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Life With Tim



"So, future husband," Marcus said to Master Ajmal when the four of us settled around the kitchen island for a night cap. "What are your plans for Christopher? Should Steven and I be worried?"


"No, you two don't need to be worried," Master Ajmal said with a smile. "I won't know what my plans are for Christopher until after he comes out to his family."


"I see a plan being hatched here," Tim announced. "Did you know about Christopher's possible clash with his family before you invited him to the party last night?"


"Yes," Master Ajmal admitted. "It will prove to be a useful situation for me if Christopher's father reacts poorly to the news his only son is gay."


"How did you know this before you invited Christopher to the party?" I asked.


"You hire the best people in the business," Master Ajmal replied.


Chapter 36: The Return


"So, Steven," Tim said to me as we were flying back to Chicago the day after Marcus and Master Ajmal left for their honeymoon. "We have two weeks to ourselves. What would you like to do with our down time?"


"I don't like the sound of this," I said to Tim. "With you, there is never any down time."


"What can I say?" Tim continued. "I'm a planner."


"Plotter," I added.


"Planner," Tim countered.


"Plotter," I suggested.


"Planner... Plotter... Whatever?" Tim admitted. "Could we buy a jet? It could be a small one."


"No," I replied.


"Why not?" Tim asked.


"We don't need a jet," I explained.


"But, it would make traveling so much more fun," Tim suggested.


"No, Tim," I said.


"We could have a bedroom in it," Tim explained.


"And, what would we do with the bedroom?" I asked.

"Make love," Tim suggested. "For example, right now, I'm feeling horny. My boyfriend is off on his honeymoon with his husband. Your Master is off on his honeymoon with HIS husband. So, we are sitting here in first class on a commercial flight and I can't take my husband to the bedroom and make love."


"Tim," I replied. "I understand what you are saying, but I don't believe we can justify buying an airplane."


"We could rent it out when we are not using it," Tim added.


"Have you been researching this issue?" I asked.


"As a matter of fact, yes" Tim began. "How much does our investment account make each year?"


"I'm not exactly certain," I replied. "But, somewhere between $50 million and $75 million."


"A Gulfstream G650's average price is about $64 million," Tim continued. "So it could be paid off in a year. Or, we could lease it. If we were to contract through a charter management company, we could easily make over several million dollars a year."


"Where did this Tim come from?" I asked. "The boyfriend I knew almost had a heart attack when he bought a new BMW for $65 thousand. Now, he is talking about buying a jet for $65 million."


"I've learned all I know about spending money from you, Steven," Tim said as he picked up my hand and kissed it. "Besides, we could hire a really cute flight attendant."


"What am I, chopped liver?" Reginald, our flight attendant in first class, asked.


"No, Reginald," Tim explained. "You are really cute. We were talking about buying a jet. We would require a really cute flight attendant to make our trips more interesting."


"I see," Reginald replied. "Can I get you something to drink?"


"Double vodka on the rocks," Tim replied.


"I'll have the same," I said. "I think I will need this drink more than you know, Reginald."


"How do you buy a jet?" Tim asked. "Do you go to a jet dealership?"


"I don't know, Tim," I said. "I've never bought a jet before. It will be a learning experience for all of us. WAIT A MINUTE! We are NOT buying a jet."


"Whatever you say, Steven," Tim said as he kissed my hand again.


"Here you go, gentlemen," Reginald said as he set two double vodka on the rocks in front of us. "In case you need help buying your jet, my husband is an airplane broker. He works out of Chicago. I just happen to have his card with me."


Reginald handed Tim his husband's business card.


"Thanks, Reginald," I said. "Your husband will never forgive you for unleashing Tim on him."


"He can handle himself," Reginald said. "What is it you two do for a living?"


"Steven runs a venture capital business," Tim explained. "As of the end of this year, I am turning my attention to writing. Something I've always wanted to do, but never had the opportunity until now."


"What do you mean, Tim?" I said. "You usually introduce me as a porn star and a prostitute."


"You're both of those things, too, Steven," Tim said with a smile. "But you make more money for me to spend in the venture capital business."


"Tim," Reginald whispered. "With Steven's body and looks, I am certain he can command a great deal of money as a porn star and prostitute."


"Steven looks at something and makes money, right, sweetie?" Tim continued.


"Tim you are incorrigible!" I said.


"Yea! But you love me anyway, right?" Tim said.


"In spite of your many foibles, I love you anyway," I said with a smile.


"Ain't love sweet," Reginald said as he turned his attention to another passenger.


"Not to change the subject, but you are attracted to Donny, right?" Tim asked.


"Yes," I replied. "Why?"


"Just curious," Tim said. "He's a nice guy."


"There is a `but' somewhere in your tone of voice," I continued.


"He's not a young muscle stud," Tim added.


"No, he is not a young muscle stud," I agreed. "Is there something wrong with me being fond of a man who is not a young muscle stud?"


"Nope," Tim said. "It shows you have character."


"What do you mean?" I asked.


"You see people for whom they are not what they look like," Tim said. "I like that particular trait of yours. Would you like to have a regular thing with him?"


"Tim," I explained. "I have a husband. I have a Master. I have your boyfriend. I am doing porn movies. And, I am going to be rented out to other men. Why do I need to have a regular thing with someone else?"


"I think you like him," Tim said. "I think he likes you, too. I think you two could grow to love one another."


"Do you want a divorce, Tim?" I asked not knowing where this is heading.


"No, silly," Tim said.


"Do you want to have someone else in your life?" I asked.


"What makes you think I want or need someone else in my life?" Tim asked.


"Tim," I replied. "When you start answering a question with another question, the whole world is usually in trouble. Spill!"


"Do you like Kyle?" Tim asked.


"He's a nice guy," I replied. "Why?"


"Marcus and I think he is a really, really nice guy," Tim said. He paused for my reaction.


"In other words you like his dick in your butt," I said.


"Yes," Tim said. "And, I like my dick in his butt. Marcus likes Kyle's dick in his butt. And, Marcus likes his dick in Kyle's butt."


"So you and Marcus are advocating for a third person in your relationship with one another?" I asked.


"Sort of," Tim said.


"What does Master Ajmal say about adding a person to the mix?" I asked.


"He's given his approval," Tim said quietly.


"Why am I the last to know?" I asked.


"It just happened," Tim replied.


"What happens when you, Marcus, Master Ajmal, and I am in bed together? Would Kyle be a fifth?" I asked.


"No," Tim replied. "He will only be involved with me and Marcus. Of course, if Ajmal decides to rent your ass out to some guy, Kyle might be invited to take your place."


"So, Kyle will be my stand in?" I asked. I needed clarification.


"Well, yes and no," Tim replied. "Master Ajmal might want to invite Christopher to sleep with him if you are otherwise occupied."


"Ah!" I said. "I think I am seeing the clear picture here. You and Marcus want Kyle to be involved with the two of you. Master Ajmal wants to be involved with Christopher when I am otherwise occupied. So, getting back to your first comment, yes, I think I would like to work on something with Donny."


"Are you mad?" Tim asked.


"I am not mad at you and Marcus for wanting Kyle as a third person in your relationship," I begin. "I can't be mad at Master Ajmal for wanting to explore something with Christopher because I am his slave boy. I do not question his decisions or judgments. I just live with them. So, no, I am not mad."


"Do you think Ajmal and Christopher will work?" Tim asked.


"I think Master Ajmal has bigger plans for Christopher than as a lover or a slave boy," I explained.


"Like what?" Tim asked.


"I'm not sure yet," I replied. "I just have this premonition something may be in the offing."


"So, would you want to see how Kyle fits with the two of us since Marcus will not be around this weekend?" Tim asked.


"Probably not," I replied. "I like Kyle. He seems like a sweat man. I believe I would rather spend my time this weekend getting to know Donny better. He seems to be more my kind of man."


"You wouldn't mind if Kyle and I spent this weekend together?" Tim asked. "I want your HONEST opinion."


"No," I replied. "I wouldn't mind. I just have one other question before we move on to other topics. How many more men will be involved in our lives, Tim?"


"Likely none," Tim said. "Why do you ask?"


"I'd like to explore something with Leo, but I don't want to leave Dean as the odd man out," I explained. "And, then, of course, there is Lance."


"I see where this is going," Tim said. "When Marcus and Ajmal return, we will need to have a long, detailed conversation among the four of us. In the meantime, I will put the Kyle thing behind until the four of us can talk."


"I think you've just had another terrific idea," I said as I leaned over and kissed Tim on the lips.




"Hello, Tim," I said as I answered my phone. It was the first day back from Master Ajmal's and Marcus's wedding. "How has your day been?"


"Peachy keen!" Tim replied. "Yours?"


"Pretty decent," I said. "We are planning our marketing strategy for the film business. It was like I was back at eSquare. I didn't feel like a porn star or prostitute today, but more like an actual business person."


"So, does this mean you don't want to be a porn star or a prostitute?" Tim asked.


"Not on your life, Timmy," I replied. "By the way, we previewed the video with Garrison and me."


"And, how was it?" Tim asked.


"It made me horny," I said.


"Watching yourself being hung by your big, hairless balls made you horny," Tim added. "Isn't the phenomena you are describing a bit narcissistic?"


"It made Garrison, Master Jake, and Master Miguel horny, too," I explained.


"So, who fucked whom after you watched it?" Tim asked.


"Ah... what makes you think anyone fucked anyone?" I asked.


"Steven! We are talking about you, Garrison, Jake, and Miguel," Tim explained. "Who fucked whom?"


"Ah... Master Jake fucked me while Master Miguel fucked Garrison," I replied.


"And?" Tim asked.


"Ah... Master Miguel fucked me while Master Jake fucked Garrison," I replied.


"And?" Tim asked.


"Ah... Garrison fucked me while Master Jake had one of my nipples in his hand and Master Miguel had the other nipple in his hand," I replied.


"I thought so," Tim said. "When do I get to see the film?"


"Tonight if you want," I suggested.


"Then I get to fuck you, too," Tim added.


"Tim," I said. "You always get to fuck me."


"I have an idea for this weekend," Tim said.


"And, what might your idea be?" I asked.


"A party," Tim suggested. "We could invite Jake, Miguel, Garrison, Terrance, Aiden, Kyle, Donny, Willy, Callum, James, Dennis, Leo, Dean, Lance, Livingston, Tan, and Jeromy over for a screening of the film."


"Tim!" I admonished him. "Can't we have a quiet weekend at home by ourselves?"


"Spoil sport!" Tim replied.


"Besides," I said. "Master Jake, Master Miguel, Garrison, and I will be previewing the film at a reception in the studio on Sunday afternoon at 1 pm. Do you want to come with us?"


"Shit yes!" Tim decided. "Will you be naked?"


"Yes," I said. "And, I will be wearing Garrison's collar."


"Will there be a demonstration?" Tim asked.


"Yes," I replied.


"Will you be hung from your balls?" Tim asked.


"Yes," I said.


"Then what will be demonstrated?" Tim asked.


"Garrison will fist me," I explained.


"Hot damn!" Tim exclaimed.


"After he whips me," I continued.


"Anything else?" Tim asked.


"No," I replied.


"Is there a guest list?" Tim asked.


"Yes," I replied.


"Are Terrance, Aiden, Kyle, Donny, Willy, Callum, James, Dennis, Leo, Dean, Lance, Livingston, Tan, and Jeromy invited?" Tim asked.


"Yes," I said. "Along with about 200 other people, including some members of the gay press."


"It's too bad Marcus and Ajmal will miss the fun," Tim said.


"Yes, it is," I said. "Master Jake and Master Miguel asked Master Ajmal if he wanted them to postpone the events. He said no. They will be watching a video feed instead. It will also be streamed live on our website to members. The video feeds will also go to several bars and receptions in San Francisco, New York, Fort Lauderdale, Berlin, Munich, London, Toronto, Montreal, and Barcelona next week. There will be time delays when necessary. A select number of people will also be introduced to the audience. Most of them potential tops who will appear in later videos with me."


"As soon as my dick is not hard," Tim explained. "I am leaving work early. I want you on your knees in the back entry hall when I get there. I will strip and you will give me one of the most important blow jobs of your life, Steven. If it is not to my satisfaction, I will make you do it over and over and over again until you get it right. Then, we will have a drink. Then, you will make us dinner. Then, I will take you upstairs and fuck you. And, if you are lucky, I might be tempted to hang you by the balls. How does my plan sound so far?"


"Excellent," I said. "When can I expect you?"


"I am leaving now," Tim announced. "I have my suit coat in front of me because my dick has no thought of going down. I should be there in 45 minutes."


"I'm already waiting, Tim," I said as Tim ended the call.


Tim arrived exactly at the time he promised. His suit coat landed on a chair as he flung it recklessly into the room. He pulled the buttons of his shirt off in his haste to get naked. He slipped off his shoes and socks. They landed somewhere near the suit coat. He quickly unbuttoned his pants and let them fall to the floor. He stepped out of his pants and stood before me naked with his dick standing at full attention—no underwear. Why did this not surprise me?


Tim grabbed my head and shoved his dick into my mouth. "Suck it, boy! Suck your Master's big dick. Yea, boy! Suck it!"


I did. With passion. With energy. With lust. With the gleeful intention of tasting Tim's cum as quickly as possible. As I was alternately working his cock with my tongue and lips and deep throating him, I reached up and started to tweak Tim's perky nipples.


"Fuck yea, boy!" Tim screamed. "Work that dick. Work those tits. Yea!"


I continued to suck Tim's big cock. Tim continued to moan in pleasure. I could feel Tim's unbridled energy. His lust. I suddenly felt a flash of energy from his dick before he started spewing cum into my mouth.


"Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" Tim screamed as massive amounts of cum shot from Tim's big dick into my mouth.


Tim put his hands on my shoulders to steady himself. I pulled him close to me and made sure I had all of the cum from his dick. I started to lick his balls.


"Stop licking my balls, Steven," Tim hissed. "You will make me horny again."


"Then I will continue licking," I whispered.


Finally, Tim pulled me up and started kissing me. "Thank you..., Steven... Perfect blow... job... as... usual...!"


"Now we need a drink to celebrate a perfect blow job," I suggested.


"Yup," Tim agreed. "Also, I need to know more about the `select number of people' who will be introduced at the reception."


As I was making our drinks, I began to explain who the `select number of people' were. "I've never met any of these people, keep in mind. Well..., we've both met one. I've just seen pictures and film clips of the others. You can stop me anytime for further clarification."


"Okay," Tim said as we settled beside the kitchen island.


"First, we have Big John the Lumberman," I continued. "He and I will be doing an outdoor scene where he captures me and takes me into is cabin, ties me up, and rapes me repeatedly over the course of several weeks. Master Jake wants to add a couple of fisting scenes and a torture scene just to liven things up. Big John is Big. He's 6' 3" tall and is a muscular 230 pounds with a mat of blond hair all over his body. He also has long shaggy hair and a huge untrimmed beard."


"How big is his dick?" Tim asked.


"His resume said it was 9 inches of uncut meat," I explained. "It looked bigger than 9 inches to Master Jake, Master Miguel, and me."


"Who's next," Tim asked.


"Then, there is Akos," I continued my explanation. "He's originally from Budapest, but currently lives in Vienna. He's a little older, but hot as fuck. He's done a lot of porn films, but is also an internationally known escort. Our movie together will take a turn from the Ajmal playbook. He rents me. We do our thing which will include, but not limited to, torture, fisting, domination, and humiliation. Master Jake said I will enjoy the man as well as our time together."


"Will you go to Vienna or will he come to Chicago?" Tim asked.


"We are shooting some outdoor scenes in Vienna, but most of the film will be done in the studio in Chicago," I continued.


"Do I get to go to Vienna with you?" Tim asked.


"We will talk with Master Jake and Miguel about the possibility," I said. "Another guy is Master Carl. He's apparently a mean, lusty stud who likes his sex on the extreme side. "


"Who else?" Tim asked.


"Master Bruce," I said. "We will get into a lot of whipping, fisting, torture, domination, humiliation, and water sports. We will probably make our work together a two film series."


"Who else?" Tim asked.


"Master Hank," I explained. "He is a big, muscled Hispanic dude. His claim to fame is long-term bondage and torture."


"Who else?" Tim asked.


"Just those four at the reception," I said. "We will be doing a prison rape scene with all four of these guys plus Garrison, and, maybe, Leo."


"You, I take it, are the one getting raped," Tim said.


"Yup," I replied. "What do you think?"


"I'm excited," Tim said as he looked down at his hard dick. "I don't suppose you noticed."


"I did notice, Tim," I said. "Do I need to take care of your hard dick now or later?"


"Now, please," Tim said as he leaned in to kiss me.




When Saturday evening rolled around, Tim and I headed out to the Cell Block. It was the beginning of November by now, so we were wearing full leather. Leather pants, leather lace up shirts, leather vests, and leather jackets. I had to have a new pair of leather pants made to accommodate my bigger balls. Gustave, the tailor at the leather store, made certain everyone would notice my big balls when I put on the pants.


Leo and Dean were already at the bar's leather only back room when we arrived.


"Hello, guys," Tim said.


"Hello, Tim, Steven," Leo greeted us. Dean did not speak. He was collared.


"So, Leo," Tim continued. "You and Dean have taken a significant step, I see.


"We are giving it a try tonight in public," Leo replied. "We've been practicing at home, right, boy?"


"Yes, Master," Dean answered. He was still looking at the floor.


"You have permission to speak, boy," Leo said.


"Thank you, Master," Dean said as he looked at Tim and me and smiled. "You two look especially hot tonight!"


"You are looking good yourself, Dean," Tim continued. "The shaved chest shows off your muscles nicely, especially your six pack abs."


"Thank you, SIR!" Dean responded. "Master Leo suggested I shave my chest, stomach, pubic hairs, cock, and balls today."


"Maybe we will get an opportunity to see your shaved cock and balls sometime, boy," Tim said.


"Are you ready for your film preview, Steven?" Leo asked.


"Yes and no," I replied. "Yes, because I will enjoy getting the reaction from everyone. No, because the demonstrations following the preview will be grueling."


"Not only do Steven and Garrison display some of the real-life situations in the film," Tim explained. "But, we will also be introduced to four other men with whom he will be paired in future films."


"Too bad Ajmal and Marcus won't be around for the festivities," Leo said.


"They will be watching, along with about 10,000 of our members, via a live Internet feed," I explained. "We have interviews before and after the demonstrations."


"And, Steven will be naked for all of it," Tim added. "I know he will garner a lot of attention."


"Donny just arrived, Steven," Tim announced. "Why don't you say hello him and invite him to join us?"


"Thank you, Tim," I said as I went over to where Donny was standing. "Hello, SIR!"


"Hello, boy," Donny replied. He had on skin-tight leather pants and a cod piece covering his dick. His dick was obviously positioned for the best effect. He had on a leather vest without a shirt. "You look very good in those pants, boy! They show off everything perfectly!"


"Thank you, SIR!" I said as I reached over and played with Donny's right nipple and then his left.


"These leather pants will burst open if you keep playing with my nips, boy," Donny hissed at me.


"I wouldn't mind, SIR!" I said as I stopped playing with his nipples. "Why don't you join Tim, Leo, Dean, and me on the other side of the room?"


"I'd love too if Tim wouldn't mind," Donny replied.


"He suggested it, SIR!" I said.


Donny and I returned to the group.


"Hello, Donny," Tim said as he pulled Donny in for a hug.


Everyone else exchanged pleasantries.


"Are you two trying something new?" Donny asked Leo and Dean.


"Yes," Leo replied. "This is our first time in public as Master/slave. We are enjoying it, aren't we, boy?"


"Yes, Master," Dean excitedly replied. "It is exciting."


"I also put Dean in a chastity device for the evening, too," Leo explained as he rubbed Dean's crotch.


"How does it feel, Dean?" Tim asked.


"Interesting, SIR!" Dean replied. "When I saw the two of you walk into the room, I started to get hard. My dick is still straining inside the plastic. It certainly reminds me of who is in charge."


Tan, Lance, Livingston, and Jeromy arrived. Lance and Jeromy were collared and shirtless.


"I think you have started something, Steven," Tim announced. "Livingston and Jeromy I expected. Tan and Lance, on the other hand, surprised me a little."


"We are experimenting," Tan suggested. "Lance has been wearing my collar since last night when he arrived home from work. We are going to try it this weekend. Next weekend, we are going to reverse roles and see where things go from there. Right, boy?"


"Yes, Master," Lance said with a smile. "Steven, I never thought I would be saying this, but I am rather enjoying Tan's role in my sex life. I get hard just thinking about my Master. Are those new leather pants, Steven?"


"Yes," I said. "I just picked them up on Thursday."


We continued our sexually charged conversation for a few more hours.


"We should be heading home, guys," Tim announced. "Steven has a long day tomorrow. He needs his beauty rest so he doesn't disappoint his guests and viewers tomorrow."


"If you decide you want to continue the Master/slave roles tomorrow, all slaves are welcome to be naked," I explained. "However, you might have your body beamed to 10,000 of our members who will be watching the live video."


"A few months ago, I would never dreamed of being naked in front of a large number of men," Lance added. "However, if Tan is willing to let me be naked, I will not object."


We began our retreat out of the bar.


Tim turned to Donny, "Would you like to join us for a night cap, Donny?"


I looked at Tim. Tim looked at me. Tim was smiling. I smiled back. I looked at Donny, "Yes, SIR! Would you like to join us?"


"I don't want to get in your way tonight," Donny said.


"Donny," Tim began. "You won't be in our way. Besides, I will need help taking Steven's mind off the preview tomorrow."


Tim grabbed Donny's hand and led the three of us to the coat room where we retrieved our coats. On the walk back to our house, Tim said to Donny, "Is something wrong?"


"I still can't understand why two hot studs like you would be interested in me," Donny said.


"Donny," Tim began. "I am going to clue you in on something. Steven is an excellent judge of character and a person's capabilities. He made a name for himself professionally because of his gift. He cares for you, Donny. And, if Steven cares for you, then I care for you. Understand?"


"I think so," Donny said as I took his hand in mine as we continued our walk home.


When we arrive home, Tim took charge of the evening. "Steven, you need to get out of those clothes pronto! Donny, leave your leather pants on, please, but take off the cod piece. I think Steven and I would both enjoy getting fucked by your big dick with your leather pants still on. Would you mind?"


Donny immediately unbuttoned the cod piece and put it on the kitchen island. I quickly lost my clothes. Tim did the same.


"I'll get the drinks," Tim said. "Play with Donny's dick, Steven. Suck it if you want to. Just make it grow."


I immediately pulled Donny toward me. We began to kiss. He was passionate. I was passionate. Donny's dick grew to full mast almost immediately.


Tim returned with our drinks. "I see you like kissing my husband, Donny. And, I see my husband likes kissing you. Now, we need to have a toast. Then, Donny you and I have some kissing to do before we go upstairs."




When Sunday afternoon rolled around, Tim joined several of our friends at the studio before the preview of the film. Master Jake, Master Miguel, Master Garrison, and I arrive shortly before the screening began.


Master Jake, Master Miguel, and Master Garrison were all in full leather. I was totally naked except for Garrison's collar when we stepped outside the elevator.


Once we were inside the studio, all eyes were on us—or should I say me—as we went directly to the stage set up in the large room where we film the footage of the video. Master Jake began to address the crowd. "Men! I want to thank you for coming to Flying Whip Studios for the preview of our second film. You are all welcome to help yourselves to the open bar and the food until we finish the reception."


Master Jake and Master Miguel sat on two bar height stools in the middle of the stage.


Master Miguel continued, "Tonight, we have the two stars of the film we will be previewing tonight. Most of you know them. I would like to introduce Garrison Sager and Steven Caldwell."


There was another round of riotous applause.


"After the film," Master Jake continued. "We will take questions form the audience about the filming of the video you are about to see. We will attempt to answer all of your questions to the best of our ability. We will also have some live demonstrations throughout the evening. The first will involve Garrison and Steven. The later ones will involve four people who will star in upcoming videos with Steven. Before we begin the screening, does anyone in the audience have any questions? Yes! You in the front of the press area."


"I'm Jack Rinella. This question is for Steven. It is obvious looking at your body that the film The Transformation of Steven is based on real-life experiences. Can you tell us a little about those experiences and how this transformation has affected you?"


I stepped in front of the microphone. I stood with hands behind my back and feet shoulder width apart. "The transformation involved lots of planning by my husband Tim and my Master Ajmal. Many of you know both of them well. These two gentlemen, Master Jake and Master Miguel supervised the first phase of the transformation. Extreme body work at the gym. Six days each week. I must say the workouts themselves were strenuous, but also the calorie intake to make the desired results happen were just as exhausting and detailed. Then, Tim and I spent the summer in Provincetown where Master Jake and Master Miguel continued the grueling workouts at the gym. We found a doctor in Provincetown—he also has a practice in Manhattan—to assist with the hair removal, ball injections, and penis exercises. Dr. Garmond, as you can see, was successful at all three. If you have seen the film, The Transformation of Steven, you also know Jerome, the tattoo artist in Provincetown. He created a series of special, eclectic tattoos on my arms and legs. He is also responsible for all of the piercings you see."


I paused for a few moments, "You asked, Jack, how this transformation has affected me. All I can say is I am an extremely grateful husband and slave boy. Almost 18 months ago, the man of my dreams and I met in Provincetown in May. We were both at the A-House dance bar. He moved here a year ago this September so we could be together. In July he and I were married. He's the love of my life. He's the man I am spending the rest of my life with. He is the man who will share the fathering duties of our future children. He has given me life. It may not be a conventional life, but it is a life he and I are determined to make work. When I look into my husband's eyes, I feel connected physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We share our energy with one another. We share our love for one another."


"This summer, with the help of Master Jake and Master Miguel, I found the man I plan to serve for the rest of my life, my Master Ajmal. When I look into my Master's eyes, I also feel connected physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We also share our energy with one another. With my Master, though, I give my body, my mind, my soul, my very being to him. He controls me. He shows me his power over me. He shows his undying desire to use my body, my mind, my soul, and my very being to please him. I am put on this earth for him to use as he sees fit."


"These two men are the love of my life, and the transformation is a testament of our love of each other. Some of you may question the commitment each of us has to the other, but we are committed to one another. This transformation has helped me understand how the two relationships are similar yet different. And, my relationship with my husband and my Master could only happen because both of them have a tremendous amount of love, respect, and empathy for one another. I hope I have answered your question, Mr. Rinella."


"Yes, you have, Steven," Mr. Renella said. "Very eloquently, I might add."


"Any others?" Master Jake asked.


No hands go up.


"Okay, so let the screening begin" Master Jake said. "You are welcome to sit and enjoy the film. You are also welcome to visit the bar and the food area. There are monitors all around the studio. So, without further ado, I am happy to present Garrison's Revenge."


I look down at the sea of faces. I am drawn to Tim's. He looked directly at me. He smiled. He mouthed the words, `I love you, Steven.'


I smiled back and nodded.


Master Jake handed me a double vodka on the rocks. He put his hands on my shoulders, "Great explanation, Steven. You are on your way to great things, I can feel it."


"Thank you, Master!" I said. "I owe a lot of the way I feel now to you and Master Miguel."


"Steven," I heard my name called.


I looked toward the sound and saw Jack Renella coming my way. "Steven, I was wondering if I might have some of your time to do an interview with you. My column is syndicated in several gay newspapers around the country. I often do articles for the Advocate as well as some other non-mainstream publications."


"I would enjoy talking with you, Mr. Renella," I said. "You might also like to speak with my husband and Master."


"I would enjoy hearing their prospective as well," Mr. Renella replied. "Is your Master Ajmal here tonight? I haven't seen him."


"No," I said with a smile. "He is on his honeymoon with his new husband. They were married at our house in Provincetown last weekend."


"This gets more and more interesting," Mr. Renella said.


"It does," I replied. "My husband Tim and Master Ajmal's husband Marcus are—shall we say for lack of better terminology—boyfriends."


"Here is my card," Mr. Renella said. "Call me when you have an opportunity to speak with me."


"I will," I replied. "Thank you for your interest."


As I circulated with our guests, I was groped, pinched, slapped, and kissed. Finally, the film ended. We had another question and answer session before the demonstrations began.


"I have a question for Steven," a young stud dressed in significantly distressed tight jeans and a skimpy tank top that showed off his muscular chest. "When you were hanging by your balls in the film, how did it actually feel? I know you were screaming so it must have hurt, but I mean in your head. How did it make you feel?"


"It definitely hurt," I explained. "We did four takes of that scene in one day. My balls hurt for the next week. However, I understand what you are asking. I will call it my creed for me as a masochist. I get into the moment. The pain becomes my friend, my companion. Once all of my body weight dangled from my balls, the pain started turning my mind inward. I sometimes, not always, but sometimes find myself moving out of my body and observing the scene. And, it also depends on how much I am connected to the Sadist I am working with. Garrison and I know one another. We connect. He feels my pain. I feel his pleasure. On the other hand, when I am with someone I have never met before, we don't necessarily connect. I don't stop screaming."


"Thanks," the stud said. "When you get hung by the balls for a short time, do they hang lowered for a while?"


"Yes," I answered. "It depends on how long one hangs by the balls, but they definitely hang lower for at least a couple of days. If you want to know exact measurements, maybe you can help Garrison do a before and after measurement when he does the first demonstration."


"I'm in!" the stud replied.


"What are some of your favorite BDSM activities?" another guys asked. He was older than most in the room. He was dressed in full leather with a long white, untrimmed beard and long white hair.


"I'm a sucker for almost anything," I answered. "Stick around tonight, and you will see some of my especially favorite ones. Why do you ask?"


"Does your Master ever give you away for someone else to work on?" The guy asked.


"Sometimes," I replied. "He'd rather rent my body out, however."


There were some laughs from the audience.


I answered a few more questions before we started the demonstrations. Garrison came onto the stage, locked my leash to my collar, and led be to the overhead restraints. He positioned me on the bondage table, but instead of restraining me to the table. He put restraints attached to the pulley system on my wrists and ankles. He then added the extra large ball parachute customized to fit my oversized balls. Garrison finished my attaching a chain to the ball parachute. First, he raised my body higher so I was hanging from my wrists and ankles.


Then it began. Garrison started to slowly lift my midsection with the pulley connected to the ball parachute.


"Aaaaahhhhhhh!" I screamed with each pull of the chain as my midsection was hoisted up. He continued to pull until my midsection was even with my ankles and wrists. I screamed each time Garrison raised my midsection.


Garrison stood beside my head so I could hear him, "So, boy. How do you feel now?"


"Balls are painful, SIR!" I almost screamed.


"Do you want me to stop, boy?" Garrison asked.


"No, SIR!" I screamed.


"What do you want me to do, boy?" Garrison asked.


"Hurt me, Master!" screamed. "Please make my balls hurt, Master! Please hurt me, Master!"


Garrison released the pulley lock that held my ankles in position.


"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed. And whimpered several times before he released my ankles.


"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed again as my entire body weight hung from my balls.


Master Garrison stood beside my head again. "Boy! Do you want me to release you?"


"No Master!" I screamed. "Don't release me, Master. Make me suffer, Master! Please make me suffer!"


I lost all track of time as I was hanging by my balls. I lost track of the people watching me hang by my balls. I lost all track of my pain while I was hanging by my balls. My mind jolted into the realization I was no longer hanging my balls.


Master Garrison released me from the restraints. The young stud who measured how low my balls hung before the demonstration measure the distance again.


"Three inches longer," the stud reported. "After 30 minutes of hanging by his balls, they hang three inches lower."


The reception continued. The demonstrations continued. Big John the Lumber Man fucked me and then fisted me. Akos tortured my nipples. Bruce put me on the St. Andrews Cross and whipped the shit out of me. Master Carl did another fisting session. Then, to wrap things up, Master Garrison and Master Clark double fisted me. Oh! And, there was a prison rape scene.


My balls were sore. My ass was sore. My nipples were sore. My back was sore. The demonstrations began at 4 pm and concluded by 9 pm. I needed a drink.


"Here you are, Steven," Donny said as he handed me a double vodka on the rocks. "I am amazed you are still able to get around. I would be an exhausted mess."


"Like I said earlier, I get energized from being used by hot top men," I said to Donny.


"I like the way your balls hang lower, Steven," Tim said as he inspected my body.


"He looks good with a reddened back, too!" Tan suggested.


"I could never get fisted by two huge men at the same time," Dean added.


"You get used to it," I replied. "It is part of my makeup."


"I just looked at the website, Steven, Garrison," Master Jake said. "We had 6,000 nonmembers download the film. So, at $50 a copy, we've grossed $300,000 in 9 hours. Not a bad beginning. Also, Steven, we've added about 20,000 people on the announcement list for new videos. And, the message section has several thousand comments and suggestions for possible films people want to see. All because of your demonstrations with the four other guys."


"I'll drink to that," I said. "Now, can I have another? I'm parched."


This time Tim handed me my double vodka on the rocks. "So, husband, I am very, very proud of you. Just think, I am now married to one of the hottest porn stars in the business!"


"Thanks, Tim," I said as he kissed me. "Are you going to take me home and make love to me?"


"Yup," Tim said. He leaned down and whispered into my ear. "Do you want company?"


"Yup," I whispered back. "Can you see if Donny is available to join us?"


"Yup," Tim replied as he drug Donny a safe distance away from our group of friends.




Master Jake, Master Miguel, Garrison, and I were having lunch at the Melrose on Monday after the gym. My phone rang. It was Master Ajmal. "Good morning, Master!"


"Good morning, boy!" Master Ajmal said. "I wanted to call you this morning to tell you how proud I am of you."


"Thank you, Master," I said.


"Marcus and I enjoyed the video and the live feed from the reception yesterday," Master Ajmal explained. "You handled yourself very well. And, you made Marcus and I shed a few tears when you talked about Tim and me."


"Thank you, Master," I said. "I meant ever word I said. You and Tim—and Marcus, too—are my life."


"We feel the same way, Steven," Marcus interjected. "I hope your body is recovering from the whipping and the fisting."


"Thank you, Marcus," I replied. "My body is recovering. My back is still painful and I am wearing a butt plug and a diaper."


"How was Donny this morning, boy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Fine, SIR!" I replied. "He asked that I send my best to you if I talked to you."


"You like him a lot, don't you, boy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Yes, Master," I replied. "He is a very down-to-earth, real person. Authentic, as Tim put it."


"We talked with Tim earlier this morning," Master Ajmal explained. "We have decided you will be spending next weekend with Donny."


"SIR?" I asked. I wasn't certain I heard my Master correctly. "We want you to spend next weekend with Donny. You need to see if there is a spark between you. Tim and I decided next weekend will be a perfect weekend to be with him."


"What about Tim? I don't want him to be alone," I said.


"He won't be alone," Master Ajmal replied. "He and Kyle will be together. They, too, need to see if there is chemistry between them. I will explain more when we return. But, after you, Jake, Miguel, and Garrison finish with the filming, you will go to Donny's home on Friday. You will be with him until Wednesday morning. Marcus and I will return the following day. I want you to pick us up at the airport. We arrive at 3 pm on Wednesday afternoon. So, please be at the charter terminal at Midway."


"Yes, SIR!" I replied. "I will pick you up at 3 pm. It will be good to see both of you again. Tim and I have missed you."


"We've missed the two of you as well," Master Ajmal said. "I need to go now, boy! I love you."


"I love you, too, Master," I said.


"Did Ajmal tell you about his plans for you and Donny?" Master Jake asked.


"Yes, SIR!" I replied.


"How does the situation make you feel?" Master Miguel asked.


"Confused," I replied.


"Ajmal has your best interests at heart, boy," Master Jake said. "He knows what is best for you. Don't second guess him. You will be sorry if you do."


"Yes, SIR!" I replied. "I won't second guess my Master, SIR!"


"Now," Master Miguel said. "We need to get going so we can begin filming the video with Akos. This will be a long day. We have 10 or 12 hours of filming to do today."


"When will I see Tim?" I asked.


"You won't see Tim until next week when your Master Ajmal and Marcus return on Wednesday," Master Jake replied. "You and Akos will be spending time together. Not only will you be with him on the set, but you will also be spending the rest of your time with Akos. You need to get to know one another while he is here. You and Tim will get together on Wednesday morning."


"And, don't worry, Kyle will be with Tim," Master Miguel said. "It's taken care of, boy."


"Yes, SIR!" I said as Master Jake paid the bill. I was still stunned by the news. "I need to call Tim, Masters."


"No, boy," Master Jake said forcefully. "You will not be in contact with Tim until next week. He will not answer your phone calls if you attempt to contact him."


As we walked back to the studio, I kept thinking about Tim being with Kyle. I didn't like the way life was moving.


When we stepped off the elevator to the fourth floor, Akos stood naked in the reception room awaiting our arrival.


"Good afternoon, Akos," Master Jake greeted him. "I hope you had a good night last night."


"Yes, indeed," Akos said in his Hungarian/Austrian/English accent. "Slept like a baby."


"You need to strip, boy," Master Miguel ordered.


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I pulled off my trainers, slipped my tank top off, and shucked my gym shorts.


"Let's get started," Master Jake suggested. "The camera men are waiting for you beside the St. Andrews Cross. I believe you wanted to start there Akos."


"Yes, indeed," Akos said as he grabbed me by the balls and led me to the Cross.


The camera men began filming immediately. Akos began to play the part. He looked directly into my eyes. "I am a sadistic bastard, boy! I have rented you from your Master Ajmal for the weekend. I have paid handsomely for your services. I expect complete satisfaction."


"Yes, SIR!" I said.


"Assume the position, boy," Master Akos said.


I stood in front of Master Akos with my feet shoulder width apart, hands behind my back, and looking at the floor in front of me.


Master Akos picked up a chain collar and fastened it around my neck.


"I give you my mind, my body, and my soul, Master. I will forsake all others! I am yours!" I replied.


"Good boy!" Master Akos said. "First of all, boy, I need to lay out some ground rules. My rules may be different than those of your Master Ajmal's, so listen carefully, boy. If you don't adhere strictly to my guidelines, I will punish you. You do not want me to punish you. You will be sorry if you don't or cannot follow my rules. Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, Master," I replied.


"I do not use code words when you want me to stop hurting you, boy," Master Akos began. "I will only stop whenever I feel like stopping. If you do beg me to stop, you will make me even more excited and more focused. Do you understand so far, boy?"


"Yes, Master," I replied.


"I am very intense," Master Akos continued. "I want to see and hear your reactions when I am hurting you. If you cannot scream, I will hurt you again and again and again until you do scream. Do you understand me, boy?"


"Yes, Master," I replied.


"Before I am finished, I will use every inch of your body," Master Akos continued. "I will use your back, your chest and stomach, your arms, your legs, your face, your mouth, your balls, your dick, and your ass—both inside and out. You will leave my service with obvious marks. You will probably be black and blue on some areas of your body. Your Master Ajmal only asked I not do any permanent damage. I will respect his wishes. Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, Master," I replied.


"I do not respect a boy's limits," Master Akos continued. "I will do what I want to you, when I want, how I want. I don't care if you are into a particular activity. You are mine. Only I will determine our course of action here. Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, Master," I said. "I understand, SIR!"


"Summarize what I just told you, boy," Master Akos ordered.


"No code words. You want to see and hear my reactions. You will use every inch of my body. You do not respect my limits, SIR!" I said.


"Very good, boy," Master Akos replied. "Now, boy, come here."


I stood closely in front of Master Akos. He put his arms around me and held me tight. He began to kiss me. Passionate kisses. I kissed back.


Finally, Master Akos pulled away. "Good kisser, boy. I like a good kisser for a boy. I may be a sadistic bastard, but I still like a boy who is a good kisser."


Master Akos led me to the St. Andrews cross and began to secure me. First my wrists. Then my ankles. He made certain I was stretched to the fullest.


He moved in front of me. He held up a flogger.


"Do you know what this is, boy?" Master Akos asked.


"A flogger, SIR!" I said.


"Do you know what I am going to do with the flogger, boy?" Master Akos asked.


"Flog me, SIR!" I said. "You will make me hurt. You will make my body red. You will cover my body with welts, SIR!"


"Very good, boy," Master Akos said.


"What do you want from me, boy?" Master Akos asked.


"To hurt me, SIR!" I said with purpose. "I want you to hurt me, Master. I want to feel your power. Please, Master. Hurt me! Hurt me Master. Make me feel your power. Use my body. I am yours. Please, SIR! Hurt me!" By the time I finished I was screaming. I was begging him to hurt me. I wanted to be hurt.


"Good boy!" Master Akos said


Master Akos moved behind me. I felt his hand caress my back. He moved his hand downward. His hand never stopped touching my skin. When he reached my ass, he stuck his finger in my asshole. Suddenly his hand was not on my body.


I relaxed into the St. Andrews Cross just as I felt the first blow of the flogger hit my back. "Aaaaahhhhh!" I screamed.


Master Akos began sadistically pounding the flogger against my back. "Aaaaaahhhhh!" I screamed every time the flogger struck my back. I kept screaming in pain as Master Akos increased the power behind the lashes. The speed with which he delivered the blows also increase. He worked his way from my shoulders down the left side of my back and onto my left ass cheek. Finally, he moved to my right ass cheek and worked his way upward. He finished his session with several blows to the crack of my ass and my huge balls. I screamed in pain the entire time.


"Your skin is beginning to feel warm to the touch. Do you feel it, boy?"


"Yes, Master," I said loudly. "I feel it, SIR!"


"Good boy," Master Akos said. "You know I am not going to stop, don't you, boy."


"Yes, Master!" I replied.


"Do you want me to stop flogging you, boy?" Master Akos asked.


"No, SIR!" I scream. "Please don't stop, Master. Hurt me. Make me feel the pain. Please don't stop, Master!"


"Good boy," Master Akos said as he began the second round of flogging.


After he delivered the last few blows to the crack of my ass and my balls, he again paused.


"What do you feel now, boy?" Master Akos asked.


"Pain, SIR!" I replied. "My back feels like it is on fire."


"Good boy," Master Akos responded. "Do you want me to stop, boy?"


"No, SIR!" I screamed again. "Please don't stop, Master. Hurt me. Make me feel the pain. Please don't stop, Master! Please don't stop!"


Master Akos continued with the third round of flogging. Then, the fourth. Then, the fifth. Then, I lost track of the number of times he completed his flogging routine.


Master Akos stood in front of me. "So, boy," Master Akos said. "Tell me how much you liked getting flogged, boy!"


"SIR!" I said. "You made me feel the pain of your flogging. I am born to serve powerful men such as you, SIR! It is my duty to endure any torture or punishment powerful men can give me, SIR! Your flogging made me feel useless. Powerless. Completely vulnerable and in your control, SIR! Please don't stop, SIR!"


"Trust me, boy," Master Akos began. "I have only begun to use your body, boy. I have only begun."


Master Akos began to loosen the restraints. Once I was freed of the shackles, he led me to the bondage table.


"You will spend the night here, boy," Master Akos explained as he began fastening me on to the table. First the wrists, then the ankles. Once he finished, Master Akos attached clamps to my nipples and tightened them.


"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed as he tightened the one of the right.


"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed again as he tightened the left one.


The camera lights went out. The camera men began to put away their equipment. Master Jake and Master Miguel helped Master Akos to remove me from the bondage table.


"Very good, boy," Master Jake said. "You do good work, Akos. You obviously have passion with your work. Excellent job."


"Thank you, Jake," Master Akos said. "I am enjoying working with the boy. He is extremely responsive."


"Miguel and I will take you and the boy to your hotel Akos," Master Jake explained. "We will pick you up tomorrow at 10 am."


"And, boy," Master Miguel continued. "We are not removing your Master Akos's collar until after we have finished shooting the scenes this week. We want you to get to know Akos's better. So, make certain you please him. If we hear otherwise, Jake and I will beat the shit out of you before we turn you over to Donny. Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, Master," I said. "I understand completely.


"We've talked with Tim this morning. It seems your husband is enjoying his time with Kyle," Master Miguel added. "And, your new boyfriend Donny is excited to have the opportunity to spend time with you. You might be with Donny a great deal, especially after your husband has his discussion with Marcus and your Master Ajmal."


"Put these on, boy," Master Jake ordered as he handed me a pair of gym shorts and flip flops. Master Akos attached his leash to my collar after I finished dressing. The tit clamps were still attached to my nipples.


"I think you will enjoy our time at the Ritz for the next few nights, boy," Master Akos snickered. "And, I am certain some of the employees at the Ritz will enjoy themselves, too!"


"You are going to lead me through the lobby of the Ritz dressed like this?" I asked in horror.


"Of course, boy," Master Akos replied as we stepped into Master Jake and Master Miguel's SUV.


I sat in silence during the ride to the Ritz. When we arrived, a surprised doorman opened the SUV door. Master Akos and I stepped out of the SUV. He led me through the lobby and into the elevator. Everyone was watching me and Master Akos cross the room.


"Strip, boy," Master Akos ordered when we stopped outside the door to the room.


I took off my gym shorts and stepped out of my flip flops before Master Akos opened the door.


"Leave your things outside," Master Akos again ordered before he led me inside.


"Now, boy," Master Akos continued. "I am looking forward to our night together. All of the flogging earlier on camera has made me very, very horny. I will be fucking you several times tonight. And, when you are in Vienna to film the outdoor shots, I am inviting a few people to use your ass. You're Master Ajmal is very appreciative I am taking you on as a project. A few of the men will be paying customers. Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, Master," I replied. "I understand, SIR!"


"Good boy," Master Akos said. "Now, on your knees. I need to piss."


"Yes, Master," I said as I knelt before Master Akos's big, hard, uncut dick. I took his dick into my mouth and waited for his stream of piss. His stream of piss started as a trickle and then built up to a forceful stream. I worked hard to take every drop of Master piss. I succeeded.


"Good boy," Master Akos said as he took his dick out of my mouth and shook it in my face. "Now, boy, get on your back on top of the bed.


"Yes, Master," I said as I positioned myself on my back.


Master Akos took his position between my legs. He put my legs over his shoulder and lined his rock hard dick up with my asshole. Without further interaction, Master Akos shoved his dick balls deep into my ass.


I moaned with pleasure as I felt his trimmed public hairs touch my hairless, swollen balls.


"You like my dick in your ass, don't you, boy," Master Akos hissed.


"Yes, Master!" I moaned. "Fuck me, Master. Make me feel your big dick, Master! Please, Master, fuck me! Please fuck me!"


Master Akos began to pound my ass with the eagerness of a maniac. I moaned as he shoved his big dick into my ass. I breathed deeply as he pulled it out before he shoved it back in again. I watched my Master's lust filled eyes brighten as he picked up the pace of his intense use of my ass. His sweat dripped from his huge body onto mine. I faded into a trance as my ass took the pounding my Master gave me. I managed to feel my body being enveloped by an energy force. It was not Master Akos energy force. It was not Tim's energy force. It was Donny's energy force. My mind and Donny's melted together to form one. I felt Donny's body tense and I began to watch Donny's dick explode all over his body as he continued to stroke his hard, uncut dick.


I suddenly jumped back to Master Akos. His dick began to explode inside me. Ropes and ropes of his Master cum coated the inside of my ass. Master Akos dropped his sweat covered body on top of mine while he recovered. After a few moments of silence, Master Akos gave me his next order. "On your stomach, boy," Master Akos ordered as he pulled his still hard dick out of my ass. "This is the next round of several for this evening."


Once I was on my stomach, Master Akos shoved his big dick back into my ass and began to pummel my ass with another powerful fucking.




Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were a repeat of Monday's filming. First, Master Akos flogged me to make my back side look as it did on Monday. Tuesday Master Akos had me on the bondage table for several torture scenes. Wednesday continued with the morning flogging and then several scenes in the sling and sawhorse, including Master Akos double fisting me. Thursday, we shot, reshot, and reshot again a scene where I was hung by my balls. Every night Master Akos finalized the day's activities by pissing in my mouth and then fucking me several times. Every night, my mind connected with Donny's mind.


On Friday morning, Donny picked me up at the studio.


"It's good to see you again, Steven," Donny said as we drove away. "I hope you will enjoy our time together as much as I am going to enjoy it."


"I am certain I will, Donny," I said. "I hope you don't mind me calling you Donny and not Master Donny, Master, or SIR!"


"No, Steven," Donny said as he held my hand. "I will not mind at all. I hope we can just relax and get to know one another better."


"Thank you," I said. "I will like not being in Slave mode while I am with you."


"I thought we could go out to dinner tonight so we can talk about whatever it is we decide to talk about," Donny suggested. "Do you like Yoshi's?"


"I love the place," I said. "Tim and I go there a lot. It is a great spot."


"Do you need to stop by your house to get some clothes?" Donny asked.


"Unless you want me to go out to dinner dressed in gym shorts, we should, indeed, stop by the house," I said. "It won't take me long to pack a bag for the weekend."


"Good," Donny said as he drove to our house. "I can wait here."


"No," I said. "Please come in. You can help me with selecting a few things to wear."


I opened the door to the house. Harvey greeted us. "Good morning, gentlemen!"


"Good morning, Harvey," I said. "You remember Donny?"


"Of course," Harvey replied. "It's nice to see you again, Donny. I hope you and Steven have a nice relaxing weekend. I think he might need a rest from all of the filming activities."


"I do, indeed, Harvey," I said. "How much do you know about the filming?"


"Not much," Harvey said. "But, I can see from your body, you have been very busy! Now, if you will excuse me, I have some household tasks to take care of."


Donny and I headed up the stairs to the bedroom. As I picked out my clothes, my phone rang. It was Master Ajmal.


"Good morning, boy," Master Ajmal said.


"Good morning to you, SIR!" I said. "How is the honeymoon going?"


"Excellent," Master Ajmal replied. "We are not looking forward to it ending, but all good things must come to an end. Now, boy, the reason I called was to suggest you and Donny might want to use my tickets for the Northwestern Memorial Charity Ball. I had completely forgotten I bought them. The developer I am working with is on the board of directors for the foundation. I could hardly say no to him. It's black tie on Tuesday evening."


"Thank you, SIR!" I said. "I will asked Donny."


"I already have," Master Ajmal replied. "I didn't want to spoil any plans he and you might have had. Don't forget to grab your tux."


"Thank you, SIR!" I said. "I am certain we will run into people we know."


"I am sure," Master Ajmal said. "I've got to run. Have a great weekend."


"You, too, SIR!" I said as we ended the call.


"So, I guess you know where we will be Tuesday evening, now," Donny said with a smile.


"Yup," I said. "It should be fun."


I found my tux. I also noticed some clothes that were not mine or Tim's. There were a lot of them.


I grabbed a couple pair of jeans, a few shirts, some slacks, a couple of pair of shoes, and my gym clothes. I also threw in a few pair of underwear.


As I was searching for my cuff links for the tux, I noticed a hand written note lying on the desk. "Tim," it said. "I am sorry I had to leave so early this morning. I wanted to stay snuggled up against your body this morning, but I have this God awful early meeting I need to attend. Last night was terrific. Sex with you gets better and better. What do I need to do to convince you to let me be a part of your life? I think we are great together. And, with your porn star, prostitute husband gone all of the time, I don't want you to be lonely. Love, Kyle. PS I'll meet you at the restaurant tonight at 7:30. Then, I will play with your body for the rest of the weekend."


"Donny," I said as I handed him the note. "What do you think of this?"


Donny read the note. He looked at me. Then, he looked back at the note before he answered, "Steven, I don't think you have anything to worry about. Tim would be a fool to take this guy in as a regular part of his life. Tim has the most wonderful man in the world as his husband. He has a hot boyfriend. He does not need another snot nosed kid in the mix. Kyle may be good in bed, but he is not you or Marcus."


"Should I call Tim?" I asked.


"Didn't Jake tell us Tim will not be accepting calls from you?" Donny asked.


"Yes," I said. I was getting a little pissed. "But, I need to let Tim know, as far as I am concerned, Kyle will not be a regular part of this family. Otherwise, there will be consequences to face."


"Wait until you are alone with Tim, Steven," Donny suggested. "Do you want to meet Tim this weekend and talk things over?"


"No," I said. "I will wait until we are alone after Marcus and Master Ajmal return."


"Okay," Donny said.


I decided to do something unlike me. I set my bag on the floor and I walked over to face Donny. I pulled him close to me and kissed him. I kissed him passionately. Donny returned the passion. I began to unbutton Donny's shirt. When I had it open, I began to gently rub Donny's nipples.


"You are starting something we might not be able to finish," Donny whispered.


"Why can't we finish?" I asked in the sexiest voice I could muster.


"Won't Tim be upset if we used your bed?" Donny asked.


"He and... Kyle... used it," I whispered between kisses. "Why can't... my boyfriend... and I... use it?"


"We'll... need to... change the... sheets," Donny offered.


"Nope," I whispered back. "They will... just smell... like... sex between... my boyfriend... and me. Besides..., I suspect... they already... smell like... sex between... Tim and... Kyle."


"For a masochist..., you are... one... sadistic... bastard," Donny whispered.


"Yup," I whispered again as I took off Donny's shirt.


Donny flipped off his loafers as I undid his pants. When they dropped to the floor, Donny stepped out of them. I pulled down the comforter and sheets and quickly lost my gym shorts. I pulled Donny down with me as we continued to kiss.


"Make love... to me..., Donny!" I hissed.


Donny didn't need much coaxing. He positioned himself between my legs, put my legs over his shoulders, lined up his big, hard, uncut cock with my ass, and, in one swift push, he was inside me.


"God!" I moaned. "I love your big dick in me! Make love to me, Donny! I need you to make love to me!"


"Gladly," Donny whispered as he leaned in to kiss me. "I love your ass. I love your lips. I love your body. I love your mind. I am so lucky to have met you!"


"Do this for the rest of the weekend, please," I pleaded with my boyfriend.


"Consider it done," Donny said as he began to move his dick slowly and gently in and out of me.


We must have been making love for at least an hour before Donny pushed himself over the top. "I'm going to cum!" Donny screamed. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Donny lowered his body on top of mine and kissed me again. We kissed for several more minutes.


"I think we need to get going, Steven," Donny said. "As much as I want to make love to you again, my stomach is saying I'm hungry."


"Okay," I said as I placed on more kiss on Donny's lips.


"I'll help you make the bed," Donny said to me.


"Not necessary," I replied. "I'll just leave Tim a note."


I picked up the note from Kyle to Tim and added my own. "Tim, Donny and I stopped in to get some clothes for the weekend. I'm sorry we didn't have time to make the bed again after we made love. I'm certain you and Kyle won't mind. Have a great weekend! Steven."


"You have balls, is all I have to say," Donny said as he read the note.


"What can I say?" I asked. "I can't help it if I wanted my boyfriend to make love to me. Besides, Tim likes the smell of sex."


We stopped at the Melrose Restaurant to have a light lunch. As we were leaving the restaurant, I decided to make a few other suggestions. "Donny," I began. "When I get you home, can I play with your body again?"


"Are you telling me you are horny again, Steven?" Donny asked with a smile.


"Yup," I said. "I hope you realize what you've gotten yourself into this weekend. The more I feel your dick in my ass the more I want. So, I hope we don't have too many plans for our time together."


"Whatever you want to do is fine with me, Steven," Donny said with a smile. "You are habit forming as well. But, I need to admit something to you."


"What?" I asked.


"While I know you and Tim love each other very much," Donny began. "I hope I get an opportunity to be with you every now and then. If I let myself, I could easily fall in love with you."


"Why would you be in love with a big balled, tattooed, slave boy who will be staring in a series of porn films and being rented out as a prostitute?" I asked.


"Because I like big balled, muscled, tattooed, pierced slave boys who actually know how to make love," Donny said. "And, before this weekend is over, I want you to make love to me. Will you?"


"Donny," I said. "I would be delighted to make love to you this weekend and any time down the road you want me to make love to you. And, frankly, I don't care if I make Tim or Master Ajmal angry. I will be spending time with you. I promise."


"Now, Steven," Donny said as he paid the bill. "Let's go to my place and make some decisions."


"Decisions?" I asked.


"Yes," Donny said with a smile. "Do you want me to make love to you in the bedroom? The kitchen? The dining room? The living room? The garage? The basement?"


"Yes," I said. "All of those places. We will not rest until we accomplish our goals."


Donny took my hand and held it as we walked to his car. We sat in silence until we arrived at Donny's home. When we were inside the front door, Donny took my bag and put it on the floor. He wasted no time as he began to unbutton my shirt. I unbuttoned his for the second time of the day. With our shirts off, we hugged. I put my arms around Donny's hairy body and pulled him close to me.


"Did you feel our connection when I was with Master Akos?" I asked.


"Yes," Donny replied. "I've never felt something like we shared before. I am still trying to wrap my head around the experience."


"It can only get better, Donny," I said as I hugged him close to me. "I love the way your body feels when I touch you."


"So, why is it you like fat, hairy, older men?" Donny asked.


"Donny," I began. "As far as I am concerned, you are not a fat, older man. You are one of the sweetest, caring, warm human beings I know. You are real. You are authentic. I know what I am going to get when I am with you. I like to talk to you. I like to hold you. I like it when you hold me. I like it when we kiss. I like it when we make love. I like it when we snuggle up and go to sleep together. And, besides, I like your big dick! I am a sucker for big uncut dicks. Now, can I convince you to get naked and make love to me?"


"Yes," Donny said as he led me to the back of his house and the bedroom.




We were sitting at the bar waiting for our table at Yoshi's on Friday evening. Donny and I were immersed in a conversation when I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Tim.


"So, Steven," Tim said. "I got your note you left."


"And," I said.


"I thought it rather unkind to leave the bed unmade," Tim began.


"We were late for our lunch appointment," I said.


"Lunch appointment?" Tim asked.


"We were hungry after spending an hour in bed," I said. "I take it you and Kyle are getting along really, really well."


"Yes," Tim said. "Hello, Donny, I hope my husband is not too much of a bother this weekend. He can be extremely demanding at times."


"We will be fine, Tim," Donny replied. "I will put my foot down if necessary."


"So, I thought it was extremely good of Kyle to offer to keep you company while your porn star, prostitute husband is away," I added.


"And, will my porn star, prostitute husband be away a lot?" Tim asked.


"You'd need to clear my schedule with Master Ajmal, Master Jake, and Master Miguel," I replied.


Tim smiled and kissed me, "We will have a long talk when your Master Ajmal and his new husband Marcus return on Wednesday evening. Apparently, the four of us will have time to explain how we really feel about our living situation. Oh! Donny, don't forget Kyle and I hope to see you at the Cell Block tomorrow evening."


"We'll be there for certain, Tim," Donny added.


"Christopher will be joining us as well," Tim suggested. "It should be fun."


"I will need to go shopping tomorrow at the leather store," I said to Donny. "I hope you don't mind. I never brought anything I can wear to the Cell Block."


Tim handed me a bag, "You can wear this. Several people have expressed interest in seeing you in your loin cloth Ajmal and I bought you. Your boots are in here as well. Ah! Kyle just arrived. I'll see you two lovebirds tomorrow at the Cell Block."


Tim turned and walked to where Kyle was standing. They hugged and kissed. They took a seat at the opposite end of the bar to wait for their table to be ready.


"That was fun," I said to Donny.


"Was Tim angry or was he in a playful mood?" Donny asked as the host showed us to our table.


"He was playful—at least I hope he was playful," I said. "Sometimes Tim is difficult to read."


"Now, do tell me about this loin cloth," Donny said with a smile.


"Be prepared," I said with a smile. "It is somewhat revealing. Knowing Tim, he has alerted the Chicago police I will be walking down Halsted Street almost naked. My balls tend to show. I just need to work on not getting my dick hard. If that happens, the loin cloth does nothing to hide my private parts."


"Then, we will need to work on draining your balls before we walk to the bar," Donny added. "We will be having a lot of fun, especially since we don't need to go to the leather store. What should I wear?"


"Leather pants, lace up boots, leather jacket," I suggested. "No shirt."


"Don't you think I will scare away the rest of the bar patrons with my fat stomach?" Donny asked.


"On the contrary," I said. "They will be flocking to us. I will fondle your crotch until your dick is hard. You will have lots of offers, stud."


"You are making me horny, Steven," Donny replied.


"That's the point of the weekend, right?" I asked.


"Yes," Donny answered. "I believe I need another drink."


"Me, too," I said as I hailed our waiter. "Jeff, may we have another double vodka on the rocks? Also, could you send a drink to my husband Tim's table for him and his boyfriend?"


"Consider it done, Steven," Jeff replied as he headed toward the bar.


Donny and I continued to talk during dinner. We even split a dessert. Of course we had both consumed four double vodka on the rocks. We were feeling no pain.


"So, Steven, Donny," Tim said as he and Kyle stood beside our table. "Thanks for the drink. It was very big of you to send us your favorite drink."


"You are welcome, Tim," I said. "Did you enjoy your meal, Kyle?"


"Yes," Kyle replied. "This is a really terrific place. I've never been here before."


"Tim and I are usually here once a week," I said. "Right, Tim?"


"Yup," Tim replied. "At least when my porn star, prostitute husband is actually at home."


"We should make reservations here for next Wednesday night," I suggested. "It would be a good neutral spot for us to talk with Marcus and Master Ajmal."


"Perhaps," Tim replied. "We will see you tomorrow evening, boys!"


Once Tim and Kyle left, Donny paid the check and we left.


We were no sooner inside Donny's house when I began to undress him. He was doing the same for me. Once our shirts were off, we began to kiss. Passionate kissing was Donny's strong point—other than his big dick.


Donny held me tightly to him. I slipped my hand down Donny's pants and began fondling his ass cheeks.


"I like... these," I whispered between kisses.


"You like... my mushy... ass?" Donny asked.


"Yes...," I replied. "Nice... hairy... ass... I am... tired... of muscle boy... tight... hairless... asses...! I need you... naked... and on... top of me..., Donny! And..., I need it... now!"


We unbuttoned and unzipped each other's pants. I slipped mine down and stepped out of them. I decided to kiss my boyfriend's crotch before I got his pants off. Once I slid his pants and underwear beyond his dick, his 10 inches of fat, uncut dick popped straight up. His dick slapped me in the face. I was on it in an instant. I licked under Donny's foreskin. I shoved my tongue down Donny's piss slit. I licked Donny's huge, hairy balls. I deep throated his dick.


"I thought you wanted me on top of you, Steven," Donny whimpered.


"I do," I said as I paused and positioned myself on my back. "I just needed to taste you before you made love to me. You taste like a real man."


"I'm going to make love to you like a real man, Steven," Donny whispered as he put my legs over his shoulders and lined his big dick up with my asshole. He slowly pushed his dick into my ass. "Ah! You feel so good, Steven."


"You feel even better, lover boy," I said as I pulled Donny down so I could kiss him. "Your dick... is perfect... for my ass."


"Your ass... is perfect... for my dick," Donny whispered as he began to slowly move his dick in and out of my ass as he lifted his body up.


Donny looked into my eyes. I looked into his. He smiled broadly and his eyes twinkled. "I shouldn't say this, Steven, but I love you."


"I love you, too, Donny," I whispered.




I woke up on Saturday morning. My head was on Donny's hairy chest. My dick was hard. I looked down at Donny's big dick. His dick was hard. I felt my lover stir underneath me. I rolled on top of him and kissed him. He made love to me twice before we decided to talk.


"Do you want to go out for breakfast or do you want to eat in?" Donny finally asked as he lay on top of me. His dick was still inside my ass.


"In, if you don't mind," I said. "We don't need to get dressed if we eat in. I like being naked with you. I like touching you."


"You like touching my fat body?" Donny asked.


"I don't look at your body as fat," I said. "You are, in my eyes, a beautiful man... a handsome man... a kind man... my man."


"You make me feel like a million dollars, Steven," Donny responded.


"That's why I am here," I said.


"Why?" Donny asked.


"I want to be here," I replied. "You make me feel loved and wanted."


"You don't feel loved and wanted by Tim?" Donny asked.


"Yes," I responded. "It's different somehow. I know he loves me with all of his heart. He loves my mind. I love his mind. He loves my body. I love his body. We connect. Can't I love more than one man?"


"You have Master Ajmal, too," Donny suggested.


"I know," I replied. "If we continue this talk, you will need to make love to me again before we eat breakfast."


"Do you mind?" Donny asked.


"No," I replied. "I would like it a lot of you made love to me again."


Donny began kissing me again. His passionate kisses sparked a keen desire on my part to make Donny a happy, loved man.


Donny began to slowly move his dick in and out of my ass again as he raised his body onto his arms. I began to play with his nipples.


"Shit, Steven!" Donny moaned. "You are going to make me cum if you continue doing that."


"Good," I replied as I kept kneading his nipples and playing with his hairy chest.


Donny kept sliding his dick in and out of me. He began to increase the speed and power of his thrusts. His big dick sent me over the edge.


"Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" I almost screamed as I unloaded all over the two of us.


Donny also began to shoot his load inside my ass. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Donny lowered his body on top of mine and began to kiss me again. His stomach rumbled. Mine did the same.


"Food is needed," Donny said as he stopped kissing me and pulled out of my ass. He stood beside the bed and offered his hand to help me up.


When we were standing, I pulled Donny close. I wanted to feel his hairy body against mine. "You make me feel so relaxed and happy," I whispered.


"Ditto," Donny whispered back as we released each other and headed for the kitchen.


Donny put together a huge breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast, and fruit. We talked as we ate.


"Can I read one of your books?" I asked.


"You have three to choose from," Donny said. "One is set in the middle of an urban area and depicts two men who are drawn to one another. They hide their feelings for each other until they are both older. One is rich. The other is poor. It was my first novel. It is my favorite. The other two are more drama and action without the love interests. I am working on a fourth."


"What's the fourth one about?" I asked.


"Two men who love one another," Donny said. "Each man is the total opposite of the other. Both, because of social and family issues, are forced to love one another in secret."


"Like us?" I asked.


"I never thought of it as being about us," Donny said. "But, you could draw comparisons."


"When do I get to read one of your books?" I asked.


"I'll give you a copy of the first before you leave here this weekend," Donny promised.


"Do you ever get into kinky sex?" I asked.


"Sometimes," Donny replied. "Why? Am I boring you?"


"No you are not boring me," I said. "I was just curious."


"I need to be in the right mood," Donny said.


"What kind of kink do you get into when you are in the right mood?" I asked.


"Fisting mostly," Donny said. "Sometimes I get into bondage. But, I shy away from whips and torture."


"You are making me horny again, Donny," I said.


"Would you like me to fist you?" Donny asked.


"I want to experience you, Donny," I replied. "I love your dick. I would love getting your fist in my ass. I would love for you to tie me up. I also want to lick your ass. Bend over."


Donny smiled and stood beside the bar stool he was sitting on. He bent over and braced himself on the top of the kitchen island. I was on my knees in a matter of second. I licked each hairy, flabby ass cheek before I found his asshole.


I pulled his ass cheeks apart and slide my tongue inside him. As I rimmed him, I also took his dick in my hand and began stroking Donny.


"Shit, Steven!" Donny almost screamed after several minutes. "I'm going to shoot! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Donny's cum coated my hand and the bar stool. I turned Donny around and licked his dick clean. Then I licked his cum off my hand. I stood up and began to kiss my lover. We kissed and held onto one another for several more minutes.


"I like it... when you... hold me... tight," I whispered. "You feel... so good... next to me. Your skin... next to... my skin."


Donny pulled away. He was smiling. "Do you want to go take a shower while I clean up the kitchen?" Donny asked.


"No," I replied. "I will help you clean up. Then, we can take a shower together."


"Why is it I think you are up to something?" Donny asked with a smile.


"Because I am," I said with a smile as I started to help Donny clean the kitchen.


We showered together, made love two more times, and talked until we dressed to go out to the bar.


When I had my loin cloth on, Donny just stared at me. Finally, he said, "Steven, you look stunning! Maybe a little obscene, but stunning. You will be the hottest stud in the bar."


"Thank you, Donny," I said as I pulled him close so I could kiss him. When we pulled away, I felt my dick getting hard. "I need to stop or I will not be able to go outside."


"Shall we go, then?" Donny asked.


"Yup!" I said as I pulled on my leather jacket. "I will need to check the jacket. And, can you keep this for me? I don't have a place to put my wallet."


"I will," Donny replied as he took my hand.


We strolled to the bar. Several men's outside of the Cell Block stood awestruck as the two of us entered the bar. We immediately checked our jackets. Donny bought us the first round of Coronas.


"Good evening, men," Master Jake said as we joined him, Master Miguel, and Garrison in the leather only back room. "I didn't think you would walk out of Donny's house with the loin cloth, but I was obviously wrong. You both look hot. Sex is written all over your faces."


"Thank you, Master," I said as I took Donny's hand and stood close to him. "You are looking good yourselves."


"We looked at some of the footage we took this week," Master Miguel explained. "You were terrific, as usual. You bring the best out of your co-stars."


"Thank you," I said. "Master Akos made the scenes easy to do."


"Our film editor suggested one of the outdoor scenes in Vienna should be to hang you by the balls from a tree," Master Jake added.


"You are kidding me, right?" I asked.


"Nope," Master Jake continued. "We think it will bring the scenes we did in the studio and the scenes we will do onsite together."


"Master Jake," I replied. "We reshot the scene with me hanging from my balls four fucking times already. My balls were almost down to my knees. I need to give them a rest."


"Getting testy, aren't we, slave boy?" Master Miguel said with a smile on his face. "Besides, you aren't going to Vienna until April. Your balls will have time to recover."


"And, look who's here," Garrison said as he pointed to the door of the backroom. Tim, Kyle, and Christopher walked toward us.


Tim's muscled chest, six pack abs, and nicely formed biceps stood out. He was shirtless with a new pair of extremely tight leather pants.


Kyle wore a tight pair of distressed Levis and a leather vest. Christopher was similarly dress.


"Hello, men," Tim greeted us. "Nice night! And, Steven, you look amazingly sexy."


"Thank you, Tim," I said as he planted a kiss on my cheek. "Have you now forgiven me for messing up the bed?"


"Not entirely," Tim said with a smile. "But, I think I will be able to forgive you when I see you on Wednesday. Hello, Donny." Tim gave Donny a kiss. "Is Steven behaving himself?"


"Yes," Donny replied. "He hasn't gotten into trouble or gotten me into trouble."


"Yet," Tim added. "He has a way of creating an adventure out of the blue."


"How about you, Tim?" I asked. "Are you behaving yourself?"


"What do you think, Steven," Tim said with a smile. "Kyle and I have been taking it easy this week, haven't we, Kyle?"


"Yup," Kyle replied. "Tim only power fucks me once a night. The rest of the time is love making."


"What's gotten into you, Tim?" I asked. "Are you feeling your age?"


"You'll pay for that comment, Steven," Tim said.


"I always do," I replied. "How have you been, Christopher?"


"Doing school stuff mostly," Christopher replied. "I told my dad I met you. He told me you were a, and I am using his words, a good for nothing bastard."


"I am surprised he was as kind as he was," I said. "We don't see eye to eye on most issues. It really pisses your father off when the Mayor sides with me, which is most of the time. I will need to tell him of our conversation when I see him at an advisory committee meeting next week."


"You wouldn't dare!" Christopher almost screamed.


"Christopher," Tim said calmly. "You will learn you do not tell Steven he cannot do something because he will go out of his way to make it happen EXACTLY as he says it will."


I again took my place beside Donny. I leaned in to kiss him and tweak his nipples.


"Come on, slave boy!" Christopher announced. "Take your fat ass boyfriend home. You two are disgusting."


I pull away from Donny and turn to face Christopher. Everyone in the crowd stood by with their jaws dropped. I slowly walked over to Christopher and looked him in the eye. He was smiling. He was taking pleasure in his attempt to berate me and Donny.


"Listen, you arrogant punk," I said softly. "No one—AND I MEAN NO ONE—speaks to friends of mine like that. I am not a violent person. I will not cause bodily harm. However, you can ask Tim about this, but I am a better friend than an enemy. And, you have just crossed enemy lines. So, watch your butt. It may wind up on a platter. Tim, Donny and I are moving to another spot. You can stay here with ass wipe or join us without him."


Donny and I were joined by Master Jake, Master Miguel, and Garrison. Tim and Kyle followed shortly.


"Just for the record, Steven," Tim said. "I told him I never wanted to see him, hear his voice, or be near him. And, like you said, he's an arrogant punk. Now, what platter will you be putting his ass on?"


"I haven't decided," I said with a smile as I hugged Donny and pulled him close to me.


Willy and Callum joined the group "Greetings, men," Willy said as he wiped something wet off leather pants. "Some punk stormed out of the back room and nearly knocked my beer out of my hand."


"You just missed the excitement," Tim added. "Steven basically told the little punk to watch his ass."


"I told you we should have been here sooner," Callum said. "I will say this, Tim and Steven. There is never a dull moment around the two of you."


"How's the new job, Willy?" Master Jake asked.


"I still feel like I am living in a dream," Willy replied. "And, Steven, whenever I mention your name, I am given red carpet treatment. Do you actually run this city?"


"Nope," I replied. "I just know a lot of people. How is my reputation doing now I am known as a porn star and a prostitute?"


"It seems untarnished at this point," Willy assured me. "I have heard a few mention your new tattoos, muscles, and shaved head. Do you want to dance, Callum?"


"Lead the way, boyfriend," Callum replied as they left.


"I see a friend of mine, Steven," Donny said. "Do you mind if I go say hello?"


"Nope," I said as I gave Donny a peck on the cheek as he left.


Donny's friend was about the same height as Donny and his build was almost a mirror image. He had a hairy back and chest. His stomach hung over his tight leather pants. He didn't have on a shirt.


"So, Steven," Tim said. "I see you and Donny are having a good time together. Any high points?"


"Every time he sticks his big dick in my ass is a high point, Tim," I said with a smile.


"Please don't get mad at me, Steven," Kyle began. "Donny doesn't seem to be your type. He's hairy. He's over weight. He's older. What is the attraction?"


"I find it hard to describe adequately," I explained. "He's a nice change of pace. He's a wonderful guy. He's a wonderful lover. He's an excellent kisser. We can talk and talk and talk and we still don't run out of things to say. And, he feels so different than most of the men I have been with."


"He's also charming as shit," Tim added. "I googled his books. I want to read the first one he wrote. It sounded extremely interesting."


"He's a writer?" Kyle asked.


"He is a published author," I explained. "He has three books out and is working on the fourth. He also teaches creative writing at Northwestern."


"And, he's bringing his friend over here," Tim whispered.


"Guys," Donny began. "I'd like you to meet a dear friend of mine Peter. Peter, this is Steven. Steven's husband, Tim. A friend of Tim's, Kyle. And, Jake, Miguel, and Garrison."


"It is nice to meet you," Peter said after we had the introductions out of the way. "I just decided on the spur of the moment to go out tonight. I'm glad I did. I don't often know a lot of men here anymore."


"Now you know six," Tim said. "How do you know Donny?"


"We have a couple of mutual friends," Peter replied. "We've known each other probably longer than some of you were born."


"Long-term friends are always the best," Master Miguel added. "Nothing to hide."


"Peter teaches computer science at Loyola," Donny explained. "I call him when my computer is having a mind of its own."


"Kyle," Tim said as he turned to his boyfriend of the day. "Do you want to dance?"


"Sure," Kyle replied. "I'd love to dance."


"We'll be back, guys," Tim said as he led Kyle to the dance floor in the front bar.


Master Jake, Master Miguel, and Garrison struck up a conversation with two other leather dudes. That left Peter, Donny, and I to talk.


"So, Steven," Peter began. "I hope Donny is treating you well."


"Yup!" I said as I put my arm around Donny and pulled his body closer to mine. I wanted to feel his skin next to mine. "We are having a great time together."


"Has he taken you down to his playroom yet?" Peter asked.


"Not yet," I said. "I didn't even know you had a playroom, Donny. Why the secret?"


"I've been having such a good time with you in bed, I haven't even thought about the playroom," Donny admitted.


"Did Donny also fail to mention he is an avid fister?" Peter asked.


"He mentioned it," I replied. "All he needs to do is to say the word and I will be eager to take his fist up my ass—as long as he fucks me first."


"Donny tells me you have some interesting professional projects going on," Peter said.


"After I quite working at eSquare, I have started a BDSM porn business with Master Jake and Master Miguel standing over there," I explained. "My own Master is planning on renting my body out to BDSM tops from time-to-time. So, as my husband says, he's married to a porn star and prostitute."


"You don't need to agree to this, Steven," Donny hesitantly said. "But, if you are willing, Peter and I can be pretty adequate fisting partners. We like to take turns working on a nice ass."


"I'm game," I said. My dick was starting to get hard.


"How does your husband feel about you being with other men?" Peter asked.


"The guy Tim is with, Kyle, is a stand in boyfriend while his long-term boyfriend and my Master Ajmal are on their honeymoon," I explained.


"And, Donny is a stand in boyfriend for you?" Peter asked.


"No, Donny is more than a stand in boyfriend," I calmly replied. "He is quickly becoming my lover. And, before my dick gets hard again, I would suggest we say good bye to our friends and head back to your house, Donny."


Once we had told everyone we were leaving, we started walking to Donny's house.


"So, Steven," Peter began as we walked. "How into fisting are you?"


"Next to getting fucked," I explained. "Fisting is high on my list. Although, I will say I have been hung by my balls a lot recently."


"It must be painful," Peter exclaimed.


"You get used to it," I replied. "Trust me."


When we arrived at Donny's house, we stepped into the entry hall. "This might be a little redundant, Steven," Donny explained. "Strip."


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I released my loin cloth and took off my leather jacket.


"Please leave on the boots," Peter suggested.


"Yes, SIR!" I replied.


Donny led the way to the playroom in the basement of Donny's house. It was equipped with two slings and a saw horse. It also had a bar area.


"Why don't we have a drink," Donny suggested. "Would you like a Corona, Steven, or your usual double vodka on the rocks?"


"Double vodka on the rocks, please," I answered.


As Donny began to make three double vodka on the rocks, Peter began to play with my balls.


"Nice balls, Steven," Peter said.


"Thank you," I said as I began to grope Peter's crotch. His dick was filling out the leather pants nicely. "Nice dick."


"Thank you, Steven," Peter said as Donny arrived with the drinks. "Please tell me the story behind the balls, the tattoos, the muscles, and the piercings."


"Easy," I said as Peter moved one of his hands to my dick and began to stroke it. "My husband Tim and my Master Ajmal planned everything. The first phase included removing all of my body hair. Then, simultaneously they decided to add the ball injections, the tattoos, and the piercings. I already had help with the muscles starting in April."


"Steven's Master Ajmal will brand his ass during their commitment ceremony," Donny added.


"You are both welcome to join us," I said. "My husband Tim and his boyfriend Marcus will also have a commitment ceremony at the same time Master Ajmal and I do. Then, we will go away for two weeks to celebrate our unions. Master Ajmal and me. Tim and Marcus."


"Steven's Master Ajmal also plans on renting Steven's body to various men," Donny explained. "Don't get any ideas. We can't afford him."


"So, we are using a high priced hooker tonight," Peter said with a smile.


"I hope I am not being too forward, but could the two of you get naked and fuck me," I asked. "I always find a good fuck heightens the fisting experience."


Both Peter and Donny had their leather pants off in record time.


"One last item," I said. "Can I rim one of you while the other fucks me?"


Peter turned around, put his hands on the bar to stabilize himself, and bent over to expose his ass. I bent down and stuck my tongue into his asshole. I was eager. Donny was just as eager. His dick slipped into my ass at the same time my tongue forced its way into Peter's ass.


"Steven..., I won't last... long...," Donny hissed. "I have been... thinking about... getting my dick... into your ass... all night!"


I pulled my tongue out of Peter's ass long enough to hiss at Donny, "Oh! Yea! Fuck me! Make me feel your big dick! Fuck me hard!"


Donny proceeded to obey my pleadings and began to power fuck my ass. "Shit Steven! I'm cumming! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Peter and Donny immediately switched positions. And, it wasn't long before Peter's dick exploded in my ass. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


After we all recovered, Donny asked, "Would you like to take a break and have another drink?"


"No," I said. "I need to be fisted by my two hunks. Please, Donny, fist me!"


Peter and Donny put me in the sling and began the procedure of getting ready to fist me. Donny stepped up to the plate first. He slathered his arm and hand with Crisco. He added some Crisco to my asshole.


Once I felt Donny's hand entering my asshole, I wanted more and I wanted it fast. "Please shove your fist in my ass, SIR! Make me feel your big fist and arm, SIR!"


Donny didn't waste time appeasing me. His fist stared into my ass and didn't stop until he was elbow deep in my ass.


"Oh! Yes! Don't stop! Pound my ass, SIR! Make me feel your power!" I screamed.


Donny began to quickly pull his hand out of my ass and then shove it back into me. He continued pummeling my ass with his fist and arm. I lost all track of time. I felt totally enmeshed with Donny.


"More!" I screamed. "Faster! Please, faster!"


Donny picked up the pace once more. The sling was swinging in rhythm of Donny's fisting motions. I leaned my head back to enjoy the feeling of having my lover's fist in my ass. I suddenly came back to reality when I realized Donny had pulled his fist totally out of my ass. Peter took his place.


"Steven," Peter began. "Most of the men I know who get fisted can't get hard. You surely can't say that."


Peter also shoved his hand and arm into my ass with one swift stroke. He repeated the whole scenario Donny had just completed.



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