Lord Byron 02 - The School Holidays.

John Courtney


WARNING -- This chapter contains a certain amount of interpersonal violence! If that's not your scene go on to chapter three where that kind of stuff doesn't happen!

Two days after the incident in the gardener's compound, George returned to school. He walked into the classroom and was met by an uncomfortable silence. The other boys in his class looked down, nobody was quite sure how they should react to George's return.

By the end of his second week back at school George had changed. He withdrew from the soccer team and other extra-curricular activities. This upset Mr. Chadwick but he couldn't force the boy's hand. George still attended scheduled gym classes and excelled but he never took an active role in any other sports activities right up to the day of his O-levels.

George did very well in his examinations. He secured three grade A's in English Literature, History and French. He also manages a B grade in Mathematics, Science, Geography and German. His teachers persuaded him to stay on and complete his A-levels with the hope of him attending Oxbridge. After much thought, George returned to school in September 1980 to study for the A-levels. But during that summer George had changed. Away from the regular life of the school, and free in the knowledge that his sexuality was publicly known, George began to introduce himself to others as Lord Byron. And like any decent aristocrat he set off hunting. He bought a studded leather belt; a cane and a ping-pong bat and set out to find a nice white arse to whip. The fantasy born on the rugby field that day was soon to become a reality!

On Tuesday, the fifteenth of July, Byron set off into the city in search of a nice white arse to whip and maybe even to fuck. By lunchtime he still hadn't thought of a way of getting somebody to come home with him. He went into McDonald's for lunch. He folded up his newspaper to leave after he had eaten but stopped by for a quick piss before he resumed his bizarre quest.

He entered the toilet. There was a youngish man in a suit standing at one of the urinals. He was about thirty years of age, slim and just short of six foot. He had thick fair hair that fell in a heavy fringe over his forehead. Byron thought that the man was quite cute but he did not expect what would happen next to happen! Byron approached the only other urinal in the room and slowly released his substantial dick. Byron peeked over at the young man in the suit and saw that the man was watching him. He pulled the long tube of flesh out and gave it a quick shake. The man was still watching him but he hadn't noticed that Byron was watching back out of the corner of his eye. Bingo! Byron had found a queer!

As Byron began to piss the man in the suit finished. He shook his own dick to release the last few drops and then hurried off to wash his hands. Byron began to think that this chap might slip away so he finished in mid-stream and walked up behind the man at the hand-dryer. He clasped a hand on the man's left cheek and the man turned to look at Byron in terror.

"I saw you looking at my dick!" Byron stated.

"I'm sorry!" the man stuttered in reply. He realised that he had been caught looking, "I just couldn't help noticing how, well, how big you are for such a young man!"

"So, do you like my dick?" Byron asked as he pointed down to where his dick was still hanging out of his jeans. The man in the suit looked down and nodded, his jaw still dropped as he admired Byron's big black dick.

"Would you like to find yourself sitting on the end of it?" Byron asked.

The man nodded again.

"Good!" said Byron, "but there's a small problem!"

"There always is!" the suit muttered as he began to walk away.

"Stop!" Byron instructed, "it's a problem that could be rectified!"

"If it's money you want forget it!" the man said.

Byron removed his hand from the man's arse and the man began to move away. As he moved Byron pulled back his hand and landed a sharp slap to the man's thigh.

"How dare you think that I am some sort of rent-boy!" Byron growled, "You now have two problems! First of all you looked at the sacred Black Cobra without permission and secondly you insulted me! For that you must be punished."

The man looked at the black teenager in mild bemusement. "And how must I be punished?" he asked in a whisper.

"Call me sir!" Byron snarled.

"Oops! Sorry lad! And how should I be punished sir?" the man asked with a smile.

"You won't be smiling like that when I pull you across my knee and whip your lily-white arse until it glows in the dark!" Byron snarled.

"Sounds like fun to me!" the man said.

"What's your name?" Byron snapped.

"Brian Harrison," the man replied.

"Well Brian Harrison -- none of my slaves has fun when they're across my knee! Where do you work?"

"In Lloyds Bank," Brian replied, "I'm an assistant manager with them!"

"Impressive!" Byron said just as the door opened and another man entered. Byron motioned Brian to leave and the two of them returned to the restaurant.

"Ring the bank and tell them you'll be late back from lunch!"

"I can't do that I have an appointment at three thirty!" Brian said.

"Ring them and tell them that you have a dental appointment you forgot about and you'll be back to work in time for your appointment!"

Brian looked at the wily youth and smiled. "And what is this appointment for?" he asked.

"Corrective action!" Byron suggested with a smile.

Brian entered a call box and rang the bank. When he returned he looked at Byron -- "okay then sir! My place or yours?"

"Where do you live?" Byron asked.

"About ten minutes on the bus from here, sir!" Brian replied.

Byron looked at his watch it was just gone half-past-one.

"That's closer than where I live. Let's go!" he said.

What Brian couldn't have known then was that there was no other option other than a trip to his place. Byron certainly couldn't have brought him back to his own house. What Byron didn't know was that Brian was quite active on the gay scene although he was quite discreet. He wasn't active, as many gay men would describe themselves; he was active as in participating. Sexually, Brian was quite versatile.

Byron and Brian caught the bus and travelled in silence to Brian's flat. Byron was a bit shaky with this, Brian was cute but Byron was a raw virgin. As soon as they walked through the door, Byron cast his reservations aside and swung Brian around by the shoulder. He raised his right arm and landed a hard slap on Brian's arse.

"Fuck it!" Brian exclaimed, "You don't waste much time do you?"

"Shut up and get your fucking clothes off!" Byron snapped he could feel the raw excitement making his voice quiver a bit.

Brian stumbled across the room trying to undress. Byron placed his quivering hands on his hips and watched. He hoped that he struck a decent masterful pose for Brian. When Brian was stripped Byron walked over and retrieved the belt form the trousers on the floor.

"Bend boy!" Byron said as he approached the man slapping the belt lightly against his own leg. Brian obeyed.

Byron walked up beside the man and looked down. His dick was already rock hard and pushing against the waist of his jeans in its attempt to get out.

Brian could feel the blood rushing to his face when the first of stroke landed -- WHACK!

"One sir!" Brian roared. WHACK!

"Two sir!" WHACK!

"Three sir!"

"Don't forget to thank me!" Byron snapped. WHACK!

"Four sir, thank you sir!" WHACK!

"Five sir, thank you sir!" WHACK!

"Six sir, thank you sir!" WHACK!

"Seven sir, thank you sir!" WHACK!

"Eight sir, thank you sir!"

Byron was beginning to get really excited by this. WHACK!

"Nine sir, thank you sir!"

He had never imagined how much fun it would be to make a white arse red. WHACK!

"Ten sir, thank you sir!" WHACK!

"Now go stand by the armchair and I'll join you in a minute!"


Brian scurried over to the chair and stood by it. He placed his hands against his sore arse in a futile effort to sooth it. Byron followed him and sat in the chair. He roughly pulled Brian over his thigh and caressed his hot arse; Brian raised his arse a bit in response to the young hand that was massaging his sore bum.

"That's it white-boy!" said Byron, "Lift your arse just a little bit higher so I can do this properly. Lift your arse up good and high for me so your master can do this properly."

Brian complied, raising his stinging buttocks as high as he could. Brian thrust his hips back and proffered his arse. SMACK!

Brian hollered. Byron was stronger than he had looked initially to Brian.


"Stop sir, Please Byron, stop!"

Byron kept striking Bran's arse.


"You don't really want me to stop, do you?" he shouted without stopping


Brian's arse was starting to really sting. The invitation in the toilet was to go home with this chap not to get beaten up.


Amazingly he could feel his dick stiffen against Byron's thigh, SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Brian couldn't believe that he was getting off on this!

The pressure in his nuts became intense. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Brian's dick shuddered and his cum squelched in the tight confines between his stomach and Byron's thigh.


His dick shuddered and just as the last SMACK hit his arse he shot all over Byron's thigh!

Byron felt the warm liquid through his jeans and he smiled. He had never seen a man excited by a spanking.

"Look at that mess on my jeans!" he shouted, "Bend down now and clean it up!"

Brian bent down and started to suck his own cum off Byron's jeans.

"Your arse will be worked until it sizzles."

Brian closed his eyes

"Oh yes, sir. I'm sorry, sir. I just need a spanking from you so bad."

Brian couldn't believe his own ears at that confession! He had always been a top in relationships and rarely bottomed until he had met a homeless lad that had mastered him. This bloke had fucked him senseless but what Byron was doing was new.

When he had cleaned the mess up, Byron ordered him to stand again.

"Now, and grab your ankles."

Brian adjusted his position as instructed. Byron stared at the tightly stretched arse on display before him.

SMACK! Brian jumped at the sting of the slap.

Byron watched as Brian tried to steady himself for the strokes he knew were still to come. SMACK! SMACK! Two sharp swats.

Brian gripped his ankles. "Oh yeah, Master Byron. Please give it to me."


"Ah! Oh, Master Byron. Please, Master Byron!" Yes!

"OK, Brian, it's real punishment time!" said Byron, "Just so you remember why you are being punished. I am punishing you because you looked at the Black Cobra without permission and you called me a slut!"

"I won't have time to fuck you now -- get dressed and go back to work! I'll wait here for you and fuck your white arse when you get home!"

Brian looked up at the dominating teenager and smiled. "Is it safe leaving you here on your own?"

Brian was scared by the risk he was taking. While Manchester has a sizable ethnic population there is very little trust between the different communities. Brian was a successful Thatcherite twenty-something. He had a good job, lots of money and slightly right-wing politics. For a man of his social standing ethnic teenagers only came into your house to steal! He looked at the lad with concern for his property.

Byron wasn't offended by the man's caution. "The contents of your home are perfectly safe. You have nothing to worry about!"

"Great! I'll be home just after six."

"I'll be waiting white-boy!"

Brian dressed and left for work. He did his work as best as he could but his mind was reeling with excitement at the thought of what was waiting for him when he got home. His sore arse was a continual reminder of a promising evening with a big black dick buried up his hole. It was good that he spent most of the afternoon sitting at his desk; it afforded some cover for his constant erection! The brutal treatment that the teenaged lad had meted out to him excited him in a very strange way. Nobody had ever spanked him before and although he had often fantasised about a bit of bondage he hadn't expected to be part of a scene like that when he got up that morning.

When Brian left Byron explored the flat. It was a comfortable place with two bedrooms. Byron noted that Brian had quite expensive tastes. He had a video recorder and a top-quality stereo. He had an excellent collection of classical music. Byron didn't know much about classical music; he liked Reggae and the sort of stuff that most teenagers liked in 1980. He took a video from the selection in the cabinet under the television. Byron took about five minutes to get the video to play and was amazed by what he saw. The video showed Brian on his knees with another bloke shafting him doggy-style. This was a godsend for Byron. He had never fucked anybody or anything before and he knew he might learn something by watching how it was done. He didn't want to appear inexperienced before Brian.

The fucker lined up his dick at Brian's arsehole. Byron noticed that the man's dick looked slimy. He wished he could see the man's face but the video camera was obviously on a tripod and the man's head wasn't in the frame. Just then the man reached forward and his head moved into the picture. Byron couldn't make out what the man looked like because the man's arm covered the side of his head. The man had black hair and was very thin. He saw what looked like a jar of Vaseline in the man's hand as he moved back into his upright kneeling position. He placed the jar on Brian's upturned arse and Byron knew now that it was Vaseline. The man dipped his fingers into the jar and then reached between Brian's buttocks and started sliding his fingers in and out. Byron guessed that the man must have been sticking his fingers into Brian's hole because there was nowhere else they could have been going. Brian was moaning. Byron started pulling his own dick through the fabric of his jeans. The man wiped his hands on Brian's arse and lined his dick against Brian's greased hole. He slid forward and he was in. At that same moment Byron shot a load inside his underpants! His legs went wobbly and his knees began to shake. He sat back into the armchair feeling dizzy!

"Ready to take this all the way up your fucking arse?" the man in the video asked.

Byron's heart skipped a beat -- "I know that voice!" he thought to himself. Who could it be? Byron had never seen the man's body before. "I suppose it's just that he sounds like the rest of the blokes in this city!" he thought, "I certainly think I know his voice!"

"Yeah Johnny!" Brian sighed, "give it to me!"

"Johnny?" Byron knew plenty of Johns and Johnnies but none of them looked like the man in the video. He moved closer to the screen to look for a clue but he couldn't find one! He watched intently as the fucker's dick slammed in and out of Brian's hole. Byron grabbed his dick again. It felt cold and sticky inside his messed underpants.

"Take my fucking dick uncle Brian you faggot!" the fucker snarled.

Byron was shocked -- "fuck this!" he said out loudly, "this bloke has sex with his own family!" He was disgusted and began to think about leaving right then. There was no way that Byron could stomach being with some kind of pervert that was into incest.

He stopped as he walked to the door and browsed Brian's well-stocked bookshelf. He took down one of the photo-albums and opened it. It was full of holiday snaps of Brian with various male friends. There were several photographs of Brian with other cute blokes on holiday in sunny places. They were wearing Speedos in quite a few of them. Byron felt his dick rising as he looked at the photos, these blokes were sexy and not one of them was ugly. He wondered which one of them was Johnny. Johnny Harrison, Byron didn't know anybody of that name. Maybe he wasn't his nephew at all and it was some kind of role play-- Byron decided that Johnny wasn't related to Brian and put the matter to the back of his mind. He turned a few more pages and wished that Brian would have had a few nude photographs of these blokes but there weren't any. He took down a second album, but these were snaps of Brian's family and childhood so Byron put back the album after flicking through the first five or six pages -- there was nobody that looked like Johnny in the photographs, all the Harrison family had fair hair.

He moved on to explore the rest of the flat. The kitchen was well equipped and spotless, the bathroom gleamed -- Brian was a very clean and organised man. He had an excellent selection of expensive after-shaves and toiletries in the bathroom. Byron looked into the smaller bedroom. It looked comfortable and then he continued into Brian's own room.

He opened the wardrobe and gasped when he saw the array of good clothing that hung neatly there. The cum in his underpants was cold now and he wanted to change clothes, he felt a bit dirty. He stripped off and tried on some of Brian's stuff but it was all too big for him. He opened one of the drawers and whistled at the selection of silk and rubber underwear that lay there. He picked up a pair of navy silk boxers and pulled them on. The silk felt good against his skin. Byron had never worn silk before. He walked over to the bed and pulled back the covers. There were black satin sheets on the bed. Byron hopped in and pulled the covers up. This was wonderful! He opened the bedside locker and found, much to his delight, Brian's copies of old Zipper and Vulcan magazines and a jar of Vaseline. What Byron missed in the photo albums was available here -- lots of pictures of cute young blokes wearing nothing but smiles. But a comic strip book written by a man called Tom of Finland caught his attention. Byron flicked through the pages of erotic drawings. It was a picture adventure of a white man in the jungle who got captured by an African tribe while having a piss. The tribe tied him up and started to have sex with him but a Tarzan look-alike (whom he later fucked) rescued the man. Byron stared at these pictures with special interest. The men in the drawings all had huge dicks. Byron was conscious of his own size and thought he was a bit of a freak. He didn't object to having a big one because all the lads in school used to boast about their sizes. He had seen plenty of dicks in school but they were all smaller than his. These pictures proved to the then naïve Byron that there were many other men in the world with similar dicks and even bigger dicks than his own.

But the books showed Byron something more that he hadn't given much consideration to. Whereas he had thought about mastery as flogging and getting revenge until now he realised that there were other ways of controlling a man! He thought about Brian's behaviour on the video. The bloke behind him was controlling him. And in the books and magazines there was a clear order. One bloke controlled the other not with a bullwhip but with a dick!

"Asserting mastery could be more fun without inflicting physical pain," he muttered out loud, "after all the Good Lord gave me a powerful weapon right here between my legs!"

Byron had made a resolve to assert himself through sex! It was stupid to think that he should just replicate the abuses of the past. There were other ways in which he could attain his goal. He would make Brian a slave to his dick and control him that way as his slave. All he needed to achieve this was some experience in the bed!

He lay back into the satin covered pillows and began to pull his plum. The cartoon men were really exciting him and he pounded furiously on his steel-hard dick. Up and down he pulled his dick, jerking and sliding with rapid strokes. He could feel a load bubbling in the tubes and he arched his back up as he coated his hand with think white semen. He collapsed back down on the bed and the covers flopped over him. "I'll make Brian suck the stain off later!" he chuckled to himself as he closed his eyes to rest after his second coming.

Byron woke to find Brian between his legs, sucking and slurping on his big black dick as it poked through the opening of the silk boxers. Byron lay there, kept his eyes closed, and enjoyed the sensation of what was happening.

He moaned -- "Oh yeah white-boy! Stop sucking now and grease me up to go inside!"

Brian stopped sucking and took a jar of Vaseline. He scooped a bit onto his fingers and then began to oil the hard black rod that was jutting straight up from Byron's groin. He was extra careful not to get any Vaseline on the boxers. When he had oiled the full length of the thick black shaft he placed a glob of Vaseline on his hole and moved into a standing position above the black beauty below him. Brian lowered his arse until Byron's dark shaft entered him from below. He slid slowly down the long dick until Byron was buried inside a man's arse for the first time.

"Oh Byron," Brian said, "I just love your dick, I love your dick in my arse."

He started to slide up and down the shaft, fucking himself on Byron's tool. Brian moved his body up and down, impaling himself with each downward thrust on Byron's rock hard horn.

"You can have my dick up your arse whenever you want," said Byron.

"You can fuck me anytime you want to Byron," Brian cried. "Fuck me! Fuck me harder sir!"

Byron arched his lower back and pushed his dick further up into Brian's arse, watching as Brian's eyes glazed over. Brian continued to impale himself on Byron' tool, trying to pull ever last bit of it up his arse as his dick spewed its juices onto Byron' stomach.

"Get off my dick!" asked Byron, "I want to try this from a different angle!"

Brian complied with the instruction immediately and Byron's long dick slid slowly from his hole like a big lump of shit. Byron sensed that Brian's arse was loose now and ready to be fucked, "I think I`ll enjoy this better if I play rough with you!"

Brian went down on all fours and Byron moved behind him. He was comfortable with this position because it was the same as the one he had seen on the video. He placed his greasy prong at the lubricated hole -- Brian's arse was still quite red from the earlier spanking -- he thrust forward and his dick slid in quickly. He pulled back and then slammed his dick forward in one forceful thrust. Brian fell forward on the bed. Byron's dick slipped out of his hole but the black youth jumped forward and entered his victim with ease. Brian howled, as Byron pulled back out again and then rammed back in.

Brian tried to pull away, he was well experienced at taking it up the arse but Byron's generous endowment was a bit more than he had ever taken before. The myths about black men being bigger now seemed true! Byron was now withdrawing by several inches and driving it back in with brutal force with each lunge. He thrust his dick in and out of Brian's arse and Brian was getting off on the feel of the big dick up his hole against the softness of the navy silk caressing his cheeks each time Byron drove home. By now Byron couldn't hold back any more and he began to shag Brian with long rough thrusts that pulled Brian's sphincter back and forth with them.

After twenty minutes of rough fucking, Byron's arsehole clenched and a wad of hot sperm splashed the insides of Brian's hole. As Brian felt the hot juices filling him, he knew that his shafting was over. What would happen next? Would Byron whip him or fuck him? Brian was open to either possibility but longed for a fucking. He would have accepted going over Byron's knee again if it meant another turn in the bed but it wouldn't be his first choice. He didn't know that Byron had already decided that floggings weren't going to be the way forward.

"Well Brian?" Byron began, "that was good wasn't it?"

"Yes sir! You're one great fucker sir!"

Byron kissed Brian's shoulder -- he was pleased that Brian had not detected his inexperience, fucking a man's arse had been a great experience and fucking a man who didn't notice that he was being shafted by a virgin was a greater compliment than any words could have conveyed. "I'm a natural at this!" Byron thought to himself as he swelled with pride.

"We must do this again ... on a regular basis!" Brian suggested.

"White-boy! You are going to be my little white slave from now on. I'm going to shaft your arse and you're going to spend your days serving my big black dick!"

"You're a bit young though aren't you?" Brian asked.

"I'm old enough to fuck you!" Byron retorted.

"What about your parents?"

"Hey relax! My parents know I'm queer!"

"Do they think that they'd approve of you going with a twenty-eight year old?"

"I suppose they wouldn't! Now fuck them it's none of their fucking business anyway! It's my dick and I'll do what I want to do with it! And to prove that I'm going to shag my little twenty-eight year old slave again!" said Byron.

And he lined up for re-entry!

"Okay then slave! I want to try a few different positions!" said Byron.

He lay back with his big black horn sticking up in the air, "Sit on it!" he commanded.

Brian did and Byron held his thighs as the man slid up and down his young master's shaft. Byron lay there and allowed Brian's arse to slowly milk his dick by sliding up and down. After about ten minutes Brian's thigh muscles were beginning to strain. Byron sensed this and finished off by stopping Brian and thrusting violently from underneath until he shot his second load up Brian's dick-hungry hole.

Byron pushed the man off his dick, rolled over and then stood by the bed. He began to stuff his dick into the boxers.

"I have to go home now white-boy! Thanks for the ride!"

"Will I ever see you again?" Brian asked.


"Do you want to keep the boxers as a souvenir?"

Byron was touched by the man's generosity. "Thanks! I will!" he said.

He turned to retrieve his clothes from where they lay on the ground. He picked up his underpants and thought of something. He walked over to the where Brian was sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Turn around and raise your arse!" he instructed.

Brian obeyed and Byron wiped the mess in Brian's crack with the garment.

"Here!" he said, "wrap this around your dick and pull yourself off!"

Brian began to beat his meat furiously. It took almost five minutes of continual pulling before Brian shot a load into the cotton y-fronts. When finished he looked up at the grinning youth beside him. Byron stood there with his hands on his hips enjoying the show.

"Now put them on!" he instructed.

Brian did so. He had quite a struggle to get them on fully as Byron was a smaller size than he was. As he struggled, Byron dressed in his own clothes.

"If you want to see me again you will have to wear these all the time. As your master I have the right to inspect you at any time and if I find you without them you will never ever see me again. Do you understand?" Byron was tying his shoes.

"Yes sir! I understand!"

"See you around white-boy!" Byron said as he left.

On the following Thursday, Byron entered Lloyds Bank and asked the receptionist if he could see Mr. Harrison for a minute.

"He's at a meeting," she replied.

"Can he be disturbed, this is a matter of the utmost importance and I must see him immediately."

The receptionist led him to a small waiting room and invited him to sit.

"And who may I tell him is waiting for him?"

"Byron Lord."

"He may be a few minutes Mr. Lord," she said.

"That's okay, I can wait!"

A few minutes later a very flustered Brian Harrison entered the room.

"What are you doing here?" he asked nervously.

"I told you I have the right to inspect white-boy! Drop your trousers!"

Brian looked around nervously. When he was sure that nobody could see him he slowly opened his trousers and lowered them to his knees. Byron walked behind him and lifted the flaps of his shirt. He smiled. Brian was wearing the underpants as instructed.

"Good boy Brian! I'm glad to see that you're obedient!" Byron said softly and he squeezed Brian's left arse-cheek tightly.

Byron walked straight out the door leaving Brian standing there with his trousers still around his knees. He left the door open as he walked and Brian dived quickly to where he couldn't be seen by the other staff. He managed to get behind the door and push it closed. As he closed the door over he looked up by chance and was dismayed -- there was a security camera trained on the room!

He scurried from the room over to the security office to see if there was anybody there. He rapped on the door.

"Come in Mr. Harrison!" a voice called out.

Brian opened the door nervously. Joshua Maputo was sitting there. Brian blushed.

"Relax Mr. Harrison," the big black man said with a smile, "I won't tell your uncle what I saw!"

"Thanks Joshua!"

"Hey Mr. Harrison, is that black boy your boyfriend?"

Brian nodded.

"I'd have never guessed that you liked black boys!" Joshua exclaimed.

"He's the first one I've ever been with."

"Really?" Joshua exclaimed loudly, "Well if you like black boys you can do me a big favour to keep me quiet!"

"What's that?"

Joshua pointed repeatedly down at his bulge. "You can get down on your knees right now and kiss the black god that's going to save your arse!"

Brian looked around nervously -- "What? Right now!"

Joshua nodded slowly, "Yeah boy!" he drawled in an affected American accent, "right now! You get down on them wobbly white knees of yours and get those pretty lips right around my big black tent pole!"

Brian knew that he had no alternative so he knelt between the security guard's legs and began to suck the large black truncheon. He was sucking for a good ten minutes before Joshua began to moan. Brian felt the dick twitch in his mouth as Joshua began to spill his load.

"Swallow it white-boy! Swallow it all!"

Slowly Joshua's spunk seeped though his shaft and spilt into Brian's mouth. He gulped and swallowed the lot. When he finished Brian didn't wait to be told and just started to clean the guard's knob with his tongue.

"You know something Mr Harrison?" Joshua said softly, "You suck real good! If that black boy ever gets tired of you remember that you can come in here anytime and I'll take care of your arse as well!"

"Thanks for the offer!" Brian replied cattily.

"Hey no problem!"

"And you won't say anything to anybody?"

"You have my word!"

"Thanks Joshua!"

"You're welcome!"

As Brian opened the door Joshua called him again -- "Mr Harrison?"


"Nice underpants!"

"Fuck off!" Brian replied with a nervous smile.

"Arsehole!" Joshua muttered as the assistant manager disappeared. Alone in his security office, Joshua rewound the videocassette and watched the scene between Byron and the boss's nephew over and over again. When he got tired of doing this he popped the cassette into his holdall and brought it home that evening.

Brian had expected Byron to call over that evening but he didn't. He was very disappointed by this. He liked the lad and wanted another romp in the sack with him. Byron met him as he left the bank the following day. Joshua was closing the shutters and he waved to the two of them as they went to McDonalds for an underwear inspection. Brian showed Byron that he was wearing the underpants and so Byron went home and stayed the night with him. Byron also spent most of Saturday fucking his new friend.

As August rolled in Byron spent more and more time with Brian. In early August Brian brought a few of his friends over to meet Byron. These were the men that he had seen in the photographs -- in real life they looked better. Byron spent the time before his return to school fucking Brian's friends' arses. It was a time of total sexual debauchery. The men had never been with a black man before and most of them were quite keen to bend over and take it up the arse from the virile and insatiable teenager. Byron was with ten different men before school reopened. He began to go to all sorts of parties with Brian's mates. He really enjoyed the scene, dancing to Abba, the Village People and Boney-M. It was still underground and a bit risqué! The naughtiness and the darkness of queer life were like aphrodisiacs to him. He wallowed in the seediness and dark corners and became a bit limp-wristed and camp. His father noticed this evolution and objected but to no avail. Byron was having fun and nothing was going to stop him now. The fantasy of beating white arses that had begun on a rugby field last term had already become a reality. During that summer he had mastered eleven white men and fucked them. Every evening he had somebody anxious for a ride on the Black Cobra and Byron was alwas happy to oblige -- his own arse was never penetrated!