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Life With Tim



Another man, older and slightly overweight, walked onto the platform. He stayed in the semi-darkness for a few moments as he walked around my body. I was hard again. I could smell the alcohol on his breath. He, too, pulled out his dick and pissed on me. Once he had stuffed his dick into his jeans, he walked in front of me.


`I am so fucked,' I thought to myself. I tried to scream to get the attention of someone in the audience. The sounds were muffled by the sock.


"So, Caldwell," the man said. "Looks like you've gotten yourself into a real predicament here. Your naked. Tied up. Men are fondling your body. Jerking you off. Whipping you. You should be fucking ashamed of yourself Caldwell. I am happy you are here. You won't be feeing the Mayor any more of your half-baked ideas because you won't be around. Right, Caldwell, I will make certain NO ONE listens to you anymore."


John Trainer pulled out a knife and held it to my throat.


"Trainer," a voice echoed through the now silent crowd. I glanced to my right. It was Willy. "Put the knife away, Trainer. This place is full of police officers. You will not survive if you hurt Steven."


Willy slowly moved toward the platform. Trainer shifted. He now held a gun pointed to my balls.


"Come any closer, fagot," Trainer hissed. "I will not only slit his throat; I will also blow his balls off. Do you understand me, fagot?"


"Don't hurt him, Trainer," Willy continued from his present position. "You will NOT get out of here alive."


"You're full of shit, you nelly fagot," Trainer hissed. "You fagots are not smart enough to hurt me!"


The crowd on my right began to slowly move away from the platform. Willy stood motionless in his position.


Trainer turned the gun towards Willy who stood, still motionless, in his position.


I heard a gunshot resonate through the room. Red. I saw red.


Chapter 49: Yes, Sir! Master, Sir!


"Steven!" I heard Tim scream. "Steven wake up! You're okay, Steven. Please wake up."


"Tim," I said in a barely audible voice. "Tim!"


"I'm here, Steven!" Tim replied. "We're all here."


"Steven," Garrison said. "We've got you, baby. We're all here."


I looked around me. My men were all around me. Tim held my head on his lap. Garrison knelt beside Tim. He was stroking my arm. Master Ajmal. Master Marcus. Master Joseph. Master Kenneth. David. Baron. Jake. Miguel. Kendal. All of my men were around me. Another set of leather clad men surrounded us a few feet away from the platform we were on.


"What... what hap... happened?" I whispered.


Then, I saw two men lying five feet away from me. One was on top of another. Both motionless.


"We will have the on duty officers in here in a few minutes, Steven," Willy said as he handed me a pair of sweat pants. "Put these on, Steven. We don't want you laying here naked with police swarming around you."


"I could see where it could be problematic," I whisper.


Master Marcus and Master Joseph helped tug the sweats on.


"What happened?" I asked again.


"John Trainer happened," Willy explained. "He had a knife and a gun. I thought he was going to shoot either you or me... Until out of nowhere, Christopher Trainer jumped out of the crowd and tackled his father. The gun went off just as Christopher had him on the ground. They are both dead."


"The blood?" I asked. "Mine?"


"No, Steven," Tim replied. "John and Christopher Trainer's blood. Miraculously you weren't hurt."


"I will talk to the officers and explain the situation," Willy said. "I will tell them you don't remember the incident. They may still want to talk with you, but I will try to spare you from talking to them tonight."


"Thanks, Willy," I replied.


Sam the bouncer led a paramedic to where I was lying. "They want to take a look at Steven."


"My name is Marc," the paramedic said to me and Tim. "You are Steven's husband?"


"Yes," Tim answered.


"Are you in any pain, Steven?" Marc asked.


"I don't think so," I replied. "I don't remember anything, though."


"It might be a good thing you don't remember the details," Marc said. "Let's get you checked out."


Marc rolled me gently off Tim's lap so I was lying flat on the floor on my back. After several minutes of poking. Moving my arms and my legs. Marc declared me uninjured.


"You seem to be okay, Steven," Marc explained. "I would like to take you to the ER so the doctors can take a look."


"Please no," I pleaded. "I just want to go home. I want to be with my husband, my boyfriends, and my kids. I'm fine, really."


"Ahm...," Marc stammered. "Husband and boyfriends? You have a husband and more than one boyfriend?"


"Ahm...," I explained. "Yes. I have a husband and two boyfriends. They are really more than just boyfriends. They are more like my lovers. The two boyfriends, David and Garrison. Live with me and my husband and two boys. My two Masters also live with us. They are married to one another. They have two kids as well."


"Do you have a temperature, Steven?" Marc asked.


"No," I replied.


"We really do live together with our boyfriends, sons, and Masters," Tim summarized. "I know it is a little unusual, but we are all a little unusual."


"Now we have broached the subject of `unusual,'" Marc explained. "I want to ask you something, but I don't want it to sound inappropriate."


"I have been asked several inappropriate things before, Marc," I said. "Ask away?"


"Were you in a couple of porn movies with a hot black stud?" Marc asked. He was blushing.


"Garrison, can you come over here, please?" I asked.


"What's up, Steven," Garrison asked.


"Marc just asked if I was in few porn movies recently with a hot black stud," I said to Garrison with a smile.


"Affirmative, Paramedic Marc," Garrison replied. "This slave boy and I have been in two movies so far. Others are soon to be filmed. We'll get you a courtesy membership to the streaming site if you get my boyfriend ready to get the fuck out of here."


Tim replied as he handed Marc his business card. "Call me later, and we can arrange to meet somewhere for a drink or coffee. We can explain why Steven has a husband, a boyfriend, and two Masters.


"Trust me, I will call," Marc said as he offered his hand to help me up. "You are even better looking in person than you were in the films. I can't wait to tell my husband about meeting you. He talks about nothing else but you and your incredible body for days after we watch one of your films."


"Let's get you out of here, Steven," Willy suggested. "We can take you through the back door. Lenard has two cars waiting for you and the group."


Tim, Garrison, and Willy helped Marc get me onto my feet. Red. Blood. On the floor. On my body. Blood.


I almost passed out.


"You sure you are okay, Steven?" Marc asked.


"Yes," I replied. "I'm fine. I just saw all of the blood. I didn't realize there was this much. And, on me."




My eyes fluttered open to see Tim sleeping on his side. He as facing me with David spooned up behind him. David's arms wrapped tightly around Tim. Garrison spooned up behind me. I felt his hard dick at the crack of my ass. His arms were wrapped around me so I was tight against his naked, muscular body.


"I see someone is waking up," Garrison whispered into my ear.


"Yea," I whispered back. "Did I have a dream last night?"


Tim answered, "Steven, you might have had a dream last night, but the dream I am certain you are referring to was not, unfortunately, a dream. It was real. Very real."


"Shit!" I added. "Christopher saved my life, didn't he?"


"Probably," Tim replied. "What can we do to make it better for you, Steven?"


"You are doing it right now," I replied. "All of you. If it weren't for the three of you right now, I would probably be in the psych ward."


"Some people probably assume this fucked up happy family really is the psych ward," David added. "Maybe we are."


"It used to be when I had a traumatic experience in my life, I would hit the bars and pick up some muscled sadist and have the trauma beaten, fucked, and fisted out of me," I added. "Do you think I still need to go out to the bars to pick up a muscled sadist or could I use one who lives with me?"


"I can go piss off Master Ajmal and Master Marcus and then they would beat the shit out of you, boy," Garrison replied. "But if you just need to be fucked really hard, I think the three men in bed with you would be happy to help you out, rent boy."


"Then, why are we lying here talking?" I asked.


Garrison managed to turn me on my back, and he settled on top of me. "This is for your trauma, rent boy," Garrison whispered as he began kissing me.


"David," Tim whispered. "I think you need to be doing something right now besides rubbing your hard dick in the crack of my ass."


"But, you didn't experience any trauma," David replied.


"Like hell I didn't," Tim replied. "I watch nutcase John Trainer try to kill my husband. I think it qualifies as trauma. Let's not debate this, lover boy. Follow Garrison's lead. Now."


"I think you need to reconsider your tone of voice, boy Tim," David said as he moved on top of Tim and spread Tim's legs wide apart with his own legs. "Slave boys can get into a lot of trouble if they use a certain tone of voice. I think I will have to fuck the impertinence out of you."


"Punish me, please," Tim begged. "Please big guy! Punish me."


David leaned down and brought his lips together with Tim's. I lost track of my husband and his lover when Garrison started to play with my nipples. Nipple play turned into slathering his dick with lube. Then, Garrison's big 13-inch uncut black dick slid into my ass.


"Ahh! Yes, baby," I moan. "Don't stop. Please don't stop."


"Music to my ears, rent boy," Garrison whimpered. His kisses resumed as Garrison gently massaged the inside of my ass with his beautiful black dick.


"Your body, Garrison," I whispered as I touched Garrison's well defined biceps. "You have an amazing body. Your skin is perfect. Your muscles are perfect. Your hair is perfect. You dick is perfect. You complete me, Garrison. Your big dick completes me."


"I am going to complete you, alright," Garrison hissed. "I am about to cum in your fucking slave boy ass, which I own. Ready, lover boy! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Garrison collapse on top of me to recover from his orgasm. We blasted back into the real world of the room as we heard David moan, "Shit! I'm cumming, Timmy. I'm fucking cumming! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


David, too, collapsed on top of his lover.


"David," Garrison whispered to our lovers in bed next to us. "We need to do this more often. You are very motivating. I like the way your balls sound when they slap against Timmy's ass."


"Thank you, Garrison," David replied in a whisper. "I want you to fuck me sometime while I fuck Tim."


"Like you saw Master Joseph fuck Tim while he fucked Steven," Garrison whispered back.


"Yea," David said. "Just like Master Joseph fucking Tim while Tim fucked Steven."


"Next time Tim and Steven need the trauma fucked out of them, we can give it a whirl," Garrison replied. "You know this family is just so, so fucked up."


"You are just now realizing this, Garrison?" Tim asked.


Marcus popped into our bedroom, "David! Garrison! Get your dicks out of Tim and Steven and join us downstairs. It is cocktail time and I am parched."


"It's only 1 pm," David replied.


"It's Sunday," Marcus replied. "It's Sunday brunch. We need cocktails for Sunday brunch. Besides, Steven, you need to read the article in the Chicago Tribune before people start calling. March!"


"Yes, Master," Garrison replied as he lifted his body off me and pulled his big dick out of my ass.


We settled into the living room with Master Ajmal, Master Marcus, Master Joseph, and Master Kenneth as well as Baron and Kendal.


"How are you feeling today, Steven?" Master Joseph asked.


"Tired. But, after Garrison fucked the trauma out of me, I feel much better," I said with a smile.


"Are you going to see a therapist?" Master Kenneth asked.


"Probably," I replied. "I will call Jose tomorrow to see if he has time to see me this week. I should talk this over with someone who is impartial."


"Do you want me to put off the slave training for another month?" Master Ajmal asked.


"I don't believe I want to put it off, Master," I replied. "I will think about it, but I don't believe I want to delay it. It might actually help. I felt very connected to myself while I was there last month. It is cathartic in a way."


"Let me know what you decide, boy," Master Ajmal relied. "In the meantime, take a look at this."


Master Ajmal handed me the Sunday edition of the Chicago Tribune's front page. "Shit!" I said as I reacted to the photo of me in full color on the front page. "Why did they do this?"


"Do what?" Master Marcus asked.


"Put my picture on the front page," I replied. "And, the story. Details. My name. Tied naked in the backroom of a bar. Shit!"


"It will be good for Jake and Miguel's film business," Master Marcus replied. "They mention you are one of their most prominent porn stars."


"They called you a hero, Steven," Master Joseph said.


"They even quoted me," Master Baron added. "Baron Ellison. My father is going to shit bricks. He's accepting of our lives, but I think this might be just a little over the top for him."


"At least they printed my name correctly," Tim said as he looked over the story.


"Steven," Harvey interrupted our conversation. "I have a call for you. Grant from CNN."


I took the phone from Harvey and turned it to speaker phone. "Hello, Sir! What can I do for you, Sir?"


"I heard about the incident in a Chicago bar," Master Grant replied. "Are you okay?"


"Yes, Sir," I replied. "A little embarrassed about the attention the press has given this, but I am okay, Sir."


"Good," Master Grant replied. "I had planned on calling AJ about getting together with you again. And, then I saw this story. It's on the front page of the New York Times."


"Without a photo I hope," I said.


"Nope," Master Grant responded. "Full color photo of your blood covered body in a pair of tight sweatpants."


"Grant," Tim spoke up. "I'm Steven's husband, Tim. He probably hasn't mentioned me to you, but I wanted to say I really admire your work with CNN."


"Thank you, Tim," Master Grant replied. "Steven definitely mentioned you. You are an intriguing man. I hope someday to meet you. He mentioned you were exploring the possibility of being a sub. If I can be of any help, please let me know."


"Don't be surprised, Grant, if I am on the next plane to New York," Tim said.


"Have a good day, Tim," Master Grant replied. "Give your husband a hug for me."


"I will, Grant," Tim replied. "I definitely will."


Tim handed the phone back to Harvey.


"So, Steven," Tim said. "I am liking Grant more and more. Can we go to New York sometime soon? Please, Steven. Please?"


"Groveling doesn't become you, Tim," David said to his lover.


"Yes it does," Master Marcus replied. "He needs to do more of it."


"May I ask a question?" I asked.


"Of course," Master Ajmal replied.


"Tim... David...," I began. "How do you feel about your transition into slavery?"


"You know, Steven," Tim explained. "We tried this once before, remember? It didn't work. However, somehow this feel different. It feels right. I know Steven uses the words `It completes me' when speaking in terms of his needs and introspections. I don't know yet how to exactly explain it except to say, it DOES complete me in many ways. Especially when I am doing this with David. But, it is too early to let you know much more than what I have just explained. David?"


"I think I know what Tim means when he says this is different," David began. "For the first time in my entire life, I experienced some of the most fantastic sex this weekend than I ever have. And, the big thing for me, I never—not once—came the entire weekend until Tim and I made love just before we came downstairs. Making love to Tim absolutely blew my mind because I hadn't used my dick to have sex all weekend. I used my dick to make love to the man whom I love and, I know, he loves me. Amazing feeling."


"What about you and Master Marcus?" I asked. "How did you react to John and Christopher Trainer's actions?"


"I am shocked, Steven," Master Ajmal explained. "We could have lost you! To think we have bastards like John Trainer running around this country, spewing hate, delivering backward ultimatums to his children, and, this is the final straw, trying to eliminate human beings who don't agree with his obscene beliefs. I expect this, unfortunately, from the country where I am from. I do not expect it here. This is how I feel. I hope you know how much Marcus and I love you, Steven. You are not just our slave boy—although you are a very good slave boy—you are our friend, you are our lover, you are one of the best human beings I know on this earth. We can't lose you, Steven. If we do, we all lose. Everything."


"I agree with AJ," Master Marcus explained. "We need to be a family right now. The shock of seeing the bastard holding a knife to your throat made me scared, angry, and... sad. Sad because someone I felt anger toward actually saved your fucking life, Steven. Christopher. He didn't need to die."


"I, Master Marcus," I began. "I am sad, too. The whole John Trainer issue makes me sad. His bigotry. His hatred. His arrogance. Everything about him makes me sad. I would give all of my wealth and power away in an instant if I could find a way to eliminate people's hatred. People's bigotry. People's arrogance. All of the money and power in the world is not worth the pain and suffering people like John Trainer cause in the name of religion. And, if you agree with me, Tim, I believe our foundation just doubled its assets. We need to wage war on the John Trainers of the world."


"I agree with you, Steven," Tim replied. "We need to do something, even if it helps one person in this world, it would be worth all of the money we have. Just promise me one thing, Steven. Don't let John Trainer and his hatred of people like us change the way you are. You, Steven, are a gift to this world. You make a difference every fucking day you are on this earth."


"Steven," Master Ajmal said to me. "I am giving you an order today. I will not tolerate resistance. You need to go public with your life. Take the power you have—and it doesn't mean the money—and save people like us from people like John Trainer. Do it for your Masters. Marcus and me. Whatever it takes we—Marcus, David, Tim, Joe, Kenneth, Jake, Miguel, Baron, Kendal, Willy, Callum, everyone we know—will support you one hundred percent."


"Thank you, Master," I replied. "I am not sure I can live up to your expectations, but I promise you I will try. I hope you will help, Tim. I need you with me on this."


"Steven," Tim replied as he moved toward me and sat on my lap. "I will be with you wherever and whenever you need me to be with you. I love you too much to not be completely at your side when you take on the John Trainers of this world."


"Now, about this newspaper article," Master Marcus added as he handed me the Chicago Sun Times newspaper.


"Shit!" I said. Front page. Picture. Me. Obviously naked. Laying on a platform. Collar around my neck. Restraints hanging from above. I read the article. Name: Steven Caldwell. Cell Block. Backroom. Bondage. Attacked by John Trainer. Saved by Christopher Trainer. "Shit!" Everyone silent.


Tim took the article and shared it with David and Garrison on either side of him. "It looks like you have been outed, Steven, as a bondage loving slave boy who has just been attacked by a fellow mayoral adviser named John Trainer and saved by his gay, slave boy son, Christopher Trainer."


"Awesome, Steven," David added.


"Fucking awesome!" Garrison added.


"Vocabulary, Garrison," Tim replied.


"Okay!" Garrison added. "Fucking awesome! Now, everyone knows you are a masochist, man loving, muscle bound, tattooed slave boy."


Harvey appeared. "Brunch is served, gentlemen." Poof! He disappeared.


When we had taken our places at the dining room table, we continued our discussion—minus information about the newspaper articles.


"AJ," Master Kenneth began. "What is the status of the men you rescued from Iraq?"


"Ah...," Master Ajmal began. "Boris and Sanji are manning the house in London. I rented the house to King Mohammed VI and his boyfriend for two months. The king is from Morocco. Jim is helping Tim and Steven with the boys, Omar and Kathem. Calib and Dar are helping care for our boys while they are awaiting their green cards so they can work here in this country. Calib and Dar are living in one of our condo's next door. Boris is happy he has Sanji with him, but he is still distracted by his castration."


"It really pisses me off when I hear about people like Boris," Master Joseph replied. "The bastards who did this to him should be castrated in front of the entire city."


"I'm working on it," Master Ajmal replied.


"Ah...," Master Marcus stammered. "You are what?"


"I'm working on it," Master Ajmal repeated.


"Working on what, AJ?" Marcus asked.


"Retaliation for the castration of Boris, Calib, Dar, and Jim," Master Ajmal explained.


"Retaliation?" Master Marcus asked. "What kind of retaliation, AJ?"


"I have located the officials and the people who either castrated or ordered the castration of these men," Master Ajmal explained. "And, you will probably hear through the press about an angry mob who stormed the individuals' homes, took them into custody, and displayed them in a public square where they were stripped naked and then castrated using a pre-used, unsterile knife."


"Isn't this dangerous for you to be involved?" Master Marcus asked.


"It is not dangerous," Master Ajmal explained. "It is something we do. Eye for an eye, don't you know."




"So, rent boy," Garrison said as the plane took off for Berlin. "How does it feel to be returning to Gerhardt's compound for your training?"


"Exhilarated," I replied. "I feel stronger and stronger as we make our way to the training. It is good to put the John Trainer incident in my past. And, when we get back, I will get my Masters' brand on my ass."


"Mine, too, rent boy," Garrison said. "Mine, Tim's, and David's brand on your left ass cheek. Master Ajmal and Master Marcus's on the right ass cheek."


"They should be healed completely by the time we start filming our movie," I explained. "You and me, Garrison. We will be on the big screen again."


"Big screen, my ass," Garrison corrected me. "These assholes who stream our films watch them on their phones, tablets, or laptops. No big screen for us."


"Ah...," I added. "There will be at least ten times we will be on the big screen."


"What do you mean, rent boy?" Garrison asked.


"New York. Chicago. San Francisco. London. Munich. Berlin. Sydney. Paris. Tokyo. Rio," I explained. "We will be in those cities when the film premiers in those cities."


"We are attending the premier in 10 cities?" Garrison asked. "How do you know this?"


"I hacked into Master Jake and Master Miguel's computer system," I replied. "I found the marketing plan. We will be flying on our plane."


"You hacked into Jake and Miguel's computer system?" Garrison asked. "Why in God's name did you hack into their computers?"


"I wanted to get information about our travels," I replied. "I had to plan something around our travel schedule."


"What are you planning?" Garrison asked.


"It's a surprise, Garrison," I said and left Garrison hanging.


"Does it involve sex?" Garrison asked quietly.


"Of course," I replied. "Everything in our lives involve sex."


"Okay, rent boy," Garrison replied. "Keep me posted is all I can say."


"You will be the first to know, Master," I explained to Garrison.


We napped for most of the flight. When we arrived in Berlin, we stood in line for customs.


"I hope I don't get searched again," I whispered to Garrison as we approached the first customs officer.


"Oh, shit," I hissed to Garrison. "Mr. Krauss. He just arrived at the inspection post. I am fucking screwed."


"Does he have a big dick?" Garrison asked.


"Big enough," I replied. "Mr. Hauss and Mr. Klein have bigger ones. Mr. Klein is the biggest at about 10 inches of uncut German dick."


"So, I suspect I will see you, half naked, when you pass your customs inspection," Garrison said with a smile.


"Mr. Caldwell!" Mr. Krauss greeted me. "It is so good to see you in our fine country, Mr. Caldwell. Could you please follow me, Mr. Caldwell?"


"See you later, Garrison," I said as I followed Mr. Krauss to the private screening area.


"Please take off your clothes and have a seat," Mr. Krauss said. "I will be back in a few moments."


"But, there are people around," I said in a barely audible voice.


"What?" Mr. Kraus said. "You haven't been naked in front of a group of people?"


"Well...," I stammered. "Yes, but it was a more private group of people. There are at least 50 people in this office."


"Seventy-five," Mr. Krauss corrected me. "There are seventy-five people in this office. Strip, Mr. Caldwell. Now!"


"Yes, Sir," I replied as Mr. Krauss left my side.


I began to take off my clothes. I noticed most of the people in the office were watching. My shirt came off first. Shoes and socks. I wasn't wearing underwear, so when I dropped my pants and stepped out of them, I was stark naked in an office with seventy-five people watching me


I sat beside the desk where Mr. Krauss left me. A matronly woman stopped beside me. "May I get you something to drink, Mr. Caldwell. Mr. Krauss has been delayed for a few moments."


"Water," I said to the lady who was looking directly at my crotch. "Could I please get some water?"


"Of course, Mr. Caldwell," the lady replied as she turned and disappeared through a doorway.


"Here you are, Mr. Caldwell," the lady said as she handed me the bottle of water. "It's nice and cold."


"Thank you," I replied. "How long do you think Mr. Krauss will be detained?"


"Not long, I am certain," the lady replied. "He was expecting you."


I sat naked in a busy office. I sipped water. I looked around. My dick started to harden. `Shit! I am totally fucked,' I thought.


Finally, Mr. Krauss returned. He was escorted by Mr. Hauss and Mr. Klein. "I am so sorry to keep you waiting Mr. Caldwell, but we had an issue we needed to deal with. Please follow us. You may leave your clothes. Someone will be here to collect them for evidence shortly."


I stood and followed Mr. Krauss, Mr. Hauss, and Mr. Klein. We arrived at the same exam room I was in before.


"Good afternoon, gentlemen," Mr. Krauss said to the three others in the room. "This is Mr. Caldwell. We will be doing a very, very thorough examination before we release him. Do you have anything to declare, Mr. Caldwell. I believe the last time you were here you had a very expensive looking butt plug in your ass."


"I am not wearing a butt plug today, Sir," I replied. "So, I have nothing to declare."


"Good," Mr. Kraus continued. "You remember Mr. Hauss and Mr. Klein, Mr. Caldwell."


"Yes, Sir," I replied.


"The other gentlemen are Mr. Seawood, Mr. Hoffsteler, and Mr. Woo," they will be assisting us in your examination today, Mr. Caldwell."


Before I could respond, I noticed every man in the room began to strip.


"We have added some fixtures here in this exam room to make it easier for us to examine you, Mr. Caldwell," Mr. Krauss said as he shed his boxers.


Mr. Hauss pulled back a canvas privacy screen. `Fuck!' I said to myself. `They installed a fucking sling!'




Five hours later I walked quickly in my extra skimpy gym shorts toward Garrison.


"Hey, rent boy!" Garrison greeted me. "How was Mr. Krauss and his buddies."


"You won't fucking believe this," I said to Garrison. I was seething. "Mr. Krauss, Mr. Hauss, and Mr. Klein were joined by Mr. Seawood, Mr. Hoffsteler, and Mr. Woo. Mr. Woo's dick rivals Baron and Kendal's dicks. And, they have a fucking sling in the exam room now. A fucking sling, Garrison. Their dicks all inspected my ass, and their hands all inspected my ass. I was fucked six times, and I was fisted six times. Just watch, the next time I go through custom's they will have installed a bondage table."


"You look good in those shorts, rent boy," Garrison replied. I wanted to reach over and wipe off the smile on his face. "Your balls show up really nicely. Did any security guards stopped you this time to inspect your paperwork?"


"Five," I replied. "One escorted me into a supply closet and fucked me."


"My, my!" Garrison said. "You have been busy, rent boy."


"Let's get the fuck out of here, Garrison," I hissed.


"You wish is my command, rent boy," Garrison said as he pulled out his phone and called someone. "Wolfgang! Garrison here. Rent boy has been released from customs inspection, and we are ready to leave."


There was a pause, and then Garrison added, "We will be waiting outside for you."


"Wolfgang will be outside in about five minutes," Garrison replied.


Garrison followed me outside. "If I didn't know better, rent boy, I'd say you have cum dripping out of your ass."


"It would drip out of yours, too, if you had six guys cum in you before they fisted you!" I hissed.


A black BMW sedan rolled up beside us. Wolfgang slipped out of the driver's side of the car and greeted us.


"Good to see you again, gentlemen," Wolfgang said to us. "I believe either your shorts, Steven, are shorter or your balls are bigger."


"Both, Wolfgang," Garrison replied.


Garrison and I piled into the back seat and Wolfgang began the drive to Gerhardt's compound.


"Now, get naked," Wolfgang ordered. We both complied with his demand in record time.


"I wonder what Master Gerhardt has in store for me this week?" I asked Garrison.


"Something very fulfilling, I am certain," Garrison replied with a smile. "At least you won't be seeing clients this week."


"Clients were a diversion from the boredom," I replied. "Do you know what you will be doing while we are at Gerhardt's compound?"


"Master Ajmal told me I would be concentrating on my body," Garrison replied. "Lots of time in the gym. Eating. Simple things. However, I do expect some diversions. I don't have any idea what the diversions might entail, but I do expect diversions."


When we arrived at the compound, Hans, my leader, and Gus, Garrison's leader, met us on either side of the car. They were both dressed in the same rubber jump suit as the last time we saw them.


Without speaking, the two leaders escorted us to the compound entry at the rear of the house. We stepped into the brightly lit entryway.


Master Gerhardt stood in the entry hall as we entered, "Welcome slave boys! Boy Garrison, you will be staying in the main house this time. Breakfast is every morning promptly at 8 am. You will work out from 9 am until 12 noon. Lunch is served at 12:30. You will have 30 minutes to shower. From 1:30 pm until 5:30 pm, you are welcome to use the library or take walks around the grounds. Dinner will be served at 6:30. Feel free to watch television or play music after dinner."


"Gus," Master Gerhardt said to Garrison's leader. "Please show boy Garrison to his room and give him a tour of the house and grounds."


"Yes, Sir," Gus replied. "Please follow me, boy Garrison."


Garrison and Gus left the room.


"So, boy Steven," Master Gerhardt began his explanation of my week. "Every day at 1:30 pm you will spend four hours at the gym. One hour will be cardio. The last three will be grueling strength exercises. You will be fed lunch prior to you time at the gym and dinner after you finish with the gym. You will spend the rest of your time this week in a full body restraint suit. During the time you are held captive, almost 18 hours each day, we will provide nutrition and hydration through an IV. You will have very little personal contact with anyone. Your trainer will be supervising your workout via a remote broadcast from the gym. Your leader, Hans, will place you in the restraint suit after you finish eating dinner. He will also make certain the IV is working properly. You will not be allowed to shower until you are ready to leave the compound. Do you have any questions, slave boy?"


"No, Sir," I replied.




Garrison and I boarded the jet back to Chicago after a very isolating experience at Gerhardt's compound.


"So, rent boy," Garrison said once the play was in the air. "How was slave training?"


"Isolating," I replied. "Other than when Hans put me in or took me out of the full body restraint, I never saw anyone. Even my trainer pushed me though the gym exercises via a remote feed. You don't know how happy I was when this week ended."


"Does this mean you are horny?" Garrison asked.


"Yes," I replied. "Master Gerhardt put me in chastity right after you left to go to your room. I'm still in chastity. Master Ajmal and Master Marcus have the key. So, I don't really expect I will have an opportunity to relieve my frustrations any time soon."


"But, I could fuck you right now in the bathroom," Garrison suggested.


"I also have a butt plug locked into my ass," I replied.


"I see your dilemma," Garrison replied. "How do you think you husband will react to you being in chastity and having a butt plug locked into position?"


"Probably not well," I replied.


"How did you spend your free time?" Garrison asked.


"Dreaming," I replied.


"Dreaming?" Garrison asked. He looked confused.


"They put something in my IV which caused me to have exceedingly vivid dreams," I explained. "Probably also the reason I am so fucking horny. Most of the dreams ended with me being fucked by Baron and Kendal. But, unfortunately, they were not part of the mix."


"Speaking of Baron and Kendal, Master Ajmal e-mailed me your schedule for the rest of this week," Garrison explained. "You will be with Baron and Kendal starting Sunday afternoon. You will be brought back to the house on Wednesday afternoon. You will have Thursday and Friday to get ready for your commitment ceremony on Saturday evening. You, Master Ajmal, and Master Marcus will leave for your alone time on Monday morning after sharing your time with your guests on Saturday and Sunday. Sounds like you will enjoy your time with Master Ajmal and Master Marcus."


"Where are we going?" I asked.


"I can't tell you," Garrison replied. "It's a surprise."


"Why is my life always a surprise?" I asked. "Are there any other clients lined up?"


"After you and your masters return from your alone time, which is exactly 10 days from the time you leave, you will begin seeing clients in Chicago. Five guys. Four are paying clients. The fifth is a comp. It seems Master Ajmal owed this dude a favor. And, you are the favor."


"Do you know anything about these guys?" I asked.


"Only the one who gets your ass for free," Garrison replied. "He's some kind of King or Prince or something. I know he is about 40 and likes to treat his boys very roughly. Other than this one bit of information, I know nothing else. The funny thing is, Master Ajmal had to agree to pay Tim his portion of the fee even though AJ is giving you to him without charge."


"Not surprising," I replied. "How long are these sessions?"


"The freebie is 24 hours," Garrison explained. "The others are 12-hour sessions. You will go to them. They all start at 12 noon and end at midnight. They are Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The king get's you on Sunday from 12 noon to Monday at 12 noon. The following week you will spend in Master Marcus and Master Ajmal's company with me. Apparently, we will be meeting our new slave brothers on the weekend. Tim and David and their Masters will be in London the weekend we meet them. So, rent boy, you might be grateful you had a few moments in isolation during your slave training."


"I'm beginning to wonder," I explained. "Did Master Ajmal and Master Marcus give you and clues as to when I will be out of chastity?"


"I wouldn't count on it being any time soon," Garrison replied. "I know for a fact you will still be in chastity when you, Master Ajmal, and Master Marcus have your commitment ceremony. And, I suspect you will be in chastity until you start servicing clients."


"Who is putting yours and Tim's brand on my ass?" I asked.


"Tim will put his name on your ass, and I will put my name right below it. David follows me," Garrison replied. "Master Ajmal and Master Marcus are also putting their names on your ass separately."


"You mean I am going to be branded five times?" I asked.


"Yup," Garrison replied. "You wanted this, rent boy. You are getting exactly what you asked for."


"Something tells me I won't be sitting down for a long time," I replied.


"The week after we meet our slave brothers, you will begin filming the scenes with Baron and Kendal," Garrison continued.


"Do I get to see Master Robert, Master Connor, and Master Theo?" I asked.


"We haven't been given the information about the three wonder boys," Garrison replied. "Are they are really as hot as you said?" Garrison asked.


"Yup," I replied.


"Do you want to share?" Garrison asked.


"No," I replied.


"Tim and David are meeting us at the airport," Garrison continued. "They are bringing Omar and Kathem. Apparently, Tim feels you need to bond with the boys before he leaves them for us to take care of while he and David are in London."


"I miss them, you know," I said quietly.


"Tim and David?" Garrison asked.


"No, Master Robert, Master Connor, and Master Theo," I replied. "They were also part of my dreams. I can still see their smooth, tanned skin and their big tanned dicks."


"I wouldn't tell Tim if I were you," Garrison suggested.


"I may be a masochist, but I am not a stupid masochist," I added. "Would you like a blow job, Garrison?"


"What brought this on?" Garrison asked.


"I have this handsome black stud sitting next to me," I replied. "I want to taste you, Garrison. I want you to shove your big, black, uncut dick down my throat."


"Bathroom?" Garrison asked.


"Race you," I said as I jumped from my seat the stopped in front of the bathroom door.


"You know, boys, you don't need to cram yourselves into the bathroom," Larry the temporary flight attendant said. "I'd love to watch."


We raced back to our seats and I quickly unbuttoned Garrison's jeans. I pulled his jeans off his body and immediately pounced on his rock hard dick.




I rang the doorbell of the town house where Baron and Kendal lived in a tony section of Chicago. A young man dressed in a black jockstrap answered the door.


"You must be Steven," the young man said as he extended his hand. "Please come in. My name is Jefferson. I am Baron and Kendal's houseboy. Please strip. Baron and Kendal want you to be naked."


I quickly took off my cloths as Jefferson watched intently. When my shirt came off, he was standing with his mouth ajar.


"Nice fucking tattoos," Jefferson said. "And, your nipple rings are fucking huge."


"Thank you," I replied. "My body seems to be a work in progress."


I turned my back to him as I dropped my shorts to the floor and stepped out of them. I turned around so he could see my front.


"Holy shit," Jefferson hissed. "Your balls are huge, too."


"Thank you," I replied.


Baron and Kendal stepped into the entry hall. "I see you've met Jefferson," Baron said. "We can take things from here, Jefferson."


"Yes, Sir," Jefferson replied as he turned and walked away.


"Nice looking man," I replied.


"Boy," Kendal said. "I adopted him three years ago. He just turned 18 last week. His parents kicked him out when they discovered he was gay. He's a nice kid. His brother, Princeton, also lives with us. He is 16."


"I see you're still locked up," Master Baron said as he pointed to my chastity device. "Saves us the effort of locking you up. We have some excellent times planned while you are here with us."


"Thank you," I replied.


"Just to let you know, you will definitely earn your fee over the next three days," Master Kendal explained. "Because we paid for your services, we will be very demanding. We WILL DEFINITELY get what we want from you. No questions asked."


"Yes, Sir," I replied.


"It's time we get him ready, Kendal," Master Baron suggested. He picked up a collar from the hallway table, and secured it around my neck.


"Master," I recited my pledge. "I give you my mind, my body, and my soul, Master. I will forsake all others! I am yours!"


"Very good, boy," Master Baron replied. "We thought we would have a drink before we get started. We should sit and talk and relax. What will you be having, boy?"


"Vodka on the rocks, Sir," I suggested.


Master Kendal clipped my leash onto my collar. We followed Master Baron into the living room.


Master Kendal selected a seat in a wingback chair. He pointed to the floor between his legs. His big dick began to swell. I stooped to my knees and assumed the position in front of Master Kendal.


No words were spoken until Master Baron came into the room with the three drinks.


"So, boy," Master Kendal began after the three of us had our drinks. "Your body looks good with the bigger muscles. The growth in your arms and chest is amazing."


"Thank you, Sir," I replied.


"How was slave training?" Master Baron asked.


"The week was, to put it mildly, isolating," I explained. "I was in a full body restraint suit for 18 hours each day. I spent 4 hours each day in the gym. The rest of the time I was eating. They hydrated me and fed me through an IV. They also put something in the IV to make my dreams exceedingly vivid. And, of course, Master Ajmal and Master Marcus put me in chastity the day after the John Trainer incident. I haven't been unlocked since."


"You certainly won't be unlocked here, boy," Master Kendal added. "If you were our slave, we would have you in chastity for the rest of your life."


"Have you thought of serving Robby, Connor, and Theo again, boy?" Master Baron asked.


"I would relish the opportunity to serve them again, Master," I replied.


"They can be extremely creative when left to their own devices," Master Baron said.


Jefferson appeared in the doorway of the living room. "May I get you something before I start the laundry, Sirs?"


"No thank you, Jefferson," Master Kendal replied. "We will be going downstairs shortly."


Jefferson turned and left.


"You like to look at Jefferson, don't you, boy?" Master Baron asked."


"Yes, Master," I replied. "He is very, very nice looking."


"He is becoming a very, very good sadist," Master Kendal added.


"His brother Princeton is a born sadist," Master Baron explained. "Jefferson needed to learn to be a sadist."


"They are both very, very creative," Master Kendal continued. "And, before you ask the question we all know is on your mind, we do not have sex with our sons. They won't have sex with you, either, boy. They may torture you, but they will not stick their dicks or their hands in you."


"I believe it is time to get started," Master Baron suggested as he stood.


Master Kendal also stood and grabbed my leash from the floor. I followed both Masters down the stairs. Master Baron flicked on the lights.


"This is where you will spend the next three days, boy," Master Baron explained. "Before we get to the fun stuff, Kendal and I are going to fuck you. Together. We are going to put both of our dicks in your ass at the same time."


"You look a little worried, boy," Master Kendal said as he whipped his finger across my lips. "You can handle both of us in you, can't you, boy?"


"I don't know, Sir," I replied. "I had never been fucked by any dick as big as yours. It hurt the first time you fucked me. Now, I am going to have both of your dicks in me at the same time..." I paused for a moment before I continued. "Yes... Yes, I can take both of your dicks at the same time, Sirs."


"If you are lucky, you might pass out from the pain," Master Baron suggested. "We have never fucked anyone with both of our dicks. It is one of the reasons we arranged to rent you."


"Thank you for your confidence I can handle you both," I replied.


"You have no choice but to take both of our dicks at the same time," Master Kendal said. "We paid. You deliver."


"Yes, Sir. Of course, I will deliver," I added.


`I am so much fucked..., literally,' I thought.


"We've worked out the details, boy," Master Baron explained. "You in bed on your side. Legs strapped to your upper body. Kendal enters you from your back. I enter you from your front. Shall we?"


"Of course," I agreed.


Once I was properly secured on my side with my legs strapped to my upper body, Master Kendal and Master Baron positioned themselves. Master Kendal behind me. Master Baron in front of me. Master Kendal began applying lube to my ass. His fingers went in. Then, the rest of his hand. Then, his arm.


"Shit!" I moaned. "Take me. Please, Masters! Take me. Own me."


I felt Masters Baron and Kendal lined their big dicks with my well-lubed asshole. Pressure.


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed as the two giant dicks entered my ass. "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!"


They didn't stop. Masters Baron and Kendal continued to push their huge dicks into my ass. Inch by inch. Pain. Massive pain as my ass stretched to accept two huge dicks.


"We are in, boy," Master Kendal explained. "This is phenomenal, Barron. The feeling of my brother's dick inside a slave boy's asshole with my dick. We need this more often, Barron. We need this. This... slave boy ass... our dicks... my brother's dick and my dick... slave boy ass."


"I'm not going to last long, Kendal," Master Baron pronounced as the two men began to move their dicks in and out of my ass. Slowly. Painfully. They moved their dicks. Massaged my prostrate.


""Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" I moaned as I shot my load into the chastity device.


"We're cuming, too, boy!" Master Baron shouted as the two men began to unload in my ass. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


They both moaned as they shot load after load of hot Master cum into my ass.


We were still. Silent. Two huge dicks still lodged in my cum filled ass.


Master Baron spoke first. "How does it feel to have two big dicks, one 14 inches long and the other 15 inches long, in your slave boy ass?"


"Heavenly, Sir," I whispered.


"We have just decided this will not be a one-time experience for you or for us," Master Kendal whispered. "Haven't we, Baron?"


"Absolutely," Master Baron whispered back to his brother. "Are you thinking about having two brothers' dicks in your ass, boy?"


"Yes, Sir," I whispered back. "Brothers. Need more brothers."


"We can arrange for you to have more brothers, slave boy," Master Kendal replied. "More brothers. Just what you want. More brothers."


"I believe we need to move on to our other planned activities, Kendal," Master Baron whispered to his brother. "But, first, I need to kiss you."


Master Baron leaned over my dick filled body and located his brother's lips. They kissed. Brother to brother. Lips to lips. Tongue to tongue. Brothers kissing.


When Master Baron and Master Kendal removed their dicks from my overstretched asshole, I felt empty. I wanted them back inside me. Together. Brothers inside me.


"Let's get the slave boy into position for our next activity," Master Kendal suggested as he and Master Baron began to loosen my legs from my upper body so I could be moved to a new location.


Once I was free to move about the playroom, Master Baron took the next step in my incarceration. "You need to be plugged for the next phase of your torture. We can't allow your ass to be available to our sons."


"Sons?" I asked.


"You'll see in a moment," Master Baron said. "Bend over."


I bent over. I clasped my hands around my ankles to steady myself. I felt cold metal press against my asshole. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I moaned as the huge metal butt plug seated itself in my ass.


Master Kendal led me to the bondage table in the center of the room. They positioned me on my back and began to secure me to the table. Wrists at the top of the table above my head. Ankles at the bottom of the table. Legs spread eagle. Strap around my waist.


"I believe we have him secured, Kendal," Master Baron said. "I believe it is time for us to rest. We will see you in a few hours, boy."


Master Baron and Master Kendal left. The silence in the room was deafening. Suddenly, I heard rustling in the background. Jefferson appeared at my right side.


"Great to see you again, slave boy," Jefferson said. "You haven't met my brother, Princeton. Princeton, this is our new slave boy. Our dads have rented him for us to play with. Weren't they thoughtful?"


`Beautiful boy,' I thought to myself as I first caught a glimpse of Princeton. His almost six-foot-tall body glistened. Tanned. Muscled. Jet black hair. Emerald green eyes. Dick. His dick was huge for a 16-year-old-boy. Uncut. Beginning to stiffen. Beautiful.


"So, boy," Jefferson explained. "Our dads gave us a time slot to use you. We have been planning this for weeks. You will enjoy your time with us. We will not fuck you. We will not fist you. We will not let you suck on our dicks. We will, however, hurt you. My brother, it seems, has a very devious mind when it comes to torture. You will never forget these next 12-hours you are in our possession. You will remember how two teenage brothers made you hurt. Shall we get started, Princeton?"


"Absolutely, brother," Princeton affirmed his brother's suggestions. Princeton leaned down to kiss me. Lips. Youthful lips. Tongue. Boy tongue. "You liked it when I kissed you, didn't you, boy?"


"Yes, Sir," I hissed.


"You like your Masters young, boy?" Princeton asked.


"Yes, Sir," I replied.


"Good," Princeton replied as he stepped away from the bondage table.


Princeton returned to the side of bondage table. He carried a tray with plastic sealed bags. The bags were white. Marked `STERILE.'


"We will have some great fun with you, boy," Jefferson said. "But, before we start, I want you to tell me what my name is."


"Jefferson, Sir," I whispered.


Jefferson slapped me. "TELL ME WHAT MY NAME IS, boy," Jefferson repeated loudly.


"Master Jefferson, Sir," I said.


"Good boy," Master Jefferson said. "What is my brother's name, boy?"


"Master Princeton, Sir," I replied.


"Now, we can move on since we have the formalities covered," Master Jefferson explained. "What do you think is in these bags, boy?"


"I don't know, Sir," I whispered.


"Needles, boy," Master Jefferson replied. "Sterile needles. Princeton has wanted to use these needles on someone, but until our dads rented you he had no one to practice on. So, he is really, really eager to use these needles on you, rent boy!"


"I have 240 sterile needles of varying size," Princeton explained. "You will have them stuck through your nipples, through your foreskin, through your balls, and anywhere else I can find a space to slide them from one side of your body to the opposite side. You are really, really lucky your chastity device allows me access to your foreskin. All of this will happen over the course of the next 12 hours. Think about it, slave boy, 240 needles stuck into your skin for the next 12 plus hours. A few of these needles are really, really big. This is going to be so much fun, Jefferson! So, slave boy, are you ready?"


"Yes, Sir," I replied. "Thank you, Sir!"


Jefferson unwrapped the first needle and handed it to Princeton.


Princeton pulled at my left nipple before he inserted the needle from one side of my nipple to the other side.


"Ahhhh!" I moaned as the needle pierced my nipple.


"One down, slave boy, and 239 more to go," Princeton hissed as he pulled on my right nipple and inserted another needle.


Foreskin. Webbing between my fingers. Webbing between my toes. Ear lobes. More needles in each nipple. More needles in my foreskin. Scrotum.


"We are almost done, slave boy," Princeton explained. "Ten more needles. You will have 240 needles stuck into your body. We've been at this for 10 fucking hours, slave boy. Your dick straining at the plastic of the chastity device tells me you like this, huh, slave boy."


I looked into Princeton's eyes. Fire. Lust.


"You didn't answer me, slave boy," Princeton said after I hadn't responded. "Tell me how much you love these fucking needles poking through your slave boy skin."


"Love it, Sir," I whispered. "I love taking the needles you shoved through my skin. Nipples. Foreskin. Love them all, Sir!"


"Where is the one place I haven't put the needles yet, slave boy?" Princeton asked.


"Balls, Sir," I whispered.


"Do you want me to put needles through your balls, slave boy?" Princeton asked.


"Yes, Sir," I almost shouted. "Please, Sir. Needles through my balls. Please, Sir! Please shove needles through my balls, Sir!"


"I only have ten needles left, slave boy," Princeton continued. "Ten very, very large needles. They will fit nicely into your balls. All ten needles in your balls. Five in each ball. I am going to so fucking enjoy putting these last ten needles into your big fucking balls."


Jefferson unwrapped the next needle. When he handed it to Princeton, I saw the size. It was fucking huge.


"This will be so much fucking fun, slave boy," Princeton said to me. His bright white smile against his deeply tanned skin brought shivers to my body and swelling in my dick as he began to fondle my balls. "Are you ready for this, Jefferson?"


"Very ready for this," Jefferson said to his brother as his smile practically lit up the playroom.


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed as the first needle punctured through my left ball.


"Outstanding, bro!" Jefferson said to congratulate his brother. "Can I do the next one?"


"Sure," Princeton replied. "We're brothers. We share everything, right, bro?"


"Yup," Jefferson replied as he began to fondle my right ball with the next huge needle in his other hand.


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed as the first needle punctured through my right ball.


"This is fucking awesome, bro!" Jefferson effused.


"Told you," Princeton agreed.


Eight more needles painstakingly shoved through my balls.


"We are done here, bro," Princeton finally said. "Let's go back to our bedroom, Jefferson. I am so looking forward to sticking my dick in your ass."


The brothers left. Me still securely bound on top of the bondage table with 240 needles piercing through my skin. I stayed silent. In pain.


"So, boy," I heard Master Baron's deep voice say to me. "It looks like Jefferson and Princeton had some fun with you. Look at all those needles. Amazing! See, Kendal, I told you Princeton was a natural sadist."


"I definitely agree with you, bro," Master Kendal replied. "Now, do we leave the boy here with these needles sticking in him until the others arrive, or do we remove the needles?"


"I want us to bond as brothers again," Master Baron replied. "So, I believe we should slowly remove the needles, take the boy off the bondage table, and double fuck him again."


"Excellent idea, bro," Master Kendal replied. "How many times do you think the boy can handle our dicks in him at the same time?"


"As many as we want," Master Baron replied. "He doesn't have a choice. He's nothing but a high priced slave. For what we have paid for his ass, we will do it over and over again until we are finished with him."


"Let's leave the needles in his balls until last," Master Kendal suggested.


"Do your balls hurt, boy?" Master Baron asked.


"Yes, Sir," I replied softly.


"Good," Master Baron said as he and his brother began to slowly remove the needles.


"I wonder what else Jefferson and Princeton have in mind for the boy?" Master Kendal asked.


"I am certain it will be something creative and demanding," Master Baron replied. "I believe I heard our sons talking about using lots and lots of rope. Maybe we should watch."


The needles came out faster than they went in. Finally, Master Baron and Master Kendal had all of the needles removed except for the ten stuck through my balls.


"It's a shame we need to take out these in his balls," Master Kendal said as he rotated one of the ones in my left ball. "But, we might get stuck by one when we are in his ass."


"We can always put them back in after we finish with his ass," Master Baron suggested as he pulled the first one out. T


"Ahhhhhhhhh!" I hissed.


"So, it must hurt, bro," Master Baron said to his brother. "This is turning out to be so, so much fucking fun!"


The brothers took turns taking out the remaining needles. When they had finished removing the restraints which held me securely on the bondage table, Master Baron helped me off the table and led me to a bar stool in front of a bar to the side of the playroom.


"Why don't we sit and have a drink together, boy," Master Kendal suggested. "What would you like to drink, boy?"


"Vodka on the rocks, Sir," I replied.


As Master Baron handed Master Kendal and me our drinks, he asked, "What did you think of our sons, Jefferson and Princeton?"


"Very beautiful boys," I replied. "And, they are creative."


"They will be with you again before you leave here," Master Kendal replied. "They have something else planed for their time with you. What would you like them to do to you, boy?"


"Anything they want, Sir," I replied.


"I wish we could bring them to your commitment ceremony, but I don't think the other men would feel comfortable with them at the ceremony," Master Kendal explained. "We are planning on speaking with AJ about a regular rental schedule. We find in heightens the excitement level when we have paid for your services. You can't really say no to whatever it might be we want. Can you think of anything we might want to do which you couldn't do for us?"


"No, Sir," I replied. "As you said, I cannot say no to you because you are paying me to satisfy you."


"We will take you upstairs to our bedroom after we finish with your ass," Master Baron explained. "Then, tomorrow afternoon, you will be with some friends of ours. After these friends are finished with you, you will service our sons again. We will be double fucking you between these two groups."


"I think we should also put both of our fists up his ass," Master Kendal replied as he leaned in and kissed his brother. "I've always wanted to fist someone with you."




I walked into the house after being with Master Baron and Master Kendal for three days. David had Tim bent over the dining room table as he fucked him. "Hey, Steven," Master Marcus said as he passed through on his way to the kitchen. "Why don't you and I have a chat over a cup of coffee while these two go at it?"


"Sure, Master," I replied.


"How was your time with Baron and Kendal?" Master Marcus asked.


"Unique," I replied. "They are creative and energetic."


"And hung like horses," Master Marcus added with a smile across his face.


"Yup," I agreed. "Did you know they have two adopted sons?"


"No," Master Marcus replied. "How old?"


"Jefferson is 18," I replied. "And Princeton is 16. Both gorgeous. Princeton, in Master Kendal's words, is a born sadist."


"Really?" Master Marcus asked as he looked at me. "And, did he turn out to be a born sadist?"


"Yes," I replied. "He shoved 240 needles into me over several parts of my body, including my balls. Jefferson assisted. For their second round, they tied me using large amounts of rope and then whipped me. For more than two hours, they whipped me."


"You sound tired," Master Marcus replied. "Want to go upstairs and take nap with me? I won't bite unless you want me to bite."


"Sure, but I need to warn you," I added. "Master Baron and Master Kendal double fucked me four times over the course of three days. They also fisted me with both of their hands at the same time. So, what I am trying to warn you about is simply my ass isn't very tight."


"It's okay," Master Marcus replied. "I realized while you were gone we need to rectify a few situations. First, I have never fisted you. Two, I have never made love to you. Thirdly, I have never pissed on you only in you."


"If you have the time, Sir," I explained. "I am certainly eager to help get those three items off your bucket list."


"Good choice, boy," Master Marcus replied. "I bought you a new collar the other day. I want it to be the collar you will wear when you are mine. We will put it on you when we get upstairs. AJ and Garrison will not be home until late tonight, so we have some time to be alone with each other."


"Thank you, Master Marcus," I replied. "You do know I am eager to make my commitment to you and Master Ajmal."


"I know, boy," Master Marcus replied. "I am eager to make MY commitment to YOU! Right now, though, I want to stick my arm up your sloppy slave boy ass."


I followed Master Marcus to his and Master Ajmal's bedroom. Master Marcus grabbed the collar he bought for me. I stood facing Master Marcus. Hands behind my back. Feet shoulder width apart. Gazing down at the floor as Master Marcus secured the collar around my neck.


"Master," I recited my pledge. "I give you my mind, my body, and my soul, Master. I will forsake all others! I am yours!"


"Now, boy, come with me to the bathroom," Master Marcus said. I followed him. "Lie down on your back on the floor of the shower."


"Yes, Master," I replied as I stretched out across the shower floor.


"I waited most of today to piss," Master Marcus said to me as he aimed his dick at me. His piss started to trickle out of his dick. Then it was a gusher. Hot, yellow, smelly piss. Face. Chest. Stomach. Crotch. Plastic encased dick.


"Thank you, Sir," I replied.


"You're welcome, boy," Master Marcus said. "Get your smelly slave boy body up so I can kiss you."


"Yes, Sir," I said as I quickly stood.


Master Marcus pulled me close to him. His naked body drawn tight to my naked body. His lips met mine, and I gave myself to my Master Marcus. We kissed for several minutes. His hands rubbing the cheeks of my ass. Mine rubbing Master Marcus's. Tender. Gentle. I wanted Master Marcus. I needed Master Marcus.


"Take me, Sir," I pleaded. "Please take me and make me yours, Sir. Please own me. Use me."


"I am going to take you," Master Marcus said. "I am going to own you. I am going to stick my fist in your ass, and then I am going to stick my big dick in your ass and make love to you."


"Thank you, Master," I replied as I followed Master Marcus to the bed. Master Marcus pulled the covers down. I slipped into bed on my back. Master Marcus slid on top of me and kissed me again. Lips. Tongue. Passion. Energy.


Master Marcus pulled his mouth away from mine and grabbed the lube from the night stand. He starred into my eyes as he applied lube to his fist and arm. Master Marcus gently lifted my legs over his shoulders and positioned his hand over my asshole. He slowly but firmly pressed against asshole. His hand began to disappear into my ass.


"Hello, men," I heard Master Ajmal say as he sat on the edge of the bed where Master Marcus and I had fallen asleep. "A little tired, are we?"


"We needed a nap," Master Marcus said in his sleepy voice.


"Sticking your dick in Steven's ass is a good nighttime activity if you have trouble sleeping," Master Ajmal said as he leaned down and kissed Master Marcus. Marcus began to stir. "Don't get up because I'm here. Steven looks like he needs to be fucked again."


"We didn't fuck," Master Marcus said to his husband. "We made love. I had never made love to Steven before. I've only fucked him."


"Make love to him again and I will watch," Master Ajmal said.


"Pervert," Master Marcus replied.


"Yup," Master Ajmal agreed. "I want to watch."


Master Ajmal stood and removed his clothing before he slipped beside me. Marcus lifted his body up on his arms and began to massage my ass with his hard dick. Slowly. Gently. Tenderly. Master Marcus made love to me a second time.




"So, Marcus," Tim said at the breakfast table after I spent the night with Master Marcus and Master Ajmal. I was still wearing Master Marcus's collar. "I see you and my husband decided to wipe a few items off your bucket list. I trust you had a good time."


"Excellent, Tim," Master Marcus replied. "I might not want to give him back to you after we get back from our trip after the commitment ceremony."


"Listen, Marcus," Tim said with a smile. "I will get him back or I will cut his balls off and you will have a neutered slave boy."


"You wouldn't dare because you like to have our husband's dick in your ass all of the time," Master Marcus replied. "Besides, you've got David and Garrison to sleep with."


"Garrison will be available full time to keep you busy while we are away, Tim," Master Ajmal added.


"Did you hear your Master, Garrison?" Tim continued. "You will be my personal slave boy until my husband gets home."


"Thank you for giving me to Tim, Master," Garrison said. "I will probably be dead by the time you return. Tim gets needy when his husband is not around."


"Was Tim needy when I walked into the house yesterday after I returned from Master Baron and Master Kendal's house?" I asked. "David had his big dick in my husband's ass."


"I've been in Tim's ass a lot recently," David replied. "It keeps him centered."


"Speaking of centered, Steven," Tim asked. "How was Baron and Kendal?"


"As I explained to Master Marcus while David was fucking you when I returned," I began. "Creative and energetic."


"And they have two sons, Jefferson, who is 18, and Princeton, who is 16. I believe Kendal called his 16-year-old a natural born sadist," Master Marcus said with a smile. "Tell them about the 240 needles they stuck in you, including your balls."


"Let's skip the needle story for right now," I replied. "How did you spend your time while I was away, Tim?"


"I was very productive," Tim replied. "I think I wrote three chapters in three days."


"Congratulations!" I replied.


"Thank you, Steven," Tim continued. "I definitely kept David busy as well. He's addicted to my ass you know. I also assume you will spend a little time in bed with David, Garrison, and me before you and your men go off and play."


"Masters?" I asked both Masters.


"Of course," Master Ajmal replied. "Consider yourself officially relieved of service to your Masters until Saturday afternoon. You will, however, still be in chastity."


"Are you telling me I don't have a say in this decision?" Master Marcus asked. "Steven IS wearing MY collar."


"I'm sorry, Marcus," Master Ajmal said with a smile.


"Yes, Tim," Marcus agreed. "You can have your husband for the next two days. It is the least we can do."


"Where are you going?" David asked.


"It's a surprise," Master Ajmal replied. "We are surprising Steven."


"So, this place you are visiting for 10 glorious days," Tim began. "Is it in this country?"


"No," Master Marcus replied. He offered no other information.


"What will you be doing when you are away in a different country?" Tim asked.


"Enjoying ourselves," Master Marcus replied.


"I get this feeling you don't want us to know where you are going so we won't surprise you with a visit," Tim said.


"Bingo!" Master Marcus replied.




"So, Steven, are you ready for this?" Master Marcus asked.


"Yes, Sir," I replied. "I have been looking forward to this since the day I met Master Ajmal. This is more than just a commitment to the two of you. This is a commitment to serve men. Men you choose. It will be my life. I love you both as Masters. I will do everything in my power to make you proud of me, Masters."


"We love you too, boy," Master Marcus replied. "I didn't know how much I really loved you until our commitment ceremony took font and center. I am so proud of YOU and what you have accomplished in your life. You are more than just our slave, Steven, you are our best friend, our godfather to our kids, our professional colleague, our object of affection. But, I want you to know I am hard as a rock right now thinking about sticking the hot branding iron on your right ass cheek and hearing it, smelling it, seeing it burn my name on your fucking hot muscular ass."


"Thank you, Master," I replied. "Would you please kiss me, Masters?"


"Gladly," Master Ajmal replied as he and Master Marcus pulled me to them. They took turns with their lips on mine. "Steven..., I need... to... get my... dick in... your... ass."


"Yes..., Sir," I replied through lips locked on mine.


"Unless you want to do it with 200 of our guests looking on, you will need to reschedule," Master Marcus suggested.


"You're no fun, Marcus," Master Ajmal countered. "Maybe we should schedule a fuck right before we brand him."


"I'm game," Master Marcus replied.


Master Ajmal and Master Marcus broke our kiss.


"It is time, boy," Master Marcus replied as he rubbed the plastic which encased my straining dick. "Let's get this show on the road!"


Master Ajmal and Master Marcus, both dressed in a full body harness and nothing else, led me out of our private room and into the crowd.


"Welcome," Master Marcus said to the group. "We are gathered here tonight to celebrate a union. A union of three men. Two Masters. One slave."


"We entered into this relationship understanding certain circumstances," Master Ajmal continued. "Steven becomes our slave tonight. But..., his relationship to Marcus and me does not overshadow his relationship with his husband Tim, his lover Garrison, his husband's lover David, and his two sons, Omar and Kathem."


"This relationship also does not overshadow my commitment to AJ and AJ's commitment to me," Master Marcus continued. "Our sons, our marriage, our love for one another are part of us. We will continue to support each other as well as our slave boy, Steven."


Master Ajmal turned to me.


"We bought you a new collar for tonight's ceremony, boy," Master Ajmal replied. "It is a small collar. Made of stainless steel. You will never take this collar off. It will be permanent. Others can add their collar when you are in others possession. But, you will ALWAYS have this one on you. We take this ceremony very seriously, Steven. Very seriously. You will be ours. We will own you. We will use you. We will take pleasure from your body. Make us happy, boy. Otherwise, we WILL castrate you."


"Yes, Sir," I replied. "Thank you for making my dream come true."


Master Marcus and Master Ajmal slipped the collar onto my neck and secured it. "It doesn't unlock, boy," Master Marcus said. "Boy Steven, I am your Master. I will use you as I see fit. Your body and your mind is no longer yours. It is mine. It is my husband's. We own you. We also pledge to keep you safe. To keep you whole. To keep your body in mint condition to be shared and enjoyed by the men we choose to share you with. We will control your dick, your ass, your body. We will control your mind. We will control your spirit. We will control your entire life from this day forward. Do you accept your fate, boy?"


"Yes, Master," I replied.


"Boy Steven," Master Ajmal continued. "You have accepted my husband's promises to own your body. In a few moments, we will let the world know we own your body. We will let the world know also of your commitment to your husband Tim, to your lover Garrison, to your husband's lover David. We will each brand our names onto your ass cheeks. Your Master Marcus and I will mark your right ass cheek. Tim, Garrison, and David will mark your left ass cheek. Do you accept our brands and commit to the people whose names will be permanently part of your body?"


"Yes, Master," I replied. "I gladly accept your brands and my commitment to all of you."


"Tim, Garrison, David," Master Marcus said to the crowd. "Could you please assist us by helping stabilize our slave boy on the saw horse so he can be branded?"


Tim, Garrison, and David came forward. They, too, had a full body harness on. Nothing else. Master Garrison's dick stood at attention as did Tim and David's.


"We are eager to take this step to place Steven into permanent slavery," Tim said to Master Marcus and Master Ajmal and to the rest of the audience. "He deserves this as do the two of you. I am proud to give my husband to you as a slave. This is his dream. This is something I could never give him. Thank you."


Tim kissed Master Marcus and Master Ajmal.


All five men quickly secured me on the saw horse. I was completely immobilized. I couldn't move any part of my body, not even my head.


"Steven," Tim began. "I place my name on your body as a commitment to your new Masters to share you, your body, and your mind. It is with great love and compassion I brand you and give you whole heartedly to your new Masters."


I heard some shuffling in the background. Then, I felt the heat of the branding iron as it neared my skin.


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed as the branding iron contacted my skin. I smelled the burning skin. I heard the sizzling. I felt the pain.


"Steven," Garrison said as he took his place behind me. "I place my name on your body as a commitment to your new Masters. I will also be your Master. I serve at the pleasure of Master Marcus and Master Ajmal. We will be part of each other's journey. You and me down a path as yet unknown. I brand you and give you whole heartedly to your new Masters."


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed again as Garrison put his brand on my ass.


"Steven," David said as he rubbed my back. "I never dreamed we would be part of a relationship. This relationship is very special and important to me, to Tim, to Garrison, and to you. I promise you I will always put your husband first when you are serving your new Masters or other men. I will take care of Tim, Omar, and Kathem as if they were my husband and sons. I love you, Steven. I promise to always be available to you and Tim and Garrison. Thank you for being part of my life."


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed again as David put his brand on my ass.


"Boy," Master Marcus began. "From this day forward, from this moment forward, you will be ours. We own you. You are valuable property for us. We give you our commitment we will do everything in our power to make you the best slave boy in the world. You are capable of great accomplishments."


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed again as Master Marcus added his brand to my body.


"I have never been more proud in my entire life, boy," Master Ajmal said as he stood beside me. "You are finally mine. You and Marcus and me. We have the opportunity to make this world a better place. You will be front and center of the effort. You will make us even prouder of you."


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed one last time as Master Ajmal added his brand to my ass.


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