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Life With Tim



Peter and Donny put me in the sling and began the procedure of getting ready to fist me. Donny stepped up to the plate first. He slathered his arm and hand with Crisco. He added some Crisco to my asshole.


Once I felt Donny's hand entering my asshole, I wanted more and I wanted it fast. "Please shove your fist in my ass, SIR! Make me feel your big fist and arm, SIR!"


Donny didn't waste time appeasing me. His fist stared into my ass and didn't stop until he was elbow deep in my ass.


"Oh! Yes! Don't stop! Pound my ass, SIR! Make me feel your power!" I screamed.


Donny began to quickly pull his hand out of my ass and then shove it back into me. He continued pummeling my ass with his fist and arm. I lost all track of time. I felt totally enmeshed with Donny.


"More!" I screamed. "Faster! Please, faster!"


Donny picked up the pace once more. The sling was swinging in rhythm of Donny's fisting motions. I leaned my head back to enjoy the feeling of having my lover's fist in my ass. I suddenly came back to reality when I realized Donny had pulled his fist totally out of my ass. Peter took his place.


"Steven," Peter began. "Most of the men I know who get fisted can't get hard. You surely can't say that."


Peter also shoved his hand and arm into my ass with one swift stroke. He repeated the whole scenario Donny had just completed.


Chapter 37: Emergency


I woke up the next morning with two huge men on either side of me. I was on my back. Donny draped his body over my left side. Peter draped his over my right side.


I felt Donny stir. "So, Steven, did you sleep well?"


"Yes," I replied. "I always like sleeping with you."


"Tell me what you like about sleeping with me," Donny suggested.


"He likes your hairy, overweight body covering his hairless, muscled, tattooed, pierced body," Peter answered for me. "Right, Steven?"


"Yes," I said. "You both make me feel safe and warm and loved."


"Peter only gets you when I say so, Steven," Donny said with a smile. "If you are going to be a lover to a fat old man, it is going to be me."


"Donny," I said. "Kiss me."


Peter rolled off me. Donny rolled on top of me and began kissing me. Suddenly, my phone began to ring.


"Shit!" I said. "Who the fuck would be calling at 10 am on a Sunday morning? Shit! It's Tim. Hello, Tim. What's up?"


"I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Steven," Tim began. "Willy just called me. Christopher was found naked on a dude's lawn. He was beaten to a pulp. He's in the ER at Northwestern Memorial Hospital."


"Do they know who did it?" I asked.


"The bartender saw Christopher leave with an older white guy," Tim replied. "The bartender didn't recognize the guy. Apparently, Christopher is doing as well as expected. Willy said Christopher's father is on his way to the ER."


"I have this feeling Christopher will be a homeless gay guy who cannot afford to continue his college education," I said into the phone. "I know he was an asshole last night, but I think he might need our help. Meet me at the hospital in about 30 minutes."


"I'm on it," Tim relied. "I'm dressed. I don't smell too good, but I am dressed. Kyle is driving me to the hospital."


"I'll be there in a moment," I said.


I explained the situation to Donny and Peter as I threw on some jeans and a shirt. Donny grabbed the keys to his car. He and Peter got me to the hospital in record time.


"Call when you need a ride back," Donny said as I hurried out of the car.


"Thanks," I said as I ran into the ER waiting room.


A breathless Tim stood in the waiting room.


"I just got here a few minutes ago," Tim said.


"Let's go find out what we can," I said as we took our turn waiting for the ER receptionist.


"I'm Steven Caldwell and this is my husband Tim Cadden," I began. "A friend of ours, Christopher Trainer, was brought in here early this morning. We thought he might need to see a friendly face or two."


The receptionist turned to her computer. "Mr. Trainer is still in an exam room," the receptionist announced. "I will tell Dr. Green you are here to see Mr. Trainer. Please have a seat in the waiting area Mr. Caldwell, Mr. Cadden."


"Thank you," I said as Tim and I turned to sit in the waiting area.


"You smell like sex, Steven," Tim announced quietly.


"So do you," I said with a smile.


"Then, it must have been a good night for both of us," Tim said. He was also smiling.


I saw Randy Green walk through the door into the reception area. "Randy!" I said. "Are you Christopher Trainer's doctor?"


"Yes, Steven," Randy said. "I understand you know Christopher."


"Yes," I replied. "We met him a few weeks ago."


Just then I saw Christopher's father John Trainer push through the ER doorway. He spotted me immediately.


"Did my son winding up in the ER have anything to do with you, Caldwell?" John Trainer asked.


"He was with my husband Tim and me as well as some mutual friends last night," I replied. "He left the gathering by himself. Oh! Mr. Trainer, I'd like you to meet my husband, Tim Cadden. Tim, this is Christopher's father, John Trainer."


"It is good to meet you, Mr. Trainer," Tim said as he held out his hand to shake.


Mr. Trainer turned to the doctor. "Are you my son's doctor?"


"Yes," Randy replied. "I'm Randy Green. I am an ER resident here. Would you like to see Christopher? He is still in an examining room."


"You're damn right I'd like to see him," Mr. Trainer almost yelled. "He's got some explaining to do."


Randy turned to Tim and me, "I will tell Christopher you are also here to see him."


"Thanks, Randy," I said. Tim and I both took our seats again as Randy escorted Mr. Trainer to Christopher's room.


"He's not a nice person!" Tim said quietly.


"You've just begun to experience the true John Trainer, I am certain," I said.


It wasn't long before we heard screaming coming from the exam room. The voice, unmistakably John Trainer's.


"I will not have a faggot as a son!" We heard Mr. Trainer scream. "You cannot be gay. I won't allow you to be gay!"


There was a pause until Mr. Trainer spoke again.


"You have no right to talk to me like you just did," Mr. Trainer screamed. "I am your father. I demand respect."


Another pause.


"I will not calm down, doctor!" Mr. Trainer screamed. "My son just told me he was a faggot. I cannot have a faggot for a son. Fix him, doctor, and fix him fast!"


Another pause.


"What do you mean he was born gay," Mr. Trainer again screamed. "I will buy the best doctors around who will not be afraid to fix my son. I have money. I have power. I intend to use my money and my power to make my son normal... not some crazy ass faggot."


The next thing we know, Dr. Green is escorting Mr. Trainer out of the ER. A security man arrived on the scene and escorted Mr. Trainer out of the building.


"I trust you heard the excitement from out here," Randy said. "I had Christopher's father escorted out of the building. I told Christopher you were waiting to see him. He asked if he could speak to you first, Steven."


"Me?" I asked. "Why me?"


"I have no idea, Steven," Randy replied. "I'm just the messenger."


I followed Randy into the ER. When I saw Christopher lying on the bed, I gasp. His face was back and blue and swollen. His arms seemed to be bruised as well.


"Hello, Christopher," I said.


"Hello, Steven," Christopher whimpered through his tears. "I suppose you heard my father screaming at me."


"Yes," I replied. "Tim and I heard every ugly word. I'm sorry he said those things to you. You are gay. You had no choice. You can't be fixed."


"I know," Christopher said. "It reminded me of what I said to your friend, Donny. I'm sorry. I was an ass. But, why are you and Tim here?"


"We were told you were beaten up last night," I said. "We thought you might need some company."


"Thanks," Christopher replied. "Aren't you pissed at me still?"


"Nope," I said. "All is forgiven. You've got enough to worry about."


Tim stepped into the room, "Holy shit! Do you know who did this to you?"


"No," Christopher replied. "I can't remember anything between storming out of the bar until I woke up here in the hospital."


"Do you have any friends we can call?" I asked. "Any other family members?"


"No," Christopher replied. "Most of my friends are in school. I don't really have any family now. My father and mother, I am certain, are plotting to take away everything and every dime I have to my name. I am totally fucked."


"Have they told you the prognosis yet?" I asked.


"No," Christopher said. "They told me I was lucky. No broken bones. My balls are swollen and black and blue. Apparently, I was kicked in the crotch. They hurt like a son of a bitch. Of course, Steven, you know what swollen balls feel like."


"Yes," I replied. "I do indeed."


Randy and another doctor entered the room. "Things are a lot calmer now that you father left, Christopher. I have some information for you. This is Dr. Anthony Como. He is a resident in the ER. And, he's also my future husband. Do you want us to talk with you privately or with Tim and Steven in the room?"


"Please let them stay," Christopher said. "Someone needs to know what I am up against. I don't have family anymore, so I guess I need a health care advocate."


"Do you trust Steven and Tim?" Dr. Green asked.


"Yes," Christopher replied. "I do, believe it or not!"


"I'll get some papers for you to sign in a few moments," Dr. Green began. "You have a concussion but the MRI and CAT Scan didn't show any major damage to the brain. You are also lucky you don't have any broken bones... There was an indication you recently were involved in anal sex within the last few days. Was this consensual?"


"I haven't had sex with anyone in weeks," Christopher announced.


"We will need to take a rape kit then, because it appears you may have been forced to have anal sex with your attacker," Dr. Green explained. "Are you okay with having a rape kit prepared?"


"Yes," Christopher whispered. "Will I ever remember last night?"


"It depends," Dr. Como interjected. "Sometimes the loss of memory is caused from the trauma and it does not return. On the other hand, you might well remember everything which happened to you during the attack. Only time will tell."


"You will be sore and stiff for the next several days," Dr. Green continued. "We will keep you here tonight for observation. Do you live with someone?"


"No," Christopher replied.


"Is there someone who can stay with you?" Dr. Green asked. "You should not be alone for the first few nights."


"No," Christopher replied again.


I looked at Tim and he shook his head yes.


"Christopher can stay with us," I said.


"What?" Christopher asked with shock in his voice.


"You heard Steven, Christopher," Tim added. "You will stay with us until you decide you're okay to be by yourself. We have a ton of guest rooms."


"Christopher," Dr. Green added. "Take them up on their offer. It won't be long, and you NEED to be with someone."


"Besides, Harvey, our house manager, is at home most of the time," I interjected.


"Okay," Christopher said quietly. "I'll stay."


"Now, we need to take Christopher for the last procedure," Dr. Green announced. "It will probably take about 30 minutes."


"We will grab some coffee and be back in 30 minutes," Tim said.


Randy and Anthony wheeled Christopher to another room to finish their exam. As Tim and I sat down in the coffee shop down the street of the hospital, Tim began to ask questions, "So, Steven, you continue to amaze me. Last night he bad mouthed your boyfriend, and you threatened him. Now, you offer Christopher a place to stay until he is well enough to be on his own. Why?"


"Two reasons, Timothy," I replied. "First, I believe everyone deserves a second chance. He will think twice about commenting on someone's appearance. Secondly, I don't want John Trainer to win this battle with his gay son."


"And, how are you going to stop John Trainer from winning the battle?" Tim asked.


"If I am correct about Christopher's situation, he probably has assets his father and mother don't legally control," I explained. "A trust fund perhaps. His grandparents on both sides of his family were extremely well off. John Trainer and his wife are extremely well off. If John Trainer and his wife attempt to take away Christopher's trust fund, Christopher can sue them to return those assets. I hope the condo Christopher lives in at least has his name somewhere on the mortgage or deed. Of course, if I am wrong about Christopher's possible assets, Christopher may be working as a rent-a-boy for Master Ajmal. Even if he does have the assets, court battles like this one could last years, too. Christopher will need money to live on."


"Do you think AJ thought about Christopher working for him as a prostitute?" Tim asked.


"What do you think, Tim?" I asked. "Do you think Christopher is really Master Ajmal's type?"


"No," Tim admitted. "When AJ was banging him the night of your procedure, I wondered what the fuck he saw in Christopher. Do you think Christopher will be in a mental frame of mind to work as a hooker after he was potentially raped?"


"We have time to stall until Master Ajmal returns," I said.


"I think it is time we get back to Christopher's room," Tim suggested. "He might be finished by now."


Christopher was indeed finished and was sitting in the exam room waiting for a room to become available.


"How are you feeling now, Christopher?" I asked.


"Fucking tired," Christopher said. "I feel like I have a massive headache. Dr. Green is going to give me something so I can sleep as soon as a room is ready, which should be shortly."


"Sleep in probably the best thing for you," Tim said. "We should leave you alone so you can rest. Here is our phone number in case you need something."


"A lot of good it will do," Christopher said. "The dude stole my phone, too."


"We will see what we can do for a replacement," I suggested. "What carrier?"


"It doesn't matter much," Christopher said. "I am certain my asshole father already shut it off."


"We will also bring you some clothes for when you get released," Tim explained. "We can probably put you on our cell plan until you can get your own."


"Thanks," Christopher said. "I am grateful for all of your help. And, Steven, I am deeply sorry about what I said. Donny is a nice guy. I just take after my fucked up father too much."


"We will see you tomorrow," I said. "Tim or I will try to call you tomorrow morning to check your progress."


Tim and I walked outside. Neither one of us had a car.


"Shall we take a cab or public transportation?" Tim asked.


"Cab," I said. "I can walk from our house to Donny's house."


Tim was silent as we waited for our Uber driver. When we were in the car, Tim decided to talk, "I sent Kyle home."


"Why?" I asked.


"I didn't know how long we would be at the hospital," Tim explained. "Besides, I like Kyle and all... but... he's not you."


"Are you saying you want me to come home with you instead of going to Donny's?" I asked.


"I know you were looking forward to spending more time with Donny," Tim said. "By the way, how was Peter?"


"Put Donny and Peter together and they are an energetic team," I relied. "Are you going to ask Kyle to stay with you until Wednesday?"


"So, you are going back to Donny's instead of coming home with me?" Tim asked.


"Tim," I began. "You wanted time with Kyle. I made plans with Donny. So, yes, I am going back to Donny's instead of going home with you. I made a commitment and I am going to keep my commitment."


"Even though I might be alone?" Tim pouted.


"Yes," I replied.


"Is this punishment for my selfishness?" Tim asked.


"No, Tim," I said. "You made a commitment to be with Kyle. I made a commitment to be with Donny."


"You know this will not make me happy?" Tim asked.


"As they say in the movies," I began. "You made your bed. Now, lye in it."


"What if I throw a fit?" Tim asked as we exited the cab in front of our house.


"You will make a fool of yourself standing outside our house throwing a temper tantrum," I replied. "I suggest you call Kyle or another of your friends to keep you company."


"Steven?" Tim asked. "I'm sorry. I know I was wrong to want to have time with Kyle. Like I said, he is NOTHING like you. Is there anything I can do to make this up to you?"


"What if we invite Donny and Peter over for dinner tonight?" I asked.


"You mean you would stay with me?" Tim asked.


"At least through dinner," I replied.


"What if I asked Donny to stay with US tonight?" Tim asked.


"What about Peter?" I asked.


"You're answering a question with a question," Tim said with a smile. "Tell me what is on your mind, Steven. Please."


"Tim," I said. "Let's go inside and talk for a moment. I want to get something settled with you BEFORE we decide on dinner guests."


"Okay," Tim said as we went inside the house. He positioned himself on a stool beside the kitchen island. "What is it you want to get settled?"


"Tim," I began. "I love you like I love no one else in this world. I know you love me. But, there are times we seem to be on different pages of our playbook as a couple. Sometimes I think we've gotten too deeply involved with Master Ajmal and Marcus. I don't want our relationship with either of them come between us. On the other hand, I know you and Marcus love one another. And, I know Master Ajmal and I love one another. Your love for Marcus and my love for Master Ajmal is different than my love for you. You are the most important person in my life. You always will be. I am going to speak with Master Ajmal once he returns. But, I will not be a prostitute for just any Tom, Dick, or Harry."


"What brought you to this conclusion?" Tim asked.


"Being with Donny," I replied.


"You know, Steven," Tim began. "You never cease to amaze me. I see this slave boy turning into a power hungry husband. I like when you take control. So, I am behind you with whatever you want to tell Ajmal. If you want us to be monogamous, I will be right there with you. If you want us to be semi-monogamous with Marcus and Ajmal, I will be right there with you. I don't REALLY want to share you with, as you said, any Tom, Dick, or Harry."


I pulled Tim from his stool and held him tightly. I didn't say anything. Tim didn't say anything. We just held each other. Finally, I kissed him on the forehead before releasing him.


"Why don't you go see Donny," Tim finally said. "I could use some time alone to really think about our situation. You are—and always will be—the most important man in my life. Don't forget it."


"You don't want me to be with you?" I asked.


"I don't want to make you angry, Steven," Tim replied. "But, I need to sort some things out in my silly little head."


"Okay," I replied. "However, I am giving Peter the second ticket to the Northwester Memorial Charity event tomorrow night. You and I need some time to talk after you have had time alone, okay?"


"Yup," Tim replied. "Now, go!"


I walked slowly to Donny's. I was thinking about my discussion with Tim.




When I returned to the house on Monday morning, Tim was sitting at the kitchen island having a cup of coffee. He wasn't dressed yet.


"Good morning, Steven!" Tim greeted me. "I decided to take the day off. What are you plans for the day?"


"Nothing I can't change," I said.


"Good," Tim replied. "Let me grab some clothes and we can get something to eat for breakfast at the Melrose. My treat."


"I'll be right here," I said as I poured myself a cup of coffee.


Tim returned quickly. He put on his tightest Levi's and a nice trim-fit shirt.


"You look sexy, Tim," I said as I gave him a kiss.


"Let's go before I rape you," Tim said as he kissed back. As we walked to the restaurant, we began our discussion.


"Thanks for allowing me to have some time to myself last night," Tim said. "I needed to regroup and clear my head. I hope you and Donny had a good time."


"We just talked," I said. "Nothing earth shattering. Peter and he are looking forward to the charity benefit tonight. I'm looking forward to spending time with my husband."


"Me, too," Tim said. "We should find a naked yoga class here in Chicago. I miss the one in Provincetown."


"You just like staring at hard naked cock," I replied.


"Me?" Tim asked with a smile. "You have the wrong person in mind!"


We waited a moment for the host to seat us. Once we were seated, we ordered coffee and our meal and began our chat.


"I thought about you and me while I was alone," Tim started. "I was an ass for wanting to be with Kyle. I've come to realize he's just a snot nosed kid, and Kyle was more in love with the money we have than me. So, we don't need people like Kyle in our lives. We do, however, need stable, authentic people like Donny in our lives."


"Good starting point, Tim," I agreed. "What else?"


"I love Marcus," Tim continued. "I know you love Ajmal. We should be enough for each other. We don't need a Christopher or a Kyle or anyone else who is in the same position as they are. We don't need the money, so there is no reason to rent you out or have you appear in porn movies. And, I think we need a jet."


"We're back at the jet idea, I see," I said with a smile. "What brought this on again?"


"We need to have a way of getting from place to place quickly," Tim continued. "I had a vision last night, Steven. The vision included you at the helm of an extremely powerful organization whose mission would be to influence communities around the world to get involved in the fight for LGBT equality. Are you with me so far?"


"Yes," I said. "Well, maybe not exactly. Why me?"


"I have often said you can look at something and make money," Tim continued. "Likewise, I believe in your ability to succeed in the fight for LGBT rights around the world. Am I being unreasonable to assume you'd be willing to do something like this?"


"No," I replied. "Every time I hear of some of our LGBT family victimized, whether in this country or abroad, I become angry. So, I might be willing to work on this issue, but I would need advice on the strategy to use to gain the power and recognition needed to do the job. Why is a jet necessary?"


"You might need to make an emergency run somewhere around the globe," Tim explained. "Ajmal would, I imagine, be a great advisor with an organization like this."


"Probably," I agreed. "You would, I assume, travel with me."


"Of course," Tim replied. "I wouldn't let my husband go flying off across the Ocean alone. Hence the need for a bedroom on our private jet."


"Speaking of bedroom," I said. "What will it take to get you naked in our bedroom?"


"Not much," Tim replied. "I do have one more question if you don't mind."


"Ask away," I replied.


"Did Donny fuck you last night?" Tim asked with a smile.


"No," I replied. "He made love to me. He's very, very good at making love."


"As good as me?" Tim asked.


"I will need a refresher," I said. "But, I don' believe he will compare with your skills, Tim."


Tim plunked down $40 for our $20 tab, and practically drug me out of the restaurant.




One Wednesday afternoon, Tim and I were waiting at the airport in baggage claim. Marcus and Master Ajmal's plane landed exactly on time at 3 pm. They were at the baggage claim area in 30 minutes.


Marcus grabbed Tim. Master Ajmal grabbed me. We hugged and kissed until the bags arrived.


"It is so, so good to see and hold you, Tim," Marcus finally said.


"I am going to like our reunion," Tim said to his boyfriend.


"We have something we need to tell you, too," Master Ajmal said with a huge smile.


"Marcus is pregnant?" Tim asked.


"Nope," Master Ajmal replied. "We will need to wait until we get home."


"We have something to discuss with you as well," Tim added.


We grabbed the bags and headed to the car. I drove home. No traffic delays. What a surprise!


Once we were inside the house, the bags dropped to the floor and a storm of clothing littered the entry hall in a flash.


Master Ajmal bent me over the kitchen island and immediately put his big dick into my ass. Marcus did the same with Tim. It didn't take long before they were both spewing their loads of cum into our respective asses.


Marcus was the first to speak after he recovered, "We were horny. Flying makes us horny."


"Tim wants to buy a plane," I said. "We are never going to see the two of you. You will be flying around the world."


"We definitely need to talk," Marcus said.


I fixed drinks and the four of us sat at the kitchen island. Master Ajmal began the discussion.


"Marcus and I have been talking," Master Ajmal began. "I think it is time to trade in my Gulfstream 450 on a Gulfstream G650."


"You have a jet?" Tim asked.


"Yes," Master Ajmal said. "It was the Charter we flew back to Chicago after Labor Day. The one I have now is smaller than a Gulfstream 650 and has less range. It is about five years old. I could probably get $35 million for it."


"What about the crew?" I asked.


"Jimmy McGregor and Donald Testiment are the pilot team. Your friend, Chad, is the permanent steward. They are all gay. The ground crew in New York is gay. We have a gay friendly airplane," Master Ajmal explained.


"Does having a gay friendly crew enhance the marketability of the jet?" Marcus asked.


"Yup," Master Ajmal replied. "My crew gets more money than almost any other crew in the country because they are in demand. It's not the plane. It's the crew."


"Master," I began. "Can you please tell me why you never told us about your jet?"


"I didn't want to sound pretentious," Master Ajmal suggested.


"AJ," Tim began. "You know about our net worth. We don't know a fucking thing about yours. Do you care to elaborate?"


"I was putting this topic off," Master Ajmal responded. "It is also why I did not bring up the jet. Between my real estate development ventures and some other investment, I am worth about $3 billion."


Tim and I sat and looked at Master Ajmal for several moments. Tim got squinty eyed and looked at Marcus before he spoke, "You knew this information, Marcus?"


"Yes," Marcus answered. "AJ sat me down before we were married and explained his finances. I wanted him to do a prenuptial agreement. He wouldn't listen."


"So, my boyfriend is also a billionaire," Tim said quietly.


"My attorney, tax accountant, and financial advisor has devised a plan so we all are billionaires without a gift tax ramification," Master Ajmal declared. "Of course, Tim and Steven need to agree to this plan."


"And, what might this plan consist of?" Tim asked.


"We already have a real estate trust for our personal property," Master Ajmal replied. "We form another real estate trust for the commercial property under the umbrella of the venture capital firm which we own equally. Most of my net worth is involved with commercial real estate anyway. We are probably even with our personal investment capital. So, we can keep the personal investments linked to each couple. I also want to add some money to the foundation. What do you think of our idea?"


"Why would you, AJ, want to share your good fortune with the two of us?" Tim asked.


"You two are family," Master Ajmal replied. "I know this sound silly, but my advisors also suggested another wrinkle. I adopt Steven. Marcus will adopt Tim. You would be our sons legally. We cannot have a polygamous marriage, but we can still have a legal family unit."


"Daddy," Tim said. "Can you fuck me again? All of this money talk is making me horny."


"After dinner, son," Marcus said with a smile. "Now, it is your turn, guys."


"Steven and I have done some sole searching while you were gone," Tim began. "The first idea has to do with our foundation. Steven would take responsibility for an issue with which we are all concerned: Worldwide equal rights for the LGBT community..."


Tim and I both explained our positions regarding the foundation and LGBT equality work.


"Frankly," Master Ajmal began. "I am extremely proud of both of you for thinking of this issue. As you know, my houseboy Boris and his friends have been abused. We do need to do what is possible to prevent attacks like theirs from happening. Also, I want to explain something else. I received a phone call yesterday from my contacts in Iraq. Two sets of twin boys—from different parents—are in need of adoption in Bagdad. Would the two of you be interested in adopting one-year old twin boys?"


I looked at Tim. Tim looked at me. Our mouths must have been open.


"I know it is sudden," Master Ajmal said. "But, it is somewhat urgent we make a decision. Marcus and I will adopt the other set of one-year old twin boys."


"How do we bring them over here?" I asked.


"We need to meet my contact and his wife in London," Master Ajmal suggested. "The sooner the better. I have alerted the crew we will be leaving next week. Marcus and I will be bringing both sets of boys back with us. Of course, you could join us."


"I'm in!" Tim replied. "Steven?"


"Yes," I said. "We have something else to talk with you about, also. Maybe we can discuss our other idea later."


"No need to delay," Master Ajmal replied.


"Steven and I have been talking...," Tim began to explain our thoughts on our relationship and renting me out to other men.


Master Ajmal didn't say anything at first. He looked at Marcus. Marcus looked at Master Ajmal.


Master Ajmal looked at me and smiled, "I believe since we all will become new fathers in the next few days, we do need to re-think our position. However, Steven, I am not giving up on renting you out to clients who have been well-vetted. If I agree you won't be rented out to other men indiscriminately, will you still be my slave, Steven?"


"Yes, Master," I said. "What kind of vetting are you talking about?"


"Full background checks, Skype meetings with me—and Tim if he chooses." Master Ajmal suggested.


"If I have a problem with one of your potential clients and you don't, AJ, whose decision will it be?" Tim asked.


"Yours, Tim," Master Ajmal replied. "Steven will not be rented to anyone without Tim's consideration. What about you staring in additional porn movies?"


"I can do without them," I said. "The first few were fun. It's beginning to feel too much like work."


"Good," Master Ajmal replied. "You and I, Steven, will have a talk with Jake and Miguel after we return from London."


"AJ has another issue he wants to discuss," Marcus announced


"Does it involve huge amounts of money?" Tim asked.


"No," Master Ajmal said. He was smiling broadly. "Before I continued, I need to ask. How is Christopher?"


"The good news is he was not raped," I explained. "Christopher finally remembered the guy he went home with from the bar. Condoms were used. He left the guy's house. He remembers being a tad drunk. He remembers someone coming up behind him. The rest is still blank until he woke up in the hospital. We need to find Christopher an attorney. His parents have taken control of everything in Christopher's name, including the condo. Now, what else did you want to talk to us about, Master?"


"Do you still want me to brand you, Steven?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Yes, Master," I said. "It would mean a lot to me if you would brand me."


"Then, I will brand you, Steven," Master Ajmal replied.


"Thank you, Master," I said. "Would you please put my collar on me, SIR? I've missed having it around my neck."


Master Ajmal left the room and shortly returned with my collar in his hands. "Assume the position, boy!"


I stood in front of Master Ajmal with my feet shoulder width apart, hands behind my back, and looking down at my Master's feet. My Master fasted the collar around my neck.


"I give you my mind, my body, and my soul, Master. I will forsake all others! I am yours!" I said. "You make me very, very happy, Master."


"You make me happy, too, boy," Master Ajmal said as he pulled me close to him and began to kiss me.


After Master Ajmal stopped kissing me, Marcus picked up the conversation. "Tim," he began. "I have something for you."


"A collar?" Tim asked with a smile on his face.


"No, silly," Marcus said as he handed Tim a small box. The box was from Tiffany's.


Tim ripped off the wrapping and opened the box. "Diamond ear studs!" Tim exclaimed.


"One for you and one for me," Marcus explained. "It is sort of an engagement present."


"Thank you, Marcus," Tim said as he kissed his boyfriend now lover. "This is so thoughtful of you."


"AJ and Steven have a collar," Marcus continued. "I wanted something to show the world we are committed to one another."


"Speaking of commitments," Master Ajmal continued. "I understand Donny and Peter made a big impression on you and your husband, Tim."


"How did you know about Donny and Peter?" Tim asked.


"It was no accident Donny was with Steven after the procedure," Master Ajmal replied. "I've known Donny and Peter for years. They are both terrific people. So, how do you feel about both of them?"


"I love Donny," I admitted. "I have no clue as to how he might fit into our relationship, but I know I want him in my life."


"Good," Master Ajmal continued. "Donny and Peter are men of character. Having them in our lives will be a grounding experience for the four of us. Donny showed me the spiritual value of energy transformation."


"Now," Tim decided he needed to explain another situation. "We need to decide what to do with Christopher."


"When will Christopher be released from the hospital?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Probably tomorrow," I said. "We are planning on taking him to his condo to retrieve a few necessities—provided his father hasn't changed the locks. He needs a new cell phone. We offered to put him on our plan."


"Excellent!" Master Ajmal responded. "The four of us should pick Christopher up from the hospital when he is released. He needs to know we are at his side if his father becomes as difficult as we think he will."


"AJ," Tim begins. "What are your plans for Christopher? I see wheels turning in your head."


"Very perceptive, Tim," Master Ajmal replied. "I hope he will become grateful for our efforts to protect his wealth. He need friends. We will be his friends. We have an opportunity here to mold this young man's future. He is bright. He is handsome. He is polished. He, and others like him, will be an asset to us in time."


"AJ," Tim continued. "You didn't answer the question directly. I will ask again. What are your plans for Christopher?"


"Tim," Master Ajmal continued. "You can be a very stubborn person at times. You don't seem to give up on an idea. So, my only choice is to answer your question directly. Otherwise, I will spend hours and hours beating around the bush."


"Good choice on your part, AJ," Tim said with a smile.


"You know I had plans to rent Steven to various people," Master Ajmal continued. "He was our number one asset. He already has made a name for himself among the BDSM crowd and he has only been involved in one rental. Men all over the world are clamoring for his services. It is my goal to find other Stevens. I believe Christopher will be one of them. Your friend Kyle may be another."


"In other words, AJ," Tim translated. "You are developing a prostitution business."


"Yes," Master Ajmal replied. "But, I prefer not to use the word `prostitution.' I prefer `men of service to other men.'"


"For a fee of course," Tim said with a smile.


"Yup," Master Ajmal replied. He was also smiling. "We need to have back up so Steven doesn't need to be rented out so much."


"And where are you going to find your `men of service to other men'?" Tim asked.


"I believe the business model will include recruitment of college students or recent college graduates who are underemployed," Master Ajmal replied.


"I think I understand now, AJ," Tim said. He was smiling broadly. "Do you think you could find a place in your `men of service to other men' business model to include a few recruiters?"


"I am counting on it, Timothy," Master Ajmal replied. "Do you want to apply?"


"Only if Marcus and I can work together," Tim said.


"Marcus?" Master Ajmal asked.


"You know you can count me in!" Marcus replied. "Hot damn! I'm a MOSTOM recruiter!"


"Donny and Peter both have a couple of candidates in mind," Master Ajmal continued. "I hope Tim and Marcus can help with the selection process."


"Sort of a try before other men buy," Tim translated.


"Yes," Master Ajmal answered. "I am excited by all of the prospects the four of us have. The future will bring good things. I can see it in the stars. Now, why don't we enjoy the dinner Harvey has so masterfully prepared? I know we are all eager to begin our new journey together."


"Does our journey include having Marcus's dick in my ass?" Tim asked.


"You can count on it, boyfriend," Marcus replied.




"Steven," Master Ajmal said to me after we picked Christopher up from the hospital earlier in the day. "I need to speak with you about something."


Yes, Master?" I replied.


"Do you remember the time I hypnotized you with my eyes?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Yes," I replied. "You instructed me to remember the whole process."


"I have been in contact with a hypnosis expert from Vietnam," Master Ajmal began his explanation. "He has a technique useful for our purposes with the men we want to recruit for our `men of service to other men' project. He is flying in next month to explain the technique in detail. It is based on meditation techniques as well as spiritual journeys derived from the Buddhist religion. I want you, Steven, to spend time with him and learn from him. His name is Lien Bien Chung. How do you feel about the Buddhist religion, Steven?"


"From what I understand, it is based on a very calming communing with a higher being," I replied. "Otherwise, I am not familiar with all of the Buddhist teachings. I would enjoy learning about the Buddhist beliefs, however. Some of the naked Yoga meditations Tim and I learned are based on Buddhist principles."


"Excellent," Master Ajmal said. "You will be spending several days with Lien Bien Chung. He will teach you his protocols. He will spend one day with the four of us. Then, you and he will have time alone together. Lien Bien Chung will determine how much time you need to spend with him in order for you to learn his meditation style and his hypnosis techniques. You will come out of your time feeling spiritually connected, calm, and relaxed."


"Thank you, Master," I said. "I will enjoy the experience, I am certain."


"Now," Master Ajmal continued. "You remember our little house on a hill in Provincetown?"


"Of course, Master," I replied.


"After our commitment ceremony," Master Ajmal explained. "I am taking you to another place where we can share our bodies and our minds with each other. We will be there for a couple of weeks. It will be just you and me. I hope you are as excited as I am with our union."


"Yes, Master," I said as I snuggled up to Master Ajmal. My dick was hard. His dick was hard. "I am extremely excited to begin our lives together as Master and slave. This is a dream come true for me."


"Me, too, Steven," Master Ajmal added. "Why don't you and I go downstairs to the playroom? I want to be with you."


"I want to be with you as well, Master," I said.


Master Ajmal led me downstairs to the playroom. He held me tightly and began to kiss me. Our tongues met. Our lips met. Our bodies rubbed together. My skin tingled. I wanted my Master. I needed my Master. My Master is my life. My Master is my mind. My Master is my energy. I craved my Master's touch. I craved my Master's attention. I craved my Master's control.


Master Ajmal guided me to the bondage table. He helped me position myself on my back before he began putting the restraints on my ankles and wrists. He worked quickly and deliberately. When he finished restraining me, Master Ajmal climbed on top of me and began kissing me again. I felt his hard dick rub against mine. Sparks flew. We were one.


"Do you feel it, boy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Yes, Master," I replied. "I feel it. I feel your power. I feel your energy. I feel our minds becoming one. I feel our bodies joined together. Please, Master! Take me. Make love to me. Hurt me. Just please take me and don't let me go, Master."


"I feel it, too, boy," Master replied. "We will be one forever and ever. No turning back now. I am committed to you and you are committed to me. Look into my eyes Steven. Look into my eyes and see our future. We will change the way men interact with other men. We will bring the world peace, tranquility. From my body to your body, I am giving you the energy to transform the world one man at a time. We will work in unison to bridge the gap between our human desires, our human lusts, our human tribulations into our spirit world of kindness, love, and peace. You and I Steven will bring happiness to those around us. Through our physical touch, our physical lust, our physical desires we will gather hope for mankind. You will be my ambassador to the world. You will harness men's hearts. You will harness men's physical power. You will harness men's physical lust. You will harness men's physical needs and turn them into power to change the world. Your body, my mind, we will change the world into a better place. Do you understand, Steven?"


"Yes, Master," I replied. "I understand, Master."


"We will share ourselves with our friends during our commitment ceremony," Master Ajmal said. "Then, we will go forth into the world and work our miracles. Look at your body, now, Steven."


When I looked into the mirror about the bondage table, I was amazed. I was covered with wax from a white candle. Clothespins decorated much of my upper body. I was so mesmerized by my Master's voice and his words, I didn't notice his handiwork.


"Does this hurt, boy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"No, Master," I said. "I still feel you lying on top of me. Kissing me. Loving me."


"This is the way you will interact with people who rent you from me," Master Ajmal explained. "You will scream each time some client attempts to hurt you. You will feel no pain. You will beg for more. You will form a bond with each slap of a whip. You will form a bond to the men you serve as they hurt you. You will be in control, Steven. You will make them hurt you without a word spoken from you. You will beg for more because most of the men you will be with want to hear you beg. You will scream in pain because most of the men you will be with want to hear you scream. Let's go back into your body, Steven. Let's go back into the peaceful tranquility of our minds joined as one. Back. Back. Back. Back."



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