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Life With Tim



"AJ was driving Marcus back to the office after lunch," Willy began. "When they got in the car and started it, the car blew up. They didn't make it, guys. I am so, so sorry to tell you this. It is part of the job I hate."


"Who would blow up their car?" Tim asked.


"We have a lead is all I can say at the moment," Willy said. "However, if this turns out to be related to the John Trainer incident, we could have a potential security problem."


"Shit Garrison and David! We need to tell them," I exclaimed. I pushed the intercom button, "Garrison, David, could you join us in the kitchen?"


Garrison and David raced into the kitchen. David looked worried. "Something is wrong with AJ and Marcus?" was all he asked.


He sat on the stool next to me. Tears started streaming down my face. "Willy just told us. AJ and Marcus were killed when their car exploded."


"Oh! Dear God!" Garrison replied as he leaned for me to hold him.


"The boys," David said. "I have AJ and Marcus's legal papers. We will need them."


"This whole fucked up mess makes us fathers of five," Tim replied to me. "Are you okay, Steven?"


"No," I whispered. "We need to be strong to get through this, though. We should tell the others. Bashir! We need to tell Bashir! And, Marcus's family."


"Let me grab their legal papers," David said. "They each listed emergency contact numbers."


"We should let everyone know what is going on here," I said. "Tim?"


Chapter 53: Secret Revealed


Tim, David, Garrison, Master Grant, Ramesh, four little ones, and I arrived home after attending to very, very sad funerals. One in New York for Master Ajmal. The other for Master Marcus in Boston.

Both services were especially emotional for Tim and me.


"Why don't we get the boys to bed while you two rest," Master Grant said as we stood in the hallway. "Want to help, Ramesh?"


"Sure," Ramesh said as he followed the three men and four little boys in their carriers upstairs.


I looked at Tim. Tim looked at me. We both started crying. It was the first time since we heard the news about Master Ajmal and Master Marcus we could shed tears. Tim and I hugged. Finally, we decided to sit in the living room and begin our talk we both needed to have.


"These were the worst two funerals I have ever attended," I said. "I can't believe they are actually gone. We've been on a roller coaster since we heard about the explosion. I didn't think we would ever have time to grieve."


"They were so much a part of our lives, it is almost impossible to envision life without them," Tim added. "I don't think this is really fair, Steven. Why did this happen? Why did John Trainer's fucking wife and Connor and Theo's fucking father hire a fucking hit man? They are certifiably nuts. I am only happy the bastard who rigged the car to blow up blew himself up while making another bomb. He was in the process of blowing us up, Steven! Fuck! This is scary shit!"


"I know," I replied as I pulled Tim near me. "We will work though this, Tim. We now have five boys to care for. In some ways, being fathers to five boys, four of them just a little over 1-years-old, is almost as scary! Oh! Robby called and asked if we had time to talk with him. He seemed so, so sad. This must be scary for him as well. He was in the process of developing his first adult relationship with two men he bonded with. He will need support. And, it seems it might be us."


"A 20-year-old does not need to go through this," Tim sighed. "And, of course, we will support him any way we can."


"You are a good man, Timmy," I said.


Tim almost corrected me, but he didn't. "You're a good man, too, Steven," Tim said. "You are the best man in this whole fucking world as far as I am concern."


Tim gave me a peck on the cheek.


"Dads," Ramesh said as he joined us in the living room. "Can I ask you a few questions?"


"Of course, Ramesh," I said. "Sit between us. What's up?"


"I'm confused," Ramesh said. "Why did Uncle AJ and Uncle Marcus need to leave us?"


I looked at Tim for help. We both put our arms around our son.


"A very bad man who was angry at AJ decided he wanted to make trouble for AJ and Marcus," Tim said. "He hired someone to blow up AJ's car. Marcus happened to be in the car when it blew up. And, before you ask, no it is not fair. But we all are trying to move forward with our lives. AJ and Marcus would want us to go forward. Does this help?"


"Sort of," Ramesh whispered. "Will the crazy man try to blow up your car, Dads?"


"Everyone involved in blowing up AJ and Marcus's car have been caught by police," I said. "They are in jail and will be for a long time."


"So, I don't have to worry about going back to Hassin?" Ramesh asked.


"Nope," Tim said. "You will stay here with us until you graduate from college and start a career."


"Dads," Ramesh said. "When we go to bed tonight, can I sleep with you?"


I looked at Tim and he smiled. "Yes, Ramesh, you can sleep with us tonight," I said with a smile.


Ramesh's face lit up.


As Ramesh went up the stairs, David came down. He sat on a sofa across from us, "I know you are still trying to grieve, but sometime tomorrow I need to talk to you about a few issues we need to address as quickly as possible. It involves some business decisions you will need to make to keep AJ's little empire going."


"We need to make?" Tim asked. "Why do we need to make decisions about AJ's businesses?"


"You own them," David replied.


"We own them?" I asked. "Why?"


"Everything AJ and Marcus owned is now yours," David began. "Technically, all of the assets are in a trust. And, you own the trust along with Ali, Ahmed, Omar, and Kathem. Any additional kids you legally adopt will be added to the trust. Businesses, houses, development projects, skyscrapers, hotels, countries, and a lot of other things I am not certain about in terms of their business plans.


"Why us?" I asked. "What about Ali and Ahmed when they get older?"


"AJ and Marcus were very specific about this, guys," David explained. "They said they trusted you to make the right decisions when the boys, all four of them, are older. So, do you have any time for me tomorrow?"


"This is absolutely necessary right now?" I asked. "We haven't had any time to sit and cry!"


"I know!" David said. "I feel the same way. But, we need to do this."


"Tomorrow at 10 am," Tim replied. "We can give you an hour. No more."


"Terrific!" David replied.


"Steven," Harvey said after he answered the door. "There is a Robby here to see you."


I walked into the entry hall. Robby stood almost lifeless. He obviously had been crying. I opened my arms and pulled him into a hug.


The water works started. "I'm... so... sad..." He finally whispered.


"We all are, Robby," I whispered back. "We all are."


"I couldn't go to the funerals, Steven, because I couldn't stop crying," Robby said. "Thank you for offering to fly me out east. But, I just couldn't do it. How will I ever get over this, Steven? I fell in love with them. I thought we would be together for a lifetime."


"I know, Robby," I said. "I miss them both too. I still can't wrap my head around all of this. Two beautiful men. Gone. Destroyed by some nuts who went off the deep end and into a rage. A senseless rage."


"Oh shit!" Robby said. "Connor and Theo. Does anyone know where they are?"


"Let me call Willy at the CPD," I suggested. "Do you have their numbers?"


"Yea," Robbie replied. "I'll try to reach them while you are talking with your friend."


"Willy!" I said into the phone. "This is Steven."


"How are you guys doing?" Willy asked.


"We just got home from two funerals of people we love dearly," I said. "So, not well. But, I need to ask you something. Two kids, 16-year-old twins, who are the sons of Mr. and Mrs. Hire a Bomber. Do you have any idea where they might be?"


"No," Willy said. "We've been looking for them since we took the parents into custody. One of their cars was missing from the garage after the parents were in the process of getting locked up. So, we suspect they are on the run. Steven, I guess you don't know this, but the boy's parents were in the process of throwing the kids out on the street. They want NOTHING to do with their `evil' sons. You and Tim had to be certified foster parents before the adoption of Ramesh, right?"


"Yes," I replied. "Why?"


"It is not just the boys' parents who are whacky," Willy said. "Their grandparents on both sides are unwilling to take them in. They both said something about the work of the devil. They need a place to stay, Steven."


"Steven, please tell Willy to find them and bring them here," Tim said. "We can't let two 16-year-old boys be alone on the streets."


"Steven," Robby said as he dashed into the living room with his phone still at his ear. "They are both safe in a motel room in Kankakee."


"Willy," I said into the phone. "Robby is talking with them now. They are safe apparently in a motel room in Kankakee. What should they do?"


"Stay where they are, keep the door locked, don't answer the motel phone, don't let anyone in until they know it is me," Willy explained. "I need their address. I will drive them to your place. We will deal with their car later. I don't want them alone on the road."


Robby handed me his phone, "Hi! This is Steven. I just talked with a friend of mine at the CPD. He is on his way to the motel to get you," I said into the phone. I gave them instructions. In turn, they gave me the address. I handed the phone back to Robby.


I relayed their location to Willy and hung up the phone.


"How many additional house guests do we anticipate tonight?" Harvey asked.


"Do you want to stay with us tonight, Robby?" I asked.


"I can stay in the same room as Connor and Theo," Robby suggested.


"Very well three guest, one room. Thank you, Sir," Harvey said as he turned and left the room.


David and Grant descended the stairs and joined everyone in the entry hall.


"This is cozy," Grant said.


"It will get cozier as the day wears on," Tim said. "We have two 16-year-old teenage boys arriving in about two hours. You remember Connor and Theo, the twin sons of the husband and wife team who hired the bomber."


"Holy shit!" Grant added. "This is sounding a lot like a made-for-tv movie."


"Too bad CNN doesn't do movies," Tim added.


"Write it and I will get it produced," Grant said.


Tim, Garrison, and I took a nap—with Robby because he didn't want to be alone. Master Grant and David took a nap. Ramesh was in the back solarium reading a book on God only knows what.


"I can't sleep," Tim whispered to me. Tim had spooned up to my back and Robby spooned up to my front.


"Why?" I whispered to Tim.


"I keep thinking about those two boys, Connor and Theo," Tim whispered.


"You don't need to whisper, guys, I can't sleep either," Robby said and turned around to face me. "I thought about how Connor and Theo had to deal with all of this. They must be very brave and very scared."


I reached over and pulled Robby's head toward me and I kissed him on the forehead, "For a 20-year-old college student, you have a good heart."


"Thanks," Robby said. "If I weren't so bummed out, I would fuck you."


"You can have a rain check for after we get through some of the humps," I said. "If you agree to let Tim watch..."


"Listen, rent boy," Tim said. "I will not only be watching. I will also participate."


"He has a big dick, Tim," I said.


"I know, rent boy," Tim replied.


"Do I get to watch too?" Garrison asked.


"Sure," I replied. "Is it alright if Garrison watches, Master?"


"As long as I get to fuck him, too. Laying here naked with three hot studs without having sex is driving me nuts," Robby added. "I think I will leave you two alone."


Robby slid out of the bed and padded down the stairs naked as the day he was born.


"He's a nice kid," Tim finally said. "Cute. Smart. Sexy. Energetic. Everything a man would want in a Master."


"You have Master Grant," I said. "I am Masterless at the moment. It makes me really pissed off when I think of what those three assholes did to Master Ajmal and Master Marcus. Maybe we should go downstairs and get ready for the arrival of our next set of guests."


"Good idea," Tim added. "We need to find a hobby, Steven."


"I think I will wait until our new boys arrive," Garrison replied. "I need a little quiet time."


We made it downstairs just as the doorbell rang. Harvey greeted our guests. We met them in the entry way.


Connor, Theo, and Robby quickly engaged into a massive three-way hug. Finally, they broke their hug.


Connor and Theo moved in front of me. Tears were rolling down their cheeks. I pulled them into a hug, "It will be better soon, guys. We will help you through this."


"Thanks," Connor said as his hold on my neck strengthened.


"We appreciate your offer for us to stay here," Theo added. "Connor and I were scarred shitless we were going to be homeless and living out of our car."


"Not going to happen, guys," Tim said. "One thing you need to know about Steven—the real Steven and not Steven the slave boy—is he will do anything in his power to help someone who needs help. We are both here to help you though this crisis."


Connor and Theo now turned to reply to Tim. They stood in silence.


"Guys, Tim is a very stubborn, but caring, man. He will win in the end. He and I will make certain nothing happens to you. Until we hear otherwise, you two will be our foster sons," I said.


"Why don't you hate us?" Theo asked with tears running down his cheek. "Our father and mother conspired to have your two dear friends killed. Aren't you pissed at us as well as our mother and father?"


"You are not responsible for damage your father and mother did to this family," Tim explained. "We don't hate you because of what your mother and father did. You are not them."


"Let's get something to eat," I said. "We can continue our discussion."


Once we were seated at the dining room table and we started eating the conversation picked up where it left off.


"Do you know how Theo and I can change our last names?" Connor asked.


"David is our resident attorney," I said. "David?"


"In this case, it would be a fairly easy," David began. "You want to remove yourself from the stigma of what your parents have done. Or, someone could legally adopt you."


Seven sets of eyes looked directly at me and then Tim. Tim and I looked at each other.


"What the fuck!" Tim replied. "When the time is right, we will discuss it. Until then, I need another drink!"




Tim called our Saturday family meeting together. "We have some minor decisions to make in terms of our living situation. It will be a little different than we are used to, but it is necessary. This afternoon, we have a caseworker from DCFS coming to interview Connor and Theo. So, we need to be appropriately dressed. Also, we will be subject to unannounced visits until we adopt Connor and Theo or some other family member steps up the plate."


"I hope it is you guys," Theo added.


"We can't make any decisions now, guys," I replied. "We will get the foster situation settled, and then we will move forward with long-range planning."


"Ever the power sucking business executive double speak, Steven," Master Grant said with a smile.


"It's what I know, Master," I replied. "It's what I know."


"Does this mean we can't be naked in bed?" Robby asked.


"What you do in your bedroom is your business," Tim replied.


"What about yours?" Robby asked.


"What on earth do you mean?" Tim asked with a smile he couldn't hide.


"Are we clear on this?" Tim asked.


"Yes, Master," Master Grant replied with a smile.


"Grant and David," Tim turned the conversation. "You will need to meet with our architect to determine what you want done upstairs. The third floor will be yours to do with as you please. We are not pressuring you, but Steven and I would be absolutely delighted if you two were part of our family. Your decision. I know we are a little crazy here, but at least we are happy. Steven was born happy, so he makes it easy for everyone else around him to be happy."


"We like crazy, right David?" Master Grant asked.


"Yup," David replied. "Any other items of business, boss?"


"Nope," Tim replied.


"Where do you want to have our meeting?" David asked.


"Your office?" Tim suggested. "Mine is a little unorganized right now."


"Sure," David said.


"Consider this a preliminary reading of the will," David began once we were settled. "I will summarize because you don't need to understand the details to make major decisions today. AJ and Marcus, as I am certain you know, were very, very wealthy men. The entire estate sits in a trust. Tim and Steven are the controlling interests until the others are 25-years-old. The others being: Ali, Ahmed, Omar, Kathem, and Ramesh. If you legally adopt any other children, they will be legally involved in the trust after they reach the age of 25."


"I knew AJ would be thorough, but isn't this a little extreme?" Tim asked.


"No," David replied. "If it were handled as an estate, there would be significant estate taxes."


"Okay," Tim conceded. "What decisions do we need to make?"


"I will answer your question momentarily," David replied. "I need to give you some background with regard to AJ's estate. These are only rough numbers because they change daily. The trust owns real estate ranging from private houses through giant shopping centers and a few New York City high rises. He also has construction companies, real estate companies, and manufacturing companies."


"Now, I am getting worried," I said. "How much is the trust worth in round numbers?"


"As I said, the value of the trust varies from day-to-day. The entire trust has assets in the order of about... $50 billion," David replied.


"Holy shit!" Tim whispered. His jaw was almost on the floor.


"What income does the $50 billion in assets yield?" I asked.


"According to AJ's explanation," David began, "he wouldn't keep the asset if it didn't yield a 10% profit each year."


"So these assets are making a profit of $5 billion a year?" I asked incredulously.


"According to AJ, yes," David confirmed.


"What did he pay in taxes?" I asked.


"Practically nothing," David replied. "AJ had—and the trust now has—one of the best team of tax experts in the world. Again, this is from AJ's lips."


"Two items of business," David said. "The first one is a little complicated, but AJ and Marcus have provided some very good options so it will not be a problem. Steven is an asset in the trust..."


Tim and I looked at one another. Tim did his squinty eye look. I knew he would have an issue with this.


Tim turned his attention to David, "How is Steven an asset to the trust?"


"We have a signed contract by the two of you giving AJ ownership rights," David explained. "So, technically he owned Steven. He also has a signed agreement from you Tim to allow him to rent Steven's body to paying clients. Potentially, under the terms of the agreement you had with AJ, Steven's income stream is about $700 thousand a year. And, AJ expected Steven to have a ten-year earnings time-frame. In other words, Steven would bring in $7 million. So, AJ decided to put a value of $10 million on Steven. He is up for sale to the highest bidder. You, Tim, have the power to say yes or no to anyone who enters the bidding process."


"You've got to be fucking kidding me!" Tim replied after he had taken in David's explanation. "Who the fuck has $10 million hanging around to pay $10 million for a fucking slave? I know Steven is good, but $10 fucking million! No fucking way!"


"AJ provided a potential list of buyers," David began. "Grant, Jose, and Jay from Chicago. London candidates are Darren, Stanley, and the couple, Bert and Trevon. Of course, all of the London men would probably permanently relocate Steven to London. If those fail, he suggested adding his brother Bashir and the prince from Iran."


"Steven is not going to live with anyone or anywhere but with me and our sons in Chicago," Tim said firmly. "I believe Steven and I should have separate Masters. Do you agree, Steven?"


"Not necessarily, but I suspect you will win this battle," I said to Tim.


"Doesn't this bother you, Steven?" Tim asked.


"It actually is very flattering," I began. "Plus, the idea of being auctioned off has a great deal of appeal to me."


"You are serious, aren't you?" Tim asked.


"Yes," I replied. "Tim, I'm a slave. A slave is property. I was Master Ajmal and Master Marcus's property. Someone else needs to own me. But, I have one other stipulation. Master Robert will be in this picture. He should have an out clause if and when he decides he wants out of the relationship."


"What about Master Joseph, Master Kenneth, Master Baron and Master Kendal, and Master Jake and Master Miguel?" Tim asked.


I could see Tim's eyes light up. He was getting into this.


"I would stipulate, David, I will supervise a trial session with any and all Masters who come forward with an offer to buy Steven," Tim continued as he looked at me with his squinty eyes. "Master Grant, Garrison, Robby, and me will decide which candidate best stimulates Steven."


"What about me?" David asked.


"If you want to come along for the ride, terrific," Tim replied. "I'll even give you a vote."


"The winning Master will need to live with us in this house," Tim added.


"Okay," David replied. "The issue of a buyer for Steven can be tabled until we work out the details."


David paused before continuing.


"We need, I believe, to decide what the trust will do with AJ's personal homes," David explained. "Even though they are part of the trust, they don't generate income. They just sit idle until AJ decides to use them. He collected houses like most people collect underwear."


"Where are these houses located?" I asked


"I will enumerate," David said as he pulled out a piece of paper. "New York, Provincetown, San Francisco, Fort Lauderdale, Chicago, London, Paris, Morocco, Puerto Vallarta, Bali, Nice, Bahamas, and one on an island off the coast of Maine. Oh! I forgot the country AJ owned."


"How much are these properties worth?" I asked.


"According to AJ, they have a collective value of about $70 million, excluding the country" David casually announced. "But, the cost of upkeep and property taxes average about $30 million each year."


"The property in Chicago... is this house his Chicago property?" Tim asked.


"No," David explained. "Your trust owns these four houses. AJ owned the rest of the block—from Halsted to Broadway... from Roscoe to Buckingham."


"Why the fuck did he buy the whole fucking block?" Tim asked.


"He wanted to, I guess," David said.


"More importantly he could afford to buy the whole block and not bat an eyelash," I added. "What the fuck are we supposed to do with all of this. I am supposed to be a fucking slave boy! I am not supposed to own property. I am not supposed to have assets."


"Technically, you don't own property or have assets. The trust owns the property and the assets," David explained.


"But we have a responsibility to our boys to manage the trust judiciously. How crazy is this. The two people who are supposed to make sure everything is on the up and up are either already slave boys or transitioning into full time slavery. This is fucking nuts." I ranted.


"We will just find someone you believe would have your best interests at heart to manage the assets and the property of the trust," David explained.


Tim looked at me. I looked at Tim.


"Steven," Tim said. "Are you thinking what I am thinking?"


"I think I am thinking what you are thinking, Tim," I said. We were both smiling and both looked David in the eye.


"No! No!" David exclaimed. "No! I do not have the business background to manage this trust. I can't do it! I won't do it! No! No! No!"


Tim stood from his seat and moved in front of David. Tim put one hand on David's crotch and the other hand over his left nipple and began to squeeze and twist it through David's T-shirt.


"Listen..., lover boy," Tim whispered. "I know what you like..., lover boy. I'll do anything you want..., lover boy. Anything! You know I will do whatever you ask. I will satisfy you. I will make you happy. Anytime. Day or night. Every week. Every month. Every year. For the rest of my life, I will give you whatever special favors you might want..., lover boy."


Tim stopped caressing David's nipples and crotch and stepped back from David. Tim sat on David's desk. "So listen to me, lover boy," Tim began in a relatively loud, demanding voice. "You will do what we are asking you to do. You will manage this trust to the best of your ability. Steven can give you business advice. If neither one of you knows what is best for the trust we will get outside help. You are our new trust manager."


"Wouldn't you like to have a $400 thousand salary with major benefits?" I asked.


"Yes, but...," David began.


We saw it in his face. David was our new trust manager.


After our meeting with David, it was time to inspect the troops and the house.


"Connor, Theo, and Ramesh," I said. "Could you please come here for a moment?"


"What's up, Dad?" Ramesh asked.


"We just want to say you clean up nicely when you put your mind to it," I said. "Do you have any questions about what might happen today?"


"What if the caseworker doesn't like us?" Theo asked.


"The caseworker will love you guys," I said. "Just be yourselves. Let me rephrase what I just said. Just be yourselves, but not the selves who get into BDSM."


"Got it, Dad," Connor said with a smile. "We will be little angels."


"That ship has already sailed, Connor," Tim said with a smile. -


The doorbell rang. The boys hurried off to somewhere. Harvey answered the door and escorted the DCFS case worker in to meet us.


"Ms. Scofield! It is so good to see you again," Tim said. "Welcome to the Caden-Caldwell residence."


"It is good to see you again, Mr. Caden-Caldwell and you too Mr. Caden-Caldwell" she said with a smile. "Before we begin, I want to express my condolences to you on the loss of your friends. I can't imagine anyone so cold and calculating to do such a mean spirited thing."


"Thank you, Ms. Scofield," I replied. "It has been a rough week."


"I am certain," Ms. Scofield continued. "I need to interview the boys in question. I understand they are sons of the people who arranged the bombing? How are they holding up?"


"As well as can be expected," I replied. "They are afraid they will be abandon. They are afraid everyone will hate them because of what their parents did. But, Tim and I have tried to reassure them they are safe and in a loving home until further notice. They will probably need therapy, but we need to get them settled first."


"You can use my office," Tim said. "Just ignore the clutter. When this happened, I was in the middle of revamping my novel. When I revamp, I make piles."


"Not to worry," Ms. Scofield said with a smile. "We will manage."


"Connor, Theo, could you please meet us in Tim's office, please," I said into the intercom. They looked like magazine perfect prep school kids when they waltzed into Tim's office.


"Connor, Theo," I began. "This is Ms. Scofield. Ms. Scofield, Connor and Theo. Ms. Scofield wants to talk with the two of you in private."


Ramesh joined us while Connor and Theo talked with Ms. Scofield. "Dads," Ramesh began. "Do we celebrate Christmas around here?"


"We do celebrate Christmas," Tim said. "Is it a problem with you, Ramesh?"


"Nope," Ramesh said. "It will be my first Christmas and I am looking forward to it. What happens at Christmas?"


"We decorate a tree, give presents to one another, see friends, possibly go to church," Tim said.


"It is usually near Mawlid an-Nabi—the Prophet's birthday," Ramesh replied.


"What do you do for the Prophet's birthday?" I asked.


"Nothing much," Ramesh replied. "It is supposed to be a quiet day. It is a time to read the Qur'an, and remember the life, teachings, and example of the Prophet Muhammad. Christmas sounds as though it is more fun."


"Was your family practicing Muslims?" I asked. U



"Not after they forced us to flee because I was gay," Ramesh replied. "Are you practicing Christians?"


"Not in the past," I said. "Although there is something to be said about being spiritual."


"Like your Spirit Journey?" Ramesh asked.


"Yes, like my Spirit Journey," I said with a smile. "How much do you know about the Spirit Journey, Ramesh?"


"Not much," Ramesh said. "I remember some discussions about Spirit Journeys of others. It involves hypnosis and meditation to reach through the spiritual world to find one's inner being and tap it to make the world a better place."


"Are you sure you are not 30- or 40-years-old?" I asked Ramesh.


"I'm 13 until my birthday on January 14," Ramesh replied.


"That's Steven's birthday!" Tim exclaimed. "Did you know his birthday and yours was the same day."


"I discovered it while we were signing the adoption papers," I replied. "I didn't mention it?"


"Nope," Tim said with a smile. "It must have slipped your mind or maybe you forgot about it during one of your Spirit journeys."


Ms. Scofield returned to the living room. The boys and she were smiling. I hoped it was a good sign.


"Unless you have made significant changes to your living environment since I interviewed Ramesh, I am going to forgo the home inspection," Ms. Scofield said. "I think the boys will do well in your house. I believe you will learn a lot from these boys as well. Now, I will return to my office and draw up the papers to make your custody official. I will bring them to you later today if you will be here."


"We will be here all night," Tim replied. "Dinner is at 8 pm if you would like to stay for dinner."


"Thank you, but I have another engagement this evening," Ms. Scofield said as she headed toward the door. "Don't forget what I told you, Connor and Theo. You are lucky to have landed here. You will be well taken care of."


After the door closed, Connor and Theo looked at Tim and me. "Does this mean we passed?" Theo asked.


"Yes," I said. "It means you passed. Welcome to our home, boys. We will enjoy having you here."


"Thank you for taking us in," Connor said. "We are extremely grateful. And, Ms. Scofield is right, we ARE very lucky to have landed here!"


"Can we get a hug?" Theo asked.


"Yes," I said. Tim and I each hugged a twin and then we switched.


"Sit, boys," Tim said. "All of you, please sit."


When the three boys had settled into seats, I began. "We need to stress how important some changes to our lives here—at least until the DCFS is out of the picture. Anytime any of us are downstairs, we need to be dressed—at the very least in a pair of gym shorts. Breakfast and lunch will require a shirt."


I paused, "You will come down for dinner will be with proper clothing. You need either slacks, jeans, or shorts on the bottom half of your body. You will need a polo, button up shirt, or a T-shirt. Shoes on your feet. No hats!"


"In your bedrooms, we don't care if you are naked or clothed. It is your choice. In the common areas upstairs please have at least a pair of gym shorts. Questions?"


"No," Connor, Theo, and Ramesh said in unison.




About one month after we had returned from the funerals, Tim dropped into my office at the venture capital firm.


"You look lost, Steven," Tim said as he walked into my office.


"I am," I replied. "I don't know which end is up any more. I am shuffling papers from one side of my desk to the other. I haven't moved them OFF my desk."


"Why don't I take you out to lunch, Steven," Tim suggested. "It will do you a world of good to have a change of pace."


"Sold!" I replied as I shoved back my chair and grabbed my suit coat.


As we settled into the Thai restaurant a few buildings away from the office, Tim started his investigator mode. "What's wrong, Steven?"


"I can't get them out of my mind," I replied. "Every place I go in the office, I remember Marcus standing beside the water cooler, beside the copy machine, beside the coffee machine, in the bathroom, behind his desk. I haven't had the courage to even go into his office. I miss Master Ajmal and Master Marcus so, so much!"


"I know you do, Steven," Tim said. "So do I. Sometimes I walk into the kitchen and I expect to see AJ and Marcus sitting at the kitchen island having coffee. But, they aren't there, and it shakes me to the core."


"I doubt I will ever be able to go into the playroom," I sighed!


"Do you want to move?" Tim asked.


"No," I replied. "If our only solution is to move out of the house, we have lost the battle. I will not lose the battle. It is not in my make up to lose. I want to win. I know I will win in time, but I want the time to be now. Not two months down the road. Not three months down the road. I want it NOW! If it doesn't happen soon, I am not sure it will ever happen."


"You are scaring me, Steven," Tim said.


"Don't be scared, Tim," I said. "I won't take my own life. I won't because I don't want to hurt you. I don't want to hurt the kids. I don't want to hurt my friends. I won't either."


"Like I said, Steven," Tim began. "You are the most positive and confident man I have ever known. Don't forget it either!"


"I won't," I said. "Don't forget I love you more than life itself."


"Same here, Steven," Tim replied. "Has our little pow wow helped?"


"Sort of," I said. "The test will be if I can go into Marcus's office. I may try today."


"Want me to go with you?" Tim asked.


"No," I said. "I need to do this alone."


"Sometimes I get in my car and just sit," Tim said. "I think about AJ and Marcus sitting in the car. Then, they were dead. I only hope they were gone immediately."


"I know," I said. Tim and I left the restaurant.


I couldn't wait any longer. I pulled Tim to me in the middle of the busy sidewalk and put my arms around his shoulders and just held him.


"I can't just sit anymore, we need to do," Tim said. "Do, Steven! Do!"


"Okay," I said. "We will do."




Almost three months after Master Ajmal and Master Marcus left us—I still can't say died—we were beginning to get our groove back. Garrison, Tim, and I were going to the gym every day. Master Grant flew back and forth to New York. Sometimes with David. Sometimes not. Robby continued on with his studies. We found a teacher who took on homeschooling Connor and

Theo because they didn't want to face the other students after what happened to the family. He also helped set Ramesh on the proper path to resume his studies in the fall. I stepped into the leadership role at the venture capital firm. Tim continued his writing. Surprisingly, no one seemed to be having sex. Robby was part of our family every weekend. I was still lost and Masterless.


We decided not to go to Florida. None of us wanted to step into the house once owned by Master Ajmal without him.


When Master Grant was in New York, David slept with Tim, Garrison, and me. Sometimes, Robby, Connor, Theo, and Ramesh joined us. Crowded, but it was a nice feeling to have the people you love so close.


On Friday evening, David gathered us in the living room for a family talk. Tim, Ramesh, Connor, Theo, and I took seats close to David.


"On Tuesday morning, we all need to be in family court," David began. "We appear before Judge Whipple. She has agreed to hear our case for the adoption of Ramesh, Connor, and Theo. She has reviewed the statements by both of your parents, Connor and Theo. She was horrified when she saw the treatment you boys received at the hands of your parents. Judge Whipple also knew about your charity work for several causes in the city, Steven. She has all but agreed the adoption will go through on Tuesday. What do you want to use as your last name Ramesh?"


"Caden-Caldwell," Ramesh said proudly.


I almost cried.


"Connor, Theo?" David asked.


"Caden-Caldwell," Connor and Theo answered in unison.


"We need to be in court by 10 am on Tuesday," David explained. "Dress appropriately. Suit and tie preferably. If not a suit, a blazer and a tie."


"I don't have one," Ramesh said. "Does not having one mean dads can't adopt me?"


"No," I replied. "We will buy you a suit over the weekend. Connor, Theo. Do you have a suit?"


"Yea," Connor answered. "But we grew about two inches since we last put it on."


"Three suits it is, then," I said. "Tomorrow will be our shopping day."


"Does this mean we can be naked again?" Connor asked.


I looked at Tim.


"After Tuesday, we will revise our rules concerning dressing," Tim replied. "Your father Steven and I will come up with a plan to allow some clothing optional situations. Dinner will not be one of them."


Master Grant walked through the door and into the living room to join our discussion.


"Everyone looks very happy!" Master Grant said. "What's up?"


"On Tuesday, Ramesh, Connor, and Theo will be the sons of Tim and Steven," David replied. "Meet Ramesh, Connor, and Theo Caden-Caldwell!"


"Congratulations, guys!" Master Grant said. "Now I see why we are all smiling."


"How was your week, Master Grant?" Tim asked.


"I actually have some good news as well," Master Grant began. "In two weeks, I will officially be working from home or a studio in Chicago. I will still need to make about two overnight trips to New York every month, but David and I are very happy!"


"Congratulations!" Tim and I said in unison. "We should celebrate tonight!"


Harvey arrived with a bottle of champagne and a bottle of sparkling apple cider. He had eight glasses. Harvey filled the glasses and handed them to the appropriate person.


"I hope I am not overstepping my boundaries here, but I want to offer a toast to one of the most remarkable families I have ever known. Here is to further success and happiness!" Harvey said as we all raised our glasses and clinked.


"Thank you, Harvey," I said. "You help us through our lives with precision and love. You've kept us from going off the deep end many, many times. Cheers!"


We clinked again before Harvey disappeared.




We arrived in family court at 9:30 am. "You three look very, very handsome," I said. "We might need to demand you wear suits to dinner."


"Not fair, dad," Ramesh replied. "I could spill something on it."


The three boys looked terrific. We found three dark grey, slim fit, suits at Neman Marcus. New shoes. New white shirts. And three new ties in bright colors—each one different. We even bought them new Calvin Klein low rise briefs—none of the three boys is prone to wear underwear.


"Let's grab a seat," David said as he herded us into the courtroom.


We sat in the front row of the spectator section until the judge arrived.


"Welcome to family court," Judge Whipple said. "Let's get started with the Caden-Caldwell adoption of Ramesh, Connor, and Theo."


David ushered us to the table in front of the courtroom.


Once we were settled the judge continued. "This is a very happy day for me. You fine young men are looking so self-assured in your suits. I want to assure you we will make this as effortless and painless as possible. During this proceeding, I will need to speak with each of you boys separately in my chambers. I also will speak with both Timothy and Steven Caden-Caldwell. So, I believe we should get started. Ramesh, could you please join me in my chambers?"


"Yes, Your Honor," Ramesh confidently answered as he followed Judge Whipple into her chambers.


Connor went next followed by Theo. Then, Tim and me.


"Gentlemen," Judge Whipple began. "I have listened to these three boys background. All three, in my opinion, should never have been subjected to the harsh treatment. Fortunately, all three seem to have survived with limited impact. And, I want to say to the two of you, I wish we had more couples who would step up and offer to adopt some of the children I see here almost every day..."


When Tim and I returned and Judge Whipple returned to her seat at the bench, she continued, "I see no reason we should do anything but to proceed with these adoptions. You boys should feel extremely lucky to have come together with these two fine men to be a family. I want to see good things from all three of you. And, I am fairly certain you will make your fathers and everyone around you very proud of you. So...,"


We left the courtroom smiling. Well, the boys were smiling. Tim and I had tears running down our cheeks.


"Let's go celebrate," David suggested. "Lunch is on me, men!"


Once we were seated at the restaurant, Connor spoke first, "What do we call you, dads? If we say Dad, you won't know which one we are addressing."


"Good point," Tim replied. "How about Tim and Steven?"


"What about dad T and dad S?" Theo asked.


"Can we be naked again?" Ramesh asked.


Tim and I looked at one another and smile.


"If you are in the downstairs common areas, such as the living room, kitchen, dining room, and television room, we expect you to have gym shorts on at the very minimum," Tim began. "At dinner, you will be fully clothed. Same rules as now. Otherwise, you can be as naked as you want. Is this acceptable to you boys?"


"Yes, Dads," the three boys said in unison.




The day after we officially adopted Ramesh, Connor, and Theo, Garrison and I were sitting in the solarium after we went to the gym.


"Do you realize it is three months since we attended AJ and Marcus's funeral," Garrison said. "Is it appropriate for us to move forward with our lives?"


"I think it is more than appropriate," I replied. "We owe it the Master Ajmal and Master Marcus to move forward. They would want us to."


"I think people are waiting for you to give the word, Steven," Garrison said. "You lost two people you loved more than life itself. We all loved them, but not like you. So, it should be your decision."


"Will you go with me on a Spirit Journey, Garrison?" I asked.


"Steven," Garrison said as he put my hands in his. "I will go anywhere you want me to go, Steven. I would be honored to go on a Spirit Journey to help you make your decision about AJ and Marcus."


We were in the bedroom we share with Tim moments later. We both lost our clothes quickly. I settled on the bed on my back. My legs were up and spread. My favorite position.


"Garrison," I said before he grabbed the lube from the night stand. "I haven't told you I love you recently. I'm sorry I haven't. I do love you!"


"I know you do, Steven," Garrison replied. "It shows every time you look at me, every time you smile at me, and every time you talk with me. I love you, too, Steven."


Garrison added lube to his big, black, uncut dick. He leaned in and positioned his dick at my asshole. He lowered himself to my lips and kissed me. As we both lost ourselves in each other as we kissed Garrison slid his dick into my ass. Before I realized he was even close to entering me, I felt his balls against my ass and his pubic hair rub my balls.


"Oh God, Garrison!" I whispered. "I have so missed this. Don't stop."


"I am not planning on stopping anytime soon," Garrison replied and then resumed kissing me as he gently and slowly used his dick to massage my ass. And, he kept kissing.


I began to feel different. I began to feel alive again. I began to feel I had a purpose in life again. I could love again. Then, my Spirit Master entered my mind. `You are moving forward aren't you, boy?' my Spirit Master said to me. `AJ and Marcus want you to move forward. See over there, behind those trees. Yes, boy, it is your Masters. They are trying to tell you to move on with your life. Do what you do best, boy. Make men happy. Make your husband happy. Make your lover happy. Make your sons happy. Make your new Master happy. Make the world happy, boy. Here, let me take you hand and lead you to your place in life away from the sadness of the last few months. The world is yours, boy! Take it by storm! Own it! Be proud and own it. You need to cum, boy. Now!'


My dick exploded on que. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


"Yes, lover!" Garrison howled. "Take it, boy! Take it! "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Garrison dropped on top of me and rested. His sweat was pouring off his body onto mine. His breathing began to return to normal.


"Holy shit, Steven!" Garrison said. "I have never felt anything like I just experienced. Did you go on your Spirit Journey, Steven?"


"Yes, I went on my Spirit Journey," I said quietly. "I saw Master Ajmal and Master Marcus. It was amazing. My Spirit Master asked if I was moving forward. He told me AJ and Marcus wants me to move forward. He pointed them out behind some trees. It was them, Garrison. They told me to move on with my life. I need to do what I do best. Make men happy. Make my husband happy. Make my lover happy. Make my sons happy. Make my new Master happy. Make the world happy. My Spirit Master led me to my place in life away from the sadness of the last few months. He told me the world is mine! Take it by storm! Own it! Be proud and own it. Then, he told me to cum. And, as you well know, I did!"


"I am going to make love to you again, Steven," Garrison said. "Maybe two or three more times. Then, the others should be ready to hear the good news!"


In the span of four hours, Garrison made love to me four times. He planted his seed in my ass four times. I felt as though I was floating.


We showered and dressed. When we arrived in the living room, Tim, Garrison, David, and Master Grant were talking in one corner. Ohmar, Kathem, Ali, and Ahmed played on the blanket beside us.


Tim caught the look in my eyes. "Steven!" Tim said as he pulled me into a hug. "You seem different. What happened?"


"Sit and I will explain," I suggested.


Harvey appeared with the perfect assortment of drinks.


I explained my Spirit Journey, what my Spirit Master said, and my reaction to seeing Master Ajmal and Master Marcus.


"They don't want us to morn any longer," I said. "We need to accomplish good things in our lives. Let's start."


"So, then, you ready to talk about your lack of a Master." Tim said.


"No," I said. "I am not ready."


"Steven," Tim began. "You've said it yourself. You need to move on with your life. You need someone to control you. You don't want to make decisions for yourself. You want to give the power of your life to someone else. And, Steven, you are moping around here like the world has betrayed you. Maybe you feel it has, but it hasn't. You need someone to beat a little sense into you. I also don't believe you want anyone else in this family, with the exception of Master Grant and he is MY master, Steven, to do what you need done to you. The only other way we can get you back into the groove—if you aren't ready to accept a Master we choose for you—is to rent your ass out every day of every week and every month of every year. AJ and Marcus would not want us to put our lives on hold. They were energetic men. And, Steven, to be honest with you, we are also tired of putting our lives on hold so you can feel sorry for yourself. I think you have proven you need someone when you and Garrison went on your Spirit Journey. What did AJ and Marcus tell you, Steven?"


"They don't want us to morn any longer," I said quietly.


"Which means what, exactly?" Tim asked. He was still in rant mode.


"I need a Master," I said. "How do I go about finding a Master?"


"Steven," Tim said as he turned to me. "We have a plan. Leave me out of the picture. Leave Robby in the picture. Who would you like to have as your new Master?"


I thought for a few moments before responding even though I already knew my answer. "Master Baron and Master Kendal or Master Jose or Master Kenneth or Master Jay or Master Darren or Master Stanley or Masters Bert and Trevon."


"First choice?" Tim asked.


"I can't make a choice, Tim. I am the slave, remember. Someone else will need to make the choice," I replied. "You could auction me off."


"Steven," Tim began. "As much as it might excite you, I am not going to sell you to the highest bidder. I have a few stipulations. The lucky Master will either have you on every other weekend or he will live in this house. I want you here with me, our sons, my Master, David, and Garrison. No one will own you unless he can pass my inspection and rules."


"Why didn't you pick Grant?" David asked.


"He isn't available," I replied. "He has his hands full with you and Tim."


"He's right," Master Grant asked. "But, I will insist on visiting rights. Are you okay with me having visiting rights, Steven.


"Absolutely, Master!" I replied with a smile. All of a sudden I felt energized. I felt I had a purpose. I wanted to move on.


We heard a stampede from the back of the house where the boys were homeschooled. The stampede stopped in the living room.


"What's up?" Connor asked.


"Everyone looks happy," Theo said.


"Dad, you are glowing," Ramesh said to me.


"Yea," I said. "I think I am. First time in three months. I'm glowing again."


"Does this mean we can have sex again," Connor asked. "Theo and I have never gone this long without sex with each other since we were 10."


"You have sex with one another?" Ramesh asked.


"Yea," Theo replied. "But, we are twins. Twins have sex with one another."


We ate. We talked. We laughed. It felt good to finally laugh again. We drifted upstairs to bed.


Tim and I headed to our bedroom. Garrison continued down the hall. "Garrison!" Tim said. "Are you lost?"


"I thought you two would like to be alone," Garrison said quietly.


"We won't be complete without you, Garrison," Tim replied. "Get your butt in here, get naked, and get into bed."


The three of us were naked and in bed in record time. We were also hard as can be.


"Tim, will you make love to me?" I asked.


"You don't need to ask, Steven," Tim said. "I have planned on this since this afternoon."


"Garrison," I said. "I need you, too. I love you both."


Garrison grabbed the lube from the night stand and handed it to Tim.


"Kiss Steven, Garrison," Tim said.


Garrison leaned in and brushed his lips with mine. Tongue. Passion. I cupped his head in my hands and pulled him toward me. I needed to feel his body. Tim positioned himself between my legs and lifted them over his shoulders. He aligned his hard dick with my asshole and leaned in to join Garrison and me in a kiss. Passion. Lust. Love. Happiness. One. The three of us were one.


Garrison pulled away from our kiss as Tim began to push his dick into my asshole. Slowly his life giving dick slowly made its way into my ass. I felt Tim's power, his energy, his love, his lust.


"Shit, Steven," Tim whispered as he bottomed out in my ass. "I have so, so missed this, Steven. You are the perfect lover. Will you make love to me, Garrison? The three of us should go on this Spirit Journey together."




A week after we got our groove back, David called me to his office. It was Saturday morning.


Tim sat in one chair. I took the one beside him. David sat at his desk.


"We have two orders of business," David began. "First, we need to find a permanent leader for the venture capital business. Second, we need to find you a Master, Steven. We will ask Grant, Robby, and Garrison to join us for the second discussion."


"Do you have any idea who you might want to tap to head the venture capital business?" Tim asked.


"Do you remember Dennis Bernstein, Tim?" I asked.


"Yes," Tim replied. "He's the guy you sent to eSquare to complete the leadership program. Why?"


"I talked with Leon yesterday," I said. "Dennis would be, I believe, a perfect fit. He is almost finished with his MBA at Northwestern. He's gone through eSquare's leadership program, which is one of the best in the country."


"Of course it is, Steven," Tim said with a smile. "You designed it."


"Yes," I said. "I want us to interview him as soon as possible. I will help him get his feet wet, but I do not want to spend all of my time at Caden, Caldwell, Hassin, and Peabody. And, I hope we can shorten the name to something like CCHP."


"How much money and will you offer him a stake in the business?" David asked.


"He is making $100 thousand now," I explained. "It is a fairly low salary, but he gets a generous bonus and stock option package. We should offer him $300 thousand with a one-quarter ownership. Also, David, you will also get a one-quarter stake in the business."


"Why?" David asked.


"We want to," I replied. "Don't question us, David. Draw up the legal paper work at the same time you do it for Dennis."


"Okay, boss," David relied. "Anything you say, boss! Why are you so sure he will accept the job?"


"I can be very, very persuasive," I said.


"The second order of business will require other consultants," Tim said as he left the office and then returned with Master Grant, Master Robert, and Garrison.


"So, guys," Tim began. "It is time to get Steven a new Master. We all know he is getting a little jumpy without a Master in control.


"We have talked with four possible choices: Master Jose, Master Jay, Master Darren, and Master Stanley," Tim explained. "All of them are interested. However, only Master Jose and Master Stanley are interested considering the other terms I have outlined. Stanley is moving to Chicago in a few months to oversee a new startup in Chicago. He also has indicated he might have some problems providing the time with you, Steven, since the business will demand his full attention."


"And, Jose has offered to pay $1 million to the Caden-Caldwell Foundation in payment for you, Steven," David replied.


"You are shitting me, aren't you?" I asked. "I thought I was worth $10 million.


"Nope. We had a tough negotiation," David replied. "He has also offered to mentor Robby... You do not have a choice in the decision making process, Steven. Tim, Grant, Garrison, Robby, and I will decide. Just for the record, Steven. The five of us have had several conversations with Jose. We've also had sex with him just to make sure he was capable. If chosen, he will assume ownership of you immediately. So, guys, if you are in favor of selling Steven to Jose for $1 million donated to the Caden-Caldwell Foundation, please say aye."


"Aye," every one said in unison.


"Sold for $1 million," David said as he banged a wooden gavel on his desk. "I've always wanted to do that. Tim, would you please ask Jose to join us."


"Sure!" Tim effused as he jumped from his chair and left the office. He returned moments later. Master Jose took my breath when he walked through the door. His five-foot ten-inch frame, clothed in tight, tight leather pants, black leather harness, black leather arm bands, and black leather boots. His huge muscled chest, massive biceps, six-pack abs, and tree-trunk legs stirred my dick to its fully hard state in a matter of second. His skin glistened. His brown eyes blazed with lust and power. "Meet Steven's new Master, Jose Vargus."


Six men singed the bill of sale to transfer ownership of me to Jose.


"So, boy," Master Jose replied as I stood. "I believe you need to be naked. I have talked with your husband and the others, and they all agree you are to be naked in this house unless otherwise instructed. Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, Master," I said as I stood and began to underdress. My shoes, my shirt, and finally my slacks came off. I was naked in front of my new Master, my husband, my lover, my husband's Master, and my husband's Master's future husband. I know! Things are complicated in the Caden-Caldwell household.


Once I was naked, I assumed the position in front of Master Jose.


"We have also agreed to leave the collar your Master AJ and Master Marcus put around your neck," Master Jose explained. "We will remove it if you feel it brings back sad memories of their passing. It will be your choice, boy."


"Thank you, Master," I replied. "I would like to leave it for the time being, if you don't mind, Master."


"I don't mind, Steven," Master Jose said. He picked up a collar from the table beside him and secured it around my neck.


"Master," I recited my pledge. "I give you my mind, my body, and my soul, Master. I will forsake all others! I am yours!"


"If you gentlemen don't mind, I would like to take Steven somewhere so we can talk," Master Jose said to the group.


"The playroom is an excellent spot," Tim suggested.


"Great idea," Master Jose relied as he attached his leash to my collar. "Normally, I wouldn't say this, boy, but lead the way. I don't know how to get to the playroom—yet."


"Yes, Master," I said and I lead my new Master to through the kitchen and into the playroom downstairs.


"Holy shit!" Master Jose exclaimed as I switched on the lights. "This is unreal."


"It is a work in progress, Master," I responded. "I am certain you might have ideas about how to further equip the room, Sir."


Master Jose pulled me close to him. His lips touched mine. Electricity surged through my body at his slight brush of his lips and mine.


"Wow!" Master Jose responded. "We haven't even kissed and I feel excited. On fire. I've never wanted this more than I do right now, Steven."


Master Jose kissed me. Slowly at first. Passion flared. Tongues fought. Lips parted. His strong hands pulled me closer to him. I felt his power. I felt his energy. I felt his lust. All directed toward me.


"God!" Master Jose whispered. "I thought I connected with you when we were together at Hellfire. This is fucking amazing. It's like I am inside you. Your body and your mind."


"Me, too, Master," I replied. "Me, too."


"Let's sit and talk," Master Jose said as he motioned toward the bar. "This is a dream come true for me, Steven. Ever since we met at the first charity function I wanted you. I wanted to own your body and make it mine. I wanted to own your mind. I wanted to own your love. I wanted to show you my lust. I wanted to show you my power. I wanted to show you I control you. Then, after I rented you, I knew I wanted you. I know you have responsibilities with your husband and kids and business. I want to help you in any way I can. But, I also know you will need time to deal with things on your own. When you do, tell me. Unless I tell you otherwise, you are to call me Sir, Master, or Master Jose. I will tell you when it is not appropriate. You will be punished if you disobey."


"Thank you, Master," I replied. "Until we get a new leader for the venture capital business, I will be spending 9 to 5 at the office. And, God only knows what will happen with this merry bunch of men and boys."


"Can I help with the venture capital business?" Master Jose asked. "I do have a degree from Harvard in applied engineering."


"Thank you," I replied. "I might like the company as well. The office still has memories of Marcus."


"Tim, Grant, David, and I have talked about sharing you," Master Jose explained. "I would like to hear your thoughts on things like sleeping arrangements. Garrison. Tim. Robby. Me."


"I want to be with all of you all the time," I said. "But, I know it will not be possible. I want to spend as much time as possible with you i so we get to know one another better. I want to be able to finish your sentences, Master. I want you to be able to finish mine. Tim will kill me if he heard this, but I want to make you my priority."


"You said everything except your thoughts on sleeping arrangements," Master Jose said with a smile.


"What did you and Tim decide?" I asked. "I am a slave boy. I don't make decisions."


"Tim is a very flexible guy," Master Jose said. "I liked him the moment we started talking about you and me. We thought Tim, Garrison, you, and me could sleep together during the week. During the weekends, we would be flexible. You will spend an occasional weekend with Tim or Garrison and the others with Robby and me. Grant and Tim will spend time together while the three of us are together."


"What about Garrison and David?" I asked.


"Together," Master Jose replied.


"I would have never thought to put the two of them together," I replied. "But I think I see the pattern here. Seems sort of like musical chairs. Can we all share the playroom from time to time?"


"It's the plan," Master Jose said with a smile. "I'm also keeping my condo around the corner in case any of us need to escape the inner workings of the family."


"We are taking this slowly, Steven," Master Jose replied. "The whole family is a work in progress. We haven't done this, but I am going to make love to you, Steven. We need to celebrate our new relationship."


"Can we go on a Spirit Journey together, Master?" I asked.


"I hope we take many, many Spirit Journey's together, Steven," Master Jose replied. "I'm counting on you to guide the way."


"Consider it done, Master," I said as I began unbuttoning his leather pants. Before I could slip them off, I knelt at his feet and removed his boots and socks. I wanted to lick his feet, but I restrained myself. I stood as did Master Jose. I tugged at his tight, tight pants until they slipped over his hard, uncut, ten-inch dick. His dick slapped against is six-pack abs as it was freed from the pants. I helped Master step out of his pants.


"I... I... I am a lucky boy," I stammered. "Your body is magnificent, Master!"


"Come with me, Steven," Master Jose said as he led me to the bed in the middle of the playroom.


He helped me into the bed. Me on my back. I raised my spread legs as I watched Master Jose take his place between my legs. He added lube to his rock hard dick and then aligned it with my asshole. As he leaned in to kiss me, I felt his dick begin to make its descent into my ass. My beautiful Master's lips brushed mine. His tongue forced its way into my mouth. I could hardly breath. The anticipation of my first love making session with my new Master left me powerless to move. I just did what Master Jose's tongue wanted. I looked into his beautiful brown eyes. His were locked onto mine. He smiled at me. My mind filled with the energy of my Spirit Master. `Make your new Master happy, boy. Do it for you! Do it for your new Master. Do it, boy. Give your Master what he has worked for in the last hour. During the last hour, while he made love to you, he and you are connecting. Experience the energy and power you and your new Master will enjoy for the rest of your lives, boy. Experience the love of two human beings united in mind, body, and soul! Live, boy! Live!'


"Yes!" I exclaimed.


`You will cum, boy,' Spirit Master replied. `Now!'


Suddenly my dick spewing cum. Rope after rope after rope of cum. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


"Yes, Steven!" Master Jose howled. "Take it, Steven! Take it! "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Master Jose rested with his arms straight as he caught his breath. His sweat dripped off him magnificent body onto mine. I felt his energy become part of me through his dick and my ass. My insides glowed. My mind sailed. But, his lust again filled my dick with life. Hard, hard dick.


Finally, Master Jose began to move as he lowered himself on top of me. "My God, Steven!" Master Roberts whispered to me. "Incredible. Absolutely incredible. Almost divine. We went on a Spirit Journey, didn't we?"


"Yes, Master," I said as we looked into each other's eyes. "My Spirit Master showed me my purpose in life. To make you happy, Master. He said we will experience the energy and power we experienced a few moments ago for the rest of our lives together Master. He told me to experience the love of you and me united in mind, body, and soul! He told me to live! Please help me. Let me make you happy, Master. I always want to make you happy."


"You just did an excellent job, Steven!" Master Jose replied. "To say what we just experienced was the best sex I've ever enjoyed, is an understatement."


Master Jose started to kiss me again. My dick immediately hardened again to its full potential. I felt sparks as we touched. I felt our energy flow again as Master Jose began to slowly move his dick in and out of me. He continued to kiss me. Passion rage in both our bodies. Lust. Passion. Energy. Power. His dick in my ass. We were one.


"Do you feel it, Master?" I whispered.


"Yes," Master Jose replied. "It is magic. Teach me so I can take you on a Spirit Journey."


"You are learning right now, Master," I said. "Every time you move your dick in my ass, you are moving through your very own Spirit Journey, Master. It is energy transferred. It is power felt. It is lust driven. And, it is mind centered. The journey is always with you Master. Learn to relax and enjoy our time together. You will soon have your own Spirit Master to guide you and to help you achieve your goals in life. Relax, Master. Enjoy our time together. Enjoy the energy we share. Enjoy the power we share. Enjoy the lust for each other's bodies. Enjoy the love between us. And, yes, the love is growing inside us. The love I have for you is growing. The love you have for me is growing. We will grow together, Master."


"Shit, Steven," Master Jose replied. "If you keep this up, I am going to cum again."


"It's not a bad thing, is it Master?" I asked with a smile.


"No, but I want this to last forever," Master Jose replied.


"It will last forever," I said. "My Spirit Master told me. We will last forever, Master. You and me. Forever."


"Ah! Fuck!!" Master Jose howled. "Take it, baby! Take it! "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


I felt my Master's cum flood my ass... Several more cosmic orgasms later, Master Jose put on clothes appropriate for dinner and we headed upstairs.


"Hello, guys," David said as Master Jose and I entered the living room. "You are smiling, Jose. I take it things when well with your purchase."


"Very well, thank you," Master Jose replied. "I believe I made the right decision about buying Steven. We will have a few kinks to work out occasionally, but I am pleased at his performance so far. And, please let me know if you see Steven in the house and he is not naked. I can punish him appropriately."


"Have you told Steven about punishment for the other two slaves?" Master Grant asked.


"No," Master Jose replied. "Would you please begin to explain it, Grant?"


"Certainly," Master Grant replied. "We currently have three masters in this household. When Robby joins us it will be four. We have three slave boys. You, Tim, and Garrison. Tim and Garrison are not full-time slaves. They go in and out of slave mode at the discretions of me and David.


"You will always be naked unless I give you specific orders to be dressed. The only occasion for you to be out of slave mode is when you are working at the venture capital firm," Master Jose explained.


"Also, we have decided, Steven," Master Grant began. "When Tim or Garrison or any other slave we have in this house performs a punishable offense, you will take the punishment for the other slave. If I decide Tim has committed a punishable offense, I will deliver your punishment. If Garrison commits a punishable offense, David will deliver your punishment. Do you understand, Steven?"


"Yes, Master," I replied.


"You will also address everyone in this household as Master or Sir, including you sons," Master Jose explained. "You will address every male you see, unless I tell you otherwise, as Sir or Master. When I am not in your presence, I will lock you in chastity. Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, Master," I replied.


"One last item, Steven," Master Jose continued. "You are MY slave. However, if any of these men, Grant, David, Tim, or Garrison, want to use your body for any reason, do NOT, I repeat do NOT refuse them. I expect you to perform for them as you would for me. Understand, boy?"


"Yes, Master," I replied.


"Hello, boys," Tim said as Connor, Theo, and Rashem entered the living room to join us.


"Hello, dad," Rashem said to Tim.


The three of them looked at me and then surveyed the rest of the room. Connor spoke up, "I see dad s is in slave mode. I trust, Jose, he is making you happy."


"Very happy, Connor," Master Jose replied. "Very happy, indeed."


"Can we call you Uncle Jose?" Theo asked.


"If you want," Master Jose responded to the boys. "I would be honored to be thought of as an Uncle."


"So, boy," Theo said to me. "You look happy to finally have a Master. Am I right, boy?"


"Yes, Sir," I replied. "Very happy."




We returned downstairs after dinner, and we were immediately naked.


"I will, I think, enjoy being with your family, Steven," Master Jose said. "Tim must be a terrific writer. He has a quick wit which would help make him successful."


"They are now you family, too, Master," I replied. "And, yes, Tim is a wonderful writer. He almost has his first novel finished. He's excited it will soon be published."


"We have so much to learn about each other, Steven," Master Jose said. "I want to know all about you. I want to know all about Tim, Garrison, Grant, and David. And, you sons are delightful. I have never see a group of boys who are as polite and respectful as those three. You must be very proud of them."


"Yes," I replied. "They are wonderful boys. They helped Tim and me get through the last few months when we were dealing with the deaths of Master Ajmal and Master Marcus. Tim loves you already, I can tell. Garrison loves every one. David is a no nonsense person and a very fine man. Master Grant is... well, Master Grant."


"Grant was a client of yours, correct?" Master Jose asked.


"I really can't say," I said. I paused and smiled, "What if someone asked about you being one of my clients?"


"I understand," Master Jose replied also with a smile.


"How did you feel about the information about your nakedness, how you will be responsible for taking the punishment of the other slaves, and addressing every male figure you speak with as Master or Sir."


"I am honored to take Master Tim and Master Garrison's punishment, Master," I began. "I will also be honored to obey your orders and rules about being naked and addressing men and boys. I felt humiliated and degraded when Master Connor called me boy."


"It is exactly what I want you to feel," Master Jose replied. He grabbed my ass and began playing with the cheeks of my ass. "So perfect, Steven. I want to do something we haven't done before, Steven. Are you okay with trying something new with me?"


"Master," I replied. "I am okay with you doing anything you want to me. Anything. I want everything. I want it now, but I will be patient."


"What if I said I wanted to get into scat?" Master Jose replied.


"It is not my favorite thing, but if you want it I will please you," I replied.


"It is not something I would consider, so don't worry," Master Jose explained.


"Master, will you whip me?" I asked.


"It is something you really want, isn't it?" Master Jose asked.


"Yes, Sir," I said.


"I really want to whip you, boy," Master Jose continued. "The thought of restraining you and slapping a whip across you back really does excite me, boy. I want you to enjoy this as much as I will."


"Please, Master," I begged. "Please whip me, Master. Please."


"Yes," Master Jose said as he grabbed my wrist and led me to the St. Andrews Cross. He quickly worked to restrain my wrists and my ankles.


Master Jose moved to the wall of whips and selected something he liked. He stood in front of me. He had two floggers. One in the right hand. One in the left hand. "Which one do you want first, boy?" Master Jose asked. "You will get them both before the night is out. But, which one do you want first."


"Right one, Sir," I said.


"You know I won't be easy on you, boy," Master Jose asked.


"Yes, Master," I said. "Hurt me. Make me feel the pain. Make me feel you power, Sir. Please, Sir!"


"Good boy," Master Jose said as he disappeared behind me.


"Ahhhhhhh!" I moaned as the first blow hit my back.

The barrage began. Crack after crack after crack. The whip sounded as it landed on my back. I moaned each time it hit me. "Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh...! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I moaned louder as the last stroke of the whip hit me hard.


Sweat dripped off my body as Master Jose moved in front of me. He, too, was dripping with sweat.


"Very good, boy," Master Jose said. "I think you might have liked it, judging from your dick, boy."


"Yes, Sir," I said. "More, Sir! Please more!"


"Okay, boy," Master Jose relied. "I'll give you more."


The blows began again. Again I began to moan every time the flogger slapped at my back. "Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh!..."


I felt my Spirit Master enter my body again. `Remember, boy what your Master Ajmal told you when you and he were on your Spirit Journey. This part of your Spirit Journey too, boy. Connect with your Master. Connect as he slams the flogger on your back. It is not pain any more, is it boy?'


`No, Spirit Master,' I felt my body telling my Spirit Master how it felt to have my Master flogging me.


`Every time your Master slams your back with the flogger, reach out and touch your Master. Give him the power to own you. Give him the power to control you. Give him the power to give more and more punishment. Connect with your Master, boy. Connect with him,' my Spirit Master said as he left my body.


I felt my Master take me. Take my mind. We were one. The power of the blows to my back intensified the connection. I feel his love. I feel his power. I feel his energy. I feel his lust. I feel his rage. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I moaned as the powerful last blow landed on my back.


Master Jose stood in front of me. His sweaty body glistened. His chest seemed bigger. His arms seemed stronger. His dick seemed longer.


"Did you fell something when I was whipping you the last time?" Master Jose asked.


"Yes, Master," I felt a definite connection. "My Spirit Master visited me again. This was the first time he visited me while not getting fucked. Our energy. Our power."


"I know," Master Jose responded. "It was amazing. Do you want to get some sleep, Steven?"


"With all due respect, Master," I replied. "I do not make decisions. You do, Master. And, I love you for it."


Master Jose stood in front of me. Him absolutely naked. Me still restrained on the St. Andrews Cross naked. Both of us dripping sweat from our bodies. Our dicks were both hard as rocks.


"You just said you loved me," Master Jose added. "Slip of the tongue?"


"No," I said. "I meant it. I love you, Master. I believe I always have. And, I know I always will."


"I love you, too, Steven," Master Jose said as he moved in to kiss me. "I have since the first day I met you at the charity event at the Ritz. I will love you and take care of you for the rest of my life, Steven."


"Thank you, Master," I whispered as he leaned in to kiss me again.


We will get some sleep in a few moments, but before we do I need to piss," Master explained. "There are four others who will use your mouth as their urinal. Grant, David, please bring your boys over so Steven can service you."


"On your knees, boy," Master Jose ordered.


"Yes, Master," I said as I positioned myself on my knees and waited for the first man to use me.


"So, boy," Master Grant said. "I don't need to rent you anymore, do I?"


"No, Master," I replied.


"I can have you anytime I want, anywhere I want, anyway I want," Master Grant said as he held his semi-hard dick in his hands. "Before I piss in your mouth, I want you to lick my balls, boy."


"Yes, Master," I eagerly said as I moved in and took one of Master Grant's big, low hanging balls into my mouth and then began giving both of Master Grant's balls a tongue bath.


"Yea, boy!" Master Grant hissed. "Lick those big Master balls, boy! Lick them really, really good. Oh! Yea! Boy! Yea!"


I continued to lick until Master Grant pulled my head away from his balls and pointed his semi-hard black, uncut cock at me.


"You want this, don't you, boy?" Master Grant hissed. "You've wanted your mouth on my dick ever since I rented your ass, right boy?"


"Yes, Master," I groveled as Master Grant slapped my face with his dick. I opened my mouth. Master Grant shoved his dick into my mouth.


"Don't let any Master piss spill, boy!" Master Grant commanded as a hard stream of his hot, Master piss flooded my mouth.


I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed and swallowed. More kept coming. No slowing down. Steady gush of piss in my mouth and down my throat. I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed and swallowed. The stream of piss gradually became a trickle. Master Grant pulled his now hard dick out of my mouth and slapped my face with it again.


"There will be more where that came from, boy," Master Grant said as he turned and left me on my knees waiting for the next man to piss in my mouth.


"Good work, boss," Master David said. "I hope you are really thirsty. I have a lot of piss in me as well."


Master David pointed his big uncut dick at my face. I opened my mouth and took it and awaited the piss Master David was about to give me. It started as a trickle which quickly began a steady stream of Master David's Master piss. I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed and swallowed. More piss. I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed. The stream became a trickle. Master David pulled his dick out of my mouth and shook it in my face to get rid of any trace of piss from his dick.


"Good boy," David said. "This is your true calling. Servicing men. I'll be back as soon as I am ready again, boss."


Master Garrison was up next. Finally, it was Master Tim's turn.


"You know, boy," Tim began. "I let you out of my sight for 10 minutes, and you are down on your knees on a dirty floor drinking some man's piss. You are a real pig, boy! A real pig!"


Tim pointed his dick at my mouth and I took it in and waited.


"Here it comes, boy," Master Tim exclaimed. "Take it, boy!"


Master Tim's piss began flooding my mouth. His warm golden piss. Down my throat. More and more and more and more of Master Tim's piss. Down my throat. Then it stopped.


"You make one hell of a toilet, boy," Master Tim said as he walked away. I watched his muscular ass. The muscles in his ass rippled as he walked away from me and into the arms of Master Grant.


"You're a good piss slave, boy!" Master Jose said as he waived his dick in front of me. "You are eager to get my piss, too, aren't you, boy?"


"Yes, Master," I said as I watch Master Jose's dick as he waived it in front of me. Finally, he pushed my head towards his dick. I opened my mouth and waited. The first trickle turned into a gusher. I almost lost a drop or two, but somehow managed to drink it all. His piss stopped. He pulled his dick out of my mouth. He pointed his dick in my face and he turned his piss stream on again and covered my face with his warm piss.


"Good boy," Master Jose said as he helped me up. "The others have gone upstairs. It's time we go as well. But, you stink. You need a shower. Go."


"Yes, Master," I replied as I made my way to the shower. I quickly rinsed the stink off my body and dried myself.




Master Jose and I came down for breakfast to find Master Tim sitting at the dining room table with Master Grant, Master David, and Master Garrison fully clothed sitting at the table sipping coffee. I was naked, and Master Jose was fully clothed.


"Welcome, to Sunday brunch," David said to us. "I see you are dressed appropriately, Steven. The boys will be down shortly. We are just having coffee. I trust, Jose, you had a good time playing with Steven last night."


"Extremely good time, David," Master Jose said. "Steven and I had a couple of major bonding moments last night. And, sleeping with him is habit forming."


"I hope you don't mind, Jose," Tim began. "Master Grant decided he wanted to whip me last night. We arrive in the playroom about the time you were preparing to whip Steven. I'm sorry, but we watched the entire scene play out. I've never seen Steven react to anything like he reacted to you. And, I believe when you say you had `major bonding moments last night' is an understatement. The connection between the two of you became the highlight of the whole experience—for me at least. Jose, Steven, sometime I want to watch you make love. I suspect the experience would also be mind blowing. Right, Master Grant?"


"Absolutely," Master Grant replied. "You and I need to talk, Jose."


"I would like to do more than talk," Master Jose suggested. "I hope, some day, you and I can share Steven and Tim."


"How was your night, Garrison?" I asked.


"Terrific!" Garrison replied. "If I have the time to train him, David would make a very fine Master. And, as you know, Steven and Tim, he can fuck like the energizer bunny."


"We will need another play room or two, I think," David suggested.


"Or we can share," Master Jose added.


"I would like some privacy when I shove my arm up Garrison's ass for the first time," David said.


"Do I sense here we have a Master/slave relationship going with you and Garrison, David?" I asked.


"Probably," David began. "If Garrison will have me, I would certainly like to try. I will need some coaching."


Our sons, in a mad stampede down the stairway, arrived for brunch.


"This is interesting," Connor said as he took his seat at the table. Theo took the seat to his right. Ramesh took his seat to Connor's left. They all had on clothes. "I expected you dad T to be in slave mode this morning. But, I see you are fully clothed. Pitty! Don't you think, boy?" The last statement was addressed to me.


"Boys," Tim began before I could answer Master Connor. "Master Grant told me to be clothed this morning for brunch. The boy is in slave mode at the moment. When our Master tells us to be naked, we need to be naked. You three, on the other hand, seem to be more dominant top men. Dominant top men at this table have clothes on. End of explanation."


"Hot damn," Theo said. "Both of our dads are slave boys. How will Grandma and Grampa Caden and Grandma and Gramdpa Caldwell react to the news their sons are slave boys."


"Theo," I said. "My parents have long given up hope I will be normal."


"Steven," Tim added. "You are the most `normal' person I know. You just have a different way of expressing it."


"No wonder you are a writer, dad," Ramesh said. "I assume this cannot be brought up in a show and tell situation at school."


"Great assumption, Ramesh," Tim continued. "If you ever do something like telling the entire world your naked dads are slaves with hot, hot Masters, you will never leave this house again."


"Got it, dad," Ramesh replied with a smile.


"I understand you drank a little piss last night, boy," Connor suggested .


"Who told you about the boy drinking piss?" Tim asked.


"We had our own Spirit Journey , boy," Theo replied.


"What is on your agenda today, Jose?" Master Grant asked. He was obviously trying to change the subject.


"I will be disappearing with Steven again," Master Jose said as he leered at me. "I have some unique plans."


"Maybe Tim and I can join you," Master Grant said.


"And Garrison and I," Master David added.


"The more the merrier," Master Jose replied.


"Can we watch?" Theo asked.


"No," Tim and I said in unison.


"Not fair," Theo added.


"We decide what is fair," Tim said to the boys. "Not you... The boy and I decide what is fair."


"Read you loud and clear, dad," Ramesh replied.


"May we be excused," Conner said. He had a mischievous look on his face. "This was an excellent brunch. Please tell Harvey we are greatly appreciative of his fine creations this morning."


"You may be excused, and we will relay your gratitude to Harvey," I said. I watched the three boys dash upstairs. "I wouldn't go too close to their rooms. I believe you will hear—and probably see—some sex acts performed by three innocent angels."




"I can't fucking believe this," Tim said as we sat in David's office Monday morning after Master Jose collared me. "AJ has two fucking adopted sons in fucking New York? And, they are how old?"


"Thirteen and fifteen," David replied. "Their nanny has decided she needs to return to France to be with her family. The boys have been taken care of in a separate trust. According to legal documents, they are to be sent to live with their brothers Ali and Ahmed if the nanny needs to terminate her service."


"Shit! I almost said I will fucking kill AJ, but it would be redundant," Tim shouted. "We go from a quiet, fun-loving family of grown men to a family which will include 9 boys from ages 1 to 16. How could AJ fucking do this to us."


"The good news is you will have another trust worth about $1 billion to manage," David said with a smile plastered over his face.


"You said you wanted to see us, David?" Master Grant asked as he and Master Jose walked into the room.


"Yes, Grant," David replied. "We have another situation I thought you should be aware of before we make any decisions. It appears AJ has two adopted boys who were living in a New York house with a nanny. They will be transferred to Tim and Steven."


My, my!" Master Grant said. "It's getting cozy here I think."


"Tim is pissed at AJ," David said. "But, we need to prepare for the arrival of two boys. One age 13. The other, age 15. Comments? Suggestions?"


"Do Tim and Steven need to be the ones to adopt the boys?" Master Grant asked.


"No," David replied. "Why?"


"We've never talked much about having kids other than to say we would like to have kids," Master Grant replied. "Do you want us to consider adopting them, David?"


"The thought had crossed my mind," David replied. "The boys are a mix of African-American and Korean."


"Until you decide to adopt them, we can take them as foster children," I suggested. "Master Tim and I are already certified to foster kids."


"You amaze me," Master Jose said. "You are talking about adopting a kid—or in this case kids—like you are about to buy sox. This is absolutely amazing. Some people would take weeks to decide if they can do it. None of you ever said, `can we do it?' Instead you said, `How is the best way to do it?'"


"It's the way we are wired, Jose," Tim replied. "Once you are around Steven long enough it will also rub off on you! Be prepared!"


"I look forward to it," Master Jose said as he looked at me and smiled.


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