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Life With Tim



I knew Master Ajmal was ready to shoot his load in me. I felt the energy emanating from his dick explode. "I'm cumming boy! I'm cumming in your fucking slave boy ass! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


I never in my life felt so much cum flood my ass. It was my Master Ajmal's energy giving cum spewing out of him and into me. I felt like we were one.


Master Ajmal rested his sweaty body on top of me while he regained his composure. "Boy!" Master Ajmal quietly said as he continued resting on top of me. "You felt it, too, didn't you boy?"


"Yes, Master!" I replied. "I felt it too. I felt your dick inside of me giving me your energy. Your energy flooded my nerves, my bones, my muscles, my mind. Every part of me is alive with your energy!"


"And, I am alive with your energy, boy!" Master Ajmal explained. "I feel like we are one now! Nothing can come between us, boy. I have your energy in me, and you have my energy in you. Your ass and my dick created a conduit between us for our energy transfer."


Master Ajmal and I both rested in silence for another few moments.


Finally, Master Ajmal quietly asked, "Do you want to take a break to rest, boy?"


"No Master!" I pleaded. "Please don't take your big dick out of me. I need you inside me, Master. Please don't take your dick out of me. Please!"


"I thought you might say what you just said," Master Ajmal replied. "You've made me a very happy Master."


Master Ajmal stretched his body so he could kiss the back of my neck before he slowly began moving his life giving dick in and out of my ass. He was gentler than the previous ass ravaging experience. But, I could feel his mind and my mind mesh.


Chapter 30: The Honeymoon Is Over


Master Ajmal and I showered together before we dressed for the bar. I washed his body. He washed mine. My hands touched every inch of my Master's body. His hands touched every inch of my body. I felt his strength. I felt his power. I felt his energy.


As we were drying each other after our thorough washing, Master Ajmal asked, "What are you going to tell Tim tonight when you see him?"


"You and I shared a mind blowing, life altering experience together this afternoon," I replied. "Why?"


"Do you think he will be uneasy about our experience?" Master Ajmal asked.


"No," I replied. "He already knows about our experience you and I shared. I am certain he knows."


"Through your connection with Tim?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Yes," I said to Master Ajmal. "What about you and Marcus?"


"I suspect Marcus and Tim have already talked about it," Master Ajmal said with a smile. "Now, here is what I want you to wear to night. I had is especially made for you."


Master Ajmal handed me a pair of red latex shorts. The legs were short—just barely sitting below my ass. The front had an almost silky pouch in the front to hold my cock and balls. "Please slip them on, boy. I will help you adjust your cock and balls." Master Ajmal instructed.


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I pulled up the shorts. The shorts were extremely tight. Master Ajmal reached into the front and positioned my cock and balls.


"There!" Master Ajmal said. "Perfect. Take a look in the mirror."


The shorts showed ever muscle and even highlighted the crack of my ass. My cock and balls were prominently displayed in the pouch.


"These leave nothing to the imagination, Master!" I said quietly.


"I want everyone to notice your big cock and big balls," Master Ajmal said as he cupped my pouch covered balls in his hand. "You are a beautiful man, Steven! Truly a masterpiece! Your muscles. Your cock and balls. Your tattoos. Your ass. Or, I should say my ass!"


"Yes, Master!" I said to Master Ajmal. "Your ass, Master!"


Master Ajmal also wore his latex shorts. He was bare chested and had on lace up black leather boots.


Master Ajmal clipped my leash onto my collar and snapped the other end to a ring in his shorts. "I think we are ready, boy!"


"Yes, Master!" I said.


We walked the short distance to the A-House. Seth was again working the door.


"Ajmal! Boy!" Seth announced. "You men have sex written all over your bodies tonight! Are you trying to catch someone's attention?"


"Everyone's attention, Seth! Everyone's!" Master Ajmal replied.


We climbed the stairs and found our way through the crowd to the bar. "Good evening, Clark! May we have two Coronas please?"


"Yes, SIR!" Clark exclaimed. "You two are looking exceptionally well tonight!"


"Thank you, Clark!" Master Ajmal said. "How is your husband doing?"


"He's fine, Ajmal. Thank you for asking," Clark said as he handed Master Ajmal our beers. "He is with a client tonight in Boston. It's an annual meeting!"


We turned and left the bar to find a spot near the stairway entry. "Here's to your surprise tonight!"


"Thank you, SIR!" I replied. "I am especially excited to be here with you, Master! Our experience this afternoon still has my energy levels soaring."


"I feel it, too, boy!" Master Ajmal said. "Ah! Our life mates have arrived!"


Tim and Marcus bounded into the bar. Tim had on a pair of distressed cut-off jeans that were extremely tight. A chain link harness highlighted this growing chest. A black leather arm band made his arms look extremely hot!


Marcus also wore a pair of distressed cut-off jeans and a matching chain link harness.


"So, Ajmal, Steven!" Tim began. "How was your afternoon?"


"Terrific, Tim," I replied. "Yours?"


"I will answer in due time, Steven," Tim continued. "Steven, I need to tell you that you look extremely sexy in those shorts. I can't wait until your legs are completely done so we can start on a couple of tattoos on your chest and one running from your shoulders and onto your head."


"Thank you, Tim!" I said. "You two are good on the eyes as well." I tweaked both of Tim's nipples for effect.


"You are going to start something you can't finish if you do that one more fucking time, Steven!" Tim said. "But, I think you and Ajmal have some explaining to do. I had this amazing energy burst from you this afternoon. Actually, it was two energy bursts. Marcus and I want a full blow-by-blow accounting! And, we want it now!"


"Are you upset with something, Tim?" I asked.


"Nope!" Tim said with a smile as he kissed me. "I want to know EVERYTHING! Spill!"


"Master?" I turned to Master Ajmal.


"You are the one who needs to do the explaining, boy!" Master Ajmal said. "Tell your husband EXACTLY what happened today. But, before you begin, I will get a beer for Tim and Marcus."


When Master Ajmal returned with the beers for Tim and Marcus, I began my explanation. "Do you want all of the details, or just the highlights?"


"Details, Steven!" Tim hissed. "All of the details down to every breath. Every move. Every moan. Every scream. Details!"


"Master Ajmal put me on the sawhorse almost immediately upon our arrival at his playroom," I began my explanation of our first highly charged fuck session. "Do you have questions, Tim?"


"So, you felt a massive energy transfer between Ajmal's dick and your mind. Is that correct, Steven?" Tim asked.


"Yes," I said. I paused to gage Tim's further reaction.


"Do you still feel the energy connection as we stand here in the bar?" Tim asked.


"Yes," I replied.


"How does that make you feel, Steven?" Tim asked.


"Extremely energized and strengthened in my relationship with Master Ajmal," I said.


"I see," Tim continued. "How did you feel, Steven, when Ajmal was fisting you?"


"How did you know he fisted me?" I asked.


"Steven," Tim continued. "I know you. I see the look on your face. You only get the look you have now after someone has buried their fist and arm in your ass. Did you feel another energy connection with Ajmal when he was fisting you, Steven?"


"Yes," I replied.


"Good!" Tim said as he kissed me. "Ajmal! Keep up the good work! I haven't seen Steven this happy EVER! And, Steven, Marcus and I shared energy transfers of our own. It occurred when Marcus had his dick in my ass. It was probably not as intense as yours because we were engaged in an act of intimate love making. But, just like yours, I felt Marcus's energy spill from his dick and into my mind and he felt my energy spill from my ass into his mind. Right, Marcus?"


"Yup!" Marcus confirmed. "I have never felt this way with any man! Tim and I have shared so much of our bodies physically. Now, it seems to have progressed to a more mental level. We are connected. We are both very excited about this connection and plan to pursue it further. But, Steven! You need to stop popping into Tim's mind whenever you feel like it! We were in the middle of a massive fuck session. Tim said he wanted it rough. So, I was rough. I was about to cum in my lover's ass, and, all of a sudden, Tim was somewhere else. Talk about spoiling the moment! But, I somehow managed to get him back, and I finally blew my load. It was one of the best fucks I've ever had, no thanks to you, Steven!"


I stood before Tim and Marcus and pulled them both into a hug. "I'm sorry, Marcus, for spoiling the moment. I will try to control myself. And, I am so happy for the two of you. I am so happy to have all of these wonderful men in my life... Do you still love me like you did before, Tim?"


"No!" Tim said as he kissed me again. "I love you even more, silly! I will always love you! Besides, I felt you enter my body when you and Ajmal were experiencing your spiritual connection. And, I felt you in my body again, probably about the time you and Ajmal were experiencing your connection with his fist. And, I knew it was his fist. I felt it in your ass. I know Ajmal has a big dick, but not that big!"


"So, Tim," I said. "That means I can't keep anything secret where you and I are involved."


"Yup!" Tim said. "That's what it means."


"I know I've used this line before," Marcus said. "But, who do I have to fuck around here to get another beer?"


"Me, Ajmal, and Steven," Tim said. "Follow me, boyfriend. This one is on us!"


"That went well," Master Ajmal said. "Tim and Marcus seem truly happy for us. I know they are happy for themselves, too! I have an idea which will help you from spoiling Tim and Marcus's moments. We can talk about this idea later when we have time. Okay, Steven?"


"Yes, Master," I said as I kissed him. "I am sorry about interrupting Tim and Marcus. All of us are getting used to this energy transfer business."


We continued our discussion with Tim and Marcus once they returned with the second round of beers. "Will we meet you and Steven at the gym on Monday morning?"


"Yes," Master Ajmal said as he smiled at me. "I haven't told the boy about my plans for the rest of the weekend, so he didn't know he would be with me through Monday morning."


"He does now," Marcus said. "The time will pass very quickly, Steven! You and I will need to have a business pow wow sometime on Monday. I heard from David this afternoon. He has found a building we could buy in Lakeview."


"Terrific!" I said to Marcus. "I am excited!"


"Probably not as excited as you will be after Ajmal takes you home tonight!" Tim said with a leer.


"You are making my dick hard, Tim! Stop it before I take you into a corner and fuck you!" I said to Tim.


"You know I wouldn't mind, don't you Steven?" Tim hissed.


In the corner of my eye, I saw George our real estate agent in Province town enter the bar. George sported a leather vest which revealed his smooth somewhat muscled chest and huge nipples. His jeans were tight enough to show the bulge in his crotch. "Good evening, men! Steven, you are looking particularly sexy tonight."


"Thank you, SIR!" I said.


"It's our turn to buy the next round, boy," Master Ajmal said to me. He led me to the bar and waited to get the attention of Clark. "Five Coronas, please, Clark."


"So, Steven," Master Ajmal said. "Are you enjoying your evening with me so far?"


"Yes, Master!" I said. "I sense a lot of excitement in the air tonight. Not only between you and me, but also Marcus and Tim. George even seems more excited than I have ever seen him."


"You think?" Master Ajmal said with a smile as we walked back to our group.


"So, George, you're looking hot tonight, too!" Tim said. "Where is your boy?"


"He had some family events this weekend," George said. "So, I took this opportunity to come out and look at the leather boys. And, the crowd here tonight far exceeds my wildest dreams!"


"And, what might those dreams be, George," Tim asked.


"I will know when it happens, Tim," George said as he smiled broadly. "I like to play things by ear!"


Marcus was standing behind Tim. Marcus's crotch was rubbing against Tim's ass. Then, he put his hands on Tim's nipples and started to caress them. Tim's crotch grew bigger as Marcus continued to play with Tim's very sensitive nipples.


Tim couldn't take the nipple play any longer, "Okay, guys. Marcus and I are going back to the house. We need to get some sleep."


Marcus was still playing with Tim's nipples and rubbing his crotch on Tim's ass. Tim finally broke free of Marcus's hands and pulled me in for a hug and a kiss. He whispered into my ear, "Have a good time, Steven! I love you! And, I always will. Let me know how things are going, okay?"


"Love you, too, Tim," I whispered back. "I will try not to interrupt you and Marcus! Tell Marcus he shouldn't play with your nipples in public. It makes your crotch grow. Have a good time." I gave Tim a kiss as he and Marcus left the bar.


"So, Steven," Master Ajmal said. "Are you ready to leave?"


"Yes, Master!" I said.


"Good!" Master Ajmal said. "I will give you your surprise a little later tonight. You will really, really enjoy it!"


"Thank you, Master!" I said as we headed downstairs to leave.


"I think we need to keep a tradition going," Master Ajmal said. "Take off your shorts, boy!"


I slithered out of the latex shorts and pulled them over my boots. Master Ajmal took them from me. As we began our walk down Commercial Street. We received the usual cat calls. My ass was groped several times. And, my balls were felt by more than a few guys we passed.


As we were approaching the alley where I had blown Willy and Dan, we heard a familiar voice call out to us. "Ajmal! Steven!"


It was Willy dressed in his Provincetown Police Department uniform. "I see you two never learn your lesson!"


"Nope!" Master Ajmal said to Willy. Master Ajmal didn't hesitate, and he handed my leash to Willy. Willy led me to the now extremely familiar spot in the alley.


As Willy was unzipping his pants, I instinctively knelt before his crotch. When he slipped his briefs down, his already hard dick sprung to attention. "Okay, boy! Make me a happy cop!"


I took Willy's hard dick in my mouth and began to give it the attention it deserved. I deep throated him several times before I worked up a steady rhythm of sliding my mouth up and down his big dick.


"Oh! Yea, boy! Suck that cop dick, boy! Suck it!" Willy demanded as I worked faster on his dick.


After a few moments my head was bobbing up and down on Willy's dick franticly. It wasn't long before Willy shoved my head down and forced his cock down my throat and he began spewing his cum. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


I stayed on Willy's dick so I could suck all the cum out of it. Willy pulled my head off his cock and began to pull up his briefs and then his pants. After he was all zipped up, he added, "Thank you, boy! I needed that. Maybe I'll see you sometime tomorrow! Now that you and Tim are no longer in your self-imposed honeymoon, I might find out how good your ass really is!"


Master Ajmal and I continued our short walk to Master Ajmal's house. We were greeted at the door by Boris. "Good evening, gentlemen! I trust you have had a good night so far!"


"Yes, Boris," Master Ajmal replied. "We had an excellent time at the bar with our friends. We will see you in the morning, Boris."


"Yes, Ajmal," Boris replied as he disappeared.


Master Ajmal led me out into the courtyard to the playroom.


"So, boy!" Master Ajmal said. "Why don't we have a beer and talk about our time at the bar?"


"Yes, SIR!" I said.


"Sit beside me, boy!" Master Ajmal instructed.


As I took my seat beside my Master, Master Ajmal handed me my beer.


"So, boy!" Master Ajmal began. "We need to do something to curb your eagerness to share our moments together with Tim and Marcus. As you can well imagine, it could be frustrating if you landed in Tim's brain in the middle of an intense love making session."


"Yes, Master!" I said. "I am sorry I interrupted Marcus and Tim. What do I need to do?"


"First off, I am somewhat disappointed in you, boy!" Master Ajmal began.


I sat on my stool motionless, "Master! I am sorry! I never want to do anything to disappoint you, Master!"


"We will find a solution," Master Ajmal continued. "I should have been more specific in my instructions to you about our energy transfer and your spiritual journey. I want you to look into my eyes, boy."


I concentrated on Master Ajmals eyes. I saw my Master's power in his eyes. "You are mine, boy! When I am with you during our private sessions, you will not have feelings for Tim. He does not exist in your mind while we are engaged in activities while you are in my possession. You must concentrate all of your thought and energy toward me. Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, Master!" I replied. "You own me, Master. I will not have any feelings for Tim when you own me. Tim does not exist when you own me. I will concentrate only on you when you own me, Master."


"Good boy!" Master Ajmal continued. "From now on, boy! When you are in my possession, you will repeat this simple phrase at the beginning of my ownership period: `I give you my mind, my body, and my soul, Master. I will forsake all others! I am yours!' Do you understand me, boy?"


"Yes, Master," I replied. "I give you my mind, my body, and my soul, Master. I will forsake all others! I am yours!"


"Very good, boy," Master Ajmal continued. "When I give up ownership, ownership. You will return to have your loving and caring feels and energy connections with Tim. I will say to you, `You are free, boy! Go forth!' Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, Master!" I replied.


"You will remember our conversation. You must tell Tim about our new understanding, boy!" Master Ajmal said. "And, you will explain our very special relationship with your husbandwhen you see him next. You will make Tim fully understand you will not connect with him while you are fully in my service. Do you understand me, boy?"


"Yes, Master! I understand," I replied.


"So, boy!" Master Ajmal said. "What do you think of my idea?"


"It will work, Master!" I replied. "I will make it work! I never want you to be disappointed in me, Master!"


"Good boy!" Master Ajmal said. "We should speak with Tim and plan our Master/slave commitment ceremony. It will be good for both of us."


"Yes, Master!" I replied. "I am eager to have your brand on my ass, SIR!"


"So, boy! I am taking ownership of you! What do you say, boy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"I give you my mind, my body, and my soul, Master. I will forsake all others! I am yours!" I replied.


"Good boy!" Master Ajmal said. "Now, we will begin this evening's festivities."


"Thank you, Master!" I said.


Master Ajmal grabbed the hood off the bar, retrieved ear plugs from a drawer, and led me to the bondage table in the middle of the playroom. Master Ajmal inserted the ear plugs in both of my ears. I could not hear. I watched as Master Ajmal pull the hood over my head. He fastened a ball gag in my mouth. I could not speak. Master Ajmal put a blindfold over my eyes and attached it to the hood. I could not see.


Master Ajmal helped lower me so I was on my back. He fastened the restraints around my wrists and ankles. He also added straps around my thighs and my stomach. I felt Master Ajmal knead and pinch my nipples for several minutes. My dick stood at attention.


Master Ajmal's hands worked their way down my chest and stomach before they began fondling my hard dick. He used on hand to stroke my dick while the other one caressed my huge, hairless balls. He stopped playing with my dick and balls. I felt air passing my body like someone was exiting or entering the room. I stayed motionless and awaited the next phase of my torment.


Another rush of air crept over my body. I felt hands on my body again. But, it wasn't two hands, it was four. Both sets of hand began to move all over my body. First my chest and stomach. One set of hands on my left. Another set of hands on my right. I felt the hands on my arms. Then each set of hands worked up from my ankles to my cock and balls. One set of hands pulled at my stretched foreskin. The other felt my huge, hairless balls. The hands were no longer on my body.


Suddenly, one set of hands worked on pulling and twisting my nipples while the other set of hands fastened a band around my balls, stretching them from my hard cock. I felt something cold on my skin beside my nipples. It felt like metal. Cold metal. One of the hands stretched my left nipple. Then, I felt a stabbing pain on my nipple. I screamed into the ball gag as the first clamp tightened around my left nipple. I screamed into the ball gag again as the second clamp tightened around my right nipple.


The hands left my body again. I waited in darkness, in silence. I had no sense of time. I felt the pain in my nipples. I felt the mild stretching of my balls.


When the four hands returned to my body, one set pulled at my foreskin again. The hands were stretching the skin away from the head of my dick. Then, I felt a stabbing pain as something gripped the foreskin. I screamed into the ball gag again as the device bit into my foreskin.


I felt a pair of hands doing something with the hood. Suddenly, the hands removed the blindfold. I plunged from darkness into a bright light shining in my face. Next the ball gag was removed. Finally, the hood was unzipped and fell off me. The ear plugs were pulled out of my ears.


"So, boy!" Master Ajmal said to me. "I wanted you to see and hear the next phase of your torment! And, I wanted to introduce you to another Master who will be helping me with tonight's punishment. Boy, this is your Master George! Of course, you already know George, but you don't know him as your sadistic Master George."


I looked over at Master George. He was smiling broadly. He only had on a leather harness. His huge dick was standing straight up. I looked back at Master Ajmal. He, too, was smiling. He was dressed similarly to Master George.


"We are going to hurt you, boy!" Master Ajmal said to me. "We are going to seriously inflict some mind blowing pain to your body. Your Master George and I will enjoy making you suffer, boy! You will scream in pain until you can't scream any more. You will be close to losing your mind, boy! Now, what do you tell your Masters, boy?"


"SIRS! Hurt me, SIRS! Make me scream, SIRS! Make me feel the pain, SIR! Make me feel your power, SIRS!" I yelled at my tormentors. "Please, SIRS, hurt me! Please, please hurt me!"


"Good boy," Master Ajmal said to me. "Do you have anything you want to add, George?"


"I am going to enjoy myself immensely tonight, boy!" Master George said. "Ever since I met you I have dreamed about tormenting you. Hurting you. Taking control of your body. Tonight is my dream come true! I promise, you will definitely hurt after Master Ajmal and I finish with you, you good for nothing piss ant slave boy!" Master George spit in my face.


"What do you say to you Master George, boy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Thank you, Master!" I screamed at Master George. "Please hurt me, Master! Make me feel you power! Hurt me! Please hurt me, Master!"


Master George moved beside my cock and balls on my right side. Master Ajmal took the same position on my left. Master George tugged at the clamp on my foreskin and connected it to a chain of the overhead pulley system. Master Ajmal connected the ball parachute to a chain of the pulley system at the foot of the bondage table. Both Master George and Master Ajmal moved to my chest area. Each Master took one of the tit clamps and connected them to another chain in the overhead pulley system. Master Ajmal pulled opposing chain in the pulley system and added a weight.


"This is a ten pound weight, boy!" Master Ajmal said. "Do you know what I am going to do with this weight, boy?"


"Yes, Master!" I whispered. "You are going to drop it. It will pull at the tit clamps on my nipples, Master!"


"That's right, boy!" Master Ajmal hissed. "And what will you feel, boy?"


"Pain, Master," I replied. "Pain."


Master Ajmal smiled and then dropped the weight.


"Aaaaaahhhhhhh!" I screamed.


Master George moved to the pulley connected to my foreskin. He picked up a weight on a table near him. Master George fastened his weight to the opposing chain of the pulley system. "This is a 20 pound weight, boy! What will you feel when I drop this weight, boy?"


Pain in my foreskin, Master!" I replied.


Master George smiled and dropped his weight.


"Aaaaaahhhhhhh!" I screamed in pain as the weight pulled tightly on the clamp and made it press harder into my skin.


Master Ajmal moved to the foot of the bondage table. He located the opposing chain in the pulley system and connected it. "This is a 30 pound weight, boy! You know this will really hurt, don't you boy!"


"Yes, Master." I almost screamed. "Hurt me Master! Make me feel the pain! Make me feel your power, Master! Hurt me, please, Master, hurt me!"


Master Ajmal smiled and dropped his weight.


"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed.


"Very good, boy!" Master Ajmal said. "I like it when you scream! Your Master George and I will take a break and have a beer!"


"Yes, SIR!" I said quietly through the pain in my nipples, my foreskin, and my balls.


Master Ajmal and Master George sat on the bar stools as they drank their Coronas. The intense pain seared through my foreskin as the clamp dug into my skin. My balls ached as the 30 pound weight shifted from side to side after being dropped. The clamps on my sore nipples hurt more than the weight which pulled on them.


I heard Master George asked, "How much more weight do you think we should add to the boy's balls?"


"I want to add another 30 pounds," Master Ajmal suggested. "I need to teach the boy to expand his limits, especially now his balls are so big!"


"I want to add another 20 pounds to the boy's foreskin," Master George said. "He will have a very sore foreskin for several days. He will remember his time with us even after his torture ceases."


"And," Master Ajmal continued. "He should have at least 20 more pounds on his nipples. Shall we get to work?"


Master Ajmal and Master George retrieved the needed weights and stood beside me. Master Ajmal picked up the 10 pound weight connected to my nipples. He added 20 pounds more and held it while he explained himself to me. "You know, boy, this is going to hurt!"


"Yes, Master!" I squeaked out. "I know it will hurt. Please Master! Drop the weights, Master! Please drop the weights. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed as the 30 pounds now hanging off my nipples pulled the clamps. They dug further into my nipples.


Master George stood beside the chain that held the 20 pound weights pulling at my foreskin. He picked up the 20 pound weights and added the next 20 pounds. "What do you say, boy?"


"Drop the weights, Master!" I screamed. "Please drop the weights. Hurt me, Master. Hurt me. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed as the 40 pounds hanging off my foreskin dropped.


It was Master Ajmal's turn again. He picked up the weights hanging off my balls and attached the extra 30 pounds. He didn't speak this time. He smiled at me and suddenly dropped the weights.


"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed. I almost passed out from the pain in my balls.


"Oh! I'm sorry, boy!" Master Ajmal said. "I did this wrong. Instead of 30 pounds, I added 50 pounds to your balls. Tell me what it feels like with 80 pounds hanging from your balls, boy!"


"It hurts... so much..., Master!" I said in the loudest voice I could muster. "Pain... in my... balls... intense!"


"Do you want us to stop, boy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"No, Master!" I screamed. "Please don't stop, Master. Hurt me, Master. Make me feel your power. Please, Master! Hurt me!"


Master Ajmal went to his collection of weights and picked out another one. He returned to the weights hanging from my balls. "We need to round out the weights hanging from your balls. I am adding another 20 pounds to make an even 100 pounds."


Master Ajmal picked up the eighty pound weights and added the extra 20 pounds. Without saying a word, he smiled at me and then at George before he dropped the 100 pound weights attached to my balls.


"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed. The pain was intense. My balls felt like they were going to explode. Now I was bawling from the pain.


Master Ajmal approached me. He leaned down and started to passionately kiss me. Suddenly, I was looking silently down from the ceiling. I saw the weights hanging from my body. My nipples were bloody. My foreskin was bloody. But, I felt peace. Master Ajmal was in my mind again. As he continued to kiss me, I realized I heard his voice, `I am making you hurt, boy, because you need to feel the pain. I am making you a better person. A better slave boy for me. A better husband to Tim. A better lover for Marcus. You are one with me, aren't you, boy?'


I didn't say the words, but I thought about what Master Ajmal communicated to me through his kisses and the pain in my balls, foreskin, and nipples. `Yes, Master! I am one with you, Master. I feel your power. I feel your energy. Thank you, Master for hurting me!'


Master Ajmal stopped kissing me. Master Ajmal placed his hands over my heart. Master George began removing the weights. From my nipples. From my foreskin. From my balls. When the clamps were removed from my nipples, I didn't scream from the intense pain. When the clamp was removed from my foreskin, I didn't scream from the intense pain. When the ball parachute was removed from my balls, I didn't scream from the intense pain. When Master George finished removing the devices from my body, Master Ajmal and Master George removed the restraints. Master Ajmal helped me to sit. He carried me to a bar stool and sat me down. My balls still ached. My nipples still hurt. My foreskin still throbbed.


"Excellent job, boy!" Master Ajmal said as he kissed me again. "You make me very proud to have you as my slave boy!"


"Thank you, SIR!" I whispered. "I am proud to be of service to you, Master! I feel we are one. You complete me. You give me power over the pain."


Master Ajmal retrieved three Coronas from the fridge and handed Master George and me one. He took the other and sat beside me.


"You know we are not finished with you tonight, boy!" Master Ajmal said.


"Yes, Master!" I said with renewed energy.


"What did you enjoy most about the evening so far, boy?" Master George asked.


"Feeling your power over me, SIR!" I replied. "When Master Ajmal and I connected, all of the pain turned into energy. I shared that energy with Master Ajmal. His energy helped me to withstand the pain."


"And, you didn't bother Tim, did you, boy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"No, Master," I replied.


"Why, boy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Tim means nothing to me while I am owned by you!" I replied. "I am yours Master! I cannot have feelings for Tim!"


Master Ajmal lifted my face and brought our lips together. He kissed me with the passion of a lover. Finally, Master Ajmal ended our kiss. "I love you, boy! I love the power you give me over your mind and your body. You are traveling down your spirit journey at an incredible speed, boy! You make me very proud to own you, to control you. You are mine. I will never let you out of my grasp. We are one together for the rest of our lives, boy! We cannot let anything or anyone get in our way. We will do good things for the rest of humanity, boy! I can feel it in my mind!"


"Thank you, Master!" I quietly said.


"Are you rested, boy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Yes, Master!" I said with enthusiasm. "I am rested. Please take me on another spirit journey, Master!"


"Good!" Master Ajmal said before he continued. "Master George and I are going to fuck you next, boy! After we fuck you, we are going to fist you. When we are finished, I will put you on the fucking machine while Master George and I get some rest. We have a big day tomorrow, too! You will have more spirit journeys before the weekend is complete!"


"Thank you, Master!" I replied.




I woke up after the night spent with Master Ajmal and Master George. I was on my stomach under Master Ajmal who was about to stick his dick in my ass again.


"Good morning, boy!" Master Ajmal whispered. "I need your ass again, boy! I know you like my dick, especially after what you said last night. Do you remember what you said to me last night when I just fucked you for an hour, boy?"


"Yes, Master!" I replied. "I told you I needed your dick in me more than anyone else, Master."


"More than Tim?" Master Ajmal said as he began to move slowly in and out of my ass.


"I am not allowed to let my feelings for Tim get in the way of my feelings your you, Master, when I am in your control," I said to Master Ajmal.


"Are you willing to tell Tim what you just told me?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Yes, Master!" I replied. "I am willing to tell Tim. He needs to know how I feel about you, Master!"


"I want to be with you when you break the news to your new husband," Master Ajmal said as he kissed the back of my neck. He also increased the power and speed of his thrusts.


I lost track of our conversation as I was lost in the extreme pleasure Master Ajmal was giving me. "Master!" I hissed. "Fuck me hard, Master! Please fuck me hard! Make me feel your power, Master! Take me! Please take me!"


Master Ajmal needed no further encouragement. He began to pummel my ass with the force of a wild man. The bed was shaking. Master Ajmal's sweat dripped from his muscular body onto me. I was covered in sweat. I was covered in my Master's glorious sweat. I felt my body tense and I realized I was about to cum. "I'm going to cum, Master! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Master Ajmal must have been pushed over the edge when my ass began convulsing because he shot his load right after I finished shooting mine. "Shit boy! Take my cum, boy! Take my Master cum! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Master Ajmal collapsed on top of me so he could recover from his—no, our—mind blowing orgasm! After he regained his composure, he whispered to me, "Boy! That was the best fuck I have ever had! I am so happy to own your fucking slave boy ass! I am getting used to your ass, boy! I may never give it back to Tim! What would you say if I didn't, boy?"


"I don't care if no other man, including Tim, fucks me ever again," I whispered back. "I need your dick! I want your dick! I am addicted to your dick! I get power from your dick! I can't be without your dick, Master!"


"Good boy!" Master Ajmal said to me. "We've been fucking for 1 hour. We need to get you ready for the next phase of my plans for your body this weekend. I have thought about letting you shower and wash the stink off your body. But, I have decided against letting you shower. But, I must move you to the sling, boy!"


Master Ajmal crawled from atop me and offered his hand to help get be out of the bed in the playroom. "You have six loads of cum in you, boy! Three from your Master George, and three from me. Bend over the bed, boy."


As I bent over the bed, Master Ajmal grabbed a large butt plug from his connection and shoved it into my ass. "Aaaahhhh!" I moaned.


"Now, I am going to get you into the sling," Master Ajmal began. "After you are secured in the sling, I am going to join your Master George in the shower in my bedroom. You will wait patiently here in the playroom until we are ready to resume using your body."


"Yes, Master," I said as I was secured in the sling. My wrists and my legs were in restraints. "I will miss you, Master!"


"I'm certain you will, boy!" Master Ajmal said. "But, your Master George is waiting for me. I will return when I am ready to begin the next phase of using your body. You might want to get some rest. I would put you back on the fucking machine, but the four hours you were on it last night should make your ass nice and sloppy."


"Yes, Master!" I said. "Anything you say, Master!"


As Master Ajmal left, my eyes felt heavy and I dosed off.


The next thing I knew Master Ajmal slapped my ass with his bare hand. "Wake up, boy!"


"Yes, Master!" I said as I opened my eyes. Four other men accompanied Master Ajmal.


"Say hello to our guests, boy!" Master Ajmal said. Master George, Callum, Seth, and Tyron stood naked beside Master Ajmal. "I have decided to let my friends use your ass today, boy! You need training to make your ass a better one for me in the future. These men have agreed to help me. They agreed to spend the rest of the day making your ass as sloppy as possible. Expect no rest."


"Yes, Master!" I replied. My hard dick showed my extreme pleasure. "I won't disappoint you or your friends, Master!"


"Callum!" Master Ajmal. "Tell the boy why you wanted to be here."


"When I first heard about the BDSM porn movies you plan to star in, I decided I wanted to have your ass," Callum began. "Your Master and his friends invited me here to get what I wanted—your ass. I am going to fuck you. Then, your friends Seth and Tyron are going to fuck you. After they get through fucking you, I am going to fist you. Your Master Ajmal told me your ass will be perfect for fisting once Seth and Tyron are finished with you. So, boy! Get ready for my dick. I am horny. I am feeling sadistic. And, I am going to take your ass. If I like it, your Master Ajmal has agreed to let me use it at my discretion."


Callum lined up his already hard nine inch uncut cock with my ass. With one masterful thrust, he embedded it balls deep.


"Ahhhh!" I moaned in pleasure. "Fuck me, Callum! Fuck me hard! Please, Callum! Fuck me hard!"


Callum didn't waste any time getting into power fucking my ass. His beautiful, tanned, muscled, hairless chest immediately grabbed my attention. I suddenly wanted to make this beautiful man happy! I wanted to satisfy him so I could have him over and over again.


"Fuck! Boy!" Callum screamed as he repeatedly stabbed at my ass with his hard, uncut dick. "Your ass is like no other I have fucked."


Callum continued to work my ass with the energy ad force of a man on a mission of pleasuring himself. He grabbed the chains attached to the sling to add more fucking power to his muscled body. I watched his muscles ripple underneath his tanned skin. This beautiful man ravaged my ass. I lost all track of time as I got lost in the miracles Callum worked on my ass. I lost all track of time as I watched Callum's muscled body ravage my ass.


As the sweat poured from Callum's body, his facial expressions turned to one of bliss as he pounded my ass. Every stroke seemed to make him even more maniacal. "Shit boy! I'm going to cum in your slave boy ass! Fuck! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...! Shit!" Callum screamed as he unloaded mounds of his cum into me. I felt the power of his orgasm as his cum blasted against the lining of my sloppy ass.


He rested his sweaty muscled body on top of me as he regained his composure. When he was finally able to catch his breath, he said to me, "One of the best fucks of my life, boy! I can't wait to shove my fist up your slave boy ass. I am going to call Tim and tell him I just fucked his husband, and I want fucking more!"


As Callum stood and pulled out of my ass, Seth readied himself to take the tanned, muscle stud's place.


"I've waited for a little over an hour to get this ass this morning!" Seth said as he stood between my legs. "I get impatient. I get horny. I get greedy. When I get greedy, I don't give up a boy's ass quickly! So, asshole, get ready to get power fucked, boy! What do you say to that, ass wipe?"


"Fuck me, SIR!" I screamed. "Fuck me hard! Please, SIR! Fuck me hard. I need your dick. I need your cum! Make me feel your power, SIR! Take me! Take my ass!"


Seth didn't pause any longer. His massive body stood between my legs with his 10 inch uncut dick dripping with pre-cum. His muscles of his massive chest and massive arms rippled with anticipation as he lined up his huge dick with my asshole.


"Ahhhhh!" I screamed as he shoved his massive dick into me and began to power fuck me. His trusts were immediately powerful and fast as he began the onslaught of my ass. As he picked up his already incredible pace he grabbed the chains of the sling to allow him to put all of his massive body into his goal of shredding my ass with his big dick. Again, I lost all track of time as I experienced one of the most powerful fucks I have ever received. His muscles undulated in the rhythm of his dick taking my ass. I was lost in total oblivion. I felt my mind go into overdrive and I began to silently watch this huge, muscled, sweat covered man turn me into mush. I didn't want this to end. `I need dick! I need big dick in my ass!' I thought to myself in my almost unconscious state. `I am addicted to dick! Any dick! Big dick! Powerful dick! Energy giving dick!'


I looked into Seth's eyes and saw the power and fury of my attacker. I was one with his dick. I saw his eyes turn bright. I knew he was about to give me his cum in my ass. `I need big dicked men's cum! I am meant to take men's cum in my ass! I am meant to serve powerful men!'


"Fuck!" Seth screamed as his body tensed and he began to shoot his powerful, energy giving cum into my overused ass. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Seth collapsed on top of me. His huge, muscled, sweaty body almost took my breath away. I felt his heart beating as he recovered. He gave me the energy of his dick, his cum, his heart beat. For a moment, I was one with my attacker.


"Shit boy!" Seth said when he somewhat recovered. "You are a terrific fuck!"


Seth turned his attention to the rest of the room as he stayed on top of me, "Ajmal! You could sell this boy's ass for big bucks! But, I am certain you know that already!"


"Yes, Seth," Master Ajmal said. "When I take full ownership, the boy will make me a lot of money!"


Seth finally turned his attention back to me. "Hear that, boy? Your Master is going to sell you to whomever he wants! You will be servicing powerful men for the rest of your useful slave boy life!"


"Yes, SIR!" I whisper. "I will make my Master proud of me, SIR! It is my duty!"


Seth slowly raised his body from atop mine. His huge dick was still hard in my ass. When he pulled his dick out of my ass, I felt several loads of cum start to drip from my asshole. Tyron stroked his massive 13 inch, uncut black dick as he prepared to take his turn on my ass. As Seth moved away from me, Tyron move in to take over ravaging my asshole.


"I hope my husband's 90 minute fuck session with you has you ready to take my big dick up your ass," Tyron hissed. "I have waited for this moment ever since I saw you and your husband Tim at the naked yoga sessions. And, trust me, I will not be an easy man to take. Seth is a power fucker. I share his zest for slave boy ass, except it takes me a long time to cum. So, boy, tell me what you want!"


"SIR!" I almost scream. "I need you to make me feel your power. Hurt me with your big dick, SIR! Take me! Use me! I need your dick in me, SIR! Make me feel your power!"


Tyron stood before me as he lined up his big dick with my sloppy asshole. His muscles bulged in his chest, arms, ass, and legs. His size was staggering. His 6 foot 6 inch frame was ablaze and glistened in anticipation of his prize. His eyes looked into mine. I felt them burn a hole through me and into my mind. Even before his dick was in me, I felt him connect with me. I felt his energy. I felt his power. I felt his fury. Before I realized it, he had begun to power fuck me. I don't know for how long he was in me. It didn't matter to me. He was driving me to insanity with the pleasure his crushing ravaging of my ass. I didn't want him to stop. I wanted this man in me for the rest of my slave boy life. Tyron was giving me what no other man has ever given me.


"Fuck!" Tyron screamed. "I'm cuming in your slave boy ass, shit head! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


His cum and his big dick filled my ass. I knew I was shooting my load all over my body. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Tyron rested on top of me as he regained his composure after his extreme workout. He was finally able to speak, "So, boy! Judging from the cum on your body, you liked my big dick in you!"


"Yes, SIR!" I hissed. "Yes, SIR! Please, SIR! Do it again, SIR!"


Tyron repeated his last performance.


"I think the boy needs a rest before you have a chance to fist him," Master Ajmal said as he pulled his big dick out of Callum. "Callum? Tell the boy what you just told me after I left my cum in your ass."


"Ass wipe!" Callum hissed. He was still in the sling. "I am interested in serving your Master while you are rented out to sadists all over the world. You have competition, ass wipe. I am going to take away your husband AND your Master!"


As Callum made his pronouncement, Master George helped Master Seth and Master Tyron release me from the sling. Tyron picked he up and carried me to a bar stool to rest. I was extremely tired. Cum ran like water from a faucet out of my ass.


Master Ajmal took his place beside me on a bar stool. "I hope you enjoyed yourself, boy! Once I take complete ownership of you, boy, you will be serving these powerful men and dozens of others. You will be one of the most well know and sought after slave boys around the world. What do you say about that, boy?"


"I am yours, Master!" I whispered. "I have no choice but to do what you tell me to do. I am yours. You own me. I have no other life but to make you proud of me, Master!"


"Good boy!" Master Ajmal said to me as he handed me a beer. "I have one other surprise for you, boy...! Tim, Marcus! Please join us for a beer."


"Tim!" I exclaimed. "How... how long... how long have you been here?"


"Marcus and I have watched your performance with Callum, Seth, and Tyron from the beginning," Tim quietly said. His voice got louder. "You are a fucking pig, Steven! You are a pig! You don't love me anymore, do you? You would rather be a fucking paid for slave boy for the rest of the fucking world. Answer me, Steven! Do you love me anymore?"


I took a deep breath and considered my words. "While I am in the service of Master Ajmal, I put my feelings for you aside. While I am in the service of Master Ajmal, I can't love you, Tim. Master Ajmal ordered me to put aside my feelings and love for you while I am in his service. So, Tim. No! I don't love you."


"Let's go Marcus!" Tim said in an extremely angry voice. "I need to get out of here before I shove Steven to the floor and beat the shit out of him. Steven! I never want to see your fucking face again!"


Tim and Marcus hurried out of the room. I sat on the bar stool in silence. The entire room was silent.


Master Ajmal took a sip of his beer. "So, boy! How do you feel about your conversation with your former husband?"


"I... I... I don't know, SIR!" I whispered. "But, something wasn't right, Master!"


"What do you mean? `Something wasn't right.'" Master Ajmal asked


"I know Tim said `I never want to see your fucking face again!'" I tried to explain. "But, it is not in line with the connection I had with him before he and Marcus left. And, it is not in line with the connection I have with him now. I felt dirty. I felt ashamed. I felt lost. But, those were his words. I don't get those words from my connection with Tim right now, Master!"


"Okay," Master Ajmal said. "Drink the rest of your beer, boy! We will leave you here alone while you finish your beer."


I sat in silence again. I was lost in my feelings. All of a sudden, I felt Tim near me. I looked around the room. He wasn't in the room. `I do love you, Tim!' I thought.


"I know!" Tim said as he walked through the door of the playroom. "I love you, too! I thought I did a good job of acting, don't you think?" He was smiling as he sat beside me. He, too, had a beer in his hand.


"Yes," I said as I leaned in to kiss him. "But our connection fucked up your Oscar performance! Why?"


"It was a test, sweetie," Tim said as he returned the kiss. "I couldn't get over how much I missed our connection when you were with Ajmal and George last night. Marcus said I sucked in bed last night. So, we decided to see where things were going with you and me and our connection. It was actually Marcus's idea. So, you do love me, don't you?"


"Of course, I love you!" I said. "I just fucking married you two weeks ago. Just because I am a piggy slave boy doesn't mean I still can't love you! Were you really okay with what happened here this morning with Callum, Seth, and Tyron?"


"I thought it was fucking hot!" Tim said. "Marcus and I both blew a couple of loads while we watched you!"


"So, what happens now?" I asked as Tim and I both took a swig of our beers.


"Well, I was thinking about your predicament," Tim said.


"My predicament?" I asked not knowing where things were headed with Tim and me. I was hard as a rock. So was Tim.


"Your Master Ajmal still owns your body until Monday morning when we meet at the gym," Tim continued as we both took another sip of our beers. "You still have guests to entertain. Marcus wants to be involved with the other guests during your next phase of entertaining. I don't want to be left without a playmate. So, with Ajmal's permission already obtained, I am going to be in the sling next to you. When I watched Callum, Seth, and Tyron fuck you, I decided I don't want to wait any longer. I need three big dicks in my ass, Steven. Maybe five if you count Ajmal and George. So, while you are getting fisted by four hot men, I am going to get fucked by five hot men. But, judging from your performance earlier, I don't think we will be communicating much. I need to concentrate on the dick inside me at the moment. What do you think of my offer?"


"Tim, I would be honored to have you in a sling beside me," I said to my husband. "And, please correct me if I am mistaken, but you have become obsessed with muscled, big dicked men as much as I am. Am I not correct?"


Tim leaned in to kiss me. "You are correct, Steven! I share your passion in many areas of life, and muscled, big dicked men is one of them! So, Steven, we have guests to please. Don't you think we should get this show on the road?"


"Definitely," I said to Tim. "But, I have one other question. Was Callum's comment about taking away my husband AND my Master scripted?"


"Nope," Tim said with a smile. "You do have competition! But, I for one love competitive situations. And, I know you do, too! Marcus will probably cut Callum's nuts off if he tries to take his position as my boyfriend. You will, I know, do the same if he gets too close to me and Ajmal!"


"Ajmal!" Tim called out. "Bring your guests back in. We need to get this show on the road!"


Master Ajmal and Master George led Marcus, Callum, Seth, and Tyron back into our area of the playroom.


Marcus took Tim's hand, kissed his lips, and led him to the second sling, "Tim, I am happy to have my old, sex crazed boyfriend back!"


Master Ajmal hooked my leash into my collar and led me back to my sling, "Tim was right, you know. You two won't be communicating much during this next phase of making our guests happy. You both will be too busy making connections with whomever is using your asses.


As Master Ajmal restrained me, Marcus restrained Tim. Once we were both secure, I looked around the room. It was filled with testosterone fueled energy from six muscle studs.


Callum pulled the fisting stool up and sat on it. He began to lather his fist and arm in Crisco. He put his hand on my asshole and began to push his fingers into me. I looked in his eyes. He was smiling. It was a sadistic smile. His eyes were glowing. He watched my face as he pushed his fist into me. "Ahhh!" I moaned as his fist passed my sphincter muscle. He began to work his fist further and further into my ass. I lost touch of reality as he worked his fist kept moving inside me.


"I always wanted to know what it was like shoving my arm up some bitch's ass," Callum hissed. "I like it! You like it! We all like it! This will be your life from now on. Being fucked, fisted, whipped, tortured, humiliated, dominated, and used! You deserve this life, ass hole! You deserve this life!"


Callum continued to work his fist and arm back and forth. A few times, he pulled his fist almost out of me and then powerfully shoved it back in. I was one with his fist. `Callum is right!' I thought to myself. `This will be my life!' I don't know how long Callum had his fist in me. But, his fist was perfect for my sloppy ass. His arm extended inside me up to his elbow. All of a sudden, I felt empty. Callum had removed his fist from my ass.


I looked over at Tim. Tyron was power fucking Tim. I knew from Tim's trance-like look on his face, he was definitely connecting with Tyron. Still, silence embraced the room.


Marcus took his place on the fisting stool. As he slathered Crisco on his fist and arm, he explained his position, "The only other person I have fisted is your husband. Now, I am going to fist you, Steven. I know I will enjoy your ass as much as I did Tim's. So, get used to my fist in your ass! And, one last thing, Steven! Thanks for letting me love Tim! He means the world to me! Like you, I will make certain he is a happy man. I will help you make certain he is always safe and loved. Now, asshole! Get ready!"


As Marcus began to push his fist into me, Tyron was unloading in Tim. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


I felt Marcus's hand push through my sphincter muscle. "Aaaahhhh!" I moaned. "Make me feel it, Marcus. Make me feel your big arm in my ass, Marcus. Make me feel your power!" I screamed as Marcus's fist continued its journey up my ass. I looked into the mirror above the sling. I watched Marcus's arm disappear into my ass.


"God! You have a great ass for fisting, boy!" Marcus said when his arm was elbow deep in me. He worked his fist, gently as first, in and out of my ass.


My mind separated from my body. I looked around the room filled with sex crazed top, muscle men. Seth was now hammering Tim's ass. Master Ajmal and Master George were each playing with one of Tim's nipples. `God!' I thought `Tim's muscled chest is beautiful.' Tim's eyes were almost rolled into the back of his head as he enjoyed Seth's big dick in his ass.


Tyron had Callum bent over the bondage table as he plundered Callum's ass. Callum was moaning in ecstasy with each jab of Tyron's massive dick.


My mind returned to my body and Marcus's work on my ass. His fist worked all of the way in up to his elbow and then all of the way out. Every time his fist passed through my sphincter muscle I moaned with pleasure. Suddenly Marcus paused. "Do you feel it, boy?"


"Yes!" I screamed. "I feel your big arm in my ass!"


"Not my fist, boy!" Marcus hissed. "Do you fucking feel it?"


"Yes!" I screamed again. "I feel your mind connected with mine."


"What is my mind telling yours, boy?" Marcus hissed again.


"Your power!" I screamed back. "Your power over my body. You control my body. You control my mind! I am yours!"


"And, what is your mind saying to my mind, boy?" Marcus continued hissing at me.


"Take me! Make me yours! I need you in me! I want you in me. I want your fist in my ass. I want your mind in my mind!"


Marcus resumed his taking of my ass with his fist and his arm. The sling was moving back and forth in opposition to Marcus's thrusts of his fist and arm into my ass.


I heard Tim scream as he shot a load while Seth continued to pound his ass. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


When Tim had recovered from his orgasm, he screamed to the man ravaging his ass, "Fuck me harder, SIR! Fuck me harder! Please fuck me harder!"


The chains of the sling Tim was in began clanking as Seth picked up the almost break-neck pace of fucing my husband. Seth was giving Tim what he wanted.


"Yeeessss!" Tim screamed. "Yeeesss!"


Seth began screaming at my husband, "Get ready fuck face! Get ready for my cum! I'm going to fill your fucking ass with my cum! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


I looked over at Tim and Seth. Seth rested his sweat drenched body on top of Tim. The entire room was filled with Tyron's scream of ecstasy as he unloaded into Callum's ass, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!


Marcus must have been stroking his own dick. Shortly after Tyron rested his sweaty, muscled body atop Callum's body, Marcus began to shoot his load. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Silence overtook the room. The room smelled of sweat and sex. Marcus left his arm in me while he recovered. When he pulled his arm out, I quietly said, "I need more! I need more dick! I need more fists! Please fill my ass! Please!"


Seth slowly took his place on the fisting stool. Tyron brought another stool and placed it beside Seth. Tyron sat alongside his husband. Seth slathered Crisco on his right fist and arm. Tyron slathered Crisco on his left fist and arm. Seth put his right hand near my puckered asshole. Tyron put his left hand beside Seth's. Together they began pushing their fingers inside me. First the fingers. I felt as though my ass ripped apart as their fists made their way up my asshole.


"Aaaaaahhhhhhh!" I screamed in pain as both of their fists pushed through my sphincter muscle. I almost passed out as they continued to push in and out as they worked their fists further into me. I was staring at the mirror above the sling. Tears flowed down my face as the pain of their fists became even more excruciating as they continued the ascent into my asshole. When I saw their arms up to their elbow in me, I screamed again, "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!"


They didn't pull out. The jointly began to move their fists and arms in and out of me.


"Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" I screamed again as both of their fists popped back through my sphincter muscle.


"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I screamed again as both of their fists pushed through my sphincter muscle again.


They kept massaging their fists and arms until they were again elbow deep inside my ass.


Tim stood beside me and put his palm over my heart. "He is in pain," Tim announced. "But, please don't stop! He needs more."


Seth and Tyron began to work their fists and arms in and out of my ass at a slightly faster pace. "Ahhhhhhh!" I moaned.


I must have passed out because the next I remember was being alone in the sling. No one was in the room. I felt empty. I didn't have a dick or a fist in me. I didn't have Tim standing beside me! I was alone.


I heard the door open to the playroom. Instead of Master Ajmal, Willy, Dan, and two other men I didn't know came in and stood near me, still restrained, in the sling. "Hello, Steven," Willy said. "We saw your Master Ajmal at the coffee shop in the middle of town. He was with Seth and Tyron. Your husband, Tim, his boyfriend, Marcus, and Callum were heading back to your house. Master Ajmal said you might like a little company."


"Thank you," I said as I looked at the two strangers.


"Oh! I forgot you don't know these other two dudes," Willy said as he pointed to one and then the other. "This is Neil. The other one is Thomas. They are on the police force with Dan and me."


All four men had huge smiles on their faces. Neil was a 5 foot 11 inch hunk of muscle dressed in tight gym shorts, a tank top, and sneakers without sox. Thomas stood almost 6 foot 2 inches. He, too, was scantily dressed. A huge bulge showed through his tight cut-off jeans. His muscles bulged in his way too tight tank top. His shaved head added to the power image of the black muscleman.


"So, Steven," Willy continued. "Would you like some company?"


"Yes, please" I said quietly.


All four men quickly shed their clothes. And, their dicks were immediately hard. Willy's eight inch circumscribed cock and Dan's nine inch uncut cock paled in comparison of the other two studs. Neil was at least 11 inches long, uncut, and extremely fat. Thomas's was another uncut piece of 13 inch black dick. My dick began to harden at the sight of these four hunky police officers.


"So, Ajmal told us Seth and Tyron double fisted you earlier," Willy began. "I hope that means you have a really sloppy, cum filled asshole. We all like sloppy cum filled assholes, don't we, boys?"


"Yes," the other three said in unison.


"I assume Willy gets the first shot at the boy's ass," Thomas said with a sadistic smile crossing his face.


"That would be correct," Willy said as he moved between my legs as he prepared to mount me. "Ajmal said he won't be back for quite some time. So, the boys and I have decided to take our time with you! We wouldn't want you to be lonely!"


Before he shoved his dick in me, Willy turned to the others. "They boy likes a hard, rough, and long-lasting fuck! So, let's give him what he wants!"


Willy turned his attention back to me and my ass. He lunged toward my ass and speared my ass with his dick.


"Ah! Yes, fuck me! Fuck me hard! Give it to me. Fuck me with your big hard cop dick. Make me feel it!" I screamed. I wanted more dick. I needed more dick.


I relaxed and let Willy pound away at my ass. I watched him in the mirror above the sling. I watched him turn from good cop to sadistic cop. My dick suddenly stood at attention. Willy braced himself with the chains of the sling and began swinging the sling opposite of his thrusts. I moaned in pleasure at every jab of his dick. I moaned in pleasure as his pubic hairs brushed against my hairless swollen balls. I was in a trance with my head leaning back. I concentrated on the dick ramming my ass. I needed Willy's dick. I needed Dan's dick. I needed Neil's dick. I needed Thomas's dick. I needed dick! Any dick! I felt the energy of Willy's dick push my mind further into my trance. I continued to moan in pleasure as Willy power fucked me. Willy's muscles bulged as he slammed his body into my ass. I lost myself in Willy's frenetic use of my ass. I felt Willy explode inside my ass.


"Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" Willy screamed as his dick exploded inside me.


The scene was repeated by Dan, Neil, and Thomas.


"So, boy!" Willy said. "Your ass is well worth the wait. I'll bring the other two gay police officers around to sample your ass when they are off duty. Ajmal suggested we leave you here just like we found you. The only difference is that now you have four more loads of cum dripping from your ass!"


I watched as the four officers dressed. When they left the playroom, I was again alone. I had never before felt so alone and so used. Cum and Crisco dripped from my ass. I was sore from being restrained in the sling for so long. `This is the how I will spend the rest of my life. Alone. Waiting for my next abuser.' I thought. I smiled when I thought about how my life with Tim had been so perfect. Now, I felt abandon, useless, and alone!


I must have fallen asleep. I don't know for how long. But, I awoke to see a stranger watching me. He was a huge naked Asian man. He must have been 6 feet tall. His smooth, muscled almost hairless body caught my breath. His hard uncut cock was at least 8 inches long.


"So, boy! You are finally awake," the stranger said. "I saw your Master downtown with some friends. He told me he has plans to rent your body out to people like me. He told me I could use you for the next hour to see if I would be interested in a rental. To be perfectly honest, boy, I like what I see. Nice muscles. Nice hairless body. Nice tattoos. Nice big balls. Cum dripping out of your asshole. Your Master told me your ass was extremely well used this weekend. So, I have decided to use it a little more. I hope I like it. If I do, you can be assured I will be one of your Master's first customers. By the way, boy, my name is Master Zeng! I know your Master Ajmal very, very well!"


Master Zeng rummaged around in his bag and pulled out three items. He placed them on a table near the sling.


"Your Master said your ass was well-used already. So, I decided I would use other parts of your body," Master Zeng explained.


Master Zeng held up the first item. "You know what these are, correct boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I answered. "Tit clamps, SIR!"


"Yes, boy! They are tit clamps," Master Zeng further explained. "They are very strong tit clamps. I like to use them because I like to hear a boy scream when I tighten them. I am going to enjoy hearing YOU scream boy when I put these on your nipples and tighten them as tightly as I can. You will like these, won't you, boy?"


"Yes, Master!" I pleaded. "Please Master! Hurt me! Please Master make me feel the pain, SIR! I need to feel the pain, SIR! HURT ME!"


"Gladly, boy!" Master Zeng said as he began to kneed and stretch my nipples. "I think you and I will get along just fine, boy! Just fine. I like it when a boy begs me to hurt him. Oh! I don't think I told you, boy! I am just as sadistic, if not more so, as your Master Ajmal. If you are not screaming enough, I will hurt you more. And, by the time I leave here you will probably be crying in pain. I won't leave here until you are screaming and crying and begging me to stop. But, I won't stop, boy! I will hurt you even more. I will stop hurting you when I am ready. Not a moment before."


Master Zeng finally attached the first clamp to my left nipple. He began to tighten it quickly.


"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh" I screamed in pain.


"I don't think this is tight enough, boy!" Master Zeng said as he tightened the clamp even more.


"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed again as the pain became almost unbearable.


"Nope," Master Zeng said. "Not enough pain." Master Zeng again tightened the clamp. It felt as if the metal was cutting almost through my nipple.


"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed again. Tears were rolling down my face now. I hurt so much. "Please SIR! No more, SIR!"


"So you want more, huh, boy!" Master Zeng said as he added another turn to the clamp.


I opened my mouth to scream, but nothing came out.


"Very good, boy!" Master Zeng said. "I can't tighten these anymore. They are as tight as I can make them. Now, let's work on the next nipple!"


He went through the same process on my right nipple. By the time he had finished the final tightening of the clamp. I felt the pain searing through my entire body. Master Zeng walked around to my head and leaned in to kiss me. He kissed me passionately. The intense pain made his passionate kisses even more erotic.


He stopped kissing me and moved to the other end of the sling. "Look at me, boy!" Master Zeng ordered as he picked up the next device. "Do you know what this is boy?"


"No, SIR!" I said as loudly as I could. I think, though, I must have whispered my response.


"What was that, boy?" Master Zeng asked. "I didn't hear you, boy! I need to hear your answers!"


"No, SIR!" I managed to croak out.


"This is a metal rod that has tiny little spikes on it," Master Zeng. "Do you know what I am going to do with the metal rod, boy?"


"No, SIR!" I said as loudly as I could.


"I am going to use it to whip your ass, boy," Master Zeng said. I saw his sadistic smile widen. "I am going to whip your ass so long and so hard, your ass will be sore for several days. You will not be able to sit without remembering me. What do you want to say to me, boy?"


"SIR!" I screamed at Master Zeng. "Please, SIR! Hurt me, SIR! Make me feel the pain, SIR! I need to feel the pain, SIR! Hurt me! Please hurt me, SIR!"


"Good boy!" Master Zeng said to me. "I like a boy who pleads with me to hurt him. It makes me want to really work a boy over. So, boy! I am definitely going to hurt you. You will definitely feel the pain! Every time I whip your ass, boy, I want you to count every stroke. If I don't hear you count, the next one lands on your dick! Do you understand, boy?"


Yes, Master!" I replied. "I understand completely, SIR!"


The room was silent. Master Zeng was rubbing my ass with his bare hand as he looked intently at my eyes. I saw the pleasure in his eyes and he prepared to whip my ass with the metal rod. I closed my eyes to await my punishment.


I heard the whip cut through the air and finally land on my ass. "AAAAAAHHHHHHH!" I screamed. "One, SIR! Thank you, SIR!"


I waited. The second blow landed on my ass. "AAAAAAHHHHHHH!" I screamed. "Two, SIR! Thank you, SIR!"


The ass whipping continued.


"Twenty, SIR! Thank you, SIR!"


Several more blows struck my ass. I couldn't get the count for number thirty out fast enough. A blow landed on my dick.


"Thirty, SIR! Thank you, SIR!"


Master Zeng continued. By the time I had reached 40. I couldn't react fast enough. So, Master Zeng delivered the last ten blows both to my ass and my dick.


"Thank you for you cooperation, boy!" Master Zeng said as he began to remove the tit clamps.


When the left one came off, I almost passed out from the pain! "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed.


I also screamed when he removed the right one! ""AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"


Master Zeng moved to my head and again passionately kissed me. When he stopped, he put his things away and pulled on his clothes.


"Your Master Ajmal suggested I leave you where I found you," Master Zeng explained. "I look forward to renting you from your Master for a long weekend. I am pleased with your performance, boy!"


Master Zeng turned and left the playroom.


I awoke in a dark room. As my eyes adjusted to the darkened room, I saw Master Ajmal next to me. He was on his side holding his head with his right arm. He looked me in the eyes. "I am very proud of you, boy! Your performance this weekend pleases me greatly. It is about midnight. We need to get some rest, boy!"


Master Ajmal positioned himself on his back. He pulled me toward him. I rested my head on his chest. I fell asleep almost instantly.




I woke up with a start on Monday morning! Master Ajmal was on top of me. His dick was hard and rubbing on mine.


"So, boy!" Master Ajmal began. "Did you sleep well last night?"


"Yes, Master!" I answered.


"How does your ass feel this morning?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Well used, SIR!" I said. "But, I miss having you in me!"


"Good!" Master Ajmal said. "I want to fuck my ass one more time this morning before I give you back to your husband. Before I do, I want to ask you a question."


"Yes?" I said.


"Do you want to sleep with Tim tonight? Or, do you want to sleep with Tim, Marcus, and me?" Master Ajmal asked.


"With the three of you! Why?" I answered and asked.


"Don't you want some private time with Tim?" Master Ajmal asked.


"When Tim sticks his dick in me, it will be private time, Master!" I replied. "Even with you and Marcus in bed with us, it will be private time with my husband. We are a family!"


"Good answer, boy!" Master Ajmal said as he spread my legs and lifted them over his shoulders. Master Ajmal leaned down to kiss me. He was passionate. I responded passionately. I felt his dick slip easily inside my ass.


"Yes, Master!" I hissed.


"I like your ass like this," Master Ajmal whispered. "Sloppy and loose! Perfect for fucking!"


Master Ajmal stopped kissing me and focused on his task. He picked up the pace of thrusting his big dick in and out of my ass with every stroke until he rammed his dick in and out of me with power and passion. I moaned his ecstasy as his dick went inside me. Sweat was dripping from Master Ajmal's muscled body. He worked every muscle of his body to pleasure himself in me. I lost track of time. I lost track of my thoughts. My only sensation was the power, the energy emanating from Master Ajmal's big dick as he took my ass with force and excitement! We were again one. One mind. One body. One spirit. I felt Master Ajmal getting close to shooting. Then, it happened! "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Master Ajmal lowered his sweaty body on top of mine. His dick was still inside me. His still hard dick was still inside me. I pulled Master Ajmal close to me because I didn't want him to take his still hard dick out of my ass.


"That was good, boy!" Master Ajmal whispered to me. "You amazing me every time I fuck you. It keeps getting better, and better, and better!"


"For me, too, Master!" I said as I still held Master Ajmal close to me.


As we stayed together, I felt my Master's heart beat. I felt my Master as he took every breath.


"I hate to do this, boy," Master Ajmal whispered to me. "But, we need to get showered so we can meet Tim and Marcus at the gym."


Master Ajmal pulled his still hard big dick out of my ass. In one swift motion, he was standing beside the bed and pulled me out. He held me tight before he led me into the shower. We washed each other. We dried each other. Master Ajmal handed me a pair of skimpy gym shorts.


"Before you put those on, boy, we need to do two things," Master Ajmal said. "Bend over, boy! You will need this in your ass for a few days."


I bent over, and Master Ajmal shoved a large butt plug in my ass.


"The next item of business, is to release you from my service," Master Ajmal quietly said. "You are free, boy! Go forth!"


Master Ajmal took his key and released my collar, and removed it. I slipped on the gym shorts, adjusted my dick and balls, and slipped on my sneakers. Master Ajmal handed me my gym bag.


"Are you ready to go, boy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Yes, Master!" I said. "But, I want to tell you something else... I love you Master! I love you with all of my heart!"


"And, I love you, too!" Master Ajmal said as he kissed me on the lips. "Now, we must go before I throw you on the bed and fuck you again!"


"I wouldn't mind, you know!" I said as I leered at Master Ajmal.


"Tim would hang us both!" Master Ajmal said with a smile.


"Probably!" I said as we left Master Ajmal's house.


When we arrived at the gym, Marcus, Tim, and Callum were waiting for us.


"So, guys!" Tim said. "We were early! You are not late! If you were 1 minute later, you would be! I hope you had a terrific night!"


"We did, indeed," Master Ajmal said. "You?"


"Yup!" Marcus began. "And, we have something exciting to tell you!"


"What might that be, Marcus?" I asked.


"We have decided the five of us are going to bond," Marcus said with a smile. "Please tell them, Callum!"


"I want you to know I did not really mean to tell you, Steven, I was going to take away your Master AND your husband! I'm sorry. I got carried away in the moment! But, I was thinking, would you and your partners want a male model turned slave in one of your movies?"


"Tim can write the screen play, but YES!" I said. "Terrific idea. I get to direct!"


"Oh!" Callum said. "I didn't think about that, but sure!"


"What brought this turn of events to fruition?" I asked Callum.


"It's really very simple," Callum began his explanation. "I've done a little acting professionally in between modelling gigs. Nothing has come my way for at least a year. So, I decided if I want to act, why not become a porn star!"


"Excellent!" I said with enthusiasm as we entered the locker room. "Who do you want to be your Master?"


"You and Tim," Callum replied.


I looked at Tim. He was smiling broadly. I looked back at Callum. He too was smiling. I looked at Marcus and then Master Ajmal. They were both smiling.


"So, Tim," I said. "It looks like you and I are going to make a porn movie together!"


To be continued...


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