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Life With Tim



Master Ajmal took a seat beside Tim and me. "You two look like you are hatching a plot to take over the world."


"We don't plot, AJ," Tim responded. "We plan."


"Yea," Master Ajmal added. "Like I said you look like you are plotting. Tim, Marcus tells me you two are heading to San Francisco next week with David. Does this mean I will have some time with the boy?"


"Sure," Tim replied.


"Why go to San Francisco," I added. "Why not just hole up in the bedroom and fuck like bunnies for the week. Saves time."


"It is not like we will be fucking all week," Tim replied. "I have a writer's conference to attend. I'm just taking Marcus and David as moral support!"


"I am certain you will find time to get comfortable with your men, Tim," Master Ajmal said with a smile. "I made plans with Brad. You and I, boy, are getting together with him on Monday and Tuesday. You and I will be alone on Wednesday and Thursday. And, I have a surprise for you over the weekend."


"A surprise?" I asked.


"Yup," Master Ajmal replied with a smile. "I am certain you will enjoy the surprise."


"Just make certain Steven is rested when we get home on Monday," Tim said. "I will need some serious alone time with my husband."


"I promise, Tim," Master Ajmal reassured him. "He will be ready for you when you return."


Chapter 41: A New Life


"Are you going to miss me?" Tim said to me as he, Marcus, and David Chen were waiting for the limo driver to take them to O'Hare for their trip to San Francisco.


"Of course I am going to miss you, Tim," I said as I hugged my husband and gave him a peck on the cheek. "I always miss you!"


"AJ will keep you mind off missing me, I am certain," Tim smiled as he kissed me. "Besides, I think you will enjoy your surprise."


"You know about the surprise?" I asked. "Am I the last to know what's happening?"


"If you knew it wouldn't be a surprise," Tim added. "I'm certainly not going to tell you about it."


"What's on your agenda in San Francisco?" I asked.


"Conference Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday all day," Tim replied. "I am going to learn about the publishing process and marketing fiction. Plus, I have two agents who are interested in representing me in the future. If I like them, I might have an agent when I return."


"I am expecting big things from my writer-husband in the future," I said to Tim. "You are going to be a huge success. I can feel it."


"I feel your dick getting bigger, Steven," Tim said as he groped my crotch. "I may need to take a later flight!"


"I'll take care of him for you, Tim," Master Ajmal said as he and Marcus stood beside Tim and me.


"I love it!" I said. "One big happy family. My husband. My Master and his husband. Our dear friend David. Our sons. My Master and his husband's sons. Our house manager. I could go on and on!"


"Don't," Marcus replied. "The limo just pulled up. We need to get in the car during this century not the next one."


Once we had seen our guys off to the airport, Master Ajmal and I sat in the living room discussing our week.


"I want us to go to the gym this morning," Master Ajmal decided. "It's been a long time since we were at the gym together. I want to show off my slave boy to the rest of the world."


"I would love to go to the gym with you, Master," I said as he pulled me into a kiss. "Do you want to go upstairs with me and change?"


"We might never get out of the house if we change together," Master Ajmal said. "You go your way. I'll go my way. And, we will meet down here in 10 minutes or less."


"Got it, Master!" I said as I took two stairs at a time to reach the master suite.


I decided to go all out and wear a pair of form fitting gym shorts without underwear, a tight, tight tank top, and sneakers. When I returned downstairs, Master Ajmal was staring at me.


"You could get us arrested, Steven," Master Ajmal slowly said. "You know I am right?"


"Ahm...," I began. "I'm not naked."


"Suggestive," Master Ajmal added.


"Do you want me to change?" I asked.


"No!" Master Ajmal replied. "I want to show off my slave boy's big balls and extremely well-built body to the world. You might need to take care of a cop if you get stopped, Steven."


"In Chicago?" I asked.


"Yup," Master Ajmal replied. "Remember you helped Willie get a job here."


"Oh yea!" I said. "Willy. Nice guy. But, it's daylight. No dark allies."


"I need to put your collar on you, boy," Master Ajmal said.


"Yes, Master," I said as I assumed the position in front of Master Ajmal.


Master Ajmal slipped on my collar.


"Master," I responded. "I give you my mind, my body, and my soul, Master. I will forsake all others! I am yours!"


"Good boy," Master Ajmal replied. "You will remain collared—at least by someone—until you see your husband on Monday afternoon. One week. You will be mine for one week. When I return you to your husband in one week, you and your body will understand—more than ever before—what it means to be owned by me, your Master. Understand, boy?"


"Yes, Master," I replied. "I want to please you, Master!"


"Good," Master Ajmal said as he attached my leash to my collar.


We did get a lot of attention from people on the street as we walked from our house on Roscoe to the gym on Halsted Street.


"You like the attention, don't you, boy?" Master Ajmal asked as we finished our second block on our walk to the gym.


"Yes, Master," I replied. "I want everyone to know you are my Master."


"Good, boy," Master Ajmal replied. "I think I see your dick getting hard under your gym shorts. Am I correct, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied as we arrived at the gym.


"Good," Master Ajmal replied as he led us to the weight room. "Good morning, gentlemen."


"Good morning, AJ," Master Jake replied. Master Garrison and Master Miguel were also in the room.


"It looks like your boy is ready for some fun today," Master Miguel said as he groped my hard dick and balls through the fabric of my skimpy gym shorts.


"We have an appointment with Brad later today," Master Ajmal replied. "So, yes, the boy will be having a great deal of fun today and tomorrow. If you have time, you are welcome to watch the festivities. We should begin around 6 this afternoon. Cocktails and refreshments will be served as will dinner later this evening. It will be an interactive night!"


"So, the boy's body will be marked once Brad finishes his handy work," Master Jake said.


"Yes," Master Ajmal hissed. "The boy needs to get back into being my slave. I have been rather lax these last few months. I thought I should take advantage of Tim's absence this week."


"Tim is traveling?" Master Miguel asked as he continued to grope my now fully hard dick and swollen balls.


"Yes," Master Ajmal replied. "Tim is attending a writer's conference in San Francisco. He took Marcus and his new lover David Kim with him."


I looked strangely at Master Ajmal.


"Oh! You didn't know David is your husband's new lover," Master Ajmal explained to me. "It's official. They will be sleeping together from now on. For the next month, you won't be seeing much of your husband."


"So, you have some clients lined up to use Steven's body?" Master Garrison asked.


"Yes," Master Ajmal replied. "He has four appointments in New York next week. Four in London the following week. And, he will be spending two weeks in Berlin. One week is with the boy's new slave trainer and the other is with four clients."


"The boy looks surprised at your announcement, AJ," Master Jake added.


"Yes," Master Ajmal replied. "I hadn't told him about his travel schedule."


We continued our workout. Master Ajmal, Master Jake, Master Miguel, and Master Garrison pushed me the entire time. I was lifting massive amounts of weights. My body responded to my disappointment of Master Ajmal's news by pumping iron like I have never done before.


"I think we are done here, men," Master Ajmal said after our three-hour workout. "I need to take the boy home and feed him before our session with Brad. I hope you can make it."


Master Ajmal and I began our walk home from the gym. "Master," I said finally. "May I ask you a question or two?"


"Yes, boy," Master Ajmal said as he tugged on my leash.


"Why are you doing this to me?" I asked.


"Doing what?" Master Ajmal responded.


"Making me serve other men for the next several weeks," I replied. "And, Tim. What about Tim?"


"You knew I planned on renting your body to other men from the very beginning of our relationship," Master Ajmal replied. "This news should not be startling. And, Tim. Well, when I was speaking with Tim about my plans, he told me he would welcome the time to get to know his new lover better."


"His new lover?" I asked incredulously. "Tim and David are lovers?"


"Yes, boy," Master Ajmal replied. "Tim and David are now lovers. They will be sharing the master bedroom you and Tim once shared. You will be staying in the bedroom downstairs next to the playroom when you are here in our house."


"Doesn't Tim love me anymore?" I whispered.


"You will need to talk to Tim about his love for you," Master Ajmal replied. "This new situation is the best one for you. I need you to be more proactive in your activities. I plan to occupy your time with requests for your services and giving me pleasure. You will have little time to be a husband to Tim."


"Will he ask for a divorce?" I asked.


"No," Master Ajmal replied. "He doesn't want to lose your wealth. He wants control of your fortune. Actually, Tim and I will control your fortune."


"And, a slave trainer?" I asked. "You think I am not a good slave boy for you, Master?"


"You're good," Master Ajmal replied. "But, I want perfection. The men I rent you to demand perfection. Gerhardt is the best slave trainer in the world. You will be the perfect slave when he is finished with you. You will be spending one week with him every month for the next two years. It has been arranged."


"And, Tim is okay with this?" I asked.


"Yes," Master Ajmal replied. "You will be busy. Tim decided to take a new lover because you will not be around much. What do you have to say about this news?"


"Thank you, Master," I replied. "Thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve men of your choice and to learn new skills as a slave boy."


"I'm glad you are in agreement with this arrangement," Master Ajmal replied.


"Who are the men I will be serving?" I asked quietly.


"Good men," Master Ajmal replied. "You will serve twelve very gifted sadists. Each one will make you a much stronger slave."


"Thank you, Master," I whispered.


"Now, we need to feed you," Master Ajmal said as we entered the kitchen. "Good morning, Harvey! Do you have the boy's meal prepared?"


"Yes, AJ," Harvey replied. "I left the boy's meal in his room downstairs a few moments ago."


"Thank you, Harvey," Master Ajmal said. "Would you please take the boy to his room and secure him? You can leave him after he is completely secured."


"Yes, certainly, AJ," Harvey replied to Master Ajmal as he took my leash and led me downstairs. He explained his part in this new arrangement. "I hired the contractors who made AJ's requested modifications for your new room. It is very austere to remind you of your place in the world. You will be chained to the new restrains while you are in your room. You have a toilet and a single bed. The light is supplied by one light bulb in the center of the room. We control the light from the kitchen."


When we arrive at my new room, I was even more shocked. It was a jail cell in a larger sound proof room.


"We had cameras installed," Harvey continued to explain. "I have a monitor in the kitchen and AJ can monitor the cameras on his iPhone. You are not to touch your penis or balls. They are off limits to you. AJ will determine if we need to put you in a chastity device later. He thought he should see if you can manage to keep your hands off your dick. Now, your food is on the table. Eat."


Harvey removed the leash from my collar and place restraints on my ankles and wrists. He connected the ankle restraints to a chain and locked it in place. He attached the other end of the chain to a metal "eye bolt" connected to two cell bars near the floor.


"Good day, boy," Harvey replied. "Enjoy your meal."


I sat and ate my lunch. I was starved after my workout. As I looked at my food, I calculated the calories at about 5,000.


I was disturbed by Tim and Master Ajmal's plan for me. How could Tim do this to me? I thought he loved me! Shit! And, Master Ajmal... He promised Tim and me he wouldn't make me serve other men on a regular basis. I decided I needed to speak with Master Ajmal when he came to get me.


I laid on my back on the small bed. I must have dozed off because the next thing I remember is Harvey shaking me awake.


"Wake up, boy," Harvey said as he shook my shoulder. "I need to get you ready to serve AJ and Brad. We need to clean you thoroughly."


I sat up on the edge of the bed while Harvey removed the restraints from my ankles and wrists. The chains were still attached to the restraints.


Harvey led me to the open shower in the playroom.


"We will start with this," Harvey explained as he picked up the douche hose. "AJ wants you well cleaned."


Harvey adjusted the water temperature and then inserted the hose. I thought my insides were going to explode before he allowed me to release the water from my insides.


"I see we have our work cut out for us here today," Harvey said as he examined the liquid gushing from my ass.


Harvey continued to clean my ass until he was pleased with the result. "There! Now we need to clean your sweaty, smelly, slave boy body."


Harvey began to soap my body. He continued until he decided I was clean. Harvey spent extra time cleaning my cock and balls. Needless to say I was rock hard. He led me back to my cell and connected the restrains. This time he also chained my wrists.


"I will tell your Master you are ready for his use," Harvey said as he locked the cell door behind him. But, first, I need to put this on you."


Harvey grabbed a vacuum tube for my dick. He slipped the extra-large tube over my now soft cock and turned on the vacuum pump. I gasp slightly as my dick filled the entire tube.


"You will be using this for the next several days," Harvey explained. "When you are in your cell, your dick will be encased in plastic. Your Master wants to have, not only a big balled slave, but also a big dicked slave. You may rest now."


I waited for Master Ajmal to retrieve me for our appointment with Brad. The only sound in my cell was the whirring of the vacuum pump. `I am going to be whipped—again—by the salesman at the BMW dealership. Ironic, huh?'


I must have fallen asleep again because I was startled awake with the sound of a key unlocking the door to my cell.


"Are you ready for me, boy?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Yes, SIR!" I replied. My dick tried to stir to life, but was limited to the size of the plastic tube. I stirred to life as I quickly pondered the possibilities of the upcoming session with Master Ajmal and Brad.


"It looks as though you have been thinking about the good times we will enjoy in a few moments," Master Ajmal said as he released the restraints from my wrists and ankles. He attached my leash before he led me upstairs to greet Brad. "I love the way your dick looks after you have been in this tube. I am investigating techniques to permanently increase the size of your dick."


Master Ajmal was dressed in black leather pants with a cod piece covering his cock and balls. He also sported a black leather, full-body harness.


We arrived upstairs to see Master Brad waiting for us. Master Brad also wore black leather pants with a cod piece. He, however, had on a chain harness with black leather arm bands covering this well-defined bicep.


"My, my," Master Brad chuckled as he stepped in front of me. "You get better looking every time I see you, boy!"


"Thank you, SIR!" I said as I stood in front of Master Brad. My legs were spread shoulder length apart, hands behind my back, and gazing downward to the floor.


"So, boy," Master Brad added as he brushed his hands across my nipples. "It looks like you are very excited about our planned activities." He commented on my hard dick.


"Yes, Master," I replied still looking at the floor.


"AJ," Master Brad said as he continued to brush his hand across my nipples. "How do you want to proceed?"


"This will be your show, Brad," Master Ajmal replied. "I will be a bystander until you want me involved. The boy is yours until you leave us on Wednesday morning. You can do anything you want to him. You can take him anywhere you want. I only ask you make him feel used and worthless. He needs to get used to his new lifestyle."


"I will do my best, AJ," Master Brad hissed with an evil grin spreading across his face. Master Brad turned his attention to me. His nose almost touching mine. "You will obey to the fullest extent of your ability, boy! If you fail to please me, you will be punished. Do you understand me, boy?"


"Yes, SIR," I reply loudly as a slave should reply to his Master. "Thank you, SIR, for giving me the opportunity to serve you, SIR!"


"Your pledge to your new Master," Master Ajmal reminded me. "He is your Master until I retake possession of you."


"Yes, Master," I replied as I continued to face Master Brad. "I give you my mind, my body, and my soul, Master. I will forsake all others! I am yours!"


"Good boy," Master Brad said and then spit into my face. He ripped to cod piece off his leather pants. His big dick stood at attention. "I have a great need for you to blow me, boy. Suck me off. Make me cum. Swallow it all. Don't let a drop of my precious cum escape from my mouth. Understand, boy?"


"Yes, Master," I replied as I quickly positioned myself on my knees in front of Master Brads rock hard dick.


I eagerly slipped his cock inside my mouth. I began to work my tongue into his piss slot. Then, I slid my tongue under his foreskin and cleaned it before I slid his cock into my mouth and down my throat.


"Ah! Yes, boy!" Master Brad hissed. "Suck my Master dick, boy! Suck it like you've never sucked a dick before. Work for your prize, boy! Make me feel good."


Master Brad put his hands on my head and began forcing me back and forth on his hard dick. Me moved in and out of my mouth with long, swift strokes—not stopping until his dick was down my throat and his balls slapping my chin. Then, out again. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out...


"I'm about to cum, boy!" Master Brad screamed at me after 15 or 20 minutes of face fucking me. ""Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" Master Brad screamed as he unloaded his cum down my throat.


"Fuck! Such a good cocksucker you have here, AJ!" Master Brad hissed as he finally regained his composure. His dick was still in my mouth. I licked the last remnants of Master Brad's cum from his spent cock.


Master Brad pulled me up to face him. He spit in my face and then slapped me with the back of his hand. "Don't forget your place, boy! You are nothing but a worthless piece of shit cock sucking slave boy. Don't ever forget it!"


Master Brad spit in my face again and turned to whisper something into Master Ajmal's ear. They were both smiling when they approached me.


"Steven," Master Ajmal began. "Your Master Brad has suggested we make a public display of your worthlessness. I like his idea. It will teach you to be more submissive and less assertive. In your previous life, you were a powerful, rich, and handsome man. In your new life, you will have no power. You will have no wealth. You will still be a masculine, well-muscled man, but you will be humiliated whenever you are in the public eye. From this day forward, you will wear your collar at all times when you are interacting with people outside of this house. You will be dressed in minimal clothes. Forget your old life, boy. You are not the same person as of this very minute."


"Yes, SIR!" I whisper. "As you see fit, SIR!"


"Take the boy," Master Ajmal said to Master Brad. "Humiliate him in public. I want everyone on the outside to know he is a worthless piece of shit slave boy."


"My pleasure, AJ," Master Brad replied as he clipped his leash onto my collar and led me to my cell to change into something more appropriate for the outside.


Master Brad selected a very tight pair of extremely distressed jeans. Black lace-up boots and nothing else besides my collar and leash. My dick and balls were clearly outlined in the crotch of my jeans.


Master Brad led me back upstairs so Master Ajmal could check out my outfit.


"Perfect Brad," Master Ajmal said as he looked me over. "Call me when you are on your way back here. I will be ready for the next phase of our time together."


"Certainly, AJ," Master Brad replied. He turned his attention to me, "Come on boy! It's time to show the world your worthless piece of shit body."


I followed Master Brad outside and down the street to Halsted Street. Brad led the procession north on Halsted. I followed him two steps behind him to show my status to the world. My leash was connected to Master Brad's left rear belt loop in his jeans. We pause momentarily in front of a sex toy store and looked at the window display. "I have some ideas I want to run by AJ about your attire. I think we need to make a few changes from time-to-time. Have you ever worn women's clothing, boy?"


"No, SIR!" I whispered not like the sound of the energy in Master Brad's voice.


"We might need to make some major adjustments," Master Brad replied. "It would be good for you to be humiliated. A big, muscular hunk of a man like you dressing up in women's underwear. I think you would look pretty in a bra and panties."


We continued on our walk up Halsted until we arrived at Starbucks. Master Brad tied my leash to an empty table before he went inside to get our coffee drinks. "Stand in position, boy."


"Yes, Master," I replied as Master Brad turned to enter the coffee shop. When he returned with two black coffees he sat down on one chair. "Sit, boy!"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied as I took a seat beside Master Brad.


Master Brad handed me a coffee. "Drink."


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I removed the lid and took a sip of coffee from the cup.


"Do you know anyone here, boy?" Master Brad asked.


"No, SIR!" I replied. "Not at the moment."


Then, I spotted Angela. She was my assistant at eSquare. When she saw me, she paused momentarily before she spoke to me.


"Mr. Caldwell!" She said. "I almost didn't recognize you! You look so... so... so... different."


"Good to see you after all this time, Angela," I said. "Angela, this is my Master Brad. Master, this is my former assistant at eSquare, Angela."


"Nice to meet you," Master Brad replied.


"You, too!" Angela said as she looked back and forth between Master Brad and me. "What... where's... Are you still with Tim?"


"Yes," I replied. "Tim is in San Francisco at a writer's convention. He went with some friends of his."


"He's actually with his new lover David and his boyfriend Marcus," Master Brad added. "Steven is a full-time slave now."


"Oh!" Angela replied. "I'll tell Leon I saw you. Take care."


"You, too, Angela," I said as she slipped into Starbucks. When she left, she did not stop by to say good bye.


"Good start," Master Brad said.


"'Good start' to what?" I asked.


"Letting people know your husband has a new lover and a boyfriend," Master Brad replied. "And, you are now a full-time slave."


"I am not certain how all of this evolved, but it appears to be my life," I replied.


"It didn't evolve, boy," Master Brad replied. "You chose this life when you agreed to be AJ's slave boy. You knew this would happen when you accepted this relationship with your Master Ajmal. And I am certain Tim understood you had no choice but to abide by your Master's decision to make your life move in a different direction. If you are surprised at your Master's decision, then I think you might have expected your Master to really care about what you wanted. I have only known AJ for a short time. I knew from the moment I met him, you would be a full-fledged slave serving whomever your Master decides to rent your body to."


"You have certainly put things into perspective," I replied.


"Steven!" A guy called out my name. I turned to see Christopher walking toward me. "I see AJ let you out today. How at things?"


"Good!" I responded. "This is Master Brad. Master, this is Christopher."


"Nice to meet you, Christopher!" Master Brad said to Christopher. "Aren't you a friend of Ajmal's."


"Yea," Christopher replied. "You look familiar... Oh! I know...! It was when we all watched Steven get his balls injected! I was with AJ that night."


"You are right!" Master Brad added. "AJ went after your ass something fierce!"


"That was definitely me!" Christopher replied with a huge smile covering his face. "How are Tim, AJ, and Marcus?"


"I will let Master Brad tell you about my current relationship situation," I replied.


"The boy's Master has decided to go all out and rent the boy out to various men," Master Brad explained. "Tim took his new lover and boyfriend to a writer's conference in San Francisco this week. They will return a week from today."


"Cool!" Christopher said. "You must be excited, Steven!"


"I haven't processed all of the information yet, so I am still in shock," I replied.


"I am giving a little whipping demonstration at AJ's playroom later. You are welcome to join us," Master Brad suggested. "May be AJ could go at your ass again."


"I'd love to join you!" Christopher replied. "I am sort of on a break from school this week."


"We are going home shortly," Master Brad explained. "You could walk over with us if you would like."


"Sure," Christopher exclaimed. "I'd enjoy hanging with you dudes and watch you whip Steven senseless."


Master Brad pulled out his phone. "AJ! This is Brad. The boy and I are in our way back to your place. We met a friend of yours, Christopher, and I invited him to view the whipping. I hope you don't mind!"


Master Brad listened. "Great! We will see you shortly."


Master Brad hung up his phone and turned to Christopher and me, "AJ is excited you are joining us, Christopher. He wants you naked once you step into the foyer."


"Hot damn!" Christopher replied. His smile got even bigger.


As we walked home, Christopher and Master Brad walked side-by-side. I followed a few steps back on Master Brad's right side. We arrived at the house. Master Ajmal stood in the doorway welcoming us into the house.


"Glad you could join us, Christopher," Master Ajmal said as Christopher walked through the doorway. "Strip! Steven, stay outside and take off your clothes."


"What?" I asked.


"I said stay outside and take off your clothes, boy! Now!" Master Ajmal commanded.


"Yes, SIR!" I replied as I began to kick off my shoes and then unbuttoned my jeans. As I slide them down my legs, I could feel passerbys watching me strip. Master Ajmal indicated I enter the house. I carried my jeans and shoes with me.


Master Ajmal pulled Christopher into a hug. "I thought about you several times in the past week while we were away."


Master Ajmal kneaded Christopher's ass with the palms of his hands as he caressed Christopher's lips with his own.


"I was... thinking about... you, too..., AJ," Christopher hissed through Master Ajmal's kisses.


"Come with me, boy," Master Brad ordered. "We need to give these two some privacy."


"Yes, Master!" I said as I followed Master Brad downstairs. He led me into the playroom and not my cell. "While we wait for the others, I will prepare you for the show."


Master Brad released the leash on my collar and led me to the St. Andrews Cross.


Master Brad began to secure me to the cross. First, he put my wrists into the restraints at the top of the cross and pulled my wrists wide apart. Next, he put my ankles into the restraints at the bottom and the cross and pulled my legs wide apart. I was stretched to the maximum. Finally, Master Brad fished my still soft cock and balls through an opening in the cross. He adjusted the width of the opening to clamp down hard at the base of my cock and balls. I was instantly hard.


"You were born to be restrained like this, boy!" Master Brad explained as he moved in a circle around the cross. "You have the perfect body for a slave. Hairless. Tattooed. Muscled. Tight. You have the perfect mind for a slave, too. You are intelligent. Humble. Needy. You will serve your Master Ajmal and the men he lets use you well."


"Thank you, SIR!" I exclaim.


"Your welcome, boy," Master Brad replied. "I am not whipping you until we have an audience. Not much longer. While we are waiting for the others, you and I will have some fun."


Master Brad crosses the room where the play equipment is stored. I hear him shuffling through a drawer. "Ah! Yes! Perfect!"


Master Brad is standing in front of me with the cross between us. "Do you know what this is, boy?"


Master Brad is holding an inflatable butt.


"Yes, Master," I replied. "It's an inflatable butt plug."


"Do you know what else it is?" Master Brad asked.


"No, SIR!" I replied.


"It has an electro stimulator in it," Master Brad explained. He had the look of a true sadist. "The stimulator is controlled by a remote. While I am whipping you, I will give this to the audience to pass around. Even though they will not touch you while I am beating you, they will control your response with the remote. Should be a lot of fun, I think."


"Thank you, SIR!" I whisper. "Thank you for thinking of me."


Master Brad moved behind me. I feel a cold liquid applied to my asshole. The cold material of the butt plug massages the outside of my asshole for a few moments before Master Brad shoves the entire butt plug into my ass.


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I hiss.


"I told you we would have a lot of fun," Master Brad whispers to me. The real sadist in Master Brad began to show in his voice. "It needs to be bigger for the fun to really begin."


Master Brad began inflating the butt plug. I felt it gradually stretch my ass even further. Finally, Master Brad stopped inflating the plug. I felt as though my asshole would explode.


"Nice fit," Master Brad hissed.


I feel slight pulses emanating from the butt plug. They are slow and gentle. Each pulse seemed to go on longer and with more energy.


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I scream and the butt plug shot a huge jolt of electrical current through my ass.


"I like this new toy AJ bought for us to use this afternoon!" Master Brad exclaimed. "I hope you are ready to enjoy this new phase of your life. Your Master Ajmal has put a lot of time and effort making it possible for your transformation. It will be an incredible journey for you, boy!"


"Yes, SIR!" I whisper. "I am very grateful to Master Ajmal for his devotion to his new project."


"I'm happy to hear you feel this way, boy," Master Ajmal announced as he and a naked Christopher arrived in the playroom. "I have some other exciting news I will give to you and the group during our dinner break this evening. Brad, I promised Christopher he could fuck the boy before the others arrive. So, if you would be so kind as to remove the butt plug, we can turn the boy's ass over to Christopher."


"My pleasure, AJ," Master Brad replied. Without deflating the butt plug, he pulled it quickly out of my ass.


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed as the butt plug ripped out of my ass.


"He's all yours, Christopher," Master Ajmal said. "Take him. Use him. Make yourself feel good, Christopher."


"Thank you, AJ," Christopher replied as he moved behind me.


"I am so fucking horny for your ass, boy," Christopher whispered into my ear. "Get ready big guy. You are mine right now!"


Christopher pulled back, and I heard him squirt out some lube. His dick caressed the outside of my asshole. He leaned his body to mine. Skin to skin.


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I hissed as Christopher


"This will be your life from now on, Slave boy!" Christopher hissed as he ramped up his attack on my ass with his hard dick.


Christopher leaned back to give him more room to maneuver as he continued to fuck my ass with incredible passion. His balls slapped against mine. The hair of his crotch grazed my ass with every stroke. I was being taken by a man in heat.


"More!" I screamed. "Harder!"


Christopher gave me more. He pounded my ass. Over and over and over and over. He pushed his dick inside me and pulled it all of the way out. And he did it over and over and over and over.


"Ah! Shit, boy!" Christopher screamed. "I'm cuming in your slave boy ass! Shit! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Christopher rested against my body until his breathing recovered and he could speak again. "Get used to this, boy. It will be your life from now on."


I didn't reply.


"I didn't hear you, boy!" Christopher whispered into my ear.


"SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I announced so the entire room of visitors could hear me. The room had filled with Master Ajmal's guests while Christopher fucked me.


"You are welcome, boy," Christopher hissed. "I will be filling in for you while you are away."


Christopher pulled out of my ass. He received congratulatory comments from the others in the audience. I was confused.


Master Brad stepped up behind me. "I hope you are enjoying your new life, slave boy. This is the life you were born into. Serving men. Making men happy. Now, the real show will begin."


Master Brad turned to his audience. "For the next several hours, I will attempt to break the boy into a blood stained piece of shit. I welcome suggestions from the audience as we continue on our trek to humiliate and defile this piece of slave shit. This is, in a way, a dress rehersal for tomorrow evening at the Windy City Bondage Club meeting at Cell Block. Any questions...? Good!"


Master Brad stepped in front of me with the cross between him and me. He held up the first whip he would use on my body. "Do you recognize this, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied. "The first time you whipped me you used this whip."


"Very good, boy!" Master Brad replied. "Do you remember how we ended our session when I first whipped you?"


"Bullwhip, SIR!" I replied.


"How would you like me to end the session with you tonight?" Master Brad asked.


"Bullwhip, SIR!" I replied.


"Very good, boy!" Master Brad replied.


And, it began. Lightly at first. Across my back. Across my ass. Across my thighs. I didn't even whimper as the whip caressed my body. Then it changed.


"Ah!" I hissed as Master Brad issued the first slightly harder blow against my body. "Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...!" I moaned after each lash of the whip against my body. Across my back. Across my ass. Across my thighs.


Master Brad halted his use of my body. His hand touched my back where the whip had landed. His hand touched my ass. His hand touched my thighs.


Master Brad move away from me and finally appeared in front of me with the cross between us. He was holding a cat-o-nine-tails. "This is the next one I will use on your body. How will it feel, boy?"


"Hurts," I whimpered.


"Good boy," Master Brad said before he moved behind me.


Without warning, he slammed the cat-o-nine-tails across my back.


"Ahhhhhh!" I screamed.


Master Brad paused before he unleashed a torrent of hard, driving blows of the cat-o-nine-tails across my back.


"Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed after each blow, one more forceful than the last, landed across my back.


Master Brad moved down to my ass. "Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!"


After several more whips, Master Brad paused. Someone in the audience, I think it must have been Master Ajmal, said, "Give him everything you've got, Brad. Teach him his life's work. Make him hurt! Make him feel the pain. He needs to feel the pain."


Master Brad appeared in front of me with the cross between us. He was holding the bullwhip. "You know what this is, right, boy?"


"Yes, SIR!" I whispered. "Bullwhip."


"You know what this will be like?" Master Brad asked.


"Yes, SIR!" I whispered back. "Pain. Severe pain."


"Good boy," Master Brad replied. "Do you want me to go lightly on you, boy?"


"No, SIR!" I pleaded. "Hurt me. Make me feel your power, SIR! Make me feel the pain!"


"Gladly, boy," Master Brad said to me.


Master Brad move behind me. I heard the bullwhip cut through the air before it landed on my back.


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed.


Master Brad began his grand finale. Bringing me to new heights of pain. New heights of fear. I screamed loudly every time the bullwhip landed on my back, ass and thighs. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"


At some point, I must have passed out from the pain. I suddenly realized I was no longer tied to the St. Andrews cross.


"Sleeping beauty suddenly awakes," I heard a voice to my left. It was Garrison. "I have been appointed your handler for the time being."


"Handler?" I asked. I was still trying to become fully cognizant of where I was, who I was, and what was happening around me.


"Yes," Garrison replied. "Handler. I will be assisting you during the next month of activities. You and I will both be in slave training in Berlin. Other than that, I will be getting you to and from appointments and making sure you are rested, fed, and physically in shape."


"Who decided I needed a handler?" I asked.


"Master Ajmal," Garrison replied. "You have a month choked full of activities. He didn't believe you could manage all of the details by yourself."


"Why isn't he my handler?" I asked.


"He's busy," Garrison replied. "The little twerp Christopher is filling in for you while you are away. He and your Master Ajmal have, shall we say, bonded."


"Marcus and Tim know about his arrangement?" I asked.


"Yup," Garrison replied. "Tim has known about this for a couple of months now. Marcus also has been involved with the decision making process. So, it's just you and me, boy."


"What about Master Jake and Master Miguel?" I asked. "Won't they miss you?"


"Apparently not," Garrison replied. "I have been given complete control over your activities. I have an American Express Card to cover our expenses. I have our travel itinerary. I have a list of men you will be serving. We are going to have a really good time together."


I finally noticed. I am strapped to the saw horse. Naked. My ass sticking up. Wrists restrained. Ankles restrained. Garrison noticed me take note of my surroundings.


"The others are having dinner," Garrison explained. "After they finish their meal, the group will be down to take care of your ass. You have about twenty men eager to use your ass. You will be thoroughly fucked before morning. You are dessert."


"When will they be down?" I whispered.


"Probably another hour. Do you want to get some sleep?" Garrison asked.


"No," I replied. "I won't' be able to sleep."


"Did you ever dream your Master Ajmal would take away your life with Tim?" Garrison asked.


"No," I replied in a whisper. "Never in a million years. I should have known, though. From the very beginning, Master Ajmal promised I would be rented to several sadists around the globe. I thought it might be an occasional happening. But, I now discover it will be my entire life."


"You don't regret it either, do you?" Garrison asked.


"Yes and no," I replied. "I love Tim. I always have and always will. But, this is the life I was born to lead. It's my life as a slave."


"I don't know if you've heard, but when you are too old to appeal to men, Master Ajmal will castrate you," Garrison said quietly.


"I thought he might," I replied.


Garrison sat quietly while we waited for the others to join us. I had lost track of time. I kept thinking about Tim. Omar. Kathem.


"Ah!" Garrison said. "I think I hear them coming down to enjoy your ass."


Garrison moved away from me.


"I hope you are ready for us, boy," Master Brad said as he moved in front of me. "There are twenty very, very horny men who are ready to use your ass over and over and over. Multiple times. We will rest. You will not. We drew numbers to decide who would have your ass first. I think you will like the lineup."


James replaced Master Brad in front of me. He was naked. His hard, 13 inch, uncut dick stood at attention. "It's been a long time, boy. I can't think of a better place for my dick than in your ass."


"God! Yes, SIR!" I hissed at James. "I need your big dick! Make me feel it, SIR! Make me feel your power!"


James made his way to my ass and generously applied lube to m asshole.


Master Ajmal took his position near my head. "Everyone here tonight is going to fuck you bare. We have all been tested recently. Cum will drip from your ass. James has agreed to be the first and last to fuck you. Once everyone has had a turn on your ass, we are going to invite everyone to fist you. I am certain you won't mind, will you, boy?"


"No, SIR!" I replied.


I felt James's big, uncut dick gently move against my asshole.


"Ahhhhhhhh!" I hissed as James shoved his 13-inch dick into my asshole in one quick push.


"God! I had forgotten how good your ass feels, boy!" James whispered into my ear as he leaned down to nibble on my neck. Then, James's rage at fucking my ass amazed me even though I had been one of James's more regular fuck buds a number of years ago. I just took a deep breath and relaxed into the amazing fuck I was receiving.


The rest of the night was a blur. One dick after another until all 20 of Master Ajmal's guests had a turn on my ass. Then, he offered my ass to anyone who wanted to fist me. Only 10 guests took him up on the invitation. Meanwhile, Master Ajmal was busy banging my stand in, Christopher.


I woke suddenly to find Garrison spooning up to my backside. And, damn it if he didn't have his hard dick in my ass. He started working it in and out of me when he realized I was beginning to stir.


"Good morning, slave boy," Garrison whispered into my ear.


"What year is it?" I asked as I found myself moving with Garrison's rampage on my ass.


"You and I made it to bed about 3 am," Garrison replied as he paused his dick moving in and out of my asshole. "It's almost 12 noon. I stuck my dick in your ass to keep the 20 plus loads of cum from leaking out of your ass and drowning us."


"I suppose you didn't leave another one in me before you went to sleep," I said.


"No," Garrison replied. "Two."


"My ass feels like I will need diapers today," I added.


"We will just put a butt plug in and leave it there until next year.," Garrison added as he picked up the pace of fucking me.


"So, this will be your third load in me since we went to bed," I hissed.


"Fourth," Garrison explained. "I woke up when the sun was just coming up and I could resist the urge to fuck you. I don't think you woke up. Now, slave boy. Just shut the fuck up so I can get off again! You make me so, so horny!"


Garrison rolled me so I was completely on my stomach. He spread my legs wide apart with his muscular legs. Garrison picked up the pace to an energetic frenzy. He kept pounding and pounding my ass. I have no idea how long he lasted before his cum jetted out of his dick and into my ass. When I was finally able to look at the clock it was 1:30 in the afternoon


"You've been fucking me for 90 minutes?" I asked.


"Yup," Garrison replied. "Sorry I came so quickly! I should get you upstairs so you can grab a bit to eat. Then, we will get you ready for your show tonight."


"Show?" I asked.


"Yup," Garrison explained. "Brad is giving a whipping demonstration at the Windy City Bondage Club meeting tonight at Cell Block. Guess who is getting whipped?"


"Will Master Ajmal be at Cell Block tonight?" I asked.


"Yes," Garrison replied. "AJ is bringing his new slave boy, Christopher."


"So, I have been replaced as Master Ajmal's slave by a blond twink and Tim has replaced me as his lover with. a big dicked Chinese muscle man I who used to fuck me all of the time before I met Tim," I added. "Ain't life grand?"


"It can't get any worse, at least," Garrison replied. "Are you excited about the sadists AJ has lined up for you?"


"Actually, yes, I am," I admitted. "I've gotten pretty complacent lately. I do believe a diversion will be good for me. So, you and I are going to slave school together, huh? Know anything about the trainer?"


"Gerhardt is supposed to be the best in the world," Garrison explained. "Master Jake knows him fairly well. It seems they have collaborated on a few things in the past."


"Not surprising," I replied. "One of the best slave trainers in the world and one of the best sadists in the world."


"Yea," Garrison replied. "I thought the same thing. We will be together at least one week a month for the next two years. We will bond. We will become excellent slaves. We will be in demand."


"Is Master Jake and Master Miguel thinking of renting you out?" I asked.


"There has been discussions about the possibility," Garrison replied.


"Would you like to be rented out?" I asked Garrison.


"Yes, actually," Garrison replied. "Like you, I think I have gotten into a rut lately. A little new meat could be just what I need. Now, we need to get you fed and cleaned. Get your cum filled asshole out of bed and follow me to the kitchen. No clothes. We slaves cannot cover our body while we are in this house. New rule."


I followed Garrison out of the room and upstairs to the kitchen.


"Good morning, boys," Harvey said as Garrison and I stepped into the kitchen. "I have your lunch ready for you. It is set up in the breakfast room. Please let me know if you need anything else."


"Thank you, Harvey," I said as Garrison and I headed toward the breakfast room. "We slaves can fend for ourselves. You don't need to wait on us."


"Nonsense," Harvey replied. "I am in charge of your well-being while your Master Ajmal is not around."


"Thank you for watching out for me, Harvey," I added as we went to eat our lunch.


"Looks good," Garrison said as we sat down at the table.


"Just what every man needs a 6,000 calorie lunch," I said calmly.


"I am taking you to the gym after we eat, too," Garrison explained. "Heavy on the weights. Master Brad wants your shoulders and arms as big as we can make them. We are also going to work on your legs and ass. My suggestion. I like a big assed muscled slave boy to wrap his legs around my body as I fuck him. And, from what I have been told, I will be fucking you a lot. Master Ajmal wants your ass as loose as possible when you entertain a guest."


"How many times a day are you going to fuck me?" I asked with a smile on my face.


"At least four," Garrison said also with a smile. "And, I will need to fist you once or twice a day, also."


"Maybe we need to have a 12,0000 calorie lunch from now on," I suggested.


"Maybe," Garrison replied. "Growing boys need nourishment."


Garrison and I dressed for the gym in our gym clothes. Somewhat skimpy gym shorts, tight tank top, gym shoes without socks.


When we arrived, the gym seemed fairly quiet. The weight room was especially deserted.


"We have the place all to ourselves," Garrison said as I took my place on the bench press and Garrison started on arm exercises.


We continued our workout. It only took us 90 minutes because we had the place to ourselves. On our way home, Garrison gave me a tip about my new life, "Don't get depressed on me, Steven. I can see it in your eyes. You want things to be different than it is turning out to be. But, it won't last forever. I promise."


"But, when the rent boy life is over, I won't have any balls," I replied. "Won't be a lot of fun without balls."


"I hear you, man," Garrison added. "We will make it through this together."


"I'm glad it is you I am going through this with," I said. "Knowing you as I do, we will have one hell of a time touring as Rent Boys."


We stepped into the house, and we both stripped off our gym clothes.


"Let's get you cleaned up, Steven," Garrison said. "You need to be ready for round two. I don't believe you will be fucked by twenty guys tonight, but you will know Master Brad has whipped your body. He is planning a major power whipping. If he offers some kind of get-me-through-the-tough-parts-medication, take it."


"Thanks for the warning, but I don't do drugs," I replied.


Garrison supervised my shower and clean up routine. He made sure the water from the douche hose ran clear before he stopped cleaning my asshole.


"Let's go find out what we will be wearing tonight, Steven," Garrison said as we climbed the stairs out of the playroom area into the first floor of the house. We were naked, of course.


Master Brad and Master Ajmal sat in the living room sipping cocktails. Garrison and I assumed the position in front of our two Masters. Christopher sat cross legged between Master Ajmal's legs. He was hard.


"So, boys," Master Ajmal began. "Did you enjoy your time together today?"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied.


"Yes, SIR!" Garrison replied.


"Good," Master Ajmal said. "Did Garrison tell you about the show tonight, Steven?"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied.


"Are you ready for the night's festivities?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Yes, SIR!" I replied. "I am excited by the opportunity to be with Master Brad tonight at Windy City Bondage Club night."


"Very good, boy," Master Ajmal replied. "I will leave you with your Master Brad to begin your preparation."


Master Ajmal went upstairs and Christopher followed him.


"You will wear this to the bar tonight, boy," Master Brad explained as he pointed to something on the table. It looked as though it was black spandex. "Try it on, boy."


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I picked up the black spandex garment. It was one piece of fairly thin spandex. It consisted of what looked like black boxer briefs with a skimpy tank top attached to the briefs. I slipped the briefs and then hoisted the tank top onto my shoulders.


"Very good, boy," Master Brad said as he turned me around so he could see the front and backside.


My cock and balls were extremely obvious and the back of the boxer briefs clung to my ass. The tank top fit snuggly. You couldn't help but notice the nipple rings through the thin fabric. My PA was also very evident.


"Leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination," Garrison exclaimed with a smile across his face. "You can even see the PA."


"Here," Master Brad said as he handed Garrison a similar garment.


"Me, too, huh?" Garrison asked with the smile fading from his face.


"Absolutely," Master Brad replied. "I need you both to look good for the show tonight."


Garrison slipped on his garment. It looked the same as mine.


Master Ajmal descended the stairs with Christopher. Christopher wore a collar with a leash attached. Master Ajmal tugged the leash. Christopher had on a garment like Garrison and I did.


"Were these on sale?" Garrison asked.


"No, Garrison," Master Ajmal replied. "They were custom made to our specifications."


"I believe we are ready," Master Brad suggested as he tugged at Garrison's leash and my leash.


Garrison and I followed Master Brad. Christopher followed Master Ajmal.


We were met with looks from the bar full of leather men when we arrived at Cell Block. I glanced around the bar and noticed all of our guests from last night were in attendance. Willy and Callum joined the group tonight. My former boss and his new boyfriend were also chatting with Master Jake and Master Miguel. Hundreds of other leather men I didn't know stood waiting for the festivities to begin.


"Nice crowed," Master Brad said as we made our way to the bar. Master Brad leaned into the bar. "Three Corona's, please Donovan."


"Coming right up Brad," the bartender replied as he moved to retrieve our beers.


Master Brad paid Donovan with a hefty tip and handed Garrison and me our beers.


"Drink up, boys," Master Brad said to us—especially me. "The beers will help take the edge off your later activities."


"Good evening, gentlemen, boys," Leon, my former boss, said as he stood beside Master Brad. "How is the car business, Bradley?"


"Terrific," Master Brad said to Leon. "I haven't seen you around lately, Leon."


"I've been busy," Leon said to Master Brad. "After my divorce from my wife, I decided I needed a change. I will no longer work at eSquare. I resigned effective in a few weeks. I am thinking about starting a new business. I am hoping I can convince AJ to let me borrow Steven for the startup phase of the company. We work well together."


"Talk to AJ," Master Brad replied. "He might be willing to let the boy work with you on a temporary basis. However, I know the boy has several appointments during the next month and will be busy. Maybe after the boy returns from New York, London, and Berlin."


"So, Steven, still the jet setter?" Leon replied.


"No," Master Brad replied for me. "He is rented to some people in each location. He's also signed up to start slave training with Gerhardt in Berlin. All courtesy of AJ."


"Typical Steven," Leon replied. "Always making money no matter what his activity involves. And, Brad, I understand you will be the main attraction tonight."


"Along with Steven," Master Brad relies. "Yes. Now, I think I need to get the boys another beer before the festivities begin. Could I get you something, Leon?"


"No, thank you," Leon replied as he groped my crotch. "I need to get back to my boyfriend. Good luck with the demonstration."


Leon left us. Master Brad ordered another beer from Donovan.


"Drink up, boys," Master Brad said to Garrison and me. "It is about time we get set up for the main event tonight."


We quickly finished our beers. Master Brad led Garrison and me into the back room. Master Ajmal worked putting the finishing touches on Christopher's restraints.


"Strip, boy," Master Brad said to me.


I quickly removed my garment and stood before Master Brad. Hands behind my back. Feet shoulder length apart. Gazing down at the floor.


"I suggestion you might want something to take you into a place where you can live with the whipping I am about to administer," Master Brad explained. "You will take a Viagra. The rest is optional."


"I prefer nothing, SIR!" I replied.


"Viagra it is then," Master Brad said as he handed me the blue pill.


"Steven," Garrison interrupted. "You might want to reconsider the other options. This will be an intense whipping."


"No thank you," I replied as I swallowed the blue pill with a swig of water from the bottle Master Brad handed me. "I want to feel it all. Real. Natural. Painful. Maybe poppers, but nothing else."


"Very good," Master Brad replied as he led me to the restraints hanging from the ceiling and laying on the floor. We were in the center of the huge, cavernous back room.


Garrison assisted Master Brad as he began to put me in the restraints. First my wrists. Finally, my ankles. All of the restraints were pulled tight. I was in an extreme spread eagle pose in the middle of the room.


Master Brad handed Garrison a bottle of poppers.


"Make certain the boy has several hits of poppers during the night," Master Brad explained to Garrison. "I don't want him to pass out because of the pain. It will help him keep his head in the whipping."


"Yes, SIR!" Garrison replied as he moved in front of me. He held up the open bottle to one nostril and closed off the other with his free hand. "Take it, boy!"


I took in a deep breath and immediately felt the effect of the poppers.


"Again," Garrison instructed me. I took another deep breath.


Garrison switched nostrils and repeated his instructions. I took two more deep breaths and relaxed into the restraints.


The back room of the Cell Block filled with leather men and bondage enthusiasts. Master Brad put a hood over my head and fastened a blindfold across my eyes. I was surrounded by total darkness.


The president of the Windy City Bondage Club addressed the audience. "Welcome to our monthly club event. We are fortunate tonight to have with us one of the most sought after whipping enthusiast, Brad. He will be showing us some of his techniques. He is accompanied by AJ's slave boy Steven and Jake and Miguel's slave boy Garrison. Please welcome Brad and his two slaves as they entertain us here tonight."


"Garrison," Master Brad said quietly to Garrison before he turned to the audience.


Garrison stood in front of me and offered another two hits of poppers in each nostril. I inhaled deeply.


Master Brad turned to the people gathered to watch Master Brad whip the shit out of me. "Welcome to our demonstration. I will be demonstrating several techniques which can be used in a whipping scene. I will also ask for a few volunteers to come up and practice in front of the group. I will be using a cat-o-nine-tails, a riding crop, a modified riding crop, a cane, and a bullwhip. And, you can rest assured, I will be putting all of my effort into exerting as much force as possible. I have a hood on the boy's head so he cannot see the action coming. It helps heighten the expectations of the subject. He does not have a gag so you will hear him scream. Trust me his screams will be real. Enjoy!"


Garrison offered my last hit of poppers before I was publically whipped by Master Brad.


I heard the cat-o-nine-tails cut through the air. "Ahhhhhhh!" I screamed.


Master Brad pause for a moment. Finally, he released multiple blows. The first several landed on the shoulder area of my back. Then the middle. Then the lower back. Then my ass. Then my thighs. Then my ass. Then my lower back. Then the middle. Then the shoulder area of my back.


I screamed as each blow ripped at my skin. Master Brad paused.


"What do you say, boy?" Master Brad asked.


"Thank you, SIR!" I replied.


"Louder, boy," Master Brad demanded.


"SIR! THANK YOU, SIR!" I yelled.


"Do you want me to stop whipping you, boy?" Master Brad asked.


"No, SIR!" I yelled. "Please, SIR! More, SIR!"


Master Brad turned to the group. "Anyone want to volunteer to use the cat-o-nine-tails on the boy?"


"Yes," Master Brad said. "Good to have you here."


"Thank you, Brad," the man who sounded like my former boss, Leon, replied.


"Boy," Garrison whispered to me. "This should be a hoot! It's your former boss. What's his name...? Leon, right?"


"Leon is my former boss," I whisper back. "Are you certain?"


"Yup," Garrison replied as he lifted to popper bottle to my nose. "Take a good hit, Steven. I think you might need it."


I took three deep hits of the poppers in each nostril. Garrison was right. I needed the assist from the poppers to survive getting whipped by my former boss.


I heard Master Brad giving instructions to Leon. Soon, the room was quiet. Not a sound. Until I heard the whip cut through the air.


"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed.


"Harder! Faster!" Master Brad encourage the man whipping me.


Leon added intense power to the next several lashes to my back. Each time the whip landed on my skin, I screamed "Ahhh...! Ahhh...! Ahhh...! Ahhh...! Ahhh...! Ahhh...! Ahhh...! Ahhh...! Ahhh...! Ahhh...! Ahhh...! Ahhh...! Ahhh...! Ahhh...!


After Leon had covered most of my backside with marks from the cat-o-nine-tails, he left the stage. Master Brad continued with the demonstration. He used the riding crop, a modified riding crop, a cane, and, finally, a bullwhip. James volunteered to be one of the men who used the riding crop on my back and ass. Master Jake volunteered to be one of the people to use the cane on my body. Christopher used the bullwhip on my back.


"Have a big hit of poppers, Steven," Garrison whispered as the last volunteer came onto the stage. "Your favorite twink, Christopher, is the last volunteer."


"This one is for you, Steven," Christopher suggested as he was handed the whip.


I heard the bullwhip whiz through the air before it struck my back.


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed as the bullwhip tore at the skin on my back.


Christopher paused briefly before landing several more lashes of the bullwhip to my back. I screamed as every lash hit my back. By the time Christopher finished, I was too horse to make a sound.


"Very good, Christopher," Master Brad said to Christopher after he finished whipping me. "You handled the bullwhip like a pro. Have you had experience?"


"No," Christopher replied. "I was just motivated."


Garrison began to unfasten the restraints. When he removed the last remaining restraint from my left wrist I collapsed into his arms.


"Hello, Steven," I heard a voice beside me. I look over to the man.


"Donny!" I managed to respond. Barely, but it was a response.


"You were amazing, Steven," Donny added. "I am surprised you lasted as long as you did."


"I'm surprised myself," I whispered back as best I could.


"What are you planning on doing with his back?" Donny asked Master Brad.


"Garrison will put some ointment on his back when he gets home," Master Brad replied.


"Do you need help, Garrison?" Donny asked.


"I don't really need the help, but I think Steven would be very pleased to have you join us, Donny," Garrison said. "Right, Steven?"


"Yes," I whispered a response. "I would like to have you join us, Donny!"


"Consider it done," Donny replied.


"Let's get him home," Garrison said.


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