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Life With Tim


We heard the police sirens blaring down the street. Shortly after the sirens stopped, Willy and another officer ushered Master Ajmal and Marcus into the house.


“Holy shit!” Marcus replied as he rushed to the blanket and picked up his sons. “I am so fucking happy to be home, boys!”


Master Ajmal stood just inside the door. He was speechless and trembling. I quickly moved in front of him, and he immediately pulled me into a hug.


“I am so glad to be back here, Steven,” Master Ajmal said as he gripped me tighter. He released me from his man hug and turned to the group. “I am so sorry to have put you through all of this. My fucking desire to connect with a slave boy who has a nut case father needs to be reviewed after we are finished with this. In the meantime, please know I am so, so sorry to put you through this.”


“Listen, AJ,” Tim said as he pulled Master Ajmal into a hug. “No one knew John Trainer would go totally off the deep end. I know he is an asshole, but none of us knew he was a nut case asshole. It is not your fault. Shit! It’s not even Christopher’s fault. Marcus, also when this nightmare is over, you and I need to talk about your sadist husband, my masochist husband, and Christopher Trainer. Deal?”


“Deal,” Marcus replied as he stood near Tim and Master. “Now, AJ, hold your sons. They need us. We need them. We need each other. Can the four of us go to bed and cuddle?”


Master Ajmal took his boys, kissed his husband on the lips, and went upstairs with Marcus.


Chapter 47: Turning Point


"So, rent boy," Garrison began as we sipped coffee in the kitchen while we waited for Tim, David, Marcus, and Master Ajmal the morning after the John Trainer scare. "I have some questions for you. The questions pertain to the possibility of me being your new Master. Don't get me wrong, I love giving you orders when we are in the midst of a hot sex scene. And, I really got off on the great time we had with your friend Joe and our new friend Stanley. But, being your real life Master could be complicated."


"Are you saying you don't want to be my master?" I asked.


"I did NOT say I didn't want to be your Master. I just need to know some of the parameters of this Master/slave relationship. Questions include: Will we always be Master/slave? Or, will this be a role you want to play?"


"I want us to be happy no matter what," I explained. "You know I will do almost anything sexual with you. So, if it makes you happy being my role play Master, then you will be my role play Master. If you want to be my Public Master, then you will be my Public Master."


"I like the idea if being your Public Master and your role play master," Garrison explained. "But, I also want to be your public lover and your role play lover."


"Want to play it by ear?" I asked.


"No," Garrison replied as his evil grin appeared across his face. "We will play it however I want to play it. If I am in the mood to be your Master. I will be your Master. If I want to be your lover, I will be your lover. I get to choose. Okay, boy?"


"More than okay, Master," I hissed as I leaned in to kiss Garrison. "Are you my lover or my Master right now?"


"Lover," Garrison replied as he leaned in to kiss me again. "My dick, your ass, lover."


"What's all this kissie face shit?" Marcus asked as he retrieved coffee for himself and his husband. "It is way too early in the morning to be interested in kissing your boyfriend."


"It is never too early for me to be kissing my boyfriend," Garrison added. "Have you and AJ made up?"


"Yes and no," Marcus explained. "Last night before the John Trainer scare, I was ready to hire David as my divorce attorney. But, things changed rather rapidly once Willy arrived. So, AJ and I are getting together for lunch tomorrow to hammer out an agreement or decide on splitting."


"Good luck, Marcus," I replied. "For what it is worth, I think you and AJ are terrific together. Don't do anything drastic or too final."


"Thanks, Steven," Marcus replied. "I will take the coffee up to AJ as a peace offering."


After Marcus had left, we returned to our discussion.


"Can you handle my mood swings, boy?" Garrison asked.


"Yes," I replied. "It will make being with you an exciting event every day of our lives. Think of the possibilities."


"Besides, you will still be rented," Garrison continued. "You will definitely get your pain quota from the men you serve if the first month is any indication. I also thought we might want to consider the possibility of long-term rentals."


"How long -term?" I asked. "Keep in mind I have a husband who can be somewhat needy at times."


"Rent boy!" Tim said as he joined us in the kitchen. David was with him and they each carried a twin. "Are you calling me needy?"


"Of course not!" I exclaim. "Why would I call you needy?"


"Because he is," David added.


"Listen to me, lover boy," Tim turned his attention to his lover. "Do not call me needy. I may be a complicated person, but I am not needy!"


"Sorry, sweetie," David responded. "I am on my way to the office. I will be in court this afternoon. So, I will probably not be able to answer a phone call, but you can text me if something is urgent."


"I will miss you, but I can handle being alone with rent boy and his Master,” Tim replied.


David handed Kathem to me, “He needs changing. I think they both do. Sorry to abandon you in this way, but I have no choice.”


“Thank you, David,” I said as I took Kathem from him. “Garrison and I will try to contain Tim’s combustible energy while you are away. And we will take care of Kathem and Omar’s odor problem post haste.”


When Garrison and I returned to the kitchen from changing Kathem and Omar, Master Ajmal sat alone at the kitchen island. Tim had retired to his study to write.


“May I have a moment of your time, gentlemen?” Master Ajmal asked.


“Of course, Master,” I replied.


“Sure,” Garrison added.


The three of us settled around the kitchen island for our discussion.


“Last night was a wakeup call for me,” Master Ajmal replied. “I have since decided Christopher will not be part of anything I decided to do from here on out. I will do my very best to distance myself from him AND his father. Hopefully, his father will call it quits when he learns Christopher is no longer part of our lives…. I have also given serious thought to our relationship, Steven…. Tim and I spoke about an issue the two of you have. While I am not willing to relinquish all control of you, Steven, I want everyone in this family to be happy. You Steven, Tim, David, you Garrison, Marcus, and me. I consider us to be, as Tim has so eloquently put it one, big, fucked up, happy family.”


“We all want to be a family, even though by most people’s definition we are at the very least not normal,” I said to Master Ajmal with a smile. Master Ajmal leaned in and kissed me on the forehead.


“Where do we stand with the Master/slave relationship, Steven?” Master Ajmal asked.


“Interesting you should ask Master,” I began. “As you know, Garrison and I have become very close to one another. He is my other Tim. I love him dearly, and he loves me back. However, Garrison and I also share another interest. Being owned. If you will not let me out of our relationship, I can only hope we can include Master Garrison in the relationship you and I share, Master. But, he will also continue to be my lover.”


“Just to let you know, I had a brief conversation with Tim,” Master Ajmal continued. “So, I know about the two of you and the bond you are forming. Here is my proposal. You can say yes or no. You can add your own thoughts. Garrison, I want to take possession of you as my slave. It will be up to you to decide when we switch to the role of Master/slave or family. You and I will co-own Steven. We will have joint custody and make joint decisions about his body, who uses him, and contact with the real world. However, when we are in public as Master/slave I will control you, Garrison, and you will control Steven. What are your thoughts?”


“I cannot speak for Steven—well, at least not yet—but, as you can see from both of our dicks, we do share an excitement for forming this relationship,” Garrison replied. “Steven?”


“I am with Garrison, I believe,” I replied. “Garrison and I do need to have a discussion with Tim and David. Or, we could have a family meeting and include you and Marcus, Master. Will you want to keep working on the rent boy business? Also, what about the slave training?”


“Yes to the rent boy business,” Master Ajmal replied. “Garrison and I will have a major planning meeting once all of the cards are in place. And, I want you both to complete the slave training. I already see the results on your body physically. The exercise routine is working very nicely. And, Garrison, you and I need to discuss body modifications for you, as well. I am going to give Tim and David final decision making power when it comes to both of your bodies. Also, Garrison, I will not be renting you. Only the men who serve UNDER you.”


“Thank you, Sir,” Garrison added before we went upstairs. “I am overwhelmed by your offer. We could have some potentially hot, hot, hot sex under this arrangement. Now, Sir, would you mind if I took my lover upstairs and made love to him?”


“Not at all,” Master Ajmal replied with a smile. “When you are finished making love to him, you might want to consider joining me downstairs in the playroom to see what fun we can dream up.”


“Excellent idea, Sir,” Garrison replied.


“Thank you, Master,” I said as I leaned in to kiss him. “You mean so much to me.”


Garrison took my hand and led me upstairs.




“Let me see if I have this plot line in my mind,” Tim said to the group—mostly to Master Ajmal—as we were sitting at the dinner table. “You will now own Garrison. Garrison and you will co-own Steven. Steven will still be rented out to other sadists. In public, Steven is Garrison’s slave boy, and Garrison is your slave boy. And, you will allow David and me have the final say in any body modifications and outside for-profit activities including Steven’s rental schedule. Plus, and here is the confusing part, when Garrison is not Steven’s Master, he will be Steven’s lover. And, it will be Garrison’s decision whether to be Steven’s Master or Steven’s lover. Do I understand you, AJ?”


“Perfectly, Tim,” Master Ajmal replied. He was smiling.


“Will you be willing to put this in writing AJ so I don’t get screwed by some half-witted idea you might have in the future?” Tim asked.


“Yes,” Master Ajmal replied. “David, could you draw up an agreement?”


“Yup,” David


“And, I expect you, AJ, to write me a nice long note promising Christopher Trainer will NOT be part of this Master/slave relationship. Not now. Not ever. Never,” Marcus added.


“Consider it done, Marcus,” Master Ajmal replied. “Steven, do you remember Baron and Kendal from Dante and Emilio’s party?”


“How could I forget, Master!” I replied.


“Why haven’t I heard of Baron and Kendal, Steven?” Tim asked.


“Ahm…,” I began. “No reason other than you didn’t ask about the guests Dante and Emilio invited to their party.”


“Spill,” Tim demanded.


“Yes, Sir,” I replied to Tim. “Baron is almost 7 feet tall, and he is pure muscle. Kendal is only slightly shorter, but just as gym ripped as Baron. They both have huge, huge dicks. Bigger than I have ever taken in my life.”


“And, how many times did these men with big dicks fuck you?” Tim asked.


“Twice each as did the other guests,” I replied. “And, then Dante and Emilio’s slave boys, Carson and Sung. And, I believe everyone in attendance had their fist in me.”


“How many people were at this party?” Tim asked.


“Ken, Raymond, Darren, Brodie, Leo, Charles, Baron, and Kendal,” I explained. “Eight guests. Plus Master Ajmal and Masters Dante and Emilio. So, if we were to include Carson and Sung, I had 13 people fuck me. And, I had 11 people fist me.”


“How long did this last?” Tim asked. “The party. The fucking. The fisting.”


“Master?” I asked.


“About 18 hours during phase one of the party,” Master Ajmal replied. “Phase two of the party actually had a greater impact on our enjoyment of Steven’s body. Steven spent 24 hours in body restraints. His ass and back were exposed so he could be fucked, fisted, and whipped. We all had an excellent time.”


Tim looked at me. The looked at Marcus. He looked at David. He looked at Garrison. He looked at Master Ajmal. Then, back to me.


“Why the fuck wasn’t I invited?” Tim asked. “I am not a prude, you know. I love orgies.”


“Next time Dante and Emilio invites me to their house, I will be certain to have them include you, Tim, David, Garrison, and Marcus,” Master Ajmal said with a smile.


“Thank you, AJ,” Tim replied. “You mentioned this Baron and Kendal?”


“They we very taken with Steven,” Master Ajmal replied. “They would like some private time with the boy.”


“As in paying clients?” Tim asked.


“Yes,” Master Ajmal replied. “The two of them want to rent Steven for a three-day weekend.”


“How much will they be paying for Steven’s services?” Tim asked


“I gave them a special rate,” Master Ajmal replied. “They have agreed to pay $30 thousand apiece for the weekend.”


“Holy shit,” Marcus added. “I know from personal experience Steven has a great ass, but $30 thousand?”


“What exactly do Baron and Kendal do for a living to be able to afford to pay $60 thousand for Steven’s ass?” Tim asked.


“Nothing,” Master Ajmal replied. “They inherited well.”


“When will this fuck fest happen?” Tim asked.


“We haven’t decided,” Master Ajmal replied. “I need to speak with you, David, and Garrison about the schedule. We also have some other men interested in renting the boy.”


“I can see the boys’ college funds will be developing a rather tidy sum of money over the next few years,” Tim added.


“Ken is also interested in seeing you, boy,” Master Ajmal relied. “He said he had a wonderful time with you and Garrison in New York.”


“Who is Ken, Steven?” Tim asked.


“Ahm…,” I stammered while I gave my answer thoughtful consideration. “Ken is a man I met at Dante and Emilio’s house. Garrison and I bumped into him while the three of us were boarding the plane to New York. He was in New York on business the same week we were in New York.”


“He’s not, I suspect, one of you clients, AJ?” Tim asked.


“No,” Master Ajmal replied.


Tim looked angry. “Garrison,” Tim began. “Please reserve some time to join me and Steven in the playroom after dinner. I believe we have some lessons to teach Steven about being more open and forthcoming in his relationships with other men. Do you have a favorite whip, Garrison?”


“Yes,” Garrison replied. “It is one I used in one of the films with Steven. It is in our bedroom. I like you a lot when you have ‘the look’ in your eye, Tim.”


“Thank you, Garrison,” Tim replied. “Maybe you could assist me in picking out what will become my favorite whip. And, before you get any bright ideas, AJ, this might become standard protocol in the future if Steven doesn’t mend his evil ways!”


“Can you please stand up, Steven,” David asked.


I pushed back my chair and stood. Naked. Hard dick.


“You are getting us all excited, Tim,” David replied. “Whenever Steven hears the word whip, he gets hard, right Steven?”


“Yes, Sir,” I replied. I stayed standing.


“You may sit now, boy,” Tim added. “Do you think Ken would want to help us discipline Steven, AJ?”


“I will call him and see if he would be free to join you and Garrison this evening,” Master Ajmal replied as he stepped away from the table.


We ate in silence until Master Ajmal returned to the table. “Ken would be delighted to join you and Garrison, Tim. He will be here in about one hour.”


“Thank you AJ!” Tim replied. He turned to look into my eyes. His were on fire. Lust. Revenge. Power. He turned to AJ. “I have some other items to toss out to the group. Steven’s upcoming body modification have been on my mind lately. I want larger nipple rings, a larger PA, and more piercings on his scrotum. I also have been doing some research on dick enlargement. I have an appointment with a doctor in downtown Chicago who will examine Steven and discuss a new technique he has pioneered to enlarge Steven’s dick. We are talking several inches in both length and girth. I have also decided during your commitment ceremony with the boy we will add your brand to his ass as well as Garrison’s and mine. And, even though Steven and Garrison just had an injection to enlarge their balls, Steven needs to be even bigger. Think basket balls. He also needs to be publicly on display at some venue where his nakedness would be appropriate. I invite your suggestions after I finish downstairs. And, I am certain you, AJ, and Marcus would be willing to keep David company while I am otherwise occupied with Ken and Garrison.”


“Of course, Tim,” Marcus replied.


The doorbell rang. We heard Harvey answer the door, “I’m Ken. I’m here to see Steven’s husband, Tim.”


“Right this way, Ken,” Harvey said just before they entered the dining room.


Tim immediately stood and extended his hand to Ken. “I’m Tim, Ken. Thank you for agreeing to join us tonight. I am so looking forward to getting to know you better.”


“Likewise, Tim,” Ken replied. “I’ve heard a lot about you, and I welcome the opportunity to get to know you better as well.”


“If you would like to join us for a drink at the table before we venture downstairs, we would certainly welcome your company,” Tim suggested.


“I’d love to have a drink with all of you,” Ken replied.


“Good,” Tim said. “You need to be naked first. Rules of the house.”


Ken began to shed his clothes in front of the group. His shirt went off first. Tim, Marcus, and David’s eyes were glued to Ken.


“Maybe you need some help, Ken,” Tim explained as he stood in front of Ken’s half naked body. Tim instinctively caressed Ken’s chest with his hands. He put his mouth over one nipple and continued stroking the other one.


“Someone is eager,” Ken hissed.


“I am always eager when a beautiful man like you is about to take off all of his clothes and show me his body,” Tim hissed back as he reached down to unbutton and unzip Ken’s jeans. As he pulled Ken’s jeans down, his hard 9-inch cock slapped at his six-pack abs. “My, my! Now I know why Steven was so eager to get you into bed in New York. Did you enjoy my husband’s ass?”


“Very much so,” Ken hissed back at Tim who was now fondling Ken’s balls.


“Good,” Tim said. “I want to see you fuck my husband. I want to see you fist my husband. I want to see you whip my husband. He has been a bad boy, and we are going to punish him. What’s your schedule like tomorrow, Ken?”


“I’m free all day,” Ken replied.


“Terrific,” Tim replied as he leaned in to kiss Ken. The kiss started slowly. “You make me very, very horny, Ken. I am going to enjoy seeing you take my husband. He needs to be whipped before we fuck him and fist him.  I know you’ll do it just like I want. Hard. Heavy. Powerful. But, I want you to last. And, of course, after Garrison and I get finished using his ass, you will probably want to whip him again. Severely. Hurt him. Say you’ll do it for me, Ken.”


“I will do anything you want, Tim,” Ken replied in a barely audible voice.


“Good,” Tim said as he released his hold on Ken. “Come sit down and enjoy a drink.”


Tim caught me smiling at him.


“What, slave boy?” Tim spat.


“I like the new Tim,” I said.


“Good,” Tim replied as he sipped his after dinner drink. “I have decided—since everyone else is fucking you, fisting you, whipping you, and torturing you—I might as well get in on the act.”


We continued enjoying our drinks and having some trivial conversation.


“AJ,” Tim said to Master Ajmal. “Why don’t you asked Baron and Kendal over some evening. I would like to see if they are as good as Steven said they were.”


“I will try to arrange a visit,” Master Ajmal replied. “I know you won’t be disappointed in their performance.”


Tim, Garrison, and Ken stood almost at the same time. “Come on, slave boy. It’s time you get punished.”


When we were in the playroom with the door close, Garrison took charge. “We need to collar him, Tim. Do you want to do the honors?”


“I will leave the collaring to you and Ken, Garrison,” Tim replied.


“Ken?” Garrison asked.


“I think you should be the one to collar Steven,” Ken replied. “From what I understand, you will be very, very involved in Steven’s slave activities.”


“I appears I will, indeed,” Garrison replied as he picked up a collar from the table near the entrance of the playroom. Once it was securely fastened around my neck, Garrison stood back and waited for my response.


“Master,” I began. “I give my body to you….”


“Very good, boy,” Garrison replied. “Tim, I want to put Steven in the restraints in the middle of the room. We can punish him from the back or the front. It is a versatile arrangement for our purposes.”


Ken assisted Garrison in putting restraints on my ankles and wrists.


“Garrison,” Tim began. “I am thinking we need some weights on the boy’s balls and tit clamps on his nipples.”


“Good choice, Tim,” Garrison replied. “Maybe a studded cock ring, too. Steven, so I have been told, has become very fond of them. I just happen to have purchased one earlier today.”


Garrison and Ken began attaching the weights to his balls and tit clamps to his nipples. Garrison put 20 pound weights on my balls.


Garrison handed the studded cock ring to Tim. Tim looked into my eyes. “You know, Steven. I am doing this for your own good. Garrison, David, and I need to know all of the details about ALL of the men you are with from now on. If you need to write it down so you don’t forget it, I urge you to do so. You will give me the name of ever man you are with. You will tell me about all of the activities you have with these men. You will also tell me how each activity made you feel. And, I urge you to start writing a journal. One day, I want you to publish all of your activities in a book or books. We should also take photos of your body after each man has finished with you.”


“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I moaned as Tim tightened the cock ring around the base of my cock very, very tightly.


“I love you, too, Steven,” Tim replied.


“I am using this cat-o-nine-tails,” Garrison replied. “I used it on Steven during the second movie we filmed. You remember this, don’t you, Steven?”


“Yes, Sir,” I replied.


“How did it make you feel?” Garrison asked.


“Hurt, Sir. It hurt me when you whipped me. Please whip me again, Sir,” I replied as I tried not to concentrate on the pain the cock ring generated or the weights hanging from my balls.


“Have you selected a whip yet, Tim?” Ken asked.


“No,” Tim replied. “Why don’t you help me with selecting the right one for the job?”


“I’d be happy to help you,” Ken replied.


Tim and Ken stepped over to the wall of whips.


Ken pulled two cat-o-nine-tail whips off the wall. “These would make good choices. The one in my left hand has tiny little beads attached to each strip of leather. It makes good impact with little effort on the on the man using the whip. The other whip has several smaller strips of leather. It hurts like a son-of-a-bitch.”


“The one with the beads,” Tim decided. “I’ll use the one with beads.”


“Good,” Ken replied as he picked out a whip for him to use on my body. “I’ll use this.”


Ken stood in front of me and showed me his choice. A riding crop.


He slammed it across my stomach.


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I screamed.


“How should we work the boy’s punishment, Tim?” Ken asked.


“Garrison should go first,” Tim decided. “Then me. Feel free to join either one of us if you have an urge to hurt is stomach, chest, cock, or balls. Thirty lashes each, Garrison. You give my husband thirty lashes. I will give my husband thirty lashes. Then, Ken will give my husband at least thirty lashes. More if he wants. Take your time Garrison. I want to do some kissie face with my new friend Ken. And, I want to hear my husband scream, Garrison. Please make him scream.”


Garrison stood in front of me. “So, boy, I am going to have the pleasure of being the first one to punish you for your lack of judgement when you didn’t tell your husband all about the men who have used your body. Every time the whip lands on your body, I want you to count. You are to say ‘One, Master. Thank you Master.’ Do you understand, boy?”


“Yes, Master,” I replied.


Master Garrison took his place behind me. Tim and Ken stood in front of me as they began kissing and holding each other tightly. Lips met. Tongues. Passion. Naked bodies chest to chest. Cock to cock.


I felt the air cut by the whip just before it landed on my back.

“Ahhhhh!” I screamed. “One, Master. Thank you, Master.”


“Ahhhhhh!” I screamed again. “Two, Master. Thank you, Master.”


The whipping continued. I counted and screamed.


“Ahhhhhhhh!” I screamed again. “Thirty, Master. Thank you, Master.”


Garrison stood in front of me again. “How do you feel now, boy?”


“Pain, Master,” I hissed. “Lots of pain. Back. Balls. Cock ring.”


“Do you want us to stop, boy?” Master Garrison asked.


“No, Sir,” I pleaded. “Please don’t stop, Sir.”


“Very well, boy,” Master Garrison replied. “Tim, it is your turn to punish your husband.”


Tim broke his hold on Ken’s naked body and moved in front of me.


“So, Steven,” Tim began. “This will be harder on you than it will be on me. I hope you learn your lesson tonight. Otherwise, we will be punishing you every day.”


“Yes, Sir,” I replied.


Tim moved behind me with his cat-o-nine-tails in his hand. “Count, Steven.”


“Yes, Sir,” I hissed.


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I moan as Tim’s first lash almost tore through my skin. “One, Master. Thank you, Master.”


Each lash came in quick succession.


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I screamed. “Thirty, Master. Thank you, Master.”


“Very good, boy,” Master Garrison said as he stepped in front of me. “Your next punishment will hopefully put you over the top, boy. Your Master Ken seems extremely eager to help with your punishment.”


Master Garrison stepped away as Tim joined him in hugging each other tightly together. The kissing started. My husband and my new Master. Enjoying each other’s touch. Each other’s tongue. Each other’s lips.


“You don’t need to count, boy,” Master Ken explained.


“Thank you, Sir,” I whispered.


When the first slap of the riding crop his my skin I began to scream out in pain. Master Ken worked quickly with the riding crop. My back. My ass. My chest. My stomach. My dick. My balls. When Master Ken finished his rapid fire attack on my body I collapsed into the restraints.


Tim appeared in front of me. He lifted my head so he could look into my eyes.


“See, Steven,” Tim explained. “This is what will happen every time you fuck up and forget to tell me everything about your time with other men. Garrison, let’s put my husband in the sling so I can watch Ken fuck and fist him.”


Garrison, Tim, and Ken worked quickly to release me from the restraints and helped me into the sling.




“So, did you enjoy yourself last night, Steven?” David asked as we were alone sipping coffee in the kitchen. Marcus and Master Ajmal had left for the day. Tim, Garrison, and Ken were still in bed.


“I can safely say I was thoroughly punished by my husband and his accomplices,” I said with a smile.


“Did your husband enjoy himself?” David asked.


“Yes, Tim enjoyed himself immensely,” I replied.


“He seemed to be quite taken with Ken,” David added.


“It was a great show when Tim helped Ken get comfortable, don’t you think?” I asked. “He has always liked to do things which either pisses me off or makes me jealous.”


“You were jealous of Tim and Ken’s performance?” David asked.


“Yes,” I replied. “Ken was my friend. Now, he is friends with everyone including my husband. Are you jealous?”


“I didn’t have time to be jealous,” David replied. “AJ and Marcus helped me through the evening by comforting and consoling me. I might even go upstairs and see if I might get to know Ken. I suspect he may become part of our extended family.”


“He’s a great guy,” I replied and turned so David could see my back. “And, he can handle a whip.”


“I see he does great work,” David replied. “Maybe he can give Tim and me lessons in whipping. I could use some new techniques to keep Tim in his place.”


“Spoken like someone who really knows Tim,” I said with a smile. “Go have fun with your lover and his new friend.”


“Want to come with me, Steven?” David asked. “I missed sleeping with you last night.”


“I have some things I need to take care of,” I replied. “After a month away, I need to catch up on a few items of business.”


“Joe,” I said into my phone as I continued to sit at the kitchen island. “Steven Caldwell.”


“Steven!” Joe practically screamed into the phone. “I am still blown away by running into you and Garrison in London. I hope we can reconnect sometime when we are both in town.”


“I hope so, too, Joe,” I replied. “As a matter of fact, I was hoping you might have 30 minutes to meet me for coffee after work. We could meet either downtown or here in Lakeview.”


“Works for me,” Joe replied. “How about the Starbucks at the corner of Roscoe and Broadway? About 5:30?”


“Terrific!” I said. “I’ll see you then.”


As soon as I ended the call and put the phone on the counter, it started to ring again. “Steven Caldwell.”


“Steven,” I heard a British accent through the phone. “It’s Stanley from London. I thought I should call you and see how you managed in Berlin.”


“Master Stanley!” I said excitedly. “I’m glad you called. Perfect timing. Berlin was amazing. What can I do for you?”


“I just finished a meeting with some people at work,” Stanley replied. “I thought I might convince you to help me with a little project I have going.”


“What kind of project?” I asked.


“I work for a startup telecommunications business here in London,” Master Stanley replied. “We have designed a product somewhat like eSquare’s communication platform. We have had success here in the UK, but we want to enter the US market. I was hoping you might have some time next week so I could get together with you and pick your brain. I will be in Chicago for a meeting with a potential investor on Tuesday. Any day after Tuesday would be perfect. And…, truthfully, I was hoping I could convince Garrison to share your body again sometime.”


“I am in town all next week,” I replied. “I don’t have anything scheduled. So, I am pretty open. Where are you staying?”


“I haven’t made reservations yet,” Master Stanley replied. “This meeting was just hatched this morning.”


“You can stay with us,” I replied. “We certainly have room here. Of course, it is a little nuts around here, but it is normally quiet unless you don’t want it to be.”


“Hmm,” Master Stanley began. “Does it also mean I can get a piece of your ass again while I am in town?”


“Probably,” I said. “However, before I give you my ass I will need to speak with Garrison, Tim, and David. I’ll give you a call tomorrow and we can make arrangements.”


“Terrific, Steven,” Master Stanley replied. “I am eager to see you again.”


As I ended the call, Garrison wrapped his arms around me from the back.


“I missed you, Steven,” Garrison said quietly. “I decided to come down and keep you company. Your husband is a real slut. You knew it, right?”


“Yes,” I replied. “We are both inclined to be slutty. How was your morning?”


“Fun and festive,” Garrison explained. “David came to bed with us while I was fucking Tim. Ken had already had a turn in Tim’s ass. So, after David had his turn, Ken fucked Tim again. I believe Ken in addicted to your husband’s ass.”


“A lot of people are,” I replied. “How many times did Ken fuck Tim?”


“Four times since you got out of bed,” Garrison replied. “I even got a turn in Ken’s very, very fine ass.”


“Do we need to make room for a fifth lover?” I asked.


“He won’t last,” Garrison replied.


“Why do you say he won’t last?” I asked. “He’s a nice guy.”


“He’s too nice of a guy,” Garrison said with a laugh. “Tim doesn’t need any more nice guys in his life. He has you.”


“Thank you, Garrison,” I said as I kissed him.


“How are you feeling this morning?” Garrison asked.


“I have a well-used ass and a whip marked body,” I replied. “I couldn’t feel better if I tried. Do you think you could fuck me, Garrison?”


“No, I can’t fuck you, Steven,” Garrison replied. “But, I can make love to you. Where?”


“Upstairs in our bedroom. I want you to make love to me while Tim, Ken, and David are in bed with us. I want to show everyone in in the world I love you. I can’t think of a better place to start than with the other three men in our bed,” I said to Garrison.




“Joe!” I said as I saw my eSquare buddy walk into Starbucks. He had on a black slim-fit suite which made his muscular body even more attractive. “Great to see you again! We had such a great time in London, didn’t we?”


“Super time,” Joe agreed. “You are still one mighty fine fuck, Steven. And, the scene in the bar and later back at AJ’s house was mind blowing. Too bad Stanley isn’t living in Chicago.”


“He’s coming here on business next week,” I replied. “I haven’t talked with David, Tim, or Garrison yet, but I did offer Master Stanley the opportunity to stay with us.”


“I see sparks already,” Joe replied. “And, I want to meet this husband of yours. He seems to be a really cool guy!”


“He is,” I replied. “You can join us for dinner if you’d like. The whole family will be there.”


“Whole family?” Joe asked and he had a confused look on his face.


“Tim, my husband, Garrison, David who is Tim’s new lover, Master Ajmal, and Marcus who is Master Ajmal’s husband,” I explained. “We all live together on Roscoe about a block down the street.”


“Will Tim and your Master be okay with me stopping in for dinner?” Joe asked.


“Of course,” I replied. “The more the merrier. Now, I wanted to speak with you about something else I have in mind. I need to finalize this with Marcus who runs the venture capital business, but most of the companies we work with have major assets in product or service related development. The weak area is always sales and marketing. If we could work something out, would you be interested in becoming a consultant to our businesses we are investing in?”


“I might,” Joe replied. “I have been at eSquare almost as long as you were, Steven. Frankly, I am getting fucking bored. And, now Leon has left. I am getting less enthusiastic about the product. And, if I am not enthusiastic about the product, I don’t do a great sales pitch. So, I do need to consider another position somewhere.”


“Even better reason for joining us for dinner,” I explained. “Marcus runs the venture capital business. Tim, Master Ajmal, and I are on the board. So, you have the four people who would make a hiring decision right in front of you.”


“What if I embarrass myself by dropping food on my shirt and tie?” Joe asked.


“Harvey will clean it for you,” I replied.


“Harvey?” Joe asked.


“He’s our house manager,” I replied. “We inherited him from the previous owners when we bought our house in Provincetown. He now takes care of us wherever we are. He brings sanity to our world. You can also meet my two sons.”


“Two sons?” Joe asked. “You and Tim have kids?”


“Yup,” I proudly replied. “Twin boys. They are 1 going on 15.”


“I can’t wait to meet everyone,” I Joe enthused.


“Let’s go then,” I said. “Oh! House rule. Everyone is naked. So, you won’t need to worry about cleaning food off your shirt. Tim will probably offer to lick it off your chest.”


“Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy,” Joe replied. “I can do this. I’m not a prude. God only knows I have fucked you in public places all across the country.”


“And Europe,” I added. “Don’t forget London, Paris, and Munich.”


“And Europe,” Joe replied. “Does your husband know about us in London?”


“The story leaked one night at dinner,” I explained. “Don’t worry though, I have already been punished for not giving Tim all of the details.”


By this time, we were walking up the stairs to our front door. “I’m home,” I said into the intercom.


“Be right down, Steven,” Tim’s voice spit out of the intercom.


Tim came bounding down the stairs. He was naked as I pulled him into a hug.


“Tim, this is Joe,” I explained. “He and I used to work together at eSquare. Joe, this is my husband, Tim.”


“Nice to meet you, Joe,” Tim said as he stood naked with his hand ready to shake Joe’s


Joe stood in place with his mouth slightly open. “Oh! Sorry,” Joe finally stammered and finally shook Tim’s hand. “Good to finally meet you, too, Tim. I’ve heard a lot about you from Steven.”


“Did Steven fail to tell you we are a naked family?” Tim asked with a smile.


“Oh no!” Steven told me about being naked. “It’s just… just… he didn’t mention how handsome his husband is.”


“Thank you, Joe,” Tim said as he turned on the charm. “You were the one who helped entertain my husband in London, right?”


“Yes,” Joe replied. “I ran into Garrison and then Steven. Coincidence.”


“Now, Joe,” Tim replied. “We need to get you naked so you can join us for cocktails and dinner.”


Tim helped Joe out of his suit coat and began loosening his tie. Tim flung the tie into a corner of the entry hall and then began unbuttoning Joe’s shirt.


“Hmmm!” Tim coed. “Nice chest, Joe.”


Tim began caressing Joe’s nipples and then put his mouth over one while he kept fondling the other. Finally, Tim brushed Joe’s lips with his. Joe eagerly took Tim’s tongue when offered. While I was watching my husband greet our guest, I slipped off my clothes. The muscles on Joe’s chiseled chest rippled as Tim engaged his new friend.


“Why don’t you help Joe out of his shoes and socks while I keep him entertained? Then, you can work on his slacks,” Tim suggested.


I removed Joe’s shoes and then his socks. I moved behind Joe as Tim and he continued to kiss. Passion built as I reached around Joe’s slacks and found the belt buckle and unbuckled it. Next, I found the button under the belt and unfasted it. I slowly let Joe’s pants creep down his legs. He stepped out of them with my assistance. I hung Joe’s pants on the back of a chair in the entry hall. I moved behind Joe again and slipped my hands underneath the elastic of his Calvin Klein low-rise black briefs. My left hand found Joe’s hard 9-inch cock. I circled his dick with the palm of my hand.


“Oh shit, Steven,” Joe hissed.


As I slipped Joe’s brief’s down, his cock slapped against his six pack abs. While Tim and Joe are still in a passionate lip lock, I grabbed Tim’s hard dick and Joe’s hard dick and began to stroke them with both hands wrapped around the twin dicks.


Tim paused his attack on Joe’s lips and leaned back to take in the magnificent sight of Joe’s naked, muscular body. His 9-inch uncut hard dick stood at attention. His shaved balls hung low.


“You are a beautiful man, Joe,” Tim whispered. “Why didn’t you introduce us before, Steven?”


“Never the right place at the right time,” I replied. “Now is the right time, don’t you think, Tim?”


“Yup,” Tim said as he leaned in close to Joe and began kissing him again. This time Joe put his arms around Tim and pulled him closer. “I assume… you are… a top…, Joe.” Tim hissed between mouthfuls of Joe’s tongue.


“Usually…, yes…,” Joe hissed back through Tim’s kisses.


“Why don’t we go upstairs and take turns fucking my husband?” Tim asked as he pulled away from Joe.


“Gladly,” Joe replied. “I want to fuck you, too, Tim.”


“We hit the jackpot tonight, didn’t we, Steven?” Tim asked.


“Yes,” I replied. “We did hit the jack pot.”


“Steven and you first,” Joe said to Tim. “I want to see you make love to your husband.”


“You are a kinky one, aren’t you?” Tim asked Joe as we headed upstairs to our bedroom.  


“Wait until you get him in the playroom,” I whispered to Tim as I positioned myself on my back.


Tim took his place between my legs. He rested my ankles on his shoulders as he grabbed the lube from the night stand. He applied copious amounts of lube to his rock hard dick. He lined his dick up with my asshole and pushed.


“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” I moaned in ecstasy as Tim went balls deep into my ass.


“You like my dick in your ass, don’t you, Steven?” Tim hissed.


“No,” I hissed back. “Love it. More. Please more.”


Tim picked up the pace as Joe moved behind Tim.


“Shit, Joe,” Tim hissed. “You are going to make me cum with your fingers in my ass. Shit!”


I pulled Tim down closer to me so I could kiss him. Our lips and mouths engaged. Tim massaged my ass with his dick. Slowly. Gently. Lovingly. Joe massaged Tim’s ass with his fingers.


“Christ, Joe,” Tim hissed. “Tongue on my ass. Oh God yes!”


“Oh shit! I’m cuming,” Tim screamed as I felt his load fill my ass. “Ahhh… ahhh… ahhh…, ahhh… ahhh…!”


Tim collapsed on top of me. His dick still impaled in my ass. I found his lips with mine. Mouths and tongues reengaged.


“You two are beautiful together,” Joe whispered. “Tattooed, pierced, muscled slave boy and smooth, muscled top man. Beautiful.”


“Fuck me, Joe,” Tim moaned.


Joe moved between Tim’s legs and lathered his hard nine-inch dick with lube.


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Tim hissed.


I knew Joe had pushed his hard dick into Tim’s ass. I kissed more passionately. Tim responded.


“God what an ass!” Joe hissed.


Tim started to move his body in sync with Joe’s. Tim’s dick began massaging my ass again.


“Steven,” Tim whispered. “This is so fucking hot! Me in you. Joe in me. Hot!”


I pulled Tim closer to me and began kissing him again.  “Fuck me… harder…, Joe…. Please… fuck me… harder…!” Tim hissed.


Joe did as Tim asked. He started to pound Tim’s ass harder. Tim’s dick instinctively mirrored Joe’s motions.


Joe continued to increase the speed and force of his attack on Tim’s ass. Tim’s kisses became more passionate. I reacted with more passion. Joe reacted with even more speed and power.


“Shit!” Tim screamed. “I’m cumming! Ahhh… ahhh… ahhh… ahhh… ahhhh… ahhh… ahhh… ahhh… ahhh… ahhh…!”


At the same time Tim spewed his second load in my ass, Joe unloaded in Tim’s.


Joe rested his entire weight on top of Tim. The three of us recovered in silence.


“We leave you two alone and all of a sudden you have this muscle stud fucking you!” David said as we were recovering.


“I might say,” Garrison added. “Great show! In case you haven’t put two and two together, David. The man with his dick in your lover’s ass is Joe. He and Steven used to work together.”


“He’s the one from London?” David asked.


“Yup,” Garrison replied. “Everyone is downstairs having drinks. We thought we should tell you guys in case you want to join us. Don’t bother showering. You will reek of sex again before morning.”


“Thank you, Garrison,” Tim hissed. “I don’t really want to move. But, cocktails are mandatory in this house.”


Joe pulled out of Tim. Tim pulled out of me. We all followed Garrison and David downstairs. Master Ajmal and Marcus were already sipping cocktails.


Harvey arrived to take our drink orders. “The usual Tim and Steven?”


“Yes, Harvey," Tim replied.


“Sir?” Harvey asked Joe.


“Vodka on the rocks,” Joe replied.


“I will make it a double considering the company you will be keeping this evening,” Harvey said as he hurried out of the room to retrieve our drinks.


“Gentlemen,” I began. “This is my friend Joe. We worked together at eSquare.”


I continued. “Joe, this is my Master Ajmal. To his right is his husband Marcus. Marcus is the one who runs the venture capital business for us.”


“Good to meet all of you,” Joe replied.


“So, Joe, Steven tells me you are an excellent sales representative,” Marcus began.  He had a smirk on his face. “I am certain you are good in other areas of your life as well.”


“Don’t give him a hard time, Marcus,” Tim countered. “Steven and I started something we couldn’t finish quickly.”


“So, Marcus,” I said to change the tone of the conversation. “I told you about Joe and my idea for the venture capital firm. He might be interested in joining us.”


“Will Tim be getting another boyfriend?” Marcus asked with a smile stretched across his face.


“No,” David, Garrison, and I said in unison.


“We don’t have anything against Joe, but Tim has reached his boyfriend limit,” David continued.


“Maybe if you have some time after dinner, you, Steven, and I could talk about the position we are considering creating,” Marcus added.


“I would like to talk with you,” Joe replied. “I am sort of embarrassed to be standing here naked talking with a prospective future employer.”


“Don’t be embarrassed, Joe,” Marcus replied. “Sooner or later we would have seen you naked somewhere. May as well be now instead of later. Besides, naked looks good on you.”


“Thank you, Marcus,” Joe replied. “I personally think naked looks good on all of you as well.”


“So, Joe,” Garrison replied. “Have you been in London since we met?”


“No,” Joe replied. “I haven’t. However, I do have very vivid memories of our time together. I understand Stanley is visiting Chicago next week.”


We will need to plan on getting together with Stanley while he is here," Garrison suggested.


"I invited him to stay with us when he is in Chicago," I explained. "I hope none of you mind."


"AJ, I think you and Joe could have some bonding experiences where Steven and I are concerned,” Garrison explained.


“I’ve heard,” Master Ajmal replied. “I think we might want to explore some mutually appealing situations in the near future, Joe. Steven and Garrison spoke very highly of you and your time together in London. And since your friend Stanley will be here as well, maybe we should throw a party."


“Steven is a very entertaining man when he is focused on the world around him,” Joe replied. “I understand from Garrison you are planning some highly public displays for Steven. You could work Stanley into the mix. He is extremely creative.


“My plan is to find venues to display Steven in some rather compromising positions,” Master Ajmal replied. “I particularly enjoyed hearing about your time in the bar. Very clever! Very cleaver, indeed.”


“Dinner will be ready in 15 minutes, gentlemen,” Harvey said before disappearing into the kitchen again.


“We should take the boys upstairs before dinner,” Tim suggested.


Tim and I picked up Omar and Kathem. Master Ajmal and Marcus picked up Ali and Ahmed. We headed upstairs.


“You didn’t tell me Joe was a cute dude as well as a smart one,” Marcus said as we were at the top of the stairs.


“So, you liked what you saw, huh, Marcus?” I asked.


“Definitely,” Marcus replied as we separated.


Tim and I put our boys to bed in their room. Marcus and Master Ajmal put their boys in the other bedroom.


“Can Joe spend the night with us?” Tim asked in a whisper.


“You will need to ask him, David, and Garrison,” I replied. “But, I am certain there will be willingness on Joe’s part. I’ve never seen him turn down a hot ass. And, asses don’t come any hotter than yours, Tim.”


“Flattery will get you everywhere, Steven,” Tim replied as we kissed before joining the group in the dining room.


“Joe,” Tim began as we started eating. “Are you a Master, a top, or what?”


“I consider myself a top,” Joe replied. “I am very much interested in exploring the BDSM world further. I have been married to my job at eSquare for about 8 years. It’s time for me to get more creative in my social life. Why do you ask Tim?”


“I don’t know exactly, but I do know when you had your dick in my ass I would have been ready to do almost anything you told me to do,” Tim explained.


“Tim usually gets his way when men are concerned,” David replied. “I think it might be advisable if Joe, Tim, and I had some discussions about a few ideas which have popped into my head when I saw the three of you going at it. I will explain when we can have a private conversation between the three of us.”


“I am definitely interested in your ideas, David,” Joe replied. “Have we met before, David? You look very familiar, but I can’t place where we have met.”


“Hellfire party,” David replied. “About six months ago. You and I took turns torturing this guy on the bondage table.”


“Oh yea!” Joe replied. “Now I remember!”


“We had a great time,” David added.


“Is there a side to my new lover I don’t know about?” Tim asked.              


“We do need to talk, Tim,” David replied. “Maybe Joe could help us through the discussion process.”


“I’m game,” Tim replied. “Joe?”


“Count me in,” Joe replied.


“Do you want to tell the group about our decision, Marcus?” Master Ajmal asked.


“Sure, AJ,” Marcus replied. “Why not share our discussion with the boys. It is about time we came out of the closet.” He was smiling broadly.


“Marcus and I have talked about taking our relationship up another notch or two,” Master Ajmal began to explain.


“Marcus is going to be one of your slaves, AJ?” Tim asked.


“Nope,” Master Ajmal replied. “Quite the opposite. We want him to be a Master… to Garrison and Steven… and to the other two slaves when their time comes. Marcus and I were thinking we could be co-Masters. Or, Marcus could decide to take on the new slave boys when the time is right. Any thoughts on the subject Garrison?”


“I am assuming this would mean I would serve under both you, Master AJmal, and you, Marcus. Am I correct?” Garrison asked.


“Yes,” Master AJmal replied. “Marcus and I would be equal Masters. You would take direction from both of us.”


“What if there is a conflict?” Garrison asked.


“Marcus will have the decision power,” Master Ajmal replied. “But, I am certain we will have no conflict between us, right Marcus?”


“You are right,” Marcus replied. “We are on the same page. Tim, now we have shared our thoughts and plans with the family, why don’t you share yours and David’s thoughts and plans.”


“I will let David handle this one,” Tim replied. “I am not certain what his goals are, but I am fairly certain I know what he wants. If I am correct, I’m in. David?”


“Thank you for your support, Tim,” David replied. He was smiling. “You say you love me, but you throw me to the wolves.”


“Sorry,” Tim replied. He, too, was smiling.


“This may come as a surprise to many of you,” David began. “Hell, probably all of you. But, Tim and I have decided we want to experiment. Tim and I are looking for a Master to help us decide if we want to permanently move in the direction of a Master/slave relationship.”


David paused for a moment, “Would you help us, Joe? Become slaves, I mean. At least temporarily until we know we really want this. I saw the way Tim reacted to you. I know I had a hard dick while I watched you pound away at my lover’s ass. You would make one fucking hot Master, Joe.”


“I am shocked you want this,” Joe responded. “But, hell yes! I’ll do my best. You realize with the exception of a few role playing situations, I have never fully been a Master. It would be a learning experience for all of us.”


“Joe,” I added. “I am pleased David and Tim selected you. There isn’t another person whom I would have more trust in to be my husband’s Master than you. I do believe, however, you need to plan on working for us. We have a very flexible work schedule, and I know, if you are involved with Tim, you will be devoting a great deal of time and energy taking care of his needs. I also want to say to my husband and his lover. Tim. David. Enjoy this experiment. You will not, I am fairly certain, regret your decision.”


“Joe,” Master Ajmal added. “I think we might want to begin this Master/slave phase of our lifestyle. We should all meet in the playroom downstairs to ceremoniously take possession of our slaves. I have something for you to wear which should fit you perfectly. Of course, our respective slaves will be just as they are now…. Naked.”


“I would love to join you, AJ, Marcus,” Joe replied.


“From now on boys,” Marcus said. “You will always address me as Master Marcus, just as you address AJ as Master Ajmal. Even in public. Even in business meetings. Everywhere. Otherwise, you will be punished. Do you understand, boys?”


“Yes, Master Marcus,” I replied.


“Yes, Master Marcus,” Garrison replied.


“Boys, I am taking my que from Marcus” Joe said to David and Tim. “From now on, you need to address me as Master Joseph. And, like Marcus has demanded. You will address me as Master Joseph, Master, or Sir. In public. In business meetings. Everywhere. Think severe punishment if you disobey. Do you understand?”


“Yes, Master Joseph,” Tim replied.


“Yes, Master Joseph,” David replied.


“Who will be the one to determine if boy Tim and boy David will be lovers or slaves?” Master Ajmalo asked.


“David,” Tim said.


“Let’s finish dinner,” Master Ajmal suggested. “Then we can go downstairs and make this arrangement official. Also, David, Tim, do you have a time limit with this initial decision?”


“Can we try this periodically for two months, Master Joseph?” David asked.


“My pleasure, boys,” Joe replied to his now slave boys. “We will work out an exit clause so if you decide this is not for you, either one or both of you, we will terminate the arrangement.”


“Thank you, Master Joseph,” Tim replied. “I believe we will need to continue this relationship for at least two months to determine if this is really our calling.”


“Very good, boys,” Joe said with a huge grin on his face.


“Marcus and I are also contemplating adding two other slaves to our harem,” Master Ajmal explained. “You all know them, but Marcus and I still need to have additional discussions with them to determine if they are a fit.”


“How many slaves are you considering owning, AJ?” Tim asked.


“Probably two beyond Steven and Garrison,” Master Marcus replied. “Maybe more if the right men come along. One advantage of having money is being able to make a decision and implement it without relying on discussions about money…. I believe, too, none of us have plans for the upcoming weekend. So, let’s plan on implementing our new relationships publicly at the bar on Saturday night. Maybe we could have an afterhours party in the playroom for a select group of men.”


“Excellent idea, Marcus,” Master Ajmal added. “Are you okay with this, Joe?”


“Yes,” Joe replied. “I am very okay with this. I do need time to go collar shopping before the weekend, though. And, so the roles are not distorted, I believe the Garrison and Steven should also address me as Master Joseph. And, of course, Tim and David should address the two of you as Master Ajmal and Master Marcus. I think it would just keep our heads into the relationship at all times.”


“Excellent idea, Joe,” Master Marcus replied.


“Where do you live, Joe?” Master Ajmal asked Master Joseph.


“Printer’s Row,” Master Joe explained. “I rent an apartment in Printers Row. Why?”


“I believe you should plan on living here with us, Joe, when you are in Master mode” Master Ajmal suggested. “Marcus and I see our new ownership arrangement as the norm and not an exception. I’m certain you will agree with us. You can stay with your boys in their bedroom. Steven and Garrison will stay with Marcus and me in our bedroom.”


“I need to make a statement,” Tim said. “Steven and I are husbands, and we have two boys who we take care of. Nothing, and I mean nothing, will interfere with our care of Omar and Kathem.”


“The boys will take precedent over any relationship of Master/slave activity. You have my word on this, Tim,” Master Ajmal replied. “Joe?”


“Absolutely,” Master Joseph replied.


We continued our meal. When we finally finished, Master Marcus signaled to Harvey. He brought out a bottle of champagne with 7 champagne flutes. Harvey poured seven glasses of champagne and put them on the table in front of each of us. Harvey disappeared.


“This is a toast to new ways of living for our family,” Master Marcus said to the group.


We all raised our glasses in unison.


“Masters,” I said. “May I speak, Masters?”


“Yes, boy,” Master Marcus replied. “Please.”


“I know we all have roles to play,” I began. “Garrison, Tim, David, and me as subservient slave boys, and have Master Ajmal, Master Marcus, and Master Joe as our Masters. And, I am grateful to be in the service of Master Ajmal and Master Marcus. Even though Garrison, Tim, David, and I are slaves to our Masters, we need not to forget our love for one another. Yes, Master Ajmal and Master Marcus, I do love you. I will obey you implicitly because I do love you.”


“Thank you, boy,” Master Ajmal replied. “We love our slaves just like I love my husband. We are a family first and foremost. But, don’t let family get in the way of your service duties.”


“Yes, Master!” I replied.


“Now, why don’t we retire to the playroom,” Master Marcus suggested.


Garrison and I stood in front of Master Ajmal and Master Marcus. We were in the proper slave boy standing position. Hands behind our back, legs shoulder width apart, looking down at the floor or feet of our Masters.


“Boys,” Master Joe said to David and Tim. “I believe you need to take note of Steven and Garrison’s standing position. I will expect you to assume the position in front of me unless I give you specific orders to the contrary. Hands clasped behind your back. Legs shoulder width apart. Look to the floor or at my feet. Under no circumstances are you to look me, you Master, in the eyes unless you are specifically told differently. Do you boys understand me?”


“Yes, Master Joseph,” Tim replied as he assumed the proper position for a slave boy.


“Yes, Master Joseph,” David replied as he, too, assumed the proper position for a slave boy.


“Very good,” Master Joseph replied.


Master Ajmal placed my collar around my neck and secured it.


“Master,” I recited my pledge. “I give you my mind, my body, and my soul, Master. I will forsake all others! I am yours!”


“Very good, Steven,” Master Ajmal replied.


Master Marcus put Garrison’s collar around his neck and secured it.


“Master,” Garrison recited his pledge. “I give you my mind, my body, and my soul, Master. I will forsake all others! I am yours!”


“Master Ajmal has given me an extra set of collars for my boys until I buy one specifically for you,” Master Joe began. “Do you boys remember what Steven and Garrison said after each Master placed a collar around their necks?”


“Yes, Master Joe,” Tim replied.


“Yes, Master Joe,” David replied.


Master Joe put the collar around Tim’s neck first. Master Joe stood back and watched Tim.


“Master,” Tim recited his pledge. “I give you my mind, my body, and my soul, Master. I will forsake all others! I am yours!”


“Very good, Tim,” Master Joseph continued.


Master Joseph put the collar around David’s neck. Again, Master Joseph stood back and waited for boy David to respond.


“Master,” David recited his pledge. “I give you my mind, my body, and my soul, Master. I will forsake all others! I am yours!”


“Very good, David,” Master Joseph replied. “I will follow your leads, AJ and Marcus.”


“Thank you Joe,” Master Ajmal began. “Tonight will be a very special one for all of us, I am certain. And, since Marcus and I have one slave boy each, we thought Joe could use a little help this evening until he has his boys totally under control. So, I invited Ken to help with Tim and David.”


Ken stepped into the light of the playroom.


“Welcome, Ken,” Master Ajmal said.


“Thank you for letting me join you for this momentous occasion,” Ken replied. “I am honored you thought of me.”


“Boys,” Master Joseph said to Tim and David. “Please welcome you co-Master for the evening, Master Kenneth.”


“Welcome, Master Kenneth,” Tim replied.


“Welcome, Master Kenneth,” David replied. “It will be a pleasure to serve you, Sir.”


“Thank you, Tim and David,” Master Kenneth continued. “You both look eager to begin your service.”


“They have had hard dicks ever since I walked into this house this evening,” Master Joseph replied. “I have heard David and im enjoyed your company previously to this auspicious occasion.”


“I believe we should make certain each of our boys understand what their place in our lives really means from this day forward,” Master Marcus. “Gone are the days you four are considered equal to me, to your Master Ajmal, to your Master Joseph, or your Master Ken. If any of you are with any of these four Masters, you must obey them. Every order. Every demand. You four are nothing but scum sucking slave boys. You will, when we are in your presence, show us the respect a Master deserves. Your sole purpose in life is to gratify me and your other Masters sexually. Understand, shit heads?”


“Yes, Master Marcus,” the four of us say in unison.


“Marcus and I want our asses eaten out, boys,” Master Ajmal ordered. “Garrison, you eat Master Marcus’s ass. Steven, you eat my ass. Get to it, boys! Now!”


“Yes, Master Ajmal,” I replied and immediately moved behind Master Ajmal and shoved my mouth and tongue into the crack of his ass and then inside his asshole. Master Ajmal bent over to allow my tongue better access to his asshole.


“Yes, Master Marcus,” Garrison replied. He copied my actions perfectly.


“I don’t know about you, Ken,” Master Joseph began. “I want my dick sucked.”


“Perfect,” Master Ken replied.


“Tim,” Master Joseph ordered. “Suck my dick, boy! Take it. Take it all. Down your throat, pig!”


Tim practically threw himself onto Master Joseph’s rock hard 9-inch dick.


“Fuck yes, boy!” Master Joseph hissed. “Such a good cock sucker.”


“What are you fucking waiting for, David,” Master Ken said. “Take it! Now!”


David eagerly took Master Ken’s cock into his mouth. He gaged slightly as Master Ken shoved his dick down boy David’s throat.


“Good cock sucker,” Master Ken said to encourage David.


We continued. I lost track of time. I couldn’t get enough of Master Ajmal’s ass. I wanted his ass. I wanted my tongue in his ass. The musky smell turned my dick into a rock hard piece of slave boy meat.




Master Marcus and I sat in our living room talking with Master Joseph about our venture capital firm and the role Master Joseph would take.


" Steven recommended you very highly, Joe," Master Marcus began. "He is a good recommendation because he and his husband control one half of the organization. And, I am certain Tim will eagerly vote in your favor. Besides, I think, judging from our time together last night, you will easily be a take charge person. How much salary will it take to convince you to come aboard?"


"With salary, bonuses, and commission, I was at about $200 thousand last year. Probably $30 thousand over this year."


" Steven," Master Marcus began. "Why don't you tell your husband's new Master the bad news."


"Master Joseph," I began. "Wehave a slightly different remuneration concept than eSquare. If you decide to work with us, you will be brought on board as a full partner. An equal partner. We have almost $1 billion in cash reserves. We have really just begun working with clients. We will offer you a draw of about $250 thousand. You will share profits as we continue our work. Also, we are offering a bonus if you exceed the sales suggested in the business plan. This year will probably not be a huge success. Next year, however, we are expecting big growth and success for the venture capital side of our business. You should top $500 thousand by the end of next year. Of course, you will have a leased BMW at your disposal. Questions?"


"Let me just ask one question," Master Joseph began. "This is a draw against what?"


"I am glad you asked this particular question, Master Joseph," I continued. "It is really a draw against your talents. If we call it a draw against your share of future earnings of the company your income will be subject to capital gains taxes and not income taxes."


"Oh!" Master Joseph replied. "Where do I sign? When do you want me to start? And, what about the non-compete agreement I signed at eSquare?"


"Master Marcus has the contract for you to review. We would like you to start as soon as you can. I suspect you will be asked to leave immediately upon tendering your resignation. Don't forget to ask them about your signup bonus which has been growing from the day you started with eSquare. Now, if you will excuse me, I promised Master Ajmal I would spend some time with him this afternoon."


"Steven," Master Joseph said as he stood. He pulled me into a hug, kissed me on the lips, and squeezed my nipple. "I don't know what to say except thank you!"


"You are welcome Master Joseph," I replied as left Master Marcus and Master Joseph the living room.


I found Master Ajmal sitting in the kitchen going over blueprints.


"Hello, Master," I said.


"Good to see you, boy," Master Ajmal said. "How did your discussion go?"


"I believe we gave a new partner, Master," I replied.


"Good," Joe seems like a really terrific man. "We are lucky to have him on our side--and in our family. Tim asked to see you. He is in his study. I have these drawings to review, then I hope you and I can have some time together."


"I am looking forward to being with you, Sir," I replied before I went off in search of Tim.


I knocked on his open office door.


"Steven!" Tim exclaimed as he stood from. His chair and pulled me into a hug. "I wanted to ask you a few questions before you spend time with Master Ajmal."


We both sat. Tim in his office chair. Me in a chair across his desk facing him.


"I wanted your honest reaction to last night’s dinner conversation," Tim began. "I hope David and I didn't freak you out with our announcement."


"I was a little surprised because you and I usually talk about thing like this before implementing a new course in our lives, but it certain didn't freak me out. As a matter of fact, I am honored we will be sharing this new part of our lives. Me and Garrison with Master Ajmal and Master Marcus as well as you and David with Master Joseph and possibly Master Ken."


"I am really excited," Tim replied. "Just the short time David and I were with Master Joseph and Master Ken has made me realize I am missing more than I ever thought I could. I see you in a new light, Steven. You demand more respect than any other man I have ever known. You may be a submissive slave boy, but you still command attention. I am going to miss being with you every night, but I still love you more than anything in the whole world. Please remember this, Steven."


"Trust me, Tim, I feel the same way," I said as I pulled Tim into a hug. "I love you!"


I turned and walked out of Tim's office and hurried back to be with Master Ajmal.


"Did you have you talk with Tim, Steven?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Yes, Master," I replied.


"Do you regret any of this new relationship adjustment, Steven?" Master Ajmal asked.


"No, Master," I replied. "I regret none of the new developments. And, I believe Tim and David may have found themselves. A new world for all of us!"


"It is time we celebrated our new commitment to one another, Steven," Master Ajmal said to me. "I have been thinking about the many ways which we could celebrate our new life together. At first, I wanted to put you in restraints and whip you for several hours to put you in your place, but I have decided we need something different. I want to make love to you this afternoon, Steven. We haven't made love for weeks. I need you, and I sense you need me right now as well. Am I correct, Steven?"


"Yes, Master Ajmal," I replied. "I need you in me. I desperately need to feel your Master dick in my slave boy ass. Please, Master? Please?"


“Please come with me, boy,” Master Ajmal ordered. “I have someplace special for us and us alone to share.”


I followed Master Ajmal out into the courtyard and into the building directly behind our house. We were both naked. Outside. Master Ajmal led me to the elevator in the rear of the building. When we were inside the elevator, Master Ajmal pushed the button marked ‘P.’ We ascended the top floor and the elevator door opened. We were outside on the roof. It had been painstakingly landscaped. A large cabana sat at the center of the space. In the cabana was a king mattress suspended from the cabana top by rope.


Master Ajmal stood beside the bed. He pulled me tight to him and began to kiss me.


“What do you feel standing here with me, Steven?” Master Ajmal asked.


“Peace. Tranquility. Love. Truth,” I replied.


“Do you feel power, Steven?” Master Ajmal asked.


“I feel your power over me, Master,” I replied. “That’s also why I feel peace, tranquility, love, and truth. You know I love Tim with all of my heart, Master. I always want him in my life in some way or another. At first, I thought I could share him with David and we could be happy. But, I realize it will not be anything like I had thought. I am yours and Master Marcus’s slave boy. I am not really Tim’s husband anymore when I am with you and Master Marcus or any of the men you will give me to or rent me to. I am your property. I am at your service. You and Master Marcus are also the reason I feel peace, tranquility, love, and truth. Take me, Master! Take me. Make me yours.”


Master Ajmal guided me so I was laying on my back in the middle of the bed. I raised my legs to symbolize my desire to give myself to him.


Master Ajmal crawled between my legs and positioned his unlubed dick against my asshole. He pushed in. Nonstop. In me.


“Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Yes!” I moaned as I felt Master Ajmal take my ass with his dick.



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