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Life With Tim


Master Connor and Master Theo joined Master Adrian. All three naked. All three hard. All three stroking.

"Now we will give you something of ourselves, Dad," Master Theo explained.

JJ and Ramesh joined their brothers. Both naked. Both hard. Both stroking.

Master Connor stepped in front of me and whispered into my ear. "How does watching your five sons jerk off in front of you, Dad?"

"Proud," I replied.

"Do you think we are hot and sexy, Dad?" Master Connor added.

"Yes, Master," I replied. "Very hot. Very sexy."

"What do you think of our younger brothers, Dad?" Master Connor continued.

"Beautiful, Master," I replied. My dick strained against the vacuum tube.

I stood mesmerized by my sons. Strong, Virile. Strong. Tall. Hung.

"Are we close, guys?" Master Adrian asked his brothers.

"Yes!" the others said in unison.

They all circled around me. Close by. I could feel the heat of their body. I could hear their labored breathing. I could smell the scent of sex.

"Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" all five of them moaned as they covered my body in their cum. Chest. Stomach. Crotch. The cum dripped off my body.

One by one, each of my sons stepped in front of me and kissed me.

Chapter 65: More Guests

The jet carrying Babak, Hassid, and Buckley stopped in New York to pick up Master Joshua and his boy Derrick. We met the helicopter at the Provincetown airport. We arrived in the stretch SUV just as the helicopter settled on the tarmac. Master Babak stepped out first followed by his brother Master Hassid and Master Buckley. Hassid grabbed Buckley's hand as they walked toward our entourage. Master Joshua and his husband/boy followed.

George, our driver and security detail, stood beside the driver's side of the SUV dressed in a tailored, form fitting black suit with an open collared white shirt. Tim and I wore practically identical clothes. Tight tank top probably two sizes too small and tight, skimpy gym shorts. The others stayed behind and would greet our new guests when we arrived at the house.

Master Babak made my dick hard at the sight of his appearance. He wore his tight fitting white jeans with a black polo stretched across his massive chest.

Master Hassid also caught my attention. His almost painted on skinny jeans left nothing to the imagination. His extremely tailored white shirt, the first three buttons open, clung to his upper body. His biceps strained at the rolled-up sleeves.

I had never seen Buckley look so happy. His body fitting clothing highlighted his obvious efforts at the gym. Master Hassid must have him on a serious gym regimen.

I looked in Tim's direction. He seemed to be salivating at Joshua's six-foot two-inch tall gym sculpted body. Joshua, as usual, exuded power, masculinity, and pure sex. His husband/boy Derick dressed more casually and more provocatively than the others. His jeans, threadbare at best, showed a bit of skin in his crotch and in the ass. He wore an extra tight tank top. He stood only an inch shorter than Joshua.

Master Babak pulled me in for a hug. His massive arms circled around my body and almost crushed my upper body to his.

"You look terrific, boy," Master Babak said to me as he loosened his grip on me. "Provincetown must agree with you."

"Thank you, Sir," I replied. "Being here is a pleasant respite from the pressures of the city."

"I hope you are horny and rested, boy," Master Babak added. "You will be very, very busy during the next several days. I have my turn with you. Hassid has his turn. And I know Joshua might have more than one turn if he has his way. I am eager to see how his boy Derrick adapts to various men."

"I am certain he will be very adaptive," I replied. "Joshua always picks the best boys for his stable."

"Stable?" Master Babak asked.

"In the past, he had a stable," I explained. "I'm not certain if his stable is still active with Master Joshua."

"Were you part of his stable, boy?" Master Babak asked.

"I wouldn't say I was in his stable," I added. "However, I never turned down an opportunity to be with him."

"I thought as much," Master Babak said as he moved beside Tim.

"You look happy, Buckley," I said as I pulled him into a hug. "Happier than I've ever seen you."

"I told you, Buckley," Master Hassid said to Buckley. "It shows."

"I am happy," Buckley replied. "Hassid has helped me get through so much of the trauma I felt. He is a calming influence."

"You think I am calming, Buckley?" Master Hassid added. "I thought you would have said `Hassid makes my body tingle. My blood boil. My dick throb."

"Tingling, boiling, and throbbing relates directly to calming in my book, Hassid," Buckley replied with a huge smile on his face. "I understand, Steven, you and Hassid have some planning to do."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"We need to talk privately for a moment or two," Master Hassid said to me as he pulled me in for an eye-popping kiss.

"Yes, Master," I replied. I didn't want him to move his lips off mine.

"Steven!" Master Joshua said as he grabbed me and almost crushed me in his hug. "Finally! I get to see your fucking slave boy ass in person. And the improvements look amazing. I can't wait to see you naked."

"Yea, Steven," Tim said. "There are a lot of us who want to see you naked with your Master Joshua ready to beat the shit out of you. He and I had a nice review session over the telephone a couple of days ago. I have given him my blessing to do whatever he wants during his visit here. So has your Masters Jose and Buba. As I see it, Steven, you and your Master Joshua will be spending time reacquainting yourselves with each other. I know you won't mind, Steven. I heard you and your Master Joshua were quite an item several years ago. I believe it was Lance and Hung who also mentioned the hot, hot scenes between you two."

"Tim," I said. "Maybe Derrick doesn't want to hear about our previous escapades. They are married, you know."

"On the contrary, Steven," Derrick replied. "I may be Joshua's boy, but I am not immune to helping my husband work on another hot slave boy. So, boy, I am looking forward to our time together this weekend. I may even convince my husband to stay a little longer than originally planned. And, I understand your two Masters might need company for the weekend. I'll gladly help out. My Master has offered for them to use me during our stay with you."

"Oh!" I replied. "Shall we move our celebratory reunion to the house instead of the middle of the airport?"

"Sounds like a plan, boy," Tim replied. He was smiling from ear-to-ear.

We settled into the SUV for our trip back to the house. "Steven," Master Hassid said as the SUV began its journey home. "You need to get naked, boy. Show Joshua and Derrick the improved Steven. Strip."

"Yes, Sir," I replied as I pulled my tank over my head and my gym shorts off.

"My, my, my, Steven," Master Joshua said after he touched my hair less cock and balls. "You are a work of art. Your completely hairless body highlights your muscles, your tattoos, your balls, and your dick. You will be a joy to work with. Although I understand Babak and Hassid are eager to have you as well. Maybe we can share."

"We share well," Master Babak replied. "Don't we Hassid?"

"Yes, indeed," Master Hassid replied. "We also have another surprise for you, boy. Buckley wants to have a turn with you. I have been showing him how to wield a whip. He's gotten good at it. Now, he will have a live boy to practice on."

"Yea, Steven," Buckley replied. "Now, Tyrone won't be the only one to have the boss."

"See, Steven," Tim added. "I told you we are all bonding this weekend."

As we pulled in front of the house, I heard Derrick and Buckley gasp.

"This is beautiful, Steven," Buckley said. "View of the water. Everything. Wow!"

We piled out of the SUV, and Tim and I let them into the entry hallway.

"Let's go out to the pool and say hello to the others before we get you settled," Tim suggested as he led the way to the pool. Tim's clothes came off with each step.

"Nice ass, Tim," Master Joshua replied. "Steven might not be the only boy I am interested in this weekend."

We stepped out of the house and onto the patio and pool area.

Everyone here knew one another except Master Joshua and Master Derrick. "Guys, this is a dear friend of mine and his husband, Joshua and Derrick Harris-LeBlanc. Guys from right to left, Tim's Masters Grant and David, my Masters Jose and Buba, Master Garrison and Wayne."

"This is all yours?" Master Joshua asked. "Two houses? Wow!"

"Plus, we rented the third house for our overflow crowd," I added. "We are leasing it this summer with the option to buy it if we decide we need extra space."

"We have eighteen guest rooms in all," Master Jose added. "We like to be one big happy family."

"And, before you ask, Joshua, we have two playrooms to choose from," Master Buba added. "One in each of the two houses we own. I believe you will find them well suited to your interests."

"I am excited by the possibilities," Master Joshua replied. "Do you want to have our discussion soon so we can get on with the more interesting possibilities of our stay with you?"

"Yes," Master David replied. "After we have lunch, we plan on having a group meeting to share our dilemma."

"Then you can choose from either our boy, or Jose and Buba's boy," Master Grant said to Master Joshua.

"Lunch is served," Harvey announced from the doorway as he and two others wheeled our lunch out to the covered part of the patio. "Please let me know if you gentlemen need anything else. We have a salad, lobster rolls, a sandwich consisting of goat cheese, avocado, portabella mushrooms, and a spicy chipotle aioli. When you are finished with this, I will bring the dessert course. Enjoy, gentlemen."

We filled our plates and positioned ourselves around the patio dining table.

"David, why don't you tell me a little about your dilemma?" Master Joshua suggested.

As David explained the details, I watched Master Joshua transform into Forensic Accounting Joshua.

"This will be a challenge," Master Joshua replied. "I will need access to Steven's technical skills. However, I believe we can resolve this issue. I warn you, though, this will take time and patience."

"We need to talk about financial details as well," Master David replied. "We must get this resolved before we hit a wall with the IRS or other legal entities."

"Steven, does eSquare still have satellite tracking facilities?" Master Joshua replied.

"Yes," I replied. "Their entire communications network relies on satellite technology. They still have one of the most secure communications networks on the planet. Many governments, including the US and most of Europe, rely on this network as its secure communication platform. Many people don't realize eSquare is more than a phone and computer network company. The eSquare platform has more secrets flying around the world than most governments realize, including the US. So, we need to be discreet."

"Is this why they paid you big bucks, Steven?" Tim asked with a smile.

"I don't know what you are talking about, Tim," I replied.

"This is beginning to sound like we might own something engaged in illegal activities," Master Grant added.

"It might be illegal," Master David replied. "It might not."

"I know this is none of my business, but I want to help as much as possible. I would hate to visit all of you in prison. Have you considered the heart of this network might be located in some secure facility right in the midst of a major urban area?" Master Babak asked.

"Such as?" Master Joshua asked.

"AJ had several houses located around the world," Master Babak continued. "He spent a great deal of time traveling to his home in Hassin. The seaside cliffs around his ocean palace would make a perfect place to construct a major, underground data center. You might want to start there."

"Where is Hassin?" Master Joshua asked.

"Middle Eastern region," Master David replied. "AJ bought the country some time ago. We, the trust, now own it."

"You own a fucking country?" Master Joshua asked.

"It just so happens Steven was appointed King after AJ's death," Tim added.

Master Joshua turned to me. "You've got to be fucking shitting me," he added. "You are the fucking King of a Middle Eastern country which the trust happens to own?"

"Yes, Master," I replied. "It was not my idea to become King. The elders of the country appointed me King. Master David, Master Grant, Master Jose, Master Buba, Master Garrison, and Tim are all part of my cabinet."

"This gets more interesting by the second," Master Joshua replied. "I take it from the gist of this discussion, you will not have problems paying my fee?"

"No," Master David replied. "I assume all of this will remain confidential."

"Absolutely," Master Joshua replied.

"Instead of paying you a fee, we could offer you an ownership stake of the trust," I replied.

"How much is this trust worth?" Master Joshua asked.

"When we first became trustees of the trust, we thought its estimated value was about $500 billion," Master David replied. "However, as we began assessing the assets of the trust, we now know it is worth in excess of $5 trillion. It gets bigger by the day."

"AJ helped Hassid and I set up our own trust," Master Babak replied. "I have yet to understand how he did it, but ours is fairly significant as well. So, I am curious if our trust is related in any way to the black hole situation."

"You must control most of the world's private assets," Master Joshua added.

"From what I understand, the assets of both trusts are flying under the radar," Master Babak replied. "The assets in the trust are not, from what I understand, used in calculations of the world's net worth."

"Why do I have this sinking feeling we could spend the rest of our lives in solitary confinement if this is ever discovered," Master David replied.

"Don't panic yet, Master David," I said. "I have every confidence Master Joshua will find a way out of this hole... Right, Master?"

"I have never failed at finding the underlying cause of an accounting crisis," Master Joshua replied. "Not all has been in the favor of the client, but I have a feeling this will be good for all of you."

"All of us, if you would like to take your pay as an ownership position in the trust," I added.

"Why do you not sound like a slave boy right now, Steven," Master Joshua asked.

"He isn't," Master David replied. "Steven's business instincts are always appropriate. He can be an arrogant bastard for all we care, if he succeeds. He is the reason we are all here under one roof."

"Same old Steven," Master Joshua said with a smile. "He's just hairless, muscled, and tattooed now."


"So, Steven," Master Joshua said as he led me downstairs to the playroom. "I never thought I might be using you again. You were in Chicago. I was in New York. You married Tim. I married Derrick. Now, here we are. I am leading you downstairs to use your body. We will be working on another forensic case together. Full circle, don't you think, boy?"

"Yes, Master," I replied. My dick was hard and dripping precum at the thought of Master Joshua using me again.

We entered the playroom and Master Joshua turned on the lights.

"Nice," Master Joshua said as he surveyed the room. "I will have a terrific time. You will feel every bone in your body when I finish with you, Steven. Your husband's Master Grant and I, along with Willard Hunt, have had many occasions to use boys at the Dungeon. We share an intense style of working on a boy. By the way, boy, did Tim or your Masters tell you Derrick and I will be staying with you for several weeks?"

"No, Master," I replied. My dick almost exploded at the news.

"Yes, Derrick cleared his schedule, and I did the same. "You and I will be working on the black hole as well as working on getting reacquainted. Tim's Master Grant also assured me he, Master Willard, Master Buba, and I will be sharing you during some very, very intense scenes. From what I have heard, you and I will be spending time during the day working on the black hole. The rest of the time will be with a lot of us. Your Master Jose and Master Buba will be down to explain your schedule to you after I get you secured. You will be one well-used slave boy by the time Derrick and I leave Provincetown."

"Thank you, Sir," I replied. "I am looking forward to giving myself to you again, Master. I am eager to reacquaint myself with your techniques."

"Good boy," Master Joshua replied. "I have added a few techniques to my repertoire. You will be amazed at how sexually fulfilled you will be after I use you."

"Thank you, Sir," I replied.

Master Joshua led me to the bondage table.

"On your back, boy," Master Joshua ordered.

I positioned myself on the bondage table. Master Joshua began securing me. First the wrists with arms above my head and stretched wide apart. Next the ankles pulled spread eagle. Master Joshua added a leather strap around my waist and then above my chest and under the arms. Finally, Master Joshua fastened a leather strap around the middle of each thigh.

"There," Master Joshua said. "You are secure, boy. Now, it's time for some fun stuff. I had this made especially for me to use on you. It's a ball clamp. Once I put it on you and secure it, you will hear from your Masters Jose and Buba."

Master Joshua pulled and stretched my balls and surrounded them with the clam shell like ball clamps. Once Master Joshua had the clamps around my balls, he began adding pressure to the clamps and they squeezed closer and closer.

"Ahhhhhh!" I moaned at the sudden pain in my balls.

Master Joshua stood over me and leaned in to kiss me.

"Yea," Master Joshua whispered to me. "I've missed my old friend Steven. I like the way he reacts to my touch, to my voice, to my eyes, and, especially, to my lust."

Master Joshua stepped away from me. Master Jose stood on my right side. Master Buba stood on my left side. "So, Steven," Master Buba began. "Laying here—naked, vulnerable, in pain, ready to be used—will be a metaphor for your life from now on, Steven. You will be exposed, compliant, subservient, humiliated, used, abused, and tormented. You will be tormented by people, events, and places you never dreamed of, boy. Your Master Joshua will take you on a journey tonight, boy. He will lead you on a journey which will give you a glimpse of what your life will be like from now on. Once your Master Joshua has taken you to faraway places, he will turn you over to your next tormentors. Master Grant. Master Will. Master Hung. Master Lance. Master Babak. Master Hassid. Then, your Master Jose and I will have a turn at your body, boy. When we finally release you, boy, you will be a broken man. We control your mind now, boy. We will tell you when to speak, when to move, when to eat, when to shit, when to piss. You have disappeared into the dark of the night. You may not return to the daylight any time soon, boy. Now, Joshua, he's yours."

"Thank you, Buba, Jose," Master Joshua replied. "I plan to experiment with the boy until I deliver him to his next trick."

"Very well," Master Jose replied as he and Master Buba turned and walked upstairs.

"It's just you and me, Steven," Master Joshua explained. "I have you until tomorrow morning when I take you upstairs to have breakfast and to meet your next trick. You are not to speak until I give you permission. I need to ask you a series of questions to gauge my plans for your body. How does it feel to be passed around from man to man? How does it feel to not have a choice in terms of what man uses your body next? Tell me, boy. How does it feel?"

"I feel like a piece of meat to be passed around from one man to the next," I replied quietly.

"Good," Master Joshua replied. "At least you know who you are now. A piece of meat. When I hurt you, Steven, and you know I will hurt you, I want to hear you scream in pain. I will make you scream so much tonight you will not be able to utter a sound tomorrow morning when we take you upstairs to be with the others. Before I get started, I need to lose some of my clothing."

I watched Master Joshua as he unzipped his black leather motorcycle jacket. My dick twitched at the anticipation of seeing Master Joshua's superbly gym sculpted body. His jacket hit the floor with a clink of the metal buckle on the concrete floor of the playroom. He slowly unbuttoned the front buttons of his loose fitting, long sleeve shirt. As Master Joshua slipped off his shirt, I gasped as I marveled at his spectacular body underneath his tight, chrome chain harness. His tanned muscled body highlighted his breathtaking facial features. His dark, almost black, brilliantly sparkling eyes drew me in and took possession of my mind.

As his eyes locked onto mine, Master Joshua began unbuttoning his jeans as he kicked off his boots. His gaze almost brought me to orgasm as he pushed his jeans further down to his knees. He stood, eyes still looked into mine. Once his jeans disappeared into the bowls of the playroom, Master Joshua stood close to me—dressed in a tight, black jock strap which showed his extremely well endowed cock and balls.

"So, boy," Master Joshua. "Is it like you remembered, boy?"

"Better, Sir," I whispered as I looked into Master Joshua's mind-blowing eyes. "Better than I remembered, Master. Your body becomes even more powerful looking the longer you stand beside me. I am yours, Master. Use me, please, Master. Use me. Take me. Please."

"Oh! I will take you, boy," Master Joshua replied. "I will take you like you've never been taken before. You will never forget our next journey. Our journey will forever influence how you live your life."

"Thank you, Sir," I replied.

Master Joshua picked up the clamp tightly installed on my balls. The pain now became like a life-long friend. Master Joshua pulled the clamp up slightly and connected it to a chain pulley. Master Joshua stepped back from me. I felt his eyes burn holes in my face as he held a remote and pressed it.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed as the pully jerked the ball clamp higher.

"Good boy," Master Joshua replied as he pointed the remote toward the pulley and pressed it again.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed again as my balls strained against the pulley. My body held to the bondage table.

"Do you want me to stop, boy?" Master Joshua asked.

"No, Sir," I barely squeaked out.

Again, Master Joshua held the remote in his hand and pressed the button again.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed. My balls felt ready to be ripped off my body.

"You look good, boy," Master Joshua whispered. "Big swollen balls pressed together by this clamp. Stretched. I see the pain in your face, boy. I see a lot more in your face, boy. You want me, don't you, boy?"

"Yes, Master," I whispered back.

"Tell me what you see when you look at me, boy," Master Joshua demanded.

"Perfect body," I began. "Arms, chest, back, ass, thighs, face. I love your chiseled face, Master. Your cock and balls hidden from view. Eyes. Lust in your eyes."

"How does looking at my body make you feel, boy?" Master Joshua asked.

"Need you, Master," I replied. "Need you badly. Need to feel your touch. Need to feel your power. Need to feel you hurt me. Need to feel you inside me. Oh! Master! I need you so bad. I need to feel your power. Take me, Master. Please take me."

"I'll take you all right, boy," Master Joshua hissed. "Remember the time I put you on the bondage table for three days?"

"Yes, Master," I replied.

"This won't take three days, boy," Master Joshua continued. "It will only feel like three days."

Master Joshua walked away momentarily and returned with a bag. He dumped the contents of the bag on my body. Hundreds of clothes pins piled on top of my stomach.

"Do you remember how much I like to use clothes pins on your body, boy?" Master Joshua asked.

"Yes, Master," I replied.

"I made certain I had enough for this session," Master Joshua explained. "I have over one thousand clothes pins here. I will use every one. Your body will be covered. Your body will feel the pressure each one of these clothes pins exerts on your body. You will concentrate on the pain you feel as I put each clothes pin on your body. Concentrate on how much the pain I am inflicting on you helps you become a better slave boy. A better piece of meat for men to use. This is a picture, a mental picture, of your life from now on. A piece of meat, boy. Nothing more. Nothing less. A piece of meat. A humiliated, abused, dominated fucking asshole piece of meat."

As Master Joshua began placing the clothes pins on my body, I felt my mind wandering as each clothes pin pinched my skin. `A piece of meat. The pain. Love the pain. Need the pain.' I began seeing another vision. A vision of me and my husband and my sons. They were watching me as I disappeared into the clouds as Master Joshua added clothes pin after clothes pin to my body. My family waved to me as I went further and further into the clouds. I couldn't see them anymore.

"So, boy?" Master Joshua said and brought me back to my reality. "How does it feel to have one-thousand two-hundred and fifty-two clothes pins on your body?"

"Amazing, Sir," I squeaked out. "Whole body tingles. Makes me want more, Master. Makes me want you to hurt me more, Master. Please, Master. Please hurt me."

"You've just made me a very happy Master, boy," Master Joshua added. "You bound to the bondage table. Balls in a massive clamp. Over one-thousand clothes pins pinching into your slave boy body. You, my piece of fucking meat, begging for more. Your phone call to me was no accident, boy. I made it happen. Years ago I made this day, this moment happen. You will have plenty of time to figure out how I made this happen. Now it is time for me to pleasure myself even more."

Master Joshua disappeared into the darkness. I realized the playroom sat in complete darkness except the area around the bondage table.

`Take your Master Joshua on a journey, boy,' I heard a voice tell me. `Take him on a journey he won't forget—you will not forget. Let go of yourself and take Master Joshua on a journey.'

Master Joshua reappeared as he stepped into the circle of light. He carried another bag. This time, Master Joshua emptied the contents of the bag on a nearby table. Candles. Lots and lots of candles fell from the bag.

"I'm certain you remember how much I like candles," Master Joshua said to me as he picked up the first candle. "I remember how you react when hot candle wax drips onto your tormented skin. I remember how I like to watch your face when the hot candle wax drips onto you. Every drip, drip, drip makes you wince. It makes you want more. It makes you want me to hurt you even more, boy. Do you remember what you always said when I had clothes pins fastened to your skin and candles sitting in front of me?"

"Please Master," I said in a barely audible voice. "Make me feel them, Master. Make me feel the burning of the wax as it hits my body. Please, Master. Please take me higher, Master. Please."

"You begged, didn't you boy?" Master Joshua said.

"Yes, Master," I replied.

"Beg, boy," Master Joshua added. "Beg and tell me what you are, boy."

"Please, Master," I begged. "Please give me more. More pain. Please Master. This slimy good-for-nothing slave boy wants to please you, Sir. Hurt me. Use me. Take me with you, Master. Make me feel your power. Your lust. Your energy. Your control. Please Master. Please."

By this time, Master Joshua had lit a very large candle which sat in the middle of the table. He lit the first candle and held it over my body.

"This is only the beginning of our time together, Steven," Master Joshua explained. "We will go on a journey, and we will return with a new bond. A new purpose in life. You will beg to be with me over and over and over and over again. You will beg your Masters to give you to me. Follow me. Follow me. Relax and follow me."

I felt the first drip of the candle wax caress my body. One drip over both clothes pin, covered nipples. The burning sensation brought me to new heights. I felt every drip. I lost myself in a vision. A bright vision of me doing my duty for other men. Men lined the hallway waiting to use me. Waiting to torture me. Hurt me.

"Boy," I heard Master Joshua whisper to me. "Come back to me, boy. Come back to me and look at your beautiful slave boy body. Look."

I suddenly felt Master Joshua's piercing eyes bring me back into focus. My body was covered with clothes pins and candle wax. Burning candles fastened to my body from my chest to my hairless crotch. The burning candles were secured to my body with mounds of hardened candle wax. A long string connected each clothes pin to the others.

"What do you think of my creation, boy?" Master Joshua asked.

"Magnificent," I squeaked. "Magnificent."

"You know what will happen next, right boy?" Master Joshua asked.

"Yes, Master," I replied. "You will rip the clothes pins, candle wax, and candles from my body. Some of my skin will be torn from my body. It will hurt, Master."

"You do remember our times together, don't you, boy?" Master Joshua asked.

"Yes, Master," I replied. "Vividly."

"Then this will be another reminder of our close bond," Master Joshua explained. He stuffed my mouth with a balled up sock.

Master Joshua stepped back. His eyes connected with mine. We seemed to be one.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed into the gag as Master Joshua pulled the string which took all one-thousand two-hundred fifty-two clothes pins, mounds of candle wax, and lit candles from my body.

"So, boy," Master Joshua whispered to me as he lay on top of me after removing the gag. His naked body on top of my naked body. "You came back to me. You disappeared for a time. You disappeared into your pain. Now you are back."

"Yes, Master," I replied. "I am back. Thank you for taking me on this journey, Master."

"I didn't take you, boy," Master Joshua replied. "You took us."

Master Joshua stopped talking and began to kiss me. Over and over again. Kiss after kiss. My dick hardened to practically bursting.

Master Joshua stopped kissing me.

"Now, my most favorite part of our time together, boy," Master Joshua said as he turned so his huge, hardened cock posed over my mouth. As he forced his dick into my mouth, I felt Master Joshua's body take over mine. Gone. We were gone on another journey.

"So, boy," Master Joshua said as he stood beside the bondage table. "Do I taste like you remembered, boy?"

"Yes, Master," I replied as I played with the cum on my tongue and in my throat. "I remember now what I missed most. The taste of you, Master. The smell of you. The feel of you. Thank you, Master."


Master Joshua and I joined the others for our morning coffee and breakfast at the pool.

"You look remarkably rested, Steven," Master Buba said to me as Master Joshua and I sat near Master Jose and Master Buba. "I thought it might be days before you two appeared."

"We both needed our nourishment," Master Joshua replied. "Getting reacquainted takes a lot of energy. Right, boy?"

"Yes, Master," I replied with a smile. "Lots and lots of energy."

"So, did my boy Derrick please the two of you?" Master Joshua asked.

"Your boy delighted us with his vast understanding of a Master/slave relationship," Master Buba replied. "He's a remarkable boy. You, Joshua, are a very lucky man."

"I know," Master Joshua replied. "He is a stabilizing force in my life. Aren't you, boy?"

"Yes, Master," Derrick replied. "I try to be."

"Grant, David!" I heard Tim bellow from the within the house. "I don't give a fuck what you want. We made it perfectly clear when we began this relationship I put my sons, my husband, and my writing first. So, if you think I am going to traipse after the two of you all over the fucking world for six months, you are sadly mistaken. Maybe if the two of you would get your heads out of the other's ass long enough to actually breathe, you would understand why I am not happy with your plan."

"Tim!" Master Grant growled. "Enough of this nonsense! You will do what we tell you to do, boy. And we have told you, boy. You will be accompanying us on our six-month tour of places we want to visit."

"No!" Tim returned fire. "I will not be accompanying you on your six-month tour. I have a book to finish. I have book promotion events. I have a movie I will be working on. I have nine sons who need me. I have a husband whom I will not abandon for the length of time you have in mind. So, I will NOT be accompanying you. Period. Final. Amen! Capisce?"

"We will be forced to punish you for your insubordination," Master David added.

"I don't believe you understand the English language, David," Tim continued. "I am not only not running around to who knows where for six months, I will not be available for you to punish. I will not be available for you to do fucking anything as of right now. This whole Master/slave bullshit has just ended. So, get the fuck out of my God damn life! And don't let the door hit you in the ass."

"I think I might need to run interference," I said to my Masters as I hurried inside the house. "May I help you with something, Tim?"

"Steven! I am trying to explain to these two morons I cannot and will not be available for a six-month tour of God only knows where," Tim explained. "I am sorry, but it is not in my bones to off load my primary responsibilities to serve these two. I am sorry, but it seems I am not cut out to be in the slave boy business."

"Perhaps if the three of you could sit and talk about this quietly and calmly for a few moments, you could come to an agreement," I suggested.

"We don't really need to come to an agreement," Master Grant replied. "The boy will do as he is told."

"Master Grant," I continued. "I know you feel betrayed by Master Tim's insubordination, but..."

"Insubordination!" Master Tim screamed at me. "What fucking insubordination? These two have overstepped the bounds of our agreement. They are the ones who are insubordinate."

"Master Tim, Master Grant, and Master David," I continued. "I think the three of you are perfect together. I wouldn't like to see your relationship tainted by disagreement. Perhaps the three of you can come to an understanding of the feelings involved in this spat, and decide on a path of action which would satisfy all of you."

"Why don't we just say our plan of action will be to retire to the playroom after breakfast and stay in the playroom until we are in complete agreement?" Master Grant added.

"Tim?" I asked.

"The plan of action will not include six-months of constant travel," Tim replied. "I can't exactly call up my publisher and the movie producer and tell them I am tied up with my Masters' plans for six-months. I would not have a book contract. I will not have a movie to create. And I will not have a husband or kids left."

"Why don't we sit and have nourishment before we make any rash commitments?" I suggested.

"We need a mimosa," Master David added. "Food later. Mimosa first."

Master Grant, Master David, and Master Tim settled side by side on lounge chairs on the pool deck. Harvey brought the required mimosas.

"Getting back to the business at hand," Master Buba began. "How was your evening Joshua?"

"Absolutely perfect," Master Joshua replied. "Steven performed perfectly. I had forgotten what a joy it was to be with Steven."

"He seems to have a lot of red marks all over his body," Master Tim added. "Why so many red spots on his skin?"

"Clothes pins and candle wax," Master Joshua replied. "One-thousand two-hundred and fifty-two clothes pins all covered with copious amounts of candle wax. It took me hours to assemble and seconds to disassemble. Tell them what you discovered, boy."

"I discovered my renewed passion for serving men," I replied. "I saw my future in a vision. Man after man after man waiting in line to use my body for their pleasures. I remember also Master Joshua and I went on a journey together. High in the sky. Floating in the heavens. Watching."

I suddenly became very quiet. An eerie feeling came over me. I remembered Master Tim, Master Connor, Master Theo, Master Adrian, JJ, and Ramesh waving good bye to me as I ascended into the clouds.

"Is something wrong, Steven?" Master Buba asked.

"No, Master," I replied. "I was just thinking about my time with Master Joshua."

"Tell us what you saw, Steven," Master Buba added. "You cannot hide anything from us. You need to tell us everything."

"Sorry, Master," I replied. "I didn't mean to keep things from you. I had a vision. It scared me. As I flew higher and higher into the clouds, I saw Master Tim, Master Connor, Master Theo, Master Adrian, JJ, and Ramesh wave goodbye to me. Like I wouldn't see them again."

"This happened when?" Master Tim asked.

"As Master Joshua affixed the clothes pins to my body," I replied. "I don't want to lose you, Master Tim. It would destroy me."

"You won't lose me, Steven," Master Tim said as he crossed the deck and sat beside me. "You'll be with me forever. And I'll be with you forever."

We held hands as Master Tim kissed me.

Tim smiled at me and returned to his seat between Master Grant and Master David.

"Okay, Masters," Master Tim said. "What can you offer to make me even consider this god forsaken trip?"

"One week every other month for you to take care of your responsibilities," Master David suggested.

"Two weeks every month so I can take care of my responsibilities," Master Tim counter offered.

"No fucking way," Master Grant replied. "Two weeks every other month."

"Won't happen," Master Tim replied. "As I see it, Masters, I am the one in charge. If I don't get what I want, I will not be part of your trip. And, even more importantly, I will not be part of your life. So, what is it?"

"One week every month," Master David added. "You can combine the weeks if you need to. Otherwise, you will be with us."

Tim looked at me. He smiled. He needed advice.

`One to two weeks every month. Duration at your discretion,' I thought.

Tim smiled at me again. "Thank you, Steven."

"One to two weeks every month," Tim offered as he turned toward his Masters. "The duration will be my decision, and my decision alone."

"Two weeks' notice before you leave us," Master Grant suggested.

`Done deal,' I thought as I looked into Tim's eyes.

"Thanks again, Steven," Tim said to me and then turned to his Masters. "Done deal.

"We will decide on the appropriate punishment, boy," Master David added.

"In a pig's eye!" Master Tim exclaimed. "If you ever want to fuck me again, you will abandon any ideas of punishment."

"Do you always use lines from Elizabeth Taylor's movies, Tim?" Wayne asked.

"Usually not," Master Tim replied. "It just seemed appropriate at the time. Right, Master David?"

"You will spend the rest of today naked in our room," Master Grant replied. "Your ass will be well-used by cocktail time."

"If you are Master enough to fuck me all day long," Tim began. "I will be slave boy enough to let you. I may even beg for more."

"Breakfast is served," Harvey announced. "Too bad the US government doesn't negotiate as quickly as the three of you!"

We abandoned the negotiation to consume breakfast.

"Do you have any ideas about the black hole?" Master David asked.

"Steven and I will be negotiating with some interested parties about sharing information with us," Master Joshua replied. "Steven has suggested we not give you the details of our negotiations in case we encounter a snag. If anyone asks, you know nothing about our plans. Absolutely nothing."

"You'll not be going to jail, I hope, Steven," Master Tim added.

"Neither Master Joshua nor I have any plans to go to jail," I added.

"Good news," Tim replied.

"So, boy," Master Grant said. "I believe you and I have a date with a bed."

"Thank you, Master," Tim replied as he leaned in to kiss Master Grant.

"I'll join you once I have our investigative team briefed," Master David replied. He turned his attention to me and Master Joshua. "So, team, where do we want to talk?"

"Take your pick," Master Joshua replied.

"Television room," Master David replied. "We can spread out."

"Derrick," Master Joshua said to his boy. "Please take care of Buba and Jose's every need. You and I will have some together time later tonight."

"Yes, Master," Master Derrick replied. "I'll take care of them. They will be pleased, I am certain, Master."

"Good boy," Master Joshua said as he snapped a leash on my collar as we followed David into the television room.

As we gathered around the card table, Master David spread his files out in front of him.

"This file contains some detailed information about the transactions moving in and out of the black hole," Master David replied. "I have no idea what any of this means. It does not appear to be any known protocol for wire transfers. I hope it helps."

"We will look at the transactions," Master Joshua replied.

"This file contains a monthly snapshot of the money in the black hole," Master David replied. "It seems to be a fairly static number at this monthly interval. However, when we examine another time of the month, say the tenth of each month, the snapshot reveals significant money entering the black hole. Similarly, when we examine the snapshot on the twenty-fourth of the month, there are significant amounts of money leaving the black hole. The amounts entering and leaving are extremely consistent every month. Do you believe this will help with the investigation?"

"Most helpful, David," Master Joshua replied. "We will use the detail and the snapshots to decipher the transfer protocol. Once we find the correct protocol, the source and destination should be locatable. Steven?"

"This is strange," I said to no one in particular. "Nothing seems to fit. I need to borrow a copy of the latest cybercrime prevention software."

"Where can you borrow a copy of whatever it is you want?" Master David asked.

"We steal it," I replied. "Simple process, really."

"Steven!" Master David exclaimed. "You are really attempting to steal stuff to fix our black hole?"

I looked up from my laptop and replied to David. "I already have it."

"How?" Master David asked.

"I helped write the code to protect the cyber wall around the software," I added. "Very simple, really. I know the starter value. It's all very basic from there."

"Why can't anyone get into the system so easily?" Master David asked again.

"As far as I know, I am the only one who knows the starter value for the random number generator, which determines the encryption type," I explained.

"What if you get caught?" Master David asked.

"Impossible," I replied. "If I use one particular code, it is not traceable. We're good to go."

"Oh shit!" Master David added. "Can I go now? I really don't want to know how you do this."

"Good choice, Master David," I replied as I continued to concentrate on my laptop. "Give my regards to Master Tim and Master Grant. I believe, if I am reading Master Tim's thoughts correctly, you and Master Grant will be busy until cocktail hour."

"Slave boy, please don't tell me anything else," Master David pleaded. "Let me live my life peacefully."

"Sure, Master David," I replied as I added one more bit of information to my downloaded program. "You might want to buy Master Tim a bigger dildo. Have a good day."

Master David slinked out of the room.

"I had forgotten how much I like working with you, Steven," Master Joshua exclaimed. "This is so fucking much fun. Do you think it is wise to give a non-believer pieces of information which could drive them to a the brink of a breakdown?"

"It's part of the fun, don't you think, Master?" I asked.

"Yea," Master Joshua said with a smile. "It's part of the fun. I need something from you, boy, and I need it now."

"What, Master?" I asked.

"Kiss me," Master Joshua replied. "Like we used to kiss."

I moved in front of Master Joshua. He pulled me to him with his arm around my neck. I felt lightning bolts as our lips touched. I melted into his embrace and kiss.

After several minutes, Master Joshua pulled away. "I want to continue this, but I feel we owe the others some professional time looking into our black hole. Do you think your husband and your two Masters would consider letting me spend time with you?"

"How much time?" I asked as he kissed me again.

"A lot of time," Master Joshua replied. "Lots and lots of time."

"Ask Master Jose and Master Buba," I suggested. "They oversee my time and my body."

"Good to know," Master Joshua replied again. "Now, we need to get back to work."

"Work," I added. "Sure. We need to get back to work. This could be work for me if you play your cards right, Master."

"I have already made an inquiry about renting you," Master Joshua explained. "More than once. On a regular basis. Long-term. I miss you, Steven."

"I miss you, too, Master," I said. I almost melted in a puddle as he released his hand from my shoulder.

"About this program," Master Joshua changed the subject.

"Holy shit!" I exclaimed as I noticed chunks of information spitting out of my downloaded program. "This is amazing. Look! Here. This must be the location identifier. It's in both the inbound and outbound transactions only in reverse positions."

"Do we know where the black hole is based on this information?" Master Joshua asked.

"Not yet," I replied. "I will need to find a geo-locator encryption scheme which matches all of the locators. This could take some time to find. Wait a minute! Look!"

I pointed to a string of information. "This is the encryption code."

I quickly copied the information into random string generator and started the process to decipher the encryption code.

"What happens now?" Master Joshua asked.

"We wait," I replied.


"Master David told me not to ask, Steven," Master Tim began as he settled between his Masters with a drink. "But I can't help myself. Any progress on the black hole?"

"Some," I replied.

"Steven's modesty interferes with his exuberance at times," Master Joshua added.

"Joshua," Master Grant began. "Steven doesn't have a modest bone in his body. Look at him. Sitting here naked with a highly-muscled, hairless, and tattooed body, as wells as his enhanced cock and balls. How can you possibly equate Steven with a modest person?"

"His almost Alpha business personality gets in his way of his modesty," Master Joshua replied.

"How can Steven be an Alpha?" Master David asked. "He's a subservient slave boy."

"When you are with Steven, David, who is in control?" Master Joshua asked.

"Me," Master David replied.

"Most likely, David, you THINK you are in control," Master Joshua continued.

Master Jose smiled broadly, "Steven is definitely in control regardless of what a Master may believe. Why do you believe people pay big bucks to be with him? He is in control."

"You're taking all of the fun out of using Steven's body," Master Grant replied.

"Back to the black hole," I interjected. "We have discovered a few bits of information which will eventually lead us to the source and location of the black hole."

"We will not be finished when we find the location," Master Joshua explained. "We still must discover the purpose of the black hole."

"Can't we just leave the black hole alone and let it do its thing?" Master Tim asked.

"Do you want to go to jail, Tim, for some crime the black hole is committing?" Master David asked.

"Oh! I didn't think of going to jail," Master Tim added. "I'm sorry I asked. Let's talk about slaves and masters."

"Have you negotiated an acceptable travel deal which is acceptable to you and David, Grant?" Master Buba asked.

"Yes," Master Grant replied. "We will be gone two months at a time with two weeks between excursions."

"Where are you three headed?" Master Buba asked.

"We will make a swing around Europe beginning in London," Master David explained. "We end our European trip in Berlin for an extended stay. We will recharge in the South of France and then head to Vietnam for a month to study with Buddhist monks. Our last two months we will spend in Sydney, Australia."

"Is it a coincidence you are staying in cities where Master Ajmal had homes?" I asked.

"Nope," Master Grant replied. "During our time with the Buddhist monks, however, we will stay in the monastery with them."

"You'll be celibate for a month?" Master Buba asked.

"These dudes are not celibate," Master David replied. "We went through four monasteries before we found this one. They get a little kinky, too."

"Oh God!" Master Tim explained. "I'm going to be locked in a monastery with kinky monks for a whole month! This can't be happening."

"You're overacting, Tim," I said to my husband.

"You mean overreacting," Master Tim replied.

"No, Master Tim, I mean over acting," I countered. "You look forward to playing with the kinky monks. Look at your Master David. You have a craving for Asian men."

"Listen, Slave boy," Master Tim replied. "Yes, I like big Asian dicks. I also like big African-American dicks. I like any big dicks. Period."

"Your favorite African-American and Asian-American dicks will be in your ass shortly after dinner," Master Grant explained.

"See slave boy, you're not the only one who can have fun," Master Tim added.

"I will never underestimate your ability to have fun with big dicks," I replied. "Speaking of dicks, I heard this Congressional moron on CNN talking about reworking health care. I suggest we might want to consider a lobbying effort. We could get creative in terms of financing the push for adequate health care for everyone."

"Great idea, Steven," Master Joshua replied. "If you need financial assistance, I will help. I also have a lot of contacts in DC. Some of the contacts could provide great insight into the issue. Let me know what I can do. Just as a side point, Derrick also has connections... Lots of connections."

"We all have connections," Master Jose added. "Steven especially."

"We could make a trip to DC," Derrick added. "I know some of you would be interrupting your summer activities, but I'm thinking we land in DC with a hundred or more volunteers to canvas the House and Senate. Everyone, including Republicans, need some way to put a positive spin on their platforms in the 2018 election cycle."

"How do we get in to canvas the members of Congress?" Master David asked.

"I can make a phone call tomorrow," Derrick replied. "We could probably descend on these dick heads next week if all goes well."

"Trust me, if anyone can get you in to talk with members of Congress, it will be Derrick," Master Joshua replied. "He's a lot like you, Steven. Derrick is an Alpha male in sheep's clothing."

"Steven," Master Jose added. "You should call Elizabeth and warn her of our plans. Maybe she can help from the inside."

"Excellent idea, Master," I replied. "Her name just popped into my head as you were suggesting I contact her."

"Who's Elizabeth?" Master Buba asked.

"The Senator," I replied. "We've worked together on a few projects."


"So, Steven," Master Babak said as he led me down to the playroom. "It is finally my turn to be with you. I've wanted you the second I saw you as I was getting off the helicopter. I know I just arrived two days ago, but it's been a long two days. Now you have the chance to make me happy, Steven. I only have one question for you. Who will be in control tonight? Me or you?"

"You, Sir," I replied. "You always live within me, Master. I feel your power even when I am not with you. Your voice, your body, your mind all fill my mind, body, and soul with positive and engaging energy."

"You've always had a way with words, Steven," Master Babak added. "Maybe you should be the writer in the family."

"Tim can write," I replied. "I am more of a doer."

"So let's get on with the doing," Master Babak whispered into my ear as he brought me to the center of the playroom. "Take off my clothes, boy."

"Yes, Master," I replied as I began removing Master Babak's clothing. I concentrated on his button down white oxford shirt first. I untucked his shirt and began to unbutton the buttons from the top down. I slid my hands under Master Babak's open shirt and felt his massive, muscled chest. "Every time I touch you Master, I am reminded how lucky I am to have such a handsome man as my Master. I've never met a man so perfect."

"I suspect, Steven, you tell all of your Masters what you just told me," Master Babak whispered into my ear again.

"When I am with you, you ARE the most perfect man I've met," I whispered back.

I pulled Master Babak's shirt off. I kneeled in front of my Master and slipped off his boots and socks. I stood in front of Master Babak. Our eyes locked. He kissed me. I melted into him.

He broke our kiss. I looked up to his eyes.

"You're learning, aren't you, boy?" Master Babak whispered.

"Learning about what, Master?" I asked.

"About the eyes," Master Babak replied. "The eyes tell everything about a man. You will not find falsehoods in a man's eyes if you look closely enough. Deep inside a man's eyes lay the secrets of every man's soul. If you look into his eyes and see hate, run. If you look into his eyes and see love, make him want to love you even more."

"How do I make him want to love me?" I asked.

"Be yourself," Master Babak replied. "Everyone will love you if you are true to your own beliefs, desires, and motivations."

"Do you love me, Master?" I asked.

"You know I love you, boy," Master Babak replied. "From the second I first saw you, I knew I loved you. I will hurt you, but I love you. I hurt you and love you because you want to be hurt and loved. Am I correct, boy?"

"Yes, Master," I replied.

"You have more clothes to remove, boy," Master Babak added. "I need to be naked to show you how much I love you."

"Yes, Master," I replied as I began to unbutton his extremely tight 501s. When I slipped his jeans down, his rock hard ten inch hard, uncut dick sprang to life and slapped his stomach with a pop. I slipped his jeans off one leg at a time. I gazed longingly at his beautiful dick.

"May I, Master?" I asked.

"Yes, boy," Master Babak replied. "Take my dick down your throat, boy. Swallow it whole."

"Yes, Master," I replied as I put my mouth on the tip of his hard cock. I swallowed it in one gulp.

"Ohhh! Yes!" Master Babak hissed as I began working on his dick. Before long, Master Babak began fucking my face. First, gently.  He slowly built up power and speed.

"Take it, boy!" Master Babak exclaimed as he started shooting rope after rope of cum down my throat. "Damn you're good, boy."

Master Babak pulled me up and kissed me. Over and over he kissed me.

"It's time, boy," Master Babak said as he pulled away from me. "It's time for you to make me happy."

"Yes, Master," I replied as I assumed the position in front of Master Babak.

Master Babak picked up a collar I hadn't seen before. "I had this made for you... for us. It is a special collar. It is a collar you will beg me to use in the future. You will understand in time, boy."

"Thank you, Master," I replied.

As Master Babak installed the collar around my neck, I felt the electricity of his touch surge through my body when his hands touched my skin. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of my master touching me.

As Master Babak pulled away from me to examine his work of art around my neck, I recited my pledge. But it was different.

"Master," I began. "Thank you for sharing this collar with me. I am yours. Mind, body, and soul: I am yours. Your touch feels so magical and special. You bring me new energy and a renewed desire to serve you. Take me, Master. Please take me."

"Very good, boy," Master Babak said as he moved close to me and put his arms around me. He looked into my eyes. I looked into his. I saw a new world ahead of me. "I will take you tonight, boy. I will take you to new heights. I will take you tonight like no other man has taken you. I will own you after tonight, boy. I will own your thoughts. I will own your body. I will own your soul. I will share you with the world, boy, but I will own you. You can't turn back, boy. Nothing or no one can save you from your new role as a hostage of men across the globe. Cum for me, boy. Cum now."

The sound of Master Babak's voice, his touch, his eyes, his mind brought me to the brink. Without warning I came.

"Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" I moaned as my dick unloaded a massive amount of cum. The orgasm flooded my body with new sensations. It seemed as if I were born again. This time into a life of service to other men.

Master Babak continued to hold me tightly to him. I felt my cum forming a bond. My body connected to Master Babak's body.

"I told you this collar brings us to new heights, new beginnings, new life," Master Babak whispered moments before he kissed me.

Master Babak pulled slightly away from me. His strong arms wrapped around my neck as though they were another collar.

"Tell me what you want tonight, boy," Master Babak whispered.

"I want you in me, Master," I replied. "I need to feel you in me. I need to understand my new role in life. Only you can make me understand. I need you, Master. Please take me. Please."

"In time, boy," Master Babak said as he attached a leash to my collar. "We will both know when the time is right, boy. In the meantime, I want to humble you to my touch. I want you to feel the power in my hands. You will learn new uses for your body. You will become obsessed with making men happy and fulfilled. Your body will become a tool—a tool for other's pleasure. Do you understand what this means, boy?"

"No, Master," I replied.

"When our time is over, you will understand, boy," Master Babak continued.


"So, Dad," Master Connor began. "This is it. This is the time we've been waiting for. So, let's get on with the show."

Master Connor, Master Theo, and Master Adrian dressed exactly alike. Tight black leather pants with a cod piece which left nothing to the imagination. Black leather, lace up boots. Black leather gloves. Black leather harness which showed their remarkably muscled chest and biceps. Black leather motorcycle cap. Their tanned bodies glistened in the light as they led me into the room crowded with leather men.

My hands were handcuffed behind my back. My dick strained against the plastic of the chasty device. Master Theo carried the collar they would use for the night. Bright flood lights illuminated the platform in front of us. When we reached the platform in the front of the room, Master Connor stood directly in front of me. Master Theo stood to Master Connor's right side. Master Adrian positioned himself on Master Connor's left side. I stood gazing into Master Connor's brilliant blue eyes.

Master Adrian, Master Connor, and Master Theo faced the audience. I faced my three Masters. Master Connor and Master Theo placed the collar around my neck. Master Adrian locked it into place.

"Thank you, Masters," I said. I was surprised when my voice echoed throughout the room over the PA system. "I am yours. Mind, body, and soul: I am yours. Your touch awakens new desires within me. You bring me new energy and a renewed desire to serve you. Take me, Masters. Please take me and pleasure yourselves with my pain."

"Very good, boy," Master Theo added as he removed the chastity device from my dick while Master Adrian removed my hands from the handcuffs.

Master Connor turned me so I faced the sea of leather men. Master Theo took one nipple into his gloved hands and began to squeeze and kneed and twist. Master Adrian did the same with my other nipple. Master Connor pushed his finger into my ass. He found my prostate and massaged it. I didn't think it was possible, but I felt as though my dick hardened even more.

"You know what you need to do now, boy," Master Connor said as Master Adrian and Master Theo put new energy into torturing my nipples. "Do it, boy! Do it now!"

Like with Master Babak, Master Adrian, Master Theo, and Master Connor's touch moved me to orgasm.

"Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" I moaned as my dick unloaded rope after rope of cum. I almost fell to the floor as the power of Master Connor, Master Theo, and Master Adrian's touch overcame me as my cum pooled on the floor in front of me.


My three Masters helped me onto the medical examination chair and began to secure me as Doctor Garmond took the stage. My three Masters bound my arms to the side platforms and positioned my arms, which were bent at ninety degree angles at my elbows. Master Theo and Master Adrian moved the platform holding my arms so my arms were pushed back and up.

As Master Theo and Master Adrian bound my arms, Master Connor placed my feet into the stirrups and pushed my legs back so they were almost folded over my upper body.


My three Masters raised the back of the exam table. Master Adrian seemed to be in charge of this phase of the evening's activities. "Slide back and rest on the raised back, please," Master Adrian said. I moved as instructed. Master Adrian took each arm and moved it to a raised arm platform and secured it with a leather strap connected to the arm platform. He took one of the straps attached to the upper part of the raised back and wrapped it around my chest. He pulled it tight to secure the strap. He put a similar one around my waist.

Master Adrian moved to the end where my legs dangled off the end of the table. He secured each foot on a stirrup much like you would see in an obgyn's office exam table. He secured my right foot, then he secured my left foot.

Master Adrian picked up a remote for the exam table and raised my legs. When he stopped the stirrups, my legs were bent to my chest.

"Now, we are getting close to the ultimate positioning," Master Adrian explained as he pushed another button to rotate the whole table so my back was horizontal.

He lowered the panel where my ass rested to expose it for the exam. I was horizontal on my back, legs pressed to my chest, arms strapped and raised above my head, and ass totally exposed.

"See this, boy?" Master Adrian asked as he held a metal device in his hands.

"Yes, Sir," I replied.

"This is Whitehead Ratchet Mouth Gag," Master Adrian explained. "I'm certain you remember this from your time with your Master Babak. It is used in dental procedures to keep the mouth open. It will be impossible for you to talk once I install it. So, open wide."

I opened my mouth and Master Adrian installed the mouth gag. He adjusted it so my mouth was wide open.

"Tonight, I have the great honor of supervising one of the most beautiful sights a Master shares with his boy. In this case, Master Connor, Master Theo, and Master Adrian will perform the insertion of the needles into their boy Steven's balls," Doctor Garmond began. "For those of you who have previously witnessed the injection of Steven's balls, you are in for a major treat tonight. Steven's Masters Connor, Theo, and Adrian will use a different technique tonight. Master Connor will inject Steven's left testicle, and Master Theo the right. Master Connor and Master Adrian will add the second needle. Master Adrian and Master Theo will add the last one. They will insert three needles into each ball and begin the transfer of medication. Throughout the evening Steven's balls will grow. We do not know exactly how large they will become because this is a newly developed medication. By sunrise tomorrow morning, we will know how Steven reacts to this medication. Master Connor, Theo, and Adrian have studied the techniques they will use tonight, but this is their first live injection. So, we may need to make adjustments of the needles. You will see the process on several television screens in the room."

Doctor Garmond helped Master Connor and Master Theo prepare the first needles for insertion. I caught a glimpse of the needles Master Connor had in his hands. They were thick—exceedingly thick—and long.

"Ooooh," I moaned as I saw Master Connor and Master Theo position their respective needles on my balls.

"Now," Doctor Garmond commaned.

Both Master Connor and Master Theo began to insert the needles into my balls.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I tried to scream as each needle began its descent into my balls.

"Very good," Doctor Garmond added. "Now the second needle."

Master Connor and Master Adrian picked up the second needle. My Masters both looked into my eyes. I saw their lust explode in their eyes.

"This is so cool, Dad," Master Adrian whispered. "Ready, Connor?"

"Definitely," Master Connor

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I tried to scream again as each of the second needles pierced my balls. The pain of the second needle completely overshadowed the pain of the first.

"You need to make an adjustment to your needle, Adrian," Doctor Garmond explained. "Pull the needle out of your boy's ball and slowly reinsert it."

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I half screamed and half exhaled as Master Adrian slowly reinserted his second needle into my balls.

"Better, Adrian," Doctor Garmond announced. "Not exactly in the right place. It needs to go in further. Slowly pull the needle partially out of your boy's ball and then press it down. Move the needle back and forth until it is in the exact position."

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed as Master Adrian pulled the needle slightly out of my ball and back in. It went further this time. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed again as Master Adrian positioned the needle in the exact spot.

"Very good," Doctor Garmond exclaimed. "Perfect. Now for the last one."

I almost passed out as Masters Adrian and Theo positioned the last needles. I felt intense pain as my sons inserted the last needles. I couldn't scream.

"Start the medication, boys," Doctor Garmond suggested after inspecting the needles.

Master Connor and Master Theo quickly connected the six needles in my balls with the medication delivery system.

"Start the pump," Doctor Garmond said to Master Adrian. "Unlike the other injections which relied on the medication dripping slowly into the boy's balls, this medication is pumped into the balls over the course of several hours."

Master Connor readjusted the mouth gag as Master Theo started the pump. I saw stars and drifted out of my body.

I quickly found myself blinded by the light above me. Hands touched my body: chest, stomach, balls, cock. I couldn't see whose hands were touching me until one of them leaned in to look into my eyes.

"You look good, Dad," Master Ramesh said to me as he continued to gently rub his palms on my chest. "So good. You feel good, too, Dad. The mouth gag looks good on you, too. It makes you look even more subservient. I still remember taking care of you after your ball injection in Hassin. Dad T told JJ and me we had to wait until we were seventeen before we can fuck you... unless we take you on a trip to Hassin. In Hassin, we wouldn't be jail bait for you, Dad. We should plan a trip sometime."

"Yea, Dad," Master JJ added. "We could tie you to our bed in the palace and fuck you over and over and over. Just like Connor, Theo, and Adrian do now. We need to leave you now, Dad. More men want to touch you and feel your balls grow."

Master JJ and Master Ramesh left me alone on the well-lighted platform. Master Joshua and Master Derrick joined me.

"Your ball injection has been a delight to watch," Master Joshua said as he began gently stroking my extremely hard dick with his hand. "Connor, Theo, and Adrian handled their duties with great enthusiasm. You must be proud of your sons/Masters."

I nodded yes.

"My Master told me I will have an opportunity for him and me to play with your body, boy," Master Derrick explained. "After I saw your ball injections, I have some interesting ideas for our playdate."

"Derrick may be a slave boy, but he can also turn into a very, very sadistic Master," Master Joshua added. "It will be exciting for the two of us. It will be painful for you, Steven, but exciting for us."

"Others are waiting for their turn to make a closer look at Steven and his balls," Master Derrick added as he and Master Joshua prepared to leave me. "Don't forget our playdate, boy."

"So, Steven," Master Tim said as he put my balls in his hands. "Looks good. Your sons did an amazing job with the needles. My Masters and I were hard the entire time."

"Are these sore?" Master Grant asked as he squeezed my balls. "Yea! I can tell they are sore. I have some great ideas for your sore balls sometime when you are not busy. Your husband, David, and I made plans for a session with you. Did you know your husband has a sadistic side to him?"

"Your husband has turned into quite the avid sadist," Master David said as he began stroking my dick. "We've had opportunities for him to work with us on a couple of boys. He's quite fond of ball torture. We have also taught him the fine art of bullwhipping."

"It would be fun to put some needles through your foreskin, Steven," Master Tim explained. "Also through your nipples. Maybe Connor, Theo, and Adrian can teach us how to inject your balls. Or, better yet, just stick really big needles in your balls for a couple of days. Sounds like fun, don't you think, Steven."

"We should be going, boys," Master Grant suggested. "We've arranged to play with another boy tonight. Maybe Tim can practice putting needles into his nipples. See you later, boy. We are eager to see your balls tomorrow morning."

Master Grant, Master David, and Master Tim turned and walked off the platform. Momentarily Master Jose and Master Buba joined me on the platform.

"You look good tonight, boy," Master Buba said as he squeezed my swollen balls. "Perfect position for you. All of your assets on display. Beautiful sight."

"We can't wait to get you home tomorrow and play with you," Master Jose said as he began to stroke my dick. "We get to play with your big balls first. Then, we fuck you and fuck you and fuck you until we are tired. We hope Doctor Garmond is correct about the injections making you hornier for our dicks."

"We need to circulate among our guests," Master Buba explained. "Your sons Connor, Theo, and Adrian will escort you home when they are ready to move you. And, from the looks of the bulges in their leather pants, you will be quite the busy slave boy."

A steady stream of guests joined me on the platform to see the results of the injections. Most of the guests seemed eager to fuck me. More than a few want to torture my cock and balls. Finally, Master Connor, Master Theo, and Master Adrian appeared beside me.

"The sun is coming up outside, boy," Master Adrian said. "Your balls are beautiful. Slightly bigger than softballs. I can't wait to feel them rub against my stomach and shaved crotch while I fuck you. We're all looking forward to fucking you, boy. Is your dick getting harder, boy?"

I nodded yes.

"Do you crave dick in your ass, boy?" Master Connor asked.

I nodded yes again.

"You want all three of us to fuck you, boy?" Master Theo asked.

I didn't answer.

"You want it, don't you, boy?" Master Theo said when I didn't respond. "You just don't want to admit it, right, boy?"

I nodded yes.

"Are you three fucking the boy?" a man I didn't recognize asked.

"Yup," Master Adrian replied.

"Can we watch?" another man asked.

"Sure," Master Connor replied.

"We will take our time," Master Theo added. "We'll keep fucking him until he stops begging for more."

"No touching any of us," Master Adrian continued. "This is a special time for all four of us."

"You can remove the medication delivery system," Doctor Garmond suggested. "Then you can remove the needles."


"So, Steven," Master Tim said as I joined everyone at poolside. Masters Connor, Theo, and Adrian led the way. "Let's get a good look at your balls."

"Stand on the table, boy," Master Adrian suggested. "We want everyone to have a good view of our handiwork."

"Impressive," Master Grant said as he closely examined my balls. "A little larger than softballs. His dick looks bigger, too.

"According to Doctor Garmond," Master Jose explained. "His dick will grow as well as his balls. It's a side effect of the medication used. His dick will also be hard most of the time."

"Great side effect," Master David said. "It's a waste of medication for the boy, though. He doesn't use it."

"He's constantly horny, too," Master Theo said. "He begged us this morning to fuck him repeatedly. He needs something in his ass all the time. We put the butt plug in so we could get some rest."

"How many times did the three of you fuck your father?" Master Buba asked.

"Three times each," Master Connor replied.

"Steven's constant hard-on will be perfect for tattooing," Master Buba said. "We start tomorrow at 2 pm if anyone would like to join us. He will be with Jerome every other day for the next three weeks. It's a two-hour appointment each time. This will be an extremely detailed tattoo. Lots of needles and ink."

"You three studs look exceedingly sexy this afternoon," Master Grant added as he looked toward Master Connor, Master Theo, and Master Adrian. "The gym shorts fit you perfectly. No wonder the boy pleaded with you to fuck him."

"Thank you, Uncle Grant," Master Connor replied. "We went shopping at the men's clothing store owned by the hunky gay boy, Roger. He helped us make our decision. He even helped us try on the shorts, among other articles of clothing."

"Was any of the clothes underwear?" Master Tim asked.

"Why would we buy underwear?" Master Adrian explained. "We don't wear any."

"It's obvious," Master Tim added. "Maybe you should consider buying some for school."

"It's just one more thing to take off when we're dressing for practice," Master Connor explained. "Adrian wants to invite his boyfriend Leo here for a week."

"What the fuck, Connor?" Master Adrian exclaimed. "I didn't want to make the announcement to the whole family."

"Boyfriend, huh?" I asked. "Do we know him?"

"I'm not certain," Master Adrian replied. "He said your name sounded familiar. His father is Anton Harmsworth." 

"You're shitting me!" I exclaimed. "Master Jose and I know him and his wife through charity work. I didn't know they had a son."

"Leo's name is Harmsworth," Master Adrian replied. "So, I assumed he was their son. At least legally. He's tall. Probably six-two. He's on the swim team with me."

"So you've seen him naked?" Master Tim asked.

"Yup," Master Adrian replied. "What do you think? Can I invite him?"

"Sure," I replied. "I'm not certain his parents would approve of their son sitting around the pool with naked men who are in Master/slave relationships."

"I already told him about the family," Master Adrian replied.

"Should I call his father?" I asked.

"If you want," Master Adrian added.

"I'd be happy to speak with him," I replied. "I'll call him later this afternoon."

"Thanks, Dad," Master Adrian replied.


The next Tuesday after the injections for my balls, Master Joshua and I were wrestling with the decoded transactions.

"What do you think, Steven?" Master Joshua asked as we wrapped up the day's work.

"I think we are fucked," I replied. "The geo locator information points to properties AJ bought. We need to visit a few to do an onsite investigation."

"Where do we start?" Master Joshua asked.

"At the beginning," I replied. "AJ bought his first house in London. We should start there."

"Who should accompany us?" Master Joshua asked.

"No one," I replied. "We want a lean investigating team in case we run into roadblocks and need to move on in a hurry."

"Won't your husband and my husband be jealous?" Master Joshua asked.

"We could tell them we are eloping," I replied.

"We are already married to different men," Master Joshua said with a smile.

"Minor complication," I replied. "We need to speak with David to arrange our fact-finding trip."

I followed Master Joshua into Master David's office. I couldn't keep my eyes off his undulating ass muscles showing through his speedos.

Master Joshua knocked on Master David's door.

"Come in and tell me some good news," Master David said as he motioned to the chairs in front of his desk.

"Thanks to Steven's remarkable information technology skills and a little theft, we have some information leading to the black hole," Master Joshua explained.

"Theft?" Master David asked.

"It is best you not know the details," I quickly added. "However, I let the computer crunch some numbers while we were enjoying our weekend festivities. The computer algorithm successfully decoded several geo locator codes in the transactions. With an accuracy of plus or minus one block, we have pinpointed the black hole location to some of AJ's properties. We want to start our investigation in London where AJ bought his first house. We will need access to one of the jets as well as alternative identities."

"You are making me nervous now, rent boy," Master David said. "Use of one of the jets is no problem. The alternative identities are another story. Why? How? How much?"

"We want to fly under the radar," I explained. "We want to avoid getting the trust and the family involved in case something goes astray. As for how, you don't really want to know. And we need twenty thousand in cash."

"We will also need several burner phones," Master Joshua continued. "One for each of us. One for Derrick. One for Tim. One for you. We won't use our phones while we are away. The burner phones will be used solely for communication between us. We will also carry registered phones, but you won't have the number."

"Have you cleared this with your husbands?" Master David asked.

"Not yet," I replied. "We want to have an audience in case they react badly."

"How long will you be gone?" Master David asked.

"Probably a couple of weeks," Master Joshua replied. "Could be more. Could be less."

"In other words, you have no idea how long this investigation will take you," Master David said.

"No," I added. "We hope to wrap this up in London. If we can't, we have 24 more properties to visit."

"Rent boy," Master David added. "Tim will be livid."

"Yes," I replied. "We will also be posing as an S&M leather couple."

"Oh God!" Master David said. "We should put Tim in restraints before you tell him. Otherwise, you could be a dead investigator."

"Thank you for thinking of my wellbeing, Master David," I said. "I am optimistic he will only be fighting mad and not shooting mad."

"No time like the present. It's cocktail time, and it's tell Tim the bad news time," Master David replied. "This should be a fun evening of fireworks."

I followed Master Joshua and Master David to the pool area. I wanted to grab both of their asses and rim them. I restrained myself.

"You three seem to be in a good mood," Master Grant said. "Any news about the black hole?"

"You're elected to explain your progress in the black hole investigation," Master David said.

Harvey handed out cocktails while I positioned myself between my Masters Jose and Buba.

I explained our progress in the blackhole investigation—leaving out the alternate identities, burner phones, and the possibility of an extended absence from the family.

"I have the distinct suspicion you are leaving out some very important details," Master Tim suggested. "You suddenly look like a deer caught in the headlights of a car. Details, rent boy. We need details."

"He's talking about alternative identities, burner phones, and posing as an S&M couple," Master David blurted out to the group. "He also didn't mention the time away could be one to two weeks with the possibility of more time while he and Joshua visit 25 of AJ's properties around the world."

"And I was feeling guilty about spending six months with my Masters on a world trip!" Tim bellowed. "You are now telling me you are contemplating galivanting around the world posing as the slave of your Master Joshua. Who the fuck do you think you are, rent boy?"

"Don't ask how I know this, but you, Steven, will certainly be terrific bait for some of your potential contacts," Master Babak added. "If AJ set up this black hole, you will encounter contacts who are Masters interested in your services. Everything comes with a price, you know."

"So, sweetie," Derrick said as he sat on his Master's lap. "It looks as though I will be on my own for a while. In your absence, I might be forced to give my body to other men."

"I believe Steven's Masters Jose and Buba will be eager to keep you company," Master Joshua said to his husband. "Won't you?"

"Your boy will be welcomed into our bed anytime he feels just a tad bit lonely," Master Buba replied.

"Why can't someone else handle this investigation?" Tim asked. He had been stewing in his juices.

"If the wrong people find out about the black hole before we do, we could all be in jail," I replied.

"Oh!" Tim replied. "When did you say you were leaving? I'll help you pack."

"Thank you, Master Tim," I replied. "Does this mean you've reconsidered?"

"Steven," Master Tim began. "You know I would not survive the first shit I would need to take in front of my cell mate. So, yes, I have reconsidered."

"I knew you would see it my way eventually," I said to Tim. "We should have the alternative identity by Friday. We would need the weekend to plan our trip. We can leave on Monday morning. Are you okay with all of this Master Joshua?"

"Yup," Master Joshua replied. "Did AJ have well-equipped houses?"

I smiled broadly at Master Joshua. But it was Master Babak who answered, "Superbly equipped. I have never known AJ to do something which wasn't first class."

To be continued.

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