer!"




Tim and I arrived at our house in Provincetown on Monday afternoon before Memorial Day weekend began. We had arranged for Jake, Miguel, and James to fly to Boston on the Thursday and spend the night with Dennis at the Marriott Long Warf hotel before catching the 1 pm fast ferry to Provincetown on Friday.


On Friday morning while Tim and I were having breakfast at the kitchen island, we were chatting with Harvey about the weekend.


"Harvey," I explained our guests sleeping arrangements. "We have no idea where our guests will wind up. However, we would like to start with Jake and Miguel in one guest room and James and Dennis in another. Tim and I thought we could have dinner in tonight, and possibly dinner out tomorrow night. That might change, so please be prepared for almost anything! We are also planning a small gathering on Sunday afternoon for a casual meal—probably on the grill. We don't have a clue as to how many will be here."


"All of the guest rooms as well as the apartment downstairs are ready for occupancy," Harvey explained. "We have enough food in the house to feed a small army. Also, the liquor cabinet has been restocked. I will put out coffee and snacks at 8 am. You can tell me when you want breakfast to be served sometime that morning. I can be flexible and fast! As for Sunday afternoon, if you can let me know the approximate number in the morning, I will have everything ready for you to entertain your guests however you might like. Would you like to have a bartender? I know of someone who would be excellent."


"You are a gem, Harvey! A bartender would be perfect," Tim complimented Harvey. "We will all need to be flexible. I do need to warn you, however. Jake, Miguel, and James can be intimidating when you first meet them—especially when they are naked! They are pussy cats, though."


"Not to worry!" Harvey replied with a smile. "Remember, I like it rough! How would you like me to dress?"


"Your choice, Harvey," I told him. "More than likely, there will be at least six naked men in the house unless we are getting ready to go out."


"I think, if you don't mind, I will wear a pair of tan Bermuda's and a black polo," Harvey suggested. "That way, I will not be mistaken for a guest!"


Tim and I continued our leisurely day sitting beside the pool. We made love twice on the lounge chair. At 1:45, we took a quick shower, pulled on some tight fitting cut offs, a skin tight tank top, and drove to the pier to meet the guys at the fast ferry terminal.


It was easy to spot Miguel, Jake, and James in the sea of gay men who alighted from the ferry. Dennis was wheeling a bag and holding James's hand.


"It's good to see you guys," Tim effused after we hugged our guests and loaded the bags in the back of the SUV.


"I am happy you bought this car," Jake said. "I don't think we would have fit comfortably in a sedan!"


"That's what we thought," Tim agreed. "Besides, it is red. You can't miss it."


"Holy shit!" Master Jake exclaimed as we drove up to the house. "This place magnificent!"


"Wait until you see the inside and the pool area!" Tim explained as we exited the car. "And, the freaking house is controlled by a computer. Until you get used to it, you might have illusions that the place is haunted."


When we approached the front door, Tim touched the security plate and opened the door. "Welcome home, Tim!" the house said.


"The fucking thing talks!" Miguel managed to say before Harvey appeared in the entry hall.


"Good afternoon, gentlemen," Harvey said to the group. "I'm Harvey. I help Steven and Tim with the house."


"Harvey," I said as I pointed to each of our guests. "This is Jake. This is Miguel. This is James. And, this is Dennis."


"Jake, Miguel, James, and Dennis," welcome. "If there is anything I can do for you while you are in residence here, please let me know."


Harvey disappeared into the woodwork. Tim led the tour of the downstairs part of the house as well as the outdoor living area and pool. We moved upward to the first guest room. "This is one of the guest rooms. We thought Jake and Miguel could use this one because they will be staying here longer. There is an attached bathroom through that door and two walk in closets. Fresh towels are in the linen closet in the bathroom."


We went up to the second guest room, "This will be your room, James and Dennis. It is essentially like the other one. Please make yourselves comfortable, and meet us downstairs by the pool when you are finished. We can talk about our weekend together. Oh! By the way, you can be naked everywhere in this house. It is completely private. Harvey is expecting naked men."


Tim and I ditched our shorts and tank top and went downstairs to the pool to await our guests.


"So far, so good!" Tim said with a smile. "Just to let you know, Jake, Miguel, and I have decided that for tonight, at least, we will just be friends enjoying one another's company. That is all I am going to say at the moment. No need to do the Master Jake, Master Miguel thing until instructed. Okay?"


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I kissed Tim.


"Don't start, stud," Tim hissed. "You will need to stick your big dick in my ass if you keep that up!"


We talked quietly until Jake and Miguel arrived at the pool. Both were naked with dicks dangling.


"We have decided you need to go house shopping for us if we decide to move," Miguel announced. "We thought your place in Chicago was stunning! This is incredible! Absolutely fucking unbelievable!"


"Don't let us forget," I announced. "We need to add you to our security list so you can get in and out of here without calling the police!"


James and Dennis bounded outside in their naked glory. They were holding hands. And, their dicks were not exactly dangling, either.


"How ever did you find this place?" James asked.


"Luck!" I replied. "I saw it on the Internet. When I showed it to Tim, we made immediate plans to see the place in person. The rest is history!"


"I don't care if I go anywhere," Dennis said.


"We are having a few friends over on Sunday," I told the group. "So, if you run into or meet someone you want to invite, please feel free to do so."


"I am certain that would not include Harold!" Dennis quipped.


"Oh no!" Tim answered. "Feel free to invite him. I'd love to see the look on his face when he sees the house."


"Timothy!" I scolded my lover. "That was not nice! But, do invite him if you see him."


"Is this a naked brunch?" Dennis asked.


"Swim suits are not allowed in the pool," Tim explained. "Everywhere else, clothing is optional."


"I don't think Harold would last five minutes with a bunch of well-built naked men," Dennis advised.


Harvey came out to the pool area with the finger print reader and the security tablet. "I thought you might want to add you guests to the security system."


"Good idea, Harvey!" I told him as I began to add names to the list. "Master Jake, you will be first. Just touch the pad twice."


Once I had our guests added, I continued, "You will need to touch the sensor on any of the doors leading into the house and pool area. You should also touch the pad when you leave the house. In case of an emergency the security system tells the fire or police departments who is in the house."


"Did you ever think this security system is a little freaky?" Tim asked.


"I could see where it could make emergencies safer for firefighters if they knew no one was in the house," Dennis suggested.


"I guess, Dennis," Tim acquiesced, "that is the reason you work for a technology firm and I work in educational publishing."




On Saturday morning after breakfast, Tim, Master Jake, Master Miguel, and I had a discussion about the weekend's activities. "Steven, we have decided that this weekend you will essentially be free to enjoy our guests without engaging in a Master/slave relationship with Jake and Miguel." Tim began. "There is only one exception. Tonight, you will accompany your Masters to the A-House upstairs bar as their slave. They will have control of you until five hours before tomorrow's brunch. Do you understand, Steven?"


"Yes, SIR!" I responded. "I understand completely, SIR!"


"Good," Master Jake continued. "We have arranged to use your friend Mark's workspace for the evening. So, we will not disturb your other guests. Also, it will give us a good chance to experience the potential of the space."


"We have a very fun-filled evening planned for you, boy!" Master Miguel added. "We have also brought the articles of clothing we want you to wear tonight, boy!"


"So, do you have any questions or comments about this evening and Sunday morning, Steven?" Tim asked.


"Only one item, Tim," I responded. "It will just be you and me Sunday night in bed?"


"Yes," Tim said with a smile. "Unless you need a bigger dick than mine to fuck you!"


"Yours will do nicely, Tim!" I answered with a smile.


"And, on Tuesday afternoon, Tim has arranged for the three of us to meet with the doctor and tattoo artists to discuss the further transformation of your body," Master Miguel continued. "And, of course, on Wednesday morning we will return to the gym and your nourishment regimen."


"I do have one thought," I said to the group. "What would it take to make the game room downstairs in to a playroom?"


"Great idea, Steven!" Tim effused.


"You could start small," Master Jake said as he thought through the possibilities. "Add a sling or two first. Then, maybe think about some simple restraints. Those two things can be accomplished fairly quickly and inexpensively. Phase two could be a St. Andrews Cross and a bondage table. The rest is up to you and your desires. The first phase could be accomplished for about $1,000. The second phase would be more costly and require some carpentry work."


"How would you keep the playroom out of reach of your family members who stay with you?" Master Miguel asked.


"The game room has a separate access code," I explained. "Only Tim and I have it at this point. We certainly would not give our family access to that area. And, there are two rooms downstairs. We could use one as a game room and the other as a playroom."


"Things are certainly looking up!" Tim said with a smile.


"Let's go join our guests beside the pool," I suggested.


The four of us took seats on the lounge chairs beside James and Dennis.


"What do you guys want to do this afternoon?" Tim asked. "We could go out to lunch and have dinner in before we go to the bar. We could go out to lunch and have dinner out before we go to the bar. Or, we could have lunch in and dinner in and then go out to the bar."


"I vote for lunch out and dinner in," I told the group.


"That might make more sense considering the distance to the center of town," Dennis suggested.


"Clark and Mark said we could park the SUV in their driveway anytime we wanted to do so," Tim told us. "However, I am not driving back here after a few drinks."


Harvey appeared, "I'm sorry to eavesdrop, but I could drive you to the bar and pick you up when you are ready to come home. I don't drink. I haven't for 15 years!"


"You guys have all the luck," James interrupted. "You found a housekeeper, a chef, and a chauffeur all wrapped up in one person!"


"Harvey is a dear, dear man!" Tim said. "But, he looks better naked than in clothes."


"TIMOTHY!" I said loudly. "Don't embarrass Harvey!"


"I'm not being rude, Steven," Tim said with a grin. "I'm just being honest. Right Harvey?"


"I trust you opinion, Tim," Harvey told the group. "However, I am not quite ready to be naked in front of your guests. Maybe on a subsequent visit!" He was smiling, too!


"Harvey," James began. "I think Tim may be correct judging from the way you look in those clothes. Maybe before we leave, you will give us a demonstration!"


"Maybe I will serve breakfast to you naked," Harvey added. "Just don't complain if there are pubic hairs in your eggs!"


With that, Harvey returned to wherever he came from.


I decided Tim and I needed time to discuss a few items, so I pulled him aside.


"Tim," I said. "May I speak with you privately for a moment?"


"Sure thing," Tim told me as we went inside and upstairs to our bedroom.


"Tim," I began. "I hope you will be properly entertained while I am with Master Jake and Master Miguel."


"I will be fine, Steven," Tim told me as he pulled me down on the bed. "James wants me to join him and Dennis tonight once we return home from the bar. Apparently, he and Dennis have been plotting."


"Ah!" I responded. "Do you have any idea of their plot?"


"No," Tim explained. "Other than he said he is falling for Dennis big time, and he thinks a little sack time with me will help move things along for them. Dennis is creative sexually, but, according to James, a little inexperienced. So, they both hope some time with me will put them at ease. I told them you should be the one to add spice to their sex life. But, James was adamant! Of course, I think the two of them are hot as shit!"


"I just didn't want you to be alone during our first weekend at the house," I told him.


"It's not going to happen," Tim said confidently. "Besides, I have also been briefed about your time with Jake and Miguel. I am not going to spill the beans except to say that you will have a marvelous time with your Masters."


"Can I convince you to have a little sack time with me?" I asked.


"Steven, you know I am the one who loves you more than anything else in the world," Tim continued. "So, the only convincing you will need to do is get your big dick hard—which I see it is—and kiss me! And, of course, tomorrow morning when you come home, I expect to see your naked body lying next to me when I wake up."


"Do my Masters understand your desires?" I asked.


"Yup!" Tim answered. "Now, get to work. I need some loving!"


I pulled Tim on top of me and we began to share an extremely passionate kissing session. "I could eat you!" I hissed at Tim.


"If that is what you want, big guy," Tim hissed back. "Then, get your mouth on my dick. It needs attention."


I rolled us over so that Tim was on his back. As I started to move down to claim my prize, I stopped briefly to nibble on Tim's nipples.


"Oh fuck!" Tim whimpered.


After a few minutes of nipple nibbling, I continued down Tim's body. I also stopped for a few licks of Tim's rock hard six pack abs before I settled at his hard cock! I began to tease Tim by licking the shaft from the base of his balls to the tip of his cock. After about 10 licks, I took each of Tim's shaved balls and pulled them into my mouth. Then, I got to work. I put my lover's cock in my mouth and swallowed it. Once it slipped down my throat, I reach up and began playing with Tim's very sensitive nipples.


"Ahhh shit!" Tim hissed. "You make me feel so fucking good, Steven."


I moved my mouth off his cock briefly so I could speak, "That's the point, sweetie!"


I again swallowed Tim's cock and began to massage it with my lips and tongue. I occasionally swallowed it which pushed Tim even further.


After several minutes of enjoying the taste of Tim's cock, he began to whimper, "I'm going to cum! I'm going to fucking cum! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


I swallowed every bit of his cum, and continued to lick the piss slit in case there was more. Finally, I moved up to kiss Tim. Between kisses, he managed to compliment me, "You know..., Steven..., no one... and I mean... no one... sucks cock... better than... you!"


"I'm glad... you like it... because... I love... sucking your... big dick!" I said between kisses.


We cuddled together for a long time. We even managed to fall asleep. Finally, I felt Tim stir. "You know, lover boy! As much as I want to just stay here with you, I think we might need to go downstairs and roundup the guys for lunch!"


"You are probably correct," I agreed. "Do we need to take a shower?"


"Nope," Tim said with a glint in his eyes. "I want everyone to smell sex on our bodies!"




After dinner, I helped Tim get dressed. We decided he would wear a pair of his tightest, most distressed jeans he owned. The crotch was faded and wearing thin. The ass were almost thread bare. We also decided he needed to wear a half leather harness to complete the look. Of course, he added a chrome cock ring to add definition to his crotch.


"You are fucking hot, Tim!" I said.


"Thank you, Steven," Tim told me and added a kiss. "I need to hear that from the hottest man on earth from time to time!"


"And, who might that be?" I asked.


"You, you fucker!" Tim hissed. "You are the hottest man on earth from my point of view! And, you always will be. Now, let's go visit your Masters and get you dressed."


Tim led me into Master Jake and Master Miguel's room. Master Jake was adding a leather arm band over his massive bicep. Master Miguel was admiring Master Jake's body.


"So, boy!" Master Miguel said. "Are you ready to get dressed for the evening?"


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I stood in front of Master Miguel with my hands behind my back, feet spread shoulder width apart, and my eyes staring at the floor.


"The body waxer did a magnificent job on your body, boy!" Master Miguel said as he rubbed his hand over parts of my body.


"Thank you, SIR!" I responded as Master Jake approached us with my outfit for the night.


"Tonight, you will be wearing a leather jock strap with a snap on ass cover," Master Jake began to explain. "When we get to the bar, I will take off the ass cover and you will be walking around bare assed. You will also wear your lace up boots. Any questions?"


"No, SIR!" I said to Master Jake.


"I will be keeping your leash snapped to my belt loop," Master Miguel explained. "You will be meeting a couple of our friends from New York."


"And, we promised Tim we would have you at home before he wakes up tomorrow morning," Master Jake confirmed. "And, we promise you will enjoy the evening's activities!"


Once I was dressed, we joined Dennis and James downstairs. "Are you ready, SIRS?" Harvey asked.


"Thank you for driving us, Harvey," Tim said as we piled into the SUV.


"My pleasure, gentlemen," Harvey responded. "Call me when you are ready to come and get you!"


"Will do, Harvey!" Tim added as we exited from the SUV.


Clark was our bartender upstairs. "Clark!" Tim greeted him. "These are our friends from Chicago, Jake, Miguel, James, and Dennis. Actually, Dennis is from Boston at the moment, but will be moving to Chicago soon. Guys, this is Clark."


"It's nice to meet all of you," Clark told the group. "Tim and Steven told my partner and me you would be visiting. Welcome to Provincetown!"


"I am going to be the big spender for the first round," Tim announced. "Could we have six Coronas?"


"Six Coronas coming up!" Clark said as he grabbed the beers from the cooler. Clark put all six beers on the bar, and Tim paid the tab as well as a nice tip.


"Thanks for visiting us, guys!" Tim said. "Here's to our great times in Provincetown!"


While we were taking our first drinks of our beers, Master Jake unhooked the rear cover of the jock strap leaving my bare ass available for everyone to look at.


"So, this is where you and Steven met?" James asked Tim.


"We actually met downstairs on the dance floor," Tim explained. "The upstairs bar is only open during the season. We were here almost every time we came to Provincetown last summer before I moved to Chicago."


"Clark is hot," Jake said to Tim. "Is he a top or a bottom?"


"Top," Tim answered. "His husband, Mark, is a bottom! They are both cute as shit. Mark could be Steven's twin in terms of his body and dick. Mark has had all of his body hair removed and has several tattoos and piercings."


"When do we get to meet Mark?" Miguel asked.


"Tonight," Tim told the group. "You are playing in his workspace tonight."


"And, I think you will enjoy the space," I added. "Don't you think so, Tim?"


"Yup!" Tim answered with a smile.


I saw Clark motion to Tim who went over to speak with Clark. Clark was obviously introducing Tim to another guy. The other guy was a six foot Middle Eastern looking man with a thick main of hair and a close cropped beard. His huge chest and biceps were obvious through his tight t-shirt.


Tim led the man over to the group. As the two made their way through the crowd, the man's skin tight leather chaps covered a pair of highly distressed—equally tight—jeans. Tim started the introductions, "Guys, I'd like you to meet Ajmal Hakimi. Ajmal, this is my future husband Steven, Steven's Masters Jake and Miguel, and friends Dennis and James. Ajmal is Clark and Mark's friend from Manhattan. He's in Provincetown for the summer."


"It's a pleasure to meet you, Ajmal," I said once the introductions were over.


"The same with all of you!" Ajmal responded as he moved his Corona from one hand to the other.


"Where do you live in Manhattan?" Master Jake asked.


"The Upper East Side," Ajmal told the group. "I have a small house near where Clark and Mark live here in Provincetown. I spend most of my summers here. It clears my mind."


"What kind of work do you do, Ajmal?" Master Miguel asked.


"I develop real estate in Manhattan," Ajmal told us. "I worked for about 10 years at the New York Stock Exchange. One day, I woke up and came to the conclusion that I was seriously burnt out. So, I came to Provincetown that next summer, and I got my life back."


"That's sort of like Steven," Tim explained. "He worked for a very successful tech company in Chicago until last April. He's helping Jake and Miguel with a startup film production business."


"What do you do, Tim?" Ajmal asked.


"Educational publishing," Tim replied. "I convinced the higher ups that I can lead my team from Provincetown. The team is spread around the country anyway."


"You will love spending the summer here!" Ajmal said. "I am going to try to write a novel about the New York Stock Exchange this summer."


"I have been encouraging Tim to start writing," I told Ajmal. "I need to convince him to try it full time. So far, I haven't been successful."


"Give me another year to make some money, and I'll jump ship and start writing," Tim said with a smile.


"I understand there is a summer writer's group for people who are contemplating breaking away from a mainstream career and slogging forward with being a writer," Ajmal told Tim. "Maybe we could join together. We could make it a project!"


"I think we could all use another beer," Master Miguel suggested. "Boy, let's grab a round of drinks for everyone!"


Clark made his way to where Master Miguel and I were standing, "Another round?"


"Yes, please," Master Miguel replied.


As Clark place the seven Corona's on the bar, he explained to Master Miguel and me, "Boy, Ajmal is the guy I told you and Tim about a few weeks ago. His passion, other than making boat loads of money, is whipping bottom boy studs." Clark turned to Master Miguel, "And, Ajmal is extremely sadistic. When he starts a session with a boy, there is no turning back and he will not stop until he is ready to stop. Mark has played with him a few times. His body is pretty well covered with whip marks when Ajmal finishes with him."


"Is that meant to be a warning to Jake and me, Clark?" Master Miguel asked.


"Yes," Clark answered.


After we had handed each guy in our expanding group their beer, Master Miguel stood so that I was beside Ajmal. "So, boy!" Ajmal began. "You have a very nice body. Is your body your project, Tim's project, or your Masters project?"


"Tim and I conceived the project, SIR!" I began. "Master Jake and Master Miguel implemented it."


Ajmal rubbed my chest and nipples with his hand, "Nice and smooth, too! Will that be permanent at some point?"


"Yes, SIR! Hopefully this summer, SIR!" I replied.


"Good!" Ajmal responded and turned to Master Jake and Master Miguel. "Lots of tattoos, too, I hope!"


"Definitely," Master Jake explained. "We are going to add some piercings, too. Scrotum, nipple rings, ear rings, Prince Albert, and probably a nose ring. We will know more after we meet with a few guys here in Provincetown. You will probably be seeing new additions as early as next week!"


"I will be watching with great anticipation," Ajmal said more to me than the others.


"Ah!" Master Jake announced as he waved at two leather men entering the bar. "There is John and Kevin!"


Master Jake quickly introduced John and Kevin to the group. John was in his late forties. He was about 5'9" tall with black hair sticking out of his open shirt. His tight jeans showed an impressive bulge at his crotch. Kevin was a younger blond guy. Also about 5'9" tall. He was shirtless and wearing a pair of distressed, tight cutoffs with black lace up boots. His chest was well defined, but he was definitely not a muscle stud.


"John and Kevin our friends from Queens," Master Jake explained. "We met several years ago at a Hellfire event in Chicago over Leather Weekend."


"Are you here for just the weekend?" Tim asked.


"We are staying for two weeks at a friend's condo," John explained. "Then, we will be back in August for the entire month with our friend."


"Jake and Miguel told us that you and the boy bought a house in town, Tim!" Kevin continued.


"Yea!" Tim answered. "We are over the top excited to be able to spend most of the summer here. It all happened quickly, so we are still trying to make certain it is all real!"


We continued to talk for another hour. Ajmal continued to caress my chest, my ass, and my back. He felt my stiffening dick through the leather of the jock strap. Ajmal and Master Jake went to the bar for the final round of drinks. After about 15 minutes, Tim pulled out his phone and called Harvey to retrieve them. Ten minutes later they were saying good bye to the remainder of the group.


Tim stood in front of me and kissed me, "Love you, sweetie! Have a great time. I'll see you in the morning!"


"Love you, too!" I said as he, Dennis, and James left.


"I think I should be leaving as well, men!" Ajmal said. "I hope to run into you again very, very soon. And, Jake. Please keep my offer in mind!"


"I will certainly do that, Ajmal," Master Jake replied. "You will definitely hear from us soon!"


We all watched Ajmal as he strode out of the bar.


"So, men, shall we move the festivities to the next destination?" Master Jake asked.


Master Miguel, John, and Kevin echoed their affirmative response.


Mark's workspace was just a few blocks from the A-House. We were greeted by Mark who was waiting in the stoop near the front of the playroom. "Good evening, men!" Mark greeted everyone. "I'm Mark!"


I introduced the others, "Mark, this is my Masters Jake and Miguel. And, these are some of my Masters friends from New York, John and Kevin."


"Let me show you the space," Mark said as he led us inside. "The first floor in composed of a group shower, toilets, lounge, and bathtub. The second floor, I am certain, will be of most interest to you guys this evening!"


Once he had explained the second floor, he prepared to leave, "Gentlemen, I will leave you alone to enjoy yourself this morning. I am going to get some rest because I have two clients tomorrow. Have a great time!"


After Mark had left, Master Miguel explained the evening to some degree, "First of all, boy! You need to be naked and you need to be naked immediately!"


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I slipped off the jock strap and took off my boots and socks. I stood in front of Master Miguel with my hands behind my back, legs should width apart, looking down at the floor.


"Good boy!" Master Miguel continued. "John and Kevin are both tops. You are to refer to them as SIR, Master John, or Master Kevin. All four of us enjoy a variety of activities, so we will let the evening run its course without much planning. However, after four beers each at the bar, all of us need to piss badly. And, I am certain you do as well. So, get on your back, boy, and piss on yourself and get ready for us to piss on you!"


"Yes, SIR!" I answered as I lowered myself onto my back in the bathtub. I relaxed and soon I was pissing a solid stream all over myself. Once I was finished, my four Masters for the evening took places opposite sides of the bathtub. Jake and Miguel were located near my head and chest. John and Kevin took places near my crotch and lower body. All four unloaded steady streams of warm piss. Jake concentrated on my head. Miguel covered my chest and abs. John pissed on my crotch and Kevin piss on my legs. Once they were finished, the four helped me up from the tub.


"Stand there and let your body dry somewhat, boy!" Master Jake ordered.


"Yes, SIR!" I answered.


The four men explored the play room. They were talking softly. Once they returned to where I was standing in the bathtub, Master Jake gave me an idea of where the evening was headed. "Boy, we have decided to put you in the sling first. John is looking forward to putting some marks on your body with his whips, but we all want to play with your ass first. John and Kevin are both HIV negative, but they will use condoms if they decide to fuck you. Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I answered. "I understand completely, SIR!"


Master Jake led me to the sling and helped me down. Master John and Master Kevin restrained my wrists while Master Jake and Master Miguel restrained my legs.


"I don't think the boy will need to be loosened up," Master Jake informed the group. "James has been fucking his ass a lot recently. And, James has a 14 inch cock."


"I'd like to see that sometime," Master Kevin said.


"And, James likes it rough," Master Miguel continued. "Extreme fucking, James calls it!"


"The boy will need tit clamps," Master Jake suggested. "Tight tit clamps. Tit clamps that hurt like hell!"


Miguel pulled out a pair of tit clamps, and he and Master Jake fastened them on my nipples.


"Ahhhh!" I screamed as the tit clamps tightened.


"Kevin, why don't you go first?" Master Jake said as all four men took off their clothing.


John's dick was an impressive 9 inches of meat. He had the biggest balls I think I have ever seen on a man.


Kevin's eight inch rock hard cut cock was sticking straight up after he had removed his jeans. He took a seat at my ass and began to slather his fist and arm with Crisco.


"Be as rough as you'd like," Master Miguel told Kevin. "We want him to feel our power tonight. We want him to remember this night. We want his ass to be nice and sloppy when we give him back to Tim. We want him to be begging for us to stop. Of course, we will ignore those requests."


Kevin lined up his fist with my asshole and began his slow, but powerful ascent into my ass. He didn't pause until he was up to his elbow.


"The boy has a terrific ass, guys!" Master Kevin said. He began to pull his fist back out of my ass. He only pulled half of his arm out of me before he plunged it back in. He increased his pace with each stab of his fist until he was assaulting me with his arm and fist. I felt like my insides were being turned to mush. He kept up the rapid pace for a good fifteen minutes. On the last jab, he quickly pulled it all of the way out of me. I screamed when his fist passed my sphincter muscle. When his fist left my ass, there was a loud pop.


"God! That was fun!" Master Kevin effused. "John, you are going to love this boy's perfect ass!"


Master John took Master Kevin's place near my ass. He saturated his fist and hand with Crisco before he shoved it inside me.


"Ahhhh!" I screamed as I felt his fist slip through my sphincter muscle. He continued his push up my ass until Master John, too, was elbow deep inside me.


"You are right, Kevin," Master John said. "The boy's ass is outstanding!"


As Master John began to work slowly in and out of my ass, he motioned for Kevin to come closer to him. Master John whispered something into Master Kevin's ear. Huge smiles spread across Master Kevin and Master John's faces. Kevin walked to where Master Jake and Master Miguel were watching. He said something quietly to them. Master Jake and Master Miguel also smiled broadly. Master Kevin returned to Master John's side. Master Jake came over to the head of the sling.


"Boy," Master Jake began to explain. "Master Miguel and I have given Master John and Master Kevin permission to double fist you. How long has it been since that was done to you?"


"Several years, SIR!" I quietly replied. "I was still with Master Ed."


"Then, this will be an experience for all of us," Master Jake continued. "If it gets too much for you, boy, tell us."


"Yes, SIR!" I whispered to Master Jake as Master John pulled his fist out of my ass.


Master Jake had a bottle of poppers. He was waiting until Master John and Master Kevin were ready to rip my ass to shreds with both of their fists. Master Miguel gave Master John and Master Kevin another bottle of poppers once Master Kevin' arm was coated in Crisco. They positioned their fists at my waiting ass hole and nodded to Master Jake. Master Jake gave me two long hits of poppers in each nostril before I felt the tit clamps tighten.


"Ahhhhhhh!" I screamed at the pain of the tightening of the clamps.


At the same time as I was screaming, Master John and Master Kevin began to push both of their fists into my ass.


"Ahhhhhhh!" I screamed again as both fists pushed through my sphincter muscle.


They kept pushing and pushing and pushing. My asshole kept expanding and expanding and expanding. I thought I would pass out at the pain. Suddenly, they stopped pushing up my ass.


"Look in the mirror over the sling, boy," Master Jake demanded. "What do you see, boy?"


"Two arms... in my ass... up to... their... elbows...," I moaned.


"Do you want them to stop, boy?" Master Jake asked.


"No, SIR!" I hissed. "Don't make them stop, please SIR! Please don't make them stop!"


Master Jake gave me another hit of poppers as Master John and Master Kevin began to slowly move their arms in and out of my asshole. The intense pain began to subside and I began to feel the pleasure of two fists up my ass. Working slowly in and out of my ass. Massaging my ass with their fists.


They continued for several more minutes before I felt them retracting their arms from my asshole.


"Ahhhhh!" I screamed again as their fists pasted through my sphincter muscle.


Finally, their hands popped out of my ass. I felt totally empty like I crave another object in me. Master John and Master Kevin stood and began kissing one another. Master Miguel's hard dick quickly replaced Master John and Master Kevin's fists.


Master Miguel said nothing as he began to pump my ass furiously with his nine inch rock hard dick. The sling was moving to the movement of Master Miguel's muscled body. He closed his eyes in ecstasy as he pumped and pumped his dick in and out of my ass. I felt him work himself into a stupor. His sweat was dripping from his body onto mine.


Master Jake was furiously working his dick with his hand. I saw Master Jake's big dick and hug balls swelling as he continued pumping his dick with his hand.


Master Miguel continued his attack on my ass until he screamed as he flooded my overused ass with his cum. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhhh... ahhhh... ahhhh... ahhh...!"


Almost in the instant, Master Miguel shot his load inside me, Master Jake's dick began to spew huge amounts of cum on my face and chest.


Once Master Miguel had pumped all of his cum in my ass, he rested my body on top of me while Master Jake steadied himself with the chains holding the sling up.


After everyone had recovered, my four Masters released me from the sling and pulled me to my feet. Master Jake held me so I wouldn't fall. He led me over to the center of the room. My other three masters put my hands in restraints that were attached to the ceiling above me and put my ankles in restraints attached to the floor. All of the restraints were tightened so I was standing with my arms and legs stretched as far apart as possible.


Master Jake explained the situation to Master John, "You have one hour before we need to head back to the house. He's all yours. Do whatever you like to him!"


I saw Master John pull out a very large whip with long leather strands from his back pack. Master Jake, Master Miguel, and Master Kevin disappeared down the stairs.




I woke up the next morning with Tim cuddling with me. His head was resting on my chest. James and Dennis were on the other side of the bed, also fast asleep.


"God I love you, Steven!" Tim whispered to me. "I hope you had a good time last night. I was expecting to wake up with a cum stained lover, but, instead, you smelled of a recent shower. That was very thoughtful of Jake and Miguel."


"Yes, it was," I whispered back. "And, I love you, too, Tim!" I pulled him tighter and we dosed off to sleep again.



To be continued...


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