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Life With Tim



"So, Dean," Leo asked. "Do you think Tim is hot?"


"Yes," Dean answered.


"Do you think Marcus is hot?" Leo asked.


"Yes," Dean answered.


"Do you think Ajmal is hot?" Leo asked.


"Yes," Dean answered.


"Do you think Steven is hot?" Leo asked.


"Yes," Dean answered.


"Do you think I am hot?" Leo asked. He was smiling broadly by this time.


"No, Leo," Dean answered. "I KNOW you are hot! Where is all of this going, Leo?"


"We can talk about it when we go to bed tonight, Dean," Leo suggested. "You do want to sleep with me tonight, don't you?"


"No, Leo," Dean answered. He was also smiling. "I want to go out and fuck every muscle stud in Provincetown tonight... Of course, I want to sleep with you, sweetie."


Chapter 34: Reconnecting with Old Friends


When I woke up Friday morning after Leo had arrived the day before, my head was resting on Tim's chest. His eyes opened as I moved to lick Tim's left nipple.


"Someone wants something," Tim said sleepily.


"I thought it looked tasty," I whispered.


"Is it?" Tim whispered back.


"Yes," I replied.


"What else do you want?" Tim asked.


"I want you to fuck me," I replied.


"Like a lover or like rough trade?" Tim asked.


"Rough trade," I said.


"That means you are a very horny boy," Tim whispered.


"Yup," I replied. "Where are the others?"


"I have no idea," Tim said. "Do you really care right now?"


"Nope," I said as I continued to lick Tim's nipple.


"You need to stop licking my nipple and start rimming my ass, boy!" Tim hissed.


"Yes, SIR" I replied as I moved down Tim's muscled body. I raised Tim's legs over up and stuck my tongue in his ass.


"Ahhhh! Yes!" Tim hissed as I worked on his asshole with my tongue.


I continued to work on Tim's asshole until I was give my next orders. "Now, shit head, on your stomach and let me at that asshole of yours!


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I flipped onto my stomach.


Tim pulled me to the side of the bed and pushed my legs under me to raise my ass. Tim stood on the floor and pointed his big dick at my asshole. And, with one powerful, fast lunge he was balls deep inside me.


"Aaaaahhhhhhh!" I moaned.


"Yea, boy!" Tim hissed. "Take my big dick, boy! Tell me what you want, boy!"


"Fuck me hard, SIR!" I screamed. "Make me feel you power, SIR! Fuck me hard, SIR! Please fuck me hard!"


Tim picked up the pace of pounding my ass with his rock hard dick. His balls slapped against mine with every inward thrust. My whole body connected with Tim's huge dick pounding away at my ass. I was unaware of the passage of time. I felt the sweat from Tim's body drip onto mine as he continued his assault. I knew from the feeling of Tim's body he was ready to shoot his load up my asshole.


"Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" Tim screamed as his cum filled my ass. His sweaty body rested on top of mine for several minutes as we both recovered from our rough trade man sex.


"Steven," Tim whispered. "Your ass is the best!"


"Thank you, Tim," I whispered back. "Your dick is pretty good, too!"


"Thanks," Tim replied. "Shower?"


"You mean you don't think we should not smell like sex when we go downstairs to breakfast?" I asked.


"Yup," Tim replied.


Once we were cleaned and dried, we headed downstairs. Marcus, Master Ajmal, Dean, and Leo were sipping coffee.


"Have you guys no shame," Marcus admonished Tim and me. "Everyone in the house heard the two of you going at it."


"No, we don't have any shame," Tim explained. "Besides, you could have joined us."


"Now you tell us," Marcus responded. "Grab some coffee and we will explain what the four of us have been talking about."


I got coffee for both Tim and me. "Spill!" I said as I sat beside Tim on a lounge chair.


"Our discussion centered around the six of us," Marcus explained. "Dean and Leo have an apartment on Cornelia near our new building. They want to buy a place of their own in the neighborhood. I thought, since we have a three story apartment building with three, three bedroom, three bathroom apartments, we could turn them condo. I am told the building is in need of some renovations. We could sell one of them to Dean and Leo. Another one to James and Denis. And, the last one to Willy and Callum. What do you think, boss?"


"I like the idea," I said. "Tim?"


"I'm in," Tim agreed. "I often wondered what we were going to do with the extra building."


"An idea just popped into my head," I said. "What if we were to make all four buildings into one condo association? Our units would be owned by our real estate trust and we would pay condo fees based on square footage. The common areas would be the lower level garage parking spaces, the connecting passages, and the courtyard."


"Excellent idea," Master Ajmal responded.


"We have the real estate issue solved," Marcus announced. "We need to talk about something more important."


"What would be more important, Marcus?" Tim asked.


"Sex," Marcus explained. "Leo has been going down memory lane with us. Why did you not tell us you, Leo, and Lance were a three some, Steven?"


"The topic never really reared its head," I replied. "What would you like to know?"


"What did you get into?" Master Ajmal asked.


"I was a bottom," I further explained. "Leo was a top. Lance was versatile, but mostly a top. So, I got fucked a lot. Anything else?"


"Were you into public sex?" Marcus asked.


"Marcus! How dare you ask me if I was involved with public sex?" I feign mortification.


"Well?" Tim asked.


"Yes," I admitted. "Whenever possible."


"Explain," Tim continued.


"We had sex in back rooms of bars, especially Touché," I continued. "We had sex in Lincoln Park—which is where I met James, by the way. We had sex at parties thrown by like-minded men."


"Don't forget the Hellfire club house," Leo added. "And, then, there were the MAFIA gatherings."


"MAFIA?" Tim asked.


"A Chicago based fisting club," Leo explained.


"Don't forget Windy City Bondage Club," Lance said as he and Livingston joined the group.


"Leo is the current President of the board for MAFIA, right, sweetie?" Dean asked.


"Yup," Leo answered. "I felt it was my duty to serve for the betterment of mankind."


"Where are we going with all of this?" I asked.


"We are planning," Marcus answered.


"What?" I asked again. I needed further clarification.


"This weekend's activities," Marcus explained. "Jake and Miguel will be here tomorrow and stay until after Labor Day."


"We are having two sawhorses installed in the playroom today," Master Ajmal added.


"Do these activities have anything to do with my ass?" I asked.


"Yup," Marcus replied. "Tim's too."


"Don't I get a say in this plan?" Tim asked.


"Nope," Marcus answered. "As of 12 noon today, Timmy, you will be my slave boy until further notice. Do you understand, Timmy?"


"Yes, SIR!" Tim replied with an unusual amount of enthusiasm. "Is there a possibility Leo will be allowed to fuck me?"


"Guaranteed," Leo responded.


"And, Master Marcus, SIR!" Tim added. "DON'T FUCKING CALL ME TIMMY!"


"Okay, Timmy," Marcus said with a smile.


Harvey rolled out a cart with breakfast food on it, "Enjoy, men! I have a feeling you will need the nourishment for the rest of the day's activities."


Tan and Jeromy joined the group, "Have we missed much?"


"Marcus is plotting," Tim explained.


"So, what else is new?" Tan asked.


"Aren't we missing a slave boy or two?" Tim asked.


"Nope," Lance announced. "This weekend, I am debuting as Master Tan's slave boy."


"And, I'm Leo's slave for the weekend," Dean explained. "Right, Master Leo?"


"Yup," Leo said. His dick was now standing straight up.


"I need to go shopping for a collar," Tan explained. "Want to come with me, Leo?"


"I'd love to join you, Tan," Leo said with a smile. "I need a few things as well."




Tan and Leo returned from their shopping trip right before Harvey served lunch. Before we ate, Marcus and Master Ajmal explained their vision for the rest of the weekend.


"We thought it would be fun to relive some memories Leo and Lance have about using Steven in public," Marcus announced. "Leo and Lance are eager to get started. Right, guys?"


"Damn right," Leo replied.


"Do you remember the night six guys, two of whom were us, double fisted Steven, Leo?" Lance asked.


"You bet I do," Leo agreed. "We worked up to it though."


"And, then, there was the competition between Steven and another dude, Ryan," Lance continued. "They would see who could take more fists in one fisting session. Steven always seemed to wind up the winner."


"Steven was up to 21, if I remember correctly," Leo said. "Is that right, Steven?"


"Yes, Leo," I agreed. "It was 21. I was a mess for a week following the competition, though."


"He had to wear a butt plug and a diaper to work," Lance reminded me. "I have an idea, guys. Why don't we all take turns fucking Steven and then we can start fisting him. Maybe he can beat his record."


"We would need a few more guys," Master Ajmal said. "I could make a few phone calls. How long did this competition last?"


"All night," Leo said. "Everyone who fisted Steven agreed to stay inside him for at least 30 minutes."


"Do I get a say in this?" I asked.


"No," Master Ajmal replied. "Come here, boy."


I moved from my lounge chair and stood in front of Master Ajmal. I assumed the position. Feet spread shoulder width apart, hands behind my back, looking down at the floor. Master Ajmal stood in front of me. He picked up my collar which was next to him on a table and slipped it around my neck.


Without hesitation I repeated my oath to Master Ajmal, "I give you my mind, my body, and my soul, Master. I will forsake all others! I am yours!"


"You know what this mean, don't you, boy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Yes, Master," I replied. "I will do whatever you tell me to do, Master."


"Good boy!" Master Ajmal said. "The people who are installing the two saw horses downstairs have another surprise for us."


Master Ajmal turned to face the patio door of the house, "Guys! Show us what you have for us."


Three men carried a portable sling onto the patio and set it down in an open space. Another man brought out a fisting stool and a table on wheels. The sling included a mirror so the person in the sling could watch as dicks or fists were shove up his ass.


As the men finished setting up the sling, Harvey arrived with a cart laden with a salad and sandwiches.


"Thank you, gentlemen," Ajmal said to the four men. "Now, after we finish our lunch, we will get started with our project. Harvey, please take the boy into the house and get him prepared."


"Yes, SIR!" Harvey said as Master Ajmal handed Harvey my leash. "Follow me, Steven! We have work to do."


Harvey led me into the house and downstairs to the playroom showers. "I have been instructed to get you ready for the activities for the rest of the day. It is good you didn't eat much for breakfast. The process will be less challenging. Drink this."


Harvey handed me a glass of clear liquid. It smelled vial.


"This is a glass of cleansing solution people generally take before a colonoscopy," Harvey explained. "It will work quickly to help clean your ass. Once we have let the solution work its wonders, I will begin a very thorough douche. Your Master Ajmal wants your ass to be very, very clean. I promised him I would do my best to comply with his request. So, Steven, drink."


I drank the large glass of cleansing solution. It tasted as bad as it smelled.


"This works quickly, Steven," Harvey said after he took the empty glass from me. "I suggested you sit on the toilet to await the results."


I sat on the toilet. Harvey's dick seemed to be growing. It wasn't long before I started shitting my brains out.


After 30 minutes of me sitting on the toilet and shitting, Harvey gave me my next instructions. "I think you are done with the first phase of the process. Flush the toilet and then wipe your ass."


I did as instructed. Harvey's dick was now standing straight up. It was massive. I kept staring at it.


"Yes, Steven, I have a very large dick for a slave boy," Harvey announced as he played with his huge uncut dick. "I am told it is around 12 inches. Now, for the next phase of the process."


Harvey led me to the open shower and picked up a douche hose.


"Bend over," Harvey instructed as he adjusted the temperature of the water. Finally, he shoved the douche hose into my ass and held it until I thought I was going to explode.


He pulled the douche hose out of my ass and the water gushed out of my ass.


"Again," Harvey said as he once again shoved the douche hose into my ass. He repeated the procedure about 10 times before he was satisfied with the results.


"Stand against the wall, Steven," Harvey instructed. "I need to make certain you are ready for your Master and his friends."


I pressed my body against the tiled shower wall. Harvey stood behind me. I felt his dick brush against my asshole. He plunged his whole 12 inch dick into my ass with one swift stroke. He paused momentarily before he pulled his massive dick out of my ass. He continued to shove his dick in and out of my ass for several minutes. Finally, I heard him moan as I felt his cum unload into my clean ass, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Harvey stayed inside me for a moment until he recovered. "Now, I understand why everyone speaks so highly of your ass, Steven. I need to speak to your Master Ajmal and Tim. I might like to use it from time to time."


"I am certain the three of you will find a solution," I said to Harvey as he pulled his dick out of me.


"Let's go upstairs, Steven," Harvey suggested as he tugged at my leash. "You don't want to keep your guests waiting, now, do you?"


"No," I said as I followed Harvey up the stairs and out to the patio.


"Mission accomplished," Harvey said to Master Ajmal as he handed my leash to my Master.


"Very good, Harvey," Master Ajmal said. "Leo, Lance, would you do the honors of putting the boy into the sling?"


"Our pleasure," Leo said as he took my leash from Master Ajmal. I followed Leo and Lance to the sling.


They secured my legs and then my wrists to the sling. Lance picked up a pair of tit clamps and turned to the group watching the preparation. "We always found Steven could take more fists when he had tit clamps on his nipples."


"Do you remember these, boy?" Leo asked as Lance dangled the tit clamps in front of my face.


"Yes, SIR!" I said. "You used to put them on me while I was competing with Ryan."


"How did they make you feel when we put them on?" Lance asked.


"Painful," I whispered.


"I don't think the others heard you, Steven!" Lance screamed.


"Painful, SIR!" I screamed back at him. "Very painful."


"Good boy," Lance said as he handed one of the two clamps to Leo.


Leo and Lance simultaneously put a clamp on each of my nipples.


"Aaaaahhhhhh!" I screamed in pain.


"I think they need to be tighter, Leo," Lance suggested.


They each tightened the clamps further.


"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed again as the intense pain ripped through my nipples.


"Lance will be the first to enjoy the boy's ass," Leo announced to the group. "We think you will enjoy watching the boy get his ass ravaged before we start to fist him."


"Now, boy," Lance began as he took his place between my legs. His hard dick began to caress my asshole. "Look around you, boy. What do you see?"


"Nine men," I replied.


"What do each of these nine men have in common?" Lance asked.


I looked around the room. Tim was stroking his hard dick. Marcus was stroking his hard dick. All of the others sported hard dicks.


"Hard dicks, SIR!" I replied.


"What is going to happen with all nine hard dicks?" Lance continued.


"They will fuck me with their hard dicks," I replied.


"Good answer, boy!" Lance said as he leaned into me and shoved his hard nine inch uncut dick into my ass.


"Yes, SIR!" I screamed. "Fuck me, SIR! Fuck me hard! Make me feel your power, SIR!"


Lance must have been motivated by my pleading. He ramped up his attack on my ass. The sling was rocking back and forth to Lance's powerful rhythm. I lost myself watching Lance's sweaty bond in the overhead mirror as he power fucked my ass

I kept moaning over and over when Lance shoved his big dick into my ass. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" I screamed as I unloaded all over my body.


Lance grabbed ahold of the chains to stabilize himself as he neared the end of our fuck session. Finally, I felt the cum explode into my asshole as Lance moan in pleasure when each rope of cum shot from this massive dick, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Lance lowered himself on top of me to recover. Finally, he whispered to me, "You are one fine fuck, Steven! The only thing different now is you are more muscled, completely hairless, tattooed, pierced, and big balled."


Lance looked around the patio, "Look at your husband, Steven!"


I looked at Tim. He was on his back. Tan was on top of him pumping away in Tim's ass.


Lance raised his body off mine and pulled his dick out of my ass. "You're turn to fuck this asshole, Leo! I'm next in line for Tim's ass."


"Maybe," Leo said. "Ajmal brought in a few recruits. Tim has a line forming already. There is talk about moving today's activities downstairs to the playroom. Steven has some big dicks waiting on his ass, too. If you really want a good time, go fuck my husband. His ass is tighter than a vice grip."


Leo took his place between my legs as Lance left to find another asshole to fuck. "So, Steven," Leo began. "I am really going to enjoy myself. Ajmal has outdone himself. He's brought in several big dicks. Two of them I believe are cops on the Provincetown Police Department force. Thomas and Neil. Do you know them?"


"Yes, SIR!" I said. "They have fucked me several times."


"Have they fisted you?" Leo asked as he aligned his big 13 inch uncut Asian dick with my asshole.


"No, SIR!" I answered.


"But, you know they will," Leo hissed as he shoved his dick into my ass.


"Aaaaahhhhh!" I moaned as Leo's big dick entered my ass. I felt his trimmed pubic hairs rub my hairless balls. "God! I've missed your dick, SIR! Fuck me! Make me feel it! Fuck me hard!"


"You are definitely going to feel it, asshole," Leo hissed. He held is dick buried in my ass. "This is for old times, boy! I have this feeling you and I are going to be enjoying each other a lot from now on. Your ass is perfect for my big dick. I love sloppy assholes. Yours is about to get more sloppy than you've ever dreamed about."


Leo began his barrage on my ass. He pulled his big dick totally out of my asshole and then shoved it back in quickly. I was mesmerized by the view in the mirror over the sling. Then, I looked into Leo's eyes. They were ablaze with power, fury, and lust. Leo even smelled of sexual energy. I was lost in the moment as Leo's energy enveloped my body. We were one as he continued to pulverize my ass.


I suddenly came to the realization Leo was cuming in my ass, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


I felt his cum smash against the walls of my ass. Leo rested his sweat-covered body on top of me. When his breathing had somewhat recovered, he hissed at me, "I'm going to enjoy having your ass over and over again. I've missed it, and I am looking forward to getting reacquainted with it, asshole."


Master Ajmal stood behind Leo. I thought he would be next in line to fuck me, but, instead, he began to remove the restrains holding me in the sling.


"We are going to move today's activities downstairs, boy," Master Ajmal explained. "Your husband and you will be both in slings next to one another. He is turning into a very fine bottom boy! He seems to like dick almost as much as you do, boy...! Almost...!"


When Tim and I were both restrained into our respective slings, Master Ajmal lowered his body on top of mine. "You will be in this sling for a long, long time, boy! You will have several big, hard dicks shoved up your ass. Then, we will switch to fists and arms. I have 25 men lined up to fist you. This will be a banner day for you, boy! This will be your life from now on. Serving men. Serving me. Serving your husband."


"Yes, Master!" I replied as Master Ajmal began to take his place at my ass.


"After I am finished with your ass, I will leave your Masters Leo and Lance in control," Master Ajmal explained.


Master Ajmal smiled and then shoved his big dick into my ass and began to ravage my well-used asshole. Master Ajmal looked into my eyes. I saw his lust. I saw his power. I saw his energy. I saw into his mind. His mind was dark and light at the same time. His mind was filled with sadistic ideas. His mind was filled with prospects of torture. I was the center of his sadistic ideas. I was the center of his prospects of torture. I knew before we ever made love again, I would experience mind blowing pain as he used my body for his purposes. His dick erupted. I felt load after load of cum fill my ass.


Master Ajmal rested his body on top of mine so he could recover. Finally, he was able to speak, "You saw your future, didn't you, boy?"


"Yes, Master," I replied. "I saw what you plan to do with my body. I saw the terrible pain you are going to inflict upon me. I am ready, SIR! I want you to hurt me, Master. I want you to make me feel pain like I have never felt before. It is my future, Master. I am yours."


"Good boy," Master Ajmal said as he pulled his dick out of me. "Your future with me will be filled with pain and torture. But, you have other men to serve for the next several hours. Serve them well, boy!"


"Yes, Master!" I replied.




I was startled awake by the sound of metal moving over metal. I was in a cage. Boris was unlocking the door to the cage.


"Ajmal brought you hear around 5 pm this afternoon," Boris explained. "It is now almost midnight on Saturday. How does your ass feel, Steven?"


"It hurts," I whisper. "How many people fucked me?"


"I was told you were fucked by 15 men," Boris continued. "You were fisted by 22 men. Four men, Leo and Lance, Tan and Livingston, double fisted you. You were in the sling for almost 30 hours. In about 6 hours, you will be visited by two other men. Ajmal has rented you to them for about six hours. They will not fuck you or fist you, though. Your ass needs a rest. You should also drink this. It is filled with nutrients and it will fill your stomach and give you energy."


"Thank you, Boris," I said as I took the glass and began to drink it.


"Ajmal wants me to give you a shower, too," Boris explained. "Then, one hour before the men arrive, I will give you something else to drink. It will help relax you so you enjoy your time with the men."


"Do you know who these men are, Boris?" I asked.


"No," Boris said. "All I know is they are men who contacted Ajmal about using your body for their pleasure. I will leave you now to get some rest. I will be back when it is time for your shower and nourishment."


"Thank you, Boris," I said as I handed Boris the empty glass.


I tried to sleep, but I was too restless. Besides, the small cage did not provide much room to make myself comfortable.


I must have dosed off because I was awakened by the sound of Boris unlocking the door to the cage.


"It is time for your shower, now, Steven," Boris said as he offered me his hand to help me stand.


For the first time, I realized I did not have my usual collar on. "Boris, why am I not collared?"


"The two men will put their own collar on you when they arrive," Boris explained as he turned on the shower and adjusted the water temperature. "I will help wash your body and give you a douche, Steven. Ajmal wants me to make certain you are totally clean."


As Boris was soaping and rubbing my body clean, he continued his explanation. "You realize, Steven, you will be committed to these two men while they are with you. You will submit to them just as you submit to your Master. Ajmal has guaranteed the two men they will enjoy using you. You do not want to make Ajmal angry. You have never really seen Ajmal angry. You don't want to see him angry, especially with you."


Once Boris finished washing and drying my body, he began to apply and oil to my skin. "Ajmal wanted your body to shimmer for the two men. The oil will make your muscles and tattoos stand out."


I was suddenly extremely hard as Boris put lotion on my entire body. The lotion felt cool. Boris's hands slowly and softly caressed by skin.


Boris retrieved another glass of liquid from the bar, "Drink this, Steven."


I drank the cool, colorless liquid and handed the glass back to Boris.


"I will bring the two men to you once they arrive," Boris said. "You will wait for us in the courtyard. You will assume the standing position when you hear the outside doorbell ring. Enjoy yourself this morning, Steven."


"Thank you, Boris," I replied as he left. I stepped outside of the playroom into the courtyard. The 6 am sun started to illuminate the courtyard. I felt a slight chill in the air, but I felt energized and ready to serve. When I heard the doorbell ring, I assumed the position as Boris suggested and waited for the two men.


When Boris showed the two men into the courtyard, I saw the two men for the first time. They were both naked. One was in his early 30's. He was about 5'10" tall, blond hair, slightly muscled. His seven inch hard, circumcised dick stood straight up. His body was almost devoid of hair other than on his head and on his crotch.


The second man was older, probably late 40's. He stood at least six feet tall. He had brown hair. The hair covered his chest and stomach. His ass, arms, and legs were also hairy. He obviously worked out because his chest and biceps were huge. His uncut nine inch dick was hard. He was carrying a collar


Boris silently and quickly left the three of us in the courtyard. The older man was the first to speak. "Boy, I am your Master Geno. My friend here is your Master Thomas."


Master Geno quickly put the collar around my neck and locked it with a long padlock.


"What do you say to your Masters, boy?" Master Thomas asked.


"I give you my mind, my body, and my soul, Master. I will forsake all others! I am yours!" I replied.


"Good boy," Master Geno said. "We have rented your body for the next six hours. Other than fucking you and fisting you nothing is off limits. We paid handsomely for our time with you, so do not disappoint us, boy!"


"I won't disappoint you, Masters!" I said loudly.


Master Geno pulled me close to his body. My skin began to tingle. He kissed me passionately. My body felt as though it were on fire. I kissed back. Master Geno released me.


Master Thomas pulled me close to him. My skin continued to feel hot as our bodies molded together to form a cohesive unit. He kissed me passionately, too. At that moment, I knew I was going to please my new Masters even if I endured great pain in the process. `I will not disappoint my Masters,' I thought to myself.


Master Thomas pulled away from me and fastened a leash onto my collar. He led me into the playroom. Master Geno and Master Thomas obviously knew their way around Master Ajmal's playroom. They quickly moved to the St. Andrews Cross.


My Masters restrained my ankles and then my wrists. Master Geno fished my balls through the opening of the cross.


Master Geno picked up and object and showed it to me, "Do you know what this is, boy?"


"Yes, Master," I replied. "A ball press."


"Very good, boy!" Master Geno continued. "You have nice big balls. I like boys with big balls. I like to put big balled boys into my favorite ball press. Do you know what you will feel when I tighten the ball press."


"Pain, SIR!" I replied.


"Ajmal told us you can take a lot of pain," Master Geno resumed his explanation. "Is that correct, boy?"


"I am here to serve you, Masters," I said. "I am here to give you pleasure. If you feel pleasure from making me feel pain, then, yes, I can take a lot of pain."


"It will give me and your Master Thomas great pleasure to make you feel pain, boy!" Master Geno said.


"Then, hurt me, SIR!" I pleaded. "Make me feel your power. Make me feel the pain! Hurt me, SIR! Please hurt me!"


"Very good, boy!" Master Geno said as he began to put my balls into the ball press. My dick was totally limp.


"Aaaahhhh!" I screamed as Master Geno began to tighten the ball press around my balls.


"Do you want me to stop, boy?" Master Geno asked.


"No, SIR!" I screamed. "Please don't stop. Make my balls hurt! Please, SIR! Make my balls hurt!"


Master Geno tightened the ball press even further.


"Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed again.


I didn't give Master Geno time to ask if he wanted me to stop, "More, SIR! Please hurt me more!"


Master Geno tightened the press even more. I almost passed out from the pain.




"Good boy!" Master Geno said as he pulled out his camera and took a picture. He turned the phone around so I could see the photo.


My big hairless balls were flattened to almost the thickness and a fluffy bath towel.


Master Thomas walked around so I could see him. He held up a flogger. "Do you know what this is, boy?" Master Thomas asked,


"It is a flogger, SIR!" I replied.


"And, what am I going to do with this flogger, boy?" Master Thomas asked.


"You are going to flog me, Master," I replied. "You are going to make me hurt. You are going to make me feel the pain of the flogging you will give me. Please, Master, don't hold back. Make me feel your power. Make me feel the pain. Hurt me, Master. Please hurt me!"


Our eyes met. I looked into his shimmering blue eyes. I saw his lust. I saw his power. I saw his energy envelop my body. I was one with my Master. I desperately wanted to feel the pain.


Master Thomas whispered, "You feel it, too, don't you, boy! We are connecting. We will be one. You will be mine. I WILL MAKE YOU FEEL PAIN!"


"Thank you, SIR!" I replied.


Master Thomas disappeared behind me. His hand touched my ass. I felt my skin tingle again. His hand moved away from my skin. I relaxed into the cross. `I WANTED TO FEEL MASTER THOMAS HURT ME!' I thought to myself.


It started. Master Thomas immediately began delivering powerful blows to my back with the flogger. I began to scream. Then, I couldn't scream. I was one with the pain. I was one with Master Thomas. Every blow of the flogger to my skin energized me even further. My balls began to ache as Master Thomas continued his attack on my back side. Some of the blows landed on my ass. Some of the blows landed on my thighs. Most of the blows, however, landed on my back.


Suddenly I felt my body tense. And, as Master Thomas continued to furiously whip me, my dick started to erupt. Every time the flogger landed on my back another rope of cum shot out of my dick. Master Thomas stopped flogging me.


Master Thomas now stood facing me. Our eyes met once more.


"I've never had a boy come when I was flogging him," Master Thomas announced. "Mind blowing! Absolutely mind blowing! Now, boy, do you want us to stop flogging you?"


"No, Master," I begged. "Please don't stop. Please! Take me! Hurt me! Please, Master hurt me!"


Master Thomas stepped away. Master Geno took his place. He was holding a slim rod. "Do you know what this is used for, boy?"


"It is used in canning," I replied.


"Excellent, boy!" Master Geno said. "This is one used in actual canning sessions in some countries. It is very painful. Usually, a person who has committed a serious crime could receive up to 30 lashes. You will respond each time this contacts your skin, boy. You will say, `One, thank you, SIR!' `Two, thank you, SIR!' Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, Master," I replied. "I understand, SIR!"


"Good boy," Master Geno said before he disappeared behind me.


Again, I relaxed into the cross. I felt my excitement grow. I felt my dick getting hard again.


The first blow landed across my thighs.


"One, thank you, SIR!" I screamed.


The next blow landed.


"Two, thank you, SIR!"


Master Geno continued.


"Thirty, thank you, SIR!


Master Geno did not stop. He continued.


"Forty, thank you, SIR!


"Fifty, thank you, SIR!"


Master Geno stopped. He and Master Thomas began to remove the restrains from my ankles. Master Geno held me as Master Thomas removed the restraints from my wrists. Both Masters helped me to a bar stool and sat me down.


"We need to take a break, boy," Master Thomas said as Master Geno retrieved three Coronas from the fridge.


"We have only three more hours with you, boy," Master Thomas quietly said. "I am certain, judging from your reaction to getting whipped and getting canned, you will enjoy our next activity. But, tell me how you feel about serving Master Geno and me, boy! Please be totally honest."


"I felt your power envelop me, SIRS!" I answered. "I felt your energy. Your life giving energy surrounded me. I was one with both of you."


"Good boy," Master Thomas said. "We felt it too. Didn't we Geno?"


"Definitely," Master Geno answered. "It is rare we share the flow of energy with a boy in such tremendous power. Ajmal was right. You are a very special boy."


"Thank you, SIRS!" I replied.


"Now, drink up, boy," Master Thomas suggested. "We will need every moment to complete our last activity."


I gulped my beer and set the empty bottle on the bar.


Master Thomas led me to the center of the playroom where Master Ajmal had installed a series of pulleys with chains connected. Master Thomas connected restraints to my ankles while Master Geno connected restraints to my ankles.


Master Thomas connected the wrist restraints to a pulley overhead. He adjusted the pulleys so my arms were stretched out as far as they could be.


Master Geno attached my ankle restraints to another set of pulleys. He began hoisting my legs up until they were about four feet off the ground. Master Thomas lowered my upper body so I was stretched flat.


The two men also attached a leather restraint around my waist. They used another pulley to raise my middle section level with my arms and legs.


Master Geno stood over my head. "See this, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied.


"Do you know what it is?" Master Geon asked.


"A ball parachute, SIR!" I replied.


"Yes, boy," Master Geno said as he attached it around my big, sore balls. He grabbed another pulley and connected it to the ball parachute. Master Geno tightened the chain connected to the ball parachute and stretched my balls.


As Master Geno attached the ball parachute, Master Thomas busied himself with a pair of nipple clamps. He attached a clamp to each one of my sore nipples. When he tightened the clamps, I screamed as the serrated edges of the clamps pierced the skin of my nipples. "Aaaaahhhhhhhh!"


Once the clamps were tightened, Master Thomas pulled a bag of clothes pins out of a drawer. He handed several to Master Geno. They began to quickly place the clothes pins on my body from my nipples down to my crotch. Master Thomas continued up both sides of my dick. The last two were clamped over my foreskin.


Master Geno started to thread a large string through the hole in each clothespin. Master Thomas pulled the pulley connected to the ball parachute.


"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!" I screamed.


"Do you want me to stop, boy?" Master Thomas asked.


"No, SIR!" I pleaded. "Please don't stop. Make my balls hurt, Master. Please make my balls hurt!"


Master Thomas grinned and pulled the pulley quickly and tightly.


"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed again.


"Now, boy," Master Thomas asked again. "Do you want me to stop?"


"No, SIR!" I pleaded. "Please don't stop. Make my balls hurt, Master. Please make my balls hurt!"

Master Thomas gave the pulley another massive tug.


"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed as the pulley connected to the ball parachute pulled my midsection higher than my head or feet.


Master Thomas leaned down to my head and began kissing me. His passionate kisses seemed to relieve the pain in my balls, in my nipples, and the skin clenched by the clothes pins.


Master Thomas pulled away so he could look into my eyes. I looked into his.


"What do you see in my eyes, boy?" Master Thomas asked.


"I see viciousness, SIR!" I whisper because the pain in my balls, nipples, and skin hurt so much. "You are planning on inflicting extreme pain to my body."


"That's right, boy," Master Thomas replied.


"Do you want us to stop, boy?" Master Geno asked.


"No, Masters," I pleaded. "Please don't stop. Make me hurt, Masters. Please hurt me!"


In seconds, Master Geno pulled the string laced into each clothes pin. Master Thomas simultaneously jerked the pulley connected to the ball parachute.


"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed as I felt the clothes pins rip from my body and my balls stretched so my entire body was suspended from my balls.


Master Thomas and Master Geno left the playroom. I was still suspended by my balls.


I remember nothing about the next moments in my life. I lived those moments in intense pain. My entire body weight hung from my balls. My back and thighs where I had been flogged and caned were excruciatingly painful. My skin where the clothes pins had been attached stung from the intensity of the rapid removal. Finally, I was aware of hands caressing my chest. Another pair of hands were stroking my limp dick. The hands caressing my chest began to knead my sore nipples. I felt my body being lowered to the floor. The ball parachute was removed. The hands continued to stroke my dick. My dick was hard as the hands on my nipples continued to knead them. Finally, the hands were removed from my body.


"You still have work to do, boy," Master Thomas said as he stood over me. "We can't fuck your ass, but we can fuck your face."


Master Thomas lowered his body so his dick was aligned with my mouth. I instinctively opened my mouth. Master Thomas began his power fuck of my face. I lost all track of time. I lost track of all sense of place. I lost track of the pain. I lost track of my surroundings. I lost track of the dick pulverizing my face.


I finally heard the voice of my Master Ajmal. "Good work, boy!"


"Thank you, SIR!" I whimpered.


Master Ajmal put his collar around my neck.


"I give you my mind, my body, and my soul, Master. I will forsake all others! I am yours!" I whispered.


"I have several guests in the courtyard for a reception I am giving," Master Ajmal said quietly. "Boris will help clean you up. Then, you will join me. Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, Master," I whisper. "I understand."


Boris helped me to the shower. He adjusted the water and pulled me into the shower with him. He began to wash my body. His hands washed every inch of me. When he finished the task of washing my body, he shut off the water and began drying me.


"I am going to put a lotion on your body, Steven," Boris explained. "It is very similar to the one I put on you before the two men came to use you. The lotion will give you energy."


Once he was finished applying the lotion, Boris further explained, "Ajmal will be in to retrieve you, Steven. Sit here and rest for a moment."


"Thank you Boris," I said. The lotion seemed to give me energy.


I sat quietly and contemplated my time with the two men. I felt Master Ajmal's hand on my shoulder. He was dressed in a tight fitting polo shirt and slim-fit dress slacks.


"I want you to join the reception I am having," Master Ajmal explained. "The reception is to celebrate the end of the summer here in Provincetown. I host this gathering every year. You will meet a lot of people. You will know some of my guests. Tim and Marcus, of course, are here. Along with your other house guests. Some you will not know. Drink this. It will give you the strength you need to enjoy the reception."


Master Ajmal handed me a large glass of clear liquid. I brought it to my lips. It was cool. I drank all of the liquid in one gulp. Master Ajmal attached a leash to my collar and led me into the courtyard.


About 200 hundred people milled about. All dressed. I was the only naked person in the group. I saw Tim and Marcus talking animatedly with a woman who was impeccably dressed. As I surveyed the crowd, I saw Jake and Miguel and Garrison, Tan and Jeromy, Lance and Livingston, Dean and Leo, Willy and Callum, as well as Sam and Greg and Harrison. Most of the others I didn't know.


"Ladies and gentlemen," Master Ajmal loudly announced to the group. "I would like to introduce Steven. He is my slave. Please feel free to touch him if you want. His balls, muscles, and tattoos have been a summer project for his husband and me. Enjoy!"


"It is so nice to finally meet you, Steven. I'm Beverly," the lady said. "My husband and I run a small restaurant near Ajmal's home in the Upper East Side. I've heard a great deal about you."


Beverly began to caress my chest. Then, my balls. Then, my ass.


"Very nice, Steven," Beverly said. "Ajmal always had good tasted when it came to his companions."


"Thank you, miss," I said. "I am very lucky to have met Master Ajmal."


Marcus and Tim joined the discussion with Beverly. Marcus handed me a double vodka on the rocks.


"I hope you enjoyed yourself, Steven," Tim said. "I'm sorry you had to miss all of the fun last night."


"Beverly," I said. "This is my husband Tim and Tim's boyfriend Marcus. Tim, Marcus, this is Beverly. She and her husband own a restaurant near Ajmal on the Upper East Side."


"Marcus!" Beverly exclaimed. "You are the man to whom Ajmal is engaged to!"


"Yes," Marcus replied proudly. "Our big day is in October."


"My husband and I will be here to celebrate with you," Beverly added. "It will be so exciting. Will you be moving to Ajmal's Manhattan home?"


"No," Marcus explained. "We will be living in Chicago. I am running the venture capital firm Tim and Steven started."


Marcus smiled at me.


"How exciting," Beverly responded. "Do you work, Steven?"


Before I had an opportunity to respond, Tim spoke up. "He's a porn star and a prostitute."


"I'm certain, Steven, you command top fees for your services," Beverly said as she sipped her champagne.


"Thank you for your compliment, Beverly," I replied as I gulped more of my double vodka on the rocks. "I just go where Master Ajmal tells me to go. I don't deal with the finances."


"Ajmal always has his hand in unique ventures," Beverly said. "I must go say hello to Lillian. Have fun, gentlemen, Steven."


Beverly left to speak with another woman.

"So, Steven, how was your time with Geno and Thomas?" Tim asked. "I see your back has been worked on. And, your balls seem to be hanging lower than usual today."


"My time with Master Geno and Master Thomas was exciting," I replied. "And, I suspect my balls are hanging lower than usual since I was suspended from my balls for a lengthy period this morning."


"You'll need to hang Steven from his balls more often, Tim. He looks really, really hot with those big low hanging balls. How's your ass today, Steven?" Marcus asked. "You made a lot of men happy on Friday and Saturday."


"My ass is recovering," I replied.


"We should head back and join the guys, Marcus," Tim suggested. "I believe Ajmal wants you to circulate, Steven. Every woman in this place has been starring at you. I'm certain you will be groped by most of them before the reception is over. Have fun."


As Marcus and Tim left, Beverly led Lillian to my side, "Lillian, this is Ajmal's slave boy, Steven. Boy, this is Lillian. She is a friend of ours. She lives very near Ajmal."


"It is a pleasure to meet you, boy," Lillian said as she offered her hand. "I believe I saw you naked in the doorway of Ajmal's house while you were waiting for Bruce to show up. Am I correct, boy?"


"I believe you are correct," I replied. I was blushing as I took another gulp of my double vodka on the rocks.


"Ajmal always has such interesting friends," Lillian said as she rubbed my balls with her free hand. "Ajmal explained you were a porn star and are now branching out to prostitution. You will, I am certain with the body you have, be very successful at both."


"Thank you, Lillian," I said. The bartender offered me another double vodka on the rocks and took my empty glass away. My dick was beginning to harden. "Beverly! Tina is over there talking with Juanita. We should introduce them to Ajmal's boy."


Lillian grabbed my leash and I followed her and Beverly to where their friends were talking.


"Tina, Juanita, this is Ajmal's boy, Steven," Lillian said. "Steven, this is Tina. She's a real estate attorney. Her husband is a surgeon. This is Juanita. She is a fashion designer. Ajmal's boy is a porn star and a prostitute."


"Very pleased to meet you, boy," Tina said. She grabbed my now hard dick and began stroking it. "I've always told my husband I wish his dick hadn't been circumcised. I think foreskin is so attractive on a man."


"It is obvious you also have been to see Dr. Garmond," Juanita said. "I send my husband to see him every other month. He works wonders, doesn't he?"


"Yes," I said. "He does work miracles."


"I'm certain you will make Ajmal a lot of money with your body," Juanita said. "Ajmal always seems to smell money."


And, so went the rest of the afternoon. Lillian and Beverly led me by my leash so I could meet all of the guests. Almost every female guest and several of the male guests fondled my body in some fashion. Most commented on my low hanging oversized balls and my rock hard dick.


"Attention everyone!" Master Ajmal said to his guests. "I have a special treat for you today. As most of you know, my boy, Steven, is in the porn business. And, his partners in the business have eagerly allowed us to preview the first film by their studio. I hope all of you have met Jake and Miguel. They are Steven's partners in the porn business. So, please watch `The Transformation of Steven.'"


I wanted to hide. Not only did my husband, my husband's boyfriend, and my Master tell everyone I was in the porn business and I am a prostitute, everyone will see me in my first porn movie.


Master Ajmal led me by the leash to the giant wide screen television. He tied me to a post with my hands behind my back. I was half facing the audience and half facing the screen. My dick was rock hard. Garrison took a seat beside me. He smirked at me and then turned his attention to the screen.


The film began with an interview between Master Jake, Master Miguel, and me. We explained our fascination with BDSM and Master/slave relationships.


Master Jake concluded the interview with these words, "This movie is actual footage of BDSM activities. If a whip lands against the boy's body and he screams, it is a real life scream from the pain. None of this film was rehearsed. It was shot live. So, if you have difficulty with seeing and hearing someone in intense pain, I suggest you not watch this film."


Then, the movie began. Garrison began to stroke my hard dick. During the film's 90 minute running time, I came three times. Each orgasm brought smiles and snickers from the audience.


When the film finished, the audience applauded loudly. Everyone mingled. Most congratulated Master Jake and Master Miguel on the realness of the film. Garrison continued to stroke my still hard dick. Before all of the guests had left, I had cum three more times. My balls ached from all of the sperm production.


"You can stop now, Garrison," Master Jake said as he walked to the pole where I was still tied.


"But, I am enjoying myself, Master," Garrison said. "Can't I do this for a while longer?"


"No, Garrison!" Master Jake commanded. "Stop stroking the boy's dick!"


"Yes, Master," Garrison said as he removed his hand from my hard dick.


"We need to talk, boy," Master Ajmal said as he unhooked me from the post. "Why don't we join the others beside the pool at your house?"


"Our house, Master," I said as I smiled at Master Ajmal.


"Our house," Master Ajmal said as he put his arm around my shoulder.


Master Ajmal handed me a pair of skimpy gym shorts to put on for our walk home.


When we arrived, the group had gathered around the pool.


"It's about time the two of you got here," Tim said with mock disgust. "We were going to send Willy out to search for you. How do you feel, Steven?"


"Happy," I responded as I took a seat beside Master Ajmal.


"We want to ask you a few questions, Steven," Master Ajmal began. Harvey handed me a beer.


"Okay," I replied.


"I hope you enjoyed yourself this weekend, Steven," Master Ajmal began.


"The weekend was interesting, to say the least, Master," I replied.


"Tim, Marcus, and I had a long talk after I took you to my playroom yesterday afternoon," Master Ajmal continued. "Marcus, why don't you tell the boy why we told our guests at the reception you work with Tim and me at the venture capital firm."


"Well, Steven," Marcus began. "We plan on making the venture capital firm a very high profile institution so we can leverage our influence within the gay community—that phrase is a direct quote from the mission statement you wrote. And, we thought having a porn star and prostitute as a partner in the firm would elevate our status as a creative, entrepreneurial firm. We've decided the public face of the organization will be Tim, Ajmal, and me. You will be featured in some of our advertising. Of course, you will need to admit the world you are at the very minimum, a porn star. And, because you and Tim agreed to Ajmal's role in your life, Ajmal also plans on making you a very expensive prostitute for the BDSM and Master/slave community."


"Yes, Marcus," I replied. "I knew he wanted to sell my body before I committed to him."


"So, we feel your career as a prostitute and porn star is a face we want for our venture capital organization," Marcus continued. "As far as we are concerned, you will need to publicly address your career goals. We feel it is extremely important everyone know you are a porn star. We can work on the rest on an as needed basis. We will be releasing a press release explaining you have officially become, how shall I say this, our mascot.


"I am not certain the word mascot is the ideal one to use, but I think Steven gets the picturre," Tim replied.


"Thank you, Tim," I said.


"Now, I'm certain you were aware I was fucked as many times as you were, Steven," Tim began.


"I was too busy to keep score, Tim," I replied with a smile. "But, I surmised we were equally involved."


"I didn't get fisted, however," Tim continued. "I couldn't take getting fisted after I was fucked so much. My reason for bringing this up is I want to know how you feel about your husband being addicted to dick up his ass."


"We have at least one thing in common," I said with a smile. "Tim, you know I love you. I will always love you even though you constantly need someone's dick up your ass. Just be safe."


"Thank you, Steven," Tim said. "You know I love you too. And, you know I will always love you. And, Ajmal has promised me he will not put you in any unsafe situations. If he does, he knows I will cut his fucking balls off, right Ajmal?"


"Right, Tim," Master Ajmal responded. "By now we all know we would rather have Tim AND Steven as our friends rather than our enemies."


"How does your ass feel, Steven?" Jeromy asked. "I took I took three fists up my ass last night, and I can barely walk."


"I am doing okay," I replied. "And, yes, my ass is sore, but I would do it all over again next week if I were given the chance."


Tim looked at Marcus and Marcus looked at Tim. Both were smiling.


"Have I just started a plot?" I asked.


"Possibly," Tim replied. "Marcus and I will need to collaborate. I am looking forward to the answer of Ajmal's next question."


"Steven," Master Ajmal began. "What did you think of the time you spent with Geno and Thomas? How did it make you feel when you were told I sold your body to two men I hardly knew?"


"Master," I began to speak. I was weighing my words carefully. "When you, Tim, and I agreed to my serving you, I knew selling my body would be part of your plan for me. I am honored people are willing to pay to use me. I will never do anything to disappoint you, Master. I will do my best to make those you sell me to happy and satisfied. My duty is to comply with all of your orders, Master. At first, I was taken aback you did not really know Master Geno and Master Thomas well. However, it is not my place to second guess you, SIR!"


"Thank you for your honest answer, boy," Master Ajmal responded. "I will promise you I will not sell your body to anyone again until after our Master/slave commitment ceremony. After we have cemented our relationship in the eyes of the community and our friends, I promise you that you will be serving several men at my whim. Do you know how much I was paid for those six hours with you and Geno and Thomas?"


"No, Master," I replied.


"I asked for $1,000 per hour for each man," Master Ajmal explained. "They added a very generous tip. I suspect the fee for your body will increase once word spreads."


"Ajmal," Master Jake jumped into the conversation. "What will you be doing with the money you get from renting the boy out?"


"I'm donating it to the foundation Tim and Steven started," Master Ajmal replied. "Is that acceptable to you, boy?"


"Yes, Master!" I said. "It is very generous of you."


"The reception, Steven," Marcus asked. "How did the reception make you feel?"


"Humiliated," I said. "It was bad enough that all these fucking women were fondling my body, but, when Garrison started to jerk me off, I felt really degraded and worthless."


"I liked it," Garrison said with a smile. "I thought people enjoyed seeing you cum three times during a 90 minute film!"


"Now, Steven," Master Jake began. "What did you think of the film?"


"I liked it, SIR!" I replied. "I would like to see it again. I was more than just a little distracted during the preview."


"I will give you a copy to watch whenever you want, boy!" Master Jake said with a smile. "Once you get back to Chicago, Miguel and I have several more films ideas using you as the bottom slave boy. We have lined up some excellent, highly experienced top men to work alongside you. I am not telling you their names just yet, except to let you know you have never, to our knowledge, played with any of them—except for Garrison. You, Miguel, and I will be promoting the film at various venues across the country. We also have over 10,000 charter members for the on demand side of the business."


"I'm excited," I replied.


"Good!" Master Miguel said. "So are we!"


"Boy, do you think you could get fucked by three more big dicks this evening?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Yes, Master," I said. "Have you rented me out to three other men?"


"Nope," Master Ajmal replied. "I have given you to Jake, Miguel, and Garrison. You will be with them tonight."


"Thank you, Master," I replied as Master Ajmal stood beside me and removed my collar.


"Go forth," Master Ajmal ordered.


I silently crossed the patio and stood in front of Master Jake and Master Miguel. I assumed the position. Master Jake pulled out my collar from his back pack and placed it around my neck.


"I give you my mind, my body, and my soul, Masters. I will forsake all others! I am yours!" I said as Master Jake locked the collar around my neck.


"Good boy!" Master Jake said. "You will be serving three Masters, boy. Me, Master Miguel, and Master Garrison. Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, Master," I said. "I understand. I am ready to serve you, Master Jake... and you, Master Miguel... and you, Master Garrison."


Master Garrison snapped my leash onto my collar. He led me inside the house and down to the playroom. Master Jake and Master Miguel followed.


"We know you have been through a lot this weekend, boy," Master Miguel began. "But, we know you will not disappoint us. Am I correct, boy?"


"Yes, Masters," I replied. "I will do my best to serve you and to pleasure you and to make you happy, Masters. I am yours."


"Garrison, where do you want the boy?" Master Jake asked.


"The cross, SIR!" Master Garrison replied. "I want to start the boy on the cross."


Masters Jake, Miguel, and Garrison began to fasten me to the cross. When I was secured, Master Garrison selected a whip from his backpack. He stood in front of me. "This flogger was a gift to me from Master Jake and Master Miguel. It is for use on your body only, boy! Tell me what you want me to do to you! And, be specific."


"I want you to flog me, Master," I replied "I want to feel your power. I want to feel the pain. I want you to hurt me, Master. Please, Master hurt me! HURT ME!"


"My pleasure, boy," Master Garrison said as he took his place behind me. I felt his hand touch my back. He touched my ass. He touched my shoulders. He touched my back again. His hands were no longer on my body.


Suddenly, I felt the first hard blow of the flogger against my back.


"Aaaaaaahhhhhh!" I screamed.


Master Garrison paused and touched my back with his hand. He touched the very place the flogger landed.


"Nice!" Master Garrison hissed. "The flogger makes nice red marks on your already reddened back. This will be so much fucking fun!"


Master Garrison again removed his hand from my back. The flogging began. Master Garrison began to deliver swift, rapid fire lashed to my back. With every new slap of the flogger onto my back, Master Garrison aimed at another unmarked spot. He worked his way down my back until he finally reached my ass. He added more force behind each stroke of the flogger. My body, not totally recovered from the flogging Master Thomas had given me earlier, felt on fire. I felt the power of Master Garrison's flogging soften.


"Please, SIR!" I screamed. "Harder, SIR! Please do it harder! I want to feel the pain! I want to feel your power! Please, SIR! Hurt me, SIR! Please hurt me!"


Master Garrison put his entire muscled body into delivering blow after blow to the back side of my body. He stopped suddenly. He stood closely behind me. I could hear him breathing heavily from the exertion he put into the flogging of my body. I felt his sweat covered skin connect with my reddened body. His dick was hard. He rubbed his huge dick along the crack of my ass.


"Master?" Master Garrison asked. "May I fuck him now, Master?"


"Yes, boy," Master Jake said. "Give the boy a good fucking. Make him feel your power, boy. Make him beg you for the one thing he wants more than a whip against his skin. He wants your dick up his fucking slave boy ass. Give it to him, Garrison! Give it to him!"


I felt Master Garrison's dick on the outside of my asshole.


"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed as Garrison shoved his big dick into my well-used ass. It was painful because of the previous use of use of my ass. But, I wanted him to fuck me. "Fuck me, Master! Fuck me hard! Fuck me rough! Make me feel your big dick in me! Make me feel your power!"


Master Garrison needed no other instructions. He began to power fuck me like the madman I knew him to be. He put all of his body into shoving his cock into my ass and pulling it all of the way out. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out.


I felt Master Garrison enter my mind. I felt Master Jake's power. I felt Master Miguel's lust. I was one with my three Masters.


"I'm fucking cumming, boy!" Master Garrison screamed as his body tensed and loads and loads of cum flooded my asshole. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Master Garrison clung to my body until he could recover. Once he was able to speak, he leaned in and whispered into my ear. "I love your ass, boy! You have got to be the best fuck I've ever had. Before we finish with you, I want my fist in your ass, too!"


"Yes, Master!" I whisper back. "Use me to bring you pleasure, Master. Take me! Make me feel your power, Master!"


Master Garrison slipped his dick out of my ass. Master Jake and Master Miguel began to remove the restraints holding me on the cross. Master Jake carried me to a bar stool and put me down.


"I think we need a beer break, boy!" Garrison. "Get us four beers."


"Yes, Master," Master Garrison replied as he hurried to the fridge and removed four Coronas. He handed one to each of us.


"You know, boy," Master Jake said as he took a gulp from his beer. "We aren't even remotely finished with you. We won't be returning you to Ajmal until Monday before you go to the gym. It's nice to use your body again, boy!"


"Thank you, Master!" I said as I gulped another sip of beer.


"We are putting you on the sawhorse next, boy," Master Miguel explained. "You will probably be there until we return you to Ajmal. You know how Jake gets when he gets a fine boy like you on a sawhorse."


My dick was stiff from the thought of Master Jake and Master Miguel using my ass on the sawhorse. "Yes, Master. I am eager to get started. I have missed your enthusiasm and energy, Masters."


"Good boy!" Master Miguel replied. "Finish your beer, and then we will proceed."


I drained my beer. So did my other Masters. Master Jake took my leash and led me to the sawhorse.


While Master Jake, Master Miguel, and Master Garrison restrained me, Master Jake explained. "I know you have not had a chance to use the sawhorse since it was installed on Friday. The three of us had the pleasure of fucking Tim on it before we left for the bar. He's gotten to be quite the bottom boy!"


"I know, Master!" I replied. "My husband likes dick as much as I do."


Master Miguel took his place between my legs as he prepared to mount me. Master Jake stood before me and offered a hit of poppers. I inhaled deeply several times.


In one instant, Master Miguel's 10 inch dick was balls deep in my ass. I lost myself as the massive man used my ass with abandon. I felt his dick energize my body with his energy. All of his lustful energy transformed me into a dick loving pig. I moaned at every powerful inward stab of Master Miguel's big dick. I gasp whenever his big dick popped out of my ass. I was one with dick. I needed dick. I live for dick. I worship dick. I give my soul for dick.


I was so transformed by the feeling of dick inside me, I hadn't realized Master Jake's dick replaced Master Miguel's dick. He used every muscle in his powerful, sweat covered body to pound my ass. Without warning, Master Jake began screaming, "Fuck! I'm cuming! I'm fucking cumming in your slave boy ass! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Master Jake rested on top of me. His massive body pressed my tighter to the sawhorse.


"It's just you and me, now, boy," Master Jake explained. "Your Master Miguel and Master Garrison went upstairs to get some rest. We've had you down here for about four hours. Miguel fucked you twice. I fucked you twice. After I rest for a moment, I am going to stick my fist up your ass, boy! Would you like me to fist you, boy?"


"Oh! Yes, Master!" I beg. "Please Master fist me! I need your fist in me. I've missed you in me so much."




On Monday morning, Master Jake, Master Miguel, and Master Garrison led me upstairs to the patio for breakfast. They had removed my collar before we started upstairs. Tim and Marcus were sitting beside the pool drinking coffee.


"So, tell us about your night, Steven," Marcus suggested.


"It was just like any other night with Master Jake, Master Marcus, and Master Garrison," I replied.

"Details, Steven," Tim suggested. "Give us the details."


"Master Garrison flogged me while I was restrained to the cross," I began my explanation. "Then he fucked me. We took a beer break before Master Jake and Master Miguel put me on the sawhorse. And, Tim, I understand you tried it out the night before."


"Yup," Tim said. "Continue, please."


"Master Miguel fucked me twice before he and Master Garrison retired," I continued. "Then, I had the good fortune of being fucked twice by Master Jake before he fisted me. This morning Master Jake, Master Miguel, and Master Garrison all fucked me again. Now, I am sitting here. How was your evening, Tim?"


"Uneventful as compared to yours, Steven," Tim replied with a smile. "Marcus made love to me twice, and I made love to him once. Ajmal was somewhere other than in our bed."


"I was with Jeromy and his Master Tan," Master Ajmal explained as he joined the group.


"Jeromy is now Tan's boy?" Marcus asked.


"Last night he was," Master Ajmal replied. "You will need to speak with them about the permanency of the arrangement."


"What's happening after the gym?" Tim asked.


"We go out to lunch. We talk to the contractor about the house next door at 2:30 pm," Master Ajmal replied. "After we speak with Emma about the house renovations we have no pressing plans. Is there something you would like to plan, Tim?"


"I was just thinking I might like to take a nap with my husband in late afternoon," Tim said. "That is unless he is rented."


"He is not rented, Tim," Master Ajmal said. "So, you are free to take a nap with him."


"We need to speak about a rental schedule, Ajmal," Tim continued. "I am a planner, so I need to know when he will be unavailable."


"I promise you, Tim," Master Ajmal explained. "He will only be rented out once a month at most—unless, of course, there are special circumstances."


"I assume it will be for entire weekends?" Tim asked.


"It will depend upon what the person who wants to use the boy can afford," Master Ajmal continued. "I don't know many people who will be able to spend $48,000 to rent him out for an entire weekend."


"No volume discounts?" Marcus asked.


"No volume discounts," Master Ajmal said.


Our merry band of guests ate breakfast and bantered. Everyone seemed to be in high spirits.


"So, Tim," Leo began. "Has this weekend given you any ideas for a novel?"


"Leo," Tim replied. "There are 10 guys here. I could write 10 books. One each. The weekend may not have given me a lot of material for a novel, but I have made a personal decision which I will share with anyone who wants to listen. And, every one of you should damn well be paying attention. While I might from time to time get involved in a Master/slave role, I am not making my life's mission of turning into a slave. I am a committed versatile guy when it comes to sex with my boyfriend, my husband, and my boyfriend's husband. However, if there is any open sexual escapades going on in our home, I will definitely expect to get, at the very minimum, several dicks in my ass. Do all of you understand?"


"Are you telling us we will no longer get an opportunity to be your Master, boss?" Tan asked with a smile.


"Tan," Tim replied. "Stick with the program. If you are around me long enough, you will come to understand nothing is impossible. Just let me now you want me to be your slave boy. I'm certain I can get into the mood with the right persuasion techniques."


"And, what would the right persuasion technique be?" Tan asked.


"Fuck me with your big dick," Tim replied. "Understand?"


"Yes, boss!" Tan responded.


"We need to be going, Leo," Dean added.


"We do have a plane to catch, don't we," Leo said. "Maybe we can stay a few more weeks?"


"No, Leo!" Dean said. "We need to leave today. He's like a child sometimes!"


"Alright," Leo said. "Tim, Steven, thanks for everything. It's been a wonderful weekend. And, Steven, it feels really, really good to be reconnected with you."


Leo and I hugged. "Same here, Leo. Same here. I have this feeling we will be seeing a lot of each other."


"You, too, Lance," Leo said as he hugged Lance.


"It has been great," Lance added.


"Don't I get a hug?" Tim asked.


"Of course," Leo replied as he grabbed Tim and pulled him in for an extremely passionate kiss.


"Leo," Tim began after he and Leo broke their kiss. "When Steven is out whoring around, you can come over and kiss me all you want. You are hired, so to speak!"


"Thanks, Tim," Leo added. "Just let me know!"


Leo grabbed Dean's hand and said good bye to the rest of the group. Harvey appeared out of the blue to take them to the airport.


"It's gym time!" Master Ajmal said. "Who wants to join us?"


It was like a scene from a gang movie. Master Jake and Master Miguel and Master Garrison were followed by Tan, Jeromy, Lance, and Livingston. Tim, Marcus, Master Ajmal, and I walked shotgun to the gym. We all had on our now ritual garb. Skimpy gym shorts and gym shoes. No underwear, no shirt, no sox. We had a change of clothes in our gym bags. Another pair of gym shorts and a tight tank top for the restaurant.


The gym was packed with half naked muscle men. Even though there were signs posted all over the gym warning patrons shirts are required. Most ignored the rule.


Master Jake noticed a guy from our gym in Chicago.


"Jake!" Roland announced to get Jake's attention. The two muscle men hugged and turned to our group as did Master Miguel and Master Garrison.


"Roland, I believe you know Steven and his husband Tim," Master Jake explained. "They go to our gym in Chicago when they are not in residence in Provincetown."


"Of course," Roland said. "Everyone knows Steven and Tim. But, I must say, Steven, you are looking extremely sexy! Where did you get those muscles and tattoos?"


"I was my husband Tim's and my Master Ajmal's summer project," I explained.


"It worked, is all I have to say!" Roland effused.


Master Jake continued the introductions. He pointed out each man while he announced the names, "This is Tan and his boyfriend Jeromy. This is Lance and Livingston. Lance is from Chicago, too. And, finally, this is Steven's Master Ajmal and Ajmal's future husband, Marcus."


"It is a pleasure to meet you!" Roland enthused again. "Where are you staying?"


"At Tim and Steven's house," Master Jake explained.


"Where is your house, Steven?" Roland asked.


"Round Creek Road," I replied. "Where are you staying?"


"The Ranch on Commercial Street," Roland said. The Ranch was a predominantly leather stud guest house. "Tell me, Steve, how did you manage to find such a stud for a husband and a Master since I last saw you?"


"I was in the right place at the right time," I replied.


"I think, Ajmal, you and I have crossed paths on a couple of occasions," Roland said.


"I think we have, Roland," Master Ajmal replied. "I used to frequent some of the activities at the Ranch before I met Steven, Tim, and Marcus."


Garrison, Tim, Marcus, Lance, Livingston, Tan, Jeromy, and I resumed our workout while Master Jake, Master Miguel, and Master Ajmal continued to talk to Roland. "I understand you two released your first video at a fundraising reception here yesterday."


"Yes," Master Miguel said with a smile. "Ajmal allowed us to preview it to his guests at his annual reception."


"Who is in it?" Roland asked.


"Me, Miguel, and Steven," Master Jake replied. "Garrison had a walk on part in the film."


"Cool," Roland said. "I can't wait to see it. You should come to our Wednesday night fisting party at the Ranch. I remember Steven used to be extremely interested in getting fisted."


"He's still recovering from the weekend activities," Master Ajmal replied. "Some other time perhaps. Now, men, I believe it is shower time!"


"Am I missing something or is Roland sort of full of himself?" Marcus asked as he stripped off his gym shorts.


"You are not missing anything, Marcus," I replied as I stood naked in the middle of the locker room waiting to hit the showers with the others. "Roland is not one of my favorite people. He thinks he is God's gift to all S&M bottom boys. And, he's not even a very good top!"


"Steven, why don't you tell us how you really feel?" Tim asked with a smile.


"Roland also has the impression he is a player in the LGBTQ community," Master Miguel explained. "In reality, he can't even catch a ball."


"So, you share Steven's impression of your buddy Roland," Tim stated.


"Yes," Master Jake and Master Miguel said in unison.


"Steven," Master Ajmal said. "Why don't you and Tim shower together to save water? Marcus and I could do the same."


"Showering together is allowed?" Tim asked.


"No," Master Ajmal replied. "But, I know the owner."


"Ajmal," Marcus said. "Please tell me you don't own this place."


"I would be lying if I did tell you I didn't own it," Master Ajmal explained. "I am the majority shareholder."


"Then," Tim suggested. "Post a sign saying showering together with your spouse or boyfriend is recommended to conserve water."


"I will bring it up at the next board meeting," Master Ajmal said.



To be continued...


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