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Life With Tim

Chapter 09: The Discussion


I arrived home on Monday to find Tim sitting at the kitchen island in his white Calvin Cline low rise briefs. He was furiously typing on his laptop.


"Hello, stud," Tim said as he was still typing away. "I'll be with you in a moment, and I will explain why I am here pounding away at the keyboard. Why don't you get more comfortable? I'm almost finished."


I gave Tim a peck on the back of his neck and I went to the bedroom to get rid of my suit and tie. I was naked except for my black Calvin Cline boxer briefs. The chastity device strained the fabric at my crotch.


Tim was closing down his laptop when I returned to the kitchen. He turned to me and pulled me into a kiss. He rubbed my chest as he broke the kiss.


"God! I love your hairless body!" Tim spoke. "I liked you with hair, but without hair your muscles are more pronounced. But, your chest is getting stubble! How often will you need to shave?"


"I should probably shave my chest every day," I answered. "The rest of my body will probably last for three days max... that is if you want me to be hair free all of the time, SIR!"


"I do! Especially if I get to shave your crotch, cock and balls, and ass!" Tim answered. "How about a drink while I tell you about my totally excellent day!"


I fixed us both a vodka on the rocks. As I handed one to Tim, I asked, "Will this be a celebration tonight?"


"Too early to tell," Tim answered. "Remember the witch of Winnetka from Friday?"


"Yes," I answered.


"Well, I received a call from her boss, who is superintendent of the school system," Tim began. "He started telling me how disappointed he was that I would not be submitting a proposal for our STEM program materials. I was confused as shit at that point. But, when I told him that Ms. Witch didn't want a proposal from me because we did not live up the standards of his school system, he was fucking pissed. He asked me to fire off a proposal directly to him as soon as I could. So, I came home at 2 pm today and knocked one out. I just e-mailed it to him. We'll see what Ms. Witch will say when she hears about this!"


"She may have already heard about it if the dude was really pissed," I calmly added. "Congratulations!"


Tim laughed, "One can only hope! By the way, how is your ass today?"


"Still well-used," I answered. "As you know, Jake is a big boy, and my ass was his main target. Master Ed and I used to sometimes spend long weekends with Miguel and Jake. After three days of ass work, I had to wear a diaper for a few days."


"Then," Tim decided, "we'll need to get you some just in case! Wouldn't it be hot if Ed, Ricardo, Jake, Miguel, you, and me were to get together for some playtime?"


"Your plotting, Timothy!" I answered. "But, I like your plot so far!"


"Kiss me, Steven," Tim suggested in a quiet voice. "All of this sex talk is making me horny. So, I need to be kissed right now."


I stood and moved between Tim's muscular legs and pulled him into a kiss. We didn't talk. Our tongues were too busy exploring each other's mouths. I managed to get one of my hands on Tim's crotch. Just as I suspected, my lover was hard as a rock. His cock was stretching the fabric of his Calvin Clines.


"Does another part of your body need attention?" I asked as I paused kissing him. I also tweaked his nipples while I awaited his response.


"Fuck! I thought you'd never ask!" Tim gleefully answered. "Take off your boxer briefs. I want to see your cock strain against the chastity device."


I slipped off my boxers and pulled Tim's low rise briefs off him. His beautiful cock stood at attention. I kneeled before my prize and began to work on my lover's cock.


"God! I love this," I hissed as I licked the head. "Just think! I will be the lucky guy who will take care of this for the rest of our lives!"


I worked on his cock for several minutes. Finally, I reached up and found my lover's nipples and began to play with them.


"Shit! Steven! You make me feel so fucking good," Tim whispered. A few moments and tweaks later, he hissed at me, "I'm going to fucking cum!" A few seconds later he began to moan loudly, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... shit... ahhh...!"


As Tim was moaning in ecstasy, stream after stream of his cum were shooting into my mouth and down my throat. When he was finished, I made one last lick down the base of this cock and kissed his balls.


When I stood up, Tim pulled me close to him, "I know I've said this before, but you are definitely the best cock sucker I have ever met!"


"I have inspiration," I answered. "You are the most beautiful man around. And, that includes your dick!"


"Thanks, sweetie," Tim replied. "You're pretty nice looking yourself! Now, if you don't mind, I believe with both need another drink!"


I made us both another vodka on the rocks and sat down beside my boyfriend. "So, what do you want to eat?"


"Ah! I forgot to tell you in all of the excitement. I stopped and picked up Thai takeout. It's in the fridge," Tim answered.


"You think of everything," I said. I added a kiss.


"I think we need to discuss a few things," Tim began. "In order of business: wedding plans, guidelines for our relationship, potential outside relationship with Ed, our third floor tenants, my fucking car."


"Okay," I reply. "Why don't you go first?"


"Can we plan and execute a wedding for June?" Tim asked.


"I have never planned a wedding before, but I see some issues," I began. "First, we are closing in on February. June is only five months away. We have no idea where the wedding will be. Secondly, we have just bought a house that we will move into, hopefully, in April. Of course there is an issue with furnishing it. So, in summary, it would need to be a really, really small and simple wedding for us to accomplish that in June."


"So, do you think we should wait until the following June?" Tim asked.


"Are you in a hurry?" I asked with a big grin.


"Yup!" Tim answered. "I don't want to risk letting you get away!"


"No chance in that, babe," I answered. "You are officially stuck with me for the rest of your life!"


Tim kissed me, "Good! Then, we can wait for a while before we decide on the date."


"Next order of business... guidelines for our relationship," I prompted Tim.


"Well, I was thinking..." Tim began. "You mean the world to me. If we decided to have a monogamous, vanilla sex life, I would be happier than shit just being with you forever! And, when we have kids, that will probably be the case whether we want it or not!"


"I agree with you 100 percent, Tim," I explained. "I want to be with you forever, too! And, yes, when we have kids, our lives will be forever changed. However, I almost hear a `but' in your voice!"


"Does bringing Ed into our relationship excite you or scare you?" Tim asked.


"Excites me," I answer.


"Good! It excites me, too," Tim announced. "How involved do you want him to be with us...? And, what happens when we have kids to deal with?"


"Good point, Timothy," I answer. "We need to decide what is best for us before we talk to Master Ed. We need to let him know what we are thinking so there will be no surprises."


"I hope that we can somehow stay connected with him—especially in a sexual way of some kind—after we have kids. Do you think that is possible?" Tim explained his position.


"We will need to ask him," I answered. "How do you see us sharing our lives with him?"


"I want us to have some private time as a couple," Tim began. "I want to have some very tender and loving moments with you. I'm not certain that I want our private sexual life to be over the top S&M. Maybe a little kink now and then. What about you?"


"I agree with you about that," I answer. "I am marrying you. You are my best friend, my lover, my confidant, my world. I want nothing to compromise that. Even if we do decide—especially after we have kids—that we need to be monogamous, I would still like to be very good friends with Master Ed. What do you think?"


"I agree," Tim decided. "One last question: How much interaction do you want to have with Ed? Once a month? Twice a month? Once a week? On Weekends? Or an occasional weekday?"


"You are full of questions, aren't you my man?" I answered. "I would like it to be on a regular basis, but I want to be able to change plans! Flexibility would be the key!"


"Does Ed consider himself a flexible person?" Tim asked.


"He can be very flexible when needed," I answered. "Should we suggest once a month and see where things lead? I also think you need to spend some alone time with Master Ed."


"Alone time?" Tim asked. "For example?"


"Maybe spend a weekend with just you and Master Ed," I answer. "I know you like him, but I think you should really get to know him before we leap headfirst into a relationship with him."


"I agree with that," Tim decided. "We will see how he reacts to everything. Also, we need to ask him if the three of us would be solely with each other or would we involved others, such as Jake and Miguel."


"I think I know how he will react, but I will let him tell us. Now, what put the upstairs tenants on our agenda for tonight?" I asked Tim.


"Well, for one, I thought they were both hot at shit," Tim admitted. "However, the main reason I wanted to talk about them is that Terrance had his hand on my ass most of the time we were talking to them."


"Ah!" I began. "You have to admit, Timothy, that you have a really, really nice ass! Especially when you are wearing tight, tight jeans and chaps."


"Thank you for the compliment, Steven," Tim added. "Also, the comment about the playroom in the basement led me to believe they might be interested in joining us sometime. What do you think?"


"They might be interested," I answered. "Would you be interested in them?"


"Maybe," Tim admitted. "I wonder which is top and which is bottom."


"Easy," I said. "Aiden had a red handkerchief in his right pocket. Terrance was red left. Aiden equals bottom. Terrance equals top. Red means fisting. So, I think they were trying to tell the world something."


"Enlightening," Tim announced. "Why didn't I notice that?"


"Maybe you weren't looking closely enough at their asses," I decided.


"I take it you were," Tim said with a huge grin on his face.


"Yup," I answered.


"Would you be interested?" Tim asked.


"Well, if I remember our conversation with Jake and Miguel, you announced that my ass was off limits to anyone unless you gave someone permission to use it," I explained.


"So, it's my decision then?" Tim asked.


"Yup," I answered.


"Then, I will need to study the situation further," Tim decided. "Now, my car! I think it's time to start looking for another one. Do you want to talk with what's his name at the BMW dealership?"


"I can call Brad tomorrow," I answered. "When do you want to go car shopping?"


"Well, we are on for dinner with Ed tomorrow night. How about Wednesday evening?" Tim had made his decision.


"Okay, I'll make arrangements for Wednesday evening," I agreed.


"I hate the thought of car payments again, but one has to do what one has to do," Tim explained.


"Hold that thought for a moment," I said as I retrieved some information from my briefcase. When I returned, I put a folder with some papers in it on the island. "Please don't get nervous, but I need to speak with you about some financial items."


"Okay," Tim hesitantly agreed.


"Carlotta and I talked today when I dropped off your proof of income and the other documents she needed to approve the mortgage," I began. "And, we went over my account where I had the original cash payment from the software company. As I mentioned earlier, the original cash deposit was $750,000." I pointed to the amount on the account statement. "Every quarter the 20,000 shares of stock I received for the balance of the sale transaction pays out about $5.00 per share."


"You mean every quarter you get $10,000 from the stock?" Tim asked.


"Not exactly, Tim," I cautiously continued. "The stock pays out about $100,000 each quarter."


"Ahm... I am not even going to guess. Why don't you tell me how much a month that is?" Tim asked with minor panic in his eyes.


"A little over $30,000 each month," I answered. "So, I sold the company one year ago in December. That means there have been four quarters of dividends deposited in this account. As of last December the account has about $1.2 million in it..." I paused and looked at Tim. He was silently holding onto the island. "After we take out the $350,000 down payment for the house, we will have $850,000 in the account."


"You are telling me this why?" Tim asked.


"Carlotta thought it would be a good idea if I put you as a joint signer of the account in case something happened to me," I answered. "So, if you sign this form, you will be authorized to write checks, pay for things using a debit card, or, in general, manage the account. So, by Wednesday you can write a check out of this account to pay for your car."


"Let me get this straight, gay boy," Tim began. At least he was smiling. "You are going to essentially turn over half of the money that you made before we met to me. Is that correct?"


"Not exactly," I explain. "We will be co-owners of all of the money and stocks that I acquired before we met. And, I am only doing this because it is a very practical thing to do in terms of financial stability for the two of us. One last item, and then we will move on from financial things because I know talking about money makes you nervous. My attorney suggested that you and I form a limited liability corporation with this account, the stocks, and the house that we are buying together as assets. That is primarily because we are not married yet."


Tim leaned over and kissed me. "Just tell me where and what to sign. I have no real idea of what all of this means except you must be planning on keeping me around for a while."


"I do, indeed," I answered. "Now, what do we have for dinner when Ed is here tomorrow evening?"


"How about the salmon from Whole Foods?" Tim suggested.


Tim's phone began to ring, "Speak of the devil! It's Ed."


"Hello, this is Tim." Tim said and then paused to listen to Master Ed.


"Were your ears ringing?" Tim asked. Another pause.


"No we were just talking about you and us and our weekend together," Tim said into the phone. "Do you mind if I put you on the speaker phone?"


He must have said he didn't mind because Tim switched the phone to speaker phone. "Okay!


"Hello, boy!" Master Ed said.


"Hello, SIR!" I replied.


"Where do you guys want to go for dinner tomorrow night?" Ed asked.


"We have a better idea, Ed," Tim said. "Why don't you come here for diner? We can whip something up and it will be more private so we can talk freely."


"Sure! What time," Master Ed asked.


"Is 7:00 okay, Steven?" Tim asked me. I nodded my head.


"Let's try for 7:00," Tim confirmed.


"I'll see you then. I'm looking forward to seeing you two studs again," Master Ed replied. I could tell he had a smile on his face.


"So are we, handsome," Tim answered.


"Good!" Master Ed said and then paused before saying, "I'd like the boy to be naked if that is okay with you, Tim."


"Absolutely," Tim answered. "I think you will like the chastity device on his cock and his newly shaved body."


"I am certain I will enjoy seeing him the way I like him—naked, shaved, and restricted," Master Ed agreed. "And, Tim, please wear something sexy!"


"I'll do my best," Tim said with a laugh.


"Good bye, men. I'll see you tomorrow," Master Ed said as he was preparing to end the call.


"Good night, SIR!" I said.


"Good night, Ed!" Tim said as he hung up the phone.




The land line phone rang around 6:59 pm. Tim immediately clicked it onto speaker phone. "Hello. This is Tim."


"Hello, Tim. This is Gaven from downstairs. Your friend Ed is here to see you."


"Send him up, Gavin. Thank you."


"My pleasure, SIR!" Gaven said in the gayest voice he could muster.


Tim opened the door, "Good to see you, Tim," Master Ed said as he pulled Tim into a big hug and planted a kiss on Tim's lips. Tim responded in kind.


"Good to see you, too, Ed!" Tim greeted him after they broke from the hug and kiss.


Tim ushered Master Ed into the kitchen and took Master Ed's top coat from him. It was obvious that Master Ed had come directly from work.


"Nice to see you, too, boy!" Master Ed greeted me. He pulled me in for a hug and kiss. "Take out my dick, boy!" Master Ed began. "I have to piss like a race horse. I've been saving it for you all afternoon!"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied as I began to unbuckle Master Ed's belt before I unziped his suit pants. I pulled his pants down to his ankles and reached up to remove Master Ed's boxer shorts. He always wore boxers to work. He never wore underwear except when he was wearing a suit.


Soon, I had Master Ed's dick out and in my mouth. I awaited the start of his piss stream. He let go a hard stream in my mouth. I didn't spill a drop.


When Master Ed was done, he took his cock out of my mouth and shook it in my face to make certain there was nothing left.


"Good boy!" Master Ed said as he began pulling up his boxers and refastening his pants.


"Boy," Tim began, "why don't you get us both a drink? I'll have my usual. Ed, what would you like?"


"A beer would be great, Tim," Master Ed replied to Tim.


"Go to it, boy!" Tim ordered. "Get yourself a vodka, too!"


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I turned to make the drinks. Tim led Master Ed to the living room.


I brought Master Ed his beer and Tim his vodka. I returned to the kitchen to retrieve my drink and then kneeled on the floor next to the coffee table.


Tim turned to Master Ed, "Ed, we have some really wonderful news."


"Good! Tell me all about it! I could use some upbeat news after the day I've had," he said with a smile.


"Well," Tim began with a huge grin on his face, "last Monday night I asked the boy marry me, and he said `yes.'"


"That's wonderful news, Tim," Master Ed said as he stood and went to Tim to give him a big hug. Then, he turned to me, "Get up, boy! This calls for a hug!"


"Yes, SIR!" I said as I stood. Master Ed pulled me into a strong bear hug. "I'm so happy for the two of you! Now, let me propose a toast... Here's to a long and happy lifetime for both of you!"


He raised his beer and the three of us clinked our drinks.


"And," Tim started, "after we were officially engaged, we decided to buy a house together. So, on Thursday evening we made an offer on a three flat in Lakeview. The owners accepted our offer. We hope to close on the house in about 45 days."


"Wow!" Master Ed began. "Things seem to be moving along quickly and nicely for you guys! Tell me about the property."


Between Tim and me, we managed to describe our future home. Master Ed could tell we were both excited. We discussed our plans for the house in more detail.


Finally, Master Ed changed the subject, "I heard from Miguel and Jake yesterday. It seems the two of you made quite an impression!"


"We did have a great time," Tim admitted. "Our time with them led us to discuss some guidelines for our relationship, too. We've decided that we want to keep our time alone together very low-key and probably a little vanilla. Maybe a little kink from time to time but mostly loving and tender."


"I certainly understand that point of view," Master Ed agreed. "A Master/slave or S&M relationship is not for everyone on a 24/7 basis."


"We've also talked about spending time with you in the future," Tim began. "We had a really good weekend with you. I learned a great deal about Steven and his inclinations to be subservient."


"I had a great time with both of you, too," Master Ed said looking at both of us. "I hope we can do it again sometime soon!"


"We do, too, Ed," Tim continued. "We talked about how we felt. And, depending on your point of view, we hope we can... ah... build a relationship with the three of us."


Master Ed said in a surprised tone of voice, "I'm not sure what you have in mind, but I'm open to ideas. I thought the boy and I reconnected after our absence for each other."


"I did, too, SIR!" I responded. "I really didn't think that was possible, but I felt a renewed bond between us. I know it could take some time before we get to where we used to be, but I'm very willing to try if you are."


Tim quickly added his comments directed to Master Ed, "And, I felt a definite spark between us. I hope you feel the same way."


"You know guys! You've really made my day," Ed began. "I was thinking about both of you most of today. It made it very difficult to concentrate. And, I had to watch myself because my cock was getting hard from time to time. And, Tim, I do feel a very strong bond beginning between you and me."


"Yes," Tim interjected, "I am very, very happy the boy brought us together. I guess we need to take this one step at a time, but the boy and I are extremely excited that you could become a very big part of our married life. Of course, the boy and I need to decide upon a few minor details, such as when we are getting married, where we are getting married, and other details. We wanted to let you know, though, we plan on having kids sometime in the future. And, we know our lives will change significantly when that happens. "


Tim got up and moved toward the sofa that Master Ed was occupying. Tim added with a smile, "Boy, why don't you come over here and sit beside your Master?"


Tim sat on Master Ed's left side, and I took a place on his right side. Master Ed took us both in his arms and drew us both close to him. I could see tears in his eyes. "I know things between you two are a work in progress. I would be pleased to be part of your life. And, I certainly understand that when you do have kids, our relationship will change."


I decided I needed to add my point of view to the kids issue, "Even if we decide after we have kids that we want to make our relationship more monogamous, we would hope that you could remain as a really, really good friend. Sort of an unofficial uncle to our kids."


"I am willing to work through the details as time goes forward," Master Ed announced. "There is nothing that would make me happier than to be close friends with the two of you."


"Why don't you get us all another drink, boy?" Tim suggested and he gulped the last of his drink. "I assume dinner is almost ready."


"Yes, SIR! It should be ready in about 20 minutes," I replied as I went to the kitchen to get our drinks.


I returned with Master Ed and Tim's drinks and sat them in front of them on the coffee table. I returned to the kitchen to fetch my drink. I kneeled at the end of the coffee table closest to Master Ed.


"Tim and I also hoped that you and he can spend some time alone to get to know each other on a more personal level," I added. "Right, Tim?"


"Yup," Tim answered. "I would like to get to know my lover's Master on a more intimate basis."


"I hope I am not overstepping my boundaries," Master Ed began. "But, I have a conference in New York City one week from tomorrow. I was thinking of asking you both to join me. Or, if you prefer, Tim, maybe you and I could go by ourselves. I leave on Wednesday afternoon. The conference is Thursday and Friday. I planned on staying through Sunday or maybe even Monday. What do you guys think?"


"I think it would be great if the two of you could go together," I explained. "Can you get off work, Tim?"


"Well, my boss has suggested that I spend a few days at the company headquarters in New York," Tim added. "I'm sure I could take Monday off, too! But, what would you do, Steven?"


"I would be fine by myself, Tim," I answered.


"I'm certain that Miguel and Jake would be willing to entertain the boy during the time we are gone," Master Ed announced. "Maybe you could take off on Thursday and Friday and spend all of your time with them!"


"I'm certain I can manage that, SIR!" I answered. "If they want me, I'd be happy to be of service to them!"


"So, Tim," Master Ed turned his attention to Tim, "I guess we have a trip to plan!"


"I think this is exciting!" Tim answered. "Now, Ed, the boy and I were wondering if you wanted to stay the night. It would be nice to be with you again."


"Uhm... I think that could be arranged," Master Ed replied. "I always keep an extra shirt, underwear, and sox in the trunk of my car... just in case I need them."


"Good," Tim said as he leaned over and gave Master Ed a kiss on the lips, "that will make us both very happy!"


"I noticed that you, Tim, are calling the boy `boy' and you, boy, are calling Tim `Sir,'" Master Ed observed. "Is this something I need to know about?"


"SIR!" I began to explain, "these are some of the `other details' we need to work out."


"I began calling him boy on Monday night after I fucked his brains out and after we were officially engaged." Tim began to explain. "I don't want to be in a position of power over the boy all of the time. But, it is certainly mind blowing from time to time. But, we both know he wants you to be his Master. He wants to be your slave. I want to be an equal to you in his service to you. Does that make sense to you?"


"Yes," Master Ed began to reply, "it makes a lot of sense to me. You two are just getting to know how your relationship will be structured. I know I would really enjoy having the boy serve me. And, depending upon you, Tim, I hope we can become... lovers."


"Excuse me, SIRS! I think I need to get dinner on the table," I interrupted.


"Awesome!" Tim responded. Tim turned to me, "Let us know when you are ready, boy!"


I got up and went into the kitchen to get our food ready to eat.


"We both agree, Ed" Tim started to respond. "As the boy well knows, I don't usually get fucked very often. But I really enjoyed you making love to me. I was almost euphoric. It felt so, so right. I knew then that you were going to be someone special to me. Even though the boy and I won't go with the Master/slave relationship. I do want to be in control of him though... along with you of course."


"So, you want to share your husband with me?" Master Ed asked.


"Definitely!" Tim replied. "I have come to the realization that he is a born submissive bottom."


"I don't think we should allow him to ever fuck anyone," Master Ed stated rather blandly. "I am hoping we can leave the chastity device on him for several months, at least. Take it off when one of us—or someone else for that matter—wants to torture his cock and balls. I put one on him when we were together and I didn't take it off for two years."


"When you took it off, did he cum a lot?" Tim asked.


"No. On the contrary. I told him he couldn't play with himself and he didn't. About the only time he would cum was when Jake or some other big dicked guy would fuck him. That seemed to satisfy the boy." Master Ed declared.


"How often did that happen?" Tim queried.


"Sometimes once a month. Sometimes more often. For the last three years of our relationship, the boy and I would go to Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco every year with Miguel and Jake. We'd stay at two friends of Miguel's." Master Ed told Tim. "He was passed around to not only Miguel, Jake, and the two friends we were staying with, but also some friends of friends. He was very popular!"


"So, does this mean that the three of us might have sex with other people?" Tim asked.


"I think, Tim," Master Ed began. "You and I should make that decision on an as needed basis. However, I know Miguel and Jake really liked the two of you. And, they are very dear friends of mine. We have a lot of history together. Of course, I want to take you and the boy to Hellfire events from time-to-time. I pretty much keep the boy under my control during these events, but I do like to see the boy perform publicly with my club members. One of the members is an expert with the bull whip. He would often use the boy as his demonstration target. And, we have fisting events. I would put the boy up for public use occasionally. I also like your friend Ricardo."


"Awesome," Tim answered. "The boy and I had a good time with Miguel and Jake. They seem like really solid guys. I need to be totally honest, Ed. I enjoyed having Miguel fuck me and make love to me. I've never taken a dick that big up my ass, but he just felt so natural on top of me and inside me. I think he fucked me more during our time with them than I have been fucked in my entire life. I might even want Jake to fuck me some time. I think I will need to work up to that, however."


"Maybe we should try a small fist up your ass sometime to see if you can take it, Tim," Master Ed suggested.


"I would want it to be you, Ed," Tim explained.


"Excuse me, SIRS!" I interrupted as I heard the buzzer in the kitchen sound. "I think dinner is ready."


"Let's eat," Tim announced.


We talked more during dinner. After we were finished, Tim and Master Ed headed to the living room while I cleaned up the kitchen.


When I made my way into the living room, Tim and Master Ed were shirtless and engaged in a passionate kissing session. Master Ed noticed me enter the room. He barked his order, "Assume the position, boy!"


"Yes, SIR!" I answered as I knelt in front of Master Ed and Tim with my hands behind my back and my eyes gazing at the floor in front of me.


Master Ed paused his kissing of my lover and added another order, "Undress your boyfriend, boy!"


"Yes, SIR!" I answered as I moved in front of Tim. I removed his shoes and socks. Then, I reached up and unbuttoned his beltless 501 jeans. I slipped them over his ass and rock hard cock and pulled his jeans off. He was commando. Tim and Master Ed continued their kissing session.


"Now, me, boy!" Master Ed barked again.


"Yes, SIR!" I answered. I pulled Master Ed's slacks and boxers off with one move.


"Thank you, boy!" Master Ed added before he resumed kissing Tim. Finally, he moved away from Tim slightly and asked him, "What do you want to do with the boy?"


"I think I am going to let you make that decision," Tim answered. "I've had the good fortune to fuck him every night for the last two weeks. He's also giving me blow jobs in the morning before I go off to work and sometimes before dinner!"


"You're breaking him in well," Master Ed said. "How about I fuck him first. Then, let you have a turn in his ass. Then, if you're up to it, I would really, really like to make love to you!"


"Lead the way, babe," Tim effused. "I've thought about you making love to me all day!"


"Then, maybe we should go in reverse order," Master Ed suggested. "I make love to you. You fuck the boy. Then, I get his sloppy ass!"


"Perfect!" Tim added as he kissed Master Ed. "I'd like the boy to be next to me on the bed while you make love to me."


"Boy," Master Ed barked his next order. "Turn down the bed and get on your back. Wait for us. We will be in shortly."


"Yes, SIR!" I answered as I headed into the bedroom. As I lay on my back, my cock was straining against the chastity device.


After 10 minutes or so, Tim and Master Ed entered the bedroom. Their cocks were both hard and standing erect. Tim slipped onto the bed on his back and pulled Master Ed with him. They were immediately kissing passionately again.


Between kisses, Tim quietly let his desires be know, "Ed..., I need... you in... me! And..., I need... it now! Please, babe..., make love... to me!"


"Gladly," Master Ed agreed as he began lubing up his cock. "I've been thinking... about this... since the last time... I made... love to you. I hope it won't... be this long... until the next time."


Master Ed lined his lubed cock up with my lover's asshole and slowly began his dissent into Tim's muscled ass. Master Ed paused for a moment, "Tim, you have the tightest ass! I could do this all night!"


"Maybe in New York," Tim whispered before he pulled Master Ed in for a kiss. "I never thought I would admit this to anyone, but I think I could bottom for you for the rest of my life!"


Master Ed continued to make love to Tim. Tim occasionally pulled Master Ed in for a kiss. Master Ed sometimes leaned in to plant a kiss on Tim's lips. Master Ed prolonged the love making by periodically slowing to an almost stopped pace.


Master Ed leaned down to kiss Tim before he said, "I know we've been at this for almost 30 minutes, but I don't want this to end."


"Take your time," Tim whispered. "But, if you do cum, I'll be ready for another session later!"


"I think you are going to make me a very happy man, Tim!" Master Ed whispered back and added a kiss before he headed toward the home stretch. He was breathing harder and his body was beginning tense. "I'm going to cum, babe! I'm going to blow my load in your sweet ass! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh..."


Master Ed lowered his sweaty body on top of Tim's. They began to kiss as Master Ed's breathing became more normal.


"I love it when you have your beautiful dick me and are on top of me," Tim finally said to Master Ed. "A lot of guys just fuck. You actually make love! Sort of like when Steven and I make love."


"It's easy to make love to someone as nice and good looking as you, Tim," Master Ed explained. "Now, I think the two of us have an ass to fuck! How do you want the boy, Tim?"


"On his back," Tim began. "Ankles restrained. Wrists free. He will need poppers for this!"


Master Ed and Tim restrained my ankles so they were over my head and out of Tim's way. "Here's the poppers, boy! I'm going to fuck your ass, and I'm going to fuck it hard. So, take a big hit and get ready!"


I took a hit of poppers from the bottle I had and Master Ed gave Tim a bottle to inhale. Once the caps to the bottles were secured, Tim lined his rock hard, unlubed cock up with my ass. With one hard push, he was almost instantly balls deep inside me. He didn't pause to let me get used to him. Immediately, he was pounding my ass. Hard and fast strokes in and out of my ass. The bed was shaking with the intensity of Tim's powerful thrusts. He was dripping buckets of sweat onto my body underneath him. His breathing was heavy during the workout he was giving my ass. My plastic encased cock and balls were thrashing about with every formidable stroke.


"I'm going to fucking cum, asshole. I'm going to fucking cum in your slave boy pussy ass!" Tim screamed. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh..."


When Tim was finished filling my ass with a huge load of cum, he collapsed on top of me to catch his breath. When Tim finally composed himself, he said to Master Ed, "I think our cum dump pig is ready for another load. And, it's your turn."


Tim picked himself off of my body and popped his cock out of my ass. He rolled over on his side and kissed Master Ed for a few minutes. When they finished kissing, Master Ed took Tim's place between my legs.


"Take a long hit of poppers, boy!" Master Ed commanded. "Now that I have cum in your lover's beautiful ass, it will take me longer to breed your asshole. So, get ready to get fucked, cum dump!"


"Yes, SIR!" I replied as I took several hits of poppers. "Fuck me hard, SIR! Please, SIR! Fuck me hard."


When I had replaced the cap on the bottle of poppers, Master Ed aligned his rock hard cock over my asshole and shoved it in much like Tim had done. Master Ed began his pillage of my ass. He deftly thrust in and out of my ass in rapid succession. He was building speed and force with every thrust. Again, the bed was shaking.


Master Ed leaned in close to my face and spit on me, "Get used to this, boy! I plan on being in your ass for a long time tonight."


Master Ed's body was dripping with sweat. It poured onto my naked, shave body. Master Ed paused at some point in his effort to ransack my ass, "Tim, could I please have a hit of poppers?"


"Gladly," Tim answered. He held the bottle on each of Master Ed's nostrils as he inhaled deeply several times. I was not offered any.


Master Ed resumed his attack. The bed was now not only shaking, it was moving with Master Ed's hammering thrusts.


I looked at my lover who was stroking his rock hard cock. He noticed me and announce, "This is what you were born to do ass wipe. Serve powerful men... Fuck him harder, Ed! Fuck him as hard as you possibly can. He needs to know we control that fucking slave boy pussy ass of his!"


Master Ed picked up the pace even though I didn't think he could. Every time he bottomed out in my well used ass, I heard a definite sound of skin slapping skin. His balls were banging against me with every inward stroke.


Master Ed's body began to tense. I knew he was ready to blow.


"I'm going to breed you, ass wipe. I'm going to dump my Master cum in your fucking slave boy pussy ass!" Master Ed screamed right before he began to unload ropes of cum in my ass. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"


Master Ed leaned in to my face and again spit on me. He pulled out of my ass in one swift motion, rolled over so he was next to Tim, and began to kiss my lover. Tim was still stroking his hard cock. Master Ed continued kissing him and also decided to play with Tim's very sensitive nipples.


Soon, Tim was moaning and shooting rope after rope of cum on his stomach and chest.


After several moments, Master Ed spoke, "Tim, I think we can have one hell of a journey together! You, me, and our ass wipe boy here! That was probably the best man fuck I have had in a long, long time. And, you make an incredible lover, Tim. Thank you for allowing me into your life!"


Tim pulled Master Ed on top of him and they began to kiss again. Tim announced between kisses, "I love... watching you... with the boy...! I don't think... I could ever... last an hour... in his ass...! It's fucking 1 am... Maybe we... need to get... some sleep!"


"I think... you're right, Tim," Master Ed answered my lover. He rolled off Tim and they both started to release me from the restraints. Master Ed reached over to my bag of toys on the floor and found the medium sized butt plug. "I think this should keep our cum in him until morning, Tim. Maybe the boy should wear this all day tomorrow. What do you think, Tim?" When Master Ed asked my lover the last question, he shoved the butt plug up my ass in one quick motion. I hissed in pain as it went in.


"We can decide that tomorrow before we all go to work," Tim answered. "I think we need to set a sleeping protocol here. Me in the middle. The boy on my right. You, Ed, on my left. Agree?"


"Yes, Tim," Master Ed answered. "I think that will be perfect."


The three of us snuggled together. Tim was on his back so I put my head on Tim's chest. Master Ed put his arm around both of us and pulled us tight. We were asleep in moments.



To be continued...


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