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Life With Tim



"Yes, Master!" Tim said. "I want you and Master Ajmal to do it if Master Marcus and Master Tan won't! I want it to happen. I trust you. I trust Master Ajmal. A few moments ago, I connected with you as you were fisting me. I need this, Master Steven! I need it!"


Marcus moved away from Tim and motioned for me to take his place. I sat on the fisting stool. Master Ajmal took his place beside me. I lubed up my right fist and arm. Master Ajmal did his left fist and arm. We both put our lubed fingers next to Tim's asshole. I looked into Tim's eyes. I saw his mind. I saw his desire. I saw his doubts move out of his mind. His doubts were replaced by positive energy. My positive energy. Master Ajmal's positive energy.


Master Ajmal smiled at me and then at Tim. Together, we began to push our fists into Tim's asshole. We went slowly. We paused before our hands slipped through Tim's sphincter muscle. Tim nodded to me and Master Ajmal. We pressed harder as our fists forced its way beyond the muscle.


"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! Yes!" Tim moaned in ecstasy.


Master Ajmal and I continued to press our hands and arms into Tim's ass. Tim was watching our arms disappear into his ass. I felt Tim's mind jump with pleasure as we stopped just short of our elbows.


"Do you want us to stop, Tim?" I asked.


"No! Please don't stop! Please, Masters, don't stop!" Tim moaned.


Master Ajmal and I began to massage our hands and arms in and out of Tim's ass. Master Ajmal put his free hand on my right shoulder. I knew it was time to pull out of Tim's ass. Master Ajmal began to slowly remove our arms and fists out of Tim's ass. When our fists reached Tim's sphincter muscle, I watched Tim's expression. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yes!" Tim moaned. When our fists and arms were out. I positioned my body on top of Tim's. I began to kiss him.


I heard Master Ajmal whisper into my ear, "You are free! Go forth!"


I felt my love for Tim return. I felt Tim's love for me return. I kissed Tim passionately for several minutes. Master Marcus and Master Tan released Tim's wrists from the sling. Tim immediately wrapped his arms around me and held me tight as I continued to kiss my husband, my lover, and my best friend.


"Are you okay, Tim?" I whispered.


"More than okay, Steven!" Tim whispered back. "You gave me something no one else could. You make me very, very happy. You are my life. You are my light. You are my energy. I need you more than anything else in the world. Thank you!"


Tim and I were left alone. Naked. In bed. We cuddled facing each other and went to sleep almost immediately.


Chapter 33: Architects, Employees, and Slave Boys


On Monday morning, we went to the gym early. We were all amazed at the number of muscle men who were up and at the gym at 7 am!


"This is Provincetown, for Christ sake!" Marcus announced. "But, I certainly like what I see!"


"Don't look too long, Marcus," Tim suggested. "You will have a hard dick on your hands, and we all know you did not wear anything underneath your gym shorts."


"It's a price to pay!" Marcus replied.


A huge muscle man approached our group, "You're the dude Jerome has been inking, aren't you?"


"Yes," I said. "It has been a summer long project!"


"It looks good on you, boy!" The muscle man said. "I watched while Jerome put in the Prince Albert and the larger tit rings. Nice show! I've never known and uncut man with a Prince Albert."


"You know one now," Tim said to the dude. "I can't wait for him to fuck me with it!"


"How long do you need to wait?" The muscle dude asked.


"Two weeks, according to Jerome!" Tim explained. "Steven will be masturbating for two weeks!"


"Couldn't you wear a condom?" The muscle dude asked.


"We don't use condoms," Master Ajmal said. "Besides, he's my slave boy! It's his ass I am more interested in!"


"Are you a foursome?" The muscle dude asked.


"Yup," Marcus replied. "Tim and Steven are married. Ajmal and I will be married in October. Steven is also Ajmal's slave boy. I am Tim's boyfriend. It works for us."


"Cool!" The muscle dude said. "I need to be out the door. My boyfriend is at the guest house waiting for me to return. He likes me sweaty when he fucks me. See you around!"


"Quaint man!" Marcus said. "Cute man! And, he likes to get fucked! I wonder what his boyfriend is like?"


"Look, but don't touch, boyfriend!" Tim admonished Marcus.


We continued our workout without another interruption. People were looking at us. I suspect they were looking at Marcus's hard dick underneath his tight gym shorts.


We walked home, took our showers, slipped on a pair of gym shorts, added flip flops, and loaded into the SUV to retrieve Lance at the airport.


Lance looked extra hot when he exited the charter plane. He had on a nice pair of walking shorts and a tight, tight polo shirt. The shirt hugged his chest and biceps perfectly. Lance is 6 feet tall and all muscle. From experience, I was hard thinking about seeing his hard nine inch uncut dick again!


I pulled Lance into a hug before I introduced him to the group. "Lance! You are as fucking hot as ever!"


"Fuck, Steven!" Lance exclaimed as he pulled away from me. "You have done some serious work on your body this summer! Muscles everywhere, tattoos everywhere! What else am I not seeing?"


"I'll show you later, Lance," I said with a smile. "Lance, I would like to introduce you to my family! "This is my husband Tim. This one, who you have been speaking with over Skype, is Marcus. This is my Master Ajmal."


"Shit Steven!" Lance exclaimed. "The last time I saw you, your boyfriend had just moved to Chicago from Boston. Now you are married to a hot stud and have a new sexy Master! I need to ask. Where does Marcus fit into the picture?"


"Marcus and Master Ajmal are getting married in October," I explained. "Marcus and Tim are boyfriends!"


"Nice!" Lance said to the group. "I have been trying to find a serious boyfriend, but have had absolutely no luck for years now! May I ask one other question?"


"Go for it!" I replied.


"Do any of you play with a single dude?" Lance asked. He was smiling.


"Depends!" Marcus answered.


"On what?" Lance asked.


"Top or bottom?" Marcus asked.


"Both," Lance replied.


"Hot dam!" Marcus exclaimed. "Do you like groups?"


"Yup!" Lance replied. "Especially with hot men like you!"


"One other item, Lance," Tim began. "We are a naked household. I hope that doesn't bother you!"


"Not at all!" Lance replied. His smile was getting bigger and bigger as the conversation continued.


"Let's hit the road," I suggested. "Harvey will have lunch ready for us when we arrive."


As we piled into the SUV, Master Ajmal spoke up. "You need to be naked, boy!"


"Yes, Master!" I replied as I slipped off my gym shorts.


As we were driving down Commercial Street, Willy was directing traffic. We stopped the SUV and I rolled down the window.


"Hello, Willy!" I said.


"Hello, Steven," Willy said as he looked into the SUV. "Why does it not surprise me you are naked in public again?"


"Master's orders," I said.


"Okay!" Willy said with a smile. "We will deal with the indecent exposure issue later. Hello, Ajmal, Tim, Marcus! Who's the other stud?"


"This is our architect, Lance," Tim explained. "He's from Chicago."


"Nice to meet you, Lance," Willy said.


"Nice to meet you, too, officer!" Lance replied.


"They raise them well in Chicago, I see!" Willy said. "Have a safe drive home, guys! I need to get back to work!"


Once we were in the house, Tim, Marcus, and Master Ajmal all removed their gym shorts in the entryway.


Marcus grabbed Lance's bag, "Tim and I will show you to your room, Lance!"


Lance followed Tim and Marcus upstairs.


"I think Harvey might need to hold lunch for a while," Master Ajmal said.


"Possibly!" I agreed as we walked into the kitchen. "Harvey, can you hold lunch for about 30 minutes?"


"It is all cold," Harvey explained. "Salad, sandwiches, berries for dessert, and beverages of your choice. So, yes, I can hold lunch until Tim and Marcus are finished showing Lance his guest bed... I mean guest suite."


"Thank you, Harvey!" I said as Master Ajmal led me out to the pool.


"So, Steven," Master Ajmal began. "What do you want to do while Tim and Marcus finish entertaining our guest?"


"Well, Master!" I replied. "You could kiss me. I could suck your dick. You could fuck me. Which one appeals to you, Master?"


"I think I am incline to kiss you and then fuck you!" Master Ajmal hissed at me. "On your back, boy!"


I positioned myself on my back on a lounge chair near the pool. Master Ajmal took his place on top of me and spread my legs. His dick found my asshole. Master Ajmal shoved his hard dick inside me with one swift push.


"Aaaah! Yes, Master!" I hissed.


Master Ajmal leaned down to kiss me. His dick gently massaged my ass as he kissed me with the passion only lovers share. He continued to gently thrust his dick in and out of me even as he was offering me even more passionate kisses.


"Master?" I whispered.


"Yes, boy?" Master Ajmal whispered back.


"I could do this forever, Master!" I whispered.


"So could I, boy!" Master Ajmal again whispered. "So could I!"


I have no idea how long we were making love. Everything seemed to stand still. We were only aware of each other.


"Ajmal!" Tim yelled as he, Marcus, and Lance came down from Lance's room. "Get your dick out of my husband, Ajmal! We can't leave you two alone for an hour without you putting your dick in my husband's ass!"


"Tim!" Master Ajmal yelled back. "I have some important business to conduct before I take my dick out of your husband's ass. You can either watch or go back inside and suck Lance's dick again!"


Master Ajmal smiled at me and kissed me again. His thrusts became more forceful. His eyes looked directly into mine. His energy exploded from his eyes and his dick exploded into my ass. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Master Ajmal rested his body on top of me. He kissed me some more. He rolled off me. Tim was, indeed, sucking Lance's big dick as he played with Marcus's.


"Didn't you get enough before in Lance's room?" I asked Tim.


Tim stopped sucking, "Ajmal told me to suck Lance's dick again! And, that is exactly what I am doing!"


Tim continued to suck on Lance's dick. Marcus was now behind Lance and playing with Lance's nipples. It didn't take long before Lance was spewing his cum into Tim's mouth.


Once he regained his composure, Lance almost yelled to the world, "I haven't gotten off with another man in almost a month! Now, I've cum three times in 90 minutes. I may never go back to Chicago!"


"Lunch is served," Harvey announced as he pushed a cart next to the table beside the pool. He disappeared into the house.


"I trust you are enjoying your stay with us, Lance," I said to Lance.


"I hope you don't mind, but these two can be extremely forceful," Lance said shyly.


"Oh! I know, Lance!" I said. "You haven't seen anything yet! Tim and Marcus can be quite creative!"


Tan, Jeromy, and Livingston arrived from lunch and joined our group beside the pool. They were naked before I could begin the introductions.


"These three are our guests for a couple of weeks," I began. "Lance, these three are Tan, Jeromy, and Livingston. Guys, this is our architect from Chicago, Lance Chiola."


When the greeting of each other was complete, I continued. "Tan works with Tim on a digital media project for their company. Jeromy is Tan's boyfriend. Livingston is, among other things, Jeromy's Master. He's also an architect and is considering a move to Chicago."


"Where do you work now?" Lance asked Livingston.


"Jenner, Billings, and McBeal in Manhattan," Livingston replied.


"I'm impressed!" Lance said. "One of the best in the country."


"If you want to work with extremely conservative, uncreative, and unresponsive architects," Livingston said. "Plus, unless you are at the top of the top of the heap, you don't get paid well. I would really like to start my own firm."


"Residential or commercial?" Lance asked.


"Residential," Livingston replied.


"I'm mostly into commercial design," Lance said. "So, if you want, we might talk about doing some joint ventures once you get your firm rolling. I have been talking to some people who want to turn some prime real estate in Chicago into a mixed use urban development. They want stores and offices along with residential units. A hotel in the complex is also part of the plans."


"Which project are you talking about, Lance?" Ajmal asked.


"It's a former industrial area north of Irving Park, east of Western Avenue, west of the Chicago River, and south of Berteau Avenue," Lance explained.


"Owned by A&J Holdings?" Ajmal asked.


"Yes!" Lance said. "Do you know about it?"


"I am considering taking on the project," Master Ajmal told Lance.


"Taking on?" Lance asked.


"I am a real estate developer," Master Ajmal explained. "Till now, I have mostly worked in New York City. But, because I will be spending time in Chicago with my future husband, I decided I should branch out to Chicago."


"Outstanding!" Lance replied. "I have considered bidding on the project, but I don't have enough staff at the moment. I would need to expand rather rapidly to take on something as large as this.


"Marcus, you and I need to speak with Lance and Livingston after we review the plans Lance has for the Chicago building," I suggested.


"You mean I can't suck his dick more this afternoon?" Marcus asked.


"Not until we are finished with our discussion!" I replied. "Lance, I hope you know what you've gotten yourself into!"


"I'm going to miss the two horny ones," Lance said with a grin.


"Then, don't leave for a while," I suggested. "Besides, Master Ajmal and I want to get to know you better!"


"I thought you had other visitors coming!" Lance said.


"We will make due," I replied. "You will need to share a room!"


"With whom?" Lance asked.


"Tim, Marcus, Master Ajmal, and I," I said with a smile.


"You and Livingston can also put your heads together regarding the house next door to us," Master Ajmal suggested. "We need to renovate it."


"Are you up for a joint venture project, Livingston?" Lance asked.


"Yup!" Livingston replied. "I've looked at the house next door. And, from what Steven, Tim, Ajmal, and Marcus have explained, the first floor needs to be gutted and redone. The second floor just needs some updating. They also want to connect this property with the other one. I have an idea on doing so, but I am unfamiliar with the Provincetown permitting process. I'm not certain it is doable in the town's eyes."


"After you two have had a chance to talk, tell us what you have in mind," Master Ajmal added. "I assure you I am very familiar with what the town will allow and what it won't allow!"


"Then, there is our house in Chicago and the three other buildings we want to make into a private compound," Tim added.


"I think I smell a venture capital deal here," Marcus interjected. "You need capital to expand, Lance. And, Livingston, you need capital to get your own firm going. I would hope the two of you could work on joint ventures together. We will talk later, men!"


"And, here I thought I was coming here to present my ideas for your loft building," Lance added.


"After we finish lunch, we will talk," I responded.


We continued our conversation until we were finished eating. Harvey cleared the table. Lance pulled out the plans for the first floor of the building.


"We will need to have the elevator system replace," Lance began his explanation. "The heavy duty service elevator in the back functions very well. I suggested each floor have a lobby area with glass doors on either side of the elevator bank. That way you can split the floor into two spaces and provide separate security access to each side. As you suggested, Steven, the outside perimeter will be open work spaces which can be configured to best suit the needs of the workgroup. I am proposing five conference rooms on each side of the elevator banks. The one on the end will be a double sized room for larger gatherings. Because I know how you like to operate, Steven, we will install a flexible communication configuration to grow or shrink as needed. I'm sure you are familiar with the equipment I am suggesting since it in from eSquare. Any questions so far?"


"How many people can be accommodated on each floor?" I asked.


"It depends on how you need to configure the workspace," Lance continued. "If it is mainly functions such as accounting, sales, and other support work groups, each floor could easily accommodate 200 people. When you add R&D and other space intensive functions, the number would be more like 100. Of course, if you need space intensive functions you could reduce the number of conference rooms."


"Good point," I said. "We should do at least both sections of either the second or third floor as space intensive."


"Even if you do the plan like the first floor, you can always make different configurations because all of the conference rooms are modular and can be adjusted in about four hours," Lance explained.


"I knew I wanted you on this project," I said to Lance. "Of course, I didn't really know if it was your pretty body or you mind. Now, I know it is both!"


"Thanks, boss," Lance said. "Any other questions?"


"How long will it take to get the first floor ready?" I asked.


"Do one side at a time," Lance said. "The elevators can be done as a separate contract and separate finish dates. The first floor is the first floor! You can probably be in the space within three months max."


"Can you make it two?" I asked.


"For a price," Lance answered.


"How much of a price?" I asked.


"Day and night five days a week," Lance answered. "I knew you would ask the question you just asked, Steven. You work on tight time frames. I've watched you work at eSquare. You get your time-frame, no matter what. The contractor said she needs to pay the night shirt time-and-a-half. So, you are talking about 25 percent more."


"More than what?" I asked.


"One half of the first floor," Lance explained. "Would cost about $500 thousand at your time-frame. We are using top end stuff on the first floor. The first floor is your image. The other floors are functional."


"You know he is right, Steven?" Master Ajmal.


"Yup!" I responded. "One thing you will understand about Lance as you get to know him better, he does not whitewash things."


"Thanks, boss!" Lance replied. "I don't like wishy-washy, ass licking people. And, I will not be one. Of course, Steven, if you, your husband, your husband's boyfriend, or your Master would like me to lick your asses, I would be available."


"How would you like to live in our compound?" Tim asked Lance.


"Sorry," Lance said. "I just bought the three flat next to the new one you just bought. I am certain the neighborhood will be the talk of the town and the property values will be going up exponentially! Of course, I have an idea about how to connect all of the properties without invoking the ire of the neighborhood or the city permits department.


"Livingston," I said. "Follow Mr. Chiola's lead and you will be making a lot of money in the city of Chicago!"


"Yes, SIR!" Livingston replied.


"It's boy, Livingston," I explained. "Not SIR. It's boy!"


"Yes, SIR!" Livingston replied. "I mean..., boy!"


"Now, Lance, Livingston," I remarked. "Why don't Master Ajmal and I take you to the house next door. We can discuss what might or might not happen."




Marcus and I drove to the Provincetown airport on Wednesday afternoon to retrieve the guy we wanted to consider for the IT position at the venture capital operation. We both wore business casual. Dean Hart stepped off the plane also clad in business casual attire. This was Provincetown after all! He was almost 6 feet tall with dark brown, close cut hair. He looked to be in his early 30s with a fairly well muscled body.


"Don't drool, Marcus," I cautioned.


"He's a slightly taller version of Tim," Marcus replied.


"Yup!" I said as we made our way over to the baggage claim area.


"Hello, Dean," Marcus said.


"It's good to finally meet you after all of our phone calls," Dean said.


"Dean, this is Steven Caldwell," Marcus explained. "One of the principals of the venture capital firm."


"Good to finally meet you Mr. Caldwell," Dean said. "Tim has talked about you extensively."


"Tim has spoken very highly of you," I replied. "But, please call me Steven. We don't stand on formalities in our business. We like to keep it casual."


"I appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about the position with your firm," Dean said as we climbed into the SUV.


"I hope we don't scare you, Dean," Marcus began. "We have a house full of guests. Some can be a bit intense."


"I'm used to working with intense people," Dean said with a smile. "Tim is intense. He's a terrific person to work with. You know exactly where you stand with him at all times."


"Is this your first time in Provincetown, Dean," I asked.


"I was here for a week last summer with my husband," Dean replied. "We wanted to come back this year, but our schedules didn't leave room for a week here."


I saw Marcus grin from the back seat.


When we arrived at the house, Dean's jaw dropped. "Nice house!"


"Thanks," I said. "We've enjoyed our summer here. It is very, very relaxing."


When we stepped into the entry hall, Tim greeted us. Tim was dressed in shorts and a polo. "Dean! It's great to see you!"


"You, too, Tim!" Dean replied. "This house is amazing!"


"We can give you a tour later after you, Marcus, and Steven have a chance to talk," Tim said. "We are putting you upstairs in one of our guest rooms. Would you like to freshen up before your meeting?"


"No, I am fine," Dean suggested.


"Harvey will bring us some snacks while we talk," I said as we headed to the office next to the home theater. "Have a seat, Dean, and make yourself comfortable."


"Thanks," Dean responded. "Marcus and I have talked a lot about your work with the venture capital business and what you are looking for in an IT person. It all sounds very exciting!"


"Sometimes we get a little too excited," I said. "But, we are in this business to, one, make money, and, two, to have fun. I spent a little over 10 years with eSquare, and I was driven. Now, both Tim and I, especially, want to have a less hectic life. We want to go after projects that will also benefit, in some manner, the LGBTQ community. You have a very impressive resume, and Tim has spoken highly about the valuable work you have done with his digital media group. So, Dean, this may be duplicate efforts where you and Marcus are concerned, but tell me how you think you would fit into our venture capital business."


"My undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Harvard's School of Engineering and Applied Science," Dean began. "The Harvard's SEAS program stressed entrepreneurial leadership functions and creative uses of technology. So, I am really excited about the possibility of working with your organization because I see a lot of different projects all of which will take on many applications of technology. I have enjoyed working with Tim on the digital media project because I have worked with high end, newly minted technology to create the platforms we are using on the project. On the other hand, outside of the digital media project, the company I work for is not creative when it comes to information technology. I also want to pursue and MBA at some point, and I believe the experiences with your venture capital firm would give me a big leg up in a program."


There was a knock on the door. It was Harvey carrying a tray of pastries and a carafe of coffee. "I hope I am not interrupting, gentlemen, but I thought you might like something to munch on."


"Thank you, Harvey," I said. "Harvey, this is Dean Hart. Dean, this is Harvey. He runs the house here."


"Good afternoon, Mr. Hart!" Harvey said. "Please let me know if you need anything during your stay."


"Thank you, Harvey," Dean said.


"Coffee?" I asked Marcus and Dean.


"Yes, please, Steven," Marcus replied.


"I'd love some," Dean said.


Once we all had our coffee and a pastry in hand, we continued our conversation.


"You would be dealing mostly with Marcus and the other staff he plans to hire in the next few months," I explained. "You would also work with the foundation Tim and I have with technical issues."


"All of this sounds exciting!" Dean responded. "Marcus also told me about the building you are renovating in Lake View. My husband and I live on Cornelia two blocks west of Halsted. It would be an easy commute!"


"Good," I said. "I want to bring you into the picture a little further, Dean, and then I will let you and Marcus hash out other details. And, later you will meet the other principal of the firm. I believe you need to know more about our little family. How much has Tim told you about us?"


"Only that you and he are married," Dean responded.


"Tim and I are indeed married," I began. "Tim and I are involved in a nontraditional relationship. How familiar are you with BDSM and Master/slave relationships?"


"My husband and I have friends who are in a Master/slave relationship," Dean explained. "So, the concept is not new to us."


"Good," I continued. "Tim and I are involved with two other people. One is Tim's boyfriend. The other is my Master. The reason I am telling you all of this is simple, we do not hide how we live."


"I am fine with all of it, Steven," Dean replied with a smile. "My husband, Leo, and I are not prudes. We enjoy the eclectic."


"I am Tim's boyfriend," Marcus jumped into the conversation. "My future husband, Ajmal, is Steven's Master. We share a home here. The four of us also share our bed. When we return to Chicago, we will also continue sharing a home and a bed."


"Master Ajmal and Tim are the two other principals in the venture capital business," I explained. "And, just to forewarn you, we lead a naked lifestyle whenever possible. So, if you see a few naked men wondering around the house and the pool area, please don't be alarmed. It is also not unusual to see some of us engaged in public sexual activity."


"We will get along fine, Steven," Dean responded. "Leo and I are also into being naked whenever possible. We watch porn from time to time. This will just be live porn! Would I be allowed to participate?"


"Allowed, yes. Required, no," I said. "Now I will leave you two alone to finish your discussion. Join us downstairs when you are finished, Marcus."


"Will do, boss," Marcus said as I left the two of them to chat.


I headed to the pool area. Tim and Master Ajmal were dressed in shorts without shirts. They were soaking up the sun.


"It is so unusual to see the two of you and you are not naked," I said as I sat beside Master Ajmal.


"How did the discussion go?" Master Ajmal asked as I pulled off my shirt.


"Very well," I explained. "As far as I am concerned, we have found our IT person. It will be Marcus's decision, however."


"Did you explain our living arrangements?" Tim asked.


"Yes," I said. "He and his husband, Leo, also like to live life naked. They also have friends who are in a Master/slave relationship. He also didn't seem even remotely surprised when I explained our relationship with each other, our naked lifestyle, and occasional sexual activities performed in various places of the house."


"Does this mean we can get naked?" Tim asked with a smile.


"Yup," I said. "He may as well get used to seeing his employers naked."


The three of us shucked the rest of our clothes and repositioned ourselves on our lounge chairs.


"Steven," Master Ajmal began. "Tim and I both need a blowjob. Me first. Then Tim."


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I moved to Master Ajmal's lounge chair.


Master Ajmal spread his legs and pulled his feet close to his ass so I had access to his already hard nine inch dick. I licked my Masters balls before I rammed his hard dick down my throat. I immediately began working my Master's dick. He occasionally shoved my head down so his cock was in my throat. I worked my mouth up and down Master Ajmal's dick faster and faster! I wanted to taste my Master's cum. Finally, it happened, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


I swallowed every drop of my Master's cum. I licked the piss slit to get as much as I possibly could.


Next, it was Tim's turn. "On your knees, boy," Tim demanded as he stood at the foot of his lounge chair. "I hope you are ready, boy!"


"Yes, SIR!" I responded. I could tell from the tone of Tim's voice and the look in his eyes this was not going to be just a blowjob.


Tim put his hands on my head and shoved my mouth down his big, hard, nine inch dick. He kept his grip on my head and began to face fuck me. Slowly at first. Then, he built up momentum. He was pounding away at my face. He shoved his dick down my throat and pulled out with swift forceful thrusts. I grabbed Tim's thighs to steady myself as my husband face fucked me. I lost track of time as Tim savagely continued. I finally noticed Tim's body tense.


The held my head down so his dick was against the back of my mouth and he started to unload in my mouth. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Tim kept his hands on my head as he steadied himself while he recovered. He finally pulled me up and kissed me.


We heard applause from the other side of the patio. "Great show, guys!" Marcus announced.


Marcus and Dean were both naked.


"We decided to join you," Marcus explained as he and Dean joined us poolside. "Dean, I'd like you to meet my future husband Ajmal. Ajmal, this is our newest employee, Dean Hart."


"Welcome to the firm, Dean!" Master Ajmal said to Dean. "I trust you and Marcus have worked out all of the details."


"Yes, Sir!" Dean said. "It is a pleasure to meet you!"


"Same here, Dean!" Master Ajmal said as he looked over Dean's naked body. Dean definitely was a muscle dude. He had a huge chest with trimmed chest hair. The trimmed hair stretched down his six pack abs and culminated at his trimmed pubic hair. His cock and balls were shaved. His semi-hard circumscribed dick was rapidly growing.


"Do I pass?" Dean finally asked the group.


"Yes," I said.


"Definitely," Tim said.


"You have my vote," Master Ajmal said.


"How big does that thing get, Dean?" Tim asked pointing to Dean's still growing dick.


"About 12 inches," Dean replied.


"Now, how do we want to celebrate Dean's new position with our company?" Tim asked.


"How about dinner out?" I asked. "Red Inn?"


"Spoil sport!" Tim pouted. "Should I make reservations or do you want to do it, Steven?"


"I will," I suggested. "Why don't you arrange with Harvey for a champagne toast?"


"Coming right up," Harvey responded from inside the house.


"So, Dean," Master Ajmal began. "How do you feel about being our new IT director?"


"I'm excited," Dean answered. "As I said to Steven and Marcus, other than the project I am working on with Tim, our company is not extremely creative when it comes to information technology. So, I am looking forward to putting my entrepreneurial and creative skills to work."


Once Harvey hand poured five glasses of Champagne, I made the toast, "Dean, here is to a successful partnership with you and our venture capital fund. I see great things ahead of us. And, I see your involvement being a key to our success! Cheers."


We clinked glasses, and then Tim spoke up, "I am going to miss you on my team, Dean, but I know you, Steven, Marcus, and Ajmal will enjoy having your expertise with our venture capital business. Here's to success! Cheers."


"Thanks, guys!" Dean replied. "I know I am going to enjoy working with all of you and being part of this venture. I am extremely impressed by your zeal to help the LGBTQ community. Both with the venture capital firm as well as your foundation. It will be awesome to be a part of all of this."


"Do you need to call your husband and tell him the good news?" I asked.


"I should," Dean replied. "He will be eager to hear about everything."


"Are you going to tell him you are sitting by our pool naked?" Marcus asked.


"Yes," Dean replied. "We don't have secrets."


"Would he mind if you slept with us tonight?" Marcus asked.


"I'll ask," Dean said with a smile. "I'll be back in a moment."


Dean went inside the house.


"Fuck! He is cute!" Marcus said.


"Especially naked," Tim added.


"And, he's hung," Marcus continued.


"And, built," Tim whispered.


"Do you think he is good in bed?" Marcus asked.


"Let's hope," Tim responded.


"He is our employee and not a sex object, guys," I said.


"Your no fun sometimes," Tim admonished me.


"Maybe we could just sleep with him and not have sex," Master Ajmal joined the discussion.


"Are you out of your mind, Ajmal?" Marcus responded.


Dean came back from inside. He was carrying his phone. "Steven, my husband Leo wants to speak with you."


I took Dean's phone, "Hello, Leo."


"Hello, Steven," Leo said. "I don't know if you remember me. I'm Leo Chau. You and I met while you were dating a guy named Lance."


"Ah!" I said. "I didn't know you were THAT Leo."


"Yup!" Leo said. "The one and only. Dean has been gushing over the job you guys offered him. I'm really happy for him. I only have one request."


"What's that, Leo?" I asked.


"Show him a good time," Leo said. "I remember your ass. I know he will enjoy it if he has an opportunity to have it. Am I being too forward?"


"Nope," I said. "We are all one big happy family, here, Leo. Hopefully, we can add you to our family once we all get back to Chicago."


"I'd like that," Leo said. "Have you heard from your friend Lance recently?"


"He's here with us now," I replied. "He's the architect on a building we are renovating in Chicago. He decided to stay for the week."


"Give him my regards as well," Leo said. "And, Steven, congratulations on your marriage. I am eager to meet your husband, your husband's boyfriend, and your Master."


"Thank you, Leo," I said. "Don't worry about Dean. We will make certain he is not lonely!"


I handed the phone back to Dean.


"I'll talk to you later, sweetie," Dean said. "I can't wait to see you again tomorrow!"


When Dean hung up the phone, he was smiling from ear to ear.


"It seems I know Dean's husband Leo," I said to the group.


"How well do you know Dean's husband?" Tim asked with squinty eyes.


"Yea, Steven," Dean added. "How well do you know my husband?"


"Intimately," I admitted.


"What exactly did Leo want to talk with you about, Steven?" Tim asked. Again the squinty eyes.


"If I got the message correct," I told the group. "He suggested Dean might like to fuck me."


"I hope Dean will want to fuck more of us than just you, Steven," Marcus said. "Did you know you have a very prominent dick, Dean?"


"I have been told it is one of my most prominent features," Dean said. "It has a little more to grow."


"I'll take care of that," Tim suggested as he knelt in front of Dean. Tim began to lick Dean's shaved cock and balls. After a few licks, Tim took Dean's still growing dick and began to work it with his mouth. It was soon standing tall. It was definitely 12 inches long, and very, very thick!


"Now that we all see what a magnificent dick you really have, Dean," Marcus said. "I need to ask. Do you like to fuck with an audience?"


"Yup!" Dean answered.


"Can you accommodate at least two other asses after you have finished with Steven?" Marcus asked.


"Yup," Dean answered.


"Do you ever get fucked?" Marcus asked.


"Rarely, but I think I would like to make an exception if Ajmal would be willing," Dean answered.


"I think we need to start cocktail hour early," Tim suggested. "Harvey?"


"Five vodka on the rocks, coming up," Harvey answered from inside the house.


"Do you like to kiss, Dean?" Tim asked.


"Yup," Dean answered. "I like to kiss the guy I am with before I fuck him. It gets me motivated."


"Motivate our new employee, Steven," Tim ordered.


I stood from my lounge chair and moved in front of Dean.


"I've wanted this ever since I saw you when I got off the airplane," Dean whispered as he pulled me close to him.


"Me, too!" I whispered back. "I have a thing for big dicked muscle studs."


Dean began to kiss me. I put my arms around his neck and he wrapped me up with his big, muscular arms. He held me tight to his body as he began to passionately kiss me. We didn't stop for several minutes.


"Do you want to take a break and have a drink?" Dean whispered to me.


"No!" I said. "Unless you do."


"I have what I want right now," Dean whispered. "You in my arms. Kissing you. Waiting to make love to you."


We started kissing again.


"It's time, Steven," Dean whispered into my ear. "I need to feel my dick in your ass. I am going to make love to you. I am going to make love to your muscled, hairless body."


Dean led me to the lounge chair I occupied previously. I positioned myself on my back and spread my legs. Dean took his place on top of me. He kissed me for a few minutes longer. He paused. He lined up his big, hard dick with my asshole. He looked into my eyes. He began his long, slow decent into my ass. When I felt his trimmed public hairs caress my balls. He smiled. His eyes light up. I smiled back. He kissed me as he began to slowly, steadily move his huge dick in and out of my ass. There was no one else around us. There was no Tim. There was no Marcus. There was no Master Ajmal. It was just Dean making love to me. He kissed me. He looked into my eyes. I looked into his eyes. Whenever he leaned down to kiss me, my whole body tingled. When he slipped his big dick all of the way into my ass, my whole body tingled.


Suddenly, Dean's demeanor changed. His body tensed. "Shit, Steven! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum in your sweet ass! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


I felt his cum flood my ass. My whole body tingled. He rested on top of me to recover.


Applause came from the group.


"At this rate, Dean," Tim began. "We will be eating dinner at midnight. I'm not complaining, mind you. It's just a statement of fact!"


I looked over at the lounge chair close to Dean and me. Three men were in a pile. Tim was on the bottom. Marcus in the middle. Master Ajmal on top.


"I assume, Marcus," I said. "You have your dick in my husband again."


"Yes," Marcus said. "And, what a good ass it is!"


"I think we could all use another drink," Tim suggested.


Harvey, like magic, stepped out of the house with a tray of double vodkas on the rocks. Once we each had a drink in our hand, Tim decided he needed to ask a few questions.


"Dean," Tim began as we all sat on separate lunge chairs. "Does Leo share you compassion for being on top?"


"He goes both ways," Dean explained. "However, when we bring one person into our bed, he is usually a bottom boy. If we bring more than one person into our bed, both are usually bottoms or at least one is. Leo likes to bottom for strong, muscled men. Mostly men of color."


"I have a question, Dean," Tim began. "Would Leo like to join us here this weekend? I know I can approve another day off for you!"


"The plane fares will probably be expensive," Dean suggested.


"Don't worry about plane fares," I interjected. "I will have a ticket waiting for him at the airport. Just let me now when he wants to come out. Tomorrow or Friday."


Dean grabbed his phone and headed into the house for a little privacy. He came out a few minutes later. He was smiling broadly.


"He will use two personal days for tomorrow and Friday," Dean explained. "He just needs to know when the plane is leaving."


I picked up my laptop for the dining table on the patio. After a few pecks, I had reservations. "I need information from Leo. Last name, social security number, birthdate. Do you know them?"


"Yup," Dean said as he stood beside me and gave me the information.


"Tell Leo he is scheduled to depart O'Hare at 11 am central on American flight 443," I explained. "He will land in Boston at 2 pm Eastern time. He needs to go to the charter terminal. I will have a charter plane waiting for him for the trip to Provincetown. He should be here around 3 pm."


"Let's eat before we resume the festivities," Master Ajmal suggested.


Harvey appeared pushing a cart with chaffing dishes, a salad, rolls, and water. He also had another round of drinks. "Enjoy!" Harvey added as he slipped inside the house.


As we settled around the patio table to enjoy another one of Harvey's creations, Tim decided he needed to ask a few more questions. "So, Dean, was Steven's ass as good as you thought it would be?"


"Better!" Dean replied. "Much better."


"Would you like it on a regular basis?" Tim asked.


"Tim, don't embarrass Dean!" I suggested.


"Leo asked if Steven's ass was one of the benefits of working for the firm," Dean replied with a smile. "Of course, he is hoping spousal benefits apply in this instance as well."


"I am certain we can arrange something you will be happy with," Master Ajmal explained. "By the way, where are the others?"


"The four of them decided to go out to dinner," Tim answered.


"I see we've all finished eating dinner," Tim said. He had his squinty eyes again. We were in trouble.


"Shall we go upstairs and take a nap?" Marcus asked. "Or, the playroom?"


"Upstairs," Tim decided. "But, there will be no napping until I say so!"


"Who decided you were in charge, Tim?" Marcus asked.


"I'm the planner of the group," Tim replied.


"Plotter," I countered.


"Planner," Tim added.






"Okay, guys," Marcus took up the conversation. "Let's finish with the planning stage and get some dick in some asses!"


"You know you don't need to put out to keep your job, Dean!" I whispered to him.


"Yup," Dean whispered back. "Who should be next?"


"Tim," I suggested. "Do you like to go to sleep early?"


"Nope!" Dean replied. "I do my best work in the wee hours of the morning!"


"Good!" I said. "Knowing this group, you might need to do an encore."


"Shit!" Dean said with a big smile. "I think I've died and gone to gay boy heaven! Steven?"


"Yes, Dean?" I asked.


"Do you think your Master Ajmal could show Leo a few things about BDSM?" Dean asked.


"I'm certain," I replied. "He's an excellent teacher. Who would be the Master and who would be the slave?"


"I like it when Leo takes control," Dean answered.




Lance decided to stay for the rest of the week with us. He needed to be back in Chicago on the next Monday morning.


We were sitting at the breakfast table on Thursday. Lance and Livingston decided they needed to tell us something.


"Bosses," Lance began. "Livingston and I have put our heads together. We have a plan for the house next door. Livingston, why don't you tell our best customers what you have in mind."


"All of this is based on your approval, of course," Livingston began.


"No, Livingston," I said. "We want you to tell us your ideas and sell us on why we should do what you are suggesting."


"You mean you want me to be assertive?" Livingston asked.


"Yup," Master Ajmal said. "You want to be a Master and a successful architect. You NEED to at least ACT as though you are assertive. Feel it. Own it. We are only the money people. We don't know anything about architecture. YOU DO!"


"Yes, SIR!" Livingston said. "Let me start over. "I want to explain how I can transform this otherwise bland property into an eye popping gem."


"More like it Livingston," Master Ajmal said. "Tell us what to do, SIR!"


"We need to reconfigure the first floor," Livingston began. "I recommend you move the kitchen to the garden level of the house. From what you have told us, you want this property to be an entertainment center of your compound. So, move the kitchen from the first floor to the garden level. You can still use that space for informal entertaining. The whole first floor should be without walls. There are no supporting interior walls. The space would be divided by the type of furniture or arrangement of furniture in one particular space. For example, the dining area could be configured with a table which seats six or eight. But, if you have a huge sit down dinner, you can move the other furniture to accommodate a table which seat probably 20 to 30 people. You could also reconfigure the space if you wanted to entertain in a more informal situation. Change the space to connect with the outside. As for connecting this house with the one you just bought, I thought you could use decks, walkways, and formal gardens to connect the two properties. Decks would be for informal entertaining. Walkways slightly more formal. Gardens for formal situations. You should leave the six bedrooms upstairs alone, with the exception of updating the décor. The bathrooms are fabulous if you take out the nautical accents. Same with all of the guest rooms."


"I like it Livingston," Tim said. "Open first floor. Kitchen and causal entertaining on the garden level. Steven?"


"I like the idea, too!" I said. "It could be an adaptable space. We might even host a wedding or two. Master?"


"Good points," Master Ajmal said. "I like the casual entertaining area being downstairs. I like the formal entertaining area being on the first floor. How does one connect the outside of the garden level with the outdoor living area, including this one?'


"The garden level is a walk out `basement' basically," Livingston explained. "The patio level is in line with the outdoor area of this house. The patio level is half of a floor below the first floor. You could add a deck off the first floor with stairs to the garden level outdoor area. The outdoor area of that house is the same level of this house. It meets on the same level. You could change the décor of the outdoor area of the house next door to be more in sync with this one. This one is sleeker and more inviting. It would be one space. You could make a first floor deck area connect with this outdoor patio and pool level with one-half of a flight of stairs or even on incline ramp type of situation. You could build up the area just off the first floor deck of the house next door to decline into the level with the patio area of this house. It could be a formal garden."


"SOLD!" Tim announced.


"Yup," I agreed.


Me, too!" Master Ajmal said.


"What if I don't like it?" Marcs asked.


"What don't you like?" Tim asked.


"Nothing," Marcus said. He was smiling. "I actually love the idea. Do it!"


"Do you know a contractor here who would be able to do this?" I asked Ajmal.


"Yup," Master Ajmal replied. "A lesbian here in town. She does the best work. She worked on my place."


"Hire her," I suggested.


"I'll do it tomorrow," Master Ajmal said. "How quickly can you have the plans done, Livingston?"


"I have sketches," Livingston replied.


"Can she get the drift from your explanation and your sketches?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Probably," Livingston answered. "The sketches and explanation will not get permits, I am certain."


"Let me deal with getting the permits!" Master Ajmal said. "Money talks. We will get the permits."


"When can we get started?" Tim asked.


"I will talk with the contractor," Master Ajmal said.


"Where should we start?" Tim asked. "Bottom? Middle? Top?"


"Preferably the lowest floor," Livingston answered. "We will do a slight buildout on the bottom floor to make the outdoor living space flow and to get the room for a really high end kitchen and casual entertaining area."


"Since we are not doing a lot with the top floor other than minor redecorating, can that be done by the end of October so we have more room for guests when our wedding happens?" Marcus asked.


"Move the furniture and tacky art out of the house, add a little paint and some contemporary furnishings and you are done," Livingston said. "I would leave the windows without window treatments. The way the house is situated there will be no privacy issues."'


"Terrific!" Marcus responded. "Where do we find contemporary furnishings to compliment this house?"


"I can pull off some ideas from a place in the city," Livingston suggested. "They have a store in Boston. It's all very contemporary and will meld well with this house. I suspect the master bedroom furnishings in this house is from the same shop. I can even make some color recommendations. You might even find a few art pieces here in Provincetown galleries."


"Sounds terrific, Livingston," I said. "What about your fee?"


"You are giving me a break," Livingston said. "Let me know what you are comfortable with."


"Lance?" I asked.


"I would imagine you could hire a semi-competent architect for about $100 thousand for a project like this," Lance responded. "But, I think, judging from our discussions, you have an extremely competent architect. I would suggested you offer him $250 thousand and then negotiate."


"Okay," I said. "Would you be able to do this for $250 thousand, Livingston?"


"Shit yes!" Livingston exclaimed.


"Livingston," Lance explained. "You aren't negotiating. Make an offer higher than what they are offering!"


"Really?" Livingston exclaimed. "Ah... ah... How about $300 thousand?"


"Make it $275 thousand and we have a deal!" I agreed. "How quickly can you give your firm notice?"


"It's a deal! I can send them an e-mail with a letter of resignation attached today," Livingston suggested. "And, I suspect, they will tell me not to come back. They will offer me two months' severance pay, earned vacation days, and sick time. So, I can probably start tomorrow!"


After we completed our business regarding the house next door, we arranged ourselves on lounge chairs around the pool.


"Steven?" Lance asked.


"Yes," I replied.


"Can I speak with you for a few moments?" Lance asked his second question.


"Yup!" I said. "Do you want to go somewhere private?"


"Maybe it would be best," Lance said. I could tell something was on his mind.


We settled into the office downstairs beside the home theater room. "What's up, Lance?"


"This is sort of hard for me to talk about," Lance began. "But, I need to say this or I will regret it until the day I die."


"This sounds serious," I said. "Spill! If nothing else, I am a good listener."


"I have met this incredibly sexy man," Lance began.


"That's good, right?" I asked.


"Ahm... Not really," Lance continued. "He is involved with someone else. He doesn't know I could follow him to the end of the world. He doesn't even know I like him. And, I can't be with him because he is in another relationship."


"Are we talking about Marcus or Tim?" I asked.


"No," Lance quietly said. "Livingston."


"Tell him," I suggested. "He needs to know how you feel."


"What about Tan and Jeromy?" Lance asked.


"Let me speak with Tim," I suggested. "He might be able to broach the subject with Tan and Jeromy. In the meantime, you need to talk to Livingston."


"What if Tan and Jeromy are jealous?" Lance asked.


"I don't know what to say, Lance," I said. "For example, they might be interested in a relationship like the one Tim, Marcus, Master Ajmal and I are involved in. You and Livingston married. Tan and Jeromy married. You and Tan boyfriends. Livingston and Jeromy Master and slave. But, before you cross that bridge, you need to tell him how you feel. Otherwise, you have this elephant in the room for the rest of your lives."


"How do I tell him?" Lance asked.


"In your own words," I explained. "Simply say something like, `Livingston, I have feelings for you. I know you are in love with Tan and Jeromy. I just wanted you to know so I don't need to hide my feelings.'"


"Then what do I do?" Lance asked.


"Go to bed with him and see if you two click!" I suggested.


"Would you be okay with me taking YOUR husband to bed?" Lance asked.


"Lance," I explained. "I am with Master Ajmal and whomever he decides I will be with. Tim needs a life. He has Marcus. He has Tan. He has me. He has Master Ajmal. He has Callum. He has Willy. Yes, I am okay with you taking my husband to bed. I am in bed with people you may never appreciate or approve of, but, if Master Ajmal tells me to will serve them, I will! The four of you might look into a polygamous relationship. If you don't explore the possibilities, you will never know. Questions?"


"How do I ask Livingston? Lance asked.


"'Livingston, can I ask you a question?'" I said.


"Just like that?" Lance asked.


"Yup!" I said. "Just like that. Livingston is a very interesting individual. You will know where he stands. He will, I am certain, tell you about how he feels about Jeromy, about Tan, and about you."


"So, you are telling me to proposition Livingston?" Lance asked incredulously.


"Yup!" I said. "Otherwise the two of you will never know how you feel about each other!"


"What if he gives me permission to have sex with him," Lance asked.


"Have sex with him," I replied. "Ask questions later."


"I also still have feelings for you, you know," Lance finally admitted.


"Lance, I will never forget the times you and I spent together. We were just not at the right place at the right time to make things go any further," I added. "Get Livingston and you worked out. Then, we can work on getting our feelings for each other worked out. Questions?"


"You want me to fuck you again?" Lance asked.


"Yes," I said. "Either Tim or Master Ajmal will need to approve. But, yes, I want you to fuck me again! We had a good time, Lance. Don't let our previous relationship get in the way of possibilities of the future. Tim, Marcus, Master Ajmal, and I have a very world view of sex. Who knows! You could wind up in our bed on a regular basis. Have you ever thought about being in a polygamous relationship?"


"Can it be possible?" Lance asked.


"Yup," I said. "It can, indeed, be possible. Go talk to Livingston. Take him down to the beach. Sit with him. Talk to him. Listen to him. And, if you both agree, have sex with him."


Lance and I walked back to the pool where the others were gathered. Tan, Jeromy, and Livingston were sitting next to each other. Lance was smiling. I couldn't help but smile as I looked at Lance trying not to look at Livingston and Livingston trying not to look at Lance. `This will work out well... And, quickly!' I thought to myself.


"Did we miss anything?" I asked.


"Nope," Tim said. "We were just gossiping. Did your talk with Steven help, Lance?"


"Yup," Lance said quietly. "It helped a lot."


"Good," Tim added.


"Does anyone want to take a walk down to the beach?" Lance asked.


"I'll go!" Livingston announced. "Anyone else?"


We all said no.


Lance and Livingston both slipped on gym shorts and flip flops. As they headed to the beach, I heard Lance say to Livingston. "After I talked to Steven, I decided I needed to talk to you."


"Let's wait until we are on the beach," Livingston suggested. "We can sit in the sand, listen to the waves, and talk."


"Do I need to be concerned here?" Jeromy asked.


"Nope!" I said. "I don't think you will be surprised by the outcome, do you?"


Jeromy smiled, "No. I thought something was up."


"Dean," I said. "I think you have a husband to meet at the airport. Do you want to go by yourself?"


"You and me?" Dean asked.


"Sure," I said as a grabbed a pair of gym shorts and slipped on my flip flops. Dean did the same.


"No shirt?" Dean asked.


"Nope," I replied. "We need to give our audience a show. Plus, if Leo is anything like he was a few years ago, he will hump you on the way back to the house."


"Do the seats go down?" Dean asked with a smile as we climbed into the SUV.


"Yes," I replied. "Did you give Leo a blow by blow account of last night's activities?"


"Yes," Dean replied. "He told me he was sitting in the airport waiting room trying to conceal his hard dick."


"For Leo, the task would be monumental!" I said.


"Yup!" Dean agreed. "I've never seen an Asian with such a huge body—in more ways than one."


"Dean," I said. "You are making me horny."


"Good," Dean added as we arrived at the Provincetown airport.


I was instantly hard when I saw Leo step off the charter plane. His 6' 3" muscled body obscenely stretched the material of his white polo shirt and tight fitting jeans. His moderately long black hair, spiked to perfection, added to the muscle stud's sex appeal. My eyes darted immediately to his crotch. When he saw us, he flashed his brilliantly white teeth as he broke into a smile. He hurried through the gate and into Dean's arms.


"God! I missed you, babe," Leo said to Dean.


"I missed you, too!" Dean replied.


It was my turn. Leo grabbed me and hugged me tightly to his body.


"Steven!" Leo said as he half released me from his hug. "You look fantastic. You always were a sexy stud, but, wow, the muscles, the hairless body, the tattoos. You have sex written all over you!"


"You, SIR, look... amazing!" I stammered.


"Feel his cock and balls, Leo," Dean suggested.


"Holy shit!" Leo exclaimed as he put one hand on my hard dick and the other on my balls. "You're balls are huge! How?"


"I'll explain later," I said. "Right now, we need to grab your bag and get out of here. Otherwise, I may have a spontaneous orgasm."


I picked up Leo's bag and he walked quickly to the SUV. I slid into the driver's seat. Leo into the passenger seat. Dean sat behind his husband.


"Steven," Dean said. "Tim suggested you drive back to the house naked. Leo, lose your shirt."


I slipped off my gym shorts. Leo pulled off his shirt.


"Oh shit!" I exclaimed. "Your muscles are bigger than ever! I didn't think it would be possible. When I get you home, I am going to strip you naked and sit on your dick in about three seconds."


As I was driving back to the house, Leo leaned over and wrapped his hand around my dick. Not only did he squeeze it tightly, he began to jerk me off.


"Leo," I hissed. "Please stop what you are doing. You are about to make me blow a load all over the car."


"I'm not stopping," Leo calmly said as he continued to work my dick with his hand.


I pulled over to the curb. After a few seconds, my dick erupted. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


I put my head on the steering wheel as I tried to recover. Cum was everywhere. On my body. On the steering wheel. On the dashboard. On Leo's hand.


"Will you ever stop tormenting me, Leo?" I asked.


"No," Leo answered. "I like making you uncomfortable in public situations. It's just the way I am wired."


"You might have some explaining to do when we get back to the house, Leo," I quietly said as I maneuvered the car back onto the street for our drive home.


When we arrived at the house, I put the SUV in the garage. Tim, Marcus, and Master Ajmal were in the entry hall to greet us.


"Hmmm!" Tim began. "I smell cum. Your cum, Steven! Explain."


"It was Leo's fault," I said.


"I was reminding Steven of the good times we used to have," Leo said with a smile.


"I'm Marcus," Marcus began the introductions. "This is Tim. And, this is Ajmal. You, I assume, are Leo!"


"Yup," Leo said. "I'm Leo."


"Why do you still have your jeans on Leo?" Tim asked.


"Do you want me to take them off here?" Leo asked.


"Yes," Tim said. "We are a naked household. We demand nakedness from everyone, especially if they are built like you are built, Leo. Strip."


Leo unbuttoned his 501s and slipped them down. He was going commando. His dick, all 13 inches of uncut Asian dick, stood at attention.


Tim put his hand on Leo's hard dick.


"Dean," Tim began. "Can I show Leo to our bedroom?"


"Not yet, Tim," Marcus intervened. "He's not a stud service for your every whim. He is our guest."


"He likes being a stud service," Dean explained. "It is in his genes. It is also why I married him."


"Still, we have a reputation to uphold," Marcus continued. "Even though it is not cocktail time, we could retire to the pool area and have a drink to celebrate the arrival of our latest guest."


"I'm in," Tim agrees.


"So am I," Dean adds.


"Count me in," Master Ajmal said.


"I'm parched," I said.


"I'm horny," Leo said. "A drink will make me even hornier."


We head for the patio area beside the pool. Harvey suddenly appears with six double vodka on the rocks. He disappeared as quickly as he appeared.


"So, Steven," Leo begins after we have toasted our guest's arrival. "Explain how you went from a guy working for a telecommunications company and dating an architect to a guy married to Mr. Cutie over there, serving a Master, and living luxuriously without any financial worry?"


"Lance and I were not on the same page at the time we were dating," I began. "I met Tim in Provincetown 18 months ago. He moved to Chicago. I quit my job in April. We bought this house in May. We moved here for the summer in June. Tim met Marcus, whom he used to date in Boston before Tim and I met, in Provincetown. I met Master Ajmal this summer when I was with Miguel and Jake at the A-House. Did I leave anything out?"


"Yes," Leo replied. "Explain the ink and the balls."


"Maybe Tim can explain," I suggested.


"I can," Tim said. "It all started in January when Steven and I connected with his former Master from Chicago at the Cell Block. The plan derived from ideas Ed and I had. However, the fucker committed suicide before we could put the plan into action. I had help from Miguel and Jake until Ajmal came into the picture. The tattoos were my idea. They were done this summer. Steven's hairless body came by way of a doctor here in Provincetown. The good doctor also suggested injecting a fertility drug into Steven's balls to make them bigger and to make him hornier. Because of all this, I now have a hairless, muscled, tattooed, big balled husband who is also horny all of the time. So, Mr. Stud service, the two of you have something in common. You are both addicted to sex."


"Good summary, Tim," Leo said. "Did anyone ever tell you that you don't beat around the bush?"


"NEVER!" Tim replied. "What do you do for a living, Leo?"


"I'm a pediatric oncology nurse at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago," Leo answered.


"It must be tough watching kids suffering," Master Ajmal suggested.


"Yup," Leo answered. "Ask Dean. Several nights I come home and cry like a baby. I hate to see the kids suffer. But, there is joy, too, when you see a kid go into remission."


"Leo's job is the reason he takes his private time seriously," Dean suggested. "If Leo seems like a train wreck heading your way, it is because he needs to work something out of his system."


"Can we change the subject," Leo askes. "I have more information I need before I process the situation. I know Marcus runs the venture capital business. I know Tim works at the same publishing company Dean currently works for. I know Steven USED to work for eSquare. I have no idea what you do for a living, Ajmal."


"I dabble in real estate development," Master Ajmal replied.


At this point Tim and Marcus almost simultaneously choke on a sip of their drink.


"I take it from Tim and Marcus's reaction there is more to your story, Ajmal," Leo surmised. "But, we can skip those details. What are you doing now that you are not at eSquare, Steven?"


"On demand videos featuring BDSM activities and Master/slave relationships," I explained. "I am the technical partner with Jake and Miguel who are on the creative side of the business."


"So, you are not planning on staring in any of the videos, Steven?" Leo asked.


"Well, the other side of my role in the business is as a bottom slave boy to a couple of hot men," I explained further. "The transformation of my body is the heart of the first video. We should launch the first video and the on demand distribution sometime in September. Have you ever thought about being a porn star, Leo?"


"No," Leo answered. "But you just planted a seed in my mixed up brain. Dean? Would you mind if I were a porn star?"


"Nope," Dean answered. "It might be hot! Just think! I could be married to a porn star. It is certainly a better opening with new friends than, `my husband is a pediatric oncology nurse.'"


"So, Leo," Master Ajmal began. "Do you ever get involved in BDSM or Master/slave relationships?"


"Not really," Leo explained. "Dean and I have talked about experimenting. I'm not certain I could get into torturing Dean. He's my husband. I love him dearly. But, we are both open to new experiences, right, Dean?"


"Yup," Dean replied. "Even though I'm a proclaimed top, I have fantasies about being on the bottom with a hot Master. Maybe even my husband. What do you think, Leo?"


"We need to have a discussion first," Leo answered. "Do we get to watch you and Steven in action sometime while we are here, Ajmal?"


"I would hope you would want more than to just watch, Leo," Master Ajmal said with a smile. "I share Steven's body with others from time to time. You and Steven seem to have a history and a rapport with each other. I think your next step could be to get involved with Steven as a kinky co-Master. Does the possibility interest you, Leo?"


"Shit yes," Leo replied. "Would you have a problem with me, Ajmal, and Steven experimenting, Dean?"


"Nope," Dean answered. "As long as I get to be with Tim and Marcus, I am extremely fond of the idea."


"Dean," Tim spoke up. "You are always welcome in our bed if Leo is with Ajmal and Steven. As a matter of fact, you are always welcome in our bed anytime you want to join us. However, I will not allow Steven and Leo and Ajmal to get into their kink without experiencing you first, Leo. I hope you came to Provincetown horny! If you want your husband to keep his job, you will need to perform. Marcus and I both like big dicks, right Marcus?"


"Yup!" Marcus replied. "Have you ever thought about being a Master, Dean?"


"No," Dean answered. "What do you have in mind, Marcus?"


"We can talk later," Marcus suggested. "But, I can see your entrepreneurial and creative talents put to good use in other aspects of your life."


"I hope you don't think this is workplace sexual harassment, Dean," Master Ajmal commented.


"Nope," Dean replied. "Ever since I started working with Tim on the digital media project, I've had the hots for him. Right, Leo?"


"Yup," Leo answered. "Dean used to come home and explain how hot you looked, how sexy you sounded, Tim. You didn't notice a bulge in his slim-fit slacks?"


"Ah... Well... Now that you mentioned it... He did seem to fill out those slacks," Tim replied. "Did you ever notice the bulge in my slacks, Dean?"


"Yes," Dean answered. "But, I didn't believe it was appropriate to say anything."


Tan and Jeromy joined us. "Hello, guys. I hope we aren't interrupting anything."


"Nope," Tim replied. "We were just talking about working together. How was your nap?"


"Extremely gratifying, Tim," Tan answered as he stared at Leo's body.


"Guys, I'd like you to meet Dean's husband, Leo," Tim began the introductions. "Leo, this is Tan and Jeromy. Tan works with me and Dean on the digital media project."


"Nice to meet you, guys," Leo said.


"Likewise," Tan added. He was still staring at Leo's body. "Livingston called a few moments ago. He and Lance are on their way home from their talk at the beach."


"How did their talk go?" I asked.


"We will let them explain," Jeromy replied. "But, we are about to kick our lives up a notch on the home front from what I understand."


"Is this the architect Lance?" Leo asked.


"Yes," I replied.


"Outstanding," Leo continued. "Are you two a couple?"


"Yes," Tan answered. "Three years as of September."


Lance and Livingston popped in to say hello to the group.


"Hello, guys," Lance said. "We need to go take a shower and we will be right back. Shit! Leo!"


"Hello, Lance," Leo replied. "You look good with sand all over your body."


"Leo," Lance said. "This is Livingston. Livingston, this is Leo. Damn, Dean you didn't tell us this was your Leo!"


"I didn't know Leo, Steven, and you knew each other so intimately," Dean replied with a smile.


"Did you leave any sand at the beach?" Tim asked as he walked over to Lance. Tim pulled Lance's gym shorts down. "Just as I thought! Sand everywhere except your dick!"


"We didn't have sex," Lance said. "Well..., we didn't fuck... Livingston, we need to take a shower."


The two marched off to rid themselves of the sand.


"A budding romance," Tim explained to Leo. "Well, we think it is a budding romance. How do you feel about this development, Jeromy?"


"Tan and I are excited," Jeromy said. "We could be the next Tim, Ajmal, Marcus, and Steven coupling."


"The acronym is TAMS," Tim said almost to himself. "We are a TAMS."


"Or, it could be MAST," Marucs suggested.


"Now, where were we?" Tim tried to bring the conversation into focus.


"So, Dean," Leo asked. "Do you think Tim is hot?"


"Yes," Dean answered.


"Do you think Marcus is hot?" Leo asked.


"Yes," Dean answered.


"Do you think Ajmal is hot?" Leo asked.


"Yes," Dean answered.


"Do you think Steven is hot?" Leo asked.


"Yes," Dean answered.


"Do you think I am hot?" Leo asked. He was smiling broadly by this time.


"No, Leo," Dean answered. "I KNOW you are hot! Where is all of this going, Leo?"


"We can talk about it when we go to bed tonight, Dean," Leo suggested. "You do want to sleep with me tonight, don't you?"


"No, Leo," Dean answered. He was also smiling. "I want to go out and fuck every muscle stud in Provincetown tonight... Of course, I want to sleep with you, sweetie."



To be continued...


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