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Life With Tim

Chapter 06: What's Next?


The Master Ed, Tim, and I left for work Monday morning around 8:30 am. Before we left, Master Ed and Tim inserted a medium-sized butt plug into my ass.


"That should help keep the cum in your ass, boy!" Master Ed explained.


I returned home from work about 6 pm. Tim had called earlier to say he would be home around 6:30. He had also given me specific orders to be dressed in my black jockstrap and leather harness. I was also to be in a kneeling position with my hands behind my back when he walked through the door.


So, when I got home, I immediately took off my suit and tie. I removed my butt plug over the toilet and got into the shower to clean myself out for my lover.


As instructed I was in a kneeling position in the entryway when Tim opened the door and walked in. After shutting the door behind him, he simply said, "Stay there, boy! I am going to take off my suit and I'll join you shortly."


"Yes, SIR!" I replied. I decided to address Tim as Sir until we had an opportunity to see what direction the evening was going.


Tim returned to the entry hall of our apartment naked except for the cock ring and leather harness. He was also carrying a black plastic bag that I recognized as being from the local leather store.


Tim stood in front of me and put the bag on the floor beside him. "Boy, I stopped and bought a few things for you... Well, maybe for me, too, but it is definitely going to be for your body!"


Tim pulled out the first two items. They were a small black leather collar and a small padlock with a key. "I don't know how you feel about this, boy, but I thought, at least for tonight, I'd like you to be my slave boy. Are you okay with this, boy?"


"Yes, SIR! I would like that very much, SIR!" I replied still looking at the floor.


Tim stood over me and placed the collar around my neck and clicked the lock shut. "I have the key in the bedroom."


Then, he pulled out the other item from the bag. It was a set of shiny new tit clamps. "I know we have several of these in your toy bag, but I wanted these to be a gift from me to you," he said as he began to pull on my nipples and attach the tit clamps to each one.


He moved back slightly and said, "We're half way done with the gifts, boy! We may not use the next two tonight, but I wanted them for future use."


The next item was a black leather paddle. Master Ed had one, so I was very familiar with its use and the pain it caused. He put it beside me on the floor.


The last item was a cat-o-nine tails whip. "This, I think, I'll need some advice on how to use. Perhaps when we see Master Ed next. What do you think, boy?"


"Thank you, SIR! You've been most generous, SIR!" I replied.


"Now, boy," Tim began, "I want you to go to the bedroom and lay face down, spread eagle. Then, I'm going to fuck you harder than I've ever fucked you."


"Yes, SIR!" I said and I stood so I going comply with Tim's orders.


When I was in the position, Tim got between my legs, grabbed the bottle of poppers and lube from the night stand. "I think you need to take a big hit of these, boy," Tim said as he handed me to bottle, "When I saw how you reacted when Ricardo fucked you last night, I knew you liked it that way. And, I'm pretty sure I'm going to like it that way, too!"


I took several hits from the popper bottle and handed it back to Tim. He also took several hits of poppers and tossed the capped bottle on the bed. He began to apply a generous amount of lube to his rock hard 8 inch cock. He positioned his cock over my asshole and drove all of the way into my ass until he bottomed out. I could feel his crotch on my ass.


"God this feels so, so good, boy!" Tim hissed as he began ramming my ass with his dick. He took long, but hard, strokes as he began the process of fucking me. "If I had known how good your ass feels after a workout like this past weekend, I think I would have started to fist you earlier!"


Tim continued to ram his cock in and out of my ass in rapid fire succession. He picked up speed after 20 minutes of pounding my ass. I could feel him getting close to cuming. His cock seemed to get even harder, if that was possible. His body began to tense and his breathing was heavy.


"I'm going to cum, boy! I'm going to shoot my cum into your well used boy pussy! Get ready, boy!" he almost screamed. "Fuck! Ahhh... Ahhh... Ahhh...Ahhh... Ahhh..." he screamed as if felt his cum flood my ass.


Tim collapsed on top of me still breathing heavily. "God that was good, boy!" he finally whispered into my ear. "I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!"


"Yes, SIR! It was fabulous! Thank you, SIR! I want you to pound my ass like that more often!" I replied.


Tim continued to lay on top of me as his cock softened and finally slipped out of my ass. Finally, Tim's breathing had returned to normal. "I love you, boy!" he whispered in my ear and nibbled on it until I felt his body move to get off of me. He rolled over onto his side and took me into his arms. "That was some of the best sex we've had, I think!"


"Definitely, SIR! Definitely!" I replied.


"Now, I think it is cocktail time!" He said as he moved off the bed. I followed. We both went to the sink and washed our hands and faces. Tim took my hand in his and led me into the kitchen. He took his usual seat at one of the bar stools around the island. I began to fix our signature before dinner cocktail—vodka on the rocks with three olives.


"Before we get too involved in fixing dinner, there is something I wanted to talk to you about," Tim began.


"I hope this is a good kind of talk!" I replied not knowing what he had in mind.


"Yes! It's all good," Tim continued. "First off, boy, take off your jock! I want you as naked as I am."


I took off my cum stained jock and threw it into the corner of the kitchen. "You know," Tim resumed, "you are the love of my life, right? You're the man I want to spend the rest of my life with."


"Yes, Tim," I replied as I sat down on the bar stool next to him, "I know you know that I feel that way about you, too. I want us to be together forever!"


"I pretty much surmised that." Tim said as he pulled a small box out of the drawer next to him. After Tim had retrieved the box, he stood up from the stool and kneeled on one leg. "Will you marry me, Steven?"


"Fuck! You just asked me to marry you?" I stammered.


"Yup!" Tim replied with a big grin on his face.


"The answer is `Fucking yes!' You've made me the happiest dude around!" I effused.


He stood up and kissed me passionately. "I thought you might say yes, so I picked this up the other day. And, I couldn't wait another day longer."


Tim opened the box and pulled a beautiful ring from it. He took my hand and slipped it onto my finger. It fit perfectly!


"Thank you, Tim," I said as I started to cry. "I just wish I had one to give you!"


"Well, since I was already at the jewelry store, I got this." He pulled another box from the draw and handed it to me.


I opened the box and took out a matching ring. So, not to be outdone, I got on one knee and said, "Tim, will you marry me?"


"As you said, `Fucking yes!'" Tim replied.


We both held each other in our arms and kissed and cried at the same time. Finally, we released our holds on each other.


"I think it's time for a toast!" Tim said as he picked up his drink. I followed suit. "Here's to a long and loving life together as a married couple!"


"Here here! To the man I love!" I said as we clinked our glasses. Tim leaned in to kiss me. Our tongues filled each other's mouths. Tim finally pulled away from me and took another sip of his drink.


As I was putting my glass on the counter, I said, "I think it's about time I started dinner."


I got up, still naked with my collar securely fastened around my neck, and began retrieving what I needed to make dinner.


"I have a few other thoughts I'd like to talk to you about, my future husband," Tim began.


"Talk away!" I respond as I continue getting dinner ready to pop into the oven.


"I've been thinking a lot today about this weekend," Tim began. "I really enjoyed myself. And, it wasn't just the sex—although that was pretty mind blowing! I thought about the connection between you and Ed and between me and Ed. I saw something in both of your eyes—something of an energy level a lot like we seem to have. I think you were really resetting the connection you two had before you broke up. Am I correct?"


"Yes!" I said rather hesitantly not wanting to trouble Tim with any emotional issues during our first night together as future husbands. "I didn't think that was possible as I explained when we were talking about the possibility of getting together with Master Ed. But, there was something there that rekindled memories and feelings we had between both of us. And, don't worry, Tim, I am extremely committed to you... forever!"


"I know that, Steven! I know we will always have a very, very deep bond and love for one another." Tim confirmed. "And, I, too, am completely and forever committed to being the best husband I can be for you. But, I felt something toward Ed that I've never felt with another man. He has an energy, maybe even an aura that draws me toward him. I like him a great deal."


"I can tell that you do, especially when you called him `babe' while he was fucking you," I said with a big grin on my face.


"I hope that didn't bother you!" Tim asked questioningly.


"No. It didn't bother me. It made me feel good that you were comfortable enough with him to say that." I responded.


"Well... to continue our discussion... I was wondering what kind of interaction you wanted to have between Ed, you, and me." Tim finally stated.


"I'm open to suggestions, Tim. But, I don't want to totally abandon contact with him again."


"I agree. That is not what I want either. How do you think he feels about the weekend?" Tim asked.


"Well, I think I know Master Ed pretty well," I reply with caution. "I think he felt there was something between him and me. And, I know by the way he treated you, that there was something he felt for you. He's a good guy, really. He is a very caring man. He has a lot to give in terms of love."


"Yea. I think I saw that over the weekend." Tim said. Then, I saw a big grin creep over Tim's face, "Do you think we could share ourselves with him? Provided of course that he is game for it."


I smiled back at Tim. "I'm pretty sure I could. I mean, it really turned me on when you and Master Ed were making love."


"You didn't feel left out?" Tim asked.


"No. Not at all." I began. "It made me realized that I love you more and more each second I am with you. We've shared our bodies with other men before. I've always liked watching you with other men. And, I'm pretty certain you like watching me."


"Definitely!" Tim replied with his big smile still very much apparent.


"And," I continued, "I was much more comfortable sharing you with Master Ed than most other men. It just seemed natural. But, I have a question for you, now that we are being free with each other."


"Shoot!" Tim replied.


"Tell me how you felt when Master Ed was whipping me or fisting me or fucking me!"


"It was fucking hot! To be extremely honest with you though, I wasn't certain how I would feel—how I would react. But, it was good! I could see how much you enjoyed giving your body to Ed in any way he wanted it. I've never really experienced that other than in a few porn movies. But, now, I know you really, really enjoy that. I'm not certain that I could give you everything you want in terms of a Master/slave relationship on my own. I am not even certain I would participate totally with everything that Ed wants to do with you and your body. Am I making any sense?"


"Very much so," I say. "I think what were both trying to say without saying it and risking hurting the other is that we would both like to try to take a relationship between Master Ed, you, and me to a higher level. Just to see where things led?"


"Well put! Now I know why I love you so much!" Tim said. "So, how do we go about this? We don't even know how Ed feels about us."


"We need to talk to him. I don't know how everything will turn out, but I am fairly certain that he would be more than willing to ramp things up a bit. I'm just not sure how far he will be willing to go now that we are engaged... God! I like the sound of that!" I finished.


"Then, we'll talk to him," Tim said has his phone began ringing.


"Speak of the devil! It's Ed."


"Hello, this is Tim." Tim said and then paused to listen to Master Ed.


"Were your ears ringing?" Tim asked. Another pause.


"No we were just talking about you and us and this past weekend." Tim said into the phone. "Do you mind if I put you on the speaker phone?"


He must have said he didn't mind because Tim switched the phone to speaker phone. "Okay!"


"Hello, boy!" Master Ed said.


"Hello, SIR!" I replied.


"I was hoping to ask the two of you to go to dinner with me tomorrow evening. It'll be the last chance I have before I leave for the conference in Toronto." Ed stated.


"Uhm... Unfortunately," I began, "I have a board of directors meeting tomorrow night. I'm sorry, SIR!"


"Don't be sorry, boy!" Master Ed said. "I just thought I would ask. But, we can do this when I get back... that is if you want to."


"Of course we want to!" Tim exclaimed. "When are you coming back from Toronto?"


"Not until Sunday evening, Tim," Master Ed answered. "Maybe we could go out next Tuesday or Wednesday?"


"I'm pretty sure that can work." Tim said to Master Ed as he looked at me, "Boy? Would that work for you?"


"Yes, SIR! It would," I replied looking at Tim. "Either evening would be good for me."


"Then it's a date!" Tim exclaimed.


The three of us decided on Tuesday evening and ended the call with Master Ed.


"I was going to tell him about our engagement, but I thought it would be better in person," Tim finally said.


I busied myself with finishing dinner as Tim and I began to talk about things.


I looked at the clock and said, "Dinner is almost ready. Why don't I make us another drink?"


"A man after my heart!" Tim said shaking the ice in his empty glass.


"Do you want to eat here, or in the dining room?" I asked as I set our drinks on the counter.


"Even though this is a celebration, I think here." Tim said before he continued. "I want us to stay naked and I think here in the kitchen would be more appropriate."


I stood and kissed Tim on the cheek as I passed by him. We continued to talk while I put dinner in front of us.


We started to eat.


"I've been thinking, boy... I mean Steven...," he paused for a few moments. "I like the sound of boy, but I think this night calls out for your name instead."


"I like both," I replied.


Tim began another thread of our conversation, "I think we should start looking at houses. I love this condo, but it would be nice to have our own place, don't you think?"


"I'd love it!" I replied. "Where would you like to live?"


"Probably Lakeview," Tim replied, "it is probably more convenient than here on LaSalle. We're there all the time and it could save us a fortune on cabs!"


"I think that is very wise!" I added. "I always liked that we could walk to Michigan Avenue, but it is a little snooty around here! I can call David—you know, Claire's friend—he's a realtor. "


We finished dinner and I loaded the dishes into the dishwasher.


"Now, I have something else I want to talk about!" Tim said as he came up behind me and put his arms around me. "Well, it's not so much talk as doing! I have to piss again. Are you up for another drink?"


"Definitely!" I said as I turned around to face Tim. I kissed him before kneeling in front of his semi hard cock. I took it in my mouth and soon felt the flow of Tim's piss. I drank it all enthusiastically—not spilling a drop.


"Thank you, boy! That was very nice!" Tim said. "Let's go to bed. I know it is only 9:30, but I want to fuck you once or twice before we go to sleep tonight!"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied. "I'd like that very much."


Tim took my hand and led me into the bedroom. "On your stomach, boy!"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied as I complied with his orders.


When I was settled, Tim handed me the bottle of poppers we had used earlier. "Take a good hit, boy! It's been a few hours since I've fucked you, but I am horny as hell. I am going to make it my mission to use your ass as my cum dump every day from now until eternity."


I did as instructed and took several whiffs of poppers and then handed the bottle to Tim. He, too, inhaled several sniffs of poppers. He didn't put any lube on his dick this time. He just lined his rock hard cock with my asshole and rammed it into me. He didn't stop until he was completely inside me. I could feel his crotch against my ass.


"What do you say, boy?" Tim asked in a rather loud, firm, commanding voice.


"Thank you, SIR!" I responded. "Fuck me hard, SIR! Please, SIR! Fuck me hard!"


Tim began his pummeling of my ass. He didn't start slowly this time. He began immediately to fuck me with long, hard, fast strokes. I could feel the sweat drip from his body onto mine. He slowed his pace only to take another hit of poppers.


Finaly, Tim shouted in my ear, "Get ready to take my cum, boy! I'm going to dump my load in your ass!"


I don't know how he did it, but Tim picked up the pace of his fucking. It was like he was on the tred mill at the gym! "Ahh... ahh... ahh... ahhh... ahh... Fuck!"


With every syllable Tim uttered, I could feel the cum coating the inside of my ass. Finally, he collapsed on top of me. His breathing began to slow to a more natural pace.


"You know, boy," Tim began with his cock still in my ass, "we started this fuck 45 minutes ago! I've never lasted this long with anyone. I'm going to get used to this. I hope you continue to like me to fuck you like that, because it's habit forming!"


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I replied. "I could stay like this forever! I love having your cock in me."


"If you've noticed, boy," Tim whispered in my ear, "I'm not pulling out of you. I'm still hard even after I came. With most men, I usually start to go soft right afterward. But, not so much with you. Give me a few minutes, boy, and I'm going to fuck you again."


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I replied. "Tim?"


"Yes, boy?"


"I like it when you call me boy. I like it when you ravage my ass. I can't get enough of you!" I whispered to Tim.


"Good, boy!" Tim continued to rest on my back. The weight of his body was like heaven to me. After about 15 minutes, Tim began to slide his hard cock in and out of my ass. He pulled almost all of the way out very, very slowly. But, when he reversed direction, it went back into me on one very, very fast stroke.


I heard Tim open the popper bottle and take several hits. He handed the bottle to me. "Take a good hit, boy! I'm going to kick this up a notch!"


I did as instructed. When I had recapped the bottle of poppers, Tim did, indeed, pick up the pace. He used his whole body to stroke his hard cock in my ass. He rammed his cock into me with a force I had never experienced with another man!


"I'm getting close, boy!" I heard Tim whisper in my ear. His sweat was coating both of our bodies as he fucked my ass. "Ahhh... Ahhh... Ahhh...Ahhh... Ahhh." With every syllable, he slammed into my ass as a rope of cum erupted from his cock. Finally, he again collapsed onto my back. "That..., my boy..., my future husband... was one... hot... fuck!" He yelled between gasps of air.


Tim's breathing was beginning to return to normal. "I have to piss, boy. Do you want it on you or in you?"


"In me, SIR!"


His now soft cock popped out of my ass as he lifted his body from mine. He turned over on his back. "Go get it, boy!"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied as I moved my mouth over his crotch. When I took his cock in my mouth, I could taste his cum and the fluids from my ass. At first I licked his cock clean. Then, I positioned myself to drink his piss. My lover's piss. I had three loads of his cum in my ass and I was going to take a load of his piss in my mouth. `God! I love this man!' I thought to myself.


"I think you might need the bathroom before we go to sleep." Tim said quietly. He was lying on his back with his eyes closed.


"Yes, SIR!" I replied and went to the bathroom to relieve myself.


When I returned to the bed, Tim pulled me toward him in a spooning position. "I love you, Steven!"


"I love you, too, Tim!"


We soon fell asleep.




I woke up from a very sound sleep on Tuesday morning. Tim was holding me tight against him—his hard cock brushing the crack of my ass. I looked at the alarm clock. It was six in the morning. I heard Tim shuffle slightly.


"Good morning, lover boy!" I heard Tim whisper in my ear.


I turned over to my other side and faced the man I loved more than anything, "Good morning, SIR! Did you sleep okay?"


"Yup! I had you to hug," he said as he pulled me into a kiss. "But, I have to piss."


Tim began to move to get out of bed.


"Wait!" I almost yelled. "Let me have it, please, SIR!"


"Ahh," Tim said almost to himself, "I'd almost forgotten that you are now not only my future husband and lover, you're my piss boy, too!"


"I'll remind you every day if you like, SIR!" I said as I slid down to Tim's rock hard cock. I put my mouth on Tim's cock and waited for the flow to begin. When the stream of warm yellow piss started, I took in every bit. `I'm really getting to like the taste of Tim's piss.' I thought to myself as I continued to drink in every drop. Finally, Tim was finished pissing in my mouth and I began to service Tim's rehardening cock.


"I'm going to cum, boy!" Tim finally informed me. "Ahhh... Ahhh... Ahhh... Ahhh... Ahhh... Ahhh... Fuck yes!" I continued to lick Tim's cock until I knew I had gotten every last drop of his cum. "That was just what I needed, boy!"


"Thank you, SIR!" I said to Tim as I brought my face up to his.


He pulled me into a kiss, "So, that's what I taste like, huh, boy! Did you like that as much as I did?"


"Yes, SIR!"


"We need to get ourselves rolling, boy! Go make the coffee and I'll start getting ready," Tim instructed.


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I padded naked into the kitchen to get the coffee going. When the coffee pot started, I went back into the bathroom. Tim's hard, chiseled, naked body was standing at one of the twin sinks shaving. When I walked up next to him, I patted his firm ass.


"Don't start, lover boy, or we will have to call in sick!" Tim said. He reached over and tweaked my nipple. As he was finishing shaving, he asked, "What time will you be home from your board meeting?"


"Probably around 8," I began to explain. "I think I will drop the car off here after I finish work—probably around 5:30—and take a cab over to the Chicago Athletic Club. These things usually don't last longer than 2 hours."


"I might ask Sheila and Rob to join me for a drink or an early dinner somewhere, but I'll be home about the time you come home." Tim stated.


We both finished getting ready, making the bed, and getting our first hit of caffeine for the day. As we were walking down the hallway to the elevator, I said to Tim, "I think I'll call David the realtor today and see if he could meet with us about the house we want to buy. Maybe he could come over for dinner tomorrow night to discuss it."


Just as I had finished explaining my plan, the elevator arrive, "That would be great, babe! I am so excited that we could be buying a house together!"


"Me, too!" I said as we stepped off the elevator in the garage. "I'll see you tonight, babe!" I gave Tim a quick kiss and we headed off to our respective cars.


Work was stressful! Not only was I putting the finishing touches on my PowerPoint presentation for the evening board meeting, but I was also give advice to two of my engineers who were on deadline. Finally, I was able to pack up my laptop with the presentation wrapped up and head out the door.


I dropped my car at the apartment garage and took a cab to the Chicago Athletic Club where we were having our meeting. We were finished the meeting and dinner around 8. I said my goodbyes to my colleagues and hailed a cab to go home. When I was in the cab, I called Tim.


"Hello, boy!" Tim greeted me on the second ring. "Where are you now?"


"I'm in a cab on my way home. You?"


"I got home about 30 minutes ago. Hurry! I have something for you!" Tim replied. I could tell he had his mind on something.


"I should be there in about 5 minutes! I can't wait to see you, SIR!"


Tim hung up.


When I entered the apartment, I almost yelled, "I'm home."


"I'm in the kitchen, boy!"


When I walked into the kitchen my jaw dropped and I almost dropped my briefcase. Tim was standing by the kitchen island with nothing but black lace up boots, white socks, a silver metal cock ring, and his leather harness. The harness accentuated his well-defined and muscular chest. He stood like a God!


"I'll give you five minutes to get out of those cloths and into your black jockstrap," Tim commanded.


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I said as I turned and hurried into the bedroom to strip and put on my black jockstrap. Clothing flew onto the bedroom floor. I grabbed my black jockstrap and put it over my already hardening cock. I was kneeling in front of Tim in less than the allotted time.


"I have a drink for you, boy! But, first, I want you to have something else. I've had to pee like a race horse for the last hour. I've been saving it just for you. So, boy! Step up the tap and get started!"


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I replied as I move in closer to Tim. I put his semi-soft cock in my mouth and began awaiting the stream begin. Before long, Tim began to empty his very full bladder into my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed. I never lost a drop. Finally, his stream of warm piss began to slow until the last drops tickled out.


He pulled his cock from my mouth and shook the last remnants of his piss in my face. "Good boy!"


"Thank you, SIR!"


"Now, come and sit beside me." Tim ordered and picked up the vodka he had waiting for me.


"This is for you," Tim said as he handed me my vodka and picked up his, "and this is for me. Cheers!"


We clicked our glasses together, and I asked, "How was your day, SIR?"


"No highs and no lows—just an average day visiting clients. Yours?" Tim asked.


"Good. Things went well at the board meeting. But, I'm even happier now that I'm finally at home with you, SIR!" I replied.


We continued sipping our vodkas as Tim steered to conversation toward his expectations for tonight, "I hope your ass is ready for my dick because my dick is ready for your ass. I've been thinking of you all day, boy! I even borrowed a little blue pill from Rob to make the evening even more inspiring. And, I dropped my Male Hide and bought you another present. You'll get it when I'm done ravaging your ass. How does that sound, boy?"


I grinned big time and replied, "Inspiring, SIR! Very inspiring!" I downed the rest of my vodka.


"You are an eager boy tonight! Now, get on the bed face down with a pillow underneath you to raise your ass up." Tim ordered.


"Yes, SIR!" I answered and made my way to the bedroom and took my position. I heard Tim fill his glass with more ice, and I assumed he added a little more vodka.


Tim came into the bedroom and pulled my legs as far apart as he could. He carefully fastened the restraints that were attached to the bed frame to my ankles. He move to the side of the bed and took my left arm and secured restraints on it. He left the right arm free so that I could handle giving myself snorts of poppers. He moved between my spread legs and started putting lube on my ass and finally his rock hard cock.


"After last night, I don't think I have to worry about getting you ready to pound your boy ass," Tim suggested. He took a couple of big hits of poppers and handed me the open bottle. "Here, boy! You'll need this!"


I took the bottle from Tim and did just as he did. I took several hits of poppers and handed to bottle back to Tim. He inhaled another hit into each nostril, capped the bottle, and put it on the bed beside him.


"Get ready boy because here I come!" Tim barked as he lined up his cock with my awaiting ass and started his plunge into me. One sharp, fast thrust and he was in. He didn't wait for me to get used to his cock and began to pummel my ass.


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I whimpered as Tim picked up the pace. "Fuck me, SIR! Fuck me hard!"


Tim continued his assault on my ass. I could tell he was getting close to cuming after about 30 minutes. He paused for a moment with his cock balls deep in me. I heard him open the bottle of poppers and inhale several times. "Here boy!"


He handed me the poppers and I, too, inhaled deeply into each nostril. Tim took the bottle of poppers back, put the cap back on and threw it on the bed beside him. "Are you ready for my cum, boy?"


"Yes, SIR! Please cum in me, SIR"


Tim began ravaging my ass with his dick. His muscled body was sweating profusely as he hammered away at my ass. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh..." he screamed as he unloaded rope after rope of his cum into my ass. His sweaty body collapsed on top of mine and stayed there until his breathing slowed to an almost normal pace.


"I didn't think it would be possible, but I love fucking your ass better each time I do it, boy!" Tim hissed still laying on top of me. His cock had not gone soft. We laid there for another 10 minutes or so until I felt Tim thrusting his cock in and out of my ass again.


He worked up another deep sweat. As he worked my ass in an almost frenzied pace for at least 15 or 20 minutes. He didn't stop to refuel with poppers this time. His body began to tense up again until I heard him scream, "Get ready, boy! Here comes another load of my cum! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh..." He screamed as he shot his second load of cum in my ass.


He collapse on top of me again. I felt his sweaty body start to relax. Finally, he said, "I could probably do this again, but it's getting late and I still need to give you your present." Tim pulled his still hard cock from my ass and moved to remove the restraints from my wrist and ankles.


"Flip, boy!" Tim ordered. He reached beside the bed and pulled out a package. Before he took the object out of the bag, Tim started to explain, "I talked to Ed today. He's leaving for his conference tomorrow afternoon. We've decided two things. The first is that we want your body shaved completely from the neck down. You will do it over the weekend. I'll help with your ass and back. The second," Tim continued as he pulled the object out of the bag, "we want you to wear this."


I easily recognized the object Tim was holding. It was a curve chastity device. I had worn one similar to it from time to time when I was serving Master Ed.


Tim continued explaining his and Master Ed's expectations to me, "I'll put this on you tonight and you will wear it until we shave your body over the weekend. Then, I'll put it back on you. We will decide Tuesday evening over dinner how long you will continue to wear it."


All the while, Tim was putting the device over my soft cock. "Ed suggested I put this on you after I fucked you a few times. He said you couldn't get your cock hard for about an hour after you'd been thoroughly fucked. I guess he was right on the money." He clicked the padlock closed to secure my cock.


"I need to piss again, boy!" Tim added as he turned on his back. I took his semi-soft cock in my mouth and waited for his stream of warm piss to begin. After he had finished emptying his bladder, he started to fuck my face. We rolled over so that he was on top with his now hard cock still in my mouth and began to fuck my throat. It wasn't long before his body tensed and he began shooting his cum into my mouth.


Tim pulled his cock out of my mouth and again rolled over on his back. Once he caught his breath again, he said, "Thank you for sucking me off, boy!"


I looked over at my lover and said, "No, SIR! Thank you, SIR! I love the taste of your cum, SIR!" I paused and suddenly realized I had forgotten to tell Tim something, "I forgot, after seeing your naked body standing in the kitchen when I came home, to tell you I talked to David today." David is our realtor friend. "If you are free tomorrow evening, I invited him over for dinner to discuss buying a house."


"Perfect! Thank you lover boy! I've been thinking about that very subject a lot today," an elated Tim said. "I know it's late, but I have to ask this. Do you have any idea how much we have to spend?"


"Not off hand, but I did start looking at other places before I met you in P'town. Naturally, I had to put that on hold because of our budding long distance relationship." I began to explain. "I—ah, I mean we—still have the money in the bank from the sale of John and my software business. So, we have a fairly good down payment."


"Do you have plans for lunch tomorrow?" Tim asked.


"No," I replied.


"Maybe I could pick you up and we could talk about this over lunch," Tim suggested.


"Perfect! I'll take you to that sea food place you like so much!" I added.


"Great! Fuck! It's after midnight! We need our beauty rest, don't you think?"


"Yes, SIR!" I said as we snuggled up to one another. We were asleep in no time.



To be continued...


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