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Life With Tim



Master Ajmal stood beside the bed. He pulled me tight to him and began to kiss me.


"What do you feel standing here with me, Steven?" Master Ajmal asked.


"Peace. Tranquility. Love. Truth," I replied.


"Do you feel power, Steven?" Master Ajmal asked.


"I feel your power over me, Master," I replied. "That's also why I feel peace, tranquility, love, and truth. You know I love Tim with all of my heart, Master. I always want him in my life in some way or another. At first, I thought I could share him with David and we could be happy. But, I realize it will not be anything like I had thought. I am yours and Master Marcus's slave boy. I am not really Tim's husband anymore. I am your property. I am at your service. You and Master Marcus are also the reason I feel peace, tranquility, love, and truth. Take me, Master! Take me. Make me yours."


Master Ajmal guided me so I was laying on my back in the middle of the bed. I raised my legs to symbolize my desire to give myself to him.


Master Ajmal crawled between my legs and positioned his unlubed dick against my asshole. He pushed in. Nonstop. In me.


"Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Yes!" I moaned as I felt Master Ajmal take my ass with his dick.


Chapter 48: Homefront


Master Ajmal and Master Marcus had dismissed Garrison and me once Master Ajmal finished fucking me and Master Marcus finished fucking Garrison. We were sitting at the kitchen island sipping coffee.


"I think I like calling you boy Steven," Garrison said after a few moments of silence. "It has a ring to it."


"So, should I call you boy Garrison?" I asked.


"Nope, I am Master Garrison to you, slave boy," Garrison said with a smile. "Now I am Lover Garrison for the next few days."


"Does this mean my Lover Garrison is going to do what lovers do with their boyfriends and make love to me?" I asked.


"Do you want me to make love to you Steven?" Garrison asked.


"My name is Lover Steven according to my Lover Garrison," I replied as I leaned in to kiss him. "And, just so you know, I like kissing my lover before he makes love to me. You have tasty lips."


"You have a tasty dick," Garrison said as kissed back with passion in his tongue. "I want your dick in my mouth before I make love to you."


"I see you have been released from slavery," Tim said as he and David entered the kitchen. "We just saw our Masters off to work. I need coffee. How about you, David?"


"Yup," David replied. "Caffeine. Lots and lots of caffeine."


Tim retrieved two cups of coffee and he and David sat at the island with us.


"What did you think of your first night as slave boys to your hot Masters?" Garrison asked.


"We are getting the hang of it," Tim replied. "I still have a hard time calling my lover `boy David.' I like calling our Masters Master Joseph and Master Kenneth. But, boy David. Anyone who has seen my lover's dick knows he is anything but a boy!"

"I didn't use it once last night, Tim," David said. "My dick, I mean. I kinda missed it, too. But, I will get through this for you, Tim. I love you too much to fail at this slave business."


"We also will need to develop certain skills to make it through a public display of our new positions," Tim explained.


"Being in public and obviously serving your Master is the best part of a Master/slave relationship," I said. "At least it is for me."


"What's on your agendas for the day," Tim asked.


"Breakfast of 5,000 calories. gym for three hours, lunch of 8,000 calories, I am meeting Leon at 2 pm at Starbucks down the street, home for cocktails and dinner, make love and sleep with my husband, my husband's lover, and my boyfriend," I replied. "Then, I repeat on Thursday except I won't be meeting Leon. Friday is our night to get ready for our public premier on Saturday."


"We should think about going to the gym, too, David," Tim suggested.


"Not with Steven," David replied.


"Why?" Tim asked.


"We would look like wimps," David added. "Besides, I need to go to work today."


"Why don't you hang out your own shingle, David?" I asked.


"As in my own practice?" David asked.


"Yes," I replied.


"Money," David added.


"I know of two organizations who would be willing to put you on retainer," I added.


"Which ones?" David asked.


"Our venture capital business and our foundation," I continued. "We need contract help with the venture capital firm. Also, the foundation provides assistance to some gay and lesbian, and transgendered clients who can't afford attorney's."


"I don't believe you could afford me if those two organizations are my only clients," David solemnly added.


"How much to you make now?" I asked. "I'm not being nosey. I am just curious."


"Two hundred thousand with salary and bonus," David replied.


I looked at Tim. He was smiling.


"The foundation could guarantee at least $100 thousand," I continued. "The venture capital firm could guarantee at least $150 thousand. We pay at least this much now. And, some of the attorneys are not as good as you."


"And, David," Tim said as he entered the conversation. "You would have more time to devote to your new lover. You could set up space in my study. We could be together even when we are both working. Please David. Please consider Steven's suggestions."


"Plus, the foundation could send you referrals for those who do not qualify because of the income they have," I stirred the pot. "Just think! You would be helping the community and making more than you do now. And, you will be around to satisfy Tim's carnal needs on demand."


"You mean I could fuck my lover constantly and still make money?" David replied with a smile across his face.


"Plus I need an attorney," Tim added. "I am about to get my first contract from a publisher. I don't know anything about contracts. You could be my attorney."


"I will think about the offers," David said. "But, I have some meetings at work. I need to be there. I will think LONG and HARD about all of this."


David kissed Tim before he left to take a shower.


"And, Steven, I meant what I said about your journal," Tim replied. "You need to write. Make some time. Do it. Make me proud. My agent also handles men on men romance and S&M titles. Think about it."


"Master Ajmal would hang me by the balls permanently if I were to write about my clients," I replied.


"It's fiction," Tim added. "Change the names. Change the places. No one would ever think this shit didn't come out of your imagination."


"He's right, Steven," Garrison said. "Think of the possibilities. You could have a series devoted to your rent boy business."


"I will write my journal entries," I replied. "I am not committing to writing a book or books. It would take all of the fun out of being with all of these men."




We assembled in our living room before dinner on Friday. Master Ajmal, Master Marcus, Master Joseph, Master Kenneth, Tim, David, Garrison, and me. Our Masters were in full body harnesses, black leather boots, and black leather arm bands. We boys were naked with the exception of the plastic chastity devices we all wore.


"You are doing something right, Steven and Garrison," Master Joseph said. "Your bodies are looking amazing."


"It's what happens when we eat like pigs and go to the gym three hours every day," Garrison replied. "Thank you for the compliment, Master Joseph."


"You are welcome, Garrison," Master Joseph replied. "Master Ken and I will need to hire your trainer for Tim and David."


"Master Ajmal and I have decided on future body modifications for Steven," Master Marcus explained. "With Tim and David's permission, we want to add several piercings to Steven's body along with tattoos on his balls and penis. And, we are delighted with Tim and Steven's visit with the doctor who will be enlarging Steven's dick. The doctor guaranteed Steven's dick will be three to four inches longer and at least five inches larger in circumference."


"And, we are looking forward to the commitment ceremony with Steven," Master Ajmal continued. "Steven will be branded with Marcus's and my brand. We had a graphic designer who is familiar with the branding process create our brand we will use on all of our slave boys. We will have another commitment ceremony with Garrison in the future. We will have the first ceremony with Steven the weekend after they return from their slave training in three weeks."


"Masters," Tim began his announcement. "May I speak, Masters?"


"Of course, Tim," Master Joseph agreed.


"David has some news for all of us, if he will be allowed to speak, Masters," Tim explained.


"Of course," Master Kenneth responded. "What is your news, David?"


"I turned in my letter of resignation to the firm today," David explained. "I gave them one month's notice. I feel like a new man... I mean boy."


"Congratulations, David," Master Joseph replied. "Does this mean you will be starting your own practice?"


"Yes, Master," David replied. "Thanks to Steven and Master Marcus's offer to be sustaining clients, I am happy to report I will be available to anyone in the family who needs legal assistance."


"And, you will be MORE available to your Master Joseph and Master Kenneth," Master Ajmal replied. "Good decision on your part, David. Now, let's talk about the weekend. Master Marcus and I took the liberty of inviting Jake, Miguel, Baron, and Kendal to join us this evening and tomorrow evening. I believe Master Joseph and Master Kenneth have some important information for their boys."


"We are especially delighted to have our guests join us," Master Kenneth replied. "We have asked Master Jake and Master Miguel to help us break in both of you, Tim and David. Both Masters are eager to assist."


"We have also arranged for Steven to be on public display in the back leather only bar at Cell Block," Master Marcus explained as he looked me in the eyes. "Look into my eyes, Steven!"


"Yes, Master," I replied as I looked into Master Marcus's eyes. I saw fire. I saw power. I saw lust. I saw revenge.


"Upon arrival at the Cell Block, Steven," Master Marcus continued. "You will strip naked and be paraded through the main bar to the back leather only bar. You will be placed in restraints in the middle of the bar. Naked. Vulnerable. Available. This is humiliation night at the Cell Block. A major crowd is expected. Steven's body will be available for use by other men until closing at 5 am. We don't expect any problems, but Steven's nakedness could result in arrest for indecent exposure. However, if the authorities do raid the bar, we are certain Steven will only be in jail for a few days at most."


"Why don't we invite Willy and Callum to the bar tomorrow," Tim suggested.


"Excellent idea, Tim," Master Ajmal replied. "Maybe Steven can work out a solution to avoid being arrested. He's done it before—several times."


The doorbell rang. We heard Harvey answer it. "Baron and Kendal here to see AJ and his family."


"Right this way, gentlemen," Harvey said.


"Baron and Kendal are here to see you, Sir," Harvey announced the arrival of our first guests before he disappeared.


"Baron! Kendal!" Master Ajmal greeted our guests with a bear hug for each man. "Please meet my family, gentlemen. You know Steven, of course. This is my husband Marcus, and our other slave, Garrison. The two men in on the sofa are Joe and Ken. Ken you remember from Dante and Emilio's party. And, finally, Tim and David. Ken and Joe are Tim and David's Masters on a trial basis for the next few months. These two men are Baron and Kendal."


Tim, David, and Garrison stared at Baron and Kendal with their mouths ajar. The two magnificent men obviously had them mesmerized.


"Welcome to our home," Master Marcus said as he moved to greet our guests. "I've heard a great deal about the two of you. It is a pleasure to finally meet you."


"We've heard a great deal about you as well, Marcus," Baron replied. "We understand from AJ you are now sharing Master duties with AJ. Congratulations. We are looking forward to getting to know your Garrison and reacquainting ourselves with Steven."


"Good to see you again, Ken, and to meet you, Joe," Kendal added. "Good luck with your new slaves. Tim and David look as though they have potential."


"Thank you," Joe replied. "We are looking forward to our time together this weekend."


"Please make yourselves comfortable, gentlemen," Master Ajmal said to our guests.


"Thank you, AJ," Barron replied. "As you know, Kendal and I like to be naked."


"By all means," Master Ajmal replied. "Steven. Garrison. Help these men out of their clothing."


"Yes, Master," I replied as I moved in front of Baron.


"Yes, Master," Garrison said as he positioned himself in front of Kendal.


I pulled Baron's tight tank top off over his head. His massive, muscular, smooth, tanned chest made my dick strain against the plastic of the chastity device even more than before. I kneeled before the hulking man and removed his size 15 boots. His smelly socks came off next. Baron pulled one of his socks from my hand and stuffed it into my mouth. I stood to unbutton his extremely tight 501s. With great force, I was able to lower his jeans to his ankles. His huge, baseball bat sized, uncut dick slapped against his six-pack abs when it was free of his jeans. When I finally pulled off his jeans, I stood and assumed the position. Hands behind my back. Legs shoulder width apart. Look down at Baron's huge feet. He pulled the sock out of my mouth and tossed it into a corner.


"Thank you, Steven," Baron said. He reached forward and fondled my cock and balls. "They look bigger. Nice!"


"Thank you, Sir," I replied.


"Boys Steven and Garrison will be at your service the entire weekend," Master Marcus replied just before the doorbell rang again. "You may collar them if you like."


Harvey answered the door and finally led Master Jake and Master Miguel into the room.


"Good evening," Master Marcus said as he moved in front of Master Jake and Master Miguel. "AJ and I are delighted you could join us this weekend. AJ said you know everyone here tonight, so I won't bother with introductions."


"It is good to be here, Marcus," Master Miguel replied. "We have so been looking forward to being with you and your slave boys. We are also very excited to have Tim and David with us tonight."


Master Joseph spoke, "Please feel free to use Tim or David in any way, any place, and any time you feel the need. We have a special weekend planed. So, I hope you enjoy yourselves."


Harvey brought drinks for our guests and refreshers for our family. Then, he disappeared as is Harvey's standard procedure.


"Steven," Master Marcus said. "Come here and kneel at my feet, boy."


I moved in front of Master Marcus. I knelt at Master Marcus's feet with my hands behind my back, my legs shoulder width apart, and looked at Master Marcus's feet.


"Take this pill, boy," Master Marcus said as he handed me a very large blue pill. "Yes, boy. It is Viagra. Take it, boy!"


"Yes, Master," I replied as I took the pill from Master Marcus's hand and swallowed it with the bottle of water Master Marcus also offered me.


"This will be a good start for your event packed weekend," Master Marcus said as he glared at me. "Something tells me you are going to really enjoy yourself, boy."


"Tim and David," Master Kenneth said to get the attention of Tim and David. "Help your Masters Jake and Miguel off with their clothes. We want our guests to be as comfortable as possible."


"Yes, Master," Tim and David said in unison.


Tim assumed the position in front of Master Miguel. David assumed the position in front of Master Jake.


"I am at your service, Master!" Tim said.


"Good, boy," Master Miguel replied. "Take off my clothes, boy!"


"Yes, Master," Tim responded as he lifted Master Miguel's shirt over his massive chest and finally over his head. Tim looked intently as Master Miguel's massive chest.


"Something you like, boy?" Master Miguel replied.


"Yes, Sir," Tim replied. "Very much, Sir. Your chest is beautiful. I had forgotten how perfect your body is."


"Boots and jeans next, boy," Master Miguel instructed.


"Yes, Sir," Tim responded as he kneeled in front of Master Miguel and began to undo Master Miguel's boots and his sox. Tim reached up from his kneeling position and began to unbutton Master Miguel's 501s.


"Shit!" Tim hissed as Master Miguel's big, hard, uncut cock slipped out of his jeans.


"Do you like it, boy?" Master Miguel hissed.


"Yes, Master," Tim whispered back as he kept the giant in clear view.


Master Miguel's dick hardened completely by the time Tim had the jeans off.


"Suck it, boy!" Master Miguel hissed.


Tim greedily slipped the giant dick into his mouth and began to bob up and down on his prize.


"Enough for now, boy," Master Miguel hissed as he pulled his dick out of Tim's mouth. "You will enjoy my dick later this evening. I do, however, need my ass cleaned."


"Yes, Master," Tim replied as he positioned himself behind Master Miguel.


Tim dug hungrily into Master Miguel's ass. Tongue deep inside Master Miguel. Finally, Master Miguel walked away from Tim and he remained kneeling.


Meanwhile, David had successfully removed Master Jake's clothing and had swallowed Master Jake's massive dick.


"Enough, David," Master Jake said and walked away to sit on the sofa beside Master Ken. David also remained in his kneeling position in the middle of the living room. Both of their dicks were hard and straining against the chastity device.


Harvey appeared in the living room. "Dinner is served, gentlemen." He disappeared as quickly as he appeared.


"Let's eat," Master Ajmal said as he ushered everyone into the dining room.


The table was set for 8 people. There were four plates of food on the floor.


"Steven," Master Ajmal explained. "Please sit under the table in front of Baron. Garrison, your place is under the table in front of Kendal. Tim, your place is under the table in front of Miguel. David, your place is under the table in front of Jake. And boys, you must refer to all of us as Master. Please your Masters, boys, or you will be severely punished."


"Yes, Master," we said in unison as we took our place under the table.


Harvey appeared again with a bottle of wine. He disappeared again.


"So, Jake, Miguel, how is the movie business?" Master Marcus asked.


"Phenomenal," Master Jake responded. "Our membership has doubled over the last month. And, we have finalized the film for Steven, Baron, and Kendal. We will be able to begin filming after the boy returns from Berlin and after you and Steven have your commitment ceremony."


"Outstanding!" Master Ajmal replied. "These three will be very much in demand for future films."


"Baron and I are definitely looking forward to working with Steven," Master Kendal added. "And, we greatly appreciate Jake and Miguel giving us carte blanche to create our own script. We have a lot of very interesting ideas about the twists and turns of the film."


"And, we have a special location to shoot the film," Master Miguel explained. "We have gotten permission from Dante and Emilio to use the barn on their Michigan property. So, you can use even more imagination when you are planning the film. We are also planning on having an open shoot. Let us know if you want us to invite anyone in particular."


"We should all plan on being at the shoot," Master Ken suggested. "It would be great to see an actual film being made. I often wish I had gone into film production rather than the law. Real estate law lacks a lot of creativity."


"David announced, before you arrived, he will be starting his own practice," Master Joseph added. "We are certain he will do well."


"Thank you, Master," David said from under the table.


Master Baron reached under the table and guided my head to his lap.


"Suck it, boy," Master Baron hissed.


I opened my mouth and began to take the huge, monster dick into my mouth. Long before it was ¼ of the way into my mouth the head of his uncut dick rubbed against my throat. Both hand held my head down on his cock. He pushed hard and forced his dick into my throat. All of the way in. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't speak. I couldn't see anything but Master Barons trimmed public hair. He smelled ripe and sexy. He released my head so I could pull off his dick.


I gasp for breath until he pushed his dick down my throat again. He held me down until I almost passed out from the lack of oxygen. Baron finally let go of my head and I removed his huge dick from my mouth. I looked over at Tim and he looked as though he was going to pass out from my performance with Baron's dick. I wiped the tears from my eyes and smile at him.


"I believe we need to retire to the living room for an after dinner cocktail before we head downstairs for the rest of tonight's festivities," Master Ajmal suggested.


Master Marcus, Master Joseph, Master Kenneth, Master Jake, Master Miguel, Master Baron, and Master Kendal pushed away from the table. Master Ajmal gave us our orders. "Boys. Assume the position."


The four of us scurried from under the table and stood facing Master Ajmal. We all assumed the position.


"I hope you enjoyed your dinner, boys," Master Ajmal explained. "I know you boys will enjoy yourselves while you serve all of us in the playroom. We will rotate using each of you. However, once we have completed the festivities downstairs we will assign you to a specific guest. Tim will be paired with Master Miguel. David with Master Jake. Garrison with Master Kendal. Steven with Master Baron. Your Master Joseph, Master Kenneth, Master Marcus, and I will be in our bed tonight. We will have two boys who are in the running to be our additional slaves. I want you boys to do your very best to please us tonight while we are all using you in the playroom. And, when you are paired with your assigned Master, make certain he gets everything your Master wants from you. You will be severely punished if I hear of any lack of enthusiasm or unwillingness to perform as requested. So, please come into the living room and join us for a drink before we begin tonight's festivities."


We followed Master Ajmal into the living room. Harvey had left drinks for us. Beside mine was another blue pill.


"Take it, boy," Master Marcus ordered. "I want to see that slave boy dick of yours straining against the plastic of the chastity device."


"Yes, Sir," I replied as I swallowed the second Viagra of the evening.


"Your Master Baron is waiting for you to join him, Steven," Master Marcus ordered me to be with Master Baron.


"Yes, Sir," I replied as my dick further grew against the plastic of the chastity device. I assumed the position in front of Master Baron. Garrison stood in front of Master Kendal. Tim stood in front of Master Miguel. David stood in front of Master Jake. We waited for our next order from our respective Masters.


"Too bad your big dick is all locked up in the plastic," Master Baron said as he pulled me closer to him. He continued to pull me onto his lap. Me facing Master Baron with my legs spread around Master Baron's massive body. Master Baron took both my nipples in his fingers and began to pull, twist, and kneed them. "Nice nipples, boy. I am going to enjoy playing with these tonight. I didn't get a chance to show you my skills other than fucking and fisting you. Tonight will be different."


"You are welcome to have Steven tomorrow until we are ready to leave for the bar," Master Ajmal suggested. "Marcus and I will be busy tomorrow all day until about 7 pm. So, do whatever you want to Steven. You, too, Kendal. You can have Garrison until 7 pm tomorrow evening. I trust you will keep both boys under control."


"I know I can," Master Baron replied. "I have great plans for the boy's body. I also want to take him out for a walk tomorrow afternoon if it is okay with you, AJ."


"By all means," Master Ajmal replied. "He is yours to do what you want to do with him tomorrow. I think you might interest the group by telling us something about you and Kendal, Baron."


"There is not much to tell. Kendal is 24 and I am 22," Master Baron began. "We went to Harvard. I just graduated last year. Kendal two years earlier. Our father has encouraged us to start our own business. However, we haven't come up with a plan as yet."


"You said, `Our father.' Do you mean you are brothers?" Master Joseph asked.


"Yes, of course, we share a father as well as a last name, Ellison." Master Baron replied


"Of software fame?" Master Joseph asked.


"Yes," Kendal replied. "And, before you ask. Yes, he knows we are gay. He knows we have been having sex with each other since I was 12 and Kendal 14. He also knows we tend to be sadists. Fortunately, he is accepting enough to let us lead our life as we see fit—and to let us control our trust funds."


Once most of our guests had finished the after dinner drinks, Master Marcus decided to get the evening's activities started. "It is time to begin, don't you think, AJ?"


"Yes," Master Ajmal replied. "Perfect timing. We should remove our collars from our boys so our guests may collar their respective boy."


Master Ajmal removed my collar. Master Marcus removed Garrison's collar. Master Joseph removed Tim's collar. Master Kenneth removed David's collar.


Master Baron's huge framed towered above me as he began to secure his collar around my neck. Once it was locked into place, he moved backwards and waited for my response.


"Master," I recited my pledge. "I give you my mind, my body, and my soul, Master. I will forsake all others! I am yours!"


"Good boy," Master Baron said as he connected my leash to his collar.


Once the other boys were collared, we followed our Masters downstairs.


"You, as our guests, get to select the station your boy will be on for the rest of the evening," Master Marcus explained.


"Master Miguel," Master Marcus began. "Where would you like to put Tim?"


"Saw horse," Master Miguel responded. I saw fear in Tim's eyes as he looked around the room and took in the sight of eight naked Masters with eight big, hard dicks.


"Excellent," Master Joseph said.


"Master Jake," Master Ajmal said. "Where would you like to put David?"


"Sling," Master Jake responded. His eyes were filled with lust.


"Wonderful choice," Master Kenneth said.


"Master Kendal," Master Marcus asked. "Where would you like to put Garrison?"


"Bondage table," Master Kendal replied.


"Master Baron," Master Ajmal asked. "Where would you like to put Steven?"


"Center of the room in restraints," Master Baron replied. "I am in the mood to use some whips this evening."


"Perfect," Master Ajmal replied.


Master Baron led me to the center of the room. He and Master Ajmal began the process of restraining me in the center of the room. First, Master Baron and Master Ajmal restrained my wrists and connected them to an overhead chain. Master Ajmal touched the button which raised the wrist restraints so I was standing on my toes with arms spread as far as could be. Next, Master Baron and Master Ajmal secured my ankles and connected the restraints to the floor. My legs were spread eagle. While Master Baron and Master Ajmal restrained me, I glanced at Tim and Master Miguel. Tim's head lifted. He looked directly into my eyes. I saw his fear, his humiliation. I nodded to him. He smiled slightly and lowered his head onto the headrest of the sawhorse.


"The boy needs weights on his balls," Master Baron suggested.


"And tit clamps on his nipples," Master AJmal suggested.


"An electro-shock butt plug," Master Baron added.


"The chastity device should come off so we can whip his cock and balls," Master Ajmal added.


Once Master Baron and Master Ajmal had the weights on my balls, clamps on my nipples, electro-shock butt plug in my ass, and the chastity device removed. Master Baron and Master Ajmal were ready to begin using me for target practice.


"I am so going to enjoy myself tonight, boy," Master Baron said. "I already have selected several whips, floggers, and canes to use on you. I am certain the others will also be delighted to work you over. Think pain. Lots and lots of pain. Back. Ass. Legs. Stomach. Chest. Arms. Cock. Balls. Lots and lots of pain."


Master Baron stepped away from my restrained body. Master Ajmal put a blind fold over my eyes. I couldn't see.


I heard the sound of the first whip cutting through the air.


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed as the first powerful blow crashed onto my back.


Master Baron paused momentarily. Then it started. Rapid, nonstop blows of the cat-o-nine-tails across my back. It continued and continued and continued. I lost consciousness or my mind left my body. When I came back from my trance, the whipping had stopped. My body felt on fire. My back. My ass. My legs. My chest. My stomach. My cock. My balls. All on fire.


Master Baron wrapped his huge arms around my waist and pulled me toward him. My back faced his front. His hard, baseball bat sized dick rubbed at the crack of my ass. "We've only just begun, Steven. We've only just begun."


"Yes, Sir," I whispered. "Thank you, Sir."


"I see your husband, Tim, is good at taking dick up the ass," Master Baron said as he nodded toward the saw horse. Master Miguel pounded Tim's ass. I saw Tim's face. I knew by my husband's facial expressions he looked peaceful. He was one with Master Miguel's dick. My husband is now a fellow slave boy. "You like seeing your husband get fucked while his is secured to the sawhorse, don't you boy?"


"Yes, Master," I replied.


"Just wait until you see me fuck your husband," Master Baron replied. "You remember my dick in your ass, right, boy?"


"Yes, Master," I replied.


"What do you want me to do when I stick my dick in him," Master Baron asked. "Do you want me to go easy on him? Or do you want me to hammer his ass so he knows what a real man is like?"


"Hammer him," I whispered. "Hammer his ass. Make him feel it. Take him. Own him. Make him yours."


"Good boy," Master Baron said as he pulled away from me.


"So, boy," Master Ajmal whispered into my ear. "It is my turn now. I have a new flogger I am going to use on you, boy. Master Baron will take care of your front side. I will take care of your back side. Then, we will switch. I am going to beat the fucking shit out of you, boy. I have never taken out my rage on you before, boy. But, I will now. It will be something you should get used to. Marcus and I are eager to both begin whipping you on a regular basis. Probably daily."


Master Ajmal moved away from me. Master Baron stood in front of me. He held a riding crop. I saw the fire in Master Baron's eyes. I saw the rage. I saw the lust. I saw the hunger for power.


"Any last words before we begin the next phase?" Master Baron asked.


"Take me," I hissed. "Hurt me. Own me. Make me feel your power. Make me yours, Master. Please make me yours."


"Gladly," Master Baron replied before he stepped back and pulled the riding crop back before landing it on my stomach.


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed.


Master Ajmal began his assault on my back side with his new flogger. Master Baron kept pace with Master Ajmal. Each landing blows to my body simultaneously. I couldn't scream anymore. The lashes were fast landing on my body. Over and over and over. Every part of my body. And, then, it stopped.


Master Ajmal and Master Baron stood in front of me.


Master Baron was first to speak, "Very good, boy. Very good indeed. I like to hear you scream. It is a sound which makes me horny. Very horny. Two of the other Masters want to use your body now, boy. I will be back after I finish using the other boys. I am especially looking forward to fucking your husband."


As Master Baron and Master Ajmal stepped away, Master Kendal and Master Kenneth stood in front of me.


"Great show, boy," Master Kendal said. "Now it is our turn. We've both selected two items to use on your body. I have a flogger picked out and, my favorite, a bullwhip."


"I've wanted to do this to you from the second I first met you, boy," Master Kenneth said. "I also have a flogger I will use on you and a cane. You will definitely feel both. I will hurt you. I will make you feel pain. I also will not stop until I am ready to stop. Will you look at your husband, boy? Master Jake is getting ready to use your husband's ass. I personally want to see Master Baron use your husband's ass. Now, let's get started Master Kendal."


Master Kendal stood in front of me and held the flogger up for me to see. "This will make me very, very happy, boy. You will make me happy. I will make you hurt. You will be mine and Master Kenneth's until we are ready to move on."


Master Kendal did not move to my back side. I watched, in almost slow motion, as Master Kendal drew the flogger back before landing it on my stomach.


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed.


Master Kendal began to work on my body with the flogger. He began circling my body as he wielded the whip against my body. My stomach. My chest. My cock. My balls. My back. My ass. My thighs. My balls. My cock. My chest. My stomach. He repeated his circling several times. Over and over and over. Master Kenneth stood before me as Master Kendal kept working on my back side. Master Kenneth began flogging my front as Master Kendal kept working on my back side.


I remember coming to. I had collapsed into the restraints. I hung limply, almost lifeless, from the restraints connected to my wrists.


"Boy!" Master Ajmal cautiously said to me. "Are you okay, boy?"


"Yes, Master," I replied in a barely audible voice.


"Good," Master Ajmal explained. "You still have Master Jake and Master Joseph waiting to whip you, boy. Also, Master Miguel and Master Marcus haven't had a turn on you yet. Do you want to rest a moment more, or do you want them to begin?"


"Water, Sir," I manage to get out of my mouth.


Master Ajmal returned with a bottle of water and held it so I could sip it.


"You should give him another one of these," Master Marcus said as he handed Master Ajmal another blue pill.


"Noooooooo," I managed.


"Yes, boy," Master Ajmal replied. "Your Master Marcus wants you to have another pill. So, take the pill or we will need to punish you."


"Yes, Sir," I whispered.


Master Ajmal put the blue pill on my tongue and let me sip water to swallow it. My dick was already standing straight up. My dick had been hard since I took the first blue pill.


"So, boy," Master Ajmal continued. "I am going to asked you again. Do you want to rest for a moment, or do you want Master Jake and Master Joseph to begin?"


"Begin, Sir," I said.


"Good boy," Master Ajmal replied.


Master Jake and Master Joseph stood in front of me.


"Look at your husband, boy," Master Joseph calmly said.


I look over at the sawhorse. Master Baron is stabbing my husband's ass with his huge dick. In and out. In and out. Fast. Furious. Powerful. I thought I saw the sawhorse move with the thrusts of Master Baron's huge dick. Impossible, I know. Or, was it possible?


"He's been in Tim's ass for two hours," Master Jake replied. "Much more of this and your husband's ass will be as sloppy as yours, boy. Maybe he will turn out to be another one of Master Ajmal's rent boys."


"Master Baron is good for Tim," I hissed. "I need you to hurt me. Please hurt me. Now, please hurt me."


"The boy is ready," Master Jake decided. "Let's do this together."


"My pleasure," Master Joseph replied. "Did you ever think, boy, I would be almost ready to begin whipping you. I am ready to whip you. And, I will enjoy the experience of marking your body with my favorite whips. Ready Master Jake?"


"Definitely ready, Master Joseph," Master Jake said as he held up his first whip. "Remember this, boy?"


"Yes, Master," I replied.


"How will this make you feel, boy?" Master Jake asked.


"Hurt. I will hurt. You will hurt me," I hissed.


"Do you want me to use this on you, boy?" Master Jake asked.


"Yes, Sir," I said. "Please hurt me, Master. Please!"


Master Joseph replace Master Jake in front of me. He also held a whip.


"This is my favorite flogger, boy," Master Joseph said to me. "I have only used it on a few men. But, this time will be special for me. I will hurt you. I want to hear you scream. I want to hear you scream in pain as the flogger hits your body over and over and over again. I will stop when I am ready to stop, slave boy. You are mine now."


Master Joseph disappeared from the front of my body. And, then it started again. Master Jake and Master Joseph began alternately slamming their chosen weapons across my skin. One then the other. One then the other. One then the other.


I screamed until I couldn't scream anymore. I almost collapsed again into the restrains. But the blows to my body suddenly stopped.


"Good job, boy," Master Joseph said as he leaned in to hold me in his arms. He stood behind me. His hard dick caressed the crack of my ass.


Master Jake put his arms around me, too. He was in front of me. His hard dick fought with my hard dick.


"Master Joseph is right, boy," Master Jake replied. "You did an excellent job. You are an amazing masochist. One of the best. Thank you for making my evening such a success."


"Thank you, Sir," I whispered.


"Now it is time for your last round, boy," Master Jake said as he and Master Joseph released me.


Master Miguel and Master Marcus stood in front of me now.


"So, boy," Master Marcus began. "You have made a lot of men very happy tonight. Very happy indeed. Now, it is our turn. I like the way your dick is standing at attention. Does your dick hurt from being so hard, boy?"


"Yes, Sir," I replied.


"Good," Master Marcus replied as he put another blue pill on my tongue and gave me water to sip. "This will make you even harder. You probably will be hard for the next week or so. You should really try not to abuse these little blue pills, boy. They could make you permanently hard. I have also chosen to use a bullwhip on you, boy. You must realize I haven't had a lot of experience whipping men. And, we all know a bullwhip in the hands of an inexperienced user could be harmful if something goes wrong. But, I am certain you will be just fine after we finish with you."


"I'll make certain Master Marcus doesn't stop until he has sufficiently learned to use the bullwhip on your body," Master Miguel said as he held up his chosen weapon. "Yes, boy, this is my riding crop. I've used it on your before. Remember?"


"Yes, Sir," I whispered.


"I will be working on your front side while Master Marcus bullwhips your back side," Master Miguel continued. "I am especially interested in seeing how you react to me using this riding crop on your extra hard dick and your extra hard balls. This will be so much fun."


Both men moved away from my body. Like clockwork, they both began to deliver blows to my body. Master Marcus slammed the bullwhip against my back side while Master Miguel worked on my hard dick and my extra-large balls with a few swats at my chest and stomach. I began screaming the moment both men began whipping me. I didn't stop screaming until I was too horse to scream anymore. Then, it stopped. The whipping stopped. I felt hands caress my back. I felt hands caress my swollen dick.


"Are you okay, Steven," Tim whispered to me as he hugged me.


"Yes," I replied. "I'm okay. You?"


"I'm fine, Steven," Tim replied. "My ass is sore, but I am wonderfully contented."


"What did you think of Master Baron and Master Kendal?" I asked


"There dicks are addictive," Tim replied with a smile. "I need to go take care of my Master for tonight. Have fun tonight, Steven."


"You too, Tim," I whisper. "I love you."


"I love you, too," Tim replied as he left with his Master Miguel.


"So, boy," Master Baron said as the others cleared out of the playroom. "It's just you and me. What would you like to do? Go to bed and sleep? Do you want to go to bed and have me make love to you? Stay down here and have me fuck you all night? Have your Master Ajmal join us? Your call, boy."


"Unless you need to sleep, Master, I would like to stay down here and have you fuck me and fist me all night," I whisper to my Master.


"I have a little blue pill," Master Baron replied. "Do you want it or do you want me to have it?"


"I didn't think you would need a little blue pill, Master," I hissed.


"I don't NEED it, but I will certainly be up all night fucking and fisting you if I take it," Master Baron hissed.


"Then please take it, Master," I replied. "I want your big dick in me again. I need your big dick in me again. Over and over and over and over. You can shove your big arm up my ass, too, Master. Take me. Make me yours. Own me."


"Consider yourself owned, boy," Master Baron said as he took the little blue pill from the table next to us and popped it into his mouth. He downed a bottle of water and then turned his attention back to me. "I need to get you out of these restraints so I can take care of your pretty ass, boy. By the way, your husband's ass is amazing. I want you both sometime. You, your husband, and me. All night. Hell, maybe all weekend."


"I can be yours for the asking," I said. "But, don't tell Master Ajmal I said so. I understand you and Master Kendal have made a deal with Master Ajmal about the use of my body. I don't want to disappoint Master Ajmal."


"Don't worry, boy," Master Baron replied. "If I need to rent your ass from AJ, I will do so happily. And, I hope someday Master Kendal and I can share your ass and your husband's ass. You will also need to understand if I am paying to use you, I will definitely get my money's work. Shall I ask AJ?"


"Sure," I said. "But, right now I hope we can stop talking and you can start fucking. I need you dick, Master. I am lost without your dick in my ass."


"Gladly, boy! Where do you want to get fucked and fisted?" Master Baron asked.


"Same saw horse you fucked my husband on," I replied.




Master Baron brought me upstairs for our late brunch on Saturday morning. It was almost noon when we entered the living room where the others mingled.


"Good morning, Baron," Master Ajmal greeted Master Baron. "I trust you and the boy enjoyed yourselves after we left you in the playroom."


"Very much so," Master Baron replied. "Thank you for the use of the boy, AJ, Marcus. I can see why you have decided on such a high amount of money to charge for the boy's services. He is worth every penny."


"Steven needs to share with the group his feelings about his activities last night," Master Ajmal continued. "His husband needs to know the intimate details of Steven's feelings when he was used by us as he was our target for whipping practice as well as his activities after we left him with his Master Baron. Maybe you, Tim, have questions you would like to ask your husband. Boy?"


"My pleasure," Tim began. "Before I ask Steven a lot of questions, you need to know we had to severely punish Steven the other day because he failed to fully disclose his activities with all of the men he serviced in the past few weeks. And, if I am not completely satisfied with his answers, I am going to hand a whip to Master Baron and ask him to beat the shit out of my husband. So, Steven. Tell me how it felt to be restrained and whipped by all of these Masters, Steven."


"Serving men is my passion, Tim," I began. "Of course, you knew about my passion. At first, I had a wave of fear cross through my body. I knew the passion many of these Masters have when wielding a whip. However, fear quickly passed into pain. Pain passed into ecstasy. Ecstasy into contentment. I was one with my Masters. I was one with the whip. I was one with my pain."


"Very good, Steven," Tim replied. "I may use your lines in a future book. Don't forget to write it down in your journal. What did you tell your Master Baron right before he took his turn on my ass while I was on the sawhorse?"


"Ahm..." I stammered before I was able to answer Tim. "'Hammer him. Hammer his ass. Make him feel it. Take him. Own him. Make him yours.'"


"And what were you feeling when you asked Master Baron to hammer my ass with his huge cock?" Tim asked.


"I was ashamed you were turning into a slave," I replied. "Just like me. A slave to men's sexual fantasies."


"Are you still ashamed, Steven?" Tim asked with a harsh and pissed off tone in his voice.


"No," I replied. "It makes me love you even more, Tim. We are on this journey together. We are giving our bodies to other men. Men who will use us sexually, abuse us, hurt us. We are doing this together."


"Good answer, Steven," Tim replied. "You need to record those comments in your journal as well. I have a novel plot hatching in my mind. This will be a best seller, I am certain!"


"Yes, Tim," I replied. "I will definitely record my thoughts."


"Oh! I almost forgot," Master Ajmal said. "Steven. Come here and lay on the coffee table."


"Yes, Sir," I said as I positioned myself on my back on top of the huge marble topped coffee table. My dick was still hard from the blue pills I took last night.


Master Ajmal opened a sterile package containing a catheter. With little fanfare, he inserted the catheter in my penis and attached a plastic bag to the end opposite my dick. He taped the bag onto my thigh.


"Steven will be our urinal until further notice," Master Ajmal replied. "Even our slave boys should use Steven's mouth as their urinal."


"Now, let's eat," Master Marcus said.


"Steven," Tim said to me. "I need to piss. On your knees!"


"Yes, Sir," I replied and kneeled in front of my husband and took his dick into my mouth. Almost immediately he began pissing. Pissing. Pissing. Pissing.


"I hadn't pissed since we left you last night in the care of Master Baron," Tim said with a smile across his face. "So, I guess this makes my husband the official piss boy slave for today."


Once we had eaten and I had drained everyone's piss, Master Baron took me upstairs to dress me for our walk.


"Put these on, boy," Master Baron ordered as he threw a skimpy pair of tight nylon shorts.


As I pulled them on, I knew I was in big trouble. Not only were my balls were extremely obvious through the tight fitting shorts, my hard dick poked through the waist band.


"I see we have an issue here," Master Baron said as he inspected me. "Take those off and put this on, boy."

"Yes, Sir," I replied as I shimmied out of the shorts. Master Baron handed me a familiar looking piece of leather attached to a belt. `Shit!' I thought when I realized it was the modified leather covering Master Ajmal had me wear several times in Provincetown. Two leather panels hung off the belt. It covered my ass and my cock and balls as long as a soft breeze didn't blow the panels up.


"Very nice, boy," Master Baron said as he looked at me. I saw lust in his eyes.


Master Baron handed me a pair of socks and a pair of lace up black leather boots. He attached my leash to his collar, installed a pair of handcuffs which kept my hands behind my back, and led me downstairs.


We arrived in the living room where everyone had gathered after brunch.


"We will be out for a few hours," Master Baron said to the group. "We will be home in time to get the boy ready for this evening."


"Have a good time, Master Baron," Tim added. "In case a cop gets any ideas about arresting him for indecent exposure, remember the name Willy. He is a friend who works for the Chicago Police Department."


"Thank you, Tim," Master Baron replied as he led me out of the house and down the street.


Just as we rounded the corner from Roscoe to Halsted, we heard a voice call Master Baron's name.


"Baron!" A cute blond guy, probably 20 years old if that. He was almost six feet tall. Once he caught up with us, he began eyeing my body. "What's this you have here, Baron?"


"Robby," Master Baron began. "This is Steven. His master loaned him to me for the weekend. Boy, this is Robby. He used to live next door to us in California. What are you doing in Chicago?"


"Boring story," Robby began. "I started my sophomore year at Northwestern a few months ago. I am out enjoying this unusually warm, sunny day. And, I live in the neighborhood. I convinced my parents the dorms were not healthy for studying. And, they bought me a condo."


Robby's close cropped blond hair and sky blue eyes stood out against his muscular, tanned body. His shirt was tucked into the back waist of his shorts.


"We were just out for a stroll. Want to join us?" Master Baron asked.


"Sure," Robby replied. "Where are you going?"


"Probably have coffee somewhere," Master Baron replied. "I had thought about a drink, but you are not exactly legal yet, are you?"


"Nope," Robby replied. His eyes never left my body. "Another two years. I live one block north on Halsted. I have a balcony. We could sit outside and enjoy the people watching... Or, whatever else you might want to do."


"Sounds like a plan," Master Baron replied. His face lit up with a mix of enthusiasm and sadism.


I followed Master Baron two steps behind him. Robby was walking beside Master Baron.


We stepped into the well-appointed lobby of a new high rise building. The doorman let us through the security doors. His eyes followed me into the elevator.


"Terry is safe," Robby explained. "He's one of us, if you know what I mean. If he wasn't on duty, I would invite him upstairs. He's a great playmate."


Robby opened the door of his apartment and we stepped inside.


"Nice place, Robby," Master Baron replied.


The apartment looked huge. The living room, dining area, and open kitchen overlooked Halsted.


"I have two bedrooms and two bathrooms in case you ever need a place to hang out while you are in Lakeview," Robby replied.


"Are you still experimenting, Robby?" Master Baron asked.


"Naw," Robby replied. "I've pretty much decided I'm a dom. I have had a lot of practice after moving into this building. Terry is one hot slave boy when he puts his mind to it. Loves to get fucked and fisted. I'm just getting into whipping. I have a lot to learn about whipping, though."


"I should introduce you to Steven's Masters," Master Baron explained. "They live on Roscoe. Dead center between Broadway and Halsted."


"Masters as in two?" Robby asked.


"It gets complicated, but the house is full of testosterone," Master Baron continued. "His Masters Ajmal and Marcus co-own the boy. The boy has a boyfriend/Master who is a slave boy to AJ and Marcus. The boy's husband, Tim, and his husband's lover, David, have just begun experimenting with being slaves. The husband and lover are slaves to Master Joseph and Master Kenneth. Like I said, it is complicated."


"Fucking cool, man!" Robby said as he reached over and began to play with my nipples. "What's the boy's specialty?"


"Almost everything," Master Baron replied. "Last night eight Masters pulverized the boy with whips, floggers, riding crops, bullwhips. The first time I met the boy, he was engaged in major ass play with some hot top men. You want a sample?"


"Shit yes," Robby replied.


Master Baron handed the leash to Robby. "He's all yours."


Master Baron unbuckled the strap holding up the kilt like leather garment. It dropped to the floor.


"Holy shit!" Robby exclaimed. "His balls are fucking huge!"


"They will be getting bigger," Master Baron explained.


"I suddenly have the urge to piss," Robby hissed at me. "On your knees, slave boy."


"Yes, Sir," I replied as I positioned myself, on my knees, in front of Robby.


"Steven!" Master Baron barked. "Address the man in front of you as Master Robert."


"Yes, Sir," I replied. "Master Robert, may I please drink you piss, Sir?"


Master Robert unbutton his shorts and let them drop to the floor. He didn't wear any underwear. His uncut semi-hard dick was almost 10 inches and it wasn't even fully erect.


Master Robert guided his dick to my mouth. I opened my mouth and took in his dick. I waited for his piss.


It started with a trickle, but suddenly turned into a gusher. I swallowed quickly to make certain I didn't waste a drop. When his stream of warm piss subsided, I made certain I licked his dick clean. By now, Master Robert's dick was fully erect. All 13 inches of it. I remained on my knees in front of Master Robert. My eyes never left his dick.


"You like my dick, boy?" Master Robert asked.


"Yes, Master Robert," I replied.


"Where do you want it, boy?" Master Robert asked.


"Anywhere you want to put it, Master Robert," I replied. "I am at your service. I want to please you."


"Would I ruin your day, Baron if I suggested we take the boy into the bedroom and play with him?" Master Robert asked.


"Not at all," Master Baron replied. "I need to have the boy home by 7 pm so his Masters can get him ready for tonight. He needs to be used. You used to have a couple of friends around here you played with from time to time. Are they still friends of yours?"


"You mean Conner and Theo?" Master Robert asked. "Yea. I'm still friends with them. The twins live with their parents on Hawthorne. They are both juniors at Francis Parker. We get together and share Terry fairly often. They have really blossomed this past year as sadists. Want me to see if they are free this afternoon?"


"It would be perfect if they can drop by and use the boy," Master Baron replied. "It's 1 pm now. I need to have the boy back at 7 pm. We can accomplish a lot in six hours."


Master Robert picked up his phone and dialed his friend's number. He put it on speaker phone and began to fondle my dick and balls.


"Conner," the voice on the other end of the phone said.


"Conner. It's Robby. Someone I used to know dropped by with a slave boy. We're naked and about ready to play with the boy. We thought you and your brother might like to join us," Master Robert explained.


"We are just around the corner," Conner said. "We just left the gym. I hope you don't mind, but we didn't shower."


"Get your sweaty bodies over here," Master Robert replied.


"We'll be at your place in five," Connor said as he ended the call.


"Looks like you're in luck today, slave boy," Master Robert hissed at me. "You will have the pleasure of serving two, very hot, very sweaty, very horny 16-year-old studs."


"Yes, Sir," I replied. "Anything you say, Sir. I am eager to please."


"I'll bet you are, slave boy," Master Robert replied as he went to answer the knock on his door. "Hey, studs! You are a sweaty mess, aren't you?"


Connor and Theo sauntered into Master Robert's apartment. Their eyes were instantly glued to me kneeling on the floor. Hands behind my back. Waiting to be told my next move.


Connor stood about 6 feet tall with a gym chiseled body. Smooth shirtless chest. A significant bulge in his relatively skimpy gym shorts. Dark, almost black, close cropped hair and beautiful brown eyes.


Theo was a duplicate of Connor. He, too, was shirtless. Both were beautiful boys.


"You remember my friend Baron?" Master Robert asked Connor and Theo.


"Who could forget!" Theo replied.


"We are going to take the boy into the bedroom and take turns on his ass as our first act," Master Robert explained. "I get his ass first. We have him until about 7 pm. So, let's have a great time!"


Connor and Theo had shed their gym shorts, jock strap, and shoes. My mouth dropped as I watched the two hunk's dick grow to an unbelievable 10 inches. Their shaved balls hung low. Neither had a tan line.


"If you need to piss, the boy is ready," Master Robert suggested.


"Shit yes! Get your mouth over here, boy," Master Connor barked.


"Yes, Sir," I relied and I crawled in front of Master Connor and opened my mouth.


Connor guided his dick into my mouth. His piss gushed out of his dick and down my throat. I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed. I didn't waste a drop.


I repeated the process with Master Theo.


Master Robert grabbed my leash and led me into the bedroom. He had a sling set up in the corner of the room. Once I was installed in the sling, Master Robert began to apply lube to his huge cock.




"How did your day go, Steven?" Tim asked me as we gathered in the living room for cocktails before dinner.


"Amazing how things just fell into place," I began to explain. "Master Baron and I were walking down Halsted when we ran into a friend of Master Baron's. His name is Ro... Master Robert. He's a sophomore at Northwestern. He has a condo on Halsted. He invited us to his apartment for coffee. It turns out he's a dom. It also turns out he has two friends, Master Connor and Master Theo, who live with their parents on Hawthorn. They are juniors at Frances Parker high school. They are beautiful boy. All three of them are beautiful boys. Master Baron, Master Robert, Master Connor, and Master Theo all fucked me once I was secured in Master Robert's sling. Then, they each took turns fisting me. Master Connor and Master Theo decided they wanted to double fist me. It's the first time they had done it."


"Let me get this straight, rent boy," Tim summarized. "You were with a junior in college and two juniors in high school. You were all naked. They all fucked you, and they all fisted you. The high school boys lost their double fisting virgin arms to your ass. How old are these high school boys? Seventeen?"


"Ahm..." I stammered. "Sixteen."


"You do know, Steven, you could be arrested for having sex with an underage boy," David pointed out.


"I couldn't say `no,'" I protested.


"What do you mean you couldn't say `no'?" Tim asked. "You are the adult. They were underage boys!"


Tim was angry.


"But, I am a slave boy," I replied. "I was following orders."


"How did serving two high school, twin teenager brothers make you feel, boy?" Tim asked.


"Ahm..." I stammered again. "At first, I was absolutely amazed at all three boys' beauty. They were perfectly sculpted, muscled, tanned, young men. I realized I was naked with two high school junior teenage twin brothers who were extremely beautiful, extremely well-hung, and extremely gifted in their staying power. I wanted them. I needed them. I want them again if Master Ajmal and Master Marcus agree to let the boys use my body again."


"What were Connor and Theo's last names," Master Marcus asked.


I looked at Master Baron. "Prominent hotel family in Chicago," Master Baron replied. "Think family values parents."


"Jesus!" Master Marcus almost screamed. "These are family values people, Steven. Are you fucking nuts? You let two sixteen-year-old boys fuck and fist you!"


"All I know is I want to serve them again, Master Marcus," I almost begged. "Please Master. Please."


"Don't bring them to this house," Master Ajmal replied. "Maybe we can arrange for Robert and the boys to use Robert's place. But, I believe it will be good for Steven to serve these boys. Give them what they need. On the other hand, they might like to use your body in the playroom downstairs. It is technically not part of this house."


"And we will punish you every time you are with them, slave boy," Tim said. "Every single time... I want to meet them, though. They do sound fucking hot!"


"Leave it to you, Tim, to realize 16-year-old muscle bound boys could be hot," Master Marcus said with a smile. "I want to see them with Steven. I want to see them stick their 16-year-old hard dicks in Steven's ass. I want to see their 16-year-old muscled arms shoved up Steven's ass. I hope they get into whipping, too. I think they might like to help you punish Steven, Tim."


"Dinner is served," Harvey announced and then disappeared.


As we began to savor Harvey's excellent meal, Master Baron decided to share one of his thoughts. "I hope you will allow me to share an idea I have for a new business venture."


"Of course, Baron," Master Ajmal replied.


"It popped into my mind while we were talking about Steven's experience today with the three younger Masters," Master Baron began to explain his thoughts. "We, Kendal and I, could open a business similar to Gerhardt's slave training compound. Only we would be training young Masters. What is the legal age of consent in Illinois, David?"


"Eighteen," David answered. "Steven's new Masters are two years younger than the age of consent."


"So, we would offer this training program to men over the age of 18," Master Baron suggested. "Do you think there would be a market for Master training?"


"Definitely," Master Ajmal replied. "Most of us learned by trial and error. A boy's body is too precious to waste on a mistake which could maim or disfigure valuable property. I don't know what price points will come into play, but I believe it is a viable concept."


"Do you need venture capital, Baron?" Master Marcus asked. "I believe it would be a great concept to work on through our venture capital business. You could also rent space in our incubator building. We would have a porn studio, a rent boy business, and a Master Training compound. What fucking fun this will be! I'll even sign up for your first training class, Baron."


"Excellent," Baron replied. "Kendal and I will work on our plan and get back with you, Marcus. And, I believe you are correct, this will be fucking fun!"


"Who will be the boys your Masters-in-training will use to practice on?" Tim asked.


"We will work on the boys once we have the Masters line up and their fees paid," Master Baron replied with a smile.


"You can certainly use Steven," Tim suggested. "You know he will be able to survive even if your Masters-in-training get carried away."


"Master Joseph is our new sales and marketing consultant at the venture capital firm," I added trying to keep Tim's idea for taking over the conversation. "I am certain Master Joseph has some ideas for promoting your Master Training business. Right, Master Joseph?"


"Right, Steven," Master Joseph replied. "I will be your first paying client as well as your marketing guru."


"I'll be your second client," Master Marcus suggested. "Maybe we should send Garrison, too."


"But, I am going to slave training with Steven," Garrison responded.


"You will also be Steven's public Master," Master Ajmal explained. "You need to know both roles. You will go to Master Training and you will go to Slave Training. You will be a well-rounded individual, Garrison. Or, should we say Master Garrison."


"By now, Master, you must know I am not the brightest light bulb in the box," Garrison said. "I know how to be a slave, and I know how to be a Master. But..., I find it difficult to switch between the two roles."


"Let me simplify it for you then, Master Garrison," Master Ajmal replied with a huge grin on his face. "I cannot expect someone who was Magnum Cum Laude at Stanford a few years ago to grasp these concepts quickly. You are Steven's Master. You will be a good Master. The only reason we consider you our slave is so we can give you orders to carry out on Steven. Secondly, if Master Marcus and I decide you need to be punished, we will punish your slave Steven, not you. And, tonight I want you to be Master Garrison. Does this clear it up for you, dumb ass?"


"Yes, boss," Master Garrison replied also with a smile on his face. He turned to me. "So, boy, I could have a lot of fun pissing off Master Ajmal and Master Marcus who will then beat the shit out of you, Steven. And, I will get my rocks off watching them torture you! Fuck this will be a good life! But, Masters, I still want to go to slave training with Steven. It is my duty to oversee his training."


"We will still be sending you with Steven to slave training," Master Marcus replied. "However, your main focus will be to work on your body. We want to bulk you up because we will be paid very handsomely for your performance in some new porn flicks. You need more muscle."


"Hot damn, rent boy," Garrison replied. "We be going to Berlin together!"


"Master Garrison," Tim replied. "As I mentioned to you earlier, we need to work on your vocabulary skills. You should say, `We be going to Berlin together so we can sell your rent boy ass for more fucking money.' The boys' college funds, remember!"


"Got it wannabe slave boy," Master Garrison replied.


As we finished dinner, I became more uncertain about how the evening at Cell Block and later in our play room.


"So, boy, it is time to get you ready for your journey to Cell Block," Master Garrison said as he stood beside me. "Assume the position, boy!"


Master Baron took off his collar and Master Garrison replace it with his.


"Master," I recited my pledge. "I give you my mind, my body, and my soul, Master. I will forsake all others! I am yours!"


"Very good, slave boy," Master Garrison replied as he locked my leash onto the collar. "We need to get you properly attired."


I followed Master Garrison to Master Ajmal and Master Marcus's room. A black, stretchy spandex body suit lay on the bed. Master Garrison picked it up and handed it to me.


"You will wear this until we get to the bar," Master Garrison explained. "It doesn't leave a lot to the imagination. You will also not be in chastity tonight."


Master Garrison unlocked the chastity device and removed it.


"Put this on, boy," Master Garrison ordered.


"Yes, Sir," I replied as I fought with the body suit until I was able to slip in on. The body suit showed every crack, every contour, every piercing vividly. My cock and balls were also impressively on display behind the stretchy black fabric.


"You look worried, Steven," Master Garrison suggested.


"I've never been worried about being on display," I began. "I've been naked and used in bars across the world, private parties, public parties, Folsom Street Fair. And, I have never been worried about anything. But, tonight, I am somewhat worried. About what I don't know, but I feel worried."


"You'll be alright, boy," Master Garrison said as he lifted my chin and kissed me on the lips. Lips locked. Tongues engage. Finally, Master Garrison pulled away.


"Feel better now, boy?" Master Garrison asked.


"Yes, Master," I replied. "I feel better now."


Master Garrison took my leash and led me downstairs to reconnect with the others.


"Wow!" Master Baron hissed. "You are beautiful, boy. Stunning."


"Thank you, Master," I replied.


"I'll call Lenard to bring the car around," Master Ajmal said.


"Wait," Master Garrison exclaimed. "I want to walk with Steven to the bar. Anyone is welcome to join us."


"I want to walk with you, Master Garrison," Tim replied as he stood with his leash connected to Master Kenneth's belt.


"Me, too," David agreed as he stood with his leash connected to Master Joseph's belt.


"Then it is settled, we will all walk with Steven to the bar," Master Ajmal replied.


As we paraded to the Cell Block, several people stopped to star at us. Eight hot Masters in full leather led the way with the four of us slaves following close behind. Our leashes were attached to our Master's belt loop in their leather pants. I was not certain if people were looking at our group because of me dressed in exceptionally revealing clothing or the sight of two almost seven-foot-tall men dressed in full leather.


We were greeted by the bouncer Sam at the door, "What have we here tonight?" Sam said as he looked over our group. "This looks as though we will have an exceptional night here tonight, Steven!"


Sam pulled me into a hug and copped a feel of my balls and dick. "I understand you will be the entertainment this evening, boy." Sam continued. "We are almost at capacity already. Something about your body, Steven, always draws a crowd. Especially when you are naked. By the way, don't worry too much, but your friend Willy brought half of the off duty Chicago Police Department here tonight. They are all in the back room."


"See! I told you! You are going to be a hit tonight, Steven," Tim whispered as Sam started to massage my already hard dick with his hands as he talked with our group.


"Sam," I whisper to the bouncer. "Please stop massaging my dick. I am about ready to cum."


"Good," Sam replied as he continued to play with my dick through the thinly stretched fabric. "It won't be the only time someone makes you cum tonight."


"Garrison," I hissed at my Master. "Get me inside before Sam makes me cum out here standing in line."


"No," Master Garrison replied. "It's his job, Steven. Let the man do his job!"


"Making me cum is his job?" I hissed at Master Garrison again.


"From what I understand, yes," Garrison replied. "The bar recently rewrote his job description. And, it definitely includes making slave boys, who will be naked in the back room for the evening, cum. So, slave boy. Let the man do his job."


"Sam," I plead. "Please don't make me cum."


"Slave boy," Sam whispered to me as he continued to play with my rock hard, almost ready to cum, dick. "If I want to make you cum while standing here outside the bar, I will make you cum. If I don't want to make you cum while standing here outside the bar, I won't make you cum. However, at this point, I want to make you cum. So, you will cum. Just give me a few more minutes, slave boy. Then once you are inside, you can take off your cum stained body suit and be paraded naked through the main bar to your place in the back room. We had a lighting tech come in today and play with the lights to get you maximum exposure tonight. So, don't be an ungrateful slave boy. Just go with the flow." Sam began to move his hand faster over my dick. It is like he ripped through the fabric and was eagerly beating me off.


"Shit!" I moaned as I began to cum. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" I moaned as quietly as I could. I unloaded in my body suit.


"See, slave boy," Sam said to me. "It wasn't so bad, now, was it?"


"Sam," I hissed at the bouncer. "If I ever see you in a dark alley, I will personally call in the CPD to physically molest you."


"You and police officers seem to be very chummy from what I understand," Sam replied with a smile. "I heard you have sucked off most of the police department, in dark allies, in Provincetown to keep from getting arrested. I suspect you are attempting to do the same thing in Chicago judging from the crowd in the back bar at the moment. I am assigned to the back bar to make certain no one gets out of line for the rest of the night."


Sam opened the door to the Cell Block and escorted us into the bar. He led Garrison and me to a raised platform normally reserved for practically naked dancers.


"Strip boy," Garrison said as he removed my leash and helped me onto the platform.


I looked out at the crowd and realized the music had stopped. The entire bar, all 1,000 people, were watching me on the platform. I looked around the bar and notice several people I knew Leon and someone else I didn't remember his name were standing very near the platform. They were watching me intently. Willy and Callum. James and Dennis. Most of the people knew me from the past as a hard working telecommunications executive. Now I was standing on this platform as a slave. A slave who was about ready to strip. Naked. Hard dick. Enlarged balls. Piercings. Tattoos. Muscles. Naked.


"We are pleased to welcome tonight's entertainment," a voice which sounded very much like Sam the bouncer. "Steven Caldwell's Master Ajmal and Master Marcus have graciously offered their muscle bound slave boy to be with us this evening. Once he is naked, we will escort him to the back bar where he will be on display for the remainder of the evening. And, please forgive the cum stain on his body suit. He beat off outside waiting to be allowed inside. He is such a pervert. You might also remember Steven from several of his movies which play here in the back bar on video. Enjoy!"


"Strip, boy," Master Marcus ordered loudly enough for the entire bar to hear.


I stood silently in a panic.


"Now, boy," Tim yelled at me. "You need to be naked, Steven. Now!"


As I began to removed my body suit, I realized my dick had fully recovered and I was fully erect again. As I slide the body suit off, I felt a pair of hands begin to help me strip. It was Leon, my former boss. As he pulled the body suit off my dick slapped against my stomach once it was free of the stretchy fabric. The audience applauded loudly.


Garrison helped me from the platform. He reattached my leash to my collar and tugged on it. I followed Garrison through the crowd to the back room.


When Garrison and I entered the back leather only bar, a huge applause erupted. Garrison continued until we were in front of another platform.


Several muscle men dressed in black leather jock straps helped me onto the platform and began to secure me to restraints. Once I was tightly secured in a spread eagle pose, the four men disappeared.


Master Baron stepped onto the platform, "I wanted you to remember me and our time together so far this weekend. Do you know what this is, boy?"


"A sock," I replied softly.


"We can't hear you, slave boy," someone from the crowd exclaimed.


"Louder, boy," Master Baron said. "DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS IS, BOY?"


"A sock, Sir," I answered loudly.


"It was MY SOCK, boy," Master Baron continued. "My sock which I wore all last week in preparation for this evening."


Master Baron shoved the smelly sock into my mouth. He turned and left the stage.


Sam the doorman replaced Master Baron on the stage. He had changed from his tight jeans, faded black t-shirt to a leather full body harness with a cod piece over his cock and balls. His hairy, muscled body made my dick stir even more.


"You are all welcome to inspect the boy's body close up from the platform," Sam began. "You probably will want to fondle the boys cock and balls, touch is muscular ass, and kneed his swollen nipples. If you want to make him cum, you are welcome to do so. You will also find a rather broad range of whips, floggers, and riding crops on the table near the wall. You are welcome to use any or all of them on the boy. So, enjoy yourself tonight. You probably will want to personally thank the boy's husband, Tim, who is standing here in the front of the platform, for donating the boy's time to us tonight. Thank you and have a great evening!"


A line formed to the right of the platform. Men. Lots and lots of men lined up to walk across the platform in the center of the room. They started. I lost track of how many. I lost track of how long. I was fondled. My nipples were pinched, pulled, twisted, and sucked on. My ass was felt. My asshole penetrated with hundreds of fingers. More and more men leisurely walked onto the platform to get a closer look and to feel my body. A few came with whips, flogger, and riding crops. I also lost track of how many times men rubbed my cock and made me cum. Someone had removed the sock from my mouth. It was on the floor covered by my cum.


I realized Tim now stood in front of me. He was fondling my balls and massaging my dick.


"So, Steven," Tim said over the noise of the crowd. "You are doing a marvelous job of entertaining everyone. Many of the people here tonight have thanked me for making this evening possible. I said I was delighted to give you to the good people of Chicago to enjoy. I heard the guy who manages the bar talk to Master Ajmal. He tried to convince your Masters to bring you here on a regular basis. I hope they agree to display you here often."


"You are rubbing my dick, Tim," I hissed. "You're about to make me cum again!"


"I know," Tim replied as he kept stroking my hard dick. "I see it in your eyes. I can tell a lot from your eyes, Steven. Your eyes tell me everything. Everything!"


"Shit!" I hissed at my husband. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Tim stood to my side so my cum didn't land on him. It landed on the cum stained platform. The audience applauded as my cum spewed from my hard dick.


"If I counted correctly, this makes the fifteenth time you came in front of the crowd," Tim explained. "You still have a few more hours to go before we will take you home. We have plans for you at home, Steven. We have lots and lots of plans. Lots and lots of people. Lots and lots of plans."


Tim left the platform. Several more men walked onto the platform. One man pulled out his dick and pissed on me. The next man picked up the sock, which was now covered in my cum and the other man's piss, and shoved it back into my mouth.


Another man, older and slightly overweight, walked onto the platform. He stayed in the semi-darkness for a few moments as he walked around my body. I was hard again. I could smell the alcohol on his breath. He, too, pulled out his dick and pissed on me. Once he had stuffed his dick into his jeans, he walked in front of me.


`I am so fucked,' I thought to myself. I tried to scream to get the attention of someone in the audience. The sounds were muffled by the sock.


"So, Caldwell," the man said. "Looks like you've gotten yourself into a real predicament here. Your naked. Tied up. Men are fondling your body. Jerking you off. Whipping you. You should be fucking ashamed of yourself Caldwell. I am happy you are here. You won't be feeding the Mayor any more of your half-baked ideas because you won't be around. Right, Caldwell? I will make certain NO ONE listens to you anymore."


John Trainer pulled out a knife and held it to my throat.


"Trainer," a voice echoed through the now silent crowd. I glanced to my right. It was Willy. "Put the knife away, Trainer. This place is full of police officers. You will not survive if you hurt Steven."


Willy slowly moved toward the platform. Trainer shifted. He now held a gun pointed to my balls.


"Come any closer, fagot," Trainer hissed. "I will not only slit his throat; I will also blow his balls off. Do you understand me, fagot?"


"Don't hurt him, Trainer," Willy continued from his present position. "You will NOT get out of here alive."


"You're full of shit, you nelly fagot," Trainer hissed. "You fagots are not smart enough to hurt me!"


The crowd on my right began to slowly move away from the platform. Willy stood motionless in his position.


Trainer turned the gun towards Willy who stood, still motionless, in his position.


A gun gunshot echoed throughout the bar. Red. I saw red.


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