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Life With Tim


Chapter 03:

Our Saturday night playmate, Ricardo, had just left had left earlier in the morning. We took a much needed six-hour nap!


I woke up to Tim's hard cock rubbing against the crack of my well-used ass. "Someone's frisky!" I said to Tim. My eyes were still closed.


Tim started to kiss my ear lobes and nuzzle my neck. I felt his arms reach over and he tweaked my nipple. "I'm horny for your ass, lover boy!"


"Take it! It's yours!" I replied softly.


Tim didn't waste any time. He grabbed the lube from the nightstand next to his side of the bed.


"I don't think you'll need the lube," I added, "I've still got more than enough in there from being fucked by you and Ricardo."


"Good point," Tim said as he put the lube back on the nightstand. "On your back! I want to see your face when I fuck you!"


I turned over on my back and lifted my legs so that Tim could get between them. He pushed my legs over his shoulders and lined up his cock with my asshole. "I'm going all of the way inside you in one push. Take a hit of poppers," Tim explained as he handed me the popper bottle.


I inhaled several times and handed the bottle back to Tim. He did the same and recapped the bottle.


"Ready?" Tim asked.


"More than ready, babe! Shove that hot cock in my ass!" I whispered to Tim.


He pushed his cock into my asshole and kept going until he was balls deep in me! "Don't stop! Fuck me, please!" I said to Tim once he was in.


He began slow and gentle thrusts. He leaned in and gave me a kiss. He didn't stop his momentum. After several minutes of slow, gentle thrusts, he picked up the pace. I could tell he was getting close. His body stiffened and Tim began his usual sounds while he was cumming in me, "Ahh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... Fuck, yes, babe! I love your sloppy ass." He said as he collapsed on top of me.


We laid there until his breathing had returned to normal. "I want to do that again, but I don't think I have it in me tonight!"


"I'll take a rain check, big guy!" I responded.


Tim pulled gently out of me and rolled over on his back. He glanced at the alarm clock, "It's cocktail time. I think we need a drink!"


"Yea! Do we want to shower or not?" I asked Tim.


"Not!" Tim answered.


We both got out of bed and headed naked into the kitchen to begin cocktail hour.


We settled in at the kitchen island with our drinks. "So," Tim said, "do we want to talk about our conversation with Ed last night?"


"Sure. What did you think?" I said.


"I'm not sure what I think. Ed is a very nice man. He seems pleasant, conversational, and very intelligent. His ideas were somewhat startling, however. I'm still not sure I understand why a man would give total control over his body to another man."


"It's easy," I said. "You've got to want it though. When I was with Master Ed, I really wanted it. It was a natural choice on my part. It was part of our relationship. I think that when I took control of my professional life, I needed a diversion in my personal life. Master Ed made all of the decisions. He understood me and my thoughts better than anyone else ever did. I, as his property—his slave—put myself into his control. I didn't need to make any decisions. He decided when we would go out. He decided when we had friends over. He decided all facets of my sexual life. If he wanted to flog me, he flogged me. Just as Master Ed said, I gave my body to him for his pleasure and begged for more when he slowed in intensity."


"I'm not sure anyone can understand a Master/slave relationship until he has experienced ownership or, at the very least, observed a Master/slave relationship." I continued. "Total control. Master Ed ruled supreme. I accepted his decisions and worshiped the ground he walked on. I worshiped his cock. I worshiped his ass. I was his. I really enjoyed our five year run. I was actually devastated that Master Ed wanted to end our relationship."


"So, does that mean you want to get back with Ed?" Tim asked with his face giving away his fear that I might


"No," I said. "I don't think two people can go back to a relationship like that. It was too intense to start over again. I think we would both be disappointed. That's not to say I wouldn't want to experience his energy, his control, his torture again. How does that make you feel, Tim?"


Tim began his explanation, "I'm okay with it. I found Ed very attractive. And, I saw for the first time last night and this morning, how you reacted to someone like Ricardo. I think I saw it before. I just didn't recognize it. It was inspiring. I don't think I would ever be in that kind of relationship with you—Master/slave I mean—but I'd like maybe to experience it with you and Ed."


"Wow! You'd like to watch me submit to Master Ed? Do you think you can handle it?"


"I think we should talk with Ed more. I'm not even sure he would want to be involved with us because of the past relationship he had with you. You did say that you didn't think two people would be able to sustain a renewed relationship as a Master and slave." Tim looked at me for more discussion.


"He said he would talk to us. Master Ed and my relationship will never be the same as before. After all, you are my partner now. Not Master Ed. But, I have to admit, I think the possibility of me submitting to Master Ed in your presence really turns me on."


"What would it be like?" Tim asked


"I'm not sure. Master Ed would be in control. I suppose it would start with me getting naked and kneeling in front of Master Ed. I would `assume the position.' I would wait for Master Ed's orders."


"So far so good," Tim said.


"I'm not certain how far we would go, but when I was with Master Ed the scenario went something like this. After some time licking his crotch and his boots, he'd lead me into the guest room where he'd give me an enema with warm white wine." I began my thoughts.


"After the enema, he'd fuck me on the bed. It was usually a quick and hard pounding of my ass. It wasn't a love-making session but rather more of a raw sex type of thing."


"Then, we'd move to Master Ed's playroom in the basement. He had a well-equipped playroom with a Saint Andrews cross, bondage table, shackles for restraining, sling, restraints, chains, rope, a huge collection of whips and paddles, cage, and rim seat. Master Ed used his imagination when we played. Sometimes the sessions were more intense than others. Master Ed loved to whip me, fist me, piss in my mouth, tie me up and torture me, and fuck me. I took it all. Saying `Thank you, SIR!' and `Please, SIR, don't stop, SIR!'"


Tim interjected, "Damn I'm hard just thinking about this. I think we need another drink."


I fixed us another drink and continued. "Like I said, Master Ed was creative and intense. My nipples were in a constant state of soreness. Most of the time, my ass was stretched to its max. After a weekend play session, my back, stomach, ass, and legs often had red marks and sometimes welts."


"During the first few months of service to Master Ed, I learned a great deal. Not only from Master Ed, but also from some of his friends who were also into BDSM relationships. As our relationship went forward, I became more comfortable with Master Ed, and Master Ed became more comfortable with me. He taught me to art of giving into torture, pain, humiliation."


"Sunday evening was a special time for us. I'd clean up the playroom, fix Master Ed dinner, serve him a cocktail, and we'd talk. We always ended the weekend with an extremely passionate lovemaking session. No pain, just a prolonged state of exploring one another's bodies. He would always cum in me at least twice on Sunday evening."


"So, what do you think so far, Tim?"


"I hope this works out," Tim said somewhat hesitantly. "I am sure it would be hot to see you interact with Ed. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a little fuzzy on why a man would give himself over to another man who would totally control him. But, I think the sex would be really, really hot. How did you feel after you and Ed finished this kind of scene? Sick? Humiliated? Gratified?"


"Usually humbled and sexually gratified," I responded. "Do you want to talk with Master Ed some more?"


"Yea! Of course," Tim said. "Do you still have Ed's phone number? Or, should we just wait until we see him again in the bar?"


"I think we should wait to see him," I answered


"Okay. I think I need another drink." Tim stated matter of factly.


After we were having dinner in the kitchen, Tim asked, "Steven... How did you feel when I called you boy last night?"


"I liked it! We were both in that kind of mood," I replied.


"I need to know something else... How did you feel when we tied you up on the chair and Ricardo and I fucked?" Tim asked as he looked into his glass pondering the ice.


"It was fucking hot!" I answered. "It's like we were connected in some way... You were with another man, but I was very turned on by everything that was going on around us... It was like I was part of you. Does that make any sense?"


"Sort of," Tim answered, "I got a similar feeling when Ricardo was fucking you. The look on your face when Ricardo was assaulting your ass was extraordinarily compelling to me. I knew I loved you even more as I watched the two of you having sex. It was... like I was part of your body and feeling the sensations of his cock in your ass."


"It was extremely hot! I know that when two people love each other, the `rule,'" I began with air quotes included, "is that the relationship should be monogamous. But, for me—and I hope for us, it adds some interesting dynamics to our relationship. Don't get me wrong... I love having sexual intimacy with you. Hell, just sleeping and cuddling with you are amazing! But, when we invite another man into our bedroom, it just seems right... It makes me feel even more in love with you... if that is possible."


Tim leaned over to kissed me on the cheek, "God! I think that is why I love you so much! How did you feel when Ricardo was fucking me?"


"All I had to do was look at your face and see your expressions... All I had to do was listen to your moans and grunts and breathing... All I had to do was see your beautiful, muscular body moving in sync with his... All I had to do was look into your eyes when Ricardo had finished fucking you and was laying on top of you... I could see the love you have for me... I could hear the love you have for me... I could feel the love you have for me... I hope that makes sense to you. I was sort of rambling."


"Sometimes I think, in our short time together, that we have almost become one," Tim almost whispered, "because I had a similar reaction when Ricardo was fucking you."


I leaned over and kissed Tim on the lips and added a little tongue before I started cleaning the dinner dishes.


As I was finishing loading the dishwasher, Tim asked, "Do you feel slighted? I mean, you never came the entire weekend? You still haven't!"


"No, I don't feel slighted!" I began, "Don't get me wrong, I love jacking off after you've fucked me. But, I am sexually fulfilled when I am able to get you or another man off! I love the feeling of helping a man cum. And, you know I love getting fucked, especially by you, lover boy!"


Tim stood behind me and took me in his arms. He began to play with my nipples, but he turned me around to face him, "Two more questions and then I'm going to take you into the bedroom and make mad, passionate love to you."


"Mmmm... I like the sound of that. Ask away?"


"Let me ask the two questions before you answer," Tim began as he put his hands on my chest and started to play with my nipples again. "First, do you mind not fucking me? Second, how do you feel when I told Ed and Ricardo that I'm not sure I ever want you to fuck me?"


"Let's go to bed and get comfortable and then I will answer your questions," I said as I took Tim's hand in mine and led him to the bedroom.


When we were settled in bed, me on my back and Tim resting on top of me, "The answer to your first question, is `no' I don't mind not fucking you. And, to answer your second question, it turned me on when you told them that I was never going to fuck you! And, you know I don't always cum after we finish making love. Just by knowing that you cum in my mouth or in my ass is extremely sexually gratifying for me. Maybe I should explain more... You remember me telling you that four of my straight high school friends would let me suck them off or sometimes they would fuck me?"


"Yea, of course I do," Tim replied.


I continued, "I never came when I was with them... even after they were finished... But, I found out something else about myself. I would go home and jerk my dick for hours. It felt so good to play with my cock that I didn't want to ruin it by cuming. I didn't know it then, but I know now that I am sort of addicted to edging. Have you ever done that?"


"Yea! I used to do it all the time before I met you." Tim said grinning at me. "Maybe we should do it sometime together. For a day... hell maybe a whole weekend... laying in bed naked... playing with our own cocks until we are about ready to cum... and stop and kiss and cuddle. Would you like that?"


"Fuck! Yes! I think that would be so hot!" I answered enthusiastically. "Anyway, I need to finish this little saga. I haven't really fucked anyone, except two people: David Hamlin and Dean Fisher. David loved to get fucked and he really liked my cock in him. And, Dean liked to have my dick in him while he jerked off. So, to re-answer your questions: `No, I don't mind not fucking you yet. If you and I do decide that you want me in you, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Enough talk! You promised to fuck me!"




The following weekend, Tim and I ventured out to the local leather bar to meet Master Ed and talk about our expectations for the three of us. Tim chose my outfit and I chose Tim's. I had on black leather pants with a codpiece attached, a tight-fitting black and white checked flannel shirt, a leather harness underneath the shirt, black leather lace-up boots, and a black motorcycle jacket. Tim had his chaps with a pair of badly tattered jeans, a black leather harness, black boots, a leather vest, and his black leather motorcycle jacket. We both looked good, and I thought Tim looked extremely hot because you could see his sculpted and muscular chest.


When we walked in the door of the bar, we were greeted by our friend Ricardo. He looked as hot as ever. He gave us both a kiss and tweaked Tim's nipples. Ricardo had extremely tight jeans that showed his significant bulge in a very revealing manner.


"I enjoyed last Saturday night and Sunday morning with you two," Ricardo declared.


"So did we," Tim replied. "I think we both fantasized about you when we had sex on Sunday evening."


"Really?" Ricardo managed. "I'm glad I could help! Maybe we could get together again sometime. I had a terrific time with you both. I especially liked fucking with you, Tim, both as a top and a bottom. And, I really loved fucking you, Steven. I hope your ass wasn't too sore the next day, boy!"


"I was fine the next day!" I exclaimed. "Besides it was hot!"


"I'm getting hard just thinking about it." Ricardo added


"It was hot," I said as I rubbed Ricardo's bulge.


"Don't start something we can't finish! Unfortunately, I'm meeting my friend Bart here in a little while. We're going to another bar after this. Hence, the toned down leather look. Bart is not much into the leather scene." Ricardo explained. Ricardo paused for a moment and then continued, "I should get a drink before I rape you two."


With that, Ricardo turned and headed toward the bar.


"Is that Ed over there?" Tim asked.


"Yea! Want to go say hello?" I said as I motioned to the bar.


"Sure," Tim replied.


We walked over to where Master Ed was standing in the corner near the bar.


"Hello, boys," Master Ed greeted. "Good to see you guys here tonight."


"Same here, Ed," Tim said.


"How are you doing boy?" Master Ed asked as he turned toward me.


"Fine, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I replied.


"It's sort of quiet in here for a Saturday night." Master Ed acknowledged.


"Maybe it's too early," Tim said. "Besides it's easier to have a conversation with someone when it's not as hectic. We talked about our Saturday evening conversation at the bar on Sunday evening."


"And?" Master Ed replied.


"Well..." Tim started. "We talked about the possibility of... well... Steven and I... maybe getting together with you sometime. You know, Steven as your slave. I'd like to see what it's really like."


"Are you okay with that, boy?" Master Ed asked me.


"Yes, SIR!" I replied. "I am completely okay with Tim's suggestion."


"I would expect complete control over the situation, boy." Master Ed began to explain his thoughts, "I would want you to fully submit to me—as my slave."


"I would expect that would be the case, SIR!" I replied.


Master Ed turned to Tim and continued, "What kind of role do you think you want to play in this?"


"I'm not sure. I'm new to all of this. I'm not sure I even know how to act." Tim explained to Master Ed.


"I think we can work that out, Tim. Do you ever whip the boy here?" Master Ed asked Tim.


"No," Tim replied. "Not yet anyway. I've used a paddle on his ass. That is really, really a turn on for me. I'd like to see how he reacts when you whip him... Jesus! I'm getting hard just thinking about it."


"Good," Master Ed replied. "I am too. We can take it slowly. We probably won't get into a heavy scene the first time. A lot of submission on the boy's part. Some bondage, of course. Maybe a little whipping. Definitely fucking. Does the boy ever fuck you, Tim?"


"No," Tim replied. "I don't think I want him to."


"Just asking," Master Ed stated as he turned to me. "I'd like the boy here naked. Maybe you and I, Tim, with a leather vest, chaps with no jeans, boots. I won't make the boy shave his body like I used to. You could be my `helper.' Do you take orders well, Tim?"


"Umm, like what kind of orders?" Tim asked.


"Like me telling you where to stand, what to do to the boy's body." Master Ed continued.


"That I think I can do," Tim affirmed.


"Just follow my lead and I think we'll all enjoy this. I'm sure the boy here remembers his training. Right, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied. "I'm certain it will come back to me, SIR!"


"I'm certain it will, boy!" Master Ed agreed. "You remember Miguel and Jake, don't you, boy?"


"Yes, SIR! I remember them," I added.


"Why don't you go over and talk to them. I want to have a private conversation with Tim." Master Ed suggested.


"Is that okay with you, Tim?" I asked because I wanted his permission, too.


"Yes! I think Ed and I do need to talk alone for a few minutes," Tim replied.


"I'll let you know when we are finished, boy!" Master Ed added.


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I replied as I turned and walked toward Miguel and Jake. Master Ed and Tim retreated to a quiet corner of the bar.


"Hello, SIRS!" I greeted the two hunky, leather clad men. Miguel was a 6' 5" muscular Hispanic man. Jake was a slightly taller 6'6" black man with the most stunning body I've ever seen.


"Good to see you again, boy!" Jake replied as he pulled me into a hug.


Miguel also gave me a bear hug, "It's been a long time, boy!"


With the initial greetings out of the way, Jake began, "Is that your new lover over there with Ed?"


"Yes, SIR! His name is Tim. We met in Provincetown last spring. He just moved here from Boston the end of September," I replied.


"Is he your Master, boy, or just your lover?" Miguel asked.


"We're just lovers right now. It's really too early in our relationship to decide how things will pan out." I answered.


"He's a nice looking man!" Jake added as he looked over at Tim and Master Ed again. "He's a top, right, boy?"


"Yes, SIR! He's mostly a top!" I answered.


"Have you had his ass, yet, boy?" Jake added as he was still gazing at Master Ed and Tim.


"No, SIR!" I replied and then added, "I'm not certain that I will ever be offered his ass, SIR!"


"Are you two monogamous?" Jake asked now looking at me.


"We play with other men, SIR! But, always as a couple—never by ourselves." I answered.


"Does he get fucked—by someone other than you, of course?" Miguel asked.


"One guy we were with recently fucked him. He likes men of color—and he was a man of color!" I thought I needed to explain in a little more detail. "He had a dick just a little smaller than yours, if I remember correctly!"


"I think your lover and Ed are getting along just fine, boy!" Miguel said as he nodded toward Master Ed and Tim.


I turned to look in their direction and saw Tim and Master Ed involved in a very passionate kiss.


I turned back to Miguel and Jake, "I think they are too! I am really happy to see that!"


"What's on your agenda for the rest of the evening, boy?" Jake asked.


"No plans yet. We wanted to come here to discuss some things with Master Ed." I replied.


"Are the three of you going to get together?" Jake asked.


"I don't know, but I'm really, really hoping! Probably not tonight, though." I answered.


"Boy," Jake said motioning to Tim and Master Ed, "I think Ed is trying to get your attention."


I turned to see Tim and Master Ed standing together with their arms behind each other's back. Master Ed was motioning for me to come to them.


"I need to go see what Master Ed need, SIRS! It was really great talking to you again! I've missed your company!" I said.


"Same here, boy!" Jake added, "Bring your lover over to meet us later. We'd both love to meet him."


"I will. Thank you, SIRS" I said as I turned to move toward Tim and Master Ed.


"Yes, SIR! What can I do for you, SIR?" I ask when I was in front of Tim and Master Ed.


"I think Tim and I have had a very good and productive discussion, haven't we, Tim?" Master Ed replied.


"Yes, we have indeed!" Tim answered.


"So, are you still interested in the three of us getting together? You would be my slave. Tim would be my helper." Master Ed summarized.


"Yes, SIR! That would make me very happy, SIR!" I answered.


"Good! It is settled, then!" Master Ed affirmed. "However, I have something I need to attend to early tomorrow morning. So, do you want to meet here next Saturday?"


"Next week is fine, right Steven?" Tim said. "Oh! Wait Saturday is your birthday!"


"A nice birthday present don't you think?" I said.


"Okay! Next Saturday? Ten o'clock? Would that be early enough?" Tim asked.


"I think it will be just fine. Next Saturday at ten o'clock. We can meet here and take care of some of the preliminaries and then go to my place." Master Ed suggested


"Yes, SIR!" I said.


"I should run," Ed declared. "As I said, I have an early morning tomorrow. I am going to say good bye to Miguel and Jake and then head out."


"We'll see you next Saturday then," Tim confirmed.


Master Ed kissed Tim. It was a long and passionate kiss. I knew Tim was getting into it. He loved to kiss. "Take care of the boy, Tim. I'll see you both next weekend."


Master Ed headed toward Miguel and Jake.


"Now what?" Tim asked me. "Want another beer?"


"Sure," I replied.


We headed over to the bar and ordered another beer. I paid the bartender and handed Tim his Corona. "I take it things went well with Master Ed?"


"Yes, indeed, he's a very nice—and confident—man!" Tim said. "I think he has a gentle side, too! And, I felt his crotch. Nice package! I can't wait to see it!"




Friday evening before our Saturday evening session with Master Ed, Tim and I were in the kitchen sipping our cocktails. Tim became very inquisitive about what might happen during our session. "What will Ed expect me to do? Do you think he'll want to whip me and piss on me, too?"


"It's Master Ed's call, but I suspect you will be more of a partner to him than a servant," I replied. "He'll be careful not to cross any lines—either for me or for you. Why don't you talk to him on the phone tonight?" I asked.


"Do you think I should?" Tim responded.


"If it will make you feel more comfortable, yes!" I added.


"Okay," Tim said as he walked back to the den to grab the phone. "I won't be long."


I stayed in the kitchen to prepare dinner. I knew Master Ed was a very empathetic person. He was always someone who takes his play partner's concerns into account. Master Ed is a calming influence when there are doubts or concerns.


After about 30 minutes, Tim came back into the kitchen. "I'm glad I talked to Ed. For a Sadist, he's a really nice guy. And, I know what to expect. Not exactly what will happen, but what's expected of me."


"So, I take it you liked what you heard?" I asked.


"Yea! I think it's going to be hot," Tim said excitedly.


"I think so, too," I said as I kissed him on the lips. "I think we'll all enjoy ourselves immensely. Besides, if there is something that makes you uncomfortable, just say so. Master Ed will definitely take your feelings into consideration."


"When's dinner going to be ready?" Tim asked.


"About 30 minutes. Why?" I asked.


"Just curious," Tim said as he continued our kiss and began to unbutton his jeans. "I could use a little help myself."


Tim slid his jeans down to his ankles. His tight white Calvin Cline's showed a definite bulge.


On cue, I knelt before Tim and began licking his hardening cock through his underwear.


"Oh! Yea! Just what the Doctor ordered!" Tim responded as I reached up to the waist band of his Calvin's and slid them slowly down to his ankles.


"I think we both need this," I said. I started plunging his cock down my mouth until I had his hard member all the way down my throat.


"Should we move away from the window?" Tim ask in a heated manner.


"No. Let the neighbors see. The guys across the street will like the show, I'm sure," I said.


I continued running my mouth up and down his fully erect cock. Then, as Tim got closer, he started pumping his dick in and out of my mouth. His strokes became rougher, harder, and faster. I knew he was about to pop.


"Ahhhhhhhh! Shiiiiit! Ahhhhh!" Tim screamed as he unloaded spurt after spurt of his cum down my throat. "Fuck that was good!"


I continued to lick the excess cum off his still hard cock—kissing the tip and licking his spent balls.


"I guess that's my appetizer before dinner," I said as I stood up and began to kiss Tim on the lips again. "Nice way to start dinner."


"Yea!" Tim agreed. "I'm starved."


"Me, too!" I said.


We ate dinner as Tim and I talked about our respective work and our upcoming meeting with Master Ed. When we finished dinner. We headed for the television room to catch the news.


"What am I going to wear?" Tim asked during a commercial break.


"For what?" I responded.


"With Ed?" Tim continued. "I think he wants me in chaps with no shirt or jeans, but how do I go to the bar?"


"Chaps, your lace-up leather briefs, black lace up boots, vest with no shirt. Keep it simple," I replied.


"What will you wear?" Tim questioned.


"Nothing elaborate," I said. "I won't have it on very long."


"Yea! Ready to go to bed? I'm beat and I need my beauty rest for the weekend," Tim said as he took my hand and led me into the bedroom after turning off the television. "I was thinking we shouldn't have sex tonight—you know to save our energy for tomorrow night... But, I've changed my mind. I need to be inside you... like now!"


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I shucked my cloths and lay down on my back.


Tim grabbed the lube, moved between my legs, and spread a generous amount of lube on his cock and my ass. "No poppers tonight, boy! I want this to be as natural as possible! You okay with that, boy?"


"More than okay, SIR!" I replied as I raised my legs over his shoulders. "Fuck me hard, SIR! Please fuck me hard. I want to feel you banging my ass like any good Sadist would!"


"No talking. Just get ready for my cock, boy!" Tim ordered.


"Yes, SIR!" I added as Tim shoved his cock in my ass. He didn't stop until he was all the way in. "Ahhhhh!" I moaned in pleasure.


Tim didn't waste time. He went from just shoving his dick in me to fast paced, long, hard thrusts in and out of me. "Your dick feels so good in me!" I added.



To be continued...


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