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Life With Tim



Master Ajmal guided me to the bondage table. He helped me position myself on my back before he began putting the restraints on my ankles and wrists. He worked quickly and deliberately. When he finished restraining me, Master Ajmal climbed on top of me and began kissing me again. I felt his hard dick rub against mine. Sparks flew. We were one.


"Do you feel it, boy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Yes, Master," I replied. "I feel it. I feel your power. I feel your energy. I feel our minds becoming one. I feel our bodies joined together. Please, Master! Take me. Make love to me. Hurt me. Just please take me and don't let me go, Master."


"I feel it, too, boy," Master replied. "We will be one forever and ever. No turning back now. I am committed to you and you are committed to me. Look into my eyes Steven. Look into my eyes and see our future. We will change the way men interact with other men. We will bring the world peace, tranquility. From my body to your body, I am giving you the energy to transform the world one man at a time. We will work in unison to bridge the gap between our human desires, our human lusts, our human tribulations into our spirit world of kindness, love, and peace. You and I Steven will bring happiness to those around us. Through our physical touch, our physical lust, our physical desires we will gather hope for mankind. You will be my ambassador to the world. You will harness men's hearts. You will harness men's physical power. You will harness men's physical lust. You will harness men's physical needs and turn them into power to change the world. Your body, my mind, we will change the world into a better place. Do you understand, Steven?"


"Yes, Master," I replied. "I understand, Master."


"We will share ourselves with our friends during our commitment ceremony," Master Ajmal said. "Then, we will go forth into the world and work our miracles. Look at your body, now, Steven."


When I looked into the mirror about the bondage table, I was amazed. I was covered with wax from a white candle. Clothespins decorated much of my upper body. I was so mesmerized by my Master's voice and his words, I didn't notice his handiwork.


"Does this hurt, boy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"No, Master," I said. "I still feel you lying on top of me. Kissing me. Loving me."


"This is the way you will interact with people who rent you from me," Master Ajmal explained. "You will scream each time some client attempts to hurt you. You will feel no pain. You will beg for more. You will form a bond with each slap of a whip. You will form a bond to the men you serve as they hurt you. You will be in control, Steven. You will make them hurt you without a word spoken from you. You will beg for more because most of the men you will be with want to hear you beg. You will scream in pain because most of the men you will be with want to hear you scream. Let's go back into your body, Steven. Let's go back into the peaceful tranquility of our minds joined as one. Back. Back. Back. Back."


Chapter 38: Kicking Ass


The day after Master Ajmal and Marcus arrived back from their honeymoon, we were gathered around the table having breakfast with everyone, including our temporary house guest, Christopher Trainer.


"Did you sleep well, Christopher?" I asked.


"Yes," Christopher replied. "Even though it was the first night without pain killers, I was out like a light in about two seconds."


"I thought you had a script for pain killers," Tim added.


"I did," Christopher continued. "I won't take them, however. My mother is still addicted to them. She is a horrible person if she doesn't have access to prescription pain killers. I am never going to be like her."


"You probably made a wise choice, Christopher," Master Ajmal added. "It is a tough addiction to break. We need to take you back to your condo to see if we can still get in and to pick up some of your belongings."


"And, if my asshole father has had the locks changed, then what?" Christopher asked.


"Whose name is the condo in?" I asked.


"Mine," Christopher explained. "My parents, for some reason, gave me the money to buy it. But it is only in my name. My parents are listed as emergency contacts with the condo security."


"We are in luck so far," I explained. "Worst case scenario is we need to have security let you into the condo, have the locks changed again, and remove your parents from the emergency contacts. Hopefully, your father has not really thought about changing the locks. Do you have an attorney who is not under your parents' supervision?"


"Nope," Christopher replied.


"Then we will hire one for you," I further explained. "You need to get a restraining order filed to limit the exposure you have from your parents' deranged ideas. They might try kidnapping you and sending you to a reprogramming place. The restraining order will eliminate the risk. Then, you need to change all bank accounts you have so your father and mother do not have access to them. I will touch base with Daniel Kim who is an attorney who has significant experience in situations such as yours. You will need to put him on a retainer. He can be pricey, but he is well worth the money. He always wins."


"What if my father has locked up my trust fund my grandparents left me?" Christopher asked.


"Tim and I will loan you the money until Daniel can get the financial issues resolved," I replied. "Don't worry, Christopher. I did not like the way your father spoke to you in the hospital. I will make it my mission, if necessary, to end his brutality toward you. To be honest, Christopher, I have never been on the same side as your father in any of our dealings. I think I am going to enjoy this fight."


"Trust me, Christopher," Tim added. "You will always want Steven on your side and not on your opponent's side."


"I'm beginning to realize you are definitely correct," Christopher replied with a smile. "Thank you, guys. I'm sort of looking forward to joining you in your fight with my father, Steven."


"So," Marcus began. "Are we ready to kick ass?"


"Let's go for it," I replied.


"I'm ready," Tim confirmed.


"Me, too," Master Ajmal added.


As we were headed to my BMW, I decided to make a pronouncement. "If we are going to have two sets of twins in a few days, we will need a larger car or cars."


"Call your friend who sold you the SUV we have in Provincetown," Tim suggested.


"It will be on my list," I replied as we scrunched into my car.


"Wait a minute," Christopher exclaimed. "Two sets of twins?"


"AJ and I are adopting twin boys," Marcus explained. "Steven and Tim are adopting another set of twin boys. All four boys are from Iraq. We are flying to London next week to pick them up."


"Won't this become a life changing event?" Christopher added.


"Yup," Tim replied. "We will see some significant changes in our lifestyle."


We continued to talk as we drove down Lakeshore Drive to Christopher's Printers Row condo building.


"There is a guest parking space just inside the garage," Christopher explained. "However, I am fairly certain my car will not be in the parking space where I left it. It was leased in my parents' names."


"Why don't we try your space first," I suggested.


"See!" Christopher almost screamed. "My hunch was correct. My iPod is in the fucking car, also."


We exited the car and headed to the entrance of the condo.


"Good morning, Mr. Trainer," the doorman greeted us.


"Gary," Christopher began. "These are some of my friends. Was my father here?"


"Ah... yes," Gary replied. "He wanted to have a locksmith change the locks, but security didn't allow him access to your condo. I hope they made the right judgement call."


"One win for our side!" Christopher exclaimed. "Your judgement call was perfect! I also want to remove my parents as emergency contacts and add these four guys. Please let the other doorpersons know my parents are NOT welcome here under any circumstances."


"I will have the paperwork ready for you to sign about the changes in emergency contacts when you come back downstairs," Gary explained. "I will also alert security who will explain your wishes to the other people on the door."


"I think you should have the locks changed to be safe, Christopher," I suggested.


"I can send our maintenance team up to help you with the locks, Mr. Trainer," Gary offered.

"Thank you, Gary," Christopher replied. "I appreciate your help."


Once we were inside the lobby of the building, Christopher turned to the group and added, "I suspect, Steven, your lawyer friend Daniel will be busy."


"I will call him once we get upstairs," I said with a huge smile on my face.


"You are enjoying this, aren't you, Steven," Tim smirked.


"Yup," I replied.


Christopher pushed the button to the 12th floor, which also was the top floor.


"Nice place, Christopher!" Master Ajmal said as we entered the condo. "Great view, also."


"Thanks," Christopher replied. "I used to like it. Now, I am dreading being here alone. Anything could happen with my father involved in this whole mess."


"Let me call Daniel while you get your things," I said as I left the others. Daniel answered on the third ring. "Hello, Daniel. Steven Caldwell here."


"Steven! What can I do for you?" Daniel asked.


"A friend of mine needs an attorney," I explained. "His parents just found out he is gay. They are in `put the screws to their only son' mode. What do we need to do?"


"I'm sorry to hear about your friend and his parents," Daniel replied. "It is a damn shame people can still be such bigoted assholes in 2015. I am due in court at 1 pm sharp. I will probably be there all afternoon. Where is your friend staying?"


"Our place," I replied. "Do you want to join us for dinner?"


"Sure," Daniel accepted. "Where?"


"Our place," I said to Daniel and also gave him the address. "Come by as soon as you are free and we will take care of business before cocktails and dinner."


"I should be there no later than 6 pm," Daniel confirmed.


"Terrific," I added as we hung up the call.


The building maintenance people were changing the locks. I headed to Christopher's bedroom where the group was helping him pack.


"So, now you have an attorney, Christopher," I explained.


"How much will this set me back?" Christopher asked.


"I don't know," I replied. "When I've hired him before, I used to just let him fuck me. However, I don't think Tim will allow this type of payment."


"It depends if I get to join you and if he is a stud," Tim said with a grin.


"He's a stud," I replied. "Vietnamese. About six feet tall. Muscles everywhere. At least ten inches of thick, uncut dick. I don't think he would mind if you let him fuck you as well."


"Hot damn!" Tim replied.


"Now payment terms have been arranged," Master Ajmal began. "Do you have any legal papers in your apartment, Christopher?"


"No," Christopher replied. "Fuck! They are in a safe deposit box. My father has access."


"Let's not panic," Master Ajmal said. "The bank will be our next stop."


"This could get sticky," Christopher added. "The safe deposit box is at Northern Bank and Trust."


"Oh shit!" I moaned. "Please don't tell me your trust and checking accounts are at Northern."


"The trust from my father's parents is at Northern," Christopher explained. "The one from my mother's parents is in the Private Bank and Trust. My trust administrator is Mr. Harmon at the Winnetka location. My mother's parents disliked my father immensely. My grandmother called him slippery. My grandfather called him an asshole. My normal checking account and savings account are also at the bank in Winnetka. The main location is on LaSalle Street."


"Let's go to the LaSalle Street office and make certain your accounts there have not been tampered with by your father," I suggested as we left the condo. The maintenance people had also given Christopher five sets of keys for the new locks.


"Tim," I began. "Why don't you drive? I have a phone call to make. I know the current President and CEO of Private Bank, Larry Richman."


"Why does this information not surprise me?" Marcus muttered as we loaded back into my BMW.


I found Larry's number in my contact list. "Hello, Gwen. This is Steven Caldwell. Is Larry available?"


"Mr. Caldwell," Gwen replied. "I'm certain Mr. Richman will have time for you. Oh! And, congratulations on your recent marriage. I hope to meet your new husband sometime soon."


"Thank you Gwen," I replied.


"Steven!" Larry said as he picked up the call. "It's good to hear from you. What may I do for you this morning?"


"Larry," I explained. "This is an important matter I thought you will be able to help with. A friend of mine, who has some accounts at your bank, is having an issue with his father. His name is Christopher Trainer."


"John Trainer's son?" Larry asked.


"Yup," I replied. "We are on our way over to your office right now. Who should Christopher speak with at your bank?"


"Me," Larry replied. "You remember how to get to my office, correct?"


"Yes," I replied. "Top floor. Executive offices. We should be at your place in a few minutes. I'm looking forward to speaking with you."


"I will look at Mr. Trainer's accounts before you get here just to make certain nothing has gone astray," Larry replied.


"Thank you Larry," I replied. "I'll see you in a few minutes."


As I ended the phone call, I turned to Tim. "Would you mind dropping Christopher and me off at the main entrance?"


"Gladly," Tim replied. "However, I would love to hear what Mr. Richman has to say about John Trainer."


"It will not be nice," I replied. "I will try to take notes."


"Good luck," Marcus said to Christopher and me as we exited the car.


"We'll need it," I replied. "Are you ready for this, Christopher? It might get ugly."


"As ready as I will ever be," Christopher replied. "At first, I was in shock. Now, I am fucking angry."


"Anger appropriately directed can come in handy," I said as I put my hand on Christopher's shoulder.


Once we were in the elevator, I pushed the button for the top floor. When we were at the top, the door opened. The receptionist greeted us, "You must be Mr. Caldwell and Mr. Trainer."


"Yes," I replied.


"Please follow me," the receptionist said as she stood to usher us into Mr. Richman's office. She knocked on the door.


"Come in, please," Larry said as the receptionist opened the door.


"Steven!" Larry said as he walked around his desk and held out his hand. "You must be Christopher Trainer."


"Yes, SIR," Christopher replied. "Thank you for offering to help with my accounts."


"It is what we are here for," Larry said. "Please sit. I looked up your accounts after I talked with Steven. It appeared your father attempted to gain access to your accounts. Fortunately, the officer here called your trust administrator, Mr. Harmon. Mr. Harmon advised the officer against making any changes until we spoke to you. These accounts are currently only accessible by you at the moment. I have had new debit cards made for you with new numbers. They should be delivered to me in a few minutes. The old cards no longer work."


"How much is still in the trust?" Christopher asked.


"The trust has exactly $51,455,321.67," Larry replied.


"Holy shit!" Christopher exclaimed. "I didn't know it was so large."


"Ah," Larry explained. "On certain milestones, your trust administrator transfers additional funds from the master trust account. For example, when you started college, your trust administrator transferred $25 million from the master trust to your personal trust. He is instructed to add $5 million for each year of college you complete. Then, the final amount of $250 million will be moved into your personal trust when you reach age 25. The master trust is automatically dissolved and the remaining balance transferred to you. The master trust currently has $350 million give or take a few million depending on the day."


Christopher sat starring at Larry. Christopher's mouth was hanging open.


"Is something wrong, Christopher?" Larry asked.


"My father always told me it was only about $1 million," Christopher said. "The bastard was lying to me."


"I guess you can afford an attorney, now, Christopher," I said with a smile.


"Your grandparents were very fond of you," Larry explained. "They did not trust your father. They did not trust your mother. The only way your father and mother would benefit from your grandparents' death would be if you were not alive. However, we can make some changes to the master trust so your parents will never benefit from your grandparents' fortune. Who is your attorney?"


"It will be Daniel Kim after Christopher meets with him tonight," I explained.


"I don't suppose you had anything to do with the choice of attorneys, Steven," Larry added with a smile. "Excellent choice, Christopher. Daniel is a pit bull when need be. I definitely would want him on my side if I were in a similar situation. Ah... the cards and other forms are here. We should have this wrapped up very shortly and have you on your way."


As we were riding down the elevator, Christopher looked at me and smiled. "Tim said I would want you on my side. I'm glad you didn't kick my ass after what I said to Donny."


"I am glad I could be of assistance," I said. "For two reasons. One is to help you out. Another part is for your father. He needs to be put in his place!"




Daniel Kim arrive promptly at 6 pm. I greeted him at the door.


"Steven!" Daniel said as he pulled me into a bear hug. "God you look good!"


"It's good to see you again, Daniel," I replied after he released me and I could breathe again.


"What's with the house?" Daniel asked. "I liked your condo."


"It wasn't big enough," I explained. "After I met Tim, he and I decided we wanted a house. So, this is it. Well, there's another one in Provincetown."


"Tim?" Daniel asked.


"Ah!" I continued. "My husband. Tim, this is Daniel. Daniel, this is Tim."


"Congratulations, guys," Daniel added. "I'm not necessarily happy Steven didn't pick me, but I will get over it. You look good, Steven. Is this what married life is doing for you?"


"Come on in and meet the rest of the group," I said as I led Daniel into the living room. "Once I introduce you, I think you will have a pretty good idea of what married life is doing for me. Guys, this is Daniel. Daniel, the one over in the corner with a shit eating grin on his face is Marucs. Next to Marcus is Master Ajmal. Marcus and Master Ajmal are married. Master Ajmal is my master. Marcus is Tim's boyfriend. The other guy on the other side of the coffee table is your potential client, Christopher Trainer."


"I suspect these gentlemen are the reasons I haven't seen you around much, Steven," Daniel added. "I want to know all about this group of people. However, I believe Christopher and I need to discuss a little legal business. Is there a place we can discuss your situation privately?"


"They are welcome to join in the discussion," Christopher replied. "I have no secrets from these guys anymore. If it weren't for them, I would probably be penniless and living on the streets."


"Okay, then," Daniel responded. "Let's get started. Christopher, would you like to give me a synopsis of your situation?"


"Sure," Christopher replied.


As he was telling Daniel about the recent events in his life, I thought I saw a couple of tears on his cheek.


"So, Steven and Ajmal have suggested I get a restraining order against my parents, a search warrant for Northern Trust and Bank to get legal documents in a safe deposit box, and file suit against my father for stealing a trust my grandparents—my father's parents—set up for me before they died," Christopher explained.


"My, my," Daniel responded. "Good old John Trainer has really done it now, hasn't he, Steven?"


"Yup," I replied. "I think you are going to have a great time with this one."


"I agree, Steven," Daniel replied. "I will have the restraining order and the search warrant first thing tomorrow morning. We will also need a search warrant to retrieve information on the accounts held at Northern Trust. Hopefully, Mr. Trainer has only shut off access to the accounts at Northern Trust. If on the other hand he has transferred the accounts to accounts held only by him, I could definitely see jail time for John Trainer and maybe his wife."


"Holy shit!" Christopher sighed. "How long will it take to get the accounts from Northern Trust back into my control?"


"If your father tries to fight to keep control of the accounts, this could be a fairly long legal battle," Daniel replied. "I hope you have other resources to cover the cost of your living expenses, Christopher."


"I do," Christopher replied. "As long as I don't go through $50 million before this shit is settled, I will be fine."


"Where does $50 million come from?" Master Ajmal asked.


"My trust fund at Private Bank," Christopher said with a smile. "It hasn't hurt so far to have Steven on my side."


"Keep him on your side, Christopher," Daniel responded with a smile. "I will need a $1,000 and a turn at Steven's ass for my retainer."


"I have the $1,000," Christopher said. "However, you will need to have a private conversation with Tim about Steven's ass."


"Tim," Daniel said turning to my husband. "May I have word with you in private, please?"


"Of course," Tim replied as he led Daniel into the kitchen.


"Steven," Christopher said as he pulled out his check book. "If I hadn't had the shit beaten out of me, I would offer my ass to Daniel."


"Play your cards right, Christopher," I replied. "And, you might get a rain check. I saw the way he was looking at you. Now, may I get anyone another drink?"


"Why don't we just open a bottle of Champagne?" Marcus asked. "We could celebrate. By the way, Steven, don't you think we should offer Daniel a place to stay tonight? He could even stay with us, right, AJ?"


"I think Tim and Steven get first dibs on sharing a bed with Mr. Hunk of an Attorney," Master Ajmal replied. "You might also want to talk with Daniel about working with you on your LGBT human rights organization."


"Good idea, Master," I said as I collected drink glasses and headed into the kitchen.


Tim and Daniel were lip locked. "Am I interrupting anything?" I asked.


"Get your butt over here, Steven," Tim replied. "Daniel and I need you right now."


"Why do I think this might be a naked dinner night?" I asked as I put the empty glasses on the counter and joined Daniel and Tim.


Daniel immediately stuck his tongue in my mouth, and his hands were caressing my chest.


"A few things... about my... body... have change," I said between kisses from Daniel.


Daniel didn't wait for any further conversation. He lifted my shirt up and over my head.


"Oh! Fuck, Steven," Daniel hissed. "You look... absolutely... amazing."


"Thank you," I hissed back. "I think... we need... to take... a break... Some people... in the living room... are waiting... for another... drink."


"I'm parched..., too," Daniel added. "Drink... now... Fuck... later..."


We pulled away from each other and I took a deep breath before I could fix drinks. I started to pull on my shirt.


"Leave it off, Steven," Daniel ordered.


"Loose the jeans," Tim suggested.


"Okay," I replied as Tim began to unfasten my jeans and pull them down. My hard dick slapped at my stomach once the jeans had cleared my crotch.


"Holy shit!" Daniel exclaimed. "Your balls...! Your dick...! Your tattoos...! Your ass...! How much do I need to pay you, Tim, to have a chance to put my dick in your husband's ass?"


"After dinner," Tim hissed at Daniel. "You can have Steven's ass if you promise to fuck me."


"Deal!" Daniel agreed. "Now, why don't we help Steven with the drink orders."


"On one condition, Daniel," Tim explained. "You need to be at least shirtless."


"I'm on it," Daniel replied as he slipped his tie off and then his shirt.


His body was just as spectacular as I had remembered.


We fixed everyone another drink and casually returned to the living room. Tim was also shirtless.


"So, I see the three of you have agreed to the terms and conditions of Christopher retaining Daniel as his attorney," Marcus said with a smile.


"Yup," Tim replied with a smile across his face.


During dinner, all of us were shirtless. I was completely naked.


"So, Daniel," Master Ajmal began a few questions of his own. "How do you and Steven know each other?"


"Ah," Daniel began. "It is sort of complicated. But, I will try to simplify the explanation. I was dating an asshole, Marty was his name, for about a year. I got pissed off one night and left him standing at the bar at Little Jim's with a glass of beer dripping down his head. I stormed off to the Cell Block and noticed Steven talking with someone in a corner. I decided I was going home with Steven before the night ended. And, once you get to know me better, you will find out I always do my best to get what I want. Two hours later, Steven and I were headed out the Cell Block door on our way to Steven's condo. We ran into a shit faced Marty. He wanted me to take him home. I put him in a cab, but gave the cab driver the wrong address along with $100. The cab driver dropped ass wipe off in the middle of Lincoln Park. He passed out on the ground and woke up the next morning sleeping beside a homeless guy. The homeless guy had Marty's cell phone, wallet, and keys. I haven't heard from Marty since. However, Steven and I developed a nice friendship. End of story. If you'd like more details, I can share them with you at another time."


"I thought about dating Daniel," I explained. "However, every time the image of Marty being driven off into nowhere by an unknown cab driver, I got cold feet. But, we've worked on a bunch of projects together for the Mayor of Chicago."


"Why did you not invite Daniel to our wedding?" Tim asked.


"Daniel was out of the country for the summer," I said.


"Would you like to join us for our commitment ceremony?" Master Ajmal asked Daniel.


"Will you be sharing Steven's ass with the guests?" Daniel asked with a smile.


"Yes," Master Ajmal replied. "Everyone will have chance before I brand his ass."


"As in hot metal on his tight ass?" Daniel asked.


"Yup," Master Ajmal replied.


"I'll be there," Daniel agreed. "What happens with you and Marcus, Tim?"


"We are having a commitment ceremony," Tim explained. "I will have a boyfriend AND a husband. Marcus will also have a boyfriend AND a husband. AJ will have a slave boy AND a husband. Steven will have a Master AND a husband. It is so 2105, don't you think?"


"You are making me horny, Tim," Daniel replied. "Keep up the good work."


"Maybe you can ask Christopher to be your date," Tim suggested.


"Do you have plans with someone else, Christopher?" Daniel ask.


"No," Christopher replied. "Even if I did, I would probably put the dude in a cab and send him off to Lincoln Park."


"So, do you mean you will go to the ceremony with me?" Daniel asked with a smile.


"Yup," Christopher replied. "I don't know if Steven told you, but I am still recovering from being beaten up after coming out of the Cell Block drunk as a skunk."


"I will be gentle, I promise," Daniel replied. "I can be nice and polite, can't I Steven?"


"Yup," I replied. "Just not in court."


"You know, Steven," Tim began. "I think it is way past our bedtime. It's almost 10 o'clock. I'm getting sleepy."


"Timmy," Marcus began. "You are not getting sleepy. You are just getting horny, which is not unusual for you. Have a good evening, guys."


Tim quickly grabbed my hand and Daniel's hand and led the way upstairs and into our bedroom. Once the door was shut, Daniel and Tim were again lip locked. This time, Daniel was tweaking Tim's nipples.


I pulled Tim's pants down and he stepped out of them. I did the same for Daniel. I was on my knees licking and sucking on Daniel's cock and balls. I alternated between Daniel and Tim.


"Steven," Daniel exclaimed rather loudly. "On your back. Lube beside you. Legs in the air. Have both of you been tested?"


"Yes," Tim hissed. "We are both negative and only have sex with other negative men."


"Me, too. Now, Steven," Daniel continued. "Don't make me wait. You know I don't like to wait."


I was quickly positioned as Daniel had instructed. Daniel led Tim to the side of the bed.


"On your back, Tim," Daniel ordered. "Once I finish with Steven, your ass will be next."


"I have to warn you, Tim," I hissed. "Unless Daniel has changed in the past year, he is like the energizer bunny."


"Good," Tim hissed back as Daniel took his place between my legs. "We may not be getting much sleep tonight."


"Won't be a problem for me, Tim," Daniel replied as he applied copious amounts of lube to is huge, uncut dick and my ass.


Daniel leaned in to kiss me before he began his long, slow descent into my ass.


"Ahhhh!" I moaned as Daniel's big dick bottomed out in my ass.


"Tim," Daniel whispered. "Do you share well?"


"As long as I get what I want," Tim whispered back.




I woke up to the sound of Daniel pounding Tim's ass again after a short nap.


"I'm going to cum," Daniel screamed as his body tensed. ""Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Daniel lowered his spent body on top of Tim.


"You two have the best asses," Daniel whispered as he gave Tim a kiss before pulling out and rolling onto his back. His huge dick showed no signs of softening.


I didn't wait to be asked or told what to do. I slithered on top of Daniels crotch, raised my ass up, aligned his big dick with my ass, and quickly lowered myself onto Daniels hard dick.


"Ah shit!" I moaned


As I feverishly began to ride Daniel's dick, he reached up to my nipples and began to pull and pinch them.


"Ah... yea, man... ah shit... that feels... good," I whimpered as I increased the speed and power of riding Daniel's dick. Tim took my hard dick and began to stroke it as I bounced up and down on Daniel.


"You... are going... to make... me... cum..., Steven...! Soon," Daniel hissed.


"I'll be... right behind... or right ahead... of you...," I hissed back.


All of a sudden my cock exploded, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Daniel must have felt the contractions of my ass as I spewed my load all over Daniel's ripped stomach and muscled chest. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" Daniel screamed as he unloaded into me.


I rested my body on top of Daniel's. When I finally recovered enough, I whispered, "I don't want this to end."


"Neither do I," Daniel replied softly. "But, I have a client who needs a few items taken care of this morning."


"Then, you are spending the weekend," Tim suggested softly. "Your client may need emergency advice. And, since he is staying with us, you will be only a few doors away."


"I only have two favors," Daniel replied. "Tim, I want to fuck your boyfriend Marcus, and, Steven, I want to watch your Master Ajmal whip the shit out of you."


We heard a voice standing at our open bedroom door. It was Master Ajmal, "Consider it done."


"AJ and I," Marcus continued. "Have been watching you three horny studs for the last 30 minutes. I only have one comment. Daniel, I think these two are addicted to your big dick. Now, the three of you need to go wash the smell of sex off your body and join us downstairs."


Once Marcus and Master Ajmal disappeared, it was Tim's turn to speak again, "Let's hit the shower before I rape you two. And, Daniel, you need to bring clothes for work on Monday. If I have anything to say about our arrangement, you are not leaving this bed until you need to go to work."


"You will not find me objecting, Tim," Daniel replied as the three of us headed to the shower. "Fortunately, I have a change of clothing in my car."


I adjusted the temperature of the water and pulled Tim and Daniel in. We immediately began to feverishly wash one another's bodies. When we were finished, we took turns drying each other. As we returned to the bedroom, Daniel reached for his boxer briefs.


"You won't need those, Daniel," Tim explained. "This household is generally naked most of the time, especially in the morning."


When we were downstairs, Daniel looked around the kitchen. "I think I have died and gone to Buddhist version of heaven. Now, here is what we need to do this morning. I am going to my office and draft the necessary paper work to get the restraining order against John and Cynthia Trainer and to get a search warrant for information about the accounts at Northern Trust and the contents of Christopher's safe deposit box. Then I will stop at the courthouse to get the judge's signature on the documents. When I call you, can you arrange to get Christopher to the LaSalle entrance of Northern Trust?"


"Of course," I replied.


"I will have a police escort to serve the papers," Daniel explained. "In the meantime, can you call this number and asked for Lenard? He is a body guard. Until this is over, I want him to be with the five of you at all times. Do what he asks. He knows what to do to protect you."


"I'll call him as soon as you leave, Daniel," I replied. "Isn't Lenard the huge, well built, African-American dude?"


"Yup," Daniel replied with a smile. "He is also hung like a horse if you remember, Steven."


"How could I forget?" I said sheepishly.


"I need to go put on some clothes and get my suite bag out of my trunk," Daniel said.


"Where are your keys?" I asked.


"Suit pants—wherever they may be," Daniel replied.


"I'll get your bag for you, Daniel," I replied as I headed upstairs.


When I returned, I headed for the back door.


"You are going outside naked?" Daniel asked.


"Of course," I replied as I went outside and found Daniel's suit bag.


I handed Daniel the bag after I returned. "May I get you anything else, SIR?" I asked.


"Your ass later today," Daniel said with a huge smile plastered on his face. "Steven, I think you should wear a suit today. I may need you as a witness while we serve the papers and retrieve the account information."


"Got it, Daniel," I replied. "Should I wear underwear?"


"Fuck no," Daniel said as he headed upstairs to change into his suit.


Our family unit continued to talk while Daniel changed. When he came downstairs, he had his attorney power look turned on full speed ahead.


"Someone, it appears, will be doing some ass kicking today," Tim said.


"This, my friends, is what I live for," Daniel explained. "I am making it my life's work to rid the universe of bigoted assholes like John Trainer. I'll call you as soon as I can. Steven, get Lenard on board. Even if you need to let him fuck you!"


"I'm on it, boss," I replied.


"Is Daniel always such a take charge person?" Christopher asked.


"Yup," I replied. "Especially when he is working."


"He seems like a nice man," Christopher acknowledged.


"He is," I replied. "Is there a possible love interest?"


"It is too early to tell," Christopher replied. "He has a great body. He has a great smile. I like him, but I am not ready to be in any kind of relationship. I'm still trying to get over being attacked."


"Understandable," I replied. "Take is slowly. Daniel is a great guy."


"And great in bed," Tim announced.


"I will call Lenard while the rest of you get your shit together," I said with a smile.


"You need to wear your black Armani suit, Steven," Tim suggested. "And, a red tie. Power dress. You may need it."


"Got it," I said as I went into the living room to call Lenard. I found Lenard's phone number on my contact list.


"Lenard here," Lenard answered on the second ring.


"Lenard," I began. "This is Steven Caldwell."


"Steven!" Lenard exclaimed. "I haven't seen you around in ages."


"I got married this summer," I explained.


"Who is the lucky guy?" Lenard asked.


"Tim," I said. "He is from the east coast. Boston to be exact. We met in Provincetown."


"Congratulations," Lenard replied. "I hope to meet him sometime soon."


"Maybe today if you have time to help us out on another issue," I explained.


"What's happening, my friend," Lenard asked.


"A friend of ours, Christopher Trainer, is having trouble with his father, John Trainer," I began to explain. "Christopher hired Daniel Kim for what might be some sticky situations. Daniel thought Christopher and the rest of us could use some security until the matter resolves itself."


"John Trainer?" Lenard said. "Is he the bastard who has worked with you on behalf of the mayor?"


"The one and only," I replied. "He works at Northern Trust. And, Christopher's trust fund and safe deposit box are at Norther Trust. Daniel is getting a restraining order and a warrant to retrieve Christopher's belongings from the safe deposit box and some information about his trust account."


"I can see Daniel's concern," Lenard replied. "John Trainer is not a nice man. A guy whom Trainer was trying to intimidate hired me. His situation turned into a real pissing match. When and where?"


"Come to our house as soon as you can," I suggested. "We are waiting for Daniel to call regarding the serving of the warrants. I'll take care of your retainer once you are here."


"Just to be safe, I will bring along a driver and a secured vehicle," Lenard explained. "Keep everyone at your place until I arrive. I should be there in about one hour."


"Perfect, Lenard," I replied. "We will all appreciate your help."


"Even though you are married," Lenard began. I knew where this was leading. "Can I still get a turn on your ass?"


"You'll need to ask my husband Tim and my Master Ajmal," I explained. "They will be here when you arrive. Tim and I entertained Daniel last night and this morning."


"You have me hard as a rock already, Steven," Lenard said. "I'll see you in a few minutes."


After I hung up the phone, I headed upstairs to join the others in getting dressed. Tim was in his Calvin Klein low rise briefs and nothing else. He was sorting through a couple of possible suits.


"You look good enough to eat, Tim," I said.


"I was hoping you'd say that," Tim replied as he slipped off his briefs. "I need a blow job before this day really begins."


"Got it," I said as I was on my knees in front of my handsome, stud of a husband.




Lenard and his driver showed up in a black Suburban with darkly tinted windows in the back. Lenard explained the vehicle.


"This is a partially armored car," Lenard began. "We have bullet proof glass and sides shielding us from the outside. The car can withstand a moderate, close range explosion and still out run almost any car on the road, including most police cars. Until my services are no longer needed, you will be transported to any place you need to go in this vehicle. We have another car with two additional security officers following us. You do not make a move to get out of this car or go off on your own unless I—or one of the other security officers—approve. Do I make myself perfectly clear?"


"Yes, Lenard," I spoke for the group.


"Why do I think you might shoot us if we broke one of your rules?" Tim asked.


"I know you were joking, Tim, but I might be tempted if it meant keeping you and the others safe," Lenard responded. "When Daniel joins us at Northern Trust, one of the security people will accompany Daniel and Steven. The rest of you will remain with me until we have word it is safe to release you to the rest of the world. Hopefully, we will have this situation under control quickly. Daniel always wins. So, it is just a matter of time."


"You know," Christopher said. "I am certainly glad I met Tim and Steven. You two have been a great help to me. And, now, I have Daniel and Lenard on my side. I feel very fortunate. So, guys. Thanks."


My phone began ringing. It was Daniel. I flicked it on speaker phone when I answered the call, "Hello, Daniel."


"Hello, Steven," Daniel said. "I have the restraining order and the search warrant in my possession. The Chicago police are meeting me in front of Northern Trust in about five minutes. I take it Lenard is with you."


"Yup," I replied. "He has given us the `I'll shoot you if you don't behave' speech."


"The security guard who will be accompanying you and Steven into the building is wired with a microphone and a hidden camera," Lenard explained to us. "I will be monitoring your activities while you are inside the building."


"Good work, Lenard," Daniel responded. "I have arrived. The Chicago Police contingent is waiting near the front entrance. We are ready to roll."


"Are you ready, Bruce?" Lenard asked. We assumed Lenard was also wired.


Another extremely tall and well-built man opened the back door. "I'm Bruce DeLorean. Are you ready, Mr. Caldwell?"


"Yup," I replied as I stepped out of the SUV. "I will see you guys later. In the meantime, listen to Lenard. I don't want to be visiting any of you in the emergency room."


I joined Daniel and four Chicago Police officers as we stepped inside the main entrance of Northern Trust. Daniel took charge immediately.


"Good morning," Daniel said to the security officer at the entrance. "I am here to see Geoff Purdy, head of security."


"May I ask who you might be?" the security officer pompously replied.


"Daniel Kim," Daniel explained. "I am here with the Chicago Police Department, my private security officer, Bruce DeLorean, and one of my associates, Steven Caldwell. We have a search warrant to remove items in a safe deposit box belonging to Christopher Trainer as well as retrieve account information pertaining to an ongoing investigation of wrong doing by one of your employees, John Trainer."


"I will see if Mr. Purdy is available," the security officer responded. He was obviously annoyed. "Mr. Purdy. I have a Daniel Kim here to execute a search warrant."


There was a pause.


"I will tell Mr. Kim you will be right down, Mr. Purdy," the security officer replied.


"Mr. Purdy is on his way to meet you," the security guard responded. "Why don't you have a seat in the lobby until Mr. Purdy can see you?"


"We will wait here, officer," Bruce said to the officer.


"I can't allow you to stay near my station," the officer announced. "It may not look good to our other clients."


"Then, Mr. Purdy should get here as soon as possible," Daniel tersely said to the officer.


"I will tell Mr. Trainer he has guests here to speak with him," the officer said.


"Do not contact Mr. Trainer," Daniel demanded. "We have a restraining order to keep Mr. Trainer away from my client and any of his assets."


"But, Mr. Trainer is an officer of this bank," the security guard explained.


"Officer... Miller is it?" one of the Chicago Police Department representatives addressed the security guard. "I am Captain Adams. If Mr. Trainer in any way tries to inhibit our access to Christopher Trainer's assets, we will arrest him on the spot. Do you understand, Officer Miller?"


"But...," Officer Miller began.


"You will be the second person I arrest, Officer Miller," Captain Adams informed the security guard.


A man dressed in a dark grey suit approached the security station. "I'm Geoff Purdy. I am head of security for the bank. How may I help you?"


"I'm Daniel Kim," Daniel began. "I am here to gain access to Christopher Trainer's assets at Northern Trust. Those assets include contents of a safe deposit box as well as account information for all accounts associated with Christopher Trainer."


We heard a gruff voice almost scream at our group, "Caldwell! What the fuck are you doing in my bank?"


"I am just helping out," I said with a smile.


"Mr. Trainer," Daniel began. "I have a restraining order barring you from contact with your son, Christopher Trainer, and his assets at this bank. I also have a search warrant for contents of Christopher's safe deposit box as well as information related to any accounts associate with your son at this bank."


"Officer," John Trainer turned to the security officer. "Remove these faggots from my bank immediately."


"I'm sorry, Mr. Trainer," Mr. Purdy responded. "You can't order these gentlemen removed from the bank. They have legal documents to allow them access to the information pertaining to your son's assets held at the bank."


"Why didn't my no good faggot son come here in person?" Mr. Trainer turned on the head of security for the bank.


Bruce motioned for Daniel's attention. "Mr. Kim. One of my associates is accompanying Christopher Trainer into the bank."


"Thank you, Mr. DeLorean," Daneil replied.


"Mr. Trainer," Captain Miller said. "I suggest you, on your own volition, go back to your office and let me and my fellow police officers do our job."


"I will not allow these two faggots access to any part of my bank, including the assets of my faggot son," Mr. Trainer replied to the officer.


"Dad," Christopher said to his father as he and Lenard arrived. "I'd like you to meet another of our security team. This is Lenard Marx. I suggest you let these men do their job."


"Listen you little faggot," Mr. Trainer began his rant. "Get the fuck out of my bank. You have nothing here. Any accounts you used to have here are closed."


"Mr. Trainer," Daniel replied. "Christopher's accounts will be reviewed for unauthorized transactions. You might want to contact your attorney. In the meantime, Mr. Purdy, we need to look at Christopher's accounts as well as his safe deposit box."


"This way, please," Mr. Purdy replied as he ushered us into a private office. "May I see your id, please, Mr. Trainer."


Christopher pulled out his wallet with his driver's license and handed it to Mr. Purdy.


"Thank you, Mr. Trainer," Mr. Purdy said as he returned Christopher's driver's license. "Now, let me see what information I can give you. Hmmm... Mr. Trainer, it appears you closed the original accounts and moved the money to another set of accounts. Is this correct?"


"No, Sir!" Christopher almost screamed. "I did not transfer anything."


"Well, you signed the authorization to transfer the balance from the original accounts to the new accounts," Mr. Purdy explained.


"Let me repeat, Mr. Purdy," Christopher replied. "I did not authorize any transfer."


"What about the new accounts?" Daniel asked.


"The new accounts are not held at this bank," Mr. Purdy replied. "So, I have no information on those."


"When were the accounts transferred?" Daniel asked.


"Tuesday afternoon," Mr. Purdy replied. Mr. Purdy wrote down some figures. "Approximately $55 million was involved in the transfer."


"May we please see the authorization document, Mr. Purdy?" Daniel asked.


"Of course," Mr. Purdy replied. "I have a copy scanned into the computer system. I can retrieve the original document from our storage area."


"May we see the computer document, please?" Daniel asked.


"Of course," Mr. Purdy replied as he retrieved the copy from the printer.


Daniel looked at the copy and handed it to Christopher. "Is this your signature, Christopher?"


"It looks like it," Christopher replied. "But, I didn't sign this document. It is dated on Tuesday. I was in the hospital."


"Who witnessed this signature, Mr. Purdy?" Daniel asked.


"It appears to be one of our account manager officers, Ms. Franklin," Mr. Purdy replied. "Would you like to speak with her?"


"Absolutely, Mr. Purdy," Daniel replied.


"Please excuse me while I locate her," Mr. Purdy said as he left the office.


"Captain Miller," Daniel calmly said to the police officer. "What would it take to get a warrant for John Trainer's arrest?"


"Judging from the information Mr. Purdy has relayed to us..., not long," Captain Miller replied. "I would like to hear Ms. Franklin's explanation of events surrounding the signature on the authorization form."


Mr. Purdy returned to the office with a woman who was probably about 50 years old. "Gentlemen, this is Ms. Franklin. Ms. Franklin, can you explain your recollections of this authorization?"


"Of course," Ms. Franklin replied. "Mr. Trainer, Christopher Trainer's father, brought the form with Christopher's signature for me to witness. Mr. Trainer said his son was in the hospital. So, I witnessed the form."


"You realize the form explains Christopher was present when he signed the document," Mr. Purdy suggested.


"Well, yes, but...," Ms. Franklin replied. "Mr. Trainer is, after all, an officer of Northern Trust."


"Thank you, Ms. Franklin," Mr. Purdy replied. "We will contact you if we need any further assistance from you."


"Thank you, Mr. Purdy, Mr. Trainer," Ms. Franklin replied as she turned and left the office.


Captain Miller pulled out his phone and stepped out of the office.


"I think we are going to enjoy the next few hours here at Northern Trust," I suggested. "Perhaps we should ask Tim, Marcus, and Master Ajmal to join us."


Captain Miller returned to the office. "Daniel, a warrant for John Trainer's arrest in being processed as we speak. I am stationing these three officers outside Mr. Trainer's office to make certain he does not leave the bank."



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