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Life With Tim



"Now, let's order dinner! I am fucking starved and am looking forward to some sack time with my three favorite men!" Tim said.


We continued our conversation through dinner. Around 11 pm, we were settling in at home. "Harvey, not that we need it, but could we have four Coronas, please."


"Give me a second," Harvey answered as he hurried to the kitchen. When he returned and handed each of us a beer, he left.


Tim took a sip of his beer and made an announcement. "I am going to take my lover's clothes off his beautiful body before he does the same for me. I suggested, Ajmal and Steven, the two of you do the same. I for one want to be on my back next to Steven while my lover makes love to me, and Steven's Master fucks him. That will be just the beginning of the evening."


We quickly lost the clothes and almost ran upstairs to the bedroom. Tim slide onto the bed on his back and I quickly followed. Marcus took his place atop Tim. Master Ajmal took his place atop me.


Chapter 27: Going to the Ball


One Wednesday morning, Master Ajmal and I left Tim and Marcus cuddled in bed still fast asleep. Once I finished my huge breakfast, Master Ajmal and I headed to the gym. We decided to walk. We both wore the clothes we were going to wear for the rest of the day. Mine were distressed cutoff jeans with holes in the ass and material in the crotch so thin you could almost see the skin of my cock and balls. I didn't wear a shirt. Master Ajmal packed my gym bag for me. When we were in the locker room, I pulled out an extra skimpy pair gym shorts and a tight, almost see through tank top. My dick almost fell out of the shorts several times during the strenuous workout.


One of the muscle men who had talked with Master Miguel several days earlier decided to chat with Master Ajmal.


"So, Ajmal," the muscle guy said to my Master. "Are you a personal trainer now as well as one of the best sadists in town?"


"It's good to see you again, Danny!" Master Ajmal greeted the muscle boy. "The boy is now in my possession. So, I am taking a very personal interest in his body."


"Congratulations on finding a boy with such a stunning body!" Danny said. "When I spoke with his other Master, he said not only is the boy working on his muscles, but also is becoming hairless and tattooed. And, I like the ink on the boy so far. Jerome does such interesting work."


"He does, indeed," Master Ajmal agreed. "After the boy's appointment with Dr. Garmin today, I am going to drop the boy off at the studio so Jerome can fuck him. He's taken quite a liking to the boy's ass! He should be there by 4:30 if you'd like to watch. I am going to leave the boy there for at least an hour, maybe two."


"Will the camera crew be there, too?" Danny asked.


"Yes, definitely," Master Ajmal said. "I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you stripped and jerked off a few times. I don't think Jerome will be in the mood to share."


"Thanks for the tip, Ajmal," Danny said as he was leaving. "It was good to see you again!"


"So, boy," Master Ajmal said as I finished my work out. "Let's hit the showers."


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I followed Master Ajmal to the showers. Once we were finished showering, Master Ajmal handed me my shorts.


"You won't need a shirt today until we are at the restaurant, boy," Master Ajmal said. "I have a tank top you will be wearing while we eat."


"Thank you, SIR!" I said as we walked out of the gym to the restaurant. Master Ajmal selected a table outside so we could have a good view of the crowds as they passed by.


"So, boy," Master Ajmal said to me. "I am glad we have some private time together today. I want to talk to you about something that is very important to me."


"I am also happy to spend time alone with you, Master," I said.


"I have been thinking about us, boy," Master Ajmal said to me. "Tim and I are going to talk about continuing the relationship between you and me tomorrow morning while you talk with Marcus about work. I would like to discuss a few ideas with you before I speak with Tim. What have you enjoyed most about our time together so far, boy?"


"Being in your company, SIR!" I said to Master Ajmal. "I feel you inside me every time I am close to you. You are in my head. You are in my heart. You are part of me. Exploring your use of my body has brought me to new heights of pleasure, SIR! When I feel a whip you control land on my body, when I feel you torture me in any way, when you humiliate me, when you use your power over me, I feel complete and want more. I always knew I was a masochist, Master. But, I never understood how happy it makes me to satisfy you. Does that make sense to you, SIR?"


"Yes, boy," Master Ajmal answered. "It makes a lot of sense to me. What have you enjoyed least about our time together, boy?"


"Ahh! That is easy, Master," I said. "I don't enjoy when we go our separate ways—you to your house and me to mine. I miss not being with you even for a short time. It hurts me when I can't see your face, feel your touch, hear your voice."


"Thank you, boy!" Master Ajmal said. "I, too, miss not being with you. How would you like to see the relationship between the two of us play out? Would you like to be with Tim on the weekends and me during the week? Would you like to be with Tim one week and then me the next? Would you like to be with Tim one month and with me the next? Or, would you like the four of us, Marcus, Tim, you, and me to live together under one roof—maybe even sleep in the same bed?"


"I can't lie to you, SIR!" I said. "I don't want to be away from you or Tim for an entire month. A week might work, but, then again, if we are to be family, shouldn't we live together. Maybe you and I could share a room and Tim and Marcus could share a room. Maybe the four of us could share a bed together with separate private time. But, you and Tim must decide. Not me. I am your slave boy. I always want to be your slave boy. I will be Tim's husband. I will always be Tim's husband. I love you both."


"Thank you, boy," Master Ajmal said as he took my hand in his and brought it up to his lips to kiss it. "Tim and I will talk. Tim and Marcus will also need to talk. The four of us will need to talk. Now, my last item I want to talk with you about. I want, if you and Tim decide I will be a permanent part of your lives, to commit to each other in a Master/slave bonding ceremony. It may or may not include putting my brand on you. The branding decision will be up to you and Tim. We would have a contract between us. We would have a public ceremony among our friends. What are your thoughts?"


"I would be eager to make a commitment to you, Master," I said. "I can't imagine not being with you in some fashion for the rest of my life. Obviously, Tim and you will need to make the final decision about the commitment ceremony. I will live with whatever decision the two of you make. I love Tim with all my heart. I love you, Master, with all my heart. I trust the two men I love will make the right decision. As for the branding, I would like that, SIR!"


"What do you want to do after you finish with Jerome?" Master Ajmal asked.


"I want to be with you, Master," I said. "I want to feel the touch of your hands upon my body, your lips upon my lips, your dick inside my ass, your whips across my skin, your fist inside my ass, your torture devices inflicting pain to my body. I want you to make me feel your power, SIR! Take me. Take control of me. Use me. Use my mind, Master."


"Good boy!" Master Ajmal said. "I will give you everything you have asked for, and maybe more. I love you boy!"


"And, I love you, too, Master," I said.


Master Ajmal continued. "One last item and then we can go see Dr. Garmin. I need to warn you and I need to warn Tim. When I say I will own you, your body, and your mind, I mean just that. You and Tim will have time for one another, I promise. However, I will be in control of who else will be allowed to use you. If I decided to give you to someone else for their use, I will do so. You will have nothing to say about it. Tim will have nothing to say about it. Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I answered. "I understand, SIR!"


"Do you think Tim will agree to this condition, boy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"I cannot speak for Tim," I replied. "But, he understands the concept of ownership. So, it is up to the two of you to decide. If he is uncomfortable with your requirements of total ownership, you and he must decide what to do next."


"Now, let's go to see Dr. Garmin," Master Ajmal said. "He is going to also explain how to start enlarging your dick after your treatment. We are going to do that together. I am going to use the same techniques to make mine bigger."


When we arrived at Dr. Garmin's, he greeted us at the door. This time, he was totally naked. "I hope you don't mind that I have decided not to wear clothes today. When I show you the dick enlargement techniques I will need to demonstrate the appropriate exercises. I would also like to film the boy doing the exercises for educational videos. I could give you a cut of the royalties."


"Boy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"I don't need the royalties," I said. "Just fuck me more often this summer! I have grown to really like your big dick in me."


"I would be delighted," Dr. Garmin agreed. "Just bring the boy by my office anytime he wants me to fuck him. Now, let's get on with the treatment."


Dr. Garmin began to work his magic with the paste and lights. When we were finished, Dr. Garmin made a comment. "Ajmal, if you would like to get naked and sit on my desk, I would be delighted to watch the boy suck you off while I fuck him. Is that okay with you?"


"Absolutely!" Master Ajmal said as he dropped his shorts and pulled off his tank top. He took his place on Dr. Garmin's desk.


Master Ajmal pushed my head down and I slid my mouth over his hard dick. Dr. Garmin shoved his cock into me in one swift push!




Master Ajmal and I arrived at our house at 10 am on Thursday. Harvey waited until we arrived to serve breakfast. When we were eating, we began our conversation.


"So, Tim, Marcus," I asked. "How was your time together?"


"Terrific," Tim began as he looked at Marcus. "We had a great time. I don't think there is any part of our bodies that have not been explored. We took things leisurely. It was fun, relaxing, and rewarding. I can safely say, my dick has not been used as much as it was over the last 24 hours. How was yours? It looks like Ajmal put a few more marks on your body! It looks really, really good! What else?"


I explained, "I got fisted a few times. I got whipped a few times. I got fucked several times. I was on the bondage table for about an hour. Master Ajmal put me on the fucking machine for a couple of hours. We had a great time, right, Master?"


"I asked the boy what he wanted to do while we were together," Master Ajmal explained. "I managed to do them all. He is a very satisfied boy today, aren't you, Steven?"


"Yes, Master," I said. "Very, very satisfied."


"What about your time with Dr. Garmin and Jerome?" Marcus asked.


"Excruciatingly stupendous," I told Marcus and Tim. "I know it sounds like a dichotomy, but it was really, really terrific! Master Ajmal and I started the exercises to enlarge our dicks. I am really, really excited about the future. Aren't you, Master?"


"More than excited," Master Ajmal replied. "Steven and I had a long conversation at lunch yesterday. So, Tim, you and I have a lot to talk about this morning."


"So did Marcus and I," Tim said. "Maybe we should start this conversation now, Ajmal. Our discussion had to do with living arrangements. Yours?"


"Same here, Tim," Master Ajmal told the group. "Do you care to share your discussion?"


"Let me explain, Tim," Marcus said. "I suspect we are all on the same page. Let me summarize. Our proposal would be four men living under one roof in one bed with spur-of-the-moment date nights. Priorities will be given to Tim and Steven, Tim and me, Steven and Ajmal. What do you think?"


"Marcus," I said, "You have in a very few words eliminated one substantial sticking point in our relationships. What about sex?"


"Easy," Tim said. "I will always want to share my body with my future husband, Steven, and my life-partner, Marcus. I know Ajmal and Steven will always want to share your bodies with each other. Marcus and I are not sexual prudes anymore. I also want a sexual relationship with Ajmal. And, I know Marcus wants a sexual relationship with Steven AND Ajmal. But, I think we know where our priorities manifest themselves. What do you think, guys?"


"Does this mean we don't need to have our talk anymore, Tim?" Master Ajmal asked.


"On the contrary," Tim said. "We have even more to talk about. Also, I know you, Steven and Marcus, need to discuss the venture capital business. But, Marcus and I thought it might generate a lot of other discussion points if, after we finish breakfast, the four of us go to bed. I want to make love to Steven, and Marcus wants Ajmal to fuck him with his big dick. Do we have time?"


"Tim," I began. "I will always have time for making love with you. I suspect we will be a lot more productive if we get this phase of living together out of the way. But, since we are still not finished with breakfast, I have one more question for Tim. What about kids?"


"I still want kids," Tim said. "Ajmal and I have a few things we need to discuss, and we will share our discussion with you, Steven and Marcus, after we have our talk. Now, aren't you finished with breakfast? I have a very hard dick and I need to make serious love to my future husband!"


"I will clean up while you gentlemen settle some serious issues in your bedroom," Harvey said as he appeared out of nowhere.


We almost ran to our bedroom. Marcus and I were immediately on our backs pulling our respective lovers down with us.


I put my arms around Tim as he settled in to kiss me, "I... love you..., Tim...! Make love... to me..., please...! I need... you... in me..."


Marcus was also making his needs known to Master Ajmal between their kisses, "Fuck... me..., Ajmal...! I want... to feel... your... power...! Don't... bother with... lube... Just... fuck me...!"


Tim lined up his dick with my asshole. Master Ajmal did the same with Marcus. Both entered Marcus and me at the same time.




Marcus and I settled into the office for our work discussions.


"I want to get a few things out of the way before we begin serious planning. First, technology. When you signed your contract to run the venture capital business, I ordered a few things I knew you would need. This is one of the fastest laptops around. And, so you don't break your back carrying this fucker around, I also purchase a Microsoft Surface Pro 3. It only weights about 2 pounds. And, this is your business phone. You can use it however you like, but I suspect you don't want to answer it 24/7. My advice is to keep your personal phone so you won't be bothered with business calls."


"Can I put my porn collection on both computers?" Marcus asked with a smile.


"If it helps you concentrate, by all means," I said. "You will also have unlimited access to our online video on demand sight. I think you will probably be adequately stimulated. By the way, Marcus, have you ever wanted to be a porn star? You have a great body!"


"Shit yes!" Marcus answered. "I love having sex when I am being watched."


"Good," I said. "I will speak with Master Jake and Master Miguel about where you might fit in with our plans. Now, your first two projects involve real estate in Chicago. The third project involves real estate in Provincetown. We need a building, preferably a warehouse like building, to house our venture capital business, the video business, and incubator space. Preferably in Lakeview. If we can't find it, we will build it. As you probably know, Tim is dead set on making a compound for all of us to live in. There are three buildings next to our house in Lakeview. One is beside it, and it is for sale. You will need to call David, our real estate agent in Chicago, and start the process to buy it. The other two are more problematic because they are not on the market. They are behind our house and the house we want to buy. I don't care how much you need to offer, but I want all three of them. Again, talk to David. He will be of immense help. The third project on your plate, right here in Provincetown, will be to buy the house next door to us. Please don't tell Tim or Ajmal. Just contact George who is our real estate agent here in Provincetown. Questions?"


"Aren't you going to give me price goals?" Marcus asked.


"Nope," I said. "Use your own judgement. David and George can help you with pricing issues. But, I want all three houses in Chicago. I don't care how much you need to spend as long as it is done quickly and without much fanfare. We don't want to draw too much attention to our plans. The three houses in Chicago and the one house in Provincetown will be purchased out of personal funds Tim and I have. They will not be part of the venture capital business. The warehouse building will be purchased using venture capital funds. Here is our personal investment account information as well as the venture capital account information. You need to sign these signature card so you can make fast financial decisions and execute them."


Marcus's eyes grew very large. "These two are your personal accounts?"


"Yes," I explained. "Our investment account has about $550 million in it at the moment. Our household account has about $6 million. You also have $100 million in the venture capital account. Questions?


"I never had access to the Bain accounts," Marcus began. "Don't you want to approve the expenditures?"


"Not really," I said. "We trust you. Otherwise, we wouldn't have hired you. If you feel even slightly uncomfortable about a decision, talk to me or Ajmal or Tim. But, don't let something slip through your fingers because you are afraid to spend money. It is only money after all."


"I need to ask you something, Steven," Marcus said. "It is sort of personal so I hope you don't mind."


"We have no secrets, Marcus," I said. "Ask away."


"I know you did really well at your job with eSquare, but how in God's name did you make all of this money? Did you inherit some of it?" Marcus quietly asked.


"When I went to work at eSquare, I was the tenth employee the company hired," I explained. "I had a mound of college loan debt. My salary in the beginning was not extremely high. The company compensated for the lower salary by giving me what amounted to significant stock options. When the company started, those options were almost worthless. By the time I left eSquare in April, I was worth about $750 million. Other than a few million I made with a software company I started with a friend, all were stock options. And, no, I did not inherit any of it. My family is not wealthy."


"Why the fuck aren't you the Master who owns a couple of slave boys instead of being a slave boy?" Marcus asked.


"I don't want to be a Master," I told him. "I am not wired that way. I am a masochist who likes to be controlled by powerful men. Just because I made a boat load of money doesn't mean I want to be in control. Now, one other item and we can break for a few moments. I suspect our significant others are hatching a major plot right now, and we need to be in on it before it gets out of hand. You also need to contact our attorney and introduce yourself to him. You will be spending lots of time talking with him over the course of the next several years. I also want you to call our accountant who will be taking care of the books for the venture capital business. He, too, is expecting your call. Lastly, I want you to contact my friend in Chicago who runs a website development business. He will help you get the venture capital website up and running. If you need to hire staff, do it. Now, let's go interrupt our plotters."


Marcus and I emerged out of the office. I had my arm around Marcus's shoulders. "Are we interrupting anything?" I asked.


"No," Master Ajmal answered. "Actually, you have perfect timing."


"We have resolved issues only to have other issues brought up," Tim explained. "You look a little shell shocked, Marcus. Is Steven overwhelming you?"


"Yes," Marcus began. "Er... I mean no... I mean, I didn't know I was to be given so much authority to spend money. And, so much money!"


"I should add mine to the mix," Master Ajmal said.


"No! No more money!" Marcus almost screamed.


"Get used to it, Marcus," Tim said. "Knowing how Steven works, there will be more and more of it coming down the pike! Now, let's move on. Steven knows I hate dealing with money. Especially big money."


"The next few topics deal with commitment to one another," Master Ajmal said. "The easy part is Steven and Tim are getting married at the end of July. They will be legally connected. Tim and I have agreed Steven and I want to have a Master/slave commitment ritual—probably in November. Tim is going to explain another part of our conversation."


"This concerns Steven and Ajmal's Master/slave relationship," Tim began. "So, Steven, I want you honest feelings here. I do NOT want you to worry about hurting my feelings or Ajmal's feelings. I need to know what you think and what you want. I know you and Ajmal talked about your relationship. He wants full ownership of you. He will be in control of you, your body, and your mind. He will control who else will be allowed to use you. If he decides to give you to someone else for their use, he will do so. You will have nothing to say about it. I will have nothing to say about it. I want your HONEST reaction to this particular issue."


"You know, Tim," I began. "I love you very, very much! You also know that I have dreamed of being in a relationship with a true sadist. I told you about choosing Master Ed over the one guy I was involved who was a true sadist. You and I can never have that kind of relationship because we consider ourselves equal partners. It will be your choice, Tim. I will never go against your wishes. However, I am willing to give Master Ajmal ownership of me and anything else he wants. I am willing to give Master Ajmal control over who else gets to use me. But, it is your decision, Tim."


"I thought you would say that, Steven," Tim began slowly and quietly. "And, I love you, too, with all my heart, and I will not stand in your way. But, I am certain you know your decision is not revocable in the eyes of Ajmal."


"Yes, Tim," I said. "I am completely aware of the final nature of this decision."


"Then, you have my permission," Tim said with a smile. He walked over to where I was sitting and kissed me on the forehead.


"Thank you, Tim," I said.


"Yes, Tim, thank you," Master Ajmal said. "But, I want to reassure you that I will not do anything to damage your relationship with each other, and I won't assume full ownership until after we have our Master/slave commitment ceremony."


"Here is our last issued," Tim began. "You know I love you very much, Marcus, and want you to be part of my life for eternity. But, I can only get married once unless the US government legalizes polygamy—which we know will never happen. So, I want you and me to have a commitment ceremony to show our friends we are indeed bonded forever. But, we still have two unmarried men in our living arrangement. Marcus and Ajmal. There are legal ramifications, such as medical care, we can take care of through our attorneys. But, there are other issues. Do you have any suggestions?"


"So," Marcus suggested. "Don't go ballistic on me, Tim, but why don't Ajmal and I get married?"


I looked at Marcus, Tim looked at Marcus, Master Ajmal looked at Marcus. Tim and Master Ajmal looked at one another and smiled.


"We were going to suggest the two of you get married for legal reasons," Tim said.


"Ajmal!" Marcus said. "Get your sadist butt over here and propose to me!"


Master Ajmal did, indeed, kneel before Marcus, "Marcus, will you marry me?"


"Yup!" Marcus said without hesitation. "Provided you and I get to go on a honeymoon without these other two people hanging around. Maybe we can work on dick enhancement exercises while we are at it."


"Done!" Master Ajmal said with a smile. "Now, we need to go ring shopping!"


"Do you want kids, Ajmal?" Marcus asked.


"Yes," Master Ajmal asked. "You?"


"Yes," Marcus said with a smile.


"Why don't we have a double wedding?" Tim said excitedly.


"I think that is overkill, Tim," Marcus said.




On Tuesday before the Fourth of July Weekend started our guests began arriving, Master Jake, Master Miguel, and Garrison arrived on the 3 pm fast ferry from Boston. Tim and I picked them up at the dock.


Master Ajmal and Tim decided what I would wear for the trip to the dock. I had on a pair of my skimpy gym shorts, sneakers with no socks, and Master Ajmal's collar. Tim wore a pair of Izod shorts and a tight black t-shirt. Master Jake and Master Miguel had on tan shorts and a tight fitting polo. Garrison was more skimpily dressed in a pair of tight cutoff-like shorts and a red tank top. His crotch bulged obscenely.


"It's good to be back!" Master Jake announced as he and Master Miguel pulled Tim and me into a hug. "You two look terrific! Provincetown is definitely agreeing with you!"


"We are having the best time!" Tim responded. "And, it is so, so nice to have you back here. You must be Garrison. I'm Tim! And, of course, you know Steven."


Garrison hugged me, "Steven! You are looking magnificent! Masters Jake and Miguel told me about your transformation. But, I wasn't expecting you to look this good! I might even be tempted to do a stint as a top while I am here if I can get permission to be with you!"


"Ask Master Ajmal," I said to Garrison. "If you promise to be a bottom for him, I am fairly certain he will agree!"


"Cool!" Garrison said. "Masters Jake, Miguel? Could I?"


"Only if we get to watch!" Master Miguel said. "Knowing Ajmal. I am certain that will not be a problem!"


We all climbed into the SUV and headed back to the house. Once we were inside, Marcus and Ajmal greeted our guests. They were dressed in gym shorts and a tank top.


Master Jake introduced Garrison to Marcus and Master Ajmal, "Marcus, Ajmal, I'd like you to meet our new boy, Garrison. Garrison, this is Marcus, Tim's lover, and Ajmal, Steven's Master. From now on, Garrison, please address Ajmal as Master Ajmal, Master, or SIR just like you address us. Is that clear, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" Garrison said. "It is nice to meet you Marcus, Master Ajmal. I have heard about the two of you from Master Jake and Master Miguel."


By the time the introductions were complete, I was naked.


"Garrison," Master Miguel turned his attention to his new charge. "Follow Steven's lead. Strip! You know we don't like you to have clothing on!"


"Yes, SIR!" Garrison said as he quickly removed his clothing. Garrison's dick was just as impressive as I had remembered it. If anything, it looked bigger than I remembered. And, his huge, hairless balls hung low making his flaccid uncut dick look impressive to say the least. Garrison's 6 foot 2 inch light skinned black frame was covered in muscles. But, his entire body had been shaved.


"So, Garrison, how long have you lived in San Francisco?" Tim asked.


"Almost eight years, SIR!" Garrison answered. "I move there from Cambridge after I graduated from college. I am looking forward to a change in my life now that Masters Jake and Miguel have asked me to be their slave boy! I am eager to assume my new duties in Chicago."


"Are you going to be working in Chicago then?" Marcus asked.


"I will be working with my Masters in their new business," Garrison answered.


"Garrison is a technology geek like me," I said to the group. "We have a lot of catching up to work through. I hope Master Ajmal will allow me time to discuss the business with you, Garrison."


"Boy, I am certain you and Garrison will have ample time to discuss your technology plans," Master Ajmal said to me. "Jake, Miguel, and I also have a lot to catch up on, as well."


"Thank you, SIR!" I said.


"Let me show you to your room, SIRS!" I said as I took Master Jake and Master Miguel's bag and led the three to their room. Once I had deposited the bags beside the bed, I turned back to Master Jake and Master Miguel. "I am happy you convinced Garrison to move to Chicago, SIRS! He will be an asset to you and to the business."


"We have wonderful plans for the two of you, boy," Master Miguel said. "We have been talking with your new Master and Tim. You two are not only going to be our technology experts, but also our major stars in our movies. We have a number of sadists lined up to begin a series of films once the summer is over. One of you, if not both of you, will be in all of the movies. You two will be the recurring theme, shall we say, as you get passed from one sadist to another. It is all very, very exciting! And, we know the two of you will enjoy yourselves immensely."


"Thank you, SIRS!" I said to Master Jake and Master Miguel. "I am looking forward to it. Tim mentioned you have some of the footage of this summer's transformation of my body edited. Will I have an opportunity to see it?"


"Definitely," Master Jake explained. "Once we have filmed the injections, we will add that to the edited footage and preview it this weekend. Our film editor is staying at your Master Ajmal's home in one of his guest suites. You will meet him tomorrow when he arrives."


"I am looking forward to the entire weekend, SIRS!" I told Master Jake and Master Miguel. "Now, I think I need to get back to Marcus, Tim, and Master Ajmal. Please take your time getting settled. Harvey will have dinner ready at 8. Cocktails will be at 7. And, SIRS, I am so, so happy for the three of you!"


"Thank you, boy," Master Miguel said. "We will be down before cocktail hour starts. We have been on the go since we left Chicago at 9 am. Jake and I need to use Garrison before we blow a load on the floor."


I turned and went back downstairs with Marcus, Tim, and Master Ajmal.


"So, Steven," Tim began. "Just to let you know, I almost lost a load in my pants when I first saw Garrison at the dock. He is, indeed, an incredibly sexy man! Too bad he is a bottom boy!"


"He is a bottom slave boy for Master Jake and Master Miguel, Tim," I explained. "He is not a total bottom with other men. So, if you and Marcus play your cards right, you could have his big dick up your ass without much pleading. And, his big dick is something to behold. He is as long as James and is a little thicker. I know Tim, especially, likes dick of color up his ass."


"Steven!" Tim said. "You are giving away all of my secrets! Did Jake and Miguel tell you about their plans for you and Garrison in the upcoming films?"


"Yes, SIR!" I said to Tim. "I am looking forward to the possibilities. I am eager to find out who the top men are they will be contracting with!"


"I can tell you are eager, Steven," Tim said with a smile. "Your big, hard dick is a dead giveaway."


"Shall the four of us go upstairs and relax before cocktails?" Master Ajmal asked. "It would be exciting to watch the boy masturbate, and, then, the three of us could cum all over his body. It would be nice to enjoy the scents of sex during cocktails."


"Good plan, Ajmal!" Marcus agreed. "I missed my afternoon romp in the hay with Tim! And, are we going to dispense with cloths?"


"We should be dressed when each of our guests arrive," Tim suggested. "But, once they are settled in, it should be mandatory nakedness for all involved. Maybe even Harvey! Let's go men!"


We hurried up the stairs to our bedroom. Tim, Marcus, and Master Ajmal were naked in record time.


"On your back, Steven," Tim commanded. "Work that big uncut dick of yours! We have an hour before cocktails. Take your time and enjoy yourself. If you blow your load prematurely, you will need to do it again!"


We began our edging session with me on my back in the middle of the bed. Tim took his position on my left side. Marcus on the right. Master Ajmal began stroking his big dick between my legs. As I slowly began working my dick, I realized I hadn't been allowed to cum in four days.


After we had been stroking ourselves for about 10 minutes, Tim issued his next proclamation as he took my left nipple with his free hand and began tweaking it, "Boy, until our guests leave this weekend, I want you to refer to Marcus and me as Master Tim, Master Marcus, Master, or SIR! Unless you are given permission by me, you are not to use our names alone. Do you understand me, boy?"


"Yes, Master Tim," I hissed as I continued to stroke my cock. "I understand completely, SIR!"


"Good! Now, Marcus, you have a nipple to play with!" Tim suggested.


"Gladly, lover boy!" Marcus replied as he grabbed my other nipple tightly and began twisting it. "You've got another 30 minutes to go, boy! Don't get too excited yet!"


"Yes, SIR!" I whispered as I continued to slowly stroke my cock. I could shoot any minute, but I managed to hold back.


"Look at the boy's face," Master Ajmal added. "His eyes are closed. He is in a trance, almost. This needs to be filmed."


We continued to stroke our own dicks. Master Tim and Master Marcus continued to play with my nipples. All of a sudden, Master Ajmal shoved his finger inside my ass and began massaging my prostate. "Ahhhhhhhh!" I moaned in pleasure.


Finally, I heard the magic words come from Master Tim's mouth, "It's time, boy! Shoot your fucking load all over yourself fuck face."


No sooner than the words were out of Master Tim's mouth, my dick began to explode.


"Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh..." I moaned. Cum landed on my stomach, my chest, and one volley landed on my chin!


Master Tim, Master Marcus, and Master Ajmal all three unloaded on me at the same time. I remained pleasantly still while my Masters added their cum to my already cum stained body.


Master Marcus was the first to speak, "Shit! That was almost as good as fucking you, Tim!"


"That will happen later, Marcus!" Master Tim whispered to his lover.


"So the three of us don't need to worry about the boy's ass for a few days, I have a suggestion," Master Ajmal explained. "Why don't we give the boy to each of our guests to enjoy for a night? That way, I can have you two studs all to myself for the rest of the week!"


"So, Jake, Miguel, and Garrison get the boy tonight," Master Tim decided. "James and Dennis tomorrow night. Brad can have the boy in the playroom Thursday night. David can have him on Friday night. We want him on Saturday night after he gets his ball injections. We can set the boy up in the playroom on Sunday afternoon and night for a free-for-all."


"Terrific plan, Tim," Master Ajmal agreed. "Does this mean I can have you two studs make love to me tonight?"


"If your stud man Master ass can take the two of us pounding your ass, consider it done," Marcus said to Master Ajmal. "Now, don't you think we should be joining our guests for cocktails?"


Master Ajmal grabbed my com stained balls and pulled me to my feet. "Let's go entertain our guests, boy!"


"Yes, Master!" I replied as Master Tim, Master Marcus, and I followed Master Ajmal downstairs. Master Jake, Master Miguel, and Garrison were right behind us.


Harvey again popped out of the woodwork, "What may I get you gentlemen to drink?"


Once we all had our drinks and were seated in the lounge chairs beside the pool, Master Tim explained their decision to share my body with our guests, "Marcus, Ajmal, and I have decided we want you all to have a really enjoyable time while you are with us for this festive weekend. So, we've decided to share Steven with all of you. You lucky men will get him this evening if you want him. James and Dennis will get him tomorrow evening. Brad will have him Thursday evening. David will have him Friday evening. We get him back on Saturday after the ball injections. Then, after brunch on Sunday afternoon until breakfast on Monday morning, you can all do whatever you want with him. You will need to share with our other guests, however."


"That is very generous of you guys," Master Jake replied. "I know we will greatly enjoy the boy tonight! It has been several weeks since we have been with him. And, Garrison is eager to show off his topping skills, aren't you boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" Garrison answered. "It's been way too long since I've had Steven's ass."


"What is his schedule for tomorrow?" Master Miguel asked.


"Breakfast at 9 am," Master Ajmal said. "Gym at 10 am. Lunch after the gym. Dr. Garmin's at 2 pm for his treatment. Jerome gets his ass for an hour starting around 5 pm."


"Marcus and I can pick up James and Denis tomorrow at the ferry," Master Tim volunteered.


"What time will Dr. Garmin be doing the injections on Saturday night?" Master Jake asked.


"It will be around 8 pm," Master Ajmal explained. "We are having it in my playroom. Then, everyone, except Steven, will have dinner before we go to the bar. Steven will have recovered enough by the time we finish dinner to join us at the bar. We have something special for him to wear so he can show off his new balls!"


"Sounds exciting!" Garrison said. "I understand the injections hurt like a son-of-a-bitch! One of my friends who has it done regularly said it was like getting your balls run over by a speeding freight train. But, he has become addicted and won't stop having it done."


"Steven says he is prepared for it," Master Tim said with a smirk. "I only hope he is because he will be getting them for a long time to come."


"Dinner is served in the dining room, gentlemen," Harvey said as he appeared from the kitchen. "And, I want you to know Master Tim told me I will need to be naked when I am inside the house for the duration of the weekend. I wanted you to know it was not my decision. If you have a problem with me being naked, please talk to Master Tim. Thank you. Enjoy your meal."


"Actually," Master Marcus said. "Harvey looks pretty good naked!"


"I agree," Master Ajmal said as we went into the dining room for dinner. "So do you have any special plans for the weekend?"


"We just want to enjoy our time here," Master Miguel said. "We get so relaxed here. But, the high point will be watching the boy get his first injections!"


"We are all going to enjoy the injection process, too, aren't we, Steven?" Master Marcus asked me.


"I certainly will!" I answered Master Marcus. "Ever since Dr. Garmin described the injections to us, I have wanted the injections more than almost any other part of my body transformation project. The injections may be exceedingly painful, but I want my future husband, Tim, my lover, Marcus, and my Master, Master Ajmal, to be proud of how I look."


"I like the thought of you being hornier, Steven," Master Tim said to me. "You will have three horny men to service. So, you need lots of cum in those big, hairless balls so you are begging us to fuck you!"


"Master Tim," I said. "Every time I go to bed with you, I beg you to fuck me. What's the difference?"


"There are three of us now," Master Marcus replied.


"There could be ten of you and I would be begging for another dick inside me," I said to Master Marcus. "Right, Master Jake?"


"As a matter of fact, yes," Master Jake said with a smile.


"Like when the bouncer at the A-House joined the boy and me one evening," Master Ajmal said. "The boy was hammered by a huge dicked man and me repeatedly for eight straight hours."


"Better than James?" Master Miguel asked.


"Yes," Master Ajmal answered. "Seth is a born power fucker. There is nothing like watching him go at a boy's ass!"


"See, Tim," Master Marcus said to Tim. "We should have stayed for the show!"


"Do you think Seth would be busy tonight?" Master Miguel asked.


"Yes," Master Ajmal said. "Tuesday is his night to go to a sex party at one of the guest houses here in town. Seth gets paid handsomely to party with some older bottom boys."


"Besides, Master Miguel." Garrison said. "You said I could use the boy's ass tonight. I will show you power fuck! Steven and I met long before I knew the two of you, right, Steven?"


"Yup!" I answered. "I used to make up reasons to go to San Francisco so I could be with Garrison! If Master Ajmal gives you permission, Garrison, I would be honored to give you my ass tonight."


"I think we are going to enjoy ourselves tonight, Miguel," Master Jake said.


"Could we get the film crew here?" Master Miguel asked.


"Let me check," Master Jake said. "Do you mind, Tim?"


"Nope," Master Tim said. "I would love to see the RAW footage since I will be otherwise involved tonight!"


"You can use my playroom," Master Ajmal said. "The camera crew could get acquainted with the angles of the room."


Master Jake went to the other side of the pool to make his call. When he returned, he was beaming. "We will have six cameras running tonight. They have all worked in Ajmal's play room before. They will be ready for us at 10 tonight."


"Outstanding," Master Tim announced his excitement. He whispered something in Ajmal's ear. "Can you have the boy's cum stained body at the gym tomorrow morning at 10 am?"


"Of course, Tim," Master Jake said. "I assume you want him to change into his gym clothes in the locker room."


"Definitely," Master Tim agreed.


"Do you have a collar for the boy, Jake?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Yes," Master Jake said. "Garrison, go get the boy's collar in our room."


"Yes, SIR!" Garrison said as he darted into the house. He returned moments later with my collar Master Jake and Master Miguel used on me.


"Boy! Get over here!" Master Ajmal ordered. I hurried to Master Ajmal's chair. He unlocked my collar and removed it. "Get your slave boy ass beside your Masters for tonight and stand in position."


"Yes, SIR!" I replied as I quickly moved to where Master Jake and Master Miguel were sitting. I stood with my feet wide apart, my hands behind my back, and my eyes looking to the ground.


Master Miguel stood to put on the collar Garrison had retrieved. As he was fastening the collar around my neck, he explained his plans, "This will be like old times, boy! I am looking forward to using you, Master Jake is looking forward to using you, and, for tonight, your Master Garrison is looking forward to using you."


Once Master Miguel secured my collar, Master Garrison stood before me. "See these, boy?"


"Yes, Master," I replied.


"These are the tit clamps I used on you during your visits to San Francisco," Master Garrison hissed at me. "Remember them, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I answered. "They inflict significant pain on my nipples, SIR!"


Master Garrison pulled and kneaded each nipple until he had them perfectly erect. "Ahhhhh!" I screamed as he put the first one on my right nipple. "Ahhhhh!" I screamed again as he installed the other one on my left nipple. "SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I thanked Master Garrison.


"Now, I believe we need a post dinner cocktail before we begin the evening's festivities." Master Tim suggested. Harvey appeared to take our drink order. I remained standing behind Master Jake, Master Miguel, and Master Garrison.


Once we were finished with our drinks, Harvey appeared with the keys to the SUV. "I will drive you to Ajmal's whenever you are ready, SIRS!"


Master Jake, Master Miguel, and Master Garrison slipped on a pair of gym shorts. They each put on their gym shoes and had a tank top in their hands.


"There is a pair of gym shorts near the entrance of the playroom the boy can use tomorrow morning," Master Ajmal said. "We will bring his clothing for the gym and the rest of activities tomorrow when we meet you at the gym."


Four of us loaded into the SUV with Harvey at the wheel. He stopped on Commercial Street about two blocks from Master Ajmal's.


"Thank you, Harvey," Master Jake said before he turned to me. "We will walk the rest of the way to Ajmal's house."


So, I was again parading down Commercial Street, completely naked except for the collar and leash secured around my neck. Master Garrison held the leash. All of the crowd watched as I was led to Master Ajmal's house. Boris was waiting in the doorway when we arrived.


"Good evening, gentlemen," Boris said. "Ajmal told me to expect you. Welcome. The camera crew is already in the playroom."


"Thank you, Boris," Master Miguel said as we stepped into the entry hall. "I'd like you to meet our new boy, Garrison. Tonight, he is another one of Steven's Masters."


"I am pleased to meet you, Garrison," Boris said to Master Garrison. "Please follow me."


Boris led us to the playroom and opened the door. The camera crew had the cameras running the moment we entered the playroom. They followed us upstairs where another group of men also had cameras running.


My Masters slipped off their gym shorts and took off their shoes before ushering me to the sawhorse.


Master Garrison was the first to speak, "I think you need to get reacquainted with my dick, boy! And, you will notice you are not the only one doing dick enhancement exercises."


Master Garrison pushed me down so I was facing Master Garrison's huge uncut black dick. He held his dick and slapped me in the face with it. "Get on it, boy! Make it grow!"


I excitedly began working Master Garrison's dick with my mouth and tongue. I occasionally paused to lick his huge hairless balls before I continued to work on Garrison's dick. It wasn't long before his dick was totally hard. "Oh my God!" I exclaimed. "This must be 15 inches long!"


Master Garrison grabbed the back of my head and forced his dick down my throat to the base of his cock. I couldn't breathe. When he pulled his big dick out of my throat, I was gasping for air.


"Good boy!" Master Garrison said. "And, just for your information, my dick is NOT 15 inches long. May I have the boy's ass now, Masters?"


"Let's get him on the saw horse," Master Jake suggested. "Even though Ajmal said we didn't need to use lube, I think you should start with lube on your cock! We don't want to rip his ass to shreds before Miguel and I get a chance to use it."


Once I was firmly secured, Master Garrison took his place behind me and began applying lube to his huge, hard, uncut dick.


Master Jake took his place where my head was and uncapped a bottle of poppers, "We put Garrison's dick into the vacuum pump before we came down for dinner. We wanted you to feel the power of a big 16 inch dick that is almost 12 inches in circumference. You will be getting his dick several times in the upcoming movies, so I suggested you get used to it. You've never experienced anything like this before in your life. We've seen Garrison power fuck several boys. Most beg him to stop. We hope you beg him to stop. But, you know what, boy! He won't stop until he unloads in your ass. Now, take several hits of poppers."


Master Jake fed me six hits of poppers into each nostril. As I inhaled the last one, I felt Master Garrison line his dick up with my asshole as he prepared to mount me. Master Garrison lunged forward as he forced his huge dick into my ass in one swift thrust.


"Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!" I screamed in pain. Master Garrison paused for a few seconds be for he began to fuck me. In no time, he was ravaging my ass with the force and power I had never before experienced. I felt like his big dick was ripping my ass apart as he shoved it into me and felt like he was sucking the life out of me through my ass when he pulled it out. The man was maniacal in his use of my ass. I lost all track of time as the pain turned to the most pleasurable experience I can remember. I was moaning in ecstasy with each inward thrust.


"Fuck!" I heard Master Garrison scream after what seemed to be an all-night fuck session. "I'm cumming, boy! I'm fucking cumming in your fucking slave boy ass! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


I felt Master Garrison's copious amounts of cum fill my ass. His sweaty body finally collapsed on top of me. His 220 pound muscled body nearly crushed me as I lay helpless on the saw horse. Finally, Master Garrison recovered enough to whisper. "One of the best fuck's I've ever had! And, you'd better get used to it. Master Jake and Master Miguel have promised me I will do several movies with you. You on the bottom. Me on the top. I've developed some other skills which will impress you, too, boy! Now, what do you say to your Master Garrison?"


"SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I managed to say even though Master Garrison was still crushing my body with the full weight of his. "I cannot remember a fuck more enjoyable than this one, SIR!"


"Did you get that on tape, guys?" Master Jake asked the film crew.


"Jake," the lead camera guy said. "This was the best 90 minute film session I have ever experienced!"




I woke up with Master Jake's fist still inside my ass up to the elbow. Somehow he manage to rest his head on my lower back with his fist still in me and fall asleep. I felt Master Jake stir.


"Good morning, boy!" Master Jake whispered to me. "I didn't want to take my fist out of your ass last night. But, I need to do that now. Boris will have breakfast for us, and, then, we need to head to the gym. Are you ready for me to take out my fist, boy?"


"No, SIR!" I whisper. "I am never ready for you to take your fist out of my ass, SIR! But, I know time will not allow me to have your arm in me anymore."


"Good answer, boy," Master Jake said as he slowly pulled his fist out of my ass. When his hand finally popped out of my asshole, I felt empty and alone.


Master Miguel and Master Garrison appeared to help take me out of the restraints. I had not moved from the saw horse the entire night. Master Jake held on to me as he pulled me up off the saw horse. He picked me up and carried me out to the courtyard and placed me in a chair at the breakfast table.


Boris appeared with our breakfast, "I hope you enjoy my breakfast selections, SIRS! I will be back with coffee and juice."


"So, boy, what did you think of our night together?" Master Miguel asked.


"I am amazed that I lasted as long as I did, SIRS!" I said as I tried to keep my Masters' cum in my ass. "I feel so empty now."


"The film crew left at 4 am this morning," Master Jake told me. "I can't wait to watch the raw footage. When we finished fucking you for the second time, you seemed to be in a trance. You were pleading for more. Do you remember what you said?"


"Yes, SIR!" I answered. "I said, `Please SIRS! Fuck me more, SIRS! I need you in me, SIRS!'"


"I assume you remember me fisting you until we fell asleep?" Master Jake asked.


"Yes, SIR!" I said. "I can never get enough of your dicks or your fists, SIRS! I am going to enjoy making our movies this fall, SIRS!"


"Good boy!" Master Jake said. "Now, I think it is time for me and Miguel to shower before we go to the gym. You, of course, boy, are not showering. Garrison will put a butt plug in your ass so you will have our six loads of cum in you when we deliver you to your Master Ajmal!"


"Bend over, boy!" Master Garrison said as he picked up an extra-large butt plug. He aligned the butt plug and my asshole and shoved it all of the way in.


"Aaaahhhh!" I moaned. It was not painful to my otherwise totally sloppy ass. "SIR! Thank you, SIR!"


"You're welcome, boy!" Master Garrison said. "Now stand up and kiss me."


Master Garrison pulled me tight to his body and began to shove his tongue into my eager mouth. We kissed passionately until Master Jake and Master Miguel reappeared after their showers. I was hard as a rock. Master Garrison stopped kissing me and picked up a pair of extremely skimpy nylon running shorts. They didn't have a liner. When I pulled them on, I could feel my balls hanging just below the leg openings. And, they showed a perfect image of my still hard cock. Master Garrison also handed me a pair of flip flops which I slipped on for the journey to the gym.


Master Tim, Master Marcus, and Master Ajmal were waiting at the front entrance of the gym when we arrived at 9:45 am.


"Good morning, men!" Master Tim greeted us. He also planted a kiss on my lips before he continued. "Your dick is still hard and your balls are hanging out of those shorts, Steven. I guess you had a great time last night. The butt plug also looks good on you. You can see it sticking through your shorts. Nice job, men! I love the way Steven smells after he has been used all night!"


"You three look happy this morning!" Master Garrison teased my other Masters.


"We aren't horny yet this morning," Master Marcus said. "So, life is good!"


"We need to get the boy dressed for the gym," Master Ajmal said. "It looks crowed already. I think we will have quite an audience today."


Master Garrison unlocked the collar around my neck so Master Ajmal could install his. Once it was on, Master Ajmal grabbed my balls through the shorts and led me into the locker room.


"Put these on, boy!" Master Ajmal ordered as he handed me my gym shorts, tank top, and gym shoes. Master Ajmal had selected a well-worn pair of gym shorts that had shrunk from repeated washings. The crotch was extremely thin. The tight tank top had rips around my nipples. When I had finished dressing, Master Ajmal again grabbed me by the balls through my gym shorts and led me and the group to the weight room.


"I think it would be hot to have a contest on the bench press this morning between Steven and Garrison," Tim suggested. "The winner could be allowed to fuck the looser later tonight!"


"There will be no question as to who will win," Master Garrison said. "So, Steven, your ass will be mine again tonight!"


My workout was extremely strenuous, but, just as he predicted, Master Garrison won the bench press by 30 pounds on the last set.


"Now, it is shower time and then lunch," Master Ajmal said. He again grabbed my balls through the gym shorts and led me into the locker room. "Strip, boy! Stand in the middle of the locker room while we get ready to shower."


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I moved to the open part of the locker room.


"Nice butt plug, boy!" One muscle man said as he passed by me and grabbed my balls.


"I'd like to get a piece of that ass sometime, boy!" Another muscled man said as he pinched my left nipple before he continued on his way.


"You're the dude Jerome has been inking, right, boy?" A man I recognized by face said to me as he stood naked ready to hit the shower.


"Yes, SIR!" I answered.


"Is he going to fuck you again this afternoon?" The man asked.


"Yes, SIR!" I answered. "Around 5 this afternoon."


"Good!" The man said as he groped my balls. "I was there for your last performance! Great show! I plan on being there again this afternoon!"


Finally, a naked Master Ajmal appeared and led me into the shower area by my balls. Before I was allowed to turn on the shower, Master Ajmal turned me around and pulled out the butt plug. Master Jake, Master Miguel, and Master Garrison's cum poured out of my ass. I was hard as a rock as I washed my smelly body for the first time since yesterday morning! Once we were finished, Master Ajmal again took me by the balls and led me to our lockers so we could get dressed for lunch.


Master Tim dug into my gym bag and pulled out my outfit for the day. He handed me a pair of skin tight, highly distressed cut off shorts with very little of the ass left, a tight white—almost see through— tank top, a pair of white socks, and black lace-up boots. "You won't need the tank top until we get to the restaurant."


When we arrived at our destination, we were seated outside near the sidewalk. I pulled on my tank just a few moments before we reached the restaurant.


"So, Garrison," Master Tim began. "Was Steven's ass anything like you remembered it?"


"Much better than I remembered, Tim," Master Garrison answered. "Wait until you see the film!"


"What about Garrison's dick, Steven," Master Tim queried me.


"Bigger than it used to be, SIR!" I replied. "Master Garrison has also been doing dick enhancement exercises."


"Garrison now has a 16 inch long dick about 12 inches in circumference!" Master Jake explained. "It is massive, to say the least!"


"This should be a fun night," Master Marcus said to the group.


"James called me right before he and Denis were boarding the plane," Master Tim announced. "He and Denis want to spend the first night in Provincetown by themselves, so you will be with me tonight, Steven. However, James is going to entertain us during cocktail hour by pounding your ass. Maybe Garrison can be a follow-up presentation! Would you like that, Garrison?"


"If Masters Jake and Miguel allow me to use Steven's ass again," Master Garrison began. "I would be honored"


"By all means, Garrison," Master Jake said to his boy. "I think the others would be really interested in the show."


"And, Steven," Master Ajmal began. "Marcus and I will be spending the night after dinner at my house. We have decided we need to get to know each other better if we are going to be married, right, Marcus?"


"Absolutely," Master Marcus answered. "Ajmal's ass is habit forming, right, Tim?"


"Yup!" Tim said to the group. "And his dick is pretty fine, too! So, Steven, it will be just you and me tonight! I am looking forward to using your sloppy slave boy ass tonight!"


"Thank you, Master Tim," I said to my future husband. "I will enjoy being with you tonight!"


"One last question, Steven," Master Tim began. "How many times did you get fucked last night?"


"Six," I said to Master Tim. "Twice by Master Garrison. Twice by Master Miguel. Twice by Master Jake. And, while Master Garrison and Master Miguel rested, Master Jake fisted me. I woke up this morning with Master Jake's fist still up to his elbow in my ass."


"So, your ass really will be a sloppy slave boy ass!" Master Tim exclaimed.


"How many times did you get fucked last night, Master Tim?"


"Four," Master Tim answered


"I think it is time the boy and I head to Dr. Garmin's for his treatment," Master Ajmal said. "We will be back at the house by 6. I am going to take the boy to Jerome's studio so he can have the boy's ass again. We will see you later, men! Have a great afternoon! Come on, boy! Let's get moving! You can lose the shirt too, boy!"


"Yes, Master," I said as I pulled my tank top over my head after we left the restaurant.


Master Ajmal and I arrived home promptly at 6 after my afternoon with Dr. Garmin and Jerome. "Steven! Ajmal! It's good to see you!" James exclaimed as we joined the group on the patio.


"You, too, James," Master Ajmal said as he pulled James in for a hug.


In the meantime, Denis grabbed me and pulled me close to him, "You are looking hot as shit, Steven!"


"You, too, Denis," I told him. "It looks like love agrees with you!"


"Big time!" Denis admitted. "I can't wait to get settled in Chicago so I can see James more regularly! This commuting relationship shit is for the birds and not humans!"


"I agree," I said to Denis as James joined in the hug.


"Steven!" James exclaimed. He whispered into my ear, "Thanks for introducing Denis to me. He is the first man I have ever loved!"


"He's a good guy!" I whispered back. "You two are meant to be with each other, I can tell."


"And, I understand we have a show to put on!" James said with a smile. "You always inspire me, Steven!"


"Thank you, James," I said. "You inspire me, too!"


"I understand from Tim I have competition!" James said with a leer. "I am looking forward to Garrison's demonstration. Is his dick as big as it looks?"


"Yup!" I said with a smile.


"Steven," Master Tim said as he stood beside me. "Have you forgotten your manners? You aren't naked yet!"


"Sorry, Master!" I said to Master Tim. "I got lost in the moment."


"I'll need to punish you later for getting lost, then," Master Tim said as he pinched my nipple.


I quickly shed my clothes and boots.


"Where is Marcus, Tim?" Master Ajmal asked.


"He's upstairs in our bedroom resting," Master Tim said with a grin. "You need to go upstairs and make sure he is awake by cocktail time! You've only got an hour though!"


"I see things are going well between Master Marcus and Master Ajmal," I said to Master Tim.


"I had a discussion with Marcus while we were waiting on James and Denis to arrive at the dock," Master Tim said quietly. "If Ajmal doesn't talk to him about wedding plans, I think Marcus might take things into his own hands. I know Ajmal would not like to be kidnaped, but he needs to get moving on planning their future. Otherwise, the ransom will be a civil ceremony in our playroom with Ajmal tied to the bondage table!"


"Could be kinda kinky, don't you think?" I said to Master Tim.


"Yes, it could be kinda kinky!" Master Tim agreed. "I think Marcus needs to discuss some things with us about the houses in Chicago. He has been a very, very busy boy this afternoon! So, I am suggesting we skip the gym tomorrow morning!"


"Sure!" I agreed with Master Tim. "Master Ajmal told me as we were walking to Dr. Garmin's office we might want to think about starting on a maintenance program instead of the one I am on now. He feels I may be getting more muscle bound than you and he want me to be. The maintenance regimen would include three one-hour sessions each week. What do you think?"


"I agree," Master Tim said. "I love your muscles, but I don't want you to look like a freak! Besides, we could enjoy the extra time together."


"I love you, Master!" I said to Master Tim.


"And, I love you, too," Master Tim agreed as he planted a kiss on my lips.


Marcus and Ajmal came down right before cocktail hour was set to begin. They were naked and holding hands.


Master Marcus sat on the foot of Master Tim's lounge chair. Master Ajmal sat on the foot of mine. "We have something to tell you guys," Master Marcus began. "Ajmal and I have agreed to get married on my birthday, which is Saturday, October 24."


"Congratulations, guys!" Master Tim said.


"Congratulations, Masters!" I said as I pulled Master Ajmal into a hug.


"We will need to do some serious planning," Master Marcus explained. "Of course, I will need to also break the news to my family. So, Ajmal and I will visit my parents next Saturday in Martha's Vineyard. Ours will be a simple wedding. Can we have it here at your house?"


"Of course you can have it here!" Master Tim exclaimed.


"We are going to spend our honeymoon at my house in Manhattan," Master Ajmal said. "I guess I should say our house in Manhattan!"


"Do you mind if we tell the guys at dinner?" Master Marcus asked.


"Of course not, silly!" Master Tim said to his lover. "Should we skip the cocktail hour show and make this a celebration?"


"Not on your fucking life, Tim!" Master Marcus said. "I want to see my boyfriend and your future husband get his ass royally fucked by these two studs tonight! I am way too excited to postpone the show!"


"Then, let's get on with the show," Master Tim suggested. "I have a present for you, Steven. We had the guys who constructed our playroom deliver something this afternoon."


Master Tim grabbed my hand and led me to a corner of the patio. He pulled a cover off an object. It was a stockade bolted to a raised platform. "I thought this would be a useful addition to the patio. It is fucking heavy, but the guys said they would move it to the playroom when we wanted to do so."


"Thank you, Master Tim," I said. "I suspect you want it to get its first workout tonight during cocktail hour."


"Yup!" Master Tim said.


Master Ajmal and Master Jake stepped forward to put me into the stockade. Once it was in place, Master Tim made his announcement. "Gentlemen! Now that you all have your drinks, we will be show the fine art of fucking Steven's ass. James will be first. Garrison will be second. Harvey is holding dinner until 9 pm tonight to give these two studs ample time to show us their skills."


Master Tim stood beside Denis as James came forward to begin. Before he did anything with my ass, he stood in front of me and slapped my face with his rock hard, 14 inch uncut dick. "Are you ready, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I almost screamed. "Fuck me, SIR! Fuck me hard, SIR!"


James line up his dick with my asshole and began the show my shoving the entire 14 inches into me in one quick thrust.


"Aaaaaahhhhhhh!" I moan as he hit bottom.


James started pounding my ass with every muscle of his body. The stockade held me solid so James could make his usually rapid and powerful thrusts even faster and even more powerful. I moaned each time he slammed his dick into my ass. His huge, low hanging, hairy balls slapped against my hairless ones.


He slowed his pace a few times in the process of ransacking my ass to keep from cuming so quickly. But, after a few moments he picked up the pace again. He kicked my legs out from under me so he could more powerfully thrust in and out of my ass. His sweaty body was hunched over mine as he pounded my ass with all of his might. I lost all track of time and the people around me. It was just James and me. We were one. Finally, I felt James's body tense, and he began screaming as I felt his cum coat the inside of my ass, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


James rested his body on top of mine. I again felt he and I were joined in some mindful space. Finally, James was able to speak and he whispered into my ear, "God! I love your ass. I make love to Denis, but I love to fuck you! You will always be special to me!"


"Thank you, James," I whispered back. "I feel the same way."


James finally pulled his still hard dick out of my ass. Master Garrison took his place. Garrison leaned in so he could say something to me, "During the hour you and James were fucking, your future husband has taken two load in his ass. One from Master Miguel. The other from Master Jake. Ajmal is in him now. So, asshole, you aren't the only one getting fucked tonight."


Master Garrison didn't say another word during the next hour. He concentrated on power fucking my ass for the third time in 24 hours. I noticed through the corner of my eyes a camera crew circling the action at the stockade. As Garrison ramped up his thrusts in and out of my ass to an unbelievable pace, I knew I was going to blow a load. I couldn't help myself. I began to scream as my dick discharge rope after rope of cum onto the platform, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


The convulsing in my ass pushed Master Garrison over the top, and he began spewing his load inside me, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Master Jake and Master Miguel helped get me out of the stockades. I looked around the patio and spotted another hot scene underway, Tim was face down on a lounge chair underneath James. James was excitedly fucking Tim. He finally started to scream as he unloaded into my future husband, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


James rested on Tim's body until he was partially recovered. I helped James stand and I laid on top of Tim. "Master Tim," I whispered into his ear, "I want to suck Master Miguel's, Master Jake's, Master Ajmal's, and James's cum out of your ass."


We rolled over so I was on the bottom on my back. Master Tim slid his ass up to my mouth. I stuck my tongue into Master Tim's ass to taste the cum. Then, I opened my mouth and sucked. Master Tim pushed like he was trying to shit and the four loads of cum rolled into my mouth. I didn't let up until I had it all. I cleaned Tim's asshole with my tongue. I didn't want Tim to move, but he finally did. He turned himself around to face me and whispered, "You never cease to amaze me, Steven! I love you!"


"And, I love you, too!" I whispered back to Master Tim.


"Harvey is holding dinner," Tim said.


Suddenly there was an applause from our guests.




On Thursday morning, Tim and I showered together after a night of making love. When we came downstairs, we were greeted by Master Marcus and Master Ajmal.


"When did you guys get here?" Master Tim asked.


"About five minutes ago," Master Ajmal said. "Marcus woke up and couldn't fall back to sleep—even after he made love to me again."


"Just say, I am excited about everything," Master Marcus said excitedly. "I woke up thinking how lucky I have been in the past few months. I reconnected with Tim. I connected with a new boyfriend who just happens to be Tim's future husband. I met the man I am going to marry. And, I have a job I absolutely love! What could be better?"


"You tell us, Marcus," Master Tim said as I grabbed coffee for both of us.


When I was seated, Marcus continued, "I received a call from David yesterday late afternoon. The house that was on the market is now yours, Steven and Tim. We should be able to close on the other two properties by the middle of July."


"You are wrong about one thing, Marcus," I pointed out. "The four of us now own the house next door to ours. It belongs to our real estate trust. The home Tim and I own in Chicago will be part of the trust after we get back to Chicago to sign some paper work. This house will also be transferred to the trust."


"My compound and my house in Manhattan will also be part of the trust," Master Ajmal added.


"Now all we need to do is buy one in Florida or Palm Springs," Master Tim said with a smile.


"I know the perfect place in Palm Springs," Master Ajmal added. "I also know of one in Fort Lauderdale."


"What the fuck would we do with another house?" Master Marcus asked.


"Spend some of the winter months in the warm weather," I said.


"When will I ever get to do some work?" Master Tim asked his last question before our other guests came down for breakfast.


"Quit working and start writing a book," I suggested.


"Master Jake," I said as he, Master Miguel, and Master Garrison joined us. "Could you please take my future husband downstairs to the playroom and beat the shit out of him until he agrees to quit working and start writing the novel he has dreamed about since he graduated from college?"


"I don't think it would work, Steven," Master Jake said with a smile. "Timothy is too stubborn to listen to the power of persuasion. The whippings would do no good to change his mind. Only he can change his mind. Case closed!"


"You're no help, Master!" I said.


"What if I fail?" Master Tim asked.


"What if you write a best seller?" Master Marcus replied.


"What if no one wants to read my novel?" Master Tim asked another question.


"You will write another novel and another and another and another until you write a best seller!" I told my future husband. "You have talent, Master Tim. Remember, I read some of the stuff you've already written. You have the material running around in your head for at least three if not four novels."


"Don't forget, you showed me some of that material, too, Tim," Master Marcus said. "Steven is right! You have talent. Don't let it go to waste. Write a fucking book! From what I saw, Tim, you and Steven do not need another source of income from your job. You could make way more money as a writer. Do I get extra credit for trying, Steven?"


"Yes," I said to Master Marcus. "You did a great job, but Master Jake may be correct. Timothy is a very stubborn person. We will just leave him to his own devices until he makes the right choice. Case closed!"


"I might surprise you!" Master Tim said with a smile. "And, I am not STUBBORN!"


"You're not stubborn, Tim?" James asked as he and Denis arrived.


"NO!" Master Tim answered.


"What are some of the story ideas, Tim?" Denis asked.


"A gay love story set in the 1960s in the Boston area," Master Tim said. "It is actually based on my mother's Uncle and his partner. So, I have some historical background. He wrote letters to a gay friend of his who lived in New York City. Somehow these letters landed in my mother's trove of family history. There is a lot of love, a lot of drama, and a lot of history, so it has potential."


"Tell them about the one I like most," I suggested to Master Tim.


"I grew up with a guy in my hometown of Newton, just outside of Boston," Master Tim began. "We knew each other since Kindergarten. We were like brothers in a way. We liked the same music, books, events, and school subjects. His mother and father were divorced. His father was a wealthy Republican US Senator from Connecticut. Conservative politics were part of his father's family history. His mother was originally from Newton, so when his parents divorced when he was three his mother and he moved back to Newton. When we were seniors in high school, my friend decided he wanted to come out. I had done that my junior year in high school." Master Tim wiped a tear from his cheek.


He continued, "Things did not go well when he came out to his father. Against his and his mother's wishes, his father basically had him kidnaped and sent to a reprograming facility. He was never the same after he got out of the place. He and I had been accepted at Harvard. We were both going to major in English. One day during the summer break, he locked himself in his room and hung himself. His mother found him dead. That was almost 15 years ago. There isn't a day that goes by I don't want to call him and tell him about something going on in my life. It's like someone cut off my right arm whenever I think about him and his asshole father!"


"Write the book, Tim," James said. "You seem to have so much feeling for the story. I can see it as a movie. Do you ever feel you owe it to your friend to tell his story?"


"Yes," Master Tim admitted.


"Then, write the book," I suggested.


Master Ajmal, Master Tim, Master Marcus, and I spent the afternoon at Jerome's studio getting more ink added to my body. When Jerome finished the two hour inking session, Master Tim was the first to comment, "This is looking really, really good, Jerome. When do you think both arms will be finished?"


"We should be done with the arms in two more sessions if we do three-hour sessions instead of two-hour sessions," Jerome explained. "Do you think you can handle three hours of inking, Steven?"


"Yes," I said without hesitation. "I am eager to get started on my legs."


"Good," Jerome said. "Now, Steven, on your back. I want to see your face when I fuck you today. Who knows I may even kiss you!"


I took my position on the piercing table. Jerome took his position between my legs and lined up his dick with my waiting hole.


"I am going to miss this when I finish our little project!" Jerome said to me as he kissed me. He raised his body on his arms and shoved his big dick in my ass with one, powerful stroke. I was moaning with immense satisfaction as Jerome used my ass to pleasure himself. Out of the corner of my eye, I say Master Ajmal, Master Marcus, and Master Tim drop their shorts. Master Ajmal put his nine inch dick into Marcus's eager ass. Tim was almost immediately on his knees and taking Master Marcus's dick down his throat. They quickly were synced together.


"I think your Masters like what I am doing to you, boy!" Jerome said to me. "They look like they are having as much fun as I am. Now, get ready for me to really fuck you!"


Jerome picked up speed and the force of his thrusts increased. The table began to shake beneath us as Jerome ravaged my ass.


I heard Master Marcus begin to unload into Master Tim's mouth, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Next it was Master Ajmal's turn to fill Master Marcus's ass and Master Tim's chance to get himself off with his hand. Finally, Jerome emptied his cum into my ass, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" Jerome's sweaty body rested atop mine.


I said to Jerome as he was recovering, "I am going to miss this too."


"Jerome," Master Miguel said—his cock was still in Master Marcus's ass—"You will just need to visit Chicago. I will let you use the boy's ass whenever you are in town."


When we arrived home, Master Jake, Master Miguel, and Master Garrison were sitting beside the pool talking with Brad who had arrived on the afternoon ferry after a flight from Chicago.


"Steven! Tim!" Brad said when he saw us walk in. "Thank you for asking me to join you this weekend! I am so excited to be a part of your plans!"


"It's good to see you again, Brad," Master Tim greeted our guest with a hug. "You are certainly more casually dressed than when I last saw you at the dealership!"


By the time it was my turn to hug our latest guest, I was already naked, "Brad! Thank you for coming to see us this weekend!"


"You are a sight for sore eyes, Steven!" Brad responded. "You look phenomenal!"


"Brad," Tim continued the introductions. "I'd like you to meet Marcus Peabody. Marcus, this is Brad Thorton. He was the dude from whom I bought my car! And, finally, Brad, this is Ajmal Hikimi, Steven's Master! I'm certain you two will have a lot in common!"


"I have heard a lot about you from Jake and Miguel," Brad said to Master Ajmal. "I hope we get a chance to talk about our experiences.


"Oh! We will, Brad," Master Ajmal said. "We certainly will!"


"Why don't I show you to your room, Brad," I said to our guest as I grabbed his bag. "We have you in our apartment downstairs."


As we went down the stairs, Brad said, "I cannot get over your body! Your muscles! Your ass! Your piercings! Your tattoos! Absolutely marvelous! And, this house is unbelievable!"


"Thank you," I said to Brad as we went into the apartment. "This is the living room and dining area of the apartment. Your room and bath is over here. David will be arriving tomorrow and will be in the other bedroom."


"Thank you, Steven!" Brad said as I put his bags beside the bed. He pulled me in for a kiss. As he put his lips on mine, he put his hands on my ass. We were lip locked in a passionate kissing session for a few minutes. When he pulled slightly away from me he added. "I have brought some items I think you will enjoy while I am here. I understand your Master Ajmal is also a sadist and loves to whip you!"


"Yes, SIR!" I agreed. "Master Ajmal has reddened my body several times. And, I am hopeful you will have an opportunity to use my body, especially with your bull whip, SIR!"


By this time I was hard as can be. "Cocktails will be served at 7. Dinner at 8. Clothing is discouraged while we are inside the confines of the house. And, I understand from Master Ajmal, the three of us will have time together this evening after dinner."


"Perfect!" Brad said. "I will see you shortly!"


I returned to the patio and joined the group assembled. Master Ajmal pulled me aside, "Boy! I hope you told Mr. Thorton he and I will have a joint project tonight after dinner."


"I did, SIR!" I told my Master.


"Good!" Master Ajmal said with a smile. "I think the three of us might wind up in my playroom tonight. What do you think, boy?"


"I would enjoy being with the two of you very much, Master!" I excitedly said. My dick, which had started to soften, returned to its fully erect state.


"Steven!" Master Tim said to me as he and Master Marcus joined us near our lounge chairs. "I see something has gotten you excited! However, your Master Ajmal and I have decided, in the interest of Saturday evening's injection session, we want to protect your cock and balls from being injured. I am going to put this on you."


Master Tim held a chastity device which not only would encase my dick, but also my balls. Master Tim continued, "So, in order to get this thing on you, you will need to get rid of your erection. Start jerking yourself off, Steven! Now!"


Without hesitation, I grabbed my hard dick and began stroking myself. Master Miguel, Master Jake, and Master Garrison arrived from their room and joined the group. James, Denis, and Brad joined us shortly after the other three arrived.


"Marcus," Master Tim suggested. "Grab a nipple. I will take care of the other one."


Master Marcus knelt beside my chair on the left. Master Tim took his position on my right. Both began kneading and twisting my nipples.


"Oh! Shit! I'm going to cum! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" I almost screamed as I unloaded on my stomach and chest. After a few minutes, my dick didn't get soft enough to put on the chastity device.


"Do it again, boy!" Master Tim ordered. "I don't care how many times you need to beat off, I want your fucking dick soft! Do it again, boy! Now!"


"Yes, SIR!" I hissed as I took my dick in my hand again and began to stroke myself.




"Okay, boy!" Master Ajmal began. I was already restrained in the middle of the playroom. My dick was straining at the plastic walls of the chastity device. "Your Master Brad and I are going to have a lot of fun with you tonight. We have decided to make your body bright red before your Master Brad has his own personal brand of fun with you. We want to hear you scream, boy! We want to hear you scream very, very loudly. By the time the two of us are finished with the first phase of our playtime with you, your body will be extremely sore from the neck down to your ankles, and on the front and back. Up until now, boy, I have gone especially easy with you during our time together. However, when I am with another man who is as sadistic as Master Brad, I normally get carried away. And, I have no reason to believe this time will be any different! Are you ready, Brad?"


"More than ready, Ajmal," Master Brad replied. "I have been looking forward to whipping the boy for weeks now! And, as you can tell, I am very, very excited, too!"


Master Brad's dick was standing at attention.


"Let's do it, then," Master Ajmal said as he unleashed the first lashing to my back.


"Aaaahhhhh," I screamed.


Master Ajmal and Master Brad quickly developed a rhythm with their whip lashes. They alternated between them. Master Brad was working on my front while Master Ajmal took care of my back. I continued to scream. As Master Ajmal warned his whip contacted my body harder and more painfully than any other time he had whipped me.


The whipping continued. I thought my two tormentors would never stop. Once they had my entire body marked from my neck down to my ankles. They started back up to my neck. Master Brad moved to my back side. Master Ajmal move to my front side. When I looked into Master Ajmal's big brown eyes, I saw fire in them for the first time. Between my screams, I noticed a vindictive smile appear on his face. He was transfixed with using my body for his pleasure.


Suddenly, the beating stopped. I could no longer scream. My body felt as if it were on fire. Through it all, my dick was still straining against the plastic walls of the chastity device.


"Brad," Master Ajmal said to my other tormentor. "Come here for a moment. Doesn't the boy's dick look like he wants more?"


"I think you are probably correct, Ajmal," Master Brad agreed. "What do you think we should do about his dick?"


"I would love to repeat the work we have just finished," Master Ajmal hissed. "But, I am very eager to see you in action! Do you think you can show the boy your talents?"


"Gladly, Ajmal," Master Brad said. He walked over to his bag and pulled out his prized bull whip. He positioned himself in front of me. "Boy! You recognize this, right?"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied as loudly as I could muster.


"And, what do you want me to do with this bull whip, boy?" Master Brad asked.


"Whip me, SIR!" I replied.


"I don't think I heard you finish that statement," Master Brad suggested. "What do you want me to do with this bull whip, boy?"


"Whip me, SIR!" I said loudly this time. "Whip me hard, SIR! Take me, SIR! Make me feel your power, SIR! Make me feel the pain, please, SIR! Whip me hard!"


"Very good, boy!" Master Brad said as he held the bull whip under my nose to smell. It smelled of leather. Master Brad move behind me.


Master Ajmal stood in front of me again. "Boy! You have just given permission to your Master Brad to really, really hurt you. And, he promised me he will use ever muscle in his body to make you feel each lashing of the bull whip. Do you understand me, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied as loudly as I could. At this very moment, I felt terrified about what would happen next.


Master Ajmal backed away from me. Then, I felt the first stroke of the bull whip land on my back. "Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed in pain as the beating started.


I must have fainted from the pain after several lashings of Master Brad's powerful torment of my body. Master Ajmal was again standing in front of me. "Very good, boy! Very good! How does it feel to be whipped by two very sadistic Masters, boy?"


I don't know where my words came from, but I replied, "I want more, Master! Please whip me again, Master! I want to feel your incredible power, Master!"


"I promise to give you more, boy," Master Ajmal said softly. "But, you have had enough whipping tonight. But, I promise you will get more. Boris will apply some lotion to your body while Master Brad and I rest. Someone else is here to see you as well, boy!"


Master Tim and Master Marcus walked out of the darkness into the light before me. "Marcus and I wanted to watch your Masters Ajmal and Brad in action. I hope you liked your two-hour whipping session. Did you?"


"Yes, Master!" I whispered.


"You want more of this, don't you?" Master Tim asked.


"Yes, Master," I whispered again. "I do want more of this. Does it bother you, Master?"


"You and I will need to have a private conversation," Master Tim said. "I don't understand WHY you want this, but it does NOT bother me. From the look on your face when you were getting whipped, you were doing what you do best. Giving your body to powerful men to use. Marcus and I are going back to our house and make love to each other. I also want you to know Master Ajmal and I have decided to cancel your time at the gym and your time with Dr. Garmin tomorrow. You will need to rest tomorrow for your big night on Saturday. Enjoy yourself, Steven! I love you very, very much. I always will. When you are my husband, we will make a perfect team. I will see you tomorrow."


Master Tim kissed me, grabbed Marcus's hand, and left just as Boris finished applying lotion to my sore body.




I woke Friday morning on my back between Master Brad and Master Ajmal. "Good morning, boy!" Master Ajmal said as he leaned down to kiss me.


"Good morning, SIRS!" I said to both Masters.


"What do you remember about last night, boy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Getting whipped," I said. "Then, my two Masters fucking me. Should I remember anything else, SIR?"


"No, boy!" Master Ajmal whispered as he rolled on top of me and began kissing me with the passion of a lover. "This morning... Master Brad... and I... are going... to make... love... to you. Then..., you can... decide... what else... you want... to do. Tim is not... expecting us... until lunch..."


"I just... want you... in me..., Master!" I pleaded.


Master Ajmal continued to kiss me for a few more minutes before he raised my legs over his shoulders, aligned his dick with my asshole, and began his descent into me. He slowly pushed his big dick into me. When we was all of the way in, Master Ajmal leaned in to continue kissing me.


"Get used... to this..., boy...!" Master Ajmal whispered between kisses. "I want... your ass... every... morning... from now... on...!"


"I can... do this... whenever... you want..., SIR!" I whispered back.


Master Ajmal began to make love to me. His gentle strokes in and out of my ass made me moan in ecstasy! His trimmed pubic hairs rubbed against my hairless balls. My dick stood at attention. Every time the tip of Master Ajmal's dick moved across my prostate, I became more and more aroused. Finally, after 30 minutes of my Master making love to me, I couldn't contain myself.


"I'm cumming Master!" I almost screamed. "I'm cumming! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


My convulsing ass muscles pushed Master Ajmal over the top. He began moaning as he unloaded into my ass, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" Once all of his cum was in my ass, he lowered his body on top of mine to recuperate. "Boy! You have a great ass!" Master Ajmal whispered into my ear.


"Thank you, Master," I whispered back.


Master Ajmal began to kiss me again. After several minutes, he paused, "As much as I would like to continue this, I need to give Master Brad a chance."


Master Ajmal pulled his spent dick out of my ass and lay beside me. Master Brad took his place between my legs for a similar performance. I came again just before Master Brad did.


"Okay, boy!" Master Ajmal said as Master Brad rolled off me. "It is time to shower and go back to the house for lunch. And, boy? Remember, I love you."


"Yes, Master," I said as I kissed him.


After showing with my two Masters, we ate breakfast and started back to the house. When we arrived, Master Tim and Master Marcus were with all of our other guests beside the pool. It was nearly 12 noon. I kicked off my gym shorts and flip flops before we joined the group.


"Steven!" Master Tim said to me as he got up to kiss me and Master Miguel. "Marcus needs to speak with you. Ever since he returned from his meeting about 30 minutes ago, he has been acting like a puppy who just buried his first bone. He won't tell me why until he talks with you! I think you must have been plotting something behind my back!" At least he was smiling.


Master Marcus grabbed me by the hand and led me back into the house, "Steven! Great news! We just closed this morning on the house next door. You said you didn't want me to tell Tim or Ajmal. So, you have some explaining to do."


I grabbed Master Marcus and kissed him, "Great job, Marcus! Ah... by the way, how much did it cost?"


"George managed to get it for $1.25 million. He said it is worth more," Master Marcus said excitedly.


"God I love you, Marcus!" I said with enthusiasm as I kissed him again. "Let's go tell the boys!"


I took Marcus's hand and led him back to the group. "We need to celebrate this afternoon!"


"And, what is this celebration all about?" Tim asked.


"Marcus just closed on the house next door!" I said to the group.


"That one?" Master Tim pointed to the neighboring house.


"Yes," I said.


"Why?" Master Tim asked.


"Privacy!" I explained. "George told me it would go on the market in a few weeks. I didn't want nosey neighbors. Besides, we can always use the room for guests and kids! Besides, I thought you could use an office to write your novel next summer!"




On Saturday afternoon, Tim and I sat beside the pool as our guests were otherwise engaged in activities in Provincetown center. He and I had entertained David last night.


"Are you nervous about tonight?" Master Tim asked.


"A little," I admitted. "I know it will be painful, but I want this. I just hope I don't panic when Dr. Garmin starts the injections. From the time he inserts the first needle until the injection is finished, it takes about 30 minutes according to Dr. Garmin. The pain is supposedly worse than having your balls in a ball press. Master Jamal had one on me for about an hour during our first session together. My balls hurt for two days afterward."


"Do you want to cancel the injection?" Master Tim asked.


"No," I said quietly. "I don't want to cancel the injection."


"Maybe you want to reconsider using a numbing agent," Master Tim suggested.


"No," I answered. "I want to prove to myself I can do this. I NEED to prove to myself I can do this. Otherwise, I will have failed you, Master Jake, Master Miguel, and Master Ajmal. I don't fail. I can't fail. It is not in my nature."


"Why don't we go upstairs and play with our bodies to take your mind off things?" Master Tim suggested.


"Not a good idea," I said. "If I cum during our playtime, the injections would not work as well. So, let's just talk about something else until it is time."


"Okay, Steven," Master Tim agreed. He paused for a moment before he continued. "Steven?"


"Yes, Master," I replied.


"I've decided I am going to write the book," Master Tim said quietly. "I am going to work until the end of the year. I should have the digital media project running by then. I am going to take you—and if you don't mind—Marcus and Ajmal to Florida for a month. After that, I am going to start writing. What do you think of my plan, Steven?"


"I love it, Master," I said. "You've made me a very happy guy, Master."


Master Tim moved so he was resting on top of me. He started to kiss me. Then, he stopped and put his head on my chest. We fell asleep until we heard someone rustle on one of the lounge chairs near us.


"It's about time you two work up," Master Marcus quipped. "I think, Tim, it is time you got off my boyfriend. You and I are going upstairs. The boy's Master needs some private time with his slave boy!"


Master Tim smiled at me and then kissed me. "I love you, Steven! Never forget that, okay?"


"I promise," I answered. "I love you too! And, I know you love me. I feel it!"


"I'll be back in a little bit," Master Tim said to me. "I think our boyfriend is horny!"


Master Tim raised his body off me. He took Master Marcus's hand as they went inside and up to their bedroom.


"Boy," Master Ajmal said. "I need to discuss tonight with you."


"Yes, Master," I said.


"Are you nervous about tonight?" Master Ajmal asked me.


"A little, Master," I admitted to Master Ajmal. "Master Tim asked me that very question. And, like I told him, I know it will be painful, but I want this. I just hope I don't panic when Dr. Garmin starts the injections."


"Tim and I will be by your side, Steven," Master Ajmal said. "Jake and Miguel will appear as your Masters during the filming, but we will be with you, too! And, yes, it will seriously hurt. We will let you rest on the bondage table while the rest of us have something to eat. Do you want Harvey or Boris to sit with you?"


"No," I said. "I will want the time alone. I want the time to get used to the pain."


"Okay, boy!" Master Ajmal said. "You need to eat something before we go to my house. You can't eat after the injection for about four hours. And, we have about 100 spectators who will be watching from the third floor balcony. When the spectators are in place, Jake and Miguel will lead you into the room and secure you onto the bondage table."


Harvey appeared with my snack. He put it on the table next to me. "Good luck tonight, Steven!"


"Thank you, Harvey," I said. "Will you be there tonight?"


"Yes," Harvey said. "I will be there. I hope you don't mind!"


"Not at all, Harvey," I replied. "You are family, Harvey. Don't forget it, okay?"


"Yes, Steven," Harvey replied. "I will never forget. You and your friends are really the only family I have. So, I am grateful."


Harvey disappeared into the house.


"Tim and Marcus will be down in about an hour," Master Ajmal explained. "Tim and I will take you to my house and shower with you. Then, we will lock you in your isolation box in my bedroom until we are ready to take you into the playroom. Tim and I will leave the key to the isolation box with Jake and Miguel. They will removed you from isolation shortly before the injections are scheduled to begin. Now, enjoy your snack."


Master Ajmal rested silently on the lounge chair beside me while I ate. At the exact time I finished eating, Master Tim and Master Marcus returned to the pool. Master Marcus was naked, and Master Tim had on shorts and a tank top with flip flops.


"You know Steven," Master Marcus said with a smile. "You future husband has one really great ass. I wanted to go at it again, but we didn't have time."


Tim turned to Marcus with feigned disgust, "Do you need to tell my future husband everything, Marcus? Some things are best left unsaid."


"Not judging from the appearance of my dick, Master Tim," I said as Tim kissed me.


"We should be on our way," Master Ajmal said.


Harvey appeared with the keys to the SUV, "Shall we go now?"


"It is time, Harvey," Master Ajmal said as he slipped on his gym shorts and flip flops. He didn't bother with a shirt. I was still naked. Master Ajmal put his arm around my shoulder as we went into the garage and climbed into the SUV.


Harvey pulled in front of Master Ajmal's house. Master Tim, Master Ajmal, and I disembarked. We were greeted by Boris as we entered, "Good evening, gentlemen! The caterers and the camera crew are already here."


Master Ajmal led Master Tim and me to his master suite. Master Ajmal and Master Tim quickly undressed and then led me into the shower.


"So, my beautiful man," Master Tim said as he washed my front side. "In a few hours, you will have your wish granted. I am so looking forward to playing with your new balls. But, for now, I am going to go carefully with the ones you have now and your dick. We would want you to have an accident!"


Master Ajmal was washing my back side, "Regardless of what I said before, Steven, I will enjoy hearing you scream as Dr. Garmin gives you your big balls tonight. And, Tim and I are going to enjoy showing you off at the bar tonight. We have a special surprise waiting for you when we are at the A-House. You will like your surprise, we are certain! Are we done here, Tim?"


"Yup!" Master Tim said. "Now, we need to dry him and put him away until Jake and Miguel come and get him."


Master Tim and Master Ajmal dried my body, and, then, Master Tim led me to the isolation box in Master Ajmal's bedroom. Once I was properly in position, he closed the door. I was in total darkness. The isolation box was also totally sound proofed, so I could not hear any noises or voices in the room. I have no idea how long I waited, but was surprised when the door opened. Master Jake and Master Miguel were standing in front of me with black leather chaps with nothing underneath them, black leather boots, and a black leather harness.


Master Jake and Master Miguel helped me out of the isolation box, "So, boy! Tonight is the night! I hope you are as excited as we are!"


"Yes, Master," I am very excited.


"Good," Master Miguel said. "Once we open the door to the bedroom, we will be on camera. We will lead you into the playroom and restrain you on the bondage table. Dr. Garmin will appear and begin the procedure. I know both Tim and Ajmal gave you an opportunity to opt out of this procedure tonight, but you didn't. So, no matter what, you will have bigger balls in about one hour or less. Shall we?"


Master Miguel took my left arm. Master Jake took my right arm and silently led me out of the bedroom toward the playroom. Two camera men were recording our walk across the courtyard and to the side of the bondage table.


Master Jake helped me onto the table. Both men began restraining me. First my wrists. Then, my ankles. They added straps around my thighs to keep me completely constrained. They also put a strap around my waist and chest.


I saw Master Tim and Master Ajmal standing near the bondage table just out of view of the camera. Tim wore his tight black leather cut off jean shorts and black leather lace up boots. He didn't have on a shirt. He looked fucking hot!


Master Ajmal had on a pair of latex shorts that did nothing to conceal his bulging dick and balls. He also had on a pair of black lace up boots without a shirt. I could feel my dick getting harder with just the quick glance their way.


"Are you ready, boy?" Master Jake asked loudly enough to be caught on camera.


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I replied so I could be heard. "I am ready, SIR!"


Dr. Garmin appeared. He was rolling a cart with the injection devices and the medication. "You have elected to have these injections done without pain relief. Isn't that right, boy?"


"Yes, SIR! You are correct, SIR!" I answered.


He swabbed the skin around my balls with a cold liquid. It smelled like alcohol. He put a clamp around each ball to hold the skin tight. When I saw the first needle come out of the sterilization package, I was glad I hadn't had much to eat. Otherwise, I would have shit on the bondage table. Now, I was scared.


Dr. Garmin lined the needle so it pointed to the long tip of my left ball.


"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!" I screamed in absolute pain. I kept moaning ,"Ah... ah... ah... ah... ah... ah... ah... ah... ah... ah..." Suddenly the needle stopped moving further into my ball.


Dr. Garmin picked up the second needle and unwrapped it from the sterilization package. He again aligned the needle so it pointed to the long tip of my right ball.


"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!" I screamed and kept moaning until that needle stopped, "Ah... ah... ah... ah... ah... ah... ah... ah... ah... ah..."


I watched in incredible pain as Dr. Garmin hooked a drip bottle to the needles in both of my excruciatingly painful balls. He turned a small knob on each bottle that, I assumed, released the medication.


"Ah... ah... ah... ah... ah... ah... ah... ah... ah... ah..." I moaned loudly as the medication entered my balls. They ached as though they were in a massive ball press, but I knew the medication was making my painful balls swell. I have no idea how long I was moaning as the medication entered my now huge balls. Just as suddenly as he had begun, Dr. Garmin unhooked the medication bottles from the needles.


Dr. Garmin began to slowly remove the needles from my balls. "Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!" I screamed again. The pain of the needles being removed was almost as intense as the pain of the needles being inserted.


After both needles were removed, I now realized that my aching balls were stretching the skin of my scrotum until it was tight. Dr. Garmin removed the clamps. One of the camera men moved to record my face. I was crying in pain.


I heard a roaring applause as Dr. Garmin exited the playroom. Master Jake and Master Miguel were both standing beside me. First Master Jake leaned down and kissed me, "Good job, boy! Good job!"


"Thank you, SIR!" I responded.


Next, Master Miguel leaned down to kiss me, "I can't wait to use those big balls you've got, boy! They are going to be so much fun to play with!"


Everyone from the balcony streamed by me. Most of them touched my balls. I didn't realize until Master Tim and Master Ajmal were beside me that I was also hard as a rock.


"I am so proud of you, Steven," Master Tim said to me as he leaned down to kiss me. "You took it like the man I know you to be. You don't fail at anything! That's why I love you so much!"


"Steven, I know you hurt right now, but I want you to know you are one of the best masochists I have ever met," Master Ajmal said as he caressed my now huge, hairless balls. "We are going to have so much fun together!"


Master Marcus appeared after Master Ajmal and Master Tim had left my side to join the guests in the courtyard. "You were fucking awesum! And, those balls! They are fucking huge! I love them! Now, I am going to find my future husband and lover and plan how the three of us are going to make those puppies feel really, really used!"


I lay quietly by myself concentrating on my aching balls. They felt huge, sore, and vulnerable. I realized suddenly Master Ajmal and Master Tim were unhooking me from the bondage table.


"So, boy," Master Ajmal asked me. "Are you balls any less painful?"


"No, SIR!" I said. "They still hurt like shit, but I am getting used to the pain."


"Are you ready to show them off at the A-House, Steven," Master Tim asked.


"Yes, SIR!" I said with enthusiasm. "But, my dick won't go down."


"It won't for a while, according to Dr. Garmin," Master Ajmal said to me. "You are probably feeling somewhat horny, too. Am I correct?"


"Definitely, SIR!" I said to my Master with a smile. "I can't wait to have yours, Master Tim's, and Master Marcus's dick in my ass tonight. That's what I have been thinking about while you were away."


"Good boy!" Master Ajmal said to me as he helped me up from the bondage table.


As my legs dangled over the bondage table, Tim began putting on my socks and leather lace up boots. Then, Master Ajmal pulled out an extremely short black leather kilt.


"We didn't think you would be able to wear anything that constrained your new balls," Master Tim explained. "We had this made for you."


As Tim buckled on the kilt, Master Ajmal adjusted my hard cock and huge balls.


"Now, let's see how well you can walk," Master Tim said as he took my left arm and Master Ajmal took my right arm. The escorted me out of the house and down Commercial Street to the A-House. "How does it feel to walk?"


"My balls feel like they are getting stabbed with another needle with every step," I explained. "But, the amazing thought is I am enjoying the feeling. And, my balls seem to be getting bigger and bigger as time goes on. Is that possible?"


"Yes, boy," Master Ajmal added. "They will get bigger and bigger over the next 24 hours. I can't wait to see how big they really become!"


Once we reached the A-House door, Seth the doorman greeting us. "Great show, guys!" He reached under my kilt to feel and squeeze my balls. "Fucking nice balls, boy! Fucking nice!"


"We will invite you over some night next week after the boy has fully recovered," Master Ajmal suggested.


"I would really like that, dudes!" Seth said enthusiastically.


Master Ajmal retrieved three Coronas from Clark before we found a place to stand. We continued to get compliments on my performance. The compliments were usually followed by a grope under my kilt.


I was looking around the room, when I noticed someone round the corner by the stairs. "Holy shit!" I said. "What the fuck is Leon doing here?"


"He wanted to watch," Master Tim said quietly. "He has more to tell you, but he definitely wanted to watch!"


Leon made his way to where we were standing. He was wearing a pair of extremely tight, very distressed jeans under a pair of black leather chaps. He wore a black vest that showed off his muscled chest.


"Good show, Steven!" Leon said to me as he pulled me in for a hug. "I know what you are thinking. `What the fuck is he doing here?' I will explain in due time, but first I need to get a beer. I will be right back."


"I told you we had a surprise for you tonight," Master Tim said with a smile. "The best will come after he explains why he is here."


Leon returned with his Corona, "So, Steven, how do you feel after the injections?"


"Sore as shit," I said. "But, I am going to enjoy every minute of it. So, tell me Leon, what brings you to Provincetown this weekend? And, why are you wearing those wonderfully tight, distressed jeans under a pair of chaps?"


"All of your questions will be answered in due time," Leon began. "I told you my wife was in Europe for the summer. And, her trip went slightly astray. She is now shacked up with this dude from Barcelona at his country villa. He's 20 years younger than she is."


"And, you know this how?" I asked.


"I had a private detective follow her," Leon explained. "I have pictures to show you later. And, I have filed for divorce."


"Okay," I said. "But, why Provincetown and why the outfit?"


"I would like to say I had an epiphany and realized I was gay," Leon continued. "In reality, I have had feelings for men ever since I was in college. But, I didn't do anything about it. I got married. We tried to have kids. She wasn't able to have kids. And, then, the night I was with you, Jake, and Miguel, I realized I wanted to have sex with men. My wife is a prima donna. I hated being around her for all of these years. She is a stuck up bitch! It was a horrible life. I couldn't divorce her because I would lose half of the company. But, she wanted to live with her new lover so badly, she agreed to split. I am giving her $1 million to leave me the fuck alone! She had no choice since I cancelled all of her credit cards after the investigator sent me his report. She needed the money because she was penniless in Europe."


"Why weren't you a little more vindictive, Leon?" Master Tim asked with a smile.


"I did everything I could legally do to accomplish my goal of leaving her as penniless as possible," Leon answered, also with a smile. He saw someone come up the stairs and called out to him. "Rick! Over here!"


The guy saw Leon and made is way to our group.


"Holy shit!" I said. "Rick Glover! What the fuck is your gay ass doing with Leon?"


"He's my boyfriend," Rick said with a smile about a mile wide. Rick had on the tightest jeans I had ever seen and a black leather vest.


"Rick, I'd like you to meet my future husband, Tim. Tim, this is Rick Glover. We used to work together at eSquare." I started the introductions. "And, this is my Master Ajmal. Master, this is Rick Glover."


"Steven, couldn't you leave something for the rest of us," Rick began. "You have a husband AND a Master! Don't you know the meaning of sharing! Besides, you now have those big beautiful balls of yours!" Rick felt my balls under my kilt.


"Tim and I also have a boyfriend Marcus," I said with a smile. "He is going to be married to Master Ajmal in the fall. He is running around here somewhere!"


"Leave it to you!" Rick responded. He still was feeling my


"Where are you guys staying?" I asked.


"My house," Master Ajmal said. "When we heard he was interested in joining us for the injection show, I invited them to stay at my place. We wanted to surprise you, boy!"


"You reached your goal," I said to Master Ajmal.


"Now, let's find Marcus and take Steven home," Master Tim suggested. "We don't want to tire him out. Leon and Rick, you are welcome to join us for a late brunch at our house tomorrow afternoon around 2 pm."


"We'd love to join you!" Leon said to Master Tim. "You sent me your address with the e-mail last week."


We found Master Marcus talking animatedly with another leather clad guy.


Master Marcus introduced his friend, "Guys, this is Kevin Lawson. Kevin, this is Tim Caden, Steven Caldwell, and Ajmal Hikimi. Kevin and I worked together on a project when I was at Bain. He has a new business he is starting. I think we may have found our first venture capital project. I invited him to our brunch tomorrow. Maybe he can explain the project to you then!"


"Outstanding," I said to Master Marcus. "We will look forward to talking to you tomorrow, Kevin."


The four of us left the bar. Tim called Harvey. We were home 15 minutes later.



To be continued...


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