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Life With Tim



James didn't waste time nor did he waste lube. He aligned his huge 14 inch uncut cock with my asshole and forced his way inside me in one powerful, fast push.


"Ahhhhhhhhh!" I screamed in pain as his dick was buried inside my asshole.


Then, James began to power fuck me as I held on for dear life. His inward strokes almost lifted me off the floor. As he pulled all of the way out of me, everyone heard a loud pop and then another scream as James re-entered my ass. My soft dick and my hairless balls were flailing in rhythm to James's motion. During all of this, I was oblivious to anything else going on in the room. I think I must have lost all consciousness because I finally realized James was unloading in my ass. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" James screamed as I felt his dick spew globs of his cum into my ass. James pulled me up and held me tight to him to keep us both from collapsing as he regained his composure. Then, there was applause from the rest of the group. James turned so I was looking to the center of the playroom. Kevin had his dick firmly in Tim's ass. Jake had his cock buried in Dennis's ass. Miguel had his cock in John's ass. Harvey was running the video camera.


Each man continued to use my body as they saw fit. I especially remember the furious whipping Master John administered to my body as well as the doubling fisting provided by Master John and Master Kevin. The rest, although memorable, was more of a blur. After eight hours of servicing our guests, Master Jake and Master Miguel led me upstairs to their bedroom. Before I could go to sleep, I had one more task to make my Masters happy—I drank their piss.


Chapter 25: More Provincetown Friends


On Saturday night, Master Jake and Master Miguel led me downstairs to join the others before Harvey dropped us off at the bar. Master Jake and Master Miguel were in their signature custom fitted tight leather pants. Tim, too, wore his obligatory tight, ass ripped jeans under his chaps. He skipped the shirt, vest, and harness. James was dressed in tight jeans under equally tight chaps with a white, skin tight t-shirt. Dennis and James must have gone shopping because Dennis was dressed in tight football type leather shorts. I had on the leather jock strap with the removable ass cover I had on last weekend. We were finally ready to go out to the bar.


Once we were at the upstairs bar at the A-House, Tim ordered the first round of Coronas from Clark. "Here's to a great week, guys!" Tim said as we clinked bottles. "It's been great to have you with us this week—our first week in our summer home in Provincetown."


"Thanks for having us," Dennis spoke up. "I enjoyed myself more this week than I ever enjoyed Provincetown. You guys—and your house—are terrific!"


"Don't be a stranger, dude," Tim said to Dennis.


"I'm not going to let that happen," James told the group as he grabbed Dennis's hand.


"You know James, Dennis," Tim said to them. "If you ever need a place to hang your hat for the weekend, please let us know. We'd be happy to have you stay. Now, I am going to see what's happening with the rest of the bar."


Tim left us to talk among ourselves. "I hope the next time we see you, Steven, you will have some ink on your very impressive body," Dennis said.


"We start Tuesday," Master Miguel said. "We are going to see Jerome for some outline ink."


"Outstanding!" Dennis said. "Maybe I will work up enough courage to get a few tattoos."


We continued talking among ourselves. I noticed Ajmal coming toward us, "Good evening, gentlemen! How has your weekend been?"


"Stupendous, Ajmal," Master Jake said. "We christened a new playroom at Tim and Steven's house. Very exciting." Master Jake turned me around so Ajmal could see the marks on my backside.


"Excellent work!" Ajmal said. "Your friend John again?"


"Yes," Master Jake said.


"I would love to watch the boy when someone whips him next," Ajmal said to Master Jake. "I like to observe how boys react to getting whipped. And, it's nice to see new people at work enjoying a slave boy!"


"I am certain we can work something out," Master Jake said. "Maybe even tonight."


"I would enjoy that a lot," Ajmal said to Master Jake as he again began to caress my bare ass.


Tim joined us with two people in tow. "Steven, I ran into these two a few moments ago. You remember Tony and Jimmy?"


"Of course," I said. "How can I forget?"


"Tony, Jimmy, I'd like to introduce Master Jake and Miguel as well as James and Dennis," I said to the group. "Tony and Jimmy are friends of Tim's from a long time ago. They were with Tim when we met here at the A-House. And, this is Ajmal. We met him a few weeks ago. He spends the summers in Provincetown."


Greetings were exchanged.


"You are looking absolutely fantastic!" Jimmy said to me. "Tim told us you bought a house here!"


"Yup," I said. Master Jake and Master Miguel were smiling broadly. "We lucked out on the house. Where are you staying this weekend?"


"Carl's guest house," Tony said. "Jimmy let me splurge and book the cheapest place in Provincetown. We are sharing a bathroom with a drag queen and a leather dude. They are a couple if you can believe it."


"Anything is possible in Provincetown," I told them.


"We've got to get another drink," Tony announced. "I'm running on fumes. We'll see you guys later!"


"See you, guys," Tim almost shouted. "They are as crazy as ever! Notice, Steven, I did NOT invite them to see the house or stay with us sometime. You, of all people, understand why! Now, I have to continue my quest to see who else is here. Before I do, who needs another drink?"


Tim and Dennis went off to retrieve another round for our group. When they returned, Tim handed out the drinks and then went off in search of whatever he was in search of.


"Tim seems to be in a good mood tonight," Dennis said to James.


"Maybe it was last night's festivities," James suggested. "We should go to the other bar and dance, don't you think, Dennis?"


"Let's do it!" Dennis agreed as they move to the downstairs dance bar.


"So, Ajmal," Master Jake turned his attention to our new friend. "You mentioned you are into real estate development in New York. What kinds of projects are you working on?"


"I am between projects at the moment," Ajmal said. "But, I just finished refurbishing an apartment building on the Upper East Side. It was one of the more lack luster buildings in the area, but it had a lot of character, especially on the inside. I carved out two apartments on each floor that originally had six per floor. They are being sold as we speak. Very exciting project."


"The boy here has set up a venture capital business in Chicago. He will be getting into a few real estate projects himself," Master Miguel added. "One will house our business venture."


"Very interesting," Ajmal said to the three of us. "I have been eyeing the Chicago market with great interest. My family lived there when I was a teenager. Chicago is a very delightful city. I know it has financial problems at the moment, but I think that will soon pass. What kind of business do you have?"


"We just started it," Master Jake explained. "The three of us—Miguel, the boy, and I—will be distributing online videos to a select gay male market."


"Select gay male market?" Ajmal asked.


"Videos that explore gay S&M relationships," Master Miguel added. He paused to gage Ajmal's reaction.


"Interesting!" Ajmal said with excitement in his voice. "Will any of these videos feature the three of you?"


"Definitely," Master Miguel added. "The first one will include the three of us. We will be using the film to document the boy's transformation from a clean cut business man into a muscled, inked, pierced, and hairless slave boy."


"Would you be interested in participating?" Master Jake asked.


"Definitely," Ajmal replied. "Not only would I be willing to participate in the film, I would also be interested in becoming an investor if you need additional funding resources. I have some excess cash lying around, and I am looking for opportunities beyond the real estate business."


"We can talk about the possibilities, Ajmal," Master Jake said with a smile. "What are your interests in the S&M community?"


"I am interested in all facets of the movement," Ajmal explained. "I am fairly well known in some circles as an extremely sadistic person. My main motivation is severely whipping a boy into submission. But, I also like to explore other torture, domination, humiliation, fisting, and, of course, fucking."


"How sadistic are you?" Master Miguel asked.


"Very," Ajmal replied. "Once I get started, especially with a whipping session, I do not turn back. I do not stop because the boy pleads with me to stop. I do not stop if the boy's Master pleads with me to stop. The boys that I whip usually are marked from the head down. Front and back. Back, ass, chest, stomach, cock, balls, arms, and legs. Sometimes the marks are permanent. Sometimes not. But, the boy will feel my rage for several days afterward."


"What about torture?" Master Jake asked.


"You name it," Ajmal said. "Tit, cock and ball, clothes pins, needles, wax, ass stretchers, piss slit stretchers, ball compression, and electro-shock to name a few. Anything interest you?"


"All of it," Master Miguel said. "How sadistic are you when you torture a boy?"


"I like to hear a boy scream," Ajmal answered. "And, just like the whipping I do not stop until I am ready to stop. The boy's Master and the boy need to know that upfront or I am not interested."


"We would need to consult Tim," Master Jake said. "But, I can see Miguel is interested. And, if you feel the boy's crotch, you can tell he is interested. I am definitely interested."


"Good!" Ajmal said as Tim returned from his reconnaissance mission.


Tim had a companion following him. He looked vaguely familiar. His companion had a close cropped head of blond hair on a well-built body. Marcus was probably about 5' 9" with hauntingly beautiful blue eyes.


"Guys," Tim began his introductions. "This is Marcus. Marcus, this is Steven, Jake, Miguel, and Ajmal. Marcus and I knew one another when I lived in Boston. Marcus is staying the Brass Key this week. He just arrived today and is staying a week."


"Do you come here often?" Master Jake asked.


"Usually, I spend two weeks here. One in the beginning of the summer, and one at the end of the summer. The rest of the summer I usually spend several weekends here," Marcus explained.


"How do you two know one another?" Master Miguel asked.


"We met at the Ram Rod in Boston," Tim said. "We saw each other from time to time."


"Ahh!" I said. "You used to date one another, right, Tim?"


"Yup," Tim answered.


"Tim," Marcus began. "Have you broken up with the dude you moved to Chicago to be with?"


"No, silly," Tim replied. "Steven and I are a couple. We are going to be married in July!"


Marcus looked confused. "But, isn't Steven these two guys slave boy?"


"Yes," Tim answered. "It's a long story, Marcus, but we could find a corner so I can explain it to you."


"Or, you could explain it to me, too," Ajmal said to Tim.


"Okay," Tim said. "Of course, Jake, Miguel, and the boy can jump right in at any time in order to clarify something that might be confusing. First of all, Steven and I love each other very, very much. Steven and I have often said to one another that if any of our relationships with other men got in the way of our relationship, we would stop any other relationship. We are sole mates, lovers, best friends, and life partners. We intend to live the rest of our lives together. We intend to have kids together. Steven completes my life, and I know I complete his. We were fortunate to have met some very wonderful friends whom we want to share our lives with. We have shared intimate moments with some of these wonderful, special friends. All of these friends that we share ourselves with also understand how Steven and I feel about each other. Do you agree with that, Jake, Miguel?"


"Definitely," Master Jake began. "As much as Miguel and I enjoy being with the boy, having power over the boy, we know that when Tim or Steven and Tim say our relationship must change, our relationship with Steven is over. We will, I am certain, remain the best of friends. We know their love for one another trumps any other aspect of our relationship with them. And, one other thing, Ajmal. You, Miguel, the boy, and I can talk about a situation and how we want it to play out; however, you need to assure Tim that our plan is viable and acceptable. If it is not, that is the end of the discussion. Do you understand me, Ajmal?"


"Jake," Ajmal said with a smile as he looked at Tim. "I understand completely. Perhaps, Tim, you and I should have coffee together this week and we could discuss some possibilities."


"I would like that, Ajmal," Tim replied. "And, we will come to an understanding agreeable to both of us. Now, Marcus, we need to get drinks for our friends here."


When Tim and Marcus returned with our drinks, Master Jake asked Marcus, "So, Marcus, now that you know the specifics and the uniqueness of the relationship between Tim, Steven, Miguel, and me, how does that make you feel?"


"Well, let me ask a few questions," Marcus began. "Tim, why did I not know you were interested in a leather, Master/slave, or BDSM relationship? Did you just discover this? Were you trying to hide this? Did these dudes brainwash you?"


"I can answer that very easily," Tim explained. "I was always interested in all of the things you mentioned ever since I knew about them. However, Marcus, you must understand, when you and I were dating, we were living in Boston. Boston is not exactly the hot bed of alternative lifestyles. You would probably agree if this situation were brought up in a social situation in Boston, the one that brings up this idea would be immediately considered scum. It was not until I move to Chicago to be with Steven that I felt free to explore. So, to answer your question through the back door, I would say I just discovered this about myself. Why?"


"I haven't admitted this to anyone before," Marcus began. "But if you looked at my porn collection on my computer, you would realize I felt the same way you did. But, even as you are explaining all of this, I am not certain I would be comfortable in an S&M relationship."


"Shall we summarize here," I decided to join the conversation. "Tim would cut your balls off, Ajmal, if you did something to me that he did not approve of. Tim and I are committed to one another no matter what. Boston is provincial. Chicago is not. Master Jake, Master Miguel, and I have a special relationship that revolves around my relationship with Tim. You, Marcus, are uncertain whether you could act upon your past interest in an S&M relationship. Would you, Marcus and Ajmal, want to come home with us to decide if you could live with the boundaries of our relationships?"


"You know, Steven," Tim said. "That is exactly one of the things I love about you. Your ability to put a problem on the table so everyone understands it."


"Can one of your Masters whip you so I can understand your tolerance levels?" Ajmal asked.


"Masters?" I asked.


"I think that can be arranged," Master Miguel answered.


"So, Marcus, the ball is in your court, so to speak," I said to Marcus.


"Would you mind, Tim?" Marcus asked.


"Nope," Tim answered as he tweaked Marcus's nipples through his shirt. "As a matter of fact, I would really enjoy spending some time with you again."


Marcus said. "I don't know about the rest of you, but my dick is straining against my jeans. The seams will break if something does not happen—even if I go back to my guest house and jack off!"


A sweaty James and Dennis rejoined the group. "Did we miss anything?" James asked.


"Nope," I said.


Tim pulled out his phone and called Harvey, "Harvey! This is Tim. Can you come and get us?" He paused for a moment. "There will be two additions to our group." He pause again. "You are a gem, Harvey!"


We went downstairs to await Harvey. Master Jake turned to me, "It is a nice night out tonight, Steven. Would you like to walk home with me?"


"Yes, Master," I replied. "I would like that very much, SIR!"


"Good," Master Jake said to me before turning the group that was climbing into the SUV. "The boy and I are going to walk home. Does anyone want to join us?"


"I'd love to walk with you," Ajmal said.


We waved good bye as Harvey sped away with our remaining guests. When the SUV was out of sight, Master Jake turned to me, "Take off the jock strap, boy! You will be walking home naked."


"SIR?" I asked.


"Naked, boy," Master Jake announced again. "You are going to walk home naked."


"Isn't that illegal, SIR?" I asked Master Jake.


"I suppose you could get arrested for indecent exposure, but I have ordered you to take off your jock strap and walk home naked," Master Jake ordered. This time his voice was louder.


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I shed my jock strap. We headed down Commercial Street and began our trek home. Jake attached my leash to my collar and one of the belt loops of his leather pants.


As we walked by Spritus Pizza in the center of town, a lot of men were looking at us as we continued down Commercial Street. One leather man, clad in skin tight jeans covered by equally skin tight leather chaps began to follow us. He wore a vest without a shirt to reveal his hairy, somewhat muscular chest. He was about 5'10" tall with close cropped brown hair with a slightly receding hairline. He was probably in his mid-forties. He caught up with us and was walking beside Master Jake.


"Nice boy you have here," the leather guy said to Master Jake.


"Thank you," Jake answered. "Were you at the bar tonight?"


"No," the leather man said to Master Jake. "I was having dinner with friends and was just heading to the A-House. But, I saw you three and decided I really needed to meet you. Where are you staying while you are in Provincetown?"


"The boy and his future husband have a house here," Master Jake announced. "We decided to walk home. What's your name?"


"Clifford," the leather man said. "My partner and I have a condo near the end of Commercial Street. Where is the boy's house?"


"Round Creek Road," Master Miguel announced as he looked at the man's ass that showed a red hanky in the left pocket his jeans. "I see you are into fisting?"


"One of my hobbies," Clifford answered. "I need to continue to the A-House to meet my partner, but I was hoping you might want to get together with me and your boy sometime."


"We are always open for that possibility," Master Jake replied. "Here is my card. Give me a call sometime. We will be here until the end of next week. Then, I go back to Chicago for a couple of weeks. I will definitely be here over the July 4th weekend. The boy will be here until he and his future husband go back to Chicago for their wedding at the end of July."


"Terrific," Clifford says as he reverses course to make his way to the A-House.


"So, boy," Master Jake said to me. "You certainly create a nice diversion walking down the street naked. We will need to do this more often."


We continued our walk home. "This is a great idea, Jake," Ajmal said to Master Jake. "I should take a photo of the two of you."


Ajmal pulled out his phone and snapped a photo of me naked, except my collar and boots, and Master Jake. "You should put this on your website!" Ajmal said as he showed Master Jake the photo.


"The boy is working on the website now," Master Jake added. "I can't wait to have it live!"


"Talented boy!" Ajmal exclaimed.


"Not to change the subject, but I would love to see you fuck the boy," Master Jake said. "What is your status?"


"I'm negative," Ajmal replied. "I get tested every few months just to make certain some errant virus doesn't make its way into my system. You and the boy?"


"Same," Master Jake answered. "We play without condoms as long as we know the score with our playmates. And, if you are not totally truthful and Tim finds out, you will be dead meat!"


"I got that impression," Ajmal said with a smile. "Tim seems to be a very dedicated person in terms of protecting his mate."


"He is, indeed," Master Jake explained. "He would shut down any contact with the boy if he felt there was some kind of threat to his health and well-being. You can count on that!"


"SIRS!" We heard from behind us. It was a Provincetown police officer approaching us. "I realize that your boy is a fine specimen of a man, but there are rules about being naked on the streets of Provincetown."


"I am sorry, officer," Master Jake said. "We were just having a little fun with the boy. I can have him put his jock strap back on if you want."


The officer looks around before he spoke again. "That probably won't be necessary," the officer said to us. "I can be convinced to look the other way if the boy is willing to do me a favor."


"And, what might that favor be, officer?" Master Jake asked.


"Well, since you are with Ajmal," the officer explained to Master Jake. "I am willing to let the infraction go off the books if you are willing to let the boy give me a blow job in the alley over there. Otherwise, I will need to arrest him."


Master Jake unhook my leash from his belt loop and handed it to the officer. The officer took my leash and led me into an alley behind a high fence. Once we were in the position that the officer thought was safe, he pushed me to my knees in front of his crotch, undid the pants of his police uniform, and slid them off his ass perfectly formed, muscular ass. His 8" cut dick was already hard. He slapped my face with it before he issued my next orders as he pushed my mouth onto his dick, "Suck it, boy! Suck it good!"


The officer put his hand on the back of my head and pushed it down until his dick slid through my throat. "Ahh, yes! Suck that dick, boy!"


I went to work sucking on the officer's dick. I used my hands to massage his balls as my head bobbed up and down on the officer's cock. "Yea, boy! Make Daddy feel good, boy. Use that slave boy mouth and make me feel good."


I picked up the pace of working on the officer's dick. My saliva lubricated the his dick. Finally, I was working on the officer's dick with the passion that I knew he wanted. "Shit, boy! I'm going to cum! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" the officer moaned as he shot copious amounts of cum into my mouth and down my throat.


When the officer regained his composure, he pulled my mouth off his spent cock and pulled up his pants. "Get off your knees, scum bag!" the officer instructed.


He led me back to where Master Jake and Ajmal were waiting. "The boy can really suck cock!" the officer told Master Jake. "I will need to use his mouth from time to time in order for me to justify not arresting him."


"Here is my card, officer," Master Jake said as he handed the man his business card. "Call me when you want to use him again. I might even be willing to let you fuck him sometime."


"Thank you, Jake," the officer said. "Have a good trip home. And, Ajmal, it is good to see you again."


We continued our walk until we were at the front door of our house. Master Jake put his finger on the reader outside the door, and we stepped inside. "Welcome home, Jake," the house said.


Once we were inside and the door was closed, Tim, Marcus, and Miguel came in from the pool area to greet us. They were all three naked with hard dicks standing at attention.


"How was your walk home," Tim asked.


"The boy draws a lot of attention when he is walking home naked," Master Jake answered.


"Naked?" Tim asked. "Isn't that against the law?"


"Sort of," Master Jake began to explain. "The first man we met was interested in getting together with us later when we have time. The second man was a police officer. He was going to arrest Steven for indecent exposure until we allowed the boy to give the officer a blow job in an alley. Everything is fine, now. The boy will need to help the officer out every once in a while until his punishment is totally complete."


"Leave it to you two to avert a tenuous situation," Tim said with the smile. "Was the officer cute?"


"Yes," Master Jake said. "Ajmal, why don't you show Tim a photo?"


Ajmal found his phone and the photo of my sucking the police officer. "His name is Willy. He is one of the six gay policemen in the Provincetown Police department. He's a nice guy. He is also someone you need to know in Provincetown. Tim, you and the boy should get to know him really well. He makes a great friend and a very bad enemy."


"Tim," Master Jake began. "I don't know what you have on your agenda for tonight, but I told Ajmal on our walk home—until you and he have a heart to heart talk with one another—the only contact he is allowed with the boy is for blow jobs and a fuck session. Is that okay with you? He is also negative."


"That's fine, Jake," Tim said with a smile. "Marcus and I are going upstairs to the bedroom to get reacquainted with one another. Dennis and James are already in bed—probably not sleeping from the look in their eyes. And, Miguel was explaining his thoughts about using Steven's body tonight. I think the playroom might get a real workout. So, have a good time. We will see you tomorrow at breakfast. I told Harvey not to worry about serving breakfast until around noon. We will all need our sleep. Good night, men."


Tim and Marcus raced up the stairs to the bedroom. Master Jake began to strip as did Ajmal. When the two of them were naked, Jake gave me my orders, "Boy, take off your boots and socks. Let's go downstairs to get started with the evening's festivities. There are three men here who need to piss."


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I quickly undid my boots.


Jake grabbed my balls and led me downstairs to the playroom. Once we were downstairs, we moved to the bathroom which had a huge shower stall. "Get on your back, boy!"


I positioned myself on my back in the shower stall. Master Jake stood over my head. Master Miguel stood on my right side near my crotch. Ajmal stood on my left opposite Master Miguel. Within seconds, all three men released a massive stream of warm liquid. They coated my body from head to toe.


"Get up boy," Master Jake ordered.


I stood as Master Jake again grabbed my balls and led me into the middle of the playroom. Master Jake began, "Ajmal, since you are our guest tonight, we will give you the choice of scenarios for this evening. We could all three fuck the boy in the sling before Miguel and I whip him. Miguel and I could whip the boy, and then we could fuck him in the sling. Or, we could fuck the boy before Miguel and I whip him. After we finish whipping the boy, we could put him back in the sling and either fuck him or fist him or both. Your choice."


"I am horny as shit. So, I would suggest we all three fuck him. Then, I will watch the two of you whip the boy. And, finally, because I get horny when I see a boy getting whipped, fuck him again," Ajmal answered. "Do we have a timeframe?"


"It is now 1 am," Master Miguel said as he glanced at the clock on the wall. "We have no obligations until 12 noon tomorrow. So, that is 11 hours. I think we can accomplish all of that as well as get a couple of hours sleep."


Master Jake led me to the sling and put my legs in the restraints on the foot of the sling and Ajmal and Master Miguel connected my wrists to the head of the sling.


"You can go first Ajmal," Master Jake said as Master Miguel shoved a bottle of poppers under my nose. He had me take two long snorts in each nostril.


Ajmal took his place between my legs and slathered his hard 9" cut cock with lube. "The boy likes it rough, correct?" Ajmal asked my Masters.


"Yes," Master Jake replied.


"So, boy," Ajmal said as he aligned his cock with my asshole and prepared to mount me. "Your ass is mine for the next several minutes, do you understand boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied. "Take my ass, SIR! Make me feel your power, SIR! Let me make you happy, SIR! I am yours, SIR!"


Ajmal began his assault as he quickly shoved his nine inch cock into my ass. "Ahhh!" I screamed in ecstasy. "Fuck me, SIR! Fuck me hard!"


Ajmal needed no other urging. He began pounding my ass with all of his muscular body adding to the power of his task at hand—ravaging my ass. He began using his arms to swing the sling back and forth in opposite motions to his body provide a rough and fast ride with each thrust in and out of my ass. He continued as Master Jake and Master Miguel began stroking their rock hard cocks. Master Miguel paused in stroking long enough to install tit clamps on my nipples. He tightened them quickly and tightly, "Aaaahhhh!" I screamed in pain as I felt the clamps dig into my nipples.


"That feels terrific when you tighten the clamps, Miguel," Ajmal said as he continued pounding my ass.


As encouragement to Ajmal, Jake reached down to the tit clamps clamped down on my nipples and tightened them quickly. "Aaaahhhh!" I screamed again.


"The boy... clenches... his ass... when you... tighten... the clamps!" Ajmal said as he worked his dick in and out of my ass. "Make them tighter! I want to hear him scream and I want the convulsions in his ass to bring me over the top!"


Master Miguel gladly aided in Ajmal's request by tightening the clamps again. "Aaaaahhhh...!" I screamed one more time before Ajmal started unloading in my ass.


"Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" Ajmal screamed as I felt his come coating my ass. He dropped his sweaty body on top of mine to recover. When we was finally recovered enough to speak, he hissed at me. "Your ass will be mine whenever your husband will allow me to have it! You haven't felt anything yet, ass wipe! I'm going to make you feel a real man fucking a real fuck face slave boy! Right, Jake?"


"Absolutely," Master Jake agreed. "You can play with the two of us anytime we have custody of the boy!"


Ajmal finally raised his body off mine, and popped his still hard dick out of my ass. Master Miguel quickly took Ajmal's place between my legs.


"So, boy," Master Miguel hissed. "Get ready for a ride like no other I have given you. I promise I won't take long. Jake, please take off the clamps and put on the ones beside the toy chest!"


"Gladly, Miguel," Master Jake said as he pulled the current clamps off with one quick pull.


"Aaaaahhhhhh!" I screamed in intense pain as the clamps ripped through the skin of my nipples.


Master Jake replaced the previous clamps with another set of clamps. I recognized them as some of the most painful ones Master Jake and Master Miguel own.


"Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!" I screamed in intense pain from the tit clamps just as Master Miguel shoved his ten inch dick inside me. I continued to whimper as Master Miguel built up the momentum of his intense fucking of my ass. The sling was again swinging in opposition to Master Miguel's motion.


Without warning, Master Jake significantly tightened the clamps. I again screamed in pain from the clamps. Master Miguel grew more excited and more animated in his workout of my ass! "Do it again, Jake. Make him hurt, Jake. I want to feel his pain. I want to hear his pain!"


Master Jake again torqued the clamps full force onto my nipples. I was in too much pain to even scream. But, Master Miguel almost immediately lost his load in my ass, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


I felt Master Jake and Ajmal both start shooting loads and loads of cum onto my upper body and Master Miguel held onto the chains of the sling to steady himself until he regained composure.


Once all three were finished and recomposed, they began moving quickly to get me ready for the next phase of their playtime. "Aaaaahhhhh!" I screamed as he removed the tit clamps from my cum-covered chest. Once Master Miguel removed his dick from my ass, the three Masters began removing the restraints that held me into the sling.


"So, Ajmal," Master Jake said to our guest. "Are you still looking forward to watching the boy get whipped?"


"Definitely," Ajmal said to Master Jake. "Judging from fucking the boy's ass, I am planning on doing something especially nice for Tim to get permission to fully gain access to the boy's entire body. This could prove to be an exceptional summer in Provincetown."


"We will give you some pointers about talking with Tim," Master Miguel pointed out as I was being moved from the sling to the restraints in the center of the room. "I think I can speak for Jake when I say we are just as excited as you about how the summer is turning out!"


Master Jake and Ajmal put my wrists in the restrains that hung from the ceiling of the playroom while Master Miguel pulled my legs wide apart and began fastening my ankles to restrains anchored on the floor of the playroom.


Master Jake pulled out a whip from his bag. Master Miguel selected another from his bag.


"Jake and I have been planning our strategy for tonight's playtime with the boy for several days now," Master Miguel explained. "Jake will get the boy into the mood. Then, I will join him. I hope you enjoy watching because both Jake and I get excited when we have an audience. And, please, feel free to tell us if you would like to see a particular action with the boy tonight. We don't want our guests to feel left out."


"Thank you, men," Ajmal said to Master Jake and Master Miguel. "You are most kind."


Master Miguel stood in front of me and held the open bottle of poppers to my nose. He alternately fed me hits of poppers in each nostril. He had me take four each. I knew at that point it was going to be a long, intense session.


"Tell us if you want us to stop, boy," Master Jake whispered into my ear. He paused before he also added a comment. "It won't make any difference, but please tell us!"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied. "Thank you, SIR!"


Master Jake stood back from my body and began to caress my back and ass with his whip. I could tell from the feel of the whip that it was Master Jake's favorite cat-o-nine-tails. I knew this particular whip was a replica of the original cat-o-nine tail whips with nine lashes that were knotted at the end. It left marks on the recipient's body similar to the scratches of a cat.


I felt the whip pull away from my body. "Aaaaahhhhhh!" I screamed in agony when Master Jake forcefully slammed the whip against my back.


Master Jake paused for a moment. I felt his leather gloved hand feel the area where the whip landed. "Perfect," Master Jake hissed.


Master Jake removed his hand and almost immediately began to slam the whip against my body in fast, forceful repetitions. He skillfully maneuvered the whip across my entire back and wound up delivering the last several blows to both cheeks of my ass. I was whimpering in pain as each stroke slammed against my body. Master Jake walked up behind me and whispered, "How do you feel, boy? How does your body feel so far?"


"On fire, SIR!" I whimpered to my Master.


"What do you say to your Master, boy?" Master Jake asked.


"SIR! Thank you, SIR! Thank you for whipping me, SIR! Please, SIR! Can I have more, SIR?" I almost screamed in response to Master Jake's question.


"Good boy!" Master Jake hissed. He turned his attention to Ajmal and explained, "Miguel and I like to do, what we have termed, a circle whip to show our joint ownership of the boy's body. Hopefully, we can add you to the ceremony soon. We need to develop a strategy to convince Tim you need to be added to the mix. Miguel and I believe the boy will benefit tremendously from another truly sadistic Master. Miguel?"


"The boy behaves well, but we both feel he could use more training," Master Miguel suggested. "Judging from our time with you so far, we think you would be a perfect addition to our ownership team."


"Thank you for your confidence," Ajmal said to Master Jake and Master Miguel. "I, too, think we could become a good team where the boy is concerned. Now, I am eager for you to proceed!"


Master Miguel took his place in front of me; Master Jake in back. Master Miguel began the punishment of my body with a whip almost an exact duplicate of the one Master Jake held. I watched Master Miguel bring the whip back and then slam it forward against my chest. Immediately after Master Miguel's whip hit my chest, Master Jakes landed on my already sore back. They began to alternately smash their whips against my body as they also moved around me. Once they had made a full circle of my body, their whips found new places on my body to ransack. After each circle the whips found a lower place on my body. I was beyond screaming from the pain of the fast hitting strokes of Master Jake and Master Miguel's whips. Soon, Master Jake began to assault my ass and Master Miguel hit my crotch. The final round pounded my hard cock and balls. My whole upper body was hot. I felt like my skin was on fire. Then, there was silence. No more whips landed on my body. Through the stabbing pain I heard an applause.


"Perfect show, gentlemen," Ajmal said excitedly as he continued applauding. "I love the way the boy's body looks now. Red welts forming on his back and front. I particularly enjoyed seeing you whip the boy's hard cock and his balls. I am eager to see the rest of your show, men!"


Master Jake and Master Miguel retrieved another implement. When Master Jake stepped in front of me, he held his torture device so that I could plainly see it, "Do you know what this is, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied. "It is a device for caning, SIR!"


"What else do you have to say, boy?" Master Jake continued.


"Hurt me, SIR! Make me feel the pain, SIR! Make me feel your power, SIR!" I almost scream.


"Good boy!" Master Jake hisses as he holds the cane against the cheek of my face. "Your dick is hard, boy! Does that mean you are excited that your Masters are going to cane you, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I almost scream again. "Take me, SIR! Use me, SIR! Use my body, SIR! Make me feel your power, SIR!"


"Did you hear that, Miguel?" Master Jake asked his partner—my other Master.


"Yes," Master Miguel hissed. "The boy wants us to hurt him, Jake. The boy wants to feel the pain of our power, Jake. The boy wants to make us happy, Jake. I, for one, am hard as a rock thinking about how much fun we are going to have inflicting excruciating pain on the boy's body, Jake. I am thinking of the pleasure we will have when we present Tim with the boys marked up body tomorrow at brunch, Jake. Tim will realize when he sees the boy's body that we, as the boy's Masters, will use the boy for our pleasures—both sadistic pleasures as well as getting our rocks off—without regard for the boy or his relationship with Tim when we have control of the boy. So, Jake, I think we need to get started. I think we need to make the boy hurt."


"You are absolutely correct in your thinking, Miguel," Master Jake said to his partner. "I think that is what I love most about you. Your feeling of power over men. Your feeling of ownership."


Master Jake positioned his cane ready to strike my body. He looked into my eyes as I waited. I saw his power over me in his eyes. I needed to make my Masters happy. The first strike came from behind and Master Miguel slammed the cane across my ass, right above my legs.


"Aaaahhhh!" I screamed. But, my scream was cut short as Master Jake slammed his cane into my hard dick. "Aaaahhhh!"


Master Miguel began to attack me with his cane. His blows landed just below my ass cheeks on my thighs. Master Jake delivered several blows to my balls until he settled on the front of my thighs. After several more blasts with both canes, Master Miguel and Master Jake paused.


"Boy," Master Jake began. "Your Master Miguel will deliver the final blows to your body. I want you to count each blow out loud. If you fail to respond appropriately, I will administer another blow to your cock and balls. Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I responded. "I understand, SIR!"


I felt Master Miguel caress my thigh before he delivered the first blow.


"One, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I screamed.


"Two, SIR! Thank you, SIR!"


"Three, SIR! Thank you, SIR!"


The blows continued.


"Nineteen, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" by this time I was almost whispering my response because I was is so much pain.


Another blow on my thigh hit. I couldn't respond until I felt a blow crash across my still hard cock and then my balls.


"Twenty, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I whimpered again.


The blows continued.


"Thirty, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I quietly said.


The blows stopped.


Master Miguel began to caress my thighs where he had administered most of the blows. "Good job, boy! How do you feel?"


"Body on fire, SIR!" I whimper.


"But, you dick is still standing straight up, boy," Master Jake said. "Does that mean you want more, boy?"


"If you want to give me more, then please give me more, SIR!" I responded.


"Good answer, boy," Master Jake said. "From the looks of Ajmal's rock hard dick, he might want your ass, boy. You want to make him happy, too. Am I right, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I answered.


"Good, boy" Master Jake said. "Miguel, let's leave the boy here. We can raise his legs on the other set of restraints on the ceiling."


Master Jake and Master Miguel unfastened the floor restraints from my ankles. They lifted my legs so they were tight against my upper body and attached them to a separate set of restraints hanging from the ceiling. My ass was swaying. My hole was dutifully exposed for the men in the room to use.


"From now on, boy," Master Jake said to me. "I want you to refer to our guest Ajmal as `SIR,' `Master,' or `Master Ajmal.' Do you understand me, boy?"


"Yes, SIR! I understand, SIR" I said to Master Jake.


"Good," Master Jake said as Master Ajmal stood beside Master Jake. "His dick is hard. He wants to fuck you. Tell him what you want him to do to you, boy."


"Master Ajmal, SIR!" I began. "Please fuck me, SIR! Please use my ass, SIR! I want to feel the power of your dick, SIR! I want you to use my ass as you see fit, SIR! I am here to serve you, SIR!"


"That's good, boy," Master Ajmal said to me. "Do you want me to be your Master, too, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I said to Master Ajmal. "I want you to be my Master too, SIR! I give you my body to make you happy, SIR! I need to serve powerful men like you, SIR! I am a whipping boy and cum dump for powerful men like you, SIR!"


"Good boy!" Master Ajmal said. "First, I want to see your Master Jake fuck the living shit out of you, boy! I want his huge 13 inch black dick to rip your asshole to shreds before I take you. You want that, don't you, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I responded.


Master Jake stood behind me. I felt his hard, uncut, black dick brush my already well-used asshole. "Aaaaahhhhh!" I screamed as Master Jake shoved his dick all of the way into me. He was immediately pounding my ass like the mad sadistic Master I knew him to be. He put his huge arms around my legs and stomach and began pounding me even harder and faster.


I lost all track of time as he punished my ass with his huge dick. I was sweating. Master Jake was sweating. My body was moving in conjunction with Master Jake's as he continued his attack on my ass.

All of a sudden, Master Jake began to scream. "Oh! Fuck! I'm cuming. I'm fucking cuming in your fucking ass! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


I felt Master Jakes cum flood my ass as he pounding Master Jake was giving me stopped. He slowly recovered from his massive orgasm, and pulled his still hard dick out of my ass.


"How do you want to fuck the boy, Ajmal?" Master Jake asked my Master Ajmal.


"Restrained face down on the bondage table," Master Ajmal suggested.


Master Jake, Master Miguel, and Master Ajmal began to release me from the restraints. Master Jake held me when I was freed so I didn't fall to the floor. Master Jake picked me up and carried me to the bondage table where he placed me face down.


Master Miguel began to fasten my wrists to the head of the table while Master Jake and Master Ajmal fastened me in so I was on my knees with my ass sticking up in the air perfectly positioned for Master Ajmal to mount me.


Once Master Ajmal was positioned his rock hard dick aligned with my ass hole, he turned to Master Jake and Master Miguel. "I don't think anyone should be allowed to use lube to fuck the boy. He needs to feel the power of hard, raw dick in his ass. He needs to feel the pain of being taken forcibly without lube so the boy can feel the power of his attackers. "


"Good idea, Ajmal," Master Miguel said. "After you finish fucking the boy, Ajmal, I am going to fist him. And, I won't be using any lube for that as well. And, from now on, I will be his attacker!"


Ajmal didn't wait for any other conversation with my other Masters. He began his sadistic attack on my ass. I was screaming in pain at first until Ajmal was several minutes into his fucking session. I lost all track of time as Ajmal used my ass. I lost all sense of feeling until I heard Master Ajmal begin to unload inside me. I felt his cum coat the inside of my ass. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Master Miguel quickly replaced Master Ajmal between my legs. I felt his unlubed fist touch my gaping asshole...


I woke up to the sight of three men standing over me. I was restrained on the bondage table on my back. I realized that all three of my Masters where jacking off. All of a sudden, Master Jake, Master Miguel, and Master Ajmal began to unload on my face, chest, and stomach.


After they were finally finished spewing cum all over my body, Master Jake told me of their plans. "Boy, we are going to get you off the table so we can go to breakfast with Tim, Marcus, Dennis, and James. Before we release you, however, we will take a shower; you will not. We want you to smell like sweat and sex."


I waited for Master Jake, Master Miguel, and Master Ajmal to finish their showers before I was release from the bondage table. Master Jake led me by the balls up the stairs to the patio beside the pool where Tim, Marcus, Dennis, and James were waiting.


"It's about time you guys showed up," James said with a smile. "We were going to send out a search party because we didn't hear any more screaming coming from the playroom."


"From the looks of the boy's body, you guys had a terrific time last night," Tim said. "And, he also smells like you had an exciting time."


"Holy fuck!" Marcus exclaimed. "What happened to you, Steven? Your body is all marked up."


"I was merely making my Masters happy, Marcus," I said with a smile.


"Very happy," Master Miguel added.


Harvey appeared on the patio with a rolling table of brunch items. He was naked. "Gentlemen! Help yourself to the food. I will bring out fresh coffee in a few moment."


"Thank you, Harvey," Tim said as Harvey disappeared into the house. "So, who is responsible for all of those marks on my future husband?"


"Miguel and me, Tim," Master Jake replied. "Ajmal only observed our handy work. Although, we did allow Ajmal to fuck the boy a couple of times."


"You are very thoughtful, Jake," Tim said with a smile. "Steven, please come over here and sit beside me while we eat. I want to smell you. You know the smell of sex makes me a very horny guy!"


After I filled my plate, I sat beside Tim. "How did you evening go, Tim?" I asked.


"Terrific, Steven," Tim answered. "Marcus and I had a good time getting reacquainted. And, judging from his dick, Marcus is interested in your activities. Care to explain?"


"The explanation would be better coming from Master Jake or Master Miguel," I said. "They were more aware of all the activities. I was lost in thought during a few of them."


"Jake, Miguel, why don't you explain before Marcus here blows a load all over the patio?" Tim suggested.


Master Jake explained last night's activities to Tim and Marcus. Both Tim and Marcus were hard as can be when Jake finished.


"Okay, Jake," Tim said after Jake had told them about the details of last night. "Marcus and I are going to go back to bed to better digest your information. However, when you return the boy to me tonight after you are finished with him, do NOT let him shower. I want to see, feel, and smell his cum stained body!"


"Will do, Tim!" Master Jake said with a smile as we watched Tim and Marcus bound upstairs with their hard dicks bouncing with every step.


"Now, guys," Master Miguel began. "What do we want to do to entertain ourselves now?"


"We need to return the boy to Tim around 5 pm this afternoon," Master Jake said with a seriously lecherous smile. "So, what do you think, Ajmal?"


"Bondage table," Master Ajmal suggested. "Cock and ball torture. Temporary piercings. Electro torture. Those are a few suggestions."


"Do you boys want to join us?" Master Jake asked James and Dennis.


"I think we will pass this time," James said. "Dennis and I are enjoying our time together before we leave tomorrow."


"We understand, guys!" Master Miguel said.


Master Jake grabbed my balls and led me back to the playroom.




After Dennis and James left on Monday morning, I went with Master Jake and Master Miguel while Tim and Ajmal had a discussion about his involvement with me. We returned to the house after the gym and Dr. Garmin's treatment around 5 pm. Tim and Ajmal were sunning themselves beside the pool.


"So, Steven," Tim asked. "How was your day?"


"The gym was strenuous," I explained. "Lunch was filling, and the treatment was interesting to say the least."


"Interesting?" Tim asked. "How so?"


"Dr. Garmin's treatments do, indeed, sooth the soreness of getting whipped. And, I'm getting rather used to Dr. Garmin's big dick."


"So, I take it you enjoyed yourself," Tim said.


"Yup!" I replied.


"Now, why don't the three of you have a seat while I tell you about the talk I had with Ajmal," Tim suggested. Once we were seated, Tim continued. "I have every reason to believe that Ajmal is a major sadist. He has given me a list of references which I have already checked. So, I want to outline a plan Ajmal and I have agreed to provided, Steven, you agree to the terms and conditions."


"Okay," I said to Tim. "Why is it that I am involved in this process?"


"We want you to be able to opt out of our plan," Master Ajmal explained. "We will give you two opportunities to do so."


"First of all, I want to give Ajmal one almost unrestricted opportunity to use your body as he sees fit," Tim explained. "The only restriction I have placed on him is he will NOT do any permanent physical damage to your body during this initial session. Ajmal understands this agreement will not go any further if permanent damage is done to your body. Once you and he complete this session, which will probably be over the course of a weekend, you and I, Steven, will decide if we want to continue to give Ajmal access to your body. After we make this decision, you will be committed to Ajmal for the duration of the summer. I get first priority to be with you. Jake and Miguel get second priority. Ajmal will get third priority. Others will be invitation only. Do you understand, Steven?"


"Yes, Tim," I replied. "I understand completely."


"Do you agree with our decision, Steven?" Tim asked.


"Yes, Tim, I agree with your decision," I replied.


"Jake, Miguel, do you agree with our plan?" Tim asked.


"I do," Master Jake replied. "Miguel?"


"Absolutely," Master Miguel echoed Master Jake's response.


"One last question for you Ajmal," Tim continued. "You understand this agreement is for this summer only?"


"Yes, Tim," Ajmal replied. "I understand completely."


"Good," Tim added. "Steven is mine until Friday. I want him to take Jake and Miguel to the airport in Boston. As far as I am concerned, Ajmal, you can have Steven from the time he returns to Boston until Marcus leaves on the fast ferry to Boston at 3 pm on Monday. Oh! By the way, Steven, Ajmal has agreed to be your trainer while Jake and Miguel are not in residence. He will also be helping me supervise Jerome's work. The four of us have decided on the tattoos we want to put on you. We have given Jerome specific instructions. He will follow them exactly as we have outlined. You will not know what is coming until he is finished with you. Now, I think it is cocktail time. Wait! I almost forgot! The Prince Albert piercing will come after our wedding!"


We continued to talk during cocktails and dinner. About 11 pm, Tim decided he and I should head upstairs to our bedroom.


"Tim, Steven," Ajmal said to us. "Thank you for including me in your weekend plans. I am grateful for your friendship and your confidence in me. I hope the four of you would be available for dinner at my house sometime this week. I am free every night this week."


"That's very thoughtful of you Ajmal," Tim said. "Does Wednesday work for you guys?"


"Absolutely," Master Jake answered for Miguel and him.


"Then, Wednesday it is," Ajmal agreed. "Is 6 pm okay with all of you?"


Once Ajmal left, Tim and I moved our discussion upstairs. We were quickly naked and lying in bed.


I decided I needed more information about Tim and Marcus, "So, Tim. You know the details of my time with Master Jake, Master Miguel, and Master Ajmal on Saturday night. What about you and Marcus? How did things go?"


"First of all, Steven," Tim began. "You are the love of my life. You know that, right?"


"Absolutely!" I told Tim as I gave him a kiss on the lips. "Spill, Tim. Tell me all of the details!"


"I want you to get to know Marcus better," Tim began his description. "I think you will like him, and I know he will like you."


"I would enjoy that," I said to Tim.


"Good," Tim continued. "I invited him for dinner tomorrow night. I suspect he can be convinced to stay overnight. Would you have a problem with that?"


"Nope," I said as I added another kiss.


Tim launched into the details of Marcus and him, "When Marcus and I were dating, neither one of us had any experience in the leather scene let alone a Master/slave relationship. Marcus is interested in exploring less vanilla sex. However, our time was spent mostly engaged in vanilla sex during the weekend. He sucked my dick. I sucked his dick. He fucked me. I fucked him. When we were dating, it was more of a one-sided relationship. I did all of the fucking, and he did all of the sucking. So, this weekend was a very pleasant change."


"So, I think you've both grown in your experiences and understand the nuances of being a top at times and a bottom at other times," I explained. "So, I think that is a good thing."


"I'm glad you said that," Tim acknowledged my thoughts. "Marcus and I both came to the same conclusion."


"Does this mean you want to have a relationship with Marcus?" I asked.


"It is WAY too early to tell that," Tim said with a smile. "After our experiences with Ed and David, I think I want to take this slowly. But, I enjoyed our time together. I have also invited him to spend the weekend with me while you are with Ajmal. Are you okay with that?"


"Tim," I said. "I understand. You are gracious enough to allow me to explore my sexual inclinations with Master Ajmal. So, I am more than okay with you spending time with Marcus. I don't want you to be alone while I am getting my brains beaten out of me. You are the love of my life, but we both know we need to explore. You and I are intelligent people who love each other very much. Nothing will come between us, I promise. But, I have one more question?"


"Shoot!" Tim replied.


"What does Marcus want out of going to bed with you and me?" I asked.


"Simple," Tim explained. He was smiling. "We both want to fist you. We both want to fuck you. We both would like to whip you. Marcus wants to suck your dick. I am certain we will not accomplish all of those agenda items in one night. Does any of that appeal to you?"


"All of it appeals to me," I said to Tim. "However, I will insist that I get to watch the two of you make love to each other."


"What did I ever do to deserve to have a boyfriend like you?" Tim asked.


"You fucked me silly the first night we met," I said with a smile. "I knew after that evening together I wanted to be part of your life for the rest of my life. I think we are pretty perfect for each other."


"I do too, Steven," Tim said. Also with a smile.


"Good!" I said.


"Once last question. Are you really excited about forming a bond with Ajmal?" Tim asked me.


"Very much!" I said. "When Master Jake and Master Miguel were whipping me in the playroom, I realized I missed that a lot. So, I am hoping Master Ajmal will let himself go next weekend and be creative AND extremely sadistic. I am a serious masochist. I need a serious sadist. Sometimes I think Master Jake and Master Miguel hold back when they play with me because of our personal relationship with them. I am certain Master Ajmal will not hold back, because he doesn't give a shit if he offends you. He gets what he wants, and I am fairly certain he wants to seriously hurt my body. I am looking forward to the weekend. I've only had one relationship with a guy who was a true sadist. I gave up that relationship to be with Master Ed. This time, I will not make the same mistake."


"Good! Marcus and I have decided to do a little exploring of our own this weekend," Tim explained. "We will be using the playroom on Friday night. We might go out to the bar on Saturday evening. We haven't decided. But, we will be busy exploring until he goes back to Boston on Monday afternoon. We have both talked about trying out whipping each other. Are you okay with that?"


"As long as we can compare whip marks on our bodies at some point during the weekend, I am more than okay with that! Have you thought of inviting Richard over for a play session during the weekend? I think you and Marcus might enjoy him." I added


"You are a devious lover, you know," Tim said to me. "That's what I love about you!"


"Now, it is time for you to fuck me like you've never done before," I whispered to Tim. "I want your big dick in me, and I want it now."




Marcus, Tim, and I had finished dinner by 9 pm on Tuesday evening. Harvey had disappeared to clean up the kitchen. We had taken seats on lounge chairs by the pool.


"So, Marcus," I said to our guest. "Tim tells me you and he want to explore less than vanilla sex. Any ideas on your part?"


"You are a direct person, aren't you, Steven?" Marcus said with a smile. "Yea! I was watching some of my porn collection on my computer while I was having coffee at Joe's this afternoon. One that made my dick stand at attention was this dude who was getting fisted. The other was another guy getting whipped by this big black dude. For some reason, I was hard as a rock during both videos. So, those things do interest me. I don't know how I will react in person, but the videos had me sitting there with a raging hard dick."


"Which do you want to be the person doing the whipping or the person being whipped?" I asked.


"I want to start being the person who is doing the whipping," Marcus admitted. "But, Tim and I may have a hard time finding someone who wants to be whipped."


"Not really!" I said to Marcus. I paused for his reaction.


Marcus turned to Tim, "What is Steven saying, Tim?"


"He wants us to whip him tonight," Tim said casually.


"Really?" Marcus asked as he turned to me. "You wouldn't mind having your boyfriend's ex whip you?"


"Nope," I said. "I want my boyfriend to whip me, too! Have you ever been fisted, Marcus?"


"No," Marcus quietly said. "How does it feel?"


"Ask Tim what it feels like," I told Marcus.


"You've been fisted, Tim?" Marcus asked.


"Yup," Tim admitted.


"Did you like it?" Marcus asked my lover.


"Yes," Tim said. "It is something you will never forget. Trust me. The guy who fisted me didn't have a huge hand, but I want more."


"Where is all of this going?" Marcus asked. His dick was hard and sticking straight up.


"Do you want to stay the night with us tonight, Marcus?" I asked. "We could go down to the play room and see where things lead. I personally would enjoy the two of you whipping me at the very least. Tim has never whipped me. I want that to happen. You could even fist me if you'd like. The only condition I have is I want to see the two of you make love to one another."


"Is your future husband for real, Tim?" Marcus asked. "Most men I know would cut off the dick of his boyfriend's ex-lover!"


"Yes, Marcus," Tim said with a smile. "Steven is for real. There is no other man I know who is as real as Steven. And, I am getting hornier by the minute just from discussing the possibilities we could explore tonight. Are you in, Marcus?"


"Fuck yes!" Marcus announced.


I went inside the house and returned with the security tablet. "Before we go any further, Marcus. I want to add you to our security system list of authorized guests."


I punched a few buttons on the app. Marcus put his finger on the finger print reader pad. I gave him full access to the house.


"There," I said to Marcus. "Use the outside readers to get into the house. Use the inside readers to leave the house. I have given you full access of the entire house, including the playroom downstairs."


"Why did you just do that?" Marcus asked.


"Tim has given Ajmal my body to use this coming weekend," I said. "I want Tim to have company. I want him to enjoy himself. Tim told me he still likes you, and wants to explore your relationship a bit further. It is the least I can do."


Marcus turned to Tim, "I have two items I need to have clarified. You gave your future husband's body to a sadist. You want to explore our relationship further even though you and Steven are getting married in July. Why?"


"Steven needs a true sadist like Ajmal in his life," Tim explained. "I still like you because we had a great time together while we were dating. I don't want to shut you out of my life. And, Steven is a man you will want on your side. He is the kindest, most generous, most loving man I have ever met. Be kind, be generous, and be loving to him and you will have a friend for life."


Marcus stood from his seat and moved to Tim. He leaned down to Tim and gave him a kiss. Marcus moved to where I was sitting. He gave me a kiss and he pulled on the foreskin of my hard dick.


"I've never had sex with an uncut man before," Marcus said. "After Tim and I make love to one another, will you make love to me?"


"Definitely!" I said as I pulled Marcus down on top of me. "But you are going to work for it first, Marcus. Whipping a boy and fisting a boy are strenuous activities. Are you men ready to have some fun?"


Tim and Marcus almost ran down the stairs to the playroom. I was right behind them.


Tim looked around the playroom. "St. Andrews Cross, Steven! Now!"


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I moved in front of the cross.


Tim and Marcus made quick work of restraining me to the cross. Once I was firmly in place, Marcus made a statement, "I guess watching all of those porn movies was sort of like taking a course. Restraints 101!"


Tim picked a cat-o-nine-tails whip from the collection on the wall. "Jake and Miguel gave us this when we first saw the playroom. I never knew how excited it would make me feel to be holding this whip right before I start punishing my exceedingly naughty future husband. Tell me if I am hurting you too much, Steven... er, boy!"


"Listen fuck face," I said to my lover. "You will never hurt me too much with that whip, SIR! I want you to put every sadistic bone you have into whipping me. I want you to put every sadistic muscle you have into whipping me. I want you to make me scream in pain, SIR! Treat me like the sadist I know you can be, SIR!"


"Don't call me fuck face, boy!" Tim screamed at me. "You need to be punished. And, you need to be punished now!"


Tim didn't waste time. He began pounding the whip across my back with powerful, deliberate lashed across the upper part of my back.


I was immediately screaming with the impact of each blow, "Ahhh...! Ahhh...! Ahhh...! Ahhh...! Ahhh...! Ahhh...! Ahhh...! Ahhh...! Ahhh...! Ahhh...!"


Tim continued to lash my back side with the whip. With every few lashes, he moved further down my back until he was attacking my ass with the vengeance of a mad man! "Ahhh...! Ahhh...! Ahhh...! Ahhh...! Ahhh...! Ahhh...! Ahhh...! Ahhh...! Ahhh...!"


Tim finally stopped his attack. I felt him lean into my back side. He hissed at me, "That was incredible! I don't think I have ever felt so energized. Now, shit face, I am going to give my boyfriend Marcus the whip."


Tim threw the whip to Marcus who took his position behind me. "I almost shot my load just watching Tim whip you. Now, it is my turn!"


Marcus began delivering another round of blows to my back. He mirrored Tim's intense punishment until he was also concentrating on my ass. I screamed through the entire experience.


"Tim is right, ass wipe," Marcus whispered into my ear. "That was incredible! I am so, so horny now. But, I don't want to give you the pleasure of me fucking you."


Marcus turned to Tim. They both began to whisper to each other. Finally, both Tim and Marcus were behind me as they began releasing me from the restraints that held me on the St. Andrews Cross.


"Let's put this on the boy," Tim said quietly as he retrieved the chastity device I had worn many months ago. Tim and Marcus turned me so I was facing away from the cross. Tim began to expertly attach the chastity device on my dick. Tim grabbed the handcuffs, ankle restraints, and rope from the toy wall in the playroom. Tim handed the handcuffs to Marcus who pulled my arms behind my back and cuffed them.


Tim grabbed my balls and led me up the stairs to our bedroom. "Okay, boy! You said you wanted to watch my boyfriend Marcus and me make love to each other. Is that correct, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I almost screamed at Tim.


"Then, sit on this chair," Tim instructed as he pulled up an occasional chair for me to use. He put the restraints on my ankles and looped a rope under the chair and up to the back. He pulled my handcuffed wrists over the back of the chair and tied them to the rope from the ankle restraints. He also looped the rope around my waist to secure it to the chair. Marcus grabbed a dirty sock Tim wore to the gym and shoved it into my mouth.


"Okay, boyfriend," Marcus said to Tim as they both pulled each other close and began to kiss. "I want... to make... love to... you, Tim! I miss... your lips...! I miss... your body...! I miss... your dick...!" Marcus said softly between kisses.


"I miss... you, too..., boyfriend...!" Tim replied. "I want... you... inside me! I want... to feel... your cum... in my... ass...! But, first..., boyfriend..., you need... to slap... ass wipe... over there...!"


Marcus released his hold on Tim's body and moved in front of me. "I am going to enjoy this, ass hole! You took my lover away from me! Now, I am going to get back at you! And, I am going to make love to MY lover again! You will be fighting me for him, ass wipe! You will not win!"


Marcus pulled his hand back and slapped me hard on the right side of my face.


Tim took Marcus's hand and led him to the bed. Tim positioned himself on his back and pulled Marcus down with him. Marcus grabbed Tim's face and began to kiss him passionately. I noticed the clock beside the bed. We had arrived upstairs at 11 pm. It was now 11:30 pm. Tim and Marcus must have been kissing for at least 30 minutes.


Finally, Marcus broke the kiss, "Tim, I need my dick in you. I need to make love to you. Then, I want you to make love to me. Just like we did when we were dating. I have never forgotten how you felt in me. I want you, Tim. I don't want to lose you again."


"You won't," Tim whispered. "Just make love to me!"


Marcus aligned his dick at Tim's waiting hole. Marcus grabbed the lube from the nightstand and applied a liberal amount to Tim's ass. He added a little to the tip of his cock before he pushed slowly into Tim.


"Ahhhh! Fuck yes!" Tim almost screamed. "Make love to me, Marcus! Show me how much you love me!"


Marcus began a slow and gentle lovemaking session with Tim. They often paused to share an intimate kiss before continuing. Finally, Marcus hissed at Tim, "I'm going to cum, lover boy. I am going to cum in your sweet ass. Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" Marcus moaned each time his body convulsed. Once Marcus and Tim recovered, they began to quietly talk.


"You know what, Marcus?" Tim said. "That was terrific!"


"I agree," Marcus said to Tim. "When do I get your dick in me?"


"Tomorrow morning after Steven makes love to you," Tim said with a smile. "I want you to leave here with my cum and Steven's cum in your ass. Now, I think we need to get my future husband out of the restraints and into bed with us. He is a terrific cuddlier!"


"What?" Marcus almost shrieked. "And, I am not?"


"Don't be silly, Marcus," Tim said as he gave him a kiss. "You are a great cuddlier! It's just that I like to have as many men to cuddle with as possible when I sleep. We also need to have this thing taken off Steven's dick. I think you will like the feel of his hard dick caressing the crack of your ass all night."


Once the chastity device was off, Tim ordered me in the middle of Marcus and him. "Don't be surprised if you wake up in the middle of the night with your dick in Marcus's ass. He used to do that to me all of the time. And, I promise, Steven, you will love his ass!"


"Tim," Marcus almost whispered. "Why don't I just do now what I know I will be doing before we all wake up?"


"What's that, Marcus?" Tim asked.


"Steven, shove your dick in my ass," Marcus suggested. "I want to sleep with you inside me. And, I won't be disappointed if, during the course of the night, you decide not to wait for morning to fuck me. Of course, you will need to do it again when we wake up."


"And, then, again before we get out of bed," Tim said sleepily. "And, then again when we are in the shower."


"If you haven't decided already, Steven," Marcus said as he impaled his ass on my hard dick. "I am addicted to dick and cum in my ass. And, Tim, somewhere along the way, I want your cum in my ass before I leave here tomorrow morning!"


"Good night, men!" Tim said as he hugged me. I did the same to Marcus and kissed the back of his neck.


"We will need to do this more often," I said to the two men I was in bed with.




After our workout on Wednesday morning, we were having lunch before my appointment with Dr. Garmin. Marcus had checked out of his guest house and was now a permanent guest at our house for the rest of the week. Tim, Master Jake, Master Miguel, Ajmal, Marcus, and I were sitting at the table.


"You should tell Steven about your professional background, Marcus," Tim suggested.


"Why?" Marcus asked.


"Don't ask questions, Marcus," Tim said. "Just do it!"


"Why do I feel like I am on a job interview?" Marcus asked.


"Because, if you play your cards right, boyfriend," Tim announced. "You are!"


"Oh!" Marcus said before he began his explanation. "I work at Bain Capital as a business development specialist. I work for one of the senior partners. I am sort of a talent scout. I review businesses that might be candidates for Bain to acquire and develop."


"Degrees, Marcus," Tim coached his friend.


"I have my BS from Harvard in Engineering and Applied Science," Marcus continued. "My specialty was computer science. I have an MBA from MIT."


"Hmmm," I said before I asked my next question. "How long have you worked for Bain?"


"About five years," Marcus added. "They paid for my MBA. I'm sort of getting bored with my work. Bain is a very, very, very conservative company."


I looked at Tim and smiled. "So, Marcus, other than being addicted to cum and dick, you are a venture capital expert?"


"I guess you could say that," Marcus acquiesced. "Why?"


"Well, I have a story to tell you, Marcus," I said. I continued my explanation of working at eSquare as one of their first employees and the gay leaning venture capital firm I want to get off the ground. "How much do you make at Bain?"


Marcus's eyes were wide. "About 80 thousand. Unless you are a partner at Bain, you don't make serious money. Why?"


"There seems to be a lot of `why' questions, Marcus," I said as I glanced at Tim, Master Jake, Master Miguel, and Ajmal. "Have you ever considered moving to Chicago?"


"Not really," Marcus said. "I was there several times on business about two years ago. We were working with a company in Chicago. It's a very nice city."


"Good," I said. "Would you consider running my venture capital firm?"


Marcus paused for what seemed like several minutes. "Sure," he finally said. "What is the offer?"


"We can discuss this in further detail, Marcus," I explained. "But, I was planning on paying a qualified individual about $150 thousand plus bonuses. The total compensation could hover around $300 thousand at a minimum during the first year. You can expect your pay package to more than double over the course of two or three years."


"You're kidding me, right?" Marcus asked. He looked somewhat shocked.


"Nope," I said. "And, you would not be working for me. You would be working for Caden and Caldwell Venture Capital. Tim and I are on the board of directors. The job is yours if you want it."


"Who do I have to fuck to get the job?" Marcus asked with a smile.


"No one," I said. "Unless you want to. If you do, Tim and I would be willing participants."


"I would need to move to Chicago, right?" Marcus asked.


"Yes, but you could do a lot of work in Provincetown during the summer," I told Marcus. Master Jake, Master Miguel, Ajmal, and Tim were smiling. "I am certain Tim and I could find an adequate housing situation for you as well."


"Where do I sign?" Marcus asked.


"I will have my attorney send a contract," I explained. "It will be here before you are schedule to go back to Boston on Tuesday. How much notice do you need to give Bain?"


"I will give them two weeks' notice," Marcus said. "But, I suspect I will be escorted out the door when I tell them I am jumping ship."


"When you are free," I told Marcus. "I want you back here in Provincetown so we can begin work on getting things moving forward. You will have about $50 million seed money to start projects you deem viable."


"Steven," Ajmal said to me. "I believe I told you I have some excess cash lying around. Would you be interested in having an equal partner in the business? I like the idea of working with gay and lesbian owned businesses to get them off and running. The more money circulating in our community, the better off all of us in the LGBT community will be."


I looked at Tim. Then, I looked at Master Jake and Master Miguel. Finally, I looked into Ajmal's beautiful brown eyes. "Probably. We would need to agree on the type of investments we want to make. But, I am certain Marcus could use an extra $50 million in the seed fund."




We arrived at Master Ajmal's house promptly at 6 pm. As Master Ajmal had suggested, I wore a pair of leather lace-up briefs, my collar, and my black leather lace up boots. Tim wore an extremely tight pair of exceptionally distressed jeans he and Marcus had found at a thrift store in Provincetown the day before. He had on a skin tight tank and black leather boots. Marcus wore his signature distressed skinny Levis with a tight, tight red tank with boots. Master Miguel had on a pair of tight jeans and a red tank. Master Jake also sported tight jeans and a blue tank. Master Ajmal answered the door wearing a pair of latex pants with a red strip on the outside of each leg. He had on a matching tank top and leather boots. I was instantly hard when I saw the outline of Master Ajmal's cock and balls showing through his latex pants.


"Gentlemen! Welcome to my home," Master Ajmal announced as he escorted us into the living room. "Give Boris here your drink order." Boris was an extremely attractive Middle Eastern man in his early thirties. He was skinny and had on loose fitting black pants and a loose fitting white dress shirt. Once we had given him out drink orders he left the room.


"Just to let you know," Master Ajmal explained after Boris left the room. "Boris helps me with the house—both here and in New York. He is from Iraq. You will almost never see him naked. He was punished in Iraq for being homosexual. He was severely whipped, caned, and burnt with cigarettes and has permanent marks covering his body to prove it. He was also publicly castrated. When I heard about his plight, I went to Iraq and brought him to the United States. He has been with me now for about four years."


"When I hear about people being seriously mistreated like that, I get really, really pissed off," Tim said quietly.


"I agree, Tim," Master Ajmal said. "I am working on getting three other men—who were Boris's friends—released into my custody. One was Boris's lover. He somehow escaped the castration knife unlike Boris and the other two."


Boris returned with our drinks. "Why don't I give you a brief tour of the house?" Master Ajmal said to the group as he began leading us into the living room. "The house is actually five very old properties. The living and dining area used to be one 1,200 square foot cottage. I somehow convinced the planning board of Provincetown to let me connect the five buildings."


"Does `somehow convinced' mean paid a lot of money?" I asked.


"Very observant, boy!" Master Ajmal said as he smiled at me. "The master suite is in another cottage to the right."


When we entered the master suite, Tim almost gasp. "This place is huge!"


"I had this 1,500 square foot cottage gutted," Master Ajmal said. "I enjoy the openness of the cathedral ceilings. The master bath is through those doors. My walk-in closet is to the right of the bath. All of the cottages now face an open courtyard. I can be outside naked and not worry about neighbors."


We were ushered into the courtyard and to a structure on the opposite side. "This cottage contains 4 guest suites with a shared sitting area and bar. All of the guest suites include their own bathroom. Now, if you will follow me."


Master Ajmal led us again into the courtyard and into another cottage. "This cottage contains the kitchen as well as a television area for casual entertaining. Boris's room is also in this cottage. He likes to be close to the kitchen. And, now for my favorite room in the house."


Master Ajmal led us from the kitchen directly into the fifth cottage.


"Holy shit!" Marcus announced when we were inside.


"This is my playroom," Master Ajmal told the group. "This was one of the largest cottages on the property. It used to have 3,000 square feet over two floors. As you can see, I eliminated the second floor in favor of high ceilings. I don't like to feel claustrophobic when I am involved in my passion."


The room held two slings, a St. Andrews Cross, a bondage table, two sawhorses mounted to the floor similar to the one Master Jake and Master Miguel have in their playroom, an extremely elaborate pulley system, a bathtub, an open shower, and walls and walls of whips, torture equipment, and restraints. The room also had a cage, a solitary confinement box, a fucking machine, to name just a few.


"As you can see," Master Ajmal continued. "I am an avid collector of S&M toys."


"You could start a toy store with the stuff you have in here!" Tim exclaimed.


"Probably," Master Ajmal said. "But, I don't plan to part with it anytime soon. I have a similar room in New York with much the same equipment as here in Provincetown. My playroom in the city, however, is more like a dungeon. And, yes, it is in the basement! Why don't we go outside to the courtyard? I believe Boris has appetizers for us to munch on before dinner."


"What are you going to do with the three other men if you successfully get them into the United States?" Tim asked.


"I want Boris's lover to be with Boris and me," Master Ajmal explained. "I am trying to find suitable situations for the other two. I have a four lawyers working on getting them released into my custody. I hope to have them safely out of Iraq by the end of the summer."


"I am assuming you probably have spent a fortune to get these boys released," I said to Master Ajmal.


"Freedom doesn't come cheap in Iraq," Master Ajmal said to the group. "I have probably spent over $2 million already. It will probably cost me another $1 million before I have them in the United States. I need to find an employment situation for two of them."


"You know, Ajmal," Tim said with a smile. "For a fucking sadist, you are really a pretty nice guy!"


"Thank you, Tim," Ajmal replied. "I am a very fortunate man. I am a US citizen. I am 36 and have made boat loads of money both as a broker as well as a real estate developer. I have lots of money. I can't sit still while some of my fellow Muslims are tortured, maimed, or murdered because they are gay."


"Tim and I will need to talk this over," I told Master Ajmal. "But, we might be interested in hiring one of the guys to help with our house both here and in Chicago. I would like to say that we will be able to convince Harvey to join us in Chicago when we are not in Provincetown. But, I don't seriously think that will happen. Tim?"


"I was thinking the exact same thing, Steven!" Tim said with a smile.


"Thank you," Master Ajmal said with a smile. "I may be a sadist, but I do value friendships like yours. Although, I am looking forward to a sadistic play period with the boy! Nothing will change that!"


"Let us know what we need to do," I said to Master Ajmal.


"Not to change the subject, Ajmal," Master Jake interjected. "But, I am curious. Why have you shaved your armpits and pubic hair?"


"Good question, Jake," Ajmal replied. "That is probably my only real holdover from my Muslim faith. I drink. I am gay. I don't observe Muslim holidays. However, I do shave those areas because it was part of my family's culture of observing the faith. Some Muslim men do shave parts of their bodies. Others don't. Besides, I mainly do it to confuse the boys I work over! I don't shave those areas anymore, however. I was a patient of Dr. Garmin's a few years ago."


"Gentlemen," Boris said as he stepped into the courtyard. "Diner is ready."


"Thank you, Boris," Master Ajmal said. "We will be right in. I hope you like French cooking. It is not the traditional overly sauced French cooking, but a lighter version. Boris studied to be a chef in Paris before he had to return to Iraq. He is an excellent chef!"


Master Ajmal led us into the dining area. The table was set formally for a French feast.




When I returned from my mission of delivering Master Jake and Miguel to the airport in Boston, I headed to Master Ajmal's house. At 3 pm, I rang the doorbell. Boris greeted me at the door.


"Good afternoon, Steven," Boris said. "Ajmal is in the playroom. He would like you strip and meet him there."


"Thank you, Boris." I said as I began taking off my clothes. "Where should I leave my clothes?"


"I will take them for you," Boris said. "You know how to get to the playroom?"


"Through the courtyard?" I asked.


"Yes," Boris said to me. "Ajmal is waiting for you."


"Thank you, Boris," I said as I made my way into the courtyard and the door of the playroom. I opened the door to see Master Ajmal standing naked near the doorway.


"Ah!" Master Ajmal said to me. "I see you've made it. Welcome, boy! Before we begin, why don't we have a beer together?"


"Yes, SIR!" I said. "Anything you say, SIR!"


Master Ajmal led me by the balls to the bar area. He pulled out two Coronas and handed one to me. "Please sit next to me, boy! I want to talk with you for a moment."


"Yes, SIR!" I replied as I sat beside Master Ajmal. We both took a sip of our beers.


"First of all, boy," Master Ajmal said. "I don't want you to be afraid of me. I want you to enjoy your time with me while I have possession of you."


"I am not afraid of you, SIR!" I reassured him.


"Good boy!" Master Ajmal continued. "I have a variety of activities planned while we are together. You will service me. You will feel my power. You will feel the pain I inflict upon you. But, I never want you to be afraid of me. I hope our relationship can continue for a long, long time. Your body pleases me. Your mind pleases me. You please me. Tim pleases me. Your other two Masters, Jake and Miguel, please me. Is there anything you have never experienced that you would like to experience?"


"At some point, SIR!" I began my explanation. "I want to be branded by Master Jake and Master Miguel. I hope you will also want to place your brand on me. I hope the experience will be enjoyed by all three of my Masters, SIR! I have only been in a relationship with one true sadist. I gave up that relationship to be with Master Ed, SIR! I don't want that to happen again, SIR! I want to please you so I can experience your wrath, your power, for a long time, SIR!"


"Tim told me about Master Ed, boy," Master Ajmal said to me. "I am sorry you were betrayed by him. I will never do that. I will never betray your trust in me. Do I make myself clear, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I answered. "You are very clear, SIR!"


"How did his betrayal make you feel, boy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"I was deeply hurt, SIR!" I began. "I was sad he felt the need to do that to me—and to Tim. But, most of all, I think I was pissed that he thought he could take what he wanted. We would have given him the money if he would have just fucking asked!"


"People who are sacred do stupid things sometimes," Master Ajmal said. "So, don't ever be scared of me or anyone else for that matter!"


"Thank you, SIR!" I said.


"Now, boy, one last thing," Master Ajmal said. "Is there anything you would rather not be a party to? Scat? Being burned?"


"That is not for me to decide, SIR!" I said to Master Ajmal. "I think if I were forced to eat scat I might throw up. Other than that, I am willing to try almost anything. I have been shit on, I have rimmed dirty assholes, but I have not been forced to eat shit."


"Thank you for your honesty, boy," Master Ajmal said to me. "Now, I want my dick sucked before we get started with anything else. I haven't cum all day, which is unusual for me."


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I got down on my knees and began to take Master Ajmal's cock I my mouth.


Master Ajmal forced my head down until his cock was in my throat. When he released the pressure on my head, I immediately began to eagerly work on my Master's rock hard dick.


"Oh! Yes, boy...!" Master Ajmal began. "Suck that dick, boy...! You are a good cocksucker, boy...! Ah, yes...! Suck that dick, boy... Make me feel good, boy...! Suck that cock, boy...! Oh! Fuck yes...! Make your master happy...!"


I kept sucking. As my first duty to my new Master, I wanted to please him. I worked his cock like a mad slave boy until I felt his body tense. He pushed my head down and his cock was again in my throat when he started to unload. He released my head and I pulled off slightly so I could taste my Master's sweet cum. His cum was the best tasting cum I had ever encountered. I kept sucking until I had it all.


Master Ajmal pulled my head off his dick, "That was the best blow job I have ever had, boy! We will need to do more of that during our weekend together."


"Yes, SIR!" I whisper. "Anything you say, SIR! I want to please you, SIR!"


Master Ajmal pulled me up. I stood between his open legs as he hugged me tightly. His muscular legs wrapped around me. He began to kiss me. His kisses were passionate and forceful. We kissed for several minutes. When he stopped, he whispered to me, "You are not only a terrific cocksucker, but you are an excellent kisser. Do you like kissing me, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I whisper back. "I love kissing you, SIR! You make me feel so safe when you are holding me and kissing me."


"Good," Master Ajmal responded. "I will make sure you feel extremely safe this weekend, boy! I want us to have another beer before we get further into the evening. But, before we do, I need to do two things. The first is your collar. I bought this especially for you, boy! No one has ever worn it before. No one will ever wear it but you."


Master Ajmal fastened the chain collar around my throat and locked it securely I place. Master Ajmal picked up an extra-large butt plug that was on the bar beside him. "Like your collar, boy, I just bought this butt plug for you. It will be yours and only yours. Turn around and bend over boy."


I turned so my back was facing Master Ajmal. I bent forward so he could have access to my ass. Master Ajmal put his finger into my ass. When he removed his finger, he positioned the butt plug over my asshole. With one quick push, the butt plug entered me.


"Aaaahhhh!" I screamed.


Master Ajmal turned me around and again took me into his arms. His legs again pulled me closer to his body. He began to kiss me again. He was just as passionate as the previous time. He tweaked my nipples. My dick was instantly hard.


"I think you must like that, boy," Master Ajmal said as he stroked my rock hard dick. He put my hand on his hard dick. "I liked that, too, boy!"


Master Ajmal further explained, "Boris will be serving us diner tonight here in the playroom. I don't plan on us leaving here until we go to the gym tomorrow morning. Then, tomorrow night I may take you out to the A-House. Then again, I may not. I am inclined to say we will go out to the bar because I am certain I want to show off your tortured body to the other customers."


"Yes, SIR!" I replied. "Anything you want, SIR!"

"Good boy!" Master Ajmal said as we sipped our beers. "I need to tell you about my agreement with Tim beyond what you already know, boy. I convinced Tim to let me have you this weekend because he wanted to revive his relationship with his ex-boyfriend, Marcus. That is another reason I am thinking I want to take you out to the A-House tomorrow night. I want us both to see how Tim and Marcus are progressing in the new relationship. How does that make you feel, boy?"


"I knew Tim was excited to rekindle his friendship with Marcus," I whispered. "Tim, Marcus, and I spent time together on Tuesday evening. I know Tim wants to make Marcus a very special part in his life. He still loves Marcus, and Marcus still loves Tim. I don't know how far along Tim will take his relationship with Marcus, but I want Tim to be as happy as I am right now."


"Tim will need to explain his progress with Marcus to you in person," Master Ajmal said to me. "I am hoping something will become of that because I want more of an ownership stake with you. I am a sadist, boy. I am an extremely rough sadist. I usually get what I want. I wanted money, and I made tons of money as a broker at the New York Stock Exchange. I wanted power, and I made myself powerful as a real estate developer. Tim is a very good man. I know you two are very much in love with each other. I will never come between you. I only hope I can wrest more power away from Tim and your other Masters as time goes forward. How does that make you feel, boy?"


"I am not certain," I replied. "Tim told me he and Marcus want a romantic relationship. I hope I can still be part of their lives together."


"I didn't say what kind of relationship Tim and Marcus will have, boy," Master Ajmal said. "However, if you, Master Jake, Master Miguel, and me are to have a Master/slave relationship with you, I am certain he will be interested in some form of relationship with someone. At least, I would think he would want a sexual relationship with someone since you are in a sexual relationship with the three Masters who share you. How did the two of you enjoy your time with Richard the other evening?"


"Ah! Richard!" I said to Master Ajmal with a smile. "Tim and I are both suckers for men of color. Richard is extremely good looking. Richard has a terrific body. Richard has a huge cock and balls. We enjoyed our time with him, but I am certain neither Tim nor I would want any kind of relationship with him other than an occasional romp in the hay. I think the night Tim and I spent with Marcus was more interesting. It was a power play in some ways, but it also was a very enjoyable sexually charged evening."


"In other words, Richard is out," Master Ajmal said with a smile. "The jury, with respect to Marcus, is still out!"


"Good summary, SIR!" I said with a smile.


"Now," Master Ajmal began. "It is time for us to begin to really enjoy our first evening together. I am going to try to give you everything you want, boy! I know you will give me everything I want!"


Master Ajmal connected a leash to my collar. He led me over to the St. Andrews Cross. "I hope you enjoy this as much as I know I am going to enjoy this, boy!"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied. "I know I am going to enjoy this, Master! You are a powerful man! I am born to serve powerful men, Master!"


"Good boy," Master Ajmal said to me.


He positioned me so that I was facing him. My back was to the cross. He put each wrist into the restraints at the top of the cross and tightened them so my arms were stretched as far apart as possible. Next, he fastened my ankles to the base of the cross and pulled them tight so I was stretched spread eagle against the cross. My dick was hard and standing at attention.


"You ARE enjoying this, aren't you, boy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Yes, SIR!" I replied.


"Look at me, boy!" Master Ajmal said to me.


I looked into Master Ajmal's piercing brown eyes. They were moving from left to right like the tick of a clock. Left. Right. Left. Right. Left. Right. Left. Right.


Master Ajmal continued, "You are feeling sleepy, boy." Master Ajmal continued looking left and then right. "You are going to sleep until I tell you to wake up. Do you understand me, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I answered. "I understand you, SIR!"


Master Ajmal continued moving his eyes. Left. Right. Left. Right.


Master Ajmal explained as he kept moving his eyes. Left. Right. Left. Right. "You will do everything I ask of you. You will beg me for more pain, more torture. You will be in my possession until I give you back to Tim on Monday afternoon. You will feel my power. You will yield to my power. You will give yourself freely to me. You will feel every whip lash and want more. You will feel every painful moment and beg for more. You will remember everything I do as I inflict pain upon your body. You will beg for more. After I tell you that you are free, you will remember every detail, every painful detail. You will tell your future husband, Tim, every detail. You will tell him how much you enjoyed our time together. You will beg him to allow me to own your body on a regular basis. You are mine for the rest of your life, boy. You love Tim. Tim completes you. You will love me and the pain I inflict upon you. I complete you. Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, Master!" I sleepily respond. "I understand, Master!"


"Good boy!" Master Ajmal continues. "When I snap my fingers, you will come out of your sleep. You will be wide awake to energetically experience my power over your slave boy body. However, you will still be under my power until I give you back to Tim. Do you understand me, boy?"


"Yes, Master!" I replied. "I understand completely, Master."


"Good boy," Master Ajmal said as he snapped his fingers.


I was suddenly wide awake. I was eager for Master Ajmal to begin using my body. I felt his power enveloping me. I was his.



To be continued...


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