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Life With Tim



We went back upstairs and I rejoined the group in the kitchen. My phone began to ring. It was Master Ajmal. "Good morning, Master!"


"Good morning, boy!" Master Ajmal said. "Are you and Tim enjoying your time in the city?"


"Yes, Master!" I said. "Very much so."


"Good! I need to make this a brief conversation," Master Ajmal said. "My friend Bruce will visit you and Tim. He will be at the front door at 10 minutes. I want you to be waiting for him standing just inside the open front door. Naked. When you address him, please call him `Master Bruce,' `Master,' or `SIR'! He knows about the Tan, Jeromy, and Livingston situation. He is available to help with Livingston's transition to a real Master. Master Bruce will use your body as a demonstration tool. Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, Master!" I said. "I understand completely, Master!"


When I hung up the phone, I addressed our little group of four. "It seems Master Ajmal has arranged for someone to help level the playing field. A friend of his, Master Bruce, will be here in 10 minutes. We have four top guys and two slave boys."


"Nope!" Tim spoke up. "For today, I am going to be a bottom boy! Tan, you are assigned to be my Master for the day!"


Tim looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. Tan looked terrified.


"But, Tim!" Tan almost screamed. "You are my boss! I can't hurt you!"


"No," Tim said. "But, you can fuck me. You can fist me. You can whip me. You can torture me. You can shove your dick down my throat. This is not optional, Tan."


Chapter 32: To Manhattan and Back


"Are you certain about this, Tim?" I asked.


"Definitely!" Tim said with a big smile on his face.


"Tan?" I asked the proposed Master.


"If Tim is willing, I am willing," Tan replied. "What's the worst that could happened? I could get fired!"


"The only way you are going to get fired, Tan," Tim began. "Would be to refuse to be my Master!"


"Then, it is settled!" Tan explained. "From now on, call me `Master Tan,' `Master,' or `SIR!'"


Tim retrieved a collar from the kitchen cabinet over the island. "Master!" Tim said as he assumed the position in front of Tan. "Please make me your slave boy, Master!"


Tan took the collar from Tim's hand and fastened it around Tim's neck. "On your knees, boy! I need my dick sucked!"


"Yes, Master," Tim said and he kneeled in front of Tan's rock hard uncut Hispanic dick.


Tim began working on Tan's 11 inch dick. I went downstairs to await Master Bruce. I stood in the open door way. A few people passed by and noticed me standing naked in the doorway. Some hurried away in shock. Others paused to get a good look.


Finally, a huge man wearing tight, tight jeans and an equally tight tank top walk through the gate and into the doorway. Master Bruce was at least 6 feet tall. His muscles bulged from his tight jeans and his tight tank top. I noticed the outline of Master Bruce's cock. It looked huge!


"Master Bruce!" I said as I assumed the position in front of him.


"You look better than I ever imagined, boy!" Master Bruce said to me as he dug something out of his back pack. He pulled out a chain collar and secured it around my neck.


"Now, boy!" Master Bruce continued. "Say the words your Master Ajmal taught you to say."


"I give you my mind, my body, and my soul, Master. I will forsake all others! I am yours!" I said to Master Bruce.


"Good boy!" Master Bruce said as he began stripping his clothes off in the foyer. The front door was still open. He kept eye contact with me as he quickly took off all of his clothes. His blond hair, muscled chest, biceps, six pack abs made his 6 foot tall body look massive. His uncut 10 inch dick was sticking straight up. Not only was it long, it was the fattest cock I had ever seen. It reminded me of a baseball bat. He closed the front door, and led me into the kitchen.


"Good morning, men!" Master Bruce said to the group. "I am Steven's Master Bruce. Please tell me your names."


Tan took the lead. "Master Bruce! I am Tim's Master Tan. Jeromy awaits his Master Livingston. He should be here shortly!"


Jeromy's phone began to ring. "Hello, Master! I will be down to let you in."


Jeromy hurried downstairs. After a few moments, Jeromy's Master Livingston led a collared Jeromy into the kitchen. Tim's jaw dropped as he saw Jeromy's Master standing naked in the kitchen. He was 5 feet 11 inches tall. He had a light smattering of trimmed hair covering his massive chest and six-pack abs. His 8 inch uncut dick was at attention.


"Good afternoon," Master Livingston said as he smiled at the rest of the group.


Tan again took care of the introductions, "This is Jeromy's Master, Master Livingston. This ass wipe sucking my dick is my slave boy, Tim. The muscled stud without any hair on his body and huge balls is Master Bruce's slave boy, Steven.


"Now, I think we can get started," Master Bruce suggested. "Follow me to the playroom."


We followed Master Bruce to the elevator and took it downstairs. When we stepped into the playroom, I heard Tan, Tim, Jeromy, and Livingston gasp.


"Holy shit!" Master Livingston said.


"Ajmal has assembled a very complete playroom here in his city house," Master Bruce explained. "And, since we have three slave boys here, we should start with them in the slings."


Master Bruce grabbed my arm and pulled me to the sling. He turned me around to face him before he shoved me back and into the sling.


Tan and Livingston both helped their slave boys into their respective slings. Once we were properly restrained, Master Bruce again took charge. "Ajmal said you, Masters Tan and Livingston, are not overly experienced in being a Master. Is that correct?"


"That is correct," Master Livingston said. Tan nodded his head in agreement.


"Ajmal also said his boy Steven is an extremely experienced slave. Is that correct, boy?" Master Bruce continued.


"Yes, Master!" I replied as loudly as I could without yelling.


"Good!" Master Bruce took charge again. "Might I suggest we get started by giving our boys a hard, rough fuck. One they will never forget!"


Both Master Livingston and Master Tan nodded in agreement. They were both smiling.


"I am going to enjoy this, ass wipe!" Master Tan said to Tim as he lined up his hard cock with Tim's ass.


"Ahhhhhh!" Tim moaned as Master Tan shoved his big, hard dick into Tim's ass with one swift push.


Master Livingston did the same to Jeromy.


Master Bruce watched his charges begin power fucking their slave boys. He looked into my eyes. I saw lust. I saw power. I saw terrifying desire.


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed as Master Bruce shoved his baseball bat-sized dick into my ass.


He was immediately in power fuck mode. The sling was swaying back and forth with the rhythm of Master Bruce's thrusts in and out of my ass. I looked up at the mirror which reflected Master Bruce's huge dick ravaging my ass. I changed my attention to Master Bruce's huge muscled body putting more and more power into his task at hand. I entered a trance-like state, as my tormentor continued his pounding of my ass.


I heard Master Tan unload in Tim's ass, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Master Tan's sweat covered body rested on top of Tim.


Master Livingston was next to unload in his slave boy's ass, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Master Bruce seemed not even remotely close to unloading in my ass.


I heard Tim plead with his Master, "Master! Please fuck me again, Master! Please, Master! Do it again! Fuck me hard, Master!"


Master Tan seemed eager to give Tim what he wanted. He again began to pulverize Tim's ass with long, swift, powerful strokes in and out of Tim. Tim moaned in pleasure with each stroke.


Time stood still as I again submerged myself into my powerful Master's use of my asshole. I totally became one with my Master's dick until I heard Master Tan unload in Tim's ass again, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Finally, it was Master Bruce's turn to experience his powerful orgasm. I felt his cum ram the inside of my ass as he unloaded ropes and ropes of his cum. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Master Bruce rested his massive, sweaty body on top of mine until he regained his composure. "Ajmal is right, boy! You are one terrific fuck!"




I woke up on Sunday morning looking at Tim in a bear hug with Tan. I was on my side with Jeromy's dick in my ass. I assumed from the movement on the other side of Jeromy, Master Livingston was starting to give Jeromy his morning fuck.


I saw Tan look over at Jeromy and his Master Livingston. "Jesus, guys! Didn't you get enough last night. My dick is ready to fall off."


"My nipples are sore," Tim began. "My ass is sore from your big dick and your fist. My back is sore from being whipped. I think, Master Tan, you owe me one last fuck as your slave boy! Then, we can call this phase of our entertainment off until further notice!"


Tim turned over on his back, held out his arms, and spread his legs. Master Tan took his place as he began to mount my husband for the fifth time since yesterday afternoon."


"Fuck me, Master!" Tim almost screamed. "Fuck me hard, SIR! Make me feel you big dick, Master!"


Tan lunged at Tim's ass hole. His dick disappeared into Tim's ass in a matter of seconds. "Is that what you want, slave boy? My big Hispanic dick in your lily white ass hole?"


"Yes, Master!" Tim again screamed. "Fuck me, Master. Please fuck me!"


Tan immediately ramped up his attack of Tim's ass and was quickly pounding away with fury and lust. He body began to drip with sweat as he worked his dick in and out of Tim's ass.


As Tan continued to work Tim's ass. I felt Jeromy begin fucking me in sync with his Master Livingston's thrusts. I felt Jeromy's hands find my exceedingly sore nipples and began tweaking them.


"Ah! Shit yes!" I screamed as Jeromy let his dick slide in and out of my ass as his Master began to ramp up the pace of his thrusts. Master Livingston rolled us over so I was on the bottom and Jeromy was sandwiched in the middle.


"I get your ass next Steven!" Livingston screamed at me. "Work your ass to get my slave boy off! Come on! Move it, ass wipe!"


I began bucking away so Jeromy's dick was sliding in and out of my ass. I didn't take long before Jeromy unloaded in my ass. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" Jeromy screamed as he filled my ass with his cum.


Master Livingston pulled out of Jeromy's ass and rolled him to the side. Master Livingston was almost immediately pounding my ass. He pounded away. I felt his sweat dripping off his body onto mind. His big hairy balls were slapping against my swollen hairless ones. I felt Master Livingston's body tense as he began delivering his load into my ass, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Master Tan and Tim both came almost in total sync. They were both moaning in pleasure as they spewed their cum. Master Tan's landed in Tim's ass. Tim's landed on both of their bodies. Master Tan rested on top of Tim for several minutes. Tim held Tan tightly as Tan regrouped. "Master!" Tim began. "I will consider giving you a raise every time you fuck me like that! And, don't ever tell me you can't hurt me, Tan! You did a really good job of whipping me last night! You were massively into hurting me, weren't you?"


"Yes, boss," Tan whispered. "Big time!"


"We all need a shower before we head down to the kitchen for sustenance!" Tim quietly suggested. "Before we do, I need to ask Steven a question. What did you enjoy most about your time with Bruce?"


"Getting fucked by his baseball bat-sized dick and getting whipped," I replied. "You, Tim?"


"Tan's incredible energy!" Tim said as he gave Tan a quick kiss. "Tan?"


"Fucking my boss's sweet ass, and pounding his back with a whip," Tan said with a smile. "What was the highlight for you, Jeromy?"


"Watching Steven get whipped," Jeromy replied. "It was incredibly sexual and intense. My Master and I will need to work on our technique. Any hints, Steven?"


"Practice," I replied. "Lots and lots of practice! What about you, Livingston?"


"I agree with Jeromy," Livingston replied. "Watching you get whipped was a total turn on for me! I almost came whenever Bruce slapped your back with the whip."


"Let's hit the shower, boys!" Tim suggested. "I for one am fucking hungry."


When out little group arrive in the kitchen, we found a note Clarence had left. "Breakfast is in the warming trays on the sideboard. Enjoy!"


As we began to devour our breakfast, we also began our conversation about future plans.


"You and Jeromy will be at our place next Saturday morning, right, Tan?" Tim asked.


"Yup!" Tan enthused. "We can't wait! Thanks for getting permission for me to work from your house. It is time we get out of the city for a while."


"It was a simple phone call, Tan," Tim said.


"I will send you the flight information once I have it. The three of you will take the shuttle from New York to Boston. I will have a charter flight waiting to take you to Provincetown. We will meet you at the airport. Livingston, you will be joining us for our discussion with our architect, Lance, and Marcus," I explained. "You will like both of them."


"Thanks for going to bat for me, Steven!" Livingston said. "I need to get out of the firm where I work. No creativity. Just do it like we've done for the last 50 years. I will be taking personal days off for the week."


"We will give the three of you the two bedroom apartment downstairs," Tim explained. "It's a two bedroom place with two bathrooms. You will also get to meet our friends, Jake and Miguel from Chicago."


My phone rang. It was Master Ajmal. "Good morning, Master!"


"Good morning, boy!" Master Ajmal replied. "I understand you and Master Bruce worked well together!"


"Yes, Master!" I replied. "Thank you for allowing me to serve Master Bruce."


"You're welcome, boy!" Master Ajmal said. "I knew the two of you would enjoy each other! Marcus and I are looking forward to your return. We have special plans for the two of you. Please tell Tim Marcus sends his best. We will pick you up at the airport in Provincetown on Monday."


"Thank you, Master!" I said. "It is good to hear your voice!"


"Yours, too, boy!" Master Ajmal said. "I love you, boy!"


"I love you, too, Master!" I said as we ended the phone call.


I relayed the information to Tim.


"We should be heading home," Tan said after we had finished eating. "We have a busy week ahead of us."


"We had a great time with the three of you," Tim said to our guests. "And, Tan... I enjoyed being your slave boy. Would you consider a repeat performance sometime?"


"Shit yes, boss!" Tan said with an evil grin. "What will your boyfriend Marcus say?"


"I can have two Masters, can't I?" Tim suggested. "You will like Marcus. You will like Ajmal. And, they will enjoy the three of you!"


After the guys found their clothes and left, Tim and I continued to sit at the kitchen island. "So, Tim. Tell me. How did it feel to be Master Tan's slave boy?"


"To be perfectly honest with you, Steven," Tim began. "I enjoyed it! The Master/slave thing with David didn't work. We didn't have the right connection. But, with Tan, it felt different. It felt natural. I don't want to be in a permanent relationship with Tan, but a night here and there might be addictive."


"Do you think Jeromy can really be a slave boy to Livingston?" I asked.


"Why do you ask?" Tim questioned me.


"They didn't seem to really connect," I explained. "But, time will tell! Now, husband, what do you want to do with the rest of the day?"


"Why don't we go for a run in Central Park?" Tim suggested. "Then, when we are sweaty enough we can come back here and fuck! You know you make me horny when you are sweaty!"


We went upstairs and selected our running apparel. Tim slipped on a pair of silky running shorts. I did the same. We didn't bother with shirts or underwear. Only the running shorts and our running shoes.




Tim and I stepped out of the charter plane in Provincetown. Marcus and Master Ajmal were waiting for us.


Marcus and Tim were in an instant embrace.


"I missed the shit out of you!" Marcus said after he planted a passionate kiss on Tim's lips.


"I missed you, too!" Tim said as he and Marcus finally pulled apart.


Master Ajmal hugged me, "I am so glad you are back, boy!"


"It is good to be here, Master!" I responded.


Marcus and Tim scurried into the back seat. I sat in the passenger seat with Master Ajmal at the helm of the SUV.


"So, Timmy!" Marcus began. "How did it feel being a slave boy to one of your employees?"


"How did you know about that?" Tim asked. "And, DON'T CALL ME TIMMY!"


"A little testy aren't we?" Marcus teased. "So, slave boy. How did it feel?"


"It was actually pretty hot!" Tim admitted. "I got into the moment. Tan got into the moment! It was a terrific experience!"


"And, you want to do it again, right?" Marcus asked.


"Maybe," Tim responded. "Are you interested?"


"Maybe," Marcus replied as he gave Tim another kiss. "Steven! How would you feel if your husband became a slave boy to this Tan dude and me?"


"If it makes the three of you happy, then go for it!" I said. Master Ajmal put my hand on his thigh. I moved my hand to his crotch. Hard! Just as I expected.


"I said I missed you, boy!" Master Ajmal said as he maneuvered the SUV down Commercial Street.


I took Master Ajmal's free hand and put it on my hard dick. "I missed you, too, Master!"


"Ajmal and I have decided to take you both up to our bedroom and show you how much we missed you!" Marcus explained.


Tim slipped off his polo shirt and dropped his shorts. He pulled Marcus's shirt off and yanked down his shorts. Tim was on the floor and immediately began to give Marcus a blow job.


"Naked, boy!" Master Ajmal ordered. I slipped off all my clothes and sat naked as the SUV lumbered down Commercial Street. "What do you say to your Master, boy?"


"I give you my mind, my body, and my soul, Master. I will forsake all others! I am yours!" I responded.


"Good boy!" Master Ajmal said as he pulled into the garage.


The four of us were in our bedroom in seconds. I was on my back. Tim was on his back. Master Ajmal was on top of me. Marcus was on top of Tim. Marcus and Master Ajmal instantly were delivering extremely passionate kisses to their lovers.


We kissed for a long time. Master Ajmal finally raised his body off mine, spread my legs, and shoved his dick into my waiting asshole.


"Ahhhhh! Yes, Master!" I hissed.


As Master Ajmal began power fucking me, I looked into his eyes. He looked into my eyes. We were one. We were connected. Mind, body, and soul!


"You... feel it..., boy?" Master Ajmal hissed between strokes.


"Yes..., Master...! I... feel it!" I hissed back.


I was lost in my Master's mind. I felt his power. I felt his soul. I was his. Time stood still. Master Ajmal's energy overtook me. I felt Master Ajmal's sweat drip from his muscular body onto mine. His sweat cleansed me. His sweat gave me energy. Out of nowhere my dick exploded. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" My cum mixed with Master Ajmal's sweat on his body and mine.


Master Ajmal paused momentarily to kiss me. When he resumed his power fuck, he almost immediately moaned in pleasure as his dick unloaded into my ass. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Master Ajmal lowered his body onto mine as he recovered from his powerful orgasm. I knew it was powerful. I felt it in his energy surrounding us.


Marcus lay motionless on top of Tim. I had been so lost in the feeling of intimacy with Master Ajmal, I hadn't heard Marcus cum in Tim's ass. The four of us stayed motionless and silent. I felt Tim's energy. I felt Tim's love for Marcus. I felt Marcus's love for Tim.


I must have fallen asleep. I awoke with a start as I heard Tim hiss at his lover. "Marcus, I want you to fuck me again, but I am hungry."


"I have learned, Tim, you have two things on your mind. Sex and food." Marcus said. "That's it. Sex and food. After we eat something, I am going to bring you back up here and fuck you again and again until it is time for cocktails and dinner. After dinner, I am going to drag you back up here and fuck you again and again until we get it right! Maybe at daybreak. What do you say to my idea, Tim?"


"Let's get this show on the road," Tim said.


Marcus pulled his still hard dick out of Tim's ass and rolled onto his side between Tim and Master Ajmal and me. "Are you two just going to lay there or are you going to join us for food?"


"Food," Master Ajmal whispered. "After we eat, I am going to take the boy to a very special place."


We went downstairs. Harvey was in the kitchen. "Salad and sandwiches. Help yourselves."


We each grabbed a plate of food and went outside to sit beside the pool.


"Marcus and I have been talking about the Master/slave commitment ceremony." Master Ajmal began. "If you don't mind, Steven, I would like to delay our commitment to each other until November. Marcus and I will be married by then. And, both Marcus and Tim will be a very big part of our commitment to one another. We should be equals in our marital vows before we proceed."


"And, Tim, Ajmal and I have discuss a commitment ceremony between you and me," Marcus explained. "It might be one ceremony. What do you think?"


"I like the idea, Marcus," Tim said. I could see ideas popping into my husband's head. "Where?"


"It could be here," Master Ajmal said. "It could be in Chicago. It could be in Manhattan. Or, it could be somewhere totally neutral."


"I have an idea," Tim began. "And, my idea will need some adjustments as we talk about it, but here goes. What if we were to have the commitment ceremony in the building we just bought in Chicago? A totally empty floor with only the trappings we need to proceed with the ceremony."


"I like that idea, Tim," Master Ajmal replied. "I like it a lot!"


"The four of us should be naked," Marcus added. "Tell Tim and Steven about your idea with the rings, Ajmal."


"Ah! Yes! The rings!" Master Ajmal explained. "Marcus and I thought the four of us should have identical commitment rings. The rings would symbolize my commitment to the boy. The boy's commitment to me. Marcus's commitment to Tim. Tim's commitment to Marcus. They would also symbolize our commitment, the four of us, to each other. We are forming a unique family. Four people loving each other, making certain the other members are safe, happy, and healthy. What do you think?"


"I really love the idea!" Tim said. "Steven?"


"Yes!" I agreed. "I love the idea, too! But, what about your brand on my ass, Master?"


"You really want the brand, don't you, boy?" Master Ajmal replied.


"Yes, Master!" I said. "Tim?"


"If you and Ajmal want the branding to be part of the ceremony, then there will be a branding ceremony," Tim said with a smile. "Are their health issues with the branding?"


"There are possible issues, such as infection," Master Ajmal said. "On the other hand, we know the brand needs to be taken care of properly."


"Ah! I know this might not be a possibility," Marcus began. "What if Ajmal's brand was actually a tattoo?"


"Steven?" Tim asked.


"Master Ajmal, I will leave the decision to your judgement," I said. "But I want to be permanently marked as your property."


"Hmm!" Master Ajmal began. "I like the idea, actually! It could be done as part of the morning after the ceremony. We could also add your names, Tim and Marcus, to Steven's other ass cheek. Steven?"


"Only if you promise to whip me when the ceremony is finished," I said with a smile. "I want some pain involved! And, I want it to be inflicted with our guests watching!"


"Talk to Jerome, Tim," Master Ajmal suggested. "See what it will take to get him to come to Chicago to do the tattoos."


"Got it!" Tim answered. "I'll asked when we visit Jerome tomorrow afternoon."


"Okay, boy!" Master Ajmal began. "You and I have someplace we need to go this afternoon. And, I see lust pouring out of Marcus's eyes."


"Yes, Master," I said as I got up and carried our plates into the kitchen. Once I had dumped the dishes in the kitchen sink, Master Ajmal led me out to the garage.


He pulled on a pair of gym shorts and opened the passenger door for me. "Yes, boy! We are going for a drive and you will be naked!"


"Yes, Master," I replied.


We headed out of town on Bradford Street. "Do you know where we are going, boy?"


"Your house on the hill, Master!" I replied.


"Yes!" Master Ajmal continued. "To OUR house on the hill. I have had something special put there. I think you will enjoy our time there."


"I am with you, Master!" I added. "I always enjoy my time with you."


When we arrived at our house on the hill, I immediately noticed something new. It was a triple wide padded bench. The bench was positioned to overlook the beautiful view down below us. Cape Cod Bay. Provincetown. The lighthouse on the point.


"This is very nice, Master!" I said. "Peaceful!"


"I wanted to talk to you," Master Ajmal said calmly as we sat. Master Ajmal had by now slipped off his gym shorts and sat beside my already naked body. He picked up my hand and brought it to his lips and kissed it. "I hope, boy, you don't mind postponing our Master/slave commitment ceremony."


"No, Master!" I said. "I understand your reasoning. Tim and Marcus are part of the life you and I share with each other. I love you. I love Tim. I love Marcus. We are family!"


"I am glad you are not disappointed," Master Ajmal said. "The idea of you and me committing as Master and slave before I married Marcus seemed to be somewhat selfish on my part."


"May I asked you something, Master?" I asked.


"Of course, boy!" Master Ajmal replied.


"Do you love Marcus like I love Tim?" I asked.


"Yes!" Master Ajmal said. "I love him immensely. I know he loves me, too. Just like Tim loves you."


"You make me happy, Master!" I said. "Very happy!"


"I also want us to go somewhere so the two of us can be alone after our commitment ceremony," Master Ajmal quietly added. "Maybe for a couple of weeks. Would you like to go away and spend some time just with each other?"


"Yes, Master!" I said. "I would like that very, very much."


"Good!" Master Ajmal continued. "I am going to suggest to Marcus and Tim they do the same. Somewhere away from people we know and familiar surroundings. We can plan our time together. I will make love to you. You will make love to me."


"I will enjoy our time together, Master!" I exclaimed. "Did Tim or Marcus tell you about the house in Fort Lauderdale Tim arranged?"


"Marcus told me one day after he talked with Tim," Master Ajmal said. "We will enjoy ourselves, I am certain! It will definitely be good to get away from the cold! I am also eager to meet Tan, Jeromy, and Livingston!"


"They are nice guys," I said to Master Ajmal. "But, I am not certain Jeromy will make a good slave boy to Livingston. They don't seem to connect."


"It takes time," Master Ajmal said. "Now, one other item and then I am going to make love to you outside, right here beside our house on a hill. Would you consider—when the time is right—accompanying me to Iraq when Boris's three friends have permission to leave? It will be safe. We will have tight security at all times. We might also be bringing back a few others, too!"


"I would be delighted to go with you, Master!" I replied. "You are doing a great thing for these guys."


"Thank you!" Master Ajmal said as he lowered the back of the bench so it was a bed.


I positioned myself on my back. My arms welcomed Master Ajmal. My legs were spread wide to allow my Master access to my ass. As he lowered his body on top of mine, our hard dicks touched. I felt sparks of energy passing from one to the other.


"You make me so happy, Master!" I whispered as Master Ajmal put all of his weight on top of me.


"You make me happy, too, boy!" Master Ajmal whispered before he began to kiss me passionately, tenderly, lovingly.


My mind seemed to drift off to a space I had never been before. It was a happy space. It was a serene space. It was a loving space. I was one with my Master. I was one with my lover. I was one with the man on top of me.


Between kisses, Master Ajmal lined up his big hard dick with my asshole. He slowly and gently pushed inward. As his dick filled my ass, I was again off to my new space. I was happy. I was loved.


Master Ajmal made love to me for what seemed to be forever. I didn't want it to end. Master Ajmal didn't want it to end. He kept making love to me.


Suddenly, I was brought out of my space and into the world. I saw my Master on top of me. I felt my Master's dick in me. There was no other person invading our private world. Just my Master and me. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" My Master moaned as his cum shot into my ass from his energy giving dick. Master lowered his body on top of mine. I held him tightly. We didn't speak. We just listened to each other's breath. We just listened to each other's heartbeat.


"Boy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Yes, Master?" I replied.


"I love you, boy!" Master Ajmal whispered.


"I love you, too, Master!" I replied in a whisper. "I love you, too!"


"We need to get back to the house before Marcus and Tim send out a search party," Master Ajmal finally said. "It's almost cocktail time."


We both walked to the SUV holding hands. Master Ajmal didn't put his gym shorts back on. We drove down Commercial Street naked, happy, and in love.


When we entered the house, Tim and Marcus were on their way downstairs. "You two look happy!" Tim announced.


"We are happy!" Master Ajmal replied.


"I take it you were at your house on the hill," Marcus said with a smile.


"How did you know?" Master Ajmal asked.


"It is the space you and Steven share when you make love!" Marcus said. "You look like you just made love to each other! Am I right?"


"Yes, Marcus," Master Ajmal said. "You are very right! You two should try it sometime!"


"No," Marcus objected. "It should be a place only you and Steven share!"


"Where is Callum?" I asked.


"He's at Willy's house!" Marcus replied. "Willy had the day off. Besides, Willy is going to Chicago on Wednesday."


"Ah! The interview!" I responded. "I almost forgot! Don't you guys think it is time for cocktails?"


Harvey appeared out of the woodwork with four double vodka on the rocks. "Enjoy!" He vanished!


"Here's to family!" Tim said as we clinked glasses. "So, Steven! How was your space?"


"Huh?" I asked. I was confused.


"The space you had never seen before. Your happy space. Your serene space. Your loving space." Tim said as he smiled at me. "You were in my head again, Steven. Fortunately, Marcus was not fucking my brains out at the time. We were resting."


"I don't know what to say, Tim!" I said.


"No secrets, remember!" Tim added. "We have no secrets!"


"Speaking of secrets," Marcus picked up the conversation. "When do we plan on moving our little home to Chicago?"


"We need to discuss the time-frame," Tim suggested. "Do you want to stay here until your wedding happens, or do you want to leave after Labor Day weekend?"


"I have three business opportunities lined up," Marcus announced. "The business plans look good on paper, but I want to meet the parties involved. They are all in Chicago."


"Then, we should consider sometime after Labor Day," I suggested. "Master? What do you think?"


"I vote for right after Labor Day," Master Ajmal agreed. "I have a few real estate development opportunities in Chicago I want look into. And, I don't really want to wait until Marcus and I are married and returned from our honeymoon."


"Then, it is settled!" Tim declared. "Shortly after Labor Day we will move our base of happiness to Chicago! Besides, I can't wait to get started on our little renovation project with the house next to us. Does muscled gay boy Lance do residential work?"


"Usually not!" I explained. "He does commercial work mostly. We can ask when he is here, however. And, then, there is Livingston."


"Ah!" Tim began. "Livingston! Marcus, Ajmal, you will both like Livingston. At least, you will like looking at him."


"Do you have a crush on Livingston, Timmy?" Marcus asked with a smile.


"Nope! I only have eyes for you, Marcus... and Steven... and Ajmal...," Tim replied. "AND, DON'T CALL ME TIMMY!"




We arrived at the Provincetown airport on Saturday afternoon just as the charter plane carrying our New York contingent landed. Tim, Marcus, Ajmal, and I wore only gym shorts and sneakers without sox. No shirt. We greeted our visitors once they and their luggage came through security.


Tim and I did a group hug before Tim introduced our guests to Marcus and Ajmal. "Guys, these three are Tan, Jeromy, and Livingston. These two are Marcus, my boyfriend, and Ajmal, Steven's Master. Let's head back to the house and get you settled."


I slid into the driver's seat of the SUV for our trip back to our house. I could smell the testosterone in the air.


"Naked, Steven," Master Ajmal ordered.


I slipped off my gym shorts before I started the drive home.


Tim did a little explanation, "We are a naked family not only in the house, but also outside on the patio and pool area. We have guests coming and going a lot of the time. We go to the gym on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. You can come with us if you want. Steven will be with Jerome for four hours every afternoon on Monday through Friday. You can watch as Jerome adds the final ink to Steven's body or not. Your choice. Jerome also fucks Steven after he finishes the tattoo session. Jerome will add a Prince Albert to Steven's dick and add bigger nipple rings before the week is out. We are putting the three of you in our apartment. It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. We have cocktails at 7 and dinner at 8. You will have complete access to the entire house and outdoor living area, including the playroom. Any questions?"


"Are you planning on going out to the A-House tonight?" Tan asked.


"Yup!" Tim replied. "I hope you brought your sexiest leather boy outfits!"


"We did," Livingston said. "The three of us did a little shopping this week. We come prepared!"


"Good!" Tim continued. "One of the highlights of our night out on the town will be to accompany a naked Steven on the way back to the house from the bar. The scene usually includes Steven giving a blowjob in an alley to one of the Provincetown cops. So far this summer, he has had the pleasure of servicing all six gay Provincetown cops and two others who are allegedly straight. You will love the experience. It is very exhilarating! One of the cops, Willy, just snagged a job with the Chicago Police Department. He will be moving to Chicago about the time we also return to our house there."


Once we were in the garage and then in the entry hall of the house, Tim gave us another brief summary of events as he shucked his gym shorts and shoes. "Steven and I will show you three to your digs for the time you are with us and give you a brief tour of the house. Harvey will have lunch for us when we are settled. This way, guys!"


Tim led us down the stairs to the apartment, "Is there something wrong, guys? You still have clothes on!"


It didn't take long before our three guests were naked. Livingston wore only a chrome cock ring. "Nice jewelry, Livingston! I like the look. Both bedrooms are the same. You three can decide how you want to live here while you are with us. Now, the playroom is over here."


Tim led the charge into the playroom. "You can use this room anytime you want. It is not as well appointed as Ajmal's in the city, but we are working on it. You may need to share the space with the four of us or our other guests who will be arriving next week."


Tim and I showed our guest the rest of the house and then joined the others on the patio beside the pool. I made the introductions to two other naked men. "Tan, Jeromy, and Livingston. These two are Willy and Callum. Willy is the cop Tim told you about. Callum will take over running our foundation once he gets his modeling agency in San Francisco sold."


Harvey appeared with a cart laden with sandwiches, a salad, and cold beers. He parked the cart near the dining area. "Enjoy, gentlemen! Once you are finished, please let me know and I will clear."


"Thank you Harvey," I said as he disappeared into the house. "Harvey is our house assistant. He is more like a friend than an employee. You will like him if he sticks around long enough to talk to you! He comes and goes with alarming prowess."


"I heard that, Steven!" Harvey bellowed from inside the house.


"This place is fucking amazing!" Livingston exclaimed. "I would love to work on something like this!"


"We need to talk, Livingston," I said. "We have our current home in Chicago and three other buildings. We want to turn all four into a very private compound!"


"Cool!" Livingston said.


"We also have the house next to this one," Master Ajmal said. "We want to re-do the entire place and connect it somehow to this space. We can show you the house after lunch if you would like."


"You are going to re-do the house next door?" Livingston asked. "Why?"


"Wait until you see the inside," Tim said with a smile. "The previous owners were into a nautical theme!"


"Oh!" Livingston remarked. "I understand, now!"


As we were eating lunch, I saw Tan and Marcus studying one another. Finally, Marcus couldn't contain himself any longer, "So, Tan, my boyfriend told me you used him as your slave while he and Steven were in the city. How do you think the experience played out for you? Especially considering Tim is your boss!"


"Ah...!" Tan stuttered. "It was Tim's idea, Marcus."


"It is always Tim's idea, Tan," Marcus said with a smile. "Tim and I have been talking about something you might be interested in pursuing while you are here with us."


"Such as?" Tan quietly asked.


"Co-Masters to our slave boy, Tim!" Marcus replied. "Nothing permanent! Just a scene or three from time to time."


"I... a... I...," Tan stuttered.


"Just say yes, Tan," Tim ordered.


"Yes!" Tan said as he smiled brightly. "I can't say no to my boss!"


"We can start after lunch and carry it through until tomorrow morning," Tim suggested. "Won't this be fun?"


"Timmy," Marcus began. "As your Masters, WE get to determine the order of business! I love you dearly, Timmy, but sometimes you just don't know your place!"


"Yes, Masters!" Tim said. "AND, DON'T CALL ME TIMMY!"


As we continued eating and talking, Tim, Marcus, and Tan were again studying one another.


"Terrific lunch!" Marcus announce. "I, for one, cannot eat another bite. Tim?"


"I'm done!" Tim agreed. "Tan?"


"Yup!" Tan replied. "I'm finished."


Marcus walked over to the poolside bar and retrieved a leather collar and brought it so the group could see the action. "Tan, why don't you join me?"


Tan stood beside Marcus. Marcus continued, "Boy! Get your slave boy ass over here. On your knees!"


"Yes, Master!" Tim said as he complied with Marcus's orders.


Marcus slipped the collar around Tim's neck. He handed Tan the lock. Tan snapped the lock in place.


"You have dick to suck, boy!" Tan ordered. "Now!"


Tim eagerly took his place in front of Tan's rock hard, uncut 11 inch dick. He began the task of making his Master happy.


"Suck that dick, boy!" Master Tan hissed at Tim. "Suck my big Hispanic dick! Yea!"


Tim was busy bobbing up and down on Tan's massive dick. Occasionally, Tim forced the monster cock down his throat.


"Boy!" Master Ajmal said to me as I watched my husband begin his journey of submitting to his employee and boyfriend.


I turned around and faced Master Ajmal. He had my collar in his hand. Once he had my collar locked around my neck, I said the words I had been taught. "I give you my mind, my body, and my soul, Master. I will forsake all others! I am yours!"


"Now, boy!" Master Ajmal ordered. "Turn around and watch your slave boy husband work on his Master's big dick."


I turned around to watch Tim suck on Tan's cock. Master Ajmal pulled me close to his body. I felt Master Ajmal's hard dick rub my asshole. He started fondling my nipples.


Tan didn't last long. He began screaming, "I'm going to fucking cum, boy! Take my fucking Master cum! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Tim licked Tan's cock clean and then turned his attention to his Master Marcus.


Tim licked Marcus's balls before he deep throated Marcus's hard dick. "Suck that dick, slave boy! Suck your Master's hard dick. Work it, boy! Work it! Make your Master feel good, boy! Yea!"


Tim energetically working his mouth up and down Marcus's dick. He occasionally shoved it down his throat. Marcus's eyes were closed as he enjoyed the sensation of my husband, his slave boy, sucking his dick.


Master Ajmal decided he was not going to wait for Tim to finish getting his Master Marcus off. Master Ajmal shove his hard dick into my ass with one swift, powerful stroke.


"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" I moaned in pleasure as I felt my Master's dick disappear into my asshole. "Fuck me, Master! Fuck me hard. Please, Master, make me feel the power of your big dick in my ass."


Master Ajmal continued to roughly play with my nipples as we watched Tim work Marcus's dick.


"Yea! Boy!" Marcus hissed. "Work my big Master dick, boy!"


Tim eagerly picked up the pace of getting his Master Marcus off. I watched as Marcus closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and then hissed as his body began to convulse, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...! Fuck! Yea! Fuck!"


As Tim was cleaning off Marcus's spent cock with his tongue, I couldn't restrain myself. I was shooting my load all over the patio floor, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Master Ajmal did something I can never remember him doing in all of my time servicing him. He pulled his unspent dick out of my ass.


"Let's take our slave boy downstairs, Tan," Marcus suggested. "We need to show this uppity slave boy who is boss!"


Marcus connected a leash to Tim's collar. He and Tan disappeared into the house and down to the playroom with Tim in tow.


Livingston and Jeromy had disappeared, also.


"Boy!" Master Ajmal began. "Let's sit at the bar and talk, boy!"


Once we were seated at the bar with beers in hand, Master Ajmal continued. "This will be a special night for you and Tim, boy! I feel it! I am certain you do, too. Am I correct, boy?"


"Yes, Master!" I replied. "This could be a turning point in my relationship with Tim."


"The reason I wanted to talk to you, boy, is to let you know what I want from you tonight," Master Ajmal further explained. "Before I continue, I need to talk about how you feel right now. First, tell me how you feel about Tim right now."


"I have no feelings for Tim," I said. "You control every inch of my body. You control every inch of my mind. I am here to serve you, Master. I am here to make you happy. I am here to satisfy your every need. Tim is not a part of my life. I don't love him. I don't love anyone but you, Master! You are my world right now."


"Good, boy!" Master Ajmal said before he continued our discussion. "What if I tell you to do something for me?"


"I will do it, SIR!" I said.


"What if you don't want to do what I tell you?" Master Ajmal asked.


"I will do what you want me to do," I explained. "I trust you Master. I will not question your orders, SIR!"


"Good!" Master Ajmal said. He seemed very happy with me. "We will join the others downstairs in the playroom in a moment, boy! I want you to feel all of Tim's pain. I do not want you to give him an opportunity to feel anything from you except when I tell you to do something with Tim or to Tim. I want you to feel his pain, his humiliation, his submission. But, I want you to make him feel your power over him. If he begs you to stop hurting him, humiliating him, I want you to continue until I tell you to stop! Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, Master!" I answered. "I understand completely."


"By now," Master Ajmal explained. "Tim understands from his Masters how he is expected to react to them, to me, to you, to whomever he is given. You both will vividly remember this day, this night, this weekend. He has no feelings for you until he is released from his Masters' control. Now, let's join the others in the playroom."


When Master Ajmal and I arrived in the playroom, Tim was stretched out over Tan's lap. His Master Tan was delivering blows with a leather paddle to Tim's now reddened ass.


"Ten! Thank you, SIR!" Tim screamed.


Master Tan continued paddling Tim's ass with several more blow.


"Twenty! SIR! Thank you, SIR!" Tim screamed.


More blows.


"Thirty! SIR! Thank you, SIR!"


"Now, boy," Master Tan hissed at Tim. "What do you say now, boy? Do you want me to stop?"


"No, SIR!" Tim screamed. "Please don't stop, SIR! Hurt me, SIR! Please, SIR! Hurt me more!"


"Did you hear that, Marcus?" Master Tan asked.


"Yes," Master Marcus replied. "But, enough of spanking! We need to move onto something more painful. Let's put him on the St. Andrews Cross."


Master Marcus pulled Tim off Master Tan's lap and led him to the St. Andrews Cross. Master Tan and Master Marcus fastened the restraints around Tim's wrists. Once they were finished with the wrists they spread Tim's legs wide apart and restrained them.


Master Marcus selected a flogger from the collection on the wall. He stood in front of Tim. "See this, boy?"


"Yes, Master!" Tim quietly answered.


"What is it, boy?" Master Marcus asked. "And, make certain everyone in the room can hear you, boy!"


"A flogger, SIR!" Tim answered with more vibrato than before.


"What am I going to do with this flogger, boy?" Master Marcus asked.


"Flog me, SIR!"


"How will you feel when I flog you, boy?" Master Marcus asked.


"I will feel pain, SIR!"


"When will I stop flogging you, boy?" Master Marcus continued.


"When you want to stop, SIR!"


"That's right, slave boy!" Marcus hissed. "I will stop when I want. Your Master Tan will take over, and he will stop when he wants. Then, your Master Tan and I have a very special surprise for you boy! You'll understand when the time comes. What do you say now, boy?"


"Flog, me, SIR!" Tim almost screamed. "Hurt me, SIR! Make me feel the pain, SIR! Make me feel your power, SIR! Please, SIR! Hurt me! Please hurt me!"


Master Marcus moved from in front of Tim and stood behind him. He caressed Tim's naked back. His reddened ass. He stepped back, raised the flogger, and delivered the first powerful blow to Tim's back.


"Aaaaaahhhhh!" Tim screamed.


Master Marcus didn't hesitate as he began delivering blow after powerful blow. Tim's screams increase until finally he just whimpered. Tears were running down his cheeks. I felt his pain. I also felt his mind melting. He was being engulfed by Master Marcus's mind. His screams and tears ceased.


"Hurt me more, Master! Please hurt me more! I want to feel you power, Master! Please hurt me more!" Tim screamed.


Master Marcus quickened his powerful blows to Tim's already reddened back. Finally, Marcus stopped. There was silence in the room. I felt Tim's energy. He wanted more.


Marcus turned the flogger over to Master Tan.


Master Tan also stood in front of Tim. "So, slave boy! What do you want me to do to your body, boy?"


"Flog me, Master!" Tim pleaded. "Make me feel the pain, Master! Hurt me! Please, Master, hurt me! Make me feel your power, Master!"


Master Tan moved from in front of Tim and stood behind him. He stepped back, raised the whip, and delivered the first powerful blow to Tim's back.


"Aaaaaahhhhh!" Tim screamed.


Master Tan paused momentarily before he, too, began to deliver powerful blows to Tim's back. Tim screamed each time the flogger hit his skin


Tim's screams increase until finally he just whimpered. Tears were again running down his cheeks. I felt his pain. I also felt his mind connecting to Master Tan's mind. His screams and tears ceased.


"Hurt me more, Master! Please hurt me more! I want to feel you power, Master! Please hurt me more!" Tim screamed.


Master Tan quickened his powerful blows to Tim's. Finally, Master Tan stopped. There was silence in the room. I felt Tim's energy again. He wanted more.


Master Tan turned the flogger over to me.


"It is your turn, boy!" Master Ajmal told me. "Give Tim what he wants. He wants you to make him hurt, doesn't he boy?"


"Yes, Master!" I replied as I walked in front of Tim. "So, boy! You want me to hurt you, don't you?"


"Yes, Master!" Tim whispered.


"The others couldn't hear you, boy!" I said.


"Yes, Master!" Tim said loudly. He was looking into my eyes. I saw, for the first time, terror in Tim's eyes. But, I also saw he wanted me to hurt him. "I want you to hurt me! I want to feel you power, Master! Please, Master, hurt me! Please hurt me!"


I spit on Tim's face and slapped him. I walked behind Tim. I caressed Tim's back with the flogger. My dick was rock hard. I wanted to hurt Tim. I wanted him to feel my power! `Tim will never forget this moment. I will never forget this moment,' I thought to myself.


I stood back and raised the whip and delivered my first powerful blow to Tim's back.


"Aaaaaahhhhhh!" Tim screamed.


I didn't pause, but immediately began to deliver blow after blow after blow to Tim's back side. I also landed several on his ass. He stopped screaming. I didn't stop flogging. I never paused. I kept flogging Tim. Flogging. Flogging.


Tim started screaming, "Stop, Master! Please, Master, stop!"


I didn't stop. I kept flogging. Flogging. Flogging. I felt Master Ajmal touch my left shoulder. I paused for a moment before I added one last blast of the flogger to Tim's back. I realized I had lost touch with myself. I had lost touch with the others in the room. I had lost touch with Tim's tremendous pain. I felt his pain now. He hurt. I stood in front of Tim. I place my hand over his heart. I wiped the tears from his face. I kissed Tim. I kissed him passionately. He kissed back just as passionately. Finally, Tim whispered, "Thank you, Master! Thank you!"


I stood beside Master Ajmal as Master Marcus and Master Tan removed the restraints. Master Marcus led Tim to a bar stool next to the bar. Master Tan sat on one side of Tim. Master Marcus on the other. Master Ajmal led me to a bar stool facing Tim. Master Ajmal retrieved five Coronas from the fridge and handed one to each of us.


We all silently took sips from our beers. I was looking into Tim's eyes. Tim was looking into my eyes. He smiled. I smiled back.


"How did that make you feel, boy?" Master Marcus asked Tim.


"Connected!" Tim softly said. "Very connected. I connected with your power! I was one with each of you when you were using my body! I have never felt so connected with ANYONE like I just did! It was mind blowing for me! I hope is was as good for the three of you!"


"I never knew I could inflict the pain I did," Master Tan admitted. "It was awesome!"


"Awesome is a good word to use, Tan," Master Marcus agreed. "Steven?"


"I... I... I... I took... I took my power... I physically used my power over a man for the first time in my life!" I finally said. "And, you are right, it felt awesome!"


"This won't be the last time," Tim said. "I promise you, Master Steven! This definitely will not be the last time!"




As we were getting ready to head out to the A-House, Master Marcus handed Tim his outfit for tonight, "I think you will look really good in this, boy! I bought it for you while you were in the city."


Master Marcus helped Tim put on the tight leather briefs with lace-up sides. Tim's cock and balls made the crotch bulge. His muscular ass filled the back nicely. His skin was clearly visible on the sides of his body. He slipped on lace up black leather boots. He wore nothing else.


Master Ajmal handed me my clothing for the evening. It was another loin cloth made of extremely thin black leather. The thin leather strip that hung down to over my ass and crotch were also not very long and not very wide. When I walked, my cock and balls swayed just enough for almost everyone to see. Master Ajmal had on a pair of his skin tight latex shorts and black lace up leather boots. Nothing else.


Master Marcus and Master Tan wore skin tight leather pants and a black leather harness. Master Tan's crotch bulged obscenely leaving nothing to the imagination.


Master Livingston and his boy Jeromy wore skin tight, highly distraught jeans with a black leather harness.


Harvey drove our entourage to the A-House. Seth greeted us at the door! "Holy shit! You guys will definitely raise the testosterone level in the bar! You guys all look fucking hot! Who are the three new dudes?"


I pointed to each of our guests, "This is Livingston and his boy Jeromy. This is Tan who is co-Mastering Tim with Marcus. Guys, this is Seth!"


"I'd like to be a fly on a wall in your playroom tonight!" Seth hissed. "Sounds like hot times will be had by all!"


"Why don't you and Tyron drop by after the bar closes," Master Ajmal suggested.


"Can't tonight, guys!" Seth said. "Too bad, though. I have a hard dick just looking at you guys!"


We went upstairs. Our group caught the attention of most of the patrons in the bar. Master Ajmal and I bought the first round of drinks. "Seven Coronas please, Clark!"


"I'm not even going to ask who the other men are!" Clark said. "I only know you and your group are the hottest men here tonight!"


"Thanks, Clark!" Master Ajmal said as he put the money on the bar to pay for the beers.


"On the house, Ajmal," Clark responded. "On the house all night!"


"Thanks, Clark," Master Ajmal said as he left and extremely generous tip.


When we returned to our group with the beers, Callum and Willy were just coming into the bar. "Did I miss something?" Callum asked immediately. "You dudes are hot as hell, tonight! But, I have one major question. Who collared you, Tim?"


"Master Tan and Master Marcus," Tim said with a smile. "These are our guests who are staying with us. Tan, Livingston, and Jeromy. Guys, this is Callum and Willy!"


With the introduction complete, Willy reached under my loin cloth. "You never cease to amaze me with your creativity, Ajmal!" Willy was pulling at my balls with one hand and massaging my dick with the other. I was instantly hard. My hard dick stood out of the loin cloth. My dick and my balls were exposed.


Callum catches the redness on Tim's back. "Who was the lucky man who did this, Tim?"


"Master Marcus, Master Tan, and Master Steven," Tim answered.


"Shit!" Callum said. "Why do I miss everything kinky?"


"There will be more tonight, Callum!" Master Marcus said. "I'm certain you would enjoy watching—maybe even participating!"


"How did these turn of events happen?" Callum asked.


"Simple," Tim explained. "I wanted to feel what it was like as an owned slave boy. And, you know what? I like it. I really like it."


"But, it is so unTim-like," Callum said.


"It may be the new norm," Tim suggested. "We will see where things lead after this experience!"


"When do you start your new job, Willy?" I asked.


"Shortly after Labor Day!" Willy enthused. "I gave the department my notice the day after I returned from Chicago. My captain was devastated. He offered me a raise. I didn't take the bait. He was several thousand dollars off my CYPD starting salary. Now, I only need to find a place to stay! What about the people you mentioned who might have an apartment?"


"You're looking at them," I said.


"Oh!" Willy said.


Master Marcus was facing Tim. He was playing with Tim's nipples. "You like that, don't you, boy?"


"Yes, Master!" Tim quietly said.


Master Marcus stopped playing with Tim's nipples. He pulled a set of tit clamps out of the pocket in his leather pants. Master Tan stood on Master Marcus's left. Each Master took one of Tim's nipples and began pulling and twisting.


"Ahh!" Tim moaned in pain.


Master Marcus and Master Tim continued. Tim's eyes were shut as he endured the painful fingernail bites to his nipples. Finally, Master Marcus handed one of the tit clamps, connected by a heavy chain, to Master Tan. At precisely the exact moment both of Tim's Masters placed their respective tit clamps on Tim's nipples.


"Ahh!" Tim moaned in pain again.


"How tight should we make them?" Master Tan asked Master Marcus.


"When the boy screams loudly enough for the entire bar to hear, we will stop," Master Marcus said.


Master Tan and Master Marcus tightened the clamps on Tim's nipples.


"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Tim screamed.


"What do you say, boy?" Master Marcus asked Tim.


"Thank you, SIRS!" Tim quietly said.


"We can't hear you, boy!" Master Tan hissed. "Louder!"


"Thank you, SIRS!" Tim loudly exclaimed.


The whole bar by now shifted their attention to the activities happening in our corner.


My dick stood at attention. My dick again pushed the loin cloth to the side. My cock and balls were out for everyone to see.


Master Marcus noticed my dick. He turned to Tim. "Suck your husband's dick. He needs to get that big dick under control or the whole bar will be arrested. NOW, BOY! SUCK YOUR HUSBAND'S SLAVE BOY DICK!"


Tim moved in front of me. He handed his beer to Jeromy. Tim dropped to his knees and began licking my balls and my dick. Finally, in one fast motion, my dick disappeared into Tim's mouth and down his throat.


"Ah! Yes! Suck my slave boy dick, ass wipe!" I said loudly enough for the people around us to hear. "Suck it!"


Tim began to bob up and down on my dick. He occasionally pushed my dick down his throat. I felt Tim's humiliation almost overtake him. I grabbed him by the back of my husband's head. I had to cum. I began for face fuck Tim. I was gentle at first. But, my mind shifted to lust. I wanted my husband to feel my power. I began power fucking Tim's face. Tears were running down his cheeks. I didn't stop. I kept face fucking my husband until I was ready to shoot. I pulled out of Tim's mouth and shot my load on his face. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


When I was finished, I pulled Tim up from his kneeling position. I held him as I licked the cum off his face. When I was finished, I asked, "How do you feel now, boy?"


"Humiliated!" Tim whispered.


"Good!" I said as I released Tim from my grip. "What else do you have to say, boy?"


"Thank you, SIR!" Tim said so the entire bar could hear. "Thank you for using my mouth and my throat for your pleasure, SIR! Thank you for humiliating me!"


"You're welcome, boy!" I said. I spit on his face.


Master Marcus and Master Tan took Tim's leash and led him to the bar. When they returned they carried a round of beers for all of us. There were three extra beers. Master Marcus handed on of the extras to Master Ajmal. Simultaneously, Master Tan and Master Marcus poured their extra beers over Tim's head. Master Ajmal did the same to me. My dick was again hard. I felt Tim's humiliation in my mind. He was close to tears.


After more conversation among the group, Master Ajmal decided it was time to go. "I don't know about the rest of you, but I am ready for our walk home."


Master Marcus and Master Tan smiled at each other. Master Marcus announced they were also going home.


Once we were outside the A-House door, Master Ajmal removed my loin cloth. Master Tan spoke to Tim, "Get naked, boy! We want to show off our slave boy to the town."


Tim hesitantly pulled the leather laces holding up the briefs and stepped out of them. We began our journey home along Commercial Street. After we had passed Sparticus pizza and the crowds began to diminish, we heard a voice behind us.


"Hold up, men!"


We turned to look in the direction of the voices. Neil and Thomas, in their Provincetown Police Department uniforms, hurried to where we were standing.


Thomas was the first to speak, "TWO NAKED MEN! This is a serious infraction!"


"We will need to arrest you, Tim and Steven!" Neil said as he pulled out his handcuffs. Thomas was doing the same. "Hands behind your back, Steven." I put my hands behind my back and Neil fastened the cuffs around my wrists and locked them. Thomas did the same to Tim.


"Couldn't we come to some understanding here, guys?" Willy asked. "Ajmal, do you have any suggestions?"


"We don't have much cash on us tonight," Master Ajmal began. "So, we will bring their bail money tomorrow morning! Do you think we could make it to the police station by noon tomorrow, Marcus?"


"Probably not, Ajmal," Marcus began. "We were planning on going out to brunch tomorrow. It will more than likely be around 2 in the afternoon."


"I'll tell you what, men," Neil explained. "The Captain doesn't like overnight prisoners in his jail. So, why don't Thomas and I take these two into the alley over there so they can do us a favor. Then, you can take them home. We will be at your house sometime next week. We will decide what punishment would be fitting and carry out their sentence! That way, we won't clog up the court system."


Master Tan handed Tim's leash to Thomas. Master Ajmal handed my leash to Neil.


"Have a good time, boys!" Master Tan said as the two officers led Tim and me into the alley. We were still in handcuffs.


"On your knees, boys! You have some cop dick to suck!" Thomas announced as the two police officers unbuckled their pants and pushed them down to their ankles.


"Use your teeth, boy, and pull down my underwear," Neil said to me.


I took the band of Neil's briefs and pulled them down. His hard 11 inch uncut dick hit me in the face when I pulled the brief's down. Neil turned around so his ass was in my face.


"Before you get started on my dick, boy," Neil announced. "You need to rim my sweaty cop ass."


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I stuck my tough into Neil's asshole. I savored the cop sweat-smelling asshole for a moment before I went to work.


"Good idea, Neil," Thomas said as he turned around and bent over. "Lick it clean, boy!"


We were positioned so I had a clear view of Tim and Thomas out of the corner of my eyes. Tim eagerly stuck his tongue in Thomas's ass. After a few minutes of ass licking, Thomas turned around and faced Tim. His 13 inch uncut black dick and low hanging balls made Tim pause for a moment. He licked under the foreskin, took each ball into his mouth, and then shoved his face quickly onto the officer's big dick. Thomas apparently wanted to get off quickly, so he grabbed Tim by the back of his head and began to face fuck my husband. "Ah! Yes, boy! Take that cop dick!" Thomas hissed as he worked his dick in and out of Tim's mouth.


Neil turned around when Thomas began to face fuck Tim. I studied Neil's 11 inch uncut dick for a moment before I began to work the officer's dick with the passion of a dedicated cock sucking slave boy.


It didn't take long before both of the officers were ready to spew their cop cum. Thomas pulled his dick out of Tim's mouth and shot his load all over Tim's face. "Ah! Yes! Fuck! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!


Neil shoved my head down so his dick was near my throat as he unloaded. "Shit! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" Neil kept my head shoved onto his dick as he recovered.


Thomas was the first to speak. "You know what Neil? I need to get rid of some of that coffee we had earlier." Thomas shoved Tim's head back over his spent cock. "Take that cop piss, boy! Take it!"


Tim couldn't keep up with the cop's stream of piss, so the cop pulled Tim's head off his dick and pissed on his face.


"I think you're right, Thomas," Neil said. "It will be a while before we get to the station so we can piss. On your back, boy!"


I lay on my back. Neil pointed his cop dick at my head as he started to piss. He covered my face, my chest, my stomach, and my crotch with his piss.


The two cops pulled up their underwear and tucked their now soft dicks into the briefs. Once their pants were in place and belts buckled. Each officer picked up their respective boy's leash and led us back to the group.


Thomas and Neil removed the handcuffs. Thomas handed Tim's leash to Master Tan. Neil handed my leash to Master Ajmal. "You need to get these to piss stained slave boys off the streets. We will stop by your house. We will call you and let you know when."


Tim and I both sported rock hard dicks standing at attention as we finished our walk home. Master Marcus grabbed Coronas for all of us as we settled around the pool on lounge chairs. After we all had our first swigs of beer, Master Tan explained his intentions. "These two stink. I would like to lock them up in the slings, and leave them."


"We need to use them both before we do lock them up," Master Marcus suggested. "I understand, Tan, you would like to fist the boy!"


"I would enjoy fisting him very much, Marcus," Master Tan said with a sadistic smile on his face.


"You first, Tan!" Master Marcus suggested. "You and I will be the first and last to fist the boy's ass."


Master Ajmal was first in my ass. Everyone rotated and use both Tim's and my ass. In my case, it was Master Ajmal, Livingston, Jeromy, Marcus, Tan, and Master Ajmal. In Tim's case, it was Master Tan, Master Marcus, Master Ajmal, Master Livingston, Jeromy, Master Marcus, and Master Tan. Master Ajmal began to loosen the restraints on my sling. When I was finally free, Master Ajmal led me to the sling where Master Tan was finishing fisting Tim. Master Tan pulled his fist and arm out of Tim's ass.


"You turn, Steven," Master Marcus said.


I looked at Tim and then Master Ajmal. Master Ajmal nodded his head yes. I sat on the fisting stool and covered my right fist and arm with Crisco. As I was lining up my fist with Tim's asshole, my dick sprung to attention. I looked into Tim's eyes.


"Fist me, Master!" Tim screamed at me. "Please fist me! Make me feel you power, SIR! Make me feel your power!"


I looked into Tim's pleading eyes and immediately began to shove my fist into Tim's ass. I didn't pause. I just kept pushing my fist and arm into Tim's ass. I stopped only when I realized my arm, up to my elbow, disappeared into Tim's ass.


"Yes, Master!" Tim screamed again once I stopped. "Take me, Master! Make me feel your power, Master!"


I began working my arm and fist in and out of Tim's ass. I lost myself in pleasuring Tim. I lost myself in using Tim. I lost myself as I felt Tim's ass slowly stretch and relax. I was shoving my fist and arm in and out of Tim's ass at a rapid, forceful pace.


"Please, Master!" Tim whimpered. "Please stop, Master! I hurt, Master! Please stop!"


I didn't stop. I quickened the pace of my fist going in and out of Tim's ass until I felt Master Ajmal's hand on my shoulder. I knew it was time to stop. I paused with my fist and arm inside Tim's ass up to my elbow. I looked into Tim's eyes. I realized he was inside my mind. I was inside his mind. We were joined. We were connected. I didn't feel love for Tim. I only felt lust. Tim didn't feel love for me. He only felt lust. I slowly pulled my fist out of Tim's completely stretch asshole.


Master Marcus stood between Tim's legs. Tim looked Master Marcus in the eyes. "Master! Please, Master! Double fist me with my other Master! Please double fist me!"


"We can't do that, boy!" Master Marcus said. "It would be too much for you!"


"Please Master! Please!" Tim pleaded.


I looked at my Master Ajmal. He nodded his head yes.


"Master Marcus! Master Tan!" I began. "If you won't double fist your boy, Master Ajmal and I will."


Master Marcus and Master Tan looked at me with horror in their eyes.


"You've got to be kidding!" Master Tan said.


I turned to Tim, "Tim? Do you want to be double fisted by me and Master Ajmal?"


"Yes, Master!" Tim said. "I want you and Master Ajmal to do it if Master Marcus and Master Tan won't! I want it to happen. I trust you. I trust Master Ajmal. A few moments ago, I connected with you as you were fisting me. I need this, Master Steven! I need it!"


Marcus moved away from Tim and motioned for me to take his place. I sat on the fisting stool. Master Ajmal took his place beside me. I lubed up my right fist and arm. Master Ajmal did his left fist and arm. We both put our lubed fingers next to Tim's asshole. I looked into Tim's eyes. I saw his mind. I saw his desire. I saw his doubts move out of his mind. His doubts were replaced by positive energy. My positive energy. Master Ajmal's positive energy.


Master Ajmal smiled at me and then at Tim. Together, we began to push our fists into Tim's asshole. We went slowly. We paused before our hands slipped through Tim's sphincter muscle. Tim nodded to me and Master Ajmal. We pressed harder as our fists forced its way beyond the muscle.


"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! Yes!" Tim moaned in ecstasy.


Master Ajmal and I continued to press our hands and arms into Tim's ass. Tim was watching our arms disappear into his ass. I felt Tim's mind jump with pleasure as we stopped just short of our elbows.


"Do you want us to stop, Tim?" I asked.


"No! Please don't stop! Please, Masters, don't stop!" Tim moaned.


Master Ajmal and I began to massage our hands and arms in and out of Tim's ass. Master Ajmal put his free hand on my right shoulder. I knew it was time to pull out of Tim's ass. Master Ajmal began to slowly remove our arms and fists out of Tim's ass. When our fists reached Tim's sphincter muscle, I watched Tim's expression. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yes!" Tim moaned. When our fists and arms were out. I positioned my body on top of Tim's. I began to kiss him.


I heard Master Ajmal whisper into my ear, "You are free! Go forth!"


I felt my love for Tim return. I felt Tim's love for me return. I kissed Tim passionately for several minutes. Master Marcus and Master Tan released Tim's wrists from the sling. Tim immediately wrapped his arms around me and held me tight as I continued to kiss my husband, my lover, and my best friend.


"Are you okay, Tim?" I whispered.


"More than okay, Steven!" Tim whispered back. "You gave me something no one else could. You make me very, very happy. You are my life. You are my light. You are my energy. I need you more than anything else in the world. Thank you!"


Tim and I were left alone. Naked. In bed. We cuddled facing each other and went to sleep almost immediately.



To be continued...


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