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Life With Master Ed and Tim


Chapter 08: It Happened in a House


I arrived home on Friday evening around 6 pm. Tim had called me and said he was stuck in traffic, but would be home within 45 minutes. He gave me no instructions, so I improvised. I pulled on my still cum stained black jock strap and stuffed the chastity device that was around my dick into the pouch. No need for a cock ring with this thing on.


When I was dressed—just the jock strap—I went into the kitchen to get dinner ready to be put into the oven. Tim arrived as I was cleaning up the kitchen.


"I'm home," Tim shouted.


"I'm in the kitchen," I answered.


"Wolf!" Tim leered at me when he entered the kitchen. "Let me go change and then we can settle in for an early evening cocktail! I'm parched! Besides, I've had a very bitchy day."


"I'll have your usual waiting for you, SIR!" I answered. "And, you can tell me about your day."


Tim returned to the kitchen after a few minutes. He was dressed in his white, Calvin Cline low rise briefs.


"I love the way you look in those," I said to Tim as I kissed him and handed him his vodka on the rocks.


"Thanks," Tim answered. "I'd fuck you in the kitchen right now, but I need to relax a bit!"


"Then, I have something to look forward to, don't I?" I replied and added another kiss. "So, tell me about your bitchy day!"


"It started at 10 am when I met the witch from Winnetka at the education center there," Tim began his explanation. "First, she was late by 20 minutes. Then, she proceeded to tell me that she could only spend 15 minutes with me instead of the 60 minutes that we had agreed to earlier... I can't even open my mouth in 15 minutes. After 10 minutes, she interrupted me to tell me she didn't think our STEM program met the standards that her school district had established. I told her about the Chicago Public School System adopting our program system wide. Her response was, `This is not Chicago! This is Winnetka. We have much higher standards.' She escorted me out of her office."


"She sounds terrible," I added.


"Then, my afternoon meeting lasted two hours instead of one because Cindy, the person with whom I met, kept taking personal phone calls from her 16 year-old daughter, Lindsey. Apparently the Lindsey was trying to convince her mother that she should be allowed to go on a weekend trip with her 18 year-old boyfriend," Tim paused momentarily and took a gulp of his vodka on the rocks. "I was privy to way too much information!"


"Of course, I then had to drive halfway across the country to our offices in Schaumburg to file my weekly reports. I can hardly wait until we get the new computer system up and running. Then, I won't need to drive to the office every week," Tim took another gulp. "And, as you know, I was stuck in this horrible traffic jam on the Kennedy Expressway on my way back into the city... So, how was your day?"


"I think more productive than yours," I answered. "Based on the preliminary information I gave Carlotta at the bank, we have been approved for the mortgage. The monthly mortgage payment will be around $4,500 a month. But, we need to send her your proof of income and a few other things."


"Terrific!" Tim enthused. "I'm really excited about us buying this house. That thought alone helped me get through the day without quitting my job!"


"And, David arranged for the inspections to be completed by next week," I explained. "According to Carlotta and David, we could close on the house in about 45 days if all goes according to plan."


"Does this mean I can actually tell my social climbing sister that we will be moving into a million dollar house?" Tim ask with a smirk on his face.


"I think that would be safe," I answered. "I told Carlotta that if there were any problems with the mortgage we would just pay cash. She doesn't want that to happen!"


"Sometimes I think my evil boyfriend is a really good business person!" Tim said as he kissed me. "I think I also need another drink!"


As I was getting us both another vodka, I asked Tim, "So, what do you want to do this weekend to celebrate?"


"I think I want to take my evil boyfriend out to the bar and show him off to the world," Tim decided.




Tim and I decided to do the full leather number for our night on the town. We both had on the tightest, distressed jeans we could find in the closet under our chaps. We skipped shirts in favor of our leather harnesses and black leather vests. The chastity device made my crotch look huge. And, my shaved chest—make that entire body—made my muscles stand out more than with hair.


"God!" I said to Tim after we had finished dressing and started downstairs. "You are so, so hot! I can't believe how lucky I am to have you as my boyfriend. I think we will see tongues dragging on the floor tonight when they get a glimpse of your hot body!"


"I think they may be ogling you, my dear man!" Tim answered as we caught a cab to the Cell Block.


We checked our coats and grabbed two Coronas from the bar and headed to the leather only section.


"Steven, don't look now, but I think I see our future tenants Terrance and Aiden at the back of the bar," Tim quietly said to me. Terrance and Aiden were also in full leather. Their harness clad chests showed their muscled bodies prominently.


"Do you think it would be our duty to say hello," I asked Tim.


"Absolutely," Tim announced. We moved toward Terrance and Aiden.


"Hello, guys," I said to the pair. "We met on Thursday when we were looking at your apartment."


"Steven and Tim, right?" Aiden asked.


"That would be us," Tim replied.


"I told Aiden that I thought I recognized you," Terrance explained. "Now we know from where!"


"And, you two are looking very, very good tonight," Aiden remarked. "You both look remarkable in suits, but the leather, I think, makes you look even sexier."


"Thank you. And, you two are looking pretty sexy yourselves," Tim explained.


"Thanks," Terrance commented. "We heard you made an offer on the house!"


"Yes," I answered. "And, they accepted our offer. So, it looks like we will be neighbors in less than two months."


"Terrific!" Aiden exclaimed. "It will be nice having `family' in the house." He added the air quotes.


Tim noticed that Terrance and Aiden's drinks were empty. "Why don't we buy you guys another beer?" Tim offered.


Tim scampered off to get everyone beers. When he returned, Tim said to me, "I saw your friends Miguel and Jake at the bar. They are coming back here to talk to us in a few moments."


"You know Miguel and Jake?" Aiden asked.


"Yes," I replied. "I introduced them to Tim a couple of weekends ago. They are interesting men."


"So we've heard," Terrance interjected. "They seem to have a reputation that precedes them. From what we've heard, they are a fun couple!"


"Speaking of fun," Aiden explained. "I'm not sure you noticed, but there is a huge room in the back of the basement. It would be perfect for a playroom."


"Really?" Tim asked. His eyes were lighting up. "Maybe we could all work on making it just that."


"I love projects!" Terrance exclaimed. "Especially kinky projects!"


Miguel and Jake arrived. Jake started the introductions, "Hello, men! How are things with you?"


"We are terrific," I answered. "You remember Tim?"


"Definitely," Miguel answered. "And, who are these two good looking men?"


"Jake, Miguel, this is Terrance and Aiden," I started introducing everyone. "Terrance, Aiden, this is Miguel and Jake."


Miguel asked, "And, how do you know each other?"


"We met on Thursday evening while Tim and Steven were touring the property where we live," Terrance explained. "They are going to be our new landlords in a few months."


"You are buying a house?" Jake began. "Congratulations! Where?"


"On Roscoe across from the little park," I answered. I also gave them the street number.


"Nice place," Miguel commented. "We saw the listing when it first went on the market."


"We are excited," Tim added.


"We were discussing adding a playroom in the basement," Aiden explained.


"Speaking of playing," Terrance said. "We need to find a couple of friends who are supposed to meet us here. It's very nice talking to all of you."


We stayed with Miguel and Jake to catch up some more, I asked, "How are you to doing?"


"We have been busy," Jake answered. "We have been looking forward to relaxing tonight."


We continued discussing our respective lives. Finally, Tim and Miguel went to the bar to retrieve another round of beers.


"You know, Steven," Miguel began after he and Tim returned, "I think your boyfriend is very, very good looking! Would you mind if I kissed him?"


I smiled at Tim and he smiled back. "No! Not at all!" I answered. "But, let me caution you. Don't start something you don't want to finish. Tim is a very persistent man."


Miguel pulled Tim in tight to his body and began kissing him. Tim responded in an equally excited manner. Miguel took both of their beers and put them on the shelf behind them. He started playing with Tim's exposed nipples.


"Keep that up, and I am not going to let you go!" Tim hissed.


"That's my plan," Miguel answered. He broke from the kiss for a moment and said to me, "Your boyfriend is a terrific kisser!"


"I know," I answered. I felt Jake's hand on my crotch.


"What have we here?" Jake asked.


Tim heard Jake's comment and said between kisses. "Chastity device. His cock... is locked up... for a while."


Jake turned his attention back to me, "Did Ed have anything to do with this decision?"


"As a matter of fact, yes," I answered. "Tim and Ed are conspiring to keep me from getting off."


"Have you shaved your entire body?" Jake asked as he rubbed my smooth chest, and then he pulled me in to kiss him.


"Yes," I answered. "Tim helped me with that today. Again, Tim and Ed have made some decisions about how my body will look."


"Tim," Jake said to my boyfriend. "I would really enjoy seeing the boy here naked. Would you be willing to let us look at him?"


"Sure," Tim answered. "Where?"


"Our place is not far from here," Miguel suggested as he pulled away from their kissing session. "But, Tim, you should know that Jake and I are both tops. We flip for each other, but neither of us will bottom for another man. We won't do anything you don't want to do. However, once Jake starts something, he won't stop."


"That could be exciting," Tim explained.


"And," Jake began to explain, "I like to take control of the man I am with. Does that bother you, Tim?"


"Nope!" Tim answered. "Ed was the one giving the orders when we were with him. It turned me on big time!"


"Good! What do you like to do, Tim?" Jake asked.


"I'm learning the ropes, so to speak," Tim answered. "I'm generally on top, but I won't say no to big dicks or men of color. I especially like uncut cocks!"


"We both fit the bill... men of color... big dicks... uncut cocks," Miguel answered.


The four of us retrieve our coats and were out the door.


We walked the block to Miguel and Jake's house just behind the Cell Block. I remembered the house from times that Master Ed and I had visited them. It was a single-family home with a very large front porch. When we walked in, though, I noticed they had obviously recently renovated the place.


"Get naked, boy!" Jake ordered.


"Yes, SIR!" I replied as I began to strip.


"Just put your things next to the front door. You won't be needing them for the rest of your visit." Jake added.


"Yes, SIR!" I said.


"We can put your jacket in the closet here, Tim... unless you want to keep it on?" Jake offered to Tim.


"I don't think I will need it!" Tim replied and handed the jacket to Jake.


Soon I was naked and had placed my belongings next to the front door as ordered. I moved in front of Tim, Miguel, and Jake and assumed the position.


"You have a really nice place, here!" Tim effused.


"We renovated the entire place last summer from top to bottom. It was a nightmare!" Miguel offered. "We'll give you the grand tour, but first, I think we need refreshments. Beer, Tim?"


"Yes, please," Tim replied.


"How about you, boy?" Miguel asked.


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I answered.


Miguel led us to the kitchen and removed four beers from the fridge. "Here you go gentlemen! Welcome to our home."


We raised our glasses and clinked them. Tim said, "Here's to our hosts!"


Miguel and Jake took us upstairs to show us the bedrooms, then back to the first floor to tour the spacious living room, dining room, kitchen, television room, and home office.


"Why don't we go downstairs and get comfortable?" Miguel suggested as he began to lead the way to their downstairs playroom and bar. "This is one of our favorite places in the house. There is a gym in the next room—mostly free weights. Jake is responsible for these two rooms."


"This is amazing!" Tim said as he admired the contents of the playroom. "Call me naive, but I have no idea what some of these pieces are?"


"Well," Jake began his description of the larger items, "that cross on its side is a St. Andrews Cross. It is one of my favorite pieces in here. I don't think we'll use it tonight, but perhaps on another visit." As Jake continued his descriptions, he pointed to each one, "Over there is the bondage table. That's a cage in the corner. There is a rim seat. A saw horse attached to the floor for stability. It's use for fucking and fisting mostly. A bathtub for water sports. And, naturally the slings. We decided to put up two slings. One for Miguel to use and one for me to use. In the middle here, we have a fairly elaborate pulley system used to restrain some of our longer-term guests. And, over on the far wall you can see our collection of whips, paddles, nipple clamps, clothes pins, ass toys, and, yes, even a gas mask."


"Wow!" Tim said still looking around the room in awe. "I've never seen anything like this before."


"This is a well-equipped playroom, for sure. Many of our colleagues have similarly equipped ones in the city." Jake added. "I doubt that we will use many of these things tonight. I think we need to get to know one another better, right, Tim?"


"I think you are right about that. I am eager to see how these things work, but I... don't think I'm ready for most of these toys just yet!"


"Why don't we sit at the bar and get to know each other, then," Miguel suggested.


Miguel and Jake both took seats on the stools at the bar. Tim sat beside Miguel and I sat beside Jake. Jake announced to the group, "I like your hairless body, boy! You did a good job of shaving the boy, Tim! I have a thing for hairless bottom boys."


Miguel pulled Tim in for a hug and kiss. Jake did the same with me.


"So, you like your nipples played with, Tim?" Miguel almost whispered to Tim.


"Definitely! It is one of my weaknesses! You?" Tim answered and asked.


"Yea! Mine are hotwired to my cock." Miguel suggestively replied as he pulled his skintight t-shirt over his head. I heard Tim gasp as he got his first view of Miguel's magnificently muscled chest. He had a light covering of hair on his chest that tapered down to the top of his tight jeans. I saw Tim trace one of Miguel's many tattoos with his finger. It didn't take long before Tim had his mouth on one of Miguel's prized, ringed nipples.


"Jesus! That feels so good, Tim!" Miguel whispered to Tim as he slipped Tim's leather vest off his also well-defined, smooth, muscular chest.


Meanwhile, Jake and I weren't talking much. We were lip locked while Tim and Miguel were exploring their respective bodies. At some point in our kissing, Jake began to twist and kneed my nipples. My dick was straining against the plastic of the chastity device.


"I guess you like that, don't you boy?" Jake began. "You haven't changed that much from the last time we were together."


"No. I haven't changed much where this is concerned," I answered as Jake continued to caress my hardening nipples.


"Why don't you start undressing me, boy?" Jake ordered. "I think Miguel and Tim will take care of that themselves."


"Yes, SIR! I'd like that, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I replied as I kneeled down to remove Jakes huge lace up black leather boot. I finally managed to pull off both boots and his socks. I stood up in front of Jake and began to pull his tight t-shirt over his head. When I had Jakes shirt off, I stood in front of him and marveled at the sight before me. I had seen Jake naked several times, but the beauty of his muscled, smooth black chest almost took the breath from me. Both of Jakes nipples were adorned with heavy chrome rings.


Finally Jake pulled me toward him and lifted his right arm up. He pushed my head into his armpit and I began to lick him. His man-scent drove me crazy.


"I haven't showered since yesterday morning, boy. Do you like that man smell?" Jake asked as I was cleaning his second armpit.


"Yes, SIR! You know I do, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I answered as I lustfully went after Jake's pit.


"Now, boy, I think it is time you take off my jeans," Jake suggested.


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I could feel his massive cock through the denim as I began to unbutton Jake's tight 501 jeans.


Jake stood from the bar stool and I slowly lowered his jeans to the floor and pulled them over his massive feet. And, there it was. The parts of Jake that I most treasure: His big, black uncut cock and huge low hanging balls! He was semi-soft, but I could tell that, since his cock was freed from the restrictions of the jeans, it was growing to its full 13 inch length!


Tim must have looked over at Jake and me because he exclaimed, "Holy shit!"


"It's certainly big, isn't it, Tim?" Miguel whispered to Tim. "He knows how to use it, too! Unless your lover has changed since the last time he and Jake were together, he is going to be begging for it up his ass very, very soon!"


"I think we should get naked!" Tim lustily responded.


Miguel and Tim each began to unbutton their partner's 501 jeans. As both men pushed the other's jeans down both of their cocks pop out at full attention. Tim's rock hard 8 inch cock looked small against Miguel's 10 inch uncut cock. Tim took Miguel's cock in his hand and stroked it slowly.


"Damn! I like this!" Tim whispered as Miguel began to gently stroke Tim's hard cock.


"Me, too!" Miguel answered.


Jake spoke up, "Men, I think we need to take care of a few things before we all get carried away. Not that any of us need any help at the moment, I thought, if you, Tim, and the boy are agreeable to it, we might prolong the evening with a little blue pill."


"I'm game," Tim replied.


"Not that I'm going to be using my dick much tonight, but I'm in, too!" I said enthusiastically. Even though I was a bottom, I enjoyed the effects of getting a rock hard in the chastity device—especially when I get fucked by a big dicked man. Jake certainly fit that category!


Jake passed around the little blue pills and we swigged down another gulp of beer.


"Okay!" Jake said as he turned to the bar, "Another beer, Tim, boy?"


"Sure," Tim replied.


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I added my agreement.


Miguel went to behind the bar and opened four more Coronas. "Before we start a new drink, I think we maybe want to get rid of the others we've had this evening." He said smiling at Tim and then me.


"I think you know where your place is, boy!" Jake added with a leer in his voice and a smirk on his face.


"Yes, SIR! At your service, SIR!" I replied. I made my way over to the bathtub and lay down on my back.


The three men stood over the tub holding their semi-soft cocks. The streams of hot piss started. First from Jake. Then Miguel. And, lastly, Tim. Jake made sure my head was thoroughly soaked, Miguel asked Tim, "How does it feel to piss all over your lover, Tim?"


"It is fucking hot! And, I have to admit, I feel a little power over him when I piss on him," Tim replied still looking as my piss drenched body.


"Stand up and let your body dry off a bit, boy!" Jake ordered and turned to return to the bar area and his beer.


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIRS!" I answered as I stood and let the piss dry on my body.


Miguel took Tim's hand in his and led him over to the bar, retrieved the two beers, and handed one to Tim. "I have this feeling that we are going to really enjoy ourselves tonight, Tim!"


"Me, too!" Tim replied as he again began to kiss Miguel and play with his nipples.


"Okay, boy!" Jake barked. "Come over here and drink your beer!"


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I answered and walk near the bar where Jake was sitting. He handed me my beer and I took a sip.


Jake reached over, grabbed my balls, and tugged on them. "Ahhh!" I groaned.


"Good boy!" Jake complimented. He kept his grip on my balls as he pulled and stretched them. He began kissing me. Finally, after we finished most of our beers, Jake tugged on my balls and led me to the leather sheet clad bed. "On your back, boy!"


"Jake, may I have a word with you?" Miguel asked.


Jake and Miguel moved off the side of the room to have what I assumed to me a private conversation. Jake had a huge smile on his face when Miguel walked away. He stood next to me beside the bed.


"Good news, boy!" Jake began, "Miguel and Tim have been talking. Tim told Miguel that the two of you tested Negative in late-December and haven't had unprotected sex with anyone except those that are also negative. We were tested Negative also in late-December and haven't had unprotected sex with anyone either. Apparently, you lover wants Miguel to fuck him bare. What about you, boy? Do you want me to wear a condom or do it bare?"


I also had a big grin on my face as I looked over at Tim. He smiled back. "Bare, SIR! Please fuck me bare, SIR!"


"Your lover wants to have Miguel fuck him and have me fuck you in the same bed at the same time. Is that alright with you, boy?" Jake asked.


"Yes, SIR! Please, SIR!" I responded.


Jake looked in the direction of Miguel and Tim and nodded his head in the affirmative. The next thing I know, Tim is on the other side of the bed. He leaned over to me, kissed me, and said, "Thank you, Steven!"


"Apparently, we think alike, SIR!" I replied.


"I need my dick sucked first, boy!" Jake demanded.


"Yes, SIR!" I replied.


Jake moved his massive body so that his rock hard 13 inch cock was over my mouth. "Lick it, boy!"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied as I began to lick Jakes dick from his balls to the head of his uncut cock. I spent a little extra time with my tongue under his foreskin.


I felt Jake move slightly, "Open, boy!"


I opened my mouth and Jake began to shove his cock into it. I struggled to take his cock. Finally, I felt the tip pushing at my throat. He pushed a little harder and his cock slipped down my throat. I could barely breathe. Jake must have sensed that I was having trouble taking his cock because he pulled it completely out of my mouth and moved to reposition himself between my legs. He grabbed a bottle of lube from the middle of the bed and began to message a generous amount on and in my asshole. "Do you want fingers first to loosen you up, or do you want me to just stick my dick in your boy pussy?"


"No fingers, SIR! Please stick your dick in me, SIR!" I whispered knowing that Jake was about to ravage my ass with his massive cock.


"Good, boy! I thought that might be the answer!" he said as he began to also apply massive amounts of lube on his cock. "You know, boy, I'm going to push my dick into you without pausing no matter how much you scream?"


"Yes, SIR!" I again whispered.


Miguel had also been getting Tim's ass ready to fuck. I heard Tim inhale several hits of poppers. Then, Miguel did the same thing.


"Are you ready, Tim?" Miguel asked.


"Yes! Fuck me hard, Miguel! I want to feel your big dick in my ass!" Tim almost yelled.


Jake and I paused to watch the action on the other side of the bed. Miguel had lined his hard 10 inch uncut Latin cock over Tim's awaiting asshole. Miguel made one swift push until the tip was in Tim's ass. He paused for a moment before beginning his ascent completely into Tim's ass.


"Ahhhhh!" Tim shouted as Miguel's dick was balls deep in Tim's ass.


"Do you want me to wait until you get used to me?" Miguel quietly asked Tim.


"Just a moment," Tim whispered. After a brief pause, Tim said in a much louder voice. "Fuck me, Miguel! Fuck me hard! I need it now!"


Jake and I watched as Miguel began to slowly fuck Tim. He was gentle at first.


"It's our turn, boy!" Jake said to me as he handed me the bottle of poppers.


I inhaled several hits and handed the bottle back to Jake who did the same. Jake didn't warn me like Miguel had Tim. Instead, he started pushing his massive dick further and further into my ass.


"Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!" I yelled in pain as Jake forced his cock into me. I felt his stubbly crotch hair rubbing my balls. I knew he was in. Unlike Miguel, Jake didn't pause to let me get used to his cock. He started to roughly fuck my ass, pulling almost completely out and then in. The bed started shaking from Jake's forceful movements. His massive muscles rippled as he threw his entire body into ravaging my ass. His sweat was dripping from his body. I was in ecstasy!


"Fuck me harder, SIR! Please, SIR! Fuck me harder!" I yelled through my panting.


Unbelievably, Jake picked up the pace and force of his fucking. He was dripping profuse amounts of sweat onto my body. I held onto his massive, muscled arms to stabilize myself on the bed. I was moaning in delight.


After several minutes had passed, I heard Miguel almost scream, "I'm close, Tim. I'm really close to breeding your hot ass!"


"I'm almost ready to cum, too!" Tim also yelled.


"Oh! God! I'm going to shoot, too!" Jake also yelled.


"Ahhhh... ahhhh... ahhhh... ahhhh... ahhhh... Fuck!" Tim yelled along with simultaneous sounds coming from Miguel and Jake as they both blew their respective loads in Tim's and my asses.


As the sounds subsided and the bed stopped shaking, Jake lifted his body so that his mouth was over mine and he kissed me. "That was fucking awesome, boy! But, it's not over yet. I have another four or five loads in me that you're going to get, boy!"


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I whispered between Jake's kisses. I finally felt the full weight of Jake's body on top of mine. Under normal circumstances, I would be feeling suffocated. But, this was heaven. Jake laid there with his cock still in my ass. It was still hard. My cock was straining against the chastity device underneath Jake's body.


I looked over at Tim and Miguel. They were locked in a passionate kiss. Their bodies were dripping with sweat. I loved the look of satisfaction that had come over Tim's face when he did finally glanced over at me.


"Do you want... me to... pull out of you... or... do you want... me to stay... in your ass?" Miguel asked Tim between kisses.


"Stay in! I love the way... you feel in me." Tim replied, again, between Miguel's kisses.


Jake shifted his body slightly. I could see him smile as he whispered to me, "I'm not giving you the choice, boy!"


"Thank you, SIR! You feel so good in me, SIR! Just like you belong there, SIR!" I whispered back.


Jake and I lay there for several minutes enjoying a passionate kissing session. He may be big, but he is a gentle giant. And, I did love having his huge cock in my ass once again. Jake lifted his body up and onto his strong arms.


"It's time again, boy! I'm going to breed your ass again, but I want you on your knees. Just relax and I'll turn you around." Jake instructed as he shifted my body face down. He slowly raised my hips with his strong arms. Never once did his cock even remotely start to come out of my very full ass. "Hang on to the headboard, boy! I'm going to really pound your ass this time!"


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I replied and braced myself on the headboard of the bed.


"Take a hit of these," Jake commanded as he handed me the bottle of poppers. Again, I inhaled several deep snorts of poppers. I handed the bottle back to Jake. He took his fill and recapped the bottle. Jake began his pounding of my ass.


I looked over to where Tim and Miguel were lying. Tim had an almost terrified look on his face. Miguel must have noticed Tim's concern, because he whispered to Tim, "Don't worry, Tim, the boy will handle this just fine!"


Miguel and Tim continued to watch my ass get ravaged between tender kisses they were sharing as Miguel slowly and gently made love to my boyfriend.


After what I think was almost 30 minutes—it could have been more—Jake's pace was just as fast and forceful as when he fucked me the last time. My encased cock and my balls were flailing beneath me. Jakes low hanging balls kept banging into my balls.


"I'm just... getting started... boy...! So, hang... on!" Jake almost shouted between gasps of air. Jake picked up the pace and force even more. I didn't know it was possible for a man of Jake's stature to be so fast and nimble.


Jake's pummeling of my ass worked my prostate to a new erotic level—one that I had never experienced before. I felt my body getting close to cuming. Finally, I yelled, "I'm going to cum, SIR! I'm going to cum! Ahhhh... ahhhh... ahhhh..." I had spurted my load out of my cock.


"That... felt... good... boy... get... ready... for... my... load!" Jake screamed right before he started unloading in my ass. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... fuck..." Jake unloaded ropes of cum in my ass still filled with his massive, hard cock!


As Jake again collapsed on top of me, my body sank to lying flat on my stomach. Jake's sweaty body was pressing heavily on me. Again, I thought I might be suffocating from his weight. He pulled us both on our sides with his cock still in my ass.


"Fuck boy... I didn't know... I had that... in me!" Jake managed to say between gasps of air. We just lay there as we both tried to recover. I was watching Miguel and my lover. Miguel was picking up his slow pace to one a little faster. Miguel and Tim were still engaged in passionate kissing.


After about 20 more minutes, Miguel stopped kissing Tim. I could see the muscles in his body tense and he breathed more rapidly. "I'm getting close, Tim! Do you want to cum with me?"


"Yes!" replied Tim as he reached for his hard cock and started a rapid massage of his dick.


"Oh! God, baby! I'm cumming!" Tim screamed just as Miguel's dick began convulsing in my lover's ass. Miguel's sweaty body hovered over Tim's cum covered one. Miguel leaned in and gave Tim another passionate kiss.


"That was amazing, baby," Tim whispered to Miguel between kisses. "I love your cock! It's just the right size for my ass!"


"Thanks, lover boy! Your ass is pretty terrific as well! I could really get used to this!" Miguel replied in a soft, loving voice.


While Miguel and Tim were making love, Jake began moving his giant cock in and out of me. Slowly and gently!


"That was hot, men!" Jake said as Miguel rolled of Tim's body to his side. "What did you think, boy?"


"Like you said, SIR, `that was hot.' I'm sure you enjoyed it, too, Tim!" I said both to Jake and then Tim.


"Two of the best fucks in my life happened here in this bed with the help of this amazing stud!" Tim answered in a soft voice. Tim rolled over in front of me and gave me a long, passionate kiss. "Thanks for letting me experience this, Steven!" He kissed me again and rolled back next to Miguel.


The four of us lay there in silence. Jake was still slowly and gently fucking me. Miguel and Tim had spooned next to each other. Miguel was holding Tim tightly against him.


Jake broke the silence, "I need to piss, boy! But, I'm not going to take my dick out of your sweet ass. Are you ready for my nice warm load of piss, boy?"


"Yes, SIR! I'm ready, SIR! Please, SIR! Piss in my ass, SIR!" I replied.


Jake stopped his gentle fucking of my ass and lay motionless beside me for a few moments. Finally, I felt his stream of piss begin to flow inside my ass. At first, it was a slow stream. Then, it felt like Jake opened a floodgate. My insides rapidly filled with his warm piss.


Once Jake had stopped pissing in my ass, I turned my head slightly to Jake and said, "Thank you, SIR! Thank you for giving me your piss in my ass, SIR!"


"Now you're going to get another load of my cum, boy! I'm going to seed that ass of yours!" Jake said as he began to fuck me again.


This time it was slower but more forceful. I felt the left over cum and piss sloshing around in the inside of me. I had never felt so full. Two loads of Jake's cum, his load of warm piss, and his giant 13 inch cock.


Jake continued to fuck me for what seemed a long time. But, I felt Jake's body tense and he ramped up the assault on my ass. Then, I heard Jake almost yell, "I'm cuming, boy! I'm going to cum in that sloppy ass of yours, boy! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... fuck... ahhh... shit!"


Jake lay still for a moment while he recovered from his third orgasm in my ass. His still hard cock kept all of the cum and piss inside my ass. I looked over at Tim and Miguel on the side of the bed. Tim was smiling. Miguel was nibbling on Tim's earlobes as he moved his cock in and out of Tim's ass.


"Now, boy," Jake began to instruct, "I'm going to get you over to the bathtub so you can get rid of my cum and piss. Just relax and let me do all of the work."


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I replied in a hushed voice. My stomach was about ready to burst from all of the piss, cum, and cock inside of me.


Jake pulled me close to me. He kept his still hard cock tightly in my ass. He put his strong arms around my chest and began to move us off the bed. He rolled from the bed to a standing position. My weight was supported by his strong arms and his 13 inch cock. I almost came from the feeling. He walked to the bathtub and lifted my legs into it. He positioned me so that the cum and piss inside me would drain into the bathtub. As he pulled his hard cock out of my ass, everything began to pour out. I was finally empty for the first time since Jake had first put his cock in my ass.


Jake looked over at Miguel and Tim and asked, "Do any of you men need to piss?"


Both Miguel and Tim replied in the affirmative. Miguel pulled out of Tim's ass and they both moved to the side of the bathtub. Tim pointed his semi-hard cock at my face and Miguel pointed his toward my crotch. They both let loose a stream of piss at about the same time. Tim coated my hair and face. I opened my mouth and Tim aimed his stream at it. I was able to taste my lovers piss. I knew I wanted more of him. When they were finished pissing on me, they moved away from the bathtub. Jake offered me his hand, "Stand up, boy! We need to get you ready to do some serious cock cleaning, boy! Tim, why don't you let your lover clean up your body?"


"I'd like that very, very much!" Tim replied as he moved to stand in front of me.


"Get on your knees, boy, and suck your lovers cock! Deep throat it, boy!" Jake ordered. I had Tim's 8 inch cock in my mouth it was against the opening of my throat. Jake put his big hand on my head and pushed down so Tim's cock was in my throat. Jake pulled my head back and shoved it back down on Tim's cock.


"Now, boy, lick the cum off your lover's stomach and chest," Jake again ordered.


I moved up to Tim's six-pack stomach and licked his cum. I moved up to his chest and finished cleaning.


"I'm sure your lover worked up a sweat during the love making with Miguel, boy! Lick his pits clean." Tim raised his arms above his head so I could lick his smelly, sweaty arm pits. I licked both clean.


"Okay, Miguel, it's your turn!" Jake ordered. "Don't forget to clean under his foreskin with your tongue before you deep throat him, boy!"


Miguel moved in front of me. He, too, was hard as a rock.


I pulled Miguel's uncut cock to my mouth and followed Jake's instructions. I slid my tongue under his foreskin and tasted Miguel's sweet dirty cock. I made certain to clean under all of his foreskin. I took a deep breath and forced myself down the full length of Miguel's 10 inch cock. I made about five deep throat motions before Jake issued his second order. "Now, clean his pits, boy! Clean his ripe, sweaty pits! Make sure you get him really clean!"


I cleaned both of Miguel's sweaty and smelly pits with a vengeance. When Jake decided I had cleaned Miguel completely enough, Jake barked, "Now, it's my turn, boy! Clean me up just like you did Miguel!"


Jake moved in front of me. I felt I was on a mission. I thoroughly cleaned under his foreskin with my tongue. I paused for a few moments and contemplated my next move. I took a deep breath and plunged my head down. Jake's cock hit my throat, but I forced myself to shove his cock all the way in. I stopped for a moment when I reached the base. I loved the smell of Jake's crotch! I pulled off Jake's cock and repeated the deep throating four more times. I didn't even gag like I had when I first sucked his cock earlier in the evening! I was proud of myself. I stood up and went in to lick Jake's arm pits clean. He pulled away from me.


"Good boy!" Jake complimented me. "Very good boy!"


Jake moved beside Tim. They were quietly discussing something. Tim glanced in my direction a few times. I suspected they were discussing me. Finally, Jake move back to where I was standing.


"Please come here, Tim," Jake said to Tim.


Tim stood at Jake's side as Jake gave his next order to me, "From now on when you are in Miguel's and my presence, boy, I want you to address your lover as SIR, Master, or Master Tim. Do you understand, boy?"


"Yes, SIR! I understand, SIR!" I affirmed.


"Now, boy," Jake began again, "I want you to tell your lover how all of this makes you feel? I want you to tell your lover how cleaning our cocks and bodies, taking our piss and cum, makes you feel?"


"SIR!" I began as I stood with my feet shoulder width apart, hands behind my back, looking down at the ground. I had to think quickly. I didn't know how my lover would react to the next statement I was going to make. This was definitely going to take our relationship on a different course. "I feel like the scumbag, cock sucking, pit licking, ass rimming, piss and cum dump that I am, SIR! I feel like I am born to serve men like the three of you, SIRS! I am born to a mission of servitude, domination, and humiliation, SIR!"


"Tim," Jake began as he turned to look at Tim, "how does the boys statement make you feel?"


Tim paused a few minutes. I could tell from his facial expressions that he was contemplating his next statement. "Boy, look me in the eyes!" I raised my head to look at Tim in the eyes. A huge smile broke out on his face. "I feel proud that this scumbag, cock sucking, pit licking, ass rimming, piss and cum dump is mine. I hadn't realized until the last few weeks that you are born to pursue this kind of sexual relationship with all men in your life. I will see to it that you are put in a position of servitude, domination, and humiliation when we are involved sexually with men like Jake and Miguel. But, now, I want to fuck your sloppy ass silly!"


Tim grabbed my arm and quickly led me to the bed and pushed me down on my back. Tim grabbed my ankles and pulled them onto his chest. He moved forward and pointed his rock hard cock at my asshole. "From now on, boy, this ass is mine. I will decide who uses it. I will decide when it is used. I will decide how it is used. It is mine, boy!" Tim spit in my face and then continued, "Get ready for our first fuck as my ass wipe, cum dump, lover!"


With that, Tim shoved his cock all the way into my ass. He didn't pause for a moment. He began to plow my ass with the force and speed I had never experienced with Tim. He was a man on a mission. A mission to show me his power over me.


Tim fucked me for a good 20 minutes. Sweat was dripping from his body and he put all of his muscles to work to give me the pounding of my new life with him. His body tensed. His eyes were ablaze in lust. He started yelling, "Fuck, boy! I'm going to breed your fucking cum dump ass. Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh..." His body convulsed with every growl he made.


I was his! He collapsed on top of me and said between his labored breaths, "I hope... you liked... that... boy... because that's... the way I will... fuck you... from now on... Like I own... your fucking... ass! Because, boy, I DO OWN YOUR ASS!"


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR! I couldn't be happier, SIR!" I answered as I looked at the beautiful man resting on top of me with his cock still in my ass.


We heard an applause from our two hosts. Miguel said to Jake, "I think, Jake, we just witnessed an epiphany here!"


"I think you may be right, Miguel. I think you might just be very right." Jake answered.


"Thank you men!" Tim said as he raised his body off mine and rolled onto his side. "Now, Miguel, would you like a turn with my cum dump here?"


"I would love to have a turn on his ass, Tim! Thank you for offering," Miguel replied as he moved toward the bed stroking his rock hard cock.


Miguel took Tim's place between my legs. He didn't say anything to me. He raised my feet to rest on his chest. He aligned his cock against my well used ass. And, with one forceful stroke he shoved his entire cock down my ass. I could feel the stubble of his neatly trimmed pubic hair against my balls. He paused slightly and then began his very deliberate and forceful plowing of my ass. His fucking made the bed rattle and shake. I had hung on to his muscular arms to keep my body from moving. I was in heaven with Miguel's hard cock ravaging my ass and feeling his muscles expand and contract as his sweat dripped profusely onto my body. After about 20 minutes of constant, hard, forceful, and deliberate fucking, his pace quickened slightly. I could feel his body tense up before he let loose ropes and ropes of cum inside my ass all the while screaming, "Fuck... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... fuck, yes..." Soon Miguel's body was resting on mine.


We heard Tim and Jake clap. It must have been some performance. Miguel's cock popped out of my ass as he moved to stand. He looked down at me and said, "Thanks, boy! I really enjoyed fucking Tim's cum dump!"


Miguel walked over to where Tim and Jake were sitting. He scooped up Jake's beer, and said to Tim after he had taken a few gulps, "Tim, I don't know about you, but I am pretty tired from all of the activities of the evening. If you don't mind giving Jake your boys ass to take care of, we could go upstairs and get some sleep. I know Jake, and I'll bet there will be very little peace and quiet down here for a while."


"I think that would be great!" Tim effused. "That is provided Jake doesn't mind taking care of the boy here."


"I don't mind at all!" Jake replied with excitement in his voice.


Miguel took Tim's hand and led him away up the stairs to the bedroom.


Jake walked over to me on the bed and told me, "I'm going to fuck you once more tonight and then we can get some sleep. Turn over on your stomach, boy!"


I did as told and Jake proceeded to put yet another load of his cum into my ass. We went to sleep on our sides with Jake's cock still in my ass.




I awoke feeling Jake's once again hard cock moving slowly in and out of my well-used ass. Once I stirred, Jake rolled me over on my stomach and picked up the pace.


"Great way to wake up, isn't it, boy?" Jake whispered.


"Yes, SIR! Terrific, SIR! I can't get enough of your cock in me." I whispered.


"What are you going to do when you go home with your lover, boy?" Jake whispered.


"His dick will feel quite good as well, SIR!" I answered.


Jake was silent as he concentrated on the task at hand—ravaging my ass for the fourth time since Tim and I arrived at Jake and Miguel's house the previous evening. Even though he started slowly, he quickly picked up the pace and force of his thrusts. After several minutes, I heard and felt the now familiar telltale signs that Jake was getting close to unloading in my ass. His breathing grew deeper, his whole muscular body began to shake, and the speed and force of his thrusts into my ass with his huge 13 inch cock increased.


"I'm cumming, boy! I'm fucking cumming! Take my load, boy!" Jake yelled. His body started to quiver as he shot load after load into my ass once again. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh..." He collapsed on top of me with a thud. He almost smothered me with the weight of his huge muscled body until he gently rolled us both on our sides. His hard cock was still buried in my ass.


"I like waking up to a hot willing ass to fuck! I hope it was as good for you as it was for me, boy!" Jake announced.


"Yes, SIR! I needed your load in me, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I replied.


Jake leaned over and kissed me on my cheek. "I don't know when the other two will start to stir, but I would like to try a few other things with you before I have to give you back to Master Tim. That is if it's alright, boy!"


"Until Master Tim comes to retrieve me, SIR! I am yours to do with as you please, SIR!" I replied. `God! I like the sound of calling my lover, Tim, Master!' I thought to myself.


"Good boy! I always like a cooperative boy who knows his place and respects his Master's wishes." Jake added. "Now, I'm going to carry you over to the saw horse like I did when I carried you to the bathtub. I want to keep my hard cock in you for as long as I can."


"Yes, SIR!" I replied in the affirmative.


Like last night, Jake rolled us off the bed and he clutched my chest. I was still impaled on his hard cock! Jake carried me over to the saw horse and placed me on the padded surface with my stomach against the bench. In one quick movement, Jake pulled his hard cock out of my ass. Suddenly, I felt empty.


It's like he read my mind as he busied himself putting the restraining devices on my wrists and ankles. "Don't worry, boy! I'll fill your ass up again very, very shortly!"


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I replied.


Jake continued to move around the playroom gathering up a few items that he wanted to use on me. I couldn't really tell what they were because he was behind me most of the time. "First of all, boy," Jake began, "I'm going to put a ball gag in your mouth. I tend to get rather rambunctious when I have a boy restrained in the saw horse. I don't want your screaming in pain to wake the two sleeping beauties upstairs. Secondly, I'm going to put this hood over your head with the blindfold attached. I don't want to see you face when you are attempting to scream, and I certainly don't want you to see what I am about to do to you. That way you won't know what is coming your way until I'm ready to use something on your body. Lastly, this saw horse is bolted in place. It won't move when I start pounding your ass really, really hard."


Jake finished putting in the ball gag. When that was securely in place, Jake pulled the leather hood over my head, zipped it up, and snapped the blinders onto the hood to cover my eyes. I couldn't see anything. I seemed to be in a pitch black room, but I knew the lights were definitely still on. The hood also reduced the sounds that I could hear in the room.


Jake walked away and returned shortly. He said into my ear, "I'm going to hold this bottle of poppers near your nose and close one nostril at a time. I want you to inhale several times. I think you will feel better after this."


Jake helped me to inhale several hits of poppers in each nostril and moved away. The next I knew his hand was gently rubbing my ass cheeks. First one then the other. Finally, he stopped.


Suddenly, I felt a whip whack my upturned ass. He only took one swing and then paused. Jake ended the calm that surrounded me as I felt several rapid stings of the whip across my naked ass. Each one was harder than the previous one. I think I counted at least 10, but I was unsure of the exact number because I was trying to scream at the sudden lashing. Finally, Jake stopped whipping me. He again caressed my ass with the palm of my hand.


There was a pause. Jake had stopped touching me. I didn't know where he was, or what he planned to do next until I felt the stings of the whip across my back. Jake covered almost every surface of my back with the whip. I again screamed in pain into the ball gag. I counted at least 30 lashes across my back. Jake paused again. I didn't know if this was the end of my lashing or if he was only pausing for a break.


I felt his hand again caress my ass. Was he going to whip me there again, or was he trying to sooth the whip stings. The answer, he was going to whip me again. Suddenly, Jake started to lash my ass and back several times with swift hard strokes. I was screaming into the ball gag in my mouth. It was one of the most severe, painful, long lasting lashings I had ever experienced in my life as an S&M bottom. When the lashing stopped. I felt the air move about me as if Jake was circling my restrained, naked body. Was he trying to decide what else he might do to me?


At some point, I don't really know when because time stood still while I was blindfolded, gagged, and restrained. For the first time in my life as an S&M bottom, I hoped someone would hear my muffled screams and come to my rescue.


I felt Jake's fingers rub something on my asshole. He inserted a well-lubed finger into me. There was a slight pause. Two fingers. Was Jake going to fuck me again or was he going to fist me? Once he had two fingers in me for several minutes, he stopped.


I felt his rock hard cock rub against my asshole. I knew it was his cock because the only thing bigger than his cock was his hand. Jake moved his cock from my ass. I heard him say to me, "Take some more poppers, boy!" I smelled the aroma from the bottle and then felt Jake close one nostril of my nose and hold the bottle to the other. I inhaled deeply. Several times I inhaled. He did the same with the other nostril. I was floating.


I felt his cock against my ass again. This time, he shoved it all of the way into my ass with one fast, forceful thrust. I gasp! He didn't stop there. Jake's hard 13 inch cock was immediately moving in and out of me in with the passion of a mad man. Jake was right. The sawhorse attached to the floor made a perfect place for Jake to ram his cock in and out of my ass. It didn't move and my ass was positioned so that Jake's thrusts were powerful and rapid. I had never been fucked so hard in my life. But, he managed to ravage my ass like no man has before. His cock moved completely out of my ass and then thrust back in. My cock filled the chastity device. I felt my body tense and I knew I was going to cum. And, cum I did. It was an orgasm like none before. I felt my cock spurt rope after rope of cum onto the into the chastity device and sawhorse below it. Shortly after I had unloaded, Jake began to cum in me. My ass was again flooded with his seed.


Jake stayed inside me while his body recovered. His body was pressed on top of mine. I felt his breathing subside as he rested. Jake pulled his body from mine and stood. He was still rock hard inside me. When I felt his cock move out of my ass, I felt totally empty. Totally without something I needed. `I need cock,' I thought to myself. `No, I crave cock! How will Tim react to having a cock whore as a lover?'


I waited for what might come next. I smelled the aroma again of poppers. I felt Jake close one of the nostrils of my nose. The aroma became much stronger and I felt the coldness of the bottle against the other nostril of my nose. I inhaled deeply. I repeated inhaling several times. Jake switched to the other side of my nose. I again inhaled several times. `What is this massive man planning to do to me now?' I thought. I waited.


I felt fingers separate my ass cheeks. Jake pushed his other hand fingers first into my ass. Slowly he pushed further and further until his knuckles were inside me. `Jake is going to fist me!' I thought to myself. `I haven't been fisted by a man this large since I met Tim last May. Jake will rip my ass apart!' I braced myself for his entrance. It hurt like hell. I screamed into the ball gag. `Fuck his hands are big!'


Jake was both gentle and forceful at the same time. He slowly moved his fist further into me. He would pause after a few inches. Right after he would pause, he began slow even thrusts about 2 inches each way. Out... In... Out... In... Out... In... Out... In... He would repeat the process over and over again. I knew he must be close to having his whole arm up my ass to almost the elbow.


Finally, Jake paused again. He left his arm in my ass for a few minutes at least. I felt his arm pulling out of me. `Was he finished fucking my ass with his whole forearm?' I thought to myself. `I don't want this to end just yet!'


Jake didn't let me think much more as his arm was almost entirely out of me. I felt his wrist at the sphincter of my ass. But, then, he scared me almost beyond belief! Jake reverse direction of his fist and arm. In one slow stroke he was again elbow deep inside me. He paused.


Jake repeated the process several more times. Slowly at first. The speed and force of the thrusts back into me quickened with every repetition. He paused again.


I heard voices. Miguel and Tim must have come downstairs to the play room. `I hope Tim doesn't get freaked out seeing this giant man with his giant arm up to his elbow in me.


I felt someone in front of me. Someone was loosening the fasteners of the hood. I felt the blindfold being removed. I saw Miguel kneeling in front of me. He slowly removed the hood first. Then, he removed the ball gag from my mouth.


"We thought you'd like to talk to Tim before Jake finishes fisting you. Would you like that, boy?" Miguel asked.


"Yes, SIR! Please, SIR!" I replied.


Miguel stood. I saw Tim now kneeling before me. He asked, "Are you alright with this, Steven?" He had concern in his voice.


"Yes, SIR! This to me is heaven! Having another man—a big man like Jake—fucking me with his fist. I want this, SIR! No, I need this, SIR! Please, SIR!" I pleaded.


"Do you want Miguel and me to go upstairs so Jake can finish privately? Or, would you like us to stay, boy?" Tim asked.


"Please, SIR! Stay, SIR! I want you to see this man—this huge man—fuck me with his huge arm. Please, SIR!" I again pleaded.


"Alright, boy, I will stay. But, once Jake is finished with you, I am going to fuck that sloppy boy pussy of yours. And, then, I'm going to give Miguel another turn at using your ass with his big cock. After that, you can either have Jake fuck you again, or you can rest. Understand, boy?" Tim asked.


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I replied.


"Good! Go for it Jake! Fist him as hard as you want! I want to see this fucking whore scream!" Tim yelled.


Jake started his arm fucking of my body. All of the way out. All of the way in. His inward thrusts increased in speed and force until he was literally hammering my insides with his fist. I was screaming, but not in pain. I was screaming from the pleasure. I wanted his fist. I needed his fist. He stopped after several minutes. Jake was breathing hard.


Once Jake could speak again, he said to me, "Boy, I'm going to take my arm out of you now. I think you've had enough for the time being. Besides I need to rest a little. I'm going to give your Master, your lover, Tim, his chance to fuck your wet, sloppy man pussy with his rock hard cock. I can see the lust in his eyes, boy! He is going to make you feel his force."


Jake pulled his arm out until his fist pulled at my sphincter muscle. When his fist actually popped out of my ass, I felt all of the pent up cum that had been deposited in my ass run down out. It was like I was pissing cum out of my ass.


I felt Tim behind me. He positioned his cock at my asshole and shoved it inside me with one swift push! "Fuck," he screamed, "I love your overused ass. It feels good. And, boy, I am going to give you the roughest, fastest fucking of any I've ever given you."


He didn't wait for my response. He just began his rapid fire fucking of my ass. Tim was moving so rapidly in and out of me. Tim continued his pounding for several minutes. I felt his body tense. His breathing had become labored. I knew he was cuming when he started screaming, "Fuck! Take my fucking cum you fucking bitch! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... Fuck, yes!"


Tim collapsed on top of me. His sweaty body covered my sweaty body as he regained his breathing rhythm again. Before he pulled out, he said, "Now it's Miguel's turn to use you, bitch boy!"


He pulled his cock out of my ass. His cum immediately began leaking from my pillaged hole.


Miguel quickly took his place at my awaiting ass. He, too, didn't waste time. He shoved his cock into me completely and then began another maddeningly furious fucking of my ass. He was pounding my ass his 10 inch cock for 5 or 10 minutes. It could have been longer. It could have been shorter. I lost track of time as he fucked me harder and harder and harder. Then, he screamed, "I'm fucking cuming bitch! Take my fucking load like a fucking man whore you are! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh..."


Miguel was sweating like a pig—just like Tim and Jake. He popped his cock out of my ass and let loose the flow of his cum from my ass.


"Jake," Tim began, "do you want to fuck the boy again?"


"No," Jake answered, "I'm going to pass. I don't want my dick to fall off."


They all three chuckled. Miguel, Tim, and Jake began to unshackle me from the saw horse. Soon, my arms and legs were free.


"I'll help you up, boy!" Jake instructed. "You've been on that saw horse for about three hours. You'll need to get used to moving around again."


Jake helped me up. He guided me to one of the bar stools near the bar. Miguel handed us all a beer.


"Here's to the boy!" Jake said.


Miguel and Tim both yelled, "Here! Here!"


We sat in silence for a while as we sipped our beers.



To be continued...


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