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Life With Tim



"Now, let's find Marcus and take Steven home," Master Tim suggested. "We don't want to tire him out. Leon and Rick, you are welcome to join us for a late brunch at our house tomorrow afternoon around 2 pm."


"We'd love to join you!" Leon said to Master Tim. "You sent me your address with the e-mail last week."


We found Master Marcus talking animatedly with another leather clad guy.


Master Marcus introduced his friend, "Guys, this is Kevin Lawson. Kevin, this is Tim Caden, Steven Caldwell, and Ajmal Hikimi. Kevin and I worked together on a project when I was at Bain. He has a new business he is starting. I think we may have found our first venture capital project. I invited him to our brunch tomorrow. Maybe he can explain the project to you then!"


"Outstanding," I said to Master Marcus. "We will look forward to talking to you tomorrow, Kevin."


The four of us left the bar. Tim called Harvey. We were home 15 minutes later.


Chapter 28: We Have a Wedding to Attend


"Take off your clothes, Steven," Master Ajmal ordered when we first stepped inside the entry foyer. "We want a good look at your new balls!"


I quickly took off my boots and socks. Then, I unbuckled the kilt and it fell to the floor.


"Oranges," Master Marcus said. "They are the size of oranges."


"They make your hard dick look bigger, too!" Master Tim observed. "You look fucking hot, Steven!"


"Boy!" Master Ajmal continued. "You do look incredible! Do they still hurt?"


"Yes, Master," I replied. "They still hurt like hell, but I am getting used to the pain. The thing I want most right now is to have the three of you fuck me like you've never fucked me before!"


"You also need to get off, boy!" Master Ajmal explained. "Remember what Dr. Garmin said. You will need to seriously drain your balls several times a day for the next week. Otherwise, the pain will not go away."


"The guys are sitting beside the pool waiting for us to come home," Master Tim said. "They would all enjoy seeing Steven jerk off and shooting the first load of cum out of those fucking beautiful balls! So, let's go, men! Steven has some masturbating to do."


By now, Master Tim, Master Ajmal, and Master Marcus were all naked. Their clothes were strewn across the entry foyer. Master Tim took my hand in his and led us out to the pool area.


"Part of Steven's recovery program after the injections is to beat off several times a day," Master Tim explained. "We thought you might like to watch his first session by himself!"


"Outstanding!" Master Jake exclaimed.


Master Ajmal pulled a lounge chair around so I would be facing the group while I beat off.


"The way I feel right now, Master," I began. "This shouldn't take long!"


"Just enjoy yourself, boy!" Master Ajmal said as he took a seat with the other guys.


I grabbed my dick with my right hand and began to massage my rock hard dick. It felt so, so good. I closed my eyes and got lost in my body as I worked my dick into a frenzy. Twice I felt I was almost ready to pop, so I slowed down a little until the urge passed. The third time, I didn't stop quickly enough. My dick spurted cum in long ropes. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Once I came down from my extremely powerful orgasm, I realized I came more than I ever had before. My cum was on my stomach, my chest, and my face.


The guys started to applaud. "Encore!" I heard Master Garrison demand."


"Not tonight, guys," Master Ajmal said as he stood beside my lounge chair. "It took him 20 minutes to pop his load. Tim, Marcus, and I have a very horny boy to fuck tonight. Maybe he can do an encore performance tomorrow before brunch! Come on, boy! Make your Masters happy!"


"Yes, Master!" I said excitedly as Master Ajmal grabbed my hand. He led the processional up the stairs to our bedroom.


"Tim has first dibs on the boy's ass," Master Ajmal suggested.


"Steven," Master Tim suggested. "On your back, lover boy! And, tonight, I am Tim not Master Tim, not Master, and not SIR!"


"Thank you, Tim," I said as I pulled my lover on top of my body. Tim leaned down and started to passionately kissing me. I was already hard as a rock. So, was Tim. Master Ajmal took a position beside me. He, too, was on his back. Marcus was between his legs.


Tim pulled his body up so we could look into each other's eyes, "Steven, the day I met you I knew I loved you. Now, you are part of me. Don't ever forget that, okay?"


"Same here, my sweet man," I whispered. "But, you need to get your body off my balls. You are making them want to shoot another load. I want you in me when I do!"


"Your wish is my command," Tim whispered as he moved his body so his dick was lined up with my asshole. "Are you my lover tonight or a fuck buddy?"


"Lover," I answered.


"Good!" Tim said as he began to slowly push his dick inside me.


When Tim finally was all of the way in, he paused. I decided I needed to explain my feelings, "Tim, you know I have always raved about how you make me feel when you make love to me. But, this time is amazing! Absolutely amazing!"


"Maybe I will need to get bigger balls, too!" Tim whispered as he began to slowly move his dick in and out of me.


"I am in heaven, Tim!" I whispered as Tim continued to massage my ass with his dick "When your trimmed pubic hairs caress my balls, I feel them come alive. I hope I can last for a long time because you feel so good inside me!"


"If you do cum, you will need to do it again and again and again until I am ready," Tim hissed. "I am not going to be ready for a long time!"


Tim kissed me again as he resumed his love making. He was slowly working his way toward an orgasm, but paused momentarily.


Marcus hissed at Master Ajmal announcing his impending orgasm, "I am going to cum, lover! I'm going to cum in your hot Middle Eastern ass! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Once Marcus finished his duty with Master Ajmal, I was the one doing the screaming, "I'm going to cum, baby! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


My convulsing ass sent Tim over the edge. He, too, moaned in ecstasy. He collapsed on top of me to regain his composure. "Steven," Tim said. "I am canceling my promise to quit my job by the end of the year to work on my novel. I am going to send in my letter of resignation on Monday. I will not be writing my novel, but making love to you from the time we wake up in the morning until we fall asleep at night. You are fucking habit forming!"


"You can make love to me anytime of the night or day," I said to Tim. "You don't even need to ask!"


"Okay, Tim!" Master Marcus hissed. "You've had his ass for an hour now! Take you dick out of your future husband so we can have a go at him."


Tim kissed me before he slid his still hard dick out of me. "Okay, guys!" Tim announced. "Who wants to be the next to fuck my future husband?"


"Me," Master Ajmal said. "Marcus, please remove your dick from my ass so I can fuck my slave boy!"


"AJ," Marcus said with a smile. "You are giving up my dick for his ass?"


"Marcus, I may be your lover," Master Ajmal said. "But, I am still a sadist with a super hot slave boy waiting for me to fuck him."


"Only if I get to fuck Tim while you fuck your slave boy!" Master Marcus added.


"You are not going to fuck me, Marcus," Tim said as he rolled off of me. "I am going to sit on your dick and play cow boy! Get your fucking dick out of Ajmal so I have something to sit on!"


Master Marcus pulled out of Master Ajmal. Master Ajmal was immediately between my legs as Tim straddled Master Marcus.


"Boy!" Master Ajmal hissed as he fondled my balls. "I love your balls, but I love your ass more! And, I hope you liked your time with Brad and me. We have just begun to use your body!"


"Master!" I hissed back. "You own me. You can do anything you want to me: fuck me, whip me, torture me, humiliate me, dominate me. I am yours!"


"Good boy!" Master Ajmal said as he lifted my legs onto his shoulders. "Get ready, boy! I'm not going to be making love to you this time. I am going to fuck you!"


As Master Ajmal shoved his rock hard 9 inch dick into my ass, I hissed, "Fuck me, SIR! Please fuck me hard, SIR!"


I looked at Master Marcus and Tim. Tim had Master Marcus's dick pointed at his asshole, and then impaled himself on Marcus's hard dick. "Ahhhh... Yes..." Tim hissed as he bottomed out.


"Yea! Lover boy! Take my fucking big dick in your asshole! Make me feel it," Marcus almost screamed as Tim began bouncing up and down on Marcus's dick. Tim's hard cock was sticking straight up and was bouncing up and down in time with Tim's movements.


Master Ajmal also witness the two studs playing next to us. "See, boy!" Master Ajmal said as he continued to fuck me with powerful fast strokes. "Your future husband is addicted to dick up his ass!"


I looked into Master Ajmal's big brown eyes. I could see the fury inside him. In one quick movement with his dick still in me, he flipped me over so I was on my stomach. He increased the speed of his thrusts until the bed was shaking underneath us. His balls slapped my sensitive swollen balls with every jab into my ass. Every slap of his balls against mine brought me closer to cumming again.


Finally, I exploded, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Master Ajmal didn't stop ravaging my ass.


Master Marcus let out a somewhat muffled scream as he unloaded in Tim's ass, "Fuck! Yes! Fuck! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Tim was still bouncing up and down on Marcus's dick. He also stroked his own until his dick began spewing cum all over Marcus's body. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahh... ahh...!" Some landed on Marcus's stomach. Some landed on his chest. Two landed on Marcus's face.


Master Ajmal also exploded in my ass seconds after Tim had collapsed on top of Marcus. "Here it comes, boy! Take my cum, boy! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Master Ajmal rested his sweaty body on top of me while he caught his breath. When Master Ajmal recovered sufficiently, he whispered into my ear, "God I love fucking you, boy!"


"And, I love you fucking me, Master!" I whispered back.


"Marcus," Master Ajmal said. "Do you want the boy's ass tonight, or do you want to wait until later?"


"AJ," Marcus hissed. "I may have cum twice in the last hour, but I am not going to sleep until I have Steven's ass. So, if my boyfriend will get off my dick, I will stick it into the boy's ass in about two seconds!"


Master Ajmal pulled his dick out of my ass. Master Marcus rolled me on my back, lifted my legs over his shoulders, and shoved his still hard dick in my ass.




The next morning, I felt a dick in my ass when I opened my eyes. I looked behind me to see Marcus cuddled up to me with his arms around me pulling me close.


"I hope I didn't wake you, Steven," Master Marcus whispered to me. "I guess I forgot to take my dick out of your ass last night. You need to get fucked again, don't you think?"


"Yes, SIR!" I whispered back. "Please fuck me again, Master!"


Master Marcus began to gently move his dick as he grabbed my swollen balls and began to squeeze them.


"Ahhhh!" I moaned. "That feels good, SIR!"


Tim and Master Ajmal began to stir. Tim looked into my eyes, "Good morning, Steven! I see you are making Marcus happy!"


"And, he is making me happy!" I said to Tim as he kissed me.


"Ajmal," Tim said as he turned slightly to his cuddling partner. "Could you please stick your big dick in my ass while I kiss my future husband?"


"Gladly!" Master Ajmal whispered.


"Ahhh! Yes!" Tim hissed as Master Ajmal inserted his dick into Tim's ass. "Now, kiss me, Steven!"


Tim and I began kissing as Master Ajmal and Master Marcus used our asses. Tim occasionally grabbed my swollen balls and squeezed them. I started to massage his hard dick with one hand and kneaded his nipple with the other hand.


The two studs kept using our asses for at least an hour until Master Marcus made his announcement, "Shit! I am going to blow! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Tim almost screamed. "Steven! I am going to cum! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


The chain reaction continued as Master Ajmal unloaded into Tim's ass. We all stayed quiet for a few minutes.


"The three of us have gotten our rocks off, Steven," Tim whispered. "What about you?"


"I want more dick!" I whispered back.


"Steven," Tim explained. "You need to get off or you balls will hurt. Why don't we all go downstairs and see if any of the other guys would want to watch you beat off?"


"Why don't we just schedule him every hour on the hour beside the pool?" Master Ajmal suggested.


"Why don't I just do it here in front of my three favorite men?" I suggested. "Then, you can all fuck me!"


"Either the injections have made Steven hornier or he is just more addicted to dick in his ass," Tim said with a smile. "Get your hand on your dick and get going, boy! We don't have all day!"


"Yes, Master," I said as I took my hard dick in my hand and began stroking it. Tim and Marcus each kneaded a nipple, and Master Ajmal stuck his finger in my ass and began massaging my prostate. His other hand massaged my swollen balls. So, it only took about 10 minutes before I started shooting my load all over myself!


"Let's grab a shower and show the boys your balls, Steven," Tim suggested. "Besides, I want to look at the inside of the house we just bought. We need to know what we are dealing with!"


"Can all four of us fit into the shower without getting a boner?" Master Marcus asked.


"No," Tim began. "But, we can get clean! Boner's can lead to some very creative activities."


Once we were showered we went downstairs. James, Dennis, Brad, and David were drinking coffee by the pool.


"Before we look at the house we just bought, we thought we should show you the results of last night's injections!" Tim explained. "Nice, huh?"


"Outstanding!" Master Brad said.


"Are they still sore?" Dennis inquired.


"Yes," I answered. "Dr. Garmin said the soreness should be over in a few days or so."


"Who else wants to see the house next door?" Tim asked.


"I do," David replied. "Professional enlightenment purposes!"


The others opted to stay beside the pool and grab some rays before our other guests arrived. Marcus was playing real estate broker as we unlocked the door and went inside, "This property has five bedroom suites. One is on the first floor, and the other four are on the second floor. The first floor, as you can see, is almost totally open."


"It needs updating," I said. "A contemporary style would be more to my liking. Somehow, nautical just doesn't cut it for me."


"I agree," Tim added. "What do you plan to do with this house, Steven?"


"I thought we could use it as extra guest rooms or we could rent it out for events," I began my explanation. "This house and our house are the only ones in the development that are zoned for use as a commercial guest house. The developer, who built these two houses, had some pull with the zoning board apparently!"


"I have an idea, Steven," Master Ajmal began. "Marcus and I could renovate this house to live in. We could turn my current compound into a guest house—maybe for a discerning S&M crowd. What do you think?"


"But, I like sleeping with us together," Marcus spoke up. "I want you and me, Ajmal, to be in the same bed as Tim and Steven!"


"We would still do that Marcus," Master Ajmal continued. "But, we need a separate legal residence if we are going to adopt kids. Besides, if you and I or Steven and Tim or you and Tim want to have some private time, we would have the perfect setup!"


"I like your idea, Master," I added. "But, wouldn't you miss the place you are living in?"


"I could always rent the place for a week or a weekend if I do," Master Ajmal replied with a smile. "I would rather be close to you and Tim. What do you think, Marcus?"


"I'm in," Master Marcus agreed. "Tim?"


"Sounds pretty perfect to me," Tim replied. "This place needs a lot of work, though. I agree with Steven. The nautical look needs to be banished!"


We continued our tour. The master suite on the first floor was about the size of ours in our house next door. The four suites on the second floor were also large by Provincetown standards. The kitchen needed to be gutted.


"We could do a commercial kitchen in this house," Master Ajmal suggested. "We could have caterers working out of here without interrupting the kitchen in your house."


"I smell money!" Tim said.


"I could pay for the renovations because you bought the house," Master Ajmal said. "If we connect the two properties, we could have a terrific summer place. I suspect we could easily spend another $1 million on renovations, which is why your house looks so terrific. The previous owners spent at least that when they redid your house."


Tim felt my crotch through my shorts, "Just as I thought! Steven needs to jerk off again. Why don't we join the guys and watch him do his thing?"


We trouped back to our house and joined our guests beside the pool. We all lost our clothes. "We had to cut our house tour short," Tim announced. "Steven needs to jerk off again. I'm certain you won't mind watching again!"


"When do we get a chance to fuck him again?" Master Garrison asked.


"After brunch, you can do whatever you want with him," Tim explained. "You will need to share, however."


I took my place and began to jerk off. I got lost in my thoughts and came back to reality after I had shot my load 30 minutes later.


"Very good," Master Jake announced. "You are right Ajmal! The boy needs to be on film during one of his jerk off session. He is a delight to watch."


"He will be doing that every hour on the hour until tomorrow evening about 8 pm," Tim said. "Part of the recovery treatment. We invited your camera crew for brunch. They could record the sessions for posterity!"


"Great idea, Tim!" Master Jake said.




Tim and I flew back to Chicago the weekend before our wedding. Marcus and Master Ajmal accompanied us. Tim and I were in the left two first class seats. Marcus and Ajmal were in the right two first class seats. The four of us had a small carryon bag each. Marcus and Master Ajmal had their clothes for the week shipped to Chicago ahead of time.


"Are you excited, Steven?" Tim asked.


"Yup!" I replied as I put my hand on top of Tim's. "Very excited. You and I will be spending the rest of our lives together. And, I will like saying my husband, Tim, instead of my future husband, Tim!"


"It has I nice sound to it," Tim agreed. "I'm really happy we found Leonard to be our wedding planner! Otherwise, I would be in panic mode!"


"What? You panic?" I said with a smile.


"It's how I am wired," Tim replied also with a smile. "When do we tell Marcus he will be buying a BMW while we are in Chicago this week?"


"He just needs to pick a color," I told Tim. "Brad has four cars on hold. One is grey. One is tan. One is blue. One is white."


"What about red?" Tim asked.


"Yours is red," I told him. "You don't want competition now, do you? And, I told Brad not to include a black one like mine."


"Good planning," Tim added. "You think of everything." He leaned in to give me a kiss.


The first class flight attendant stopped in the isle beside Tim. "You two seem very happy today!"


"We are getting married a week from today, Simon" Tim explained as he looked at our flight attendant's name tag. "We've been at our house in Provincetown for a little over a month. It will be good to be back in Chicago—even for a short time."


"Congratulations!" Simon reacted. "Where are you going on your honeymoon?"


"Back to our house in Provincetown," Tim said. "No guests. Just Steven and me and Harvey—the guy who takes care of the house."


"Where is your house in Provincetown?" Simon asked.


"Round Creek Road," I explained.


"Nice area!" Simon said. "My husband and I bought a house last summer. So, this is our first summer. We are taking next summer off and spend it in Provincetown."


"Where's your house?" I asked.


"Do you know where Clark, the bartender at the A-House, lives?" Simon asked.


"Yes, as a matter of fact," I said.


"Ours is two houses down from his and Mark's house," Simon explained.


"We will probably see you around town once we get back," Tim said to Simon. "These two are our friends Marcus and Ajmal."


"I thought I recognized Ajmal," Simon said. "You and my husband Justin are friends, right?"


"Absolutely!" Master Ajmal said to Simon. "Justin and I have known each other for several years now. We should all get together once we are back in town!"


Simon, at that point, needed to deal with another occupant in the first class cabin. Master Ajmal wrote something on a napkin and folded it over. He passed it to Marcus who read the note and smiled. Marcus passed the note to Tim. He opened it as we both read it. `Justin is a cum dump slave boy! Not as good as Steven, but still fun!' Tim and I both smiled.


We landed on time and hurried to the baggage checkout where we found our limousine driver. The trip to our house in Lakeview seemed to take forever because traffic on the Kennedy Expressway was backed up as usual.


We arrived and found Aiden waiting for us inside the front door. He was naked. "Marcus, Master Ajmal, this is Aiden from upstairs. Aiden, these are our friends, Marcus Peabody, Tim's boyfriend, and Master Ajmal Hikimi, my Master. Aiden helped open the house and get it ready for us. He will also help with any household tasks we may have. You will meet his boyfriend later."


"Terrance is no longer my boyfriend," Aiden explained. "He is my Master now."


As Aiden was explaining, I was undressing. When I finished, I turned to Master Ajmal and assumed the position—legs spread wide apart, hands behind my back, and looking down at the floor. Master Ajmal took my collar out of his carryon back and attached it around my neck. "At ease, boy!"


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I said to Master Ajmal and turned around to face Aiden.


"Your body is incredible, Steven!" Aiden exclaimed. "Your muscles are huge. Your tattoos wonderful. Your balls are magnificent!"


"Thank you, Aiden," I said. "I owe this transformation to Tim and Master Ajmal. Without them, I would not have been able to accomplish this on my own."


"Would you mind explaining the process to my Master Terrance?" Aiden asked Master Ajmal.


"I would be delighted to talk with your Master, boy!" Master Ajmal said.


"Aiden, could you put some coffee on while we show our guests around the house?" Tim asked.


"Yes, SIR!" Aiden answered. "I would be delighted to do that! And, please call me boy and not Aiden."


"Okay, boy!" Tim said. "It is good to have you in our service."


"I am happy to be here, SIR!" Aiden said as he hurried into the kitchen.


"This place is stunning!" Marcus exclaimed. "And, it is in the middle of a great area!"


"Some people call this Boy's Town," Tim continued. "Anyway, this is the formal living area to our left. The dining room is to our right. Beyond the dining room is the kitchen, an office, and a guest suite. Let's go upstairs and get settled."


As we went upstairs, Tim continued. "The master bedroom is to our left."


"Holy shit!" Marcus again exclaimed. "This is fucking big!"


"Before the previous owners turned the bottom two floors into one residence, this used to be a huge three bedroom apartment. Our master suite used to be the living room. So, it is big. There are two walk in closets and a bathroom over here." Tim continued.


"The bathroom is bigger than my whole apartment in Boston!" Marcus said.


"I am certain the four of us will be very comfortable living in this room together," Tim said excitedly. "We have three other guest suites down the hallway to the left. The former dining room is a casual living area. We use old kitchen, which is still a working kitchen, as a bar area. Terrance and Aiden live upstairs in another three bedroom apartment. We also have a one bedroom garden apartment below the first floor. And, a playroom that needs some attention for it to be useful. I am certain Ajmal would be more than willing to supervise its development once we are living here."


"Definitely, Tim," Master Ajmal agreed. "I suspect we should watch Steven beat off before his balls explode!"


"We can go outside to the deck and watch if you'd like," Tim suggested. "Later, we can go look at the property next to us. David will arrange with the tenants in the two houses behind us for us to see those properties sometime this week."


"The properties in the back are fully occupied?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Yes," Tim explained as we were heading downstairs so I could masturbate. "The one right behind has two, three bedroom units and a one bedroom garden apartment. The one diagonally behind us is a three flat very similar to this house. The one next door is completely empty and has three, three bedroom units. David said it is bigger than this house."


"This is exciting," Marcus said. "Will you have difficulty getting permits to do what you want to all of these properties?"


"Money talks, Marcus," Master Ajmal said with a smile. "Chicago is probably not a lot different than Manhattan. Am I correct, boy?"


"Very correct, Master! Very correct!" I said as I took my place in a lounge chair in the sun and began stroking my already hard dick.


I again entered what Master Ajmal describes as my trance state as I played with my dick. I was only conscious of how good I was making myself feel. I slowed my pace so I didn't blow a load too quickly because I was really enjoying myself! Finally, I pushed myself a little too far, and I began to spew my load all over my stomach, chest, and chin. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


"You were really enjoying yourself, weren't you, boy?" Tim asked.


"Yes, SIR!" I answered. "Very much, SIR!"


"Now that the boy has blown his load all over himself," Master Ajmal began. "I think he needs to be fucked... unless you have a better suggestion, Tim!"


"Nope!" Tim said. "I like that suggestion! After the plane ride, I am a very horny guy. How do we work this?"


"Do you want the boy first, Tim?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Sure!" Tim agreed.


"Then, I could make love to Marcus while you're doing the boy's ass," Master Ahmal outlined his plan. "Then Marcus can fuck the boy while you make love to me... unless you want my dick in you, Tim."


"You know I like your dick in me, Ajmal," Tim said as we hurried upstairs to our bedroom. "Of course, as we are getting into this relationship further, I not only like your dick in me, Ajmal, I like Marcus's dick in me, and I like Steven's dick in me. But, we can play it by ear! On your back, Steven. My hard dick wants to be in your asshole!"


"Yes, SIR!" I eagerly said as I positioned myself on my back and spread my legs so Tim could get at his prize.


Tim didn't wait for lube or for Master Ajmal to get settled with Marcus. He plunged right inside me. His trimmed pubic hairs grazed my swollen, hairless balls. I felt I could easily blow my load again.


"Jesus, Steven," Tim exclaimed. "We have created a monster here! You're fucking hard again!"


"I need you to fuck me, SIR," I pleaded. "Please fuck me! Fuck me hard, SIR! Fuck me hard!"


Tim didn't talk anymore. He began to pound my ass with his dick. I looked into his beautiful green eyes. I didn't see love this time. I saw pure, unadulterated lust. I moaned with each inward stroke of Tim's dick into me. His body dripped sweat onto mine. "I can't last... any longer..., ass wipe...! I'm going to... fucking cum... in your sloppy... slave boy... ass...! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" Tim screamed in pleasure as he deposited several ropes of cum in my ass.


Tim collapsed on top of me until he recovered sufficiently to speak. "God! That was 30 minutes well spent!"


"I love you, Tim!" I whispered.


"I love you, too, Steven," Tim said quietly.


We both looked over at Master Ajmal and Marcus. Master Ajmal's body tensed as he began to scream, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" He quickly rested on top of Marcus.


After a few minutes of resting, Tim made his desires known, "Ajmal, I hope you have more cum in you because I want your big dick in my ass!"


"Marcus, I think Tim wants to take your place," Master Ajmal said with a smile. "And, I am certain you know where your place will be!"


Tim rolled off me and pulled out his still hard dick. Master Ajmal pulled out of Marcus at the same time. He, too, was still hard. Tim positioned himself on his back. Master Ajmal took his place between Tim's outstretched legs. Marcus did the same with me. Simultaneously Master Ajmal entered Tim and Marcus entered me.


An hour later, Master Ajmal delivered his load into Tim's ass. Master Marcus was right behind his future husband as he pumped his load into me. While Marcus was on top of me recovering, Master Ajmal delivered his edict. "The boy needs to masturbate again."




We decided to go out to the Cell Block on Saturday evening after we had taken a nap before dinner. We were meeting Master Jake, Master Miguel, and Master Garrison around 11 pm.


Marcus oiled my body with a special oil Dr. Garmin had given us. It made my hairless, muscled, tattooed, pierced body shimmer.


"We brought your kilt, boy!" Master Ajmal said as he pulled it out of his luggage. "Turn around so I can put it on you!"


I turned around and Master Ajmal fastened the kilt in the back.


"I think the boy's new look will bring lots of attention tonight," Tim suggested. "No one except our friends who were in Provincetown have seen him yet! So, Ajmal, you might get several offers to use the boy tonight from some of the local leather men."


"Should I offer to let one of the lucky men use him tonight," Master Ajmal said. "We could easily charge $1,000 for the night."


"I am partial to bringing him home and having my way with him tonight," Tim said. "But, if you think someone would pay $1,000, then, take it! We have a couple of houses to renovate after all!"


I looked at Tim. He and Master Ajmal were both smiling at me! "Tonight will just be a marketing expedition. After we have heard some offers, we can set a price for this fall. Now, boy, get your fucking boots on! We need to get going!"


Tim looked like sex on legs. His skin tight distressed jeans under his chaps made his crotch bulge. His black leather boots were shining brightly. He didn't bother with a shirt, vest, or harness. If I weren't in slave mode tonight, I would have jumped his bones before we were out the door.


Master Ajmal debuted another skintight pair of rubber pants. They hugged his body in all of the right places. He also decided not to wear a shirt.


Marcus was not to be outdone. His skintight leather pants fit in like a glove. And, like the others in our group, he chose to go shirtless.


It was a beautiful July evening so we walked the 10 blocks to the bar. We turned a few heads. Master Jake, Master Miguel, and their slave boy Garrison arrived just as we did.


"Good evening, men!" Master Jake greeted us. "I see you made it to Chicago! Welcome home!"


"Thank you, Jake," Tim responded. "It's good to be back in Chicago, but I miss Provincetown already!"


"I understand, Tim!" Master Jake said. "Let me buy us all a round of drinks. The usual?"


We all said yes. Once Master Jake and Garrison returned with our Coronas, we headed to the leather only back room. Marcus's eyes got really, really big.


"Holy shit!" Marcus exclaimed. "This place is full of fucking leather men. And, they are muscled leather men, too! Shit! I think I've died and gone to leather boy heaven!"


"This is our favorite bar in town, Marcus," Master Miguel responded to Marcus's excitement. "There are some really nice pieces of meat to look at tonight!"


"Steven! Sam, Greg, and Harrison just arrived," Tim said as he went to speak to them on the other side of the bar. Shortly, the three new arrivals were following Tim so they could join our little group.


Sam was the first to speak, "Jesus, Steven! You look fucking fabulous!"


"Thank you, SIR!" I said to Sam.


"Feel his balls, Sam," Tim suggested. "He had the first injection over the Fourth of July weekend!"


Sam reached under my kilt and grabbed my balls and pulled them out so Greg and Harrison could see them, "Nice! Really nice! I'll bet these are fun to play with!"


Tim introduced the members of our party who had not been introduced to each other. "Sam, Greg, and Harrison. This is Marcus, my new boyfriend, and this is Ajmal, Steven's new master. Marcus, Ajmal. These three are Sam, Greg, and Harrison. I used to work with Sam and Harrison when I first moved to Chicago. Sam and Greg are partners. Harrison is their slave boy! You are still their slave, right, Harrison."


"Yes, SIR!" Harrison answered. "Master Sam and Master Greg decided to keep me on as their slave. They are really terrific Masters! I am a very lucky slave boy!"


"So, Tim," Sam began. "By this time next week, you will be a married man! How does that make you feel?"


"Wonderful!" Tim proclaimed. "We are both very excited about our big day!"


"So, Marcus, Ajmal, what will you two do during their honeymoon period?" Greg asked.


"We will be exploring Chicago next week. The following week, we will head back to Provincetown. We are planning our wedding in October," Marcus explained. "We are getting married at Tim and Steven's house in Provincetown."


"This sounds like a complicated relationship," Sam said.


"We are a committed family unit," Tim explained. "After Marcus and Ajmal's wedding, Marcus and I will have a commitment ceremony. Shortly after our commitment ceremony, Ajmal and the boy will have a Master/slave commitment ritual. So, we will be one big, happy family!"


"Leave it to you, Tim, to be involved in a foursome," Sam said with a huge grin. "Greg, Harrison, and I are still getting used to a threesome!"


"We didn't go through that phase," Tim said. "It all just happened!"


"A few people are staring at you, Steven," Master Jake said as he nodded across the room. "Your transformation obviously is making a definite impression on our Chicago friends."


"I suggested to Tim that we could rent the boy out for sessions this fall," Master Ajmal said. "We could make some serious money judging from the looks of those guys across the room."


"But, the rental will NOT start this week," Tim said with a smile. "I need him around until after the wedding at least!"


"I think you should rephrase that, Timothy," Marcus said. "You really should say, `I want him around until after the honeymoon at least!'"


"Sorry, Steven," Tim said. "I wasn't thinking!"


"Do we get a turn on this ass sometime this week, Tim?" Garrison asked.


"Nope!" Tim answered. "He is busy! I have certain needs and demands! He is booked until the end of August!"


"Speaking of demands," Marcus added. "Who do I need to fuck to get a drink around here?"


"Tim," I spoke up. "Why don't we buy this round? You can decide who Marcus needs to fuck. You or me."


"Sure thing, slave boy!" Tim said as he grabbed my hand and led me to the front bar to get a round of Coronas.


"Both of us," Tim said with a smile after he ordered the beers.


"Both of us what?" I asked.


"Marcus needs to fuck both of us," Tim explained. "Then, I want Ajmal to fuck both of us. Then, I want to fuck you. Then, I want you to fuck me. How's that, slave boy?"


"Sounds like a busy, but productive, night!" I said as we carried all of the Coronas back to our group.


As I dispersed the Coronas Tim turned to Marcus, "Steven and I decided whom you need to fuck to get a drink around here. First up is Steven. Next up me. You can decide what to do with your future husband. But, he also will need to fuck the two of us. Any questions, boyfriend?"


"Why are we wasting time around here?" Marcus asked.


"We are previewing Steven's body for future sale," Tim quickly explained. "It pays to advertise!"


"What drug are you on, Tim?" Sam asked.


"Love, SIR!" Tim answered. "Love!"


"Why aren't Dennis and James here?" Master Miguel asked.


"Dennis is moving into James's apartment this weekend," Tim said. "He starts working here the Monday after we get married."


We talked to the group for a while longer and decided to walk home. On our way, Tim turned to Master Ajmal, "No, Ajmal, Steven cannot walk home naked in Chicago!"


"I wasn't even going to suggested it, Tim!" Master Ajmal replied. "I will need to consider some other form of humiliation when we are not in Provincetown."


When we arrived home, Aiden was in the kitchen waiting for us to arrive.


"Aiden!" Tim began. "I mean, boy, why aren't you upstairs with Terrance?"


"My Master is with another man," Aiden said. "He told me not to come home until tomorrow evening."


"Are you okay with this, Aiden?" I asked. "I will not call you boy until you answer my question."


"I am hurt, SIR!" Aiden said. "I thought Master loved me, but he has been seeing another man for several weeks now. He is only with him on weekends."


"Did you agree with your Master that he would be seeing another guy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"No, SIR!" Aiden said. "He brought this guy home one Friday night. He told me to get out and not come back until Sunday evening. It has been this way since they first met several weeks ago."


"Where have you been staying?" Tim asked.


"In the basement," Aiden quietly said. "I sleep near the mechanical room."


"Where are you clothes, Aiden?" I asked.


"They are in the apartment," Aiden answered. "Master wouldn't let me take any clothes with me when he asked me to leave."


"So, you are stuck here in the house all weekend?" Tim asked.


"Yes, SIR!" Aiden replied.


"Tim!" I began. "I think we need to have a chat with our third floor tenant. And, I think we need to have the chat now. Do you want to call him or do you want me to call him?"


"Steven," Tim replied. He was just as pissed as I was. There was fire in Tim's eyes. This was going to be a long night. "Neither one of us are going to call Terrance. Both of us are going upstairs and get his sorry ass out of bed. Then, we are going to drag him and his fucking boyfriend down here for a talk. No one behaves the way he has and hurts a friend of ours!"


Tim and I stormed up to the third floor. Tim banged his fists on the front door, "Terrance! This is Tim and Steven, you landlords. Get your ass out of bed and open this fucking door."


We heard someone turning the locks on the door. Terrance, totally naked and totally hard, opened the door. "What?"


"Terrance!" Tim began. "Get your fucking boyfriend and come with us downstairs! We need to talk! And, we need to talk now!"


An Hispanic dude popped his head out the doorway of the bedroom. "What's going on Terrance? Steven! What are you doing here?"


"Jesus fucking Christ!" I scream. "Terrance! If you were going to have sex with someone, why did you pick this money grabbing looser? Come with us. Both of you! Now!"


"Let us put on some clothes," Terrance said as he turned to go back to the bedroom.


"No! Get your naked asses downstairs now!" Tim screamed.


"And, if you don't, I am going to call the police because I will not allow this looser to be on my property!" I screamed.


"Steven," Tim began. "Who is this guy?"


"Joe Lopez!" I said. "He will steal you blind if you let him. He did that to me once. He will never do it to me again! Now, march!"


Tim and I followed Terrance and Joe downstairs to our apartment. The others were waiting in the kitchen. Both Terrance and Joe had lost their hard dicks by now.


"Terrance," I said as calmly as I could once we were in the kitchen. Marcus, Master Ajmal, and Aiden were looking at us with wide eyes. "Explain to me exactly what you think you are doing."


"It's easy," a smug Terrance began. "I am now Aiden's Master. I own his slave boy body. I met Joe at the bar several weeks ago, and we have been seeing each other every weekend since we met."


"What about Aiden?" Tim asked.


"What about Aiden? He's my slave," Terrance continued. "I didn't want him the apartment to get in our way."


"In your way?" Tim asked.


"Yea!" Terrance explained. "Joe was uncomfortable having Aiden around. So, Joe suggested I order him out of the house until the weekend was over."


"How much money have you given your boyfriend, Terrance?" I screamed.


"Ah... What makes you think I have given him any money?" Terrance said quietly.


"How much fucking money have your given your fucking boyfriend, Terrance?" I screamed again.


"Sometimes $100... Sometimes $200... This weekend, I had planned on giving him $500. Why is it any of your business?" Terrance said arrogantly.


"Why did you feel you needed to give your fucking boyfriend any money? Is he your whore, Terrance?" I screamed again.


"He's not a whore! He said he needed it... to help his... dying grandmother...," Terrance said quietly.


"Oh! Joe, I am so sorry! Your grandmother is still dying after 10 fucking years? She must have been really sick! What are you doing with the money Terrance gave you?" I screamed again.


Joe was silent.


"Are you still putting it up your nose, Joe?" I screamed. "Are you?"


"I think I need to go upstairs and get dressed so I can leave," Joe said as he started to push by me.


I grabbed him by his arm, "You will not be going anywhere in this house... on my property... except out the door to the sidewalk." I screamed. I turned to Aiden and Marcus. I was much quieter when I spoke to them, "Aiden, Marcus. Could the two of you go upstairs and find Terrance's boyfriend's clothes?"


"Gladly!" Marcus said as he guided Aiden to the stairs.


"Terrance," I began as I still hand Joe's bicep clenched in my hand. "Do you know why this makes Tim and me so angry?"


"No," Terrance said quietly. "I am Aiden's Master. I can tell him to do anything I want. I own him."


Now, it was Master Ajmal's turn, "I know we just met, Terrance, but I am Steven's Master. I am an unmerciful sadist. I make him scream when I play with him in my playroom sometimes. But, I can safely say I would never order him out of his house so I could have sex with another man. A Master is committed to making his slave feel happy, safe, and secure. You have done none of those with Aiden. I don't think you are ready to be a REAL Master. I don't think you will EVER be ready to be a REAL Master. You have the empathy of a nat. A REAL Master needs to have lots of empathy and concern for his slave."


Marcus and Aiden returned. Marcus was carrying an armful of clothes. He threw them at Joe. I pulled a still naked Joe to the front door and opened it. I paused before I quietly said to our departing guest, "If I even see you near this house, I will have you arrested for extortion or prostitution. Do I make myself clear?"


"Yes," Joe whispered. I pushed him outside and closed and locked the door. I looked through the glass in the front door to see Joe practically running down the street trying to put on some of his clothes.


When I returned to the kitchen, everyone was staring at Terrance. I decided to begin, "Now, Terrance, what do you have to say to your boyfriend, Aiden?"


Terrance stood looking at Aiden. Tears began to flow. "I'm sorry Aiden! Can you forgive me?"


"It depends," Aiden said. "Am I going to be your boyfriend or your slave?"


"Boyfriend," Terrance said quietly.


"Then, yes, I forgive you!" Aiden said as me moved in front of Terrance and hugged him. "Let's go upstairs and get some rest."


Once Aiden and Terrance left. Tim made his announcement. "I don't know about the rest of you, but I could use a double vodka on the rocks!"




After Tim finished making love to me and Master Ajmal finished making love with Marcus on Sunday morning, we lay quietly in our respective lovers' arms.


"Steven," Marcus whispered. "After last night's performance, I now know why you have made boat loads of money over the last 10 years. You are basically a quiet, gentle man, but, if you are provoked, you play hard ball very, very well. Remind me to never provoke you!"


"You can always tell when Steven is getting upset," Tim said. "Look at his eyes! They are normally wide and open. If he is getting pissed, his eyes get squinty and half shut. You have about 30 seconds from squinty and half shut to pissed. So, resolve the situation quickly!"


"You're giving away my management secrets, Tim," I whisper to my lover. "How can I ever make Marcus do what I want now you have spilled the beans, so to speak?"


"Tickle him," Tim said. "He will say or do anything if you start to tickle him. He is most susceptible to tickling his balls with a feather."


"And, how do you know that?" I asked.


"We dated for almost a year before I met you, remember!" Tim said as he kissed me.


"Do you have a feather, Tim?" Master Ajmal asked.


"You don't need to tickle me, Ajmal," Marcus protested. "You know I'll do or say anything to please you!"


"What if I told you I wanted to make love to you again?" Master Ajmal asked his lover.


"Your big dick is still in my ass," Marcus said. "Go for it!"


"Steven," Tim whispered to me. "I want to make love to you outside on the deck."


Tim popped his dick out of me, and pulled me off the bed with him. We hurried downstairs to the deck. I positioned myself on my back in a lounge chair, and raised my legs to welcome Tim.


"What if someone sees us?" Tim asked.


"Fuck them," I whispered to Tim. "We own the buildings behind us. No one else can see back here."


"Then this will be my favorite place to make love to you," Tim whispered. "I like the bedroom, but this is so much nicer."


Tim stopped talking and began pushing his hard cock into my asshole. "I love you, Tim!"


"I love you, too!" Tim whispered as he began moving his dick slowly in and out of me. He often paused to kiss me. We were lost in our love making session and were impervious to Marcus and Master Ajmal standing next to us.


"You guys really are energy bunnies," Marcus quietly said. "You left us 90 minutes ago, and you're still at it!"


"Go inside, Marcus," Tim hissed. "I'm not ready to talk just yet."


"Yes, Master," Marcus said as he and Master Ajmal went inside.


"Do you want me to get on with business, or do you want to continue our little play time here?" Tim asked.


"Continue," I whispered. "We could stay here all day as far as I am concerned!"


"I'm glad you said that," Tim whispered and kissed me before we continued our love making session.


Finally, Tim hissed at me, "Steven, I am going to fucking cum! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


I wrapped my legs around Tim and pulled him tightly to me, "Do you want to try again?"


"Yes, but my dick will probably fall off if I do," Tim whispered back. "Besides, I am hungry!"


"Okay, lover boy!" I said as Tim pulled his dick out of my ass. "Let's go feed you and the other two!"


When we arrived in the kitchen, Master Ajmal and Marcus had a spread of eggs, bacon, toast, and fresh fruit laid out on the island.


"We were going to start without you, but we heard Tim's screams and we knew you would be in shortly!" Marcus announced.


"Thank you, guys! But, we should be feeding you!" I said.


"You can take us out to lunch," Master Ajmal said with a smile.


"Okay!" I agreed. "Yoshi's has brunch until 3 this afternoon. It is now, shit, only 10 am. When did we wake up this morning?"


"Do the math," Tim said. "We've been making love for three hours."


As we finished eating, Marcus and Tim were making plans, "What do you want to do tonight, Marcus?"


"This is your city! You pick," Marcus suggested.


"Why don't we go out to dinner at the café in Lincoln park?" Tim suggested. "It is very casual. We can sit outside beside the lagoon and watch the gay boys walk by. When will the two of you be returning tomorrow morning, Ajmal?"


"Probably before 10 am," Master Ajmal said. "Brad goes to work at 12 noon. Why? Do you want to go to the gym?"


"We need to get you two registered," Tim said. "But, yea! It would be great to work off some excess energy!"


"We have an appointment with Brad at 3 pm on Tuesday," I added.


"You're buying another car?" Marcus asked.


"No," I answered. "You are buying a car. Well, officially, the venture capital business is buying a car."


"What kind?" Marcus asked.


"BMW," I said. "Brad only sells BMWs."


"Why do I need a BMW?" Marcus asked.


"Because we buy BMWs," I told Marcus. "The SUV in Provincetown would have been a BMW, but the SUV line is not as big as the Mercedes line. Besides, we get a discount from Brad."


"Brad takes his commission out of Steven's body," Tim said with a grin. "Doesn't he, sweetie?"


"Yes," I said to Tim. "And, I am worth every penny!"


After we finished eating and cleaning the kitchen, Tim made another proclamation, "Steven, you need to masturbate. Do you want to do it in the bedroom, the dining room table, or on the deck?"


"Deck," I said. "We might be late for brunch, though! Besides, my balls are not sore anymore!"


"Your balls may not be sore, but we like watching you," Master Ajmal said with a smile. "You are our pre-brunch entertainment. Let's go to the deck, men!"




Master Ajmal and I arrived at Master Brad's promptly at 5 pm. We walked the 10 blocks to Master Brad's house. I wore Master Ajmal's collar, a pair of gym shorts, and sneakers without socks. Master Ajmal dressed similarly. Heads turned our way as we walked up Halsted Street. Master Brad lived near Master Jake and Master Miguel. Master Ajmal rang the doorbell. Master Brad opened it immediately. He was naked except for a leather harness that accentuated his chest. We could tell he was excited to begin our playtime. His hard 9 inch uncut dick was standing at attention!


"Good evening, Ajmal, boy!" Master Brad greeted us.


"Nice house," Ajmal said to Master Brad.


"Thank you," Brad said. "I finished a major renovation about one year ago. I can show you the house later, but I hope the three of us could have a beer together before we begin to use the boy."


"Terrific!" Master Ajmal said as I slipped off my gym shorts and sneakers and assumed the position in front of Master Brad.


"At ease, boy!" Master Brad said to me. "Let's just relax for a few moments."


"Yes, SIR!" I responded. "Thank you, SIR!"


Master Brad led us downstairs to his well-equipped playroom. Master Brad motioned for us to sit on the bar stools in front of a simple bar. He grabbed three Coronas from the fridge and handed each of us one.


"The reason I wanted to talk to you both, Steven in particular, is Steven and Tim's upcoming wedding next week," Master Brad began. "I also wanted to ask you, Ajmal, a couple of personal questions regarding your role with the boy."


"Ask away," Master Ajmal replied.


"First of all, Steven, I am very, very happy for you and Tim," Master Brad began. "You seem perfect for one another. I remember Tim being a little timid when I first met him at the dealership. He was concerned, I could tell, about spending so much money on a car. I think you have helped him realize there is more to money than its accumulation. And, you seem to have grown in your efforts to be a better husband to Tim and a slave to Ajmal. I see it in your actions and interactions with one another. And, Marcus seems like a really, really nice man!"


"Thank you Brad," I said. "I appreciate your comments. Tim is the love of my life. And, having Master Ajmal and Marcus in our lives just makes our whole relationship grow in so many ways."


"So, Ajmal," Master Brad turned his attention to Master Ajmal. "As Steven's Master, will you have a full ownership position or will you share ownership with Tim?"


"Tim, Steven, and I have agreed I will have full ownership of Steven, Steven's body, Steven's mind, and Steven's sexual activities," Master Ajmal explained. "I will determine who will use Steven. I will determine when someone will use Steven. I will set the ground rules for those I grant permission to use Steven. I have high expectations for turning Steven into the world's FINEST masochist slave boy! He has only begun that journey. I will assume responsibilities of full ownership after Steven and I have a Master/slave commitment ritual. So, until that happens, I will consult with Tim on some issues."


"Excellent, Ajmal! Excellent!" Master Brad said. "I spoke with Jake and Miguel briefly this morning. They want you, Ajmal, and me to `audition' for a sadomasochistic whipping scene with the boy. In other words, Ajmal, they want to watch us while they can get their rocks off! So, it's not really and audition! I told them I would speak with you about it."


"I'm in Brad," Master Ajmal said. "I like working on the boy with you. We seem to have some sort of connection with one another! And, be assured, Brad, I plan on sharing the boy with you on a fairly regular basis. I want us to supervise a part of the boy's journey I spoke earlier about. And, please, Brad, don't hold back when you are with the boy. He needs to feel powerful men. He needs to be not only in a scene with you, he needs to feel your connection to you. I am convinced the boy makes connections in one of two ways. One is through loving acts with other men, like Tim. The other is through extremely sadistic punishment. You and I Brad, are true Sadists."


"Thank you Ajmal," Master Brad said. "I am grateful for your connection with me. I will not disappoint you, I promise!"


"Now," Master Ajmal said. "I think we could use a little excitement right about now. Be creative, Brad. Let's make the boy really, really hurt tonight so he connects with us on so many levels."


"Perhaps we should fuck the boy before we whip him," Master Brad said. "I haven't had the boy's ass in several months."


"Perfect," Master Ajmal said. "Even though I live with three other horny men, I am always eager to use the boy's ass."


"Sawhorse?" Master Brad asked.


"Definitely," Master Ajmal agreed as he slipped of his gym shorts. His 9 inch dick, too, stood at attention.


My two captors quickly restrained me. Master Brad took his place between my legs as he prepared to mount me. Master Ajmal fed me two hits of poppers in each nostril.


I felt Master Brad's uncut 9 inch dick line up with my asshole. I felt his Prince Albert piercing caress the crack of my ass before he shoved his dick all of the way into me. "Ahhhhhhhhh!" I moaned in ecstasy as I felt his balls against mine.


"God! I love this boy's ass," Master Brad almost screamed. "It's not going to take me long, boy! I need to fucking cum!"


Master Brad pummeled my ass. I, again, lost myself in the feelings of completeness as I enjoyed Master Brad's fucking! I was brought back to reality, when Master Brad began screaming as he unloaded inside me, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Master Brad lowered his sweaty body on top of me as he recovered.


"Brad, you said it wouldn't take long, but you've been in the boy's ass for an hour!" Master Ajmal said as Master Brad pulled out of me. "And, I can assure you it won't take me long because I have been jerking off ever since you shoved your dick in him.


Master Ajmal was right, he was shooting his load in my ass in less than 15 minutes. Once Master Ajmal recovered, he said to Master Brad, "We could use a break before we mark up the boy's body. The boy will be in restraints for a long time once we start our whipping session."


"Good idea," Master Brad suggested as he and Master Ajmal released me from the sawhorse. Master Brad guided me to the seat at the bar.


"Your ass is still one of the best in town, boy!" Master Brad said as he handed me and Master Ajmal a beer.


"You were in one of your trances again while Brad fucked you, right, boy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Yes, SIR!" I replied. "I have never felt so connected to a man who is using my ass until recently, Master! Master Brad just now. You. Tim. Marcus. You all make me feel special and in sync with you. James and Garrison do that to me, too! Not so much some of the others."


"David?" Master Ajmal asked.


"No," I replied. "I love it when he fucks me, but I don't connect with him."


"Jake and Miguel?" Master Ajmal asked.


"To a degree, but not like the ones I mentioned, Master!" I replied.


We continued to talk for a few moments. Master Brad, Master Ajmal, and I were all hard as we talked.


"It is time to get started, Brad," Master Ajmal said as he led me to the center of the room. "Were you able to pick up the whips I suggested?"


"Yes," Master Brad said as he and Master Ajmal restrained my wrists. "I am excited to be using them on the boy! I have heard about them, but have never had the pleasure of using one before."


"We will make quick work of turning the boy's body red," Master Ajmal explained as he and Master Brad concentrated on restraining my ankles.


Once they were finished, Master Brad stood behind me. Master Ajmal stood in front of me. "Look at my eyes, boy!"


I looked into Master Ajmal's big, brown eyes. I saw fury. I saw fire.


"What do you see, boy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Fury and fire, Master," I replied.


"Do you know what fury and fire in my eyes mean, boy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"No, Master," I replied.


"It means, boy," Master Ajmal began to explain. "I am going to use the fury and the fire in my eyes to begin your journey as my slave boy! You will FEEL my power tonight, boy! You will FEEL Master Brad's power tonight, boy! You will beg me and Master Brad to inflict more pain with our whips. This will not be an easy journey tonight. This will not be a short journey tonight. You will work for this tonight. But, tonight will be worth it. Are you ready to begin your journey, boy?"


"Yes, Master," I responded. "I am ready, Master. Take me!"


Master Ajmal stood back and raised his whip ready to strike. I suddenly felt Master Brad's whip smash against my body.


"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed in pain.


Then, it began. Master Ajmal and Master Brad alternatively used their whips on my body beginning just below the neck. The whipping felt more painful than any other I had undergone. I continued to scream when a whip landed on my body. I felt Master Brad working downward from my neck to my shoulders to my lower back to my ass. Master Brad took his time with my ass before he began to move lower and lower until he finally reached my ankles.


Master Ajmal worked the front of my body first my chest. Then, my stomach. And, then, my cock and balls before he worked his way down to my ankles. He and Master Brad stopped almost at the same time.


Master Ajmal stood before me again. I was looking into his eyes. I still saw the fury and the fire.


"How do you feel, boy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Body on fire," I managed to squeak out.


"Good," Master Ajmal added. "You know we are not done yet, boy?"


"Yes, Master!" I answered.


"What do you want to say, boy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Please Master! Please hurt me more, Master. I need to feel your power behind the whips. I need to feel the fury and fire in your eyes. Make me hurt, Master! Please make me hurt!" I screamed.


"Good boy," Master Ajmal said as he and Master Brad switched places.


"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed in pain as Master Ajmal started the next round of his attack on my body. Again, starting at just below my neck and working downward to my ankles. I kept screaming. Master Ajmal and Master Brad kept whipping.


I felt the pain of the whipping releasing my mind from my body. I saw myself from up above enduring the brutal thrashing of my body. But, my mind was finally one with the pain. My mind re-entered my body just as I began to feel myself cuming. I was cuming while two powerful men brutalized my body with their whips. Suddenly, the whipping stopped.


Master Ajmal and Master Brad both stood in front of me as I opened my eyes. They were both smiling. "What happened to you just now, boy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"I don't know, Master...!" I began. "I felt my mind... moving out of my body...! I saw myself from up above... enduring the pain...! I was one with the pain...! My mind re-entered my body... and I shot my load...! I've never had that happen to me before...!"


"Boy!" Master Ajmal said. "You have just taken the next step in your journey with me. Do you know how long we have been whipping you, boy?"


"No, Master," I replied.


"Three hours, boy!" Master Ajmal said. "You have made me very, very happy tonight, boy! I didn't expect you to take your first step on your journey this soon. But, I am pleased you have. Tomorrow I want to speak with you in private about your experience tonight. You should be very, very proud of yourself, Steven."


"Thank you, Master," I said quietly.


Master Brad and Master Ajmal began releasing me from the restraints. Master Ajmal held me while Master Brad finished unhooking my wrists from the overhead restraints. Master Ajmal carried me to the bar stool and helped me sit. I gasp in pain when my ass was firmly on the seat.


"Let's relax and have another beer," Master Brad suggested as he retrieved three beers. He sat on one side of me and Master Ajmal sat on the other side of me. "I agree with your Master Ajmal, boy! You did remarkably well tonight! I, too, am very proud of you! You surpassed all of my expectations for tonight."


"Thank you, SIR...!" I said. "I feel as though a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders... Does that make any sense?"


"Yes, Steven!" Master Ajmal said. "It makes a great deal of sense."


"Do you want to go home and be with the Tim, Marcus, and your Master Ajmal tonight, Steven?" Master Brad asked. "It is your decision. I would love to have you stay, but I sense you want to share your experience you just had with your other life mates."


"No, Master Brad," I said. "I want to share tonight with you and Master Ajmal. It has been a special night for all of us, and I want to continue to share our time together."


"Do you want to rest?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Not before I have your big dicks inside me," I explained. "For some reason, I need you both inside me again tonight."


"Brad," Master Ajmal asked. "Where do you want to fuck the boy?"


"The sling," Master Brad said. "I want to see the boy's face when I fuck him. You can be first this time, Ajmal."


"The way I feel now," Master Ajmal said with a smile. "I may be first AND last!"




Master Ajmal and I returned home at 9 am on Monday morning. Tim and Marcus were just coming downstairs. They were naked obviously had just gotten out of bed.


"Good morning, guys!" Tim exclaimed. "Perfect timing. I am going to make some much needed coffee."


"How was your night last night, guys?" Marcus asked as I dropped my gym shorts and took off my sneakers. "I don't need to ask that question now I see your body, Steven! Nice color, right, Tim?"


"Definitely!" Tim exclaimed.


"How was your night?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Terrific!" Tim replied. "We had a great time. Diner at the café in Lincoln Park was superb. Our walk home was delightful. And, the sex was out of this world! Marcus managed to make love to me three times. I managed to make love to Marcus three times."


"That explains the glow," I said to Marcus. "You are both glowing!"


"Something is different about you, Steven," Tim finally said. "You seem much more relaxed. What happened? I can tell something significant happened. I see it in your eyes!"


I explained my experience last night to Marcus and Tim.


"Is this a significant feeling?" Tim asked.


"Steven and I are going to talk about his experience later today," Master Ajmal began. "But, it was his first step on his spiritual journey to become more connected to his body. I have never experienced with anyone else a reaction like he had during the whipping session. I have read about certain practices that describe out of body experiences within certain Sadomasochist relationships. It is a spiritual journey for both the Sadist and the Masochist. It can also happen in non-Sadomasochist relationships. For example, when Steven has been masturbating, he has been going into a trance. The journey Steven will be taking will involve many, many more trance-like states. One out of body experience leads to another and another and another. This will be an exciting journey."


"May I ask you something, Steven?" Tim began.


"Of course!" I replied.


"Do you ever feel that way with me?" Tim asked.


"Until last night, Tim, I didn't realize I could experience total immersion into any act," I began. "But, looking back on our intimate times together, I would need to say yes."


"Did you feel the way you did last night when Marcus and I observed you with Ajmal and Brad in Provincetown?" Tim asked.


"Certainly not to the extent as last night," I replied. "But, overall, when I was with Master Ajmal and Master Brad in Provincetown, I did feel the beginning of an out-of-body experience happening. Why?"


"Insecurity," Tim answered. He was not smiling.


I moved toward Tim and pulled him into a tight, tight hug. "Tim, I am going to explain something... I could never, ever be happy or content without you! You are my life. You are my everything. So far, you have confidently shared me with others, especially now with Master Ajmal. You have nothing to feel insecure about. If there is a choice, Tim, my choice would be to live the rest of my life on a deserted island with you. Do NOT EVER feel insecure in our relationship."


Tim kissed me. We both instantly had hard dicks. "I guess your dick and my dick are telling me something! I love you! I have seen you grow, and I don't mean your physical body, with your Master Ajmal. I like the way you are growing. It helps me. It helps you. It helps your Master Ajmal. It helps Marcus. It helps everyone around you. You are not only a terrific masochist, you are a terrific human being. I love you more and more each second. So, I won't be insecure if you promise me one thing?"


"Name it," I said to my future husband.


"Take me with you on your journey!" Tim replied.


"You will be with me on any journey I take," I almost whispered. "I only hope I will be on all of your journeys."


"Steven, the only journey I will take without you might be to the bathroom to take shit," Tim announced. "But, I have two things I want us to do together."


"Name them," I said.


"When we get back to Provincetown after we are married," Tim began. "I want us to work on dick enhancement exercises, and I want you to have another injection in your balls. I want them bigger, and I want you so fucking horny you will make love to me for the rest of my life."


"Do you want the injections to be done before a crowd?" I asked.


"Nope," Tim answered. "Just you, me, and Dr. Garmin. Then, while you are recovering, I am going to lay on top of you and kiss you."


"Consider it done!" I said.


"Now, we need to head to the gym," Tim announced. "I want to show off my beautiful future husband to all of the muscle men at the gym!"




"Marcus!" Tim almost screamed. "Can you help me with this fucking tie?"


"Gladly," Marcus replied as he moved in front of Tim to assist.


"Getting nervous, Tim," I asked as I slipped on the jacket of my tux.


"No!" Tim replied as Marcus was fixing his tie. "I seem to be all thumbs today. I am thinking about getting you naked tonight after our wedding!"


"I am happy you are thinking of me," I said. "Master, how do I look?"


"Perfect, Steven," Master Ajmal said. "Of course, you and Tim always look perfect! And, if the electricity goes out during the wedding, you two will illuminate the whole church! You both are glowing."


"The only thing that will be glowing more than Steven and me will be the fire in my sister's eyes when we walk down the aisle," Tim announced. "She is still pissed that we are getting married in a United Church of Christ ceremony instead of a Catholic one."


"The Catholic Church doesn't allow same-sex marriages," Marcus said.


"I know," Tim said with a smile. "She is still hoping I will turn straight and walk down the aisle with a woman."


"You've got to be kidding!" Master Ajmal said.


"Why?" Tim responded. "Am I not butch enough to be straight?"


"No, Tim!" Master Ajmal said. "You certainly are butch enough to be straight. But, it would be a pity if you decided you want to be straight. It would be a great loss for the gay community in this country!"


"Thank you, Ajmal," Tim replied. "Sweetie! Now that Marcus has me suited up for our big day, I need a kiss!"


I grabbed Tim and hugged him tightly to me before I planted a very, very passionate kiss on his lips.


"Enough already," Marcus almost shouted. "You are supposed to wait until the minister tells you to kiss! Not a minute before! So, fucking stop kissing. You are making me horny!"


"We need to grab the chariot to the church, men," Master Ajmal announced. "We have a wedding to attend!"




On Monday morning Tim and I settled in to our first-class seats for our trip back to Boston. Simon again was our flight attendant in first-class. Harvey was in the aisle seat next to us.


"How was your wedding?" Simon inquired.


"Absolutely amazing!" Tim replied. "The ceremony was joyous. The reception was celebratory. The brunch on Sunday brought everyone back together to revel in our good fortune."


"I told Justin about meeting the two of you and your two friends," Simon told us. "Justin was amazed you knew Ajmal!"


"Ajmal is a very important part of our lives, isn't he, Steven?" Tim said with a smile.


"Indeed," I replied. "Are you and Justin going to Provincetown anytime soon?"


"Justin is there now," Simon told us. "I am taking the month of August off so we can enjoy our house in Provincetown. The town helps to relieve our stress level."


"It definitely helps," I told Simon. "We are the most relaxed now that we are spending time there than we have ever been. Maybe when Marcus and M... Ajmal get back into town we can all get together!"


"I'd like that," Simon said quietly. "Justine would enjoy it too! Now, I need to deal with Mr. Ass Wipe in seat 4C!"


"Steven," Tim began. "You never told me about your talk with Ajmal about you and your trances. What's up with that?"


"Ah! With all of the excitement of the wedding, I completely forgot," I explained. "Master Ajmal is doing more research, but it boils down to a couple of fairly simple points. He and this other Master, Master Dar in LA, have been comparing notes. Master Ajmal feels my trances help guide me down, what he calls, my spiritual journey. The theory is half spiritual and half meditation. The practice of this spiritual meditation helps my body connect with my mind, which in turn, helps connect my body and my mind to Master Ajmal's body and mind. Master Ajmal believes you and I already share a connection even though we don't know where or how we picked it up. We also don't know how to control our connection to help us through OUR spiritual and physical journey. Master Dar believes only men can share a spiritual and physical connection."


"Interesting concept," Tim said thoughtfully. "I can see Ajmal's point about us. We do feel one another's presence even when we are not together. But, I wouldn't share the idea that only men can develop a connection! You don't want to make enemies with the women in our lives!"


"Good point!" I told Tim. "Also, Master Ajmal feels we could develop control over our spiritual and physical connection by common, intimate sexual and spiritual activities."


"The intimate sexual activities I will gladly explore with you," Tim said with a smile. "What are the spiritual activities?"


"Master Ajmal suggested meditating naked together," I explained. "Maybe doing naked meditational yoga exercises. Do you have any interest in exploring either of those?"


"Steven," Tim said as he put his hand on mine. "I always have an interest whenever we can spend quality time with each other! So, sure! I'm in!"


After we landed at Boston Logan, we transferred to our private charter back to Provincetown. We took a cab home.


"Harvey," Tim began. "Steven and I are going to take a nap and explore our physical and spiritual connection. We should be finished napping in time for cocktails."


"Very well, SIRS!" Harvey said. "I will take care of a few things around the house. I will leave dinner in the fridge. All you will need to do is heat it up."


"We will be fine, Harvey!" I said. "Enjoy your time off!"


"I will see you two again on Wednesday morning," a smiling Harvey said. "If you need me, please call."


"We won't bother you, Harvey," Tim said. "We promise!"


To be continued...


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