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Life With Tim



"Ah! With all of the excitement of the wedding, I completely forgot," I explained. "Master Ajmal is doing more research, but it boils down to a couple of fairly simple points. He and this other Master, Master Dar in LA, have been comparing notes. Master Ajmal feels my trances help guide me down, what he calls, my spiritual journey. The theory is half spiritual and half meditation. The practice of this spiritual meditation helps my body connect with my mind, which in turn, helps connect my body and my mind to Master Ajmal's body and mind. Master Ajmal believes you and I already share a connection even though we don't know where or how we picked it up. We also don't know how to control our connection to help us through OUR spiritual and physical journey. Master Dar believes only men can share a spiritual and physical connection."


"Interesting concept," Tim said thoughtfully. "I can see Ajmal's point about us. We do feel one another's presence even when we are not together. But, I wouldn't share the idea that only men can develop a connection! You don't want to make enemies with the women in our lives!"


"Good point!" I told Tim. "Also, Master Ajmal feels we could develop control over our spiritual and physical connection by common, intimate sexual and spiritual activities."


"The intimate sexual activities I will gladly explore with you," Tim said with a smile. "What are the spiritual activities?"


"Master Ajmal suggested meditating naked together," I explained. "Maybe doing naked meditational yoga exercises. Do you have any interest in exploring either of those?"


"Steven," Tim said as he put his hand on mine. "I always have an interest whenever we can spend quality time with each other! So, sure! I'm in!"


After we landed at Boston Logan, we transferred to our private charter back to Provincetown. We took a cab home.


"Harvey," Tim began. "Steven and I are going to take a nap and explore our physical and spiritual connection. We should be finished napping in time for cocktails."


"Very well, SIRS!" Harvey said. "I will take care of a few things around the house. I will leave dinner in the fridge. All you will need to do is heat it up."


"We will be fine, Harvey!" I said. "Enjoy your time off!"


"I will see you two again on Wednesday morning," a smiling Harvey said. "If you need me, please call."


"We won't bother you, Harvey," Tim said. "We promise!"


Chapter 29: The Honeymoon


Tim and I were eating breakfast at the kitchen island Tuesday morning after our arrival in Provincetown. It was only 10 am and Tim had just finished making love to me for the second time that morning.


"So, Steven," Tim began. "What do you want to do today?"


"We could go back to bed and have a repeat of the last couple of hours," I suggested. "Or, we could do something different and go to the beach. We've only been to the beach three times this whole summer."


"We could do both!" Tim said with a smile. "I would enjoy going to the beach and showing off my muscled, tattooed, and big balled husband. I like the way you look when you are in the sun and all sweaty! It makes me horny!"


"Tim," I began. "Everything makes you horny!"


"It's how I am wired," Tim added. "We also need to explore naked yoga class for couples. I remember seeing a sign in the gym. We can stop and look at the announcement board."


"My last two treatments with Dr. Garmin are scheduled for Wednesday and Friday," I continued. "What would you say if I wanted to see Jerome five days a week, after our honeymoon is over, to finish the tattoos on my legs?"


"Let's do it," Tim agreed. "How do you think I would look with a couple of tattoos?"


"Where?" I asked.


"Right and left bicep," Tim explained. "Just black ink."


"Fucking hot!" I said. "I think you and Marcus both would look terrific with matching tattoos."


"I never thought of that idea," Tim said. "But, I like the concept. Maybe I can get a tattoo on my butt with the names of the three men I will share the rest of my life with."


"And, who might that be?" I asked.


"Don't be silly," Tim said as he leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. "They would be in order of appearance: Steven, Marcus, and Ajmal."


"But, you met Marcus first," I said.


"True," Tim answered. "But, when I was dating him, I didn't know I would share the rest of my life with him. So, the order still stands!"


I grabbed Tim's hard dick and began stroking it.


"Steven!" Tim said with mock shock in his voice. "Are you trying to start something?"


"Yup!" I said as I pulled him off the bar stool and led him to a lounge chair beside the pool. I positioned myself on my back and held out my arms to welcome Tim to join me. "Kiss me, Tim! I need my husband to kiss me!"


Tim took his position on top of me and began to passionately kiss me. I wrapped my legs around his waist. He responded with more passion in his kisses.


After several minutes, he pause momentarily. "Husband?"


"Yes, husband?" I responded.


"Can we do this on the beach?" Tim asked.


"Yes, but we need to keep our speedos on," I explained. "Otherwise, the park rangers will arrest us. They aren't as forgiving as some of the Provincetown Police Officers."


"Then, let's go put on our speedos and go to the beach!" Tim suggested. "I want to kiss my sweaty, sandy husband for a few hours on the beach."


"Your back will get burned!" I said.


"We can use sunscreen," Tim added. "Then, we will be sweaty, sandy, and greasy."


"Tim?" I whispered.


"Yes?" Tim whispered back.


"Make love to me," I hissed. "I need you in me."


Tim stopped kissing me and raised his body on his arms. I put my legs over Tim's shoulders. And, Tim began to make love to me for the third time this morning!


After several minutes of love making, Tim paused, "Steven?"




"You make me so fucking happy!" Tim whispered before he picked up the pace of this love making efforts. It didn't take Tim long to begin his third massive orgasm of the morning. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


As Tim collapsed on top of me, we heard a rustling sound near the pool house equipment room. Tom, our pool guy, was standing beside the door to the equipment room. He was motionless and looking intently at us.


"That was beautiful, guys!" Tom the pool guy said. "You guys really do connect when you are making love! I am sorry for interrupting you, but you make an extremely beautiful couple."


"That's because we like to fuck," Tim responded. "Steven is habit forming! Now, Steven, I think it is time you and I go upstairs to clean up while Tom works on the pool! And, Tom, don't be sorry. Don't be ashamed. If you need to jack off, be our guest! The pool makes an excellent place to masturbate, doesn't it, Steven?"


"Yup!" I said. "See you later, Tom!"


Tim and I hurried upstairs and into the shower to get ourselves clean. Once we were clean, Tim made another pronouncement, "I don't know why we took a shower. We should just go to the beach smelling like sex!"


"Don't you think we need to grab lunch before we go to the beach?" I asked.


"Sure, sexy!" Tim agreed as he looked out our bedroom window that overlooks the pool. "Steven! Look at this!"


Tom, our pool guy, was naked. He was resting on his back on a lounge chair stroking his big dick.


"Tom needs to be naked when he is working on our pool," I suggested to Tim. "He is gorgeous! And, he has a huge uncut dick!"


"You are not getting his dick in your ass until AFTER our honeymoon!" Tim whispered.


Tom started to unload on his muscled body. He shot rope after rope of cum onto his stomach and chest! As he closed his eyes to recuperate, Tim and I began to applaud!


"Great job, Tom!" Tim yelled to our pool guy. "You are welcome to do jerk off any time you are here, gorgeous!"


"Thanks, guys!" Tim yelled back. "And, you are right! This is a great place to get off!"


Tim and I slipped on some shorts, sneakers, and grabbed a tank top for our walk downtown to find lunch. Of course, we didn't put on the tank top.


"Where do you want to eat, Steven?" Tim asked.


"You choose," I said to my husband.


"Bubala's?" Tim asked.


"Bubala's it is then!" I agreed as we continued our walk. When we arrived at the restaurant, the host seated us next to the sidewalk so we had a terrific view of the men passing by. Women also passed by, but neither Tim nor I paid any attention to them. Seth, the bouncer from the A-House saw us and came over to talk.


"Hello, Seth," I said to our guest.


"Good afternoon, guys! How was your wedding?" Seth asked.


"Terrific!" Tim explained. "It makes us feel even more connected. Do you want to join us?"


"I don't want to interrupt," Seth replied.


"You won't be interrupting," I told Seth. "We'd love to have you join us for lunch. We haven't ordered yet, so we will be on the same page in the process!"


Seth moved his huge body nearer our table and settled in a chair facing us. His balls and dick almost fell out of his gym shorts. He was going commando, and his tank top was stretched to the max. "So, Steven? How are your balls doing?"


"Fine, thank you," I said. "Tim wants me to have another injection. He wants them bigger. And, I always do what Tim wants."


"Shit, Steven!" Tim began. "You DO NOT always do what I want! You want them bigger, too! Besides, he is a horny bastard now. Horniness is my big motivator!"


"Is this going to be a public injection like the last one?" Seth asked.


"Nope," Tim answered. "Just Steven, me, and Dr. Garmin! I want to keep his screams all to myself!"


"Are your Master and boyfriend back yet?" Seth asked.


"Nope," I explained. "They wanted to explore Chicago this week. They will be back next Monday."


"Ajmal is a really good guy!" Seth explained. "You are a lucky slave boy to have him as your Master! The first night I saw you with him, I knew you two had a connection. Has Ajmal explained his connection theory yet?"


"Yes," I said. "It's a long story, but, to summarize, Master Ajmal thinks Tim and I have a connection. We will spend the next two weeks examining our connection and how to make it work in our favor. One evening before our wedding, Master Ajmal and another guy I have known for many years did an intense whipping session. It's the first time I can remember having an out of body experience while undergoing a strenuous and powerful whipping. So, as Master Ajmal so aptly put it, I am traveling down my spirit journey. Tim and I are doing the same. We want to find a naked yoga session for couples. Do you know of any?"


"As a matter of fact, yes," Seth answered. "My husband Tyron and I go to one on Wednesday evenings. It starts at 6 pm and runs until 8 pm. It is held in the Unitarian Church Fellowship Hall. We usually have three or four couples plus the couple who leads the group. It is intense. It is sensual. It is hard work. But, we have gotten so much more connected with each other since we started about one year ago. As a matter of fact, we were on the verge of breaking up. We got married about three months ago before the season started."


"Why were you on the verge of breaking up, if you don't mind me asking?" Tim asked.


"Let's put it this way," Seth said with a smile coming across his face. "I let my dick get in the way of my love for him."


"So, you don't play around anymore?" Tim asked.


"I still play around," Seth explained. "But, I am more likely to include him, I play around less frequently, and I always tell him about it. Honesty is the best policy. And, he has a boyfriend, too! We are both tops. We both like to fuck muscled bottom boys. Our original problem was I fucked a lot of muscled bottom boys after the bar closed. Sometimes I didn't get home until 12 noon the next day. One day I didn't get home until 2 pm. Tyron got more than a little angry. We started couples counseling and naked yoga for couples. We are now happy and in love again. We still like to fuck muscled bottom boys, but we are honest with each other."


"Good path to take," I said.


"So, Tim," Seth continued. "I know Steven is a bottom boy! What about you?"


"Until I met Steven," Tim began. "I considered myself a confirmed top. But, as I watched some men we had sex with fuck Steven, I decided to experiment. Now, I am 50/50. Marcus, my boyfriend now, and I used to date before I met Steven. I fucked him. He sucked me. Now we have reconnected. I fuck him. He fucks me. I suck him. He sucks me. Between Steven and me, it boils down to I make love to Steven, and he makes love to me. As the four of us develop our relationship, I have the pleasure to add another combination. Ajmal fucks me. I fuck Ajmal. Mostly Ajmal fucks me, but I occasionally get a turn on his ass. We have put a moratorium on adding Marcus and Ajmal to our bed for the next two weeks. Our honeymoon!"


"Do you like big, muscled black men?" Seth asked with a huge smile.


"Yup!" Tim and I say in unison.


"Maybe Tyron and I could get together with the two of you sometime after your honeymoon is over!" Seth said as he pulled out his phone. "This is Tyron."


"Holy fuck!" Tim exclaimed. "He looks huge!"


"He is," Seth said. "And, he is all muscle and all dick!"


"Put us on your waiting list!" Tim said as me smiled at me. "What does Tyron do for a living?"


"He teaches philosophy at Harvard," Seth said with a smile. "We live in Cambridge during the school year. During the summer, he writes course material, goes to the gym, and fucks with muscled bottom boys—mostly his boyfriend."


"What do you do when you are in Cambridge?" Tim asked Seth.


"I'm an IT geek," Seth said. "I do consulting work for a few companies."


"You and Steven have the IT geek thing in common!" Tim said. "He was Chief Product Officer at eSquare until April of this year."


"Holy shit!" Seth exclaimed. "How long had you worked there?"


"Since the company's inception about 10 years ago," I explained. "I was their 10th employee."


"Ah!" Seth said. "I understand now!"


"Understand what?" I asked.


"This house!" Seth said with a smile. "I hope I am not being too pushy!"


"Nope!" I said. "You are absolutely correct. I was at the right place at the right time."


"I gotta run, boys!" Seth announced.


"So do we," Tim said as he looked at me. He had lust in his eyes.


Tim and I picked up the tab for lunch as we prepared to head out to the beach. When we parted company with Seth, he hugged us both, "I hope we see you tomorrow evening at the naked yoga class for couples!"


"We'll be there for sure!" Tim said with excitement.


"Do you still want to go to the beach?" I asked Tim.


"I was thinking about the idea," Tim said. "But, it would take us time to get to the beach. It would take us time to get back from the beach. So, by my calculations, we will have less time to play with our bodies if we go to the beach. Personally, I need you to stick your big dick in my ass, and I don't think I can wait until we are back from the beach. Which means, my dear husband, we can skip the beach as far as I am concerned. You?"


"Tim, you have a one track mind," I told him. "And, I love your mind. Let's just go back to the house and get naked and see where things end up!"




Wednesday morning Harvey greeted us in the kitchen.


"Good morning, SIRS!" Harvey greeted us.


"Good morning, Harvey," Tim responded. "How was your time off?"


"Stupendous," Harvey explained. "My Master was with me from the time I got home Monday until this morning when I came here. He is headed back to the city today! But, we had a wonderful time together!"


We ate breakfast and continued our conversation with Harvey. Then, we went to the gym. We ate lunch at Bubala's again before going to my appointment with Dr. Garmin. Before the treatment started, Tim explained his position regarding my balls. "Dr. Garmin. Steven and I have decided he should get another injection in his balls sometime this week. What do you think?"


"I take it you want Steven to have bigger balls and to be hornier," Dr. Garmin said with a smile. "If that is the case, I see no reason not to do the injection. I need to warn you, though, Steven, I will need to use longer and thicker needles. The needle must be in the center of the testicle for the injection to be as optimum as possible. Putting the needle into the testicle will hurt more. I will also need to use more medication. The procedure took 30 minutes the last time. This time it will probably take 45 minutes to an hour. Your balls, now the size of a small orange, will be approximately the size of a large grapefruit. And, your sex drive will definitely be elevated! So, you two decide!"


"I want it," Tim said. "What about you, Steven?"


"I want it, too, Tim," I said. "When can we do it?"


"I have an opening tomorrow afternoon at 2 pm," Dr. Garmin said. "I assume you want this at your home to ease the recovery phase. Do you have a bondage table at your home?"


"Yes," Tim answered. "Will he need to recover in the same way?"


"Yes," Dr. Garmin said. "But, because the pain will be more intense, the recovery time will need to be at least another hour longer. And, you will need to begin masturbating almost immediately after the injection."


"We are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, Dr. Garmin," Tim said. "Steven, while you and Dr. Garmin finish your treatment, I am going next door to get some coffee. Meet me there when you are finished, okay?"


"Okay, Tim," I said.


When I found Tim at the coffee shop, he was engaged in conversation with a very good looking guy in his early 30's. His jet black hair and sculpted muscular frame, along with his significantly tanned body, made him look like a model. His tight cut-off jeans were bulging at the crotch.


"Hello, Tim," I said. "I hope I am not interrupting you."


"Don't be silly, Steven," Tim said with a huge grin. "Callum, this is my husband Steven Caldwell. Steven, this is someone I used to know in Boston, Callum Brodrick. Callum is here for the month of August."


"I'm happy to meet you, Callum," I said as I offered my hand to the handsome guy.


"Yes, it is good to meet you," Callum said. "Tim was telling me about you, your wedding, and your house."


"We've had an exciting few weeks, haven't we, Tim?" I said.


"Definitely," Tim said. "Callum and I lost track of one another when he moved to San Francisco. I was sitting here, and he walked up and said hello. We've been trying to catch up.


"What do you do in San Francisco?" I asked Callum.


"I run a modeling agency," Callum answered. "I was a model for a while when I first moved to San Francisco. But, I reached the age where models don't work."


"Frankly, Callum," I said. "They would be fools not to hire you! You look terrific. When I first saw you talking with Tim, I thought you could be a model."


"Thank you for the confidence building, Steven," Callum said with a smile. "My real problem was that I over developed my body. Everyone wants skinny male models now. So, I just market the skinny ones. Besides, modeling is a tough business for a guy. Every photographer, photographer's assistant, and most clients want more than just a model. They want a playmate. I got tired of being a playmate."


"I could see your point, Callum," I said.


"How did you two meet, Tim?" I asked.


"We actually met our last year at Harvard," Tim said. "We were in a couple of classes together. Callum was a drama major. I was an English major. Maybe, Callum, when I finish my first novel and they make a movie based on the book, you can be the main character."


"And, who might the main character be?" Callum asked.


"Me!" Tim said with a smile. "Do you remember me telling you about my friend who killed himself because he couldn't come out as gay to his family?"


"Yes, of course!" Callum said.


"I've promised Steven I will start writing the book after I quit my job at the end of the year," Tim said. "He has been my biggest supporter."


"You will do a great job, Tim!" Callum said.


"What do you do, Steven?" Callum asked.


"I'm an IT geek," I said.


"He's being modest, Callum," Tim said. "He was Chief Product Officer at eSquare until last April. He was one of their first employees!"


"Really!" Callum said. "What are you doing now that you're not at eSquare?"


"I'm helping some friends develop an online video on demand business," I said.


"What kind of videos?" Callum asked.


"BSDM porn, Callum!" Tim said.


"Really!" Callum said. "Are you two interested in BDSM?"


"Steven is more than me," Tim said. "My husband will be in a few of the videos!"


"Awesome!" Callum said excitedly.


"Are you interested in BDSM, Callum?" Tim asked.


"I have a fleeting interest," Callum admitted. "I have never participated in anything like that, but I am interested."


"Top or bottom?" Tim asked.


"Aren't you being a little personal, Tim?" I asked with a smile.


"Am I, Callum?" Tim asked.


"No!" Callum answered. "I consider myself versatile in vanilla relationships. If I ever do experience something a little kinky, I would like to be both top and bottom. What about you, Steven?"


"Bottom," I said as I look at Tim. He nodded his head yes. "I also am in a relationship with a Master."


"Steven's Master is also the future husband of my boyfriend," Tim admitted.


"Tim!" Callum exclaimed. "You are living your next novel! This would be a terrific plot for a gay-themed book!"


"Why don't we invite Callum over for dinner sometime next week?" I suggested to Tim. "We can introduce him to my Master and your boyfriend."


"How about it, Callum?" Tim asked.


"Sure!" Callum enthused. "When?"


"Tuesday at 7," Tim suggested. "Also, Callum, would you want to join Steven and me at the upstairs bar at the A-House on Saturday?"


"Upstairs?" Callum asked.


"It's mostly a leather/levi type of bar," Tim explained.


"What would I wear?" Callum asked.


"As little as possible, Callum," I said with a smile. "As little as possible."


"What time do people go there?" Callum asked.


"Around 11 pm," Tim said. "It's fun! You will probably meet a lot of very interesting people!"


Tim and Callum exchanged phone numbers before Callum left to go back to his guest house.


"He's an interesting guy!" I said to Tim. "And, fucking cute!"


"He is cute," Tim said. "I always thought I would like to get to know him better."


"From the look in your eye, Tim, you are going to make this your mission to find out what he is really like in bed," I said with a smile.


"Would you mind?" Tim asked.


"No, but you boyfriend might!" I said to Tim.


"Unless you, Marcus, Ajmal, and I went to bed with him!" Tim said with squinty eyes. He was plotting!


"It's time for our naked yoga class," I said to Tim. "I wonder if we are dressed appropriately!"


"Steven!" Tim said in an exaggerated voice. "Naked yoga! It doesn't matter what you wear. You will be naked! Just the thought of getting you naked makes my dick hard."


"Tim, your dick is always hard," I replied. "Of course, I love having a horny husband!"


When we arrived at the class, Seth and Tyron were already naked talking with the two naked instructors.


"Tim, Steven!" Seth excitedly said. "This is my husband, Tyron. Tyron, this is Tim and Steven. The other two naked dudes are our instructors Ronald and Jessie. Tim and Steven were married last weekend."


Tyron's muscles bulged in his chest, arms, ass, and legs. His size was staggering. His 6 foot 6 inch frame was ablaze with muscles and his skin glistened. Tyron's 13 inch, uncut, black, extremely fat, hard dick made his massive body look small. His eyes looked into mine. I felt them burn a hole through me and into my mind. I felt him connect with me. I felt his energy. I felt his power. I grabbed Tim's hand.


Seth's big, 6 foot tall, hairy, muscled body with its 11 inch uncut hard dick made an interesting contrast to that of his husband. I knew Seth's fury from our previous session with Master Ajmal. I wanted them both. I wanted them both to power fuck my ass—as soon as our honeymoon is over!


Ronald and Jessie could have been twins if not for the color of their hair. Ronald's jet black hair contrasted nicely with Jessie's blonde hair. Both had relatively smooth bodies with muscular features. They were not muscle bound, but tight. Their dicks were hard. Ronald's 8 inch dick was circumscribed. Jessie's 8 inch dick was not. They both had shaved crotches, cock, and balls.


"Welcome to our little group!" Jessie said to us. "Make yourselves comfortable. Ronald and I believe we should all be naked before the class begins so we get to know one another without the boundaries set by wearing clothing."


Tim and I slipped off our tank tops, gym shorts, and sneakers.


As we were putting our clothes in a pile to the side, Tim whispered to me, "Tyron is fucking beautiful! I am glad Ronald and Jessie don't mind hard dicks in the class. I can't look at Tyron without getting horny and excited!"


"I know," I whispered back. "I'm already beyond the stage of maybe getting a hard dick! And, judging from Tyron's reaction a few moments ago, after our honeymoon, we have a pretty good chance at getting Seth and Tyron into bed!"


"I noticed!" Tim said with a grin. Tim's cock was also now standing straight up.


When we returned to speak with Ronald, Jessie, Seth, and Tyron, everyone sported hard dicks.


"We are happy you are excited to be here!" Ronald exclaimed. "This class bases all of its principals on the beauty of the male body. We believe spiritual connections between class members heightens our communal experience and allows us as couples to share our bodies visually so we develop a sense of energy flow between life mates. If it sounds sexual, then I have explained our philosophy accurately."


"Don't be afraid to express your love for one another in the company of the others in the class!" Jessie continued. "While we don't encourage actual sex acts during the class, many of our class members experience extremely powerful orgasms during our time here in the class. You bring your own yoga mats so you don't need to worry about making a mess!"


Two other couples arrived and immediately began to strip. When they were finished, they joined our group.


"I'm Carl," Carl began as he held out his hand to greet Tim and me. "This is my partner, Max!"


"I'm Tim," Tim explained. "This is my husband, Steven!"


Jessie introduced the other couple, "John and Jose, our new class members are Tim and Steve! They were married just last weekend."


Once introductions were finished, Ronald took charge of the class. "For the next two hours, we will work on making your connection with your partner through our form of Tantric Naked Yoga. You will experience meditation and physical connections with your partner to increase your spiritual and emotional bond between the two of you. Some of you may also, through our shared space, experience a spiritual and emotional connection with other class members. We encourage you to discuss your possible connections with others in the class with your partner and share your reaction to these connections with the rest of the class. Do you have any questions before we begin?"


"I do!" Tim said. "If one makes a connection with someone else besides your partner, will that affect the connection with your partner?"


"No," Ronald explained. "You are physically connected to your partner. Physical connections supersede mental connections. Both you and your partner may both feel the mental or spiritual connections of other class members simultaneously. Amy thing else...?"


"Let's start simply," Jose suggested. "Stand facing your partner. Look into your partner's eyes. Put you right palm over your partner's heart. Place your other hand on the small of your partner's back. Pull yourselves together. Concentrate on your partner's eyes. What do you see in your partner's eyes?"


"Lust," Seth said to the class.


"What about my love for you?" Tyron asked.


"With you, lust trumps love!" Seth said with a smile.


As we continued our class, I felt the bond between Tim and me strengthen. Through our meditational yoga poses and our intimate physical touching exercises, we were gaining control over our minds and bodies in a way neither of us experienced before. `I love you, Tim!' I thought.


And, I heard, not through his voice, but between our minds, `I love you, too, Steven! More and more each second!'


After we finished our class, Tim and I goodbye to our new friends.


"Would you like to join us at our house for a drink?" Seth asked.


"Maybe a rain check, guys," Tim replied. "Steven and I have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow! We need some time to regroup!"


"We understand," Tyron said. "We'll plan on getting together later then! See you next week!"


"Definitely!" I replied.


"We definitely want a chance to see Steven's new balls, too!" Seth said.


"New balls?" Tyron asked.


"Steven is getting another injection tomorrow!" Tim explained. "We will, I am certain, be at the bar on Saturday!"


"Cool!" Tyron exclaimed. "And, Steven, I really, really like the work Jerome has been doing on your arms. I've always wanted Seth to get a pair of sleeves like yours!"


"Jerome started legs!" Tim continued. "I am really looking forward to some ink on his chest and from the back of his neck onto his head! Jerome is working on a plan now! Anyway! We should be on our way home."


As we walked home, Tim and I talked about our experience. "So, what did you think about the class?" I asked.


"Absolutely terrific!" Tim enthused. "I think when Seth said he saw lust in Tryon's eyes, he may have been referring to my husband! Do I have anything to worry about?"


"I had the feeling it was directed at the two of us!" I said to Tim. "So, no, you don't have anything to worry about! You know what I would like to do after we get home?"


"Eat dinner?" Tim asked.


"Shit head!" I said. "Okay! After dinner!"


"I only hope it has something to do with your big dick and balls and my ass!" Tim said with a smile.


"If you promise we can do something with your balls and dick and my ass!" I said. "I would be willing to work things out so we will both be very, very happy guys!"




Dr. Garmin arrived at our house shortly before 2 pm on Thursday for my next injection. Dr. Garmin began stripping off his clothes the minute he arrived. Tim and I were already naked. As we ushered Dr. Garmin downstairs to the playroom, all of our hard dicks bounced obscenely as we when down the stairs.


Tim and Dr. Garmin quickly strapped me onto the bondage table with straps around my waist and chest to keep me immobile during the injections. As Dr. Garmin began getting the equipment and medication ready, Dr. Garmin began his explanation, "As I mentioned to you in my office, this will be more painful than the previous one. I can't do an anesthesia because I am not qualified, but I can use a pain killer if you would like."


"No," I said to Dr. Garmin. "I am prepared for the pain. I definitely want to feel it. You can use a gag if you'd like to reduce my screaming. That is your choice!"


"Nope," Tim said. "If you want to feel the pain, we want to hear you scream. I love you, and I will be right here with you. If you want to squeeze my hand, squeeze it!"


"Thank you, Tim," I said. "I love you! Of course, you know that."


Dr. Garmin had put the clamps on so my balls were tight against my scrotum. I squeezed Tim's hand as Dr. Garmin removed the first needle from the sterilization package. "I thought the others were big! This this is huge!" I said as the fear began to mount.


"Do you want to rethink the pain killer?" Tim asked.


"Nope!" I said.


Then, Dr. Garmin began inserting the first needle. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed. The excruciating pain in my balls seared through my entire body. Suddenly, Dr. Garmin stopped pushing the needle.


"That one is done," Dr. Garmin said. "Are you okay, Steven?"


"Yes, SIR!" I whispered.


The second needle was just as painful if not more so! Then, the medication started dripping into my balls. They immediately began to swell. I was hard as a rock and dripping pre-cum in buckets.


As Dr. Garmin predicted, the injections lasted longer than before. It took 1 hour and 20 minutes between the first needle going in and before the last needle was removed. Tears were running down my face.


Dr. Garmin silently packed up his equipment and Tim took his place on top of me.


"I can see my way out, gentlemen!" Dr. Garmin announced. "Don't forget, he needs to masturbate in a few minutes. He should do it at least once per hour for the next 12 hours! He should stay on the table until he can move. It will probably take three hours... maybe four."


"Thank you, Dr. Garmin!" Tim said as the doctor left the playroom. Tim turned his attention to me. "You handled the injections like a champ! Did they hurt a lot more than the last ones?"


"Yes," I whispered. "But the results will be worth the pain, Tim. God I love you!"


"I love you, too!" Tim said. "Do you want me to help get you off?"


"Yes, please," I said.


Tim moved so he could easily stroke my dick and began the process. It only took about ten minutes until I had the most powerful, most stimulating orgasm I have ever had! "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


My cum covered most of my upper body. My stomach, my chest, my face, my hair, my armpits.


"The next time, I am going to ride your fucking dick," Tim hissed. "I want your cum in me. There will be no more masturbating tonight. All of your cum will be in my ass!" He leaned down to kiss me and then rolled on top of me. "Is this okay, Steven? Am I hurting you?"


"You make me feel so warm and comfortable right now," I whispered to my husband. "I could stay like this for the rest of my life and I would be happy! Just the touch of your body helps the pain in my balls go away!"


I must have fallen asleep. The next thing I remembered is Tim shoving my dick into his ass. As he sat on my dick, I moaned with an incredible amount of pleasure. "You feel so good on my dick, Tim!"


"I'm glad," Tim said as he began bouncing up and down on my hard dick. "You will be coming in my ass every hour on the hour for the next 12 hours. We may be tired tomorrow, but we will both be extremely satisfied."




Tim and I were lounging beside the pool on Saturday afternoon following my second injections. My balls were the size of large grapefruits.


Tim crawled from his lounge chair to mine and rested his body on top of mine. "So, does my big balled husband want to fuck me?"


"No," I said.


"Why not?" Tim said in disbelief.


"I'm saving myself," I replied.


"For whom?" Tim asked.


"Callum," I replied.


"Callum?" Tim asked.


"Yup!" I replied. "I think he has a big dick!"


"Bigger than mine?" Tim asked.


"Yup!" I replied.


"What if I told you we had the same sized dick?" Tim asked.


"How do you know?" I asked.


"I've seen him naked," Tim replied.


"Why did you see him naked?" I asked.


"Because I fucked him!" Tim whispered.


"When?" I asked.


"The weekend after we met," Tim answered.


"And?" I asked.


"He was boring in bed," Tim answered with a smile. "Besides, after I fucked him, he wanted to put his nine inch uncut fat dick into my ass!"


"And?" I asked.


"He was the first guy who fucked me," Tim said.


"Was it a good fuck?" I asked.


"At the time I thought it was," Tim said.


"And, now?" I asked.


"I like getting fucked by my big balled husband much better," Tim said.


"Do you still want me to fuck you?" I asked.


"No," Tim said.


"Why not?" I asked.


"I want you to make love to me," Tim hissed.


We managed to roll ourselves so Tim was underneath me. "Lube?" I asked.


"No," Tim answered.


I put Tim's legs over my shoulders and leaned down to kiss Tim. We kissed for several minutes. I paused kissing Tim and lined my hard dick up with his asshole.


"Tim?" I said.


"Yes?" Tim responded.


"You know I love you more than anything else in the world," I answered.


"Yup!" Tim replied. "Now, big boy! Make love to me."


I slowly pushed my dick into Tim's ass. I paused as my dick went through his sphincter muscle. "Do you want me to stop?"


"Don't you dare stop, husband," Tim hissed. "If you do, I will be forced to divorce you!"


"Okay," I said as I began to slowly push my dick all of the way in Tim's perfect ass. "I love your ass!"


"I love your big dick and your big balls!" Tim hissed.


I slowly began to move my dick in and out of Tim's ass. I was in heaven. And, judging from the look on Tim's face, he felt the same.


"I feel you inside me, Steven," Tim whispered.


"That's because my dick IS inside you!" I whispered back as I continued my slow love making.


"I not only feel your dick, but I feel you—your heart, your mind," Tim whispered.


"Me, too!" I whispered back. "I feel you inside me."


"I know what you are thinking right now," Tim whispered again.


"What?" I whispered back.


"You want to walk along the beach naked with me," Tim answered.


"Yup!" I answered. And, I WAS thinking about walking naked with Tim along the beach.


Tim reached up without opening his eyes and found both of my nipples. As he began squeezing them, he whispered to me, "If you do cum in me, you'll need to do it again and again. I want this to last for the rest of my life."


"Me, too!" I whispered.


"I know!" Tim said.


We continued our love making session for almost an hour. "Tim, I'm about to cum in your beautiful ass."


"I know!" Tim said. "Give it to me, Steven. Give me your big fucking load of cum!"


"Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" I hissed as I experienced one of the most powerful orgasms of my life!


I rested on top of Tim. He moved his legs around my waist and pulled me closer to him. I started to passionately kiss him.


"Can we do this one more time before we need to get ready to go out?" Tim asked.


"Yes," I replied.




"Steven," Tim announced as we dried each other off after our joint shower. "I bought you something to wear tonight. Ajmal suggested it. And, I thought it would be perfect for your big balls."


Tim grabbed a bag from the local leather store. He opened it and handed me the thing he wanted me to wear.


"It's a leather loin cloth," Tim explained. "It has a back flap and a front flap. There are no sides and no bottom. Your ass, dick, and balls will be covered, but hanging free. What do you think?"


"Will I get arrested?" I asked.


"It won't be the first time you had to offer your services to a local Provincetown police officer to get the charges dropped, would it?" Tim questioned me.


"No," I said with a smile. "You will need to help me put this contraption on."


"It's easy," Tim explained as I stepped into the strap that held it on my waist. He pulled it up and adjusted it. "See! Perfect fit!"


"Why do I feel naked?" I asked Tim.


"You practically are naked!" Tim replied with a smile. "You look fucking hot! God I love you!"


Tim pulled on a pair of skin tight leather shorts with a cod piece around his cock and balls.


"I couldn't pass these up when I bought your loin cloth," Tim said with excitement. "Shirt or no shirt?"


"No shirt!" I practically yelled. "YOU look fucking hot!"


"Thanks," Tim said. "Callum will be impressed!"


"Do you want to walk?" I asked. "We have time before we are to meet Callum."


"Sure," Tim agreed. "I can show off my beautiful, practically naked husband to the town!"


We made our way down the hill our house sits on to Commercial Street and began our leisurely stroll to the A-House.


"Nice bodies, men!" an older dude greeted us. "Are you for rent?"


"Nope," Tim replied as we continued our walk. "I don't rent my husband out. And, he doesn't rent me out."


Other men were staring at us as we approached the A-House.


"Steven," Tim began as we continued our walk. "You mentioned Callum was hot. Would you like to play tonight or wait until our honeymoon is officially over?"


"Your choice, Tim!" I said. "I am not ready to share my husband with just any man at this point. And, I have thought of nothing else than having your dick in me when we are home from the bar. But, I am willing to consider other options."


"Good!" Tim said. "We can play it by ear!"


"Holy shit!" Seth the bouncer said as we were about to go inside the bar. "You men are looking really good tonight! I may need to break my husband's heart again! Of course, it would be the last time I ever used my dick! He would probably cut it off."


"Thanks, Seth," Tim said. "We'll talk to Tyron after naked yoga next week. He might let you play with us sometime."


"He will want to be with me," Seth said. "His dick was hard for two days after our class. He thought you two were incredibly good looking and hot!"


"Are we still on for dinner next week?" I asked.


"We wouldn't miss it for anything!" Seth said as Tim and I went inside the bar and up the stairs.


Clark's mouth dropped as we ask him for two Corona's. "You two are the highlight of my night tonight!"


"Thanks Clark," Tim said as he saw Callum walk into the bar. "Callum! Over here!"


Callum, wide eyed, walk to where we were standing at the bar. He had on a leather vest and tight, extremely distressed jeans. The crotch of his jeans were thread bare and almost showed the skin of his cock and balls.


"Tim! Steven!" Callum said as he stood in front of us. "I thought I was obscenely dressed! You guys are... are... Shit you look good!"


"Thank you, Callum," Tim said. "What can we get for you to drink?"


"What you're having!" Callum said. "Corona. Thanks."


"You are looking pretty good yourself," I said to Callum as Tim ordered another Corona. My dick was getting hard.


"I hope you are enjoying your stay in Provincetown," Tim said as he handed Callum a Corona. "What have you been up to since we saw you Wednesday?"


"It has been uneventful," Callum said. "But, the reason I am in Provincetown is to de-stress. I have been going through a lot of shit in San Francisco, which is why I am here for the month of August. I was about to lose my mind!"


"Steven received another injection in his balls on Thursday after we saw you," Tim announced as he lifted the front part of the leather loin cloth. "The injection increases the size of his balls and makes him even hornier! Feel them!"


Callum reached out and felt my swollen balls. "What exactly did you do to make your balls this big, Steven? I've never seen a man with balls this size!"


"Injections," I explained. "Dr. Garmin here in Provincetown offers his services to gay men who want big balls. He injects a fertility drug directly into the testicle."


"Does it hurt?" Callum asked.


"Yes," I continued. "Imagine a needle stuck into your balls until it reaches the middle. The needle stays there as the medication is dripped into them. It is only temporary. I will need another injection every two months to keep my balls this size."


"Wow!" Callum exclaimed. "You said it also made him hornier, Tim?"


"Yup!" Tim replied. "And, when he cums, he cums a lot!"


Callum still had my balls in his hand. My dick was getting hard. Callum's other hand began to explore my dick.


"You know, Tim," Callum said as he held onto my balls and played with my foreskin. "If you ever need assistance draining your husband's balls, I'd be happy to help! I'm turned on by other uncut men, too!"


"He also likes to be fucked," Tim said. "He has a tendency to cum if he is involved in a long fuck session. Steven, isn't that you police officer friend over there?"


"Yes," I said as I looked across the bar. "That's Willy."


Willy saw us and started to move our way. Callum took his hands off my cock and balls. Tim made certain the front flap of the loin cloth was covering me.


"Steven!" Willy greeted me. His smile could light up the room. "I see you've found a way to be naked without breaking the law!"


"Willy, I'd like you to meet my husband, Tim," I began the introductions. "And a friend of ours, Callum. Guys, this is Willy!"


"It is nice to meet you, officer," Tim said with a smile. "Steven told me about his near arrest and your willingness to overlook his nakedness in public."


"Yes, indeed," Willy said as he lifted the front of my loin cloth. "I see you've been to Dr. Garmin, Steven! He does nice work!"


Willy cupped my balls in his hand before dropping the front of my loin cloth. Callum was staring at Willy's massive smooth bare chest. I, on the other hand, noticed the outline of Willy's dick in his jeans. The bulge appeared to be getting bigger as we talked.


"So, Willy," I said. "You have the night off?"


"Yup!" Willy explained. "I work every other weekend. So, I decided to see what was happening. Is Ajmal here?"


"He and Marcus will be back on Monday," Tim explained. "They decided to stay in Chicago after our wedding and explore."


"Ah! Yes," Willy responded. "I remember Ajmal saying he would be at your wedding. Congratulations by the way!"


"Thank you," I said to Willy. Willy was now looking intently at Tim before he turned his attention to Callum.


"How long are you staying in Provincetown, Callum?" Willy asked.


"The month of August," Callum said as he gazed at the hunk before him. "I'm here so I can de-stress! Life in San Francisco can be extremely stressful."


"So, Callum! Are you single?" Willy asked.


"Yes," Callum said. "I haven't met the right guy yet."


"How do you know these two hunks?" Willy asked.


"Tim and I met when we were at Harvard during our senior year," Callum explained. "We just bumped into one another this week at a coffee shop. We still have a lot of catching up to do, right, Tim?"


"Yup!" Tim said. "I have an idea, guys. Would the two of you want to join us at our house for brunch tomorrow afternoon? Say about 1 pm?"


"I'd like that, Tim," Callum said.


"Sure! I'd love to join you," Willy also agreed as he started rubbing Callum's crotch. "Can I bring anything?"


"Just Callum," Tim said with a smile. "Now, Steven, I think you and I need to head home. I think the walk will do us good!"


"I live on your side of town," Willy began. "Do you want company on your walk?"


"Sure!" Tim quickly said.


"Would you like to walk with us, Callum?" Willy asked as he was still rubbing Callum's growing crotch.


"I... I... I'd love to walk with you," Callum softly replied.


We headed downstairs and started toward Commercial Street. "You know, Tim," Willy began. "As long as I am with you, the police would not stop us if Steven were naked."


Tim didn't asked. He reached behind my back and unhooked the strap that held my loin cloth on my body. I was naked except for my boots. "This is such a nice night! I'm really going to enjoy our walk home, Steven!" Tim almost hissed at me.


As we walked down Commercial Street, heads turn as three good looking, bare chested studs and a naked guy with big balls walked down the street.


"Willy!" An officer in front of Sparticus Pizza called out. Once he was near us, he joined our parade. "Is this going to be a regular occurrence for the rest of the summer?"


"I hope so, Dan," Willy said to the officer. "Steven is showing off is new big balls Tim gave him. We need to inform the rest of the force this will happen from time-to-time. Tim, would you mind if Steven were to help Dan look the other way once we get to the alley over there?"


"Not at all," Tim said with a smile. "We need to do our best to keep the Provincetown Police Department happy!"


"So, Dan," Willy said to his fellow officer. "Steven will wants to give you some help to so you don't need to arrest him for public indecency."


"Cool!" Dan said.


Once we were at the now very familiar alley, Dan turned to me, "Steven! You and I have some unfinished business to take care of. Follow me."


Dan grabbed my big balls and led me into the alley. He quickly dropped his pants. His nine inch uncut Hispanic dick popped out as he slipped off his briefs. "Make me a happy man, boy!" Dan ordered


"Yes, SIR!" I responded as I knelt down to take his still growing dick in my mouth. I licked under the foreskin before I shoved his big dick down my throat. Dan held my head down for a moment. When he released my head I began to furiously work Dan's dick. I paused occasionally to take in his big, hairy balls and then resume to deep throat the huge dick. I grabbed Dan's muscular ass cheeks and began to massage them as I continued on my mission to swallow Dan's cum. Finally, he was ready to shoot, "I'm cumming boy! I'm fucking cumming! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


I kept my mouth over his spent cock. His cum was sweet and salty at the same time. Once Dan had recovered, he pulled me off his dick. "Stand up, boy!" Dan ordered. Once I was standing, he pulled me close to him and kissed me hard and passionately. "You are one fucking good cocksucker, boy!"


"Thank you, SIR!" I said as Dan tucked his cock and balls into his briefs and pulled up his pants. Once he was finally fully zipped up, he led me by the balls back to where Tim, Willy, and Callum were waiting.


"You have a mighty fine cocksucker as your husband, Tim!" Dan said to Tim.


"Thanks, Dan!" Tim said. "He is good, isn't he? Are you working tomorrow afternoon?"


"Yea!" Dan said. "This is my weekend to work. Why?"


"I was going to invite you to join us for brunch around 1 pm," Tim said. "Maybe you'd like to drop by if you have a few minutes."


"I have a lunch break around 3," Dan said as he fondled by balls. "Would that be okay?"


"Sure!" Tim said.


Dan walked back toward the center of town as Tim, Callum, Willy, and I continued on our journey.


"This is where I live," Willy announced to the group as we were nearing the edge of town. "Would you guys like to come in for a night cap?"


"I think we need to get home before Steven has a spontaneous orgasm," Tim said.


"Callum?" Willy asked. "You?"


"Ah... ah... Sure!" Callum said. "I'll see you tomorrow guys. Have a good evening!"


As Tim and I continued on our way home, Tim outlined his hopes for tonight, "Callum and Willy seemed to get along very well, don't you think?"


"I hope Willy doesn't overwhelm Callum," I said.


"I think Callum can handle Willy very nicely," Tim said. "How was Dan?"


"He has a fucking stupendous nine inch, fat, uncut dick!" I effused.


"I see lust in your eyes, Steven!" Tim said with a smile. "I also believe you might like to have his dick in your ass. Am I correct, Steven?"


"Yes," I said softly. "You?"


"Yup!" Tim responded. "Tomorrow?"


"No," I said. "If you don't mind, Tim, I want to wait until our honeymoon is over before I take his dick up my ass."


"I see your point!" Tim responded. "But, you need to make your husband a very, very happy man tonight!"


"How can I do that, Tim?" I replied with a smile.


"I am going to fuck you until my dick almost falls off," Tim began. "Then, you are going to do the same to me. And, I want to be fucked hard. I want you to be my rough trade stud tonight. We may not sleep!"


"Sounds like a plan, stud!" I said to Tim as we entered the house.


"Upstairs and on your back, slave boy!" Tim ordered.


We both hurried up the stairs to our bedroom. Tim's clothes lined the path up the stairs. He pushed me on my back on our bed. He still had his lace up boots on. He was on top of me and started to kiss me.


Tim pause kissing me and explained his desires, "I've decided that I am not only going to cum in your sloppy ass several times tonight, I am also going to stick my arm up your ass. What do you say to that, boy?"


"Yes, SIR! Anything you want, SIR! Use me, SIR! Make me yours, SIR!" I hissed as Tim lined up his rock hard dick with my asshole. He pushed my legs over his shoulders and shoved his cock into my ass in one quick, powerful stroke.




Tim and I were sitting naked beside the pool when Willy and Callum arrived promptly at 1 pm on Sunday afternoon. Harvey showed them to the pool area.


"What can I get you gentlemen to drink?" Harvey asked.


The four of us opted for a Mimosa.


"We generally don't wear clothes around here, but you may keep yours on if you like," Tim explained.


Willy and Callum both shed their clothes and placed them to the side. Callum didn't have a tan line!


"How was your evening after we left you?" I asked.


"Very nice!" Callum said with a smile as he put his hand on Willy's shoulder. "We talked almost all night!"


"We discovered an interesting fact about each other," Willy began. "We are both versatile in bed."


"So, there was part of the night you WEREN'T talking?" Tim said.


"Just the beginning of the night," Callum said. "And, then again this morning! Willy is very verbal when he is getting fucked!"


"So, we are all very happy men this afternoon!" Tim added. "Steven and I went directly to bed."


"When did you go to sleep?" Willy asked.


"What are you insinuating, William?" Tim said.


"Callum and I both noticed the lust in your eyes when you left us at my house," Willy explained. "So?"


"Hm! About 6 am," Tim blurted out. "The sun was out and shining brightly. Now, are you happy?"


Harvey appeared with our drinks and a pitcher of Mimosas in case we needed a refill.


"So, Willy," Tim began. "Why did you settle in Provincetown to be a policeman?"


"Long story, but involves following a boyfriend here a few years ago," Willy confided. "I stayed even though the boyfriend and I broke up. He went back to Boston. I was a State Policeman before coming to work in Provincetown. I have applied to a job in the Chicago Police Department to work in the gay and lesbian community."


"We live in Chicago," I said to Willy. "We bought a house in Lakeview last winter."


"Cool!" Willy said. "I have an interview in two weeks with the Captain of the special task force that deals with hate crimes."


"You mean, Captain Derick Vaughn?" I asked.


"Yes!" Willy exclaimed. "Do you know him?"


"Yup! Very well as a matter of fact," I said. "I've worked with Derick on a couple of nonprofit boards. He's a great guy! I've also talked to him about a foundation Tim and I have formed to help the gay community in Chicago. I'll give you my card before you leave today. Tell him you know me... Just don't mention how you know me!" Willy and I were smiling at one another.


"Thanks, Steven," Willy said. "As much as I love living in Provincetown, I am ready to move on. The winters get a little long if you live here year round."


"What does your nonprofit group do?" Callum asked.


"We are still in the planning stage, but we want to support programs which assist members of the gay and lesbian community with health issues, housing issues, legal issues, to name just a few." I explained.


"Cool!" Callum replied. "I do have a couple of personal questions for the two of you, Steven and Tim, if I am not being too personal.


"Ask away!" Tim said.


"Where did you meet?" Callum asked.


"You will never believe this, Callum, but we met at the A-House dance bar here in Provincetown in May of last year," Tim answered. "It was love at first sight! I moved to Chicago in September. What else?"


"Where did you meet you Master, Steven?" Callum asked his next question.


"Here in Provincetown," I said. "We connected almost immediately when we met in June. What else?"


"Your boyfriend, Tim, where did the two of you meet?" Callum asked his last question.


"Marcus and I were dating when I met Steven," Tim said. "We reconnected here."


"I still say, Tim, the two of you are living your next fucking book!" Callum said with a smile.


"The thought has crossed my mind!" Tim agreed.


"What are you going to do when your Master and boyfriend return tomorrow?" Willy asked.


"They are staying at Ajmal's house until Saturday," Tim replied. "We will get together. However, unless arrangements are already agreed upon, no one but me gets Steven's ass and no one but Steven will get my ass until Saturday morning!"


"What about Dan?" Willy asked.


"Steven can suck all of the dick he wants, but no one will get his ass," Tim explained. "Likewise, I would not turn down a blowjob from someone, and I might even be persuaded to give one! Does that clear it up?"


"Perfectly!" Callum said with a smile.


"Are you guys free to come to dinner on Tuesday evening?" Tim asked


"I work days next week," Willy replied. "So, yes, I'm free!"


"I'm free!" Callum agreed.


"Good!" Tim said. "There will be a nice group of eight! Steven's Master Ajmal will be here. My boyfriend Marcus will be here. Seth the bouncer at the A-House and his husband Tyron will be here! It should be a lot of fun!"


Harvey wheeled out a selection of brunch food on a service cart. "Help yourself, gentlemen! Enjoy!" Harvey quickly disappeared.


"Does your previous statement about blow jobs mean you will blow me, Tim," Callum asked.


"Before or after brunch, Callum?" Tim asked.


"After, we don't want brunch to get cold, Tim," Callum replied with a huge smile.


"Why didn't you let me suck you off last night, Callum?" Willy asked.


"I didn't know you wanted to," Callum replied.


"We can work on that tonight!" Willy decided.


We ate brunch and discussed events around Provincetown. When we were finished eating, Tim went into action.


"Callum! Lounge chair! On your back! Legs spread!" Tim hissed. "I want that big dick of yours in my mouth!"


Willy moved his chair away from the table. I knelt between his spread legs and began licking his balls. It wasn't long before Tim and I were bobbing up and down trying to claim our prize.


Callum came first, "Shit, Tim! I'm cuming! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Willy turned verbal, "Take that cop dick, boy! Suck that cop dick! Make cum, boy!"


I quickened my pace, and soon Willy was shooting a load into my mouth. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


I sucked every drop out of Willy's dick.


As I was getting up, Harvey escorted Dan to the pool side. "Enjoy," Harvey said as he disappeared inside the house.


"Take off your clothes, Dan!" Tim said. "Willy got Steven primed for you. Would you like this to happen publicly or privately?"


"Publicly!" Dan exclaimed as he quickly stripped all of his clothes off. "I get really excited when someone is watching me."


When Dan was naked, Callum, Tim, and I stared at our cop friend for a few moments. He was about 6 feet tall with a smooth, muscular chest, huge biceps, and his big uncut dick was growing before our very eyes.


"I don't have all day, boy!" Dan hissed. "Get your fucking naked slave boy ass over here and suck my big Hispanic dick!"


I quickly took my place in front of his dick and popped it into my eager mouth. I licked under the foreskin to taste my juicy prize. Dan shoved my head down until I felt his pubic hairs brush my nose. He held me there with his big dick in my throat. Once he released my head, I began working on Dan's cop dick with a pace of a mad man! `I want his cum! I need his cum!' I thought as I worked on Dan's giant dick.


Dan decided to help with my task. He held my head still and began face fucking me. He powerfully shoved his dick down my mouth and into my throat with every thrust. He picked up the pace of face fucking me. I felt his body tense. He held my head over his cock as it exploded into my mouth. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" I felt his cum coat the back of my mouth with his cop cum.


When Dan was finally finished spewing his load, he pulled his dick out of my mouth. I began to clean his spent cock with my tongue.


"Thank you, boy!" Dan finally said. "I really needed that! Now, I need to get dressed and back to work! Thanks for inviting me over, Tim!"


"We are happy you could join us!" Tim said with a smile. "Steven, I think you have some cum dripping down your chin. Get your butt over here and let me clean you up."


I walked over to Tim and he licked Dan's cum off my chin. "Tasty!" Tim said before he kissed me.




Tim and I arrived at the pool for breakfast around 10 am on Saturday morning. Marcus and Master Ajmal were already naked and seated in the lounge chairs around the pool.


"Welcome to the land of the living!" Marcus announced. "I take it you were making one last feeble attempt to make your husband a happy man, Tim!"


"Steven!" Tim almost shouted. "Tell my boyfriend how happy you are right this very moment! Explain in detail!"


"Tim is right, Marcus," I begin to explain. "I am an exceedingly happy man right now. Tim made love to me twice last night, and twice this morning. And, I got to stick my tongue into his asshole for several minutes so I could taste my cum that landed in his ass!"


"That's an excellent description, Steven!" Marcus said. "I didn't know my boyfriend was so diligent in his love making skills!"


"All you need to do is to suck on his nipples and beg him to fuck you!" I said.


"I'll keep that in mind," Marcus said with a smile.


"Hello, Master," I said to Master Ajmal as I stood before him and assumed the position. Master Ajmal picked up my collar and secured it around my neck.


"It is good to have you back, boy!" Master Ajmal said.


"It is good to be back, Master," I said as I awaited further instructions.


Harvey rolled out a cart with breakfast foods and placed it beside the outdoor dining area. "Good morning, gentlemen! Enjoy breakfast." Harvey disappeared into the house.


We all filled our plates and sat to eat our breakfast. "How does it feel to have Steven back, Ajmal?" Tim asked.


"Very natural!" Master Ajmal said. "Marcus and I have enjoyed our private time together, but we are eager to resume our lives with our two favorite men."


"What are your plans for the day?" Tim asked Master Ajmal.


"After breakfast, I am going to take the boy home and fuck him," Master Ajmal replied. "Do you and Marcus want to join the boy and me at the A-House bar tonight?"


"We wouldn't want to miss it!" Tim said as he looked over at Marcus and smiled. "By the way, Marcus. We never talked about this, but who gets to make love to whom first today?"


"Your dick in my ass first," Marcus answered. "Then, my dick in your ass. Then, we repeat until we are ready to go out to the bar."


"Sounds like a plan!" Tim said to his boyfriend. Both men's dicks were hard and dripping pre-cum.


"Ajmal?" Tim asked. "Are you going to add some color to the boy's body before we go out tonight?"


"The color will need to wait until after we have our fun at the bar!" Master Ajmal suggested. "I like your balls, boy! And, the ink Jerome added to your legs looks phenomenal."


"Thank you, Master!" I said. "Tim decided I would visit Jerome five days a week for three-hour sessions. The process of inking my legs is going much faster than expected!"


"Good decision, Tim!" Master Ajmal complimented Tim before he turned his attention to me. "I have a very special evening planned after we spend time at the bar."


"Are you finished with breakfast, Tim?" Marcus asked.


"Yup!" Tim told his boyfriend. "Shall we head upstairs?


"Definitely!" Marcus agreed as both stood. Tim took Marcus's hand and led him upstairs.


"So, boy!" Master Ajmal said to me. "Do you want to go to the playroom at my compound?"


"If you don't mind, SIR!" I suggested.


"Terrific!" I have your outfit to wear tonight at my place anyway. "Put these on."


Master Ajmal gave me a pair of skimpy gym shorts and a pair of sneakers. Once I was dressed, we walked to Master Ajmal's house.


"Good to see you again, Steven!" Boris greeted us. "Congratulations on your marriage."


"Thank you, Boris," I said as I shed my gym shorts and sneakers. Master Ajmal led me out of the main house, through the courtyard, and into the playroom.


"So, boy!" Master Ajmal explained his thought. "I told you I have a special surprise for you tonight, but this afternoon, I am eager to use your ass. I have missed your sweet slave boy ass for the last two weeks!"


"And, Master, I have missed your big dick!" I said to Master Ajmal.


"What about my fist?" Master Ajmal asked.


"I love your fist in my ass, Master!" I said enthusiastically.


"Good boy!" Master Ajmal said with a smile. "You will be getting both more than once this afternoon."


Master Ajmal led me over to the sawhorse and pushed me down onto my knees as he stepped out of his gym shorts. He pushed my head toward his dick and waved his hard nine inch dick in my face.


"Lick it, boy!" Master Ajmal ordered. "I fucked Marcus twice this morning, and I have not cleaned it."


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I began licking Master Ajmal's cock in order to clean it.


"What does my big dick smell and tasted like, boy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Shit and cum, SIR!" I replied as I continued cleaning Master Ajmal's cock.


Master Ajmal pulled his hard dick away from me, "You cleaned it sufficiently, boy!" Master Ajmal slapped my face with his hard dick several times before he pulled me to my feet.


He led me to the ass side of the sawhorse and pushed me down. When I was properly restrained, he again stepped in front of me. "I have made love to Marcus over and over again during the past two weeks. I have not fucked him, however. So, I am looking forward to pounding your fucking slave boy ass. Do you understand me, boy?"


"Yes, Master! I understand you, Master!" I replied.


"What is different about my dick today, boy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Your big dick looks bigger and fatter today, Master!" I replied.


"That's right, boy!" Master Ajmal said. "Marcus and I have been religiously doing our cock enhancement exercises. Mine has grown a little more than an inch in length and it is at least one inch fatter. Marcus is also about 1 inch longer. Do you know what that means, boy?"


"It means I will feel your bigger and fatter dick in my ass for the first time, Master!" I replied.


"What else do you want to say to your Master, boy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Fuck me, Master. Fuck me hard! Let me feel your power, Master. Use my ass for your pleasure, Master!" I almost yelled as I gave my ass to my Master.


Master Ajmal aligned his hard dick with my asshole and pushed with all of his might.


"Aaaaahhhhh!" I moaned in pleasure as he rammed his big dick all of the way into my asshole.


"What do you say to your Master now, boy?" Master Ajmal almost screamed his question.


"Fuck me, Master! Fuck me hard! Make me feel your power Master! Make me feel your power!" I screamed back just before Master Ajmal began his attack on my ass


His quick, pounding thrusts into my totally restrained body made his big low hanging balls slam against my swollen, hairless, grapefruit-sized balls. Master Ajmal grabbed my waist so he could add more power to his already crushing thrusts. I was moaning in pleasure at the feeling of my powerful Master's cock slip in and out of ass.


"Harder, Master!" I screamed. "Please fuck me harder!"


Master Ajmal quickly obliged my request and put more of his muscled body into his already powerful ass ravaging! I thought I heard myself whisper. `I love you Master!' I felt the power of his dick take over every nerve, every bone, every muscle of my body. I was one with my Master's big dick! My mind was swirling with the intense energy emanating out of Master Ajmal's beautiful big dick. His dick inside me completed me like no other facet of my life. His dick IS my life. He gave me energy through his dick as it pounded away at my ass—now, it was Master Ajmal's ass.


Master Ajmal's sweaty body kept pounding away with a fury of someone addicted to my ass. My Master's sweat dripped onto my body. The sweat felt as if it were washing away any impurities of my body, my mind.


I knew Master Ajmal was ready to shoot his load in me. I felt the energy emanating from his dick explode. "I'm cumming boy! I'm cumming in your fucking slave boy ass! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


I never in my life felt so much cum flood my ass. It was my Master Ajmal's energy giving cum spewing out of him and into me. I felt like we were one.


Master Ajmal rested his sweaty body on top of me while he regained his composure. "Boy!" Master Ajmal quietly said as he continued resting on top of me. "You felt it, too, didn't you boy?"


"Yes, Master!" I replied. "I felt it too. I felt your dick inside of me giving me your energy. Your energy flooded my nerves, my bones, my muscles, my mind. Every part of me is alive with your energy!"


"And, I am alive with your energy, boy!" Master Ajmal explained. "I feel like we are one now! Nothing can come between us, boy. I have your energy in me, and you have my energy in you. Your ass and my dick created a conduit between us for our energy transfer."


Master Ajmal and I both rested in silence for another few moments.


Finally, Master Ajmal quietly asked, "Do you want to take a break to rest, boy?"


"No Master!" I pleaded. "Please don't take your big dick out of me. I need you inside me, Master. Please don't take your dick out of me. Please!"


"I thought you might say what you just said," Master Ajmal replied. "You've made me a very happy Master."


Master Ajmal stretched his body so he could kiss the back of my neck before he slowly began moving his life giving dick in and out of my ass. He was gentler than the previous ass ravaging experience. But, I could feel his mind and my mind mesh.


To be continued...


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