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Life With Tim


"Jesus, Steven," Tim said with a smile. "You were acting like this was the first time you were fucked. I know Master Buba is good, but, really Steven, you've spent half of your life on you back in bed with someone's dick in your ass."

"Your just jealous Master Buba wasn't fucking you," I replied with a smile.

"The day isn't over yet," Tim replied. "Master Jose asked me to tell you two to get your asses downstairs so we can eat. We are famished."

"We'll take a shower and be right down," I replied.

"Nope, Master Jose was very specific," Tim added. "No shower. No clothes for either of you."

"The Master has spoken," Master Buba said as he slid out of bed and offered his hand to help me out of bed.

Master Buba put one arm around my shoulders, and his other over Tim's shoulders. We padded downstairs to meet the crew for breakfast.

As we walked into the breakfast room, the others were gathered with coffee in their hands.

"Turn around, Dad," Connor said. "I want to see your back."

I turned around.

"Holy shit!" Connor exclaimed. "You must be one hell of a Master, Uncle Buba. Can you teach me your flogging technique."

"Dad was right, Uncle Buba," JJ said. "You're hung like a horse!"

"JJ!" Tim bellowed. "Don't embarrass Uncle Buba... I mean Master Buba... your Uncle Buba."

"I wouldn't be embarrassed with that piece of meat," JJ continued.

"It this really good?" Tim whispered into my ear. "Our sons are naked at breakfast with eleven naked men."

"To paraphrase Connor and Theo, if you've got it flaunt it," I explained.

Chapter 62: On the Road Again

"Let me get this straight," Tim said to Connor, Theo, and Adrian as I came into the kitchen. "You want me to join your other dad for your next training session?"

"Yes," Connor replied. "We would whip Dad S first. You after. We want the whipping portion to be more realistic."

"Realistic!" Tim bellowed. "You want both of your dads in your training session so you can whip both of your fathers."

"We want to see your reaction to the whipping so we can compare it with the reaction of our other dad," Theo added. "We want this to be a learning experience."

"You want to whip me, your just recently turned slave boy dad, in the name of education?" Tim asked.

"Yes," Adrian replied. "You want us to have the best education possible, don't you?"

"He has a point, Tim," I replied.

"You are my husband, Steven," Tim bellowed again. "You are supposed to take my side."

"May I make a suggestion," Master Buba asked.

"Everyone else has," Tim replied. "So, sure!"

"Do you remember your father telling you about our Spirit Journey last weekend?" Master Buba asked.

"Yup," Connor replied. "Dad said he felt you were inside his mind which made the Journey even more meaningful. What did you have in mind, Uncle Buba?"

"Would you be interested in learning how to take your boy on a Spirit Journey and become part of his mind?" Master Buba asked.

"Abso-fucking-lutely!" Theo replied.

"Language, Theo," Tim admonished Theo. "Watch your language."

"Let me talk to your Dads," Master Buba added. "They will let you know their decision."

"We will await the verdict," Adrian said as all three boys headed upstairs.

"You can teach them this gift?" I asked. "You did say it was a gift."

"Yes," Master Buba replied. "It can be taught. It takes time, but it is well worth the effort."

"Why haven't you taught other tops the technique?" Tim asked.

"I need people who have a certain temperament," Master Buba explained. "The boys definitely have the temperament."

"How do you do this?" I asked.

"Meditation," Master Buba replied. "It also calms the nerves and revitalizes energy."

"They do not need any more energy," Tim added.

"We also need to be naked," Master Buba replied. "Each boy will need a partner. Someone who is a sub. You two are subs. Anyone else you know who might be interested."

"We sit around naked and meditate?" Tim asked. "I feel there is more to this than meditating."

"There is a lot of touching," Master Buba replied. "And kissing. Most men who go through this program are hard during most of the session. All participants will reach a higher plane of sexual energy."

"How long does this sexual energy last?" Tim asked.

"Lifetime," Master Buba replied. "It lasts for a lifetime."

"Does this journey have anything to do with your ability to fuck like a nuclear bunny?" Tim asked.

"Yes," Master Buba replied.

"The boys will like the lifetime sexual energy boost," I added.

"The sessions also help you as subs," Master Buba added. "You learn to relax and give yourself to your Master."

"How many sessions?" I asked

"Four to ten," Master Buba replied. "It depends on the subjects. I believe your boys will learn the technique very quickly as will you Steven. Tim might need more sessions because he has a stubborn disposition which can get in the way of properly meditating."

"I'm okay with the sessions," I replied. "Tim?"

"On two conditions," Tim said with a smile on his face. "I will not be part of the training session while you are being whipped. And we don't tell them our answer until a few days from now. I don't want them to think we're pushovers."

"Who should they ask about the third bottom?" I asked.

"Wayne," Tim replied.

"Ah, yes, Wayne," I agreed.


"Your Master Buba seems to be around a lot recently," Tim said to me in the kitchen while we were consuming our fourth cup of coffee for the morning. "Is there something happening with you, Master Jose, and Master Buba?"

"We get along great," I replied. "Why?"

"Just curious," Tim replied. "How does Master Jose react to all of this?"

"Master Jose and I are not falling out of love, if you are hinting," I explained. "I love Master Jose more and more every day. Master Buba is good company, but he is not my priority. You and Master Jose are my priority right now. Maybe later he will become another priority. I will miss Master Jose when we are on your book tour."

"I will miss Master Grant and Master David, too," Tim added. "But you are my husband. I want to share this moment with you. Do you think Master Jose and Master Buba could develop a relationship with each other?"

"Yes," I replied. I also smiled.

"Details, Steven," Tim said. "I need details so I can plan."

"You mean plot," I added. "They have grown quite fond of each other. Neither one of them are strangers to getting fucked. They use one of your old tricks, Tim. Master Jose and Master Buba tie me to a chair while they make love to each other. They are amazing to watch. It is like watching a magic show only with more fireworks."

"I'll make a point to observe," Tim added. He smiled widely. "I'm sure they both loath an audience."

"Yea, right," I said. "Are you busy right now, Tim?"

"No," Tim asked. "Why?"

"I need a nap," I said as I leaned in closer to Tim and kissed him.

"I'm suddenly a little tired myself," Tim said. "May I join you?"

"I expect you to join me, or I will pout all day," I said.

"We can't have our prize slave boy pouting," Tim said as he grabbed my hand and we hurried upstairs. "And we're already undressed. What could be better?"

Once we were inside our bedroom, Tim kicked the door shut and pulled me close to him. Once his lips met mine, I was instantly hard.

"See what you do to me?" I asked.

"I'm doing one hell of a lot more, trust me, slave boy," Tim said as he moved me backwards until I hit the side of the bed. "On your back. Now!"

"Yes, Sir," I replied as I positioned myself in the middle of the bed. Tim climbed on top of me and resumed kissing me.

"I could do this all day, Steven," Tim whispered between kisses.

"It's only ten," I whispered back.

"Good," Tim whispered back and we continued to kiss. His body rubbed my body. Our hard dicks between us.

"Can you make love to me, Tim?" I asked.

"I plan on it," Tim replied.

"I need you in me," I hissed.

Tim stopped kissing me and leaned back. He grabbed the lube and began slathering it on his hard cock. He added lube to my asshole. I almost shot a load.

As he lined up his dick with my asshole, our eyes locked. Tim slowly inched his cock into my ass.

"God! I needed this, Tim," I whispered as I looked into Tim's eyes.

"Me, too," Tim replied. "I will try to make this last, Steven. But you make my body do funny things."

"Take your time," I said. "I'm quite happy right now with your dick in my ass, and your naked body next to mine. We fit so perfectly with each other."

Tim started kissing me again. He continued his slow pace of moving his dick in and out of me. I found my husband nipples and began playing with them. A twist here. A pull there. He slowly ramped up the speed of his thrusts in and out of me.

Tim raised his upper body. His eyes again met mine. His thrusts became more powerful.

"Shit Steven," Tim squeaked.

His dick exploded in my ass. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" he moaned. I pulled him close to me and kissed him. He lowered his body onto mine to rest.

We laid quietly. Listening to one another breath.

"Holy shit, Steven," Tim squeaked. "It's twelve-thirty. We've been at this for two-and-a-half hours."

"Want to do it again?" I asked.

"Yes, but I am fucking starving," Tim replied. "I'll take you to lunch. But I don't want us to take a shower. I want to reek of sex."

I grabbed my thread bare 501s and a tight white t-shirt. Tim did the same.

"Melrose okay?" Tim asked.

"Perfect," I replied.

Once we were seated and had ordered, we continued our discussion. "Do you think it is weird we love each other so much, yet we are addicted to our Masters?"

"Some people would think we are all just a little crazy," I added. "You and I are married with nine kids ranging in age from one-year to almost 1 year to seventeen. Three live in Masters—probably soon to be four. Two power slaves and Garrison. Eighteen people live in our house. You are a published author. I am, among other things, a porn star and a rent boy. I'd say we're pretty normal."

"Would you change anything?" Tim asked.

"Yea, I would make time stand still," I replied. "You?"

"Nope," Tim replied. "We have a perfect life... for us."

"Steven Caldwell!" I looked up to see someone from my past.

"Jesus, Hung!" I almost screamed. "Where the fuck have you been hiding?"

"I just moved back to Chicago last week," Hung explained. "I lived in San Francisco for the last three years. Now I am back where I should have stayed."

"Tim," I said. "This is Hung, a friend of mine from college. Hung, this is Tim, my husband."

"Want to join us?" Tim asked as he gazed at Hung's perfectly muscled body.

"I don't want to intrude," Hung replied.

"You won't be intruding," Tim added. "Besides, I have a thing for muscled Asian men. Right, Steven?"

"Yes," I replied. "In some ways, Hung is a lot like Master David."

"Really?" Tim said as he kept his eyes glued to Hung's crotch. "Have a seat."

"Thanks for the offer," Hung said as he sat next to Tim. "How long have you two been married?"

"Almost two years," Tim explained. "We were just talking about our household. To say it is an eclectic living situation is an understatement."

"You don't need to be worried about telling Hung about our life," I added. "He is one of us. Are you still a BDSM top?"

"Once a BDSM top, always a BDSM top," Hung replied. "You two?"

"Let me explain," Tim began. "Steven and I are married. I have two Masters. Steven has two Masters. We have nine kids ranging in age from almost one-year-old to seventeen years old. We have two hung black studs living with us who are refugees from Hassin. Garrison, who switches between a BDSM top and a BDSM bottom like most of us change underwear, also lives with us. Everyone lives together as one big happy family. Recently, Steven has retired from the tech firm he worked for, and now is a porn star and a rent boy. I am an author. Master Grant is a television news commentator. My other Master David is an attorney. Steven's Master Jose is... well, let's just say he inherited well, and owns a porn studio. Steven's other Master, Buba, is a serial entrepreneur. So, how is your life going, Hung?"

"I have a boy," Hung replied. "His name is Jacob. He's a nurse. He interviewed for a job at Northwestern Memorial. I still teach physics. I moved here because I landed a position at Northwestern. We are probably making an offer for a house on Cornelia. It needs work before we can move in."

"We're neighbors, again, Hung," I added. "We live on Roscoe Street."

"We were looking at a place on Roscoe between Broadway and Halsted. It was in perfect shape," Hung replied. "It would have been tough to purchase. Some dude bought the entire block, and the property is tangled up in a trust or something. They only wanted to rent it out. We wanted to buy a place. And we need it fairly quickly."

"Which side of Roscoe?" Tim asked.

"South," Hung replied. "Why?"

"If you want to buy the one on Roscoe, we happen to know the administrator of the trust," I said.

"Really?" Hung exclaimed.

"Yes," Tim replied.

"Come over for dinner tomorrow night and we can introduce you to him," I added. "Besides, we have a lot to catch up on, and we want to meet your boy."

"It's settled," Tim began. "Cocktails at 7. Dinner at 8. Steven and I will be naked because we are slaves. Rule of the house. Now, Hung, tell us more about your boy."


The doorbell rang exactly at 7 pm. Seconds later, Harvey escorted our dinner guests into the living room.

I was the first on my feet to hug Hung, and introduce myself to Hung's boy, Jacob.

"We're glad you could make it," I said to Hung as I hugged him. "It's nice to meet you, Jacob."

"Hung told me all about you, Steven," Jacob said. "And, you are..., Steven. Your body. Your tattoos. Your balls. Amazing!"

"Thank you, Jacob," I replied.

Tim stood beside me by now. "Jacob, this is my husband, Tim. Tim, Hung's boy, Jacob."

"Pleasure to meet you, Jacob," Tim replied as he memorized Jacob's body.

"Strip, Jacob," Hung said. "House rules."

"Yes, Sir," Jacob replied as he began to shed his clothes.

"Holy shit!" Tim said after Jacob had finished removing all his clothes. "You are one amazing man, Jacob."

"Thank you, Sir," Jacob replied.

Jacob was amazing. He was at least six feet tall. Blond hair. Blue eyes. His naturally smooth, gym-toned body mesmerized Tim. His dick, now starting to grow, made me want to go down on my knees and put it in my mouth. Uncut. Shaved. Low hanging balls. Remarkable!

Once we introduced Hung and Jacob to the family, we began our catch-up session. I sat between Master Jose and Master Buba. Tim sat between his Masters Grant and David. Hung sat in a chair beside the sofa. Jacob sat on the floor next to his Master.

"What's new in the physics department, Hung?" Tim asked. "I probably won't understand whatever you say, so if you want, you can embellish."

"I'm an astrophysics professor at Northwestern," Hung explained. "I won't bore you with the details other than to say I love my work."

"Maybe we should get some pesky items off the table so we can enjoy our conversation," Master David said to Hung and Jacob. "Steven and Tim said you were interested in purchasing a property on Roscoe which is in trust. I am the trustee. We are prepared to offer you the property for $500 thousand. I can guarantee an approved mortgage through our bank in Hassin. Very low interest, of course. We like to keep our neighborhood in the family."

"You don't waste time, do you David?" Hung said with a smile. "Isn't $500 thousand extremely less than the market value of the property?"

"Minor detail," Master David replied.

"Think of it as a friends and family discount, Hung," I added.

"Jacob?" Hung said to his boy.

"The place on Cornelia went for three times as much," Jacob replied. "So, unless these dudes are high and out of their minds, I say go for it."

"Consider it done," Hung said to the group.

"I will have the papers for you to sign tomorrow evening," Master David replied. "The place will be yours by Saturday. The property is part of our homeowners association. I'll explain the details tomorrow before you sign the paper work. Now, I need another drink."

Harvey arrived out of nowhere with another round of cocktails and retreated into the kitchen.

"So, Hung, do you and your boy Jacob workout much?" Tim asked.

"Six days a week," Hung replied. "Six am Monday through Saturday. Two hours every day. I want my boy to look his best."

"You've accomplished your goal, Hung," Tim added.

"How do you fit all of these people into one house?" Jacob asked.

"The house is under a continual state of renovation," Master Jose explained. "David, Grant, Bubba, Bondoc, Angel, Garrison, and I have suites on the third floor. The second floor has the master suite for Steven and Tim as well as the boys' bedrooms. The first floor is our common living space. The garden level space includes a theater, gym, and playroom. It's a very cozy living environment."

"So, Tim, Steven," Hung began. "You have a room while your Masters are upstairs?"

"It's convenient," I replied. "Close to our Masters if they need anything, and close to the boys if they need us."

"They are usually upstairs," Connor added. He smiled. "In case you don't know, our Dads are sluts."

"Not a nice thing to say about your fathers, Connor," Master Buba said to Connor.

"It's true though," Master Grant added. "Tim and Steven redefine the word slut. They are naturals."

"Now, let's change the subject," Tim began. "How well do you know Hung, Steven?"

"We were friends in college," I replied. "We continued our friendship here in Chicago while Hung worked on his Masters and Ph.D."

"I used to go to all of the Hellfire parties because I knew Steven's master would put Steven up for public use" Hung explained. "The parties were usually the highlight of my month."

"Then he abandoned me for the sights of San Francisco," I explained. "I was heartbroken."

"Whatever happened to your former Master?" Hung asked.

"He turned me out to pasture after I refused to quit my job and serve him fulltime," I answered. "He briefly came into Tim's and my life. Didn't last long."

"We should join Hellfire, Jacob," Hung said to his boy. "I could put you up for public use. You'd like it, wouldn't you, boy?"

"Yes, Sir," Jacob said as his dick suddenly grew to full size.

"Nice dick on you, boy," Master Grant said to Jacob. "Do you use it much?"

"Only when Master wants to torture it," Jacob replied. "I'm usually locked up. But, Master wanted to show me off tonight."

"I'm pleased he made his decision," Master David said.

"Not to change the subject, but how did you two collect all of these kids?" Hung asked.

"Strokes of luck," Tim replied. "There are four more boys upstairs. They are almost two years old now. Two sets of twins. They were rescued by Steven and Ajmal."

"Dads rescued Theo and me from our parents," Connor explained. "They were more than a little nuts. Religion gone bad."

"Dads took JJ and me after our father passed away in an accident," Adrian continued.

"Dad Steven adopted me in Hassin because my family wanted me safe in America," Ramish said. "Of course, I was able to fuck him before he became my father."

"Jeze, Ramish," I said. "Isn't there any secrets left in this house?"

"Not many," Tim added with a smile.

"Who is Ajmal?" Hung asked.

"He and his husband Marcus were my Masters until they were killed in a car bomb explosion," I explained.

"I'm sorry," Hung said. "I didn't mean to stir up bad feelings, Steven."

"We made it through the worst part," I added. "Now, we've moved on with our lives like Amjal and Marcus would have wanted."

As I put my empty glass down, Harvey appeared with a tray of fresh drinks.

"Tim also mentioned, Steven, you were a porn star and a rent boy," Hung said. "What made you switch careers?"

"Master Jake and Miguel started the studio," I explained. "They needed an actor. Garrison and I were in the first film together. My Masters Jose and Buba along with two others recently bought the studio. It appears I will be back in the film business. The rent boy gig is a little more complicated. It's a legacy from Master Ajmal. With the help of Masters Jose and Buba and my husband, I will continue once the dust settles on a few other issues. One of which is the release of Tim's first book next month."

"You must be excited, Sir," Jacob said. "I always wanted to write, but I haven't taken the first step."

"Why don't you write instead of taking the nursing position?" Hung asked. "You wouldn't be working nights, and we could actually have a life together."

"We should introduce you to Callum," Tim added. "He runs a nonprofit organization. One of its missions is to fund the arts and to help the gay community He can probably arrange for a grant to write your first book, right, Steven?"

"It is? Oh, silly me. Of course," I replied. "Your idea is excellent, Tim. Do you want to call Callum tomorrow or do you want me to call him?"

"Thanks for the offer, but I don't have any history of writing," Jacob said. "I don't even have an idea yet."

"Come over tomorrow afternoon, and I will help you get started," Tim offered. "Master David will have the papers for the house to sign. Hung and Steven can catch up on each other's lives."

"I don't know what to say," Jacob replied.

"Thank you," Hung replied. "Just say `Thank you, Tim. Thank you, Steven.'"

"Thank you, Tim. Thank you, Steven," Jacob said with a smile on his face.

"Maybe you could try out for a part at the porn studio," Hung said to Jacob.

"He doesn't need to try out," Master Jose replied.

"He has the job," Master Buba added.

"I'm going to be a porn star?" Jacob asked.

"If you want to be a porn star, you can be a porn star," Hung said. "Say, `Thank you, Masters.'"

"Thank you, Masters," Jacob added. "You won't mind, Master?"

"Nope," Hung explained. "It will be hot watching my boy serve some muscle dude on film! Talk about public displays! Maybe you could get into the rent boy business, too!"

"Nothing is impossible if you stick with our family," Master Jose said.

"Dinner is served," Harvey announced from the door leading to the dining room.


"Great to see you again," Tim effused as he and I opened the door. "Come in and get comfortable."

"Strip, boy," Hung ordered his boy Jacob.

"Yes, Master," Jacob replied as he quickly removed his clothing and piled them I a corner. "I can't tell you how excited this makes me, Tim. I have wanted to write my whole life, but I could never get started. Either I was afraid I might fail, or I would be lousy at writing."

"Could you two excuse us for about two hours," Tim asked.

"Sure," Hung replied.

"We will make ourselves scarce," I suggested. "Let's head to the back."

Master Jose and Master Buba were in the kitchen having coffee.

"Good to see you again, Hung," Master Jose said as we walked into the kitchen. "Steven, your Master Buba and I were discussing the two of you. Why don't you take Hung downstairs to the play room? I am certain he would like a tour, and then you could entertain yourselves."

"Yes, Master," I replied. "This way, Hung."

I turned on the lights to the playroom. "Holy fuck!" Hung exclaimed. "This is one nice playroom. How did you manage to put all of this together?"

"We came back from the summer in Provincetown," I replied. "Master Ajmal came with us. He did most of it. When Master Grant and Master David got together, they added equipment. This is the result."

"Impressive," Hung replied. "So are you, Steven. I had to fight my temptation last night to pin you to the ground and fuck your brains out."

"Just like old times, right?" I asked.

"Just like old times," Hung replied. "Am I missing something, but did your Master Jose give us permission to get reacquainted with each other?"

"He gave us permission," I replied. "And, Sir, please don't fight your temptation much longer. I have missed your tight body."

"Take my clothes off, boy," Hung ordered.

"Yes, Sir," I replied as I stepped forward and began removing Hung's clothing. I slipped his t-shirt over his head. I gasp as I looked at his massively muscled chest. "Someone's been working out!"

"Move it, boy," Hung ordered.

"Yes, Sir," I replied as I knelt to pull off Hung's sneakers. I reached up and unfastened Hung's tight, tight jeans. As I pulled his jeans down, his hard dick popped straight up after being released from the confines of his jeans. I flung his jeans into a corner of the playroom. I couldn't take my eyes off Master Hung's ten-inch uncut dick. I looked up at Master Hung. "I had forgotten what a beautiful man you are, Sir!"

"Thank you, boy," Master Hung replied. "Have you forgotten what I like when you first get me naked?"

"No, Sir," I replied. "I never forgot the feeling of your beautiful dick sliding in and out of my throat."

"Get to it, boy," Master Hung ordered.

I quickly moved in front of Master Hung's ten-inch uncut dick. I licked the foreskin. I swallowed his hard dick and jammed it down my throat.

"Aw, fuck man!" Master Hung growled before he began to face fuck me. Hard driving thrusts in and out of my throat. He kept pounding his big dick down my throat and then out again. I couldn't breathe normally, and Master Hung kept face fucking me. "I'm cumming, boy! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"

He kept his dick planted down my throat until he recovered slightly.

"Shit, boy," Hung said as his breathing slowed. "You are one damn good cocksucker! Of course I knew you were good. Good in so many ways."

"Thank you, Sir," I replied.

"Stand up, boy," Hung ordered.

"Yes, Sir," I said as I stood.

Master Hung pulled me close to him. He cupped my face in his hand and kissed me. I felt sparks. He kept kissing, and I responded. Passion erupted between us. I was on fire from the touch of his hands on my naked skin and the touch of our lips.

"All of a sudden I am feeling guilty," Master Hung whispered as he stopped kissing me but still held me tight.

"Why?" I asked.

"My boy and your husband are upstairs working on a potential new book," Master Hung explained. "And I am down here naked with you, Steven. I am fighting the urge to throw you onto a bed and fuck you. I will fuck you very, very soon. But not now. I hope you aren't disappointed."

"Good things come for those who wait," I added. "Do you want to get dressed or just go upstairs naked. My Masters will, no doubt, ogle your perfect body."

"Naked is fine with me," Master Hung replied. "Will your Masters mind? I'm not a slave, you know."

"They won't mind," I added. "Sunday morning brunch here is usually a room full of naked men and boys."

"Let's go," Master Hung said as he gave me one more kiss.

When Master Hung and I walked into the kitchen, Master Jose and Master Buba were still sitting at the kitchen island with papers strewn about.

"Holy shit!" Master Jose exclaimed. "Steven didn't tell us you look fabulous naked."

"Thank you," Master Hung replied.

"I take it Steven gave you a little treat," Master Buba said with a smile.

"Yea," Master Hung said. "I had forgotten he's such a great cocksucker."

"Better than me, Master?" Jacob said as he and Tim joined us.

"No, boy," Master Hung replied. "No one is better than you. Steven just does it differently."

"Maybe we should share techniques?" Jacob said to me.

"Maybe," I replied.

"Hung," Master Buba began. "Are you sure you don't want to be in a porn movie? You have the prefect body."

"Thanks," Master Hung replied. "I would love to be a porn star. However, Northwestern frowns on professors appearing in porn films. They feel it is not good for the reputation of the University. I like my job, and I want to keep it."

"Understandable," Master Jose replied. "I used to think like you do, Hung. Then my ex-wife got pissed when I told her I wanted a divorce so I could date men. She found out the man I left her for was Steven Caldwell, and she went ballistic. I don't care anymore."

"How is the book ideas coming?" I asked.

"Tim is a very patient and creative teacher," Jacob replied. "He helped me sort out the two main characters. They both now have voices rattling around in my head."

"I did speak with Callum at the foundation," I added. "He wants to meet you. He has a few options to discuss with you."

"You'll like Callum," Tim added. "He was one of my first loves in college. We were too much alike and were both narcissists. Not a good pairing. His husband is a cop with the CPD."

David came dashing through the back door. He almost dropped his briefcase when he saw Hung standing beside me naked.

"Damn, boy!" Master David said. "Put on some clothes, or I will not be responsible for my actions!"

"We like him just like he is," Master Jose added. "Handsome and naked. Brings out the color of his eyes."

"I'll bet," Master David said as he was still staring at Master Hung. "Why don't you two naked boys come into my office, and we can work through the papers?"

"Right behind you," Master Hung replied.

"You mean I can't watch your perfect ass from behind?" Master David added.

Tim turned his attention to me, "So, Steven. Is Master Hung just like you remembered?"

"No," I replied. "His chest is bigger. His biceps are bigger. His legs are bigger. His dick, though, is just as I remember."

"Nice to know some things don't change," Tim replied.


"We have you scheduled for two appointments here in Chicago before you and Tim leave for his book signing tour," Master Jose explained as we sat in our bedroom. Well, I was tied to a chair in the bedroom after watching Master Jose and Master Buba make love. It was Master Jose's turn to be the top.

"You will be with Babak and Hassid this coming weekend," Master Buba added. "They will retrieve you at 5 pm on Friday and return you at 5 pm on Monday."

"I gave them a special rate because they are our business partners," Master Jose explained. "I know you will enjoy your second client, Jay Lee Dong. You had so much admiration for him. You will arrive at his home on Wednesday at 5 pm. He will release you on Thursday at 5 pm."

"Do you have any questions, boy?" Master Buba asked.

"No, Sir," I replied. "I will be busy. How will I organize my things for the trip?"

"We will have your luggage packed prior to your arrival here on Thursday," Master Jose said.

"So, what will I do with all of my free time until Master Babak and Master Hassid retrieves me?" I asked.

"You will spend most of your time with us," Master Jose replied. "The three of us will bond. We've also scheduled the training session with your sons. I will give you to them at 2 pm today. They asked for more time this session, so you will be with them until 6 pm."

"Who will help the boys with their training session while Tim and I are away?" I asked.

"Wayne has agreed to stand in for you," Master Buba replied.

"Wayne," I repeated. "Silly me. Why didn't I realize Wayne would be available?"

"When you get back from your month-long tour, we will have a surprise waiting for you, Steven," Master Jose continued as he and Master Buba released me from bondage. "You will, we are certain, enjoy the surprise."

"Now, boy," Master Buba began once I was freed from the chair. "You have two dicks to suck."

Master Buba and Master Jose both pulled their t-shirts over their heads and pushed down their gym shorts. I immediately dropped to my knees. Master Buba put his cock to my mouth.


Master Buba escorted me downstairs to the playroom precisely at 2 pm. The boys were waiting. This time they wore identical outfits. Black lace up leather football shorts and black leather lace up boots.

"You boys look more than ready for your session," Master Buba said to the boys.

"Thanks, Uncle Buba," Theo replied. "We are excited about today."

Master Buba took off my collar and headed upstairs.

Master Theo pick up my collar they had purchased for me and secured it around my neck. I stood at attention. Hands behind my back. Legs spread shoulder width apart. Looking down at the floor.

"Master," I recited my pledge. "I give you my mind, my body, and my soul, Master. I will forsake all others. I am yours."

"Good boy," Master Theo replied as he pulled me toward him for his first kiss of the session. I couldn't help myself, but I melted into his passionate kiss. "You like me kissing you, don't you boy?"

"Yes, Master," I replied.

"Why?" Master Theo asked.

"You're a good kisser," I replied with hesitancy in my voice.

"You like kissing me, boy, because I am your son," Master Theo began. "You like kissing me, boy, because two of your other sons are watching us. Right, boy?"

"Yes, Master," I replied

"Good, boy," Master Theo replied. "We have a very special session planned for us today, boy. Uncle Donny suggested this approach. We want him to explain to you how we will proceed. Uncle Donny."

Master Theo stepped away, and Master Donny stood before me. He wore a pair of chaps with nothing underneath.

"I suggested your Masters work on domination and humiliation today," Master Donny said. "As you are aware, boy, domination and humiliation becomes key in the interaction of Master and slave. We will also work on some torture scenes to accompany their domination and humiliation session. I expect you to obey every order either one of these men give you. You do not question. You just do. If you don't, they will decide on the appropriate punishment. Do you have any questions, boy?"

"No, Sir," I replied. My dick seemed ready to explode any moment. "I am eager to begin, Sir."

It was Master Adrian's turn to stand in front of me, "So, boy. Last session I gave you a blowjob. You liked it, didn't you, boy?

"Yes, Master," I replied as he cupped my face in his hands and pulled me in for a kiss.

Master Adrian stopped kissing me, "When JJ and I came to live with you, I never fathomed I would be having sex with you, boy. I always thought it would be hot. Your body. Your demeaner. Your unwavering devotion to whichever Master you are serving. Your dedication to your family. From this day forward, you and your sons—Connor, Theo, and I—will share a very special bond. We can't go back and undo our bond, boy. We are in this for the long hall. And we expect you to be right beside us. Your husband Tim expects you to be right beside us. Your Masters Uncle Jose and Uncle Buba expect you to be right beside us. This isn't a choice for you any more, boy. What do you say, boy?"

"I love you guys as my sons," I began. "I always will. I had no idea I would be involved with the three of you like we are right now. So, yes, I am in this for the long hall, too."

"Take off my shorts, boy," Master Adrian ordered.

"Yes, Master," I replied as I quickly began to unlace the leather football shorts which fit Adrian's body like a glove. I dropped to my knees and pulled his leather shorts over his boots.

"Stand up, boy," Master Adrian ordered. "Assume the position."

"Yes, Master," I replied. I positioned myself legs shoulder wide apart, hands behind my back, looking down at the floor. "We have something special for you, boy. Master Connor will do the honors, boy."

Master Connor positioned himself behind me.

"Bend at the waist, boy, and suck on my dick," Master Adrian ordered.

"Yes, Sir," I replied as I bent down and took Master Adrian's hard, uncut, nine-inch dick into my mouth.

Master Connor pressed something cold and hard against my ass.

"We bought this butt plug especially for you, boy," Master Connor said. "Did you ever think one of your sons would put a butt plug up your ass? You don't need to answer my question. Just keep sucking on your son's dick, boy."

I gasp as Connor pushed the entire butt plug, a very large one, up my ass. I groaned in pleasure.

"Down your throat like a good cocksucker, boy," Master Adrian ordered. I obeyed by taking all of his beautiful dick into my mouth and down my throat.

"Spread your legs wider, boy," Theo said. He grabbed my over-sized balls and squeezed them tightly. I felt him attach something to my balls. "This is a ball parachute, boy. You need some weights hanging from your balls. More and more weights as the session progresses. We'll start with twenty pounds."

I felt Theo connect something to the parachute. "Ahhhhh!" I moaned with Master Adrian's dick still in my mouth. Theo had dropped the twenty-pound weight. I became so involved in Master Adrian face fucking me, I lost all track of time.

"I'm going to cum, boy!" Master Adrian bellowed as he pulled his dick out of my mouth. His dick erupted with rope after rope of cum shot from Master Adrian's dick and landed on my face. Master Adrian pressed my head down over his dick again. "Clean it, boy. Clean it you cum dump of a cocksucker."

Master Adrian finally pulled his cock from my mouth. "You really are a good cocksucker, boy. I can't wait to fuck you some day. Your turn, Theo."

I sucked the other two boys off. Then, I was on the menu again.

"Boy!" Theo bellowed. "Get your sorry ass over here! Now!"

"Yes, Master," I replied as I hurried to face Master Theo. I assumed the position.

"I don't believe you put the same effort into sucking me off as you did my brothers, boy. Now you will pay for your horrible mistake, cocksucker. When we give you to someone, we can't have you sluffing off and make us look bad. Do you understand, boy?"

"Yes, Sir," I replied. "I'm sorry if I didn't make you happy, Master."

"I have decided on your punishment," Master Theo finally said. "First, I will flog you."

"Fifty times," Master Adrian suggested.

"Not enough," Master Connor replied. "Fifty times by each of us. You can go first, Theo."

"Stockade, boy," Master Theo bellowed his order. "Get your slave boy ass beside the stockade."

"Yes, Master," I replied as I hurried to the stockade.

Master Connor secure my left wrists to the stockade while Master Adrian secured my right wrist. Master Theo moved to the wall of whips to find the flogger he wanted to use.

Master Theo selected a whip and moved in front of me. "I've chosen this flogger, boy. What do you have to say for yourself, boy?"

"I'm sorry I disappointed you, Master Theo," I responded.

"I want you to count every blow I put on your back, do you understand, boy?" Master Theo asked.

"Yes, Master," I replied. "Please hurt me, Master. Please."

"Damn straight, boy," Master Theo said as he moved into position behind me.

I heard the whistle of the whip cutting through the air. "Ahhhh!" I screamed. "One, thank you, Sir."

"Ahhhh!" I screamed again. "Two, thank you, Sir."

"Ahhhh!" I screamed again. "Three, thank you, Sir."

"Ahhhh!" I screamed again. "Four, thank you, Sir."


"Ahhhh!" I screamed again. "Twenty, thank you, Sir."


"Ahhhh!" I screamed again. "Thirty, thank you, Sir."


"Ahhhh!" I screamed again. "Forty, thank you, Sir."


"Ahhhh!" I screamed again. "Fifty, thank you, Sir."

"Your turn, Connor," Master Theo said as he examined his handy work. "Does it hurt, boy?"

"Yes, Master," I replied.

"Do you want us to stop, boy?" Theo asked.

"No, please don't stop, Master," I responded.

Master Connor now stood in front of me. "What do you think of this flogger?"

"Bigger," I responded. "More pain."

"Exactly, boy," Master Connor said. "Don't forget to count, boy."

"Yes, Master," I responded.

Master Connor positioned himself behind me. Without warning, the first blow hit my already painful back

"Ahhhhhhhh!" I screamed again. "Two, thank you, Sir."

"Ahhhhhhhh!" I screamed again. "Three, thank you, Sir."

"Ahhhhhhhh!" I screamed again. "Four, thank you, Sir."


"Ahhhhhhhh!" I screamed again. "Twenty, thank you, Sir."


"Ahhhhhhhh!" I screamed again. "Thirty, thank you, Sir."


"Ahhhhhhhh!" I screamed again. "Forty, thank you, Sir."


"Ahhhhhhhh!" I screamed again. "Fifty, thank you, Sir."

Master Connor put his hands on my back. "How does it feel, boy?" Master Connor asked.

"Painful, Master," I hissed.

"Good," Master Connor said. "You're up, Adrian."

"I'm not showing you the choice I made for the flogger, boy," Master Adrian explained.

The first volley landed on my back.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed again. "Two, thank you, Sir."

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed again. "Three, thank you, Sir."

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed again. "Four, thank you, Sir."


"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed again. "Twenty, thank you, Sir."


"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed again. "Thirty, thank you, Sir."


"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed again. "Forty, thank you, Sir."


"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed again. "Fifty, thank you, Sir."

"Way to go, DAD," Master Adrian said as he finished and put away his flogger.

All three boys worked to set me free of the stockade.

"I think we need a group hug," Master Theo said as he put his arms around me and kissed me.

Master Connor was next.

Master Adrian was last.

The three of them circled around me and hugged tightly.

"It's time to get you cleaned up and go upstairs so we can join the others," Master Connor suggested. "Group shower?"

"Definitely," Master Adrian replied.

Master Adrian attached the leash to my collar. "You are still under our control, boy. We give the orders. You obey. No questions asked. Understand?"

"Yes, Master," I replied.

We joined the group assembled in the living room while they waited for dinner.

Master Adrian led me to a prominent position in the room, "On your knees, boy. Assume the kneeling position."

"Yes, Master," I replied.

"How did your session go with the boys, Steven?" Tim asked.

"It turned out to be a unique experience," I replied. "One I will never forget. I do have a question for my husband and my two Masters. Did you really encourage Master Connor, Master Theo, and Master Adrian to take steps to take our relationship to a new level?"

"Yes," Tim replied. "Is this a problem, Steven?"

"According to my three seventeen-year-old Masters, I have no choice," I replied. I still knelt beside my sons. Adrian handcuffed my arms behind my back while I answered Tim's question. "But, no. It is not a problem. Just please don't tell anyone outside the family three of my sons are also my Masters."

"Don't you want the world to know you have three very, very hot studs as your Masters," Master Buba asked.

"Not yet," I replied.

"I believe you have crossed a milestone here," Master Jose explained. "I am very proud of you, Steven. And you also, boys. I only wish I could have been there to watch these three young studs whip you!"

"I'm surprised you didn't take a video," I said to Master Jose.

"We did," Master David replied. "I wasn't going to miss this session because of a lousy court date."

"We hear you are going to be busy these next few days, Steven," Master Grant said with a smile.

"I am not privy to the schedule for the next few days," I replied.

"You will be spending a great deal of time in the playroom," Master Buba replied.

"Can we visit?" Master Connor asked.

"Sure," Master Jose replied.

"Don't encourage them, Master," I pleaded.

"Are you locking Steven up during the book signing tour?" Master Grant asked Masters Jose and Buba.

"Yes," Master Jose replied. "Are you locking Tim up?"

"Of course," Master David replied.

"So, Steven," Tim added. "It looks like we will be doing a lot of cuddling and kissing."

"Not a problem," I said with a smile.

"Not to change the subject, but Dad is handcuffed behind his back. Can you sit on the floor and feed him, Dad?" Master Connor asked Tim.

"You are not serious are you?" Tim asked.

"Of course," Master Theo explained.


Master Babak's driver pulled into the driveway of Master Babak's house. The massive contemporary home sat on a slight hill overlooking Lake Michigan on the North Shore of Chicago. As instructed, I exited the car and made my way to Master Babak's front door. I rang the bell. I forgot to mention. I was naked. I waited. And I waited. Cars drove by. I waited some more. Finally, the door opened.

"Hello, boy," Master Babak said as he stood just inside the open door. "Welcome to my home."

"Thank you, Sir," I replied as I stepped inside the entryway.

"It's been a long time between our sessions, boy," Master Babak said as he pulled me close to his body. His ten-inch, uncut, hard Persian dick touched my own hard dick. "I will have you until tomorrow at 5 pm. I will give you to my brother Hassid. He will have you until Sunday at 5 pm. We will both have you until it is time for you to leave. I hope you are well rested, boy. We do not plan to give you much nap time."

Master Babak released me from his hold and stepped backward. He picked up his collar from a hallway table and locked it in place.

"Master," I recited my pledge. "I give you my mind, my body, and my soul, Master. I will forsake all others. I am yours."

"Good boy," Master Babak replied. Even though I had seen Master Babak naked before, I still marveled at his well-crafted body. His massive six-foot four-inch muscular frame and jet black hair made my dick rise. I eyed his ten-inch uncut Middle Easter dick. "Is there something you need, boy? You looked as if you lost something."

"No, Sir," I replied. "I didn't lose anything. I was just marveling at you perfect body. Visions of our last time together seem to be popping out of my mind at this very moment."

"I, too, remember our time together," Master Babak said. "This will be another remarkable experience for the two of us. Let's chat for a moment, boy."

"Yes, Sir," I replied as Master Babak hooked the leash on my collar and led me into the huge kitchen. Master Babak offered me a seat at the kitchen island.

Master Babak handed me a vodka on the rocks. He had a matching drink.

"A lot of things have changed since our last time together," Master Babak began. "You still miss AJ and his husband Marcus. I certainly do. He would do anything to help someone in need. Of course, you know that. You probably wonder why I moved to Chicago... I moved here to be close to you, Steven. Just being around you gives my creative bones a nudge. I convinced your Masters Jose and Buba to become a partner in the studio. My brother Hassid begged me to make him part of the effort. Please understand, Steven, I will never, ever do anything to harm your relationship with your husband, your Masters, your sons, or anyone else important to you. But, I do love you for your mind, for your compassion, for your body, for your spirit, and for everything else about you. You are a magnificent man. We will be making another Spirit Journey while we are together. We will make several, I am certain. Let me in, Steven. We can create another point of happiness in the world. I see you reacted very positively to my words, Steven. Your cock is magnificent when it is stimulated. Absolutely magnificent."

"Thank you, Master," I replied. "I want to make you happy. Now and in the future. Please take me with you on your Spirit Journey again, Master. I thought of you often after our first session. I want more if you will give it to me. Take me, Master. Make me yours. Make me feel your power. Make me feel your energy. Take me."

Master Babak took the drink from my hands and placed it on the counter. "It is time, Steven. It is time we begin our Spirit Journey together."

"Yes, Sir," I replied.

Master Babak led me upstairs to the third floor. We stepped into the playroom. My jaw dropped. The playroom encompassed the entire third floor. Floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Lake Michigan covered one side of the room. Every imaginable piece of BDSM equipment filled the room. Slings, bondage tables, crosses, sawhorses, fucking machines, and much, much more.

"I take it you like what you see, boy?" Master Babak asked.

"It's amazing, Master," I replied. I couldn't think of anything else to say.

"On your knees, boy," Master Babak ordered. "Assume the position."

I dropped to my knees. I spread my legs shoulder width apart. Hands behind my back. I looked downward at the floor.

"Lick my balls, boy," Master Babak ordered as he moved so his balls hung in front of my face.

I stuck out my tongue and began covering Master Babak's ball sack with zeal. I continued until I could manage to take one of his balls into my mouth. I could smell the musty odor and I felt the Master Babak's energy flow from his one testicle into my body. I felt the power of the man I served. He became my God. Flashes of our future activity rattled through my brain. I needed this man. I needed to make him happy. I needed to make him feel my total submission.

"You are enjoying this, aren't you, boy?" Master Babak asked as I continued to lick his balls.

"Yes, Sir," I managed to squeak out while I licked and licked and licked.

Master Babak finally tugged at my leash.

"On all fours, boy," Master Babak ordered.

I quickly settled on my hands and knees waiting for my next order.

Master Babak tugged at my leash again. I followed him, crawling on my hands and knees. We stopped at the sling in front of the wall of windows.

"Stand, boy," Master Babak ordered.

I stood and assumed the position waiting for my next order. Master Babak unclipped my leash from my collar. He pushed me backwards until my legs touched the sling. He silently helped me into the sling and bound my wrists to the one end and my legs at the other end.

"Such a wonderful sight, boy," Master Babak explained as he began to stroke his ten-inch dick. "Your beautiful ass exposed for my pleasure. Your dick hard and excited about having my dick in your ass in just a few moments. Relax, Steven. Let me take you on another Spirit Journey. This time into the depths of the Spirit World. You will understand when we return how magnificent the Spirit World can be. You will never be the same once we return. I won't say anymore. Now it is time to go."

Master Babak moved so his big dick aligned with my asshole. I felt the energy flow as soon as his dick touched my asshole.

"Yes, Master," I begged. "Take me. Please take me."

I had no longer uttered the last word when I felt his dick totally impaled in my ass.

"Oh! God! Yes!" I hissed.

As Master Babak began to massage my ass with his dick, I felt light. I felt the energy from Master Babak's body transfer into mine. Mine into Master Babak. The air seemed lighter. We seemed to sore through the sky.

I heard Master Ajmal's voice whisper into my ear. `Let it go, boy. Feel the moment. Feel the energy. Feel the power. Give everything to the man you are with, boy. Do it. Do it for me.'

"Yes, Sir," I whispered not knowing where I was.

I felt different after I uttered the word `Sir.' The feeling of Master Babak's dick in my ass felt like no other pleasure I have experienced. I relaxed and concentrated on the extreme pleasure I felt.

I felt a pressure growing in my hard dick. Without warning, I shot my load. Cum exploding from my dick. Massive amounts of cum landing on my body. Face. Chest. Stomach. I looked at Master Babak's face. Lighting bolts seemed to pop out of his eyes.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Master Babak bellowed as I felt his massive load of cum flood my ass. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"

Master Babak lowered his massive, sweat covered body on top of me as he caught his breathe. Finally, he spoke, "Massive orgasm, boy?"

"Yes, Master," I whispered.

"You saw AJ didn't you, boy?" Master Babak asked.

"Yes, Master," I replied. "He gave me encouragement. I have never felt the blissful peace of a man taking me until now. When your dick moved in and out of me, I felt the exhilarated and safe. You make me feel safe, Master. Very safe."

"Good," Master Babak replied. "We have more to accomplish, boy. Much more."

Master Babak put his lips on mine. Softly nibbling on my lower lip. His tongue entered my mouth.

"I want you, Master," I whispered. "I want you to take me in search of new beginnings."

"I promise you, boy," Master Babak added between kisses. "We will find those new beginnings you crave."

As Master Babak continued to kiss me, I felt his still hard dick massaging my asshole again.

"Ohhhh!" I moaned as the pleasure of feeling Master's dick slowly move in and out of me returned.

"We will go higher this time, boy," Master Babel whispered as the pace of his thrusts quickened.

I floated out of my body and gazed as the sight below me. Master Babak's muscular body on top of me. His ass muscles flexed as he pushed his powerful dick in ne and pulled out of me. Each cycle brought me closer and closer to complete relaxation, ecstasy, and fulfillment.

"Go on, boy," Master Babak whispered encouragement. "See where it leads you. Go."

Master Babak's encouragement sent me flying. Flying high in the air. Soaring. Looking at the world from above. I connected to what seemed to be another world. I caught glimpses, however fleeting, of Tim with Master Grant and Master David. My husband in a sling. Both Master Grant and Master David each had an arm inside him. He begged for more.

Suddenly, I was back to my place in the sling. Without warning, my dick exploded for the second time. Rope after rope of cum splatted my already cum and sweat stained body.

"We did it, boy!" Master Babak shouted as his come filled my ass for a second time. "We did it! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"

I felt extremely satisfied as Master Babak lowered his body on top of mine. I was calm. I was at peace.

"Thank you, Master," I whispered.

Master Babak finally caught his breathe, "No, boy. Thank you! Our journey continues. We need to rest, boy. You've been in this sling for about three hours now."

Master Babak pulled his dick out of my ass. I felt empty. As he removed the restraints, I gazed at the man with me. I wanted more from him. Much, much more.

Master Babak helped me out of the sling. "I could use a drink. You, boy?"

"Yes, Sir," I replied as he led me to the huge bar. We sat on stools next to one another. Two fresh vodka on the rocks sat on the bar.

We lifted our glasses in a toast. "Here is to more Spirit Journeys."

I sipped my fist sip and sat silently on the stool next to my Master.

"You went a long way, didn't you, boy?" Master Babak asked.

"Yes, Sir," I replied.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Master Babak asked.

"I felt as though I were flying high above the world," I began. "It was so peaceful and exciting. I never dreamed a man's dick in my ass could bring me such absolute pleasure."

"I hear a `but,'" Master Babak added with a smile.

"I saw Tim with Master Grant and Master David," I began. "They each had an arm in Tim's asshole, and he begged for more."

"This bothers you, why?" Master Babak asked.

"I feel just the opposite," I replied. "It doesn't bother me. I feel proud Tim has moved so far in his journey. He now understands the meaning of giving his body to another man. I could tell Tim was in his element. I am excited for him. I even believe this part of his journey will make him an even better writer, father, husband, and boy."

"You never seem to amaze me, Steven," Master Babak replied as he leaned over to kiss me. "I like being with you. I like using your body. I like talking with you. I like kissing you. And, I like making love to you. We have talked. So now I want to use your body."

Master Babak picked up my leash and led me away from the bar and deeper into the playroom. We stopped beside a medical examination table.

"This is my little toy," Master Babak explained. "I had this brought from Italy. A fellow sadist had introduced me to a small manufacturer of medical examination tables on the coast. They make custom tables. This one, as you will soon see, has many features and adjustments to make our playtime more interesting and more enjoyable. Hop on the table."

"Yes, Sir," I replied as I settled on the exam table.

Master Babak raised the back of the exam table. "Slide back and rest on the raised back, please," Master Babak said. I moved as instructed. Master Babak took each arm and moved it to a raised arm platform and secured it with a leather strap connected to the arm platform. He took one of the straps attached to the upper part of the raised back and wrapped in around my chest. He pulled it tight to secure the strap. He put a similar one around my waist.

Master Babak moved to the end where my legs dangled off the end of the table. He secured each foot on a stirrup much like you would see in an obgyn's office exam table. He secured my right foot, then he secured my right foot.

Master Babak picked up a remote connected with the exam table and raised my legs. When he stopped the stirrups, my legs were bent to my chest.

"Now, we are getting close to the ultimate positioning," Master Babak explained as he pushed another button to rotate the whole table so my back was horizontal.

He lowered the panel where my ass rested to expose it for the exam. I was horizontal on my back, legs pressed to my chest, arms strapped and raised above my head, and ass totally exposed.

"See this, boy?" Master Babak asked as he held a metal device in his hands.

"Yes, Sir," I replied.

"This is Whitehead Ratchet Mouth Gag," Master Babak explained. "It is used in dental procedures to keep the mouth open. It will be impossible for you to talk once I install it. So, open wide."

I opened my mouth and Master Babak installed the mouth gag. He adjusted it so my mouth was wide open.

"Now the nipples," Master Babak added as he retrieved two clamps from a nearby set of drawers. "These are two young clamps which are very thin and clamp down very, very close. One for each nipple."

Master Babak pulled my right nipple and kneaded it for a few moments. He placed the clamp on my nipple and pressed it together.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed but it didn't sound like I was screaming.

"Did it hurt, boy?" Master Babak asked.

I nodded yes.

"Good," Master Babak continued as he prepared my left nipple.

I tried to scream again.

"Now let's move on," Master Babak suggested. "If your dick is any indication, boy, you are enjoying our time together."

Master Babak reached into the chest and withdrew another device. It was a Wartenburg Wheel. He grabbed my dick with his left hand and ran the wheel across the skin of my dick. He rolled it up and down. Up and down. Up and down. The spikes in the wheel bit into my skin. He let go of my dick and pulled my enlarged balls. He began to roll the wheel across my balls. He covered almost every inch. Again, I tried to scream, but I couldn't.

"Is your ass hungry, boy?" Master Baba asked.

I nodded yes.

"Good," Master Babak said as he stepped away. He returned with a massive piece of equipment which rolled across the floor on rubber tires. "This is a fucking machine, boy. I suppose you knew it was a fucking machine. Let me get this set up and we can start having fun."

Master Babak set the machine where he could make the final adjustments. He positioned the device which moved the dildo in and out of my ass near my asshole.

"This is a perfect duplicate of my dick, boy," Master Babak explained. "So I am certain you will enjoy this."

Master Babak adjusted the machine so the tip of the dildo was just inside my asshole.

"This is how far the machine will pull back," Master Babak added.

Master Babak used the remote to slowly move the dildo all of the way into my ass.

"This is the stopping point for shoving the dildo into your ass," Master Babak said as he moved away from the machine. When he returned, he picked up the remote control and started the machine. It slowly moved in and out of my ass. "I'll turn this on automatic play. It will randomly change the speed of the thrusts, the time the dildo remains in your ass. It will also vary the thrusts. Some will be small movements. Others will be all of the way in and all of the way out. Enjoy yourself, boy. I am running upstairs to make a few phone calls."

The machine did change speed and force of the thrusts. It always managed to stimulate my prostate. I was in trouble.

I heard the door to the playroom open. I assumed it was Master Babak.

"Jesus, Dad!" Master Connor exclaimed. "You've really gotten yourself in a pickle this time."

"It looks so hot, Dad," Master Adrian added. "The mouth gag is really cool. You look good in it, Dad."

"Those clamps on your nipples, Dad," Master Theo took his turn. "They look painful. I like the look on your face when the fucking machine speeds up like it is now. You look like you are about ready to shoot a load. Do you want some help with your dick, Dad? You said you liked Adrian's blow job skills. Want to blow Dad, Adrian?"

"I'd love to," Adrian replied. "But Dad's not going to last long enough for me to even start."

Just as Master Adrian finished his statement I blew my first load. The spasms rocked my body. I thought I had exploded, but quickly realized the fucking machine amped up its speed and" stroke.

"Jesus, Dad," Master Connor said. "I hope you are ready for a lot of orgasms. Uncle Babak said he would only be an hour before he came downstairs to retrieve you. We are joining you and your Master for a late-night supper. I love this house, Dad. It is so open."

"He's about ready to blow again, guys," Master Adrian exclaimed. "Go Dad! Do it! Cum now, Dad!"

My dick erupted for the second time. It had only been five minutes after the first one. This orgasm felt like and earthquake running through my body. The fucking machine sped up another notch.

"This is so fucking hot to watch," Master Connor added. "Too bad Dad Tim isn't here. He'd fucking laugh like a pig in heat."

"Can you imagine Uncle Jose and Uncle Buba getting a machine like this," Master Theo continued. "We could put Dad on it every day."

"This is cool," Master Adrian said again. "He's about to blow another load!"

As my dick shot, it felt as if I had blown the top of my dick off. Cum landed everywhere.

"You got it on us, Dad," Master Theo added. "Get a grip on yourself, Dad!"

My Masters Connor, Theo, and Adrian watched the whole journey until Master Babak returned to shut down the equipment and release me from the exam table. I came five more times. Eight in all.

"So, boy," Master Babak said was he helped me off the table. "Did you enjoy yourself?"

"Yes, Sir," I replied.

"It's so nice your sons were able to join you while I took care of some urgent business matters," Master Babak continued. "I've invited them for a late-night supper. Would you boys like to stay for the next round with your Dad?"

"Absolutely," Master Connor replied. "When you told Dad Tim we could stay over tonight, he and his Masters headed for the playroom. He won't miss us."

"Don't you three need some sleep?" I asked.

"We all will be getting some rest right after we eat," Master Babak explained. "We can make tomorrow an early morning so we have time to share your Dad a few times before my brother Hassid takes over."

"Maybe you can give us some tips on domination and humiliation," Master Theo suggested.

"I understand Uncle Babak," Master Adrian said "you are an excellent bull whip artist. Could you teach us?"

"I'd be happy to show you a few techniques," Master Babak replied. "Have you ever seen your Dad get fisted?"

"No, but we would like to," Master Theo added. "Will you be making love to Dad tonight, Uncle Babak."

"Of course," Master Babak replied.

"Can we watch?" Master Adrian asked.

"Yes, you can watch," Master Babak replied. "Why don't you just sleep with us tonight?"

"Then we can watch you make love to him again tomorrow morning," Master Adrian added.

"I will fuck him tomorrow morning," Master Babak replied. "I will make love to your Dad tonight. Tomorrow morning I will fuck your Dad. I'm always in a fucking mood when I wake up."


After a long shower, Master Babak secured me in the middle of the playroom. My arms and legs spread out as wide as possible. My back was to the door. The sunlight from the outside magically dimmed as the single flood light lit a circle of the floor. I stood in the middle of the circle.

He removed his collar from my neck as his last act as my Master before he retreated out of the playroom.

I waited for my next Master.

I heard the click of heals on the tile floor. Leather clad hands touched my body. Shoulders. Ass. Hands wrapped around my body and felt my nipples. The hands moved down my stomach until they reached my dick. One hand grabbed by dick. The other hand cupped my balls.

"I have been waiting to take you, boy," Master Hassid whispered into my ear. "From the first second I laid eyes upon you, I wanted you. Now, I have you in the palm of my hand. Prisoner in my world. Some people say my brother and I have similar techniques. Most people who have been on the receiving end of both believe I am rougher. Harsher. Less patient. More demanding. You judge when we are finished. I will definitely enjoy myself tonight. Don't plan on getting much sleep. I will work you hard tonight, boy. Tomorrow you will feel my wrath. You will know your body aches. Painful aches. But you like pain. You're a sub. You need to like pain. I will hurt you tonight, boy. I will make you suffer."

Master Hassid positioned himself in front of me. I gasp for air. He stood like God before me. Six-four. Pure muscle. Tight leather pants displaying his large bulge at the crotch. Tight leather shirt which showed every muscle in his chest. I could almost see his six-pack abs because the leather was so tight. Silver sunglasses reflected my naked body hanging in front of him. His five-o'clock shadow appeared more like a forty-eight-hour shadow. His shiny leather boots reflected the light from the overhead spotlight. The black leather gloves conformed perfectly to his hand.

"Do you like what you see, boy?" Master Hassid asked.

"Yes, Master," I promptly replied.

"What do you like, boy?" Master Hassid asked. "Be specific. The more specific you are, the easier it will be to occupy your mind, boy."

I described him in every detail, including the perfectly in place hair.

"Very good, boy," Master Hassid said. "What else do you see, boy?"

"Rage. Power. Energy. Lust. Sex. Brilliant. Vengeful. Caring. Loving. Fire. Especially fire."

"Good boy," Master Hassid replied. "Trust me when I say you will never forget our time together. This will be an experience neither one of us will forget."

"Yes, Sir," I replied. "I am ready, Sir. Please take me and make me yours!"

Master Hassid took off his sunglasses and stepped close to me—so close I could feel his breath.

"Look me in the eyes, boy," Master Hassid said.

I looked directly into Master Hassid's eyes.

"What do you see, boy?" Master Hassid asked.

"My Master, Sir," I replied.

"What else do you see?"

"You will hurt me."

"How does it make you feel, boy?"


"You like to be hurt, don't you, boy?"

"Yes, Master."

"Why, boy?"

"It is who I am. I serve men who will hurt me. Hurting completes me. I am a whole person when I am serving another man."

"You are sweating, boy," Master Hassid said. "Why?"


"Do you know how old I am, boy?"

"No, Master."

"I'm twenty-eight. Four years younger than you. Ten years younger than my brother. Eleven years older than your sons. Babak and I also have twin brothers, Sami and Zain. Five years separate my brothers Sami and Zain. They want you, too. And they will have you. My brother Babak and I will take you to our country for a visit. We want to introduce you to our friends and family. You will enjoy the trip. Has your Masters Jose and Buba explained to you how often you will serve my brothers and me?"

"No, Sir."

"Very well. We will return to the subject later. Your Master Buba has taken you on Spirit Journeys. He owns you. He rented you to me so now I own you. We will also go on Spirit Journeys. Many of them. I will be your guide. I have studied the culture of Persia. I know the secretes of ancient Gods. You will soon be the benefactor of my knowledge. We will have a wonderful time together."

"Yes, Sir."

Master Hassid turned and walked away. He retrieved three floggers, two whips, and one bullwhip. He stood in front of me again.

"Choose one flogger, boy. Make your selection carefully."

"Yes, Sir. The one in the middle, Sir." I nodded toward the largest flogger with several tails. Heavy tails.

"Good choice, boy. Why did you choose this one?"

"Hurts the most."

"Choose one of the whips."

"Yes, Sir. The one on the right." Master Babak used it on me the night before.

"Why, boy?"

"Master Babak used it on me last night. I know it hurts me."

"I am not giving you a choice of bullwhips. I chose the one I want to use on you. Why do you think I chose this one, boy?"

"It will hurt me mercilessly."

"Very good, boy."

Master Hassid returned the unselected floggers and whips to the wall. I heard rustling behind me. Then the whistle of the flogger.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" I screamed as the flogger met the skin on my back.

"Count, boy."

"Yes, Sir. One, thank you, Sir."

Another blow.

"Two, thank you, Sir."

Yet another blow.

"Three, thank you, Sir."

He continued pounding my back and ass with the flogger.

"Twenty, thank you, Sir."

"Very good, boy," Master Hassid said to me as he laid his leather glove on my irritated skin. "How many of these can you take, boy?"

"I don't know, Sir."

"We'll find out."

Master Hassid moved away from me. Nothing.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed. "Twenty-one, thank you, Sir."

He continued. Over and over and over. The flogger hit my skin. Harder and harder and harder.

"Fifty, thank you, Sir."

"Good boy," Master Hassid said as me moved in close to me. "Perfectly marked for the rest of your punishment... And, yes, I used the word punishment. Do you know why you are being punished, boy?"

"No, Sir."

"You are being punished for being a low-life, scumbag, slave boy prostitute. Plus, I enjoy making you hurt, boy. I like to hear you scream."

Master Hassid returned the flogger to the wall. Upon his return, he stood in front of me. He cupped my chin in his leather gloved hands and kissed me. I kissed back. I thought my dick would explode the moment his lips touched mine. Sparks flew. My body tingled from head to toe.

When Master Hassid stopped kissing me, I collapsed into the restraints.

"You're a good kisser, boy."

"Thank you, Sir. So are you."

Master Hassid picked up the whip I had selected. He held it up so I could see it.

"This whip, boy, is my favorite. These four braded falls snaking out of the handle each contain and four strips of leather. When this whip hits your body, you will feel the power of the braided falls and the sting of the smaller ones. I will hurt you, boy."

"Thank you, Sir. Make me feel your power, Master. Hurt me. Please hurt me."

Master Hassid slowly took his place behind me.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed and Master Hassid slammed the whip onto my back.

I kept screaming after every blast from the whip. Finally, Master Hassid quickened the whipping. I didn't have time to scream between lashes. My back seemed on fire.

Then it stopped.

Master Hassid moved in front of me again. He carried the whip.

"You're doing very, very well," Master Hassid explained. "We still have the bullwhip to use on you. But you need more from this whip, don't you, boy?"

"Yes, Master."

"You like me hurting you, don't you?"

"Yes, Master."

"I want to see marks from this whip on your front side, too. Your chest. Your stomach. Your cock. Your balls."

Master Hassid stepped back. "Look at my eyes, boy. Don't look away while I am hurting you. Look into my eyes. Only into my eyes."

I watched Master Hassid draw the whip back and slam it into my chest.


He paused momentarily before he launched into a rapid-fire round of lashes. First on my chest. Then my stomach. Then my dick.



I woke up suddenly. The sun streamed through the massive wall of windows. I couldn't move. I finally realized Master Hassid left me on the bondage table. Arms and legs immovable. Candle wax still on my stomach and crotch. Red patches were the clothes pins were ripped off. My balls ached. I smelled cum and sweat on my body.

I heard the click of heals on the floor.

"So, boy," the voice I recognized as Master Buba's. He dressed in full leather. Leather pants. Leather shirt. Leather gloves. Black leather high top boots.

"You didn't expect me, did you boy?" Master Buba said with a smile.

"No, Sir."

"You've had forty-eight hours with Babak and Hassid. He thought you missed me."

"I always miss you, Master," I replied.

"You gotten yourself in quite a bind."

"Master Hassid worked on my body last night. He got tired and went to asleep. How did you get in?"

"I know the code."

"I see. Will you be unbuckling me?"

"No. I'm sure Hassid will be here shortly. He put you here. He will let you out. Or not. Whatever he decides."

"Buba!" Hassid greeted my Master. "Glad you could make it. Babak will be down shortly."

"Thank you for asking me," Master Buba added.

"Did you sleep, boy?" Hassid ask as he turned his attention to me.

"Yes, Sir," I replied. Hassid wore a pair of leather shorts, a red tank top, and leather boots. His crotch bulged. My dick stood on end.

"You like what you see, boy?" Hassid asked as he moved closer to me.

"Yes, Master," I replied. "Very much."

"Thank you, boy," Master Hassid replied.

"Good afternoon! Shall we get started?" Master Babak greeted us.

I was confused when Master Buba began to control the situation with my other Masters. "We will begin implementing our plan after we lock the boy up. Although we might have a delay in getting the device on the boy's dick."

"I recommend an ice pack," Master Babak suggested. He retrieved an ice pack from the freezer in the bar area. He handed the pack to Master Buba.

"Aaaaaaah!" I moaned as Master Buba placed the ice pack on my dick. My dick shrank immediately.

Master Buba made quick work of locking me in the chastity device. "There. We are now ready to proceed."

"Don't we need to explain what we will be doing to the boy as we work through our plan?" Master Babak asked.

"Minor detail, but sure. Hassid?" Master Buba agreed.

"We want to take you on the ultimate Journey. The Journey, somewhat like a Spirit Journey, focuses on meditation and bonding rituals. We selected you, boy, to be our vessel. I prepared your body for our session today. The rituals I performed last night on the bondage table frees your spirit and energy."

"Shall we begin," Master Babak said.

Master Hassid began to release me from the bondage table as Master Babak and Master Buba retrieved necessary supplies.

I stood in front of Master Hassid after he released me. I assumed the position. Hands behind my back. Legs spread shoulder width apart. Looking downward.

"Look me in the eyes, boy," Master Hassid began.

I gazed into Master Hassid's brilliant brown eyes.

"Don't look away, boy," Master Hassid continued.

I concentrated on Master Hassid's beautiful eyes.

"Yes, boy. Look into my eyes. See my eyes. See inside me. See my eyes," Master Hassid softly whispered.

I felt light and peaceful.

"Look. Look into my eyes. Yes. You are looking into my eyes. See the peace surround you. See the vastness of your being. You are one with me as you look into my eyes."

I heard a noise and I found myself looking into Master Hassid's eyes. Not wanting to look away.

"Very good, boy," Master Hassid whispered to me as he cupped my chin with his hands. He brought my lips next to his. Passion. Energy. Lust. Love. Peace. Everything surged into my body as our lips met.

When Master Hassid released me from his powerful kiss, I noticed he was naked with Master Buba and Master Babak flanking each side. They too were naked.

"It is time to continue," Master Hassid said to me and my other two Masters.

Master Hassid took my leash and attached it to my collar. "On your hands and knees, boy, and follow me."

I dropped to my hands and knees and began to crawl behind Master Hassid. We paused beside the bank of slings.

"Look at me, boy," Master Hassid quietly said. "What do you see, boy?"

"Power, Sir," I replied.

"How does my power make you feel, boy?" Master Hassid asked."

"One with you," I replied. "You make me feel safe, Sir."

"Good boy," Master Hassid whispered as he moved to another location. We stopped beside the saw horses. I caught his gaze as he looked at me. His smile excited my dick.

We moved again. This time, we stopped beside the massive bed covered with black leather.

"This is where we will share time," Master Hassid explained. "You. Me. Your Master Babak. Your Master Buba. We will fill you with our seed to begin the Journey we have planned for you. Stand, boy, and assume the position."

I stood. Master Hassid removed my leash. Master Buba took one hand. Master Babak took the other. Together they led me to the bed.

"On your back, boy," Master Buba ordered.

"Yes, Sir," I replied as I positioned myself in the middle of the bed on my back.

Master Buba took one arm. Master Babak took the other. They tied my wrists to the head of the bed. Arms spread wide apart.

Master Hassid positioned himself between my legs. He lifted my legs and put them on his shoulders. Master Hassid leaned in to kiss me. When I saw his eyes again, I could not look away until I felt his lips on mine.

"This is the beginning of your Journey, boy," Master Hassid whispered after he broke the kiss. I looked into his eyes again. I saw my reflection in his eyes. "Let yourself be free. Feel the moment. Feel the peace. Feel the energy. Feel the lust. Feel my power! Ride with me on our Journey together."

I couldn't speak. I could only feel. I felt Master Hassid's massive cock brush my asshole. I felt Master Hassid's muscular body take over mine. I was his at the moment his dick entered me.

"What do you feel, boy?" Master Hassid asked in a whisper.

"You," I replied. "Your beautiful body taking over mine. Your dick radiates your energy into my body. The heat of your body uncovers my feeling of lust. I need you, Master. I need to feel your seed. Please take me, Sir. Make me yours. Please, Sir."

"Come on this Journey with me, boy," Master Hassid whispered. Our eyes locked. He smiled at me. He kissed me. He began slowly moving his dick in and out of me. Soft, gentle strokes.

I seemed to float. Moving with the wind. Seeing the world. Feeling the peace and tranquility Master Hassid gave me. I gave him my body. He gave me his body.

"I'm cumming, boy!" Master Hassid bellowed. His voice brought me back to the reality. The reality of having this man on top of me, in me, part of me. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"

Master Hassid brought his body to mine. I felt his sweat. I heard his labored breathing.

Master Hassid rested on top of me. I felt peaceful and rested. The man on top of me stirred. He brought his lips to mine and kissed me. I was his.

Master Babak and Master Buba each took their turn on top of me. Giving me their seed. I was theirs. I felt loved and safe. I loved back.


"How did it go?" Tim asked as we met in the kitchen the Tuesday morning after my weekend with Master Babak, Hassid, and Buba.

"I don't have the words to describe the weekend," I replied.

"Isn't this a first?" Tim added. "Steven Caden-Caldwell doesn't have the words to describe a weekend of hot sex with three exceedingly superb looking men."

"We all have our lapses in our communication," I explained. "It was a magical weekend. It was even more magical to be with Master Hassid, Master Babak, and Master Buba."

"So, it was better with them than with me?" Tim asked. He was smiling.

"No, silly," I replied as I kissed my husband. "When we are together, we express our love of one another. With them, it was sharing a Journey into a new world. A new, exciting, unfamiliar world."

"I am happy for you, Steven," Tim replied. "As long as you promise to take me on a journey to your new world."

"It will happen," I added. "Plan on a Journey with me. How was your weekend?"

"Not as magical as yours, but I am sitting here in a new space. I found myself this weekend. And I like what I've found."

"Does this have anything to do with having Master Grant and Master David's arms in you?" I asked.

"How did you know?" Tim asked.

"I told you I went on a Journey. One of the stops I made caught my attention. You, Master Grant, and Master David. Their arms up your ass. You begging for more. I knew you found something. What exactly did you find?"

"I found my place in life," Tim explained. "I am a slave boy. I want nothing else than to be the best slave boy I can for my two Masters, whom I love very much. Does this new place in life bother you, Steven?"

"Nope," I replied. "I'm happy you have found your place, Tim. And I have no doubt you will make your two Masters very, very happy."

"You know I still love you like there is no tomorrow," Tim said cautiously.

"Same with me, Tim. You are my rock and my world."

"Do you have another appointment this week?"

"Wednesday. Jay Lee Dong. Evanston. Nice guy. Twenty-four hours. I will be home on Thursday, just time for dinner."

"What is this Jay like?" Tim asked.

"Privacy rule," I replied as Master Jose walked through the kitchen.

"Master Jose, please tell my husband he needs to give me details about Jay Lee Dong," Tim spit out.

"Steven, tell your husband what he wants to know. I'm certain Tim will keep the information private."

"Do you want Tim to take an oath?" I asked.

"Steven, just give your slave boy husband the details as you know them," Master Jose said as he left the room.

"Jay Lee Dong is a mix of Korean and African-American heritage. Six-feet six-inches tall of pure, gym-tone, ripped muscles. He has an eleven-inch uncut fat dick. He's into bondage, electro-torture, tit torture, cock and ball torture, and piss, domination, and humiliation He also likes to fuck, big time."

"He is a retired Captain of the US Marine Corp. He lost his legs in an IUD explosion four years ago."

"The man is an amazing hunk of flesh, muscle, and intelligence. He knew me from the work I did on behalf of the Mayor's committee on the LGBT community. He worked for the Mayor for a few years after he returned from the service and after his rehab. He was part of the Mayor's effort to improve the quality of life of the service men and women in Chicago."

"The Mayor and he joined me in the Gay Pride Parade when they named me Grand Marshall three years ago. He and the Mayor walked the entire parade route. He wore shorts."

"He was a beaten man after his accident. He transformed his body and mind in the man he is today. You could write a book based on Master Jay's Spirit Journey, Tim."

"Do you think he needs a slave boy full time?" Tim asked.

"Aren't you already claimed?" I asked.

"Minor detail," Tim replied.


I rang the doorbell of Master Jay's stately brick home. I arrived early even though Master Jay instructed me to take public transportation. I hadn't showered since Monday evening after I served Master Babak and Master Hassid. I stunk. Master Buba picked out the clothes I wore. Thread bare 501 Levies with practically no crotch or ass. I also wore a tight black t-shirt. Master Buba and Master Jose had wiped last night's cum from my body with it.

The door opened widely. "Welcome, boy! Please come in."

I stepped inside. As Master Jay closed the door behind me, I stared at Master Jay's superbly muscled body. He only wore a red jock strap. Nothing else.

"I didn't wear much because I knew it would come off very quickly," Master Jay said as he pulled me close to him. "I have missed being with you, boy. I think about you often—almost every day."

He looked down into my eyes as his lips found mine. "Aaaaaaah!" I hissed as I melted into his kiss. His mere touch of his hands set fire to my body. We didn't move for several minutes. He stood and kissed me. Hands rubbing my back and my ass.

"Let's not get carried away, yet," Master Jay said. "We have some basics to get out of the way."

Master Jay picked up the collar from the table in the entry hall. "I bought this especially for you, boy. Only you will wear this collar. No one else. So, if you have any ideas about not seeing me often, get them out of your mind. I have already scheduled additional visits with you. Your Master Jose kindly gave me, what he called, the friends and family discount."

Master Jay slipped the collar around my neck.

"Master," I recited my pledge. "I give you my mind, my body, and my soul, Master. I will forsake all others. I am yours."

He snapped the leash onto my collar and led me to the bar in the television room. We sat on stools beside each other.

"Vodka on the rocks?" Master Jay asked.

"Yes, Sir," I replied. "Thank you."

Master Jay poured the drinks. The vodka bottle and ice fill glasses were already on the bar. He handed me my drink. We kissed.

"Tell me what you have experienced since we were last together," Master Jay said.

"Not much to tell," I replied. "The kids are growing. My husband, Tim, now serves two Masters, Master Grant and Master David. Master Jose shares me with another Master, Master Buba. Tim and I soon depart on his month-long book promotion tour. Master Jose and Master Buba bought Blue Dungeon Studio's with two other men. And, I am back in the rent boy business."

"Sounds exciting," Master Jay responded. "What kids?"

I explained how we managed to have nine boys living with us.

"I always wanted to be a father," Master Jay said.

"Not too late," I repied.

Master Jay took my almost empty drink from me and set it on the bar. "We need to get a few things out of the way before we start the fun part."

Master Jay stood and tugged at my leash. I followed him silently to the elevator and then his bedroom on the third floor. Master Jay slipped onto the bed. He positioned himself on his back. He pulled me on top of him.

"When is the last time you came, boy?" Master Jay asked.

"I was locked up from the time I arrived home at 5 pm Monday until I left the house to come here."

"Good," Master Jay whispered as he put my lips on his. I eagerly responded to my massive Master's touch.

"I want us to share our bodies during your visit, boy," Master Jay said once he stopped kissing me. "I want you to make love to me, and then you will ride my dick."

"Making love to you will be an honor for me, Master," I replied. "I have a statement to make. I have thought about you, too, Master. Your beautifully muscled smooth body makes my dick stand at attention more than you know."

"Why do you think I am beautiful, boy?"

"Flawless brown skin. Piercing brown, Asian shaped eyes. Perfect lips. Stunning African-American features of your face. Tree trunk legs. Massive biceps. You picture-perfect dick."

"You didn't mention my ass," Master Jay said as he smiled his signature smile which showed his pearly white teeth.

"Your ass is magnificent," I replied.

"May love to me, Steven," Master Jay almost begged. "Please make love to me."

I silently pulled my body off his. Master Jay handed me the lube. I applied a generous amount to my exceedingly hard dick. As I prepared to make love to my beautiful Master, he pulled off his prosthesis.

I aligned my dick with my Master's hairless asshole. Sparks surged throughout my body as my dick first touched him. I put his legs over my shoulders and moved forward. I kissed him before I let my dick begin its journey into my Master's body.

I slowly eased my dick into his ass. We looked at each other's eyes. His were blazing with emotion.

I concentrated on my Master's eyes, and I slowly moved my dick in and out of my Master's ass. His tight ass gripped my dick; pushing me closer and closer to an orgasm. As much as I tried edging to keep my dick in his beautiful ass, I had to shoot.

"Aaaaaah!" I moaned as the first volley exploded from my dick. "Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah!"

I lowered my body on top of Master Jay's. We stayed silent. Unmoving. His arms wrapped around my body.

"You make me feel safe, Master," I finally whispered.

"If you are with me, Steven, you are safe," Master Jay whispered back. "I won't let anything bad happen to you. You are a special man. Don't forget it."

"Thank you, Master," I whispered. "I need you in me, Master."

"Ride it, boy," Master Jay ordered.

"Yes, Master," I replied as I extracted myself from Master Jay's ass. I scooted down so my mouth could swallow my Master's eleven-inch uncut dick. I worked his cock. I lubricated it with my saliva. I licked his balls before I moved in position to impale myself onto Master Jay's dick. Thirty second later his dick was balls deep in my ass. "You feel so good in me, Master."

I began to bounce on Master Jay's dick. Almost out. All the way in. Almost out. All the way in. Over and over and over. My own hard dick bounced with the rhythm of my body. Master Jay found my nipples. Pulling. Twisting. Pinching.

"I'm going to cum, boy!" Master Jay roared. "Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah!"

His cum quickly filled my ass as he convulsed below me. One gasp for each rope. He pulled me down to kiss me. Soft. Gentle. Passionate.

Master Jay held me.

"Steven," Master Jay began. "Can you help me get to the shower? I need to clean up a little before I put my legs back on."

"Tell me what to do, Master," I replied.

We quickly cleaned ourselves, and we moved downstairs to the kitchen. "I need sustenance. You?"

"Sure," I replied. "What can I do?"

"I made a salad earlier," Master Jay explained. "I have Salmon to put on the grill and vegies to sauté. Are you good at sautéing vegies?"

"I believe I can handle the task," I replied.

As we prepared dinner, we talked about various topics.

"Do you have family around?" I asked.

"No," Master Jay replied. "My parents didn't keep me around much. My grandparents raised me from the time I was about two. My parents didn't marry. They were like two ships in the night. My mother was Vietnamese. My father African-American. My grandparents who left this house to me were my father's parents. I never knew any of my mother's family. She had a bout with drugs. She became a serial prostitute. When I was about five, police found my mother in an alley. A trick beat her with a baseball bat. My father joined the Marine Corp when I was about three. My father deployed to Iraq in 2004. He didn't come home."

"Did you join the Marines because of him?" I asked.

"Yes," Master Jay replied. "I graduated from college. I went directly into the Marines. The accident which took my legs came almost ten years to the day my father died."

During dinner, I decided to go for broke, "Master. My husband Tim is a writer. His first book releases in seven days. Master Ajmal suggested he write a book base on your experiences. Would you be interested?"

"It wouldn't make an exciting story," Master Jay replied.

"Not true," I added. "Your story would inspire others. I feel it. Would you at least consider talking with Tim?"

"I'll talk, but he won't be interested when I give him the details," Master Jay replied. "It is boring, really."

"Let him be the judge. Please Master. Do it for Master Ajmal and me. Please!"

"I'll talk to him," Master Jay finally said. "He's not obligated to go forward with the story. In the meantime, we have reservations scheduled for the playroom. Care to join me?"

"Definitely," I replied.

Master Jay reattached the leash to my collar and led me into the elevator for our ride to the fourth-floor playroom.

"I will start here," Master Jay explained. "I enjoyed watching you with the electro torture last time. So much so, we are doing it again. With a different slant, of course. Do you know what this is, boy?"

"Yes, Sir," I replied. "It's a bondage suit."

"I had it made to fit your body," Master Jay explained. "Your Masters Jose and Buba provided me with the exact measurements for the designer of the suit. The suit contains electrodes sewn into the inside. Perfectly placed. And, before you ask, yes, it was expensive. So you will need to visit me often so I can get a decent return on investment. I'll help you into it."

Master Jay had me squeezed into the extra tight fitting suit. The black leather rubbed against my skin. It made me hard.

"This is the reaction I hoped to see, boy," Master Jay added as he pulled out a chain mesh cover he strapped over my dick. "This is an electrode, too."

Master Jay retrieved the leather hood from a nearby table. He slipped the hood over my head and plunged me into darkness.

Master Jay continued to connect what seemed to be chains to the bondage suit. When he finished, I felt like I floated in the air with my arms and legs spread eagle. Music began to play in the background. Harsh electro music with very heavy percussion sounds.

I felt a few slight tingles in various places of my body. The tingles grew more intense. Some lasted only a few seconds while others lasted for at least a minute.

The intensity suddenly sent jolts of electricity though my body. Painful stabs. My dick pulsed with the music. Electrodes under my arms, on my biceps, on my forearms, on my ass, and down my legs. I couldn't cry out in pain. My mouth gapped open from a mouth gag. It hurt so badly in my cock and balls I almost passed out. Finally, the electroshocks ceased. The music continued to play. I felt alone. I wanted the shocks back to keep me company. The chain link mesh fell to the floor with a clang. Leather clad hands took my dick and balls. Pain shot through my body as the hands tightened around my balls. The hands left my dick.

I felt the sting of a leather crop on my balls. Then on my cock. Then back to my balls. Over and over and over again.

I wanted to plead, "Don't stop. Please don't stop. Make me hurt.' I couldn't form the sounds.

But, Master Jay did stop. I felt the restraints being removed. The hood came off, and I could see Master Jay standing in front of me. He took off the mouth gag.

"Are you okay, boy?" Master Jay asked.

"Yes, Master," I replied. "I didn't want you to stop whipping my cock and balls."

"You like getting your cock and balls whipped, huh, boy?" Master Jay asked as he smiled at me.

"Yes, Master," I replied.

Master Jay looked into my eyes and kissed me.

"You are special, boy," Master Jay added. "You are addictive. Let me get you out of this suit. We will rest until morning. I have one last station I want you in. The rest of your stay will be free time."

"Thank you, Master," I replied as he began the process of taking me out of the bondage suit.

"You're a smelly slave boy," Master Jay said as he kissed me again. "We will get you cleaned up and into bed."

I showered by myself. I wanted Master Jay with me, but he couldn't.

"Feel better now you are clean?" Master Jay asked.

"Yes," I replied.

Master Jay led me to the bed. He crawled into bed and pulled me with him.

"Can I make love to you again, Steven?" Master Jay asked.

"You don't need to ask, Master," I replied. "I am your slave. I do what I am told."

"Until tomorrow morning, please call me Jay," Master Jay said.

"Do you want me to help you with your legs, M... Jay?" I asked.

"Would you mind?" Jay asked.

"I'd do anything I can for you, Jay," I replied. "Anything."

"Except dump your husband for me," Jay said as he smiled is signature smile which lit up the room.

"Tim and our kids come first," I replied. "Everything else falls into place. Let's get you ready for bed."

I helped Jay remove his prosthesis. Jay scooted next to me. We faced each other. I smiled.

"What?" Jay asked.

"You need to do something tonight before we go to sleep," I added.

"Yes," Jay said as he rolled on top of me. "Am I too heavy for you?"

"No," I replied. "You feel incredible on top of me."

He kissed me again. I put my arms around his neck and pulled him as close as I could. "Don't stop, Jay. Please don't stop."

After several minutes of nonstop kissing, Jay pulled out of the kiss. He smiled. "If I don't get my dick in your ass, like immediately, I will explode."

"I'm yours, Jay," I replied.

Jay lifted himself off me and applied generous amounts of lube to his huge dick. He moved closer to me and aligned his dick with my asshole. His eyes lit up as he slowly pushed his dick into me.

"Aaaaah! Jay! Aaaaa! Good. Feels so good," I hissed.

"I will make this last, Steven," Jays whispered as he leaned down to kiss me again.

We didn't talk. My eyes and his eyes locked together. He kissed me several times as he slowly pumped his dick in and out of my ass.

Time ticked off. Jay felt like he occupied my body. So warm. So safe.

"Shit, Steven. I'm cumming!" Jay bellowed. "Aaaaaah! Aaaaaah! Aaaaaah! Aaaaaah! Aaaaaah! Aaaaaah! Aaaaaah! Aaaaaah! Aaaaaah! Aaaaaah! Aaaaaah! Aaaaaah!

I felt Jay's cum flood my ass. I wrapped my arms around Jay's neck again and held on while Jay's orgasm retreated.

"We made it, didn't we, Steven," Jay whispered. "You and me. We found each other."

"Incredible, don't you think, Jay?" I whispered back.

"Yea!" Jay whispered. "Our time together has been nothing but one incredible moment after another. I wonder if I can buy you?"

"It won't work," I replied. "I have two Masters. One husband. Nine kids. You would go nuts in our house."

"I would like to do this again, but after two hours of making love to you, I am beat," Jay said with a smile.

"Can I have a rain check?" I asked.

"Yes," Jay replied.

"Before you take your dick out of my ass, can I ask you something?" I asked.

"Ask away," Jay said.

"Will you join our crazy bunch for dinner Saturday night?" I asked. "Cocktails at 6. Dinner at 8."

"I'd love to join you," Jay whispered as he moved to kiss me again.


"Before I take you back to your house, I want your ass one more time," Master Jay explained. "You in the sling. My dick won't be in your ass, though. My fist and arm will."

Master Jay restrained my wrists to the head of the sling and my ankles to the foot of the sling. He took a seat on a low stool with casters so he could move about freely.

"We only have two hours before I clean you up and take you back to your home," Master Jay continued. "I plan on being here with you in the sling and my fist in your ass for the entire two hours. If you are luck, I may even put both fists in your ass."

"Thank you, Sir," I replied.

"How much of my arm do you want in your ass, boy?" Master Jay asked.

"All of it," I replied. "All of it. Up to your shoulder. Please, Master. Please."

"Very well, boy," Master Jay added as he spread Crisco on his right arm. "You look so relaxed laying in the sling waiting for me to shove my fist and arm in your ass. Are you always this relaxed before someone fists you, boy?"

"Most of the time, Sir," I replied.

"Good," Master Jay continued. "I saved this for the last part of our time together. I want it to be special for both of us."

Master Jay move his huge right hand to the opening of my asshole. He looked at my eyes and smiled his trademark smile. I felt his lubricated fingers at my asshole. He pushed his hand harder and began to enter my ass. My sphincter stretched to accommodate the huge hand. I almost came when Master Jay's wrist pushed through my sphincter muscle.

"How do you feel now, boy?" Master Jay asked.

"Wonderful, Master," I replied. "Please don't be gentle, Sir."

"Once I am finished with your ass today, you will definitely know you've been fisted," Master Jay said as he continued to push up my ass. I started deep breathing to assist me in taking Master Jay's hand. I closed my eyes and lost myself in the feeling, the wonderful feeling, of my Master's arm in my ass.

"Look boy," Master Jay suggested.

His arm filled my ass up to his elbow.

"I am going further, boy," Master Jay explained. "I will work slowly. Enjoy the feeling, boy. Enjoy the feeling."

I did. I relaxed as Master Jay's arm continued its assent into my ass. "Ohhhh!" I moan in ecstasy as Master Jay's big arm finally stopped.

"Look again, boy," Master Jay said.

His arm disappeared into my ass up to his shoulder. He flexed his bicep, and I almost shot my load. I felt his arm begin to pull back out of my ass. When his bicep reappeared, Master Jay stopped pulling is arm out of me. He pushed in. Back in to his shoulder. Out until the middle of his arm appeared. Back in to his shoulder. Out until his elbow appeared. Back in to his shoulder. He repeated the process of pulling his arm out until his elbow appeared and pushed back in to his shoulder. Every cycle quickened with more power on the inside motion. Over and over and over again. The insides of my skin tingled. The inside of my ass seemed to be on fire. My muscles stopped resisting. His arm seemed to glide in and out of me. I was felt high. I looked up at Master Jay. His eyes watching my face. He smiled at me.

"More, Master!" I hissed. "Please don't stop."

Master Jay didn't stop. He kept moving his arm in and out of me. Over and over again. My dick stood at attention. My balls ached because they felt like they could explode. "Ohhhhh!" I moaned over and over. When his arm pressed in, I moaned, "Ahhhhhhhhh!"

Without notice, my dick erupted. My cum flew. Some hit my face. Most landed on my chest. More on my stomach. "Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh!"

"Good boy," Master Jay said as he stopped with his arm in my ass up to his shoulder. "Do you always come when you get fisted?"

"Never before," I replied. "You are amazing! Your arm—perfect. Your muscles—bulging. Your body—one of a kind."

"I have one more act before we start cleaning up," Master Jay explained as he pulled his arm slowly out of my ass.

When his arm popped out of my ass, I wanted more. "Don't stop! Please don't stop."

"Watch this, boy," Master Jay said to me as he put Crisco on his right arm.

"Yes, please," I moaned when I realized he prepared to put both arms in my ass.

"Look me in the eyes, boy," Master Jay whispered to me. My stare froze on his eyes. His beautiful brilliant eyes. I didn't look away.

As Master Jay eased both arms into my asshole, I momentarily felt excruciating pain as both of his fists passed through my sphincter muscle. The pain, however, turned into one of the most sensual feelings I have experienced.

"Come with me, boy," Master Jay said as I watched his eyes flare in brilliance. "Let me take you to the other side."

I went with him. Slowly the feeling of both of my Masters arms in me grew in intensity.

"See it, boy?" Master Jay quietly said as his arms went deeper in me. "See the other side."

"Yes, Master," I whispered back. I still didn't take my eyes off Master Jay's.

It was a sensual world. A world filled with a heightened sense of sexual energy. Energy pulsed through my body creating a massively erotic feeling. My ass. My dick. My legs. My nipples. My lips. My eyes. All were affected.

"So, how are you, boy," Master Jay whispered into my ear.

I suddenly realized Master Jay's arms were no longer in my ass. But, the feeling of erotic sensual energy remained inside me.

"So good," I whispered back to Master Jay. "So, so good!"

His body rested atop mine in the sling. His lips touched mine. I almost came again. Master Jay's cock swelled against mine. His kisses added to my sexual desire to be one with Master Jay... All dominant men, really.


"Come in the house and meet my family," I said to Master Jay as he pulled into our driveway.

"I don't want to intrude," Master Jay replied. "I don't want to make your homecoming difficult."

"You won't make it difficult, I promise," I added.

"But your Masters, your husband," Master Jay continued. "I would feel nervous about meeting them so recently after having experienced such intense pleasure with you. Right now, even, I want to put my hand on yours. I want to kiss you."

"Master Jay," I continued. "My Masters rent my body to other men. My husband, my sons, and my other family understand I have just been with another incredibly handsome man. They will love you. You will love them. Please?"

"Okay," Master Jay finally agreed. "Only for a few moments though."

As we walked through the door, I heard people talking in the living room.

"I need to be naked, Master," I explained as I pulled my shirt over my head, slipped of my sneakers, and pulled down my pants. "Rules of the house."

Tim caught sight of us first. He immediately leaped off his seat next to Master Grant and stood beside us. He pulled me into a hug and gave me a kiss.

"You must be Jay," Tim turned his attention to Master Jay. "I'm Steven's husband, Tim. Steven has talked about you fondly, Jay. I finally meet the Marine Corp Captain who has captured Steven's attention. Please join us."

Master Jay and I joined the group. I made introductions. Master Jose. Master Buba. Master Grant. Master David. And... Wayne. Wayne sat beside Master Buba with his mouth ajar.

"See something you like, Wayne?" Tim asked. Wayne turned beet red.

"Sorry," Wayne finally replied.

"I trust you had an enjoyable visit with the boy," Master Jose said to Master Jay.

"Tremendously enjoyable," Master Jay replied. "You are very lucky men to have snared Steven's affection."

"We are lucky," Master Buba added. "You've done a remarkable job of marking the boy's body. The marks make me want to take the boy downstairs and add some more. I particularly like the ones on the boy's cock and balls. Excellent work."

"Thank you, John," Master Jay responded. "Steven is an inspiration. He makes the process exceedingly enjoyable."

"Steven tells us you have quite a story about you, your service to our country, and your recovery," Tim said.

"Thank you, Tim," Master Jay said. "Steven has tried to convince me to let you write a book about my experiences. I promised him I would listen to your arguments."

"Excellent," Tim replied. "Sometimes I am amazed Steven is such a devout masochist. He draws people to back his causes. He seems to have unlimited power in this city with his connections. However, I believe you, Master Jay, are relieved he followed his first love—serving men."

Masters Connor, Theo, and Adrian walked into the room.

Master Connor made a bee-line to Master Jay's seat. "You must be Jay. Great to meet you. I assume you put our dad in his place during your time together. He's become a little too power hungry. He needs to be put in his place, right boy?"

"Yes, Master Connor," I replied. "Master Jay did an excellent job of putting me in my place. Master Jay, these are my sons, Master Connor, Master Theo, and Master Adrian. And, before you ask why I call them Master, I will explain later."

"I will eagerly await your explanation, boy," Master Jay responded with a smile on his face. "Nice to meet you, guys. Steven has told me wonderful things about the three of you. You're lucky boys to have him as your father."

"Yea," Master Theo replied. "He and Dad Tim are both terrific parents."

"We've learned a lot from Dad S," Master Adrian replied with a smirk on his face.

"I should be leaving," Master Jay said to the group.

"I asked Master Jay to join us for cocktails and dinner on Saturday," I explained to the group.

"Excellent," Tim responded. "Maybe you could arrive a little early so we can talk. I am eager to hear your story. So, 5 pm talk, 6 pm cocktails, and 8 pm dinner."

"Thank you," Master Jay said as he stood up to leave. "I enjoyed meeting all of you and look forward to Saturday evening."

"I'll walk Master Jay to the door," I said to the group.

I took Master Jay's hand as we moved to the entry hall.

At the door, Master Jay put his arms around me and kissed me. My dick grew to full length just by his touch.

"Thank you, Steven," Master Jay said. "I eagerly await our next time together."

"Thank you, Master," I responded. "I am so happy to have the opportunity to serve you, Master. I, too, am looking forward to many more visits with you."

"I'll see you on Saturday, boy," Master Jay said as he kissed me one last time before he closed the door behind him.


Author's Note:

I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I certainly had a wonderful time writing it.

Before you ask, Master Hung and boy Jordan will have a unique side role in the subsequent chapters. And, yes, Buba just slipped into a main character role. Steven needed a man like Master Buba to make him complete. Master Jose has apparently also become attached to Master Buba.

Prince Babak and his brother Prince Hassid made inroads into Steven and Tim's life. Where do they go from here? It appears Steven will be traveling with them back to their country to meet family and friends.

And, then there is Wayne. Wayne seems to be at a loss regarding his goals in life. Who better to teach him than the men of Steven and Tim's family.

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