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Life With Tim



I woke up the next morning with Tim cuddling with me. His head was resting on my chest. James and Dennis were on the other side of the bed, also fast asleep.


"God I love you, Steven!" Tim whispered to me. "I hope you had a good time last night. I was expecting to wake up with a cum stained lover, but, instead, you smelled of a recent shower. That was very thoughtful of Jake and Miguel."


"Yes, it was," I whispered back. "And, I love you, too, Tim!" I pulled him tighter and we dosed off to sleep again.


Chapter 24: Clothing Not Optional


Tim and I were sitting naked beside the pool waiting for our house guests to come downstairs after breakfast and our first guests to arrive for our Sunday brunch. "So, Tim," I said. "I told you about my time with Masters Jake, Miguel, Kevin, and John. How did your evening go with Dennis and James?"


"It was amazing," Tim began. "We got naked and came out here by the pool. We all shared hugs and kisses and, in general, did a lot of body fondling. We started off making love to each other on this very lounge chair. These things must be well built, because it is still here. I decided I wanted a taste of Dennis, so I sucked him off while James made love to Dennis. Then, James made love to me while Dennis sucked me off. Then, Dennis and I took turns inside James. At one point, I thought my dick was going to fall off. However, I know for a fact that I will be ready for your sloppy ass tonight after our brunch is over. But, sometime soon, I want us to make love out here."


"Promise?" I asked.


"Yup!" Tim answered with a smile.


James and Dennis were the first of our house guests to arrive at the pool. Both were naked. "I hope we were not interrupting anything?" James said as he pointed to our somewhat hard dicks.


"We were just talking about last night," Tim told them as he received kisses from Dennis and James. "I was telling him about our time outside."


"The only thing missing was your ass, Steven," James said as he and Dennis kissed me. "Remember our times in the bushes!"


"How could I forget? I'll make it up to you, James," I said. "However, we shouldn't use a lounge chair. We don't want destroy the pool furniture the first week here."


"I have a place picked out," James said with a smile. "It is perfect to showcase your ass and my dick!"


"The first time you wrecked my ass, I was holding onto the trunk of a tree," I reminded James.


"It was the highlight of my day!" James said enthusiastically.


"Mine, too!" I said.


"It's not even noon and you have already had a highlight of the day?" Master Miguel asked as he and Master Jake joined us.


"We were talking about when I first met Steven in the bushes several years ago," James explained. "There must have been 15 people watching before we were through!"


"Those bushes have never quite been the same after that momentous day!" I told the group as the doorbell rang.


Harvey escorted Master John and Master Kevin to the pool area. He had obviously suggested they make themselves comfortable. They were naked.


"Good afternoon, gentlemen!" Master John said. "This house is magnificent!"


"Thank you, Master John!" I said as he hugged me. "Tim and I scooped it up the moment we saw it on the Internet. Tim and I will give you a tour, but, in the meantime, get yourself something to drink. The bar is over there."


Master John and Master Kevin were returning with their Coronas when Clark and Mark arrived.


"Who was the lucky man who worked on putting those marks on your back?" Clark asked me.


"Master John, SIR!" I told Clark. "He is very, very good and extremely passionate about his craft.


The three remaining guests arrived almost at the same time: Ajmal, George, and a young friend of George's. Ajmal's naked body garnered several looks from most of our guests. His six foot, muscular body was covered in the front with jet black hair trimmed to a manageable length. His pubic hairs were shaved giving his cut dick prominence. His gorgeous back side was completely hairless and his ass cheeks stood out. George was equally impressive naked. His flaccid uncut cock looked huge. George's friend was about 5' 9" tall, had blond hair, blue eyes, a nicely formed smooth body, and a nice sized 7 inch dick standing at attention.


George introduced his friend to Tim and me, "Steven, Tim, I'd like you to meet Trevor. Trevor, these two hunks are our hosts."


"It is nice to meet you," Trevor said as we shook hands. "Thank you for letting me come with George... er... Master George."


"Our pleasure, Trevor," Tim said. "How did you two meet?"


"We met here last year during Memorial Day Weekend," George told us. "Trevor visits me whenever he can, right, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" Trevor added. "I commute back and forth from Boston to Provincetown."


"I've been trying to convince him to work for me at the real estate office," George said. "But, he doesn't want to be a kept boy as he put it the other day."


"If I hadn't been able to transfer my job to Chicago after I met Steven, I would have been in that position," Tim said. "But, looking back at how happy Steven and I have been since I moved to Chicago, I would do it in a flash!"


"Thanks for the sales job, Tim," George said to Tim. "But, Trevor's a very stubborn guy for a slave boy!"


"Work your magic, Tim," I said. "I am going to talk with Masters Jake, Miguel, John, Kevin, and Ajmal."


"Boy," Master Miguel said to me. "I'm glad you joined us. We have been talking about you."


"Yes, SIR!" I replied.


"Show Ajmal your back, boy," Master Jake ordered.


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I turned to show my whip marked back to Ajmal.


"Good work, John," Ajmal commented. "If I had been involved, the boy's body from the neck down would be covered with marks."


"We promised Tim that we would go easy this weekend," Master Jake said with a smile. "And, we accomplished that last night."


"You need to keep the boy's future husband happy or you won't have your toy to play with any more," Ajmal said.


"Tim is a very flexible guy, but he is the final word on any activity we plan for the boy," Master Jake said.


We continued to enjoy our guests throughout the afternoon. The last guest to leave was Ajmal. He and Master Jake had an animated talk for most of the afternoon. When Ajmal left, we were back to our gang of six.


"That was a lot of fun!" Tim announced as we all settled on lounges beside the pool.




On Tuesday morning, Master Jake and Master Miguel supervised my workout caloric intake as well as my workout routine at Mussel Beach. Tim came along to do his workout as well as watch the other men in the club. My muscles were sore as the four of us settled in beside the pool for our lunch after the workout.


"The gym was interesting to say the least," Tim announced. "Lots of sweaty muscle men. Of course, a lot of the muscle men were ogling my muscled boyfriend."


"Do you want to be responsible for the boy's workout while we are not here, Tim?" Master Jake asked. "Or, would you prefer we hire a trainer?"


"I think a trainer would be best," Tim answered. "I'll go with him, of course, but I don't think I am capable of pushing him like I know he needs to be pushed."


"We have two more weeks to find one," Master Miguel suggested. "Perhaps Clark's boy Mark would be able to help find a trainer for the boy!"


"You know, guys, unless you have a reason to head back to Chicago, you can stay longer if you'd like," Tim told my Masters.


"Thanks, Tim," Master Jake answered. "We should head back to take care of a few things."


"You are more than welcome to come back whenever you want," Tim continued. "We will definitely expect you here over the Fourth of July festivities! And, you can stay as long as you'd like! We are going back to Chicago the Wednesday before our wedding."


"Thank you, Tim," Master Miguel said. "We will definitely be here for the fourth. I promised my old company that I would help them out from time-to-time. It is still unclear about how much help they will be expecting in the next few months."


"We will need to get going soon for our appointment with Dr. Garmin," Master Jake announced. "Put these shorts on, boy! No shirt. Do you have the boy's collar, Miguel?"


I pulled on the super tight cut offs, pulled on my socks and lace up boots and stood before Master Miguel. Once he had the collar secured, he handed the leash to Master Jake who clipped it onto the belt loop of his khaki shorts. He had on a black polo shirt that bulged with his huge chest and biceps. Master Miguel and Tim were similarly dressed.


Once we arrive at Mr. Garmin's cottage-like office, Tim rang the bell. We were greeted by a well-built man in his late forties. "Good afternoon, gentlemen. I am Dr. Garmin. Please come into my office."


Tim made the introductions and we settled in four chairs in front of Dr. Garmin's desk. "It is nice to finally meet you, gentlemen!" Dr. Garmin said as he surveyed my upper body. "Please take off all of your clothing so I can get a better look at what we will be working with."


Master Jake removed the leash from my collar. I stood and removed my boots and socks and then pulled the tight cutoff shorts off my body. I stood there naked awaiting further instructions.


Dr. Garmin moved from behind his desk to stand in front of me. He began to caress my chest, abs, and crotch before he turned me around. He caressed my back and ass. He turned me around again so I was facing him.


"Gentlemen, you have a marvelous hunk of man here!" Dr. Garmin announced. "I can see why you want to move forward with transforming his body. How long has it been since he had his body waxed?"


"It was done Saturday afternoon following his session at the gym," Master Jake explained.


Dr. Garmin took both of my balls in his hands and squeezed them. He let them go and concentrated on my growing uncut dick. He pulled on my foreskin and pulled it back to reveal the head of my cock.


"I have several suggestions beyond the permanent hair removal," Dr. Garmin said as he took his seat behind his desk. I stood beside Master Jake. "But, first we will talk about the hair removal issue. How much of the hair do you want to be permanently removed?"


"The only thing we want left are his eye lashes," Tim announced. "Everything else, we want removed including the hair on his head and his eyebrows."


"There are a few options I want you to consider," Dr. Garmin continued. "The first would entail traditional electrolysis. That is a slow process and sometimes almost impossible to deliver an entirely hairless body. It is also extremely expensive."


Dr. Garmin paused before he continued, "There are two other approaches that I think would make more sense in this situation. One is a pill that he would take every day for at least one year. You would see his body hair fall out within about two months. But, to make it permanent, the treatment would continue for at least a full year. There are some side effects. He would probably become impotent. Once the treatment is finished, that side effect goes away. He would however lose his eye lashes as well."


Dr. Garmin stood up again and stood in front of me. He turned me around and caressed my ass again. "The third and final option is one that I helped develop. I spent many years studying holistic medicine and American Indian treatments. We have developed a regimen of using herbs and oils to remove body hair. Over a series of treatments, we coat the body with a cream developed from several herbs and oils. After several treatments the boy's body hair will be nonexistent where the cream is applied. Each treatment takes about two hours. And, another benefit to this treatment is that the oils bring out and intense luster to the skin. There are no side effects that we have observed over the course of administering this treatment for the last five years. My partner, also my husband, Dr. Jamison and I have used this treatment on approximately 40 men each of the five years we have been doing this."


Dr. Garmin stopped caressing my ass and turned me around to face him. "I would need to see him three times a week. This plan will continue for eight weeks. By the fourth week of treatment, he will have shed almost all of his hair. After the eight weeks of treatment, it is almost permanent. However, we recommend another week of treatments over three days every two months. So, you are looking at 24 treatments in the first two months and 30 additional follow up treatments. Each treatment costs $1,000. Is that within your budget?"


"We are not concerned with the money at this point in our lives, doctor," Tim announced. "This is something Steven wants and it is something the three of us want."


"Very good," Dr. Garmin continued. "I said there were a few other things that I could do to augment his body transformation. These are completely optional, but I think it is my duty to let you know what is possible."


"We are very interested in hearing your thoughts regarding the boy's body, Dr. Garmin," Master Miguel said.


"I think your boy's body is extremely well developed and very appealing, but some men like to add some additional appeal," Dr. Garmin explained. "The first procedure we could do pertains to his balls. There is an injectable medication that helps infertile men with sperm production. Each ball is injected with a dose of this medication once every other month. The secondary result is that the testicle usually enlarges by at least three times its original size. This, however, is not permanent. The treatment is administered every other month until the fertility issue is resolved. However, my partner and I have successfully used this treatment over several years where the interested parties want an intense genital look. The only side effects are that the boy will be extremely horny until treatment is stopped."


"And, what is the cost of this treatment?" Master Jake asked.


"The medication and single use injection equipment are $100 per injection or $200 every two months," Dr. Garmin explained. "That does not include my fee. Under normal circumstances, the patient is placed under sedation and is done in an outpatient facility. However, depending on your situation and desires, we have injected the medication without sedation. The injection takes about 5 minutes to fully enter each testicle. The patient needs to be securely restrained—a bondage table is often used. And, I don't charge my fee if it is administered in this fashion. Otherwise, I charge $500 for two injections."


"We will think about this option," Tim said to Master Jake and Master Miguel. "I personally am going to leave that up to his Masters Jake and Miguel. What else?"


"The other item is often not considered when the patient is as well-endowed as your boy," Dr. Garmin began to explain the next option. "However, the results are phenomenally attractive and permanent. Again, this procedure was derived from the study of American Indians practices. In most tribes, the stature of a warrior was derived from the size of the man's penis. So, warriors frequently underwent this particular transformation. Sometimes the patient's penis can be enlarged from one to three inches in length. Also, the circumference is also somewhat enlarged, maybe by half an inch if not more. The procedure involves stretching the penis usually using a weight for several hours a week and massaging the prostate. Also, there are five extremely viable exercises to improve the result. My partner and I have discovered that using a vacuum pump along with the procedure enhances the results. And, unlike most vacuum pump sessions, these enhancements are most often also very permanent if followed immediately after the stretching and other exercises."


"And, the cost of this enhancement?" Master Miguel asked with an incredibly sadistic smile.


"I can show you how to do it," Dr. Garmin explained. "The stretching equipment runs around $50. I suspect you may already have a vacuum pump system. My only fee would be the use of the boy's ass occasionally for the rest of the summer."


"Any other ideas?" Tim asked.


"Not that are relevant in this situation," Dr. Garmin told Tim with a smile. "I sometimes recommend chest augmentation and other artificial means of body enhancement. However, I can see from the boy's body that this is totally unnecessary. Any questions, gentlemen?"


"When could we get started with the hair removal treatment using the lotion you mentioned?" Tim asked. "Steven and I are getting married the last weekend in July in Chicago. Does that impact our treatment cycle?"


"We can get started next Monday afternoon, if you like. And, your late July wedding will absolutely not be a problem," Dr. Garmin answered. "I assume you are returning to Provincetown after the wedding."


"Yup!" Tim said with a smile. "I told Steven that since we paid a fucking fortune for this house here, I wanted us to have our honeymoon here. We will not be having guests for two weeks after we get married."


"Where is your house?" Dr. Garmin asked.


"It is on Round Creek Road," Tim answered.


"Oh! You're the new owners of the contemporary place that was on the market in that neighborhood?" Dr. Garmin asked.


"Yes," Tim answered. "It's on 9 Round Creek Road."


"I suspect then that I will not need to do a credit check," Dr. Garmin said with a smile.


When we left Dr. Garmin's office, I was again dressed in black lace up boots, the tight fitting cutoffs, and my collar. Tim had my leash hooked around his belt loop. We were on our way to see Jerome, the tattoo artist and piercing dude.


Jerome was waiting for us behind the reception desk when we arrived at his parlor. Tim again made the introductions.


"I am excited to meet you," Jerome said to Tim, Master Jake, and Master Miguel. Then, he turned to me, "You are going to be a delight to work with."


"Thank you, SIR!" I said to Jerome. Jerome was about 5' 9" tall and shirtless. His shaved head stood out as did his tattooed, muscled arms and hairless chest. His tight gym short left NOTHING to the imagination!


"Guys," Jerome began. "Just to let you know, I do not have a private area in my studio. So, you should be prepared to be on display while I work on your body. I find that working publicly is a terrific source of advertising and inspires my creativity. Do you have a problem with that?"


"Nope," Tim told Jerome. "Steven's Masters Jake and Miguel were hoping you would let him film the process for an upcoming porn movie. Would that be okay with you?"


"Absolutely," Jerome said. "Especially if you mention the name of my studio."


"We will not only mention your studio, we will put your address and phone number in the credits and on our website!" Master Jake promised.


"Cool, dudes!" Jerome enthused. "I always wanted to be a porn star! Now, dudes, tell me what you want."


"First off, Jerome," Master Jake began. "I think it would help if you could see the boy naked. Do you mind if he strips?"


"Of course not!" Jerome enthused. "Be prepared for some influx of browsers, however. A naked man in here brings out the lust in a lot of locals as well as tourists."


"Strip, boy!" Master Jake ordered.


I quickly slipped off my boots, socks, and shorts. I stood in front of Jerome naked except my collar.


"Do you know Dr. Garmin, Jerome?" Master Jake asked.


"Of course!" Jerome answered. "What self-respecting gay boy doesn't know Dr. Garmin and his husband?"


"We just paid him a visit," Master Jake continued. "He will be removing the boy's body hair over the course of the next few months. We are considering having the treatment to enlarge the boy's balls, but we are concerned about adding piercings to his scrotum before or after treatment."


"Let me show you something," Jerome said as he pulled down his gym shorts. His balls were huge. And, he had at least 15 rings in his scrotum. "Dr. Garmin did my balls almost two years ago. He also removed all of my pubic hair, chest hair, and stomach hair. Now, I'm trying to decide on the ink to put down there. I'm also considering his treatment to enlarge my dick, but my boyfriend doesn't want me to do it. He thinks I am already big enough at 9 inches. He said he didn't think he would be able to take my dick up his ass if I were bigger. I'm trying to find someone with a bigger cock to fuck him so he can see if he likes it."


"Jake might be able to help with that project," Tim said with a smile.


"Hot damn!" Jerome said. "Now, what is the rest of your plan?"


"The boy gets whipped from time to time. Sometimes he gets severely whipped. So, we thought we should leave his back and stomach tattoo free so the whips wouldn't ruin the tattoos," Master Jake began his laundry list for tattoos on my body. "Picture him with a tight white tank top and a pair of skimpy briefs. We want his arms tattooed from the armholes on the tank top to his wrists. We want his legs also completely inked from the leg openings of the skimpy briefs to his ankles. Naturally, we want the outline of the tattoo depictions to be black, but we want the images to be brightly colored in reds, greens, blues, and yellows. Mostly primary colors if possible." What are your thoughts?"


"I have some ideas," Jerome replied. "I understand your thoughts about not tattooing the boy's back because he gets whipped severely. But, I wouldn't let that stop you from putting some ink on the boy's back. I've seen guys with tattoos all over their back who have been whipped. Most of the time, the whipping does nothing permanent to the tattoos. If the whipping is so severe that the boy's back is permanently marked, the tattoos can really be enhanced with more ink added to the permanent mark."


"Now, you really need to think about adding some ink to his chest," Jerome continued. "The boy has a magnificent chest and I think it will be even more pleasurable to look at and play with if it had some ink on it. I have also wanted to do this to some boy's ass, so bear with me if you will. I would like to put a replica of a pocket on his right ass cheek. We could add various hankies popping out of the pocket. Red, blue, yellow, black, etc. I would do that for nothing because I have wanted to do it for so, so long. I wouldn't do anything to his stomach or crotch area. You might, however, consider adding a snake like tattoo wrapped around the boy's dick. It looks really hot when he goes from soft to hard. I need an idea about the images you want on the boy's arms and legs. What about something going from the back of the boy's neck up to the middle of his head?"


"Do you have any idea how much all of this will cost and how long it will take to do it?" Master Miguel asked.


"It won't be cheap," Jerome told us. "Probably $5,000 per arm and $7,500 per leg. Everything depends on the detail. I could start anytime you want. Usually, the person receiving the ink can only last about 2 hours at a time. However, if you want results faster, we can restrain the boy and put a gag in his mouth so the screaming won't be too loud. On the other hand, we could leave out the gag. Personally, I like to hear the screams."


"We want the piercings first," Tim told Jerome. "In order of appearance, we would like about 10 rings on his scrotum. Next, tit rings followed by ear rings. And, finally, a Pierce Albert."


"I can do the scrotum, tit rings, and ear rings in one session," Jerome explained. "I assume you want to do this without pain killers."


"Definitely without pain killers," Master Jake said. "We also want to film the piercings."


"Terrific!" Jerome said. "The boy will definitely be screaming when we do the Pierce Albert without numbing the area."


"Do you want to do it at our house?" Tim asked.


"I prefer here," Jerome said with a sadistic smile. "I do my best work when a boy's screaming causes a crowd to form."


"How do you want us to pay for it?" Tim asked.


"I take all major forms of credit cards, cash, and, occasionally, trade," Jerome said with a smile. "I'll bet the boy has a terrific ass to fuck!"


"We could let you use the boy's ass after each appointment instead of a tip," Tim said.


"You are my kind of man, Tim!" Jerome said with a huge grin on his face. "This is going to be so, so much fun!"


There were several people watching in the store.




When we returned to the house, Dennis and James were sitting beside the pool. "Hello, guys," I said after the four of us stripped and took our places at the pool.


"How did things go with the doctor and the tattoo guy?" James asked.


"Just peachy!" Tim answered. "I for one an extremely excited! Both Dr. Garmin and Jerome the tattoo artist were really cool guys. They had some excellent ideas about our transformation project."


"Do you care to share?" Dennis said.


"We can share our experiences over cocktails," Tim suggested. "It is 6 in the afternoon after all! Then, before dinner, I am going to take my sweetie upstairs and show him just how excited I am!"


Harvey appeared as usual out of nowhere, "What can I get all of you to drink?"


"Two vodka on the rocks for Steven and me," Tim answered.


"Same for us," Master Jake decided.


"Scotch on the rocks for me," James said. "Dennis?"


"Same as James, Harvey," Dennis said.


"So, tell us about your afternoon," James suggested.


"Well, we first went to Dr. Garmin's office for a discussion with him," Tim began to explain. "Dr. Garmin is not only an extremely well known doctor within the gay community, but also he might be a sadist. Did you get that impression Jake?"


"There is no question in my mind," Master Jake agreed. "He certainly took his time fondling Steven's body. Not that I blame him any, but I think he was almost ready to blow a load before we left the office."


"Dr. Garmin gave us several options for getting rid of the hair on Steven's body," Tim continued. "We decided that we would go with the least invasive and most natural option which involves some techniques and practices found in some of the American Indian religious rites and medical procedures. It involves using herbs and natural oils to cause the hair to fall out naturally. It will take several sessions, but, in just a few weeks, Steven will essentially be hairless. He will continue treatment for a complete year to make it totally permanent."


"No more shaving, huh, Steven," James said.


"Nope!" I said as I smiled at James. "I will have more free time to devote to my hobbies."


"We also will need to consider a couple other options for Steven's body," Tim continued. "One involves injecting a fertility drug directly into each of Steven's balls. They supposedly get two to three times larger than they are now. He can do that once every two months to maintain the size or stop the injections to let his balls go back to normal."


"I know a guy who does that," James said. "His were more like four times bigger, and he was horny as shit. He was a bottom and wanted to be fucked almost incessantly. I would suggest you at least try it, Tim! The size of his prostate also increased so he cums a lot while being fucked."


"I thought it sounded hot," Tim said. "What about you guys?"


"We should try it out," Master Jake said. "I know a couple of guys from Indianapolis who did it. They are addicted to both the size and the endurance they get from the treatment."


"The other involves another American Indian religious rite," Tim began. "It involves stretching the penis until it is permanently bigger. Steven is adequately hung for me, but I think it would look really good with huge balls."


"When would, all of this start?" Dennis asked.


"Dr. Garmin will start the hair removal procedures next Monday afternoon," Tim said excitedly. "We would want to wait until we have a big group of guys together for the injections. We are going to do it without sedation or pain killers. From what Dr. Garmin implied, there will be a lot of screaming going on."


"You seem quiet, Steven," Dennis suggested. "Is something wrong?"


"Sorry if I do seem quiet," I told Dennis. "I was just thinking about all of this. I definitely hope that we can do all of the procedures that Dr. Garmin suggested. And, Tim, if you want to have a group together for the injection phase, I suggest that we schedule this for July Fourth Weekend. I think I want that more than almost any of the other procedures and work on my body. I also want to work on getting a bigger dick. That is just my thoughts on the subject. The real decision will be yours, Tim, and Masters Jake and Miguel."


"Then, let's do it!" Master Miguel suggested.


"I agree," Master Jake said.


"So, it is confirmed," Tim said. "Scream infused ball injection will happen July 4th weekend. Will you need to be re-measured for your tux pants?"


"Maybe," I said to Tim. "But, we will all have what we want. I also want the piercings on the scrotum, nipples, and ears to be done before our wedding. Do you have a problem with that, Tim?"


"Not at all!" Tim exclaimed. "I will be spending two weeks with you alone in this house after we are married. I intend to be naked and in bed with you for most of our time here. I am looking forward to pulling your rings, sucking on your big balls, and sitting on your huge dick. I was also thinking of having my ears pierced... maybe even my nipples. Do you have a problem with that, boyfriend?"


"Nope," I answered with a huge smile.


"What about the tattoos?" Miguel asked. "When do you want to start on those?"


"Steven?" Tim asked.


"Tomorrow will not be soon enough," I told the group. "But, you need to figure out what you want. Ink is easy to add, but difficult to remove. I like Jerome's idea of a snake encircling my dick. I would like to leave the tattoo Jerome suggested off my ass. I want to keep that area free in case my Masters want to give me a brand."


"What about the chest and head tattoos Jerome mentioned?" Tim asked me.


"I want as much ink on my body as I can possibly get, Tim," I said. "But that decision will be yours and Masters Jake and Miguel to make."


"Boyfriend," Tim hissed at me. "We need to go to our bedroom for a few minutes. I need to talk to you about a few things."


"Why do I think there will not be a lot of conversation going on?" Harvey said to the group as he asked the group for another round of drinks.


"So, boyfriend," Tim ordered when we were finally in our bedroom. "On your back! I want that dick hard and I want it hard now!"


It didn't take me long to fulfill Tim's order. He grabbed the lube from the night stand and slathered my dick with it. He perched his ass at the tip of my dick and impaled himself on my rock hard dick.


"That's more like it, boyfriend!" Tim almost screamed as he began to caress my chest and nipples as he started to ride my dick. I grabbed his dick with my right hand and began to tweak Tim's nipples with my left hand. Left nipple. Right nipple. Left nipple. Right nipple. "I will never be more in love with you than I am right now, Steven. But, just the thought of you with big balls, an even bigger dick, and a hairless body covered with tattoos and piercings makes me fucking horny! During our honeymoon you will be in my ass more than you ever thought!"


"And, you are going to be in mine more than you ever thought, Timothy!" I whispered.


"Maybe we could both try the dick enlargement techniques Dr. Garmin suggested," Tim whispered back. "In the meantime, if you don't stop playing with my nipples and massaging my dick, you are going to get loads and loads of cum all over your beautiful body!"


"I'm not stopping," I hissed back.


Seconds later, Tim's ass began to convulse as he unloaded onto my body. The contraction of his ass muscles pushed me over the top, too. I was screaming as I unloaded into my lover's ass, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh..."


Tim remained impaled on my dick as he leaned down to kiss me. "That, boyfriend... was terrific... sex!"


"I... agree!" I said. "Why is it... you make me... so happy?"


"Because... I am... adorable!" Tim said between kisses. "Do you think... we should... join our... guests?"


"Yup," I said. "Shower?"


"Nope," Tim said as he popped off my still hard dick.




On the first Monday after Memorial Day, Master Jake, Master Miguel, Tim, and I went to the gym for our morning workout. Tim did his workout by himself as Master Jake and Master Miguel directed my workout. Master Jake had selected a tight pair of red spandex gym shorts and a tight, white tank top for me to workout in. Tim had on some rather skimpy shorts himself which showed the outline of his dick and balls. He was going commando.


Tim's workout was punctuated with visits with some extremely attractive men. My workout, on the other hand, was all business with Master Jake and Master Miguel pushing me to use heavier and heavier weights. A crowd had formed around me as I did the bench press exercises. Master Miguel was explaining my workout routine to a few extremely muscled guys.


"Steven is on a special 6,000 diet to maximize his workout and to yield the results we are looking for," Master Miguel explained to the assembled group. "He works out six days each week. And, we push him daily to use the maximum weights he can sustain. We are also transforming his body in a number of other ways that include permanently removing all of his body hair, adding tattoos, and augmenting the look we are after with several piercings."


"How are you planning on permanently removing his body hair?" One muscle stud asked.


"He will be starting treatment today under the supervision of Dr. Garmin who has his office in Provincetown during the summer," Master Miguel explained. "He developed a natural process using herbs and oils that were coating the boy's body where we want the hair removed—which will be everywhere except his eye lashes."


"You mentioned tattoos and piercings," another muscle dude asked. "Like what?"


"We are using a tattoo artist and piercing expert here in Provincetown," Master Miguel explained. "His name is Jerome and he owns the Ink Blot Body Imaging Studio on Commercial Street. We are filming this process to be used in a movie we are producing."


"Sounds hot," the first muscle stud said. "When is the movie being released?"


"We don't have a release date yet," Master Miguel explained. "It is an S&M themed studio and we will be delivering movies on demand over the Internet. Here is our business card. We should have the web site running shortly. The boy is our technology expert as well as one of the stars of our first movie."


"Who are the other people in the movie?" the same muscle stud asked.


"Jake and myself," Master Miguel explained. "The tattoo and piercing artist will also be in the film documenting his work on the boy's body. Drop by the studio tomorrow afternoon. Jerome will be adding the first few piercings to the boy's body. The work will be on public display."


"Fucking A!" The muscle stud exclaimed. "I, for one, will definitely be at the studio."


We continued my workout and headed home for lunch after we finished.


Once we were eating lunch Harvey prepared, Tim told us about his experience at the gym. "I am definitely going to find another pair of gym shorts like the ones I had on today. About six guys talked to me at the gym. I was given four phone numbers. I almost came in my gym shorts when one of the dudes introduced himself."


"Which one was he?" I asked.


"Did you see the tall black guy?" Tim explained. "His name is Richard. He lives in Provincetown during the summer. He's a publisher of gay themed books and magazines. His dick and balls were nearly falling out of his gym shorts!"


"Was he hung?" Master Jake asked with a smile.


"He wasn't hard, but it looked like he was fucking huge," Tim said. "Hopefully, I will find out before the summer is over!"


"Okay, men," Master Jake said. "We need to be on our way to Dr. Garmin's office for the boy's first treatment. Are you coming with us, Tim?"


"I wouldn't miss it for the world," Tim answered. "I just need to control my hard dick so I don't draw too much attention."


"Don't control it, Tim," Master Miguel suggested. "You'll meet a lot more men that way."


Master Jake and Master Miguel handed me a pair of grey gym shorts to wear to the appointment. I also had on a pair of gym shoes without socks and my collar. "Okay, boy!" Master Jake commanded. "Let's go! We have a doctor waiting!"


Dr. Garmin greeted us at his office door, "Good afternoon, men! I am looking forward to our time together today. You can take off your clothes and stand on the platform under the lights."


I stripped and took my place on the platform as Dr. Garmin had directed. The lights were not only bright, but also hot.


Dr. Garmin turned off all but one lamp and took a large container of a paste in one hand. The paste was orange and had a strong odor. It smelled like a cross between dirty socks and urine.


"I know this smells a little unpleasant, but once we get this on your body, it will change as it reacts with your skin and hair follicles," Dr. Garmin explained as he began to coat my body with the paste. He started with my head and worked his way down my body. Once he had every inch of my body coated with the paste, he added a little in my asshole.


"We put some in your asshole so we get all of the hair. Otherwise, you would have some unsightly hair in the crack of your ass," Dr. Garmin explained.


Dr. Garmin took a spray bottle and began to spray the treated area. He placed my hands on two small platforms to hold my arms away from my body. He also added a clip to my foreskin to hold the dick straight out. He also put something in the crack of my ass to hold the cheeks away from each other. He turned on all of the lights again. I felt my sweat forming under the paste. My skin also began to tingle slightly.


"Now, we wait!" Dr. Garmin said to everyone including me. "May I offer you gentlemen something to drink? I have water, beer, wine, vodka, scotch, and, probably, some other spirits."


"Water for me," Tim said. Master Jake and Master Miguel also elected to have some water.


The four of them sat and discussed the upcoming ball injection. After about an hour under the lights, Dr. Garmin turned on another set of lights. They cast a red glow across the room.


"The lights help the paste do its work to remove the boy's hair," Dr. Garmin explained. "The lights also make the boy sweat below the paste to help infuse the mixture into the hair follicles."


"After I rinse the paste off the boy, I will fuck him," Dr. Garmin explained. "Do you want to observe or do you want me to fuck him in private?"


"We would like to observe," Master Jake said. "Tim?"


"Absolutely!" Tim said energetically


Once Dr. Garmin rinsed the paste off my body, he began to strip. He was a hunk of a man with an absolutely smooth, hairless body from the neck down. His balls were gigantic.


"I practice what I preach," Dr. Garmin told Master Jake, Master Miguel, and Tim as he moved in front of me. He pushed my head down on his thick uncut semi-hard cock. "Suck it to get me hard, boy!"


I took all of Dr. Garmin's growing cock into my mouth and began to use my mouth and tongue to get Dr. Garmin extremely hard. His hard 9 inch uncut dick was completely hard in no time. His dick was an amazing piece of meat. The girth of his dick looked like that large end of a baseball bat. "Now, boy! Stand up and turn around."


I stood up and turned around so my back was facing Dr. Garmin's front. He applied some lube to my ass and to his dick. "Bend over, boy!"


I bent over and grasp my ankles with my hands. I felt Dr. Garmin's dick forced into my ass with one long, swift, powerful stroke.


"Aaaahhhh!" I moaned in pain as Dr. Garmin's dick was balls deep into my ass.


"Such a nice ass, boy!" Dr. Garmin hissed. "I am not going to last long, but, the next time you are here, I am going to fuck you until hell freezes over!"


Dr. Garmin began to arduously pump his big dick in and out of my ass. He was putting every muscle in his body into working my ass. He was sweating profusely when I heard him moan several minutes later. I felt his copious loads of cum pour into my ass as he managed to keep standing as his body convulsed.


When he had regained his composure sufficiently, he pulled his semi-hard dick out of my ass. "God! That was good! Just what the doctor ordered! Now, boy, get dressed and go into the waiting room. I need to talk with Tim, Jake, and Miguel privately."


I slipped on my gym shorts and sneakers and went to the waiting room to await Tim and my Masters.


The four stepped into the waiting room as they were saying good bye to each other.


"Come on, boy!" Master Jake ordered. "Tim wants your body before cocktails and dinner tonight!"


Once we were home, Tim and I went upstairs to our bedroom to explore body parts.




Tuesday's workout drew an increasingly interesting and well-built group of men circulating around me as Master Jake and Master Miguel supervised my workout. Tim was also engaged with a crowd of well-wishers. He did find several additional pair of gym shorts that were so successful yesterday.


His friend Richard joined Tim during his workout. When we were all finished, Tim and Richard made their way over to where Master Jake, Master Miguel, and I were wrapping up my routine.


"Guys," Tim said. "I'd like you to meet Richard Johnson. Richard, this is Jake, Miguel, and my boyfriend Steven. Richard is the publisher of gay themed books and magazines."


"Hello, men!" Richard greeted us. He was about six feet tall with a nicely muscled chest and biceps. And, Tim was correct, Richard was hung like a horse. It was obvious that he was going commando and the outline of his soft dick and monster balls left nothing to the imagination. "Tim has been telling me about your business and your relationship with one another. I am interested in having someone from one of the magazines I publish to do an interview with all of you."


"What's the name of the magazine?" Master Jake asked.


"Alternative Relationships," Richard told us. "The magazine focuses on relationships that involve some form of Master/slave or S&M bonds. I could see a piece that focuses not only on your relationship with one another, but also your new business. Would you be interested?"


"We would certainly be interested in talking about this in greater detail," Master Jake told Richard with a lot of enthusiasm. "You would be welcome to join us at a tattoo studio this afternoon and observe our transformation of Steven's body. We will have cameras filming the piercing process. The studio is Ink Blot Body Imaging Studio on Commercial Street. The owner Jerome is the artist. He will be filmed for our first movie release. We will start filming around 2 pm this afternoon."


"Outstanding!" Richard enthused. "I will be there for certain. Maybe we can talk over a drink after you are finished at the studio."


We ate lunch again on the patio beside the pool. When we were finished, Master Jake announced his intentions. "We have some film to make at Jerome's, men! Let's get going. We don't want to be late for Jerome's debut!"


When we arrived at Jerome's studio, there were several men milling about the studio. Two of the men were the muscle guys Master Miguel had talked to earlier yesterday morning at the gym. Richard was also there.


"Gentlemen!" Jerome greeted us. "I hope you are ready to get started. I for one am extremely excited. Your camera crew arrived several minutes ago. So, boy! You need to get naked! I will join you, too! I find I work better when I am naked than I do with clothes on."


The cameras were already running. One focused on me. Another focused on Jerome. The third and final camera was panning the studio to capture the reaction of the onlookers.


I didn't have much to take off, but I tried to be as seductive as possible.


"Before we begin," Jerome said after he had stripped. "You need to make some decisions regarding the jewelry. I suggested for the scrotum piercings we used rings of varying sizes. The largest rings will be at the base of the cock and they will get smaller with each piercing. We could either do a bar or a ring for the nipples. I recommend we start with medium sized bars. We can increase the size over the course of several months. Now, what do you want for the earrings?"


"I have that covered," Tim said. "I bought these. They have a one-quarter carat diamond mounted on each stud."


"Perfect, Tim!" Jerome exclaimed.


"I'm glad you like them," Tim said proudly. "Steven! What do you think?"


"I love them, Tim!" I said as I gave my lover a kiss.


"I want the boy strapped to the table for the scrotum piercings," Jerome said. "We don't want the boy to move. I don't want to accidentally cut the boy's dick off!"


Jerome strapped me onto the table so I couldn't move. My legs were tied so that they were wide apart and folded against my upper body. It looked like I was getting prepared to be fucked.


One camera was pointed over Jerome's should to catch the action of the actual piercing. The other was pointed at my face to capture any facial movements during the piercing. The third camera alternately panned the room full of onlookers and Jerome's face.


"I am putting on an antiseptic to prevent any infections," Jerome told the group and the cameras. "I will also be using sterile needles. One for each piercing."


I felt Jerome gather some of the skin of my scrotum between his fingers. When the needle went in, I gasped. "Ahhh!"


Jerome quickly added the other nine rings. Each time I moaned at the pain of the needles going through my skin.


"There!" Jerome said as he showed the piercings to Tim and my Masters as well as the camera. "Looks quite nice, I think!"


"Very nice," Tim agreed.


Jerome moved his utensils so he could work on my nipples. He released my legs from the restraints.


"This is what I love doing the most," Jerome said with a smile. "It will hurt a little more than the scrotum piercings because I am using a larger needle to accommodate the larger diameter of the bars."


Again, Jerome applied an antiseptic before he slid the needle through my nipple. "Ahhhhhh!" I moaned.


He did the second nipple and then added the earrings.


"Now, how do you want to work my tip, Tim?" Jerome asked with a smile.


"Do you mind fucking him with the cameras running and an audience?" Tim asked Jerome.


"I do my best fucking with an audience," Jerome said with a smile. "I've never done it on camera, but I am willing to try."


"Why not put his legs back in the restrains so you can have access to the boy's ass?" Master Jake suggested.


"Marvelous idea!" Jerome enthused.


Master Jake and Master Miguel put my legs back in the restraints as Jerome rolled on a condom. He crawled on the table between my legs. He put lube on his hard, condom covered dick before he positioned himself at my asshole.


As Jerome prepared to mount me, he whispered into my ear. "Get used to this, boy! I am going to fuck you every time you come to the studio for some work. I love to fuck muscled slave boys!"


The cameras pointed directly at Jerome's dick aligned with my ass. Another recorded my facial expressions. The third camera moved to catch the action of both Jerome and me as well as the audience. By this time, at least 20 men crowded into the studio.


"Aaaaahhhh!" I moaned as Jerome slammed his nine inch dick into my ass all of the way to his balls.


"Fuck, boy!" Jerome enthused. "You have a fabulous ass!"


Jerome raised his body off mine. He supported himself with his muscular arms. Jerome didn't waste time as he began to pound my ass. He built up the momentum with every stab of his dick into my ass. The table was shaking as Jerome continued his pounding. His sweat dripped from his body onto mine. Jerome was breathing heavily, but he showed no sign of relenting in his attach of my ass. My dick was hard and growing increasingly sensitive with every thrust of Jerome's dick in and out of my ass. Finally, I couldn't contain myself and I began spewing my cum all over my body. Most of the cum landed on my stomach, but several ropes landed on my chest. One even hit me in the face.


The contractions of my ass around Jerome's dick sent him over the top. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" Jerome screamed as he collapsed on top of me. His hairless sweaty body felt good resting on top of my hairless, sweaty body.


"Shit, boy!" Jerome finally said as he began to recover. "I'm going to really enjoy working with you, your Masters, and your boyfriend this summer. I haven't cum this hard in ages!"


Jerome climbed off me and onto the floor beside the table. His dick was semi-hard and sweat was still pouring off his muscled body. Master Jake and Master Miguel began loosening the restraints.


I heard Richard softly say to Tim, "That was fucking hot!"


"I thought so, too!" Tim whispered back. "Kiss me!"


Richard and Tim were immediately lip locked as I was helped off the piercing table. One of the cameras caught their passionate kiss.


Once I was off the table, Richard and Tim walked over to me, "Steven! I need to examine Jerome's handy work."


Tim grabbed my balls and held them out for Richard to see. "These are perfect! Now, I can't wait for the Prince Albert! Of course, I like the nipple rings and I am going to really enjoy playing with those as soon as they heal. What do you think, Richard?"


Richard took my balls in his hand. "I agree, Tim. These are terrific. When will his nipple rings be healed enough to play with?"


"I don't know yet," Tim confided. "I need to speak with Jerome about that. So, Richard, how would you like to join Steven and me for a nap at our place in a few moments?"


"I'd love to join you, Tim," Richard answered. "That is unless Steven wants to be alone with you to let you sample his new rings."


"Tim will need help," I told Richard. "I will need help. I hope you will need help."


"Then, it's settled," Richard said. "Let's go help one another."


"I need to speak with Jerome, and then we can dash," Tim said as he wandered off to speak with Jerome.


While Tim was away, Richard pulled me in for a hug and kiss. "You are... one sexy... slave boy...! And, Tim... is one sexy... man...! I am... one lucky... man!" Richard said between kisses.


"Steven," Tim said to me. "I don't mean to break this up, but you need to put on some clothes for our trip home. Even though I would like nothing better than to walk home with you naked, we don't want another run-in with the police. You are still paying off your first offense."




After our play session, Richard, Tim, and I joined our guests by the pool. "How was your nap, Tim?" James asked.


"Perfect," Tim told the group. "It is amazing what a nap can do for one's mood!"


"Speaking of moods," Master Jake said. "I heard from the film crew. They apparently got a lot of great footage. I am sending it off to our film editor in Chicago tomorrow. The camera crew lead said he thought Jerome and the boy will make terrific porn stars. Both apparently showed a lot of enthusiasm on camera!"


"Steven's enthusiasm even transcends into napping," Richard said with a smile. He turned his attention to James and Dennis. "How do you two fit into the picture with Tim, Steven, Jake, and Miguel?"


"Steven and I met several years ago," James said with a smile. "We've been friends ever since."


"Dennis works for the same company I did until I left them the first of April," I told Richard. "He is on the fast track up the corporate ladder, so to speak."


"Thanks to you, Steven," Dennis said. "I would still be working in customer service and living with my ex-boyfriend Harrold if it weren't for Steven's intervention."


"And, what company might that be?" Richard asked.


"eSquare," I told Richard. "It is a telecommunication company I started with after I graduated from college. I was one of their first employees."


"It is cocktail time," Tim announced. "Let's see how long it takes Harvey to appear."


"May I get you gentlemen something to drink?" Harvey asked as he appeared out of the woodwork.


Once he had our drink orders passed out, Harvey again disappeared.


"Just to let you know, I think Harvey has the place bugged," Tim said. "He seems to appear whenever his name is mentioned."


We continued our conversation over dinner. James and Dennis were the first to disappear upstairs. Richard, Tim, and I followed shortly. Master Jake and Master Miguel lounged by the pool and finished their last drink.




Richard was part of the gym team for the rest of the week. He had to return to New York to work on an issue with his publishing business on Friday afternoon. Dennis and James were almost glued together as their last weekend before separation approached. Master Jake and Master Miguel were plotting something. They were happiest when they were hatching a plot.


On Friday afternoon after Tim and I finished our afternoon romp following my treatment at Dr. Garmin's office, Master Jake and Master Miguel knocked on our bedroom door.


"Come in," Tim yelled.


"I hope we weren't interrupting anything!" Master Jake said with a smile. Tim was still impaled on my dick.


"We were just talking about you," Tim said. He did not move to get off my dick. We were both covered in cum. "Weren't we, Steven?"


"We were?" I asked. "Oh! Yes, we were!"


"Tim, if you could get off your future husband's dick for a few moments, we would like to show you something we have been working on," Master Miguel suggested.


Tim climbed off my still hard dick and we followed Master Jake and Master Miguel. Tim and I were both startled when we entered the second room of the downstairs game room.


"Holy shit!" Tim exclaimed.


"I'll say," I echoed Tim's enthusiasm.


Master Jake and Master Miguel assembled a well-equipped play room behind our backs and right under our noses. The room had two slings. Two sets of restraints were hanging from the ceiling and attached to the floor. At one end of the room was a St. Andrews Cross. At the opposite end was a bondage table.


"How the fuck did you do this?" I asked.


"Harvey was instrumental in getting this done," Master Jake began. "Every morning when we were at the gym, Harvey let in the contractors who specialize in doing play rooms on the Cape. They finished in record time."


"We hope you approve," Master Miguel said. "If there is something you aren't happy with, we can have it changed."


"It is perfect!" Tim decided. "Should we call this the Jake, Miguel, and Harvey Memorial Play Room?"


"You can call it whatever you want," Master Jake said. "We couldn't think of anything to get you for your wedding gift. So, we decided this would do nicely."


"Thank you, guys!" I said as I hugged Jake and Miguel. "I don't know what to say?"


"Neither do I," Tim agreed. "You are so thoughtful to do this."


"We're glad you like it," Master Miguel said.


"I have a great idea, guys," Tim said. "Why don't we christen this tonight after dinner? We can invite Dennis and James to join us."


"Masters?" I asked as we waited for their response. "Please!"


"You really won't need to twist our arms," Master Jake said.


"Why don't you invite your friends John and Kevin?" Tim suggested. "They can come for dinner and then we can all play together. I for one am looking forward to seeing Steven take two fists and arms at the same time." Tim was now again rock hard.


"We also had a grab bar put on the wall near the St. Andrews cross in case you and James needed a place to practice," Master Miguel explained. "We wanted to get a saw horse and bathtub, but there are some issues we thought the two of you needed to deal with since it is your house."


"I want to do something special for you guys," Tim said to Master Jake and Master Miguel. "I want you to have Steven for the rest of the weekend. He needs you, and I think you need him!"


"Thank you, Tim!" I mouthed so only Tim could see.


"We would be delighted," Master Jake said. "Are you certain you are okay with this, Tim?"


"Yup!" Tim agreed. "I couldn't be any more certain. Go help your Masters get ready for this evening, Steven."


"Yes, SIR!" I said to Tim as I presented myself to Master Jake and Master Miguel.


Master Miguel grabbed me by the balls and led me upstairs to their room. Tim accompanied us until he was on the level with the pool. He joined James and Dennis on lounge chairs by the pool.


When we were in Master Jake and Master Miguel's bedroom, Master Jake reached for my collar and secured it around my neck.


"On your knees, boy," Master Jake ordered after he had installed my collar. "We both need to get rid of some excess water."


I move close to Master Jake's semi hard dick and put it into my mouth. Soon, Master Jake was pissing into my mouth. I was careful not to waste any of the precious liquid. Once he was finished, Master Jake shook his dick in my face to get rid of any stray piss. Then, he summarily slapped my face with his now rock hard dick! Master Miguel was up next. Master Miguel finished quickly, "We've missed you, boy! And, we will really, really enjoy having you as ours tonight. I hope you are ready for us because I know we are both more than ready to fuck your slave boy ass."


"Yes, SIRS!" I replied. "Anything you want, SIRS!"


"Good boy," Master Jake added. "On the bed face down, boy!"


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I quickly moved to the bed and positioned myself face down.


Master Miguel took his place between my spread legs. He pushed them further apart with his own massive legs as he applied lube to his 9 inch uncut dick. Master Miguel lined his cock up with my asshole and whispered, "Get ready, boy! Your ass is mine now, and I don't intend to give it to anyone else for a long, long time."


"Yes, SIR!" I replied. "It is yours, SIR! Use me, SIR! Make me feel your power, SIR!"


Master Miguel plunged his big dick into my ass with one powerful thrust. "Ahhhh!" I screamed.


I noticed Master Jake standing beside us. He was holding a camera. He had moved close to my face as Master Miguel pushed his dick inside me. "That's the look I want, boy! Bliss! Pure bliss as your slave boy ass gets taken by my stud boyfriend." Master Jake pulled back so he could get a full shot of Master Miguel fucking my ass.


The camera must have been an aphrodisiac to Master Miguel because he began to ravage my ass with his powerful body engaged in every stab at my ass. He raised his body up by his arms and began an assault on my ass that I had not experienced from him before. He pulled his dick completely out of me every time and shoved it back in so quickly and powerfully I moaned uncontrollably. "Ah... ah... ah... ah... ah... ah... ah... ah... ah...!"


As Master Miguel continued, Master Jake found a position near my ass so he could capture the motions of Master Miguel's attack on my ass. I felt Master Miguel's sweat dripping off his muscular body onto my hairless body. His pace quickened to the point the bed was shaking and moving with every thrust. I lost all track of time and feeling in my ass as Master Miguel pleasured himself. He, too, was moaning in ecstasy as he continued his break neck pace of using my ass.


"I'm going to cum, Jake," Master Miguel finally screamed. His voice brought me back to the reality of the battering my ass was taking. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" Master Miguel screamed as I felt every shot of his cum fill my asshole. Once his body stopped convulsing he collapsed on top of me to regain his composure and to steady his breathing. He didn't move for several minutes his dick was still hard and still filled my ass.


Once he was breathing normally again, I felt Master Miguel began to slowly move his dick in and out of my ass again, "I told you, ass wipe," Master Miguel whispered. "This ass is mine until I am ready to give it to Jake. And, I am not ready to do that, bitch!"


This time Master Miguel was not as rough, but he was still using my ass to pleasure himself again. "God, Jake!" Master Miguel whispered to his lover. "We need to get more of this ass. I think we need to speak to Tim so this bitch is ours on a more frequent and regular basis."


"I think we can convince him, Miguel," I heard Master Jake whisper. "I think we can definitely convince him."


Miguel continued to use my ass until he shot his third load into me. My ass was so loose by this time, I didn't feel Master Miguel pull his still hard dick out of me. "Now it is your turn, Jake!" Master Miguel said as he rolled off the bed and began to kiss his lover. "Unless you want me to film you and the boy, I am going to take a shower and take a nap by the pool."


"We don't have any blank memory cards for the camera," Master Jake said as he took his place between my legs. "Two hours of video took up the only two we have. I will be down to join you after I am finished here."


"Whack!" I woke up from the sound and feeling of Master Jake's huge hand hitting my ass. "Get your ass up, boy! Your house guests are waiting for you to begin cocktail hour!"


Master Jake clipped the leash onto my collar and led me downstairs to the pool area where Harvey was taking drink orders. Masters John and Kevin had joined the group.


"So, Steven," James said. "You smell like sex. You look like sex. And, there is cum dripping from your ass!"


"We've decided that we are going to christen the playroom tonight after dinner," Tim said with his sadistic smirk on his face. "We've picked numbers to determine the order in which we get to use your body. James is first. John is second. Dennis is third. Miguel is fourth. Kevin is fifth. John and Kevin are sixth. I'm seventh. And, Jake is eighth. So, I think we are going to have a really, really nice time tonight!"


"Depending on how the evening shapes up, we may have a second round," Master Jake suggested. "And, we've bought about two dozen memory cards for the camera."


Harvey returned with our drinks. Once he had distributed our drinks he disappeared into where ever Harvey disappears to.


"Men," Master Jake began. "We filmed two hours of Miguel attacking the boy's ass. We will film anything you want us to film tonight, but we won't release it except to members of this group. If you don't want to be on tape, just let us know."


"I think it will be fun!" Tim added.


We all had one more round of drinks before dinner. I sat between Master Jake and Master Miguel at the table. Tim was between Master Miguel and James. Dennis was between James and Master John. Master Kevin was between Master John and Master Jake. Master Jake continuously fondled my hard dick all during dinner.


"When do we want to start this evening's festivities?" Tim asked the group.


"I am more than eager to begin," James told us. "I have been dreaming of Steven's ass since we started talking about the christening of the playroom."


"Do we need to clean the boy up before we start?" Master Jake asked. "Miguel and I put six loads of cum in the boy and a lot of sweat on him."


"It's more exciting if he already smells like sex!" Master John said. "It makes me instantly horny."


"Just talking about this evening has already made me horny," Master Kevin suggested.


Master Jake grabbed my balls and began leading me to the playroom, "Come on, boy! You have men to entertain!"


"Yes, SIR!" I said as he tightened his grip on my balls.


Master Jake unhooked the leash from my collar and shoved me to James, "He's all yours, James!"


James led me over to the grab bar and pushed me down so that my upper body was almost at a 90 degree angle from my lower body, "Hang on, boy! We need to show these men some excitement!"


James didn't waste time nor did he waste lube. He aligned his huge 14 inch uncut cock with my asshole and forced his way inside me in one powerful, fast push.


"Ahhhhhhhhh!" I screamed in pain as his dick was buried inside my asshole.


Then, James began to power fuck me as I held on for dear life. His inward strokes almost lifted me off the floor. As he pulled all of the way out of me, everyone heard a loud pop and then another scream as James re-entered my ass. My soft dick and my hairless balls were flailing in rhythm to James's motion. During all of this, I was oblivious to anything else going on in the room. I think I must have lost all consciousness because I finally realized James was unloading in my ass. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" James screamed as I felt his dick spew globs of his cum into my ass. James pulled me up and held me tight to him to keep us both from collapsing as he regained his composure. Then, there was applause from the rest of the group. James turned so I was looking to the center of the playroom. Kevin had his dick firmly in Tim's ass. Jake had his cock buried in Dennis's ass. Miguel had his cock in John's ass. Harvey was running the video camera.


Each man continued to use my body as they saw fit. I especially remember the furious whipping Master John administered to my body as well as the doubling fisting provided by Master John and Master Kevin. The rest, although memorable, was more of a blur. After eight hours of servicing our guests, Master Jake and Master Miguel led me upstairs to their bedroom. Tim invited Master John and Master Kevin into his bedroom. Before I could go to sleep, I had one more task to make my Masters happy—I drank their piss.



To be continued...


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