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Life With Tim



Master Ajmal connected a leash to my collar. He led me over to the St. Andrews Cross. "I hope you enjoy this as much as I know I am going to enjoy this, boy!"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied. "I know I am going to enjoy this, Master! You are a powerful man! I am born to serve powerful men, Master!"


"Good boy," Master Ajmal said to me.


He positioned me so that I was facing him. My back was to the cross. He put each wrist into the restraints at the top of the cross and tightened them so my arms were stretched as far apart as possible. Next, he fastened my ankles to the base of the cross and pulled them tight so I was stretched spread eagle against the cross. My dick was hard and standing at attention.


"You are enjoying this, aren't you, boy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Yes, SIR!" I replied.


"Look at me, boy!" Master Ajmal said to me.


I looked into Master Ajmal's piercing brown eyes. They were moving from left to right like the tick of a clock. Left. Right. Left. Right. Left. Right. Left. Right.


Master Ajmal continued, "You are feeling sleepy, boy." Master Ajmal continued looking left and then right. "You are going to sleep until I tell you to wake up. Do you understand me, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I answered. "I understand you, SIR!"


Master Ajmal continued moving his eyes. Left. Right. Left. Right.


Master Ajmal explained as he kept moving his eyes. Left. Right. Left. Right. "You will do everything I ask of you. You will beg me for more pain, more torture. You will be in my possession until I give you back to Tim on Monday afternoon. You will feel my power. You will yield to my power. You will give yourself freely to me. You will feel every whip lash and want more. You will feel every painful moment and beg for more. You will remember everything I do as I inflict pain upon your body. You will beg for more. After I tell you that you are free, you will remember every detail, every painful detail. You will tell your future husband, Tim, every detail. You will tell him how much you enjoyed our time together. You will beg him to allow me to own your body on a regular basis. You are mine for the rest of your life, boy. You love Tim. Tim completes you. You will love me and the pain I inflict upon you. I complete you. Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, Master!" I sleepily respond. "I understand, Master!"


"Good boy!" Master Ajmal continues. "When I snap my fingers, you will come out of your sleep. You will be wide awake to energetically experience my power over your slave boy body. However, you will still be under my power until I give you back to Tim. Do you understand me, boy?"


"Yes, Master!" I replied. "I understand completely, Master."


"Good boy," Master Ajmal said as he snapped his fingers.


I was suddenly wide awake. I was eager for Master Ajmal to begin using my body. I felt his power enveloping me. I was his.


Chapter 26: A New Master; A New Life


"Boy," Master Ajmal said to me as he returned to face me. He had a set of tit clamps, a ball parachute, and another huge clamp in his hand as well as a small riding crop. He placed all of the items on a table beside me. "We are going to start slowly and work our way into a frenzy."


Master Ajmal took my left nipple in his hand and stretched it so he could attach the clamp on my nipple behind the bar piercing. He tightened the clamp on my nipple.


"Aaaaaaahhhhhh!" I screamed in pain as Master Ajmal tightened the clamp so it was biting into my skin.


He placed the other clamp on my right nipple.


"Aaaaaaahhhhhh!" I screamed again.


My dick was standing at attention.


"You like this, don't you, boy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Yes, SIR!" I almost screamed. "Thank you, SIR!"


Master Ajmal buckled the ball parachute tightly around my balls. He went back to the wall and returned with a fairly large weight.


"We are going to start with 20 pounds, boy!" Master Ajmal said as he smiled at me. "We will work up to larger weights as we go along for our first experience together."


Master Ajmal fastened the 20 pound weight onto the clip on the ball parachute and let it drop.


"Aaaaaaahhhhh!" I screamed as the weight suddenly tugged at my balls.


"Good boy!" Master Ajmal said. "I like hearing you scream. But, you know no one can hear you! This room is completely sound proofed."


Master Ajmal grabbed my foreskin and pulled it away from my dick. He took the huge clamp and placed it on my foreskin.


"Aaaaaahhhhhh!" I screamed as the clamp bit into my foreskin. It felt like small teeth were digging and piercing my skin.


"Good boy!" Master Ajmal said again. He went to the wall where he selected the 20 pound weight. He came back with a slightly smaller one. "This is only 15 pounds. I am going to connect it to the clamp attached to your foreskin. You know it is going to hurt, don't you, boy?"


"Yes, Master!" I screamed in terror.


Master Ajmal sadistically smiled as he hooked the 15 pound weight to the clamp digging into my foreskin. He let the weight drop.


"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" I screamed from the pain. I felt like the clamp was cutting off my foreskin.


"Tell me now what you think of me," Master Ajmal said.


"You are a sadistic Master, SIR!" I almost screamed. "Thank you, SIR!"


"You're welcome, boy," Master Ajmal responded as he picked up the small riding crop. "What do you think I am going to do with this riding crop, boy?"


"Whip me, SIR!" I answered.


"Where am I going to whip you, boy?" Master Ajmal asked. "Think before you answer, boy!"


"My cock and balls, SIR!" I replied.


"Good answer, boy!" Master Ajmal continued. "Do you think I am going to be gentle, boy?"


"No, SIR!" I almost screamed knowing what was about to happen to me. "I will feel the pain you are about to inflict on me, SIR! Hurt me, SIR! I want to feel your power, SIR!"


"Good boy!" Master Ajmal said as he caressed my hard, stretched dick and sore balls. He removed his hand and slammed the riding crop against my hard dick.


"Aaaaaahhhhh!" I screamed in pain. He began to quickly cover my balls and cock with blistering power. With every whack of the riding crop against my skin covering my cock and balls, I let out another scream until I was unable to scream anymore. He continued to slap my genitals with the riding crop for several more minutes. I thought I was almost ready to pass out from the pain when he suddenly stopped.


"What do you say, boy?" Master Ajmal asked me.


"SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I screamed.


Master Ajmal went over to the wall where he kept the weights. He brought over two more.


"This weight is 10 pounds," Master Ajmal said as he connected it to the clamp on my foreskin. He dropped the now 25 pound weights.


"Aaaaaahhhhh!" I screamed again.


"Good boy!" Master Ajmal said to me. "I like it when you scream, boy! It pleases me to hear your pain in your voice. The other weight is 20 pounds. Where do you think I am going to put this weight?"


"On my balls, SIR!" I screamed again.


"What do you say to your Master, boy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Hang it from my balls, SIR!" I screamed again. "Please hang it from my balls, SIR!"


Master Ajmal lifted the 25 pound weight already connected to the ball parachute and clipped on the second 20 pound weight before he dropped all 45 pounds of weight.


"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed again.


Master Ajmal stood directly in front of me. He began to kiss me and caress my nipples. He continued to kiss me for several more minutes. The pain in my balls and foreskin seemed to be diminishing as I grew used to the weights. I was eagerly responding to Master Ajmal's kisses.


He stood back to look at me. My eyes closed in anticipation of more pain. I felt Master Ajmal step away from me. When he returned, Master Ajmal said to me, "Open your eyes, boy! I want to see the pain in your eyes. I want to see the fear in your eyes. Not the fear of me, but the fear of what might come next!"


I opened my eyes and looked directly into Master Ajmal's eyes. "What do you see, boy?"


"I see your power over me, SIR!" I said to Master Ajmal.


"Do you see my love for you?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Yes, Master! I see the love you have for me!" I whispered to Master Ajmal. "You love me by giving me what I want. I am yours, Master. I want you to take my body and use it for your pleasure, Master! I was born to serve powerful and sadistic men like you, SIR! You make me feel complete!"


"Good answer, boy!" Master Ajmal said to me. "I think we can continue."


Master Ajmal returned to the wall of whips and selected a cat-o-nine-tails. He returned to face me at the St. Andrews Cross.


"This whip, boy, is very special to me," Master Ajmal began. "It is one of my favorites. I will use it to put some seriously nice marks on your body. I will start by marking up your front before I turn you around to mark your back side. Once I am finished with this whip, you will have marks starting just below your neck. I will work the whip over your entire front side until I reach your ankles. And, while the marks will not be permanent, they will be decorating your body for several days. What do you want to say, boy?"


"SIR!" I begin. "Make me yours, SIR! I want the world to know that I am yours! Hurt me, SIR! Please, SIR! Hurt me!"


"Trust me, boy," Master Ajmal said. "I will definitely hurt you! This is a test to see how much pain you can endure, boy! The test will last for a long time. By the time I am finished, you may not be able to talk. I will hurt you so much you will scream and probably be horse for a couple of hours. Don't disappoint me, boy! I want to hear you scream from the pain I am about to inflict upon you!"


"Yes, SIR!" I answered as I look into Master Ajmal's brown eyes. "Thank you, SIR!"


Master Ajmal kissed me again before he moved away from my body. I watched as Master Ajmal positioned the whip before he began to pound my body.


"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed as the first stroke hit my chest just below my neck.


Master Ajmal continued to deliver blow after blow to my body. I screamed every time the whip hit my body. I almost fainted from the pain, especially when he delivered several powerful blows to my dick and balls. Once he reached the bottom of my legs, he paused.


Master Ajmal came closer to me. He lifted my chin so I was again looking directly into my Master's sadistic eyes. He kissed me passionately before he stopped to survey the damage he had done to the front side of my body.


"Excellent," Master Ajmal said to me as he pushed the weights attached to my balls so it was swaying back and forth. He reached for the clamp attached to my foreskin. When he released the clamp's grasp, I again screamed in maddening pain.


"Good boy!" Master Ajmal said to me. "I like the way you scream, boy! It gets me really, really excited!"


He unhooked the ball parachute and let it drop to the floor. He roughly massaged my balls. I screamed again as he pressed my hairless boy balls with his tight fist.


Master Ajmal quickly removed the restraints that held my legs in place. Then, he removed the restraints holding my arms. I almost fell to the floor.


Master Ajmal grabbed me and held me tightly as he, again, began to kiss me. When he stopped kissing me, he explained his next moves. "We are not finished with this phase of your torment, boy. I need to mark your back side just like I did with your front side."


He turned me around so I was facing the cross. He again restrained my arms and legs. Master Ajmal moved to the other side of the cross. I felt my cock and balls being pulled through an opening in the cross.


"I had this cross specifically designed so I am able to inflict as much pain as possible when I am whipping a boy's back side," Master Ajmal explained as he began fastening something over my balls. "I am putting on a ball press, boy. I will tighten it slowly to clamp down on your balls. I will essentially squish your balls so they are almost flat. You will feel significant pain. But, the good news is the pain you will be experiencing from the pressure on your balls will lighten the pain you will feel when I finish marking your back side. It will probably take me an hour or so to get your back side marked the way I want it. I have selected another cat-o-nine-tails whip to use on your back. It is even more painful than the one I used on the front of your body. What do you say to your Master now, boy?"


"SIR!" I hissed. "I am ready to accept the pain you want me to feel, SIR! Hurt me, SIR! Please, SIR, hurt me!"


"Good boy," Master Ajmal said as he put a bottle of poppers under my nose. He had me take four hits in each nostril. Master Ajmal began tightening the ball press. Each time he tightened it I again screamed in sheer terror as the pain in my balls shot through the rest of my body.


Master Ajmal moved behind me so he could position himself for the whipping of the back side of my body. Once he began pounding the whip onto the skin of my back I lost track of the pain in my balls and the pain in my back. He used every muscle in his powerful body to force the whip against me. Finally, Master Ajmal stopped.


My body felt as if it were on fire. From just below my neck to the ankles on both legs, my skin seemed to crawl in pain.


"Good boy," Master Ajmal whispered into my ear. "You are a true masochist, boy! One of the best I have ever worked on. It is almost 8 pm. Boris should be bringing us our meal shortly."


Master Ajmal released the ball press and the restraints. He held my body to keep me from falling to the floor. He carried me to a bar stool and helped me sit. I could barely stand the pain of sitting on my well-whipped ass.


Master Ajmal leaned down and kissed me again. Tenderly, passionately, he delivered soft kisses to my lips. He stopped when he heard Boris open the door of the playroom.


"Right on time, Boris," Master Ajmal said.


Boris set out three plates of food on the bar. "Boris will be joining us for our dinner. Then, he will apply some lotion to your body to sooth some of the pain. The marks will remain for several days, however."


"The lotion will make your body feel much better," Boris told me as we ate. "I found it to be an excellent remedy for the pain when I was publicly whipped and burned. I make the lotion based on an old Iraqi concoction passed down through my family."


"Boris," Master Ajmal continued. "Tell the boy about your torture."


"You don't need to do that, Boris," I said. "It must be tough to relive the experience."


"No," Boris countered. "It helps me when I explain my torture. It allows me to come to grips with my captors actions. My psychiatrist suggested I explain my situation to as many people as possible so I don't have nightmares... My lover Sanji, two friends, and I were discovered in my apartment by my father. We were in bed having sex. My father called the police to report us for an act unbecoming of an Iraqi citizen. We were all naked in my bed. The police dragged us into the street. We were all still naked. They tied the four of us to a tree in a public square near my apartment. A huge crowd formed around us as the police announced our transgressions. Everyone in the crowd, including my father and three of my brothers, began throwing stones at us. Then, the Inman arrived and declared our punishment according to Muslim law. We were beaten with a bullwhip 100 times before we were untied from the tree. We were forced to walk naked to the jail. Thousands of people lined the street. We were humiliated by our nakedness."


"In case you are not aware of Muslim traditions," Master Ajmal explained. "When a man is naked in public, it is the supreme humiliation a man can endure. Continue, Boris."


"Every day for three months, we were forced into another public square and beaten. We were also burned with cigarettes by the guards in the jail," Boris continued. "After the third month, the beatings ceased. But, my friends and I were still in jail. We were not being beaten any more, but we were tied naked to a stockade every day. Finally, one day an Inman appeared. He castrated three of us. My lover was not, however, castrated because American soldiers stormed the area. We spent several months in an American prison camp. Ajmal rescued me, but my friends are still in custody at the camp. Ajmal is working to free my lover and my two friends."


"I am so, so sorry, Boris," I said. "I hope Master Ajmal can rescue your friends. Tim and I have offered to help."


"Ajmal wants Sanji to live with us," Boris told me. "I don't know if I want that. I can no longer be Sanji's lover because... I just can't do that to him."


"Why don't you let Sanji decide that?" Master Ajmal asked. "Just to let you know, Steven, Boris will be sleeping with us at night. When he is with me, he doesn't usually have nightmares. I feel the need to protect him—just like I feel the need to protect you, Steven."


"Thank you, SIR!" I told Master Ajmal.


"Boris," Master Ajmal said. "Let me take the plates back to the kitchen while you apply the lotion to the boy's body. Then, we can go to bed. It is nearly 10, and we have a very early morning tomorrow."


Once Boris had finished applying the lotion to my body, Master Ajmal led me by the balls to his bedroom. Boris followed quietly.


As we were getting ready to go to bed, Boris began to remove his clothing. "I hope my body does not disturb you, Steven. The only person in this country who as seen me naked has been Ajmal."


Boris lifted his shirt to expose his badly marked back and chest. When he removed his pants, he reached down to hide his ball less genitals.


Master Ajmal stood beside Boris and hugged him tightly, "It's okay, Boris. You have nothing to be ashamed of now. You are with me. I am going to fuck the boy tonight. If that will make you uncomfortable, you can wait for us in my sitting room."


"It will not make me uncomfortable, Ajmal," Boris answered. "I want to be with you as you take your new boy!"


"On your stomach, boy!" Master Ajmal ordered. "Boris, could you prop him up with a pillow under his stomach."


"Gladly, Ajmal," Boris said as he raised my midsection to insert a pillow underneath me.


Master Ajmal pulled my legs far apart and secured them to the foot of the bed with restraints. He crawled between my legs and prepared to take me.


"I am going to enjoy myself, boy!" Master Ajmal said to me. "You will be getting my dick in your ass a lot while you are in my service. I love to fuck almost as much as I love to whip and torture a boy. But, the big difference is that I will be fucking you at least four or five times each day. I am not only a sadist, but I am a horny sadist. Do you understand me, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied. "I understand, SIR! Fuck me, SIR! Please fuck me hard, SIR!"


"Oh! I am going to fuck you hard, boy!" Master Ajmal said as he lined up his hard 9 inch dick with my asshole. He pushed his entire dick into my ass with one swift motion.


"Aaaahhhh!" I screamed.


"Good boy!" Master Ajmal said to me. "I like it when you scream, boy!"


Master Ajmal began pounding my ass. He pulled all of the way out before he shoved it back into my ass. His pace quicken to near frenetic pace. The bed was shaking with the power of Master Ajmal's ravaging of my ass. I moaned in pleasure every time Master Ajmal jammed his dick into me. Master Ajmal put his hands under my chest and found my nipples which he began to caress and pinch until my dick was almost ready to blow a load.


"Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" I screamed as I unloaded onto the pillow below me.


"You almost did it there, boy!" Master Ajmal whispered as he continued to pound my ass. He took my nipples between his index finger and the finger nail of his thumb and pressed hard until I was screaming in pain. My ass must have contracted from the torture of my nipples because Master Ajmal began to spew his load inside my ass. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" He screamed as he filled my ass with his cum.


Master Ajmal rested his sweaty body on top of mine while he recovered from his intense workout. Finally, he was able to speak, "God! That was good, boy! I am going to need your ass a lot. I may even ask Tim to let me borrow you for an hour or so each day so I can have that beautiful ass of yours. Would you like that, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I whisper. "I would like that a lot, SIR! I want to please you, SIR! I am certain Tim will be willing to share my ass with you, SIR!"


"Good boy!" Master Ajmal said to me before turning his attention to Boris. "What did you think of the boy's performance, Boris?"


"I think his ass is perfect for your dick, Ajmal!" Boris said. "You two reminded me of my time with my Sanji."




I awoke the next morning to the feeling of Master Ajmal's dick slipping into my ass again. I was on my back this time.


"Good morning, boy!" Master Ajmal said to me has he bottomed out in my ass. "I told you we were going to fuck a lot, boy! I like waking up to the feeling of my dick in a boy's ass."


"Thank you, SIR!" I whispered to Master Ajmal. "I like your dick in my ass, SIR! I need your dick in my ass, SIR! I want to make you happy, SIR! Please use me in any way you want, SIR! Please don't hold back, SIR! I am beginning to feel your power, Master!"


"Good boy!" Master Ajmal said as he picked up the pace of fucking me. He was soon ravaging my ass with deep, powerful stroke of his big dick. I was profoundly grateful to be allowed to give Master Ajmal my ass and my entire body. I never felt so in synch with any man... even Tim.


I lost track of my surroundings and just let myself give in to the feeling of making Master Ajmal happy and satisfied. Suddenly, I felt Master Ajmal's sweaty, muscular body begin to tense. And, then, I felt torrents of his wonderful cum fill my ass.


"Ahhh... Ahhh... Ahhh... Ahhh... Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" Master Ajmal screamed as his body convulsed.


Master Ajmal rested on top of me. His sweaty body covered mine. His breathing was deep. I felt his power flow from him into me. I knew at the moment Master Ajmal unloaded in my ass that I was his. I would spend the rest of my life serving him. I put my arms around his sweaty back and hugged him.


"You felt it, too, didn't you boy?" Master Ajmal whispered. "My power entered your body."


"Yes, Master," I whispered back. "I felt it too, Master!"


"You are mine now, boy!" Master Ajmal again whispered. "I own you. I own your mind. I own your body. I will share your body with Tim, Jake, and Miguel—maybe even Marcus—but I own you! Say it, boy! Say it out loud!"


"You own me, SIR!" I whisper. "You own my mind. You own my body! Thank you, SIR!"


"Now, we need a shower before we join Boris for breakfast," Master Ajmal said with a smile. "Then, we go to the gym. I am taking you out to lunch after the gym at a very special place. After lunch, we will come back here so I can fuck you again."




My workout at the gym was extremely strenuous. Master Ajmal turns out not only to be a sadist when it comes to sexual encounters, but also as a personal trainer. I never came close to lifting as much weight as I did during our Saturday morning workout.


We showered at the gym. My whip marked body drew lots of attention from the guys in the locker room. Then, we were off to lunch at Master Ajmal's special place.


Master Ajmal drove us up the hill that overlooked Provincetown and the dunes. We stopped at a modest ranch house. The 360 degree view from the grounds of the house were magnificent. Master Ajmal explained our presence at the house. "I bought this house a couple of years ago. An older couple owned it, and they needed to sell the place so they could move into an assisted living place. I intend on doing nothing to the place except to share the surroundings with special people in my life. Boris left lunch for us. We can eat on the back deck."


"This is amazing, SIR!" I said as I looked at the views.


"I thought you would like it, boy!" Master Ajmal said. "If you and Tim want to come here, just ask me. I will arrange for Boris to open the house for you."


"Thank you, SIR!" I said to my Master. "I think Tim would also like it up here!"


"Before we begin eating, I want you naked, boy!" Master Ajmal said to me. I quickly slipped off my gym shorts, tank top, and shoes. "Very good, boy! Now, I want you to jack off, boy!"


I stood in front of Master Ajmal and grabbed my already hard dick and began to massage my dick. Master Ajmal began to tweak my nipples. He was again using his index finger and thumb nail to compress my nipples. With Master Ajmal's attention to my nipples, I didn't last long before I blew my load on the deck in the back of the house.


"Very good, boy!" Master Ajmal said to me. "I liked watching you pleasure yourself. I hope your Masters Jake and Miguel catch you on tape. You have an amazing look on your face when you are jacking off, boy!"


"Thank you, SIR!" I replied as Master Ajmal started to kiss me and hold me tight to his body.


"Now, boy, we shall enjoy another one of Boris's feasts," Master Ajmal said as he poured champagne into two flutes. He pulled out two huge Cobb Salads from the cooler next to the outdoor patio table. We sat opposite each other and talked about our time together so far this weekend.


"So, boy," Master Ajmal began. "Have you enjoyed yourself so far this weekend?"


"Yes, Master!" I replied. "Our time together so far has been more enjoyable than I could possibly imagine, SIR! Every minute I am with you, SIR, brings me closer into focus. I feel extremely connected to you. And, my connection with you seems to make me feel even more connected with Tim. Does that make sense, SIR?"


"I can see where you might think that, boy," Master Ajmal replied. "I am giving you something Tim is unable to give you. You and Tim have a different relationship with each other than you and I have. I am in control of you, your body, and your mind. You and Tim are equal partners in a relationship. No one owns the other like I own you. I hope, too, Tim and Marcus are reconnecting this weekend. How do you think your relationship with your Masters Jake and Miguel will continue?"


"I don't know, SIR!" I said to Master Ajmal. "I think our business relationship will prove very exciting, especially as we get further into filming our activities. I still want them and you to use me on film."


"I would be honored to participate," Master Ajmal told me. "Do you think Tim would like to have a sexual relationship with me and you together?"


"I don't know, SIR!" I said. "I know he likes you very, very much. And, I am extremely certain he trusts you. Otherwise, he would not have allowed us to be together. What kind of sexual relationship do you envision for the three of us?"


"A lot of sucking and fucking," Master Ajmal said to me. "I would really enjoy making love to Tim. He is a remarkably good looking man. I would also enjoy Tim making love to me. Honestly, I have never been fucked by another man. And, finally, I want to see the two of you make love to one another. Do you think Tim would be interested?"


"Why don't you ask him?" I suggested.


"I will ask him when I return you to him on Monday afternoon," Master Ajmal said to me. "In the meantime, I need a blowjob before I finish eating."


Master Ajmal turned his chair and spread his legs so I could gain access to Master Ajmal's beautiful cock. He was completely hard already. I moved in front of Master Ajmal and put my lips on his cock. He pushed my head down until his dick was into my throat. He held my head there for a short time before he allowed me to begin working his cock with my mouth. I quickly picked up the pace of working his dick. I occasionally paused to lick his massive hairless balls. Master Ajmal was groaning in pleasure. I lost all track of time as I savored the taste of my Master's dick.


Master Ajmal's body tensed as he screamed when he began unloading into my mouth, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


I milked all of Master Ajmal's cum out of his dick. As I pulled my head off my Master's cock, I heard an applause from the side of the house. It was Willy the Provincetown police officer who threatened to arrest me for indecent exposure.


"Willy!" Master Ajmal greeted his friend. "I'm glad you could make it this afternoon!"


"I couldn't pass up a blow job from your new slave boy," Willy said. "I'm certain he has been practicing on you, Ajmal."


"He has, indeed," Master Ajmal answered. "I am even going to offer the boy's ass if you want to fuck him!"


"Thanks, Ajmal," Willy said as he was slipping out of his shirt and shorts. "I will need to pass this time around. I need to be at work in a couple of hours. When I do fuck him, I want time to enjoy his slave boy asshole."


Willy sat on another chair and assumed the same position Master Ajmal had taken, "Suck my dick, ass wipe...! Suck my big cop dick...! Come on, boy...! I don't have all night...!"


I hurried between Willy's legs and set about sucking the police officer off. His muscular body was even more spectacular this afternoon than it appeared last weekend behind the alley. I worked the officer's cock like a mad man in search of the Holy Grail! I used the same technique I used with Master Ajmal. I paused occasionally to take Willy's big hairy balls into my mouth. Master Ajmal stood behind the chair Willy was sitting in. Master reached down and began to tweak the police officer's nipples.


"Oh...! Fuck, Ajmal...! Shit...! You are going to make me fucking cum if you keep that up...!" Willy moaned as I continued to pleasure the officer. "Suck that dick, boy...! Suck it...! Make daddy happy, boy...! Shit...! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"




Master Ajmal fucked me when we returned from our lunch and time with Willy.


After eating another one of Boris's veritable feasts for dinner, Master Ajmal led me to his Master suite by my balls. "We need to get cleaned up before we go out to the bar tonight," Master Ajmal commanded. "However, eating one of Boris's meals makes me horny. Some of the herbs he uses in his creations are actually aphrodisiacs. So, I am going to fuck you in the shower. You have noticed by now, boy, I use the word `fuck' when I am talking with you. I do not use the words `make love to you.' I will never make love to you. Tim's job is to make love to you. My job is to fuck you."


Master Ajmal adjusted the temperature of the water and turned on the overhead rain forest shower as well as several side jets. He pushed a button and one of the walls opened to reveal a stockade like device. "Come here, boy!" Master Ajmal commanded as he opened the stockade. He placed my arms in two spaces several inches away from a larger space carved out of the stockade. He pushed my head down so my neck was in the middle space. He lowered and locked the stockade so I was secured.


"I love fucking a boy in my shower," Master Ajmal continued. "But, first, I am going to shove my dick in your ass and piss in you. Then, I will get my rocks off. We don't need to be at the bar until about two hours from now. I will have plenty of time to use your ass."


Master Ajmal stopped talking and shoved his already hard dick into my ass with one swift, powerful stroke. He paused for a few moments. I felt his piss fill the inside of my ass.


"I have been holding off pissing for most of the afternoon," Master Ajmal said in a matter of fact manner. I felt his stream of piss stop. He waited for another few seconds before he began his assault on my ass. He pulled his dick out so just the tip of his hard nine inch cock was still in my ass to prevent his piss from leaking out. As he pushed inward, his dick made the piss in my ass slosh around in my asshole. I thought my gut was going to burst from all the liquid and my Master's big dick. He gradually picked up speed until he was working my ass in a feverish pace.


"God...! What an... ass... you have..., boy...!" Master Ajmal hissed. "I am... going to... fuck you... all night... tonight... when we... get home...!"


Master Ajmal continued to pump his dick in and out of me. His big balls slapped mine with every thrust into me. He reached around my chest and found my nipples. He clamped down on them using his finger nails.


"Aaaaahhhhh!" I screamed. I also felt my ass tighten around Master Ajmal's dick. But, Master Ajmal continued his workout. I seemed to have lost all track of time as I experienced a mind bending power fuck.


Master Ajmal let out a blood curdling scream, "Aaaaaahhhhhh!" He began to spew his cum into my ass. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Master Ajmal rested his spent body on mine as he recovered. Once he was able to speak, he whispered to me. "I am going to take my dick out of your ass. I want you to hold all of my piss and cum in your ass. I am going to stick the douche hose into your ass, and I am going to fill you up. Do not, I repeat, do not let any of my piss, my cum, or the water out of your ass until I tell you. Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied. "I understand, SIR!"


Master Ajmal popped his dick out of me. I had to fight the urge to expel all of my Master's piss and cum. I felt the douche hose enter me. It filled my already full ass with more and more water. "Aaaaahhhhh!" I moaned in pain.


Master Ajmal pulled the douche hose out of my ass, and I again struggled to keep the liquid inside me. Finally, Master Ajmal spoke, "Let it out now, boy!"


I relaxed my ass and a torrent of liquid spewed from my ass. We continued to shower after he let me out of the stockade. Once we were dry, we stepped into Master Ajmal's bedroom.


"Tonight, boy, I want you to wear this," Master Ajmal said as he handed me a gift box. "I bought it for you with tonight in mind."


I opened the box. It was a latex thong similar to the latex pants and shirt Master Ajmal had on when we were at his house for dinner last Wednesday.


"I thought this would show off the marks on your body, boy!" Master Ajmal explained. "It will also show off your very beautiful muscles."


"Thank you, SIR!" I said. "I will be honored to wear your gift tonight, SIR!"


"Good!" Master Ajmal continued. "I want your dick to stand out tonight. I think Tim will be impressed."


The latex thong fit like a glove. The outline on my semi-hard cock and my hairless balls left nothing to the imagination.


"Perfect, boy!" Master Ajmal said. "You will draw a lot of attention from the crowd tonight."


And, a lot of people we passed on the street did a double take of Master Ajmal and me as we walked to the A-House. The bouncer—another huge, burley man dressed in tight, ripped Levis and a leather vest without a shirt—also apparently liked what he saw, "Good to see you again, Ajmal. May I?"


"Why of course," Master Ajmal said to the bouncer. The bouncer cupped his hand around my crotch.


"Very nice!" the bouncer said to Master Ajmal.


"Stop by tomorrow late afternoon if you want a better look and more than a feel of the boy's crotch!" Master Ajmal said. "Sometime around 6 pm would be perfect.


Master Ajmal got us Coronas from Clark before we settled in at a spot at the front of the bar. "You will like Seth, boy. He has a huge uncut dick. And, he knows how to make a boy squeal for more!"


We were only slightly settled when Tim and Marcus came up the stairs.


They quickly headed in our direction. Tim was the first to speak, "Ajmal! Why are we wasting our time and money getting the boy tattooed? You could just mark the boy up every now and then with your whips!"


"I will be happy to help you out with marking the boy whenever you feel he needs more color!" Master Ajmal responded to Tim with a smile.


Tim kissed me before he continued, "You look absolutely fabulous, Steven!"


"Thank you, Tim," I said. "You look pretty good yourself! Did you and Marcus go shopping? I don't remember the shorts!"


Tim had on a tight pair of leather shorts. The shorts resembled cut-off jeans. He also had on black lace-up boots, but he didn't wear a shirt. It was obvious he also didn't have on any underwear.


"As a matter of fact, we did," Tim said. "I went to the leather store and found these interesting shorts. Marcus found his jeans at our favorite thrift store. I loaned him one of your old vests."


Marcus dressed in a tight pair of extremely distressed jeans. He had on black boots and just a leather vest.


"Good find, Marcus," I said as I caressed his ass cheek through the rip in the back. "You fill those out extremely well in the front, too."


"And, aren't those whip marks on your back, Tim?" Master Ajmal asked.


"You noticed!" Tim gleefully responded. "See, Marcus, I told you Ajmal and Steven would notice! Take off your vest, Marcus."


Marcus slipped off his vest and showed Master Ajmal and me the whip marks on his back. They were not as pronounced as the ones on Tim's back, but they were definitely marks from a cat-o-nine-tails whip.


"The marks look good on both of you!" I told them.


"Thanks," Marcus said. "I think we need to practice some more on your body before we attempt this again."


"You look good tonight, too, Ajmal" Tim said to Master Ajmal. He was in his latex pants and tank top. "Of course, you always look good."


"Thanks," Master Ajmal said as he kissed me and put his arm around my shoulder. "How was your weekend so far, guys?"


"Wonderful," Tim effused. "More exciting than I imagined. Once Marcus and I decided we needed to be a little more experimental, things just fell into place."


"It helped when we watched a few S&M porn films before we got started," Marcus admitted.


"And, Steven," Tim said with a smile. "I don't need to ask you if you had a good time. You are glowing!"


"It shows, huh?" I said to Tim.


"Not only on your body," Marcus said with a smile. "But, also in your eyes."


"I agree with your assessments," Master Ajmal said to Tim and Marcus. "I hope you don't mind me being blunt, but I believe I need to say something at this point. I believe the boy is coming to an understanding about me. I see something at work here. And, I am usually correct about my intuitions, especially about relationships among men. I know Tim and Steven are very, very much in love. When you see them together—even now—they have a bond that is unique to them. Am I correct so far, Tim?"


"You made an extremely accurate observation, yes, Ajmal," Tim answered.


"Good," Master Ajmal responded. He paused momentarily before he continued. "Tim and Marcus, you are also falling in love. You can tell by the positive energy passing from one to another. This bar is not the place for a long explanation about how I know these things, but we can discuss my spiritual connections at another time. But, I see it. I see your interest in each other growing as time passes. And, Marcus, you may be totally unaware of this right now, but you and Steven also have an energy connection forming. It will also be a strong one in the days ahead. So, I am saying this because I think the three of you need to talk to one another—the sooner the better—before something gets in the way of your energy sharing experiences."


"You just explained a lot of feelings the three of us feel," Tim said quietly. "But, what about you? I am certain Steven connects with you in ways more than just physically. You don't want to break that connection either."


"How do you feel about me, Tim?" Master Ajmal asked.


"I like you a great deal," Tim confessed. "I have enjoyed your company since the first time we met. When I shook your hand the first night Clark introduced us, there was a feeling of power coming from you. Not physical power you use in your relationship with Steven, but the power of your mind that you use to put people at ease, to make people come together. Does that sound weird, Ajmal?"


"Marcus?" Master Ajmal asked.


"I agree with Tim one hundred percent," Marcus admitted. "You might be a fucking sadist, but you are also one hell of a good guy! Where is all of this going?"


"I believe the three of you need to find a corner of the bar somewhere and sort out a few feelings," Master Ajmal said. "Touching is in order as well. Let your energies flow freely. You will quickly, I believe, figure out some basic precepts here. Just be honest with yourselves, and be honest with your soulmates. Then the four of us can talk again."


Tim, Marcus, and I found a semi-private corner of the bar to hold our discussion. "I need to admit something here. Probably more to Marcus than to Steven because I am certain he already knows what I am about to say," Tim began. "When we walked into the bar and saw Steven and Ajmal standing beside the stairway, I felt we were walking into something really special. Something which would affect us for possibly a lifetime. Steven and I know we love one another very, very much. Nothing will ever come between us. I feel the same way about you, Marcus. I am fairly certain you feel the same way about me. Am I correct?"


"Yes," Marcus said almost in a whisper. "What's happening here? Are we becoming a three-some? I don't want to be a third wheel at the expense of your relationship. I love you too much for that. And, Steven, Ajmal is right. I do love you. I have since the first day I met you. The night we met here at the bar earlier in the summer, my first inclination was to break up your relationship so I could get Tim back. But, I know I can't break up a relationship as solid as yours. The funny thing is, ever since the night Tim and I went home together, I felt a connection to you, too! Can you two hug me?"


Tim and I pulled Marcus in for a group hug.


"As crazy at this seems, I feel sparks of energy and love flowing between us," Marcus admitted. "We will have some logistical issues to deal with before we settle down in tranquil bliss, however." Marcus pulled away slightly so we could see his smile. "Who sleeps with whom and where?"


"Why not the three of us in a bedroom?" Tim asked. "We have a king bed both here and in Chicago. We can all fit!"


"What about when the two of you want privacy to make love to one another?" Marcus asked.


"When Tim and I make love, we feel we are the only two people on the planet," I said. "I suspect it is the same with the two of you. Besides, you make me horny when I see you two making love together!"


"Don't worry, Marcus," Tim said. "Steven is right. And, we will work things out as we go along! Marcus, I hope Bain fires your ass when you talk to them on Tuesday. I want you back here with us as soon as you can get here!"


Master Ajmal walked up to us with four open Coronas. "I don't believe I am interrupting anything at this point. Am I correct?"


"Perfect timing, Ajmal!" Tim effused as Master Ajmal handed out the Coronas. "I am not going to ask how you knew, but you are indeed right. Now, I have a question for you. Where does all of this leave you?"


"I'm glad you asked that question, Tim," Master Ajmal said. "I told the boy sometime during our time with each other that I will never make love to him. That is your job, Tim and Marcus. I fuck him. And, I would be deeply remiss if I told you I did not have feelings for the two of you, Tim and Marcus. I do, but I think we need to put that discussion on the back burner until the three of you have your lives sorted out a little more. On the other hand, once Tim and I have our discussion after I return the boy, I sincerely hope that I can assume an ownership role regarding the boy! I am very, very connected with him. But, I know when to stand back in the wings."


"One other thing, Steven," Tim said. "I received a phone call from Jake and Miguel. They will be back here the weekend before the Fourth of July. But, they want to bring someone with them. His name is Garrison. They said you know him."


"Ahh! Garrison," I told the group. "Yes, I know Garrison. He's have black and half Hispanic. He's about 6 feet tall with a body that will amaze you. He has a big dick, too! He's also a major bottom, slave boy, Masochist. I assume his is a a love interest for Master Jake and Master Miguel."


"Very perceptive, Steven!" Tim said. "I was worried you would be hurt by him being part of the mix."


"Nope," I reassured Tim. "They have been working on getting him to move from San Francisco to Chicago for almost as long as we have been together. Has he moved?"


"He should be permanently ensconced by the end of summer," Tim said. He looked a little surprised. "Is there anything else going on with our friends you want to tell me about?"


"Nope," I said. "We have covered most of the friendship issues I know of!"


"They wanted me to reassure you they still want to be part of your body transformation," Tim continued. "And, of course, the movie is still on." Tim turned to Master Ajmal. "I assume this revelation makes you very happy, Ajmal!"


"Yes, indeed," Master Ajmal said to the group. "Do you want me to be your owner, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I answered. "Very much, SIR!"


"Very well," Master Ajmal said. "Now, if you don't mind, I am going to take the boy home and play with him for a while. And, if you would like," he said to Marcus and Tim. "You two are welcome to join the boy and me for brunch tomorrow early afternoon. I might even let you use the boy's body for some target practice!"


"What time?" Tim asked.


"Around 1 pm," Master Ajmal said. "It will just be the four of us, so dress casually! And, if you are running a little late, just telephone me. I am certain Boris will be very flexible with the meal. I know you men will not be getting a lot of sleep judging from the looks in your eyes."


I kissed Tim and Marcus good bye, "I do love you two!" I said to them both. "Have a great time, and we will see you tomorrow afternoon!"


"You, too, sweetie," Tim said as he returned the kiss.


"I only have one request," Marcus said. "When we see you guys tomorrow, would you give us whipping lessons, Ajmal?"


"I would be delighted to assist!" Master Ajmal said as we started downstairs.


We stopped and talked briefly with Seth the bouncer, "So, Seth, we will look forward to seeing you tomorrow around 6 pm. I hope you are horny. The boy loves dick in his ass."


"I have some little blue pills to share if you'd like," Seth said with a smile. "How long will you have Sunday evening?"


"I need to have Steven at the gym by 10 am on Monday morning," Master Ajmal said. "We need a good rest, so we need to be in bed asleep by 2 am. Why?"


"If the boy's ass is as good as you said, I will need to use it several times," Seth answered. "One hour for you. One hour for me. One hour for you. One hour for me. One hour for you. One hour for me. One hour for you. One hour for me. It would be 2 am. Do you think that will work?"


"Perfect," Master Ajmal said to Seth. "You are also welcome to come to the gym with us. And, maybe lunch. Steven has an appointment with Dr. Garmin at 2 pm. I will need to have the boy back to his future husband around 4 pm. Does any of that also interest you, Seth?"


"All of the above, Ajmal," Seth said. "I will see you at 6 pm. I will bring gym clothes. Is Dr. Garmin doing the boy's balls?"


"Over Fourth of July Weekend," Master Ajmal said. "We having a scream session at the home of the boy and his future husband. You've been to one of those, I assume."


"Yes," Seth said. "It is a very moving experience!"


"I think I could manage to get you an invitation," Master Ajmal suggested. "The festivities will be filmed, however. You could wind up in a porn movie."


"Hot damn!" Seth said. "Let me know!"


"I will, Seth. I will," Master Ajmal said as we continued out the door of the A-House. "Take off your thong, boy! I promise you won't get arrested. However, you may need to give a few more blow jobs to some police officers."


"Yes, SIR!" I said as slipped off my thong. My dick was hard from listening to Seth and Master Ajmal's conversation as well as the thought of walking down Commercial Street naked.


We began our walk down Commercial Street. I heard Tim's voice call out for Master Ajmal from behind us, "Ajmal! Wait up!"


Tim and Marcus hurried to catch up with us. "Marcus and I wanted to be part of the parade for a little while if you don't mind."


"Of course, I don't mind," Master Ajmal said. "You might get to see Steven give one of the Provincetown police officers a blow job, but I don't think that would upset you!"


"Actually, we were sort of hoping for the opportunity," Marcus added.


We continued our walk and my dick continued to be standing straight up. Several men at Sparticus Pizza felt my ass and my balls as we walked by.


"Ajmal," a Provincetown police officer got our attention. We stopped and waited for the officer to catch up to us. "I was hoping to catch you and the boy on your way home. I will need to arrest your boy here, unless he gives me a blow job."


Master Ajmal unhooked my leash from my collar and handed it to the first officer. "Here you go, Gary. I think you will enjoy the experience."


Gary led me to the exact spot Willy had taken me. He dropped his pants and shoved me to my knees. Gary was a beautiful oriental guy. He was about 5' 8" of pure muscle. His dick was seven inches of hard, uncut meat.




I work up on Sunday morning around 10 am with me face down and Master Ajmal on top of me. His dick began entering my ass. I began moaning with pleasure. "Ahh! Yes, Master! Oh! Yes! I love your big dick in me, Master!"


"So I can tell, boy!" Master Ajmal said. "Your time on the fucking machine paid off last night, didn't it?"


"Yes, Master! You feel so good in me, Master," I whimper.


Master Ajmal continued to fuck me. At first, he was slow and deliberate. Every few moments, he picked up the pace until he was battering my ass with the force of his rapid fire thrusts in and out of me. Master Ajmal's sweat was dripping from his muscled body onto my back. His balls were slapping against mine. I just whimpered and enjoyed the ride.


Master Ajmal began screaming, "I'm going to cum, boy! I'm going to cum in your sloppy slave boy ass! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Master Ajmal rested his spent body on top of me. "I like it when you rest your body on me, Master. You feel so good inside me and on top of me."


"I'm glad... you like it..., boy!" Master Ajmal said between breaths. "Get... used to... it!"


Master Ajmal stayed on top of me for several minutes. I could feel the power of Master's body. I felt his energy overtaking me. I was his!


"What are you feeling, boy?" Master Ajmal asked. "You seem to be going into a trance."


"I was just enjoying the feeling of your power enveloping me. I felt your energy overtaking me," I whispered. "I have never felt that with another man, Master!"


"I only felt it with one other man as intensely as I felt it with you just now, boy," Master Ajmal whispered back to me. "We were lovers in New York right after I graduated from Harvard. We were developing feelings for one another. It was during this relationship I noticed my ability to feel energy forces emanating from other men. I still do, but this is different than with most men. Your power overtakes me as well. I normally only feel the other power coming from another man's body, but it does not enter me... My lover had to go back to his family in Iraq for the funeral of his mother. He was shot and killed by terrorists... I have never told anyone about him until now."


"Master, I am sorry," I began to apologize.


"Don't apologize, boy," Master Ajmal told me. "We must never keep secrets from one another. And, we must never apologize for our feelings."


"Thank you, Master," I whispered to him.


"Now, boy, we need to get ready for our guests," Master Ajmal continued. "They will be here within an hour."


Master Ajmal raised his body off mine, and rolled to my side. He stepped from the bed onto the floor. He offered his hand to me to help me out of bed. Master Ajmal led us to the shower where we tenderly washed each other's bodies. He kissed me when we were finished drying each other. "There are moments like these when I feel not like a ruthless sadist, but a very connected lover! We are going to have a very nice life together. You, me, Tim, and Marcus. I can feel it. But, don't let this statement I just made fool you!" Master Ajmal said as he smiled and paused before continuing. "I am still going to be your ruthless sadist Master. Don't ever forget it, boy!"


"No, Master," I said. "I will not forget you own my body, my mind! I am yours! You complete me!"


The doorbell rang.


"Right on time!" Master Ajmal said. "It's a good thing we are going downstairs naked. We don't want our guests waiting."


Boris had led Tim and Marcus to the courtyard. He was taking drink orders from the guys.


"Good afternoon, gentlemen!" Master Ajmal said using a powerful voice. "Welcome! I trust your evening was as pleasant as ours!"


"It was delightful," Marcus said. "I think we are both just a little tired this afternoon!"


"Late night?" I asked.


"Yup," Tim answered. "We couldn't stop."


"We didn't want to stop, Tim," Marcus added. "You kept saying, `Don't stop, Marcus! Please don't stop fucking me!'"


"We had one of those nights, too," Master Ajmal said. "Only I put Steven on the fucking machine so I could get some rest!"


"Fucking machine?" Marcus said. "You actually used that last night?"


"Yes," Master Ajmal told Tim and Marcus. "I put on the 14 inch dildo and set the program for random. The machine would deliver slow, gentle strokes. Then, it would attack his ass with powerful, fast, ass numbing strokes. It was amazing to watch Steven moan in ecstasy when it was in high gear!"


"Can we watch sometime?" Tim asked.


"Of course," Master Ajmal said as Boris returned with our drinks. "I think Steven would enjoy the two of you watching as his ass is ravaged. I can't decide which I like best. Watching him get fucked by the machine or watching him masturbate. Both are terribly exciting to me!"


Tim came over to me and sniffed my body, "What's with the shower, Ajmal. I wanted him smelly tomorrow when you return him to me!"


"Oh! He will be smelling of cum and sweat when I deliver him to you, Tim," Master Ajmal said. "I promise you!"


"I will try to get Marcus to make me smelly again, too!" Tim said with a smile. "Would you like that, Steven?"


"Definitely!" I said to Tim. "Do I get a kiss?"


Tim leaned in to kiss me with fervor and passion. "Now, Marcus, it is your turn!" Tim said to Marcus.


Marcus repeated Tim's actions with the same vigor, except he was massaging my hard dick with his hand.


As we were munching on Boris's appetizers, Master Ajmal asked a few more questions. "How did your energy exchange go last night?"


"Well," Tim began. "The energy thing was pretty tame until around 12 noon today when Marcus collapsed on top of my body. All of a sudden, we both looked at one another. I felt Marcus's energy pass to me, and Marcus felt my energy pass to him. It was an amazing feeling."


"Steven," Master Ajmal said. "I think you have something you need to tell Tim and Marcus."


"Yes, I guess I do," I said. "Tim, Marcus. Master Ajmal collapsed on top of me after a very energetic fucking session. We both felt our energy pass to one another. It was around 12 noon today."


"Holy shit!" Tim said. "We need to talk about this energy business. What is this all about?"


"We can discuss this while we eat brunch," Master Ajmal said to Tim and Marcus. "It is somewhat of a long story, but I think you will understand after I explain."


Once we were seated and began to enjoy our brunch, Master Ajmal began to explain. "This may sound a little off beat and strange. However, I have experienced a sensitiveness to energy transformation between two people—especially two or more gay men. Most of the energy transformation I have witness is in the third person. In other words, I sense energy transformation between two people. Occasionally, I feel my energy transfer to another man, especially in a sexual situation. I have only felt energy transformation BETWEEN me and another man twice. One was with my first love in New York City after I graduated from Harvard. The other was today with Steven. Last night, I saw energy being swapped between the three of you. That's why I urged you to have a discussion before the energy forces were interrupted. Now, I know you probably think I am crazy, but do you have any questions?"


"Is this energy always good energy?" Tim asked.


"No," Master Ajmal said to us. "There are evil people who try to possess others for their own benefit. However, last night I felt extremely positive energy forces floating between the three of you. It was one of the most positive exchanges I have felt over the years until Steven and I experienced our exchange of energy."


"How did you develop this skill," Marcus asked.


"I don't know," Master Ajmal answered. "I remember my grandmother was somewhat like I am. She kept referring to energy between two people. She did not like the energy between my mother and father. She was set against them getting married. But, she didn't win. Maybe that is why my parents are divorced."


"I think I want you at the house debut for my family," Tim said. "My sister and her husband are fucking nut cases. I think I would like your opinion. What do you think, Steven?"


"I think you hit it on the head," I said. "Your sister is a nutcase. Your brother-in-law is a pompous ass! Your parents are extremely nice, however."


"I would love to be a fly on the wall," Master Ajmal said.


"So would I," Marcus added.


"You won't need to be a fly on the wall, you will be sitting in the room with us," Tim announced.


"Tim," Marcus began. "Have you thought this through? You will be with your future husband, your boyfriend, your future husband's Master. Don't you think your sister and brother-in-law will have a heart attack?"


"I frankly don't give a flying fuck!" Tim almost screamed. "Marcus, I love you. I love Steven. And, I am beginning to understand I love Ajmal. You will all be part of my fucking family."


"Marcus could stay with me," Master Ajmal said.


"Nope!" I want him in our bedroom when my fucking sister sneaks off to investigate the rest of the house," Tim said. "She will be shitfaced because she can't get into our bedroom and the playroom. I have a future husband. I have a boyfriend. I have a friend who happens to be my future husband's Master! They will need to get fucking used to it!"


"Tim," I calmly said. "I think we need to table this discussion for a later time. I well remember the time your family came for our housewarming in Chicago. You almost cut your bother-in-law's nuts off. We don't want a repeat performance."


We had just finished brunch and Boris was clearing the table. "All of this talk has made me horny," Master Ajmal said. "How would the two of you like to see what Steven's ass is like after four hours on the fucking machine?"


"Who goes first?" Marcus asked.


"Me," Tim answered. "Ajmal has already sampled Steven's ass this morning, so you will be next Marcus. Then, I think I would like to see this machine in action."


"We have another fucking machine coming for a visit at 6 this afternoon," Master Ajmal said to Tim and Marcus. "Do you remember the bouncer at the A-House?"


"You mean the huge dude who sits downstairs?" Marcus asked.


"Yes," Master Ajmal said. "His name is Seth. He is sort of like your friend James. He is, however, insatiable."


"I think we need to pass on the latter experience," Tim said. "Maybe another time. I want to take my boyfriend home, after we sample Steven's ass, and make love to him. He made love to me all last night until we fell asleep around 4 am. Now, it is my turn. Where do you want to let us sample Steven's ass?"


"Your choice," Master Ajmal said. "Here in the courtyard. Our bedroom. Or, the playroom?"


"The courtyard," Tim and Marcus said in unison.


"Bend over the table, boy," Master Ajmal ordered. "Your future husband is in for a treat!"


I bent over the table with my ass toward the group. Tim took his place behind me and lined his already hard dick up with my asshole. Tim steadied himself by holding onto my waist and shoved his cock inside me.


"Fuck! This is nice!" Tim exclaimed. "I think you could drive a tank in here!"


Tim began to pound my ass. He put every muscle in his body into the process of taking me.


"Marcus! You are going to love Steven's sloppy ass," Tim almost screamed as he continued his pounding of my ass.


After about thirty minutes of working his dick in and out of my ass, I felt Tim's sweaty body tense in anticipation of shooting his load inside me. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Tim rested his sweat soaked muscular body on top of mine. Finally spoke, "Do you feel that, Steven?"


"Yes, Tim," I whispered to my future husband. "I feel your love seeping into every pour of my body. This is amazing!"


"God I love you, Steven!" Tim whispered back as he kissed the back of my neck.


"And, I love you, Tim!" I replied. "More than anything on earth!"


"Okay, guys!" Marcus said. "We all know you love each other, but now it's my turn to show my boyfriend's future husband how much I love him... Just saying those words sound so fucking kinky! Move over Tim!"


Marcus took his place after Tim had pulled out of me. Marcus said nothing as he lined up his dick with my asshole and pushed inside me. Once he was all of the way in, Marcus paused for a moment, "As much as I love your tight ass, Tim, this feels so, so right!"


He didn't say anything else as he began to fuck me with all of the power he had in his body. Marcus didn't last long. He was sweating bullets from the power fuck he was giving me. Finally, without warning, he started spewing his load inside my ass.


"Fuck yes!" Marcus screamed. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Marcus rested motionless on top of me until he finally whispered to Tim who was now caressing his ass, "Tim, can you help me up? I think it is time we go home. I need your dick in me!"


"Gladly, boyfriend," Tim whispered back as he helped Marcus to get off me. "We do need to be going, Steven. Your friend Seth will be here any moment."


Tim helped me up and gave me a long, slow, passionate kiss. He finally stopped kissing me, "Have a good time with Seth."


"I love you, Tim," I said.


"I love you, too, Steven," Tim said as he grabbed Marcus's hand. "You need to kiss my future husband good bye!"


Marcus grabbed me and kissed me, "Thanks, Steven. I love you, too!"


I wiped the sweat off Marcus's brow, "I love you, too, Marcus. Take good care of Tim tonight. I think he needs a lot of loving tonight."


"So do I," Marcus said as he and Tim headed home.


Master Ajmal clipped a leash onto my collar before he led me to the playroom. "I am going to put you on the sawhorse in anticipation of Seth's arrival. I am also going to start the fucking machine again until he is here."


"Yes, SIR!" I quietly answered.


Master Ajmal quickly fastened me onto the sawhorse and moved the fucking machine in position. "I left the 14 inch dildo on the machine. Remind me tomorrow to order a larger one. I think the biggest is 16 inches. I can probably have a larger one custom made."


Master Ajmal started the fucking machine. It was again set on random. "I will bring Seth down here when he arrives. The two of us can decide how we want to use you. But, I can't wait to see your reaction to Seth when he is naked and ready to play! He is awesome!"


"Yes, SIR...!" I answered as the fucking machine went from slow and gentle to a rapid fire slamming of my ass. "Thank... you..., SIR!"


I felt the machine go through several cycles until Master Ajmal returned to the playroom.


"I thought I would get the boy ready for you, Seth," Master Ajmal said to Seth. "I know he is going to really enjoy our time with him."


I raised my head so I could see Seth. I could see lust in his eyes as he began to take off his clothes. The man was huge. He was probably 6 foot three inches tall. He had long, dirty blond hair that touched his shoulders. When his tight tank top was removed, I looked longingly at his huge, muscled chest matted with blond hair. When he pulled his gym shorts off, I gasp at the sight of his huge, uncut, limp dick and exceedingly huge hair covered balls. His dick was at least 10 inches long when it was not hard. His balls were the size of grapefruits.


"Seth has been using Dr. Garmin's exercises on his cock for, what, Seth, three years now?" Master Ajmal explained.


"About that, yes," Seth's deep voice agreed. "I just had my injection for my balls, too! Unlike some men, I have it done every month. I'm a big guy to begin with. So, I need the extra attention."


"Do you want the boy to suck you to make you hard?" Master Ajmal asked our guest.


"Yea!" Seth answered. "I haven't showered for a couple of days, so I hope he can clean under my foreskin."


Seth moved in front of my face. I lifted my head. I could smell the massive man's sweaty crotch. Seth slapped my face with his still flaccid cock several times to start the growing process.


"Suck it, boy!" Seth hissed. "Suck it really good, boy!"


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I eagerly took Seth's dick in my mouth and began working under his cheesy foreskin. It wasn't long before his dick was at full mast. It was a couple of inches in length bigger than James's massive dick. It was also probably about another inch in circumference.


"I hope you are ready for my dick in your ass, boy!" Seth hissed at me again. "I am horny. Ajmal and I took a Viagra before we came to the playroom. I am also not a gentle man. If you think that fucking machine is rough, wait until you experience me."


Seth wasted no time in giving me my first experience with his cock in my ass. He positioned himself at my hole and shoved all sixteen inches into me.


"Aaaaaahhhhhhh!" I screamed in pain as Seth's monster cock invaded my ass. He immediately began to pound my ass with the power of the fucking machine. But, as I learned during the next hour, Seth was only beginning to work my ass.




On Tuesday, Tim, Master Ajmal, and I were enjoying lunch at the vegetarian restaurant in the middle of town on Commercial Street after my workout and before seeing Jerome. Tim's phone began to ring. "It's Marcus!" Tim announced. "Hello, Marcus! What's up?" Tim paused for a moment. "That's terrific, Marcus! When can you be back here?" Another pause. "Steven, Ajmal, and I are going to take you out to dinner to celebrate tonight!" Yet another pause. "We will have those details worked out by the time you get here. And, we are putting some of the first color on Steven this afternoon! It will be a double celebration!" Tim paused again. "Love you, too, Marcus!"


"Great news!" Tim announced to Master Ajmal and me. "Just as Marcus predicted, Bain officials escorted him out of the building. He has four weeks of severance pay as well as several sick leave and vacation days. He is pumped! He'll be on the 3 pm fast ferry. And, he doesn't need to pack because he didn't unpack!"


"Great news!" I said as I leaned over to kiss Tim. "I can tell you are excited! Where do you want to take him for dinner?"


"Red Inn," Tim replied without thinking. "Can you make a reservation at 8 pm? Four people. Our favorite table in the corner."


"I can," I said to Tim. "Are you sure you want the four of us?"


"Absolutely," Tim said. "He is our boyfriend, our employee, and a great fuck! You can join us, right, Ajmal?"


"Of course!" Master Ajmal replied. "I wouldn't miss it!"


"Ajmal," Tim continued. "Would you be willing to join us in bed tonight?"


"I think that could be arranged," Master Ajmal said with a smile. "What did you have in mind, Tim? It seems you are plotting something."


"If things work out the way I hope they do," Tim explained. "I will be on my back next to Steven. Marcus will make love to me. Ajmal, you can fuck Steven. Then, I hope the two of you can switch. Marcus can make love to Steven, and, you Ajmal, can fuck me silly! What do you think of my plot so far?"


"I am hard as a rock, Tim," Master Ajmal said. "So, I definitely like your plot. I think I am going to enjoy your plotting for many years to come!"


"Steven?" Tim asked me. "What do you think of my plot?"


"I like it, but I don't think it is complete," I replied. "You will need to make love to Marcus while Master Ajmal fucks me again."


"Why do I think we have too many houses?" Master Ajmal asked.


"A gay guy living in Provincetown can never have too many houses," Tim suggested. "Besides, your play room is bigger than ours. Now, I think it is time to put more ink on my future husband."


As we walked along Commercial Street to Jerome's studio, Tim had another idea. "I understand from Jake and Miguel that the apartment building next door to our house is for sale. It would make a perfect beginning of a compound like your house here, Ajmal. Maybe we could convince the two building owners behind ours to sell their places. The one immediately behind ours is a two flat. It would make a perfect playroom."


"The three houses you are talking about, Tim, all need a lot of work," I added. "Besides, what would we do with the last one?"


"Give it to James and Dennis," Tim suggested.


"I think you've turned Tim into a real estate mogul," Master Ajmal said. "I think I smell competition."


When we arrive at Jerome's studio, the camera crew had their equipment set up. They began filming immediately upon our arrival.


"Good afternoon, gentlemen," Jerome said as we entered. "I am eager to get going. How much time do we have today?"


"Two hours," Tim announced. "Our new boyfriend is arriving from Boston at 4 pm on the fast ferry. We need to be there to meet him."


"Outstanding," Jerome said. "Strip, boy! We need to get started because I want time to enjoy your ass after I'm done."


I pulled off my tank top and shed my gym shorts before I kicked off my sneakers. I was not only naked, I was hard as a rock.


Jerome also didn't waste time getting naked. "You know, you two studs could get naked as well. It would be good for my creativity to see a couple of hot, naked muscle boys watching me work."


"Ajmal?" Tim asked.


"Let's do it," Master Ajmal agreed. When they were both naked, Jerome began working on my arms. He began adding the outline ink for a hard cock with over-sized balls on my right bicep. He added a little color to my right arm where a satanic like figure would be. About 90 minutes later, he was finished.


"Now, for my prize," Jerome said. "I have been thinking about your ass, boy, for several days. And, as you can see, I am extremely horny today. My boyfriend has been out of town for a couple of days. So, I want your ass, and I want it now. Lay on the piercing bench on your stomach."


I positioned myself just as Jerome had demanded. Jerome positioned himself between my legs and spread my legs wide apart with his own.


"The boy doesn't need lube, Jerome," Master Ajmal suggested.


"Outstanding!" Jerome said as he aligned his big dick with my asshole. "Unfortunately, I won't last long today."


"Don't worry, Jerome," Tim said. "We can bring him by tomorrow after Dr. Garmin's treatment. You can have him for as long as you want."


Jerome didn't waste time talking. He shoved his dick into me until his huge balls were next to mine, and started pumping my ass furiously. Between thrusts, Jerome almost screamed, "I don't know... what you... have done... to the... boy's ass... but you... should... bottle it... and... sell it...!"


The piercing table was shaking as Jerome ramped up his attack on my ass. Sweat was dripping from his muscled body. He used my ass more intensely than any time previously. Jerome's body tensed as he began to shoot his load into my ass, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...! Fuck yes!"


Jerome collapsed on top of me while he regained his composure. When he was finally able to speak, he said to the cameras and to Tim and Master Ajmal. "Can the two of you join me tomorrow when you bring the boy to me? I would love to see the boy fucked by you two studs after I fuck him. Who knows! I might want a second round."


"You'll need to ask Ajmal," Tim announced. "I plan on staying in bed with my new lover all day tomorrow."


"I would love to join you, Jerome," Master Ajmal said. "It would be an honor to help you fuck the boy! You could probably convince me to invite you to my house after we are finished. From the sounds of things, Tim and his new lover will want some privacy tomorrow evening."


"Fuck yes!" Jerome said as he slid his spent cock out of my ass.


"Speaking of new lover," Tim said as he was pulling on his shorts and shirt. "We have a ferry to meet. Harvey will have the SUV here shortly."


When we arrived at the pier, Harvey was waiting with the SUV. The ferry was just pulling up to the dock. Marcus was one of the first to disembark. He ran to where we were standing. Marcus dropped his duffle bag and pulled Tim in for an extremely passionate kiss.


"God...! I missed... you, Tim...!" Marcus hissed.


"I missed... you, too..., lover boy!" Tim said as he kept kissing his boyfriend. They finally stopped kissing. "Marcus, kiss your other boyfriend and his Master. We don't want them to feel left out!"


Marcus stepped in front of me and hugged me. He pulled my head towards his and sunk his tongue into my mouth. He and I were playing sword fight with our tongues until Marcus finally whispered to me between kisses, "Thank you..., Steven...! Thank you... for the... job... and for... sharing... Tim with... me...! I love... you both...!"


"I love... you... too..., Marcus...!" I whispered back. "Now..., all you need... to do... is... make us... a fucking... fortune...! Tim... has been... plotting again...! This time... he is... going to... spend a... bucket of... money... before he... is done...!"


"What about me?" Master Ajmal said. "Am I chopped liver, or what?"


Marcus pulled his tongue out of my mouth and kissed Master Ajmal. "How did... you put... up with... these two... without... me... here to... help...?"


"Easy...," Master Ajmal said. "I fucked... both of... them... silly... last night...! They are... habit... forming...!"


"Now that the love fest is over, let's get this celebration going!" Tim announced as I grabbed Marcus's duffle bag and threw it in the back of the SUV. "We have a great evening planned, Marcus. First, is dinner at the Red Inn—one of our favorites. The next item on the agenda tonight will be a post dinner sex orgy with you, Steven, Ajmal, and me. I have it planned out. However, there will be room for improvisation."


Once we were in the SUV and heading home, Tim continued. "Tomorrow, Marcus, you and I will spend the entire day and night in bed. Harvey will shove our meals into our room and pick up the empty trays after we eat. On Thursday, however, Steven and you will get to work buying us a few houses in Chicago. Got it, boyfriend?"


"Yes, Master," Marcus said. "Steven, have I gotten in way over my head with your sex maniac future husband?"


"Only time will tell, Marcus," I said to him. "My advice is to live in the moment and enjoy the ride!"


Once we were inside, Tim asked Master Ajmal and me his next question. "It is now 6 pm. We have dinner reservations at 8 pm. Do I have time to take this one to bed and make love to him?"


"Of course," I said to Tim.


Master Ajmal and I settled in to recuperate beside the pool.


"The two are genuinely pleased to be with one another, don't you think?" Master Ajmal said to me.


"Yup," I answered as I grabbed Master Ajmal's hand. "I can honestly say that I have never seen Tim happier since we arrived in Provincetown. And, I know I am happier than I have ever been in my life. Tim was a gift. Master Jake and Master Miguel were a guiding light. You and Marcus, however, complete Tim and me. I am certain Tim would say the same thing if he were here."


"Thank you, boy!" Master Ajmal said. "You know I said to you I will never make love to you. I may need to change that to not often will I make love to you. And, one other thing, boy! I have just decided, when Tim and Marcus are holed up here tomorrow night, I want you to make love to me after I make love to you! I've never said this to another boy. I only said it to my first boyfriend in New York, and said I would never fall in love again. However, I can safely say I love you. Tim and Marcus are an added bonus."


Master Ajmal pulled me on top of him and began kissing me. We didn't stop until Tim and Marcus arrived dressed to go out to dinner.


"I think you two had better get some fucking clothes on," Tim announced. "We have dinner reservations in 15 minutes."


Harvey dropped us off at the Red Inn. The owner greeted us. "Welcome, gentlemen! I understand from Steven this is a celebration of sorts."


"Yes," I said to Warren, the owner. "This is Marcus Peabody. He will be heading our new venture capital group, Caden, Caldwell, Hakimi, and Peabody. And, he has been making Tim a very happy man!"


"I thought you and Tim were getting married in July!" A confused Warren said.


"We are," Tim said. "Marcus is my boyfriend. Ajmal is Steven's Master. Any questions?"


"Not really a question, but more of a statement," Warren said. "The bottle of champagne Steven ordered is on the house tonight! Let me show you to your table."


Warren showed us to our table and then opened and poured the champagne for each of us. "Enjoy your evening, men!"


"I have a question, guys," Marcus began. "You just told Warren that your venture capital firm was Caden, Caldwell, Hakimi, and Peabody. When I signed the contract it was Caden, Caldwell, and Hakimi. What happened?"


"If you make this firm the success we think you will, Marcus, you will have a one fourth ownership of the firm," I explained. "We will talk later about our goals. There will be some challenges and adjustments as we go along, but we want you to be as successful as possible."


"I think we may need another bottle before we are finished with the toasts," Tim said with a huge smile on his face. "First of all, I want to thank my future husband for his generosity, unfailing devotion, and undying love for me, our friends, our family, and, even, for those you don't personally know. The day we met began the best time in my life. I love you, and I will always love you!"


"Thank you, Tim," I said as the four of us clinked glasses.


"I have more to say," Tim said with a smile. "Next, I want to say to our new boyfriend, Marcus, that you make Steven and me very, very happy! I, for one, am grateful to have rekindled our relationship with one another. And, I love you more and more every day we are together."


Marcus kiss Tim as we clinked our glasses


Again we clinked glasses before Tim added another toast. "Ajmal, you have taught me a lot in the short time we have known you. I can tell Steven is happier now than he has been in a long time. I am so, so happy the two of you found each other. And, I want you to know that I am rapidly falling in love with my future husband's Master. Also, for a sadist, you are really a kind and loving man!"


"Thank you, Tim!" Master Ajmal said as he took my hand in his. "I am probably the happiest man in the world right now. I have a supremely handsome slave boy to serve me, I have you, Tim and Marcus, in my life. I am looking forward to many more years of friendship with all of you. I love you all. And, as I was telling the boy before you came downstairs, I have not really been in love with another man since my first boyfriend in New York. Now, I have three people I love and three people who love me back. Thank you!"


"I've said it before, but I think it needs repeating," Marcus added. "For a sadist, Ajmal, you are a really, really nice man! Tim told me his plan for this evening after dinner. I don't think any of us will get much sleep tonight. You may think you only have two people to fuck tonight, but in reality, you have three. And, I for one will not be satisfied with just one fuck. I want at least two if not three. I never thought I would be in love with a sadist, but I am. And, no, Tim, I do not consider you a sadist. You may be a mad man, but you are anything but a sadist! And, Steven, Tim is right, you are a kind, gentle, and loving man! I am so lucky to have you in my life!"


We did one final clink before I got the floor one last time, "Marcus, Tim, Master Ajmal, and I are pleased to have you working with us. We all know you will do a terrific job. Master Ajmal and I have agreed I will forgo my work out on Thursday morning so you and I can get started with a few projects. I need to warn you though, ever since I convinced Tim to spend $60 thousand cash for his new BMW, he has gotten more used to spending money. First, it was our house in Chicago. Then, it was this one. Now, Tim has his sights set on three apartment buildings next to our home in Chicago. He has a plan. A plan that looks as though it will be somewhat costly. So, you need to make us boat loads of money as well as learn how to say no to Tim and me. But, we are extremely pleased you will be working with us. And, we want you to be creative in selecting projects that would benefit the gay, lesbian, and transgendered community. We also have a charitable foundation which you will be called upon to give advice from time-to-time. But, in addition to your duties at Caden, Caldwell, Hakimi, and Peabody, I need you to promise me that you will do everything in your power to make Tim happy. As you can tell, I will not always be with the two of you. I want you to love Tim and let Tim love you. And, I promise you, I will cut your nuts off if you do anything to make him unhappy! I just thought I should throw that in as a sidelight!"


Marcus got up from his seat and walked to me. He pulled me up from my seat and hugged me. "Steven, I will never do anything to make Tim unhappy. He is might light. I love you for sharing him with me. If you need me to chastise him sometime for spending too much money, I will take whipping lessons from Ajmal. I think that should keep him in line, don't you think?"


"Probably, but don't count on it," I said with a smile.


"Now, let's order dinner! I am fucking starved and am looking forward to some sack time with my three favorite men!" Tim said.


We continued our conversation through dinner. Around 11 pm, we were settling in at home. "Harvey, not that we need it, but could we have four Coronas, please."


"Give me a second," Harvey answered as he hurried to the kitchen. When he returned and handed each of us a beer, he left.


Tim took a sip of his beer and made an announcement. "I am going to take my lover's clothes off his beautiful body before he does the same for me. I suggested, Ajmal and Steven, the two of you do the same. I for one want to be on my back next to Steven while my lover makes love to me, and Steven's Master fucks him. That will be just the beginning of the evening."


We quickly lost the clothes and almost ran upstairs to the bedroom. Tim slide onto the bed on his back and I quickly followed. Marcus took his place atop Tim. Master Ajmal took his place atop me.



To be continued...


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