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Life With Tim



"Don't worry, boy, I am not done here," Master Tyron said as he looked directly into my eyes.


I saw lust in his eyes. Power in his eyes. Energy in his eyes.


"I am yours, Master," I said. "Please take me, Master."


"Oh yea, boy!" Tyron said. "I am going take you on the ride of the century, boy. You will never forget this night for as long as you are around, boy!"


When his bicep pulled out of my ass, he shoved it back into me in a powerful, swift stab. He continued. Pulling out. Pushing in. Pulling out. Pushing in. Pulling out. Pushing in. Pulling out. Pushing in. Pulling out. Pushing in. Pulling out. Pushing in. Pulling out. Pushing in. I saw his elbow emerge. One stab, and his arm disappeared into my ass again up to the bicep. After several more stabs from the elbow back into me. He began to pull out of me entirely. When his hand emerged from my ass, I suddenly felt empty.


Man after man after man after man fisted me.


"Come on, boy," Master Tyron said as he began unfastening the arm restraints. "Your Masters took Buckley home so they could play with him. It is noon. I will take you to your house. They promised I could have your ass again later this afternoon."


Chapter 56: Almost Home


Tyron and I arrived home at about 1 pm after my night serving men at the Hellfire club. Master Jose, Master Robert, and Buckley were still upstairs in the bedroom.


"So, boy," Master Tyron said. "The smell of your piss stained body is making me horny, boy. And, as I see it, you are the only one in this kitchen who can help me out. I believe today, I would like a blow job. Take off my jeans, boots, and socks."


"Yes, Master," I said as I kneeled before Master Tyron and slipped off his boots. I quickly stood and began to unbuckle Master Tyron's incredibly tight, distressed jeans. I could see his massive, 13 meaty inches of uncut dick hardening with every second which passed. I slipped his jeans below his waist. Master Tyron's beautiful dick popped out and stood straight up. I helped Master Tyron step out of his jeans. It took me seconds to kneel before this incredible hunk of a man. I started by licking his low-hanging, shaved balls. I could smell the musky odder of sweat and sex. My own dick immediately pushed at the metal enclosure.


I moved to lick Master Tyron's shaft from the base to the tip. I licked every centimeter of Master Tyron's dick until I reached the tip. I shoved my tongue underneath Master Tyron's foreskin. More smells of sex hit my nostrils. My dick tried to respond.


"Yea, boy," Master Tyron hissed in ecstasy and encouragement to me. "Take my dick, boy. Take it. Take it down your fucking slave boy throat."


I paused momentarily, took a deep breath, and plunged Tyron's 13-inch dick down my throat.


"Fuck! Yes!" Tyron exclaimed.


I kept working Master Tyron's big dick. Sliding his dick out of my mouth. Then, back into my mouth until it pushed down my throat. I continued pumping until I felt Tyron's body tense.


He let loose and pumped round after round of cum in my throat.


"Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" Tyron moaned as he pumped his cum down my throat.


I cleaned Tyron's dick with my tongue. Under the foreskin. Down the entire shaft.


Finally, Tyron, who was leaning against the kitchen island during his recovery, pulled me up. He brushed his lips against mine. The kiss grew more passionate as we both responded to one another. Tyron pulled me even closer. Naked body to naked body. Tyron's dick still stood at attention.


"Someone must have had a good time this morning," Buckley said as he, Master Jose, and Master Robert joined us in the kitchen.


"Go away, Buckley," Tyron hissed. "I am not finished with the slave boy. I may never be finished with him."


"At some point you will need to give him back, Tyron," Master Jose said with a smile.


"Damn," Tyron exclaimed. "Not only does the boy have a good ass, he can suck cock better than anyone and kisses like it is going out of style."


"If you don't mind cum covered sheets, you can take him up to our bedroom and fuck him," Master Jose offered. "We will be having a very late brunch this morning. So, you have about one hour to get off."


"Can't I just kiss him instead of fucking him?" Tyron asked.


"It's your hour, Tyron," Master Jose said.


Tyron grabbed my hand, and we headed upstairs. I slid onto the bed on my back. Tyron slipped between my legs, rested his body on top of mine, and began to kiss me again.




Master Jose and I were sipping coffee in the kitchen before we left for CCHP, as Caden, Caldwell, Hassin, and Peabody is now known.


"I am a little anxious about going into the office today," I said calmly.


"Why?" Master Jose asked.


"Master," I began. "Saturday night, I was whipped by my office manager, I was fisted by the CEO of the venture capital fund, I was fisted and fucked by our receptionist whom I also gave a blow job to."


"I can see your dilemma," Master Jose said with a smile. "What do you propose?"


"Give the company to all of the employees so I never need to go into the office again," I replied.


"I don't believe you would make a choice to give up a thriving business you started just because you are embarrassed," Master Jose explained. "Suck it up, slave boy! Other than being a slave serving men, this is one place where you shine, Steven. This is yours just as much as being a slave boy. Besides, I am ordering you to go to work today and face your employees with pride and dignity. Now, if Dennis, Buckley, and Tyron decide they want a piece of your ass, you will give it to them. Understand, slave boy?"


"Yes, Master," I said with a smile.


When we arrive at the office, Tyron sat and the reception desk. "Good morning, boss man! You're looking good considering your activity filled weekend?"


"Are you saying I look better than I should," I replied.


"Exactly," Tyron replied. "Dennis would like a word with you, boss man. He said it was important you two meet."


I grabbed Master Jose's hand and headed toward Dennis's office. When we arrived a Dennis's open office door, I knocked before entering.


"Good morning, boy!" Dennis said with a grin. "And, don't worry. I won't tell anyone I fisted one of the partners."


"I suspect Buckley and Tyron have probably beat you to the finish line already," I explained.


"Probably," Dennis added. "I wanted to talk to you about something related to the firm, but not really. I immediately thought of you when I heard about this new program Jerrod Kessler is starting. He created a new program to help young gay men and women attend college on a scholarship. He has some funding lined up, but he needs more—a lot more."


"Sounds like something the Caden-Caldwell Family Foundation could contribute to," I replied. "I will need to speak with Tim and the boar... Shit!"


"What's wrong, Steven," Master Jose asked.


"Ah...," I began to explain. "Marcus and Ajmal were on the board of the Foundation. So, we will need to appoint someone to be on the board. We have two seats available. I will speak with Tim and Callum who is the executive director. Is there anything else I can help you with this morning, Sir?"


"I just want to say, slave boy," Dennis said with a smile. "You have one fine ass."


"Thank you, Sir," I replied. "I didn't know you were into fisting, Sir."


"It is something I got into when I dumped what's his name," Dennis replied. "I love new experiences."


"You might need to fight off Tyron and Buckley, but you are welcome to use the boy's ass anytime you want," Master Jose offered.


"Thank you, Jose," Dennis replied as he glared as me with lust filled eyes. "I will keep your offer in mind."


On our way to my office, we ran into Buckley.


"Hello, Master Buckley," I said to him. He seemed to be in a fog.


"Hello, boy," Buckley said to me. "Good morning. I trust you and Master Jose had a good weekend."


"Yes," Master Jose replied. "We had a very fine weekend. Thank you for joining us."


"I had a good time," Buckley replied. "Actually, I had an excellent time. You, Master Robert, and the boy are excellent hosts."


"Thank you, Master Buckley," I said. "Is something bothering you, Sir?"


"If you have a few weeks, I could explain it to you," Buckley replied. He looked even more distant.


"Why don't you drop into my office in about 30 minutes?" I suggested.


"I don't want to bother you," Buckley replied.


"Buckley! As of right now, I am NOT asking. Get your ass in my office! Now!" I said.


Buckley followed me to my office. He sat on one side of the conference table. Master Jose and I settled on the opposite side.


I looked at Master Jose. Then Buckley. "Spill Master Buckley. We aren't going anywhere until you at least give us SOME of the details about what is bothering you."


"It is really not important," Buckley said but the deer in the headlights look didn't make his comment look real.


"Master Buckley," I began. "You were the first employee Marcus and I hired. You are an amazing office manager. We care about you not only as an employee, but also as a friend. Please tell us what is going on with you. We won't bite."


"Damn!" Buckley said with a smile. "I was looking forward to getting your teeth on my nipples."


"Later," I replied. "Explain."


"Okay," Buckley said as the smile disappeared and the worried look replaced it. "I moved to Chicago about one month prior to start working with you. I moved to be with my boyfriend, Neil Rather. About four months ago, he dumped me for another dude. I was more than a little pissed. This is where it gets sticky. My ex showed up at my apartment yesterday evening. It appears the dude he dumped me for dumped him. He wants me to take him back. I don't want him back. The only thing I know if I take him back is he will hurt me again."


"So, don't take him back," I said.


"It is a little more complicated," Buckley replied. "He can be vindictive—as in a royal pain in the ass vindictive."


"Hurting you?" I asked.


"Once when we were still in New York, he threatened me with a knife," Buckley said quietly as a tear fell on his cheek. "I am scared of what he will do to me if I don't take him back. He usually gets what he wants—no matter who he has to screw."


"After work, you, Master Jose, and I will meet my friend Willy at your apartment," I explained. "Willy is a cop. He will escort you into your apartment. You will take what you will need for the next week. Then, you will stay with us until he gets the fuck out of your face."


"I don't want to run from him," Buckley replied.


"You won't be running," I replied. "You will be protecting yourself. You can even fuck me if you want."


Buckley smiled. "What if I don't want to fuck you?"


"What WOULD you like to do?" I asked.


"Fist you and whip you," Buckley replied. "And sleep with you. I want to tell the whole firm I have slept with the hottest slave boy in Chicago!"


"Deal," I replied. "I will call the security people and bump up the protocols at the office just in case the bastard tries to hurt you here. Do you have a photo of the jerk in question?"


"On my phone," Buckley replied.


"Print it and give it to me," I said. "I will hand deliver it to security."


"Thank you, Steven," Buckley said as he started for the door of my office/conference room. "I never thought I would have any friends in Chicago because of my ex. He kept me to himself. But, I managed to find some really, really good friends at work. Thank you."


"I think there is more to this than Buckley has told us," I said to Master Jose. "Anger, isolation, control. This dude sounds like he is abusive. Buckley could be in more trouble than he thinks."


"He has some suspicious marks on his back," Master Jose added. "They aren't whip marks from a BDSM scene either. More like a rod or, heaven help us, a baseball bat."


"I will personally go after the bastard if it was a bat or a rod or anything else," I explained. "No one deserves to be in an abusive relationship. I will call Willy and then David. Willy for the police escort. David for a restraining order."


"You aren't taking any chances are you, Steven?" Master Jose asked.


"Nope," I replied. "Not when a friend and an employee is in danger. You can't say it is not my problem because all of these idiots are our problem."


"This is why I love you, Steven," Master Jose said as he leaned over and kissed me. "Taking in Ramesh, Connor, Theo, and now Adrian and JJ. Now making sure Buckley is safe. You give a lot of yourself to people—probably to some you don't know. You and Tim are amazing the way you step up to the plate when situations get ugly."


"Thank you, Sir," I replied. "Tim and I only do what we think is the right thing. We are not heroes. We are responsible citizens... Is there any possibility you will bend me over a certain desk and fuck me?"


"Yes," Master Jose replied. "Make your calls. I will get us some coffee."


I started to call Willy when I heard Master Jose's raised voice. I went to investigate.


Master Jose stood next to Buckley. He was on Buckley's phone, "Listen to me, Mr. Rather. You try to harm one hair on Buckley's body and you will be toast. I guarantee it. And, if you ever try to call Buckley while he is at work, I will personally file stalking charges against you on behalf of Buckley. Do I make myself clear, Mr. Rather?"


Master Jose paused.


"No you may not fucking talk to Buckley... He is at work," Master Jose shouted as he hung up the phone.


"I guess you told him off," I said to Master Jose and smiled.


"He's a fucking bastard," Master Jose replied.


"David is on his way to the courts to get the restraining order," I said to Buckley. "Until he is here with the order, I suggested we stay in this office. We have two extra security people on their way here. I am considering having lunch brought in for everyone. In the meantime, let's try to get back to work."


As I returned to work, Dennis stopped me in the hallway, "Thank you, Steven, Jose. I'm grateful you two are here this morning. I would not have been as cool and collected as the two of you. Buckley said you wanted to see me."


"Yes," I replied. "I have an idea. Why don't you come to my humble office and we can discuss it?"


"Lead the way, Boss," Dennis replied.


Dennis and I sat side by side at my conference table/desk. Master Jose sat opposite us.


"Do you remember my friend from eSqaure, Joseph Lawrence?" I asked.


"One of eSquare's lead sales person," Dennis replied. "He's a great guy. And, I didn't realize it until Saturday night at the Hellfire party, but he looks really, really good naked."


"Yes, he does," I replied. "And, he is a terrific fuck...! Back to business, Marcus and I offered Joe a job as a consultant to our start-up firms. He accepted. However, he and I decided to put his exit from eSquare on hold until we had our top executive slot filled. So, we need to re-open the discussion with him, if you have no objections."


"I saw the file in the office," Dennis replied. "I was hoping to talk with you about him joining us. From what I have seen the short time I have been here is we need someone like him. Otherwise, some of these start-ups will probably not make it. So, yes, I would be very much in favor of opening these discussions with him."


"Good," I said. "I will check in with him so we can have a discussion."


"One last item of business, Steven," Dennis said with a smile on his face. "Tyron has been in a bad mood all morning after he saw you and Jose when you arrived. I believe a turn on your ass would do him wonders."


"After lunch," I replied. "Do you want to watch?"


"Do I want to watch? Yes," Dennis added. "Unfortunately, I have meetings all afternoon. Another time, perhaps. I know this will not be the last time Tyron gets to fuck you in the office."


"Thank you for your time, Sir," I said with a smile. "Shall I tell Tyron he will be busy for an hour today or do you want to tell him?"


"Go for it, slave boy," Dennis said as he walked out the door of my makeshift office.


Master Jose sat opposite me smiling like he had just learned the Easter bunny is real. "So, do you want to accompany me to the reception area and give Tyron the good news?"


"Sure thing, slave boy," Master Jose said as we stood. He took my hand in his and led me to the reception area.


Tyron gazed blankly at his laptop screen. "Master Tyron! Good morning! Dennis said something about you being in a funk this morning. Is there something I could do for you to raise your spirits?"


"The only thing which would raise my spirits right now is a good fuck," Tyron said as he turned his gaze from his laptop to me. "What are you offering, slave boy?"


"Meet me in the back office after lunch," I replied. "I have a project to discuss with you."


"Are you serious, slave boy?" Tyron asked. A little glimmer of hope took over his eyes.


"Yup," I replied. "Back office at 1:30 pm. Be there."


"Don't worry. I will be there promptly at 1:30," Tyron replied. "My dick is already happy about today."


Master Jose and I returned to my office. My phone chirped. It was David. I turned the phone on speaker. "Hello, Master David! Give me some good news."


"I have the restraining order in my hand," David replied. "I will be at your office in about 20 minutes. I have some other information for you as well."


"Thanks, Sir," I said as we ended the call. I turned to Master Jose. "One down. One hundred to go."


"I suspect David's `other information' is not the information we want to hear," Master Jose replied. "All of this talk has made me very horny, boy. I see a blow job in your future, slave boy!"


I stood, grabbed Master Jose's hand and made a quick exit to the back office. We finished just before Buckley, accompanied by David opened the room to the back office. I was on my knees and Master Jose had his pants around his ankles.


"I hope we are not disturbing you," Buckley said as he closed the door behind him. "I understand from Tyron you will be entertaining him here after lunch. When I started working here, I never dreamed of such extravagant benefits. David said he would like to speak with the three of us. Do you want us to get naked and talk here, or would you rather discuss this in your office?"


"I believe the office might be more conducive for our discussions," I replied as I stood and Master Jose pulled his pants up. Once we were redressed, I opened the door and led the guys to my office.


Master Jose and I sat at one side of the conference table. David and Buckley sat opposite us. Dennis joined us.


"Here is the restraining order," David said as he handed Buckley the document. "Mr. Rather must stay 100 feet from this office, Buckley's apartment, or Steven's house. He is barred from making public contact with Buckley. He will be arrested if he violates any of these restrictions. A police officer is serving Mr. Rather with the restraining order as we speak. Questions?"


"What if he does make contact with me? What am I supposed to do?" Buckley asked.


"Call 911," David replied. "Explain the situation. An officer will arrive to handle any problems with Mr. Rather."


"What's the other information you have for us?" I asked.


"Mr. Rather's boyfriend was Douglas Hooper. It seems Mr. Rather was, indeed, asked to leave Mr. Hooper's home. In a rage, Mr. Rather threatened to kill him," David replied. "Charges are filed in the case, but Mr. Rather is free on bail. If Mr. Rather threatens you, Buckley, we can file abuse charges as well. I would not hesitate to ask he not be released on bail. We also need to accompany Buckley anytime he ventures out in public."


"Consider it done," I replied. "I will have Lenard review the security procedures here at the office. David, if you can prove Buckley was abused by Mr. Rather before, could he file abuse charges now?"


"It is possible," David explained. "Was the police called in any disturbance cases?"


We all looked toward Buckley.


"Yes," Buckley replied. "Two weeks ago, he broke into my apartment while I was at work. He was waiting inside. Sitting naked on my sofa in the living room. He was watching some porn. Abusive porn. He hit me several times with his fists and then he swung a broom handle at me. It landed on my back. I fell to the ground. He hit me a few more times. He left me on the floor while he went to the bathroom. I grabbed my phone and called 911. I spoke to the 911 person. When my ex returned to the living room, I left the phone on speaker phone. He hit me a few more times before the police arrived and busted down the door. He was taken into custody. But, I didn't file charges. I didn't want to relive a very mind-blowing attack. They released him. I didn't see him until last night. He showed up on my door step. He wanted me to take him back. I didn't say no at the time because he would have beaten the shit out of me. So, I let him stay on the sofa. Sometime last night, he crawled into bed with me and fucked me. I kept saying no. He didn't stop until he got off."


"He raped you?" David as in almost a whisper.


"Yes," Buckley softly replied. "He would have really hurt me if I tried to fight him off."


"I can get this bastard locked up in two seconds if you are willing to file charges," David said.


"It won't do any good," Buckley replied. "He will say I invited him over to have sex. He did it about a month ago. I didn't file charges then because it wouldn't do any good."


David looked at me and I looked at David. "I can call Willy," I suggested. "He has connections... I have connections... Master Jose has connections... David has connections, and he is the best fucking attorney in town. Did you take a shower this morning?"


"Yes," Buckley said in a weak voice. "He fucked me again when he saw me naked as I stepped out of the shower. He was in a rage. He passed out after he had finished. I threw on some clothes and almost ran to the office."

"We need to get a rape kit if you want to press charges," David said. "We will not force you, but we all hope you do."


"I can get you in to see a doctor at Northwestern Hospital," I explained. "I know him from some charity functions. He is gay. He has seen everything. He will not judge. He will help you."


"Okay," Buckley said as tears ran down his cheek


I stepped out of the office and called Willy and Dr. Bernard.


I returned to the conference room/office. "Willy will meet us in the emergency room at Northwestern. Dr. Bernard will see you as quickly as possible," I said to the group.


"Thank you," Buckley said. "Thank you for everything. I was scared shitless. Now, I'm still scared, but at least I know there may be a path out of his horror show."




Willy drove Buckley and me to our house after Buckley had been examined by Dr. Bernard. Willy had sent the police report to his station and a warrant had been issued for Neil Rather's arrest in connection with the rape. David and another Chicago Police Officer were collecting some of Buckley's things from his apartment.


Willy, Buckley, and I walked into the house to be greeted by a swarm of people in the living room. Dennis and Tyron also joined the group.


Before anyone could say anything, Dennis pulled Buckley into a hug. "I am so, so sorry this had to happen to you, Buckley. You didn't deserve this shit. Please know we are all here to help you get through this."


"Thank you," Buckley said to Dennis as they were still hugging.


Buckley turned to the rest of the group, "Thank you for your help. I could never do this alone."


David and the Chicago police officer—six-foot six of pure stud muscle—joined all of us in the living room. They had just returned from Buckley's apartment.


"This is Officer Jordan," David explained. "We were at Buckley's apartment. Buckley, I don't know how to say this, but the whole place was trashed. Television. Sound system. Coffee table. Artwork. Apparently, there was also a man found dead. We don't know who the man is or how he gained entry. I'm sorry, Buckley, but your apartment is now a crime scene. We couldn't retrieve anything until the police have finished their investigation."


Buckley looked like he was going to collapse. I helped him to a chair. Willy and Officer Jordan huddled in the corner of the living room.


I kneeled in front of Buckley. "Can I get you something to drink, Buckley. You've been through a lot. Water? Soda?"


"Scotch on the rocks?" Buckley asked with a smile.


"Scotch on the rocks coming up," I replied. Harvey intercepted the drink order and disappeared to fetch Buckley his drink.


"I am fucking pissed, Steven," Buckley finally said. "How could I have ever wanted this piece of shit in my life."


"This is not your fault, Buckley," I said. "He did this to you. You did not LET him. Understand?"


"Yes, Steven," Buckley replied. "I know in reality it is not my fault, but it still feels like shit!"


We were mostly quiet during dinner. Connor and Theo looked as though they were going to share a secrete with everyone.


"Do you two have anything you would like to say, Masters Connor and Theo?" I asked.


"I know this isn't quite the same, Buckley," Connor began. "Theo and I were—I really don't know how to say this without sounding stupid, but here goes—Theo and I were abused by our parents. Our mother, especially. If we said something she didn't like, she would back hand us. A few times she chased us around the house with a baseball bat. She was drunk half the time. So, she was unpredictable. When we protested to our father, he always sided with our mother. We only hope the two of them never get out of jail or we will be toast."


I looked at Masters Connor and Theo. Needless to say, I was stunned.


"Why didn't you tell us about your mother and father hurting you?" I asked calmly.


"We didn't think anyone but us needed to know," Theo replied. "We told one of our councilors at school. They notified DCFS, but somehow my father stopped the investigation. So, we sort of thought it would be useless to bring it up."


"Guys," I said softly. "Please don't be afraid of telling Tim and me anything about people, things, and actions you don't like. We are here to protect you. We did not adopt you out of desperation. We adopted you because we love you. Just like we love Ramesh, Adrian, JJ, Ali, Ahmed, Omar, and Kathem. You are our sons."


"Thanks, Dad," Theo replied. "We just didn't want you to think we were broken."


"We will never think you are broken," I replied. "Come here."


The boys walked to where I was not standing. I pulled them both into a hug. I hung on them tightly.


"You know, Dad," Connor said as I still clung to them. "You feel nice when you are naked."


"Thank you Master Connor," I replied. "I think. Go finish dinner. Master David, how do we go forward with Masters Connor and Theo's revelation?"


"It's up to Connor, Theo, you, and Tim," David replied. "It is almost a certainty your parents, Connor and Theo, will probably be in jail for a long, long time. However, there is a possibility they could be paroled if your father has the connections he seems to have. Money can buy a lot of things, including getting DCFS off your back and early parole. If we add these changes against your parents, it would be less likely for them to get paroled no matter how much money your father has."


"We have control of Master Theo and Connor's trusts, right?" I asked.


"Yes, why?" David asked.


"Do either of your parents have a trust?" I asked Connor and Theo.


"I believe they both do from what we have heard during various arguments they have had," Conner replied. "My mother's trust from her parents is way bigger than our fathers from his parents. Ours came from both sides—our material grandparents and our paternal grandparents."


"Master David," I asked. "Can Masters Connor and Theo petition to take over their parents' trusts?" I asked.


"Sure," David replied. "There parents cannot manage the trusts from prison. The trust manager will know the strings attached to either trust. I am assuming it is at Chicago Title and Trust just like the boys was."


"What do you need to get the trusts turned over to the boys?" I asked.


"I will let you know tomorrow," David replied. "With the revelation the boys told us today, it should not be difficult to prove the parents are mentally challenged."


The rest of the meal consisted of the usual banter.


Near the end of the meal, I decided I needed to say something. "You know, Masters, to some people this group of men living under one roof with seven boys running around, people might be quick to label us as nuts. But, I am proud to be here with all of you. And, I do miss having Master Tim and Master Grant here."


"Tim certainly adds life to almost any conversation, Steven," David replied. "Sometimes we could all kill him, but he is a great discussion partner!"


Shortly after Masters Jose, Buckley, Tyron, and I crawled under the blanket, we heard a knock at our open bedroom door. It was Masters Connor and Theo. Through the open doorway, I could tell they had been crying.


"What's the matter, boys?" I asked.


"Connor and I are a little freaked out about telling you our parents are nuts," Theo replied. "I hope you don't hate us for it."


Master Jose whispered in my ear, "I think they want to be with you, Steven."


"Do you want to share a bed with four very tired guys?" I asked.


"Could we?" Connor asked with a slightly happier voice than Theo's.


"Yes," I replied.


We all scrunched closer to the left side and the bed. Connor and Theo climbed in on Master Jose and my side of the bed. We were drifting off to sleep when Master Jose said to my son, Connor. "Connor, please get your hard dick away from the crack of my ass. It is making me want to fuck your father."


"Can we watch?" Theo asked.


"No!" the four of us told my sons.




On Tuesday morning, I woke up with Master Jose spooned into my back. His hard dick was massaging my asshole. Master Connor spooned with Master Jose. Master Buckley faced me. Master Tyron. Master Theo. Six men. One bed.


Buckley started to stir. A chain reaction happened. Theo and Connor, since they were on the outside position on the bed climbed out first.


"Jesus Connor!" Tyron said as he caught his first glimpse of Connor's big dick. Then, he looked at Theo. "You, too!"


Before Master Jose and I headed to the office, I decided I needed to fill Tim in on some of the events of the previous day.


"Hello, Master Grant!" I said.


"Good morning, boy," Grant replied. "What's up?"


"I need to speak with Master Tim for a moment," I said.


"Remember our no phone calls this week policy?" Master Grant asked.


"Yes, Master," I calmly replied. "This is about Connor and Theo. I NEED to speak with Master Tim and I NEED to speak to him NOW."


"You realize, boy," Master Grant said calmly. "I am forced to let Jose know you broke the rules and need to be punished."


I heard Tim say, "Give me the fucking phone."


"What' up with the boys, Steven?" Tim asked.


I told him the whole story from Buckley and last night at the dinner table.


"I will be home as quickly as I can get a flight out," Tim replied.


"No, Sir," I responded. "I didn't call to ask you to come home. Masters David, Jose, and Garrison and I have this covered for the time being. If anything changes, I will let you know. Otherwise, please just stay in New York and enjoy yourselves."


"I feel bad I am not there to help Buckley and the boys through this crisis," Tim explained. "Please give them my best. And, tell Connor and Theo I love them. Also, Adrian, JJ, Ramesh, Omar, Kathem, Ali, and Ahmed I love them too. I still feel like I should come home and help out."


"Nonsense, Tim," I appealed to him. "We have things under control. Connor and Theo decided they wanted to sleep with us last night."


"Who is us?" Tim asked.


"Master Jose, Master Buckley, Master Tyron, and me," I replied. "One bed. Six guys. A little crowded, but cozy."


"And, of course all six of you were naked," Tim added. I could tell he was smiling.


"Yes," I replied.


"Why does nothing surprise me anymore when it concerns you and sex?" Tim added.


"I love you, Master," I said.


"Love you, too," Tim replied as we ended the call.


Master Jose walked into the kitchen as I finished my call with Tim. "I take it you broke the rule about calling Tim."


"Yes, Master," I replied. "I know I will be punished, but I needed to tell Master Tim about the boys."


"By the end of the day, I will decide how I will punish you, boy," Master Jose replied.


"Thank you, Master," I replied as Master Tyron and Master Buckley joined us. "You look nice today, Master Buckley."


"Thanks," Master Buckley said. "Between Connor, Theo, and Adrian, they put this outfit together."


As Lenard drove us to the office, Master Jose turned to Tyron. "Would you like to restart your project with Steven today?"


"My dick says yes," Tyron replied. "Are you okay with this, Buckley?"


"If I get to watch," Buckley replied. "I don't believe I will be having sex for a while after yesterday, but I would really like to see you and boss man go at it."


"I'm in," Master Tyron replied. "Get ready for the fuck of your lifetime, boss man. Yesterday made me angry. When I get angry, I get horny. And, boss man, you know what I do when I am horny!"


"Yes, Master," I replied.


The day progressed without further trauma. Master Jose and I worked on reviewing the notes Master Jose had from his meeting with the principles of the Winston project.


"So, Master," I finally said as we both sat back in our chairs. "What do you want to do with this project?"


"I think the proposal is viable," Master Jose explained. "The principles of the business are definitely ready to move forward, and they seem very capable of managing the development. However, I believe they might need some assistance with the leadership of the business outside of development."


"We have people on the staff who work with the leaders of the project to form a balanced team," I replied. "So your decision is?"


"I would like to have some guidance on this because there will be a serious investment of money," Master Jose replied.


I spun my chair around in a circle and landed with my elbows on the desk. I smiled before I spoke, "I never thought I would be saying this to my Master; however, I am giving you my guidance by letting you make the decision. The money should never be a consideration of a project's worthiness. If we run out of money, we can add more to the pot. Now, with that said, what the fuck in your decision, Master?"


Master Jose smiled at me, "You need to be punished for the last remark, boy."


"I'm looking forward to it," I replied. "Decision?"


"It's a go!" Master Jose replied.


"Good," I said. "Give the file to Marcus and have him assemble necessary team. Call the principles so Dennis, you, and I can get to know them. Tell them it is a go for their proposal... Your Harvard degree seems to have been well utilized."


"This is probably the first time I used it," Master Jose said. "I think I just saw lunch delivered. I, for one, am starved."


Master Jose and I stepped into the large meeting room where the food was spread out. Employees swarmed the buffet lines and settled into a few tables scattered about the room.


Master Jose and I sat with Harold and Michael McConnell.


"Master Michael," I began. "I don't believe you have met my Master, Jose Vargas. Jose, this is Michael McConnell. Michael is on our IT consulting teams.?


Master and Michael exchanged greetings.


"I haven't seen you in a while," I said to Michael. "I hope you are still enjoying your work here."


"Very much!" Michael explained. "The job just keeps getting better. I am thoroughly challenged, and I have a variety of projects. So, yes, I still enjoy working here."


"He has a new boyfriend, too," Harold added. "A cute boyfriend. Very cute. As in outrageously handsome. He's also a nice guy."


"Remind me not to introduce you to our five sons," I said to Harold.


"I heard you and Tim have gone from a newly-wed couple to a house full of great kids," Harold said with a smile.


"Yes, we have," I replied. "It can be challenging at times. But, it is very rewarding."


"Steven," Michael hesitantly said. "I hope this isn't too personal, but Grady and I are interested in pursuing some... ah... kink. Do you have any suggestions about where to learn the ropes... Opps..."


"Have you had any experience with kink?" I asked.


"Nope," Michael replied. "We have watched a few porn flicks with S&M guys."


"Keep watching and start slowly," I replied. "Or, you can find someone who would be willing to teach you the ropes."


"Ropes are a good starting point," Master Jose added. "The rope is cheap so you don't blow a wad on toys and then decide you are not into this type of activity."


"I'm certain Steven and Jose could teach you and Grady a great deal," Harold said. "Besides, they both look terrific naked."


"You've seen them naked?" Michael asked.


"We were at a party together this weekend," Harold replied.


"I doubt Steven would want to play teacher to one of his employees," Michael added.


"Sure he would," Master Jose said. "He will do anything I tell him to do, right, Steven?"


"Yes, Sir," I replied with a smile. "I believe we could arranged some time to work together on your techniques. We could go through the basics without getting naked if you want."


"I'll talk to Grady," Michael replied. "And, I feel so bad about Buckley's fucked up ex-boyfriend. Buckley doesn't deserve this shit. He wouldn't hurt a fly.


"We all need to be available for Master Buckley," I said. "This is an unfortunate situation, but not one which is impossible to solve."


"I hate to break up this love fest, but I need to have a report on Dennis's desk before I leave today," Harold explained. "I'll see you gents around. And, Michael, if Steven and Jose offer to give you lessons, take them up on the offer. You couldn't find to better teachers than these two."


"See you around, Sir," I said as he left Master Jose and I with Michael.


"We really would be more than willing to give you some basic lessons," Master Jose replied.


"I will talk with Grady tonight," Michael replied. "I don't want to put you on the spot. Harold can get a little over the top."


"Master Michael," I said. "We would be more than willing to talk with you and Grady before we go any further. The Master/slave relationship is more about a relationship than it is kinky sex. The kinky sex is pretty hot, though!"


"Thanks, Steven," Michael said. "I will talk with Grady. I'll let you know if he wants to talk."


"Now, Steven," Master Jose said to me after Michael had left. "We have an appointment with a certain desk. Shall we?"


"Yup," I replied. My dick stirred in its metal enclosure as we walked to the back office where said desk sat. "Will this be a regular activity, Master?"


"Probably," Master Jose replied. "You saw the look on Tyron's face when you told him about this afternoon. I hope you are ready for the monster you created."


"I created?" I said. "You are the one who invited Tyron to join us! Not me!"


"Oh, yea," Master Jose said with a smile. "I remember now. But, I want you on your knees the moment Tyron comes through the door, and I want you to beg him to fuck you. Can you do this for me, Steven?"


"Yes, Master," I replied. "With pleasure, Sir!"


When the door closed behind us, Master Jose gave me my next order, "Strip, boy. I want you naked when your john comes through the door. And, no, Tyron is not paying to use your body but he is one of your johns from now on."


"Thank you, Master," I replied as I began to undress. Suit coat hung over a chair back. Shoes and sox beside the chair. Shirt over the suit coat. Pants laid on the seat of the chair.


"Assume the position, boy," Master Jose ordered.


"Yes, Sir," I replied as I took my place facing away from the door.


I heard the door open and close. Then I heard a rustle of clothing. I felt a hand on my ass. Fingers touching my asshole. Fingers in my asshole.


"Nice ass, boy," Master Tyron said to me as he pulled his fingers out of my asshole. "Turn around and face me, boy."


I turned to face Master Tyron. I continued to look down at the floor. My arms behind my back. My feet shoulder width apart.


"Look at me, boy," Master Tyron said to me. "What do you see, boy?"


I looked at Master Tyron. I looked directly into Master Tyron's eyes. "Power. Lust. Rage."


I dropped to my knees, "I want you, Master. I need you to fuck me. Please Master! Please fuck me, Sir. I need dick in my ass. Please, Master, fuck me. Fuck me hard. Let me feel your power. Let me feel your lust. Let me feel you rage. Please, Master. Please fuck me."


"Desk. Bend over. Ass up. Now!" Tyron ordered.


"Yes, Master," I replied as I took my position bent over Marcus's former desk.


Tyron took his spot near my asshole. I nearly came when I felt his big, hard cock brush my asshole. Tyron stabbed his dick into my ass. One long, powerful stroke and he was in.


"Ahhhh! Yes, Master," I whispered. "Please Master, make me feel you power, feel your lust, feel your rage. Please Master. Please"


Tyron let his power, his lust and his rage loose on my ass. He pulled his big, hard dick completely out of my ass and then slammed it back in. Over and over and over and over. I moaned with every inward stab. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


I kept moaning and Tyron kept stabbing. My dick strained against the metal surrounding it. My balls felt like they would explode from the energy and power Tyron used in his attack on my ass. Finally, I felt Tyron's sweat covered body tense.


"Fuck! Yes!" Tyron shouted so the whole office could hear him explode into my ass. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


With every moan, I felt Tyron's cum flooded my asshole. Tyron laid his upper body on top of mine. His dick still in my ass. Tyron's sweat coating my backside.


"You are one terrific fuck, boss man," Tyron whispered when his breathing recovered. "I need more of your ass, boss man."


"Tyron," Dennis said. "You will be meeting with Steven in this room every day this week at 1:30. Eventually, I want the entire staff to watch our slut, pig, prostitute get his ass plowed. Do you think you can handle this assignment, Tyron?"


"Fuck yes!" Tyron enthusiastically replied. "I also like an audience. It makes me ever hornier."


Tyron pulled out of my well-used ass.


"Lick my dick clean, boss man," Tyron ordered.


I slipped off the desk and dropped to my knees.




I sat in the kitchen on Saturday morning. Dennis got his wish fulfilled. On Friday afternoon, precisely at 1:30 pm our entire staff watched as Tyron fucked me. He was definitely correct about an audience. Tyron fucked me like he has never fucked me before. I thought my asshole was ready to explode.


My phone rang. It was Tim.


"Good morning, Master Timmy!" I said enthusiastically. "How has your trip been so far?"


"Enjoyable," Tim replied. "How are the boys and Buckley?"


"The boys seem to have handled their announcement without undue harm," I replied. "They are still the spirited team we have always know. Buckley is coping. We are all hoping his ex will be caught and hauled off to jail. Tell me about your activities in New York."


"Where do I start?" Tim asked. "Why not at the beginning. When I first walked into the club and got naked, I was a little freaked out. However, I said to myself, `Self. You wanted to be Master Grant's slave boy. Just enjoy the ride.' And I did."


"Good for you!" I relied. "I am proud of you, Sir. Very proud, indeed. What did you enjoy most?"


"Master Grant put me in a sling," Tim explained. "Most of the 100 plus guests crowded around the sling to watch Master Grant fuck me. Then it was Master Giles turn. After Master Giles finished his duty, Master Grant fisted me. He was followed by an equally enjoyable time with Master Giles arm up my ass."


"Let me guess," I said. "Master Giles and Master Grant put their fists in your ass again, didn't they?"


"Yup," Tim replied. "How did you know?"


"You took them at the same time once," I said.


"I thought a repeat performance would be in order, especially since almost 100 people watched." Tim explained.


"I'll bet the audience made your performance even more meaningful," I replied.


"Very perceptible for a piece of slave meat," Tim replied. "We returned to Master Grant's house about 4 in the morning and went straight to bed. As in sleep bed. Not sex bed. We slept until about 12 noon. Master Grant invited three people to his house for a late brunch."


"And?" I asked.


"And what?" Tim asked.


"How were you dressed when the guests arrived?" I asked.


"Well, as you can probably imagine, I was naked except for the metal chastity device now attached to my dick."


"Ah...!" I said. "Your Master Grant locked you up, huh? Did he throw away the key?"


"I fucking hope not," Tim said. "I may be slave meat, but I still need to get off once in a while."


"You will get used to it," I replied. "Tell me you haven't cum when someone fucked you during the weekend."


"Very perceptible again, slave boy," Tim replied. "Master Grant put it on me before his guests arrived. After brunch, I was dessert. Sling again. Master Grant fucked me. His three guests each took their turn on me. They were followed by Master Giles. I came when Master Grant fucked me. I came when guest number three fucked me. And, I came again when Master Giles fucked me."


"Like I said, you will get used to having it on," I added.


"What was your weekend like?" Tim asked.


"Shortly after you left with Master Grant and Master Giles, Master Robert arrived," I explained. "Which led to me getting fitted with a metal chastity device, majorly painful tit clamps, and a very heavy metal ball stretcher. Master Robert played with me for a short time before he retreated to join Master Jose while they entertained a guest. While my Masters Jose and Robert were busy, Master David and Master Garrison took over my care. After Master David and Master Garrison left me, Master Jose and Master Robert joined me in the playroom with their guest. The guest proceeded to whip me."


"Who was this guest?" Tim asked.


"Master Buckley," I replied.


"Your office manager whipped you?" Tim almost screamed.


"Yes," I replied.


"What else happened?" Tim asked.


"It is funny you asked," I replied. "We went to the Hellfire party. I climbed onto a platform so everyone could see me. Then, I was flogged. After the flogging, I was put in the bathtub. Dennis, Tyron, Harrold, and Buckley, Leon, Joseph, Kenneth, Willy, Callum, James, Brad, Jake, Miguel all took turns, in groups of four, pissing on me Then I was put into a sling. The same group of men fisted me—plus others. Then we came home."


"I knew you were a slut, rent boy," Tim began. "But, I would have drawn the line about inviting your employees to watch the owner of the company humiliated and dominated by a bevy of horny men."


"I had no choice, Sir," I explained. "Master Jose and Master Robert told me to get into the sling, and I did. End of story."


"Somehow, I believe you are leaving out some important details," Tim continued. "How was work?"


"Going well," I replied. "You know about Buckley's problem and the revelation Connor and Theo made. Buckley is staying with us until this asshole is out of the picture. Dennis assigned Tyron to a project he and I will be working on. We meet every afternoon."


"Does this project have anything to do with Tyron fucking your ass?" Tim asked.


"Yes," I replied. "Yesterday afternoon, our entire staff watched Tyron's performance."


"Oh Jesus!" Tim gasp. "I need to cut this conversation short, Steven. Master Grant has hired a guy to wax my body. He should be here shortly. I'll talk to you again later. I love you, boy."


"Love you too, Sir," I replied as we both ended the call.


"So, how is your husband doing in New York?" Tyron asked as he arrive in the kitchen clad with nothing but his low rise Calvin Klein briefs. His big dick featured prominently.


"He is having a very good time from what I understand," I explained. "He is having his body waxed as we speak. And, he, too, is locked up."


"Maybe I could convince his master to let me have a turn on your husband's ass on a regular basis," Tyron said. I could hear the lust in his voice.


"Are the others stirring?" I asked.


"I just finished fucking your Master Robert," Tyron replied. "Your Master Jose is in his ass now. Buckley watches intently. He is almost as slutty as you, boss man."


"Master Tyron," I began. "May I ask you a personal question? You aren't expected to answer if you don't want to answer it. Are you attracted to Buckley in a physical way?"


"Fuck yes," Tyron replied. "I love his toned, but not too muscled body. And, I like to see his big dick get hard while I fuck him. I also think he is extremely intelligent. His sense of humor is flawless. I love sticking my dick in his ass and mouth. I would like to try some less mainstream activities with Buckley, but he seems just a little fragile right now. Why? Are you playing match maker, boss man?"


"Not really," I replied. "He needs help getting through the situation with his fucked up ex."


"I do know he has enjoyed the attention last week," I replied. "If nothing else, continue to be his friend. He needs a friend more than he needs a boyfriend."


"If I were his boyfriend, I would NEVER hurt him," Tyron replied.


"None of us would," I agreed as I pulled Tyron closer to me. "Could I help you with the thing growing in your underwear?"


"As a matter of fact, boss man," Tyron said as he kissed me. It was a long, passionate kiss. "The thing growing in my underwear likes to be either in your ass or in your mouth. Where would you like me to put it?"


"I need to eat your cum, Sir," I said. "Then I need you to fill my ass with even more cum. Can you give me what I need, Master?"


"If we do it in reverse order, you could clean off my dick while you give me a blowjob, boss man," Tyron murmured. "Will my plan give you what you need, boss man?"


"Yes, Master," I whispered. "Where?"


"Jail cell downstairs," Master Tyron replied. "I am going to tie you to the bed, and then I am going to fuck you. Then, I will fuck your face. Does this plan work for you, boss man?"


"Yes, Master," I relied as my dick strained against the metal covering my dick.


"I thought so, boss man," Tyron said as he grabbed my hand and led me downstairs and into my cell. I hadn't even gone close the cell after Master Ajmal and Master Marcus died. I actually thought the word `died.'


"Okay, boss man," Tyron began. "On your back."


Tyron skillfully restrained my hands wide apart. He left my legs unrestrained.


"You look good like this, boss man," Tyron explained. "You look really good, as a matter of fact. You look so good, I am going to take a picture and message it to all of your employees. How do my plans sound, boss man?"


"Don't send a picture. Please don't," I begged.


The light on the phone in his camera flashed. Tyron tapped a few keys. Then, he turned back to me, "Now, on to the main event."


Tyron pushed his briefs down and they dropped to his ankles and stepped out of them. Tyron slid between my legs and lowered himself on top of me.


"I like this. Naked body to naked body," Tyron whispered before he started kissing me. His lips brush mine. Tongues engaged. His body writhing on top of mine. The passion built. So did the lust. The passion of Tyron's kisses moved me.


"Fuck, boss man," Tyron said as he pulled out of the kiss for a moment. "You make me so horny. I could do this all day, boys man."


"Take your time," I hissed. "I could also do this all day, too, Master."


Tyron began kissing me again.


"I gotta do this, boss man," Tyron said. "I need to be inside you or I will fucking explode."


Tyron changed his position and aligned his big dick with my asshole. One swift push, and Tyron's big dick disappeared into my ass.


"Ah! Shit, boss man," Tyron hissed. "Your ass is the best ass I've ever had." He began slowly moving his big dick inside me. He leaned down to me and kissed me again.


"Master Tyron, Sir," I bellowed after Tyron had been massaging my ass for what seemed to be an eternity. "If you... keep this... I am... going to... cum...!"


"Good...! I'll keep... doing what... I am... doing now...," Tyron whispered between kisses.


"Oh! Shit!" I growled. "I'm cumming! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


"I'm right behind you, boss man," Tyron moaned as he blew his load in my ass. "Ohhh... ohhh... ohhh... ohhh... ohhh... ohhh... ohhh... ohhh... ohhh... ohhh... ohhh... ohhh... ohhh... ohhh... ohhh... ohhh... ohhh...!"


We both stayed in position while we recovered. Finally, Tyron spoke, "Boss man, you are fucking perfect for my dick."


"More, Sir!" I begged. "Please fuck me more. I need you in me, Sir. Please fuck me again!"


"I can't resist when you beg for my dick, boss man," Tyron said. "This time I am planning on pounding your ass. You want me to pound your ass this time, right, boss man?"


"Yes, Master," I replied. "Please, Sir! Make me feel you power, you lust, your energy, your rage. Please, Sir, make me feel it all!"


Tyron lifted his body off mine, but he kept his big dick in my ass. He raised my legs over his shoulders and leaned in to me. When he started hammering my ass with his big dick, I thought I was about to come again.


`Boy,' I heard my Spirit Master say. `Don't cum, boy! He wants you to last so he can last. You will be taking this man on his first Spirit Journey, boy. Make him feel special, boy. He needs this journey to pull him out of his past and into his present life. He is troubled. Make him happy, boy, and you will help him get through his pain and into his new life. A life filled with happiness and usefulness. He will explain after you take him on his Spirit Journey.'


"Take me, Master," I hissed. "Show me how strong you are. Show me your power. Show me your lust. Show me your energy and rage. Let me have it, Master. Please, Master. Please."


I looked into Tyron's eyes. I saw pain. I saw sorrow.


Tyron's battering of my ass picked up speed and power. His energy mixed with mine. His barriers were being lifted off his shoulders.


I moaned in ecstasy as Tyron's power fuck frenzy brought me further and further into the woods of my Spirit Journey. I saw it. I knew what I will do with my life. "Ah... ... ah... ... ah... ... ah... ... ah... ... ah... ...ah... ... ah... ... ah... ... ah... ... ah... ... ah... ... ah... ... ah... ...ah... ... ah... ... ah... ... ah... ... ah... ... ah... ... ah... ... ah... ...ah... ... ah... ... ah...!"


"Shit, Steven! I'm fucking cumming, baby," Tyron screamed at the top of his lungs. "Fuck! Shit! Damn! Fuck! Ahhh! shit. Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Tyron settled back on top of me. His head on my chest trying to bring his breathing back to normal. His sweat soaked body felt warm and comfortable on top of me.


"Steven," Tyron finally spoke. "I have no fucking idea what just happened... Did you feel it, too?"


"Yes, Master," I said as I leaned down and kissed his head. "We just went on a Spirit Journey. This one was for you."


"You know, Steven," Tyron began. "I would like to talk with you sometime when I don't have my dick in your ass."


"What about a fist?" I asked.


"It would be distracting if my dick OR my arm was up your ass," Tyron replied as he lifted his head off my chest and smiled.


"I like it when you are distracted," I said to Master Tyron as I kissed him on the forehead. "Want to fuck me again, Master?"


"I could play with your ass 24 hours each day, and I wouldn't want to stop," Tyron replied as his big, still hard dick began to slowly massage my ass.


"Then, do it!" I replied.


"Can't," Tyron replied.


"Why?" I asked.


"Your Master Jose and Master Robert want to play with the boy now," Master Jose replied. "So, Tyron, get your big dick out of my slave boy's ass!"


"Done," Tyron said as he pulled his dick out of my ass.


"You can have him back later, Tyron," Master Jose replied. "Why don't you go to our bedroom and play with Buckley? He needs to be held if nothing else."


"Sounds like a plan," Tyron replied as he left the playroom.


"So, boy," Master Jose began. "You look good in here. All tied up. Naked. Ready for us to use your body. We will have fun, don't you think, Robby?"


"Abso-fucking-lutely!" Master Robert replied. "I never realized until just this moment. The boy's tattoos don't cover all of his stomach and chest. Is there a reason?"


"I don't know," Master Jose replied. "Boy?"


"The parts of my front side left uncovered should be covered eventually," I replied. "You would need to ask Tim and my tattoo artist in Provincetown."


"Your back, I assume, was left without much ink because you get whipped frequently," Master Jose suggested.


"Yes, Master," I replied. "Master Ajmal and Tim had planned to put a dragon on me from the back of my neck, up the back side of my head. The dragon would be looking down from where my hairline used to be."


"We will need to speak with Tim about future modifications," Master Jose added. "Now, let's have some fun. And, since you conveniently have your arms restrained, we want to take care of your legs."


Master Jose took my left ankle and Master Robert took my right ankle. They attached restraints to my ankles and then hoisted my legs upward and wide apart.


"Perfect, don't you think, Jose?" Master Robert asked.


"Yes," Master Jose said. "Very nice. The boy needs something on his nipples and something on his balls. How about the tit clamps you used on him last weekend, Robby?"


"Perfect," Robby said as he pulled the clamps out of his leather jacket.


Master Jose stepped out of my cell. When he returned, he had the ball weights and ball stretcher from last weekend.


"I will take care of the boy's balls," Master Jose said. "You can take care of his tits. Make certain they are really, really tight."


Master Robert worked feverishly to install the clamps on my tits.


"Ahhhhhh!" I moaned as the left clamp tightened and dug into my tits.


Master Robert move to my right side and quickly had the last clamp in place.


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I moaned even louder than the last time.


"I'm done installing the ball stretcher," Master Jose explained. "I believe we will need a pulley to hang the weights from."


Master Jose reached up and connected a pulley he had to one of the bars in the ceiling of my cell. He attached on piece of the chain from the pulley to the ball stretcher.


"Ahhhh!" I moaned as Master Jose pulled the chain connected to the ball stretcher.


"Robby, why don't we go out for a cup of coffee at Starbucks down the street?" Master Jose suggested. "The pulley is on a timer. Every ten minutes it will stretch the chain connected to the boys balls tighter. So, when we come back in a few hours, we should have some fine, low hanging balls to play with."


Master Robby and Master Jose left and closed the playroom door behind them.


A spot light flooded my cell with ultra-bright white light.


I thought mostly about nothing until the pulley jerked the ball stretcher another notch tighter.


"Ahhhh!" I moan and the pain in my balled shot through my body.


"Ahhhhhh!" I moaned as the pulley added another notch to the ball stretcher's tension on my balls.


After six notches, the pain in my balls seemed more like I was hanging from my balls.


The door of the playroom squeaked as it opened. I couldn't see the person because the intensity of the spot light made the rest of the space pitch black.


"Hello, stud," someone said.


"Whose there?" I asked.


"Your London friend, Stanley," he replied as he finally stepped into the range of the spotlight. "My! My! Don't you look like you're having fun? I've come down here to rescue you from your boredom, boy. Your Masters Jose and Robert suggested I come down here to keep you company until they are ready for you upstairs. I understand your Masters are having a little party this evening."


"Thank you, Sir," I replied. "I appreciate your kindness, Master."


"I have thought of you often since we met in London," Master Stanley replied. "And, I have been told by your Master Jose, I get to borrow you from time-to-time because I was on the shortlist to own you."


"Thank you, Master," I replied. "I look forward to serving you sometime, Sir. You have been on my mind several times, Master Stanley. I enjoyed our time in London as well."


"I understand from your employee Tyron you are primed to be fucked," Master Stanley explained. "And he's right. You look so ready to have a big Master dick in your ass, right, boy?"


"Yes, Master," I pleaded. "I so much want to please you, Sir. I remember your Master dick and my slave boy ass worked very well together. So, please, Sir. Will you fuck me, Sir? Please, Sir. Please fuck me."


Without a word spoken, Master Stanley pulled off his shirt, his boots, and his pants. His big dick hung in a semi-erect state. I almost salivated at the possibility of getting Master Stanley's big dick in my asshole again. His body seemed even more magnificent since I last saw him in London.


"You like what you see, don't you, boy?" Master Stanley asked.


"Yes, Sir," I begged. "Please, Master. Please fuck me. Please, Sir."


"We will get to the fucking in a moment," Master Stanley continued. "Right now, I need something else from you, boy."


"Anything you want, Master," I replied.


"Good," Master Stanley said as he lumbered to the side of my cot. He released my ball stretcher and tit clamps from the pullies. He also freed my legs from the restraints. He climbed on the bed and positioned himself on all fours with his magnificent ass in my face. "Clean it, boy!"


"Yes, Master," I hissed as he pushed his ass closer to my mouth.


I leaned in to his ass and began to lick his hole. The smell of a man—a powerful man—made me even more eager to please Master Stanley. I shoved my tongue into Master Stanley's ass as far as I could and massaged the inside of his ass.


"Oh! Fuck, boy!" Master Stanley groaned. "Yes, boy! Lick my ass, boy! Oh! Fuck yea!"


Finally, Master Stanley moved his ass away from my mouth. He somehow managed to turn his massively muscled body around so he was now facing me.


"I knew you were a good fuck, but having your tongue in my ass was magnificent," Master Stanley whispered as he leaned down to kiss me.


With every touch his lips made with mine, his energy slammed through my body like I ran into a wall.


Master Stanley pulled his mouth away from mine. "It's time for the main event, boy."


"Yes, Master," I replied. "I am more than ready for your big dick. I will explode without it in me."


I watched Master Stanley as he prepared to mount me. He applied lube to his massive dick. As he moved around me, his muscles rippled in his arms and chest. His six pack abs would make any body builder jealous.


He moved my legs so my feet pressed against his muscled chest. As he leaned in to me, my legs pushed back giving Master Stanley the perfect entrance to my body. I felt his dick brush against my asshole.


I looked into Master Stanley's eyes. They could almost illuminate the entire play room if the glistening could be turned into light. He also gave me a slight smile as his dick began its decent into my body.


I leaned my head back and whimpered in ecstasy as I felt the power in Master Stanley's dick fill my body. I lost myself completely as I enjoyed the feeling of having Master Stanley's dick inside me again. I suddenly felt the brush of Master Stanley's trimmed pubic hairs against my swollen balls.


"Oh! God yes!" I murmured. "You... feel... so... good... in... me!"


"I had forgotten how powerful and viral your ass makes me feel, boy," Master Stanley quietly said as he leaned down to kiss me. "I feel so powerful and energized when I am in you. You make me feel like I could take on the world, boy."


"Then, do it, Master," I whispered as I relished the feeling of having Master Stanley's big uncut dick in my ass. "Make your mark, Master. People need your powerful mind to help. Come with me."


I looked into my Master Stanley's eyes again. I felt Master Stanley's energy, power, lust, and rage enter my body through his huge dick as he began to massage my body from the inside with his dick. Slowly moving back and forth. My mind felt on fire. I felt like I, a lowly slave boy, could show Master Stanley the path to greatness. I felt my spirit join with Master Stanley's spirit. I guided him to a quiet place. Deserted except for the two of us. We were in our own light filled space with gleaming white walls. Before us we watched the world revolve around us. My Spirit Master greeted us.


`Welcome,' my Spirit Master said. `You have made your journey to the one place in your mind which will help you see the plan the Spirit World has for you. Enjoy the view and savor the experience. You have found this place. You can return to it now at any time. Visit often as you make your way through life.'


Before my mind slipped back into my body to experience the unique feeling of having Master Stanley's dick ravage my ass, Master Stanley built his momentum to a frenzied power fuck. His body dripped sweat. His eyes locked on mine. We melted together once again. I saw my face. Perfectly happy. Mouth open.


I slipped back into my body and felt Master Stanley's lust, power, energy, and rage consume me.


"Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...! Ah...!" I moaned.


"Here it comes, boy!" Master Stanley proclaimed as his dick began firing rope after rope of cum into my ass.


"Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" Master Stanley howled as his body convulsed with every shot of cum.


He dropped his body on top of mine. We lay silently together. His naked, muscled body on top of mine. Master Stanley's body fit perfectly with mine.


"I don't know about you, boy, but we just had one of the best sexual encounters I have ever had," Master Stanley quietly explained. "Every move of my body against yours and inside you generated... I'm not certain what to call it... bursts of electricity. And, when I did cum, it was, not only for me, but also for you. Incredible."


"Did you see anything?" I asked.


"Yes," Master Stanley replied. "We were in our own light filled space with gleaming white walls. Before us we watched the world revolve. It felt so peaceful there... and so safe."


"My Spirit Master explained to me when I first started meditating with him about a special place. We found it, Master. You and I found it together. You can return to this special place as often you want or need to return. I can show you how if you will join me sometime in meditation," I explained.


"I would love to join you," Master Stanley replied. "But, I believe we are expected upstairs. You will need to get clean. I believe I heard Garrison will help you with the cleaning."


Master Stanley slipped on his jeans and his shirt. He sat on my cot to put on his boots. Once he had finished dressing, he released me from the restraints.


Before we headed upstairs, Master Stanley grabbed me tight to him. "I enjoyed myself immensely."


"So did I, Master," I replied with a smile. "Make Master Jose an offer he can't refuse and you might get another chance."


"I plan to ask him," Master Stanley replied as he kissed me.


Garrison stood in the kitchen at the island waiting for Master Stanley and me.


"It's about time you arrived to mingle with the masses, rent boy," Master Garrison said. "I need to supervise your clean up, boy. Your Master Jose and Master Robert have plans for you, and they want you clean as a whistle both inside and outside. Understand, boy?"


"Yes, Master Garrison," I replied. "I understand completely."


"Let's get this show on the road," Master Garrison commanded as he led me down to the playroom shower. "We have a lot of ground to cover. I will clean your ass out. Then, I will fuck you to make certain you are clean. If you are not clean, I will need to clean your ass out again. As a quality control measure, I need to fuck you again, too. We could be at this for hours, boy... hours."


"Yes, Master," I replied as Master Garrison led me into the shower. He slipped off his gym shorts and we were ready to hit the shower.




"Okay, boy," Master Garrison said after we had spent about two hours getting me clean. He fucked me twice. "It is time to take you up to see your Master Jose and Master Robert. From what little I know about the activities planned for tonight, I believe you, especially, will have a wonderful time."


"Thank you, Master Garrison," I replied as I followed him up the stairs. We joined the others in the living room.


"I trust you had a wonderful afternoon, right, boy?" Master Jose asked.


"Yes, Master," I replied as I moved in front of Master Jose and assumed the position.


Master Jose stood. He gave me my first order of the evening. "Sit and have a drink with us, boy."


"Yes, Master," I replied as I sat between Master Jose and Master Robert. Master Tyron sat next to Master Jose. Master Stanley, Master Buckley, Master Garrison, and Master David sat across the coffee table from us.


"How is your ass, boy?" Master Buckley asked. "I heard you were busy today."


"Yes, Master," I replied. "I had company for most of the day. My ass is, as usual, well-used."


"Tyron's photo of you really peaked my interest," Master Buckley continued. "I am thinking about having it blown up and framed. I would look nice on the reception area walls, don't you think, boy?"


"Terrific idea, Buckley," Master Tyron added. "I can get some more photos tonight and we could have a whole wall devoted to our boss."


"Masters Tyron and Buckley," I said quietly. "Do you like your jobs at Caden, Caldwell, Hissan, and Peabody?"


"I see your point, boss man," Tyron said with a grin. "For the record, the only one I sent the photo to was Buckley."


"I'll reward you for the manner in which you handled the situation, Master Tyron," I replied.


"Keep this up, boss man, and I will be taking your ass home with me," Master Tyron said.


"You can't afford his ass, Tyron," Buckley responded.


"Employee discount?" Master Jose suggested.


"Tyron gets the boss's ass for free Monday through Friday at promptly 1:30 pm," Buckley added. "And, you like it, too, don't you boy."


"You may be disappointed next month, Tyron," Master Jose explained. "We will begin renting Steven starting four weeks from now."


"How can you do this to me?" Tyron asked with a smile. "I suppose I will need to ramp up my schedule with boss man. Maybe twice a day instead of once."


"Who will run the rent boy business?" Master David ask.


"It seems Giles has AJ's contact list and knows most of the men personally," Master Jose explained. "So, he has agreed to take over the rent boy business as soon as he can return. In the meantime, all communication with potential clients is now being handled by Jake and Miguel on a temporary basis. It is also another reason we will have the open house at the studio. Not only will we be previewing the new film starring Garrison and boy Steven, we will also invite potential clients to the reception. I assume you will all be joining us next Saturday."


"Wouldn't miss it," Master Tyron replied.


"I will also unlock Steven for the night," Master Jose continued. Potential clients will want to see everything they will be getting. Tonight will be sort of a dress rehearsal."


"Don't get any ideas, Garrison," Master David said. "You and Steven will NOT be having sex with one another on Saturday. You and Tim will have some very specific duties at the reception. You both will earn your keep!"


"Does Tim know he will be an integral part of the festivities on Saturday?" I asked.


"Not yet," Master David replied. "Grant wanted Tim to enjoy himself while they are in New York. By the time they return home, Tim will have some understanding of his role at Saturday's reception."


"So, do you still want me to assist at the reception, Robby?" Tyron asked.


"Of course," Master Robert replied. "In case you haven't heard, next Saturday will be my coming out party. I will be Master Tyron's boy for the night. I wanted to learn how to be a better master. And, I figured being a slave boy, at least for a night, would be one hell of a learning experience."


"Sounds like a plan to me," Master David replied. "I did a short stint as a collared boy. It does help."


"Our guests should begin arriving in about 30 minutes," Master Jose explained. "Let's get our slave boys ready. Assume the position, boy."


"Yes, Master," I replied as I stood before Master Jose feet shoulder width apart, hands behind my back, and looking down at the floor.


"Turn around, boy. You will be handcuffed for the duration of the party."


I turned around, and Master Jose attached the cuffs to both wrists behind my back.


"Perfect," Master Jose said after he had the handcuffs on me. "Turn around and face me, boy."


"Yes, Master," I replied as I turned to face Master Jose.


"See this, boy?" Master Jose asked as he held up a chrome device.


"Yes, Master," I replied. "It is a dental clamp to keep patients mouths open."


"Very good, boy," Master Jose continued. "Have you worn one before?"


"No, Master," I replied.


"Good! This will be a learning experience for both of us," Master Jose explained.


"This is called a Whitehead gag," Master Jose explained. "It consists of two hinged metal frames. It wraps around the front of the patient's head and has sections bent to fit between the front teeth. When spread apart, the frames separate the jaw, holding the mouth open. The desired degree of separation is set and maintained by a ratchet mechanism on each side of the frame."


Master Jose paused before he added, "Open wide, boy!"


I opened my mouth. Master Jose positioned the clamp inside my mouth. Master Jose adjusted the clamp until my mouth was wide open.


"Good boy!" Mater Jose said once the clamp was in place. "Now, turn around and bend over, boy."


I turned to face away from Master Jose and bent forward to expose my asshole to Master Jose.


I felt cold metal on my asshole as Master Jose pushed something inside me. I felt something pushing my asshole open. Wider. Wider. Wider.


"Stand up, boy," Master Jose instructed. Once I stood with my mouth and asshole propped open, Master Jose further explained. "I decided to have a dry run for next Saturday's event. A potential client can look inside your mouth and asshole to see if they want to have a test drive the following week."


"It is amazing how horny Steven makes me right now," Master Robert added. "So fucking horny!"


"You will need to wait until we take the clamps out of the boy," Master Jose replied. "I am, for one, eager to see the results of wearing the clamp to hold his asshole open for several hours."


I glanced across the room. Garrison stood in position in front of David. A black latex body suit covered most of his body, but it still revealed his massive dick and his muscled chest and arms. His butt made my dick stir inside the metal covering.


I also saw Master Tyron and Master Robert leave the room. I stood in front of Master Jose in the position.


"I believe it is time to get you into place, boy," Master Jose explained. "You are a little out of sorts if someone wants to fuck you or have you suck them. But, we have several other options we will explore as the evening wears on. We will put this sign on you."


The sign read, `Please, Master. Play with my tits. Please, Master. Please!'


Master Jose wrapped the string attached to the sign around to my back side and tied the ends together. The sign hung just above the chunk of metal surrounding my every hardening dick.


"I do not want to you move from where you are standing," Master Jose continued with my orders. "If someone really hurts your tits, I want you to stand, stone cold motionless. If I see any kind of reaction, I will severely punish you tomorrow. Do you understand, boy?"


I nodded my head yes.


"Good," Master Jose said as he turned to Master David, Master Stanley, Master Buckley, and Master Garrison. "Let's go have some fun."


Master Dennis arrived with three other people from the office. Master Dennis made my dick stir when I first saw him. Dennis dressed much like he did the first night we saw him at the bar in Provincetown: a tight pair of distressed jeans and a tight black tank top which showed his muscular chest and arms.


"So, boy," Dennis began. "You are looking very uncomfortable. But, you are also a fine hunk of meat! I assume your Master put this sign on you. So, you must like your nipples played with, no?"


I nodded yes.


Master Dennis reached out and took nipples and began squeezing. Lightly at first. His fingers tightened and clamped. I didn't flinch.


Dennis continued to play with my nipples. "Harrold and I decided we needed to bring Brice and Jeffery with us tonight," Dennis explained as he continued to play with my nipples. "They wanted to see the `real Steven.' We helped them pick out an outfit, and we're here... in your house... you naked... me playing with your nipples... you with a dental clamp holding your mouth open... you with another device holding your asshole open... your dick all locked up... What do you think about the `the real Steven'?"


Fucking awesome!" Brice said eagerly. Brice dressed similarly to Dennis except his red tank top seemed even tighter than Dennis's. Brice was about the same height as Dennis. His muscles in his chest and arms rippled when he moved. The bulge in his jeans strained the well-used fabric, and it seemed to be growing as he stood beside Dennis. "And, your balls... I've never seen balls so big."


"You can touch them if you want," Master Jose said as he joined the group. "You can touch his balls, his ass, his chest, his legs, his arms, his back, his stomach, or his ass. Take your pick."


"I'll let you guys play with our boss," Dennis said to my employees as he walked off in search of pleasure.


"I never thought I would see you naked, boss," Brice said as he picked up where Dennis had left... my nipples. "It's too bad you're locked up, boss. I have always wanted to see how big it can get.


"Later in the evening, I might unlock the boy so you can see how big it gets," Master Jose added. "I have planned a nice little show for our guests later in the evening, so I hope you can stick around for a while."


"Absolutely!" Brice replied as he turned over nipple duty to Jeffery.


"I'm so happy we could come here tonight," Jeffery said as he began twisting, pulling, and pinching my nipples. Jeffery is a blonde stud. My dick felt as if it had gown an inch as it strained in its metal container. Jeffery stood over six feet tall. His blonde hair, cut short, highlighted his white silky skin, totally smooth muscled chest, and six pack abs. He wore a black leather harness and skin tight leather pants. The bulge in his crotch also seemed to grow bigger as he kept twisting, pulling, and pinching my nipples. "You are one hot dude, boss. I've wanted to walk up to you and kiss you since I started working at the firm. When I saw Tyron fuck you as you were bent over the desk, I didn't get to really see your body. Tyron was in the way. But, now, shit! I love the tattoos and piercings. I am going to get a drink. I'll see you later, boss."


Jeffery left and was replaced by Master Joseph and Master Stanley.


"So, boy!" Master Joseph said as he stared twisting, pulling, and pinching my left nipple. "I met with Dennis today over lunch. It looks like I will be joining you are the firm. It is so hot knowing I have fucked—hundreds of times—the man I ultimately will work for. Stanley and I are working on a deal to have you in our possession one weekend coming up."


"We have a special place pick out where we will take you," Master Stanley said as he played with my right nipple. "We are taking you to a very, very private space so we don't need to worry about you screaming and waking up your sons or your husband."


I groaned to myself as I saw Tim's former employee, Tan Alameda, and his husband, Jeromy Batista, and, Jeromy's Master Livingston walk toward me. Tan's tight, severely distressed jeans highlighted his massive 11-inch uncut cock. He also had on a leather vest with nothing underneath it. If I could, I would have drooled at the sight of this magnificent, muscled 5-foot 8-inch frame. Jeromy definitely fit the slave image he was adopting. He wore only a chain link collar, tight leather briefs, and a leash attached to his Master Livingston. Master Jeromy wore no shoes. Master Livingston stood beside his slave boy dressed in full leather. Leather pants. Leather shirt. Leather boots. Leather hat. Red, black, and yellow handkerchiefs in his left pocket.


Master Tan stood in front of me with Master Livingston by his side. Boy Jeromy stood behind his master.


"Good to see you again, boy," Master Tan began as he grabbed my right nipple. "You are looking particularly handsome tonight. I hope you feel as humiliated as you look. I believe you had some new ink installed on your body, boy. The dragon on your chest is astonishing."


Tan pinched my nipple between his thumb nail and forefinger nail. I wanted to scream, but I saw Master Jose watching from across the room.


"When Tan explained your performance here tonight, I became very, very excited," Master Livingston said to me as he, too, used his nails to pinch my other nipple. "I like to be excited, boy. It makes my dick want to do special things to you. But, more importantly, your Master Jose has asked me to punish you tonight if you earn punishment. Now, my boy here needs to piss. On your knees."


I dropped to my knees without thinking. Master Jeromy untied the side lace to hold the briefs together. The briefs fell to the floor. Master Jeromy held his dick and aimed it at my mouth. He hit the mark of pissing into my mouth. I tried to swallow, but it was impossible with the clamp in my mouth. Master Jeromy's piss gushed out of my open mouth and fell on my chest, stomach, metal covered dick, and my balls.


Master Jose took his place next to us. "I told you, boy, not to move from the position you were in, did I not?"


I nodded yes.


"You will be punished later tonight, boy," Master Jose explained. He turned his attention to Master Livingston. "Please give him fifty lashes with the flogger, if you don't mind, Livingston. I heard from some of the others here tonight you have developed quite a talent for flogging a boy."


"Yes," Master Livingston said with an evil looking smirk. "I have been taking lessons from Brad."


"An excellent teacher, Livingston," Master Jose replied. "Now, I want to move on to another activity." Master Jose attached my leash to my collar and tugged on it. I stood and followed Master Jose.


He led me to a wooden box about five feet tall.


"I had this made especially for Steven," Master Jose explained as he opened the door of the box. "I call it the standing coffin."


He opened the door and pushed me into the box. I abruptly landed on a wooden bench with a hole in the center.


"The whole in the seat allows me to use the box when the boy has something sticking out of his ass," Master Jose explained as he restrained my ankles. He closed the door, and I heard him explain the box in more detail to Master Tan, Master Livingston, and Master Jeromy. "The door is lockable with this padlock." I heard the padlock click shut.


"It you want to see how the boy is doing, you can check on him by opening this door," Master Jose opened a small door in front of my eyes. He closed the door. "We will leave the boy here and have a couple of drinks. We will retrieve him in an hour or so."


I sat in the wooden coffin. The box was totally dark. No light leaked through cracks or doors. I heard people discussing various items.


I heard Master David and Master Garrison talking with Master Tan, Master Livingston, and Master Jeromy."


"Next weekend Grant will have his slave boy Tim featured here," Master David explained. "Grant has worked really hard to break Tim's exuberant spirit. He believes he is on the verge of conquering him."


"Someone said Tim's Master Grant is the dude on CNN," Master Tan said.


"Yup," Master David replied. "Grant and I are engaged to be married."


"Congratulations!" Master Livingston replied. "Have you set a date?"


"Nope," Master David replied. "We are taking this one step at a time. Grant has transitioned to mostly working in Chicago unless he needs to be in the New York studio. So, we have a lot to learn and adjust to. We've also talked about a commitment ceremony for Grant and boy Tim. Grant is having a brand designed to put on Tim's ass. We will keep you men posted."


"Will Steven be on display as well?" Master Tan asked.


"No," Master David replied. "Master Jose's boy will be in his cell for the duration of the evening. Jose is planning some special bondage treatment. This is essentially Tim's coming out party. We should have a great time."


"How are you and boy Garrison getting along," Master Livingston asked.


"Great!" Master David replied. "We are getting used to one and other. We've been taking things slowly. We have a great time, don't we boy?"


"Yes, Master," Master Garrison replied. "I am addicted to Master David's big dick."


"Hello, men," I heard Tyron address the group.


"You work at the venture capital firm with Steven and Dennis, correct?" Master Tan asked.


"Yes," Tyron replied. "And, I volunteered to give Steven's co-master some idea of what it is like to be a slave. He's coming along very, very well."


"We assume this is just practice, correct?" Master Livingston asked.


"Yes, Sir," Master Robert replied. "I needed the experience of being someone's slave so I can be a better Master to boy Steven."


"We heard Master Jose will be putting boy Steven into some kind of bondage next weekend," Master Tan said. "Any ideas?"


"Jose and I worked up our plan; however, I am not at liberty to disclose the exact bondage situation. Besides, I will be Master Tyron's slave boy for all of next weekend, as well."


"Does anyone want to join us at the bar for another drink?" Master Livingston asked.


"We'd love to, right Garrison?" Master David replied.


"We will hang out here for a few moments," Master Tyron said. "We need some time alone here to assess our situation."


I heard them leave.


"So, boy," Master Tyron said to Master Robert. "How are you enjoying being a slave so far?"


"I am having a good time, Master," Master Robert replied. "I enjoyed your big dick in my ass more than I thought I would. I have only been fucked by one other man. We were both drunk as a skunk when he took me home with him after a party at a mutual friend of ours. By the time I had sobered up, he had fucked me three times. We get together every few months, and I give him my ass. But, your dick is special, Master. Big. Beautiful. Powerful. I am definitely eager to spend tonight with you."


"Good, boy!" Master Tyron replied. "I like your tight asshole very much. I plan on taking it several more times before I release you tomorrow evening."


"I believe it is time to move the boy to a new activity," Master Jose said as he opened the peep hole. "He's been in here almost two hours."


The light poured through the opening. It almost blinded me because I had in the wooden box for so long.


Master Jose quickly opened the door. He removed the ankle restraints. He left the clamp holding my mouth open and the clamp in my ass.


Master Jose led me to a platform. He led me up the stairs and positioned me in the center of an overhead spot light.


"I am unlocking you for the next phase so you can properly entertain us," Master Jose explained as he dug the key from his vest pocked. "There! You are fee for the rest of the evening."


Master Jose also removed the handcuffs.


Master Jose turned to face our guests. "I have had several requests for our next activity. So, please enjoy yourselves as the boy jerks off."


As Master Jose stepped off the platform, our guests applauded.


"Get to it, slave boy!" Master Stanley yelled.


I stood on the stage. Motionless. I was about to jerk off in front of my staff and my friends. I started playing with my dick in front of the crowd of guests. I was hard after about 30 second because I hadn't gotten off for a long time.


"Nipples, Steven," a voice I associated with Master Tyron. "Play with your nipples, boy."


I took Master Tyron's advice and began playing with my own nipples.


"Don't cum too quickly, boy," Master Jose yelled from across the room. "You need to last for at least an hour. Otherwise, your Master Livingston will add 50 more lashes to your punishment."


I began edging at the moment Master Jose said 50 more lashes. `I am actually enjoying this,' I thought to myself. `I am a prostitute, porn star, and slave boy jacking off live in front of a room full of people I know. How fucking perfect is this?'


"Your time's up, boy," I heard Master Jose from somewhere in the crowd.


Almost immediately, I shot my load all over the floor. One spurt even landed on a guest who stood at the edge of the platform.




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